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"mount moriah cemetery" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"The biggest increase has been seen in the mid west up ten cents a gallon in the past week average price in the tri-state two dollars and thirty two cents. How about this for the lowest price two dollars five cents? Hamilton county. Sheriff says deputies were called to a home on beacon street near Salem early Monday morning on reports that a property dispute led to a man and woman being stabbed. They also said they were shot at thirty year old John Taylor and nineteen year old Taylor dice were taken to the hospital. Swat was call. To deal with reports of out to people being in the home with guns. But after an investigation the sheriff says that Taylor and dykes were lying, and that he stabbed her as part of a drug fueled domestic dispute there now both facing charges. As is the woman who owns the home. Noel, Hicks and two other men who were arrested there on unrelated drug warrants, Jack. Crumley News Radio seven hundred wwl w the driver that killed a Cincinnati native officer over the weekend turning herself in yesterday morning after landing on the Tennessee bureau of investigations top ten most wanted list, Janet, Elaine Hines turned herself into Chattanooga police as he stands accused of any police officer nNcholas Gallinger a Cincinnati native who died from his injuries. He thirty eight year old Gallagher recently, graduated from the police academy in late January at least a Meisel with each Adenuga. Police department says Gallagher was working with a field training officer on Saturday night. When Hines allegedly hit him a lot of flooding though. They check a manhole cover in the road. And while he was doing that. He was struck by vehicle and. Taken to the hospital by the Hamilton county and used to come to his injuries Gallinger attended Clermont northeastern high school, and we'll be buried at mount Moriah cemetery in union township Sean Gallagher, News Radio seven hundred w l w how about this a plane crashing through the roof of a Florida home wedging, a teenager inside that house into a wall ABC Stevo Olson Saami in Polk County, Florida, Florida. Authorities say what happened inside the house about an hour. East of Tampa is a downright miracle..

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