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"moore proctor" Discussed on NPR News Now

"For a better tomorrow learn more at code for america dot org live from npr news in washington. I'm jack speer. President biden was promoting his climate agenda with a trip to colorado today including outlining the costs of continued inactivity appears asthma holidays traveling with the president and follow this report from air force one. The president repeated his concerns that climate change is a code red situation. He pointed out that in the last few weeks his seen destruction firsthand from extreme weather in louisiana new york and california part of a pattern of extreme weather events that have been linked to global warming. Here's the good news. Something that is caused by humans can be solved by humans. The president's remarks came after a tour of the national renewable energy laboratory in colorado action on climate. Change is a key part of the budget. Reconciliation bill in congress democrats have yet to agree on what that bill should include and how much money it should be as mahala npr news solder. Gamble is pledging to have net zero greenhouse gas emissions in less than twenty years cincinnati. Public radio's to lean almond dada says moore proctor and gamble is one of the biggest commercial goods companies in the world. Though ohio-based company says it plans to make changes at every level of operations from its supply chain manufacturing to raw materials it already cut absolute emissions by more than half over the last ten years through energy efficiency and renewable electricity efforts to make a difference. This decade p. and g. says by twenty thirty it helps to reduce emissions across operations by another fifty percents and reduce greenhouse gases generated through its supply chain by forty percents for npr news. I'm julie dot is in cincinnati disturbing portrait of the final weeks of the trump presidency by journalists. Bob woodward and robert. Kosta the washington post today. Reporting on the first excerpts of the book entitled peril including a section where chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark millions reported to of twice called his counterpart in china to assure him the. Us had no intention of launching an attack or suddenly going to war amid concerns about trump's mental state senior defense department official confirmed the account. Some republicans have called for millie to step down government. Relief payments had millions of americans out of poverty last year. That's according to new data and laura walmsley as more last year the rumour than thirty seven million people living in poverty in the united states the official poverty rate went up last year by one percentage point after five straight years of declines but by a different measure taking into account government benefits and emergency covert relief payments. The sheriff people in poverty actually dropped last year by two point. Six percentage points the takeaway says the bureau is that the social safety net prevented millions of people from falling into poverty. Data also showed that nearly nine percent of americans didn't have health insurance at any point last year laurel wamsley. Npr news washington day on wall street. The dow dropped two hundred ninety. Two points the nasdaq fell sixty seven points. The s&p was down twenty five points today. This is npr. Notwithstanding the damage to air travel caused by the corona virus pandemic airplane builder. Boeing says it is upbeat about future demand for airplanes boeing announcing today it expects the aerospace market it'd be worth upwards of nine trillion dollars over the next decade that includes planes for airlines and military uses as well as other aerospace products and services accord in china is ruled against a woman in a sexual harassment case that has been seen as a bellwether for china's struggling metoo movement as npr's john roy which explains the court said. The charges did not meet the burden of proof josiah show and launched her case in two thousand eighteen for years after she says she was sexually harassed while interning state broadcaster. Cctv joe has come to personify china's metoo movement the person she accused a male anchor named jujan denied the allegations. He also sued joe for defamation. Complicating her years long legal battle now. According beijing has thrown out or case saying the evidence didn't stack up the ruling was yet another blow for the metoo movement in china. Which has fizzled under pressure and censorship from the authorities last week a court dropped a sexual assault case against a former employee of the e. Commerce company alibaba john rich. Npr news sequoia national park amid a threat to its namesake. giant trees posed by wildfires. Burning nearby is shutting down for the moment. Park officials say two fires were ignited week apparently by lightening of combined now burning in steep and dangerous terrain. Both expires expected move toward the forest park. Spokesperson however says the forest areas not imminently threatened. I'm jack speer. Npr news in washington. This message comes from npr sponsor. Xfinity celebrate historically black colleges and universities with a collection of tv shows movies and more. 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