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"mount athas" Discussed on The Bellarmine Forum Podcast

"Dare pressing in on moscow. The people cried for two things. The priest organiz the people and they got out there with their icons the blessed mother and they were singing the trope hari of the holy cross. And you can. You can hear the trope. Rei the cross at the end of the eighteen twelve overture which was written as you know. This is obviously the the fight of france versus russia. But you hear the two anthems on one side. You'll hear the french anthem. Kick up at the end and it starts off very loud and triumphant and you hear very faintly. oh lord savior people and bless your inherit and that's the trope pari on the cross being sung by the russians in moscow pleasing their hope in our lord using his cross as a weapon in asking our lord to defend them against their enemies in the russian mind. You saw this. Degradate saw this degradation of western europe into the secular and sorcerers mentality in a place their hope in our lord to defend them and our lady to protect them from this invasion and he saw the polian lashing out against them in order to take the power of the third rome mythology that one king john returned is now underneath a lot of things you know. Greeks have a lot of hangups about stuff. I don't know if we know that. But everything's invented by greeks their superior and even when it comes to the world of orthodoxy. There's a large battle. Between the greek orthodox and the russian orthodox and it's these are nuanced sorts of things. This is a lot of. Its even beyond my reach. Even i'm familiar with it and pay attention to it. And it's this notion. I think in some ways that lot like the apostles where they said lord. I wanna sit at your right and our lloyd said don't do that. That's for the father to give you an it. You see this kind of fighting go. On between different parts and the greeks and the russians are no exception. The greeks believed the king. John will return to mount athas after ivan the third. Oh that's right. Ivan is russian for john. The russians believe the king. John's coming to moscow. Matter of fact why he had czar ivan's our ivan czar. Ivan's are because it kept trying to make it happen. Was i even third that married the byzantine princess but in the russian mindset it's their right to defend christendom starting to get it. There's the power of mythology. There's the power of history. There's the power of expectation.

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