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893 03 Moscow Extension (TFTTF Slice)

Photography Tips From the Top Floor

08:45 min | 6 months ago

893 03 Moscow Extension (TFTTF Slice)

"Sam He uses your next slice slice of slide from the top floor. Yeah in the middle of packing. I'm still here in Germany and I'M I. I talk to you about the checklist thing. I have used it. I have spent three hours yesterday to two hours yesterday. Maybe three hours today to get everything together and my checklist is working so well. I'm so relaxed. Just thought I'd let you know so. Yeah have everything Packed it's kind of heavy. That's because it's not. It's not overweight my luggage but kind of heavy because I'm bringing a few things for our participants that way something but yeah we'll see tomorrow is a is my flight to Moscow where we'll do before the Siberia Lake Baikal. We do a bit of an extension there a few days to see Moscow and visit some sites there which after several times and I even have the same guides that we used to have a few times ago Julia. She's a photographer. And she's taken us around and going to show us a few things and then we'll also explore some of the markets in Moscow. That's one thing I really love doing is to go to markets at the destinations because they are so not pretentious. Usually no postcards of them just regular people doing regular stuff. That's the kind of market. I'm looking for food market with just normal people so many great street opportunities there so that's one of the things that will do during the extension and then after that we'll take off from Moscow to Irkutsk in Siberia and. Yeah that's it for now. All right a bit of a change in pace. What you're hearing is the What's the name of the station? Scam come some o scared so this is Julia. She's our guide here in Moscow. And we're just doing a tour of the Moscow subway which is photographic lead just amazing. 'cause I think stalin-built this and it's sorry for the noise in the background Let's wait for the train to leave those Stalin build this because he just loved expensive architecture right not only for this reason in fact he needed the Mitterrand for transportation and for military purposes but he decorated it highly because he liked beautiful perfect she is so full of ornaments and mosaics and duty for light fixtures. And here's an extra. I think I'll stop now. I'll be back in a minute with something else. It's less noisy. I'm back motel. We finished our detour today in Moscow. Which is part of the two day extension of That we tacked onto the front of our Lake Baikal tour so I had Julia as our guide who is who has been our guide for a few other times. We've been here she's great. She knows everything. She knows what photographers like so. She's she took us to the right places of course including the the most important landmarks. Today's kind of the. Yeah let me call it the tourists today. But if you're here in Moscow you have to see the Red Square you have to see to Kremlin which by the way is the heart of Moscow it used to be only Moscow. The Kremlin if you don't have a if you don't know what to imagine the Kremlin is like a portrait. It's a it's a city inside. The city has a wall around. It used to be Moscow and then it started growing the outside. There are so many Kremlin. Here you'd be surprised so yeah we went in there. Of course the cathedrals in there there are several cathedrals in there and we just as you heard finished off the day with visiting some of the famous metro stations here. The Moscow metro is quite something. I mean it runs like clockwork and the trains Brady every two minutes. There's a train maybe less than two minutes. It's really Bang Bang Bang Bang. It's very super-efficient and We got around really quickly so if you come to Moscow. The Metro is the way to go. It gets almost everywhere and quick that are not expensive and tomorrow. We're going to take the metro and go to two markets. One is a food market and the other is It's hard to explain. It's souvenir market. But then it's right. Next to another Kremlin that is now kind of used as a place where people held weddings and photography. Point of view. Just wonderful and Then there's a flea market and so we'll be doing some street photography on the markets and have our lunch there and then after that back to the attell grab stuff head to the airport because tomorrow night we'll fly to Irkutsk in Siberia and we're at the next stop little night session ahead. I'm in the hotel lobby waiting for our driver. Because the he's not over yet we are going to Take the tripods out and find a few places. There was a couple of spots that have already been to that. I know that are really good for some long exposures with Some bigger buildings reflecting in the water of the Moskva River Then there's the crisis Sabre Cathedral which is kind of weird place but it looks really nice and at night It's really interesting with all the lights and everything around it so there will be some some good opportunities and yeah we'll just be out for like a couple of hours maybe To go to some of those spots and then yeah then the day is really over. The city of she said this station is example. Would just look so. It's the next day and We have finished our our main markets tour of the two markets again. It was super easy to get around with the Metro and Yes or recording. Why are there because we're just way too busy but It was fun to the second markets by the waste. Called is my loss key. Market is yeah. It was exactly as I wanted to be Last time I was there it was a bit smaller and this time there was so many sellers flea market everything you could imagine of course souvenirs but also just just the the the thing that I kind of expect from a flea market which is people bringing stuff from their homes and selling it there so you saw A really good insight into Russian life into what Russians consider. They don't need anymore. Want to sell everything you could imagine so that was really fun and we are pretty much on a way to the airport and we will take off later tonight to Siberia and then. I guess that's where I end this episode and then the next one will be from Siberia.

Moscow Siberia Julia Moscow Siberia Lake Baikal Irkutsk Sam He Lake Baikal Germany Moskva River Stalin Mitterrand Brady crisis Sabre Cathedral Red Square three hours two minutes two hours two day
Redux  Laika

Makeshift Stories Original Science Fiction

18:44 min | 9 months ago

Redux Laika

"It is an adjective meaning. Brought back for bringing back. This is make sure stories. Redux a look back at select details re edited and record it from the last eleven years of the podcast. Today we drop back to April two thousand ten to hear episode twenty-six like a dog from space sixty two years ago on April third nineteen fifty seven the Soviet Union blasted the first living creature into orbit Leica a stray dog from Moscow animal shelter the Sputnik two had no re entry ability so this was a one way trip. They please open your imagination to another world as you listen to makeshift stories. One hundred seventy nine redux Leica read by Mitchell to Joyce heard through her being. She was free at last. She who had no name was again wandering the mysterious void on her long millennia spanning journey to rejoin the others like herself only the color shift of the pinpoints of starlight from blue in front to read in her wake marked her passage. She was finally free of the gravity that had so unexpectedly ripped her from the wonderment of the void to bind her to the rocks and force her to crawl across. Its surface the planet other trapped inhabitants. She shuddered at the thought. Too much time had been lost roaming the inhospitable streets of that world. She had been trapped there. For almost one full orbit of that planet's UNMEMORABLE Yellow Star but the fear and loneliness remaining in her heart who is now dissolving in the splendor of the luminous clouds of a nearby nebula letting the recent past fall away from her she turned toward the glowing blowing clouds of stellar dust instinctively seeking to be caressed by the gentil fingers of the young stars at hid within. Its May justic presence it. It was late December. Nineteen fifty six has an unusually bitter wind bit into the stone of the Old City. A few people dared to venture out so no one noticed the Faint Green Wisp of northern light that seem to reach down to touch deserted corner of Gorky Park near the frozen Moskva River. She woke new sensations growing up from her core. Her stomach growl and she thought what how could one feel so cold in place. Hundreds of degrees warmer than the infant chill of interstellar space but now the vacuum of space seemed so far away she longed for its freedom attracted by the chaotic thoughts of a billion minds. She had drifted too close to this rock allowing the hungry fingers of gravity to rip her from the sky and now she was trapped in a new alien form. She experimented four legs stretched. She wagged something. She sniffed a new experience almost overwhelmed her chemicals metals the past presence of other other animals the ghosts of thousands of beings baking bread cookies musty earth all came rushing through what she somehow somehow understood to be her nose as intense as the thoughts. That lured her here. The chemical traces invaded her. Mind each suggesting an action and she called herself and stretched again pushing deeper into the leaf lined Kravis to get away from the gnawing cold curled into a ball and went back to sleep asleep. Me Monchy one of the many names she would have was what the two legged creature that through scraps of food into the alley for the local forelegs behind. The old cafe on hers. Street had come to call her and as the creature known as Lehman Cheek she wandered. The streets of the place called Moscow through the shortest days of winter looking for bits of food abandoned by the towering two legged beasts the two legs apparently dominated this world and turned out to be the source of the thoughts which had inadvertently brought her here. She discovered that she could see into their minds. And when Lehman Chic planted a thought some would give of her food or a place to sleep on the coldest nights the other four legged beings like her sometimes friends and sometimes competitor's needed to be carefully watched and avoided less they gang up on her she had witnessed this behavior all too often particularly around food food leeman cheek had quickly discovered that she could not see into the forelegs minds beyond basic drives and therefore could not influence them so she stayed closer due to the two legged ones. Life was not easy here and every day. She yearned to leave one afternoon. Has the days were growing growing warmer. A group of two legs from Hurson street gathered an anxious. Conversation in front of Pavel's bakery. Leeman chick sat patiently in the shadows between a pile of trash and the greasy brick wall of a neighboring shop. She reached into the minds of the two legs and saw that they were excited by news of an event and taking place in the big square just beyond the tomb have an important dead too late leader. Their mood was both excited and Ham. Prehensile the mix of emotions confused Leeman chic but the mention of outerspace caught her attention and her longing for it made up her mind she would follow them. Liman Chick shadowed the disorganized pack of two legs at a distance casually sniffing at posts and building corners to make herself look on interested. The the agitated group hurried up Hers Street to the broad public square past the tall red spires of the State Historical Museum and on up Manezh St Street. To the walls of the Kremlin where a stage had been hastily erected and a growing crowd of two legs waited impatiently the pack of two legs. She was following following pushed their way through the throngs to the front causing a chorus of rude comments in their wake. Leeman chick quietly settled down beside the one who through scraps out for her to eat noticing. Leeman chick the woman smiled leaned over and scratched her behind one ear. Shall We see what all the commotion is about Little Lima. A small tight swarm of two legs dressed in dark suits navigated their way to the podium protecting to in their midst who emerged urge from the wall of bodies and made their way onto the stage. Leeman chick watched intensely singling out. Their minds was heavy set balding Ling. Wearing lenses over his is the other was somewhat nervous with a receding hairline but both lines radiated enthusiasm for their efforts to send vehicles vehicles called rockets into space a feat which was yet to be achieved on this world the heavier to leg. Who was apparently the secretary if the party? Although Liman Schick didn't understand what the party was she assumed it was an Alpha. two-leg has both appear to be different to it. PA speakers placed around the open square crackled to life as Secretary Khrushchev proudly began to recount past accomplishments and boast of future scientific goals. Also exploring his mind she knew Khrushchev was open to planted thoughts. He was deliberating on how to celebrate the fortieth passing of a big. Hiya Vent Khrushchev finished turn and introduced the other. Two lag has Sergei Korolev head designer in the new space program then in clapped encouragingly as surrogate reluctantly came to stand beside him. Korolev was of special interest to Leeman chick he talked of leading the world in space exploration exploration and of successful tests of their new rockets which had already carried forelegs like herself to the edge of this rocks. Atmosphere excited Lee Mc now knew how she could escape the gravity well. She found herself trapped. In the large two-leg finished the address with an intense flurry of words intended tended to excite the crowd what has been accomplished around the world up to now. We'll be mere flea hop compared to what we will shortly do. Do it will be a symbol to the world of our scientific prowess he boasted. The crowd cheered respectively but Liman chick barked louder and for the briefest moment. Caught the judgmental I of both Khrushchev and core love before one of the two legs in the crown angrily angrily tried to silence her with a kick. What has been accomplished around the world up to now? We'll be mere flea hop compared to what we will shortly do. It will be a symbol to the world of our scientific prowess he boasted. The crowd cheered but Lima chick barked louder for the briefest moment. Caught the judgmental I of both Khrushchev and Korolev before one of the two legs in the crown angrily tried to silence her with a kick anticipating more physical violence directed her way. She ran but her idea had already been placed as seed in both men's minds now. All she needed to do was wait after that every day leman. She stopped at the Great Square to sit beside the tomb under the red wall before being shooed away by surly guards until one morning. Three two legs tried to lure her away with some scraps of food. Hey Oleg what about this one. The smallest of them yelled to his partners. Oleg Zenko carefully approached Leeman chick extending a hand with a scrap APP of chicken. He looked reckless into leman chicks. Dark Brown is Leeann chick dug into his mind saw his intentions then told him. She accepted his offer. Zenko turned to the others and announced this one has made it through the Moscow winter and has survived the wrath of the Kremlin guards guards. She is a survivor. She has the instinct we need. Bring her bring little. Girlie Leeman chick. Nick did not resist as they shoved her into a cage. Life for Leica. She was now called that by your trainers had improved dramatically romatically she no longer had to fight other forelegs for scraps begged for from two legs at the cafe. She had her own place to sleep and as much food. Who does she wanted like days now consisted of repetitive tasks? The two legs gave her to she had easily mastered them all on the first try but taking her cue from the other forelegs like ahead made enough mistakes so she did not stand out too much I they would make her weight in a tiny compartment for hours hours and sometimes days after the two legs put her in a box on the end of a large boom that spun around creating forces similar to the gravity which had ripped her from the sky. This was usually accompanied by loud and unnatural sounds that were piped into the cramped spinning capsule to two other forelegs Albena and Mosca trained along with her Albena had already flown onto rockets to the edge of space and like could sense the ghost nice to fear in her mind. Albena instinctively felt that the two legs were sending her to certain death in the dark void beyond the sky but for Leica the void Loyd was her home and she pined to go one day. All the two legs were very excited. Their first rocket had made it into orbit. Greatly greatly pleasing Secretary Khrushchev. There was no training that day and like a silently celebrated to for the first time since her arrival on this rock she. She felt she could go home training quickly restarted and was more intense than before which seemed to make being Mosca more fearful many any times in the next couple of days. They tried to pick on like but she did not quarrel with them instead. She focused on the minds of the two legs. Learning that a great decision decision was being discussed. Finally the two legged named Sergei Korolyov whom like it had seen at the speech under the Kremlin Wall came to the training complex six to make an announcement to the staff shortly after the two leg named Kazan. Co came to see Albena Mosca and like he stopped in front of each each cage to talking indistinct whispers with the program director Vladimir Yadav Sqi. Both nodded in agreement then walked away to talk with the trainers who had gathered authored a few meters from the Kennels. We have less than four weeks. Kazan complained to design and build a capsule. This is craziness. It's it's won't be like the other experimental flights it will have to be a one way. Trip Kazan goes voice was lost in an intense debate. When it ended Kazachenko walked back in knelt in front of his Kennel? Little curly. Do you want to be the one to make history. It's a great honour which drool require an even greater sacrifice like a wagged. Her tail and forced one thought into Kazan goes mind I'm the one and I'm ready ready. The two legs slowly got up in announced like. Oh we'll be the dog to go like didn't understand why you doffs key and the other trainer seems so upset. She was about to be set free and the two legs would achieve a great feat. They should be happy. The flight designated as S. P. S. two was planned for early November nearly a full year after like a had been pulled from the heavens as the data approached. She grew happier but you donkey seemed more and more concerned one evening. He opened like his pen. Put her on a leash and took her home there. She spent a few days playing with the adopts. Adolf's Ke's family fetching sticks his children. This somehow seem to comfort him. So like a tried to quell growing anticipation by patiently. Playing the Games names. They invented for her launched. A finally came like a was so excited the two legs were concerned. Her heart was beating. Fast has the silver metallic home own pushed against gravity and rose on a giant yellow and orange flame inside like a was tightly packed into her spacesuit thrust against the floor roar of the tiny cabin she felt heavier than she had ever been before and the noise is louder angrier and stranger than the training sessions for a brief moment element these sensations touched and instinct and fear edged. Its way into like mind. Then as suddenly as the noise and pressure at started they they stopped leaving Leica in the familiar gentle cradle of weightlessness with the infinite cold and nothingness beckoning outside like a spacesuit became too constricting constricting and much too hot in contrast to the welcome cold of space the temperature in the tiny capsule rapidly grew like a new. It was time to leave. luxuriously stretching long on used parts of her being she sword away from the mechanical and physical enclosures. She had been trapped trapped in and extended a thought into the void. Thank you I'm home Make sure stories is a proud proud member of the L.. BERTA podcast network powered by ATP financial to listen to other great APN podcasts. Such as otherwise please head over to Alberta Alberta PODCAST NETWORK DOT COM this episode is brought to you by park power a provider of electricity and natural gas now Berta that offers low rates awesome service and profit sharing with local charities in Alberta. You get to choose who you buy your energy from. If you choose park power your your money stays here plus Park powershares its profits with local not for profits that are working to make a difference for their communities. Shopping local is very important to park powers owner and we love local here at the Alberta podcast network. So it's a great fit learn more at Parc Howard dot. Co The podcast network powered by eighty is happy to be partnering with seat giant to offer you great deals on tickets to major sporting event. It's big concerts popular theatre throat North America and more with your at home or on vacation checks giant for tickets to the hottest theatre music music and sports events such as the whalers or chorus line to find out more visit seat giant dot ca and use the Promo Code at not N.. At checkout to get percent off your purchase you'll save a bit and the network gets a little cut of that purchase to make sure stories is released twice a month month. Usually around the first and the fifteenth. Today's story was written by Ellen. V hair and read by Mitchell to opening and closing music was composed posed and recorded by. David Hume you can find out more about David. David Kyun me. We want your feedback so please send us an email to make sure stories. He's at Djamil Dot com or visit our website at makes us stories dot com. You can help us out by telling your friends about US or getting them to head head over to apple podcasts or their favorite podcasts provider to subscribe makeshift stories is released under creative Commons non commercial. No derivative license which means you're free to share stories just remembered credits and alter anything.

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Inside the Gulag


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Inside the Gulag

"The moon rise podcast is sponsored by lighthouse from the moon to mars lighthouse is proud to support nasa and the space industry with the right tools technology science and innovation they need for their most critical missions learn more at lighthouse dot com slash space. It caused the enemy to bid for victory came too late with allied penetration deep into nazi territory opposition crumbled rocket bases. She's like we left off with nazi rocket engineer wernher von braun secretly escaping being to america leaving behind germany's powerful labs and factories the dismantled warheads fee to rockets their enormous metal combustion chambers. Everything was abandoned as the nazi regime crumbled but before we follow von braun's escaped to the united states we need to pull back the curtain on another story that was playing playing out in parallel during world war two. This is the hush hush story of a rocket engineer in the soviet union while germany gave von braun everything during the war resources <hes> fame the soviet union gave its version of von braun next to nothing worse than that the country set out to kill this ski rocket engineer and yet the soviet scientists would find a way to rise from the ashes to become von braun's rival in in the speech race to come the million cam the washington post and this device player are thinkers such as constantine sokolowski and then built upon by such great deciders circuit court and this idea yeah came into existence sir in <music> the in the course of my reporting. I went to nasa headquarters in d._c. To meet with their chief historian bill barry we sat down and bills office switches just stacked high with books and retro nasa paraphernalia and we talked for a while and i kept trying to get him to tell me secrets about the space race ace and finally he leaned in and pointed to a frame on his desk because in that did you left her in the frame was a faded black and white photograph of a man there was something faren and distant about it it but his gaze in the photograph was so searing in close it had caught my eye ever since we sat down. That's good corey of. He's the guy whose genius behind the soviet space program. I had never heard of him or maybe i had somewhere. I wasn't quite sure like so many things from the cold war. Sergei korolyov story had long been buried. I was staring at the photograph waiting for bilberry to tell me more about sergei korolyov and about the hidden details of the soviet side of the space race pearlers why this story which is the u._s. Soviet dynamic in this other stuff hasn't come out is because it's it's a hard story explaining without like going into all these weird rabbit holes. The lewd came off when the soviet union came apart because all of stuff was classified <hes> and <hes> i actually went into an archive <hes> russian. I was doing research over there with them and ask them questions about things and the deputy director said. What are you doing here and so i want to talk to you about the n one rocket because there was no such thing and i said there's a pitcher on the senate side you officer. I decided i walked by there was no such thing there was was such a thing in the united states we had the saturn five rocket that werner von braun built to send humans to the moon on apollo in the soviet union. They had the n. one and it was designed by the man in the photograph on bills desk sergei korolyov <music> the soviets were actually very close to beating the americans moon race was actually like down the wire and nobody knows the maestro behind the soviet successes was korolyov but it was also because of a twist in his story that the americans were ultimately able to get to the moon. I and all of that information about korolyov about this soviet side of the space race was kept top secret for a really long time in fact it wasn't until after korolyov's death that the soviet union officially acknowledged that he ever existed existed much of the details are still shrouded in mystery as we can tell from bills story of going to the russian archive <music>. I left bills office that day feeling this urge to go deeper down the cold war rabbit hole but he had opened up for me. I went and got a bunch of dense books on soviet space history and tore through them for any details. I could find about korolyov. I started appeasing his story together. One source that was really useful was the red rockets glare by space historian asif siddiqi sergei korolyov saga in some ways was the inverse of werner von braun's. These were two men with dreams of the moon two men who went to work on their country's missile programs to men who without ever meeting each other would race to space but we're von braun one was lavished with resources and fame in germany and then also in the u._s. Coral yeah of was battered and and invisible. It's like these two men were made of the same cosmic dust but their lives played out so differently early for all the archival tape that we have of werner von braun almost nothing exists of korolyov the other fishes all we could find was this one scratchy little clip of him talking about the first manned spaceflight right on russian television so <music>. I will have to tell his story for you and you will have to picture him. Come with me. <hes> let's spend halfway across the planet from united states to moscow sergei. Korolyov was a boy growing up in the ukraine without a father. He was an adolescent when vladimir lenin and led the russian revolution in nineteen seventeen. He was a teenager interested in science. As communism was taking root in soviet union korea had particularly fallen in love with gliders and the idea of flight and he joined up with a group of aviation enthusiasts who were building rocket engines for fun. They were trying to push the bounds of how fast and how high these gliders lighters and planes could go the group's leader was a man named friedrich zander sander was older than korolyov sort of a father figure and he read lots of science fiction and he dreamed of going to space he and even named his daughters ostra and mercury after after the stars and the planet his mantra with this group was onward to mars and he ended up turning coral you have from someone who was simply interested in fine to someone who was excited by the much wilder ideas of space travel even though sander was sort of this spiritual leader of this group korolyov pretty quickly became a more effective logistical leader he would offer up his home as a meeting spot and the young men would even melt their own silverware to make parts for the rockets in other countries. You got similar sort of activities. This is roger lanka's former chief historian of nasa. The german rocket society gets developed as well during the same timeframe. That's where rainer von braun got his start. The verner von braun's the surrogate court loves they are initially excited by the prospect of exploring space but lake with von braun korolyov had to start working with the military military in order to continue to pursue his passion. Now an interesting thing to note is that the u._s. are was initially ahead of other countries in many ways first of all a russian man named constantine sokolowski had already developed a theory in nineteen. Oh the three that scientists today consider the first documented proof that getting to the moon was scientifically possible so called ski mapped out the plan for how you could use liquid fuel and a series of combustion chambers to power a rocket into space <music>. This was more than twenty years before robert goddard's famous rock experiments in america and before von braun's owns mentor the german scientist turnovers published all of his theories so coffees breakthroughs didn't get attention outside the soviet union but inside the country he became pretty famous and he inspired a lot of young russian men like sander and then by association korolyov to get interested in space so fast forward to the early nineteen thirties joseph ziff stalin's communist government has offered funding to korolyov's amateur circle of aviation enthusiast propulsion technologies could have a number number of military uses that funding transformed their group into a secret state-sponsored rocket research institute. It was the first of its kind kind in the world but that doesn't mean it got tons of funding. They were upgraded to operating out of a freezing colin seller in moscow still still sandrine coralie of must have been ecstatic. Here was a chance to spend their lives working on the dream of flight when the opportunity permitted itself to build a rocket. They're willing mostly to agree to do that partly because they're patriotic but more than that they want a bill the rockets because all these people are sorta jazz by the idea of getting off this planet the military purpose. They recognized in the back of their mind. Yes you can use this for other purposes but that was not their primary focus for much of the nineteen thirties they worked on developing rocket technology for the red army so things like jet engines that could power planes beyond just the use of propellers but it didn't work workout as they had dreamed the conditions had been hard. The accomplishments hadn't been big yet and sander in particular had completely worn himself down down. He was so poor that korea would secretly buy him lunch and he was so sick that corollary of finally took some money out of the groups funding to send sander offer treatment by the sea but while there he died of typhus supposedly the last letter that sanders sent to korolyov they have ended with these words forward comrades and only forward raised the rockets higher and higher closer to the stars ours but they just couldn't while germany was now revving up its investment in rockets the soviet the union suddenly ground its efforts to a halt stalin lynn zinoviev and common you have forced trotsky into exile then stalin overrules is to associates and ends the new economic policy from nineteen thirty thirty six through nineteen thirty about seven hundred and fifty thousand people were executed in the soviet union under stalin colin though the numbers were so big that there's still no decisive count in some provinces as much as four percent of the population vanishes this was called called the great terror at first stolen targeted members of his political opposition but then his paranoia <hes> really exploded and he started ordering mass executions of anyone who might be an enemy of the state well over half of the top communist leadership and thousands of lesser officials vanish as do most of the army officers. One of his biggest concerns was the red army stolen became convinced that his own military leaders were out to get him so tons of them were executed then since korolyov's rocketry group was getting its funding and support through the army stalin's eventually turned their way it didn't trust what they were doing and where their allegiances lie hurley of wasn't the head of the program at the time but he had a prominent position one by one his colleagues disappeared they would be arrested at night in their homes. Uh-huh then in many cases they would be taken to an execution site and shot by the secret. Police korolyov's tosses disappeared. His friends disappeared his close colleague and peer valentine glasgow disappeared heard at the end of march. Call of glasgow were friends and rivals they had similar dreams of space. Similar childhoods turns growing up in the ukraine they had similar roles in the rocket laboratory but glue sco had thrown korolyov under the bus while he was trying to save himself during an interrogation with the secret police curly of new that and he also knew that once glue louche geico was gone he was going to be next. It was only a matter of time just a couple couple months later on june evening. In nineteen thirty korolyov walked home through the streets of moscow at twilight he had stayed late working on rocket projects despite the fear and emptiness at the institute as he wound his way through the dark streets he might have thought of his daughter natalia who was three years old and was staying with her grandmother that that night he picked up of the get an a newspaper then he joined his wife for dinner in their tiny studio apartment not far from the bend in the moskva river. She told him she had noticed two strangers <music> outside during the time of the great terror in the soviet union that was like seeing the grim reaper. They made dinner dinner. They eat together lingered a summer night. In the dark city listening to scratchy melodies on the phonograph sure enough he turns out the door concern concern to die but not immediately they abducted carl young threw him in prison prison broke his jaw. He knew that prison usually wasn't the ultimate fate of his callings who had been charged with the seem made up crime of sabotaging their country. What could he do. I mean how could you possibly prove your innocence. When the steed was set on exterminating you he scrawled letters to his wife and letters to the secret police the courts anyone in power he could think of breath but his letters didn't matter by now four of his colleagues had filed a false report saying that coral yeah it was part of an anti-stalin effort it seemed they had all gone from these beautiful dreamers to these mice who could only care about self of preservation. He was facing certain death. The plan had been to execute him on september timber twenty seventh nineteen thirty eight along with a lot of other enemies of the state on stalin's list. We know this because that list was finally declassified in nineteen ninety nine but at the last minute the plan changed for some reason that still unclear instead of a single shot in the head like many of the other scientists korolyov was sentenced to a slow death death. He was shipped off to a far desolate northeast sliver sliver of the country to work in one of the most notorious gulags in siberia. The kohima gold mine. Many of the prisoners in this were camp died brutal deaths. They're only after a couple of months. If not killed olds by guards or by starvation or exhaustion then by the absolutely freezing arctic winters one of the coldest this places on planet earth korolyov lost his teeth from scurvy. His plump youthful face was sunk in scarred. His body was not much more than bones so after about six months in official note arrived korolyov could leave the gulag. You had to find his way back to moscow immediately so his case could be reexamined. We examined so there was hope you might get in his wife and his daughter again. Maybe the government hadn't even realized is that he was innocent and that he just wanted to build rockets for his country. The trip back to moscow was not going to be easy. It was winter insurance siberia and he was already on the verge of death but he walked and he hitched rides. Nearly four hundred miles calls to get himself from the prison camp to the nearest port when he got there he found out that the most the recent ship to make the crossing back to the mainland killed more than seven hundred people on board when it sank in the icy waters mm-hmm so what did he do. He got on another ship attempting the crossing anyway he was so sick and starved served and frail and frozen that when the boat finally reached the other side the doctors examining the passengers pronounced korolyov early of dead but somehow he revived himself enough to crawl onto a train for the five thousand mile journey that would take him the rest of the way back to moscow he looked out the window at dense pine forests covered in snow at mountains and then treeless plains than the dark depths of lake by call the fighting of nazi germany the rockets that were being built by golden childs werner von braun that was far off in the distance all he saw and knew was this creed expanse of the soviet union aw finally korolyov made it to moscow he was broken hollowed out but he had survived he walked into his retrial. Hope twinkling and those st paul is the verdict actually showy. He had to spend the next eight years in prison at different gulag in the arctic. Forget get his wife and daughter forget rockets and space flight forget the moon and the stars everything had fallen apart. He was to die a prisoner alone in the cold clutch of planet earth. The moon riders podcast is sponsored by lighthouse. Deep space is calling and lighthouses helping the space industry's innovators answer. The call for modernizing nassar's is enterprise i._t. To processing over thirty five thousand pounds of mission critical supplies each year to keep the international space station fully operational lighthouse delivers does the i._t. Engineering and science to advance today's most important space capabilities learn how at light oh dot com slash space the <music> the first time after niche in enemy who stand up to his longish the russian army train them prepared the people united to make sacrifices world war two was now in full swing in europe and stalin's mass mass murderers continued on soviet soil surrogate korolyov streams of soviet glory rockets and space all of his as early achievements and promise everything just seemed to have gone horribly wrong but before korolyov was shipped off to die at that second can frozen gulag. A letter changed his fate not a letter he wrote himself. Get this some other aviation designers who had also been sentenced to death had joined together to make a last ditch effort to save their lives lives but they did is they wrote up this very smart proposal to the secret police that said if they were kept alive they can in use their rocketry skills to create weapons for world war. Two wouldn't be useful better than killing them. Their argument worked the soviet union decided that instead of shooting these engineers or sending them off to the gulags they would create special prisons sheriff's casse where these scientists would work to develop new technologies they wrote up a list of which scientists could go there and the government added korolyov's name to that list the secret prison laboratory he was sent to was about five hundred hundred miles east of moscow in the city of kazan and you're not going to believe this his boss fair ended up being the valentine glasgow that owns colleague and rival of korolyov's who had disappeared right before him from the rocket institute. The one who out of desperation had turned the agents on to pursuing korolyov glues co was somehow also still alive five. They were told just to focus on making quick small improvements to what was already in the soviet union ends war arsenal. There was very little room for the big innovative projects that coral you have had originally hoped to do the country was in the thick of world war two two and it couldn't waste time on scientists dreams. They just needed weapons. The the soviets didn't have the time or the resources to develop a ballistic missile. Nobody had i developed a ballistic missile. This is mike newfound of the smithsonian's national errand space museum what the soviets were working on. All of this were small rockets with a few hundred pounds of thrust. You know at most korolyov worked in that secret prison for the remaining years of world war two and toward the end of the war he finally started to realize what had been going on in germany with rocketry that whole time while korolyov and the soviets oh v._8.'s we're working on these tiny battle rockets wernher von braun and the germans were building the v two ballistic missile. Let me put another way. Korolyov was stuck working on basically firecrackers with a few hundred pounds of thrust von braun's v two's had about fifty five thousand pounds of thrust <hes> i mean when it came to rocketry by the end of the war germany had just left all the other countries far behind at the time the u._s. and the soviet union though they didn't understand all the technology behind it but they recognized that what had been developed in germany was something that they sort of needed for their own programs at the end of the war. German technology became desirable. I mean neither side really understood what the germans were up to until nineteen forty three <hes> and that's when they first sort of cruel liable intelligence came out about the fact that the germans are developing being a big rock which is a very exotic technology for war to them just extremely future restaurant down from the skies over over england citizen of southern england and it's a matter of life and death your life and your death your a roof spothero any kind of spotter and there's nothing you can do except watch out for them and pray course the germans also developed the world's first cruise missile the be one of the what's called buzzbomb so the germans had developed a cruise missile ballistic missile they developed jet fighters of the we also had jet fighters and so the end of the war was kind of a preview you of the cold war many of the core technologies the jet aircraft the cruise missile the ballistic missile and atomic bomb all appeared in the last year of world war two so and and they were all sort of precursors of the of future wars and naturally all the powers wanted to see what the germans had told so as the war came to a close and the nazi regime crumbled other countries swooped into germany to see what they could steal theon from the wreckage. You know they had developed these particular exotic things that we were interested in getting a hold of an understanding standing and with that of course you got interested in taking the people you know and capturing fund brown and some of the others and bringing them over here and the french did did the same and the british and the and the soviets all began rounding up experts at the end of the war partly just interrogate them partly they concluded that they need to take some of them back to their home countries and and and work with them and try to get to understand in late late spring of nineteen forty five at the war's end americans swept through the middle virk the underground tunnels where von braun's v two rockets were being produced they saw the gas chambers and the emaciated prisoners and the carted off tons cantons hundreds of tons of v. two rocket parts and equipment and they shipped it to the united states to examine and duplicate right after they left the area. The soviet union's investigators arrived to pick through the debris as well. The red red army also seized the island where von braun had originally started production on the v. two rocket. It was in northern germany along the baltic sea. Eh they searched the bombed-out labs for secret blueprints. Knock it parts and more scientists they could capture or recruit to their side and one of those soviets sifting through the rubble was sergei korolyov. After six years of forced labour korolyov was freed from his prison as in lab at the end of the war so he could help recover the rocket technology in germany. It was supposed to be a short stint but korolyov oh yeah of would end up staying there much longer taking over facilities and reviving them under soviet command when corleones visited von braun's original production site on that german island he passed the old gas plant that powered the missiles then he climbed armed the remains of v. two rocket pulling himself up to stand on top of its big metal combustion chambers mm-hmm pieces of the world's most incredible rocket or underneath him and there was the from bowl of a tree again. It was a september day and the baltic sea air brushed against against his double-breasted trenchcoat. He pushed one hand into a pocket and curled the other into his sleeve. His deep set eyes peered out out from beneath a wool visor cap at the ruins around him. His jaw was permanently damaged from his abduction. His body ravaged by time in the gulag but the softest lift of smile cross his face. Someone snapped a photograph. The americans americans may have snuck away with valuable loot and with plans to coddle wonder kin von braun but the soviet union had possession of the missile labs and the factories themselves east germany was there's now it was the end of world war two and the beginning of the cold war a race to control the most powerful technology on the planet brown was gone but the puzzle pieces in his rocketry brew rate there for coral. You have to put together. It was time to get to work. <music> <music> <music> on the next episode of moore is mysterious objects excursion in the desert atomic horror stories are flying off the shelves and von braun is secretly working on rockets in america that will get us to the moon <music>. Moon rise is in washington post audio podcast. It's the result of the incredible work of amazing producer bishops san dan editor dennis funk project coordinator alyson michaels our designer courtney khan and director of audio just stall our podcast house. Launch event was hosted by the adler planetarium in chicago. Subscribe to moon rise on apple podcasts google podcasts deter spotify. He you can also find it on the washington post site at washingtonpost dot com slash moon rise many thanks to the great experts who appeared on this episode though barry chief historian of nasa roger lonnie's a former chief historian of nasa and mike new fouled a senior curator reader at the national errand space museum. Also i want to particularly acknowledge the work of asif siddiqi. He's an expert on the soviet viet- space program and his book the red rockets glare was an incredible source of detail about sergei korolyov's life and provided the basis for much of this episode rhode archival recordings came from v. g. t. r. k. vesti news from critical passed from nasa and from the russian russian history audio archive of the wilson centers kenan institute. I'm lillian cunningham the creator and host of moon rise. Thanks thanks for listening and we'll be back next week with chapter. Five devastation you see ear was caused by the explosion of the bomb above zero point. Only the strongest buildings are left standing and they are <music>. Yeah you heard county record the way views of mankind <music> <music> uh.

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Why did you betray me?

Decomposed with Jade Simmons

38:04 min | 1 year ago

Why did you betray me?

