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Travis Scott, Morgan Wallen hit Billboard Music Awards stage

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Travis Scott, Morgan Wallen hit Billboard Music Awards stage

"Two two two two popular popular popular popular musicians musicians musicians musicians steeped steeped steeped steeped in in in in controversy controversy controversy controversy were were were were featured featured featured featured at at at at an an an an award award award award show show show show last last last last night night night night for for for more more more than than than a a a year year year now now now Morgan Morgan Morgan Wallace Wallace Wallace has has has been been been shunned shunned shunned by by by most most most music music music awards awards awards after after after being being being caught caught caught on on on tape tape tape using using using the the the racial racial racial slur slur slur but but but his his his album album album sales sales sales and and and streams streams streams have have have been been been do do do it it it which which which is is is why why why he he he was was was named named named top top top country country country male male male artist artist artist at at at last last last night's night's night's Billboard Billboard Billboard music music music awards awards awards in in in Las Las Las Vegas Vegas Vegas he he he thanks thanks thanks his his his fans fans fans for for for their their their support support support and and and performed performed performed live live live in in in a a a taped taped taped appearance appearance appearance Travis Travis Travis Scott Scott Scott made made made his his his first first first TV TV TV showing showing showing since since since the the the ouster ouster ouster world world world music music music festival festival festival disaster disaster disaster in in in Houston Houston Houston last last last fall fall fall ten ten ten people people people died died died and and and thousands thousands thousands were were were hurt hurt hurt as as as fans fans fans surged surged surged toward toward toward the the the stage stage stage as as as he he he began began began his his his set set set I'm I'm I'm Oscar Oscar Oscar wells wells wells Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel

Award Award Award Award Morgan Morgan Morgan Wallace Wallace Wallace Awards Awards Awards Billboard Billboard Billboard Las Las Las Vegas Vegas Vegas Travis Travis Travis Scott Scott Scott Houston Oscar Oscar Oscar Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel
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"morgan wallace" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"Record you want to. Yeah actually. we're we're looking for tober middle of november to release an album. It's always one of those things where you write a bunch of stuff and and you kind of want to wait to see if you write that just that one thing that might hit you. And being the fact that I've got my own label investor and kind of make my own music. We can go out of drop of the hat and go on record Want to and. I've got so many good friends. Still in nashville. That kind of believe in me and believe in what i'm doing and and think that You know get things really going again. And and so much show that tax. Getting rid of cortisone. Morgan wallace gracious and not to let me cut something he wrote song called taking you. So there's a lot of great things happening a lot of good things going on. Well i believe in you when you get that that record. Readier that song ready. Call me up absolutely put you on again. We'll talk about it. Absolutely the seminole how to play a little bit more songs. Listen we never but people on the spot were not impressed by. I can tell you what in and they suck and i'm like we'll do this. Holy crap we're we're actually entertaining. That's really good. So thank you for coming in. You guys follow josh. At josh grayson. gra c. I n. check out love like checkout history repeats. i mean. He played a verse chorus here. Obviously he's great live. And when you get that record ready you let me know absolutely all right. There josh grayson. Everybody the best. Bits of the week with morgan number two on the show this week we did the spinning wheel and somebody on the show had to eat the world's sour candy. I'm not revealing anything. Because you know. Spoilers i want you to listen. But scuba steve. We have a fun time happening. Okay this or that and choose you can get with this you with that gassing it you can get with this so you can give it that then but to out with this. It's just okay. This is that this that this is that this or that is the name of the game or go sour or sweet. I'm going to go. I like a little bit of both though like a you ever. Did you ever liked our heads. Going up heads okay. All right. i'll go sweden okay. Obviously to that. I love like candies and chocolates and ice cream and that kind of stuff like any sweet sweet. You don't like anything sweet whether it's natural sweet