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December 23: Hard to excuse

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December 23: Hard to excuse

"Hi i'm michelle. Shepherd host of uncover sherman any from cbc podcasts in nineteen. Ninety nine fifteen year old charmian on devel- disappeared on her way to a job that police believed in exist. For months later her remains were found in a wooded ravine. I revisit the case that a stayed with me for over twenty years ever since i first covered it as a cub crime reporter for the toronto star. You can find uncovered cher meany on. Cbc listen on your favorite podcast app. This is a cbc podcast. Hello i'm helen ma'am and i'm samir. Amoy odin this is as it happens. The podcast edition tonight hard to excuse. Donald trump has pardoned four former blackwater contractors for the killing of fourteen unarmed iraqi civilians. A lawyer victim says pardons are supposed to correct injustices not perpetuate them taking one for the quarantine a new brunswick nurse knew her work in a covert ward might mean christmas in a hotel room and as much as she's missing her kids. She says she'd do it again in a second snow joke. A quebec cyclist is determined to draw attention to roadside safety and he is so committed. He's biking across the country in the dead of winter to prove his point grounded. Prime minister justin trudeau. Says news of another canadian. Vaccine approval may have our minds. Wandering now is not the time for holiday travel. Our presence is our present. Well that and our annual holiday readings including this evening's installment which reminds us. That gift giving goes wrong. It's the thought that counts and damsel dispossessed french writer. Madame duar coined the term fairytale but spent years in obscurity. Now a new interpretation of her work promises. Something magic is it happens. The wednesday edition radio that sorry history treated her fairly talk. Donald trump has pardoned the perpetrators of the nicer massacre. The four military contractors were serving sentences for the murder and manslaughter. A fourteen on armed iraqi civilians in two thousand seven a court had found the forehead without provocation opened fire with machine guns grenade launchers and a sniper rifle on a crowded traffic circle. Gary mani is a north carolina lawyer who represented families of the dead in a civil suit for wrongful death against blackwater. The contractor's employer. We reached mr monti in charlotte. Mr mani what message to these pardons send to your former clients. But there's an injustice that's been served upon them again. This is sort of the revival or or perpetuation of the injustice. That was done to each of them. Back in two thousand and seven and The power of the pardon is typically used in this country to correct injustices. And i think here has done nothing. But perpetuate the initial injustice from two thousand and seven. Can you take us back to the day that that. This all happened because there will be many listeners. Don't remember on september. Sixteen two thousand and seven Convoy of blackwater contractors exited the green zone which was the the safe zone where the military was cap and they exited the green zone without permission and they drove to an area like a a a large traffic square and as they were approaching they stopped and they were not supposed to be there to begin with and at some point. One of the members of the convoy began shooting at the oncoming cars in nicer square. And these were just innocent. Civilians that Happened to be passing through the square. One of them was a taxi driver and his name was mati. Shaam key he was twenty five he was shot and killed and then another of our clients was a gentleman named abraham a he was a seventy year old former. He was the father of seven. Another one of my clients was really the public face. Probably on the massacre his name was ali kanani a nine year old boy very difficult to talk about even after all this time Little ali was in the car with his father who was In the Automobile business and little league was shot in the head and killed. They didn't even realize that he had been shot at the time they thought they had managed to get through. But then they realize that there's little boy had been killed and once one person into the convoy started. Shooting a number of the other members of the raven. Convoy also joined in with some of the others trying to stop it. The contractors who opened fire had claimed that they had been attacked. Was there ever any evidence of that. The united states army and counterterrorism unit from the fbi investigated the scene of the massacre and determined that it was completely unprovoked. Shooting blackwater had several defences including saying they were fired upon first but that was determined to be factually untrue. It was an unprovoked attack. Some of your clients Ended up giving evidence for the criminal trial against these guards can. Can you tell us the lengths. They had to go to to pursue his case against blackwater. They had to fly over here. They had to be prepared for testimony and they did all this at great risk to themselves because it was a war zone in iraq for many years so the safety of each of the witnesses was of concern and the very first witness was Little ali's father mohammad kanani believe he testified for two days. You know a very difficult thing about the death of his little boy. And i do think one of the things that stands out in my mind is that general derna and our government a condolence check. I don't remember the amount was a small amount to the kanani family. And mrs kanani took half of that check to the american embassy to make a donation on behalf of the soldiers that had fallen in iraq. Over the course of the war so these were really awesome families with the. They're real people people that were caring for their families and loving their sons and daughters and to tap into be in that traffic square now square on that day. September of two thousand seven. So it's just. The news of the pardon has been very difficult to accept. I have to say when you do get a chance to speak with their clients. What will you say to them that we love them that they saw from us in our efforts for them and the judges and the court personnel that were involved in their case here that there are americans that deeply believe in our system of justice and even back when this case came to my law firm and there were questions that we were frequently asked. Can these muslim families receive a fair shake here in our justice system and our answer to that question was we believe that they could and they did so what i would say is. I guess that i don't believe that. What the president has done should be viewed as a reflection of the united states as a whole and that there were a tremendous number of people like the folks in the fbi. The army that risked their lives to investigate this and to bring this to trial. They risk their lives for these folks and they did it for a reason and i believe the reason that the federal prosecutors in the folks in the fbi did this was because they share the same belief that this was the place where you can come and get justice and our system will be fair to you. It's not always perfect. It has its problems. There's no doubt but at least in this particular case it's my belief they received on the civil side justice and i believe they also received ultimately on the criminal side justice and this step by the president certainly unwinds it but it doesn't change what the american citizens did in standing up for them and against what happened at niger square on september. Sixteen two thousand. Seven mr mani. I really appreciate you taking time to speak with us today. I'm very sorry for it's still emotional to look at the photos of these folks and the massacre that traffic square. It's very hard. And when we listen to our clients talk about this it would be powerful and so moving. I i just think that people have to realize that these were real people in iraq leading their lives like we do farmers and taxi drivers and businessmen doctors going about their daily lives as best they could over there only to have their laws up ended in forever changed by just a terrible act by these particular blackwater shooters. Thank you bye-bye goodbye. Gary mani represented the families of some of the fourteen unarmed iraqis who died when blackwater contractors opened fire on a crowded baghdad. Traffic square in two thousand seven yesterday. Us president donald trump. Pardon the four men convicted of murder and manslaughter at a criminal trial. Canada has given the green light to a second covid nineteen vaccine today. Health canada announced. It had approved the job by biotechnology company. Moderna it comes after. The federal department approved the pfizer. Biontech vaccine earlier this month. Prime minister justin trudeau spoke about the approval during a press conference today and also address the issue of traveling during the holidays. Let's be clear. This is not the time for a vacation abroad. Even if you travel every winter please rethink your plans. In many parts of the country hospitals are already struggling to cope with new cases. There are new strains of this disease in places like the united kingdom. The situation is very serious by staying home. I following public health rules. You can be part of the solution. Canada continue to have significant travel and border measures in place for anyone entering the country. Unlike most of our we have a mandatory two week quarantine including for canadians returning to the country in march. We've brought in these measures which continue to be some of the strongest in the world to keep people safe and save lives today just like on day one protecting you and your family is our top priority. That's why in addition to the significant measures. We already have in place. We acted quickly. On additional travel restrictions in response to the situation in the united kingdom. On sunday i convened the incident response group to discuss the new variant of covid nineteen that has been identified in the uk. Our government temporarily suspended all commercial and private passenger flights from the uk to canada. Today i can announce that we will extend this temporary suspension of passion passenger flights from the uk to canada for another two weeks until january six. So we can prevent this new variant of covid nineteen from spreading in canada. That was prime minister. Justin trudeau speaking earlier today in front of rideau cottage across the country. People are preparing for christmas home alone for many. That means fewer people around the christmas tree. But for terry taylor. It means a hotel room. Miss taylor is a nurse from fredericton new brunswick and last month. She left her four children to travel to a nursing home in saint john where a covert nineteen outbreak had been declared thankfully. The nurses were able to get the outbreak under control. But now miss taylor must quarantine in saint john hotel room. We reach terry taylor in saint john new brunswick high terry. How are you doing today. Hi i'm not too bad as good as you. As good as i can be doing an isolation i suppose what are you doing to make that hotel room feel a bit more like christmas Actually a friend of mine from fredericton arranged to have a tree delivered and one of the other nurses from here from tucker hall. She dropped off decorations as well. There's a couple of ladies from a local church. You've dropped off some beautiful items so it feels a little christmassy but you know. I missing my my favorite decorations major. Baby your kids Of why was it so important for you to make that sacrifice to to leave your family over the holiday season and go where your help was needed. Well for starters. I mean i'm a nurse and there's that that strong desire to to help people but also Few months ago well almost a year ago. January eighth my oldest son was a car and we almost lost them he He was rushed here to saint. John wasn't expected to live Where he remained in a coma for the next couple of weeks anyway and while all of that was going on. So of course that's in another city and the shannon cts here Shannon is the company that i worked for. Put me up in on. Put me up in one of their rooms and they made it possible for me to remain by my son side and that was the only way that that i could do it so then when the break happened at that same campus the same campus. That helped me so much. I just. I knew that it was something that you know they could do into do. What was it like for you to walk into that cova toward it at tucker home nursing home when that oprah was underway He was really surreal. I remember opening that door and the second had opened there was this overwhelming feeling of Kind of the point of no return because now you are no matter what you've been exposed to covid it. There's no turning back. Did you ever regret making the choice. No no there's been moments set Have been harder than others. Certainly but Watching just the connection that we that we were fortunate enough to develop with the residents. They were there. Were just so lovely in. The families were so so so grateful and appreciative. And i know you know. It wasn't very long ago. That i was on the receiving end of of you needing medical care. I'm proud to be able to to provide you know Hopefully a good level of care to To these patients and you give their family some some comfort knowing that they're they're not just having their needs met they're being cared for was sounds like you did do exceptional work. You and the rest of the team because as i understand. You didn't lose anybody. In a group of people aged seventy two one hundred. They all recovered. Is that right. That's right that is correct And definitely a testament to the team and the resources provided to us we You know i'm only one of twelve Staff that were in that were physically in the dca. So and the the stuff that i was fortunate enough to work alongside of. There's there's some of the greatest group of of nursing staff that i've ever met. They were truly phenomenal. You said earlier that there were harder moments. What were they watching somebody. Struggle to breathe is probably one of the hardest things i in my opinion to watch and you know we had. We had a few that were were really struggling to get the oxygen they needed so it was. You know it was tough to to watch that but but they all like like we said we they all did recover and that was that was the highlight was getting to watch them. Go from being very very very ill You know there's three or four that we we didn't know which way it was going to go on a couple of different occasions and just watching them pull through and watching them them rally and and just come back around as it was so inspiring they. They hear the strong ones. How how are your own children dealing with the fact that you're not spending christmas with them It's quite challenging You know but. I am a single mom. So they're they're with their dad and and we're going to celebrate when i get home there but there there definitely. They're really sad it was. I had a really really emotional. Sorry i had a really tough video call with some morning and it was. It was the only reason it was tough. Was missing them so much and i know that they certainly feel the same. I asked my daughter. This morning You know if if this happened with which he want me to do it again. And my oldest son. He said yes my little girl. She was a hard. No and what is the age range My youngest addison is ten and then i have a boy brendan. Who's fourteen daughter julia. Who seventeen she actually also turned seventeen while i was in quarantine Her birthday was december seventeenth. So the double whammy for her and my oldest alex is when does your quarantine finish Well ironically enough 'cause there's not very many people that that wanna put twenty twenty behind us as badly as as i do You know it was forevermark. The year that i almost lost my son. And i did lose him in some ways You know there's there's certain things that will never come back so december thirty first when we When that clock strikes midnight into twenty twenty one. I'm a free woman and your new beginning will be especially meaningful. It seems that's right. Yeah it's it seems so symbolic to You know just to start the euro that way. What message do you have for people who are being told to stay home this christmas to stay with their immediate family and what it might mean for them because they're going to be some of them alone to offer all the kindness and love. You know that you can do each other and to yourself. You know this has been a year like no other and we just. We need to be gentle on ourselves and just stay home. Yeah is someone going to bring you a good christmas dinner. Yes actually there's One of the ladies from from the church here She's going to bring me christmas dinner so glad to and they've given me all the christmas baking i can handle. I'm gonna need a gym membership. But i leave here a little bigger when you leave when you're christmas for a best of the holidays. Merry christmas and and it's it's wonderful to hear what you've achieved this year. Thank you so much and best wishes to you and yours as well all right. Thank you terry by. Terry taylor is a new brunswick nurse who will be spending christmas in quarantine. We reached her in saint john I'm not sure how you spent your morning today. But i somehow doubt it looked anything like louis youssef Liaise unless you're outside on your bike at sunrise ready for another full day of winter cycling in which case apologies and you should really get to know mr couturier. He's a quebec cyclist. Who left the gaspe peninsula in november and hopes to hit vancouver by mid march in other words. He's writing across our famously wintry nation at its wintry est and not for nothing. We reached mr couturier during a stop in. North bay ontario lewis. Just give us an idea what it has been like to be out there riding for hours and hours in this winter weather well. It's it's pretty fun if you want my point of view this is what kind of But i enjoy inline writing in the sweater So so far. It's been good so far. It's been quite a challenge but a fun challenge. I would say what have been the biggest challenges. The road has been brutal From toronto to here because like you got the expressway. Eleven from toronto to north vape. But if you're going by bicycle you have all these detours you have to make. That are true. The mound things. And there's no pay shoulders It's kinda risky. So it's a challenge for cyclists in the summer. It's even more a challenge for cyclists in the country. What kind of gear or are you using. So you don't freeze to death so my tip for eighty one that want to stay warm in the winter is usable so cortex and roll over. Keeps you warm. Even if you're sweating so that's really the key first thing one. Where are you sleeping tonight. so most with time i sleep in my tent I'd say most of the time. And sometimes i get hosted by people in their garage shots just to avoid Spreading cove around. I cannot play sleep inside. And just it's another challenge but i can get There's something more than just the pleasure in in cycling driving. You tell us what major set out on this trip. Well it's it's also that they lost A friend cycling. She was going in the cycle Tour and she got hit by a truck the first day that she was going on the tour and i feel it was sad of course but it was also absurd in the sense that better cycling infrastructure is she could have been saved and i told myself i would do anything so that canada could get. That is cycling infrastructure. And that's the message that one. I wanna spread across canada as i cycle in the winter. What was your friend like. She was Cyclist she did Cycle touring around the world. She was also a great dancer. Hang good answer. She was involved as citizen. She really want a better world and it's a huge loss for family and friends. This kind of a way for me to. I feel that i could help people that been chewed the same situation as a need by raising the point. That cyclists have guy. I've got nothing. Should understand the message of what got me that we do not repeat the same mistakes that has led to the cyclist dying. You say you'd like to see improvements to infrastructure to support cyclists. Can you be a bit more specific about the kinds of things that you've been seeing that you think would would help. Absolutely i think that the discussion around the cyclist safety right now really focused about on individual behavior. How could we improve Individual road user not texting not drinking and stuff like that but studies said that road infrastructure. That are better desirable alps saving lives. I'm talking about traffic. Calming measures could be raise. Intersection be bummed More narrow street could help bike lane of course could help so these types of change for real system could really make a different nc that saving many psych live. You're raising a attention towards this issue. Are you also raising any funds. I do i do. I i do it for so far. Have a tree groups that in helping to have the same mission One in montreal vigneault fat dumb and the other one in toronto advocacy for spectra cyclist. Both in style goes by which are memorials for cycles. That have die but also late for asking for that more. Be done for Cyclist safety and the other one will be By without borders at provide by too few view in kenyans. You mentioned ghost bikes. I think some people may have seen those. They're they're white bikes. That are usually at at places where cyclists have lost their life. Exactly so what kind of response if you had so far from the people you've been accounting along the way. Well many people think i'm crazy. Which is fine. I mean like I believe that our dreams should be crazy. I believe that we have so much potential job that if your dream i bet you're tapping in that. I didn't potential. So i leave. People think that i'm crazy. I think it's funny the fine. Your goal is to reach vancouver. When do you hope to get their about admit much thought. That's how much a day it's about a hundred kilometers a day Most of the time you're going to be heading through the prairies through the rockies. Would it take for you to take a day off. So i have a rule of thumb which is if i cannot The third pole in front of me electric bulb then. I cannot go so if a snowstorm get so bad that it cannot be like. Say a hundred meter in front of me. I won't take the road for sure. Well you stay safe out there yourself. it's It's nice to hear your honoring your friend this way and i wish you the very best of luck stay safe. Thank you okay. Bye bye bye louis. Joseph couture is a cub across cyclist. Who is biking from the gaspe to vancouver during the depths of winter we reached him in north bay ontario. The theaters have closed. But the show logo on play me. Podcast is thrilled to present a new series. The show must go on featuring provocative productions from some of north. America's most acclaimed creators for the stage. Sit back and experience. Everything from chilling thrillers to gut wrenching dramas to irreverent comedies. Each month experience the exhilaration of theater from the comfort of your own home me available wherever you get your podcasts matt. Victor and i'm is and we're back with a brand new season of seat at the table. The podcast where we have in depth conversations with notable guests from media sports and pop culture. But this time we're capturing personal stories about the power of the black lives matter movement the urgency of this moment and really what it will take to move forward seat at the table is available now on. Cbc listen on spotify or wherever you get three. Podcasts most classical fairytales are credited to men people like hans christian andersen or the brothers grimm but a soon to be released book will add another name to the list. Merry kathleen leisure. Mail the bonville. Or madame de la. For short the collection is called the island of happiness and it will contain the first english translation of the seventeenth century authors. Work the tale of mira. It will also include drawings by new york artists. Natalie frank we reach miss frank in brooklyn ms frank. What has the experience meant to you working so closely with madame. Durn woz work. She's taken me on. Incredible imaginative journey of their tails were written in the seventeenth century. It really resonate today. And i may draw lines that are feminist interpretations of these already feminist tails. You have worked with An academic jack zyppah a. What have you learned about her significance as a contributor to this fairytale she Actually invented the word fairytale the Buffet and has been pretty overlooked by history in part because she's a woman and her stories take some the levitt oral and folk tales such as cinderella and transform them to feminist narratives where women play all spectrum of roles from evil divine. Their ferries their heroines across stress. They tell their oral histories and she answered it a lot of women as artists and writers into the stories. She has quite the biography. As i understand it. Can you briefly. Tell us what you've learned about what her life was