"Uh-huh. In eighteen seventy seven Illitch Tchaikovsky was a musical star on the rise. Just finished writing his first panel concerto a piece of music that would become so famous musicians would come to call it the. But at this point, it wasn't famous and neither was he. Checkups Ke's main gig was teaching at the Moscow conservatory of music. He was thirty seven years old handsome with kind eyes and dark hair that he kept swept away from his for it. He had the try and find time for composing outside of his classes at the conservatory and the organized concerts on a shoestring budget. Time and money were tight, but he was making it work. And he didn't know it yet. But this would be a big year one that would change his life forever. He was about to receive two very strange letters. One was the beginning of a love story. The other would lead to what he considered the biggest mistake of his life. I'm Jade Simmons. And this is decomposed. We bring you the stories that have shaped classical music, the heartbreaks betrayals, and the acts of shared genius that changed everything. Tchaikovsky is famous for giving the world some of the most romantic musically. The fantasy overture Romeo and Juliet. Swan LAKE ballet. Romances that end in tragedy. Tchaikovsky's own battles with love with intimacy with finding a soul mate. I feel like you can hear them in his music. I'm going to tell you the tangled love stories behind one of the world's most romantic composers. Back to those two letters Trajkovski received eighteen seventy seven let's start with the letter that arrived on Chris winter day from a woman named dej devan MEK. She was a forty seven year old widow. She had twelve kids, and she was a multimillionaire, her husband had died just a year before he was a railroad tycoon, and he'd left her a massive fortune and von Meck her big passion was music. She'd commissioned the piece from tchaykovsky before but they had never met in person. Instead she'd been admiring Trajkovski from afar for a while. Now, she didn't just know his music. She was a huge fan. Her letter arrived after he conducted the debut of his March slob. And let me tell you conducting was not as thing. Tchaikovsky got horrible stage fright. He could barely keep together up there. But it was running low on cash. So we did it. On stage that night he felt clumsy and unsure of himself. Von Meck was in the audience. In B-flat, minor his March slobs starts out a little melancholy. But also playful like Tchaikovsky's got something as sleep. Which he definitely does. When the full string section comes in. He hits you with this joy, full expansive theme, and it moved by MEC profoundly. She wrote tchaykovsky a letter a pretty bold one. If you ask me, she wrote, I should like very much to tell you at length of my fancies and thoughts about you. But I fear to take up your time of which you have so little to spare. She went on. Let me say only that my feeling for you is a thing of the spirit and very dear to me. So if you will call me, a Radic, perhaps even crazy, but do not laugh, it could be funny. If it were not so sincere and real. Tchaykovsky didn't laugh at all. He responded right away. Why do you hesitate to tell me all your thoughts? He wrote if some happy day, you will do me the honor of writing me what you have so far withheld. I shall be very grateful and with that all formality disappeared. Von Meck took him at his word and replied with a long letter. She told him how she hated socializing and small and she asked for a photo of him. She said she already had two, but she wanted one directly from him. She told him how she was convinced that the perfect man was a musician with a great personality to boot. She was short Tchaikovsky fit the Bill again. This is all even though they'd never met. She confessed as soon as she'd heard Tchaikovsky's music. She started asking about him around town. She wanted to know everything about her new musical crush. She done so much asking around that at this point. She wrote that she pretty much knew when and where he was at all times. Okay. So a little creepy, right? Like when you get those random messages from someone on social media, and then you look back, and you see they've scrolled through all your pictures, and all your videos and left way too, many heart emojis, come on. If you got a letter like this, you'd be a little weirded out. Maybe even a little alarmed you might chock it up to an over enthusiastic fan. But there was something about von mex- letter. Maybe the way she described being overcome by his music, whatever it was Tchaikovsky connected with it. He said of the photographs she'd ask for and even wrote her some music. A funeral March. That was never published because he wrote it just for her. And then he bared his soul right back to her. He told her how he to struggle to become close with people how he was always afraid of disappointing them, social anxiety was something they had in common, which is why very early in their friendship. They made an agreement. It's a bizarre one for someone you feel so close to but they agreed. They would never ever meet von Meck was sure she'd be too nervous awkward and Tchaikovsky didn't think he'd live up to the version of himself that von Mak had imagined. But if they took away the pressure of having a meeting person, then they could just be themselves in the letters. They became intense pen pals, and I'm not talking about that one you promise to right after summer camp. And it lasted all of a week. This wasn't like that. These two were serious. They were writing each other. Almost every day, which brings us to the second. Strange letter Trajkovski got in eighteen seventy seven. It arrived. Just a couple months after van max letter again Tchaikovsky didn't recognize the name on the return address. And again, it was someone hold been watching him quite closely. Antonina Millea Cova had I seen Tchaikovsky five years ago at the apartment of a mutual friend. He'd made such an impression on her that she'd fallen passionately in love from a distance anyways. Now million Cobra had inherited a chunk of cash from her family with the dowry in hand. She decided it was time to make a move. She wanted to make her feelings known to the man she said she'd loved secretly for years Tchaikovsky on the other hand had zero memory of ever even meeting Cova. So here he is reading this letter with this dramatic proclamation of love, basically from a total stranger any brushed it off. He wrote her up polite response that more or less said you should probably move on. Okay. But this only egged Antonina on she wrote back saying since your letter, I love you twice as much. She told him she couldn't live without him. At this point. I think it's pretty safe to assume that Antonina had no idea Tchaikovsky was gay that wasn't information. He shared widely checkoffs keys closest friends and some of his family knew. But that was it. He was determined that. No one else find out in Russia at the time. It was illegal for two men to have sex homophobia was the norm. And if the government decided to make an example of someone the law said they could be sent to Siberia for up to five years now realistically checkoff wasn't worried about being exiled in Siberia, this law was rarely enforced. And if it was wasn't used to punish upper-class people like Tchaikovsky, he knew more than a couple of gay men who were open about their sexuality, but it wasn't without risk. I bet tchaykovsky it hurt stories about careers and. Personal lives that have been ruined after someone was outed. So when rumors about his sexuality started to circulate. I gotta believe Tchaikovsky was feeling anxious. I mean, how far would these rumors spread what if they reached his parents, then he had an idea and idea for ending the potentially career ending gossip a wife a wife would do the trick? Right. When Kovas letter appeared out of the blue professing her love, he was almost like a sign so Tchaikovsky sat down to do something very romantic lay out the pros and the cons. On the pro side was a big one. If he got married. His eighty two year old father would be thrilled. His dad was of course, oblivious to the fact that Tchaikovsky had zero interest in women another pro good career move. He wasn't ambitious guy and he dreamed of being a musical great being outed as gay could end all of that marriage offered protection. And then there was the dowry. Millions overhead bragged about I'm sure the idea of some extra cash didn't hurt. The list of cons on the other hand was short. But if you ask me pretty compelling Tchaikovsky didn't want a wife. But he agreed to meet million Cova anyway and shockingly he proposed just a couple of days later. He told me Cova that if she could accept quote, a quiet, calm, kind of love the love of a brother, then they could be married and who could resist being swept off their feet like that not Anthony Ana she said, yes. On the day of their wedding Tchaikovsky knew he'd made a horrible mistake when they got to the kiss the bride part. He couldn't help it. He burst into tears. The more Tchaikovsky got to know, his wife, the less. He liked her. He complained that she couldn't keep up with any intelligent conversation at all. And this next part was unpredictable. She didn't seem to know a single note of Tchaikovsky's music three weeks in his marriage. He had moved on from indifference to his new wife and. Landed squarely on hate he now hated her. He'd spent a ton on the wedding and his new apartment, and that dowry he'd heard so much about. Yeah. That hadn't turned up yet. Tchaikovsky was in the middle of a major crisis. By now, the other lady of letters and Tchaikovsky's life von Meck was one of his closest confidants after the disastrous wedding. He fell into a deep depression, and he wrote to her as far as we know von Matt didn't have the full picture of what was going on. She didn't know Tchaikovsky was gay that was the one part of his life. He kept from her. But he seemed to share everything else, including how trapped he felt in his marriage. He wrote to her to pretend for the whole of one's life is surely a unique form of torture. His situation was bleak. Tchaikovsky couldn't stand and be cooped up in his apartment with his new wife. He started going on long walks at night. He would wander the streets of Moscow aimlessly just to not be at home. Then one night he walked straight into the Moskva river it was freezing out he hoped he would die. He'd left a note on the score that he was working on for his fourth symphony. It said simply in the event of my death deliver this to Madame von Meck. Now, this is not how tchaykovsky dies he got wet and cold, but he definitely didn't get pneumonia like he'd planned. This was a wakeup calls. Oh, if things were this bad in his marriage. Why not just call the whole thing off or at least ask your brother to do it? That's right Tchaikovsky sent his brother to break. The news to Antony Cova his wife of just three excruciating months that their marriage was basically over divorce was relatively rare at the time but couple still split up without making it official. This was Tchaikovsky's player. He wanted to keep everything under wraps for the time. Being he worried that a divorce would lead to more rumors about his sexuality, which was the opposite of why he'd gotten himself into the situation in the first place. When Tchaikovsky wrote to von Meck about the break-up. She didn't hold back. She did not like new you're Cova von Mak, even wrote later the thought of you with that woman was unbearable. She went on. I hated her because she did not make you happy. But I would have hated her hundred times more if she had Tchaikovsky is relationship with von Meck only grew more tangled part of their relationship from the beginning had included von met commissioning little pieces from tchaykovsky. Hey knew she was overpaying him for these by a lot. And he had a hunch. It was because she'd heard rumors of his money troubles slowly Tchaikovsky, let on more and more about his financial situation. Hey told on mex- she was the only person in the world. He wasn't ashamed to ask for money. Eventually he popped the question would she do him the honour of becoming his benefactress? Von Mexican him back in through the Aston. Yes. Along with a big chunk of cash. She kept sending money when ever try kofsky needed it soon. They agreed on a fixed annual budget. She'd give him six thousand rubles a year paid out in monthly installments. It allowed tchaykovsky to flee town in Lilo. He knew gossip might spread about his very short marriage and he wanted to be far far away when that happened. So he set off on a trip around Europe. And she kept the ruble's coming all tchaykovsky had to do with keep composing. He started working on Eugenia again. An opera with a very famous scene involving a letter. And while he traveled the letters flew between him and von Meck. They wrote about politics they wrote about religion and philosophy. And of course, they wrote about music. Some of my favorite letters are the ones where they argue. They get into friendly debates about things they were passionate about especially music once on Mak wrote that music could make her feel the same way as a glass of Sherry. What seems like a harmless enough opinion. Right. But Tchaikovsky was seriously offended. He let her know. She was dead wrong. Drinking is about the -ception. He said music on the other hand is about revelation. But then some of their letters were so boring. So mundane that you have to assume that people riding them must love each other because who else could possibly care whether or not it was warm enough to keep the windows open last night, or how long your evening walk was who else would let you bore them like that. And then there are times when the letters sounded downright romantic Tchaikovsky told MAC that he loved her with all the power of his soul. Macro, but how she believed their thoughts. And even their disappointments were linked by the same destiny. In other words, she considered them so mates ones. That would never meet in person shore. But so mates. I did say there was a love story in here. Remember, no swans dancing around. Yeah. But definitely a love story of some kind. In November eighteen seventy seven just four months after his disaster. A wedding tchaykovsky finished his rococo variations. It sounded the way Tchaikovsky felt things were looking up. He may have still been on the road hiding from the world, but he was no longer trapped living with no you're Cova by now he referred to her simply as the reptile. Clause. He was composing again in von Meck kept the cash coming. Their letters were flowing back and forth there. Postage bills must have been high. But then over Christmas tchaykovsky went four whole days without hearing from her which doesn't sound super dramatic to me. But for von Meck, it was very out of character. Tchaikovsky was convinced. His worst fear was realized that she'd found out his secret and had decided to end their friendship. He waited for days agonizing over the possibilities. But now she just been distracted by the holidays. And our next letter arrived with no drama. His secret was safe. In the ten months since their friendship had started he'd become more and more dependent on von Meck emotionally for sure but also financially he showed his appreciation by dedicating his new symphony his fourth to his benefactress. The dedication read to my best friend. Okay. So you think at this point these two are so close such good friends that the shyness they thought at the beginning would start to disappear at least a little and maybe just maybe it was time to finally hang out in person. They were so close they wrote each other constantly, what was the point of staying apart? No instead things got weirder. Much weirder. After the break. The ever meet. If you're looking for more fascinating, stories and phenomenal music, go to your classical dot org. You can stream classical music twenty four seven and find out more about the people behind the notes, it's all at your classical dot org. I'm Jay Simmons. And this is decomposed. Winter phase here where it seems like von MAC is taking care of everything. She wrenched I caught skiing apartment in Florence where he could keep composing without distractions. She got him set up with a grand piano and made sure he had Russian newspapers Russian books, even his favorite cigarettes, everything just as he liked it. There was one catch though von met would be staying in her villa just two doors down and the rules hadn't changed. They were not supposed to meet under any circumstances. Von Meck, still insisted on this. How exactly are you supposed to avoid? You're super close neighbor like that von Meck had a plan. She gave tchaykovsky a copy of her daily schedule for the entire time. She planned to be in town. She even gave them copies of the route. She take on her walks. Tchaykovsky part was simple jus-. Make sure he was never in the same place as benefactress. Of course, their letters were still flying since they are just two doors away. It's more like passing notes back and forth in class than mailing letters. But this is the point where this arrangement have become more awkward than it was worth. Because while Tchaikovsky had promised to avoid von Mekka doll cost. She was operating under a slightly different set of rules. And hey, she was the one with the money von Meck started walking by Tchaikovsky apartment every morning, and she'd stopped appear in the window. And it's not my tchaykovsky didn't notice she was there. He wrote to his brother, what am I supposed to do go to the window, and bow he was feeling a bit cost or phobic, which you can't blame him for? And he was barely getting any composing done. But when von Meck left a city, it's a prize them that he actually missed her. He thought he'd be. Relieved. But instead, he actually shed a few tears when he passed her empty villa. This would become a common pattern in their relationship. One. Second E felt suffocated by von Meck annoyed by her strange habits and the next. He felt needing an elected. Avoiding home, try cops. He made a few more stops on this tour of his he went to Paris. And then Berlin he was working on a new opera now called maid of Orleans. But eventually Tchaikovsky made his way back to Russia. He couldn't hide from the gossips and his ex forever. Once he was their new you Cova tracked him down she'd had some time to think about it. And now she was desperate to be reunited, she threw her arms around tchaykovsky is neck and tears streamed on our face as she kissed him. But he was not moved. He told her living together ever again was impossible. And once she realized he wasn't going to budge. She told him it was going to cost fifteen thousand rubles to make her go away. Instead tchaykovsky gave her twenty five rubles to keep her at bay. But I think he knew this wasn't the last time he hear from her Milia Cova would become an almost constant source of anxiety for tchaykovsky. Every so often she'd pop up again demanding money and making dramatic scenes eventually she started making thinly veiled threats, either Trajkovski could pay her or she'd spill his big secret. Through all of this. Von Meck was Trajkovski's fierce supporter. It was her money that kept me a Cova at bay her letters that calmed him down and all of this for a man, she'd never met and believe it or not von Meck and Tchaikovsky manage to avoid meeting in person almost entirely. Yeah. Almost. They couldn't keep it up forever. Here's how it finally happened. One afternoon tchaykovsky was out on a walk when von Matt passed by her carriage, realizing it was too late to run or dive headfirst into a Bush tchaykovsky looked up at von MAC and tipped his hat. Neither one said a word and the carriage moved on that was it. They agreed. It would never happen again. So this was a strange friendship, obviously codependent demanding and subject to a bizarre set of rules. But as far as I can tell they both thought it was worth the hassle. They kept up their letter writing with the same intensity for nearly a decade. The only thing that really really slowed down their letters was von mex- health. She started suffering from painful muscle cramps in her hands at one point. It was so bad. She couldn't write more than a few words at a time. But still she managed to write tchaykovsky. She told him what worries me more than anything is being deprived of my conversations with you. My dear my only friend. I have to think there's no way he saw what was coming. In October eighteen ninety she wrote him a letter we have no record of it today. But we know from Tchaikovsky's response that von Meck had decided to end her financial support. She told him she was on the verge of bankruptcy. She was cutting him off. And she decided that this would be the end of their friendship to check kofsky was bitter. He was hurt. He was offended. And if you're thinking right now that he was only concerned about losing his cash cow. No Tchaikovsky, let her know that heated. See why a change in finances should affect their friendship that didn't matter to him, and he told von meccas much, but he received no response. Ever. Over a thousand letters exchanged over fourteen years and then nothing. And the silence wasn't the worst of it. It didn't take tchaykovsky long to discover that von met wasn't going bankrupt. At all. So he tried writing her again. And again, he was so desperate to know. What had actually happened? He asked about her through mutual friends for almost eight months until they finally had to accept that was it. It was over. But Tchaikovsky never stop thinking about von Meck after almost three years of silence. He still hadn't let go he complained about her in a letter to a friend saying own Edessa Philarete Tova. You treacherous woman. Why did you betray me? And then just a few months after writing these words Tchaikovsky cursed von mex- name on his deathbed or so as brother modus said other people there in that moment said that he didn't curse her name at all. But that he repeated it over and over again in a delirious state. It's hard to know what to believe there's even another story this one from von mex- granddaughter who says that Trajkovski von Meck made amends in secret, just months before his death. But that's disputed to. And there's no proof. It happened. What we can safer shores that there's no record of on Mak riding tchaykovsky ever again as far as we know she didn't acknowledge his existence again. Until after his death when she sent his family, a wreath note, no card just a wreath. There are many theories about why von Meck ended things for one or hands were so bad. That letter writing became nearly impossible if she wanted to keep up her correspondence, which I Coffey, she'd have to dictate to someone and imagine letting another person in on their deeply personal conversations all the secrets and gossip they shared Ivette. Neither one would have liked that idea. Some people think von mex- own family forced her to cut off Trajkovski. But like us tchaykovsky would never know for sure why their friendship ended. Tchaykovsky von Meck Rhody, other some twelve hundred letters, and as you can see when you read them von Meck was so much more than a pen pal. She was a confidante an intellectual equal and so- importantly, a fiercely loyal benefactor. I believe tchaykovsky meant it when he called her is best friend. What we do know is that von MC changed the course of Tchaikovsky's life. Think about it. Von mex- friendship helped him leave his painful marriage and our money help to keep his ex from outing him for financial support. Also, freed him to compose fulltime without her he might have been stuck teaching at the conservatory without her. We might not have Trajkovski's Capriccio Italian or his maid of Orleans without her. We might not have as fourth symphony the one he dedicated to her. And we definitely wouldn't have the rare reflections on his own work that Tchaikovsky shared with von Meck so freely. After the premiere of the fourth symphony von Meck wanted to know what exactly was going on. And try cops skis head when he'd written all of this. What was he feeling? It's the kind of question artist almost never give a straight answer to. It's too hard to explain maybe just too personal. But because it was Tchaikovsky his best friend asking we one hundred forty years later, actually get to read a real answer. The type of detailed answer he'd never give him before. And would never give again. The introduction. He told her is the theme for the whole symphony. It's faked the pesky force that keeps us human beings from ever finding contentment and happiness and the daydreams that can distract us giving us fleeting moments of joy, only to be ruined by fate again. He explained that the second movement was his own depression. Like that feeling you get when you're tired from day of work, and you're sitting alone. Maybe you pick up a book and slips out of your hand. You play memories of your youth and your head instead. The third movement. He said. Was the way you feel after a few strong drinks, you're not happy or sad. You're not thinking of anything specific you just let your imagination run free. It's a type of skate. And then finally the fourth symphony makes a suggestion one that Tchaikovsky probably wished he could take for himself. If you can't find joy within yourself. Look at others, go out among the common people and see what a good time. They have. The music paints have picture of peasants celebrating. But before the symphony ends. Fate intervenes. Again. Faith brings you back to yourself and the rest of the world dances on Tchaikovsky wrote. You have only yourself to blame. You cannot say that everything in the world is sad. Learn from the happiness of others with their simple. But potent pleasures, it is possible to live. If you're enjoying decomposed. The absolute best thing you can do for the show is to tell somebody about it. Help spread the word and take a moment to rate and review us on your podcasting app. You can find decomposed on Instagram Facebook and Twitter at decomposed show. That's at decomposed show. Tell us your favorite composer, and who we should cover next. For complete listing of the music. You heard in this episode Goto decomposed, show dot org. That's decomposed show dot org for more about the music. You heard this episode. You'll also see our reading list there for this episode. We recommend Tchaikovsky by Anthony Holden and tchaykovsky by Roland John. Wiley decomposed is hosted by me, Jade Simmons. It's produced by Tracy Mumford and Ryan Lor Chris Julian is our editor this episode was written by illicit Dudley with me sound design by Molly bloom, engineering by John Steele, Michael Osborne, and John Miller. Thanks to Elizabeth Lundy. Our researcher and Ryan cats are fact checker the interim director podcast for eight P M is Loren d. Decomposed is made possible by inspired by you NPR's capital campaign and the generosity of Ruth and John Hus much of the music. Featured is courtesy of Knox owes of America Inc. Before you go. Let's talk about how these stories get told decomposed is a public radio podcasts that is supported by your donations this show and shows like it only happened with your support donate today to hear more shows like this from APM podcast, give today at decomposed, show dot org slash donate.

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Introducing Wind of Change

The Clearing

42:15 min | 3 months ago

Introducing Wind of Change

"A quick note before we begin this series contains some language and topics that may not be suitable for young children. What'S UP DUDE? It's the spring of two thousand nineteen and I'm sitting in a big loft apartment in Lower Manhattan. It's late at night and I'm a little giddy a little nervous. I'm here with my friend Michael. It's his place and he's letting me eavesdrop on his end of a phone call Things are good Wife's good sons. Good Life's good Michael is just called a guy he knows a former clandestine officer from the CIA. The guys just talking to Michael but he doesn't realize I'm here listening to Michael's end of the so. Do you remember the story? You told me like ten years ago. You know that Patrick and I have been utterly obsessed with the story for the past ten years and so we've been chasing down leads asking people. We have a full-on map of multiple different relationships. Trying to figure out the veracity of the story that you told and so what we're GONNA do is we're going to do it in the form of podcast and. I know that it would be difficult for you to tell it on the record but I'm wondering if you would do it with a different name in a scratchy voice and be interviewed. Ray Of course. Yeah no that's true understood. Don't want that to happen. Do not want you to go to jail. I do not want to be arrested under felony charges or even worse okay. Good John What happened. He was just like it's a felony. There's no fucking way I can tell you this story on the record with my voice. Anything like I'll go to jail for this by name. Is Patrick Radin? Kief journalist Right for the New Yorker magazine I've written stories about drug lords and war crimes and various types of corporate skulduggery. But if there's one connective thread that runs through a lot of my stories. It secrets secret worlds. Uncovering things I'm not supposed to know. A lot of journalists are driven by this conviction that the real story lies inside. Whatever literal or figurative room. Where locked out of we spend our days trying to get glimpses inside wishing that just once someone would hand us the key in two thousand and ten. I was living in Washington. Dc and. I got this strange opportunity to go work for year on a fellowship in the office of the Secretary of defense the deal was I could get a top secret clearance and sort of passed through the looking glass. I just had to agree that I would never write about any of the classified stuff I saw. I spent so many years thinking about all. The secrets didn't have access to as a journalist. I was excited to get into the classified computer system. This chamber of secrets and look around but then something funny happened. I spent that year putting on a suit every day and going to the Pentagon but what I found was a top secret. Clearance is nothing. There are more than a million Americans who have top secret clearance. It turns out for the really interesting stuff you need levels of clearance that are even higher and the most interesting significant. National Security. Secrets are carefully compartmented. They're confined to a tiny circle of people who need to know about them. So by the time I finished up my little sabbatical and government gave up my security clearance. I wasn't focused so much on all the top secret stuff. I'd gotten to see as I wasn't all the other stuff the stuff that was more secret than top secret and always remain a mystery. It became an operating principle. There is no secret key. There's no all access pass to the good stuff. The lesson we learned from children's books and he mystery worth solving requires a journey and the path from a retail to its solution is almost never the straight line for Pineapple Street studios crooked media and spotify. This is wind of change episode. One My friend Michael Right I should back up and tell you about Michael. His name is Michael Schinder Auerbach and he's one of my closest friends. He's got a mop of brown hair and thick framed glasses and he dresses in that understated. The expensive style of the middle aged hipster. Dad We've known each other a long time. I just found this email. I WanNa read to him so I was trying to when this story began for you and me and it began on Thursday twenty eleven. Well Yeah we were emailing you and our emailing that morning he you send me an email and the email said had dinner last night with my good friend and he told me some stories that will fill up your reading schedule for years and then you wrote Wikipedia. I think that's a command. You're telling me to compete WIKIPEDIA. Scorpions wind of change. So I confess. I was kind of vaguely aware of the Scorpions as a band. I know the I actually didn't know the song where I was. I was familiar when I played it but Tom did. You wikipedia eating better wikipedia though. So you sent me that email at morning and that was the day my life changed the story that Michael told me about. The song wind of change has confounded me more than anything. I've ever worked on when I started looking into it. It's like it opened a door into a Lotta strange improbable places so improbable that normally I just move on. I wouldn't even follow up except the idea came from Michael. Michael's Ben Valuable source for me over the years. It's your view basically that I've never written an article. That wasn't your idea couple. But they were. They were not the greatest articles. You probably have people like this in your life but Michael just one of those people who seems to know everyone to have an opinion on every subject I pitched of stories. You've been a great source of ideas and even the stories that you've wanted to do have provided you could Intel into the stores. Officially Michael Works for Madeleine Albright. The former secretary of state but far as I can tell he has half a dozen jobs. This is part of the reason. He has so many contacts. He's in his forties. Like I am but it's as if he's more lives than I have. I'm just GONNA and I don't have your CV. This is purely from memory. But I just want a throw a few items edge you were involved in Middle East peace negotiations prior to that you've been involved in the first dot com boom yes and you had a startup. Some sort is and so then you end up working in Business Intelligence Greg so you then go and start working at alright stonebridge which is Madeleine. Albright's company yes. Whatever the State Department used to do for our government overseas we do for corporations overseas. But Michael also has these side projects and at the time I was in Sweden. I was trying to the. Us government or the British government to use drones to deliver aid to Syrians in Aleppo. Okay and now. I own ninety percent of a Swedish company that Dr do like cell to like anybody. Like Gibson's the Moroccans. Only be to drunk company. There's this other thing. Which is can we talk about the pot years ago? Michael called me up and said I should write an article about the legalization of cannabis in Washington state. And what it would mean for the pot economy. I wrote the article but Michael invested in that New Economy. I was having lunch to this guy and he said you know the other day for a couple of hours. Your friend Michael. Gender Auerbach was worth a billion dollars. Yeah there was like fifteen minutes on Yom Kippur Billion Dollars. Tell you all this. You'll understand that when Michael emailed me nine years ago and told me to look into the song wind of by the Scorpions. I did the WIKIPEDIA. Entry starts like this wind of change is a power ballad by the German rock band. Scorpions recorded for their eleventh studio album. Crazy world in one thousand nine hundred ninety these get the blood flowing in every single one of this is one thousand nine hundred documentary about the monsters of rock music. They just get this all galling and arena tour in which the Scorpions were one of the headliners. Perhaps you're familiar with the Scorpions. This house my they occupy sort of a strange place in our culture there are banned from Hanover Germany. So they're germ but they sing in English and always was to play around the roads and make musical everybody sort of a hard rock or metal band leather SPANDEX. Assu NAMI of hairspray. You get the idea come. We like to from big crowds but still to go back club. That's close minor the lead even today. The Scorpions are hugely popular. They're the biggest German band ever but they also built a global audience outside of Germany by doing a lot of international touring. They were one of the first. Western acts to play behind the Iron Curtain. They're big in Japan. They're massive in Brazil. It's a little weird when you think about it. They're band. Whose first language isn't English singing songs in English for an audience whose first language is for the most part not English. But they've had a few songs that broke through in a big way in the. Us like you probably know this one. It just shows we WANNA rock the world the got one song though that is absolutely a conic and that's wind of change in the summer of Nineteen eighty-nine. The Scorpions played a two day rock festival in Russia. This is during the Cold War and rock and roll had been all but banned in the Soviet Union because the Kremlin saw it is threatening to communism so this was a historic event with hard rock. And heavy metal acts like Ozzy Osbourne Bon Jovi skid row and Motley crue. According to rock after the concert close minor wrote a new song about about the change that was sweeping across Europe at that time. Historic Mama tonight. The Berlin Wall can no longer contain the East German. People wind of change was released in nineteen ninety not long after the Berlin Wall came down and it was a monster. Hit celebration of this. New Policy announced today by the German government to me is so the song ended up becoming the de facto anthem for the fall of the wall and the end of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union but the first time since the wall was erected in nineteen sixty one people will be able to move through freely across the USSR. Young people were galvanized. By wind of change they copied bootleg tapes and distributed them hand to hand. The song ended up peaking on the charts in late. Nineteen ninety one right around the time. The Soviet Union collapsed the unions three Slavic republics announced that they are forming a separate Commonwealth of Independent States. The chief state TV channel was halfway through. Its evening news when it got the first details of the agreement signed in Minsk the Soviet Union no longer exists. I was a sophomore in high school. When all this happen and I still remember how dramatic images were that sense that the tempo of history had suddenly accelerated the political universe. I'd grown up in and my parents had grown up in had just abruptly ended and we were watching the curtain rise on something new entity. There's a great video for wind of change with images of the Berlin Wall coming down and the Scorpions swaggering through Red Square. And I thought back to that extraordinary moment in my childhood. Don't get me wrong. The song is cheesy. But there's something about it. That your worm whistle message of bloodless revolution and idealism and solidarity and hope it gets under your skin So the reason Michael. I sent me that email back in twenty eleven because he just had dinner with this guy he knew. And we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA give this Guy Name Bodo ICAL. I WANNA call them all over. Yeah so yeah so. Oliver and I had become close. Oliver's a friend of Michael's can't tell you much about him but he's about our age and used to work in the sky and you guys had dinner. And what did he tell you? I remember you told me a bunch of stories but the one that I remember the most is the one that I told you to wicked media. Which is that. He was either at the farm at the time of his training or he was at headquarters in Langley and like an older gentleman. Who HAS BEEN AROUND? The block comes in to meet the new recruits so greybeard. Yeah and tells him stories etc told this story to a group of people that he was with that this song had been written by the CIA and had been a part of a campaign psychological operation. Exactly to what to insert this song this music into this. Wien to encourage you change remember. This is not just any song. These things are hard to measure but wind of change is one of the biggest rock singles in history. It's something like the thirteenth biggest selling single of the pre digital era which means the single sold more physical copies than Bohemian rhapsody or like a prayer or anything by Britney Spears. It may not be all that well known inside the US but in the rest of the world. The song is ubiquitous it. Hit number one on the charts all across Europe on Youtube. It's been listened to nearly eight hundred million times so when I first heard this story. I was totally incredulous. Michael was to as a bullshit. I mean seriously like you guys have songwriters the is like yeah like we he said. Yes yes. This particular story sounded absurd. Because it's a heavy metal band and the song. I had no idea what the history of the song was in terms of. Its like beloved admiration. These countries were like with that song. That's this particular song. It was the anthem. According to that wikipedia entry. The song was composed and written by the band's lead singer Klaus Mina. You could feel given the changing. I guess that was the religion for our singer to write a song. The liner notes on the Scorpions. One thousand nine hundred album crazy world say the same thing close. Mina has given dozens of interviews about how he was inspired by that trip to Moscow in the summer of nineteen eighty nine while they were there. The ban took a boat ride on the Moskva River with a bunch of other rockers. And that ostensibly gave rise to those opening lines. I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park. Could it be the class? Mina is lying that the song was actually written by the CIA the CIA write songs. The idea seemed so bonkers on its face and yet there's a long history dating back to the dawn of the Cold War of the US government in general and the CIA in particular recognizing. The propaganda doesn't work. It looks like propaganda. There's only so many hearts and minds. You can change by dropping leaflets out of airplanes at his news conference. President Eisenhower. Our defense espionage when Dwight Eisenhower became president in Nineteen Fifty. Three one of the first things he did was direct the US government to ramp up what he called psychological warfare against the Soviets Safety of the whole world. Demand to be really effective. Eisenhower said the United States should tinker in the world of culture and ideas in a manner that won't be discernible to the consumer according to Eisenhower. And this is a quote. The hand of government must be carefully concealed. The drama on the young lovers a few years later the Russian novelist. Boris Pasternak finish his masterpiece. Doctor Zhivago bitter guns of war eventually became a big Hollywood movie in one thousand. Nine hundred sixty five this is. But because Pasternak's book was critical of the Bolsheviks. The novel was banned by the Kremlin after the book was published in Italy. Cia officials got a hold of a copy and decided that Pasternak's humanistic message could be leveraged as a weapon against Soviet ideology so they printed ten thousand copies of a Russian language edition of the book to be smuggled back into the USSR. Pasternack ended up receiving the Nobel Prize. Moscow was furious but the agency was always careful to hide. Its own involvement. It was only a few years ago that the CIA finally declassified the files boasting and I'm quoting here that the whole episode shows how soft power can influence events if you think about the opening phase of the Cold War. Couch is terribly important. That's the British writer Francis Stone Saunders. Twenty years ago she published his landmark study on the Cultural Cold War the ways in which the CIA insinuated itself into the realm of culture. Promoting certain forms of art like abstract expressionism and secretly funding literary magazines like the Paris Review. The two sides are looking at each other. You know over the fence. Weapons have been stood down for the time being and what they are fighting with and for I would. Argue is the central sort of theater of the Cold War. They're fighting with culture. Does your vago a fair was what the CIA calls an influence operation but what moves faster through the culture? A seven hundred page Russian novel or a four-minute Power Ballad with an unforgettable Hook. What if in Nineteen Ninety? The Best Vector for an influence campaign was a troop of flamboyant rockers from Hanover. West Germany. I spoke to a lot of ex. Cia folks for this project will meet the first of them after this quick break. I'm Jason Kavanagh host of the spotify original podcast son of a Hitman this season. I've been investigating. The murders crimes conspiracies involving Charles Harrelson. The father of Jordan Brat and famous actor Woody Harrelson. I knew this investigation would be tough. But I didn't expect just how dangerous Charles Harrelson secrets would be. Son of a Hitman is a spotify original podcast and you can listen to the series for free only on spotify when I hear a story like this as a journalist. I'm Kinda conflicted. There's excitement but also skepticism. After all this was a third hand story. Something I heard from a guy who heard it from a guy who heard from a guy but as it happens back when Michael originally told me the CIA wrote wind of change I was living in DC one of my close friends. There was this Guy Phil and I remember We met on eighteenth street at a Bourbon Bar. This is Phil. That's his actual name. But he'd prefer we not use his last name. He works at a tech company now but back. When I was living in Washington he worked for the CIA. Those three letters are incredibly polarizing around the world in the United States but in a bar and Adams Morgan. Back in two thousand eleven. I told him the story that Michael had told me. It is just crazy enough to have happened. I mean in the version of the story that was related to me. You have people at the CIA actually writing a song. That's even saying to you in a studio in the bowels of of Northern Virginia exactly You know to the extent that I'm from the same era as Oliver and not from the Cold War era. I guess I was trying to put myself in the shoes of the people who were there in that moment and I think in that moment it was like nobody thought that that wall was going to come down. There were essentially attitudes of backing all horses. You just make a lot of bets and you assume some of them don't pan out and some of them do the phrase is usually called covert action and that Sounds Very Jack Ryan and jumping out of airplanes and shooting stuff and covert action winds up being this broad spectrum of activity to fill. The story seem plausible. But how credible was it? I think if you have confidence in and Oliver then you should extend that confidence backwards to his anecdotes. Which brought me to all of her. Who is Oliver broadly? Speaking there are three types of officers. You've got folks like Phil worked for. The agency fills an analyst. He sat at a desk and had business cards with his name on them. That said he worked at the CIA but many of his colleagues were operational so they worked undercover. You've got folks that works in the CIA under diplomatic cover. So they'll say like State Department. This is Michael Again. But they were not tomorrow with these people have official jobs in the. Us Embassy abroad their political officers translators or their stamping passports or their cultural attache. That's their official cover but secretly. They're working for the agency. Okay so then. Tell me about the nonofficial cover people. So you've got the right so then those are knock sensor nonofficial cover exact these people the knocks our mission. Impossible types Michael explains to. They're not State Department employees. They're not government employees nazi-era employers are nothing. So that either have their own business where they work for a real business. Their employee of the real business the salaries refunded by the government so there are certain companies. Yes that knowingly hire Knox I just have to pause here and say this sort of blows my mind that there are companies out there becomes whose names you would recognize companies. You might do business with. And they have employees scattered through the ranks. Who secretly worked for the CIA? So it's like you're like some tech company from Kalamazoo and you're thinking about you. Know getting into fiber optic cables and Tunisia. Like you could knock on the. You're probably wondering at this point. How does Michael All this remember? I mentioned he knows a lot of people. Many of them happen to be expyse and one of the weird things about being a spy these days particularly for the generation of people who flooded into the CIA after nine eleven. Is that a lot of them. Don't spend their whole careers at the agency so say you join the CIA right out of college at a certain point. Ready to transition out. Try something in the private sector may be so you do what anybody does in that situation. You Polish up your resume. But there's a problem your resume says you've been doing something all this time that you haven't actually been doing. Michael mentioned this concept. I hadn't heard before rollback it must be CIA term of art and while. I don't think it's classified. It seems like a delicate subject. When asked Phil About Rollback? He got uncomfortable. I do you know this word. Rollback is this part of the podcast. Phil didn't WanNa talk about rollback. But since other former spies about it and Michael explained the concept so. Robak is when you want to leave the CIA. You're allowed to tell people that you worked at the CIA. So you apply for rollback and so you have to apply you've to apply and get approval. Phil wasn't undercover at the CIA Switz- fine for him to say that he worked there but if you did work undercover you can't tell people you work there even after you leave if you were an officer with diplomatic cover for the most part. They're going to say no unless there's some really good reason why you should get rollback. But it's hard for those people because those people weren't say department employees they were CA officers. So they sort of have a fake resume. Have a fake resume. Yes hundred totally thick. So the dilemma. For me is what job am I qualified to do? How do I deal with the fact that when I go into interview? I'M GONNA be lying about experience that I don't actually have read. So you've two choices. You can go work for a company that will know that you were State Department employees so there are other people that were like you that are now in another company and sort of those people can the other Lincoln and on a Lincoln and on like yes resume. But I really know what you did. Yeah so there's that grovel and another group people are just. I'm just GonNa do something new so the come out a lot of them like our private wealth managers to be honest because they're really good people And so there's probably like hundreds of officers that were for like JP Morgan Bank of America Credit Suisse Goldman Sachs as wealth managers. So this is where Michael comes in somewhere along the line. He got a reputation as a head hunter for xbox and so in this kind of informal alumni network Riga coming out and they're looking for jobs and a lot of it is based on winks and nods. It sounds like somebody like you who can decode. These resumes and introduce people becomes helpful. Yes oh I know a lot of people in sort of intelligence space and this is sort of the perfect place for these kinds of people that has to do with like you know talking to people and convincing to do something one reason. I was inclined to believe the story. Michael's friend Oliver told about the Scorpions is that Michael believed him. Michael knows all these spies. He talks to them all the time. You tell me everything these people tell him but he did tell me this story and he and Oliver Trust each other but another reason is that. I've met Oliver Myself years ago. I was working on an article and Michael volunteered to introduce me to ex-spies who might be able to help me. We met for breakfast in the dining room of this fancy hotel facing the White House and one of those guys was Oliver. You kind of yet entered this meeting and we meet for Breakfast Hay Adams. Do you remember this. I join you you were there. We just the hat of and we and we all of us. Yes four of us. It's it's me you all this other guy. Another ex by to the four of us sat down but right away I felt like these two guys were on edge. They were just really tight lipped and almost visibly uncomfortable. I started wondering if maybe Michael had put them up to this but they didn't actually WanNa have breakfast with me or maybe I'd said something wrong and I had thought that they were going to you know. Give me some good information and the whole thing was a disaster and afterwards I remember you calling me at apologizing saying. I'm really sorry that didn't go the way I thought it would apparently right. After we sat down this woman sat down right behind me a solo diner and these two x prize immediately ten stop because they suspected she might be eavesdropping on us. You just said like from the moment that woman sat down those guys. Were not going to tell you shit through my breakfast with. Oliver did tell me one thing. He's not one for loose talk. He's a sober. Professional cautious to the point of paranoia and nothing if not discreet part of what you do as a journalist is meet and try to evaluate the credibility of the stories. They tell you. Oliver struck me as so solid though so no nonsense that the Scorpion story if it came from him couldn't easily be dismissed. Since I I heard the story nine years ago it became a fixation for Michael to. It's like every time we get together. We'll meet for launcher. Have after work and this is the thing that we always end up talking about. I'll get some new idea on how to approach it or he'll come across the name of some potential source and we'll start furiously texting while we're making breakfast for kids on a Saturday morning. We've made freedom of Information Act. Requests and done archival research and sought out aging rockers and retired diplomats and former spies. But it's not easy. This is a story of a highly classified covert operation. If it's true there may be only a small handful of people who know about it and even assuming I can figure out who they are and then get to them to pose the question. There's a decent chance they'll just lie to me and deny it. Wind of change has been this project that simmered along in the background of other more pressing things for years but the story was so intriguing and the world opened up this strange convergence of US intelligence and pop music during the Cold War was so compelling. I could never give it up last year. I decided it was time to move this project to the front burner and find out if the story is actually true. There was one immediate hurdle though and it involved Oliver he does not have rollback to this. Day Does Not Aerobic technically legally. Oliver can't even tell me that he ever worked at the CIA much less at the agency engineered a covert operation to red hairband power ballad. That would end the Cold War but still. I wanted to find some way to talk to him about it. I mean I guess what I'm wondering about is meeting him and we would change his name. We would obscure any biographical details. We could change voice. You wanted us to all I would want is for him to tell the story e- well to tell the story again. Yeah here's the thing. We'RE NOT GONNA be recording him. Were only recording your end. But what I'm saying. I mean you know him better than I do. I have a feeling if you say like. Hey It's Howard Stern. You're on the air. He's probably GONNA freak out but if you just say to him. Hey Look it's podcast. What would you think about talking on tape and we would? We would be sure to protect you. Yes and you think he'll go for you don't know here's what I wrestle with. We've done a fair amount of legwork and there are these setbacks when I'm like it's not true and then there are these moments where just kind of given up hope that it is. Suddenly there'll be some indication that it is and then the the craziest thing is once you get into these wild stories. They kinda only make sense if it's at least somewhat true as a general rule and part of what. I love about him. Michael's less skeptical than I is one hundred center. I asked Michael if we could call Oliver and propose a meeting. And that's how I ended up in Michael's apartment where this episode started on that night last spring. We're going to record only Michael Side of the call and we decide to not tell all I'm in the room so as not to spook them. Michael pours me a glass of wine and offers me a BAG OF POPCORN. Boom check up. Keep our voices down because Michael Son is asleep in the next room. So what's our game club here? You've made an appointment to talk to them. I mean I've texted him all right. I think we do this while. I eat popcorn. Michael dials calling Oliver and all of our picks up. What do you mean am I? Are you still alive like a good? Cia officer recruiting source. Michael's not going to come out with a big ass right away new fucking way. No Way Wild. That's pretty awesome. He needs to work around to it casually so they banned her for awhile crazy which leads me to my which leads me to a question. I have for you. Michael reminds Oliver about the story. So do you remember the story? You told me like ten years ago about the band. We have a full on map of multiple different relationships. Trying to figure out the veracity of the story that you told and so no. I understand that you were told by you. Know let's call them Greybeard. You were told by this guy named Greybeard right. So what we're GonNa do is interview the folks that did the concert interview folks that were in the intelligence services during that period of time. Hopefully get to the end. Where we've uncovered something like it's either just a great story and it ends without ever knowing or we actually uncover but the story is really true and this is what happened and so you were the genesis of this and. I know that you know the I know that it would. It would be difficult for you to tell it on the record but I'm wondering if you would do it with like you know different name and a scratchy voice and be interviewed. Well the upside. The upside is the truth man right. Of course yeah you know true? Of course of course what hence the reason I called you. Of course. Of course of course of course. Of course I can't hear the words that Oliver's saying but I can hear the sound of his voice through the phone and he appears to be freaking out. Michael's tone is totally changed. He's in full tilt reassurance mode do not worry understood. Don't want that to happen. I I do not want to go to jail. I do not want you to be arrested under felony charges or even worse so I don't want to go to jail with the with Julian assange at all Anyway Awesome Kumon okay. Good John. Michael hangs out started happen and he was just like it's a felony. There's no fucking way I can tell you the story on the record with my voice. Anything like I'll go to jail for this like any story but the story can't do it really. He got very sensitive and and said Dude. I can't it's felony a jail for a long time. And then he reiterated at the end is like I hope you understand like you can never talk about me in relationship to the story right. It is not something I should have told you. I was just listening to your conversation but it seemed like when you said like. Do you remember when you told me the story. And he like well did he say something like well. It wasn't it wasn't I didn't tell you what happened or he. I told you that somebody told me. He made it clear that he wasn't involved story because he's well at the time. Any investigation has a certain rhythm. You have a breakthrough and it's followed by a setback and you're tempted to just quit. But you know you have to keep pushing until you break through again. Oliver's refusal to talk to us even if shielded. His identity was a definite setback. I really wanted to hear him. Tell the story himself to see if there were other details. You remember but the context of the story or the identity of the agency old time. Who told him at the same time? Though the panic over expressed the sheer alarm. I could hear on the other end of that phone. The idea that there are other stories he could tell. But not this one because this one's to import to secret. It's the story that can't be told. Leave me feeling strange energy. Like we're onto something like there's something real here and we have to figure it out. Is it this? This is so sensitive to be explained that are there other stories like this? This is on wind of change in wind. Change is one of the most important songs and music history. This is nothing you could ever take away from the Scorpions to this is off the record. Now would act on the record. You just got a building full of people that traffic in secrets. That's what she wants to know. Are you a spy? Are you working for the Russians? It's always a precarious situation. When you going back to the Colombians and telling them you lost thirty thousand pounds of pot. He walked into one of the bedrooms and pulls open the bottom drawer. He said data million dollars. Did it seem like normal to you though but it was the end of the Cold War? I think it's a noble thing you could get there. I'm not convinced you should have to be like Sherlock Holmes to figure out that some deal was made we love conspiracy stuff the more complicated and complex the more likely to grasp onto it and I was like Holy Shit Man. We're going to frigging Russia. Window changes in original series from Pineapple Street studios crooked media and spotify. The shows written and hosted by me patron Keith Senior Producers Henry Milewski Associate Producers Natalie Brennan and Ben Falen. Joe Level is our editor consulting producer. Michael Bender Auerbach Sound Design and mixing by Henry Milwaukee Original Music Mark Morton. John Hancock. Our music supervisor is Jonathan Feingold this episode featured drift by RATPAC courtesy of XL records and Saint European king. Days by opium flirt courtesy of CD. Baby the executive producers Pineapple Street wise. Berman and Max Linski crooked media executive producers. Tommy Vitor Sarah Wick Sarah guys more and from spotify executive producers Liz gately and J. Kleinberg special. Thanks to Jon. Favreau John Lovett Alison Falsetto. Joshua William East Sandia Barkov Sky Mattie Sprung Kaiser Eric Mental Jonathan Men Heave are according to herald chief Edouard. Jesse McLean Paul Speller. Janka grimshaw Cyrus Garage Jonah Weiner and JUSTYNA goods ASCA source material in this episode included the monsters of rock one thousand nine hundred eighty documentary the Moscow Music Peace Festival documentary. Nbc News ABC News. The Free Rock Documentary British. Say Doctor Zhivago and tell us who are. Thanks for listening. We'll see you next time. Let's be real. It's the perfect time to go back in time with the stories of hip POPs craziest parties nasties beefs flies fashions in best versus like. That's an all time underrated unbelievable beat and maybe I'm a six six man. But that is part of the game that I love. It's like chefs kids coming at you from mobile. The mobile teams catch new episodes every Wednesday following. Listen for free on spotify. This is hip hop to me.

