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"mpv zammit" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

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"mpv zammit" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

"To give you twin peaks. Yeah united twin peaks. We forgotten is. You didn't twin pace. And that's why he left to impeach right. So i'm gonna fuck with your head. That's twin peaks right. We do get you. And i love it and it. Did anyone like the return twin peaks. Yeah yeah i love you but it's how in it's not it is is fan surveys. Same show it isn't like more of the thing you like is like right. I'm gonna blow your fucking mind. Like i did when i look at my hair. I'm going to do that to your mind. This is a good but in a way season to the aim was at least i hope achieved it. One reason people like season one was surprised them. Yeah so we keep surprising. Yeah that's what do we can't be guy in that diner that thing. We'll just keep doing more of that is not really think. So if i could have bet. I was going to be like. They're going to do exactly what they did again. I mean i would have. I'm shocked. i mean the vibes. Sure but that you're even saying that there's an attempt you're making me think of the second season of the british office when they when they really went like it was hard now. It's my favorite season. Yeah but it went real goofy left and it wasn't just more of the same. Oh i think jason jokes about it but moser means it. This is the empire strikes back. This is like this is their best price. but i'd states funnier. but it's docker steeper and it's upset you because what made me keep watching. It was the pilot we were talking about the pilot and like every show. It gets better katie. And i before you got here. And i liked that at t's the his wife issue and that's why i kept watching it so it's always those are the things that that hooked me. The jokes are brilliant and the heart is great. Sure no it's true but there needs to be some sort of substance. Did you ever talk to. You're in the room with jamie lee. Yes and she was a writer on crashing and became one of the stars of crashing. And you know my experience jamie. And i tell you this is when i joined his rights in my first time. Doing meghan writes rooms on. And i had researched as much as i could who these rights are going to be and the only writer who was in the team. Jason and brendan was jamie. That were that. I'd known from crash. Crashes so we got star run. Not she's going to be a nightmare. That's what i'm assuming. I'm like oh she's going to be difficult. But yes yeah being the star of and she was and she was fucking nightmare now. She was so delightful. Brilliant lovey. And i said you i had. This is tightly on me. I seem to you. it's going to be of your your from crashes villian amazing you. Bill ended that so much as the best and she was a great writer. as why. don't you kept writing on the show. Even when she was on the says she knew what it was like to be on a show and writing for the show. Boy that's great. I love that. I really enjoyed that. That story is gonna give me the chills while i'm paying bills as they say the dream. What gives us before you go okay. Sorry i'm just like. I don't wanna wrap up. Give me your top five favorite films. Just do it. Just shut the fuck up. They'll give me to know what it is. Just do it. Don't be tired of it. we're talking. Look i can. I can give you too easy. Yeah singing in the right okay. Don't look now watchdog. Now at fucking loved and i think the real objectively. It's no necessarily my favorite. But i think as a piece of film it's really good. It's the deal nestle about time in fucking tool bunch this yeah weird. It was hard to watch. Because i have kids hit. I think it must be yeah map. A christmas carol number one christmas carol. Welcome to my show. The most underrated. Christmas movie to the best of all time the best film of it's dark. It's funny it's smart. It's true ridiculous. Treated the best best best. Clara live with all the christmases. It's the best care of all the christmases. Yeah we watch it. Sometimes twice in the christmas season scary goes to prison. I discuss. Can i tell you something. He's one of the greatest compliments. I've ever been given the go soo christmas. Present redhead val goes. That's how you are. That's how i see. You marry her. Yeah if someone sees you marry look at you and they see a seven foot muppet. Ghost of abundance ghost is. He's not a ghost he's just fun he's president. He signed president. He's present he can only last two days it fly he only today that fucking oh but light came into your life and told you you were the guys christmas present from up aggressive and you put a ring on it. I did quite right. That's right dynamic a guy but also be free. I don't own her. I only want happiness for her and they've happiness involved not be with you then you fucking guy who that's right. And if she comes back she comes back. I'm surprised because he was kinda jedi is surprising. Say quick so good. Hit chris where i love i. Where did i get to sing the right kind of magnolia. I love magnolia very dark movie. Sure meaning it leaves me with like sort of a sad feeling Kid the kid with the kids interested in for all the stories. That's the one that hits you the kid. Yeah and yeah. I don't like the kid and his dad father one. You need to be nice to kills me every time. Great movie my favorite fun fact about that movie eaten when p. anderson sat down to write it. He said not knowing what was going to be he said. I want to write a great movie so to me. It speaks to have the goal. Like maybe about my spoiler. If you haven't seen it skipped forward a bit. Yeah but it ends with this guy. mpv zammit etc. When things it means is he said. Pt anderson that.

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