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Greg Hess - Mow the Pendergrass

"There's a new podcast app that delivers chilling crime stories straight to your mobile device everyday. They release a new episode that investigate the gruesome true acts of America's war, sue killers. And you can explore into the minds of psychopaths and murderers to get started finding download murder minute from the app store or visit murder minute dot com. That's M E R D R M. I N U T dot com to get your daily dose of true crime creeping is delivered straight to your mobile device ham abbey. And I'm is and where from the new podcast macula conception on. Starbucks audio Tina someone that's undergoing infertility treatment. I bet you do or maybe you did did you ever talk about it with them? Did you ever want to talk about it with some friends and not love what they had to say. We've been going through this for a long time. And we wanna talk about how to talk about it come with us on our journey as we struggle to become parents. We hope that it makes it easier for friends and family to talk about infertility together. So join us on our journey. Previews are available now and full episodes starting October fifth. Fifteenth. Dan, james. Oh, no. Hey, daddy. The Friday episode of. People. Greg has in the here in the Hess. Hey, guys, how are you? Doing great Hess's German for house is German for how there's no way. Impossible for that to be true awesome. We talked briefly about how we make. Well, he's fantastic. If you've been in LA don't any money to someone who is asking for it on the ground laying on the ground pool of his own urine. And that was my one man show. That is. Just the reviews are incredible theaters. My passion, St Peter's, my passion. Close theater what he calls. The magic of theater up close. Magic of theaters. My passion people are like you got to move to LA. It's where it's happening and get. Theater? Mecca of the world. You're not doing theater in L A. You're not. Theater? It's actually nice way to think about people maybe living on the street at were acting in LA, which is just like if you think of it all is street theater. It makes you feel a little bit everybody just working it out. We did a live from here. The amazing sort of new iterating of prairie home companion. We were in Saint Paul with you. And we did it with the dirty projectors, and you and your awesome wife. Holly and end, just great. Great people. Tom Papa involved. Just good people. And it was a really amazing show. And you did such a good job. And we were riffing on this show. Yes comes back. You guys crushed. It was amazing. Thank you. And the Chicago connection, obviously, you do an amazing show called the improvise. Shakespeare, you're part of that out here at Largo. There's there's so many connections. And we thought let's bring him in Dan van Kirk is here, we should say. Thank you. I don't know. What? Even when this one is going up in the grand scheme of all the ones we've recorded, but when we're recording this. We just got back from the festival in Phoenix packed sold out live podcast in the podcast pop-ups. How? Wonderful wonderful Burt crushed or crasher was amazing. You know, it was really magic the towns stories you got guys every live show. And that is just getting better. Keep getting better. You guys are so good one townie had the funny. I'm I don't even want to say like his delivery was. I'm going to get out of here. Delivery was impeccable. It was so good. And so check that out it just encourages me to tell you guys to police, please come to the LA show at Largo on September tenth. That's a Monday night. Just found out who our guests is going to be a Saturday night lives in last man on earth will forte one hundredth dumb. People tall. My gosh excited. Well, we've got dumb stories sent to us. We have one that was sent to you Daniel Greg here. And like, it's almost like the Kentucky Derby, he's like in the gate ready to go. And why are we harnessing let's get dome. Nice. Okay. Here we go ready. Sending by Jake Conway. At Jake Conway Twitter. Jake sweaters should be Conway Twitter like you in those tight fitting, jeans dot com, meteorites, methane, and the devil have been ruled out as the cause of a flaming hole in the ground at midway. This is from the arc are midway airport from the Arkansas. Online dot com website. Okay. So. Midway airport could flaming Cheetos be part of it. What why is our Kansan? What is it? Do you have the are Kansas online? Arkansas. The midway airport of Arkansas is nice. Go down. There are guys did you ever fly? Time I flew out of midway many times. The orange line. You take that orange line and take that southwest flay. Remember when the the giant airplane tried to land on on the freeway, right next? Yeah. Yeah. That kinda ruins it for you. Every like the freeway itself is called runway seven. Down there. They just they want to be a big airport than they don't. But I love that. It's meteorites methane science science and the devil. What's wrong? This foot down the devil is science. He did go down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal. Can you be a methane? Attic. Would that make you head? Totally can't the county. Judge in Baxter county ready for the is there in Baxter county. Me up to my southern judge isn't gonna rally. This is a perfect. I'm already sweating judge. We do declare. The back of the neck if we were in a writer's room, and I was like, and then what if we call the guy you would all be like it's too on the nose. Hear my name's judge rooster. T- fell to enemy of the people number one devil, the devil. You are to the state. I cannot wait. Nikki pentagram. And you. In your class. Mickey pantograph