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Virtual Reality with Halsey Minors Live Planet

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Virtual Reality with Halsey Minors Live Planet

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Yes we i in the future. We're in the future from the president strange well when people are listening this. We'll have recorded this in the past through. We'll comes through the past. Time is a confusing thing in crypto can be a confusing thing but the bad cripple podcast is here to make it easy for you to understand and this is why we're grateful to be one of the top shows in the crypto landscape because we we dumb it down to our level that's true and if this is the very first time that you've tuned in. You just stumbled across us in tunes. Make sure to subscribe first of all and and next probably what you're gonna wanna. Do you wanna catch up a little and we've made it really easy for you. If you go catch up you go bad co dot i._n. That's search shorter bad code out. I it looks like that coin that good. I n forward slash basics that gives you a playlist of about ten episodes. You could listen to you've that will get you all caught up on. What blockchain is what is bitcoin. 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I think it's like one of the worst click bait titles like how i met your mother and they don't tell you for eight years. Yeah yeah but you know what we can tell you now is. I'm making divvy right now. My divvy master notes travis. I just came back from podcast movement in orlando and i got back and i fired up my divvy <hes> master node wallet and guess it may divvy while i was away debbie while you're willing to little baby davies little baby davies yeah every day. They were coming in and <hes>. I'm not gonna tell you exactly how much but let's just say you wouldn't be like oh. I don't want that. No everybody like if you saw what my master mr nodes made while i was away this week you'd be like hey that's pretty damn cool yeah and especially i noticed the price has gone up significantly recently and so there's davies are worth more school. They are worth more davies and other sponsor of our show. You can try their master nodes as well. You don't have to lake. Keep it open. You don't have to be sending little people inside your computer with pickaxes to mind stuff. It does it for you. Learn more at divvy project dot o._r._g. D._v._d. i._v. I project dot o. r. archie and thanks to our sponsors for making bad crypto possible. We love you guys so much we love you. Almost as much as we love our audience through we really love our audience and we wanna get you know we want to get right into the future. Because the show today with halsey minor he is legendary e created seen it and he's he was one of the biggest <hes> investors in salesforce and now he's doing stuff with blockchain in v._r. You're gonna find out about this. The video it said is the future and as a futuristic functional futurist. I agree with that mr travis right. You are or a functional future. You put the phone in functional. I do put you put the fang fang hsi-wei vigor now. I've been doing video video streaming online since two thousand eight. When you stream dot tv i became thing are and i've been doing business online. Since i built my website in nineteen ninety five while we have a gentleman with us today that got started online before me and has probably made up but load more money than me and is doing something way more advanced in the video <hes> channels than i've ever dreamed of doing and it combines cryptocurrency virtual reality ultra cool technology his name is halsey alsi minor and you may recognize him as the founder of seen it yeah that scene at founded it in nineteen ninety two as a really storied worried by oh which we're going to go into but i just want to welcome him here too bad crypto. Hey alsi. Hey i'm good and i just realized we were born in the same year. You're right. We were both <hes> at that. I can't drive fifty five age right now. See we had an argument last night about how old i am i. I think i'm fifty four member december nine hundred sixty four okay so yeah. I think that makes me fifty four. You're fifty four. You're not <hes> quite there yet. That's okay catch up. <hes> you catch up in age and i'll catch up in accomplishments as that sounds like you guys are doing just fine nine or being younger than human commies kicking your ass. He has worked as an investment banker for merrill lynch and then he started seen gene net in one thousand nine hundred ninety two. He has had ownership interests very early phase in companies like salesforce the company that became became google voice and a number of other companies as well. He is a serial entrepreneur. Venture capitalists and as late as project revolves around virtual reality. It's going to be some pretty cool stuff so halsey well. She just maybe embellish that background. A little bit hit a few of the finer points of your early internet career yeah so i started seeing that works and built that into a nasdaq one hundred company nineteen ninety eight eight tonight lasted <hes> reacted. I spun out software that we started that scene. At the beginning of leaving publishing software so my experience the enterprise software and doing websites <hes> murphy off came to me and then i was the cook county jail with him and was the second largest shareholder there for the first seven years then started a company called grand central. That's now google voice and a couple other smaller companies but actually one called what opened n._s. It's actually not that small sold the cisco but in this industry <hes> i started a company called uphold in twenty twenty thirteen and it's hurricane task was to try to connect the banking system divine crypto and i started really coin base had a monopoly goalie but <hes> within about a year and a half. I was able to get access from banking from the u._s. The u._k. Europe to be able to have a basically operating bank account so you could buy crypto as we all know. That's still a problem today. Access to banking is is is is is really quite difficult. <hes> offer the industry <hes> but that was the first kind of problem that i undertook getting into crypto was how do you build a business around helping people to hold these certain crypto assets each up hold in the past we we've spoken very highly of it. We actually didn't know that it was one of your projects at the time but i've used up hold because we we were. We had some contentious notes with coins base. A bit we end up hold seemed like a pretty good solution to <hes> to counter some of those issues yeah so i started at twenty thirteen and that's when i first started paying attention to crypto beginning of two thousand twelve twelve but i launched a uphold twenty thirteen i actually spent two years running it and you know honestly i would have kept running it but the having having to deal with the regulatory environment was withering. I mean just constant issues that you face in running a company company like that that's so highly regulated was so ended up finding somebody who i talk with you a better job than me that kind of environment <hes> so after the two and a half years i lap to start the company that you know of now running which is like planted in video point. Which is you know a a company pretty built around innovation in video talking about that before we get to travel. I'm just curious win win. Did you cash out a scene it. When did you sell philip interests. They're seen at <hes>. I actually own worth salesforce than on the scene at and so i spent four and a half years building salesforce i i you know i buy a lefty that w of two thousand which is a very good time to leave because the world loaded after that and an and spent four and a half years of the dark ages of of of the internet helping to build salesforce a lot of people don't know but mark mini office is uh you know story founder of the company <hes> he didn't run it for the first two and a half years depending john dillon marcus living in why and so i actually invested nineteen million dollars in the company in ninety nine but a big steak and making sure that successful so after left seen set cornucopia is trying to help build that and then went on started google voice and some of these other things <hes> that you just mentioned the ages of the that provides like this. I see this blocked elliptic era. I was there. I know i laid off everybody but about myself but for some reason i just see this scorched earth. You know nuclear holocaust type scenario when you say like that yeah so so it's interesting so when i'm looking makina <hes> it was an eight and a half billion dollars company and the nasdaq one hundred company which you think about it as an internet content company that's czar <hes> <hes> but we were extremely profitable made a billion dollars and <hes> and and i laughed after doing it for seven years which you know those are the go gogo year she yet you're running nonstop and so <hes> it ended up being fought interesting story when i left the red sox at sixty five dollars and three years later in internet dark ages <hes> the stock was sixty three cents and then later sold two thousand seven t._v. 'but yeah for one point seven billion dollars in two thousand and seven so so i was i was out seven years before company was ultimately bought by <hes> by c._v._s. still today. Let's create. You're looking at your history. We've done research on you before we we. We started chatting about why planet and this other stuff but i'm really curious curious. When did you first year about the internet in and get started on that because not only need to see. I mean you bought domains like news dot com t._v. Tv.com search dot com shopper dot com download dot com like you were really at the bearing before front of the net and and how did how hundred album i what were you doing were you. You got this information like oh my god that's internet's huge. You jumped on yes so going like way way back way back so i was on the internet in nineteen eighty nine through a service called the well which is a thousand people and it was command dan line and the only interesting thing you could do was you can go into this virtual world and you would say who's in the room giving less than people what what what color is the room they tell you yellow so it was all about <hes> imagination and this was something about xerox park which is where <hes> c steve jobs got all of his ideas for the mac and so it was nineteen ninety three when i decided i was going to watch c. Net on on the internet and komo there were no venture capital around so i ended up getting all alan is really only investor's at that time to <hes> if the company and we <hes> not only did we we <hes> you know build a very large internet business or we also had five t._v. Shows for room the u._s._a. And sci fi channel one is on c._n._b._c. all about technology and ryan seacrest leader not his i do t._v. Shows rose were <hes>. Were were way back when so yeah it was <hes> you know when i started buying all these domains around ninety ninety three ninety four t. dot com dot com chat dot com dot com certain dot com shopping dotcom shepherd up <hes> shareware shareware dot com dallas unbeliev without on the day whenever you could. I remember way back in the day where you could you just basically had to register their domain my name you'd have to buy them at all or did. This like ninety five started having to buy them. I wanna break some we registered but but even back then there were still some people all boston but i think the mostly paid for any of them. <hes> was around seventy thousand dollars. That's crazy. The you know when you think back on it but then you know who knew well you you knew enough talk to you know have the future in mind and congratulations and all that so let's go ahead and jump ahead now because you are fully all in on a new project actually two projects that are you know co joined in some way that we're going to explain here and maybe we start with. What is video coin. Yeah so many acquaintances is is every time anybody wants to stream video now. It has to get essentially compressed <hes> dislike. You would compress files if you take for instance h._d._a. Video you know you'd have to send fifty megabits downstream unless you compress it which is what happens with h._d. And then it comes down to around five megabits or or even less so in order for video to be transmitted kind of consumer grade <hes> bandwith also just to say it gets compressed. That's called coding and so what does an cody has a very very very very large business getting bigger and and baker bigger all signed eighty percent of internet traffic is now video and is going to join five percent a year and all that video encoded and so so this has been a absolute goldmine principally for amazon and it is incredibly expensive and so you've had you know so you've got everything from doorbells that are now doing video to you know basically the alignment of the entire media industry is now you know coalescing nothing around the ability to launch and streaming services so you know and then you've got the are we just turns video into reality really really <unk> amazing backdrop of what's going on in the world of video and all of that video needs to be processed and needs to be coded and so so you know our we have to our v._r. Plan just ideo sensitive v._r. Five forms is the most sophisticated video cloud wow that exists today because you're different hard to encode and so what we're doing is providing a service it's directly competitive with amazon and others presley amazon that can encode the <hes> video for a fraction of the cost by using underutilized resources. It could be everything for people some gators to all the way up through <hes> data center and so there's just this massive opportunity taking just a vast wealth of machines. That aren't being used. You'd have your office every jeff. Whether it's you know intel chip or or you know something from g._p._o. For gaming computer all have video encoders on separate chip decided every and so you can harness arniston house to do the coding and so unlike bitcoin mining where you do a lot of work basically just do a little bit of accounting. Our miners are video minors. They were to do this video encoding and they get paid by well actually so <hes> minors minors. They're like miners mined era i do ask. Did you ever serve in the military. I didn't didn't but my name's halsey minor and bull halsey. Who was the <hes>. The end of the pacific fleet was my great ankle great great uncle yeah that's right i just i just wanted you to go to get to the level of being a major. Just major minor rape plenty of those jokes call dave cole. If your son cole no we of course have these joe tarp our family but what if we were to have named and i did not name my daughter dot either so there's no dot com yeah. I'll i'll beg dugout mr travis ray tag. You're it up so you know. The question is now that we're in this age network. Five g. is rolling out and a._i. And machine learning and b. r. a. r. blockchain and all that stuff is gone. There's a lot of convergence happening here and so okay. Tell us tell us a little bit about your vision of the future. When it comes to virtual reality you talked a little bit about the cloud computing in the in the streaming of that but what what is your overall vision virtual reality because i recently got a virtual reality oculus quest and it's been unbelievably fine and in your most people haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet when it comes to v._r. But maybe maybe laying it out. What is the future of v._r. According to you yes so. I actually witnessed a very large company. That's coming out with a v._r. Headset that will basically blow the industry wide open and at a price point that people people can afford so a lot of people when they experienced the are you know it's degraded experience by you know the pixels are dense enough so you see search springboard and that's about to go away so when you look at the mets as much closer to actual reality <hes> <hes> and and so you know the whole story is quickly around the are was a kickstarter campaign with an unfinished product was fought. I <hes> facebook two billion dollars and everybody assumed that the technology was real. Even though that product itself wasn't finished everybody ran around spending much money and kind of went nowhere nowhere because the technology wasn't ready and now technology you'd like us have built solutions like like what you guys will do with our camera where you can stream live report is before us. He wasn't even possible just doing live streaming the are so complicated okay and so many different pieces of work together we come along with a camera to grapes area shopping experience you plug into our cloud we send it everywhere and and it greatly increased the the arroyo experience that reduces the complexity the complexity. The art has been one of the things it's it's. That's you know has made it difficult for it to kind of say we think we've delivered a killer product there and and and then we'll start to see the way i explain how this is going to happen is there we wanna dance and that events will sort of had a pulp me industry. All the pieces i suzuki together for example is one of the royal weddings had been. It had a v._r. Camera you know we probably have three times as many cameras out there. Today i as there are maybe five so as the technology gets better and better. They're going to start bringing events. <hes> that i think are are had olympic for were the industry. I think technology really twenty twenty. It's going to be absolutely fully their to transition video from being something watched. Two really are are reality now. Those events like you talking like coachella like burning man woodstock two thousand nineteen more music banks. It's a cultural rebounds so we are ourselves. Anyone can go by our cameras. Use are clouded distributed adult platform so we're you know we're basically we've <hes> the underlying platform or the the our industry today for at least the working part of it. We ourselves are focusing on us. It content on-board onto our platform because we think it's the first it is the first flat it's the first contents it will dwell on biard because sitting music over the internet. That's already solve problem. All we're doing is just adding that sort of presence of being there and and you know unlike sports televisions never worked worked for concerts because when you watch is not the same as being there but when you biard it's the same as being there and get the you know. I probably audio holzinger. Let me frame this so that everybody is up to speed on exactly what we're talking about here. <hes> the this camera that you sent us us is it looks like something from a sci fi film because it's this this space age device with how how many cameras are actually around sixteen running at ten teraflops to basically be able to stitch all those things together a terror plop. Is that what you call it derek karekare. If it's if the number of competing that's large okay. That's good at the travis had a terrible plop before we did. The center of you and i wanted to make sure those about the lights. Let's get out of that. Outstanding i so for number of years because <hes> early exposure to video with live video. I speak at events and for about oh four years now. I've been looking into the future. I was one of those first customers of the oculus rift. I've been in v._r. For a long time. I think it's super cool <music> at i feel like mostly what we've seen to date are expensive. Demos of you know what v._r. Can do but one of the things i've talked talked about is how experiences sell hardware you buy the dude intendo because of the new mario game because there's ten though and when so you said that event is going to be the thing that triggers v._r. To me that is the experience that is going to sell v._r. V._r. headsets on mass. I predicted that that would happen by december by holidays two thousand nineteen. I'm starting to wonder based on what you era. Are you say you think twenty twenty yeah yeah okay well. Let's let's talk about your particular product. The website is live. Planet dot dot net and you guys need to look at this camera. It is an end to end professional v._r. System that will allow you to capture experiences and record and or stream them to v._r. Devices in a way that has been done before. Yes let me explain. Hey how this integrates into in the video corn which is where we started right where we talked about the fact that video is exploding and and <hes> and and as it turns out you know you never could compete with amazon before never made money on amazon web services makes a gobs of money. I mean it makes it makes hundred ten percent of the money the company so you know the old saying on both actually yeah anyway you got this business inside of amazon domestic basically basically makes all the money and it is you know critically the reason why they're the most valuable company in the world and all the major media companies also use. I use it despite the fact that amazon meeting with them in the <hes> in the video domain so what we realized that camera that you have is if you wanna term thing on and run a twenty four hours a day seven days a week instead of to all the v._r. Platform the cost of coding this this this stuff we the stuff that i was talking about four is around twenty seven thousand dollars a month right so we realize that the there was a huge need for to be able to have video encoding solutions that were dramatically lower costs as it turns is out by the gatt who run its c._p._o. He built intel's video streaming cloud amazon but he was sold to facebook and that's how they slow down into into <hes> the video so we realize there's this extraordinary opportunity. There's this massive street. It's growing at a sane rate and and the opportunity to take advantage of and this is what i think blockchain so doing taking advantage of all these resources all around the world were sitting idle title whether your office or whether they're data center and dramatically lowered the cost of of encoding video. It's you know i mean obviously very partial to what we're doing but but i think we have in the market we're going after video point and i think we have absolutely an opportunity to be the largest largest daf based on just straight up statistics of how much you know video file transfer over the internet's about six percent. A video streaming is about eighty percent during a twenty five percent branam so you know even if you just take some of the growth <hes> and it's about a thirty thirty billion dollar our industry right now. That's just the video coding market so there's such a huge opportunity and you know the reason i invested in sales stores was because the centralisation allowed for sales people all over the world to use a common app salesforce in the cloud website and then when i saw aw you know what i started to understand the blockade better i realized that its own new architecture would be centralizing and decentralizing in our world means we can use servers that aren't being used that are located anywhere and everywhere world and so it gives us an opportunity to be highly competitive live with one of the largest and most profitable businesses on planet or today and you know we've got <hes> you know a hell of a good team. You know going after yeah. I gotta tell you it's completely brilliant when we were. We were talking about that. We sort of understanding where you guys. Were doing there. Yeah we wanted to know. I wanna try. I want these and i just went through a process where i was moving to a new home right and i was going through some of these old photos of my kids at different ages and i was thinking eighteen wow like how cool is it going to be for folks in the future now who have kids to be able to pop up a v._r. Camera in the be able well the capture the little kids running around at various ages that you could never capture before like i is so profound to me. I was literally started to cry. When i was is looking at pictures of my four year old daughter at the time and my eight year old son who's now almost eighteen and my daughter's almost fourteen those are those are gone. Those numbers gone those little four year old eight-year-old. They don't exist anymore but if you had v._r. Then you had the opportunity to capture those moments forever for your family to be able. Let's sit in a room with the little rugrats running around. I think like you know music is really profound and it's a great way to entre. Pointing people are going to experience it but i tell you what if your parents and you wanna capture your children's memories in a new profound way that's going to just blow your mind years down the road and you can sit in the room with the kids at the early age all man. That's that's just so amazing what you built. I think a lot of people are gonna benefit from it. You know it's so funny that you say that because you know i've been i've been saying this for a while. I had <hes> you know. Unfortunately i lost child several years ago and <hes> and i was actually during the that jared we were actually building a camera on and and prototypes that they were actually <hes> you know i i actually had one that was it was working and you know if i had known men right and i captured. <hes> you know my experience variance with my son i can tell you how a profoundly important <hes> you know that the medium would be to me and because you know i guess people who haven't experienced it. You know it's hard to sort of understand. The are for those who have experienced it. They know that it is almost like a religious experience because you can literally are out of your body and your someplace else and you know it it. It's it's good enough that literally tricks your brain into into believing that you're someplace where you are you are not and so i think i yeah i think a lot of people don't talk about what you just put out but i think it is it is it is dead on and that's why people come talk about markets for v._r. There is that one basic profound one. Which is you know an. I an i would you rather look through photos of a wedding or would you rather capture your wedding in v._r. I mean if you really want to go back and experience your wedding. I can guarantee you. We are going to be a heck of a lot. You know <hes> more fulfilling rolling then going through a stage <hes> you know a stage set of photos and in an album so you know i i recently cut it had been describing one of the things that we are in the cameras and that's really sort of creating an empathy machine because projecting yourself into all these other places <hes> you know so easily just find putting on a headset. You know there's there's potential understand things. You said you know people who've never leave their house. Either city yellow experienced <hes> you know things all around the world is kind of like television was the first step ars assist other big meet those kinds of things right and we get smaller glasses. I mean you know the the headset started up big. They're starting to get smaller. Learn how you can get a little. You know head said that you slip your phone into a coming. I can't wait so you know. I i think going after music as a music fan is a logical first step because the cost of attending a concert now is so expensive and dan you know who doesn't want to be front and center while with one of these cameras and i see a huge opportunity for people who are thinking entrepreneurial here to get a camera and be able to reach out to venues and two agents for various bands to be able to offer this to them. <hes> you know there's a day coming where where instead of pay per view just for big fights people will be paying pay per view for a live show to have a front row center seat at you know at taylor swift concert that they're not gonna pay a thousand dollars for that front center seat but they could put on their headset. Pay twenty five dollars inexperienced that concert live as though they are there and i guess that's kind of why you're going after music. I is that right. Yeah i mean it's actually better than that right so our vision asian is your backstage. You're on the stage by the drummer by saying you're down in the you know moskva river dancing then you're at the at the at the board you know so so it's a ability to seamlessly roam around the syllabi but always being present there is offering you actually more more than just what you get with a thousand dollars or get a thousand dollars being inserted a front grow so to for us you know all all this amazing technology you know one of the limiting factors results as has driven the recreation video coin was lowering during the cost of that kind of production so so that more and more and more people because the company sought live plant. We want cameras running twenty four hours a day seven the days we all over the world why go to zoo in berlin well we wanna let you down and and one of the impediments cost and so if we can if we can use video corean oriented get our costs and the cost of everybody else being amazon gown fifty sixty percent it allows for <hes> in our case it it allows for the v._r. System to <hes> to grow much faster <hes> and in the case of media companies it allows them to save money that they can put into programming programming which is really where they need to spend money to competing against amazon prime and <hes> and that lex and one hundred other services that are are about to launch soon very interesting one of the cool things that i found about it was like when setting up a unit which is very easy to set up with putting the headphones wrong and then seeing yourself. You're sitting right there. Cameras like mewing you and you're like you look at it and you're like sitting over on the trick it is it's one of those things like your consciousness as been totally shifted and it was such a trick to like look at yourself in real time for the most part maybe like four or five seconds delay and <hes> those yeah so as you know you're. You're one of its turns out very few people. Who've i'm seeing themselves live because it's so complicated to do live hours stitches of video together. All it's live so so i've i watched people do this a bunch and they had they tend to turn themselves sort of perpendicular to the camera kind of look at their gut. It's funny the deal where they can see themselves as someone else drouet start that kito diet. I literally gig right after looking at life better than i thought we up sell diets with right not that that actually feels more like an out of body experience right because you're watching herself and i'm i set it up in my kitchen by my my my living room area and there i am in. I've got the headset on and i'm walking away from the camera but i'm watching myself walk away and it was it was so is it was it was really weird so of course the practical applications for this go beyond music. I see for sports fans like mr travis right. Who's a big kansas city fan dan to be able to be in v._r. And watch the game from the fifty are liner from the end zone or you know from halfway up or from the players will y y be in the middle of the players on the on the sidelines. This is coming and you are. You're the guy who is the first one to really bring this. There and i guess if you've got an oculus go a samsung gut <hes> gear v._r. Or the daydream download the life if planet app nc content that is available that right yep and <hes> and then sony playstation is coming as h._e._c. by when when it's the quest coming because that's what i've got now sold by rift i i think i think everything that's now running on <hes>. I think everything's running on the go is coming to the quest reporting reporting it over but it can be very very sued. We've built this quest at but i think fear i waste make all the bill out trump on a class so it <hes> fetching me very much longer home in a we <hes> we sort of think of ourselves as serving the foremost video innovation company on planet or you know used to be you think about all the the big companies right you think about google and twitter and baseba- <hes> an amazon these are all companies really built around built around tax and graphics right that really is in their d._n._a. Doesn't mean you know obviously you've been. You know obviously <hes> <hes> you know. Amazon added at a video the video service but not really their d._n._a. D._n._a. is honored percent in video and what we try. You know what we're we're using the blockchain community working griffin unity to create first of all a whole new class of applications because honestly there's been very little innovation with amazon google basically controlling video. I mean youtube. Was you know obviously innovation but doesn't a lot has happened since then so so miami having been appointed by having you know a university developers we we want to engage a whole new set of innovators around video and then and then the big thing is just take this industry. That's massive and really compress the cost down what we did with salesforce we we the the service will cost one tenth as much as the software. We were competing with and also delivered a lot more innovation. That's exactly what we're doing. We're fraction of uh not a bunny the amazon and google charged for their centralized data centers but the world is going be centralized that includes five jay and so it so i i generally think we are going to be in in in the world of pain. I think we're we're going to be you know in a year burger to be absolutely <hes> one of the biggest and most important baps that <hes> that exists because the market and we put together together really good game. I agree to tell us a little bit about the the blockchain v._r. Network being put together. Yes so what we wanted to do is just certain leverage to skill sets that <hes> we have so so the idea was to take our technology and <hes> and and extend it to like you and and and other <hes> influencers and and allow those influencers to be able to capture sure <hes> at a <hes> whether you're at a conference whatever and you're interviewing people to be able to capture means moments <hes> and to be able. It's a share them in v._r. And guys like you've got a very large <hes> audience you've already built and different people have built audiences in different in various various different domains youtubers twitter whatever <hes> podcast and so it's really about the technology is easy enough to allow he'd like yourselves and others who are important lords the animal to extend their audience into this new <hes> the art community <hes> and it's it's great for the it's great for the whole <hes> crypto watching community i think because <hes> you know war and better and and more interesting content and for us it's a great way of showcasing you know just how how innovative we are when it comes to <hes> it comes to delivering video based technologies so it kind of put our our two skill sets in around blockchain and and <hes> and video and we married into into something that we hope grows into a really super helpful venue for people to learn you know from from people like you guys <hes> about the world of a crypto hopefully hopefully we're just at the very early <hes> phase of of the world getting to know and understand this new technology and hopefully we can help you know evangelize <hes> through what we call the while and who doesn't like a good marriage travis and i are actually in orlando at podcast movement right right now and we're going to be setting up the camera here tomorrow of course by then this episode you know by the time you hear this wolf already done this but there is the best booth that i have ever seen the most vital role magnetic booth i've ever seen it. A fence is here and what's really funny is. I can't remember who did it so maybe it's a failure in that respect but but what's amazing about it. Is they have puppies. There is tapie pen. You know nine adorable puppies p. and they're giving away free beer too and i'm goddess that we in the camera inside penn tomorrow yeah we we can't solve the beer problem we can solve the problem. The website again live planet dot net. If you have lifelock dot and point and video is video point dot. I and that's our our at our video platform. It runs on the bid <hes> at that point. I wanted to everybody if you have one of those v._r. Devices the live planet app is on get it a will alert you when we will <hes> when we have a video up. We're going to be creating content. Chant we're honored to be included. Amongst you know the initial contact creators and if you guys enjoy what we do you wanna see us up close and personal or maybe some poppies than <hes> check it out a mr jose minor. Thank you for all the great content and for being a world changer. We appreciate it guys. Thanks for having me on appreciate it. Mr travis right. I'm now friends with halsey minor linked in. I feel kind of special while you're legend airy also so there's not as much much pause pause though so we interviewed him before we set up the camera podcast movement and they had there was a company there that had the best booth out of all the booths you've ever seen because the goal with the booth is really to draw people people to it right. You want to get attention to to what you're doing and the moment i saw what this group was doing. I was like oh my gosh. It was launch. Pad is a podcast distribution thing launch pad d._m. Dot com you guys get a free shot up and they had a big sign that said free beer which it didn't draw me because i'm not a beer drinker and poppies while that brought me and they had a little puppy pen with <hes> probably eight to ten poppies in it. Oh my gosh yup and launch pad d._m. Is their website but that's actually a subsidiary of podcast one which was created created by the same guy who created westwood one which is interesting all the ones well we set up our life planet camera right right there and of course a lot of people like what is that thing. It is a space age device that is reading your mind right now. <hes> we told them what it was in a bunch of us grabbed a puppy in stood stood around the camera and we filmed about two three minutes and so if you have a v._r. Headset either the oculus go or any the of the android units you can download the live planet app and then just scroll through the feed until you see when that's as puppies and you'll see <hes> myself and mr travis right in there as well as <hes> our producer aaron and other random standard stand by people that were there holding these puppies. The result joked yeah and actually have to have the fancy v._r. Unit you can actually have one of those cardinals google cardboard or just one of those v._r. Headsets that you can put your phone into you and you can see it just as well so check it out. <hes> the future is v._r. We're gonna be doing more and more v._r. Content as travel around and really really grateful the the the opportunity to work with live planet because they're on the cutting edge and if you look and see what halsey minor down throughout his career all he does is built big a big bad ass companies. Yes and i think that this is it. This is the one that is going to be the defacto v._r. V._r. camera. I think you know they start selling this into venues and artist to sporting events that you know the moment is coming that that <hes> you know we talk about. The netscape watershed moment in crypto. I think that the netscape watershed moment in v._r. Is coming soon and ended. There's gonna be a mad dash for low price smaller <hes> very effective v._r. Goggles there's gonna be the inexperience at everybody. It's going to be universal everybody wants to have it wanted to be a big year for v._r. So many opportunities. We have chance to play on that so really cool fun. The episode is a joke. I'm great time had a retention all always a pleasure speaking with you. Mr travis right. Thank you and we're actually in the same building when we did. There's actually since we were doing the interview. We're actually in two separate rooms but there was still fun. It was fun and we appreciate you. If you haven't taken a moment to review the show oh please do but even more important when we're going to tell you guys secret what we learned podcast movement. There's one thing while the stu thanks the first thing that you can do to help this show and spread the word is really just spread the word it turns out word of mouth and ensuring the show with with your friends your family your so sheets and getting them to listen on their devices or subscribe is the most powerful way to amplify. I the show that is the second thing oh well. That's easy today. Ben the bad crypto podcast is a production of bad crypto l._l._c. the content of the show the videos and the website is provided for educational informational and entertainment purposes. Only it's not intended to be does not constitute financial investment or trading advice of any kind you shouldn't make any decisions asians as to finances investing trading or anything else based on this information without undertaking independent due diligence in consultation with professional financial advisor. Please understand that the trading of bitcoins and alternative crypto currencies have potential risks involved anyone wishing to invest in any of the currencies or tokens mentioned on this podcast. Should i seek their own independent professional financial advisor.

