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"mortgages molina" Discussed on Technotopia

"Happen in the future, so. So we come into an assignment knowing what's going to happen, but not necessarily for this particular client. How do they leverage it? And that's our work. How do you take what's going to be happening is shore. And have you you know what does that mean to your brand at your company or Whatever that is our work. So, for instance I mean like one of the old stories is we tell the hired for Kodak to say what's The future film? PERFECT ASSIGNMENT FOR US And we worked doing worked in. Into what you'd expect an interview. The stakeholders into the consumerism brainstormed and everything, and we came back and I'm. We always believed that you really should set? Be Able to say it like in a sentence and be able to write it on your hand if you've really done the right work behind it. We said the future film is digital. and. They said we asked you just in this way in Rochester with greasy hair. And all white man, they said we ask the future of film is. He said it's digital now now now with the future of film film F I L. I don't think you understood I I understood, it's digital and they go. Can you please excuse us? That was that we. I mean we're that. Was it never heard from again? But then nobody ever heard from them again because it's very hard to hear the future. You know I mean what's the future for a Home Depot? It's going to be rentals because for millennials anyway. Nobody wants to buy a home rentals one I mean millennials want experience. Not Mortgages Molina's wine a whole the whole. If they want to hang something on the wall, not the drill. Like float through burden lists and You, know I think we were the first to say that the and then facebook back to Suppo- so happy. seventy-one gender types some facebook you know. We told this to like a very large packaged goods company, and he said head of HR. Does that mean I have to build seventy-one bathrooms SNARK. No, just one bathroom. Just one everyone can go to. He said I'll you know so? People get really angry. They feel like it's an attack if you tell them, what's you know a lot of times? It's going to happen. But we've had some success. But. Does that's so. How do you do that? How do you tell somebody who's who? By dentists their stay now, everything else thinks they know everybody by dente. Their financial situation identity experience etc. How do you tell them? The bad news that that film is being replaced by digital? Some my father was a a criminal lawyer. In New York. And, he taught me how to build a circumstantial case because you cannot prove the future, so you show them. You know one of the things we do is. We do bad casting which is looking to the far future. Let's say nineteen, twenty, thirty, five and back casting to the present, so as a looked your agreeing thirty is going to be this. And it has her little risk attached and go. Yes, yeah, I can see that you know we back it up and. Talk about technology, we have future S. we have ten thousand futures all over the world and Blah Blah Blah. Then we come back to the present, and we show them how that vision futures starts now. And you know when I sometimes give talks. It's really fun I, go I tell him the future starts now. And then I make them say it. and I say when does the future stars who now wonders if you just start now so every second? The future you're were in your past and it's starting now and you have to do things now. That will meet your future time line if you agree where the time line is and what's going to happen, the toughest thing in future ISM is to know how fast the rollout is going. How fast and and that means you look for indicators along the path? At least you're on the right road. Some person from Maine said. If you don't know where you're going, every road leads there. So. At least we helped like where you're going. Okay, okay now let's watch the road and see how you know. HOW FAST DEVELOPED NOBODY! We just came off an assignment where we painted like the future and we said. All? Food will be delivered home. We told that to P. and G. and nineteen eighty. By the way they didn't care for that, but offered will be delivered home telemedicine home, everything home education home. Nobody's GonNa want to go out. There is going to be polluted. The political situation is going to be worn the street that dot. And they go you look you've got. You've got to scrub this deck. This was only last February. You GotTa Scrub this deck and make it less apocalyptic. I. Go okay. I scrubbed it up a little bit. You know presented this. That's better, okay and then covert hit, and they call me and say. Could you put that stuff back in Oma Gosh because what Kobe did was compressed the future It just compressed it. Because Bill Gates was talking about a virus in two thousand fifteen. I mean that's five year I mean people don't. Not What is it called Nimby not in my backyard. Yeah Not GonNa Happen here. You know China not here, but here is everywhere. I mean obviously we're all connected, and if it's happening, it's going to happen in another. Are we creating a or creating economy and terms of? In terms of humanity people like I guess us, let's say and listeners who who do believe in the potential for a dystopia. And those who? Refuse to accept it. you know so funny I was talking to these guys at run some buildings. Buildings and I said. How you think is going to go. It's going to be okay like June, July you know I can see where people are paying their rent. maybe sixty percent seventy percent said June or July. What about how about just being conservative in two years? And they said No. Let's June July. Finding kidding really so. People don't like to. They get very very scared to look ahead. I'm doing a Webinar when it is. We just We just did it with my friend from Campbell. Soup Doug Conan who is chairman and I was telling you when we weren't recording which we created the Goodness Company for Candle Campbell's because it was such a good company so sweet so nice and the in good triplets and everything. and. So he he really understands goodness very good person, and then a guy named. You might want to interview him. He's very intelligent. Doctor Harold Koplowitz whose head of the Child Mind Institute Spot, child, psychiatrist, and the name of the podcast is particularly on his whereas my blankie Because, everybody is looking for a blanket, you WANNA blanket food, you WANNA blankie in people. Let me, see, I. You you just want to feel safe and secure. And it's it's getting harder.

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