like fruits or it's like chocolate candy sweets it all. I'm with you on the sweets. But i do not think fruits sweets and if somebody gives me like a lemon our strawberry shortcake thing. I'm like no. I don't want that chocolate or vanilla or red velvet with you like those sweets though like like. I don't remind them. But i wouldn't choose them like if there's something on the many of chocolate cake or like strawberry shortcake. I'm totally going chocolate. Geico for me. I think it's rooted as a child. We weren't allowed to have candy. So my so i basically supplemented real candy and sweets with fruits. A lot of oranges and watermelon and that kind of stuff so so for me it was always that and then when i got to be of an age like a by my own stuff i was like screw you. I'm buying candy. And but i still like fruits. I i enjoy okay. That's fair so i'll go with sweet west or east coast as tough. Both i know i am both. I'd have to go west coast. Okay the reason. I think even as a child growing up i was more in tune with west coast lifestyle rap i loved. Nwea the jewish underground versus like biggie. And that and that whole side to pocket. I mean i was into it. Two bucks west coast. Sorry i just wasn't into the east coast scene do more west coast back server lifestyle. Yes sir surfer surfer lifestyle. Yeah just to be. I mean. I mean there are both sides but is like that whole vibe and i've always wanted to be in hollywood. Nah and that was. My dream is child. So that's just that's me west coast all day. Every day i see uneasiness out to the west coast. I haven't got a chance. Coast the time. I've ever been to anywhere on the west coast with l. a. to go to hawaii a few years back when my parents took us on a vacation. But no besides that. I have not been anywhere the furthest i've been is colorado and that's not even west coast for me more midwest yeah l. a. Were you. It was just like a airport. Stop were there. We stayed that night and like eight somewhere on appear. But i don't really remember it that much younger so i remember hawaii but i don't really remember that little stop that we had so whenever i decided to go. You have to tell me for sure like you. Give me all the things this past holiday break. You went into the whole east coast. I feel like this time. He had to the west coast but was much harder to get to from where we are. But he's got to get the fly and then rent a car and use that to drive up and down the coast which i wanna do that Pch yes if you can do the whole thing from seattle all down to la which would take a minute. I highly recommend it gorgeous. I've done from the from nor cow too. So cow never from washington down. So that's a buckle side for me as well to do the whole thing but even just the parts. I've seen from all of california unbelievable aren't the redwoods in okay. Okay yeah i that for now. I have to choose the east coast again beautiful which you need to go to the east coast to do what we did and go to all of those. That's what i've always wanted to that as well like that is so cool. Okay awesome history to right. Yeah so much history and so much beautiful scenery that you just don't expect because when you think of the east coast you're thinking of new york city all you think of and then there's so much more to offer up there so right now east coast but it could be west coast. I just haven't been yet and it makes me really sad that i have not been to half of the united states. I know you've got to get out there. I appreciate the fact that you're starting your. You're trying to do in trying. I mean as you know. It's very hard to take off from work. Hardly option most of the time. It's very tough but But as you get older it becomes more difficult if you decide if a family then it's even more difficult to get out and do stuff exactly when i decided to go west coast. I'm coming to you all the suggestions. Pancakes or waffles. Oh man That's another tough one. That's this is a good game it's like who do you cannot jesus. I like both cracker barrel pancakes and i like waffle house waffles. Those are both very specifics. Here but i want to say when i was living in la. I was really big into diners because they have those really cool old. It's almost it's basically walking back in a time like mom and pop diners. Yes they're and they keep them the way they are that they keep fifty sixty seventy s vibe because when they film movies that have period pieces that are in that era. There's a lot of places in hollywood where you can film because it's still that vibe and that thing but when you go to these places it's so cool not only because you can recognize it from film or television but it's like it's just going back in time and diner and everything there is still pretty affordable can go there and get waffles and eggs and a side dish for like five bucks and some really crappy coffee for a dollar so and always try to go and try a bunch of different waffles. Never pancakes so because of that. I'm going with waffles. And i've tried like probably fifty different kind of waffles..

