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"moses yang" Discussed on Inappropriate Earl

"Brian moses yang ross battle at midnight willie hunter carmichael show i'm he night so like is important is i think i am i ate that important and the grand scheme i always sell like a no thing if i aggressive ice i can give especially to all the younger comics out there who did like always river where in this town for the most part you ain't shit you got he like i ain't yet i was yeah like i tell us all that our day i ain't jet no one is like you got to get out just do it in a venture you will be but it's gonna take a law but even then there's gonna be some someone above you you know like you you might have just on uh you know comedy central special or net flicked special and uh you know other joe rogin just pull up in it a lot okay uh so you're not the big dog right now anymore a bill burgess walked in so you're two down the peg oh well there's mark merrin he just cayman while you're three down the peg now are theo van just came and so now you went from being the big man on or woman on campus the comedy store till you know literally within three cars pulling up your you know four down the peg and that's not knowing who else is in the kitchen right now merchant free wings and those wings of normal never talk anything that of at the store but i will say that food there will go right three well i like to chicken tenders i don't i don't mind the tenders or the rapts i can deal with uh let's see if i if i mean if i'm really hungry ira can't leave the facility right now my bucket chicken wrap lescot like this is probably a good time to cut off the podcast when we're bringing up the fucking chicken tenders store mark the shark nine to seven where can people find you on twitter get plug everything you can find me on instagram at marked the shark night 27 twitter same thing and the loud cast with mark and tom on i tunes plea subscribe to a download it give it five stars we it is a great we try to peru a very good show i think you'll enjoy it.

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