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"moulin rouge gloria" Discussed on Historical Figures

"Catalyst for the first major blow to glorious career. In nineteen fifty three Gloria was invited to the Academy Awards with a nomination for best supporting actress. She was anxious for weeks leading up to the event desperate for everything to be perfect. She'd be up against some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and this would be the first televised Oscars in history. If she didn't win, she'd be humiliated. But if she did win Gloria News, she'd have to look and sound perfect for her adoring fans as the day Ju-, closer. Closer, Gloria, became more and more worried onset. She kept the anxiety under wraps, but at home and with friends the Oscars were the only topic of conversation on the day of the event Gloria. Waited in her trailer for side, pick her up dressed to the nines in her gown. Her face meanwhile was bear she wanted to wait to do her makeup until the last moment to ensure it didn't run when cy came in. He demanded she leave her face bear. As usual, he was jealous. and. Today his point of contention was makeup. Gloria was just as adamant that she had to look perfect tonight. So she locked herself in the bathroom and created one of the most lavish lips she had ever drawn unfortunately by the time, the fight and the lips were done. She had no time left to do any other makeup. The result was a half finished almost washed out appearance. This is part of what started rumors that she was drunk at the show. The other origin of the rumors stemmed from what happened when the winner of best supporting actress was announced. Gloria waited with bated breath and trembling hands while the nominees were listed. She was up against the likes of Jean Hagen for singing in the rain and Colette Marchand for Moulin Rouge Gloria felt it was almost impossible that she could win against such talented actresses. But just in case she had prepared speech with cy something witty and charming something that would really blow the socks off the American public who were seeing the award show for the first time on their televisions. Luckily because Gloria one. She turned to Cy and gave him a kiss. Then quickly made her way to the stage. She stumbled slightly as she reached the stairs, the lights were much brighter than she expected, but that wouldn't stop her from getting her award. She made her way across the stage smiling from ear to ear, then took the statuette from the presenter. But after all these weeks of tension after the distraction of that fight with cy earlier in the evening. Perhaps, thanks to the distraction of her unpainted face. Gorey's mind went blank. She stared out at the Sea of clapping spectators and then instead of her funny delightful speech. She gasped out a breathless. Thank you very much. As. Soon, as the words left her mouth Gloria darted offstage, mortified, she'd won the award, but she'd been a failure at receiving it and just like that. The public's favourite up and coming star had started her own downhill. Descent tabloids quickly spread the news that Gloria was a narcissistic drunk who didn't believe in thanking her cast mates and crew for their efforts. The rumors only grew as Gloria meekly repeated that she simply had stage fright, and at one point revealed that she allowed her son Timmy to use her Oscar as one of his dolls, Gloria tried to turn a blind eye to these smear campaigns, but the stress only made her insecurities grow. She went in for plastic surgery again, this time on her upper lip to shorten the despised ridges, but instead, the doctor paralyzed her upper lip. Gloria was mortified and started stuffing her lips with cotton to hide little, they moved with multiple surgeries and some experimental dentistry over the next few years, she was able to move her lip again. But throughout the rest of her career, Gloria, would show up to set without any notice covered in bandages from some new surgery. It became so drastic that in some of our films, it's clear that she has different features from one scene to another one magazine. gave her the nickname, the girl with the Novacaine lip nothing was going right and Gloria was cracking under the pressure for the first time. Her anxiety started spilling over from her home to her film sets to disastrous effect. While working on the big heat, Gloria continuously wiped off and reader makeup. Right before takes. Chelsea refuse to hit any of remarks making it impossible for the camera man to keep her in. Focus. But. Arguably, the worst issue was that Gloria performance scene and get notes from the director. Then in the next take, she would do something completely new. She claimed that since her character was unstable, she too would be unstable perhaps that relationship actually went in reverse. Thanks to this erratic behavior, Hollywood insiders were starting to get just as skeptical of Gloria as the press, but she was still a big name and a talented actress. Perhaps, she deserved a little leeway for some diva behavior onset in nineteen, fifty, four given one last chance, and it was her highest paid biggest role to date. Eight Oh Anne in Oklahoma, she'd get one hundred, thousand dollars for the role that's close to the equivalent of one million dollars in twenty twenty. But if Oklahoma was glorious last chance she blew it. She was an absolute menace onset. She would reportedly do anything possible to try to pull attention away from other actors in her shot. She frequently interrupted filming halfway through seen at one point. She even hid her co star over the head and pulled his hat over his eyes in the middle of take by the end of the shoot. Not One crew member or cast member had a good thing to say about Gloria. Grahame. After Oklahoma. Gloria was effectively blackballed. She was never asked onto a notable film. Again, she transitioned into bit parts on television and worked for low fees on smaller film productions. Meanwhile, her already tense relationship with the press turned more sour than ever. She.

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