turns out to the audience the first guy to ever do it. Milking broke the fourth wall. Sitting next to his stuff while they're on class, and you look over and it says written on his nobody says Mickey pantograph like he's so contrived about wanting to use that. Scott in first class versus sketch. Mickey Pendergrast the county. Judge in Baxter county said officials are still investigating the mysterious midway hole that flared into a spectacular. Twelve foot flame early on the morning of September seventeenth then burned at about eight feet high for for more than a reasonable amount of time was not an old bird birdsong. We really we really hit that devils. I think it was a meteorite. So it's it. Ruled out methane, and they ruled out the devil. Those are actually the first three things I'd go to look at the devil. So it was a twelve foot flame on the morning of September seventeenth, then it burned at about eight feet high which is still very large. We all remember where we were on nine seven for an unreasonable amount of time. I'm gonna ask you guys. How it is. An eight started at twelve then temper down to an eight foot flame and burn Stroman reasonable. Yes, it's strange because it was a very reasonable fire up to this point. Many mystery like have a discussion boys wanna come down to have some of that hot meat down. Here. We got a flame going. So you can go first Tig, which is in between the two us or third. Okay. Tig? Okay. So Jason what's reasonable amount of time j unreasonable amount of time reasons. I'm gonna say three hours three hours. Although like Tig Notaro. Oh, so you could say the answer for me like the her Twitter feed. Somebody. I think she's. Go three reasonable amount of time is it's a work day. It's eight eight hours eight hours. Yeah. I'm going to say ninety minutes to to sustain a fire like that for ninety minutes of flame flame. What do you mean? Like a fire is this is the this is like like we have logs here. And we're burning flame is shooting out of a hole just continues to shoot out. It's like dies back down blowtorch of the earth. So like how long did that flame minutes? Okay. Ninety minutes from Randy say, eight hours, he'd hours three hours three hours. Okay. Unreasonable way man, this is the earth. We're talking about the flame shot out of this hole in in midway four ca trances in now town because the answer is forty minutes. You think you're thinking of? Random hole with a flame shooting, forty minutes. You'd be like that's a long. Faithful it's been going on for. The devil. Yeah. That's the devil. I haven't. I haven't an old faithful flame out of ground right now. People die. Every year pedal walk across the barrier. It's not a water host guys. No, it's boiling hot water. You gotta get the Graham though. That's all it service of the crown exactly got it. As far as as far as the spiritual Satan goes we've ruled that out that is a direct quote from Mickey pentagram. I know Mickey pantograph is being funny there, you know, just he's like, we have I don't know man there. He is. Palling constituency that would like us to rule out the doubt he didn't come up and stick his pitchfork in the ground and blow that whole out trying. Now. So. Satan progressive God, he's got his tight five and he's working. Right. Integrates. I guarantee you it's been painted on the side of a race car. Like he sponsored car at some point my local regional tracks. Yes. And it's like a parachute Shirley down paint somehow related to teddy pentagram. And he has like a. Called the pentagram three. Pentagram said he had suspected methane. But investigators found no source of it such as decaying organic matter. This to me is if you ever believed that God is mad. This is like God is shooting flames out of the earth at us. And if you're like me, you believe he's mad all the time because just look around. You are good, right? Pentagram said the whole had been there for at least ten years, according to a man who used to mow the grass on the private property along Arkansas five so it wasn't caused by a recent impact of a meteorite. He's to mow the pentagram. Yes. He says that his. Pentagram woman in more than one. So the whole long time. Just like a south thing right there. Like, that's the whole nobody questions or worries about their and you walk a side. There's a whole memo the glass whenever anywhere in Los Angeles tiny hole. I'm there's a rattlesnake in there. That's my working Taito my kids that I'm like there's this air getaway. I think there's a headshot in there. If you really look. Hey. Trying to get sonic the hedgehog. It's kind of like an old groundhog whole borough or armadillos he said, but it's been there. A long time. I love that. He's like don't blame the whole. This whole bribe is not God damn shame and going on right now. Mowing the lawn for a long time here, we all know that whole been here. No, go to dot damn thing. Nobody trying to say to their far hall today. He was the victim to forty five minutes and y'all call it a fire hall. I'm just telling you most of the time. It's fun Davis. He told us what he say the law understands y'all dome bastards from the whole though. Don't look like yelled get away from the fire hole. George Bailey tactic of like making people person identify. Remember what he's trying to people to not take all the money's come out. Rick member of time you kicked post for twenty two minutes. We didn't call you. For the most southern George Bailey. I've ever heard. Morlock mary. What we gave you the money. You don't remember that? That's a good one. Short. Everybody's watching one of my recent favorite parts of its own a full life is when the the. The the the husband of the teacher punches this shit out. George