josh grayson west coast tober Morgan wallace east coast bucks west coast nashville Geico hawaii josh morgan sweden steve hollywood midwest colorado la seattle
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"morgan wallace" Discussed on Heartland Radio 2.0

"Incoming found good to see that lizard dude there. What was that. What was that. I sometimes wrong. Check it out fucking ticket out. Isn't a chat yet. Yeah i guess you can pull it up on the fucking actual screen if you want. Oh is that real fucking that was that was. Hey see. i'm serious bill. What is it. I don't get swearing. Jane he lives. Don't you pete. Oh branch realities johnny. Is that something. I could see it being something all. I'll tell you what franken being the new one. Why not getting macho mentioned Extracurricular disney's gonna appreciate okay. I agree. I think there is some. Toby always wide open schedule. So so he'll be all mcgwire. Hit that guy with his car and then seized news. When it's only to require was like a fucking amazing poker player molly's game he's talking about. Yeah he's michael cera. Molly's wants one hundred sixty seven times. Oh sticky fucking plate. Stacks all the on the carrier you. Yeah yeah why. wouldn't you just see. Why would you as the whole day she question. Why like to eat. It flowed very well genuine. Tom cruise two-zone stunt. You know yeah. Speaking of is that train thing in here yes sweet gore volve cumby dallas man in u s dies age. Thirty eight hotels. Yao ming thank you eagle. He's not seven eight now. He was like seven six. Really eager had a massive. I believe it was a tumor pressing on his to terry glenn which made him Grow to the to the. That's what happened to the big show. He had it on his right and they took it out so he stopped growing. Big bad show. I don't actually know that. I'm sure there's some truth to that if it's coming out of your mouth because we know you always have at least a hair was andre the giant. I thought that was jerry. Andrei had a i forget the actual term of the disease draw draw by. That's this is something like that where he actually the. That's on right. Who really do to itary gratuity. We have moment sounds a big one too. Yeah i gotta be honest. I thought holes person was going to be tolerant. Seventy eight well that's us. I know but still not in the united states there's aid for guy in china. I believe they meet over right now. Got fucking eight foot. Three robert wessel turkey. Buck knew it. A thought always let dave baker. The president of the hall of fame was tall scott in the us. Now he's just as bad as what does turn it off as well. That guy's dead but eight. Eleven eight talk. He's on he's been the show. Oh yeah again. Poked and prodded in the lab for sure. If i had eight eleven was you. Were experimenting on the frigate. Hey look i. Don't i don't know why wouldn't we i. I don't hold anything. I'm just saying they're trying to figure it out. Make some southall as david. Morgan wallace hewitt Five eight hundred. I think ways like four hundred. Yeah four hundred he makes taco fall. Looks like an absolute shrimp still secretary of banquets. Yeah i'll talk. Oh he's like seventy seven parts. I'm david you might be sky in the united states. Have probably actually. Oh my god look at that man. Oh if that blood snap. So india is going through the queen's body that car doors as we don't have there's no fucking ruler tall enough capabilities measure this man on measuring for. What are they used to fucking elephants at the zoo taunts. Next what am. I does good here going to be. Oh has announced season eleven of curb. Your enthusiasm will begin airing in october. Go here we go also optel session. Damage signed me up also coming back in november yellowstone. Let's go september bill. Billions is back in september. This fall is last season. You watch the last season and billions of dollars packed. Friday co shut everything down now. It's all coming back baby. Gimme a cocky show. Also it's probably in here but there's more shows coming back sees back on friday. The seventeenth did in fact Was the morning show. That is also the morning shows back. Many seats from newark is coming in like october season. Three of the sopranos we done for the movie. I'll once football is back. It's gonna be tough to being those. But like i'll get three or four episodes in tonight. I'll try and get like at least halfway through meadow. Just had sex with her are a it'd as she did. She came home. I'll pumped wanted to robin antonis. Face tony didn't take the bait though. Yeah well that's good meadow. Thank you tone. Meadows sometimes tries to poke tone dykes rarely works. Yeah no it is awesome stuff stuff happening though. The sopranos really is the best. This last episode with metal. Did kind of stink though. So i down exactly. That's the first and we're on season three. So that says a lot about this. Parental enjoyed sunshine with the rain. Makes good episode in better zeke. Can you explain what's going on. Yeah so this is basically. There's a trend going on and they're not where you grab your old self with a young self. I saw going crazy but if you look at the bottom left. Bob bos beast. Why would they do this to him. That is us. He's kind of a weapon as a kid. Singer looks like a weapon was deployed. Fuck y'all from it to best of all the gives hassle hobby cake. You're looking off aged day. Rob load off sebald sexes. Bob is that hair is unbelievable to roberts has aged so hot so that's not young mel gibson now and i love matt leblanc. But they're really doing a favor there because he is large now. Well friends for union. Not help him johnny depp. also weapon hormone second. Noble was impressed..

