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"motion picture association america" Discussed on Marketing Today with Alan Hart

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"motion picture association america" Discussed on Marketing Today with Alan Hart

"PM Eastern time. And I know that's GonNa be a little tough for folks in other parts of the world but will make the recording available to you. I will be hosting a conversation between myself. Leland Mush Meyer. Who is the the chief creative officer at show body and Mari Casey who's the founder and CEO uncomfortable? We're going to be talking about in house. Agencies Leland knows a lot about. He's got one of the most awarded in house agencies in the world. We're going to talk about freelancing other agencies in different types of models of working in today's environment and marketing and especially for twenty twenty. I feel like this is a great way to kick off the year so I hope you can join us go to marketing today. PODCAST DOT com slash event. And you should be able to locate gate. The event registered get your tickets for marketers. Small fee for agency folks and I hope you can make it. Thank you For All of us. It's about predicting where the consumer is going in. Getting one of the things we want to do S. create odds that don't suck then bracing chains creates great possibility Mellon Heart. This is marketing. Take Today on the show. Got Lena's shields the chief media officer for Lilly. USA So today on the show. We're GonNa talk quite a bit about her. Her career path Some of the mentors and mentoring that she's doing this today advice that she got to improve your career and advocate for yourself. Frankly few enjoy and take away some of the key insights from Lena today after all I highly enjoyed the conversation and at age is named her one of their women and to watch in two thousand nineteen. Lena welcome to the show. Hi Allen Thank you for having me great to be here. Yeah well I thought we could start with a personal story and Add love to hear about where you grew up in Italy and made you decide to come to the. US sure is on on-board raised in Italy From the southern part obediently from Columbia for the majority of my family but my father was in the Italian army so we moved every couple of years so the majority the time has been spent in Rome and the second sitter myself from Rome but culturally from the south of Italy and a move to the US the first time in two thousand three and then pursued my mba in the US To from Rome to Los Angeles California Damai Nba here on a student visa. So I was able to actually get that that fairly quickly because all I could do a study so I am a year in instead of working in sales for Lily shortly thereafter in. La In the moved in Annapolis for for other marketing opportunity them back to Europe for marketing leadership roles and then this is my second time the US Gotcha I mean Italy's one of my favorite places to go. It's I think I may have mentioned this before when we were talking. But it's where I got engaged to my wife Boost in Florence. Florence has a special place in my heart but but Romans Nice to yeah. Florida's is where our affiliate is based to so my second time in Europe where the late I was basing Florencia. Yeah you really can't go wrong really personally. I think no no exactly exactly exactly. Will we'll Let's talk about your background and it looks like if I look at your linked profile most severe careers been with Willie fifteen years since you're NBA. Like you said were there. Where did you is that where you started? And were there any pivotal twists along the way. Yeah so in the. US moved to the US. The majority of my career has been lily implant once. I got out of my or defend pharmaceutical. The pharmaceutical industry when I was into school university. Actually what I wanted to do was out outworking global policy in really truly. I just wanted to change the world so my Emma Political Science major in my dream was to work the United Nations and workable policies that actually made impacting how less fortunate people their lives so. I think I'm still leaving some of that dream but I'm doing that on the commercial side I am you know. My job is related to give the information that bring people medicines that can help them leave healthier and longer lives so I started in Italy graduated from university moved to the. US West Los Angeles mentioning Mamta and then after that. What I wanted to do was at that point a new one to be marketing? So what I wanted to do was to work for a fortune five hundred company any marketing role. I wanted to have a company to work for the head of big impact again on people so wanted to work in big advertising but quickly found out as has I have moved to the. US my own really have any network. I didn't have any resume. Any connection now combat in you know as we hire MBA grads I'm just amazed had my lack of knowledge of the process and how we actually could have I could've alleged some of those processes but I so Eichel call a lot on my way in including my internship actually and then other times it was time for me to find a job in one type of job in marketing realized very quickly that without any network economically land the marketing job that I wanted in a lot of the companies. I want to work for where on the East Coast at the time and so it became clear. The sales for me was going to be away from me to build my way into marketing. So I didn't want to sell printers or sell things that were actual sales in. So I realised the pharmaceutical marketing getting was more of a consultative typo sale. Where you were working with doctors to help them zero you know what will be the best candidate for a product that that particular company had and so I basically at the time? It was now fifteen years ago the Internet existed but