like. Sure she on as a feminist took it upon herself to take charge of her own life and help the women around her so she was married at thirteen. She was married to off to a man who was thirty years her seen who is a gambler and They had a terribly unhappy marriage and she worked actually with a few people and her mother to set him up for treason and when this failed she was imprisoned and eventually left france and went to live in spain and in different places. Her mother who helped her They believe that she and my gondola may or may not have been spies for the french government at at one time. One of the stories featured in the book is the tale of mirrow. What is that story about. It is a terrifying ghost story and almost a parody of the traditional love and lust fairytales. Madonna writes a lot about female beauty as a weapon and human foul ability as a weapon and and in this story. She portrays a beautiful woman named mira. Who beauty is so great that she smites men with her eyes and so in my dreams i show this scene of her with these men kind of falling down her face and body thrown into the air they're drawn. And kind of hyper color mania. And next she is cursed to fall in love with shepherd and it is unrequited love and it kills her her hubris and vanity. Kill her and she's cursed to live in a cave as a ghost and to suffer. Madonna won't under fli has has such a poignant and playful sense of humor and so this is a story that really risk on that aspect of traditional courtly love and lust in fairy tales. Another one is bell bell. What's that one about so bell. Bell is a woman who ends up cross dressing to save her father's kingdom. She undertakes various trials at the behest of cain. Both the king and his sister fall in love with bill bell and everyone falls in love with bell and she's brave and smart at the end of the story she has cursed through kind of courtly machinations. Which are meant to near what was going on in. Louie the fourteenth court The queen has her shirt doping before she's burned at the stake and it's revealed that she's actually one and so the the queen dies of convulsions. And the king propose marriage. They breed stories for our times. They they're bulled cash Smart when and they take ownership for their life and what they want and their desires but they're also human they're not romanticize you mentioned. How colorful your drawings are it. Sounds like you're you're trying to express the boldness of of her imagery in her stories in a way that kind of brings them to life for us now. How have you achieved that. I use really strong. watercolor paper and arches. Heavy watercolor paper that can take a lot of pigments and a lot of work. And so i use brightly chalk pastels wash which sort of simpson into the surface. Layer that together and i want there to be a frenzy of color and drama that is sort of balanced by the rendering and the humanity and kind of beauty of some of the figuration. They're colorful and beautiful but there is a darkness to them to at times right there is. But that's that's how. I see life and i think that's how she saw life and i think giving complexity to female characters and their narratives is kind of the best humanistic gesture we can do. We're we're on radio here. Obviously so we're at a disadvantage in terms of seeing the drugs. But can you maybe just give us a description of a couple of images in the tale of mira for example. Sure so the first drawing. She's against a kind of turquoise background she has big lips and bright blue eyes and cascading blond hair. the model. I used for that picture. Because i generally shoot people i know and light and dress. Them photograph them and work from the photographs. was pregnant at the time and she has these large beautiful lips and just hyperbolic features and these little tiny men have been thrown into the air and are just falling like ants. All over her body and they're swirls of white and black and pink and she's wearing a pattern dress the next picture tale of near to is quieter and she's in the dark in the cave and everything is very dark and muted. She's a ghost now. She's dead but she still has that kind of beauty in life to her. But it's quite different. Now what do you think. Madam don wa would have thought of your work. Oh goodness i don't know. I i can only say that i've been so grateful to be introduced to hers until live in her worlds. I hope that i've done her stories. Justice well i really appreciate you describing your work in these stories to us. Thanks for talking to us natalie. Thank you so much. bye bye bye. That was artists natalie. frank in brooklyn. Her drawings will be in the book the island of happiness which will be released by princeton university. Press in march. If you're a christmas shopper. With some empty room under the tree. You're almost out of luck. But don't do anything drastic. There's no point running out to chop often sell all your hair or take a precious family heirloom to the local pawnshop. Of course the two young love of our next story della and jim didn't heed the advice they fall right into the trap of costly commercial christmas. So if you're feeling overwhelmed this holiday season. here's a reminder. That gifts aren't the only reason for the season. Here's the former as it happens host. I'll maitland reading. Oh henry's nineteen five-storey. The gift of the major. I one dollar and eighty seven cents. That was all and sixty cents of it was in pennies pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butter until one's cheeks burned with the site imputation of parsimony that such close dealing implied three times counted it. One dollar and eighty seven cents and the next day would be christmas. There was clearly nothing to do but flop down on the shabby. That'll couch and howell. So data did it which instigates the moral reflection that life is made up of saab's sniffles and smiles with sniffles predominating why the mistress of the home is gradually subsiding from the first stage to the second. Take a look at the home furnished flat at eight dollars per week. It did not exactly beggar description. But it certainly had that word on the lookout for the mendon. Conc- squad in the vestibule below was a letterbox into which no that would go and in electric button. From which no mortal finger could cook the ring also appertaining to a cod bearing the name mr james dillingham young the dillingham had been fun to the breeze during the former period of prosperity when its possessor was being paid thirty dollars per week now when the income was front twenty dollars. The letters dillingham looked blurred as though they were thinking seriously of contracting to a modest and unassuming d. but whenever mr james dillingham home and reached his flat above it was called jim and greatly hugged. Mrs james wm young already introduced to you as data which is all very good dylan finished her cry and attended to achieve with powderpuff. She stood by the window and looked out. Delete a great cat walking gray fence and a great backyard. Tomorrow would be christmas day. And she had only one dollar and eighty seven cents with which to buy jim present. She had been sitting every penny she quit for months with this result twenty dollars. A week doesn't go far. Expenses had been greater than she had calculated. They always are only one dollar and eighty seven cents to buy a present for. Jim heard jim many a happy hour she had spent planning for something nice for him. Something fine and rare and sterling something just a little bit near to being worthy of the honor of being owned by jim. There was a pure glass between the windows of the room. Perhaps you've seen a pure glass in an eight dollar flat. Very very agile. Person may by observing his reflection in a rapid sequence of longitudinal strips obtain a fairly accurate conception of his books della being slender had mastered the art suddenly shoot world from the window and stood before the glass eyes were shining brilliantly but our face it lost its color within twenty seconds rapidly. She pulled down. Her hair fought with full length. Now there were two possessions of the james telling him young's in which they both took a mighty pride one was jim's gold watch that had been his father's and his grandfather's the other was devas- hair at the queen of fiba lived in the flat across the shaft delaware. Letter hair hanging out the window someday to dry just depreciate. Her majesty's jewels and gifts had king. Solomon the janitor with all his treasures piled up in the basement. Jim would have pulled out his watch every time he passed just to see them pluck his beard from envy so now delta's beautiful hair fell about her rippling and shining like a cascade of brown waters. She did it up again nervously in quickly once she fought it for a minute and stood still while the tier two splashed on the worn red carpet on winter brown jacket on winter. Old brown hat with a world of skirts and with the brilliant sparkle stood in her is. She fluttered out the door and down the stairs to the street where she stopped the sign. Read madame sa- from hair goods of all kinds one flight up data ran and collected herself matting dumb large to white chilly. Hardly look the sa- frowny. Will you buy my hair down. I buy. Here's madam take your hat off and let's have a site of the looks of it down rip of the brown cascade. Twenty dollars madame lifting the mass with a practiced hand give it to mix it data and the next two hours tripped by on rosie wings. Forget the hash metaphor. She was ransacking. The stores for gyms present. She founded at last. It surely had been made for jim and no one else though was no other like it in any of the stores and she had turned all of them inside out it was a platinum watch chain simple and chased in design properly proclaiming. Its value by substance alone. Not by mira tristesse ornamentation. As all a good thing for do it was even worthy of the walk. As soon as she saw she knew that it must be gyms it was like him. Quietness that you. The description applied to both twenty one dollars. They took from her for it and she hurried home with eighty seven cents with that chain on his watch. Jim might be properly anxious about the time in any company grand as the watch was he sometimes looked at it on the sly on account of the old leather strap that he used in place of a chain when reached home her. Intoxication gave way a little too prudence and reason so she got her curling irons in light of the gas and went to work repairing. The ravages made by generosity added to love which is always a tremendous task. Dear friends a mammoth task. Within forty minutes her head was covered with tiny close lying curls that made her look wonderfully like a truant schoolboy. She'd looked at her reflection in the mirror. Long carefully and critically. If jim doesn't kim she said to herself before he takes a second look at me. His say look like a coney island chorus carl. What could i do. Oh what could i do with a taller and eighty seven cents. At seven o'clock. The coffee was made and the frying pan was on the back of the stove. Houghton ready to cook the drops. Jim was never late. Della doubled the watch chain in her hand and set on the corner of the table near the door that he always entered then she heard his step on the stairway down on the first flight and she turned white for just a moment she had a habit of saying little side and prayers about the simplest everyday things and now she whispered please. God make him think i'm still pretty. The door opened. Jim stepped in and closed it. He looked thin very serious poor fellow he was only twenty two and to be burdened with family. He needed a new overcoat and he was without gloves. Jim stepped inside the door. As immovable as et cetera at the set of quayle his eyes were fixed upon della and there was an expression in them that she could not read and a terrified. It was not anger. No surprise or disapproval nor horror nor any of the sentiments that she had been prepared for he simply stared at her fixedly with that. The cure expression on his face della wriggled off the table and went for him. Jim dotting she cried. Don't look at me that way. I had my hair cut off and sold it. Because i couldn't have lived through christmas without giving were present. It'll grow out again. You won't mind. I just had to do it. My hair grows awfully fast. Say merry christmas gymnasts be happy. You don't know what a nice. What a beautiful nice gift. I've got friday. You've cut off your hair. Ask jim laboriously as he had not arrived at that patent fact yet even after the hottest mental liber cut it off and sold its adela. Don't you like me just as well anyhow. I'm me without my gym. Looked about the room. Curiously say your hair is gone his head with an air almost video you'd even look for its adela Sold gone to. It's christmas eve boyd. Good for it went for you. Maybe the hairs of my head renumbered. She went on with a sudden serious sweetness. But nobody could ever count my love for you. Shall i put the chops on jim out of his trance. Jim seemed to quickly wake in folded. His data. for ten seconds let us regard with discrete scrutiny. some inconsequential object in the other direction. They daughters week or a million a year. What's the difference. A mathematician or a width would give you the wrong answer. The major high brought valuable gifts but that was not among them. This dark assertion would be illuminated later on. Jim drew a package from his overcoat. Talk into what upon the table. Don't make any mistake though he said about me. I don't think there's anything in the way of hair cut or shave or a shampoo could make me like my girl in alas but if you will unwrap that package you may see why you had me going awhile. At first white fingers nimble toward the string and typer and then an ecstatic scream of joy and then alas the quick feminine change to hysterical tears and wales necessitating the immediate employment of all the comforting powers of the lord of the flat for their lay the comb the set of combs that della had worshipped for long broadway window beautiful combs pure tortoiseshell with gillette renan's just fade to wear and the beautiful vanished hair. They were expensive combs. She knew her heart had simply crave and urine over them without the least hope of possession and now they were hers but the trusses that should have adorned the coveted adornments or gone but she hugged them to a bosom and at length she was able to look up with dim eyes and smile and say my hair grows so fast jim and then del leapt up like a little singed. Cat and cried. Oh jim had not yet seen his beautiful present. She held it out to him eagerly upon her. Open tom the dough precious. Metals seemed to fash- with a reflection of her brighton. Artan spirit isn't it advantage. I hunted all over town to find it. You'll have to look at the time one hundred times a day. Now give me your watch. I want to see how it looks on it instead of a bang. Jim tumble down on the couch. And put his hands under the back of his head and smiled said he. Let's put our christmas presents away. Keep them awhile there. Too nice to us just present. I sold the watch to get the money to buy your calms now. Suppose you put the chops on the made. By as you know where wisemen wonderfully wise men who brought gifts to the baby in the minjah. They invented the art of giving christmas presents. being wise. their gifts were no doubt wise. Ones possibly bearing the privilege of exchange in case of duplication. And here. i have lamely related to you. The uneventful chronicle of to forest children in a flat most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house but in a last word to the wise of these days let it be said that of all who give gifts these two weather wisest of all give and receive gifts such as they are wisest everywhere a wisest. They are the major. I'll maitland the gift of the major. That story was written by henry in nineteen five. If you'd like to hear it again you can listen on our website at cbc dot ca slash. Ah and tomorrow is finally the night. You've all been waiting for starting at six thirty pm. We will air our annual reading of the shepherd. You've been listening to the as it happens. Podcast our show can be heard monday to friday on. Cbc radio one following the world at six you can also listen to the show on the web at cbc dot ca slash h. Thanks for listening. I'm helen man. And i'm samir. Boy it for more. Cbc podcasts go to cbc dot ca slash podcasts.

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Iran Attacks US in Iraq, Soleimanis Diplomatic Mission & Trump Had Marines Kill Protesters

The Last American Vagabond

3:21:38 hr | 1 year ago

Iran Attacks US in Iraq, Soleimanis Diplomatic Mission & Trump Had Marines Kill Protesters

"We got a good military and we can take down governments and he said I guess if the only do you have have is a hammer every problem has to look like a nail. He said I just got this down from upstairs means Secretary of Defense to office today. He said this memo the describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years starting with Iraq and then Syria Lebanon Libya Somalia Sudan and finishing off Iran Welcome to the daily. Wrap up a concise show title dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news as we see from the last twenty four hours Tuesday January seventh. Two thousand twenty part meals changing the title just before we went live. Thank you for joining me today for some breaking news funny enough. I was in the process of just just about to start a show today compiling some absolutely paramount information to and you was about to say maybe more important than what we're seeing here happened but right before this started. I saw that seems. Iran has officially claimed that this was their attack. So so we're GONNA get into that to begin today we're GonNa talk about the breaking news about US at Iraqi base housing US troops in Iraq under attack and it appears according to Rt that Iran. Ron has just claimed that that was in response to something that you saw the money essentially but outside of that and that does make that very important. But I'm going to talk about that to begin and maybe the show with some follow ups of what has changed during the show today. But we're going to start with the most important part but I asked. I plead with you to stay tuned even today because there are some absolutely groundbreaking stories. We're going to talk about violations of treaties ridiculous claims things that are flying around this story about Iraq and Ron Show how incredibly disconnected from the law the. US government is right now. I mean there are easily numerous different places that we could point to. Today's in regard to to killing us all Amani. At appears he was in fact on a diplomatic trip. Despite pompeo absurdly denying that today in a press conference without anything to back it up as it seems that Prime Minister Monti from Iraq who they previously said with an ally is the one that's claiming that we also have Monte Hussein admitting in the same timeframe here's trump tried to steal oil from Iraq and tried to threaten trump trump threatened his life in order to get him to bend the and then he claims that trump used marines to kill snipe two snipers to kill protesters which is what they then use to claim that was happening against by the Iraqi government understand. This is all massive claims. Coming out today backed up being claimed by a person that they very recently said was on their side and of course asking for payments before they actually leave if they're ever going to which is incredibly illegal because they have signed an agreement that all of those are gonNA belong to Iraq. But he doesn't know that or doesn't in care and eat probably three other different treaties and agreements. We can show you today that they're all violating breaking or about to break it absolutely unreal. But I want you to D- Let's let's start real quickly by getting into the store because I know there are a lot of people that are really interested in seeing. What's going on here so we're going to jump right over into screen share here and you guys can see what's happening so this is the raking news from a different couple of different locations all saw? US based in rat comes under attack by multiple rockets. Then we have Herat's claiming that this is tens of missiles at the Iraqi base now. I'm of the belief at this point that they're likely missiles and rockets for very clear reason because it appears that Iran has has claimed it Arana's claiming the al-Assad missile strike as revenge for Solomonic demands. US withdraw from Iraq. Now understand if these had been rocket attacks and they'd claimed it that would basically just discount weeks and weeks of claiming that they wouldn't have done that. I'm pretty damned certain. That makes no sense for around to use rockets at Vince case unless they're trying to continue some kind of manipulation or or a deceptive effort but it seems now as their own claim they used missiles to attack it. Now let's see what they're claiming air says. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of the Iran of Iran reportedly confirmed their missiles struck a US base in western REC will as some would call in Iraqi base housing troops. It's pretty clear that once these. US troops are in it becomes a US base calling it revenge. For the killing of General Qassim Salamone and warning more strikes might be coming knows very interesting first of all depending. I'm not hearing that. There's a lot of massive damage just yet for them to find something that would be kind of hearted nut cause damage or hurt anybody. which if it didn't have glad it didn't cause I don't want anybody to be heard on either side but it would seem that that would be the kind of thing that would be on par with what what everybody everybody has been talking about is one of the most unprecedented moves and unilateral and extrajudicial moves that? We've seen in a long time that Iran is going to respond in a massive way. Now it says the brave soldiers of the Rg sees aerospace unit have launched a successful attack with tens of ballistic missiles on the all side base in the name of General Russula money and this is the statement earlier will Wednesday morning for them late Tuesday for at least where I am right now so that that is apparently pretty pretty Definitive unless this is some kind of fake statement or rather or there's a split between the IRA which is also possible. But my take. I think this is just either them. Claiming claiming this attack or them actually carrying this out. which either are possible? I tend to think this is probably attack that they carried out. Now it says we call on Americans to recall whole all their soldiers back home to prevent more damage now. Let's be very clear here before. I even continue assuming this is correct. That's not a fake statement that Iran did in fact carry this out by the way which are all the things that I would have absolutely confirmed before I went live in a normal sense so to make that clear difference between what normal people do on your what I tend to do every day but even if this was then which it appears it was that no way was this illegal was this a breach of international law. Was this breach reach of warlock of the rules of war. Nothing about this but this is how it's going to be framed impressive breach we're on tax. US forces and they're going to use this to bolster Ulster previous claims and say see we told you they were doing this. Except missiles versus rockets. And that's GonNa Skim right over that they're gonNA point to the New York Times article and say look we told you they were bringing missiles in but that's probably not how this went down but none of that's going to matter. They have not leaned on a shred of evidence this entire time for the entire story. So there's GonNa make up whatever they want out of this this and sell it to you as their narrative because what does the evidence matter when on an entire or a constant agenda for even just the last so many weeks that has zero. Oh evidence to back it up pointing to previous claims in the same way but as this attack goes as this will go forward. There's nothing about this. This is legal because the US has been when attacking Iran in every sense of the word even just alone with General Sulejmani but of course because they claim they're attacking things that are wrong and forces on the ground which then in some way makes them feel like they have to respond but we know those are Iraqi military members also warned all US allies in the region that they I will be targeted. If any aggressive action is undertaken from their territory putting Kuwait Bahrain Saudi Arabia Jordan and Israel. All on notice now. Ron threatened hard revenge against the US. Saul money's death the leader of the I. R. G. Sees Cuts Forces was assassinated and a drone strike on Thursday. which you know which we talked about at length now here are the other articles we're looking at here's from NBC? Also claiming missiles and what. Here's what's interesting when I just looked for this before we started that said rockets so they have updated the article to say missiles which you know good for them. Because that's what you