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"Course, more than two dozen spinouts at this summit, leading to a standstill and both direction Nearly seven hours. Landslide between Buckle T O and Everett has closed the sounder North line service. No trains running that route tomorrow. Crews hope to have it re opened and cleaned up by Tuesday. Paul Miller Camo news. And despite the covert death toll now topping 350,000 president Trump took to Twitter today to place doubt on the latest numbers from the CDC. Almost like problem has reaction from a local doctor, Dr. Nathan Schlichter says it was tough to see what the president tweeted. If any president spoke about 9 11 like Trump speaks about the covert victims. It would be a national embarrassment. He's referring to this tweet from President Trump that said the number of cases and deaths from covert 19 is exaggerated in the U. S. Because of the CDC is method of determination. This comes as the country has reached over 20 million cases of the virus and over 350,000 deaths or losing a 9 11 worth of people every day in this pandemic, Slicker says the current number of cases in our country is most likely an underestimation, not an exaggeration because the number of people getting tested. It is not probably reflective of the disease prevalence, he says. Even after 10 months of dealing with covert 19 contact tracing is still falling short. That's cool. Mose Nick Papa, I'm reporting now to the latest on the latest numbers across the U. S. For Cove it So far, only about 4.2 million Americans have been vaccinated that falls around 80% short of the Trump administration's goal of 20 million by the New year. The CDC is covered vaccine tracker shows most recipients are in long term care facilities, according to the tool. More than 13 million doses have been distributed, and that includes the Fizer and Madonna vaccines here in Washington. Of the over 356,000 covert doses already received less than 20% have been administered. Part of the slowdown is the massive undertaking. It comes with distributing a vaccine and right now we're still in phase one A, which is only health care workers in those in long term care facilities, The state says. We'll know who's next in line this upcoming week. Saturday, Frontline health care workers at the life care Center in Puyallup were given their first covert 19 vaccine doses. Earlier this week. Staff and patients at the life care Center of Kirkland were also vaccinated. You may remember an outbreak at that facility essentially marked the start of the covert 19 crisis here in the U. S. Peace held Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver. Washington is looking into what caused dozens of cases among patients who were not administer, admitted for covert 19 and previously tested negative in the past week. They have identified 30 patients in the hospital who have now Tested positive and Seattle police have arrested six people for vandalism at the East Precinct this weekend. The first arrests were made Friday night. When officers saw people by camera writing on the police building Saturday evening, They arrested two more for continuing to add to the building's graffiti. The writing did not come off in the rain and may need to be professionally cleaned. Homeowners. Time is 6 10 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk a big win for the Seahawks today. Dave Lewis has details. It took a while for the offense to click into high gear but eventually did three touchdowns in the fourth period and a come from behind win over the 40 Niners to take the number three seed in the NFC playoff sports and girls. Well, sir. Four down one to the end zone catches paid for a touchdown by Tyler Lockett on.

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