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"moxie mont" Discussed on PRI's The World

"They mistreat us they beat us i don't think they will see their gold as brushes when they know that for us it's our tears it's our blood it's hunger and suffering all to get the gold leaves us crime our blood has been spilled over this gold that is what i want people to know so they think about what that is happening to us when they buy their gold because we wouldn't do this department to them for years according to maxima she in a family have been toll minted by what she calls agents of the mining company yana culture which is owned by newmont a us corporation on the stock exchange once in twenty eleven a group of men and police offices with riot shields showed up to the femme says they will beaten badly the incident was caught on cell phone cameras by moxham dada is a lotta the company had garay denies that any of the police present beat or harassed the family that day as moxie mont was feeling increasingly isolated would've has struggled came to ryan mack at his desk in downtown san francisco and talking to maximize the story of one woman a woman in her family the top of the mountain and perused ended up to one of the largest mining companies in the world to protect her land protect water resources and rural peru mocks oganization the goldman environmental prize kind of the green novell was about to award maxima its annual prize.

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