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"mother place maker" Discussed on Cultivating Place

"The different places you live and your own spiritual journey. <hes> these are questions that I do. I believe we're all asking and the fact that you don't necessarily come to an answer but you come to as used as you describe a new place about how you're feeling about this question with a clarity that there isn't an answer there there is just a hopefully greater understanding the longer we live in. I think this ties right back to the humility you were referencing in your description of the process of writing the book because for me that is one of the greatest gifts of the garden itself is that the more I am engaged with it the more it humbles me and that seems like good work for both of us the garden and me the Yeah Kristie Purify Roy is a gardener a writer and the mother she is a tender of many things in her newest book place maker she grapples with the joys and challenges of such work. We'll be back after a break to hear more. Stay with US so thinking out loud here this week so many of these questions the glorifying and heartbreaking around cultivating. Invading place come back to a faith of some kind a leaning into the universal life and Energy and integrity and intention that is bigger than US deeper and longer than we can see and comprehend as Christie indicates throughout her book and even in this conversation a single tree can illustrate this idea daily to its larger environment trees. They have a different timescale a different by whole scales of magnitude. I don't know a nature loving gardner that doesn't respond to the trees of their place as seasonal sentinels as unspoken skin representatives of home and as divine bridges and intermediaries throughout the book place maker Christie acknowledges her own reverence for trees and they're symbolic power in the realm of her own Christian tradition. I wanted to share to quotes that embody this somewhere towards the middle to the end of the book she writes trees are the backbone of everything trees aren't the Ministry of the Church and yet trees spread their routes throughout the stories. The Bible tells a few pages later she cites pastor friend of Hers Adele Calhoun as expressing it this way Trees Carry Carrie theology in their veins. There's something about that poetic encompassing of the great presence of the trees in our MITTS. Don't you think so now back to our conversation with Christie Gardner Author Mother Place Maker and Question Asker this is cultivating place. I'm Jennifer jewel in her newest book and in her daily.

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