should do especially in this case where it seems that there's updated information. I think the agendas to to make the seem otherwise to some degree but we are also seeing Herat say the same thing so ultimately it seems like just check out what Herat's is saying here I can over two. Oh it doesn't matter you guys can see the article. I'm like I said the other day I'm GonNa go to an incognito window and you can read the article now it says tens of Missiles iraq-based the housing. US troops now. It saying Ronin state TV and Iran had launched tens of surface-to-surface missiles that Iraq the the Al-Saad Airbase Base Housing. US troops early Wednesday. I think they meant to say that the Iranian state TV. Oh that was my fault. It does say said so Aronie. They're claiming the Iran state TV. He is the one that claimed this whereas rt is claiming they have a statement which could be the same thing now and there were no reports of damage or casualties. which again? That's interesting to me because let's just take this at a at a in the sense of actual retaliation revenge which it seems like it was for an for an illegal Attack from the US side. The running people are going to be that they're going to think that that's enough to attack Abass with missiles but not cause was any damage not really hurt anybody you know honestly to me. It's exactly like I've been saying they're going to show restraint. They'RE GONNA show they're going to take a moment and reflect before they just bumble into some kind of action we see the US government continue to do so. Maybe that's what we're looking at. Maybe they just realize that we can't actually do something that for over the top because it would give then exactly the excuse that they need. So maybe we're just there dubbed demonstrating some intellect here in realizing that they can't do that and as Moon Avella Bama has been claiming they're going to probably do you a bunch of asymmetrical responses over the next so many years because that's how they have always done it. That's why I'm thinking this could potentially be something that they chose to claim for some reason but over the years as we're gonNA continue to see and possibly the next month's actions whether they be political or kinetic against the US government in ways that they can't necessarily been back on them right. I mean this is. This is the way that we see. This is the same kind of covert warfare. We see the US conducting on a daily basis. But now we're looking in the face of an actual Attack here now. Let's this goes on to say Iraq's out outgoing prime minister said that the United States has no alternative and must pull troops out of the country or else facing impending crisis now hoping to find anything else here. The people of Iraq do not want to see Iran running the country. They say this is from trump in the White House and it looks like there's not much circulating. I think so here this is this is why I chose to start with this and we will come back to this because it's live breaking information. They'll probably some statements from POMPEII. Oh and trump towards the the end of the show so unless anybody else has any other breaking information in the chat that they want to share that. I'm going to jump into the other very important parts of the story that I really hope you will stick around around to hear and and if anything pops up I'll try and keep my eye on the chat. Let me know if there's any breaking news about this story and again will fall through in the end. This is probably going to be a long show because I had had this whole show planned out before all this was added to it as a bunch of other things I wanted to add. So we're going to dive into everything else. Now before I get into all this other stuff I want you guys to recognize the it's so important and this is actually why I chose to take yesterday off and which seems just terrible mistake because so much going on everywhere but it's so important it says Sara Abdullah said second wave of missiles fired. Okay so that's what I'm generally hearing as well is that there's not just one baiser one missile but but I haven't necessarily confirmed that yet so we'll have to follow up on that it seems like there's a bunch going on which I will probably be in the United States will follow up but it's so important in these kind of stories is to not get caught up in what you believe you can contend to be blinded. By Your own opinion your own predetermined beliefs as they say miss the forest from the trees which is very easy to do. So it's important even. I'm Pretty Damn certain that we've got this right. But I'm always willing to question my own beliefs stand back and look at them from an outside perspective which is what almost almost no one. Let's just say no. One in the mainstream media would argue does today and few in the Independent. Do as well. But it's important for everyone to do that to stand back and reflect don at all there. It's interesting to see. The Democrats are in a way like the CNN's and the MSNBC's people outside of the independent media are pointing to us and saying we'll get that that there are aligned with the Democrat mentality and that's not how this is as important to see that we have a bunch of Democrats and CNN and Democrat media liberal media all basically basically saying the very surface level part of what we're talking about. It's all money wasn't what they're claiming but then of course they go on this diatribe about how Iran is evil when everyone needs to be. You know this this is what it's about fake resistance. People that are actually talking about the truth are willing to stand back and talk about how the deeper narrative around all of this and how it ties back to Israel and everything. What's going on so we don't get the Watson's and the SOBEK's out there they're going to constantly try to act like we're being radic about this story because we looked so much like like the crazy left that they're pointing to that's simply manipulation? Listen to the information whether it's coming from a crazy person left or a crazy person on the right or someone in the middle. Listen research do your due diligence. Because everyone's trying to manipulate people today. I mean it's it's so easy in this unruly in manipulated hip elated dime to be labeled as un-american simply for choosing to speak out now admittedly I have some views that many find outside the box to put it lightly but that does not mean. I'm anti-american against America. In any way it is exactly all right to disagree that makes this nation what it is or rather what we believe. Leave it to be the moment. We allow our government or other media figures to label. Free thinkers as un-american is the moment that we've lost the essence of our founding ending ideals even if they only existed within the hearts of true patriots. The problem that has arisen in this modern age. Is that those clearing. The Path have apparently disregarded their moral compass and it has been set aside for a different and more personal form of guidance when the choices of those we elect to lead are governed by anything other than their desire to best protective fill the majority will of the American people it must be openly acknowledged that we are no longer represented freely voicing criticism and morally speaking. What best embodies your vision of freedom and liberty even if that stands in contrast to the popular popular view as I've said so many times quintessentially American but here we are today? Everyone is arguing over the claims about Sulejmani and now clearly going into this next event so much of this is going to be overshadowed and so much of what I want to talk about. Today will be overshadowed by this next series of events but no one seems to care that even even if all they say is true about Solomonic evil terrorists that killed all these people even if everything they said is true that does not justify all the other killings that took place. I mean think about that for a moment. The policemen the other military civilians all killed during these illegal attacks x during the first the first but the one that they talked about I the five different places they bombed after they claimed that contractor was killed that we never know even existed at this point point they killed nine. PM You members which was their target and the other twenty plus. We're policemen military civilians. So what was there. was there logic for for that. What's their what's their claim that they all terrorists? It doesn't even matter. The point is the we focused down on this one argument point and we realize we realize that everything. They're I'm doing everything. They're conducting is so incredibly outside the bounds but no one cares because the media hones us in down to one left versus right talking point. That's always how it goes now. Actually before I get into the first part again Christopher mcglinchey I believe said something on on a comment that I really wanted to share here. He says I think now is the time to remind everyone that. The two tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman. We that's everyone's like what was that. That sounds vaguely familiar. I was so recent but recognize the twenty four hour news cycle just pushes these things out of our mind one because those were never proven but they claim that they were Iran. We saying those two tankers offers that we're attacking. The Gulf of Oman. Were guess what owned by Japanese Norwegian companies and it just so happens that Norway was working on mediating between the US and Iran one to get the nuclear deal back online and it just so happens that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was or was in Toronto at the time up these attacks attempting to guess what mediate between the US and Iran as well now you know why that's why only relevant because of the claims and the reality of Solomon's diplomatic mission and the fact that the whole point was to potentially end the tension between Iran the US and Iran and Saudi Arabia. which potentially could have ended the Yemen war but of course then stuff happened in that all went away just like it did with those tankers interesting today in general sense as we may dance around back and forth? What's going on with these rockets or rather missiles everything? Today outside of this is tied in with this Iran Iraq narrative the manipulation going on around all of it and how everything everything the. US is doing right now. I mean I'm not. This isn't just opinion legally standing right out of the documents that they themselves signed is completely -pletely violating the rules agreements resolutions treaties. You name it across the board and it has to really upset you to see that as they continue. Can you to stand out like they're the moral. The moral authority of the World Cyrus says Syria and the troop pull-out exactly now. I want to start here with this diplomatic mission. It's very very relevant. And I will try to dance back and forth here if we do find something big so please let me know now first of all this. This was the first part that I saw and I always like to give credit where it's due and I actually mentioned this three days ago. Mind you three days ago and on the Corbett interview when I was just on James scorebig which which by the way you should check out. It was a great interview and it's happy to be on a show three days ago and now this is coming out and like like from other places and only finely mainly they're beginning to say no. That's not true but we've known about this and recognize that if you have been following this show you heard this before anybody except the people that caught audit on twitter and when I retweeted and do people out there that actually doing the research just recognize that now he said we have learned today and this is almost entirely come. There's a couple of locations nations. This is coming from a predominantly from prime minister. Monti right the prime minister who they claimed were supportive of their actions very recently the right. So it's kind of hard to turn around COMA TERRORIST BUT WE'VE learned today from Iraq's Prime Minister Monti how Donald Trump uses diplomacy. US asked Iraq to mediate mediate with Iran Iraq. Prime Minister asked Soleimani to come and talk with him and give him the answer of his mediation trump and company assassinate the envoy at the airport which is an egregious Aegis war crime. And I'll show you why as well as go through all of this stuff and show you what else money said and how we're talking about all of these crimes being committed and then they're pointing at anybody anybody that Iran's doing everything that nobody can see nears from antiwar Sulejmani was in Baghdad on mission for Saudi Peace Now it says on Thursday night when the US government assassinated solid Bonnie drone strike at Baghdad airport which is unreal. When you think about it they forgot to tell the American people one little very relevant detailed the or really about fifteen very relevant details that we are going to discuss today? But let's start with the first one that Sulejmani was actually part of an ongoing diplomatic effort according to statements from Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi. And this is. What's so interesting about this Monte again up until very recently was presented as on the side of the US agenda and of course supportive of their actions you know predominantly about what was going on around the embassy and everything else simply put? They framed him as one of the good guys but now that the US government has done what it does best and took actions that are very bad for their ally Mahdi and which directly violated their agreement with Iraq simply because it was what they wanted in that moment laws agreements and allies be damned will now Mahdi. He is exposing the truth rightly so because they completely spurned him and if they swing back and do what they always do when someone points out one of their crimes you call them a terrorist. I that will be quite a hard sell as they get for very recently claiming he was part of what they were doing. Now it's now being revealed an embarrassingly so for the US government that's all monies visit was related to well documented Saudi attempts at diplomacy. And this is all very clear to see. You could argue what Sony was doing. It was not this but the build up to this is very clear and and pompeo seemingly dismissed the entire idea and laughed at it which is what he usually does which I'll get to in a moment but it's a well documented. Saudi attempted diplomacy to ease tensions with Iran and a part of that was the Yemen occupation that the Saudis are very aware. There are losing right now now. The Saudis had dispatched a message of peace to Iran with Iraq. Acting as an intermediary you know Sulejmani was was coming to Iraq to deliver Iran's Government's reply and then the United States using the diplomatic process as cover chose to assassinate Sulejmani with nothing but their evidence free allegations after the fact didn't even consult Congress. That's unreal when you really take a step back and see how so incredibly outside even our own understanding of our process let alone international law. I mean this isn't egregious war crime. I mean there's really no other way to look look at it. Depend on even if you agree with everything they're making up about salamone still a war. Crime doesn't change that as he as Ian fifty-six put unbelievable Ebel Act of terrorism by the United States. Breaking all international norms has Madi said Soleimani killed while acting as an envoy mediator between Iran Saudi Arabia and Iraq seeking to defuse tensions. Now understand when by the way when Pompeo said this today about not being true he's all he did was call it wrong. He never even mentioned my name even even though they brought it up in their question. He said that's Ron's propaganda right but what about Monte you see you know the reason why he stepped over that is because it makes them look really stupid to suddenly make came out to be in Iran proxy or somebody when they were literally working with him a weeks ago and claiming he was on their side. That's why they do that. It's just such flagrant dishonesty. Now he goes on to say defusing tensions was not something. Trump's White House wanted to happen and this is why it comes back full circle to that comment in the beginning. They do not want this to go away way. I would argue. This goes above and beyond trump's administration. This is about the real string-pullers the decades long agenda to create a war with Iran or rather remove remove Iran and. This is what it's all about. They don't want this to go away. So the attack the tankers to stop them from mediating peace. They attacks all Amani to stop the peace deal that was developing as well as to just continue to create tension between the two places. Now an is very right this flagrant violation of international law and and conventions of which the US governments are apart but flagrantly ignoring laws resolutions agreements or otherwise has become a common pattern for the US S. administration. And here is something that I think is very important for you all to see before we get into the next topic here and vis was called the Convention on the prevention and punishment of crimes against internationally protected persons including diplomatic agents. Not a really a highlight. Look right there in one thousand nine hundred seventy three Annex General Assembly resolutions. This was even updated two thousand five with that so this is the point. Point is this is very well known convention on the prevention same thing diplomatic agents. Now it says the the States Party convention which the United States government is worn having in mind the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations concerning the maintenance of international peace and the promotion of friendly relations and cooperation among states considering that crimes against diplomatic agents and other national protected persons jeopardizing the safety of these persons create a serious threat to the maintenance of the maintenance of normal international relations which are necessary for cooperating among states believing commission of such a crime as a matter of grave concern to the national community convinced that there's an urge urgent need to adopt appropriate and effective measures for the prevention of punishment of such crimes. They have all agreed as follows. First the first part part is about the heads of state so donald trump or Putin. Let's say travels to Syria which he just did to meet with a sought which I think is very interesting. Attacking him would be obvious violation but the next part is what I find most interesting any representative this be any representative or official of a state or any official or other agent of an international organization of an intergovernmental character who at the time when in the place where a crime against him his official premises his private accommodation or his means of transport is committed. Exactly we're talking about is entitled pursuant to International Law Two special protection from any attack on his person freedom or dignity as well as members of his family forming part of his household. Now the bottom line is of a the state which is a wrong. Hey doesn't matter that fake that they say Iran is bad guy. Is it matter that they declare their military terrorists. which now now that Ron has done in reverse entirely partially before but now it's just the US military's terrorists including to Iran? which is the exact same thing in reverse and it's the the same year not bad when they do it and good when he does is the same thing? And it's just ridiculous both ways and I've argued many times that the ron as a better argument but the bottom line in is we're talking about a state which is ron which means that Sulamani was representative of that state period and this is the greatest violation of yet another their convention yet another treaty from the UN. They don't care they know about this. I mean we have to see this. We have to understand and this is just one point out five different things today and pointed out. Numerous examples of this in the past breaking news just simply look at the Golan Heights look at Palestine. Look at all kinds of different things that they just ignore it. She says Iran launch a second wave of retaliations against an assets. Let's take a peek real quick since we're doing a semi a semi interactive show here today and we'll get back on this but I hope people will continue through here will not see any updates on that that let's see. Let's just do this guys screen share going on no no. It's just on me okay. Well here we go. This is this is the one he's talking about so let's look at this. IRAN LAUNCHES SECOND WAVE OF RETALIATION STRIKES AGAINST US assets in Iraq. Jack Ron has launched another volley of missile strikes. So this I mean this seems pretty clear right. I mean Iran claimed according to them to different sites or claiming that they have the conflict INFO confirmation coming from TV statement which could be the same thing and now we have a second wave from Rt.. And I'm I'm I question everything just like I say eh but let's be honest. I'm much quicker to accept what art is saying. I would from the mainstream media because they tend to give you both sides of an argument they tend to give you a lot more and more broad of something that counters what you would think would be their interest right. which is what a journalist should be able to do but it doesn't mean blindly question listened? RT or anything. Which I know you guys know but this is the Ron has launched another missile strikes on a number of American facilities in Iraq according to the semi-official to seem tasnim news agency the new around missiles followed by the first one just over an hour by just over an hour a few minutes ago? Let's look what this says l.. So this is the completed translate real quick. This is this is the source. This is what they're look. This is what they're claiming so same thing to eventually Mani the time has come to fill the promise and it seems like it'll be complicated realty what they're talking about. The Pentagon confirmed earlier on Tuesday. More than a dozen around and ballistic missiles had been fired on US basis including the all Saudi airbase in Western rack vowing to take necessary measures to protect protect personnel. Several additional missiles were reportedly fired. So I I had the sneaking suspicion that we're going to see an immediate response here so let's we might just want to stay alive until something happens. I have a strong strong suspicion. That's going to happen now. Also be willing to argue. That what we're going to see here is deny there's probably damage happening right now. There's potentially probably probably people killed at least at the first part of it. They're probably going to suppress that as much as possible to not want that to get out. But we're going to stay here and we're GONNA find out so stick stick with me. We'll we'll go through the full story and of course for your entertainment and hopefully information. We will go through the other stories that show. Why all of this is completely illegitimate from from the way it started from top to bottom and how they're continuing to lie about all of this and they'll continue to lie as it goes forward because they're in a very dishonest position as the US government from this from months and months and months before this even started and you know from the very beginning? But let's see here. Let's get back on this other part here so where worry right so with Ian. Oh that's right we were looking at the okay so just before we move past that again. I want you guys to understand how important this is just just again. I wish you guys would read through this stuff for yourself and understand how important or at how definitive this is right. There's no there's no sidestepping things like this there there. They all know it. It's the general basis on which they operate and today the the. US is just a stepping over everything. Even the cultural sites that trump promised to bomb which he went back on. We'll talk about today because it shows you again that he doesn't even you don't even wear like ooh that will that. I got hall with a law after two days of double down. It's just crazy but this kind of stuff. They know that you don't know any better. They say oh but they're terrorist. Oh but they attacked US last time. So this doesn't matter. That's not how this works. These are in place so people like them can't abuse it in the way that they are but the problem is over the decades. They've acquired so much control and influence over the UN in different parts of international bodies. That these things don't change. It's it's quite overwhelming when you really following it along it can be very frustrating to see now on the fifth of course after knowing the document that you just saw pompilio did what he always. Does he doubled down despite the UN treaty that we just looked at being quite clear that targeting state government officials or that of an international organization or a war crime. He knows this and he's still said it anyway. Understand he does. He chose to double down and say we're going to attack Iranian leaders. Somebody's asking me if I'm ready to serve on the front line for the US Army. No no actually. I'm not completely not. I'm not young enough to be drafted but let's let's be clear here. This is incompletely unjust operation. Every stretch of everyone any way you Ben. This is wrong this is this is yet another war started on lies. The last thing I would ever do is put my life on the line for these people I I would. I would happily risk my life or anyone of you. which by the way some people consider what I'm doing now exactly that but when it comes to fighting for the unjust in just any legal actions of a corrupt government absolutely not? There's no way to misunderstand the UN document that we just looked at that. There's just no way there's no way to misinterpret what's being said. It does not include a caveat. Where all of this you know all of it stands you know unless you call them a terrorist with no evidence right? They just hope you're not smart enough to do your own research here. So please prove them wrong and now that Mahdi is choosing to speak out because they basically screwed him over and most of what we have been considering as a possibility is sadly turning out to be true here and it is once again exposing who the true villains of the story are. This is another fantastic article coming from moon of Alabama. This one is entitled Blowback from the Sony Assassination increases as Iraq reveals. How trump todd tried to steal? It's oil that's shocking right. We would. I have never expected that. I mean it's just it's kind of absurd at this point if this is seemingly all I mean again we just found out. Iran discovered a massive oilfield on top of what they already had just right before this all began. I just find it impossible to believe that. That's all it was about but it's always plays a factor. There's a bunch of great information this article as as usual but the one point I want to focus on is is some of the the part about oil in regard to what Manos about what trump did what he said why we threatened him. Julia says Ryan just found out that Putin rocked into Damascus unannounced visit. Yeah I said that a moment ago you might miss that. Yeah he's he he went to Syria met with Assad which is which is great. It was normal benign. He's visiting ally but of course people will try to make into all kinds of different things but it's just good to see that there's the support what they're amongst. Anybody could end the day. That's a country that's been trying to be destroyed by this exact group or pointing to right now illegally based on lies such Duma which which we know our allies no proven fact. They lied about Duma a false flag to blame it on a shot right. We have to come to terms with these things. Make sure on CNN the else okay now. One consequence of trump's illegal assassination. It reads Uppsala. Money is how Iraq's Prime Minister Adel Abdul Abdul Mahdi reveal the gangster methods he says the US Darnold President Donald Trump used in his attempt to steal racks oil fair. You know just just the way that it's even framed like the fact that it's the mafia gangster like this is what I'm always. Try to point out that these are mafioso type tactics. Extorting people label will protect you. Unless you don't pay them will mess up your store you know. It's like that's not that's not protection. That's that's extortion. Now trump had already asked Iraqi prime minister's offers twice in the past if the US could get Iraq's oil as reward you know for invading and destroying their country. 