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Flynnocent After Proven Guilty

Pod Save the World

1:36:58 hr | 3 months ago

Flynnocent After Proven Guilty

"Welcome back to save the world. Tom Detour. I'm Ben. Rhodes Ben We've got a lot to cover today on the show so last week we talked a whole bunch about this this crazy Venezuelan coup attempt. So today we got some political fallout from that Then there's this ongoing administration attempt to undo the Muller probe in punish trump's political enemies. We're GONNA touch on some pieces of that. There's an effort in Congress right now to expand domestic surveillance powers got some updates at Russia and Afghanistan and then more pieces of this constant ongoing rhetorical fight between the US and China over the corona virus. And then my interview. Today is with Patrick Keith. Who's the host of wind of change our brand new show and we're going to talk about the history of Cold War propaganda? What it's like trying to put together a show like this when you're interviews are with X. Buys were trained to lie to you and when you're making reporting trips to places like Moscow Ben Imagine being an American reporter walking around Moscow asking lots of questions about the CIA. It's like not a not insignificant risk there so very very cool the way Patrick and the team reported this thing out in just incredible show that everyone should check out on spotify right now if they have not. I love this show me. It's my favorite. Podcast was really longtime a kind of happy with your binging. It and I have to say I filled me with deep regret though because you know for eight years I was. Let's just say read into a lot of our influence efforts and I think could have solved this question with with asking for one briefing so I wish I had heard this rumor about The Scorpions in the end of the Cold War. Before I know it's so it's so painful to know that we once had access to all this information and we never will again. I mean like I'm not gonNA soil the ending for anybody but the coolest part about the show. Is You just get this incredible history of cultural campaigns as part of these propaganda efforts in the Cold War like one example that we talked about in the show is like the the CIA sponsored the Boston Symphony Orchestra to go to Paris? To play at a cultural conference. Because a bunch of you know Yale Graduate Egg heads thought that that was some way to project soft power. It's just incredible history. It's creative. It's interesting. Who knows if it was a good idea then or now but it's like a fascinating topic to me. Yeah you know boasts. I got into reading about this stuff too. And both sides. Us gets funded literary journals. Arts exhibitions what have you and what it kind of reminds you right. Is it the Russian operation on social media in our election is actually just the extension of history of of covert influence operations is just using social media instead of print? I mean so it's it's a reminder that the the mediums have changed but the the intent of government is not totally man. Yeah I mean the two thousand sixteen election interference is is sort of a backdrop in every piece of this story and it's always there and kind of looming large so fascinating okay. Do you WanNa talk talk a little Venezuela so last week we talked about this story these mercenaries who tried to invade Venezuela and overthrow president. Nicolas Maduro. The plan failed spectacularly. There's been a lot of amazing tick tock reporting about it since that. I highly recommend someone will make a great movie. Your documentary about this someday. To Americans are in Venezuela and custody which is not funny is a very serious thing And now we're starting to see political fall and a bunch of places so on Monday Bloomberg News reported that two aides to one Guido. Who is the Venezuelan opposition leader that the US in fifty or so other countries officially recognized as the President of Venezuela? These two guys resigned These are staffers who had been in touch with former. Us Green Beret named Jordan Goo Dro- runs a private security company in the US called Silver Corp and he was the leader of this team Bay of Pigs operation to apparently Guido. Staffers who resigned signed a contract with DRO- outlining the scheme. And so ben like. I'm not an expert in coups but you think you might not WanNa put all that stuff in writing like the contract literally says quote an operation to capture detain removed. Nicholas Maduro removed the current regime and install the recognized Venezuelan. President One Guido. So pretty pretty caught red-handed there so why does trying to distance himself from this whole mess? Despite the fact that you know he might have signed this contract to and there's video of him speaking with Dro- at least once it also seems pretty clear like there's the questions early on like was like a naive freedom fighter or mercenary. Seems Pretty Clear? He was just doing this for the money and that he lied to the guys that he actually sent in to do this fighting and and told them you know he was connected the CIA and that he would get them air cover weapons etc from the US. That just never materialized. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked about the plot and he said there was quote no. Us government direct involvement end quote in the operation which is odd phrasing but he added if we had been involved. It would've gone differently so Mike. Need ATTA DASH OF ARROGANCE. When discussing what has been just a total failure of policy but then you know as we anticipated. Pompeo also said the. Us would use every tool available to get the release of these two Americans who are now being held in Venezuela. So you know look. I'm eager to see what this means for Guido's political future. I mean you know. There's some concern that Maduro could arrest him over. This kind of understandably And like you know at Best Guidos team showed like catastrophically bad judgment so probably concerning to involve this is the guy that the US and many other countries have had bet on. Yeah I mean the contract as well said you know we are here to do the coup and there's a lot to unpack here You know the first thing is the US involvement. And I think we speculated a while back on this show that when you had Elliot Abrams as Voy responsible for this policy with a history of using unsafe reactors death squads Central America proxies to effect policy. Changes that you might have this kind of freelancing and it connects back to what we're saying but winds have changed in a way Tommy because if if the US has covert operations in this part of the world any manner of things could be happening underneath the umbrella of those covert operations meetings with people like grew dro- contacts of people in the Venezuelan opposition. And it can be denied. It can be you know you can t deny covert operation when I look at Pompeo's Jr direct involvement. Yeah that is so legalistic It sounds like it was written in anticipation of like a Congressional hearing or something to me. It's a tell that there was involvement. There there may been informal contacts at the the the US intelligence community may at a minimum have had knowledge that this was happening that the relationships that we have may have contributed to what transpired here. So I I think there's for Guido. It's devastating because you're basically playing right into type of you know. The American backed guy using Americans to overthrow a government for the US. It's incredibly embarrassing. Because I think most people looking at this around the world are probably assuming that we had hand in something like this if if the guy we backed is using former green berets and Mike San. We had no quote unquote direct involvement. And they have no answer other than to kind of posture and if it was us would have been different or well. It's a sound soundbite. Written for the boosters of Mike Pompeo and right wing media in the US that has no you know the travels nowhere in actual real world here. So I think you know the threads are going to be pulled on this for a long time and and probably the picture is going to get worse and worse for both Guido and the trump administration has threat is pulled. Yeah I agree with you. I mean this feels like something that will be difficult for Guido to deal with domestically in terms of his political situation. I hope they're hearings on this. I hope someone scrutinises Mike Pompeo's language because those are the big weasel words I've ever heard and I can't believe that he didn't get press more. Yeah no there's not a lot of pressing that's happening you know and I will say that. I've been very disappointed in the Democratic Party's approached Venezuela in Congress not uniformly but I think in general the trump administration has been given a little bit of a pass here Venezuela. I think Democrats look like they're more afraid of this. You being demagogued and Florida than they are interested in. And actually holding the administration accountable. For what again. A policy that by its own metrics has failed like Medeiros still there. He's more trenchant ever. Russian China have more influence squad discredited part of the reason that there's maybe not more pressure on the administration is that frankly. Democrats with some notable exceptions Chris Murphy or Ro Khanna have not really been willing to take them on this. You know I I I too would like to see. The Democratic Party pushed back a little harder on this one because not going well down there. Let's turn to an imaginary coup a coup in Donald Trump's mind only so the Wall Street Journal reported that Rick Grenell. Who is the unqualified twitter? Troll currently serving as the acting director of National Intelligence has declassified in May subsequently release the names of Obama Administration officials who quote unmasked the identity at Trump's disgraced national security adviser former national security advisor. Mike Flynn in intelligence reports back in two thousand seventeen so quick explanation of what an asking means. We haven't talked about this in a while. Let's just say hypothetically the NSA intercept a phone call between a top Iranian general in some American citizen if the target of that collection is Iranian then by default the identity of the person. He's talking to would be redacted to protect that person's privacy but there's a process where senior national security officials can request to learn the person's identity if it's key to understanding the context of the intelligence or some other reason so it's a fairly standard practice but it's one that's hard to do there some safeguard their because we're talking about a US citizen so Grenell wants to declassify in. Release the names of these former Obama officials as part of this trump administration ongoing effort to undercut the Mueller probe and really paint general. Flynn is some sort of victim rather than the truth. Which is you know a guy who likes the FBI and was secretly getting paid by foreign governments that he didn't disclose at work. The trump people want to suggest that the unmasking process itself is inherently wrong or political or nefarious. But then here's some stats for you. So in two thousand sixteen the. Nsa UNMASKED AN AMERICANS IDENTITY. About Ninety two hundred times in two thousand seventeen ninety five hundred times in twenty eighteen. It was seventeen thousand times and in Twenty nineteen ten thousand times so if unmasking is wrong. The trump folks have drastically increased the practice so it seems clear like Rick. Grenell wants to find a way to smear former Obama officials. He wants to generate Fox News headlines He wants to fire up their base about general. Flynn so Ben. I'm just curious what you think of this story because you know you're at the White House during this period of time and also want to know your reaction to DOJ general. Flynn is innocent despite pleading guilty twice. Well there's a real twisted logic here that we have to kind of unravel to to understand the fever dream that we're dealing with in the problems with it. So here's the first problem. If you accept their kind of conspiracy theory at face value right there conspiracy theories that Obama people unmasked trump officials to reveal their Association Coordination Collusion. What have with Russia? Then the trump people did something wrong in the first place right so so so in other words unmasking wouldn't matter if the trump people weren't doing something that they thought was wrong so there's kind of logic that collapses at first interaction with this theory. The second problem with this is they've yet to demonstrate any irresponsible or unnecessary unmasking. And I'll give you an example. Tommy which is I was a part of this original unmasking scandal back in two thousand seventeen. Suddenly my name was back on Fox News Susan. Rice ben Rhodes Devon Nunez's outraged about this. You know the normal you know outrage machine kicks into gear and right wing media. I was hauled in front of the House. Intelligence Committee then chaired by Devon Nunez to testify for hours about this. Here's the problem. I never amassed. A single trump official not once like there was this kind of absurdity to it where they needed me to be like a character and their conspiracy theory and yet they knew because they have access to these records that I had not done what they were. You know yelling that I'd done on Fox News right and so as usual like the the the absence of logic here is in play because again. They're not disputing that. There were any actual things of concern in terms of why was Mike. Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador. What have you? They're targeting Obama people for having quote unquote an acid. But then also they haven't even demonstrated that this unmasking was abused in any way and and in some cases like as with me they were just kind of inventing that this took place and so it goes to show the kind of original sin of both dimensions of their quote Unquote Obama Gate Scandal. You one is the reality of Russian intervention. Our election is clear and well established and supported by reams of evidence and so they can't undo the truth of that fact and then second they. They're allegations of this out of control deep state. Don't make any sense either. Because by the way Tommy if we were engaged in some massive deep conspiracy to make up Russian interference in the election to help Hillary Clinton. Why would we have that a secret until after the election itself? You know you'd think that we would have put that out before the election in a manner that would have helped Hillary Clinton so the whole thing. Kind of falls apart on scrutiny. But I mean I think what's worrying is if you look at the fact that the director of national intelligence is spending his time doing this. It just shows you. How corrupted and polluted the intelligence community is and when you look at this insane about face on Flynn someone who pled guilty to a crime like he admitted that he committed the crime of lying to the government and DOJ is twisting itself knots to exonerate him. It shows you that that basically independent of the Justice Department has collapsed. And if there's a second trump administration I would basically expect there to be complete impunity for anyone who's aligned with trump to commit whatever crimes they want because they know that they're going to pass them Justice Department and then politically motivated prosecutions of opponents of trump's like perhaps some of our colleagues from the Obama Administration which is what happens in authoritarian systems in banana republics. And and. That's that's part of the stakes in the election. Yeah I mean Look Day. Somebody presumably Rick Grenell and his his little minions leaked to Fox News. That rick was planning to walk over to Doj a bunch of documents relevant to this declassification process. And so that meant that. That Fox had a camera in place to get B. Roll of him walking seriously with some folder right like this is a made for TV movie. They are trying to criminalize the act of just doing your job. You're a national security official. Who is worried about blatant Russian interference in our election? You're trying to figure out why Mike Flynn is is calling Jay. Kislyak the US ambassador to Russia. But then lying to the vice president and to Sean Spicer about it and then to the American people like like I. I think it would've been a dereliction of duty not to try to figure out what was going on there. I'm not saying that Flynn's a Russian agent. I'm not saying that he's like some terrible guy. But you can see certainly understand why in that moment. Flynn's lies to a whole bunch of people including the Vice President United States Which led to him? Getting fired would concern people who had seen the transcript of this call between Flynn and Kislyak. Yeah I mean there's there's two political effects that they're trying to have here. They trump people one is obviously to get their people all stirred up there. People all ginned up and frothing at the mouth of the. How Turbo bomb is you know. Whenever this stuff happens you know my twitter mentions explode with a bunch of wounded tech's ranging from like Cunanan conspiracy theorists prominent right wing. Talk Radio host and your trolling the about this. This gate that I was on the part of you know so part of it is to energize people but the other part of Itami is kind of not just distract the press from the pandemic sure. That's absolutely part of it. But it's also to come to demoralize anybody else from carrying about this. I mean I imagine some people listening to us even talk about Mike. Flynn and Russia are probably sitting home and thinking like Oh God like communes move on feel so old. I know but that's the objective. The objective is is to make it so mind-numbingly in annoyingly toxic to raise issues that an apathy sets in about criminal conduct from the most national screen visor the most senior person in the US government and time covert operations. Someone who can be read into every single covert operation that the US government is engaged in. And what we know is he pled guilty to committing a crime he also had this bizarre relationship with Russia that would lead him to call Sergei Kislyak before he sat down even with the National Security Advisor at the time Susan Rice to be paid by the Turkish government and intensely involved in schemes to to render someone in the United States Turkey. This is really. We've never seen this at this level. The host government and part of what they're trying to do is make you so tired of Muller and Russia and all of this stuff that you don't WanNa talk about it and I will say you know. The Muller Investigation in general is not aging. Well because Bob Muller's decision to essentially offer no comment on the things that he found left the information space wide open for trump to create the dynamic that he has and that's a lesson for us to not just think that the obvious truth will prevail in the Court of public opinion. Because we're up against a massive disinformation machine that can pulverize economic dispassionate. Approach the Molin bodied beyond recognition. Yeah so let's get folks up a policy reason that pulses whole story that forward Knicks even more relevant so the daily Beast reported that Mitch. Mcconnell is preparing to expand the Justice Department's surveillance authorities under the Patriot. Act so there's two parts to this. There's an amendment that will let the FBI warrantless collect records on web browsing in search histories of Americans. And there's another that gives the attorney general more visibility into FIS applications so faiza spokes recall is the foreign intelligence surveillance. Act that court signs off on surveillance of suspected spies in the US. So what's notable about all of this is that trump in bar and his cronies. They're trying to paint a picture of the Muller Pro but fundamentally unfair dishonest and they're talking about what they call errors and misrepresentations in the FIS. Applications of Carter Page right. That's being in a big issue but like this I think lays bare that this is not about fiso reform right or fixing the process because they are simultaneously expanding the government surveillance powers in giving the attorney general who has proven himself to be a political henchman. They're giving more power. And Senator Ron Wyden Oregon. Who's been a champion on these issues for a long time? He pointed out that McConnell's amendment would let bar like go through the web browsing history of any American without a warrant. Even if you're just a journalist or if you're a political opponent of trump's so you know I think that sort of lays bare that this is a PR strategy for them and not a policy concern but also like you've written a lot about like the need to sort of get off post nine eleven foreign policy footing like we were in the White House like there. The Patriot Act was reauthorized. A bunch of times. I'm not acting like a you know like we fix a thing or perfect on these on these issues but like do you think there's a chance of getting rid of the Patriot. Act in starting over. Is that not necessary? Seco- too far. Like how should folks think about this bill that we've been you know sort of looming in the background since two thousand one and very few people really know what does anymore? Well I think that it lays bare the hypocrisy of them. You know suggesting you as Fiso overreach with Carter page when what they wanNA give themselves is a complete blank check to abuse visor. I think it should also worry. Americans again trump reelection scenario. Are you comfortable with Bill Bar and Donald Trump and Rick Grenell and people like that having essentially kind of Chinese level whole capacity to probe your digital footprint without a warrant in this question time? Tommy which is it's absolutely time to revisit. These authorities having been in government I and having lifted the snowden disclosures and the reforms after that the idea that there's some how in twenty twenty some greater terrorist threats in two thousand one that he compels us to expand these authorities rather than running them. Back is insane to me. And also it's not borne out by the history of how terrorism cases go because frankly you can get the information you need by seeking award in other words. You don't need to just go fishing through people's Browser Histories. If there are people who raise red flags that they might be in touch with certain terrace actors you can treat it like a criminal procedure where you get the approvals. You need to go look through their records here. So this is this is. You'll need this kind of extra judicial power granted to the government to conduct necessary counter-terrorism investigations to me. The government has from nine eleven on stacked authority on top of authority on top of authority in things that now go well beyond the realm of counter-terrorism and even beyond what is needed for effective counterterrorism. Yeah this really worries me and it's also just you know it's so complicated in tapping in Congress at a time. When we're all focused on the corona virus like I just worry about this going completely under the radar you know. There's some good senators even like Republicans like Mike Lee are trying to stand up in push back but you know it's just somehow they seem to find a way to reauthorize this thing. Yeah I mean to offer like some hope. This is one of those issues where there's this kind of left right. Alliance between the Libertarian. Republicans and Democrats who are concerned about government overreach. Hopefully that's enough to slow this down now but hopefully it's also enough that if the Democrats Joe Biden wins that a real reform of these authorities can can go forward just like you need a repeal of the authorization to use military force which has kept us at war for two decades as well. Positive world is brought to you by better help. What interferes with your happiness. Is Something preventing you from Achieving Your Goals Same answer this God awful pandemic that means I never see my friends. Family or otherwise. Leave my home. So that's that that's something. 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If you become victim of identity theft lifelock can help you restore your identity. Easier than you could. By doing on your. No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But join now and you can save up to twenty five percent off your first year. Go to lifelock dot com slash crooked world. That's lifelock dot com slash crooked world for twenty five percent off. Protect Yourself. Protect your identity. You've been working on it for a long time till it. That bad boy out the door. Okay let's switch from our own authoritarian leader to another one over in Russia so Ben. The virus keeps sneaking. Its way into the heart of powerful government so British Prime Minister. Boris Johnson nearly died from the corona virus several White House. Aides have tested positive. And now there are reports that Dmitry Peskov who is a spokesman for a top aide? Ladimir Putin has been hospitalized with cove in nineteen so previously there were three other Russian ministers that caught the virus. But I think Peskov is like one of Putin's closest guys right. Yeah no he's he's been around the inner circle for a while. Yeah so isn't he? Also the guy that Michael Cohen like cold email trying to get meeting. I would like to collude blast from the past there so look you know. It doesn't sound like Putin is at risk of catching the disease. He's been teleworking from home At a place in Moscow and reportedly hasn't seen Peskov in a month but the Russian response generally has been really bad. I mean by second only two hours. They have over two hundred. Thirty thousand confirmed cases. Thousands are dead The official numbers are garbage. There's dramatic under counting healthcare workers. There's reports of them mysteriously falling out of windows. I don't know if these are being chalked up as suicide attempts at least three incidents I know of or something more sinister but it's very weird. There's reports of Russian ventilators catching on fire and inputting victim people arrest so it's very bad and for Putin Putin likes to look strong an active. He writes horses. He fucks around with Tigers Right. This crisis has sidelined him to be You know leadership via zoom call like the rest of us and while most leader saw bouncing. They're pulling from this crisis. Putin's numbers have actually dropped according to news reports. So you know the flip side of this. Is that opposition? Leaders can't organize rallies or protests. So you know it's harder for them to catch momentum but I dunno Ben like do you think it's wishful thinking to hope that an event like this might undercut Putin's narrative politically in navy. Help lead to some change or my just. I'm looking for silver linings in clouds were. There aren't any no I mean. I think there's no question that that's something to watch. Because you know the Russians have handled this incredibly poorly there now after US country the second most cases what a coincidence the country's governed by people like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin don't prioritize preparedness around the health of their citizens and Boris Johnson. Yeah goes to show you. What kind of corrupt nationalism gets you in crisis at the same time look Putin was already somewhat vulnerable? I mean there was some appalling that demonstrated that united. Russia has party was deep underwater under fifty percent. The economy has not been going well. Sanctions have had an impact pair. I think there was already if you talk to the opposition which I've had occasion to interview some of them like there's a sense at Putin's adventurism and Ukraine and Syria. People are beginning to get tired of that. You know Like why is he spending all this money in Syria? When the economy's Shitty here that was the case before the corona virus and now you have a case where not only is he mismanaging this but you know. He can't distract people with you know he was going to have a big parade and show a Russian nationalism around the anniversary of the end of world. War Two as you said he's going to hold up. You can't be out staging his hockey games or whatever it is he does to feed the people so I think you know. Look it's not gonna be this kind of collapse of the Russian government but the idea that there's going to be a real blowback for some of these more nationals leaders that we've talked about in the show. I think is going to be a real part of the landscape for the next couple of years. And you know it's going to be hard for when you have a story that everybody in the is feeling so. This is not the kind of thing where it's like. Oh there's something bad that you know. Putin trump did. But you know it's just something on the news. No Russians are dealing with US every day. His capacity to distract them from this has been mismanaged to to push the blame onto local officials. I think is going to be quite limited so I think you could see some real cracks in the sense of the inevitability of Putin and Russia. Have you ever seen the video of the time Putin played in one of those hockey games? And he's literally taking a victory lap at the end and he doesn't notice that a red carpet is brought out and he just bucket seats. It's so hard like it's so funny but then I also kept thinking about the poor bastard. Who brought that thing up there and his in. Gulag somewhere now but I don't know is a good youtube. The funniest thing that video is if you watch it and people should google this the players right there. They're all watching smiling and clapping Putin. And then you can see on some them. Some of them can tell it's going to happen so like Putin's closing in on this carpet but he's looking up and waving and you see some of these players like what do we do. We do we try to stop him. And it's like it's a slow motion catastrophe fantastic. Okay let's turn to a subject. That is terrible so today. I want to give out the the first annual pods as the world's worst people in the world award to the militants who stormed a hospital in Kabul on Tuesday Killed at least sixteen people including two children so this facility was run by Doctors Without Borders. And if you WANNA look for a great charity to give to a highly recommend them they are literal heroes but this facility includes a maternity ward so guess. These monsters attacked a maternity ward and murdered a mother and a newborn. The Taliban denied responsibility. So I don't know who exactly did it but I don't take anything face value. Isis has been staging attacks in Afghanistan as well so it could have been them they all suck but look this comes as troops are withdrawing as peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government have not even started right. They're supposed to start months ago. They've just been on ice on Sunday. You know the Taliban Killed Twenty seven Afghan soldiers at an army outpost so like there's violence is constant it's ongoing and you know. Remember that back. In February pompeo this big peacedale with Taliban there was a signing ceremony. Trump actually called a Taliban leader on the phone right and he later gave a readout and he said we've agreed. There is no violence. We don't want violence so that hasn't happened later. After that Pompeo flu Afghanistan he threatened the elected government said. He'd cut off aid if they didn't solve their political problems. So things are unraveling quickly. I'm curious what you think about the policy. But it's really notable to me that there is no pressure or at least no public pressure from the Republican Party to reverse his decision and keep troops there. I'm not saying that's what I want to see. But you know I'm just noting that like the first press conference Lindsey Graham will hold Joe Biden's winds will be about Afghanistan and it's just it's just always bizarre to me that trump faces no pressure from the right to stay in these places. Yeah I mean I think there's something there's something about the arc of this show even had here today. Tommy which is like you know we've got this unraveling Afghanistan we've got Venezuela which we've talked about you know any number of issues around the world and how much attention did they get from our media relative to Obama Gate. You Know Obama Gate which is about nothing and everybody knows it's about literally trumpeter allergic trump even say it was and yet think of how much you digest the news on television or the newspaper. How much you're GonNa read about Obama Gate versus the fact that a few months after the Taliban signed a peace deal they've launched a new offensive against Afghan government and may have been involved shooting up in maternity ward or this crazy coup in Venezuela or this massive expansion of surveillance powers. So there is an imbalance. I guess we're trying to correct on party. The world in the information environment as you as you say in terms of what I wish was happening. Afghanistan also has a real serious outbreak of covert nineteen. And already obviously overburdened country. That could lead to not just deaths from the disease but from famine. Another other outcomes. I wish that we were trying to essentially. Just say look ceasefire. Everybody you know. Taliban government us like ceasefire to fight this disease and use the ceasefire to fight the disease as maybe a basis for coming back at this you know quote unquote peace agreement. Because the context has changed both in terms of the Taliban's accident actions and because of the pandemic so then that's something concrete that I think could be done differently of just trying to put all this on hold in news namic as something that can bring hopefully parties together to get something positive done and and build from that because the current status quo is not good for the Afghan people. Yeah no no not at all Speaking of ceasefires like I would like to see a rhetorical ceasefire with China. And I WANNA to walk through a couple of stories that kind of outlined why that would be helpful so there was a report in the New York Times this week. that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are preparing to issue a warning about Chinese government efforts to steal research on Corona virus vaccines and treatments. This comes after the White House has repeatedly accused China of allowing the corona buyers to escape from a research lab. We've talked about this a bunch. This accusation isn't supported by US intelligence Scientists don't think that's what happened but it's still asserted over and over to according to The Times you know this isn't unique to China. A bunch of countries have refocus their hacking and they're spying on corona virus related information. So that's you know generally depressing to think that's what people are doing and responsible global pandemic but look the. Us has a longstanding and very well founded concern about Chinese intellectual property theft. But I guess what I find so dispiriting about this article. Is that like? It makes clear that we're not looking to be part of a global effort to come together to try to create the cure because like I'm not an expert. I'm not a scientist I to work at a drug company. But why wouldn't the government say tall these companies like none of you get a patent on any of these treatments or cures we will however give you a ton of funding and you have to share your results like open source medical research and if you don't like it we ramp up the Defense Production Act and we forced you write like what's the downside here to leading some global effort that other countries are are trying to do on R. and D. and just getting these treatments done as fast as possible like this pissing matches killing me see? I truly don't understand it because if you were essentially if from January when the of this outbreak was beginning to become clear if you had basically used the defense production act which allows the government to kind of compel manufacturers to producer and things to surge testing kids to search equipment and then to surge the vaccine. I think that would be very popular with the American people. I don't know what the constituency is that would be against that and and the only reason I can think of that. They're not doing. This is because they have some. You know a fear of socialism or something or they. Don't WANNA look. I honestly can't think of any reason why you wouldn't be doing that in terms of the global effort to like we are sitting here at home. I don't know when we can go back to an office. I don't know where my kids are. GonNa be able to go back to school. What I do know is nothing will fully resume to normal until there's a vaccine even if we did everything else right which we're not doing so I don't know why you know us. What analogy you want a moonshot. What have you? I don't know why the US government isn't trying to work with every other country in the world with any capability in the space to search every capacity possible to share whatever information is necessary to get a vaccine developed and built to scale because we also by the way that if there's not global dissemination vaccine this season keep popping up in different places right so I wish I saw that kind of effort from the government and leadership on the national stage and also know that the very real concerns we have about China and other things that they're doing actual property theft to send you mentioned are being kind of debased by this kind of throw everything at China in other words. It's like the boy cried wolf. Were accusing China. Now everything all the way to potentially producing this disease in a lab that is going to make our legitimate charges of Chinese bad behavior over each. What have you less credible? Yeah for sure. Let me give listeners. A specific example of why this political demagoguery around the lab has been so dangerous so sixty minutes to the segment over the weekend about an organization called the Health Alliance. So this group the go. The line studies viruses that jump from animals to humans the specially viruses in bats and they specifically have worked with the Wuhan Institute of Biology. Which is one of the labs trump keeps blaming for the outbreak because Wuhan is close to these caves where these bats live where SARS emerge and other things so the ego health research was critical in the development of Rendez severe which is one of the antiviral treatments. That seems to be working. This body of research that they do is essential just generally to preventing pandemics but this sentient. Beer Bong Congressman Matt Gates one on Fox News. And he just lied. He made up information where he said that the NIH under Obama had given millions of dollars in grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Now that is flat wrong. This grant went to the group. I've been talking about earlier. This base Alliance Eko Health Alliance which had been working with the Wuhan Lab. But here's what happens. Trump gets asked about matt. Gaetz is bullshit at a press briefing. He gets pissed off and days later. This echo health alliances grant was killed. So they're no longer able to do this. Research on the bats that created the corona virus. The net effect is that one of the few people in the field. Doing this potentially lifesaving. Research on Corona viruses is being punished to advance this anti narrative. And so I recommend folks watch the segment on sixty minutes. It will make your blood boil and just also by the way as our president tells us that like testing isn't the answer. The city of Wuhan is planning to test all eleven million residents because they had six new cases in two days. So you tell me who is behind the curve on the shit. Yeah well you can get testing if you're in or in the White House but the rest of us are fucked and I think that the basic core point that you make you know. That ANECDOTE ILLUSTRATES. Is it for a lot of these people from trump to to Matt Gaetz human fat paddle to lot people unfortunately on Fox and then the Republican Party like weirdly their prison for how to manage the current crisis. Warren is not to solve the crisis. It's just perpetuate their narrative false narrative to about. Who's to blame? It's a weird thing to be in government in to wake up every day and not think like how can go to work and like solve this really big problem. It's a defining problem of my lifetime. But rather how can I wake up and find some way to to punish a lab because that might advance like the China narrative and get booked on Fox? How shows you? How distorted the kind of collective brain of the American right-wingers? Yeah so last. Quick China thing I just want to mention. Which is you and I've talked about this week. Engaged in this back and forth with China where each side has expelled journalists so in the US case The United States government kicked out some Chinese state run media employees because they were better described as spies than journalists China has booted out reporters. Who Basically wrote pieces? They didn't like for major news outlets and so the latest like tit for tat here. Is that the Department of Homeland. Security announced that Chinese journalists working for non-american News outlets can only get ninety day. Work visas instead of sort of like like you know. Longer TERM ONES. So they have to constantly reapply to stay in the country and US officials said that these restrictions were necessary to quote counterbalances suppression of Independent Journalism in China. And it's worth noting like trump's deputy national security adviser is a former journalist used to cover China? He was harassed by the Chinese government while reporting on SARS among other things so like this is very personal for him. But you know. Here's what you make of this latest move. I mean I I worry about these little escalations. We see all day every day. I don't see a lot of diplomacy cooling things off also like we're a country that cares about the first amendment. China does not. I'm not sure this is good messaging or even like a punishment that makes sense but I don't know what do you make of this? You're right it just feels like another a whole series of escalations or happening across the board with China disconnected from any broader strategy. And so like look if if the administration had some broad coherent China strategy that this is a part of. That'd be one thing but they don't if they had a broad global commitment to the freedom of the press this would be a much more credible and worthy fight for them to be in. But frankly when you call the press the enemy the state at home and you don't stand up for journalists when they're chopped up and killed by your friend in Saudi Arabia. Your your credibility to get into you know a on your high horse and get in a fight with the Chinese but this stuff is diminished. And I say that being sympathetic to some of the problems we're trying to solve to me demonstrates and again this is all tied to our election but like administration. We need to sit down and have a conversation across a whole bunch of areas with the Chinese including this one because just having them as this escort nice. Elation all that's going to do over time is is close off our ability to see what's happening inside China. You and to what end yeah. It's not clear these guys have thought through what the end game is. No no they have not Okay so put the story in the list of things that I just wanted to put a pin in for us to kind of watch. So there is a city in western Ukraine called MIA In February Ukraine's National Police Department demanded of person in the town a list of all Jews in the area including their addresses and phone numbers. The demand was made to the head of the town's Jewish community and like I don't know if that's an official formal organization or how that works was extensively in the name of stopping a transnational crime. They refused the demand. It's blatant Semitism presidents. Alinsky who we all remember from impeachment is Ukraine's first Jewish president. So hopefully he will take this very seriously. But I just noticed a story and I've noticed reports of an uptick in rhetoric blaming for the corona virus. So I do think it's worth calling this stuff out because there is a tendency to blame