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"morris hurley" Discussed on SYFY25: Origin Stories

SYFY25: Origin Stories

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"morris hurley" Discussed on SYFY25: Origin Stories

"He found out that he had been cast as superman it's insane near link forrest gump you've been at these key moments throughout her whole career okay so speaking of having been present through a long history can you talk to me about getting hired to play wet wild bill of rights care on on startec next generation and what it was like to step on tobacco that i can with great pleasure i auditioned seven times over six weeks for this part really and from the first meeting with a casting director with duty lowery through meeting um rick berman had cetera led roddenberry and cory allan the director and then because it was owned by paramount but was sold separately to two hundred and thirty seven i think separate television stations that were all kinds of executives who needed convinced that that all of us were the people to play these parts and obviously in any show in and the unseen crew that's also a key part of the of the family at did you guys participate with the writers in sculpting these characters or did you have more input into that as the years went on very interesting and a telling question having done to style for a long time i realize how little input we did have into the characters back then i mean with the exception of the late great morris hurley who was an executive producer for probably a season we took me to lunch and we talked about what i liked and i liked jazz and he said what do you play us at a play the trombone.

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