'cause that's worthy of reward. Or maybe that's what he thinks. The requests of course were rejected. Because that's ridiculous right. You don't borough bowl into a country illegally. Kill all the people that try to fight you back in the name them tears for fighting back and then destroy the country destabilize. Everything blow up everything and then halfheartedly rebuild. Things partly have some of the things halfway built some of them got built and blowing up again like it's a nonsensical sensical. It's a constant scam. They are making money from doing all this selling contracts to people over here in the US. When if they were really trying to help the country would have sold them to people people in the Iraq right but they go they go abroad and they sell them to people that are gonNA abuse and cheat and steal and build them co build them bad poorly connect like bridges that fall apart? I mean this says constantly what we've seen constantly but yet they deserve the reward for doing all of this what he's actually claiming now. The requests grass roots acted as we said. You can't have their oil now. We learn today but trump also uses gangster methods to get the oil of Iraq talked doc by the Iraqi prime minister. Mahdi happened during the recent parliament session in Iraq. Now this was translated. Thank you for the Super Chat Peggy. This was translated plated You know and by the way it's easy if you have most browsers today will translate for you so you can read this article and it translates but we have translated here anyway. I saw what it says says all how Busey Speaker of the Iraqi Council on Representatives Council representatives blocked the speech of Mr Mahdi Abdul Mahdi in the second the scheduled session to discuss the decision to remove American forces from Iraq. Now this is how I saw. I had seen reports of this a couple of days ago. I wasn't able confirm it until now and this is very important. Let's see there's another thing understand. This is something I'll never do. I'm not just going to bring you. Halfhearted information that I can't prove because that's not what this show is about but this is apparently as went down as he stood up to speak about this stuff about ready to pull out of the bag about all this stuff we're talking about. That's where most of this comes from the speech and they shot him down and apparently they removed him in Chatham down and unplugged so it wasn't broadcasting intentionally so that people couldn't hear what he was going to say and he spoke anyway and he just kept going right and but it got out. This is the beginning of the session. I'll Obuchi left. The presidential seat and sat next to Mr Abu Madi after his requested cut off the live broadcast of the session. Now public conversation took place between the two parties. The Voice of dealt mighty was raised. Now Mr they'll do Monte spoke with an angry tone. He said this the Americans are the ones who destroyed the country and wreaked havoc on it. They are those who refuse to complete building the electrical system and the infrastructure projects. So my point exactly so these talking about all these things they did but half these things are are shoddy work or not even finished and they claim that they're helping everybody. They're they're using this to pull money out of their economy. It is a scam. Says they have bargained for the reconstruction of Iraq in exchange for giving up fifty percent of oil of Iraqi oil imports. Now think of how absurd that is can your bargaining to reconstruct the country that you destroyed so so not only did you make money by bolstering the Military Industrial Complex for all the people that have stocks and Raytheon like Nikki. Haley I just found out or Boeing. I believe they all have a more profit motive here and then you destroy everything and then you make money by building it back. Because that's honest right. But he says so I refuse who's to decide to go to char- I refused. And he decided to go to China and concluded an important strategic agreement with it and today trump is trying trying to cancel. What's important argument agreement right? So here's the point. This is before most of this happened and he spoke up and said he would China to make this deal happen. And you know that's not allowed allowed into the US government mentality. That's bad guy stuff you don't get to deal with people that make things better for those that the US does not want to fight against right. Russia China we can't allow them. You just do normal legal things because it makes them better right. We can't allow totally legal pipeline with Germany because that gives them something that they benefit from so we as the freedom lover policeman of the world to go and just destroy that totally legal project because that makes sense right nothing about that is legitimate or legal or moral or any of it they do in any way because they want their their adversaries to not be able to succeed. That's not what democracy loving freedom-loving countries do. That's what authoritarian governments governments do but he went to China and this is where the story gets very interesting and this is why it seems all of this went down and maybe why they forced forced him as Monte admits to remove from from the position. But nobody wanted it. Why went back in but apparently he was threatened by Donald Trump himself? The American presidents threatened the Iraqi. Prime Minister says to liquidate him directly with the Minister of Defense. The Marines or the third party that sniped the demonstrators at the security men Abdul says quote after my trip from China trump called me and asked me to cancel the agreement. So I I I. He also said he refused and he goes on to say he threatened me with massive demonstrations. That would topple me now. Please recognize the importance of that statement. He's literally saying that. Donald trump threatened to create protests in his country. That would topple him which is exactly what ultimately ultimately happened. This is all before by the way. This speech is very easy to this. Speech was on the record that we can point to a- before this took place so there's no way moved tonight. This is what he's saying here is easy to verify seeing as how he is either a psychic or he's he's telling you what they actually said now he says indeed. The demonstration started and then and trump called threatening to escalate in the event of noncooperation and responding to his wishes so that the third party marine snipers would target the demonstrators raiders and security forces. And Kill Them from the highest structures and the US embassy in an attempt he says to pressure me Monte Prime Minister her and submit to his wishes and cancelled the China agreement so I did not respond and submitted my resignation and the Americans still insist to this day on cancelling slowing the China Agreement and win. The defense minister said that WHO kills the demonstration is third party. Trump called me immediately. He says and physically threatened me me and defense minister in the event of talk about the third party so they threatened his life. Think about that because he wasn't going to do what the US warranted them to do their country and their economy. I mean there's no way to snap to see this any other way now. You could argue that Montes making it all up but do you really believe that based on their history of doing exactly this in multiple countries. It's certainly possible as always question everything but the as always we need to take into account the previous actions the person behind it what they've done before and what their what their adversaries have done what he's done in the past what the Iraqi government has done in the past none of this lines up any other way once unless you realize this is how they conduct themselves. This is what they do sir. SERETSE says U. S. aircraft from. UAE has a fly has flown towards south of Ron. She's a little update for you now. Tom Cat an analyst on twitter actually confirmed the time line as well in regard to China's deal and this this again is interesting and comes from before this now says yes. A fifty person delegation visited China in two thousand nineteen gene and then the protests started on October first boom and chill the dates then picked up again on October twenty fifth. I'm skeptical about the third party but the timing itself was interesting. The flames were fanned by Gulf media. All Harare now linked to the tweet. This is important about. The protests in Iraq trump called Iraqi PM and asked him to cancel the agreement the Iraqi agreement the agreement with China that was Iraq was trying to make with China to improve the Iraqi infrastructure roads electricity water right but the Iraqi PM refused to cancel so trump threatened him with massive demonstrations. That's right I mean this is powerful stuff here and the fact that he's fallen this up time line very clearly pointing out that this happened that the Chinese delegation it happened and the the on the first after that is when it started exactly like trump threatened and a Guinea points out that the way that they picked up again later later that was focused against Iran. It doesn't make any sense now. All her is A. US government financed arab-language TV outlet. which you know coming back from the NDA? I don't know what what was it. The two thousand sixteen. The the countering disinformation act from don't from Obama sort. We're talking about their funding foreign language outlets to manipulate people abroad. And doing it with with our own media right here at home due to the Smith Month Modernization Act. All of these things are. It's just a constant aggressive ongoing massive. US government funded operation ration- to manipulate the perception of people everywhere. And if you're listening right now and thinking to yourself. Nah The marines wouldn't have done nats. They wouldn't have shot protesters because trump told them to. Well here's an important bit of truth from our past. It's very necessary for people to watch especially especially if they've never seen it what was happening over there We were killing people. I mean we were killing innocent people People were being taken captive if they looked like a quote unquote insurgent. You did what you wanted to do with them. We were in western Iraq. Al Anbar province a town hall hall of all time Just south of the Euphrates and just east of the Syrian border. It was a free for all there was no media there. There's no one to look after you. And the marines took it upon themselves to shoot at beat rob rape kill whoever they wanted to. And that's being proposed on. The news is like a few bad apples apples. This is a very isolated incident. The work that we've done in Iraq veterans against the war has shattered those inclinations and thoughts because is in those narratives as we showed in two thousand eight when we had over one hundred veterans who served throughout the course of six years during the war in different geographical graphical areas in different branches of the service in different units during different time periods in different jobs. All of this was taking place everywhere throughout Iraq. And it wasn't wasn't being reported some of it was coming from high in command and others were taking it upon themselves. It's important to hear that last part that some of this was coming from above that they were ordering and we've talked about this before. People have testified that they were ordered ordered to rape to kill to to do things to children in front of their parents. Like this was documented. Of course he said those were just bad apples. But that's an Iraqi veteran any this is he's famous for this but I could. I could literally spend the next two days straight showing you clips of Iraqi veterans of Afghanistan veterans of Syrian veteran. People that will say this is what it is not just what we do that this war was about or what these people do in this position but this is the culture as he as he says in that. Same speech that you can watch full in the show notes. That women in the Marines were literally called walking mattresses and they were raped by their own people in the unit. This is well aware of this. This this is just the way this is the culture. But they don't want you to know about this. He also goes on to talk about how it's about you know manipulating our perception over decades of what the military really is you know going from the Department of war to Department of Defense I. It's just one part of a massive manipulation to get you to see it differently. Source says all TAJ base also under under attack confirmed by Revolutionary Guard. So here since we're getting a couple of updates us do another little quick look into this. Here's something I just saw. This is the first video they're saying of these attacks. Oh I think these are the same ones we saw earlier. Yeah definitely seemed like missiles. Don't they uh hey look at that cory cory interesting. I just saw cory cory in the chat. Ah I think you're young girl. But she had a video on her channel giving shouted last American Bhagwan. I appreciate that it's nice to see that we're reaching people even at you know high school level or below like that's important breaking through that propaganda but here here is let's see let's see. It says the video footage emerged purporting. Morning Show I. This is very dangerous though. It's very easy for these things to get misrepresented. Were there's fake information flying around fake images happens every time people I so I caught three the last time. Now let's see what else we can find here real quick and we'll jump back into the other topics I told you. This is going to be a long show. I've got like another other eleven things to talk about second. Wave retaliation strikes. Let's see what else we can look at real quick. Let's see who else is reporting. Maybe even a mainstream just to see what's up doesn't look like even press. TV's even on it yet out here. This is the breaking so I urge targets. US Airbase in Iraq. So this is this'll be a good place to find. They either. Want us to know or what they're telling US happening because this obviously press TV is Tehran. Iran tied outlet but as always as unwilling to point out every time I get more honest information coming from coming from press TV. RT RT plenty of other places even stuff that has different perspectives than that angle. The baby on the other side of the argument but just not mainstream that are far far far more. Relevant now has RON's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps targeted the US air base of Assad in our province in western Iraq. Excuse me after travelling to retaliate. The US assignation of Sulejmani tens of surface missiles were fired. That's isn't that interesting. That was here's what this is that that was the exact claim. We're getting from Herat's right so that's interesting to think about right. We have to see first of all. I always point out times of Israel. Rats you know they can be pretty pretty critical sometimes if Israel as well but they will almost always toe. The line of the Israeli focused narrative is almost always. I meant to say that this is what I've I've rarely. We see them but I do sometimes see them chat. When you get a certain writer at Herat's let's say that chance to challenge Netanyahu or something like that but by large you get these articles from them that tend tend to be more on it than we do from the mainstream media but usually it's in a way that will slant it into an Israeli government focused idea you know you'll read through this? It'll be all about how Iran Evil Evil doing all these things and we have to stop them and they're trying to take over the world and that's what's going to be about but you still got this first whereas you got rockets rockets. When it first came out and miss and the mainstream media trying to use it's funny the mainstream media today is literally like the the youtubers that are trying to get out there? I get the views you know. Rush out there and get our law because this is breaking news and usually they're the breaking people that are just looking at NBC and giving you mainstream talking points which I can't stand but it seems like that's what the mainstream media does today to right. They're falling all over themselves to be the first one point something out. She's kind of embarrassing. They get it wrong all the time all the time. Now let's see what was the one who just saw here. Let's let's keep going on this. The energy was called for a couple. Complete was has called for a couple with a complete with trump's accuse me of US troops from the Arab country asserting that it would not differentiate between the US and Israel in retaliating which. I'll get to a point on that in the show today the warn. US allies is from the base. I'm not saying anything about a second. Strikes says this is just the first one st comes as no surprise the Seattle Race Moore deal to detail soon. Sirens are reportedly heard an American helicopters flew over the airbase and Total Lert was activated I find it odd that there's I mean there's helicopters tend to be over the base when they're in the Green Zone but we didn't see them outside the Green Zone which technically violation of their agreement with Iraq. Win these things happen. I just found that interesting to remember. US President Donald Trump's being briefed about the retaliatory strikes. Which is why? I think we're gonNA see something tonight. We are aware of the reports. This is from the president the White House. The president has been briefed in his monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national security team. I I might. I might think about this more and can consider why they might not respond at all right. They hadn't actually didn't respond against the last rocket attacks right right so this is kind of the same thing. Yes we're seeing missiles but I'm not really seeing reports of damage or killings so it's possible they might just let this go in hopes that this will diminish down again because I don't think trump new knew what he was stumbling into. I mentioned this on corporate show and I you know. I know a lot of people. Don't like this when we get into the idea that possibly trump's just kind of like a will which dupe getting manipulated by his people around him like the Palm Pao's because they want him to be the big you know he's the epitome of evil. When it's all him I agree? He's one hundred percent. Part of the problem is when you look at it to allow things like Yemen to continue obviously part of the problem but it makes sense to me for someone to have brought him something while he was golfing in your every was happening. We have this terrorist right now. We have to get him. Maybe even not even mentioning Solomon whose name and do you think trump would have been like. Oh let's look into it. More right. He is exactly the kind on a personal and said get him. Just just do it. We're number one right America and then realized Oh was that the guy we were talking about you know as he didn't recognize the guy's name when he got elected it seems like it might have happened that way and it seems like the way that they quickly tried to roll back and say we don't want a war. You know you guys better not attack us. We need to get your protection from everybody else hiding behind behind everybody else. It seems like that might be the case so somebody that consider the Pentagon the Pentagon claimed that it would take necessary sincerity measures to protect the US military forces. Yeah this is funny. I always framing themselves in a defensive stance always and this case they are in a defensive stance but just recognize that that they're always framing that as defense always working with initial base damage assessments. Let's see and this is just the same. Old Information says it's clear that these missiles were launched from Iran. There's another tidbit just so we know that this wasn't you know out of Syria or whatever they're gonna try and claim so apparently as it's being reported they're buying from Iran which also kind of shows you the depth right to potential attacks like here legit so we can see this real quick. I can actually do this since we're doing this on the fly. I'll show just so you guys can see it's important actually get a good picture of where this isn't how what's happening right. It's always good to have perspective. oops hold on trying to get the screen lined up for you. Okay okay. So here's what we're looking at. So Ron attacking the hairless do this. Where exactly he was the Al- Assad based for anybody that might be in the chat so we can pin that down just in general sense recognized? We're talking about Ron and things are happening. Generally in in Baghdad as area right right so this is quite a ways. It's just important to see that and there it could. It could as easily be somewhere like right up here. I kinda doubt that but nonetheless. That's it's quite a distance all right. Let's get back into what I saw. One more or comment on the chat here. I found it why it was so buried but look at the strike footage. I'm not sure what you mean there. Buddy follow up with the comment and I'll I'll look into it all right well. I'm not seeing anything else. If you guys got anymore updates let me know but we now it seems that was launched from within Iran we see missile attacks. We have Iran claiming it multiple attacks on multiple locations but so far it seems no damage. No casualties interesting I. It just seems odd to me to sing. Don't know what that means but I'm just honestly. That seems odd especially if we're talking about multiple tax in multiple locations with missiles meaning meaning. They have guidance they can target them but no damage. It could just be