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"moxie fund" Discussed on Pat Gray Unleashed

"Good good good because i want you to feel connected invalidated. I really do i really do. We us is because we're all connected right through like some cosmic thing and and so as we us is she wants to be referred to. That's good. that's good. Oh no no. And she said myself and she said 'i tons a bunch of times and there was another life form actually in that video you'll see crossing behind. Her was her dog The dog was the The smarter of the two creatures in that video. That girl is out to lunch and she's not coming back for dinner. There's something she's out lewis she and The president of the united states both out to lunch right now and they're not coming home for dinner so well the only one eats together or if they just both left separately in their eating separately but They're they're not coming back. So that's that's crazy. That's tragic i just. I was just wondering if if these kinds of things had been popular in the eighties and nineties like this kind of social media and we would have had all these videos from people that we didn't have eighties nineties. Would things have been this weird in the eighties and nineties is it. Is it that social media just shows us the freaks or are there more of them i. I wonder if it's if it's worse than iraq was or we just see it all now. You know this is. This is an interesting point. Because like i don't want to spend forever talking about this but if you read history i mean bad things have happened forever in fact right now my kids and i know we're reading about the boston police riots. You know coolidge was the governor in massachusetts at the time and in the way they describe what was happening in the city sounds like minneapolis a year ago. And so you read that and you're like oh okay. Well then it's happened because we've been here before and it talks about you know. Caring stuff out of the shops and looting and all this stuff really and you're like okay okay then. Eighteen nineteen boston. Police went on strike in the town was set on fire. So we knew this who this america now that that does kinda give you hope. Doesn't it so for it's like do we just not know about these in our in our face. I do think that's what it is and now they just have this path. They have this forum now and they can share their weirdness with everybody and so what we post things on the internet. Yeah i i think. In addition to we see them now is that policy politicians. They encourage this behavior. They empowered they. They created a safe space for it to nurture. And because you know everybody. Every town had someone across dresser right that you would see here and there yes and to be like. Oh there's fred waring address okay. We'll now fred's got special protections codified into law that you can't even look at him crosswise andy. Reed's the three and four year olds at the library. So while i think it's a case of there just in our face more. I think it's the fact that that that that behavior is nurtured. Yeah yeah i think so. So it's a little bit of both. I mean it. Things are weirder but we do also see the weirdos Who who existed before but we just see them all now and it didn't use to be illegal to call them weirdos right. She's did you see in canada. Speaking of that the hate speech thing where they're gonna find you sixteen thousand dollars for hate speech online and they they determine what hates this is that thing. They passed in the middle of the night last week. Yeah and it can go up to. I think it was fifty thousand dollars. If it's bad hate speech what canada. You don't have freedom of speech at all anymore in canada. Yeah and. I don't know if this is where you wanna play the update a pastor up there in canada. Let's do okay this tell you. It's the update on the past canada. Guys and it's breaking so here. It is so pastor was found guilty today for contempt for hosting worship services twenty eight monday. Twenty twenty one. He was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of contempt of two separate quarters during a brief virtual court appearance today. The first guilty verdict was regarding justice. John rooks may six court order which never even named pastor archer or his church. That one named the whistle shop. Stop cafe chris. Got an prohibited illegal public gaming's the second contempt conviction related to justice. David gates court order. That order was sought out in secret. Knowledge of past lawyers on april twenty third and improperly pastor on april twenty fourth so one month from july twenty seventh court will hear arguments from the ah on sanctions against the pillow skis which may include a term of imprisonment. You can all a pastor artists moxie funding the total revenues. I never thought i'd have to say this but let's fight back against religious persecution in canada in canada. Wow how could you have never thought that k. It's been going on a long time. Can't remember the started time about what twenty years ago when they started Saying your sermons couldn't have references to homosexuality negative way or something like that been. That's been a long time ago. And they were they. Were getting you off the street. If you're if you're reading certain passages from the bible and the bible it was like The you're right the passages about homosexuality you couldn't do it without being arrested. Unbelievable that is unbelievable. The guy could actually do a prison term because he had a worship service. Did anybody even get cove covid. Nineteen did is there a single parishioner who came away with covid nineteen because they went to one of his services. Does that not matter. I mean he did he cause any harm whatsoever. As far as i know he didn't nowhere in this world. Do these lockdowns have public safety in mind. Nowhere that's right you. can we please. Since we're taking a tour the world and the insanity cova lockdowns. Can we please play the french video from last night. Where some guy wins like a governorship or something and getting ready to go on. They're gonna take speech live. They don't realize that the news station has already switched to this live event. Nobody as part of this guy's posse has a mask on and then watch what happens..

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