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"mosel arrack hospital" Discussed on Airplane Geeks Podcast

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"mosel arrack hospital" Discussed on Airplane Geeks Podcast

"Companies on the way and smaller planes up to including the DC and. I like to fly supporter of addicts when I'm not off also wanting a mission trip, but and that's it's just money my phone hobby. I mean owners those limb five to six which was built in Czechoslovakia in the sixties is used as an eastern bloc military treatment. And it's just a a great fun platform to go play. Do you scare your fellow pilots? When you're in the DCA, go guys, you got to see this cool maneuver, I just figured out in this weekend. I don't think anybody appreciate that. RDC? It's great great old third. She was she was built on Christmas Eve nineteen sixty eight which I find very fascinating. And she's built built with all the options we needed having come right off the factory floor the car and adore her and passenger seats, and and that is the only Kombi DC eight with CFM engines on left in the world. So we have a very unique piece in history and turned glad to have her to support our global mission of supporting the world. Yeah. Yeah. I noticed that there are an awful lot of different programs and projects that Samaritan's purse is involved in the women's programs, and it just a lot of things other than just what you might call disaster relief. Maybe just mentioned a few of those to give our audience sort of a broader view of what the organization does. Well, we do last relief. That's what the airplane is really purchased for was fourteen was to be able to get get people in supplies theories that were previously chartering airplanes for you're gonna imagine. If you want to charter big jet, you got to figure out how to get the lead time, he'd if you're planning there, and obviously can't get there quickly that way as if you drive and stuff downloaded up, you're planning go. So are our side of the ministry is really focused on disaster relief. And we we do in the plane out to other departments to do things that are needed so weeks, we've called medical supplies like I said in between his Astor's one of the biggest stop rations. I think swearing's purses now. For his operation Christmas child there. Shoebox programmed into and spread the word of the gospel to the young people that are around the globe. And we use here playing for that in between missions to we've taken taking groups of people out feel to to places that it would be harder to get them to an airliners. We used to go to places that aren't nonstop travel at the United States when things like that. And makes makes for good trip. Keeps keeps the the time away. People getting down there and back much shorter Williams. Go non stop right outta Greensboro to say Georgetown beyond their couple months ago. And so you can take the shoe boxes in people with you. And and make sure great trip are correct. Some earnings. I is involved in lots of things, and that's one of the things I find fascinating is a lot of people. At MIT launch pad at the W airshows what coming to owning your the guys that shoebox. We knew you guys were going to Iraq. But they don't realize it's the same ministry doing doing all these things. They're they're getting they're doing great works. All around the world. We supported the refugee crisis in Bangladesh hospital and in Mosel arrack hospital in Liberia, they're currently have medical team on the ground in Congo. We just funny of supplies to that that were -cation. We have a turban DC three and Africa supporting many mission projects. And so so there's things all over the globe Simmons person balking wonderful, Andy is there a way that our listeners who are interested could could help support the mission of Samaritan's purse. We we have a if you go to Smyrna Spurs dot org. There's a spot to donate. There's also pages until you all the different things..

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