that it's being misrepresented. It's also possible as I said the beginning. It seems like maybe they would not want this to get out now getting back on the topic. We were talking about in regard to the delegation the fifty person delegation to China. That Mahdi was doing it which is why they tried to stop it. And why they forced him out. Now southbound as you can see as it's a similar report as you can see the title is Frankie Prime Minister. Mr was forced to resign after trump threatened his life and this actually coming from a totally different source with additional context. So understand that this is not just from one person person claiming one thing. This is pretty obvious this happened now. All this talk is not been The the the specific parts that they're claiming in this out front article apparently certainly not been confirmed by them. It reads quote when massive demonstrations materialize. But again the point is understand that from these other previous articles. This is a direct quote for Monte Right. So they're Clinton in that regard to their full context here. Now it says massive demonstrations materialized against Monte trump once again allegedly called him to threaten this and the US US president allegedly threatened to position US marine snipers atop the highest buildings who will target and kill protesters and security forces alike in an attempt to pressure the prime minister after this is before that happened understand instead of complying it says Abdullah Abdul Mahdi refused and handed his resignation and the US still attempted to pressure him to cancel the deal deal with China later on when the Iraqi Prime Minister of defense publicly said but a third side was targeting both protesters and security forces alike Abdul Mahdi allegedly received a call for new call from Donald Trump who then threatened to kill both him and the Minister of Defense if they kept talking about this third side I think about that. Obviously there's something going on there now you could. You could argue. This isn't true. Didn't happen despite the fact that is you know. This is what the Prime Minister of Iraq is claiming who was recently on their side now. It's is furthermore the Iraqi Prime Minister revealed that Ronnie in general Qassim Sulejmani was invited to Iraq. Iraq take part in reconciliation negotiations with Saudi Arabia. When he was assassinated by the United States now as Moon of Alabama points out the chicken hawks of Israel Israel Saudi Arabia and the UAE who lobbied the US for war on Iran? Now apparently fear the consequences. How how Fanis Janis that now? The tweet says breaking full Netanyahu statement to security cabinet meeting the assassination of Solani isn't Iranian event shooting and Israeli we event but an American event we were not involved and should not be dragged into it. Can you believe that I mean I mean you could argue that. The action alone was the United States but it is overwhelmingly apparent that they are completely died into this done. Punt Pompeo met with Netanyahu like four four times over the last so many weeks. That's that's that's crazy. It's obvious there's discussions going on about exactly this topic. Israel has been rather about Iran for so very along. And we're supposed to pretend he's clearly trying to step away from this. I mean it's very humorous to me that the very the very Israeli prime minister that's constantly constantly trying to project power and control to the world and especially in the Middle East the moment that it seems he might get what he has been overtly aiming to create. Well will he runs behind mommy skirt. Which is pretty unbelievable when you realize that that man and Israel's government in general have been pushing this into action for decades and after this horrifying horrifyingly illegal string of? US government aggressions. That were verifiably driven. Forward by Netanyahu's government all while acting like Iran is the one acting out and even pretending to have Iraq support the whole time which is just absurd absurd today the. US was voted out by Iraq's parliament to which trump simply said no exactly like I predict it. It's not the the first time we've been on on this show about these exact kind of things. This is from zero hedge trump says. US will not leave Iraq unless billions for us. Base are repaid threatens Baghdad with very big sanctions. God that's crazy. Do you see how quickly this turns you know. That's one of those teams. Will that change fast right. This is this is going from that. They are completely behind everything we have to say. which if you remember when he said that I laughed out loud and now we're here like a few days later like that's just crazy? It's very obvious that this just flipped on them and they're trying to control the narrative. All of this is about that but now they're not going to leave even though they were voted out by the parliament of which they just pretended to Barack you respect the sovereignty of and then they're threatening them with sanctions which is just crazy. They don't have the legal authority to do that as with any other country and we also don't have any real justifiable reason for saying you're sanctioning them because you're breaking the law. I mean. Think about that now on Sunday. Iraq's parliament did indeed vote to approve the expulsion of US military forces following last week's attack on. It's all money axios reported that the trump administration tried to stop the Iraqi vote. That's mainstream media. They trust the thing of how interesting that ties together with Monte just just said they tried to stop the vote as well as tried to stop everything else. That Iraqi government is doing of their own accord that goes against what the US wants. This is why they continually put put in puppets of these countries and in fact the used dictators because they can manipulate them. You can't put in place of someone believes in democracy or believes in representative government. Because the last I think they'll want you to do is meddle in their affairs. He put in a dictator. They can pay who they can views. And that's why they do it and here we have this person that they you you know. They're trying to create this fake government. They can control and clearly they didn't want to and they just remove them. Let's just get him out of the way they threaten his life. It's just it's perfectly in line with everything else we've seen of this government of Justice Administration all the way up to now dot says that he tried tried to stop the vote to remove them. That's sure you're shocked to believe that chuck to hear that. But they've stopped trying to stop so they wouldn't vote to remove them from the country and they said trump. The trump administration actually tried to persuade top Iraqi officials to kill the parliamentary vote. That's not meddling or anything right. That's not foreign intervention intervention invention right foreign meddling or whatever they tried to claim right. This is Russia buying facebook ads right and a little bit more serious to actually threaten and forcefully. Go in and tell them you don't you don't even if it was just a casual discussion like please. Don't pass that bill. That's that's right your meddling foreign affairs but it's okay when the good guys do it right now you official told axios expelling the US military from Iraq quote would be inconvenient for us but it would be catastrophic for Iraq. Gee that's not a threat or anything right. It's not a threat to be like well. We bad for us but it'd be way worse for you right. That's pretty better than naked. Threat says quote. But it's also what would happen to them financially if they allowed to take advantage of their economy to such an extent that they would fall under the sanctions that are on Iran. The official said you hear what he's saying there. We'll finish a statement. He says we don't WanNa see that. We're trying very very hard to work. Not have that happen so he says that what would happen if they moved away is that that would allow Iran to take advantage of their economy economy to such an extent that they would then fall under. US sanctions right. Guido WanNA. We don't WanNa do it. We're the we're the forlorn hero. We don't want to have to put sanctions on on our ally. How crazy is that? The point is that they're saying that Iran is on good terms with Iraq and is an ally of Iraq and is welcome to the country in their mind is taken advantage because they're benefiting an enemy of the government but there's no taking advantage taking place. They're working together. That just like we see with Germany and Russia right but they can't allow allow that they're working together and it's and they're not getting their cut of the Pie right. They're not getting their mafia slice. Their big this is the reality they are crazy rabbit about gibbs one stopping the people that benefit from anything that they can't get a piece of and you're stopping their adversaries from benefiting at all period. But they're saying that. Have Ron working with them. Would then allow would then. Of course then we wouldn't be able to stop them from falling under on sanctions. They're just basically saying if you do this. We're going to sanction you too. It's just ridiculous open threat and I mean just how crazy this is coming off the fact that they literally just spent week saying that they respect their sovereignty that it's just just great article by Caitlyn Johnstone Their Passion for Iraq democracy magically disappears. The point she makes the article bottom line is that didn't care about it. To begin with that was it's the illusion but just hours after Iraq voted to expel. US troops stationed in Iraq. Trump made it clear hoops. Not Make sure I'm not missing you. Guys in the chat here might have missed anymore. I did miss couple breaking things here. Real quick side note. Got Some comments. It says I wonder if the Patriot. Missile Defense System worked at all it's PM U-TURN now three three saying well so nothing nothing updates on the story now trump hours after they voted to remove him. Trump made it clear that he has no interest in vacating the nation that has been a stalwart. US military outpost in the Middle East for nearly two decades ever since it was Eli invaded by the United States in search of non existent weapons of mass destruction region. Oh that's right based on false intelligence that they said they knew that they were certain about that. Promise we have imminent threats and we're certain about everything and it was all not true but let's not I think about any of that compared to what's going on today because we're crazy if you think that and speaking to reporters on Air Force One said quote we're not leaving unless arrack pays us back for. US Air bases built in Iraq. I I actually had to make sure that was even true. I really we couldn't believe that that happened. I mean it's just again I mean we know I mean they're Iraq. War is one of the most obvious examples of things that we know. We know that it was illegal. We know that they did it. Based on false information we know that they killed a million people five hundred children because it was worth it according to the administration. We know this stuff right but today we're talking about not leaving until they pay the US government back for all of their legal destruction and murder. I mean that's crazy. I I mean obviously yes. They did build things that they thought they were going to get to US forever. Right that's the point is about the basis that they want to use to continue to wage war against Syria and Iran. And everybody else else so he just wants to pay them back but it's crazy after everything they did. Using depleted uranium using white phosphorus killing lots of innocent people and of course outsourcing outsourcing the operations to foreign entities that did shoddy work and didn't make them at all made them halfway or in the. US came and destroyed them again and then paid to have built again with people outside of Iraq all of which didn't benefit Iraq at all and benefited the people on their team. You know the chain oil situation from all that same scenario and then they want them to pay them back after they basically raped them of all the resources and assets says quote. We have a very extraordinarily expensive expensive. Airbase that's their trump says. It costs billions of dollars to build long before my time. We're not leaving unless they pay us back for it. Trump said the trump said that he would ask Iraq to pay for the basis the US the US government has built if they decide to kick the US government out of Iraq which apparently early seems to have happened. The largest issue here and there are many issues but the most obvious that trump and his cabinet no doubt are very very aware of but just don't care whereas everything else were pointing out is that the US already has eight binding. You guessed it legal agreement with Iraq which stipulates that the basis and all fixed installations that the US has built. There are the property of Iraq. Now he either is so incredibly uninformed but he doesn't know this or doesn't care they're either way. It's absolutely ridiculous that this continues to happen. It's absolutely ridiculous that we continue to have them come up against legal blocks or agreements that they have signed even within this administration and they just say screw it because terrorists or because we don't care or we just don't even talk about it and here's this is included as well and I hope you guys will take a moment to dive through all of this stuff but let's go through just one part. This is a great compilation elation of of this actual Actually up too. So you can see it. The actual documentation itself now says on the issue of the of US basis Iraqi sovereignty and sanctions. Now it says hoops lose my place here. Hold on okay. Now it says U. S. military bases in Iraq were built during George W Bush presidency when the US pulled out of Iraq at the end of two thousand eleven whatever ever remained was considered Iraqi and already paid for now the US signed a status-of-forces agreement in two thousand eight which is Headed up and I'll see it again so I'm not giving you the wrong one. which is this one or that were? This is basically the breakdown of this says translated from Arabic and this is their agreement now goes on to say and this is the most important part now. I think I had it Let's see had highlighted. Yes right here. This is the same Arctic light up by the way so he pointed out here in his little captions but will read it right here directly from the article so you can see it now. It says Iraq Article Five of the agreement signed with the Iraqi government that the the US government is well aware of article. Five Iraq owns all the buildings and installations the non-transferable structures on the ground that are located in the areas and installations agreed upon including those the US utilizes constructs changes or improves. oops I mean you uh I mean this literally. Just said they're not gonNA make them pay for things that they have a legally binding agreement that that's not gonNA happen now. I honestly I. I think that he didn't know about this. I think he just spoke off the cuff and he's going to have to be quietly informed that he's very wrong but I still think they don't want to leave and they're never going to leave. So this is just just another thing in the air. They're gonNA use to manipulate the situation while they continue to maintain rack owned by the way they just sent more reinforcements in Iraq. Because you didn't know that we'll get there now says at withdraw raw the US will return all installations and the agreed upon areas allocated for the use of the US combat forces according to lists of inventory to the Iraqi the government right so this is the point when they leave it goes to the Iraqi government period. This is the first of these is to be submitted covering the installations and agreed upon areas as soon as the agreement is implemented and the other list is to be submitted no later than January thirtieth two thousand nine the appointed date for US forces withdrawal from cities and the Iraqi government has the right to permit the US forces to use some necessary installations for the agreement. Now think about that. Does it appear to you right now. That the Iraq that the US government is awkward operating on the Iraqi government's permission right. I mean that's what they pretended when this first started. But it's obvious not happening so right there that's violating the agreement now says says the US bears all the costs of building repeat that the US bears all the cost of building modification or renovation in the installations and agreed upon areas allocated for their exclusive use the US will consult the Iraqi government as to building modification renovation works and must seek the approval of the Iraqi government regarding major modifications and construction projects and in cases of joint utilization of installations and agreed upon areas. Both both parties will bear the cost of construction modification or renovation according to the percentage of us the US will bear the cost of these services it requests and receives any installations agreed upon areas for exclusive use and both parties will bear costs for requested and received services in the installations and agreed upon areas. According to percentage of each party used now going back. It's important to recognize. After that K- The agreement expired on December. Thirty first two thousand was in eleven. Make sure we got that up there. Okay then it says the. US and Iraq also signed a strategic framework agreement in two thousand eight that is still in affect right so the point is the previous agreement. Made it very clear that the US was building these things for Iraqi us at the end of the day. No matter what that's period bottom line and the base trump's referring to a base that they used exclusively for themselves which means as it very clearly stated is they are completely on them they pay for it and give it to Iraq when they leave the ones. They're working together. It says that there's split cost but this one's not the one we're talking about but then understand that. That agreement has expired. Anyway which would mean that if that was all they add the. US would just say expired. So who cares even though it still has a mandate that in effect but this one that they signed the two thousand eight that is still in fact right now oh it states the US will not retain bases or permanent military presence nor US Iraq to launch attacks against other countries. oops I guess that one's out the window Now here is what it says. The temporary presence of US forces in Iraq is at their request. An invitation of the sovereign government of Iraq and with full respect to the sovereignty of Iraq. I mean that's long since violated the US state the State shall not use Iraqi land sea or air fire as a launching transit point for attacks against other countries nor seek to request permanent basis or a permanent military presence in Iraq may have long since been gone right I. I mean as long since been violated in removed now Israel was attacking Iraqi bases and racists in Syria from out of Iraq. Everything about this illegal everything thing about it. You don't just get to say well. Iran bad guy so none of this stuff matters you violate Iraqi agreements because Iran bad guy. I mean it doesn't make sense you're always trying to build this imminent threat threat idea that we're about to be attacked about something dangerous. Isis Oradour Korea. Where everything so everybody just go okay? Well we're in danger. We gotta let them do their thing. That's not how this works. These people are using that to manipulate. You just like Iraq just like Afghanistan just like Syria just like Venezuela rayle adjust like Bolivia just like every single place that we can point to today and that has to bother you. That has to upset you to see that that these things are verifiably viably illegal you present this in front of one of them and they they have nothing to say they will simply say well. We can't allow them to do Blah Blah Blah. That's that's not what we're talking about. You are violating an agreement with Iraq period. They don't put that off on the wrong. This is completely agree just but they don't care. The point is the media will not tell you about this. The mainstream media will never bring this up because the argument that the goal for them is to play the other side and pretend like they think this is bad while essentially saying Iran. Bad Guy. We just have to do it the right way which which is just nonsense. There's no right way to do an illegal action it's wrong top to bottom everything about this. FFA is banning flights in the Middle East out of the United States. That's probably probably smart right now. Let's see before we move on. There's out there's another interesting part that will let me do this last part. I wanted to do another couple of checks. Let me know if anybody sees anything thing new about what's going on now. This is pretty amusing. Actually after this discussion we're having about just the making them pay for basis when it's so obviously not what's part of the agreement that it actually violates their legal agreement if trump is actually serious that Iraq to reimburse the US for its military basis their camps and other installations as they're claiming the US will apparently be able to repay its twenty three trillion dollar debt. And even have some money left over right when all said hadn't done here's the actual list here's the actual list of all the basis. We're talking about here and you'll see why this is ridiculous. I mean the point is this is just a claim. He's making in hopes that they'll may be pulled back on it but look at all these faces these this is all all the bases. US government has in Iraq and apparently as the articles pointing out if they're actually expecting them to revert just ignoring the obvious legal legally binding agreement for a moment. Which says that? They don't have to do that but just entertaining the ridiculous statement of Donald Trump for a moment if he actually believes that they have to pay back all of these. You're you're easily over twenty three trillion dollar debt. We'd be out of debt just like that. Obviously Iraq does not have that much money. But it's kind of ridiculous joke to think that he's actually expecting this mean. We're still going right. We're still going on the list. They're still basis. I mean it's it's just crazy. It's crazy to me. The argument is the the point is that he doesn't. I don't think he actually thinks that's going to happen. Or maybe he doesn't and he just doesn't realize how ridiculous it is. The bottom line is it's about keeping people in the discussion of why we should be there and we can't leave why because they didn't pay us back or whatever. Whatever the continual argument is now? I'm not seeing any updates before I move onto the next topic so let me do a quick little peek here and see if there's any updates anybody see anything updates we. We got about sixteen hundred tuned in. Thank you for joining me today. Everybody that just tuned in here. I'll let you see you can go through with me and we can look at these. I don't know why this hasn't loading right now. Here we go all right. Ron Fires Rockets. This problem with the first one. It's interesting to see how far ahead we can can get from even the mainstream media just constantly trying to show people is that it's not it's they have the exact same information that we do. They they had they had for a long time at this really good air of like you just can't reach what they're doing right. which is just a joke? Well we're talking about actual investigative journalism which by by the way now that I just say that out loud I have a really looking forward to an interview with aromatase coming up in the next couple of days about some investigative journalism that he did which you guys haven't heard about yet what what she'll be very excited to hear about but the point is when you're actually doing investigative journalism there's a level of you when you got your actual sources on the ground when you're actually going in there and in finding information and digging through the story that that is hard to beat but the media they don't th they. I've talked about this so many times media outlets today mainstream they almost by large don't have investigative journalists anymore. Why because they don't need them because they're getting handed down their narratives from the government? It's not a joke. I've shown you this the propaganda multiplier right the same place as they get them from Reuters French Press Agency Associated Press and a few other scattering nets. That's what they get these are. These are news conglomerates basically hand down breaking information they take that half the time they printed as is and put their name on it. I mean that's not a secret. Reassess crashing comeback is the name of the PMU new operation apparently so the already excuse me claiming they have an operation and it's called crashing comeback. We'll get there's more topics about the PM. You enforcing the United States from the from the Iraqi government Iraqi Iraqi nation. We'll get to as