there wasn't a whole lot easier generated content online and so I've found on this book that was called how to land pharmaceutical sales job in three days in a bottle and everything that the book said to do everything down onto like my attire. Everything and Took me more three days. It took me five months but within five months I had two offers on the tables from two major pharmaceutical companies and one of them was from Lily and lily and then from there. I stay three years in sales. Every year. Reminding people that wanted to do was marketing and I think you know you asked about appealed twists the mentors within my career. The two pivotal twisted I can identify was definitely when I was able to get out of marketing starting from sales to get into marketing. So Move Indianapolis to as kind of a theme the first half of my career job no one wanted and so I took the job market that no one wanted at the time which was with these go eat marketing digital marketing at the time and then I think later on my career as I established myself marketing at a you know some successes under my belt I think the other big pivotal point for me was when I got a regional. Leadership role for Seattle in Europe's was deployed to Europe on assignment and it was regional regional brand leader for Cialis for Australia. Canada and Europe now was responsible for the commercialization of Seattle as well as preparing all those affiliates for the launch the BPH indication for benign prostatic. Hyperplasia in all those countries and that has really propelled me more into that was established as a marketer really fast as for my management career so those will be the the big to changes in twists in my career. No that's that's fascinating And we're GONNA talk more about that moving from sales to marketing. But I don't WanNa leave off this story that you told me I talked about in in your internship because I love this story. Do you mind telling the story for listeners. I think it says a lot about your hustle for sure vision so when I first moved to the US again I knew nothing was basically my first time in the. US went straight from university diversity on to my MBA stolen. No there was a lot of cultural adjustment. Obviously the need to have been. I spoke English but differently than how is today and I learned majority Mangla through music so that was another adjustment by. I would say halfway through the year. Damn being and I was only doing that because I was on a student Lisa and halfway through the year everybody's appeared from nowhere. Everybody was you know we're all my schoolmates were in. I asked around and we're like oh they're they're doing the internships and I'm like what do you mean the shoes and this is what you're supposed to go get yourself internship and get your Explain to me what the internship was. Because you have to remember in Italy you know. Even just the academic system is very different is is truly academic is based on studies. So we don't have unfortunately a lot of hands on experience. Explain to me what internship. It was an You're supposed to get yourself at internship halfway through so then you have a way to have a spirits when you finish MBA so for me. Would this signal. I took that pre leader visually the way our speaking English get yourself internship. I thought I was supposed to go out and get myself internship. So so what I wanted to do at the time. I really really wanted to work in marketing. But at the time I just went to Los Angeles and me being such a huge fan of music entertainment in the in the way that I have learned the American ultra just English itself I was just so fascinated in la by everything that was Hollywood related it and it was just like leaving reality show for me was amazing and so what I wanted to do was marketing entertainment. I wanted to make movies and music at the time. That was GONNA be a good way to do so. I just thought you know. Go get myself internship at the Motion Picture Association America. Why not so? I literally drove my little little recent altamont which picture association. I'm parked and I went up until you know that I was there intern in that I was there for ship and they were like So you know the laws are unsure. Somehow I did get in front Once they saw me at the door there were like eight. You just run with the story. It wasn't it was relieving clueless. You know that that's not internship. So I kept saying I was there to get the Inter ship into talk about getting an internship and then it was the intern in so eventually sat down with this. Hiring director was director for worldwide market research and went through what I was expecting to be an interview because I knew I had to kind of compete for that. She gets singing usually get interest from pepperdine so weird. I haven't even heard before and I was like well that's does. We're getting today day in so I finished my interview. They interview with a bunch of people any mentally. They offered me the internship in I went through. The whole process of injure ship did my project which ironically honestly the job that I do today. Ironically my project was to figure out if there was a business case to one day stream movies on the internet which I think is fascinating. What do today which has said yes? It was a business case in Japan in the US. According to my opinion at the time. And I did the whole entire internship and it wasn't until later Ronda actually figure out that that's not how other people had got and so it was a greatest boots. I don't think I would've ever gotten into the Motion Picture Association Association of America with through the regular process but it also I guess it was unintentionally courageous but it was a great experience. No Oh yeah I mean it's funny and comical the same time like I just.

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