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"motor racing network crew" Discussed on The Bone 102.5

"Described over and turn number four here. At the World Center of Racing. That's just a small snip it off, reliving the 2001 speed weeks here at Daytona International Speedway if you want to hear the entire thing, and it's in the entire thing in in Its entirety. Go to M r in dot com and you can check that out. That's the 2001 speed. Weeks in marin dot com. The entire Part of it is on the website. You know, that's one of those things that You know where you were when you were watching that 500. You know everything about it. Rusty in you sent it right for all the right reasons, And for all the bad reasons, Alex, and when we go back, and we think about that day and that week it's a week that race fans around the world will never forget. It's something I'll never forget. I mean that protected. I just mentioned earlier, but I had a wreck back a Daytona early, and I told her right front fender off and looked just like 12 car down there. Right now, and I was able to go on and that was racing I was actually talking about. I finished third that day. Remember Michael? Walter, go by. He wins. Adelle Junior goes by. I go by finished third. I get out of the car and thinking, man, this was great. And then I then I hear about Dale. And I just couldn't believe it happened. It was just something that Iraq the whole world still does. I mean, I don't think there's a day that goes by in this sport if you're a NASCAR race fan That you keep talking about Dale Sr. And you don't really talk about what happened. But you talk about all the good things that Dale Sr did. Well, del Signor did this or Dale Sr one that ordeal. Did that, or Dale led the way in this It happens all the time. So What's 20 years now, Right guys? It's ah, That was a sad day. Wow, A lot of people may not realize because you, Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt fierce competitors on the racetrack, But you guys had a great relationship off the race track we did. He was just a great friend of mine. We did a lot of things together with vacation down to Bahamas together. I'll never forget he took. He took my son. I believe it was Greg and taught him how to shoot a gun. Took him out to the farm one day and did that That was amazing. Always did stuff with Steven, too. What other there are the whole family's great friends of are still are but yeah, he He was a certain guy on the track on the track. He wanted to beat. Your buddy wanted to get all your money. But off the track is one of the nicest people in the whole wide world. Just a great guy for sure. By the way, if you are just joining us, That's Rusty Wallace, NASCAR Hall of Famer 55 Times He went to Victory Lane. At the Cup series level a level Alex Hayden's alongside My name is Jeff Strangle the entire motor racing network crew is here this weekend. Dave Moody, Mike Bagley, Kyle Ricky, They are down right now from their turn positions. Up and down Pit road. Steve Post Dylan Welch in Kim Kun. They have gone inside seeking shelter because we've got some lightning in the area. It does continue to reign. But the monsoon that we had earlier has moved away. I'm looking at a radar over Alex's shoulder if we were racing that this track was five minutes or five miles north of here It would be a virtual monsoon still, but we are south of it, and it looks like is trying to track north. So if we can, if we can stay with it. We're going to get this track Try. We're gonna go racing in the Daytona 500. I truly believe that that's going to happen, Although again, it's raining right now. By the way, stations we will be turning this broadcast back over to you coming up. Here in just a matter of a few moments. We're gonna step away Come back and reset for you. We're live from the Daytona International Speedway. To show you how easy it is to file a claim with Geico. We hired a soap opera star gracious me. My color has.

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