we go forward here. Okay let me check some other ones here. Let's see what this says. Okay so this looks like a breakdown in the most recent updates here. Let's see. It says Ron has fired more than a dozen. Now see this says rockets right so this is what this is. Why The you know the as they call it the fog of breaking news which is just ridiculous which just basically means? You didn't do your due diligence or you didn't wait till you have. The full story is what that means which is almost always the mainstream three media while oils sixty five twenty nine. That's crazy but seeing rockets so the point is we're going to have to wait and find out what's really going on here because if it was rockets fired I would be willing to say right now that there's more going on than we think there's some kind of manipulation or or Iran is simply claiming attack from the PM view or something like that doesn't really make sense but it says rockets at two Iraqi military bases. I think that's just them saying rockets like my point earlier. There's an agenda to make this convoluted to make tied in with the other attacks right so it suits them to make it into rockets so it seems that Iran is just continuing their attacks as opposed to finally actually attacking and the rest were false flags. We're manipulations right. So it seems that our T. is directly quoting them saying missiles so if they're saying rockets that's a choice but it says Iraqi military bases two of them and then of course the Pentagon confirmed so that's probably where they're getting rockets. The rockets rockets fired they say or the missiles at on Al Assad base came amid escalating tensions. The attacks fallen killing of Ron military. Commander Sulejmani L. Mani. He always followed the same information. Okay so it's as ron start. Second round of attacks. Iran started second round of attacks against basis holding. US troops in Iraq. The second round of attacks started. I'm not seeing any reports of any damage or anything so normally I would be on twitter twitter as you guys should know today where you can get some of the best breaking accurate information but it's also where you can get some of the worst manipulative deceptive information right. So it's a it's a it's it's it's an actual perfect embodiment of what the world should actually be grownup able to show some discernment and be able to read through things and not blindly finely. Believe it 'cause it's on twitter right. That's what they're trying to tell you. We need to help protect you from a fake news. No you don't what you're doing is enabling people to be mindless followers. which is what they want right so on twitter? You should be able to dive through this stuff. So let's let's do this real quick. I just start searching real quick and I'll hop back on and see if we can find anything else still haven't signed that by the way I wonder if they're going to delete my account because I refused to click okay. Iran attacks latest updates. Trump should not be allowed to make any decisions when he is clearly not mentally stable. Now I mean that's I I would. I would before that I mean that's crazy. I mean if you call trump to not mentally stable do you think Obama or Bush were. It's just the same. These people are this is when you get into the rabbit. anti-trump mentality that when you know realistically we should be on the same agreement here here but they try to make it about a you know you get my point. It's crazy that that's what drives people on the two sides when most of these things are in the middle but I agree. I don't think it should be making these decisions. Based on the fact that he's he's lied every other time until now not that he's mentally unstable but honestly I think most of these politicians are sociopaths. Let's see the nothing breaking just yet. Ladies and gentlemen so we'll circle back afterward this this says over thirty five missiles fired but this is just coming from a guy it seems to be countering ring pretty much everything else. We're seeing all right. We're going to keep going. You guys seem. I'm glad you guys are staying with me today because there is a lot of really important information that's going to be completely overshadowed by all of this. Which is what I've been saying? So let's get into the rest of it. I'm just getting started like there's so much I mean we've already gone through to write two different very obvious. We have a UN treaty and we've got a legally binding agreement but both of which are right now being violated right. Why does that not matter? I mean do they continue to point to Iran and say they're breaking the JCP away which by the way they're not what article thirty six which they're even still operating within which is still JCP away. They're allowed to do this because the US broke it. And you is still not in compliance right to me. It's it's there they just they'll break pretty much anything as long as they think. It will suit their narrative which is very frustrating to me. But let's get back into this now simply threatening Iraq financially however wasn't enough right this. This is the constant. We're going to attack you a sanctions. Which is an act of war? Let's be clear about that. Sanctions are an act of war. which was the complete agreement until suddenly they tried? They decided to the shift. The socially engineer the public to see them as different there you can go back on their own documentation sanctions or an act of war period. It's stupid to saying nothing else. especially as they're actively starving forty thousand people or killing forty thousand people had Venezuela or continuing to the same in Iran. It's obviously an act of war but just just threatening Iraq financially with massive sanctions wasn't enough trump also made it very clear that in addition to billions and reimbursements that he expects unless the US left on a very friendly basis he said the US would actually hit Iraq with very big sanctions. Like they've never seen before we said I've kind of screwed screwed up in the in the beginning part. But he said it'll make a Ronnie and sanctions look somewhat team now again. Think about what. He's saying sanctions. That are right now. Starving people people to death sanctions. That are doing. They're hurting people stopping them from getting medical treatment sanctioning over eighty percent of their economy and ruining their their their real their currency. And this is. This is something that will be tame in comparison to what he level against the Iraqi government. For what because they didn't want the US there anymore which is completely their prerogative but yet he's going to attack them to a degree that's worse than a wrong because they didn't do what he said. I mean there's not even like I at least Aurora. They pretend look around terrorist around bad guy. They never prove it. But now they're gonNA say even worse against Iraq and they don't even have a flimsy allegation against what they're doing wrong long of course they're going to point to the the protest they claim people died. But that's not what they're saying now understand. This is only because they're telling them to leave and understand it. Monte just told everybody not that trump is the one that US Marines to snipe people at those protests which is pretty unbelievable or rather pretty believable which is pretty shocking now the removal title of US troops from Iraq and the area was also the theme of Sunday speech by his Beleaguer. Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon. Now it seems very clear that the resistance access will work on this project in a coordinated manner and these are people that they try to hang in the same thing but ultimately they've always he's had connections ideologically and otherwise politically. We've always pointed out but what's funny about this now is now. They're driving them to a point to where they're going to turn around and say see. We told you as literally their actions are driving them together. self-fulfilling prophecy like every single time. But this this is a video that is very important to see. I help you will be open to it aside. I Mary keeping the monopoly comfortable a eight more wiki tonight use of Malton Week. You who handles half the aims and we had one and must be how I am heady atmosphere. That's been made any. Eli Moore Denies mccown. See us at. They see the delone but that was from a press TV interview with Robert Endlich cash. Which I'm hoping I can get in contact with someone who's saying he was going to reach out to me? Big Fan of his work really really great great job. Now that is just a click of the larger speech but hopefully we're reading the subtitles. What he's saying is that we first of all the thing that I always pointing out when they're saying death to America they're talking about the government and they're always clear about that? Ask yourself why that's never represented in the media. There's because they have. They have obvious agenda to make them the bad guy. I mean you could you. They could've just as easily show you that and be like but that's not true. Here's why right there obviously omitting very relevant parts of the story now the point that he's saying they're not going to go after civilians only military targets. Because that's what they believe. Trump constantly talking about attacking civilian targets. He's making it clear we're not GONNA do that. And he said in fact anybody attacking civilians that are American. Is it's going to only progress trump's agenda which is pretty damn revealing and of course he could be lying about all of it but recognize everything he saying. Exactly aligns with what happened in Douma with what what happened in Iraq. What's happening in and Afghanistan? What in alliance with what? They've always done so. Seems pretty logical to me at least based on everything that we've seen from the past fast but I guess we shouldn't think about that at all right just based off what trump tells you and you'll do just fine now the leader of a number of of the p. m. u. p. m. f. forces are apparently meeting in the next forty eight hours. And maybe as you saying in the chat that they apparently just decided but they're going to be planning for the eviction of US forces from Iraq. Should they not leave voluntarily. which seems like it's going to happen? which is the beginnings of a war now security reasons? The meeting was removed was moved who've from Baghdad to Toronto now this will no doubt be used as I said before is another bolster point field to bolster their point and again as usual ignoring that. It's literally their their actions that had driven them to such a high degree of support driving them to hold this in Toronto. But they're still going to point it and say see told you just like Bolton did about exactly what I told you he would oh look they they're still by the way adhering to the JCP away. Even though Bolton said look I told you they were going to break the deal not but are still doing it. And you're an idiot so sorry says in a chat Please show the clip of supreme leader saying we mean death that trump pompeo the rulers Yeah well yeah. I mean if I had the clip that I had so but the the full showed the full speech in the show for you guys to check out for yourselves but as I said that they're basically planning this and she said that it seems like the Operation Comeback Operation or whatever it was called is potentially underway right now. Trump also addressed his Saturday threat to attack various Iranian culture sites in retaliation to any escalation out of Theron. And of course this is the one we talked about to begin with today today. Excuse me now. This is a French. Press Agency. Defiant trump doubles down on threat to cultural sites. That's unusual right doubling down on something that's obviously veasley wrong. Excuse me something in my throat. Now trump threatened major retaliation on Iran. If they do anything and saying net quote they're allowed to kill our people they're allowed to torture and maim our people. They're allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural sites. It doesn't work that way. Actually trump exactly how it works. It's very embarrassing that you know that or you're pretending not to know that what they're talking about here. First of all they can do it. They can kill our people right anybody. Please point to me where they've proven that Rana's killed anybody please any of them as always. I'm not suggesting that it hasn't happened. I'm suggesting suggesting there's zero evidence to prove that it has was should be the point now. He says they're allowed to torture. Amar people please give me an example. They're allowed to use roadside bombs. Of course he's talking about the AFP's that we just debunked the fact that it's very easy to show that that is not a true claim. And the fact that their claim that they killed the peop- deep solomonic kills. There's other people was also an illegitimate claim. That largely stems from the people that were fighting back. They're illegal invasion of Iraq doesn't work that way. Yes Donald Trump. It does work that way but he also has not yet proven any of the claims of anything he said anyway but if you begin when attacking another nation sometimes Mr Trump they do actually have the courage to fight back now regardless we see yet again the current administration's disregard for their own commitments legal or. Otherwise it's kind of the running theme of today show. The UNESCO says us a signed treaties not to harm cultural heritage ESCO which the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization said on Monday that the United States has signed treaties committing to not harm cultural heritage in the event of an armed conflict. Perfect right I mean. It's exactly what we're constantly talking about out. The UN cultural cultural body said that under provisions of the nineteen fifty four in one thousand nine hundred seventy two convention so two different UN conventions or the treaties which have been ratified by both the United States and Iran signatory states undertake not to cake any deliberate measures which may damage cultural and Natural Heritage on the territory of other states parties. Those conventions now understand again. It's either that people are actively actively misinforming bring in or just not telling them anything or they're all wild incompetent or he doesn't care or they know all of this stuff and they just hope that you don't they just it's flagrant. We should know this stuff by now. They are not allowed to attack these sites period. It does not say well if you claim a bunch of unverified refined allegations and you say that makes them a terrorist. Well then all this can be ignored. Doesn't Seda there's no Asterik to the bottom that says you can just arbitrarily named someone terrorist and it just over Overshoots all of it. Now after all of this pushback today actually right before I went on it seems that trump finally at least according to times of Israel conceited and simply said get this. This is the best part or rather the worst part. He says that he was okay. With following international law also kind if you donald trump. He's is okay with it. That's a direct quote says quote. You know what if that's what the law is. Well I like to obey the law literally what he said. I mean actually while they're violating law and basically every place you can point to and it's just the way that he responded to that like well like four Lauren. Like oh that's that's too bad that I never get to ruin their cultural sites however he repeated an earlier complaint that he found the restriction unfair. It's unfair that he can't bomb their cultural sites. I mean how ridiculous is that. Thank you for the two super chats Wiley and classical says I voted for trump. Because he said he could build our country over several times. He ejected bolted on the eye. I have nine eleven than the guy just kept haunting the administration with his knee replacement. I'm not sure what you're going with that but thank you for the support now. Following the authoritarian and lawless display as everything else the US government yet again chose to take another legal action that it violates another agreement another treaty. Where were they blocked? Iran from speaking at the United Nations Denying Zarif the meant foreign minister a visa to be able to enter the United States. Now this is the frustrating part. What about this? This is why. It's so frustrating that the UN's home the UN's headquarters is in New York because it gives the United States the ability to just not allow people in which just not at all how this is supposed to work. This is where things are supposed to be able to speak. This is even in. Wartime people are allowed to come and speak their pie their peace and talk about what's going rolling on when you disregard that right. Not only is that illegal. A violation of international law and norms. It exposes that. You're trying to hide information that you're trying trying to control the narrative. This is what illegitimate people do period. Now the trump administration as you may have seen is barring Iran's top top diplomat from entering the United States this week to address the United Nations Security Council. I wonder why I wonder why he wouldn't want him to tell everybody what's going on. But the point is doing. So directly violates the terms of the nineteen forty seven headquarters agreement. I mean it's just kind of joke that all of these things just kind of fell in my lap today and it's like how what aren't they breaking. What aren't they violating? But for nineteen forty seven headquarters agreement which required Washington to permit foreign officials into the country to conduct you and business. This is according to three different diplomatic sources. And it's very easy to see one hundred percent what's happening but the point of that is to the point that they're obligated to do so is so that this doesn't happen so that people could always come and be able to on the grounds of peace discuss. What's going on in so it can circumvent the illegal actions of groups like the US government except when you give them all the control now? Three it says now trump Apparently trump speech had been cancelled now. Well that's good. These speeches are full. He turned down on. Trump was on rush limbaugh. This morning I watched I listened to a part of it and I couldn't throat Munaf little bit like it was it. Was it just basically fantastic. Journalists Rush Limbaugh had brought him on and said. Please don't tell us why this was the right move. Tell us why he was a bad guy and tell us why we're now safer. That's that's what journalists. Do Right they. Just here's there's a home reliable up a hairs a home run possibility right. Just just say whatever you want to say as I give you everything that you're saying already but that's exactly what happened now trump. Well thank you and went on to say all the same things. He's been saying with zero evidence to back it up. WE'LL RON bad guy. In Iran does bad things and they do terrorism and they support terrorism on sold on he was a bad guy they terrorism and they kill people nothing like that it was like probably just almost set everything he said and that's that's journalism according to rush limbaugh right. No pushback no discussion. No where's the evidence is nothing why because he has a vested interest in being on that side that's what suppose it mainstream journalists are today. They're cheerleaders for one side or another but this is an egregious violation and no one seems to care about that rush. Limbaugh didn't WanNa talk about that. Why Iran bad guy so it doesn't matter right? That's what most of these people are saying. Well we can't allow them to come speak if they're terrorists but see we've gone past the point where we've proven any of it right. There's no there's no verification for any of their claims and we're stepping right over that and they're already claiming now that they can't they're not gonNa let them into places like this. Well that's not actually how this is being conducted. They're claiming that they didn't have time. But it's an obvious missed obvious Obvious manipulation now Zarif explained that his ministry had actually weeks ago requested the visa to take part in the January Ninth Security Council meeting on the importance of upholding the UN Charter by this the point right pointing out how they're agreed violating that charter charter on daily basis and rejecting false claims by the American officials that they did not have the time to process the application which is the point. They're claiming that he didn't have time time. They're claiming this was all about salamone and they didn't have time to do it but understand right now. They're still two days away and they still pretend that they don't have time to do it. Now it's this quote. The Americans are trying to create the impression that our request to attend the meeting was put forth following the assassination of Salamone. Mike Pompeo Oh has told the UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez that they couldn't issue the visa due to shortage of time. That's how that's how disgustingly custody dishonest. These people are you could just pick your him smugly smiling about this as he walks away like cosker you Iran like it doesn't matter there they just he just casually disregarding the one of the most important parts of this because they host the headquarters that they have to be the by the partial the impartial party but there could not be more imp more biased partial party in all of this. If that's even I would say that. But he says whereas the request had been sent several weeks in advance and this is the point they sent this weeks in advance because it was not necessarily about Sulejmani. And that's easy to show but you know they're just flat out lying and saying that Oh will we didn't have to because they don't have time they did it too late. AJC says breaking reports of an explosion in central Baghdad and again get easy very easy to show this very easy to show that this didn't fact happened before here's the actual treaty of the United Nations. That shows you that they're breaking that law now. US visa. Denial is absolutely an outright violation of the terms of the of the UN headquarters agreement. I don't even if they requested right. Now it's obvious they just don't want them they're just like they didn't allow them the last time. Remember when the tanker situation was happening and they refused to allow them in even though they were already in New York right they learned their lesson. They I just this time said Nope you don't have a visa right. You're not even allowed in the country because last time it looked bad for them when they refused him to go in and they spoke outside it was bad for them because it was obvious they were trying to control the story because their story was so obviously false which is why nothing ultimately happened but they effectively kept information from the UN now the US State Department and the US mission to the United Nations did not respond to requests for comment. I wonder why or request to explain what the legal basis was for barring Zuri from entering the country now a spokesperson for the UN secretary general apparently also declined to comment right. Because they don't they just don't want you on what's going on now. Interestingly enough sent this is seems relevant and I could jump to this right now I I was wondering what was going to get his anyway. This I find very interesting. This is a tweet he says a NATO has and this is not the UN but it's international body that found very interesting says the US attacks Iran so so NATO naturally says Iran must refrain from further violence. And that's what NATO does right. So it's Iran's fault not defend themselves. Apparently the defense alliance his defense fence alliance the backbone of our security if Iran has similarly attacked a NATO state twenty nine countries would now be at war with it. Like it's just crazy. Glassy says just got back from raising hell with my reps about war in Iran hoping everybody here does likewise cheers to all interesting. But let's thank you for your comment but let's get back to this part now. Three F- Jihad's Reef Foreign Ministry Veron said the move was indicative of the bankruptcy of the US administration and and the trump team. The moral bankruptcy is what I believe. You meant that I completely agree with that. Now he says quote the question. Everybody needs to be asking. This lawbreaking administration industry is what are they so scared of think. That's absolutely right. What are they afraid of Iran saying now Zarif responded by saying that he can talk to the US people it was simply do do so through the media right? He'll he'll go to Tehran. They'll speak to people like he did to. CNN and it says Iran's foreign minister called US President Donald Trump's decision to order the drone strike. That killed the country's top military commander an act of state terrorism in his interviewer CNN. He said this is an active aggression against Iran and amounts to armed attack against Iran and we were sparring but we were spun proportionately not disproportionately making obvious dig at Donald Trump. He will we will respond lawfully he says we are not