cumby dallas terry glenn robert wessel dave baker michael cera mcgwire Morgan wallace hewitt franken united states Yao ming Toby Tom cruise molly pete Molly Andrei johnny Jane gore
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"morgan wallace" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Com Jeff Wagner on WTMJ. Well, here's an example of the cancel culture trying to take somebody out, and it doesn't quite work. Working. Wallen and Morgan Wallace is three young country singer who's also kind of Ah, kind of a jerk and Morgan Wall and head his his career kind of blow up. You will remember Ah, while back because it was one of those nights where he and a bunch of his buddies are coming back from a night of partying and drinking. And the neighbor has ah, that the neighbor he lives in Nashville and neighbor has one of those cameras that South and it catches Wallenda's. He's kind of stumbling into his house and he's you know, waving at some of the people who's dropping off and he said, Take good care of and he's referring to somebody and he uses the n word I completely and totally inappropriate but in in the context of it. He's just being a drunken jerk. It's not like he's. It's not like he's singling this out and saying, I hate all you'll fill in the blank. It's just he uses the term. It's a slur. He should not do it, and he's apologized for it. But what happened is after that video surfaced is career essentially came to Ah, halt. The Country Music Association removed his digital content from their platforms, the Academy of Country Music Awards, said. He's not going to be eligible for this award. His record label dropped him and what happened is interestingly enough, The sales of his records went through the roof, and it's just it's been one of these amazing phenomena. His people decided they're voting with their pocketbooks, and they're kind of responding to the efforts of the cancel culture. What? Well, here's the deal. The 2021 Billboard Music Awards, which he is not eligible for since he was banned from attending or performing the Sunday show. Apparently he had won three awards. From six nominations, because apparently the way they calculate these awards. It's a it's a factor that they look at performance on the billboard and charts. They're not voted on. But depending on how well you do that decides who the winners are, so even though he was said he's not eligible, he actual and it wasn't invited, participate. Because the fans decided that they weren't going to cancel him. He ended up winning three out of the six awards. Now he's not going to get him. That's my understanding, because again he's not eligible. But based on the numbers, he won three out of six The cancel culture gets left in the dust on this particular issue. 1 31 Let's go to the WTMJ breaking news Center. Here's Melissa Bar. Thank you. Jeff. Former Milwaukee police officer Michael Mattioli is suing the city Milwaukee to keep the police body cam footage of the aftermath of his altercation with Joel also vato under wraps. Mattioli is currently facing homicide charges over the accusation that he choked Azevedo to death. Bring an argument in April of 2020 family of a man who was shot and killed by a Green Bay Police officer says they will appeal a federal judge's decision to throw out their lawsuit. U. S. District Judge William Griesbach last week dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit Ah, filed against the city of Green Bay, Brown County and law enforcement officials. By the state of Jonathan Tubby Tubby was handcuffed and unarmed when Green Bay Police officer Eric O'Brien shot him five times and kill them at the Brown County jail in October of 2018. The police have arrested a man wanted in four killings across two states after a seven day search in South Carolina. Chester County Sheriff's office says 26 year old Tyler Terry was found around 10:30 A.m.. Says Terry's taken into custody. No more shots were fired and more than 300 officers were searching for him. We're not hurt time now for a WTMJ drinking associates market update. The Dow is up right now. 258 points to 4 34,067. NASDAQ is up 221 points to 6 13,092 and the S and P 500 is a 51 points to 42 08. Wtmj paella. W com Time saver traffic.

