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"motomachi queens" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Step in midseason if somebody screws up, in which case you're taking over, dumpster fire yeah. I don't know I I wonder if he did get a call from from your body today. Whether he might say you know what. This is pretty good. When I was there and I want to work with Kutuzovski Delake and I don't know I'm just throwing out there, but to me. That seems more probable than Zig zagging sedan recently the incident right now right at the end of this traffic. The whole cat master-plan coming together here which involves event is losing to Leon, so they have more time. Calabrian have the flow of preseason. That's what you need. Would they be better allegra back or was another year Saudi Mickey very straight crusher. I agree I agree on that. Really, both of you for later I was like you know his number one, but it turns out that I have others will be. Now and I. I thought it was. I understood changing when event is decided to change because. There is such a thing I think is. Going Stale I think that happens I. Think sometimes you need. Shake things up. I. Again as you said in this may not some sort of enthusiasm for his individual historian evidence achieve, but if you're asking, do I think he's a better manager, the And I think Max selectively. Didn't get a fair. Appraisal from some people. That event is quite remarkable. Lucky boss! Getting to chassis final twice with resources that didn't necessarily demand. Go through champions file, but We've done. Are you a we? Just thing yeah, just one one quick thing like if they're really smart. They have this deal with around. Madrid genome which keeps down we get. I can be and then we exchange at the end of the next. Ramadan are dying to. Look. Exactly who we want. We just want to. Done, but had no. Thank you. Know, the thing is. Leave them which is what I think he wants to do eventually because he does want to go and try different experiences. Then what better way to do is to take on opposite down the molecular Tommy, so for them, it works out. So full we completely this the one other conversation I guess sort of is the capital Cananea which is still up for grabs but immobile. They're having. Not Have the best time since the restart got a hat-trick this week. That only got one hit the crossbar with penalty. Away, we believing believing in she again, he's already got now and he's already broken. The record full Moscow's by Italian a city s season. He needs to Motomachi Queens records any player. It is a history now. It's weird because I was reading when. In the corporate tiny when we're not there missed the penalty right and it was all about like no his phones within solely on how this get to work on this and gazette during Korean, and all of them say that you know Ronaldo. One healthy. It's all he ever does, and he's got it out of his system now and I'm thinking all right cool. It's out of a system. It's no thank God. It wasn't an important penalty, but it's out of a system soon. Food the stupid stuff. I don't know in the Articles dedicated to this by the way that I remember thinking jeeze anyway. Action points so and I was watching you and that capitulation radius star football. They started on the Wellington. Sir Talk With Your Mobile I recount. See Him getting any goals. Energy SNL mental did I. Just a peace. But then he really did. Just against Verona or very good side. Obviously obviously, they've had their problems. They don't have any. They've had to shake up defense launch a lot of absences for pure full, even quoted, but I I still think that was not sure that I remember, you know this was when latch who? Are. We vegetables managing to provide all this beauty going food, and then you've got him mobile. Actually converting and I mean shots is confident, everything's back and now I just think there's just GonNa. I mean I think? That all now, who's races run also helps I wouldn't be surprised if in the last two games. With with you that less so because they're playing role miles per se on on the last day of the season. By. Far As lots are concerned I wouldn't be surprised if we get a little bit more of that, but. CanNot. Depend on just. No. Well did right so. I take your point, but. I don't know I like we've talked about. The penalties and stuff and those are the numbers. I JUST WANNA reinforced. The fact that shooting there's twenty goals from open play instead beyond not for the first time. Is. A tremendous amount of goals and Cristiano Has I. Think is a nineteen. He's got for play at age thirty five. Dot is also an absurd amount of gold as angers AIDS, so let's all get snarky about the inserted goals. Totals Inflated Penalty Short, but then let's take them away. I recognize what these two guys have thought. It's pretty remarkable. I mean immobilizing has a legit shot at winning the European Golden. BOOT if you're. If you're into those types of of silly awards, so. There is like an interesting steph signed of which is not actually if if you're being strategic as events now, and you actually could make decision about upsetting him. The decision would be. Your cravings next to go sit down Halloween. 'cause you to play against Leon and you need to be well rested, but do you think like? These yeah. That's Audie Nikki. Out there, my wrong, it's like no, you know. What if it were somebody else? You're right, but then. I think obvious Jonah wants to play because he likes goals like playing football because he's thirty five years old. He knows he has a finite number of.

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