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"mr aaron sorkin" Discussed on Happy Sad Confused

Happy Sad Confused

08:25 min | 8 months ago

"mr aaron sorkin" Discussed on Happy Sad Confused

"I just hope you guys supposedly it set at least partially in Rio. Ya just let you guys go to Rio. At least I mean if you're going to have a film in Rio any should get go to Rio for can tell me about it. Let's in his speed walking down. Copacabana Lauro's going Polit Pale red main Ford slash commander. Skin there's your down Cococabana combined with like I don I I like it. Yeah I mean to be honest. If what you're saying hang is can you actually go and shoot locations. Can I just make it absolutely clear that I have fought hard to go to every I I sort of right emails relatively consistent consistent to offer juices going so you just on like scouts in this country looking at what the so that you can rebuild. Build indies if we all shooting which we are shooting I think quite low in leavesden. Yes they are rob and Zoe and pull will are all shooting Batman in leaves. And that's the way I have a busy pitching for like although I think that's been caused as well now is it's like basically. I could come dressed as news out. I could be the anti circuses. Alfred Alfred's Powell Harvey Dent Harvey Dent. Yes they're still looking for that are they. Okay desperation the desperation one brothers making it. They know me they do. If I was crossing their mind they would have. They would have called happy freezing. I think the fact that we're shooting at the same time that's why are you okay with do you feel like you still need to check the superhero the box or is it so I honestly it's script script I would never. I know that sounds city but you don't don't say anything. There's I mean like your buddy benedikt like you could have done dr strains that make sense like I feel like I have. The physical presences is Ben. Does you know he's got like the. We've never seen him in a speedo on the Copacabana. Yeah I okay how to make sure Essequibo does what nevermind. Nevermind the right. Do you know what's what's coming up after you're in the middle of this year just I started getting started halfway through shooting Jeremy Strong in this movie as well if you want accession astronaut Jeremy for many years and he is just so wonderful in this again talk about an after finding the right part of the right. Yeah and so. We're right he was pointing out. We're literally halfway through. I've still got my Michael. I actually break the Birdman Wings. I don't think I did. It wasn't like you cracked it enhances your ear need let you picked it up. It was probably already precarious construction. Okay that wasn't on purpose. I thought I just heard the I remember losing the institute. Those are gone. I think those are your passing off like you didn't steal it but we know now to check your trailer on the set of this it spilled with Saas Harlot Shit everywhere I love. It is the thing you're always welcome here came on set. Yeah Yeah that was that was pretty cool he spielberg what. I'd met him once when when I was doing red and and I was really hung over. So they have this thing on Broadway where they do like Sunday matinees which in the UK. You don't work on Sunday and it was the first week and I had done the first week and I'd sort the forgotten that was the Sunday shows how got to Saturday. We have two shows. I've gone out and it'd been pressed week and gone out and got really really obliterated and then turned up the next really one of the only time I've ever been slightly out of on stage and there were only two of us on stage so I felt like I was floating the whole way through the play and then at the end as I was coming down past past. Alpha from Lena's dressing rooms I hate. Stephen likes buckle with shame so I did. I haven't that was about ten years ago. I hope you didn't apologize. I I was on the verge of just scoped into a back room. Yeah he's clocked me. That's Yeah Yeah No. I'm excited to see west side story. Not Saying that he had an amazing tale that. I'm glad you're enjoying your time in New York with Mr Aaron Sorkin just talking for hours. People probably checked out of his paws about no not always welcome here. It's not gonNA be five more years before you're back and as you can see there's plenty in the office to Karen just has. Has this office been photographed. I talk about. How can you be this office in Los Creepy things a mixture fo- sort of Mash Mash up photo of Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper? That should be perfect and yet. Somehow he's very has jay's mcevoy's professor triple X. Business Card. This is a sketch I did with him. You know. I'm always trying to get into one of these sketches. Soy We did a Hoffa powerful scratching the surface. How long have done saying is it's good? It's good you'll have time. I'll take care though I I did this one recently with James Corden who adore I love. It hasn't oh I saw the one one. I think he's going to be so humiliating the levels of humiliation that we'll find the sweet spot of humiliation record. I'll ring you back in from your book about an idea. We'll take care of you. I'm here for you. Shannon the non sexual escapades another. Wow think about. Is that thing that that's what we did. Check out your youtube channel around with the kids around the Dow frankly so obsessed interesting anything. That's on the screen though prison coming soon the old enough to enjoy. It's funny so my kids. I feel like the second. You've seen anything Pixar thingy you can't go back so the moment there on on the old Robin Hood which is my favorite cartoon ever and Irish. My daughter is really into that but but she's through subliminally throughout the kids as singing let it go and so now. She's in New York. Michael Grandad's WHO's right hundred directed frozen on Broadway so my my wife and I decided that we were thinking. We probably should let her see frozen right in order she can then go and watch the Elsa for Halloween or anything like that or listen. Listen to she joined. She actually did Mary poppins. She's obsessed with no problems returns an obsessively as she did send the photo of Irish dressed as Mary poppins too early. Because I said was the amount of effort into probably emily creating which I think is amazing performance by the way runs. Iris was like save that society. She's broken harmed Brennan the slack. She doesn't have a talking umbrella. It runs the family like father like daughter. They break break. Things can leave this podcast. No horror and came in feeling that way. Okay get no progress just stasis stasis no progress so so you can vibe. You're trying to say do nothing will change. Go see the guys come goes through the aeronautics if you come away with one thing besides our neuroses it is to go and particularly if you have a fear of heights yeah yeah for me I have a fear of heights fair. Fight everything again. That's why we get along. We need to stop. Stop shut up.

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"mr aaron sorkin" Discussed on KPCC


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"mr aaron sorkin" Discussed on KPCC

"Talented neighbors, and oh two we have some special for you. Now running just a block away at the Sam s Shubert theatre is Harper. Lee's to kill a Mockingbird. Mr. Aaron Sorkin, Aaron Sorkin revisiting this story feels more poignant than ever and as our next performers said and soundcheck if you've never read the book, go read the book. Expletive redacted, ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome Jeff Daniels Atticus. When I was a boy, my father gave me one of those era. Era. Era. He said I'd rather shoot tin cans the backyard, but the new one day that temptation would become too great. I'd want to shoot a Burs. So I could shoot all the Blue Jays won't probably known. I've never be able to hit. Always remember was sin kill him Arkham birth. The the crime against gum. Only. Where'd asked him? Why he said it was because innocent. Became a lawyer. We practice. Tom practice for that question over and over states case, not only this state, not produced any evidence, not one square inch Itam roms and committed the crime of which he's accused the state hasn't produced any credible evidence at the crime, which Tom Robinson's accused was committed at all. The defendant guilty. Someone in this courtroom is now practiced for six weeks have nothing but pity in my heart for the chief witness for the state. Does not extend as far as letting her send mail you..

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