Bailey in the bar, and you get older, and you're like that husband was a hundred percent in the right because his wife is doing everything he can't for these kids and George Bailey's grumpy ass called up screen out. That's right. It's like just a fuck and teacher doing the job. Deserve that punch set our hall without a coat off. Outta here. Pearl hit. You got the flannel blanket Rizla, I'd say you're worth more than than ally. So my favorite part of the movie is when there's a moment where he turned George turns the other way, and he lifts off the blanket any crip walks over to that. The fireplace puts any long. Your kids. Your is thinking. I can do. I did a thing on stage. Right. Did the all of its life in three minutes. Oh, mary. Get away from. Mary married, where is she where I can't tell you that you aren't. Clarence them. All. Good further. No, there's a pool under that floor. Okay. So. Hey townies. You're listening to dump people Tom because you like crime right now. This is all dumb crime. But I also like true crime is in like gritty crime. Well, guess what? If you like crime podcasts, just like this one. Let me tell you about one that I really like called dead man talking. It's created with audio boom. And dead, man. Talking about the death row. Confessions of the railroad killer that's angel Resendiz criss cross the US by fray in the eighties and nineties choosing his victims at random before he was executed by the state of Texas in two thousand six before his death percent. As spoke to a journalist and host of this podcast. Alex Hannaford and claimed on tape to have killed as many as forty people each episode. Takes a confession by Resendez and lease Alex on an investigation to find out. The truth was the railroad killer lying in order to slow down his journey to the execution chamber or was even more sinister than anyone could have imagined dead men. Talking features interviews. Railroad killers. Only surviving victim the psychiatrist who knew him best attorneys who worked on the case and two inmates currently serving life sentences for crimes or send claims to have committed. Yeah. That's it gets tricky and deep I'm telling you check out this show. So guys listen to dead man talking podcast. I think really gonna dig it. You can visit apple podcast, Google podcast Spotify or your favorite podcast directory and search for dead man, talking check it out. Remember where we were. Guys doing a lot of whole protecting. All right Homer. The whole he said is about the size of volleyball maybe volleyball put it there. Jim, by the way. Folly ball Kim, so hard did you ever like nobody has ever used volleyball? As like the unit of measure. So many like a pot a bucket a bucket, sir. Those are all this volleyball two hands, you know, like a woman's volleyball. Why people use volleyballs for is? When you can't basketball really want to show your friends. You can't and you're in the gym. And while practice hasn't cleaned up all this stuff. Yeah. I got this. I got the glide Wexler GM Sirs Chula S I E R Z H U L. Whitsun chile. Can we get a comment? He's just looking at a bottle the Saracho, and he just kind of took some of the letters name, sir. What is it? He's just Surata. It down, sir. We need to get. What is your is your name? Your s this is not a SR what I do. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. And that's the fire hall over there. Jim. Jim, sir to the Baxter county emergency management director and geologists from the Arkansas Arkansas Geological Survey investigated on September twenty first they scoped the whole which I mean, this is the day. If we're scoping holes and dump people usually. It's very different, dude. Who works at the Geological Survey was so pumped though. Gets too much. I'm the only geologist in this whole stay like down a fire pole. Call. Yeah. We're doing it. They scope the hall with a camera and determined it extended horizontal before intercepting nearby drainage ditch about ten feet away and three feet below the ground. So the whole matches up with the ditch. Right. Okay. It's could be a soul for like explosion. Going methane man to me, you know. But you know, what happens if if a gopher hole throes fire for forty minutes. You know, what that means six more weeks of dumbness? Oh nice. This is all according to report from Thai Johnson. And what I'm gonna soom was first team all state in high school, just by name alone. Danny rains, Dan. Thai Danny rains or splitting carries in the backfield. This whole year. Shoulder of glass Johnson, and Danny rates. Could also be like Danny could be a woman, and it could be like the Tien Danny the eyewitness five news team. Raines day rains will be back with the weather right after she. She's she's so high. She's so daddy rains y'all be. This fire coming out of holes. Let it rain. This was determined to be a quote from them an animal whole now that we've figured out what it is. Right. But doesn't this beg more questions than as to? How the hell? An eight foot flame for forty minutes came burning on this dragon hole. If it's. Racket? So if it isn't this is what I assume was the extent of their whole scoping guy comes out walks over looks down in for saying, it's an animal. Right. Black hills energy also participated the investigation. They are bringing everyone everyone. We're not talking about what I'm assuming is two to three hundred people from Arkansas standing around the cops all the cops kills energy. Is there? That's the company that we hired a subcontractors to call those. Had before the divorce of black hills energy. That's his that's his energy drink, although black hills energy does not provide natural gas service in midway the local fire department