lawless. People like Donald Trump. Now Larry Johnson a former assistant secretary general said quote. Any foreign minister is entitled to address the Security Council at any time and the United States. This is obligated to provide access to the UN headquarters district period. That that that's the that is the rule and they're simply ignoring like everything else are pointing out and the media. The mainstream media doesn't care about that most of the UN doesn't seem to care about that the Secretary General Ziemba care about that. None of them seem to care. Because they're all been co-opted and controlled by these same powers some of them not all of them but the general controlling arm. Yes now. It's very clear that they are incomplete damage control and desperately trying to control the narrative. Right now I also think it's pretty damn clear. They're failing miserably. But at least that's my take on it but this is from the business insider the military and the US military mistakenly stake in Lee sent a draft letter to the Iraqi government suggesting it was pulling out troops. Now this to me seems like an entirely manufactured narrative to be able to hide the fact that they just sent in more troops cerise says the Pentagon claimed only Iraqi soldiers were killed Baghdad denies by the way if anybody wants to send me stuff go to twitter or something and send me a message. I'll just pop it up on the screen here but that's interesting that you know so again. This is something off about this story. Something something about this doesn't seem right to me. Iraqi soldiers were killed Baghdad denies rockets versus missiles. There's something off about this story. Now let's see I wanNA keep going through what I have here and then we'll we can follow up today after the show see anything has been updated find if we can see any new information or anything else happening or if the US responds and as as well as a bunch of other stuff that we have to go through here today. So thank you for those that are sticking with us. We have a good show going on here now. The release of an official letter from the US commander in rack as many of you have likely seen announcing the departure of the US troops from Iraq in the days and weeks to come has been quickly disavowed by other. There are visuals. The Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley tried to clarify quote. That's not what's happening. which quickly remember the most recent event of this this kind of thing where they said? That wasn't happening. It turned out to obviously be happening but it was just a small nuance in the number that they were claiming. So it's possible that this is happening but they just didn't wants to know about it yet and it's maybe that they're moving into the country or something like that when in fact it's absolutely what's happening but they just don't want you to know yet but maybe slightly different you know. That's that's usually usually what these things are now. Milley said he spoke with Centcom leadership on the matter saying that the letter was being composed as a draft and was making the rounds at sent com. which I don't I don't know what that does not make any sense and you'll and even more is being claimed as not true will get you in a moment now? It was not not intended to be released. He said Milly added that it was poorly worded because it implies withdraw saying that it was an honest mistake. I mean come on does anybody you buy that certainly possible I guess but what how. How do you make an honest mistake with a poorly worded draft right? I mean clearly into draft on what they were discussing and he's saying that this was completely false and actually esperer. When I first saw him speak about this came out and seem pretty clearly to make it suggests that it was not real at all? You know in their usual this ridiculous way not saying anything at all but kind of suggesting one thing and that was that it wasn't real now. The letter plainly said quote that that we respect your sovereign decision to order our departure clearly suggesting. US respect for Iraqi sovereignty and that should have been the first sign that something was off off with this letter coming after trump's threats against them the night before now Iraqi Prime Minister Monti has suggested that the US and Iraq should work together on the pullout. And and I eat. Obviously this is him trying to minimize what the. US is going to do to their country when they don't get what they want the US government but Monte said that quote Iraq is doing everything it can to prevent prevent descent into open war. which is exactly what I'm saying now says? US officials however seem to be in agreement. That Iraq has no say on this again just think about dad the weight if we support their sovereignty and their independent Iraq except when they do something we don't like what a joke. What an utter joke? Just just the clear lack of decorum and not even being on the same page amongst themselves these alone. Show us that. Something is not quite right here. But then add this next part to the mix which I find incredibly revealing and all of this seems to be stemming from the Iraqi government at this point maybe it's because because they're finally deciding to let the cat out of the bag because they've been screwed over one time too many now. Prime Minister Monti has confirmed in addition to so many other the report things that Baghdad has actually received quote a sign and translated copy of the. US Army caught the letter concerning withdraw. Now he said in a televised cabinet meeting on Today actually mighty clarified and clearly refuted all claims that the letter letter had been sent by mistake or it had been authentic which is point then glad they pointed out in this article because it was obvious that they were trying to suggest that I that it wasn't real until it was was obviously couldn't hide it any more than it just became a mistake right. I mean it's. It's so obvious how dishonest these people are at every step of the way now Monte said he had received you'd sign and translated copies at eight PM local time on Monday. He says quote. It's not a piece of paper that fell off the printer or rates. US By coincidence. He's even even the French Press Agency said that it had received a copy of the letter late Monday and verify its authenticity with both. US and Iraqi officials. How do you explain that? These are people that they spoke within the administration's they claim anyway. That said Yep that's legitimate and here's something I found especially interesting and revealing. I think this is what it was all about. US sent reinforcements wants to northern Baghdad. During withdrawal report thousands more troops are now in Iraq northern Baghdad understand. We're talking like right where this is all going down right now oh. I wonder if that's just coincidence now. Under the cover of mass confusion over Monday's alleged. US withdrawal letter which was then denied by the Pentagon the US military dairy stealthily resupplied Taj Camp North of Baghdad with troops and equipment according to security expert Shawn all his Shemi who is also an advisor the Iraqi government on terrorism. Now Shimmy said that while quote everyone was busy discussing passing the message of the American forces to the Iraqi Joint Command about their withdraw. He was one of the few that pointed out. This was merely fake news. And we're saying is. That was intentional that they play. They made up this back and forth. Not N- this narrative about maybe this maybe that maybe even to plant the idea that they are leaving to help the you know trump supporters. That will believe anything I want to say. Yeah they're doing. They're leaving her age just like he promised women that already happened like five times and it always goes back the other way but he's saying that they created the story to distract you because they'd never done that before right now says excuse me. During that period. Several American American convoys entered the Taj camp north of Baghdad and cargo planes landed with additional equipment so so as the Iraqi government is voting them out of the country. They pretend to be leaving and use the confusion to sneak in apparently at least two thousand five hundred more troops. Because we're leaving the Middle East and tell you right because because we're we're leaving the endless wars democracy and the most chilling part of this whole whole topic is that the. US government has driven this all forward on literally less than nothing. Seeing how even the claims they assert as facts are not only based on zero evidence but in fact there's quite a lot of evidence to refute their claims. So less than nothing as I see it now. Now this tweet was from This was my tweet actually about what Mike Pompeo had to said. And about the idea of evidence in general so Mike Pompeo tweeted out. It's very clear rather the White House saying what he said. It's very clear. The world is safer place. Qassim Sulejmani no longer walks the planet president. Donald Trump made the right decision to stop salomone any from the terror campaign that he'd been engaged in against America and prevent the future plan that he had. Oh I guess. He forgot the evidence on that statements respond today. And of course I typed Typo two times in the statement says still waiting I meant on any evidence of any kind still anyone any evidence of any kind to support the claim that there was a terror campaign or future plants the Bethlehem doctrine is not something you can hide behind the American people are not going to allow now another we have evidence. Trust US war. I truly believe that I truly do and understand the Bethlehem doctor for those. That may have missed. It is Craig Murray fantastic article. I think it was my last show. We talked about that. Or the one I think was the last one the idea that this doctrine that apparently the version of this doctrine that stems from Israeli government practice big shock there or Blair's practice from the UK. This this practice is right now altered and then then classified so the UK the US and Israel have classified version of their Bethlehem doctrine. Which is where the idea of preemptive self defense comes from which is absurd and everybody buddy? Who's anybody has claimed? This is absurd which is probably why they make a classified and this is when trump when pompeo claims an imminent threat. That's what the stems from and Craig Murray where he goes on to point out that the term eminent in this document is very obviously not what eminent means in the English language like literally use a different definition for the word imminent in this doctrine. But they say it is evident so they think you think eminent when you hear it. It doesn't mean that they actually outline in the doctrine that all they need is to have some. I'm kind of inclination that they may do something in the future and even it even goes on to point out that if they have done something in the past and you think they might be doing something then. That's enough that's that's why nobody thinks this is legitimate. And that's why the only people you're seeing use it are the ones that are manufacturing fake of as to be able to attack people as if they're defending themselves shocker. Just it's just so crazy that we have this continuing to happen and as brings us all forward to the unbelievable thing that try the this this is going to make you laugh and cry at the same time. This is the person that's making this happen right now and driving us forward with absurd claims now is it says the. US says that Iranian General Qassim ceremony was plotting imminent and sinister attacks against its diplomats and military personnel. Understand by the way we already know that Mahdi said that he was on on a diplomatic mission. And that we can prove that happened before all this started and that trump and the Saudis were obviously involved. But that's all just fake news. According to Mike Pompeo and why. Because you're crazy. That's his argument. But we'll get there. But when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was pressed for evidence he says the article says he gave none and before I go. This is the tweet that shared the video. Not go but go to video. We said he says a reporter. Just ask POMPEII OFI can provide specific evidence of an imminent threat. Read that leads us all monies vacination. He has absolutely nothing. These men want to lie us into a war again. Thank you Josh. Wolff for saying ain't that because it's absolutely fantastic to see the general people are recognizing this and this is what I'm trying to point out to you. Others who think that nobody buys this in worthy fringe crazy ones nor rather. That's what they call us. It's my true belief right now that the majority sees this many of them are afraid to say something so can up praised Joshua for having the courage to say what's going on. Now Watch this this is gonNA. You probably won't be surprised by this but it will probably make you laugh if it maybe it'll probably make me laugh again. Finally there's been much made about this question of intelligence in Eminence. I answered it Poltical Times on Sunday. I'm happy happy to to walk through it again anytime. A president makes a decision of this magnitude. There are multiple pieces of information that come before us. We presented that to him in all all. It's broad detail. Gave Him all the best information that came not only from the intelligence community but for those of us who have teams in the field we valuated the relevant risks and the opportunity that we thought might present itself at some point And we could see clearly that not only had Selemani done all of the things that we have recounted hundreds of thousands of massacre in Syria enormous destruction of countries like Lebanon and Iraq where they've denied them. Sovereignty and the Iranians have really denied of people in those two countries. What it is they want right? Sovereignty Independence and freedom. This is all Sulejmani handiwork. And then we'd Watch C.. was continuing the terror campaign in the region. We know what happened at the end of last year in December ultimately into the death of an American. So if you're looking for eminence you need look no further than the days that lead up to the strike that was taken against Sulamani and then you in addition to that have what we could clearly see. We're continuing efforts on behalf of this terrorist to build pulled out a network of campaign activities that we're going to lead potentially to the death of many more Americans the right decision. We got it right. That departments apartments did excellent work And the president had a Entirely Legal F- appropriate and a basis as well as a decision that fit perfectly perfectly within our strategy and how to counter the threat a malign activity from Iran. More broadly so oh so basically repeated everything that he said. Oh you you want the evidence will. Here's the evidence. We saw some things and we told you about stuff and this happened and we all know this happened so bad that Guy Iran. Oh I mean how ridiculous is that and it's again it's exactly what we've been saying. He literally pointed back to the alleged attack on this is on the killed and alleged American as if he literally said and of course we all know we all know this is what happened. That's his that the person asked him for evidence. What is your evidence and he said? Didn't you know we all know this happened. And then we're like actual claim that's why this average person tweets outlook this. This is flagrant. I mean they have nothing. They have not proven as constantly point out they stand on their previous claims to point to the next thing and the previous this claim was just as baseless as the one you have now but you see when he says it like that some people here it with a you know authoritative tone. We know that. Don't we know that and people just go. Well apparently. Do we know that we don't know that they've never proven it. And he also points back to the previous claim to the Tankersley points forward to where we are now as if all of this has been verified. None of it has been verified. I don't know how can explain than any other way. Not a single shred of evidence and that's shocking to me. They've used to at least pretend to give you something absolutely the nothing and here he is. You have to be honest. I don't like to usually point out personal characteristics but his face is flushed. I feel like he's having a hard time with that like not because he cares because he knows it stupid. He knows he's caught on the spot with nothing but to repeat the allegations. That's what he's asked for evidence he just goes over the claims teams. And that's supposed to be evidence. I mean that person that that was embarrassing. I mean that's that's dumb. That's just simply stupid and the people out there are just going going along with it. There's no follow up. I mean but I have to admit that they asked a question that I thought was at least relevant but I think it was in order to give him something to back down which is usually what they do you but I just I mean really. That is where we are right now. We are literally in the midst of an actual war because they made things up. I mean that has to be really nervous for people right now to stand back and see this I mean and this is not even getting into the side note of Salamone. Not that that's a side topic but for what we're at now. The idea that none of the things are saying about humor true not at all and of course those like us have the courage to actually say the truth. We shouted down. How dare you like this is not some I mean? Even Osama bin Laden is a discussion that we should actually dive into as an asset. And somebody that used to work with the US government but just pretending through a moment that he was what they say he was. The idea is that that is not even close to where it is whistle Lemani. This person is widely respected. And we're going to get into in a moment the absurd claims about the protest. And it's so obvious that at the very least the vast majority of Iran and Iraq in the Middle East General Support Hort this man or supported this man. I mean. It's just it's so obvious and they're trying to build this narrative that he's a terrorist number one dares. He's you know he's responsible for nine. Eleven responsible bronzes Benghazi. He's responsible for the US liberty all these things. We're seeing fly out today and it's just farcical like these things that we're supposed to not know about like we don't know even nine eleven this liberty or Benghazi these shrouded conspiracy type narratives but all of a sudden it's like boom boom boom boom Sulejmani. All didn't you know even the Washington Post. It had to call out Mike Pence for the absurd claim that the salomone or Ron in general was in any way tied to nine eleven. We know who was tied to nine. Eleven as we've covered covered endlessly on this show now E. D. simply claimed that US intelligence the agency's of course that are apparently in a coup against Donald Trump. It's okay we listened to him when it benefits us that this intelligence agency by the way the same group that also lied about. WMD's but let's listen to him now. He climbed that. US intelligence agencies gave trump multiple pieces of information. That's as evidence right proving. Solomon Affair is the intentions of Salamone but declined into say what that information was. That's his way of giving you evidence proving your claims. I mean this is always always where we are. Just this is what happened. TRUST THEM TRUST US bad guy trust us now. Citing Solomon his activities in Iraq and Syria but of course neglecting to mention that the cuts force commander was instrumental in the defeat of the Islamic state. In all of these countries we're talking about Pompeyo again. Gave no specific evidence of any plan tax at all instead. He pointed to the rocket attack on an American base and the embassy has the the protests and the embassy Z.. As proof of his future plans none of which have been verified even in the slightest degree. Oh look they're waving. Yellow flags will then Iran. Bad Guy. Right that's the that is literally. The extent of their bird approve. The article also points out that Iraq Prime Minister Abdul Adel Abdul Mahdi claimed on Sunday. That Sulejmani was in Iraq again to discuss a possible peace agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia. When asked about this today Pompeo peyot laughed at it and delivered or sarcastic response? He said anybody here believe that. Is there any history that would indicate that it's remotely possible this kind of gentleman. delman this diplomat of gray order seem salamone had traveled to Baghdad for the idea of conducting a peace mission. We know that wasn't true again. This is his. Ah this is his legitimate response as a as a member of the United States government. I hope you understand. That's what gas lighting looks like. That is what an Ad Hominem hominum attack. Looks like notice that whenever he is confronted evidence or past flimsy claims he always lashes out attacks attacks the character of both the persons in question and the person asking the question just like he did on face the nation. This is what you do when you have no argument humint I mean this is basic stuff people he just he just lashes out and makes fun of them for such an Avi and the point is there's clear evidence to support fort that and he just laughs at him he actually laughs because he's trying to gaslight people he's open people see that and go. Oh I don't WanNa be stupid so I don't want to claim something like that despite all the evidence and all the claims and unbelievable this is what you do when you have no argument you sidestep you gaslight you make fun of people people these people should. This is about as easy as it gets to see and there's a lot of it going on today a lot just misinformation mainstream media lies is on full display. Because as I said as I see it they are desperate right now to control the narrative like they used to but I think they're failing and it becomes very obvious when they're flailing about trying to sell their desperate narratives and this is. This is quite an interesting one. This is from the Washington in Post. Don't believe Ronnie propaganda about the morning for solemn money. Yeah don't believe the thousands of videos of millions of people marching through multiple cities. It's all propaganda. Didn't you know I mean coming from an egregious propaganda outlet that's quite a claim a US paid anti Iranian Ronnie and propagandist has of course turned out in the mainstream media to claim that Cassim Salamone was not actually popular in Iran. That's what they're claiming. This was this yesterday in the midst of the million person. March is four Sulejmani. And it's very easy. To debunk such nonsense. By pointing to the University of Maryland Maryland which actually does regular polls in Iran go figure that says the views of the Revolutionary Guard it says majorities majorities are broadly supportive of the by the way this was conducted in October of last year. So like a few months ago right so it's not like this is some old study this very recent it says the majorities of broadly supportive of the Revolutionary Guard. Four in five say that the activities in the Middle East have made the more secure a view that has actually increased. Since may whoops see. They don't think you're smart enough to dig. Pass the surface. It goes on to say at home at home in Iran. Three and five say the C. performed very well in emergency response in the severe March-april floods asked whether the RGS's should be less involved in construction projects in economic matters. Only three in ten agree meaning that they're clearly supportive now in October. When I said this was conducted adopted in also found that general salamone remains quote the most popular Iranian figure amongst those tested with eight and ten viewing him favorably? Second is his Foreign Minister Javad Zarif viewed favorably by two-thirds now also from Professor Abukar. Hail a book Leo. It says says this is the most stunning aspect of the rise of Iranian nationalism. Do Trump's decision to kill Sulejmani. This would have been most unimaginable for decades the law of unintended consequences which he then quoted the tweet that says the Foreign Minister of Iran from nineteen sixty six to nineteen seventy-one and the former son-in-law law Mohammed Razak Shop Alavi described Sulejmani as quote a patriotic at honorable soldier who was the son of Iran and compared him to beguile Monty Montgomery Macarthur and Eisenhower. Some of them not sure about that. I'm not familiar with. I should say but thank you for the super chat everybody. Somebody's sitting reporting according on civilian flights borrowed the area. I think we've seen that already but again this is this is this is crazy that we're seeing this kind of stuff and it's obvious like right in your face ace as their right now pretending like nobody's ever supported the man that all the protests are propaganda and all you should listen to his blog at your government and blindly listened to the media right knowing their descriptions of Qassim Salamone. US media that they fail to mention is the SALAMONE and