April of 2020 South Carolina Tyler Terry Jeff Morgan Wall Nashville Terry 51 points Mattioli Wallen October of 2018 Morgan Wallace Joel Jeff Wagner Michael Mattioli Eric O'Brien Green Bay 221 points 258 points two states
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"All of fearless, which will be coming out soon. My version of fearless will have 26 songs on it because I've decided to add songs from the vault, which are songs that almost made the original fearless album, But I've now gone back and recorded those so that everyone will be able to hear not only the songs that made the album but the songs that almost made it. Full picture. Pretty cool. Taylor will release her kind of hysterical. She really well, here's the deal with fearless, So this is one of the this. Of course, Scooter Braun and Big Machine records owns this. So, she said, way back when When they bought her master's, and she didn't own him that she would re record everything she had, and fearless. What an album that was already done. No, no. Yes, she's re recorded. This is her her sophomore album. That was absolutely huge. She came out in 2000 and eight Made swift at the time She was 19, the youngest artist have the best selling album in a calendar year. It's one of the worldwide one of the best selling albums of all times, and the hits on It Will Love Story. You belong with me, 15 fearless and So anyway, she's just recording and when you give and go back and look at the video and stuff, it's a teenage voice, Taylor So be interesting to see a grown up question. Yeah, what she does with it and everything, but I just remember. I love way played love story. We did so Much doing and we loved the video night's very Bridger Tin. Yes, it is. I mean, this is I mean, other artists have re recorded their material. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see if this does anything because for the most part, they don't people are lying Add rather. But Taylor Swift fans are different and they will support her and she gave us all kinds of Easter eggs. Today's well today It's not an Easter egg, but two Plus 11 equal 13. That's why she announced it. February 11 and so on her funny with her numbers and then on her instagram, but her fans love it on her instagram note. If you string the capital, the things she capitalized, it spells April 9th, but it spells out ninth. You know the whole word. And if you take April is the fourth month of the year for Plus nine is 13 lucky number honestly. But people will rack Oh, I think I think by it in operation BLEEP Scooter Bron is really what this is. It will be interesting to see if she sort of re interprets them rather than just sort of tries to make sound alike because I think that's what Ah lot of bands do right there like Oh, well, we don't own these anymore. Let's make Let's make pour some sugar on me sound exactly like it did in 86. Yeah, I don't know what she's gonna do here. Is there like I'd rather hear the original, But she seems like she's pretty forward thinking and, oh, she's so good on this album Fearless. I did the Wikipedia on it. She wrote eight of the 13 tracks. I mean, she is a prolific songwriter, and she did other songs with, You Know, John Rich and Kobe Kelly and Um, she worldwide it's sold 14 million. Albums, and when she toured for the fearless tour, I mean, it was like huge numbers like 70 Million, which in 2009 was Big, Yeah. Big numbers So and she got the Grammy for album of the year and that made her the youngest artist to win the award until last year. When Billy I'll ish one Right There we go, anyway, so that's that's that was the music. News of the day and the other music news of the day is Morgan Wallace didn't apology video he did after using the N word, blah, blah, blah, So he's addressing it. Did a lengthy apology on his Instagram page, and it's an update from him. I mean, people are downloading his songs and everything but Um Jason. Isabella's isn't didn't he say all the proceeds He's gonna donate everything that he made from his cover of cover me up of Morgan Malan song to the end of the day. But you know what? I listen to the interview, and, um Morgan has been talking to some good PR people, and he seemed, you know, sincere and several organizations. Black organizations invited him into have candid discussions because you're there like you're the kind of person we're trying to reach. You know that you did fantastic. He what you were doing or whatever. They've been gracious, but that it was that it was You know good some anyway, so we're like his music. Yeah. And then Beyonce is opposing fat Avery Park. We've posted it for you. It's an amazing photo shoot. And I don't know. Did Holly talk about the chick Corea? The Jazz Penis died? No, that happened during our show today. Gosh, that's more music. That's legend. How old was he was late sixties. Maybe let me that's all he was looking up. I just feel like I've known that name for every man. It feels like it was in an Elvis Presley movie. And no, I swear it feels like that name. Wasp..

