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"mortal white college" Discussed on ITN Live

"They had talked to my coach. They talked to that athletic director. They talked to the principal. They talked to two of my teachers. They called my dad from the time. I left the Cobo Hall to the time I got the Lansing and my dad when I got home. He says you can't leave home. That's a Friday and Lansing Michigan. You trying to hit them streets when you said five fifteen years old you waiting on this coach to call and at that time. It was Frankie Alan the legendary Frankie Alan and it was like I'm waiting on him to call cuz I'm mad cuz I'm ready to go run these streets with my boys and I came back. And the first thing he says is have you ever heard of TSU and I'm like no, he's a Tennessee and his words and I quote TSU is a fine University. I was seventeen to 1:17 to 1 and what female to me? Oh I'm going that was my project. I said book the ticket. I'm going so I got the phone. I called my dad and mom dad. I'm not going Cal State Fullerton. He said why not say cuz Tennessee State got a ratio 17 one. He said that's the only reason why you want to go you ain't going there. He's I'm not important, but I'm going to TSU and he said no you're not he's dead. Call Coach spoiler coach filters stayed on the phone with me for 2 hours and said you're a man of your word right you gave me your word you made this commitment, right and that's kind of where how I am today. If I look in the eye and I tell you something that was a Learning lesson at that time for me. But and I and it still holds to this day. If I tell you I'm going to do something. I do it. If I can't then I would be man enough to you. And I think that was my first lesson. As far as me learning that that's what it I mean, if you make a commitment see it through now, you might not might have to go back to piggyback or the circle back to what you were saying. The schools I mean no disrespect to my degree, but I never had to use my degree in the job or the line of feel that I meant, you know, I try to go into law enforcement that would have been great. If I would have tried to go in the medical field that would have been great. But I never went you don't need a degree to be a videographer. You don't need a degree to be an interviewer you you don't need em, but they do need HVAC they do need Plumbing. They do need electrical but you got to pick up that trade and when you think about the people that go to trade schools they make way more money than God bless you work for the Department of Education or you're an engineer or something like that. So I think that us as African-Americans they need to really identify what it is that they want to do and become their own bosses as opposed to necessarily saying I went to college in my humble opinion college is only this is my opinion. It's only there two Network. That's it. It's all about me meeting. You you and you and then how can we utilize our strengths together to help each other get to the next level or bring somebody else up now? That's my thought process on what I think college is all about and I greet you certain certain aspect go ahead construction. I'm going to go into something like construction. Okay. So, you know, I kind of agree with you on some of that if off track and field wasn't a sports wasn't in my in my future one of the things that my schools were doing was advertising wage trade trade school. And before I actually went to Long Beach City College L A Trade Tech is where I was thinking about going because I wanted to be an x-ray technician and so, you know H bag x-ray tag, you know Plumbing Heating and are those are those are things that we were told we need to do wage. Cuz very often and I don't know about you guys when I was young all I heard was you're good at your hands work with your hands, you know, they didn't encourage us to go to school. They didn't encourage just to really think and use our brains, right? And first thing I was thinking, okay, I'll go do a trade or Sports. What sports got me in college, you know that was never in my in my future in my opinion, you know, but it got me in college but going to a trade would have been helpful for me because I wanted to be a technician because I know I can go and work with the sport teams, you know, so that was my whole idea on that and then which talking about colleges we didn't have college fairs in my home and my high school, you know, I never heard of an HBCU until I got from San Jose State, you know, so we they didn't talk to us about that at least in my school. We never had any of those type of dog. But it was more of talking to others networking with people, you know, for those who are outside of our community. You know me. My biggest thing was to stay out of the banks stay away from the games. And that's why my dad kept me at the gym, you know, taught me how to protect myself but I wanted something else and I didn't know what that was. But then once the track and field got out of Los Angeles in A Whole New World opened up for me exactly. That's kind of where I was going like with the with the mechanism part that mechanism that attracts you I'm a kind of transition to something special for you can before you have to leave. I know your time is oppressed. So with that being said are all week all of us from California are all reside in California right now, or I'm about to ask you there. I live in Atlanta. I live in the only one that went to California and y'all suck. But okay, so being being from California and like I said that mechanism that they've been taken away from us. I was talking to James before before this whole thing last week. Why is there not a HBCU in the state of California? Wow, because we have everything. Every mechanism that should be HBCU we have the history. We have the culture. We have the dynamic culture. We have every we should have the money given to us as a black community to be able to have that kind of institution each of those people that do want to go to school. We should be able to have a self-fulfilling place where we can teach our own have our own have the black college experience which is different from Mortal white college. Everybody knows each different experiences, they're positive or negative. However, you may feel it. But why do we not have that in the state of California? How can we have not as a community or those people as coaches as administrators, press that issue at all took us to have that kind of mechanism for us to attract our youth because we know we're we're losing a lot here in California, especially young men were losing those those guys a lot to whether it be the system to whether it be the streets to where they're be just cheese opportunity. I would I would love to be able to hear you guys as opinion. Why would why how come we don't have it as of right now why we don't have it right now and I can we get to that point. I think the farthest and and don't quote me on this. I think the part of this HBCU is either Texas or Oklahoma bombing got Langston in Oklahoma got Texas college in Texas and both of those are very very small..

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