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"Declare victory here in the United States European Union approving a vaccine passport as a way to get more travelers to the EU this summer. You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues on Homo news. 1000 FM 97 762 right now mostly clear skies. We're seeing a few clouds in some spots. Some some places are not very warm this morning. It's only 42 degrees in Olympia right now, along with Greg Herschel time manufacturer. Here are the top stories from the Coma. 24 7 News Center. We can learn later today who the first big winner is in Washington state's shot of a lifetime lottery. But it's the chance of winning a million bucks causing people to come in for their shots. Or is that so? Here's co most Brian caliber when asked if demand for vaccine is up, Christie weeks with the state Lottery said, just from what we've seen and heard, Yes, we are seeing an increase, but some, including Snohomish County, Sean Frederick wonder about the effectiveness of the incentives. We haven't seen any indication, either through the health care system of an increase demand. Washington's vaccination rate for those aged 16 and up is sitting at 64%. And the hope was that the Lotto incentive would propel us to 70% by the end of the month, so the state could be fully reopened as Washington continues to bank on the idea of the state next door is watching. We are definitely looking at what's happening in other states. Silky shark Talaq is a health administrator in Idaho, a state that's been mask mandate resistant and has already fully reopened. She tells Kxl why they would push conservative lawmakers for incentives if they can prove free money and prizes actually work. Brian Calvert COMA NEWS, The State Department of Health reports 710 new coronavirus cases since the last update. 80 more 84. More people have been hospitalized. But the statewide death toll has actually been lowered by 71 after a review found that that number of deaths was not covid related. As for vaccinations, more than 7.2 million doses have been administered in our state. So far, Snohomish County grocery store workers could get a temporary pay raise and a public facing county employees would get a one time bonus. Under a plan to reward those working on the pandemics front line. There's Cuomo's Corwin Hack with the story. Snohomish County Executive Dave Summers notes the significant personal risk grocery workers and many county employees have faced for well over a year as they filled essential roles. Brookings Institute video from April supports hazard pay for Grocery workers want to see workers like myself get paid more than minimum wage. My associates have to deal with people at the door. Act in a hostile manner when being asked to put on a mask. Summers.

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