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"morton gillislee" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"Why! Morning Line. Now, you certainly came over early. Loverboy loverboy. Couldn't wait to see your little bride to be. Could you know I couldn't. Your sweet. Well if Reid to be I mean. I've been thinking syllabi where I lay awake all last night making plan for marriage. I can just see how cute little towels hanging on the rack together. He and she What's The matter Ula pay? Just haven't had my orange juice. Well just been busy as a bee making. Table engagement engagement party. Wait a minute. Do we have to have one of those? Course. That's where we're going to tell the whole ride world good news. Align, Oh promise me. Headline. I just got a wonderful idea. How about keeping on secret. Real just for a little while. Morton Gillislee. You're not trying to get out of this I'll you. Know. s thought it'd be nice to keep the secret. That's all you haven't told anybody, have you? Sanchez, one little Taban to a relative dance. I don't think we should tell anybody else I. don't see why. Well it's more romantic that way. To me a secret like this is precious to share, but if you want to tell every time, you can Harry, go ahead. Track Law your little darling I didn't realize that such a romantic heartbeats underneath that grave issue. I do believe your. After all Romeo and Juliet kept their love a secret. Yeah, that's. Why they kept secret. And both committed suicide. Well. We wouldn't have to go quite that far. Well I'd better be going in line. Don't forget, it's the secret. All friendly. Seeing that allowed. Yes Leroy. Been Own, just thought I'd take an early morning. Walk up an appetite. Matt you young man, nothing Uncle Romeo. Yes. Congratulations more walks. I understand, you miss. Their child became engaged last night. This fairchild, she just phone God. She certainly kept it a secret. Couldn't even wait I got home well. She said you wouldn't mind if she just told the family. Uncle more I think it's the best thing that ever happened this child awfully sweet. She'll make a wonderful wife and now the baby. You'll have a mother. Yes, but for the time being I've asked fetch I'll keep on gauging the secret to matter getting cold feet. So little respect Leroy now, thank you not to jump to conclusions. We're keeping this to ourselves for romantic reasons. Leroy! You understand. We just won't let it go beyond this roof. Good Morning Birdie. Three Happiness Marmot. Watch wonderful. Batch Getting Bay. My goodness Birdie did I. Tell you to yet that? She told me just now over the back Fan Paul. Broadcast it over the radio. All, she told me not tell anybody. He was a secret some secret, isn't it? Thrilling Brady is sure is a nightmare like you should be mad with guilty. Thank you very, but this is a secret, so we're not gonNA talk about. Are we not? Talk about it good. But I know you're to be happy. This batch I'll go make a wonderful white Alberti. We said we had severed. Good now that settled. THINGS PRETTY SOON! You'll be mad. BROODY Why yes? He ran a good race for the party finally caught up with you. I don't want any breakfast..

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