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Chemist Confessions Return with Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu Part 2

Natch Beaut

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Chemist Confessions Return with Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu Part 2

"My guest. Today they are back. This is now third appears on view. They were here as well returning for the second time because they make skin care science fun. They are chemists and they are also business owners. They have their own line of products there. The ladies behind chemist confessions which is an amazing instagram. As well if you don't follow them if you're all if you want to know the ingredients honey they break it down and make it fun and easy to understand and exciting. And that's why they're here. Please welcome Victoria Fu. Glory Lou back to Niche Butte. Oh they're going again and I think we made it obvious but we're just we hit record again. We had so much more to discuss. And we've we're filibustering we have lost. I will not let them miss her flight. There's so much more than last time. Oh who we do this all day. We could do it so can i? So we're just going to get right into it. I'll try not to be so small Taki because we have a lot to discuss and then we'll end up. If we have time then we can like you know. Ask about your hopes and dreams and whatnot. Okay let's get into it so I had the honeys ask questions for. Y'All and of course they came through because they're all geniuses and they are passionate space so they have questions. I have questions and let's get right back into him so this question is from J. Jane. Okay I've heard the chemical exponents make your skin thin and are bad for your skin over time. Is this true. No no okay. So can somebody their face up. What what does that mean? What does fucking of your face? So you can be overex- fully like you ruined your wall. He'll it will absolutely he'll But so cue to answer this question it does temporarily make your skin a little ner breads kind of just. It's getting rid of the top layer. That's already dead. It's already have dislodged. Anyway it's gotTa go and usually the correctly use chemical exfoliating. You get rid of the cells. That's overdue I use. Your skin naturally turns over. But as you age or there's like environmental factors it's slows down and that that's slowness still all problems like dryness and That unwanted skin texture so come Williams dare to help you speed. I'll get back to normal speed and you can absolutely overdo it so if you jump to a concentration that's way too. Let's say you never use any chemical before and you saw the kind of get cheap very tempting fifty percent college on Amazon That sounds terrifying. You might take away not just a self. That's due to be to leave my take away the stuff that should be coming up and protecting you from environmental factors. Yeah and what that means is year angry. Red Very vulnerable skin that it will take time to heal Our GOTO OCCLUSIVE. That we recommend in this case is Petra. Lod Good on mytalk trade of and heard bad things about and yes. That's actually the gold standard. That will help keep skin especially essentially seared very roskin protected. Yeah and I think what people forget is yes concentration matters. But it's not a competition for the highest amount out there. It's about finding and fine. Tuning your specific percentage so absolutely irritation honestly is bigger problem that we see in people's routine and it is such a big problem for people to manage because once you have irritation you spend your routine dealing with irritation focusing on fixing that correctly and no longer about like trying to do age. Prevention or target is concerned. So you really are taking a few steps back. And that's why we really try to emphasize just minimizing irritation as much as possible into give a little bit of contacts. And if you'RE NEW TO H. A. You can't use it every night if it's a around a five to ten percent range But even if you're just starting try every other night I If you're ready to bump it up and tries on the a little bit more efficacious you can use up to thirty percent. But at that rate it's not leave on product. You have to use it as a mask once a week. Moshe Max and Wash it off. Yeah Yeah Interesting Okay. A lot you out. My brain is like catching up slowly. Processed process wheel on the man. Who does every product say on it? Five percent ten percents it implicitly. Or no they don't and you know but I think the good thing and I would like to give us credit on. This is that we are seeing more and more percentages given So yeah I think just like Boris Ed. Aim for five to ten if you're a beginner And then just be wary of the twenty to thirty Percent Mark. Obviously it can be dependent per type of. Aj but we're not gonNA that's a whole rabbit hole other APP. Yeah and unfortunately someone's doing both in an hour. He's coming up at four getting. Tell me okay. Let's keep going. I'll see when they come in. It could be anybody this studio. There's always something going on. I hope it's Mark Office. Who has been in the seat? Yes he has. Oh this is from Denise I love you. She's one of my friends. But she's like the most supportive amazing. Is it okay to use? Nyah cinema ten percent along with retinol one percent. Do you alternate nights with them early. Yeah she's talking about. She sounds like a very experienced. Retinal user One percent is actually the Max that you can get point zero five or something flake. Yes Oh honey. It's it's great but No problems there. We actually do like the pairing of nine a cinema with with retinol simply because it does offer just barrier support So just a great combo sincere skins kind of under fire share shutting right. Wow Denise you're killing me. Yeah Oh my God expert okay. Yeah that is high okay. This is a question from cooking the account Vincent who we love a male honey. Hello my question is about the way. Actives or ingredients of formula can be delivered into the skin. Penetration enhancers like butylene. Glycol propane proponent deal at CETERA. Dial honey you got to brag to deliver the ingredients product into the skin for example can a ten percent nice city mode Sarum. He said mode by was probably an accident. Serum Without Penetration enhancers can be effective. Does it penetrate the skin? I literally? Oh it says sorry. I'm French we love you. We Love You. We love you and that was incredible. Yeah yeah he knows. Okay so true nerd. I'm like I'm going to be honest. My eyes crossed. I don't understand what the hell is a penetration enhancer. So that's a great question. It sounds like a porn to be honest. I can't hear that now. All my run for a pervert Scorpio. In-and-out ruin all right. So so your skin. Is Fatty Fatty there? The better job is to keep stuff out essentially water. And so that's why the top layer of your skin is mostly fatty acids colonials their minds. Which all are all water. We polling ingredients. What that means is water base stuff. Ashley doesn't penetrate your skin while at all so say no cinemas. A water base active. So that's what Vince is referring to is. Sometimes you add these solvents Play better with the fat ingredients to help the help. Your active guest through the skin. So it's a complicated question because you can't formulae without eh but they're there for more than just penetration enhancing purposes anyway so for example the calls they can help preserve your formula. Okay it can also help with With your stability.

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