historically discriminated against groups for every new problem that pops up and in Europe that often means juice. Yeah and there's been this growing trend of of Anti Semitism in in unfortunately tragically. That should not be surprising. Because there's been this growing trend of far nationals and we talked about a lot and in the West in Europe in the United States. There's just no history of there being resurgent far-right nationalism. That hasn't led to any Semitism and by the way. What's so strange about the debate about any Semitism? This country is it's always about you know the movement or something that's not this you know this is the same kind of mentality. I think that led that lunatic to shoot up the tree of life synagogue in Pennsylvania. This is far right stuff. You know Jews as connected to crime Jews as an enemy within Jews as a sinister foreign force controlling our politics some of the Anti George Soros conspiracy theories that we see in Europe in the US. So yeah put a pin in this as as indicative of a. Really Dangerous historical echoes. That come along with this kind of far garbage. Yeah in a fraught fraught region given the history. Okay Happy Story. This is cool. I thought so. Taiwan's vice president. Chen Jen is Johns Hopkins trained epidemiologist and the New York Times. A great profile on him that explored the ways he's navigating the need to play political and scientific role in their government by day. He's delivering a message. Criticizing the Chinese government at night. This guy is literally hunkered down with like granular data about treatments in transmission trends just like in the weeds on healthcare and so he was a top health official during the SARS outbreak. In two thousand three. So He's worked on pandemic prevention for a very long time and Taiwan is an amazing corona virus successor. I mean when you think about where they are geographically in relation to China where the upper started in the fact that they've only reported four hundred cases in six deaths. I mean that is incredible so I thought it was a cool profile. It's worth reading but also what really jumped out at me. Is that what enabled his election and his success is a culture of respect for scientists that allows you to kind of be nonpartisan to rise to this position in the first place and it's just an area where. Us politics has a lot of work to do. Especially coming off our conversation about Matt. Gaetz a minute ago. Yeah you know what's interesting if you look at the. If you were giving out awards re for the best responses Taiwan and South Korea would be at the top of that list. I think another country that we haven't talked about a lot has given its China also had some successes and part of it. That's you know speaks to what's sad about your your comment on the US. You know we should take some pride you know. There are few countries in the world that the US didn't invest more resources in time and resources. Kinda Post World War Two than than Japan and South Korea and Taiwan which we don't recognize in country but obviously has been independently autonomous and something went wrong in America on the way because clearly we helped instil in these countries a sense of the interconnection between government and expertise and signs. I I'm not saying we should take credit for it. I'm just saying it's how interesting that countries that really were. The closest partners and allies of the United States in Asia for the last five years are getting the so right and something has happened in the US that it's broken that interconnection between innovation and science and technology and government that used to be central in the Cold War right. I mean the NASA the Moonshot the US leading edge. I think the other thing is just kind of an interesting side. Note is that these countries also in part because of SARS have kind of a mask culture. So people don't think it's weird to to wear a mask outside Japan or in Taiwan and South Korea and LO and behold they're not getting anywhere near the same outbreaks. So you know we. We should learn from them. As countries that have been close to outbreaks before over the last couple of decades that we have to get a little bit more. Used to masks over here for sure two more quick things before we go to the interview. Patrick Reading Keith. So Iran's military Was involved in another deadly friendly. Fire incident You guys probably remember back in January when we talked about I. Our forces shot down and Ukrainian passenger plane and killed one hundred seventy six people. They initially tried to cover it up later admitted it. This was in the midst of military conflict with the US after trump ordered the assassination of an Iranian general. So the money this week An Iranian navy boat shot another Iranian navy boat with an anti ship. Missile during a training exercise that killed nineteen people wounded fifteen. I'm sure there are a lot of folks who dislike Iran in the DC. Who here this sort of laugh at their incompetence but there's also the concern that this incompetence increases the risk to other navies in the Persian Gulf. Clearly Iran was staging this test to some sort of show of force to the West in the midst of a maximum pressure campaign from Donald Trump last month trump randomly threatened to shoot small boats operating the area so tensions are high. So it's just another story that I want to put a pin in because you know when you have a country like Iran that has also completely failed in their response to the corona virus. You have a leadership whose pride is. Wounded is probably worried about you. Know their control of the population. And that's when things I think can get a little dicey. Yeah and again it points to the the incompetence of the Iranian government which you know when you listen to trump Netanyahu and the Saudis. It's like they can't decide you know in. They're telling right some days. Iran is like the most capable military power in the history of the world. And if we're not you know rallying the entire world against the threat of Iran. They're going to take over the world. This is this is not the case. Th-the their their capacities are very high when it comes to like stirring up proxies and stuff but in terms of conventional military threat. I think this underscores that that they are not. You know a an adversary. That but say is as big as they've been paid out to be at the same time you know. Part of a words me too. Is that precisely because of that? Understanding we focused on the nuclear threat. Because what is a country do when they are not able to compete in terms of conventional military? The might try to get a nuclear weapon as a head right and so this takes is all the way back to the initial logic. Which is you've got this country. You've got a bad regime. That feels defensive. They can't build up. Its conventional military capabilities sufficiently to feel secure so they reach for the nuclear weapon and so again at the risk of being repetitive. I think that underscores the need to try to deal with the nuclear issue diplomatically. Unfortunately the last of diplomatic overture we heard about was Mike pump trying to say he was getting back in the Iran. Deal just to sanction Iran. And so that's we have a lot of hope there but final story wanted to to raise here is just. It's a headline that that made me laugh so the AFP tweeted the other day. A breaking Russia accuses. Us DOWNPLAYING SOVIET ROLE IN WORLD WAR. Two which given the subject matter. I thought it was a creative in kind of hilarious use of breaking now there was actually some behind so there are celebrating the seventy fifth anniversary at the end of World War. Two Mike pompeo marks that anniversary with this like very harsh statement that was cosigned by a bunch of countries in the region that criticized the post war occupation of central and eastern Europe and this statement envision clashes with Putin's vision of history that he wants to put forward to his people that makes Russia's central to the military defeat of Hitler but like constant like rhetorical back and forth year because in two thousand nineteen the European Parliament put forward a resolution blaming the one thousand nine thirty nine Nazi Soviet Pact for the war ever happening so ben like I admit I need to watch a few more episodes of world. War Two and color on Netflix. Before I've any idea what I'm talking about on this subject but I thought it was interesting. I'm glad we're re-litigating all the old battles in the midst of a pandemic and your thoughts. I think that you know I look. We find much to criticize about the Russians on this program and obviously there's much to criticize about the postwar Soviet policies and Eastern Europe. All of that said tens of millions of Russians died fighting Nazism and fascism. Don't add me but the idea that that we could have defeated Nazis on her own without that support from the Russians and dense over union. Let's say minimum. It would have been a much more difficult task. I think that the day that marks the end of the war in Europe is a day to recognize those Russian sacrifices. Just for one day the next we can go back to fighting about what happened after the day after it is so central to the Russian sense of identity and the Russian national experience. What happened in that war? It's such it cuts so deep that I just think it's not the time and place to take these shots at them and you can pay tribute to the sacrifices of the Russian people without agreeing with Stalin's other policies and I. I think that's a a finding some basis to be able to deal with history without it kind of mirroring. The complex of today is ultimately. Frankly going to be important to be able to resolve the conflicts of today as well so so to me. It'S A disappointing headline Dec- yeah breaking news. We'll rates over it's like CNN. Did the breaking news. The titanic has sunk one of my favorite speeches. Tommy John Kennedy gave this amazing speech American University. Every should look at it which you can ask people to rethink the Cold War. And he was one of the first American presidents to really go out and make this point like hey like we have to recognize the suffering and losses that they had and that was kind of he was extending that all branches a basis for cooperation or arms control. You know and again I think it's just a sign that like leaders can be big enough to recognize the achievements of other countries. Have other things that you would find a lot of faultless grid a totally agreed with that. Okay when we come back we'll hear a lot more about the Cold War about Russia's national identity in the history of propaganda campaigns from the US and the Soviet Union from our guest Patrick Reading Kief. Who's GonNa talk all about our brand new podcast wind of change so you don't WanNa miss it? It's one of my favorite shows. I've ever heard so stick around. Today's program is brought to you by athletic. Greens the all in one daily. Drink for better health and peak performance guys. 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Greens dot com slash crooked paragraph and kief reporter at the New Yorker magazine. A minute podcast. Wind of change investigate a rumor. I haven't been able to shake since I first heard it years ago. He came from someone inside the CIA and the story was that the agency had written one of the best selling rock songs of all time. A song that changed the world so that was the tip that started me on this story and it only got crazier from their listen to all episodes of wind. If for free on spotify a new original series from Pineapple Street studios crooked media and spotify. I am so excited to talk to my guest today. It's Patrick Redden Kief Patrick is a New Yorker staff writer He's the author of the New York Times bestselling book we've talked about on this show before Which has been called the best nonfiction book of Two Thousand Nineteen in one of the best nonfiction books of the decade. No Big Deal Patrick. It's great to have you back into your face from this. Kobe nightmare. Great to be back with you so I just WanNa say so here today talking about this amazing new show when change And before we get to questions I just want to sort of tell listeners. That like I literally remember where I was in my office. The first time we talked about this show in the tip you got about the song wind of change. There was something about it. The distinctive song like the mystery that period of time the nostalgia and it just put this big shit eating grin on my face and that smile was still there when I listened to the the last episode a couple of weeks ago. So here's my pitch to listeners. If you want to immerse yourself into eight episodes of mystery of fascinating history and music and rock stars and just like pure joy that will escape this pandemic nightmare. This is your show so check it out on spotify you can binge the whole show there and this is important. You don't have to pay for spotify to binge it you can get it for free on spotify and binge the whole series so it's twenty twenty get with the program download spotify. Subscribe to wind of change and you will feel joy for the first time in months and of speech from me so first question for you Patrick. So like at the New Yorker you've written about the sackler family are these monsters that pushed oxycontin like it was tylenol and helped create the nation's opioid crisis. You've covered terrorists. You covered the hunt for El Chapo. You wrote a book about the IRA and the troubles in Northern Ireland. Immerse yourself in that history. But you're white whale moby. Dick was a nineties. Power Ballad called wind of change. Can you talk about the genesis of this story that led you on a decade long journey? That got us to today. Yes absolutely So I have this friend. He's a character in the podcast. This Guy Michael Gender Auerbach who I've known for years we first met. I think in two thousand and six and he's one of these people. I'm sure you know people like this to. He's just he feels that he's kind of a almost a sort of where's Waldo like he pops up all kinds of different places. He knows all sorts of different people so he now works for Madeleine Albright at Alright. Stonebridge her company. But he's been in business intelligence and he's at startups and he's been in the think tank only involved in Middle East peace stuff and he has been a a dear friend of mine for years but also a source and so over the years at the New Yorker. He would tick me off to things crazy stories and just became one of those people who always had wild ideas that nobody else was talking about and seem to be able to kind of sort of see around the corner a little bit and sometimes just ticked me off to something. That may be was going to be a big thing in a few months time and so I at any time. He comes to me with a tip. I take it seriously and the way. This whole thing started is in twenty eleven. He sent me an email. He said I had dinner last night with this guy. Who's a friend of mine who used to work at the CIA and he told me that there's the song by the Nineteen eighties German hair. Metal band the Scorpions called wind of change. Which is this big Song More in Europe? It's one of the rock songs ever less so in the US but in Europe. It's just huge ubiquitous. Nearly a billion views on youtube. Yeah Yeah I mean I think it's something like in of singles in the pre digital era the thirteenth biggest selling single of all time And it's this metal ballot. All about the end of the cold. War came out right around the time the Berlin Wall fell. And it's all about reconciliation and the end of communism and tyranny and it was kind of soundtrack to the collapse of the Soviet Union. And the tip that I got from Michael in twenty eleven was he said so. This guy last night told me that the song was written by the CIA. And that set-off down this rabbit. My Shit eating grin is back telling you and I didn't even. It's funny because I wasn't really all that familiar with the song you know I. I was not a metal kid growing up. I was certainly. That was my era. I was a kid and and and very music in those years but not medal. But there's just something about this story and that kind of set me off on on this path which all these you're literally. Almost a decade later has turned into this podcast. It's the spring of Twenty nineteen and I'm sitting big loft apartment in Lower Manhattan. It's late at night and I'm a little giddy and a little nervous. I'm here with my friend Michael. It's his place and he's letting me eavesdrop on his end of a phone call. Michael has just called a guy he knows a former clandestine officer from the guy. The was just talking to Michael but he doesn't realize I'm here listening to Michael's end of the conversation. So do you remember the story? You told me ten years ago. You know that Patrick and I have been utterly obsessed with the story for the past ten years and so we've been chasing down leads asking people. We have a full on map of multiple different relationships. Trying to figure out the veracity of the story that you told and so what we're GONNA do is we're going to do it in the form of podcast and. I know that it would be difficult for you to tell it on the record but I'm wondering if you would do it with like a different name and a scratchy voice and be interviewed rain. Of course you no. It's understood don't want that to happen. I do not want you to go to jail. Do not want you to be arrested under felony charges or even worse okay. Good John What happened. He was just like it's a felony. There's no fucking way I can tell you the story on the record with my voice. Anything like I'll go to jail for this so let's start by going back in time and I think you know the reason. I imagined that you heard that tip and didn't think it was ridiculous on its face is because this kind of thing has happened in the past. So the CIA sponsored Concerts Art Festivals. Books films as part of this. Cultural Cold War against communism against the Soviet Union. In one of my episodes in the series is when you dig into that history. Can you talk a little bit about Louis Armstrong and Nina Simone and their relationship with the CIA? Yeah so this to me was all new. I vaguely knew that the C. I. A. Had kind of dabbled in the world of culture particularly early in the Cold War That there were certain books and films and like literary journals that they'd promoted that they literally promoted abstract expressionism period of time. I think some of this is the kind of agency of a CIA guys. It's all guys these white guys who come out of Yale and so there's this period of time where they're like Jackson pollock is the answer. They they have this notion that kind of promoting certain kinds of high art wrote Will Win the ideological battle with the Soviets but one of the things that we delved into in the podcast is that you get this amazing moment in the fifties and sixties when. Eisenhower comes into office knives and our says explicitly. We quote him. The I should be a dabbling in the world of culture. It's one thing to have a propaganda leaflet. Dropped out of an airplane. But nobody's going to trust something. That looks like propaganda. So what he says. We should be kind of messing around in the sphere of culture and is Harris. Quote was the hand of government must be carefully concealed. And so you have this point. Where you know America's holding itself out there against the Soviets as this bastion of freedom and liberty but at the same time. It's Jim Crow. America in the nineteen fifties and the Soviets actually a big part of their propaganda about the. Us is about race relations in this country. And so you then get this moment. Where initially it's the State Department starts approaching black jazz musicians and saying we want you to go on. A goodwill tour abroad can want you to go to the Middle East Africa. In some instances we want you to go to the Soviet Union and to around and play and we tell the story of Louis Armstrong and particular because he ends up incredibly conflicted where the State Department is coming and asking him to be the sick roving ambassador and at the same time. He's deeply uncomfortable. Being put out there as this black American prop effectively who sort of vouching for the American way. At the same time as domestically He has obviously deep misgivings about the nature of the political system and segregation. And we we found out this other amazing story that I hadn't known and this one kind of hit me particularly hard. Because it's about an artist that I I grew up loving. I've I've listened to her since I was a kid. So Louis Armstrong I. She goes to Africa and he knows what he's doing. The State Department sends him and he's uncomfortable about it but he goes in nineteen sixty one we tell the story about. How Nina Simone? The high priests of soul goes to Africa goes to Nigeria on a tour and Nina. Simone was actually politically pretty radical. Would not the kind of person who would ever gone anywhere if the State Department astor too? So she goes. There's foundation in DC of the American Society of African Culture which sends her there on this tour and one of the stories we tell in this podcast is. We found out through talking to historian. Who'd been through the Archives of this organization that the American Society of African culture was a front for the CIA the CIA was secretly funding. This group they send Nina Simone to Nigeria. She performs. It's the second important experience for her. And she died not knowing that she'd been used man. It's a heartbreaking story in so many ways especially given her eventual split with the country while she leaves the country yes. She moved abroad. Didn't want anything to do with the United States but it just opened my eyes to this idea you know when I first got started on this in her. This working says that's ridiculous that you know what would the CIA have to music and then you push into it in the and the podcast explores this at great length with with a bunch of different genres in in different periods during the Cold War but the answer is a lot. Yeah look the minute. After we talked about this story for the first time the show for the first time I ran home and I bought a book about exactly this subject and since we're both Boston guys I'm obligated to read this quote. Which is that in. Nineteen fifty to the CIA sponsored arts festival in Paris included a concert by the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Thomas Brad and a senior member of the CIA said of that concert the Boston Symphony Orchestra won more acclaim for the US in Paris Than John. Foster Dulles or Dwight D Eisenhower could have brought with one hundred speeches so certainly that speaks to their belief in the efficacy of this kind of cultural effort. Yeah and you talked to former CIA people energy bunch of them for the podcast and this would be a kind of covert operation but it would be described as an influence operation right. It's essentially propaganda. You're out there trying to win hearts and minds and it's it's connected in interesting ways so like one thing that some people would tell you is. Our bread and butter is being in a foreign country and trying to persuade people to betray their country and secretly share information with us. And the way you lay the foundation for that is to you know have messages and ideas out there that reflect well on the United States you know so the the kind of hearts and minds things like a broad popular approach but it's also a very kind of specific targeted. How do we persuade key individuals to back our horse in this thing and they did it? did it for years. Yeah so can we talk about the the official story of Wind of change? I think it involves Ozzy Osbourne Motley crue Bon Jovi in a in a big concert. This is the story that the wants us to believe right. Yeah and the and the Scorpions and the and other people involved. Yes at the. I mean it's such a wild story and I didn't. I had never heard of any of this stuff before I dug into it so rock and roll had basically been banned in the USSR. There was a sense that it was very closely associated with the United States. But also that the whole ethos of rock. This kind of rebel ethos of individualism and a free expression was inimical to the kind of totalitarian rule. That the Kremlin candid on so basically banned rock. You couldn't you couldn't buy records. If you wanted to have a rock band in the end there was a whole weird thing where you could. They did have some what they called official bands. But what that meant is like you could only perform when they wanted you to perform and they had to censor your lyrics and the whole thing is not very rock and roll knows State Estate Oregon so in one thousand nine hundred nine. There's this concert. It's a music festival in Moscow and summer of nineteen eighty nine. Things are just starting to kind of ease up and loosen up a little bit. And there's this. This festival called the Moscow Music Peace Festival and it's the first rock festival in Russian history. And it's all of these heavy metal acts at some Agasi Osbourne Motley crue is their skid row. Jon Bon Jovi was there and the Scorpions are there and they do this crazy. Two Day concert the vans also got out into the city strolling Moscow big avenues. Talking to people they were shocked and bemused by the spectacle Russians. Waiting in line. Some beautiful country really is so miserable. I mean this is Ozzy. I've got nothing. What what it does appreciate what we have in the West Wing. You can't get toilet. Paper Yukon toothbrushes here because my so I sort of a great big line of people. Yesterday's were driving for a cabbage. I mean that's ridiculous and the story goes that close Mina. Lead singer of the Scorpions goes in performance in this concert. And he takes a boat ride on the Moskva River and he so inspired by all the change he sees happening around him that he writes this song wind of change. And there's a few things about this. That are weird so the Berlin Wall hasn't fallen yet at the point where he writes the song he actually writes. It was released just after the wall comes down but he writes it before he also never wrote songs before that. So this is like there was another guy in the band who wrote all the songs up to this point but he writes this song he done lyrics before but this time it's like the music listening basically shows up and he's like look got a song and they released the song and it becomes this huge huge hit by the way. This is what this show does. Deal is every episode. You End Thinking this is Bullshit or Oh my God. This actually happened. It's like constantly jerking you back and forth until the end which we will not spoil in the process of this interview. But I'm glad you said that for me that it's those switch backs along the way that made it such a kind of fun but also maddening experience for me. As part of the reason I want I wanted to do it as a podcast. Was this idea. In a way that you wouldn't really do a New Yorker article I wanted to create a situation in which you're you're basically sort of riding shotgun with me as I go through those moments of do I believe this is this thing. What at first appears and trying to kind of capture some of those twists and turns along the way yeah and it makes so much fun so in the process of reporting this story. You talk to all these ex spies prize. How did those conversations go like? Were they wary of you? Did you ever worry that you know? You're trying to extract information from people who are trained to lie to you and deceive you. Yeah it was a weird one. I mean I've written certainly written about espionage before and had sources who were expyse and and friends who were Were former spies. This was especially weird because of the nature of the thing I wanted to ask about right so if it happened if the CIA was involved. Which certainly what I knew from the start as like that's a story that's told inside the CIA. The one thing I knew for sure was that it still highly highly classified. And so then it becomes this weird thing where you're talking to people who in some instances take some coaxing to talk at all and then you're asking them about something that you know if they do know about it it would probably be illegal for them to tell you about it. And we had few crazy instances in the podcast of people really freaking out and There's one instance where there's a woman who was a former clandestine officer who interesting. The level of precaution it's like we used a pseudonym. I interviewed her. We transcribe the whole interview. We use the audio from me talking and we an actress read her audio and we cut them back together and it sounds great but this will give you a sense of the level of of sack associated with this thing. Yeah and what I love about. That particular interview is is the interviewee who is transcribed. And then her words are handed to an actor who then reads it kind of talks. Shit you a couple of times and it comes through your weight. Well I know the part referring to and I think that was part of what Again that we were trying to capture as there are some people along the line. Who Basically said you shouldn't be doing this right. And they had their reasons but it was important for me that the listeners. Hear that right the right that I not try and and You know hide the ball in terms of that kind of critique of the whole enterprise were engaged in you know along those lines I mean I imagine that if The write a rock song that helped bring down the USSR that would be viewed as a great success within the agency. But there's also this dark history of supporting coups propping up dictators otherwise meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations. Do you get the sense that that those kinds of activities are looked at with pride or is that a bygone era of things that shouldn't have been done and no longer are done. It's a great question and and we talked to a whole bunch of people who had different points of view. Some of it I think is a question of when people come into the agency. So it's fascinating. Because there's there's a big generational divide where a ton of people flooded into the agency post nine eleven and for those folks they talk about the battle days you know of the fifties and sixties as though that's ancient history and we don't do that stuff anymore is that there's like a turned page. The lessons learned but then we talked to some folks who were around in those days and it's like Hell. Ya was involved in the operation. You know I mean they`re. They're not not particularly apologetic. There was some of these Irvy's that didn't even end up in podcast on was sort of surprised at the the degree to which people were willing to defend that kind of thing now in terms of songs and propaganda. This was another really interesting thing is that we interviewed a bunch of ex-spies of people and I don't think we encountered anybody who first of all whether they knew about the or not. Nobody blinked and I asked the question of like could the see. I have written a pop song. Would they have done it? Everybody was like yeah absolutely. We wouldn't necessarily be rooted in house. We would have somebody outside do it. But that certainly is within the realm of the possible. We also didn't encounter anybody who who said. Yang that would be pretty fucked up if we did that There was a general sense that that'd be fair game the flip side though. Is You know we went to Ukraine? We went to Moscow. We went to Saint Petersburg. We interviewed fans. I went to a Scorpion concert in Kiev. We talk to people who for not music means a lot and that song means a lot and are these weird moments along the way where I would kind of be laughing. As if it's all a big goof to me and you talked to someone for whom the song wind of change is this like transformational political moment in their youth. And you tell them it might have been written by the CIA. And I had these modern. We have him on tape. But these moments where people are people are basically fuck you. Don't tell me that you know spokeman. Sergei and his friend Gary to beefy guys with bleary eyes and shaved heads. They look like bouncers or guys who may be freelance for the mob but they're wearing scorpions. T shirts and big smiles and arguing about the origins of wind of change. The song that according to the story I heard may have actually been written by the CIA. The wind of change they created this as far as you remember because it was about to apart and it was like Weena changed not that blows into some pile of evil. That's my friend Rome on our Ukrainian journalist who's translating better all zoo time. Scorpions Magsi Insert. Now they have inaugur because he's he's worth because early wall and he was like it was about as Har- about was was about Paul. I think it was about both through the travel because I mean this was in an episode of pod. Save America this. Wasn't you sitting in a studio just talking to people this big budget? Lots of reporting guys. You mentioned you with Moscow. Kiev which we say. Key I believe Dayton Ohio for reasons. I won't explain but very fun episode. La Maybe for interviews in the music industry. Let's start with a Moscow trip because look we've spent the last three or four years talking about Russian interference in our elections. You guys are are traipsing around Moscow asking questions about the CIA. Do that make you nervous? Because that's some real shit for them and you know how did the current climate of relations with Russia like inform your thinking in reporting on the story? Yeah it's a great question and and we thought about this a lot all the way along I think the trick for me was How do you allow that to inform what we're doing without allowing it to get into the how do you keep it subtext? Ninety five percent of the time because my feeling was this is a great story. It's somewhat escapist. It's funny. It's about a very different time and place and set of issues. I didn't want it to become about. Us Russia relations in Russian interference and yet at the same time inevitably. That's everywhere right. You're what we're talking about is an alleged. Us CIA LEAD INFLUENCE OPERATION. Covert influence operation to help bring down the Soviet Union in nineteen ninety to go to Russia and talk to people on that. There's no way that's not colored by Or to go to Ukraine. There's no way that's not colored by things that Russia is doing today We also interviewed some former spies. There's there's a great interview In upset seven with this Jon Cypher. Who worked rush operations at the end of the Cold War and retired from the CIA? I think at twenty fourteen but is still very actively looking at these questions of propaganda and influence operations and how they played out. You know vis-a-vis the two thousand sixteen election so we're thinking about that stuff. All the it did make for some awkward conversations in Russia. I didn't worry too much about it because the get out of jail free card for us is like this is a totally ridiculous story right. It's very heavy. Heavy met as hair metal. It's about guys like in spandex with Fly v Guitars and so it wasn't it wasn't a situation where it worried me but it definitely informed the whole process and it made me think that there's a kind of a there's like a deeper history to some of this stuff that we're experiencing today kind of analog history of this type of fight goes back a long way. Yeah there really is a now. It's funny how overt it is now. Now it's like okay. Well let's Let's launch a Russian TV station in English called Rt. And that's are very over propaganda means and here we go and you know all this clandestine stuff. Seems like a bygone era. Yeah I agree and I feel as though I won't go into too much detail. But there's some instances we talk about in the show where the CIA similarly is engaged in propaganda in the realm of culture in a much less covert way than than you would have seen decades ago. Yes indeed they are more Chagrin at times when I was at the White House. Still so you went to a. Scorpions concert in kief in Kiev. What was ally ca? These guys just rocking out is like sixty year old just shredding onstage. And can you give people a sense of like how popular and enduring this band in this song is because it's just wild to me that these guys are still touring the rolling stones. Yeah so this I mean so. This has got to get her fifty years ago about five zero. Yeah and the and the biggest surprise for me was we always knew we gotta go see them play and they had this kind of jammed schedule like it was amazing. We had our pick in terms of where we wanted to go. 'cause he's still travel all around the world. I mean another thing about the Scorpions. That was kind of fascinating from the you know were they. Were they clandestine? Operatives point of view is that really early on their. This German banned the singing all the songs in English the play in Germany. They didn't build up an audience in Germany but they start playing abroad and that was where they I found a big audience going to Japan and places like that and they always wanted to play behind the Iron Curtain and so they're one of the first bands that starts pushing through and actually getting to play. Gigs you know. In in hungry and not eighty six They go to Leningrad and eighty eight. They're actually shut out of Moscow and eighty in Italy eight. It was only eighty nine that they were allowed in. But so they're kind of the avant-garde of Western pop culture pushing into that part of the world. And they still do that. They play all over the place we picked Keiv because it worked with our schedule and because it just seemed really interesting to me if you think the mattingly about what wind of change is all about. I thought going to a concert. In Ukraine in twenty nine team would be pretty interesting and it was. We showed up it was at this. Soviet era Venue the Sports Palace and we got there and it's like hundreds of people tailgating everybody with these big on like sucking on these big two liter bottles of Pepsi that they spiked vodka is cold and So we kinda just hung out outside with the fans and Super Fun for me and part because at that point I've been working on this for a while and some Americans are big scorpions fans but a lot of Americans are just only vaguely or they know. The song rocked like a hurricane. They don't don't They don't know any more than that and here. I am suddenly surrounded by all these crazy. Ukrainians who were like drunk and site and singing every Scorpion Song with me. But so I mean what I would like pitch the show to people. I would load the youtube. Play the whistling intro wind change and then kind of do it with little soundtrack. Also big shot Henry Mosque in the team at Pineapple Street studios who Just did an incredible job producing the show. And I think Henry was your your writer Dai Buddy at some of these venues right at all them. Yeah we traveled all over the place together and it was so fun for me particularly having been a you know print journalist all these years. It's like there's there's all these toys with audio that you ran an henry's genius with the stuff but so the the ability to Particularly to use music which is obviously itself kind of a character in the show. The ways in which Henry was able to weave that stuff in with what I was doing. We're just super exciting for me. Yeah the archival is is brilliant so this show inspired me personally to do a little investigative journalism in my own life and it was weird. Actually how many touch points I have to win to change so my Alma Mater Kenyon. College has is very well. Respected Literary Journal called the Kenyon Review that was indirectly funded by the CIA during the period of time we were talking about in the fans. They are actually tributed. So that's weird. My grandfather was in the so. This inspired me to Request his records and the foundation. And as you'll know when you do these things it's like mundane bullshit about housing and payroll and his kid at a temperature and he needs to leave and whatever but it was a fun. Little time capsule into this propaganda world that occurred and you know he was exactly what you're talking about like a Yale Guy who wants to the s and became part of this propaganda efforts so this question was just a very roundabout way of letting me talk about myself but also ask you. What'S THE STORY FOR SEASON Two? Oh God it's so funny as the we've only gone public with this thing just got. I guess maybe ten days ago was there was a there was a story in deadline. And it's been really funny hearing from people because we had a series of a million stories on the podcast and the but there also a bunch. We left out and some of them. Are these kind of intriguing again at the at this strange intersection of pop culture and espionage these stories that I feel like you could blow out but then also we've had they're just people writing at me on twitter Hasselhoff man. What about Hasselhoff? Jesus Jones is another big one who who everybody seems to think yeah. They're like high time. Somebody investigated Jesus Jones. Who else have we gotten? I mean privately. It was funny. 'cause we the kind of core crew of about six of us who spent the last year Working on this thing day and night we had a little bit of a running joke. It's like I'd say eighty percent joke about Jon. Bon Jovi interesting. I mean the guy just keeps popping up which side is the on. He's you know He. He wrapped himself in an American flag. Tommy come on I look. I mean what's funny? Is You have a story in this series about a German singer who recorded music for the SS thinking. It might make Russian. Soldiers lay down their arms right. So like this cuts both ways. Totally and she was. I think she was awarded the Presidential Medal of freedom. I mean it does. It absolutely does unbelievable. I mean Well again this was the most fun series to just get to hear over time and watching credible work. You guys did and just be in some way associated with so. I'm so glad to talk with you about an and everyone again. Subscribe to win to change on spotify. You can binge the whole thing. You're not gonNA WANNA wait a fucking week to get to the next episode. Just trust me here. It's free. Don't whine at me. You don't have spotify downloaded. For God's Sake Patrick. Great talking to you. Hey thank you thanks to Patrick for joined the show. Benesch WANNA let listeners. Know that you have gotten a haircut and I am. My wife calls me Jimmy Neutron. She says she won't look I spent. I tend to spend my day like pushing it up right and just like giving what we're looking and she. She tells me like to get away from her. Well it turns out. Tommy that pandemic is a good time to be balding because all I need is like I ordered it off Amazon. One of these clippers he just buzzer your head. The problem with it though is the first time I did. This wasn't doing it at the right angle so I ended up having these weird patches all over my head and I had to go on television like an hour later and so I had a massive panic attack that ensued but then you know with the helpless youtube videos which have saved my life more than once. I was able to get the close shave all around. What do people do before Youtube? I mean I look I realize it. Radicalize is lots of people into the right and so you kinda and stuff but it also helped my wife fix my dishwasher dishwasher and in music these these you know how to do something videos on. Youtube lifesavers man. I would never have been able to my life able to tie a bow tie. You can learn like any song you ever want to learn from somebody on Youtube on guitar piano or something like that. It's a IT'S A. It's a treasure along with the information. There's could stuff along with the Cunanan crazy conspiracy theories. Have you been listening to the New York Times pod on this subject Cunanan? It's about conspiracy theories it's Russa show. It's fantastic everybody. Check it out anyway. We're in turn now missy man. Hopefully we back. Yeah back in the office soon someday. Toxin see a copy of the world is a product of media executive producer. Is Michael Martinez? Our assistant producers Jordan Waller. It's mixed and edited by Chris. Basil Kyle Seguin is our sound engineer. Special thanks to our digital team Elisha cone Namo Conan in my low. Kim who film scherer episodes is videos every week.