contacted us to assist with their fire investigation. According to a statement from the company are technicians, respondent and detected no natural gas in the area. Just a hope everybody. Go home. You're right. Very next sentence. Mickey Pendergrast the county. Judge in Baxter county said there was no utility or fuel lines in the area. That might have been leaking is the judge there. The judge. Check it out. A gap tree stumps. Field network. TV does is a lot like if you're gonna have NCIS for some reason, they have to deal with this crime that obviously would be handled on a city or state level. Like Matlock is constantly doing all the work that cop should be right at least running. Want to close up the whole you're gonna need a hole in. So it's like Mickey Pentagon is inserted himself. He the show is about him every cake. The whole definitely messing up all the evidence. Carey that all the woodland animals are there to now. I'm just imagining every. His legs. There's everyone we'll tell you the mentioning CBS shows my grandma just came to visit me for a week. She was here during the Andrew Santino. So there was two nights where we did nothing. But watch CBS TV did you watch wheel and jeopardy where no that is like we were gone. Moment of do watch. Like we were on different CSI's in an NCIS. And I will tell you there is maybe it's just because where I was raised in my childhood. There is kind of something warm blanket. He. Trauma? Yeah. But like, I know how this goes. I've seen even new police precinct TV. Okay. Like, so it's like there's something about watching. Another Scott back, you'll show with my grandma used to be quantum leap now mind you halfway through the. Yes. New Orleans CS. My grandma goes, oh, he's the guy from quantum leap. Cram on for. Is he left right into New Orleans? Creel accent? Orleans where they show you a scene frame from something that happens in the next segment before start of. So that you can be like, oh, wait for that. That should be that. Back ULA has been has jumped into that world. Got it. Oh boy. Up with drunk quantum leap. Yeah. The time he gets drunk. He's like a whole new thing. Okay. Mickey pantograph. So there's no fuel the fire was on private property in front of a billboard advertising. Dr win more W. I N that's some drunk dad like. The win will win more win more. At the Baxter regional medical centers bone and joint clinic in in mountain home who said he has gotten a considerable amount of free publicity from the fire. I think we now know who started the. Throwing on the other end of this. Right pentagram said the billboard wasn't damage and added that someone could have set the fire purpose. Yeah. Dr win. You know what he's doing? He's winning more. Totally. There's just too many questions for it. Not to have been done on purpose. Whether it was fun or for giggles. Mickey pentagram was fun or for somebody will talk someday and have to brag about it. Then we'll find out who did it. That's just old like good ole boy crimes. This is like someone's going to blab about it in prison. I know, well, let's leave and does live. They'll talk later. Probably when win more kills Danny rain longtime rival Dany Raines took it starting spot. High school football. Rain's going down. We'll get out of your on this Donald Tucker chief of the mid way fire protection district said it was an unusual morning September seventeenth quote of never seen it before. I help. I hope I never see it again. I have no idea. By the way, this Don Tucker, he has never had this level of kind of nation for like, abject racism. But. See that again while hope on. Never forgive me while rains when he scored a touchdown. It'd be like. I was gonna say we'd more. Look, here's the thing if they're smart and this town, like what is the reason to come to this town for a tourist far whole fire? Seventeen you like July fourth here, you got July fourth common in September. Come see our fire will ever every September seven rib joint, right? There are like a hot wings. We ain't people give people. Law huge long skewers and marshmallows and makes more forty minutes. You got forty minutes every year on September seventeenth. And then remember when like what was the story we did about where people came to the fields to photograph the sunflowers like seventeen million people showed up. Would come see if our whole in the middle of arc more. I'm more. The song Mertz. The whole, Don Tucker. And. Flaming I will say when I was growing up my life. Was growing up. Yes. I I had a friend's dad who was like a Vietnam vet who was not doing well out into the woods looking for. Foxhole for holes Charlotte, and he cut off them. One time front of me. Go office thumb. He he brought up this big night. You're about to say an accident. But I want you to be like look, Greg. You watch. He was like, no they're caves out here. And he went to switch off a tree, and he basically cut us them. And he was just like you boys from back to the house and get your money. I don't know why. You're the owners dangerous. You're the one who's waiting you run back to that. If you want to help. Thumbs up on that idea. Jason. All right. There's this show has follow. Greg has on the old Twitter's chat. Hey, Greg Hess at hey, Greg has in on Instagram at hey, Greg and listen to live from here. He does writes on it does sketches on it. So funny is great. It's every day. Rebroadcast on public radio, but you can find it online as well. See it from here. Dot org dot org. Hopefully, we'll go back and do it. Again. I loved it. It was so much fun doing it. And Greg castings. And we get back to work. Protect your dome. Joan. People. Gouda. Show.

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