Elvis Presley 2009 14 million Morgan Wallace 26 songs February 11 Taylor Taylor Swift Avery Park April 9th 2000 Holly Morgan Big Machine today Kobe Kelly last year 13 It Will Love Story ninth
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"Only to alex. It's your revolution buddy. Why are you in jail for it. So are they gonna say he's not a he's an actor. It's all been to play out. The fbi is working on this as we go through. It's all playing out and In the fucking republicans accuse public Haven't a ban put. Mary garland in place as the attorney general yet so they slow walk in that they said two weeks from now probably again I was in the military fought. I signed up to fight to defend this country to defend the constitution in as a black person as much citizen. I talk about this country I have read the constitution. I have talked to people from other countries. I haven't been out of the country yet but if we can make this work. This is the best thing. I know people from panama. They live here not because you know because they can't do that. They do here back in panama. There are people in africa from africa. That are here is because you can't talk shit about their governments this way. Did you care here. you can't do it But you can places like canada. England and australia and new zealand and all across europe. So yeah i agree. I agree wholeheartedly. I have a problem with american exceptionalism. Because i think it's given people this idea that it means that nothing we do is wrong. If it's an american it's right by we. The founders weren't perfect but they did give us tools and they gave us an opportunity gave us a structure that would allow us to grow as in allow us to grow into being a nation that was debt could fulfill its promise But we have to work at that. It's the fucking relationship so you have to work at the relationship and that's everybody You know. I got black people that say that they don't wanna vote was like no. We're just learning how the fuck is process. Works like barack. Obama is really the beginning of our civics lesson as black people for real By generation that's the beginning of the abet civics lesson so now we understand. That midterms are important. Now we understand that Bet voter suppression is going on and that we need to have all our ducks in a row to make sure that our vote counts. But we didn't know that thirty years ago like we weren't we weren't civically engage to the point where everybody knew and understood how important it is and that we're at a place where people are actually waking up to part two things that did wanna be aware of their. There's large group that wants to know and wants to change. So you know we. We still have to work towards being the nation that the constitution says we can be. We still got a whole lot of work to do. But it's possible. Yeah absolutely. I think we can all agree on this. Enough gender reveal parties. No more fucking baby shower because even which was be used at that event exploded and send strap no flying all this outside of flint michigan yesterday. Police say the cannon was not loaded with projectiles and it was meant to make more of a flash and release a colored smoke apparently malfunctioned and itself. Blew up. no one else. who's kurt. There's a dead twenty six year old man because of that. Oh shit batman as as my friend. Who'd he pointed out. Gender reveal parties have now killed more people than antifa. Why that's a good point. It really parties have killed more people than antifa. It really is all right real quick. I wanna talk about morgan. Wallin morgan wallace of. You're unfamiliar He is the country music artists. Who was going to be on saturday. Night live and then we spotted out in public violating violating covid rules at a bar without a mask and they said no. You can't come. And then he. They gave him a second chance and he showed up and because he apologized. Morgan was caught on tape. Drunkenly yelling the n word is one of his neighbors and he is now been denounced rebuked by the country music industry for using that racial slur. One group is not Is not turning. Its back on him. There's two actually first of all racist because the sales of his music have skyrocketed after he has been basically quote unquote cancelled. He's not getting played on the radio. His record contract was suspended. The they're not playing videos but three hundred and thirty nine percent increase in sales. His album was already number one. So that's one group. That is still supporting him. The other group might surprise you. And that's the n. Double acp the president nashville of that organization tells tmz. It seems to her that morgan's oblivious to the white supremacy that exists in the country despite all the recent examples including the capital riots and she would like the opportunity to educate the country singer. She says Wallin apologizing is a good start. Saying sorry doesn't mean a thing be doesn't work to fix the issue that led him dropping the n. word so casually the end ablaze. Ep leader says some people are under the impression. They can use the n. Word if they think it's not being used in an offensive manner but that is not the case says the word needs to be removed from everyone's vocabulary even if they're just talking to family or in wallin's case shooting the breeze with friends or yelling at your neighbors so they're inviting him to have a conversation about what went down. Help him learn why the actions are hurtful. She says the meeting would not be about khandan condemnation but about love. And she had she'd be willing to meet with him privately or in a group setting whatever's more comfortable because she understands these talks are difficult to have so for all of the people. And i've seen a lot of this from some of my friends near the kids in country music. Me me me me men. Why can't you because you can't years the n. Word don't be fucking racist. So the country music association they record company had be be. Winans is a gospel singer who appeared on. I think it was all or roberts or whatever but he he's they have him talked to him he was wanted people. Talk to him now Personally i don't think that they pulled his contract just because he said the n. I think part of it is what happened with saturday night. Live in this point..

