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"morlock mary" Discussed on Dumb People Town

"As far as as far as the spiritual Satan goes we've ruled that out that is a direct quote from Mickey pentagram. I know Mickey pantograph is being funny there, you know, just he's like, we have I don't know man there. He is. Palling constituency that would like us to rule out the doubt he didn't come up and stick his pitchfork in the ground and blow that whole out trying. Now. So. Satan progressive God, he's got his tight five and he's working. Right. Integrates. I guarantee you it's been painted on the side of a race car. Like he sponsored car at some point my local regional tracks. Yes. And it's like a parachute Shirley down paint somehow related to teddy pentagram. And he has like a. Called the pentagram three. Pentagram said he had suspected methane. But investigators found no source of it such as decaying organic matter. This to me is if you ever believed that God is mad. This is like God is shooting flames out of the earth at us. And if you're like me, you believe he's mad all the time because just look around. You are good, right? Pentagram said the whole had been there for at least ten years, according to a man who used to mow the grass on the private property along Arkansas five so it wasn't caused by a recent impact of a meteorite. He's to mow the pentagram. Yes. He says that his. Pentagram woman in more than one. So the whole long time. Just like a south thing right there. Like, that's the whole nobody questions or worries about their and you walk a side. There's a whole memo the glass whenever anywhere in Los Angeles tiny hole. I'm there's a rattlesnake in there. That's my working Taito my kids that I'm like there's this air getaway. I think there's a headshot in there. If you really look. Hey. Trying to get sonic the hedgehog. It's kind of like an old groundhog whole borough or armadillos he said, but it's been there. A long time. I love that. He's like don't blame the whole. This whole bribe is not God damn shame and going on right now. Mowing the lawn for a long time here, we all know that whole been here. No, go to dot damn thing. Nobody trying to say to their far hall today. He was the victim to forty five minutes and y'all call it a fire hall. I'm just telling you most of the time. It's fun Davis. He told us what he say the law understands y'all dome bastards from the whole though. Don't look like yelled get away from the fire hole. George Bailey tactic of like making people person identify. Remember what he's trying to people to not take all the money's come out. Rick member of time you kicked post for twenty two minutes. We didn't call you. For the most southern George Bailey. I've ever heard. Morlock mary. What we gave you the money. You don't remember that? That's a good one. Short. Everybody's watching one of my recent favorite parts of its own a full life is when the the. The the the husband of the teacher punches this shit out. George Bailey in the bar, and you get older, and you're like that husband was a hundred percent in the right because his wife is doing everything he can't for these kids and George Bailey's grumpy ass called up screen out. That's right. It's like just a fuck and teacher doing the job. Deserve that punch set our hall without a coat off. Outta here. Pearl hit. You got the flannel blanket Rizla, I'd say you're worth more than than ally. So my favorite part of the movie is when there's a moment where he turned George turns the other way, and he lifts off the blanket any crip walks over to that. The fireplace puts any long. Your kids. Your is thinking. I can do. I did a thing on stage. Right. Did the all of its life in three minutes. Oh, mary. Get away from. Mary married, where is she where I can't tell you that you aren't. Clarence them. All. Good further. No, there's a pool under that floor. Okay. So. Hey townies. You're listening to dump people Tom because you like crime right now. This is all dumb crime. But I also like true crime is in like gritty crime. Well, guess what? If you like crime podcasts, just like this one. Let me tell you about one that I really like called dead man talking..

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