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193 - Ivan The Terrible

Timesuck with Dan Cummins

2:26:42 hr | 2 months ago

193 - Ivan The Terrible

"Ivan the Terrible Sixteenth Century Grand Prince of Moscow. In the first is our of what would go on to become the Russian empire? His terrible nickname actually does not come from any atrocities he committed but rather from a poor translation terrible come from a mistranslation of Grozny which more closely translates to inspiring fear or terror threatening even awesome rather than terribles in something or someone being extremely bad or unpleasant all that being said he truly was terrible. Like really really terrible at various times when he felt that his power was being threatened or if he wanted to send a strong message to not be defied he'd men women and children killed mass and the most terrible ways men women and children who were his own people on a few occasions yet his minions the upper sneaky referred to apple in one source as the children of Darkness. Decimate most of an entire town in cruelly imaginative ways. These also very terrible men under his command carried out state sanctioned mass rapes horrific straight out of the saw movie franchise torture sessions and public executions. Most of Ivan's violence was directed at Muscovite nobility the ours Ivan hated muskie aristocracy for reasonable. Explain soon and he likes his people to know that no one was saved from his wrath. Money and land would not spare you from having your wife raped or your skin removed from your body. And why do I keep saying Muskie? Are we talking about Russia? Yes one and the same like basically all of Europe. Russia is a land. That's been called more than a few names. Over the years. Muscovite was the common term for the Grand Duchy of Moscow a reuss Aka East Slavic Finnick. Principality centered around Moscow vassal state to the Mongol Empire created twelve eighty three C. And then I've an expanded this vassal states in fifteen forty seven by taking the title of Czar and Grand Duke reuss turning the Grand Duchy of Moscow into the czar of Russia and waging some wars against the Mongols and others to expand and solidify his turf and then the lane would be renamed the Russian Empire by future. Czar Peter the Great in seventeen twenty one who expanded further then it would officially become part of the Soviet Union in Nineteen twenty two then it became Russia in Nineteen ninety-one so when I say Moskvy think Russia can cover some Russian history today as well. Despite all of his violent ways I would be revered by many future Russians especially future communist leader Joseph Stalin. Why it really short answer is because he made Russia strong Ivan. Was they said district psychopath? But he would be also heralded for uniting the nation of must away it had never been united before the people. The lands of Moskvy hadn't lived a nation to be reckoned with for centuries not since they were part of the loose federation of East Slavic and People's Notice Kievan Reuss Federation RUSSIA WOULD DERIVE. Its name from that had fallen to Muslim invaders in the early thirteenth century and become a vassal state. A nation that pays another nation a bunch of money. Every you're not have the shit kicked out of it. I've an expanded insecure. The Borders of Muscovite during his lifetime in a long period of eastern Siberian expansion began during his rule. He also set the precedent for strong authoritarian royal rule in Russia that would last with minor interruptions until the Bolshevik revolution of nineteen. Seventeen before Ivan. Must give you as a week. Land a landlocked eastern European Orthodox Christian country sandwiched between stronger Muslim and Catholic nations and Ivan would make must could be a nation to be reckoned with a nation to be feared he would make Russia strong instead it on a path to becoming a world power but this status would come at a price. Ivan's reign would be reminiscent of the reign of other infamous men. We've talked about on time. Suck like fifteenth century. Wlac IS VLAD. The impaler like Vlad. Ivan was ruthless. Also like lad somewhat product of time. He was born into an especially bloody era of history and he witnessed more torture and killing an evil plotting and scheming growing. I'm guessing anyone listening to this. Podcast today can relate to in any meaningful way. Ivan was born into a world of seemingly constant bloodshed sixteenth century. Must he wasn't just flowers and holding hands and dress puppies and doll clothes and eating cookies? Before I even came along and started burning people alive and having raped in the streets. No that being said Ivan was so violence. He stood out for being a murderous tyrant in an age. Full of murderous tyrants. I've Ivan the fourth was a mean. Bastard who oversaw huge conquest of neighboring lands creation true Russian National Church the formation of a standing army and Russia's emergence as a world power and. I'm excited to share what we put together regarding this terrible dude here today. Another dark historical and very Russian edition of time suck. This is Michael McDonald. And you're listening to time. Suck heavy. Monday made sex is time for Yom. Tam's Cook who Hoo Yarmouk Tabs Hook Hail Nimrod love YOU LOSE TO FINA? You're good boy bojangles and hope you're in the recording studio right now triple him. I'm Dan Collins boomer who so extra obsessing over all things Russian Polish exterminator. Jk Heck a pony play supply peddler and you are listening time sick. Thanks again for the continued ratings and reviews I see him. I can't help. But look and they motivate me and the team here to You know help us help us improve things. Those those reviews and ratings also help us find new sacks to bring into the fold of the dark weird little curious cult. We built here Thank you get space lizards. Who support this show on Patriot and have allowed us to donate fifty four hundred dollars to the pen fed foundation this month. Penn Foundation for military. Heroes helps veterans by homes. Go back to school. Pay Their bills and so much more hail. Nimrod go to Penn Fed Foundation DOT ORG TO FIND OUT MORE LINCOLN. The episode description Got A new time. Suck Baseball team store. Bad MAGIC MARCH DOT COM. Let's let's wear ball man. If we can't play ball can wear it and you know and make this summer feel a little more normal right that several different options team. Time teammate sack. Even had campers playing a little little ball because he likes to swear your stick mother okay with that being said now. It's time to go back to Russia. Let's get the life. Blood of a dude are patriots spaces or have been voting up for well over a year attempting to make him a Monday. Topic has been voted in the top five topics bimonthly topic voting rounds about thirty times. Not even kidding not exaggerating and I'm glad we finally get to suck and they can't stop. I can stop wondering if he's going to win or not Ivan. The terrible story is crazy. One it was fun to suck it. Let's get to it lot of Info to go over as usual. Here's here's how we're going to lay this bad boy out today. I I'm GonNa tell you. A little bit about the czars that came after Ivan from the position. He created I win. The fourth was the very first Russian leader to be officially a title similar to that of a Roman emperor or Bison Teen Emperor Ivan's Grandfather Ivan. The great also called himself czar in communications. But it was. It was never official. His GRANDPA didn't rule with the Russian churches blessing as supreme leader far more powerful than the nobility around him after seeing what came after Ivan will look at what came before him more than two century period of the Mongol rule of what is now Russian land by members of the Golden Horde Aka. Great State will examine the rise the Russian Orthodox Church that Ivan would align himself with and be anointed. By without this church there would be no czars whilst look at the boyers. Russia's Nobles Vlad The impaler rose to power and bloody infamy partially by Perje many of is boy nobles and keeping the rest afraid of him even do the same thing and Muscovite Tales of Vlad. The impaler began showing up in Muskie in the late fifteenth century decades before Ivan's birth and Avenue said to have found and loved these tales. It was inspired by. Vlad loved him idolized him modeled away. He took power. You know and held it modeled. His his his barbaric intimidating methods. Like this flood guy. I Like I put them in the people sticks in kill much rich people take money and land some for south some for more little to him. Vlad have no Fox to give. I like no line not crossed. I like it gets so much. What he wants through much fear. I like the book by Italian Guy. Machiavelli you say it is better to be feared than loved if you cannot be. Both Vlad would get that. I like it he in me with no care about love. We care about fear. If you're getting a feel for you know who the nobles were that Ivan terrorized will dig into some examples of Ireland's most famous atrocities before jumping in. Today's into into today's time line. That will lead us through the history of Russia evolving from a collection of Slavic tribes to a military force to reckon with do now. We'll also walk through major dates of Ivan's life which we will cover of course from birth to death. Look at his life included more examples of horrible atrocities that we won't get into in the preview before the timeline. So does this often this sound kind of fun? I'm maybe interesting is the better outcomes interesting Let's take a peek at the legacy that Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Fourth I true czar of Russia started by list off some of the most famous czars that came after him starting with. Boris Godunov Boris Gun Goo Goo Ga man his last. Name's fuck him. It's tough Boris Loris goodness. Boris Gio D. U. N. V. Gudkov such a great classic Russian. Boris was one of Ivan's Children of darkness. One of the most one of these professional tortures and rapists known as the sneaky Boris had married the daughter of the head of the Nikki and especially ruthless dude. Malaita scores off to make a quick star wars analogy if Ivan the Terrible was the evil emperor. Mel Utah was his darth vader. That motherfucker was in charge of a number of the most terrible things that I've ordered to be done and czar. Boris was darth. Vader son-in-law was kind of making Hans Solo. I guess now the analogy no longer works. Because he didn't have a will copilot's and he didn't have a good heart under his. You know of facade of I only care about me. Boras became co regent and fifty four following. Ivan's death appointed by Ivan on his deathbed to keep shift from crumbling into chaos until Ivan. Son feodor the I was ready to rule boers with seize the throne in fifteen ninety eight following the death of FYODOR so he'd be region for a while. Then you take a break and you back to actually be as our and during his seven-year rule he did do some nice things like allow young Russian nobles to seek their education outside of Russia in Europe imported teachers into his empire because he's up to the kingdoms of Scandinavia pursuing peaceful access to the Baltic Sea. Any also does not so nice things. Sports made it illegal for Russian peasants to transfer their allegiance from one job to another thus cemented in place a key component of serfdom that would lead to an enormous peasant class of slave laborers tied to the land. They worked on people whose descendants would eventually rise up and overthrow their royal masters in Nineteen. Seventeen after Moore's death. Russia entered the time of troubles which included famine many civil wars between poise opposing boyer factions and open meddling in Russian affairs by the nearby Kingdoms of Poland and Sweden. Life for the average citizen would actually become worse during the time of troubles that it was during the reign of Ivan. The terrible which is saying a lot. It's going to be hard to believe by the end of this gory suck Boris's rain would last until sixteen o five eight years later is our Michael. The I would rule Michael. The first mostly known for being really really good basketball motherfucker could dunk from the foul line all day huge hops primarily play shooting guard but had an other worldly all around game even solid low down on the post especially late in his career when he started to go and he had to rely more of upper body strength and his mental game. And of course. I'm talking about a different Michael. Now everyone else is talking about Jordan and it felt right to throw it in Michael. The first mostly known for being the first Romanov Tzar kicked off three centuries of one family ruling Russia. The sign of how shitty life was in Russia during shortly after the time of troubles. Michael had to wait weeks before he's suitably intact palace could be located for him in Moscow to lead from because much. The city lay in ruin. Just disarray. Mike leave for over thirty years until sixteen forty five negotiated a long period of peace with fierce neighbor Sweden and Poland. Yes it's true and various points in history. Russia was afraid of both Poland and Sweden. Not Too right now Pretty sure Vladimir Putin is never says no cannot when my anger Sweden would-be end of us probably never said something like well. What was the poll in think? We cannot risk incurring Poland wrath. No time change next. Czar almost forty years after Michael. The first one of Russia's most famous CZARS PETER. The great would rule from sixteen eighty two all the way to seventeen twenty five. Peter was Michael's grandson. He's best known for is rootless attempts to further westernize. Russia import the principles of the enlightenment. Into what the rest of Europe still considered a backward medieval country. He arranged the Russian military and bureaucracy. Along Western lines required his officials to shave their long traditional beers. A big deal getting rid of their big long. Russian beers had had for centuries and dressed in western clothes did was an imposing leader. He was six eight six feet eight inches tall during the day and age when the average European man's height was just under five six. He was a good fifteen inches taller than the average Average height for guys now is five nine having Peter. The great leader would be like having a Shaquille O'Neal for leader right now. I can only imagine having meetings with other European leaders Psychic King George of England. He was you know he was tall. Above average is five eleven King Lusa of the sixteenth of France. He was he was five. Six Wonder Peter Tried to get into their heads at all. You know maybe showed it for some meetings. Illo little fellas little guys would russell would like to do much more business with your tiny man countries than like ruffled their hair. I like you guys are so guilds you little fellas. Peter was a lot more than just a tall asked. Dude who's a strong military leader crushed Swedish army in the battle of poll. Taba in seventeen O nine a battle to raise the morale. The Russian military in Western is held his empire security claim to the vast Ukraine territory. It will continue to rule off and on for almost three full centuries through number of successful wars. He expanded the Zara into a much larger empire than the one he inherited. Also known for founding and developing the Russian capital city of Saint Petersburg which would remain the capital of Russia until nineteen seventeen sixteen years after the end of his reign and many rulers later his daughter Elizabeth would become Zara. Zara IS OUR EASTER AKA empress of Russia Elizabeth of Russia seized power in seventeen forty one in a bloodless coup. She went on to distinguish yourself as the only Russian ruler never to execute even a single subject during her reign. She was like the Anti Ivan. The terrible bummer for storytelling purposes or nickname was an elizabeth the not too bad or Elizabeth the not so terrible or Elizabeth pretty good. Elizabeth could be worse you know. During her twenty years on the throne Russian blood would be shed however as Russia became entangled in two major conflicts. Seven Years War and the war of Austrian succession always wore always work going on over here. Elizabeth is perhaps best known for establishing the University of Moscow and spending vast sums of money on various palaces. She liked a fancy palace. You like shiny things. Some starving peasants didn't think it was super cool. That she was remodeling. Another palace or building may build a new one while while they were starving. Weird or a bunch of whiners south surgery. It's hard to focus on. What Damage Chandelier with you? Constantly asking for small visit Brad. Kidman died jokes. Aside Elizabeth considered one of the most popular Russian rules of all time and within a year of her death. One of the most famous of Russia's czars or Zari status with rule catherine the great twin seventeen sixty two in seventeen ninety six the six month interval between the death of Elizabeth the Russia and the accession ascension of Catherine the great witnessed the six month reign of Catherine's husband. Peter the third who is likely assassinated. These people ask poisonings. Going on back in Catherine was a Prussian. Princess who married into the Romanov Dynasty during Catherine's reign Russia's further expand his borders absorbing Crimea. Partitioning part of Poland Holding OFF ON DESPAIR. Polish jokes annexing territories along the Black Sea. Even settling the Alaskan territory would later be sold to the. Us and eighteen. Sixty seven lot of conquest went down on Catherine's watch always forget. The Russia was the first European power to settle Alaska by the Russians. I showed up in the last seventeen. Forty one founded a colony and Kodiak island seventeen thousand four also is a so often happens with strong women rulers Catherine. The Great was the victim of malicious rumors during her lifetime. Some character assassination some rumors. That have persisted to this day although historians agree that she took many lovers throughout her life. The rumor that she died having intercourse with a horse is not true. She was like the original Richard Gere. He never put a Gerbil in his ass and Kathryn ever courses yet. The rumors persists Harry. Potter's this. Here's your good buddy Tom Anderson Bak- captain whisper. One is wanted to point out. The Catherine may not have had sex with a real pony but she may have been in. I would have given her a hell of a deal. Feud ever stepped into captain. Whisker Horny Pony play import tax shopping salary. Your trusted source of sexy. Bits bridles harnesses holders hooves in plug tales more for the quaters area for the past twenty years. She got the royal treatment. Hate that says Parrilla own. Sorry about that. I think captain get whisker. Horn was going to be showing up today. Well Mexican Whole Hill Rob or fan freed appropriate and it would be for that. No good puppy peddler rascal down. Doberman shown up. That's enough time. Sorry listen it's hard to explain refocus now real Russian history neck. Czar moving along. Nicholas the first another one of Russia's most important rulers with Nicholas the first who took the reins almost thirty years after Catherine's death one might reasonably claim that the Russian Bolshevik revolution of nineteen. Seventeen easy bojangles. I know you get worked up. We talk about the Bolsheviks ahead its roots. In the reign of Nicholas. The first Nicholas was the classic hard heart Russian autocrat he valued military above all else ruthlessly repressed dissent in the populace and in the course of his reign manage to drive the Russian economy into the Ground Nicholas. The I was also the king of Poland and the Grand Duke of Finland through variety of wars. He expanded Russian territory further on the eve of his death. The Russian Empire Reaches Geographical Peak Spanning over twenty million square kilometers. Seven point seven million square miles for quick comparison the US third largest country in the world. Currently size is three point. Eight million square miles or nine point eight million square kilometers Russia. Interestingly is I with seventeen point one million square kilometers still huge. Still Hugh only went down from twenty million square kilometers to seventy point. One Canada's second with nine point nine million square square kilometers Nicholas's rain ended in defeat with Russia's failure in the Korean War of eighteen fifty three. When the much-vaunted Russian army was unmasked being poorly disciplined and technically backward Russia also revealed to be weak and other ways view this war the war revealed to the rest of the world that there were fewer than six hundred miles of railroad tracks this entire gigantic country compared to over ten thousand miles in the US. For example clearly Russia still had a long way to go to modernize if it wanted to catch up other world powers to more czars. The first is Alexander. The second the little known fact at least in the West that Russia freed serfs from the slavery of serfdom around the same time as the US. President Abraham Lincoln helped free American slaves the individual responsible for this czar Alexander. The second also known as Alexander. The Liberator Way Better Monitor Than Ivan the Terrible Alexander also reform the Russian penal code to make it less harsh towards prisoners. He invested in Russian universities. He sold Alaska to the US in eighteen. Sixty seven for seven point two million dollars. He formally annexed the Kingdom of Poland which existed as a vassal state of Russia into the Russian Empire. Sounds like he's pretty good so it only makes sense. He was assassinated. Saint Petersburg eighty-one one fairly didn't keep people a properly afraid of him last on our list of Russians ours is Alexander's grandson. Nicholas the Second. The last czar of Russia a second witness the assassination of his grandfather at the impressionable age of thirteen. Not the best way to kick off your teen years to see Papa. Assassinated Niklas rain was mostly defined by a series of disastrous is ruled out for the strange rise to power and influence of the unhinged former suck subject rest. Putin the wild pervy mad monk who used to convince women that him a blow job was a one way of taking Lord sacrament. Not even kidding Nicholas oversaw Russia's epic defeat in the Russo Japanese war the nineteen o five revolution that led to Russia's first ever democratic body. The Duma occurred on his watch. It drastically weaken the power of the Russian monarchy was allowed only prevent all out revolt and then finally during the February and October revolutions in nineteen seventeen. The last Russians are was overthrown by remarkably small group of Communist led by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky then less than a year later in the Russian civil war the entire imperial family including Nicholas. Thirteen year old son and potential successor assassinated in the town of. Could you cut the ring? Burke? I think it's close. And these nations brought the Romanov Dynasty to a bloody indefinite end. No more Russian Royal Family. No more czars and then do lags for decades. Hey broken bottles up. Asses and all the other gruesome shit learned about the KGB suck job communists getting rid of the Royal Family and somehow making life much worse for everyone. Bojangles just laughed about it that none of his ours. I just went over would have ever existed. If not for Ivan the terrible creating that leadership position and how did Ivan create positions are with the blessing of the Russian Church that he strengthened a church that wanted to further increase the scope of its power through Ivan to fully understand Russian culture? During Ivan's time it's important to wrap one's head around a bit of the Russian Orthodox Church while Stalin usher in an atheist communist regime hundreds of years later it was his nation's devotion to Christianity the strain of belief top by the Russian Orthodox Church that allowed his cult of personality and religion of the State to occur. When Ivan was born the Russian Orthodox Church was one of the largest ecclesiastical independent eastern Orthodox churches in the world still is current membership estimated to be around one hundred twelve million people ran hundred million of them in Russia. Make Sense Long. Before the Protestant for re reformation began in the early sixteenth century that led to all the non-catholic knocking to listen to the pope anymore. Protestant denominations of Baptists Anglicans Lutherans methodists Pentecostals Calvin EST etcetera etcetera. There were a few eastern Orthodox branches. That split away from Rome. Some eastern churches split with Rome in the fifth century others including the branch. The Russian Church branch out from in the Tenth Century Christianity was first introduced into the state of Kievan key Kievan Rus that loose federation of East Slavic and Finnick. People's and late nine century accomplished by Greek missionaries from Byzantium. Back before the east told roamed out. An organized Christian community is known to have existed Kiev as early as the first half of the tenth century and nine fifty seven Saint Olga. The region of Kivu was baptized in Constantinople. This act was followed by the acceptance of Christianity as the state religion after the baptism of August. Grandson Vladimir the I prince of Kiev Ninety eight the year the church lists as when it was founded under this Vladimir successors and until fourteen forty eight. The Russian church was headed by the Metropolitans of Kiev. Who after thirteen twenty eight resided in Moscow informed a Metropolitan Eight of the Byzantine Patriarchate? Patriarchate Patriarch yes. Okay said it right okay and you just through some very uncommon words out there. I'd never said any of those out loud before this week ever Let's let's explain what these terms mean. A metropolitan in the eastern Orthodox Church was the head of an ecclesiastical province originally metropolitan was a bishop of the Christian Church who resided in the chief city or metropolis of civil province of the Roman Empire and for ECCLESIASTICAL PURPOSES ADMINISTERED TERRITORIAL AREA. So like like yeah like a Roman Catholic bishop. It'd be the head if you reside in the biggest Church of a you know a geographical area where that church was like the capital kind of like the capital city of a province. The first known use the title comes from the Council. See and three. Twenty five Ce will meet a few metropolises metropolitan. Excuse me in Ivan the terrible story today. Basically think of that term is being interchangeable with archbishop a bigwig. A Church leader and a patriarchate is the official. Is the office. Gives me of a patriarch? Who's the kind of leader? But Not really of the eastern Orthodox Church under the unlike the Roman Catholic Church the eastern Orthodox Church doesn't have a true pope equivalent. They have metropolitans who are basically again archbishops who each oversee a region and these archbishops lead the church collectively with the archbishop of Constantinople. Be Known as the first among equals and the symbolic leader of the other leaders. It can be a bit confusing. I know and it's now over here today so I won't spend forever trying to wrap my head or yours around eastern Orthodox historical leadership hierarchy for our story today just know that the Metropolitan of Moscow took young Ivan the terrible under his wing and sold him on this vision of turning muskie into a new Roman Empire where the Russian Orthodox Church would be its Roman Catholic equivalent. And he would be. It's pope equivalent the man who would give Ivany Authority to basically act on behalf of God to rule the Russian people didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart. He did it to gain more power of his own. He tried to sell Ivan on this concept of Moscow. Excuse me being the quote. Third Rome The first obviously being roam the second Rome being Constantinople capital of the eastern Roman Bison Teen Empire and in this guy wanted Moscow to be the next big Christian city big headquarters for a huge Christian empire the Russian Orthodox Church have been growing empowered Moscow for over two centuries prior to Ivan's rule thanks largely to the Mongols conquered it while Russia lay under Mongol rule from the thirteenth to the Fifteenth Century. The Russian church enjoyed a favourable position obtaining immunity from taxation that led to a remarkable growth of monasticism. It was a good time to be a monk. The Mongols would leave you alone if you monk monasticism is institutionalized religious practice or movement whose members attempt to live by a rule that requires works that go beyond those of either the common man or the ordinary spiritual leader of the religions commonly celebrate always ascetic set. Aside from being a lifestyle characterized by abstinence from sensual pleasures. The monastic individuals separates himself or herself from society. Either by living as religious reclusive or by joining a community of others who profess similar intentions so there was a huge rise in monasteries and convents basically like nuns and monks and for several centuries leading to the birth of Ivan Russian Orthodox monks and clergy and nuns metropolitans etcetera kept the Russian people's culture alive while they lived under Mongol Muslim rule and the Russian people came to be very faithful and in Orthodox beliefs during this time they placed a great deal of trust in their monks spirits leaders. And then I've been would manipulate that. Trust to do what he wanted. In the name of God God wants it to be tortured. He he must want it if not why would I do it for? I am God's chosen emperor. He was at this ours. Power Ivan said does not come from the people but from God by succession from the first Russian Autocrat Saint Vladimir so he is answerable not to the people but to God and the people being. Not godless recognized this. I see what it says. There don't fucking question meet but if you question me and I guess your question God because I work on behalf a gut and Ivan will fucking go off in the name of God as you'll see soon remaining will go on the boy ours. Russia's Aristotle Aristocratic class the boyers were powerful wealthy landowners Moskvy and Kevin Roose during the tenth to the Twelfth Century The boyers constituted the senior group than the Prince of Moscow Group of advisors now. These entourages peeps called drew. Zena boy is occupied. The higher posts in the Armed Forces in the Civil Administration Elsa formed boy council or Duma which advise the prince and important matters of state I if the prince were Ken to a president. The borders were Ken to senators but wealthy. Senators like Jeff bezos. Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg. Warren Buffett were also senators and bent laws to make themselves even more wealthy and powerful. No shitty for everyone beneath them Fun for them. The boys were a privileged class of rich landowners. Who served the prince as his aides counselors but also retain the right to leave the princess service at any time and Andrew to the service of another possibly rival prints without losing their land and money motherfuckers had clout lots of clout some Boyer's at various times where you know. Probably more powerful intensive purposes than the Prince's advice and Ivan hated these dudes and he would go on to destroy many of them and destroy much of the clout for those who lived there before we go into the time line. Let's look how terrible Ivan really was a start off with the massacre of Novgorod Ivan had one time rival city to Moscow a city that I've already ruled completely insist medically and horrifically fucking destroyed and fifteen seventy on the basis of unproven likely fabricated accusations of treason. Ivan was paranoid. He was worried the city would either side with the King of Poland and turn on him or possibly try and form its own thing and he wanted to eliminate these possibilities. He chose to annihilate the city to send a message to other cities that he will crush you. If even thinks you're disloyal may also mostly done this because he was legitimately crazy mental illness manifested in the worst ways is always a possibility when it comes to this guy's decision making who's very paranoid very bloodthirsty quite possibly not in his right mind. Ivan children of darkness would torture and kill men women and children alike in this city. Thousands and thousands die in an organized over five week. Long massacre shouldn't went. Full Evil Inauguration Ivan. Private upper sneaky army made it into the city four days before I did and they built a barrier around the city trapping inhabitants inside. They then attacked few monasteries surrounding the city. Looting their treasuries beating and imprisoning their clergy's at who've been a stressful couple of days for the citizens of Knob Grat just watching Evans infamous. Children of darkness built a barrier around your town not to keep invaders out. Which was the usual reason for doing this? But to keep you inside you have no nothing is good or nothing good is coming your way you know from that eager get load of this look as darkness kits build wall with Spike on this side. Why Spike inside war feel bad? Let's feel very much bad. Look they have many monk tied up monk guys looking at the bloody hub. I know soothsayer or call of healthy. I have pretty good ideal future and not look good. I drink much vodka now and Bryan Brown south and river or something average children doctors and some other soldiers set things. Up slaps some clergy around for about four days. Ivan shows up with fifteen hundred additional regular soldiers sets up a base camp out of town. He has all the clergy have been rounded up beaten brought before him in a sixteen year. Old Son Ivanisevic and accuses these people being traders and he has them beaten to death for fun. Bonding Times with this boy. Go ahead. Son Grabs cuts among throats. Grab a little rock bash. Monk heading enjoy use make father proud beats tied up scared to death for Papa then Ivan. Junior greet the Archbishop of Saint Sophia Cathedral the metropolitan the primary Church of knob garage on a bridge over the Volkhov river that led to the city's main entrance and there. Ivan berates this metropolitan men named Peterman for being a traitor then goes to Saint Sophia Cathedral. Has This guy lead a church? Mass Forum then has imprisoned and his Opera Sneaky Star. Take y'all the riches from the church. The church Treasury over the course of the next few weeks I've Ivan. His men will fuck up more churches and monasteries around the city the end up destroying around thirty religious buildings and total. Meanwhile Maliutka Skuratov Ivan's Darth vader head of the upper sneaky has towns boyer's and business leaders rounded up brought to a special court slash torture chamber. He set up in the city. Then there while Ivan and Junior Watch and sometimes participate Malaita and Ivan's Henchman go full medieval on some asses interrogating the borders and other upper class members of the city trying to get them to confess to wanting to pledge allegiance to the Polish King and some cases men are literally roasted on spits roasted on spits like they were chickens. Dude still alive chain to metal rods roasted over an open fire. I'm guessing a lot of people. Confess to a lot of shit. Didn't do when they were being roasted on a spit. Hard to confess to whatever your your torture hard not to confess. Whatever torture want you to save? For being roasted. Here's I did I told Paulo's king he might leave the now. Yes Hi said. Save Dan to King of England and France and Sweden and China couplings and Africa. Maybe maybe some Incan King and South America. Well let the whatever you want. Please stop me. I've also had special frying pans created for this occasion. Had Dude fried not even joking in a giant skillet. Fucking FISH. Fillets so ridiculous. And it's such a weird visual to me like a giant frying pan makes me makes me think of like a huge cookie had worked for him like a giant Cook. Some impossibly big dude the big special in his hand dressed like a short order cook. Concentrated smoke breaks my mind. It looks like Andre. The giant like a ten times Andrea side. Just work in the grow. How you won't lose guys cooked either. Made them well faces side up. You like inside Bids Ronnie yes. You like Hans Brown with Guy Skillet thing then according to one source. I haven't had the archbishop killed. According to others. He had him sent to another church. I believe the death version this version so ridiculous but I do believe based on other things. I've read about this guy in the version that he has this Guy Killed. Ivan has sewn up in a bearskin rug. Somehow like the sources go into great detail about why I've laughing. It's not funny. This is so fucking ridiculous. And then he has this guy released and hunted to death. One hundred to death by a pack of hounds. I just picture them. I Guess Probably Selwyn. The bearskin rug onto onto his dues back with the head. Kind of flopped over his head probably sewed onto was on his forehead ourselves in so he runs. He's looking he's looking like dude. Like in a bear costume staff cartoonist brutal. And he wasn't done time for the common folk take their weapons. Various men women and children tied to sleighs. Which would then run into the basically sleds and then these pushed him into the frozen waters of the Volkhov River. What that's families tied to. Sleds is pushed down the banks of the river. Come ON GUYS. You've making the sad. Why not you yelling come on disposal? Yell we when Gone For Fund sleigh ride those who climbed out of the water and tried not to drown Hit with axes and swords and other weapons or like just stopped back down underneath the water a German mercenary who witnessed this wrote about Ivan participating that day saying mounting a horse and brandishing a spear he charged in and ran people through while his son watched the entertainment unique The exile thousands of other people kicked him out of their homes. Told him to get walk into Poland. You let the pollen all right. Get to walk and now it's only hundreds of miles over. They're GONNA get do this in the middle of the Russian winner so anybody who were sent out like that likely froze to death. Nagaraj never recovered estimates regarding casualties range considerably anywhere from twelve hundred to sixty thousand nine. I say never I guess. Decades later they would. They would regard after you know everybody. Who's involved that? In any way was dead they would. They would recover. They are city. Another famous instance of cruelty involves a metropolitan named Philip. Philip was a dude who dared to denounce Ivan's reign of terror. Not a good move. If you'd WANNA die miserable death towards the end of his days this guy wrote it is better to die as an innocent martyr than to tolerate horrors and lawlessness silently in the rank of metropolitan. When I've been made it to Metropolitan Philip's church. He took his anger out on everyone. There he had the church treasurer. Just some dude who didn't even say Shit about him. Who's GONNA move numbers around? Had that dude boiled to death in a cauldron had another dude hang took turns hacking off. Parts of his body. Another dude was blown up by being tied to a barrel of gunpowder. They then lit. What about metropolitan? Philip himself had this guy in prison in a dingy cell. This monastery chains hanging from his risk ankles heavy collar on his neck. He was starved. No not not given food or water for days on one point. He quote escaped the appetite of a hungry bear. It's written I'm guessing that means they them with bear. Made him think the bear was going to kill him. You Know Beg for mercy to their amusement. Eventually he was strangled to death. By Ivan's Darth Vader Malaita skirts off and so many more stories. Some sources say Ivan Carried. An iron pointed staff with him everywhere he went and then he would just randomly fucking wack and Bludgeon. People pissed him off like you could be. You'll be giving him some report. Yes you know. He doesn't like what you what you had to say. And he'd just stick sometimes to death. There was a story that once had a peasant woman stripped naked and used as target practice by his children of death. No reason given just Just felt like doing that. Just felt like giving them boys and target practice. Maybe he didn't like the way she looked at him. He imagined living under these conditions. It's so hard to fathom. I mean Ivan can have your wife or husband. You know mother father. Your kids stripped naked Middletown. Just because I don't know you know you looked at them the wrong way he thought or or because he felt just used them for target practice and your family would have no recourse. If you complained you could be either a ignored. That was best case. Best case is Nord be also horribly killed. That's worse case picture. That's happening today to get a true sense of how outrageous this is. This is gonNA sound so over the top and it is but this is what life was like for a Russian peasant under or you fucking fucked peasants for Russian anybody living under Ivan. The terrible because he went after the nobility as well picture. You're out of starbucks. `Grande smoke half the pumps trying to watch your sugar off the milk. No whip whatever it. Is You drink? Your partner grabs event much. Green tea lachey coconut milk to execute a little more juice hot or whatever it is they drink the two year waiting for your drinks and then You know president. Trump rose up his entourage in starbucks. Or whoever using him because he's he's our leader. Now you know the leader of your country. Whatever country you're living in Rhode and your partner says what the fuck as in like. What's the president here? And but trump thinks she said what's snuck muck and then trump's like her get her clothes off and get her outside tie for target practice and you're like Whoa. Whoa WHOA WHOA. Let's think about this and you try and stop some secret service officer or whoever from grabner and that Dude you spoke of the club drops you the ground days in you then as you know you pick yourself up and kind of your eyes start to refocus. You see your terrified nakedwife outside the parking lot begging for life close of literally being ripped off of her body and then you hear some secret service agent go run gone run away starts to run fucking terrified tears streaming down cheeks across parking lot and then you hear his gunshot. That's just makes it about thirty arts right here. The trump she sure who their smock but then these guys get shot up fucking falls down dead and then these guys pop back and starbucks grab the coffees. They don't kill you. Know they'd probably be for a while the very least and then they just bounce now maybe if they leave joking about how funny with us he ran man and then you have to go grab you did wives body and bring her home and figure out burial arrangements. This is what life was actually like for people living under a psychopath like Ivan. The terrible Another time I've had several hundred beggars drowned in a lake. Because he didn't he didn't like him. You can care. For another instance Jerome English explorer diplomat and politician and spent some time in Russia wrote about how a minor royal some boy are known as Prince. Boris to Lupu and Ivan didn't care for was quote drawn upon a long sharp made steak which entered the lower part of his body and came out of his neck upon which he languished in. Horrible pain for fifteen hours dude spent fifteen hours impaled on a stake. I told you love Vlad. Impaler adding to the Hor- this poor bastards mom was brought in to say goodbye to her son after he'd been impaled bring mother into talk to baby. Boy I'll tell you baby. WanNa fine. He just he just likes to stick around here for salary. It's sticking around here 'cause I put him on. Us Attorney stick you see. I did that. And then Ivan has his mom literally beaten and raped to death by his children darkness. The source said she was defiled to death then. He had her body fed to his house. This was worse than like. Any game of thrones character. He was terrible to the women he loved to most of them at least after the death of his first wife and a Sasha and stay Ya. reportedly beautiful and subservient woman whom? I've been loved as much as a monster. Like fucker. Love Somebody for eight years. He did not Strana spit or impale her. Even one time it was not nearly as nice to subsequent seven wives especially the last few Ivan. Six wife Basilea Melt. Net was sent to a convent. After she foolishly took a lover to be basically imprisoned for the rest of her days. And the do she fooled around with impaled on a stick and put just under her convent window. Wow you'll love him now. I could arise for you to spend time together. Put you on. Sam Stick Make Love Shishkabob for you to full disclosure about the Celia. Some Russian historians don't think she was I was actual wife but a mistress. Not that makes what happened. Any less savage. She'd be treated better than his next wife should at least live his seventh wife. Maria Doyle Dole Google Kaya only fourteen or fifteen years old when she had fifty year old. Ivan fifteen eighty on their wedding night. He found out she was not a virgin. It got pissed off know. She allegedly confessed that she lost her virginity to another man so the day after her wedding next day he has her drown in. The river. Seems excessive. Another legend about Ivan's cruelty revolves around Saint Basil's Cathedral Saint Basil's Cathedral literally the first image. That POPS INTO MY MIND. I think about Russia to me. The most Russian of all images now museum was built a beautiful Russian church and Ivan's orders between fifteen fifty five and fifteen sixty one to commemorate both the siege of because on final battle of the Russo. Kazan wars the led to the fall of the connaitre of Kazan. Also to commemorate the fall of astrakan capital of the ASTRAKAN. Connett you original super colorful buildings. contains eight churches are arranged run and ninety s like an old cinema multiplex but for churches said it. What movie are You? GonNa Watch night. It was like What's George you're going to catch this morning? I don't know if it was like that but it was a bunch of churches wrapped up into one building complex located in Moscow. Red Square built over the grave of Saint Basil. The blessed architectural marvel and one. I've in legend is when Ivan the Terrible Gaze on the completed Cathedral. He was overwhelmed with this beauty and be sure that pulse. Nick Yuck live architect. Who created it would never create anything more magnificent? He had to do blinded however this story probably certainly myth as Jaka live in cooperation with another master architect. Designed the walls of the Kazan Kremlin and the Cathedral of the Annunciation In Kazan in fifteen sixty one hundred sixty two just after the completion of Saint Basil's also designed the Northeast Chapel of Saint Basil's in fifteen eighty eight four years after Ivan's death which would have been hard to do with no work in eyeballs. Perhaps the most terrible thing Ivan is attributed to have a having done leads according to several legends It was killed his own son in a fit of rage. Most historians have serious doubts about. This actually happened but for centuries Phil aside the murder of one's own child has been this SARS. Most famous terrible thing is alleged act was immortalized by Russian realist artist. Ilya Repin who between eighteen eighty three and eight hundred eighty five made the famous painting Ivan. The terrible and his son. Ivan on Sixteen November fifteen eighty one truly gruesome painting captures the dreaded remorse Ivan. The father's face and the story goes like this. I've always had a good relationship with eldest son but on November Nineteenth. Fifteen eighty one. He became very angry with his sons pregnant wife. Apparently because I know she's wearing some clothes the he's like aware so he beat with his beaten stick as one does as a result. She miscarried and junior. Was You know he was peeved? He was annoyed by his dad. Beat his wife with the stick until she miscarried so he confronted his dad and then his father in a sudden fit of rage raised his iron tip. Staff smacked his son too hard in the head cracked skull and the Prince Land Coma for several days before succumbing to his festering wound wolf sees again historians think this particular story likely fabricated. But it does sound kind of par for the course with this dude. Despite all this violence Ivan's reign was also time of Russian Revival National Unity and success centuries later Ivan would be promoted as a national promoted to be national hero by dictator Joseph Stalin who reinvigorated the legend. The fourth is demi-god to help whip up Russian people's confidence during World War Two Okay now let's really get to know. Ivan and further understand his rise to power in today's time line right after a quick word from our sponsors in two thousand fourteen. Evan Hafer an Army Ranger Matt best bound black rifle coffee company to combine two passions developing premium rose to order coffee and supporting the veteran military community and recently they donated over twenty thousand bags of coffee to medical workers on the frontlines of the pandemic black rifle. Coffee Company offers a variety of roles profiles all sourced around the world to a rigorous process and roasted in Tennessee and Utah. 