panama africa Obama australia canada England europe Morgan saturday new zealand alex twenty six year saturday night yesterday Winans thirty years ago republicans kurt flint michigan two
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"Cool. You and your girl out of fight, And now she's singing good batch, ran upstairs and packed her bags could be ran on your perfect vacation. You could miss Justin that you're worse that you wish to neighbors say ain't nothing man of people They know pain can wash away from moment bad and surely makes those towns less Oh, you could be doing Over from man before that frown into a smile. Real queen. There ain't nothing, man I can't see. You're like annual fishing. It's hard to know that you're getting is a little nibble here and there, you see, even watching your team leaves in that championship rain and you're feeling like my pain fit on your perfect vacation. You could be stressed about you teaching way. Nothing, madam. Damn bitch Ain't no pain can't watch away way bad, And it's always makes a classic because the last thing you remember before Hey, nothing letter bare hands. Raining on your perfect they cash. You could be stressed about your work since you wish and gotta save info. No special occasion. Ain't nothing Madam Banking can watch from Dad sure makes those found the girl left blood. Will you give me up, boy? No, higher over. Get out over. Nothing that can turn it back. Did you flowers, please? Say not Stacy. Greg. A little Studio day nothing that a beer can see. Number one from May. Morgan Wallace chasing you on the country, top 30 year end special tastes its head and afraid couple of kids in a Chevrolet. Get a little cross trace, sipping on some from the fifth stag. Thanks. Erred on the Mabel M seven to the Moon River Man wasn't there long as company Jumping man. Get down instead on now what I was doing then Cheesy whiskey burning going damn burn going down, You good bad. Anyways, anywhere in this whole town. She's in that freedom season F feeling that guy gonna do soon. Isn't that you me? Always see marry view. You're someone new still chasing Stale chasing You always talk about your leg. I heard you got far. Santa Fe way. No, I tried to track you down. Only got sarin gets on, Sam. Singing about a girl I used to know. You know, you should know that I haven't given love founder Stony radio side always burning going down burning males. Girls. Good, bad feel last. Anyways, anywhere this away, Sam takes a map for you season that feeling that guy gone too soon. Isn't that you me? Always see marry view. You're someone who's still chasing Failed chasing you to whiskey. Burning going down, burning going down season, you jackals. Good, bad deal and any wist anywhere this whole Sam Jason, that freedom season left feeling that guy gone too soon. Is it like you mean it? See, Marry view. You mean so do still chasing still chasing still still sand you chasing you from Morgan Wallen. He arguably.

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"morgan wallace" Discussed on KOMO

"In fact, we found out what country star canceled by SNL. Getting a second chance. Damn it that is so proud. Last month, Morgan Wallace was set to make your Saturday night live debut, and he was excited, so excited. He went out partying the weekend before picture it up all over social media, him in bars, no masks, no social distancing, breaking covert protocols, so he was disinvited by the show he was bombed, Apologetic, said he needed to make changes in his life. Now he's getting a second chance. He's scheduled to be the musical guest next week. Tweeting out. Let's try this again. Jason Bateman will be the host Jason Nathan's an ABC NEWS Hollywood A recent survey on the state of anti Semitism in our country reveals many Americans aren't even familiar with the meaning of the term. I'm ELISA Jaffe with your camo extra Holly Health Nagel, The American Jewish Committee is US director for Combating anti Semitism, says Being anti Semetic is more than just the hostility or hatred toward Jews, she says. It's a perception that they could be connected to evils in the world. 6% of US adults. Not familiar with the term anti Semitism or have heard it but didn't know what it meant for in 10, members of the general public believe that anti Semitism has increased in the last five years, but that number is double for the American Jewish community who have gone through Pittsburgh Power a Monte Jersey city. These attacks eight in 10. American Jews believe it's increased, so there's a discrepancy really between the public and at the Jewish community, Hoofnagle says. Many American Jews now avoid public wearing, carrying or displaying of items that might reveal their religious identity. We're finding That one in three Jews in the past five years have hidden their identity as a Jew in an in America. We've also found that since the tree of life shooting in Pittsburgh two years ago, 56% of American Jews, synagogues or institutions have added new measures of security to make you feel safe when they worship ELISA Jaffe, and that's your camo extra. ABC News is next Stay safe. Seattle social Distancing and masks are important, but so is knowledge. Stay connected..