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The huns invaded southern Russia. A century before the famed Tila would lead these fierce warriors to conquer an empire that stretched from Central Asia to Present Day France Bulgar Turkic semi nomadic warrior tribes settled Middle Volga region in the fifth century which encompasses the drainage basin of the Volga River. Longest River in Europe and central and southern European Russia more genes mixed into early Russian gene pool. Three hundred years later the Kosovars. Another Turkish tribe take control the steps and settled near the Volga Eastern Slavs also established himself at Kiev in the south. And it's knob garage and the north the century more genes mixed in in the ninth century. Scandinavian make contact with Constantinople and began to keep trade route open to the south and important man named Rick is established as a leader at the settlement of now. Garad Rick was a viking chieftain. Who arrived in the Lagoda region of Modern Day Russia? And eight sixty two. He founded the first significant dynasty in Russian history called the Rubric Dynasty. Old School. Russian like the original. Og The sent into this dude with rule. Some part of Present Day Russia continuously for twenty one generations until sixteen twelve seven hundred and fifty years Ivan. The terrible a of this man and eighteen eighty to one of rubrics fellow Vikings Olek of Nov garage founds the Russian stated Kiev's now the modern day capital of Ukraine a century and several rubrics later between nine eighty and ten fifteen Prince Vladimir the great converts from Paganism to Orthodox Christianity and rules the Roof Dynasty while spreading his new found religion. His Son Yaroslava. The wise rains from ten nineteen to ten fifty four grand prints establishing written code law and Kiev becomes a center of politics and culture in Eastern Europe in eleven. Forty seven CE. Moscow is mentioned for the first time in historical documents. Just a tiny little trade now post on a hill and eleven fifty. Six the first Kremlin. A wooden stockade is built in Moscow. Just north of the Moskva or Mosk Moscow. Moskva River a Kremlin by the way that means a fortress inside a city. Numerous Russian cities have Kremlin's today the name synonymous with the Russian government. In the same way the White House is synonymous with the US. Government the Kremlin's twelve twenty three see. The Mongols began to conquer the works between twelve. Thirty seven and twelve forty. The Mongols returned to finish conquering Keven. Roose destroying cities including Kiev and Moscow. The Con- AKA leaders of the Golden Horde also sometimes referred to as toddlers tortures Donna. Different pronunciations will rule Russia until fourteen. Eighty just fifty years before Ivan. The terrible born fifteen thirty. The Golden Horde was a fragment still large and formidable of the ones gigantic Mongol Empire that would further fragment over time into various nations called konitz become Islamic nations in the fourteenth century. The the leaders of the golden horde centers of Genghis. Kahn James Caan during the conquering Batu. Khan's grandson burns. The city of Moscow and his Kremlin to ground for the first of many many times in Moscow will burn in twelve thirty eight Moscow. Very very burnable as you're GONNA learn today. The center of the Orthodox churches moved from Kiev to Moscow in thirteen twenty six. The cornerstone laid for the Cathedral of the assumption and Thirteen Twenty Eight Eastern Orthodox Metropolitan See Aka archbishop officially transferred the city of Vladimir to the ones tiny trading post of Moscow. Moscow star is rising also Yvonne that Kalita Ivan the first key figure in Russian history becomes grand prints of the Grand Duchy of Moscow Aka Muscovite that pays taxes or to it's Mongol overlords so it's not raised to the ground again. I've the I would grow the wealth and power of Moscow into one of the richest principalities in Russia by utilizing relative calm and safety of the northern city of Moscow to entice a larger and wealthier population to move their head. Some Tourism Board version of move to Moscow. Sure it gets cold but we get burned to the ground less maybe butchered by invaded. Maybe less than some other places. Thirteen thirty seven Moscow. And much of the Kremlin burn again. No Marauders this time. Just random fire in a wooden city. It didn't have modern firefighters whole ninety nine years since last massive fire. So you know life still pretty good Moscow. It's going to be so much more burning to come I've in the first begins rebuilding the Kremlin and thirteen thirty nine orders it's Pine Palisades to be replaced with oak walls. Which were I guess? Slightly less Bernie slightly less apt to burn up. Things are good for a little over decade. Thirteen fifty three the black death the play gravity is Russia claiming Ivan's disciple and successor Simeon. The proud dammit for more than the plague check out our suck on it episode one twenty five beginning in thirteen fifty nine the Grand Prince Dmitry Ivan. The first grandson starts to replace Moscow. Wooden stockade was stonewalls. In a new only to have Moscow burn again and thirteen sixty five tens of thousands hurt killed or displaced third fucking time and one hundred twenty one years. The city is burned to the ground. Most of the Kremlin survives. 'cause they're you know they were starting to rebuild it with some with some stone and to get back to building. I'll have Moscow catch fire again nine years later and thirteen sixty eighth son of a bitch then attack. Moscow burned all the houses outside of the Kremlin's new walls to the ground fourth time Moscow burning in hundred thirty years. Terrible place to live if you hate long cold brutal winters and or getting burned to a crisp two years later in thirteen seventy the citizens of severe or two hundred and fifty miles north of Moscow people in cahoots with Lithuanians. Come on down and burn all of the House. Outside of the Kremlin walls down again. Fifth Time Muskau is burned in one hundred and forty one years third time in eleven years. Good thing they rebuilt the Kremlin of stone. Much sucked if you live just outside the walls and your house burned down three fucking times just over a decade dommage. Why know brick guy in Moscow? Can we please get brick guy maybe stonemason concrete something? Anyone who built house does not would. For Fuck Sake is too much Thirteen seventy four muskie rejects the authority of the golden hordes cons as well of course war sixers later. Thirteen eighty major blow by the Russians is landed against the Mongol invincibility in the battle of Kulikov. Oh was fought near the Dan. River celebrate is the first victory for Russian forces over talk of the Mongol Golden Golden Horde demonstrated the developing independence of the Russian lands from Mongol rule which had been imposed on the rules. People for hundred and forty years now giant step for the Duchy of Moscow and his rise to leadership over the Russian people in a victory that would later inspire Ivan. The terrible two more victories against the Mongols also victory that early Russians living in thirteen eighty didn't get to enjoy very long because two years later the Mongols would kick the living shit out of them for fighting them and thirteen eighty two con to thomas another descendant of Genghis sack Moscow and captures the Kremlin the destruction of Moscow leads to the Prince of Moscow. Dmitry Donskoy to surrender once again to the authority of a conic independence. Short live this time around. The prince's Moscow would vastly back and forth declaring themselves independent and being subjugated by various cons for several decades until finally breaking free from their rule under the under the rule of Ivan. The terrible grandfather Ivan. The third seven years later and thirteen thousand nine damn near everything in Moscow but the Kremlin Burns against son of a bitch can lead players get British guy. How many times behalf burn for relearn someone to work to work with brick? Oh we're going to build was worth again. That's great o'clock it. What's possibly wrong? All this is six time Moscow hundred and sixty years. They of course would rebuild again with would determine to keep his wooden city Cohen beginning in fourteen. Twenty five thirty six years later the grand prince if muskie beginning acquiring more surrounding Russian lands to increase the population and wealth under their rule. Build enough strength hoping to be able to fight the Mongols Again. Soon January twenty second fourteen forty Ivan Basilio Vich also known as Ivan the Third Aka Ivan. The great is born. Sky Did a lot of concrete like his grandson would later do but with way less insane raping and torturing that's why he used to be great in the other guy's terrible you'll be the first prince of Moscow to call himself bizarre but it would be his grandson of course Ivan. The terrible who become the first cruiser many decades later I was thirds Father Vasili the second also vasily blind was the grand prince of Moscow. Whose long range from fourteen. Twenty five to fourteen sixty two was plagued by the greatest civil war of old. Russian history when various princes within muskie fought for power at one point? The was captured and blinded by his opponents. It eventually reclaimed his throne toughest dude. Fourteen forty eight. Something big happened that will allow for the rise to power years later. The Russian church in Moscow becomes effectively independent from the patriarchate of Constantinople when the Russian bishops in Moscow elect their own primate. Jonas a Russian bishop. Who doesn't have to defer to Constantinople for shit the primate by the way and Eastern Orthodox Churches Top church DOC head Metropolitan Archbishop not a pope not a pope but the first among equals kind of thing like like as close as it comes to pope in the Orthodox Church and now the Russian church within the bounds of the Grand Duchy of Moscow effectively. It's own thing in this. Church would later by itself to his arse gives his ours their holy powered become basically what the Roman Catholic Church was to the Holy Empire. Fourteen fifty two. I've in the third Mary's his first wife Maria of verb daughter of Boris Alexandrovich to when he's twelve years old and she is ten different times. I guess open their wedding night. Had some chaperones pretty creepy of not next year contents noble captured by the Turks ending the mighty Bison Tina Empire former eastern half of the Roman Empire that lasted for roughly a thousand years after the fall of Rome Constantinople was viewed as being the second Rome. Now the idea of Moscow being the third room. you know. The the new massive Christian capital for the for the new Christian Empire of Europe starts getting floated around religious leaders in Moscow. One to kick the shit out of all the Catholics and Muslim angles around them and rain over a vast Christian empire with they have all the religious power just like it was. When the pope had dominion over religion within the Byzantine Empire and prior to that within the Roman Empire on February Fifteenth Fourteen Fifty Eight Ivan the third and Maria of d'Hiver have their only child Ivan Ivanovich known as Ivan. The young four years later I even the third takes the throne becoming the grand prince of Moscow after spending much of the fourteen fifties serving as co ruler and Co in regent for his blind Father Bacilli the second he has ambitious plans to grow the power of Moscow until the Mongols to fuck off for good now twenty two year old Ivan becomes the Grand Duke of Moscow without being confirmed as such by the Mongol Khan breaking tradition. A sign of what's to come between he and the Mongols is not going to kiss the ring. He expands his territory as much as he can over the next several years while still being a vassal state in fourteen sixty seven. Ivan's first wife dies something from poison. Something from natural causes She describes being sickly ever since she was a kid. Fourteen sixty nine the marriage between Sophia Pal Gina the only niece of the last Byzantine emperor and Ivan. The third is proposed by Pope. Paul the second and this shows how far must give us come on the pope's radar now having the Pope Propose marriage this done probably with the hope of strengthening the influence of the Catholic Church in Russia and hopes of Some unification between the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church. I've thirds motives for pursuing this union. Were probably connected to the status. He would gain tying himself through marriage to the former bison. Tina makes his claim for you know a third Rome more legitimate. The formal wedding between Ivan thirds AFIA takes place in Moscow November twelfth fourteen seventy two year after Ivan the great invades now garage makes it a puppet state. Insa would have a dozen children together. Ten of them surviving past infancy. Sophia through her oldest boy vasily the third future grand. Prince of Moscow would be Ivan the terrible grandmother the next year fourteen seventy three nother huge fire seven fire in the past two hundred and forty four years for keeping track one massive fire just about every thirty five years. Moscow is apparently the most flammable city on earth The fire destroys most of the buildings. Of the city. Of the Kremlin of the Metropolitan Court in fourteen seventy four. I've in the third dispatches dudes to Venice to hire some kick ass Italian architects to construct a new please for the love of God. Hard to burn Kremlin finally we get the Brick Guy. Best my call the rescue ask. You're not build ships for common. The Russian Kremlin be great Kremlin be great. My house still burns so much. Fourteen seventy five. Aristotle FINANCIAL FE- fear of anti renowned. Italian architect engineer arrived in Moscow and begins rebuilding the burnt up. Cathedral of the assumption the Kremlin in fourteen seventy five Ivan establishes the first Russian cannon foundry Moscow Blown Shit up definitely be one of his terrible grandson's favorite pastimes fourteen seventy six Ivan refused to pay his tribute to con- on it of the Golden Horde. He's now officially told him to fuck off. Konami doesn't care for this for years later. Took a while for things to get ready back then. Fourteen eighty the golden horde advances up to Erga a Bougara River. In an attempt to force the Muskie's to pay tribute to attempt to force Muskie to pay tribute and Ivan the Grades Army Shit out of them and they retreat. Hurry has defeated the Passy Golden Horde you toddlers and gains freedom from you know subjugation to Khan Ahmed Ivan also absorbed severe The into Moskvy. It's more cities rules. It all from fourteen eighty two fifty five. And four thousand nine hundred one construction of the Palace of facets is completed in the Kremlin the Palais facets. A building in the Moscow Kremlin which contains what used to be the main banquet reception hall of the Muscovite Czars. And it's the oldest preserved secular building still in Moscow today lower section of Savior. Your Tower Kremlin's Maingate also finished in fourteen. Ninety one on June July sixteen fourteen ninety-three nother fire in the Kremlin. Destroys the Metropolitans Court again? I was the third evacuates as fire. Damage quarters the fire at least spares the rest of Moscow this time October. Twenty seven fifty five eyewitness grade dry dies. At the age of sixty five of natural causes succeeded by his son. Vasily the third Ivan. The terrible father and so the third would spend most of his reign consolidating. His father Ivan's territorial gains in fifteen twenty. Three Moscow is truly dubbed the third Rome Orthodox Monk. Fil Filthy s wrote letters to the Grand Duke of Moscow urging him to fight against heresies for Harris the Duchy of Moscow and the monks view remained the last bastion of the true Christian faith. Felonious wrote all the king. All the Christian Kingdoms have come to an end and have converged in the singles kingdom of our sovereign to Rome's fell a third stands and there will not be a fourth Ivan. The terrible would later like a lot of psychopaths throughout history. Really run with this idea of him. Being God's Chosen Warrior on Fifteen Twenty Six facility. The third forty seven years old. He's married to thirty six year. Old Salaam Nia Subaru. Yeah Man for decades and they still don't have an heir to the throne. He's fucking pissed about it and I said this before but man. The these historical sucks the more understand like why in the US? At least at Ellis Island. They cleaned up people's names. 'cause people get pissed that they're like well you know this is. My name is supposed to be a better for any. Yeah the PUCK and change there. And that's that's bullshit. Now they just changed because no say these words it is you know like when you grow up with one language and then you encounter this other language where they put seven extra vowels. You're used to in every word. Your name's fucking what? Now Your name Smith now okay put all the could conical Takata. Nah WE'RE GONNA GO Johnson. We're GONNA go with anyway. I got that one. He's he's pissed about his wife not getting pregnant. You saying stuff to his friends like how much. How much do I have to do this bitch before she pops out of us and friends like okay? I think problem is you're doing it wrong No none of that happens but he does get frustrated. His wife who was beloved by people enveloped by the Church and he is frustrated for getting pregnant. He convinces some Boyer's they would not be good if one of his brothers or one of his brothers brewed comes into power but he needs to produce it air and so they suggest you take a new wife and then despite a lot of opposition from the clergy he divorces his beloved bear. Who hasn't done anything wrong other than just now? You're pregnant and marries a sixteen year. Old Princess Alina. Vince glints Kia daughter of a Serbian princess scandal. Not many of the boys approve this choice. Right there was a couple of you can with on board everyone else. Don Board Church not on board because she was raised Catholic not even Russian Orthodox. Right was this. Was this guy against tickets. Digging Demon now. What's what's going on here. The silly so smitten with Elena. He doesn't care who proves he defies Russian social norms even trims his beard all gasp to appear younger for her. This apparently was a big social. No now the people are disgusted with him. Who is this guy at? The three days of matrimonial festivity couple consummates their marriage and then more scandal shadows and get pregnant for the next few years and now the Russian people begin to suspect her lack of getting pregnant as a sign. That God doesn't approve their marriage. God's pissed their leader then in early fifteen thirty she does get pregnant a monstrous form inside her womb. It's Ivan the terrible time now. We have made it back to Ivan makes me. Acdc Song when? I'm back when I'm back in black August Twenty Fifth Fifteen thirty Ivan Vasiliev Vich Ivan. The fourth formidable Ivan the fearsome captain poopie Pants General grumpy. Gus Tend to look the other way. Those last year nonce Ivan. The terrible born in a former royal estate located several kilometers southeast of Moscow city center and the people of Russia are not overjoyed as I mentioned the marriage of the Sealy the third to a younger woman to woman who was raised Catholic. No less after being married for so long to Salaam Nia frowned upon by the Russian people. A marriage the church did not approve of. The boys did not approve of it. Even people in other lands didn't approve of it. Like the Patriarch. Mark of Jerusalem of Eastern Orthodox Church. There who wrote prophetically to the Great Prince. If you do this wicked thing you will have an evil son. Your estate will become prey to tears and tears. Rivers of blood will flow. The heads of the mighty will fall. Your cities will be devoured by flames. Maybe pretty accurate I mean. Of course you'd say flames right now. Much of a prediction. There really do just knew a little bit about Moscow's very flammable history anyway Ivan. The forces the force life started with this ominous warning two years later on October Thirtieth fifteen thirty to Ivan's only siblings. His brother Yuri is born and then on December fourth fifteen thirty three next year ivories injuries father dies from blood poisoning. Ivan is far too young to govern only three years old. Although if they knew how terrible he become and later moments now they might have just got ahead just him. Rule might have been a better ruler at three. Then he would be for for most of his adult. The governing of Russia falls to his mother and the boy are Duma boy or Duma scholarly term. Used to describe the Royal Council or upper strata of the ruling elite in the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries and Russia and. I was mother. Young Alina only twenty three years old. She doesn't get along too well with voyeur. Duma she rejects law their advice which doesn't sit well with them. They feel disrespected and This does not predispose them to be super nice to her sons. One historian wrote regarding Ivan's mom. The new regent acted in a haughty and arbitrary manner disregarding the boys and relying first on her uncle and after his death on her lover and then on April fourth fifteen thirty four and a half years after his father's death when Ivan is only seven years old his mom dies and her lover is murdered a few later and very likely that she was murdered like almost for certain She was poisoned. Assassinated by a member or members of the boy are most likely poisoned by someone working for members of the shoe. Sqi Boy our family who would essentially take over and rule Russia when she died. Various members of the shoe ski and Belsky Boyer Families Arguably the two most powerful boyer families and Muskie would rule for the next nearly nine years until Ivan reached the age of majority the age of sixteen when he was deemed old enough to take the throne. An island would grow to hate these boyer's according to Letters. He later right Ivan along with his younger brother. Yuri often felt neglected and offended by the mighty warriors from these families in a letter he later wrote. Ivan remembers my brother Yuri of blessed memory and me. They brought up like vagrant children of the poorest. What how myself for want of garments and food paints kind of all twists depiction of his childhood may or may not be true but probably definitely true that these guys didn't didn't care for him very much and he didn't care for them. I haven't childhood was was not the childhood he felt was owed to him as he future. Prince of Moscow is John was full of a lot of people. He didn't care about kissing his ass and a lot of people he he did care about ignoring him in his his is a story and wrote of his upbringing. All evidence suggests that Ivan. The fourth was a sensitive intelligent and precocious boy. He learned to read early and read everything that he could find. Especially Muscovite Church literature. He became a necessity painfully aware of the struggle in intrigues around him and also of the ambivalence of his own position. The same Boyer's who formerly paid obedience to him as. An autocrat treated him with utmost respect and ceremonial occasions. Neglected insulted an injured him in private life. In fact they deprived him at will of his favorite servants and companions and ran the palace as well as Russia as they pleased. Bitterness and cruelty expressed for instance in his torture of animals became fundamental traits of the young rulers character. Yes it seems like many future Sociopaths he did torture animals as a child or as many sociopaths when he was young he tortured analyst by the age of twelve. He was apparently not torture cats. Also remember to have torn the feathers off of birds gouged. The is out of various pets. All of horrible stories about what he did to animals. Also what is the borders around him? Do a lot of horrible shit. Young Ivan watched various mentors and servants. Who cared for him ended up getting murdered? One of his mentors was apparently skinned alive for being a traitor really stuck with me whenever I hear that term skinned alive. How possible is that? How much skin do you have to have flayed off you before he died? Can you can you live with no skin? I did way too much. Googly to try and find out the answer to this question. Can you live with all your skin? It's good enough played off. You know if after all the time I still was nonsense type of Criminal Watch lists. I must be on one now. Some sources say you can live for full day. I'd have all your skin taken off but I don't I don't might now all your skin. It seems that when one was skinned alive. They had large chunks of their skin removed. But not all of it like most of their skin on their back would be flayed and peeled off or maybe most their chess skin maybe a good deal of skin on portions of their thighs calves upper arms but then about how hard it would be to have your hands and your and your feet skinned or your face and neck skin or your balls your vagina you taint you die before anyone got all of your skin. Nothing can find points to a definitive case. If one person losing literally all their skin like right down to their islets and somehow still be life. Now that any of that would be any kind of consolation to someone who lost just like half skin now. I don't think you'd be standing in some medieval dungeon saying that. This is nice this as bad as I mentally prepare for. I thought that was going to lose all skinned. I've like half my skin left. I can live with this. I can make this work still got my face. Skin still got to my hands and feet skin. It's good good good book for me. Regardless of how much skin is mentor. Lost CRAZY YOUNG. Ivan witnessed something like that growing up for many years. The Boyer's fought for control of Russia while the young Ivan suffer quietly. His brother neglected used possibly even physically abused and then he took his anger out on various small animals. Then on December twenty nine fifteen forty three thirteen year old Ivan decides. He's he's had enough. He's not taking away your shit anymore. He's not quite prince yet but he's going to send a message to lay off respect any any orders. The death of one of his least favourite borders is first person he ordered the death. Four posey saying that they were following the grandparents orders group of guards marching into the quarters of one of the cruelest. Boyer's arrest the man feed him to a pack of wild dogs. That'll teach him. I just made a pretty big statement. He's in town and he's not to be fucked with if you're gonNA fuck with him all right. Well then you're GONNA get fed to wild dogs and I think it's pretty safe to assume he did not get fucked with a whole bunch after that By the following year in fifteen forty four young Ivan and allegedly roaming the streets of Moscow. Just kind of a punk youth with pack of associates. Dishing out beatings to whoever he wanted beaten and possibly according to some sources raping various women and then disposing of their bodies so they didn't spread rumors about him had had him hanged. Buried live fed wild animals drown in the river. If we're to believe all the rumors some of this might be slanders accusations. Written about those who didn't like him he did have many enemies However you there is a decent chance at least is true according to my sources you know. He did spend his identity shaping years just becoming a brutal sociopath really got to the church interesting duality. They're weird Combo. He began to spend a Lotta time. You know beaten raped and also a lot of time studying the church. Under the tutelage of Metropolitan Makarios who started really selling him on that third room idea. January sixteenth. Fifteen forty-seven I've in his Crown Gran Prince of all Russia. His regency has come to an end and he does something. No Prince of Moscow had done before he had himself crowned with the Church's blessing administered via his buddy. A car is czar autocrat of all the Russias in Moscow's Cathedral the assumption this new title symbolizing assumption of powers equivalent parallel to those held by Bison emperors torture cons the Roman Caesar The political of this was to elevate Ivan's position too extreme unquestionable super duper leader of everything. This was macari says play to have. Moskvy be the new center of a new. Bison Teen Empire Ivan's Coronation has are an elaborate ritual modeled after those of the Bison tempers when it was over. He declared all of Russia united under his rule. There's a new sheriff in town. The best listen to him because he is not afraid to license on your ass. And he's also I. Can't this enough Betcha fucking crazy? We have a new very unstable sheriff in town buckle up Moscow. It's GonNa be a while Ride February. Third Fifteen forty seven two weeks after his coronation. I've been married. The boy are on a star or a Statia Romanov. Romanov's NA She is one of the Romanovs. The even day shortened one of their names. They're like week fucking cut the knock at the end it's nonsense Romanov. Na doesn't roll off Romanov and with the hard consonant stop adding all this extra shit Yeah she's one of the Romanovs family. Who later be the last ours. To Rule Russia. After her son's death ends the Rook Dynasty in her begin to new bloodline was our Michael. The first She was Michael's great aunt on a stage selected as the best bride for Ivan. From a large number of suitable mates brought to the Kremlin specifically for a selection process. All the noble families throughout Russia. Get an invitation. To present their eligible daughters instead he picked from between five hundred and fifteen hundred girls. My God Abdelkrim himself. Basically the emperor of Russia Young Ivan immediately takes aggressive action against the totters of Kazan. Who lives some four hundred miles southeast of Moscow on the River Volga they persistently rated Moskvy for loot and slaves for the markets of Persian Turkey? They've been for hundreds of years and he wanted to prove to people who is worthy of his new title by. Put an end to that. Shit. I've been built a fortress of Vasic on the East Bank of the vulgar as an advance base to attack. The content of the Kazan apparently was prefabricated. With numerous components floated down the river a piece of furniture pretty clever. Ivan threatened to holy war against the Muslims to which the corner Khazanah replied all ready for you here. We invite you to the feast. That's a pretty bad. I should say sends this guy like hey man fucking coming for you. Tardy looting are shit and he's like all for you here we invite you to the feast of Blood Khandan fear Ivan one bit and then he easily defended his lands against against armies initial gets her initial attacks not a good way for rain. Not a good. Look when you're trying to make it appear as if God is on your side then things get a lot worse quickly for Ivan with another fire. Who guessed it? What are they build houses out of in this town? Qinglin paper so comparising solid to contractor Joan. Gop's and our talking about this so picture and some wealthy contractor living just outside of town and a huge castle made of stone gold and jewels giant lumber yard behind castle we needed to be rebuilding again. The happy to rebuild no shortage of work here in Moscow. The would ready. Don't know why that guy was Scandinavian. Yes major fire strikes Moscow for the ninth time so we fires in this time since the is a little bigger than a few centuries prior is more damage it destroys twenty five thousand would dwellings. Damages portions of the Kremlin even blew up powder stores and several of the Kremlin's towers. This is a big fire. The fire started on June twenty. Four th fifteen forty seven barely six months into Ivan's reign in a displaced about eighty thousand people killed anywhere from twenty seven hundred thirty seven hundred a some that didn't include kids for some reason they didn't bother count. How many kids got burn up? That's found out. Five thousand whatever will make more Led to widespread poverty amongst the survivors. Russian author historian Nikolai Carlson described the blaze. The fire flood like a river. And soon the Kremlin Ka Tae. Garad dense part of the city. Next to the Kremlin and the trading quarter burst into flames. The crackling fire and the cries of people from time to time were drowned out by explosions of gunpowder. Which was stored in the Kremlin and other parts of the city? It's chaos make things worse like much the rest of Europe. The People Moscow. Believe strongly and shit like witches and wizards and the dark powers of the occult and rumors almost immediately started to spread. The fire was the result of sorcery. Instead of something much more reasonable like someone you know dropping a lit pipe or fall asleep before putting out the fire in their stuff. These rumors focused on the Linski family. They set the fire fucking Glenn. Skis using their witchcraft. Muscovites believed that ski. Ivan's Grandmother Quote by sprinting. The houses and streets with water in which human heart had been soaked set the city alight that witch and they felt the rest of the Glenn Skis. Were able as well so mobs of scared angry. People like picture like the classic medieval scene of a mob of peasants holding torches and character witch. Find a witch ban them started hunting. Lindsay's Gal like like going through the burnt remains of the city looking for these people Burn the wizards Caitlyn stone them. That kind of vibe Uric Linski Ivan. The force literally runs through the streets being chased by the mob. He tries hiding in a church only to be dragged out into the street and stoned to death in the square. Then the mob continues to search for other family. Mass killed him all the witches few days later a massive city residents turn up at a royal palace the village of Yeovil near Moscow. Where I've in the fourth had gone to escape fire. They demanded as ours. Grandmother brought out to be punished. You know to be killed Ivan. The terrible is terrified. He later reflected on this events. Fear ignited in my soul and shivered in my bones Ivan was able to convince Muscovites he was not hiding any Dolinsky family members in the crowd left without grandma and he'll be haunted by the memory this for the rest of his days Important to note that his barbaric is Ivan. Was He also was a reflection of the Times? He lived in shortly afterwards. Ivan returned to city saddened by what he saw. The poverty created was devastating left thousands possessing nothing more than the clothes on their backs. He turned his attention away from attacking the Mongols focused on fire safety in the city. Time who ordered a new law which all Moscow resins had to place a barrel of water in their yard. Another one on the roof of their house. They're also ordered to construct ovens and fireplaces in kitchen gardens and waste grounds far dwellings the burning of ovens and houses forbidden during the summer also. Has I water pumps invented for the purpose of fire extinguishing built in Moscow? Finally finally we get some guy who do something about fire we still don't have fucking brick guy for common folk still would but now have whatever would and that. That is good so so so far is a leader. I have a not terrible so terrible. Two years later in fifteen forty nine the first Zamsky Sabur the Russian parliament also known as assembly of the land convenience generally composed of representatives from the Ecclesiastical and monastic authorities. The boy are council. The landowning classes urban freeman elections for representatives and sessions of each group held separately. Ivan was the leader right by birth but the rest of the people have a voice in government and Ivan. Hates it soon? He'll figure out how to rule without having to run anything anyone Two years later in fifteen fifty one. I've and introduces a new legal code. New System aims at the elimination of corruption and oppression part of centrally appointed officials by means of popular participation local fairs various localities had already received permission to elect their own judicial authorities to deal with crime now in areas whose population guaranteed a certain amount of due to the treasury other locally elected officials replace these centrally appointed governors and even when the governor's remained the people could elect sesame to check on those governors interesting Could impeach him impeach them. Excuse me when necessary. So he weakens the power of much ability by doing this now. He keeps his title again. There's being a hereditary one but it's now taking away the power of the nobility no more people get to be voted in crafty. He also further weakens nobility by cancelling the right of the voyeurs to basically kill any peasant. They wanted for any reason at all. He can still do that but they couldn't do that anymore. Which makes life a little better for many. Now does that before he yes he. He has to pass a law to rid of that. Hey No more. Just kill whoever want for any reason we. That's probably not good. I still do it but not for. Everyone makes me think of my starbucks example from earlier despite pass these reforms Ivan. Yeah not a man of the people. He didn't give a shit about the rights the peasants he just does this stuff to weaken the nobility shortly after revoke rights. The boy hours to do whatever they wanted to peasants a group seventy peasants comes to Ivan to complain about being abused by their boyer and Ivan. Doesn't think Gripe was warranted and he responds by having them stripped naked and beard set on fire. So yeah again. Not a man of the people following year fifteen fifty two I forget. Moscow rebuilt a bit passed new laws rent future fires. 'em MAKE. His people feel empowered giving them a voice. Ivan the young czar refocuses on kicking that Mongol ass right. He didn't get to it the way he wanted you before. The fire is getting a little bit. Now he's got to prove himself. He sets out By leading the Russian army perhaps one hundred and fifty thousand strong to besiege Kazan. A walled moated town on a hill on June sixteenth. Fifteen fifty two. They make it to Kazan. Seven hundred nineteen kilometers four hundred and forty seven miles away to the southwest in August and September. Second the siege begins. This Ivan's I really big war. First Time he's really trying to take another capital. I mean he'd had some little skirmishes against this before. But this is this is the real deal. This is the big one. I big Christian versus Muslim Jesus vs Mohammed God's tougher than year. God. No excuses viollis battle. If he loses the boys and peasants back home could likely revolt. His reign could be over no pressure. He has infantry. Cavalry ARC ARC. Bussiers soldiers on this early type of gun heavy artillery barrels of gunpowder. The Muscovites bombard the wooden walls of the contact with cannons but are unable to break through their infantry assault or initially beaten back and then storms and torrential rain Blows down the Muscovite tense turned their camp into a muddy bog does not look good for the Russians early on in the Seas Russians. Blame the weather on Pagan Magic. Now sounds about right Then they have some crucifix believed to contain fragment of the true cross brought to the scene and then the bad weather stops and they take this as a sign that God is now on their side. Big Morale our God wants you guys want you guys dead. Toddler prisoners are then tied to stakes close to the walls and a hope that they're pleased. My persuade defenders to surrender. But that didn't work because the Mongols were ruthless the Taco Bowman silence the screams of their own by shooting their own people. Next play to blow up their defenses. He has men known as sappers dig tunnels under the walls of the fortress explode barrels of gunpowder which knocked down sections of the walls above them. These men also blew up. The town's water system harder to wait out siege when you run out of clean drinking water after almost six weeks the defenses are weakened enough for Ivan to give his men the green light to storm the town. The totter defenders are overwhelmed too many or slaughter that day. Ivan had done it. He had taken because on because on fell on October thirteenth two days after Dmitry. His first son and third child is born back home. He's having a good week. Twenty to life is going pretty well. Things like rougher second when capital city was on fire and crazy locals trying to burn his grandma life being a witch. Things are better now. Now he has an heir to the throne major victory his belt. He returned to a hero's welcome in Moscow. 'cause on he has the Muslim population expelled. Kicks the fuck out. Russian Orthodox Christian college or moved in mosques are replaced by Russian Orthodox churches in the surrounding country forced to convert to Christianity or be killed or exiled. Is Building that third Rome then. He gets really sick following year. Spring of fifteen fifty three. He gets really sick. People did all the time of the days before vaccines and antibiotics. And he thinks he's going to die. It only twenty three years old also very common back then. He gathers the top boyer's to his bedside asked him to swear allegiance to his son. Dimitri and he's fuckers. Who also thinks he's going to die. They refuse like now now just on like you. Baby Son Swear allegiance to Ivan's cousin instead and then unfortunately for these nobles Ivan Does Not die and also unfortunately for them. His INFANT SON. Dimitri does die on June twenty third. Now he really hates these guys. They forsaken his dead son. They can't take back the can make a right. They betrayed him on his deathbed he'll worry the rest of his days that they're not loyal to him. It'd be paranoid for the rest of his days. These people just waiting for the right opportunity to remove him from his throne and he's not really wrong now A lot of them were also in fifteen fifty three Richard Chancellor English explorer navigator becomes the First Englishman to penetrate the White Sea and established relations with this news artem of Russia. I was pleased open. Sea Trading routes with England and other countries as must give he did not yet have a connection with the Baltic Sea that entire area was contested by neighboring powers of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. In the Swedish Empire Chancellor was happy to find a good new market for English. Will for receiving furs and other. Moscow vian goods Ivan. Give chance or letters to take back to England to invite more English traders to make the trip to Moscow because this new relationship fifteen fifty five the muskie trading company also known as the Russian company is established it was an English company the First Major Chartered Joint Stock Company the precursor to the type of business that would soon flourish. England and finance exploration and colonization of the world by England the Muskie Company had a monopoly on trade between England and Moskvy all the way until sixteen ninety eight and then it survived as a trading company all the way until the Russian revolution of nineteen seventeen. Ivan's you know he's making all kinds of power moves. He's making most of these moves without consulting the church or the boyers which was new previous. Princes of Moscow had been seen as more powerful than the borders but not by a lot. They were viewed as the most powerful. Noble But still a noble but Ivan the Fourth I table. He something new. He's his own. Class is an emperor. He's GonNa rule as he sees fit whose religious but he felt. The church had no business. Interfering in the affairs of the state he wrote stuff like remember when God delivered the Jews from slavery. Did he place above them? A priest or many rulers. No he placed above them a single czar. Moses Levy Levy Moses Czar is Lincoln himself to Moses here while the affairs of the priesthood. He ordered should be conducted not by him but by his brother. Aaron Forbidding Errand to be occupied with worldly Mathur's what's when Aaron occupied himself with worldly affairs. Do the people away from God. Do you see that it is not fitting for priests to do the work of ours also when the a bit wanted to seize power. Remember how they were punished for this? By Their Destruction to which destruction they lead the many sons of Israel. You boy us are worthy of the same. This all reads it just doing I can tell you. I'm in charge and the church for the most part. They didn't mind this too much. Because you know. Russia grew more powerful so sort of church. As MOSK were converted to Orthodox chapels and various people forced to convert to the Russian Orthodox religion. The boyers they didn't love it but as long as they get to keep their land and profit off new business ventures like the most Gobi Trading Company. Right this new relationship with England. They were happy enough for the time being to do what they were told. Just enjoy being rich The boy I really didn't like it that when Ivan revoked a major privilege that enjoyed for centuries a short time later a major freedom. The boy is lost under Ivan. Was the option to pledge allegiance to another prince. We mentioned that earlier prior diving. They theoretically we're free to join other princess right. There was very little towns or communities around Moscow. And if they're like this guy was an asshole. Okay we're not support you anymore. We're he goes support Bob over here or Hukou with handsome Guy Sukuzi whatever. His name was now with an. I've and take power away now. Also the lands that they hold the only hold on condition that they serve bizarre. Otherwise they lose those lance right. He demands loyalty in a new way from the nobility that no Russian leader had demanded before you are loyal to me only if you are no longer loyal to me and you pledge allegiance to another you know print somewhere else you forfeit everything you own Also he Goes after the surf's a little harder. They became increasingly chained to the land. They worked on from fifteen fifty to sixteen fifty Ivan and his successors would gradually in Surf The the peasants more and more to the land they farmed in order to prevent them from simply disappeared into the woods. So he's not taking away privileges from the nobles he's also taken away from the peasants peasant. Sir Not technically slaves but new laws bonded them further and further to their to the lands that they worked on because prior to this private if they were having kind of like if a if a noble was having trouble with the prince he could go to another prince and also a peasant was having trouble with noble he could go farm and work for another noble. Not Anymore as nope. That's land you. Stay on I've and would soon change inability of Russian peasants to move up social ladder in a in a drastic way by turning thousands of them into his own private super loyal army and that didn't become Russia's new nobles that sounds. We'll deal with your soon. So he takes away some of the rights but then a couple of years down the road. He's GonNa give us some of the peasants a big opportunity to to move up and become the new nobility. Just his rule is so schizophrenic. He has so many different things than he. He goes back on what he did before he. He makes reforms and he takes them away on fifteen fifty six. I've an annex is the economy of astrakan after waging war against this additional totter enclave for two years To seal this victory avas Ivan has the con- set on fire Just some more cruelty here. Then a bunch of men piss on this guy to put the fire out. Then he has his still alive. Burned pissant body lashed several times for the spike whip or spiked whip then has tossed into a barrel of salt has him stay in that barrel for three days then. He has the barrel set on fire and rolled into a river. The Guy Still Alive River puts out the fire. He's still alive to get him out of the barrel then he has this poor bastard shot out of a cannon into a pool of acid. They had soldiers quickly. Pour milk on this guy to neutralize the still alive. Then this guy's buried up to his neck in the dirt and I haven't had all the hair shaved off his head. Then he has fish from the river glued to his head with Pine Sap then. Ivan's dogs aggressively. Eat the fish off his head which was pretty unpleasant. These dug up then forced to sit down on a chair. Made out of knifes forced to play a chess match with Ivan. Every time he whimpers. He's whipped every time he loses a chess piece. Here's a square foot of his skin. Flayed off in a hot coal shoved up his ass then still alive. They let him go and he lives for another twenty years and becomes. Ivan's most trusted advisers because I was very impressed how he was able to play chess. Pretty well under that under that type of dress and that was that was too much is needed to get that out of my system for some reason. There's so much over the top violence no the conflict and lived. Actually his name was dervish. Ali Khani but he took this guy city. Took this guy's empire and all these defeat was another huge victory for Ivan so God is on his side so despite passing legislation. That doesn't sit well with people. He has expanded the empire. He's getting moorlands. People do that defeating this. Ed made the entire Russian river and gave Muscovite complete control of the important trade route the Caspian Sea which they roughly eight hundred eighteen hundred kilometers Over eleven hundred miles to the southwest. The very next year fifteen fifty seven some sources say fifteen fifty eight. Ivan gave the wealthy stroganoff merchant family permission to call Nice the East paving the way for future Russian subjugation of Siberia And yes there. Name is strong enough as in beef stroganoff so delicious Russia for beef stroganoff. I love it. It's actually believe this very Russian dish was named after some of these people's descendants the stroganoff with the richest businessman in czar of Russia and a couple of decades later they would finance the actual conquest of Siberia. Fifteen fifty eight. Ivan launches the Lavonia war in an attempt to gain access to the Baltic Sea to the Northeast. And it's major trade routes which would open up Russia to the British Empire. Spain Portugal new of the Americas more men yesterday were already trading with the British Empire. But this would make that much easier to get goods back and forth his campaign against the Lithuanian Catholic Knights would last for twenty five years and it would not go well. This war got way bigger than Ivan anticipated when old Lavonia collapses early into the fighting is divided between Denmark. Sweden and Poland Lithuania and those three kingdoms are now fighting for land so now instead of fighting one Asian. I've caught up in a war with several powerful nations that he had an intended fighting. Just yet damn eastern European geography as always to many fucking kingdoms to conquer and subjugate over there having flashbacks again. In Vlad. The IMPALER SUCK. This is why when. I play risk. Not even kidding out Dick around with Europe little little risk advice fuck Europe like no thank you sure the five Army territory bonuses enticing but at what price I never make a play for Europe with risk. I just try to keep his borders week. Somebody else doesn't get that bonus. Geographically says too many access points to many borders to defend way easier to go for the Americas. Maybe try to hold onto Australia. So much of what? Various rulers have been able to do as far as empire expansion. You know has just been based on where the kingdom they were born to just happens to be located eastern Europe lot of countries. Landlocked lands a rough especially in the north full of mountainous country. Carpathian mountains the Transylvanian Earl. Mountains the Caucasus lands of savage winners. Plus you start digging around to the east too much of Mongols Ottomans or whoever attacking from the vast expanses of the West Ivan was born into a tough spot to take over the world and he finds out during the Lavonia war that accomplishing any third. Rome is going to be quite the challenge. Two years later August seventh fifteen sixty tragedy strikes Ivan his beloved wife Anastasia dice. Modern scientific research has confirmed. She was poisoned likely. Poisoned by Boyer's who wanted to kill her so that a daughter from their family could become this ours next wife and produce possibly an heir to the throne connecting their family to the throne. These scheming bastards. I knew her death was no accident. He knew the boy is responsible now. He begins to earn his terrible nickname. One historian wrote of this point. Ivan's life that if czar Ivan had died in fifteen sixty before the period of his terrible cruelties. He may well have gone down in history. As one of the greatest of the Orthodox kings. His tragedy was that he lived too long before we get to his atrocities. Ivan does do another good thing and fifteen sixty one. He has construction of the Cathedral of Saint. Basil finished the same year. He also marries a second wife. Maria Camera Nova Tim. Tim Reu- Nova. You've no tim us not. With the Church's Blessing Saint Basil's Cathedral was built with eight independent churches again circuit larger Central Temple each church consecrated in honor of important events in Russian spiritual political life. And it is a beautiful building. The church also commemorates Ivan's victories over because on an astrakan Khanates Saint Basil's Cathedral completed on July twelfth. Two years later in fifteen sixty three Moscow's metropolitan McKay marquess dies. Marquette is the man who had mentor Ivan when it came to religion the man who sold them on the idea of a third room and with Marquess Dead Ivan. No longer cares nearly as much as you did before about having the Church's blessing the same year Ivan. Beats one of the soldiers to death in a moment of impulsive anger. The first murder is known to have committed with his own hands. The following year in April Thirtieth fifteen sixty four Ivan's best general a Boyer named Andre Curb Ski Defects to the Lithuanians in the Lithuanian war. And this seems to be the straw that broke Ivan's mind. He feels deeply betrayed and now shit gets real. Weird a new rush. This is my favorite part of the suck What happens next year by his beloved first wife dies? His religious mentor dies his favorite general most effective general. Know sneaks off and joins. The opposition betrays him an IV. Now has a little bit of a breakdown. He shocks his boyer's by announcing that he's going to abdicate. The throne in the final months of fifteen sixty four. I've in the fourth. The rush announces his intention to abdicate. He bounces out of Moscow with a bunch of treasure. Lot of soldiers. And if you boyer's he trusted the all head over to Alexandrova on December third a small but fortified town to the North Ivan isolates himself and then he writes to letters to Moscow after a month of radio silence. So I use leaves and doesn't say Shit for a whole month. No one hits him up. You know because you know he's right. Kelham in the first letter he attacks voyeurs accusing them of treason and embezzling state funds. He also attacks a church for siding with corrupt borders and basically always been out to get him right after his religious mentor dies. Now he's not that into the church in the second letter he reassures the people of must give you that he still cares for them. This this puts. The boy is back in Moscow. In a very uncomfortable position Ivan may have not been overly popular with them. Numerous rebellions have been plotted. His first wife had been poisoned but without him ruin his are a struggle for power would be inevitable in a civil war will be probable and if a civil war broke out word would get out the Moskvy was leaderless and who knows might attack them in reverse the territorial gains Ivan inmate by. Because they don't want that they want a civil war to break out. And now you know new Mongols come in and just fucking subway all over again and could make life even worse for them than it would be under. Ivan possibly possibly. They're also still in the midst of that curse Lavonia war so not a good time to have the leader abandon them and then Ivan his asked pry begged is the better word to please come back. Please come back and run shit again and he agrees but only if certain demands are met. This is where she gets Super Super Weird Ivan. Says he will come back. If he's allowed to to create a operates Nina a territory within muskie governed solely and absolutely by him. Yes he was already are but he still had to meet with Advisory Council religious leaders. Who WAITED ON DECISIONS? He still had to consider their advice. There was still some limits to his powers where he sometimes had to get approval in various matters and now he was like fuck that with an operas Nina. He gets literally do whatever he wanted to do. He wanted God powers. If you felt like killing you you died. No questions asked if you feel like taking your land. He just got to take it. No one from the church known from the Boyer Class got to say Shit about it to him and he got to take the church. If you WANNA get to take the boys. He gets to do whatever he wanted in. This do land. He wanted the power to deal with whoever he considered a traitor however he wished the boyer of course. Do not like this idea. But they're faced with this or civil war and everything I mentioned earlier. So reluctantly the agreed to Ivan's defense and Ivan then returns and divided country into two parts a country within the country. Here's the operas Nina. An exemption Nina is gem Sheena the Machina would run as Muskie had ran prior to the experiment would run the same way. estimates vary but between a third and half of muskie became operates. Nina situated mainly in the north The boards this land. Were a little bit confusing to say the Least Ivan? Did Shit like he would take an entire town to be part of his new thing but not the surrounding countryside the town be his but the rest would be some them sheena which again continued to operate under the existing governmental and legal institutions. A land ruled by a grand prince. Who just a puppet leader of violence. Moscow was carved up street by street sometimes even building by building on the same block. One building could be part of operas Nina in another building part of China. So it's insane to be like if trump or whoever our president is and you're listening to this. Whoever the leader is of you know whatever decided to take the southern states as his own personal nation but also still got the rule the rest of the country through a puppet government as he was running it before right and then made San Francisco and Silicon Valley and Seattle in yellowstone and Glacier National Parks Aspen Colorado part of the new private nation attached. You know To the south but not geographically and maybe downtown Denver but the suburbs it'll be aligned with the New Nation. Maybe court lanes resort but not the rest of the town will be the nation Sears Tower GRANDPA could be part of the new nation but not the rest of the Chicago Area. You know is is insane and some do think he literally did this because he was actually crazy other things. He did this because if he asked to have all of Musky to do with whatever he wished to. Boyer's would have said no so instead ask for. This was a crazy ask but when he thought he could get something he did this just to get the bargaining power. He would need to hopefully soon rule all of Musky absolutely like this. The creation of the opportunity Nina worked out pretty well for dude who crave power absolute power and wanted to destroy the boyers in his newland once. He carved out what he wanted. He just started kicking out. Boyer's left and right just taken everything from them and there wasn't anything do about it they would need to get murdered often tortured. I or there'd be exiled and free to live in China as Nobles Nobles who didn't have any land money anymore so good luck with that again. Nothing they can do about this. Ivan would give a lot of this new land and a lot of the treasure to members of his new personal army build out of the peasant class so I mentioned earlier. That he's going to like elevate some peasants up into nobles. This is how he did this. He had this new army built out of the peasant class. The upper sneaky originally army of a thousand dudes these loyal super loyal members of most of the lower classes were charged with kicking out. Boyer's also a sniffing out anyone who wasn't extremely loyal to Ivan and they were given carte blanche to do whatever they want it to so called trade. Really just do whatever they wanted to. General the upper sneaky the children of darkness where the law in this new crazy land of operas Nina and also above the law. The upper sneaky were soldiers. Also ministers and judges and tax collectors and bureaucrats each member carefully selected and screen for unwavering loyalty to to the czar mainly selected from the military. Those who passed interrogation. Were rewarded with some land. You know some some some of the whatever land. They took whatever payments they took. They could keep themselves five and had a new special army of men who are both totally devoted to him and absolutely ruthless. The numbers of the sneaky group thousand to six thousand between sixteen between fifty and sixty five and fifteen seventy two. It even includes some foreigners mainly mercenaries many historians cite these opera sneaks as the original. Russian secret police the men who created the template for later Russian interrogators like the KGB. Not actually a ton of historical documents. Not exactly what? The sneaky roles were often describe in semi-mythical terms they supposedly dressed in black robes. Rode Black Horses or sat and black carries behind those black horses. They were like ring rates straight out of the Lord of the Rings. They used the broom and the dog's head is their symbols. One representing these sweeping away of traders. The other the snapping at the heels of their enemies. It's possible written in some sources. Some upper sneaks carried actual brooms and severed dog's around with them. That will be quite a some dude in a black robe rolling up outside your front door and a black horse carrying a broom and a fucking dog's head that guy never brings you good news. That guide never brings a cookies. Never stops by to tell you happy birthday or that. Your Yard Looks Nice. Guy Only brings death and pain and despair answerable only to Ivan and his commanders. These opera sneaks created a climate of fear and murdered. They could kill anyone they wished and they did. Their main mission was to terrify the local population into complete obedience into don't ever question are godlike leader Ivan Submission and they did that job very well. The stories associated with the deeds of the upper sneaks you know mentioned them earlier range from the grotesque and the outlandish to equally grotesque and factual people whipped and paled mutilated on regular basis torture and rape was common. The mythical up Ritchie Palace featured in many of the tales is built them a torture headquarters in Moscow. Their dungeons were supposedly full of prisoners. At all times of which at least twenty were tortured to death every day often supposedly in front of a laughing. Czar he disliked to sneak over to their dungeon. Get down there and watch his show. Sometimes some of this actually is documented. Some of some of it is not kinda like with last week's super killer. Alexander Solich hard to know where truth ends in propaganda mids and slander begins sometimes historian still bicker over many of the details regarding Ivan in the opera sneaky today some of what was written was written by people who hated Ivan and had access to grind. Some of what was written was written by those preposterously obedient to Ivan. Who wrote with a bias? A fear anything. They wrote that. I've and didn't like literally get them killed and some it was written by Ivan himself a narcissistic sociopath allergic to projecting any air of weakness. And on and on you get the idea with the sneaky torture. Palace was real and a lot of terrible shit really did happen. They're like so much rape this palace their Commander Right Darth Vader Mel Utah of like around up married women from all around Moscow. The Noble Class and watched them be raped by various soldiers for his amusement There was a strategic reason for all of this. It was a fuck up noble bloodlines and leave. Nobles not knowing if their children were actually their children or upper sneaky rape children. This did fucking savage These maniacs we discussed earlier in fifteen seventy they attacked the city of Nov Garad. Now with the believe with were planning to ally with. Lithuanian is still going on Lavonia war using documents as a pretext right. Thousands were hanged drowned. Maimed raped ported That you know how my God and that real life purge movie There was a similar but less brutal sacking of Pskov following knob garage. There was also the execution of a ton of Zelezny officials in Moscow. The upper sneaky even infiltrated the Russian Orthodox Church Czar endowed a new monastic order and his brothers came from the upper sneaky. So he's even like you know filling the church with opportunity members a man named Prince curb ski who fled Muskie in fifteen sixty four spread tales of these psychopaths to the rest of Europe describing them as children of darkness hundreds and thousands of times worse than hangman. Okay before we continue one more quick sponsor. Today's Times like is brought to you by these super killers black belts and machine guns self offense classes. Hilo come round. If he's I saw show Alexander me rebrand business with cooler name. I'm not teach self defense. I teach self offense. You never know when children of darkness be back for more rape and torture killing. You need to protect self for you. Skin flakes. I teach nick breaks cross atop I teach the Copper Tate Kit. Teach shooter darkness kids of Black Horses so fast unlimited time teach cool tough guy lines like do no time at this. My Watch state board sector watched sign up today. Don't delay kill everyone way times like it's not responsible for emerging legation that may follow from killing everyone away. Sorry about that just seemed like a good spot for a for self defense or self offense class sponsor. Now this rap have the era of the children of darkness eventually like most organizations that rule through terror the opera sneaky began to cannibalize themselves fall apart. Internal quarrels rivalries led many sneaky leaders to accuse themselves or accuse each other's be treason everywhere have accused themselves to treatment. I threes and I did. It's taught me now the QC other treason increasing numbers of Zemske. Need Them. Sh- NINA. I fucking hate that so much. Officials were drafted in as replacements. Then fifteen seventy one. This new horrible experiment comes to an end. Two years after Ivan Second Wife Dies believed that Ivan himself had her poisoned. I definitely a lot of people tortured and killed on suspicion that they poisoned her Anyway in fifteen seventy one something after tax. A KNOB BROADEN. Paskov may have been crazy enough to start pershing Moscow to but in another army beat him with the Punch fifteen seventy one. An army of Crimean totters. More modern goals devastated the city burning allegedly every single building but the Kremlin to the ground nother fire enslaving tens of thousands of people man. This is a big fire to so much for Ivan's new anti fire. This is this is big. This is far number ten ten time. Moscow burned. Today's timeline and three hundred and thirty three years. This city burns off into the ground once every thirty three years. It's the most flammable city of all time and the people are pissed. Ivan hadn't properly prepared to defend the city his outputs Nina spies had greatly misjudged. How large of an army was coming for them. They told him you just few thousand dudes. They could easily fight off. No it was roughly one hundred and twenty thousand dudes whoops after Arriva Moscow. The cons army set the suburbs on fire in fourteen for Moscow. Who Really Windy Day? Awesome for people who love kites terrible for people who hate Bernie Life. The wind blew the flames Moscow. The city went up like it was made of kindling which it probably was According to Heinrich von a German upper sneak in the service of Ivan the terrible the city the palace the Upper Nina Palace and the suburbs burn down completely in six hours. It was a great disaster because no one could escape. People flooded into stone churches to try to escape the flames only now the stone churches collapse on them from the intensity of the fire around them and possibly from the pressure of the crowd squeezed inside them. People jumped into the Moscow escape. Lots of people. Lots of people drowned the powder. Magazine of the Kremlin exploded those hide in the cellar. There were officiated when it was all over in the cons. Armies left the city it was a marauding raid. Not a takeover. I've an order. The dead found the streets to be thrown into the river. Which a legend has it overflowed its banks and flooded parts of the town because of all the bodies. Surge Rome horsing English explorer diplomat and politician of this era wrote. It took more than a year to clear away. All the bodies. Not sure if that's true but you get the idea. It was a huge bloodbath. One of the most savage fires in the history of Moscow and obviously that has seen a lot historians estimate the number of casualties the fire from sixty thousand to as many as over two hundred thousand people for Fox I ask for brick guy for one hundred year now. I saw old an angry. At tired of burning please please the brick guy maybe send block guy anything but with guy. I would avoid the city for several years after the fire due to a lack of suitable habitation for him his entourage is capital. Was To burn up for him to live there. Also before they can rebuild again Ivan. Grab as much treasures. He couldn't quickly bounced now look They did rebuild again with would kid more would okay so I give up. I someone put me on the roof of new. Would building set me on fire with the Opera Janina having clearly failed to defend the country and also growing number of opera sneaks implicated on various types of Treasury Ivan Abolishes? His PRIVATE INSANE. Army of Rude Boys. And fifteen seventy two. The toddler attack highlighted the damage. That the opera's Nina had done to Ivan's kingdom the boys with political economic and social heart of Muskie and by undermining their power and Resources Ivan had destroyed much of the infrastructure of this country. Russia would never recover well again. Wouldn't recover for a long time Wouldn't become as strong as it had been. I've destroyed these those two colonnades but before he created the opportunity not during his rule. Trade decrease divided military became ineffectual against other troops constant changes in government cause internal chaos skilled and peasant classes now begin to leave. Muscovite driven out by rising taxes and constant murder. Some areas became so depopulated because people were fleeing that agriculture collapsed czars. External Enemies began to exploit his weaknesses. Turns out scaring live and shit out of your people and murdering and raping people year after year for not great for national morale. Now when the opportunity is gonNA come up for people to bounce in a nation that they're gonNa Bouts Ivan became a more powerful internally through his oppor Stena but now he ruled a much weaker nation Communist dictator Josef Stalin would later praised the opportunity for his role in damaging the boy are aristocracy and enforcing central government. Another good sign. It was terrible when Stalin thought it was a great idea I've and will continue as descended into madness. The rest of his reign beginning in October on October. Twenty Eighth Nineteen seventy-one Ivan. Now forty one years old Gets married to his Is going to be five wives and span of nine? Years started with his marriage church. Not Happy he doesn't care something he did this again. Because he was legitimately crazy others think. There was some method to his madness. When he married one wife he would promote her family to it's arbitrary new Russian aristocracy then. We chose another wife. You replaced the previous family with new aristocrats adding more chaos to the boy our class no keeping a any of them from getting powerful enough to maybe attempted coup or something fifteen seventy two years to deal with more Mongols if not fires Mongols and sometimes both the totters attack Moscow again. This time they do get their asses whipped by a new army. He's back baby loss's mine for bit with his children of murder police but now he's Kinda back to being a decent ruler. Maybe a little tiny bit. Ivan's army beats the cons army in the battle of Modi the battle of Modi one of Ivan's most important battles definitely his greatest victory during the post crazy murder. Police period of his rule. It was fought near the village of molded is forty miles slash six four kilometers south of Moscow. The cons military consisted of between forty thousand and sixty thousand dudes with cannons outnumbering. Ivan's Twenty three thousand two thousand five thousand man defensive force the Russians have prepared for the invasion. Intelligence was more reliable. This time they said fortifications just beyond the Oak River and then the armies clashed on July thirtieth and fought for several days. The battle reaches peak on August eighth. The Russians constantly charging the totters You know rendered their famed archery ability almost useless in the battle. The battle was fought primarily with swords and spears which is crazy to me nine days of sword and spear fighting how exhaust where the survivors this battle when it was over after the battle only twenty thousand horsemen returned to Korea. Won The con- left tent while the Collins. She's me left his tent and banner on the battlefield and barely managed to escape life. Several of the sons died in the battle. Also one of his grandsons. So Ivan's reputation as a solid not so crazy leader is somewhat restored here and then the next years a fairly quiet with Ivan focus mostly on getting married times and killing at least one wife like we talked about a while back then in fifteen seventy seven stroganoff some beef stroganoff right now. Stroganoff gained some territory in Siberia and add to Ivan's Kingdom they pay Kasich leader. Your Mark Tim O. Via Vich to protect Russian lands from tax of the Siberian Khan Kujtim more Mongols in fifteen eighty this year. Mac Fellow conquers good chunk of Siberian behalf of the Russians. Who hired him? With only five hundred and forty Kasich warriors he he penetrates territories belonging to con of Kuching coutroom Con. Sounds like a made up to your mock pressures and persuades varies tribes the area to change their loyalties become tributaries of Russia. Some agree your four others. He establishes distant forged in this newly conquered lands. Your Max campaign campaign is so successful in the Cossacks managed to the excuse me the manage to defeat the Siberian army in the battle of Chew Flash Cape and now your needs reinforcements. He's doing great. Just give us some more dudes and he'll take over more Siberia Sends An envoy Ivan? The terrible with a message that proclaims your mock Concord Conquer Siberia to be part of Russia. Ivan agreed to reinforce the cost expressed detachment he sends Siberia dies of starvation. Before it can make it too damn it tough to send troops out before they drains especially Siberia out of forgiving land. The kasichs then defeated your mcdyess. Two years after Ivan's death. Though in fifteen eighty six the Russians do managed to gain a permanent foothold in Siberia by founding the city of human city. We talked about a lot and last week's killer suck were sold. Nick kilts guys. The last big achievement of Ivan. The terrible was the concrete of Siberia for Russia happened to begin on his watch. Now maybe the worst thing I've did November nine fifty and eighty one right talked about that earlier. That's when something I've been killed. His son Ivan Junior heir to his throne did he really back sons headed with the cane when his son Yell at him for roughing up son's wife to the point she miscarried. Maybe maybe not nine sixty three the corpses of Ivan the Terrible Sons Ivan and. Feodor were temporarily zoomed the bones of Ivan and his son Ivan contain high levels of mercury comparable to the high levels of mercury found in the bones of Ivan's first wife when her remains were zoomed three decades later and the research teams suggest that Ivan's the terrible son was most likely poisoned as Ivan. Also I would. The terrible was preparing Ivan You know his son for czar them making him a military commander somebody him to discuss. State affairs those unlikely that I would kill his air. Given the disastrous consequences it would bring a dynastic crisis however Mercury the analysis. The Mercury analysis doesn't guarantee that I was poisoned and there is the thought that his dad truly crazy and crazy people do crazy. Shit sometimes like bashed their sons headed so I guess. Believe what you want to believe. Regardless of how eldest son died the last few years of Ivan's reign knock good? The YEAR IS IVAN THE YEAR SON. Ivan died murdered by him or otherwise. I've informally asked the Pope to negotiate an end to his war with Poland Lithuania. The Pope interv- Intervenes Elon. War finally ends over to you know two years later Twenty five years after began in fifteen eighty three Russia's surrenders all of its gains in made in this war with a peace agreement. There is no definitive record of how many thousands of Russians died over the course of this war. Numerous skirmishes not mentioned in this time line. So you know finally ends and it was yeah just all for Pronuncia essentially March Eighteenth fifteen hundred four year after that war ends Ivan. The terrible finally dies at the age of fifty three see finally. He wasn't that old just he just so much horrible shit it seems like he's around forever He said to have died from a stroke while playing chess with the Russian statesman and close friend of his. Although it's also rumored that fed up boyer's finally had enough and they had somebody strangling or he may have been poisoned based again on explanation of his bones. I just mentioned that there were found to have elevated levels of mercury when he died. Boris was appointed as Lord Protector. Boris Gudkov I think I said it right and the Russian throne was left to Ivan's highly unfit feodor is said to be a modest shy sickly extremely pious kid. Dude spending hours in prayer and contemplation. Nothing like his father. Not a leader And he also have no surviving children and the ruling dynasty founded way back in eight sixty two by that Viking instead of the first You know really. Russian leader would end with feeders death and that will take us out of this time. Suck time life good job. Soldier made it back man so Ivan Vasiliev rich in the fourth Ivan the formidable the fearsome captain poop Pants General Grumpy Gus Lieutenant look the other way Ivan. The terrible guy who should have had a better fire department Ivan Grozny was indeed terrible the prophecy the prophecy of the patriarch mark of Jerusalem had come true It wasn't terrible the whole time before. Fifteen sixty pretty. Good other than torturing small animals feed that one boy or to some dogs and maybe beaten rape and a lot of you know peasants around Moscow and having bodies women raped dumped into the river or or Fedex. Okay okay he he may have always been terrible but he did seem to deeply care for his first wife and he did overhaul Russia and some good ways like giving Russia a better legal code that he would later should on with his children. Are Darker Psychopath. Okay he was mostly always terrible but he did unify station like it hadn't been unified before he did open up some new important trade routes he did kick a lot among alas he did oversee the beginning of Russian Siberian expansionism which would greatly increase Russian territory but again mostly turn terrible. Rape Torture gruesomely. Creative mass murderer goes on black horses. Huge parts of his legacy estimates put his desk bound around at least around sixty thousand people sixty thousand of his own people he had needlessly killed. He publicly admitted to having three thousand. Seven hundred and fifty people executed choosing close to sixty thousand but still seems like a lot What I found interesting about this was how extremely sadistic and violent behavior behavior. That shocks us when it's committed by a modern day serial killer like recent subject Bob Del of the Kansas City Birch butcher which just kind of status quo almost back in Ivan's time like he watched his mentor be skinned alive. When he was growing up he authorized the mass raping of Nobles Wives to fuck up their bloodlines. Tina's son gleefully pushed people who've been tied to sleighs with family members back into the ice of a frozen river he had a pike shoved through dude steak and had his mom come talk to him. He slowly died on that state before having her raped and beaten to death and thanks to previous sucks on subjects. Like Vlad the impaler in the Spanish inquisition. This type of ship. Wasn't that a typical thank. Nimrod the today for the most part psychos like Ivan. The terrible or Barbara Della are Leonard Lake. Charles in from a few weeks ago are not even close to the norm as much as we talk about dark people here on the suck way more good people way more. Good people. Kobe one thousand nine hundred bucks for sure but doesn't suck nearly as bad as living under the reign of Ivan. The terrible did that was something about the research for this thankful to be alive. Today is weird as the Times are right now oh I wouldn't trade them wouldn't trade them for these time. Swallow still a great time to be alive time now for today's top five takeaways away number one. Ivan's most famous nickname. The terrible actually Initially meant a compliment was mistranslated. Then ironically the mistranslation suits him more than the original meaning of you know awesome or or terrible to others ever did number two ten times. Moscow burned usually the whole city to the ground. Ten Times in today's timeline and we didn't even talk about a another. Probably the most famous instance of Moscow burn because it happened after the time line and eighteen. Twelve former sucks subject. Napoleon would also burn Moscow to the ground. His fire destroyed seventy five percent of the city. Roughly six thousand five hundred homes eighty two hundred businesses. One hundred and twenty two churches were destroyed. Twelve thousand citizens burned alive and a few hundred thousand displaced. So if you take a trip to Moscow make sure the sprinkler system is up to code. Whatever hotel. You're staying at number three the upper Nina Holy Shit. The children of darkness. How weird that period of history when those guys riding around on the black horses with their black robes you know torture and killing rape and whoever they placed number four. I've may have came to his crazy minds at honestly. Both his parents were dead by the time he was eight. The MOM was murdered. The nobles put in charge of him hated him. Nobles who like the murders mom when he came in nature versus nurture definitely got the end of the nurtured stick? Number five new Info in two thousand sixteen the Russian city of oral inaugurated the country's first ever monument to Ivan. The terrible and a lot of people weren't aren't happy about it because everything you learned today. The governor of Russia's oil region about two hundred miles three hundred thirty five kilometers south of Moscow backed the monument despite pushback saying during its inauguration that Ivan the terrible was quote a defender of our land bazaar who expanded its frontiers which is true Did mention about the children darkness or or how one of his wives drown virgin or how he pushed families into a frozen river The monument also backed by Russia's Culture Minister who argued that Ivan the terrible brutal rule is a myth and that his name was tarnished by Western. Travelers who slandered him in the writings and Russian history so hard to unravel there is the official Russian version and then there is the rest of the world's version oftentimes and These two versions are usually miles apart. The statue was another symbol dividing Russian society into those favoring. Joseph Stalin like strongmen rule and others decrying repression authoritarianism. More than five hundred people signed a local petition. That said we don't need a monument to a tyrant in our city Dmitry Cry Yukan activists said it showed Russian. Society's demand for heavy hand for putting state needs several rungs above those of the individual and the more about Russia the less I feel I understand it anyways and also the more I WanNa know such an interesting place. I am sure that we will be back soon. Time away the terrible has been sucked. Learned a lot. Hope you did too. I'll learn how to begin with the Viking Collie later sacked by Mongols later led by Moscow princes who fought for independence and I liked. How without Ivan the terrible there may have been no Russia as we know it today right. He kicked off his phase of its history that turned it from just one of many. U. Eastern European no minor vassal states into an ambitious and very powerful empire. Thank you to the time. Suck team queen a bad magic. Lindsey Coming Reverend Dr Joe. H J Paisley Bid Elixir. Logan Keta Spicy Cluber. Bad Magic Merch. Dot Com from the socials thanked to the script keeper. Zach flannery a so much good info for the suck. Thanks to all those involved. In keeping the cult of the curious. Private facebook group of fun and irreverent and inviting and support place virtually hang over nineteen thousand members in there. Yeah Yeah love it Thanks to all the all seen is a Colt helping the Countess of the Colt Liz Hernandez run that private facebook group thanks to live for overseeing the bojangles emails as well thanks to be staked for keeping the discord Channel Fun You can access the time. Suck discord channel. V The time gap available in the apple and Google play stores over six thousand members currently goofing around overrun discord. Also thank you to the many time suckers who send gift the suck dungeon every week links for the online groups and the address of the Suck Dungeon in the episode description Next week we get maybe Darker Fox going lose to Phoenix. Did you kill Nimrod completely take over the suck? The spaces are voted in the topic of killer. Kids and the Scripture tells me it is maybe the most interesting topic. He has researched thus far. Always spending three or four additional days on it to get ready for you to hear next week. We're GONNA try to figure out why young killers have done what they've done. Now is the answer in the in the jeans or in the Environment. Nature versus nurture again Is there an agreed upon ratio of the two? What are the commonalities? And the red flags these kids have if any what sort of mental and physical processes to these kids go through most importantly. What if anything can we do about it to prevent kids in the future from killing We're GONNA look and everything from psychotropic drugs to violence. Immediate too bad parenting bullying brain tumors more and of course we'll out numerous pretty chilling examples of kids. Who have for whatever reason chosen to kill to kill her kids next Monday now time for today's time sucker updates time number of love this. I update come from a Russian American sucker who questions the sources used for the Solar Knicks. Suck top shelf. Russian Suksek Alexander G Rights Greetings Master Time Sucker Aka Lord of the curious but a fan of your comedy for years and two months ago discovered your podcast. I've been binging it ever since love the combination of interesting topics and your unique comedy style creates fun and very engaging content. Thank you I was born in one thousand nine hundred and the Soviet Union later in two thousand one. I emigrated to the US where I currently live today. You can imagine my excitement when I saw your last topic was about Sola Nick during the wild ninety s and remember his name always been in the news. Listen to talk about those times. Brought back a lot of good memories and made me laugh about those crazy times however the source used for the podcast is full. Shit there were so many made up and ridiculously exaggerated statements. I don't even know where to start. I do not claim to know everything about sonic but there are many books and articles written about his life in Russian only translated One of them is a book by his lawyer and many articles based on the information released by the police. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about. According to sources so and it was a below average suit and after eighth grade he left school and got into a trade school. It got into a trade school. None of the sources mentioned having a black pellets anything He did do freestyle wrestling at eighteen. Join Yami served in eastern Germany. He was never kicked out. In fact he was honorably. Discharged received a stellar recommendation. He he used that enter a police academy in Oregon but was kicked out after six months under very mysterious circumstances. They were doesn't undertaker where he met his future gangster friends. He was never in Oman. Because did not exist until nineteen eighty eight and nine hundred eighty seven. He was arrested for rape but managed to escape however was caught again. Two months later sent to prison. He managed No he escaped nineteen ninety and only after that year he began killing. I can go on and on but I think you get the point anyways also wanted to say I really enjoy listening to the episodes that deal with Russian history and your impressions of Russians hilarious. In addition I would like to humbly suggest a few topics for future episodes related to Russian History Alexander Suvorov Kasichs mentioned them a little bit say Spetsnaz. Gr Gret you hope you consider it. Thank you for all the great work that you do sincerely Soviet space desert. Well thank you. Soviet spaces ZANDER. I loved you called this out in fairness to me I did say that I also thought the sources were possibly very full. Shit and openly openly mocked the best. One I could find. I like her foothills mother I will say as far as Oman goes. The current version of Amman was formed in nineteen eighty eight. You're correct but Oman morphed out of another police tactical unit formed in nineteen seventy nine According to numerous Internet sources hard to tell with Google translate if the previous group had the same acronym or not so it may have been that. He was part of the police Group that later morphed into Oman but not technically part on Do Love the. You heard a lot about him. Growing up stories in English about this guy make him seem Like just a mythical character that was not even real so hearing you say this ADDS to his tough. Guy Legend to me. Hopefully we can find more source information for all of our future. Russian sucks. Yeah that was the toughest one we have done out of all the episodes to find any real info on out there on the web in English. At least and again you know the source I used primarily was not an English. It was a book Originally written in Russia translated into French then surely translated in English and possibly just fucked nonsense but fun nonsense Okay so curious what you thought of. Today's episode is well because there definitely were were or are conflicting sources regarding the terrible okay next up super sucker Clifton right let us know that some bad magic content has been the perfect. Pick me up for him. Recently Clinton writes Dan Lindsay the king and Queen and wanted to write. And let you guys know. The between time saw can scared to death. Y'All have kept me going for medical reasons. I had to quit flying after twenty years and lost my sponsors to be in Red Bull Air races now driving a truck and get my masters sitting and living in the truck for a month at a time is horrible. I get dumber by the day but listening to an intelligence or cast funny. Podcast makes the miles and ask clowns on the road. Go by easy I just went through quarterlane two days ago and love it. I've only ever flown over before way. Different From my hometown and BFE Tennessee. Please keep it up so much education. It's an inspiration. Hail Nimrod will thank you. Clifton man good job getting a Master's on your way to get in one damn man. That's it's a big deal jealous. I wish I would have studied a little longer in college. I should have taken some some last. Ladan Jesus Christ. I wanted to Latin classes to help me with my pronunciation abilities. Did He Aladdin Right? What life has been working out? Glad we could keep you company on the road. Hope it keeps you alert to man got to be careful all you long haul driving suckers a job takes a lot of concentration endurance pretty sure concentration but should be glad. We keep you entertained. Hope You keep doing Doing that messages like you. The one you sent in you know much from you. Motivate US well. He'll Nimrod heavy inspiring message. Now coming in from kick ass made side. James M James Abbreviated your last name. do the sensitivity of your message. James writes hi Dan. My name is James. I'm writing to you about. Joseph Duncan podcast. I am the son of a very strong survivor of horrific domestic sexual abuse. My mother was raped for ten years straight by her own father. It has taken over thirty years of therapy to be able to somewhat not have PTSD episodes and also to help her cope with multiple personality disorder. She somehow was able to eventually be able to forgive him. Sorry for rambling. Just wanted to thank you for giving your most honest opinion on how sick astles like. My mother's father should be routed in jail but now the only thing he has to worry about his registering as a level three sex offender anyway. I just wanted to say how much you have helped me understand. No matter how much pain someone can endure. It's not the end of the world became the beginning of a beautiful new world with so much. Look forward to thank you. Keep on truckin. Ps apologies for my long email. James Will Not long at all James and thank you for your email in and please give your strong awesome momma a hug from US man. She's an inspiration good for her for sticking with therapy and raising a good son after all she went through Sorry your GRANDPA's a fucking astle. A fucking dirtbag glad you feel the same now you can pick your friends but you're stuck with your blood and most of us. We got a couple of shitty branches in the tree that we have to do our best to rise rise above the Nimrod James Super Sucker Spencer reporter got scared recently. What does that crack me up when when you guys get scared by something. I do Sick person here's Spencer. Oats he wrote a you. And Lindsey almost made me fall off a boat you jumpy motherfuckers. I listen to scared as every week and I fucking love it but a box fell off your shelf and both shrieked like band. She's in my ear holes. I was washing both at work. And because it was super slippery and had to I had to grab a rail to save myself from flipping backwards up to side of the boat the podcast. Lowe's up to the hype. Once my heart's racing hit play again love. You both. Keep up the spooky and Hail fucking Nimrod Your Fans Spencer will thank you Spencer. Yes yes the damn box falling Falling down in the scared of that studio was terrible. This last week. I I may die during one of the scared to death future recordings. I watched a couple of horror. Movies alone This this last week because Lindsey can do anymore and all the scary stories. I've told in heard the past. Six Plus months are starting to fuck my head up kept waiting for some horrible ships to walk down the basement stairs behind me when I was watching these movies. Sneak Obama thank thank God penny. Ginger watches movies with me. Then sometimes they scare me because every time a dog or a horse shows up on the screen penny goes berserk scares the shit. Me Hilas Athena. Glad you're enjoying one of our other shows now for some comedy not a Common Slavic in this time but a good Wackadoo doodle story love these kick ass sucker Fritz Russell updates at previous update of his writing greeting suck master at the end of the Bobby Yoga Song. You played my message about my first experience with the real world whack. A doodle own coworker. You also request that keep you updated with more of his ramblings well luckily for you and slightly concerning for me he and I are both considered essential workers so I've been able to spend more time with him. Racking up his theories and stories the first one I remember is his birth certificate conspiracy according to him you are assigned a dollar value. And your born because you are government property this dollar value is stored in the US Department of Treasury according to my co worker you can ask the Treasury to give you the value. They assigned at birth and they will no questions asked they. Just give you free money. He's reported this conspiracy by saying that every birth certificate is marked by the Treasury and he's already received his money. I took one look amount birth certificate when I got home to see that his statement about mark was not true makes me wonder what kind of money he actually received. The second story is about a weapon the US military apparently has in its possession. It's a missile that has capabilities. Unlike any other missile it can cloak itself mid flight. It is completely and utterly silent and capable of travelling faster than the speed of light. It's every million military leaders wet dream but this missile so great. How come the? Us has never used it. You may be asking well. Here's the kicker it was used constantly in the Vietnam War. What has not seen you since now. I'm not in the military so I can't say if we really do have a missile of this magnitude or not's apparently this wouldn't matter because my coworker told me that not even our military generals. No this weapon exists only select few do including for some reason I guess. Finally a waterproof theory of his he wants showed me a map that looked like a six year old had drawn. It was a map of Florida but with the water level. Risen by quite a bit. It was pretty much. Just a sliver of land. He told me it was projected that the water level around Florida would be what his map shown in in two thousand fifty he then showed me a chart that also show me that life expectancy in two dozen fifty would be only six years old then he told me that and do that in two thousand fifty there would also be the appearance of the sewer Mon. Excuse me a superman he asked me. Do you see what all this means. I replied no I do not. And then he just didn't say anything he didn't explain to me what it all meant so I dunno I out Pesky Superman's I guess and hope you enjoyed this lengthy read. I hope you have a blessed day. I did enjoy it. Fritz this guy is Jim Slap Salmon Punch a bear fans on my standup. You'll you'll you'll get that one you get that reference This guy man pathological liar. What a wonderful not real at all world he gets to live in just gets to build zone reality. I hope you get even crazier stories. Hope shows you more maps open. Every is one of those missiles on you. They sound intensive shit. And now let's end on a sweet shoutout to last week's updates from sweetmeat sack rebecca quick great name Rebecca. A Rebecca writes dear grandmaster of all of the sock and Mush mouth evil. Dan Right from the start. I'm going to apologize for the length of my message. No Neat I wanted to let I wanted to be able to thank one of the other time. Suckers Danny Perito. I've been a janitor at my job for a little over four years and for the last month and a half have been isolated at the office area of my work because the paranoia one of the managers leaving me completely isolated from other co workers kicking my depression into high gear on top of that. My husband has been out of work for the last two months because of his work being shut down for the covid nineteen pandemic and we aren't entirely sure win. He'll be able to get back. Which also kicks another one of my fears Niger. Because I don't know if I can provide for my family long-term having Danny give a shout. Out to the custodial janitorial staff was really something I needed to hear right now I wanted to a chance to thank him for it again. Sorry for linked. My message sincerely hopefully. Soon spaces are Rebecca quick again. No APOLOGIES NECESSARY. Rebecca and fuck covid nineteen that viruses nasty little and. I wish I was terrible. Could have one of his children of darkness tortured to death. Thank you for what you do. Rebecca man so important so sorry. The pandemic is hit you especially hard hope. Your husband gets hired soon not to go back to work and hope he gets socialization. You need soon as well. Hope you pop it into the facebook group sometimes for some extra lows and laughs during this crazy period. And thank you for sending that message and thank all of you for sending the messages that don't always get red. Stay Safe Inhale Nimrod. Thanks Times I needed now. We all did have a great week. Everybody knew scared to death on Tuesday night. New Secret Suck this Thursday. Please keep your eyes. Peeled for. The children of darkness should be avoided at all costs and keep on sucking not even watch.

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