Morgan Wallace ELISA Jaffe American Jewish community American Jewish Committee US Pittsburgh SNL Jason Bateman ABC News Seattle Jason Nathan Monte Jersey Hoofnagle America director
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"When you think of the crest doesn't come to mind way have Meghan this stallion here as your 80 40 Guess what's up your eyes making value a hottie filling in for Ryan while he's off this weekend, Okay, so check this out a while back their diploma jump into this dirty river, and he did it. I believe he really did it. We were like in Finland for a festival and everybody knows I love to play through the dare. And I just really want to see how far he will take it and I have to tell you diplo. He's about their lives. Now, he says the old movers and diplo. I have not forgot about this. Coming through. And now here's my boy diplo with Morgan Wallace and Julia Michaels. If heartless, at number 27 So you're going on a countdown to you called. It's just one of those things you do and you're lonely and you're all about the chase. But you won't ever let me catch but along And you only myself. Tonight tonight with death, another kind of went out on Saturday morning came Leave leave. That's Harlan's by DIPLO. Morgan while in feature and Julia Michaels and number 27 What's up is making failure. Your guest health, a k a your hottest holes this weekend and pull a couple of weeks ago I performed on a beefy awards, and that was such a huge moment for me like that was one of my biggest Performances yet and I know all the hotties loved it. And I'm so happy that I got to do it. I told him. Look, I want to do like a mad next type situation, Jack. Well, he really came through with the production shadow to you to quote Thank you so much. Um yeah, that's just work came from anyway, not to beat you for having me It was so much fun. Now let's get back to the music number 26.

Morgan Wallace Julia Michaels Finland Ryan Meghan Jack Harlan
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"Me say this budget Morgan the your reputation at Saint Jude has been they kinda got to drag you out of there sometimes because you're known as guide stays around the long a sound like once you talk with the family the kids there yeah man so it's really I don't know it's it's something that's really means a lot to me just because I don't know I guess I have a sort of a compassion for that kind of thing I've never really had a personal you know family member or a kid that's been through that but I've known people my dad was a pastor going up the charts and he you know he dealt with that some and I guess I got some of his heart when it comes to stuff like that and yeah I enjoy you know trying to to make them feel better another there's got to be tough another probably tired a lot and it's it's gonna be you know they're away from their home and away from most the people they love so try to just be a little bit of a light to families never pay bill Saint Jude that's why we're raising money today for treatment our travel housing or food and St Jude treats patients from all fifty states all over the world doctors in the toughest cases St you from everywhere because they have the world's best survival rates so as we say be a partner hope you know we've also we're trying to entertain you as well that's what Morgan came at Morgan Wallace here is like I can play and so hopefully you're inspired hopefully that you know you hear some of the stories to the show any and you want to get twenty Bucks a month to help you know hopefully we're doing both winter Tennessean inspiring and I you can also call eight hundred seven nine five eighteen hundred you know I like to hear Morgan for taste it again to request here yeah I had laser you play chasing you our I know that you that's new song it is here that I haven't heard you play that like broken down on here on the radio sometimes the good one I like playing a broken down I'm yes as good as I find any other way yeah you like the song or no no I hate it yeah it's actually it's one of my favorites man that I've that I've wrote so far one of my favorites on my own to sister around when I first moved here to Nashville and it's it's a song that can help me get there Tom my life too so it's best for me by Morgan Wallace here here is chasing you two three we used to chase said Jan for governor keys instead of les gets a little there when we cross tricks sippin on some from a paper saying he hangs Sir known to many Pullin slip into the mountains there if they were very long as Japanese and German name I guess I still don't know what I was doing in seizing this he learning learning JZ that's a anywhere there is no season now freed offices in that land news so says in that you in my you and some more Jay's noon yeah he always used to our combat LA I heard you got as far as saying of Hey you know what's sad to chat queue down but I only got as far as get some the saying about a girl Houston Houston no shoes no home Linda I haven't given her arms and was the only radio chasing.

Morgan Saint Jude