the US. As I've mentioned recently fought on the same side in two thousand one around supported the US invasion of Afghanistan and use its good relations with the militia and the anti-taliban Northern Alliance which both the CIA and Orion it's applied for years to support the US operation vic media. Excuse me wikipedia entry for the two thousand one up rising and Hurrah lists us. General Tommy. Franks and General Qassim Salamone as allied commanders. Whoops again then I guess as you can see quite clearly right you don't just get to revise history as you like okay? This stuff is very obvious. So there's only two ways you can look at this. Either they were. We're happy to work with a terrorist or he was never a terrorist. Either way it makes them look pretty ridiculous right the same way that they're happily worked with the people that they later call terrorists but in this case it's pretty clear that he was nothing of the kind and in fact someone that was actively working to challenge their imperialistic endeavors stopping them from overtaking Yemen stopping from overtaking Syria Syria. Stopping them from doing all kinds of things they wanted to do that were illegal. I wonder why they wanted him out of the way now in two thousand fifteen the US in Iran again. Dan collaborated this time to defeat Isis in Iraq now during the battle to liberate to the US Air Force flew in support of of General Solomon's ground forces. I mean this is all stuff. That's so easy to find and yet they won't think that at that very time he was a bad terrorist that they didn't like Newsweek reported at the time quote wild Western nations including the. US were slow to react to Isis. March against Northern Barack Salamone was quick to play a more public role in Tehran's efforts to tackle the terror group. Like let's not misunderstand. Ladies and gentlemen this man and Iran were primary primary. They were key in actually fighting Isis. which is also a reason why people think that they didn't want them there because they were actually fighting Isis? See how that that works but this is not hard to see. It goes on to say for example. The commander was seen in pictures with militiamen in the northern Iraqi. Town of 'em really when it was recaptured from Isis last September. Like it's funny that they right now trying to make them sponsors of terrorism while they were literally fighting the terrorism. They're they're suggesting it says top. US General Martin Dempsey has said that the involvement of Iran in the fight against Isis in Iraq could be a positive step as long as the situation does not descend into sectarianism awesome because of fears surrounding Shia militias may treat the remaining suny population a of To create if it is recaptured the military chief also claimed leaned that almost two thirds of the thirty thousand offensive were iranian-backed militiamen meaning with that without Iranian assistance and solemn guidance. That's the offensive onto creek may not have been possible. That's the exact unbelievably opposite of what they're claiming right. Now they again bank on the fact that you simply are not smart enough to do your own research. It's deplorable that. US MEDIA POLITICIANS BLAME SULEJMANI FOR FOR US casualties during the invasion of Iraq as we've talked about she groups caused only seventeen percent of all. US casualties and fought like the steer brigades without support from Iran. They're also revived claims that Iran. Excuse me provided the Iraqi resistance with explosive form penetrators. EFD's using roadside bombs but that claim has been proven to be false more than twelve years ago the EMP Meron Story was part of the US sigh up campaign scene. Like so many other things we could point to. It was a campaign to explain away the real reason why why it was losing the war right always just like Afghanistan lie. Lie Lie until you get caught in lie again. There were dozens of reports which proved that the AFP's were manufactured in Iraq and there was never any evidence whatsoever that Iran delivered weapons or anything else that Iraqi resistance period very easy Z.. To See now ron is not responsible for the. US casualties Iraq. George W Bush's what's made Sulejmani bad in the eyes of the. US was his support for the resistance against Zionist occupation occupation of Palestine again. It's interesting how this all ties back in together. Rather is not how suddenly we find the link that swings us all back around to the Israeli agenda it was Israel that wanted him removed. The the media explanations for trump's decision failed to point that out. I wonder why the Washington Post reports today that the idea to kill salamone came from secretary substate. Mike Pompeo says Pompeo I spoke with trump about killing salamone months ago this according to a senior. US official but neither the president nor we're Pentagon officials were willing to act now this time it says one significant factor was the the lockstep coordination for the operation between Pompey Tom Palin asper. And here's where you get into the idea that you have them colluding behind the site you know side you know what they call whatever. What do you side table able anyway? Sidebar sidebars I was trying to remember but you know that they could sneak often have their little coordination where they were going to do. We're going to present him with the these two things and act like that's if the full picture right you can easily see what happen because as he said when he was getting when he was about to be elected that he was gonNA use the best advisors because he doesn't know everything so oh he gets these advisers that he thinks are the best that bring him very isolated way to look at it. So your options. Are This attacker this attack. We have to do something and suddenly it seems like that's his only option but as the article pointing out the Coordination Operation Between pompey expert was significant. Both of course people don't know this and I didn't know this until I read the the Moon of Alabama article both graduates asper and Pompeii a were both graduates in the same class at the US military academy who then and deliberate the they apparently deliberated ahead of the briefing with trump. The briefing that they had with him to manipulate him on this and this is also according to senior. US officials so they're claiming that they got together collaborated and brought this to him. In a way that was going to manipulate his perception. Now pence also endorse the decision but he didn't attend the meeting now it. It is possible that the report is correct but it sounds more like an arranged story as he points out to blame pompeo for the bad consequences of trump's decision which could be possible either way you can look at this but either way the real takeaways that all of this is wrong. All of this is illegal. All of this is deceiving the public to achieve something something that has nothing to do with American interests. We need to see that. It's not an American to point that out. It's truly American to recognize that you're no longer represented and have the courage to stand up for that now. Yesterday Iran took decision to exceed the number of centrifuges that are allowed to run under the CPO GPO nuclear agreement which the US has left. The decision has been expected and the SOLOMONIC. Assassination only really brought it forward. Iran took that step under under article thirty six of the agreement which allows Iran to exceed the limits of the other side of the JCP way if they were the limits of the JC pay the other sides do not stick to their commitments. How many times have had to say this but people still report that they're violating the deal that means that Iran is right this moment still within the JCP away and that step is reversible? They've continued to claim the I a e eight. The International Atomic Energy Agency will continue to have access to Iran sites and and we'll continue to report regularly about Iran civilian nuclear program now the JCP cosigners France UK. Germany issued very unhelpful statement. Today that puts all the blame on Iran and does not even mention the US assassination of salamone shocking. It's because there's an obvious agenda here and they all see that things are moving a little too fast for them to come in and counter the belligerent trump administration. That's willing to sanction anybody that does not blindly the acquiesce. Pretty Damn clear to me now. Let's double check some of these other things. This I have a few things I want to end with your today. Look still got got a pretty good crowd tuned in. So let's try over here and see if we can't find anything now now that we're onto this portion I'm we'll be absolutely paying attention to the chat. So if you guys have any questions or anything to chime in please please let me know tag me at last American Vagabond Mel. Let's let's do this. Let's quickly look and see if we can't find any updates. I on twitter and then go through the other outlets. That's actually before we do this. Let's just check the main. See if there's any breaking news I don't see anything there. Another update from zero hedge. Let's look at that. So here's a summary around fires more than a dozen ballistic missiles. So it's I think we I think we have to really really take note and when I actually actually get a chance to dive through the story ext extensively research as anybody should before they'll talk about it again. The only reason I went live today is because I already had all this other stuff light out and I was just about to go live anyway. I could not talk about this but it's important to your research always I will. I very rarely come to you with something that I haven't spent at least a day. Researching usually a lot more than that but recognize ballistic missiles. Right even as we have. Let's just make sure they have an updated it. I mean. They're still claiming rockets. Right that has to be. We have to think about that. There's something off with that. Let's see Lisa says just wanted to thank you for your time extra-long livestream. Well thank you. Lisa it's good to see you and let's see very on age says if you become president who would you arrest I. If you're asking me that question I think you need to watch more of my show. I don't believe we should have government. So that doesn't work out has been says. Do you see one Guido trying to scale the legislature fence. Yeah I mean I mentioned this tweeting a lot about it. I haven't gone into it yet. But it's it's it's a sideshow. It's absurd basically. If you guys want the quick break down. What happened with Guido? They he wasn't allowed in. Because he's illegitimate I mean the guy is. US backed instigator gator. Nobody supports him. It's a flagrant joke. And he's been wandering around starting coups and trying to overthrow the government. He should be imprisoned right now. But it's it's the show over straight Bryan Madero to not have arrested. Here's the point. So he tries to force his way in and well first of all by the way he was allowed to walk in the building the show of trying to climb the fence. That was a propaganda stunt and they were trying to force him down from the fence and they reported that as they block is entry right he was able to walk in somebody else that was similar part of where he was was also walked in and they showed that reported. They said he could have just walked in they. They made it look like they wasn't allowed because the point was he wasn't going to win he was not going to be revoted. They knew that so what they did is they pretended to be left out. Pretended to try to climb the fence. Then they ran away to a secret location and with his group which obviously doesn't constitute a quorum and they voted themselves and pretended he won right. That's what happened and of course all the mainstream media pretending though why one again right it's it's it's they're all just ridiculous. If they were actually journalists they would have reported the full story at the very least and then here he won. All they reported was that he won and it was vote. It was cleaning whatever right now. We're pretending that Medeiros evil forces their not allowing it and there's some irregularities with the election always right always the allegra e regularities regularities or the fact that they who they wanted didn't win that's all it is. It's I mean honestly I'm not I'm unless it goes further probably not going to get into it. It's just an obvious. It's it's a cry for attention. I mean their whole point. Was this man supposed to be president right now. Right Medeiros not supposed to be there. They all should be over and they just they lost rested because they didn't have support because it was obviously illegal like everything we're talking about today. It's just irritated. The lie and the media is more than happy to toe that line they they come out and only give you an aggressively one-sided story thank you bring it up though so I got a chance to comment on it. So let's see. There was some other comments here. Thanks for speaking truth. Thank you I appreciate that Jonah. AJC says one of the missiles hit Abril the base the US forces were supposed to pull back to in a letter given to the Iraqi PM. That's interesting now. Understand guys for those watching the podcast for tomorrow. I'm reading these from a chat. I haven't confirmed the stuff. These are people's comments in the chat. JC says who was America. Who is wrong? Who is the United States? Yeah I get your point you know. I hope that's what you that's I think I get viewpoint you know these are just aren't just artificial constructs right. We're all human beings living on the planet that's the reality okay. J. D. C. Says President Putin has incredible timing. He's in Syria. The President Assad right now it does mean that he's also within range of the. US is really weaponry. However that's interesting? All right it's you know and we shouldn't put it past that for suggesting that there's something more going on there right. There's always something it's always something. Is it possible that those rockets do not come from Iran. Of course it is of course it is. I mean that's I feel like maybe I didn't make that clear enough. In the beginning Iran seemingly has accepted this at least as reports were getting. But even then it's still possible. It's not a ron right. I was trying to make that clear in the beginning that it's possible for some reason they just decided to take this decided to say well. Let's just claim this. Maybe maybe that'll put an end to this tension or who knows right that these are things that I'll be able to dive into more tomorrow as research this for the next twenty four hours. But it's possible. Also that this is manufactured factored thing and maybe Iran didn't say anything at all. Maybe it's all some sign up to manipulate everybody writing this always possible. And those even put it this way with where we're at now with things like the OPCW CW and Dumas and Afghanistan and all the false flags and fake news and WMD's and Iraq and Libya. All the things we know about. It should be the first thing you think. It's probably not real but don't just assume that either right question everything you need to weigh your options. Come to your own conclusions based on the evidence but right now my blue leaning decision is pretty much always. They're lying to you because they've pretty much always been caught lying to us. That's not my opinion. I wouldn't even consider that bias. I consider that good common sense right because they have lied to us. If if somebody's a liar and has been caught lying ninety percent of the time. Is it bias when you listen to them and go. I wonder if he's lying right. That's good common sense but gets a good question to ask you that. We should be concerned that it might be something more. We'll hope we'll find out more as this goes on. Sandy says do you think Iran and Hezbollah will hit Israel. Maybe debut meant to think hit Israel. It's certainly possible. I don't think so only because that will be used to escalate. This and I truly believe that Ron does not want escalate this it was laughable husband says your context helped me understand what I was seeing it was like. Why is this guy still walking around? Not sure which one you're referring to but I I appreciate that it's it's nice to hear that right. We are helping people see past the lies. I'll see a few that I missed here. Oh Hey Keith Keith Keith. He says glad to see you. Liking and promoting news now Ryan Yeah Keystone on the show me that by the way that's that's a great outlet But as always right you never I want to rely on just one thing you always want to spread out. But that's a very a very happy show me that keeps a good man by the way. I'm glad he's here serious magazine. Says do you think that Ron and US US could have reached a face-saving deal. I really do actually but only because the only happens because the US doesn't want to rather the trump administration doesn't want to. I mean and this is the whole point right. We're talking about tankers. Being at least the allegation that the tankers from Norway and from Japan were specifically targeted to stop the fact that both with Norway and Japan just happened to both be working on peace deals to stop what was going on. You can't ignore such obvious correlation and then you recognize that all of this was was stopping another peace deal. That's why pump. Ill laughed about it and said that's not true that you're crazy. You're crazy if you think that right because that's right but but that's the point that the deal people were trying to stop this and they don't want that to happen. Twilight says not a question just to say I remember at the beginning of having trouble to chew. Chew up your opinions the way you speak but I listened more and get to know your ways. Well thank you. I know people have a hard time when I you know speaking quickly or rushing. I don't know people say things that I I hear the criticism trust me and it is what it is. I'm very very secure in who I am and why too but I do try to take in you know constructive criticism and I try to speak slower and I try to. But it's hard you get you get in this and I think you know you guys can tell that I care about this and it's hard to not to did not get worked up Let's see he says he tagged me twitter threads check unification's US helicopters flying. Dead bodies casualties out our. Let's take a look at that. Let's see you said You Tag me twitter notifications. I see the Sarge sent me a message. That's the best way. Okay this says here. Let's let's check the swaths from sputnik lot of RON LAUNCHES MISSILE STRIKE ON US forces in Iraq. That doesn't look like the one. Let's see yeah here. It is oh wait but that's not. Oh See. That's dangerous though. See we gotta be careful about that. I appreciate you letting me know. But there's nothing in here but somebody what he's saying something. This is a new agency located in Palestine and Gaza budget followers. But still doesn't mean we should blindly trust it though right. It's always it's it's always something to be concerned about. Thank you for letting me though appreciate that. So this is claiming Chaba Shahada agencies claiming. And it's weird. Are there citing over on Ryan media. But they don't give you the link that success suspect to me. I don't like that reports. US helicopters transferring dead bodies from injured from US air base which doesn't mean that they're us. American right could be Iraqis forces like they were claiming but certainly possible Defense Department spokesman. Jonathan Hoffman has confirmed that Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles again Aljazeera rockets weird ballistic missiles at the US forces in Iraq. So here is Defense Department spokesman. Jonathan Hoffman confirming this guy. They launched more than a dozen missiles that are US forces now arguably they launched them at Iraqi basis so we're clear but obviously that US forces there so it's the same thing alternately on Wednesday morning and missile strike was launched by Iran's Islamic revolutionary in regard striking US targets in Erbil Erbil Iraq and the country's on Al Asad airbase which houses US forces versus another series of rockets was launched later according to Iranian meteor ports there has been no retaliatory strike from the United States yet last week Aronie in general was attacked. Same thing okay. So we'll keep this open so we can see some updates here this this will give you the breakdown so this is saying paying fifteen ballistic missiles. Eleven hit their targets. There are no American casualties so they claim trump brief Kurdistan dan regional governments at so crazy that they just act like nothing happened with the Kurds. Well looks like this is where we're at guy. So this is this is where we're at so fifteen missiles they claim were fired for eleven. Hit their bases. No American casualties as they guess. They claim Iraqi casualties. Haven't seen that but it does seem that we're seeing reports of things happening so I guess now we're waiting to see if anything happens tonight right now. I honestly think like if I'm GonNa make a guess right now I get the feeling for some reason that they're not gonNA do anything back or it'll be something that's not it'll be just another. PM UBS or something bombed like they've been doing since this all started understand. That's what's so stupid about this. The US and Israel been bombing Saint PM basis for months before all of this started it but a guest is all because of an threat. They just kept doing the same thing. They were doing months before. Because that makes sense in more for the superjet. JC see not turn spammy. But what do you make of the iron dome being a hoax propaganda tool I thought about that a bunch of the day and I mean a leading Israeli expert maintains retains. It's not real so that it's not real. The the Iron Dome is of manipulation and the use that to carry out attacks on people fake it and do it. That's that's his. He's one of the leading experts in Israel on defense specifically so it's like hard to deny that and then hard denied the fact that we never have evidence of the first rocket ever ever ever ever ever her own we ever get is the rockets that are fired after Israel attacks. Think about that. What are the odds after all the time that's happened? We've never once got a view of a rocket in the air or the first time that's the point is they do have rock afire but we they faked the first one fake to shoot it down with the iron dome. That apparently doesn't work. That's the allegation of the Israeli weapons expert targeted and I that and it does line up with all the things. We've been saying that they'd never seem to see it. You know Let's see two more common. I'll keep going Fox Fox News Defense Secretary Mark Expert Asper and Millie returned to the Pentagon. Briefing Esperer gone home now. Let's not thanks for the update is breaking news does the US have no defenses at the basis to hit incoming missiles. Well it's you know. I'm not a munitions expert or even military expert or in any way shape or form. I'm I'm not an expert at anything to be honest other than cooking to be completely honest but people would say that I am in this topic just because I research do it all day but I'm I'm you you know. I'm more humble than that. I really don't see myself as an expert. I think there's people out there that are far more knowledgeable about these things than I am. But it's interesting that the way you would argue that okay. Let's say hypothetically first of all if they're US missions we already know that they have to be facing the right direction. It doesn't work guy because that's that's fantastic. tastic it's kind of a ridiculous thing when you realise it so it's possible. They weren't facing the right direction as possible. They weren't there. It's possible they let this happen. I mean any number of things are possible and here this is exactly Wii. Keep saying that this is why I come to you with the full story. At least to the best of my knowledge so I'm not doing this not going. Well it could be. This could be that which also recognize that. That's why so many people come on and just act like they know what's going on and tell you their theory as if it's fact. She's just very dangerous today. The so many like that Syrian girls covering the news. She's on Checker page. Yes she was actually funny enough She was one of the first. She was actually the first person that I saw report this which was right here. We'll check out our page. We'll see what you're saying. This was the first one and this was the same video that we showed a minute ago. Right this is just the of missiles is being fired but let's check out page and see showers searing girl in general though she does good work Lehman they have launched these missiles at US bases in Iraq in particular Assad the base that trump card to force Iraq to pay for as is in retaliation for the request of the US occupation but we must stop trump from retaliating and retired so interesting that the same base. We're talking about here. You know the these things are not. I mean that in and of itself would make sense if you're talking about the fact that Iran or the PM. You did it on purpose because he mentioned that which would make sense now. Let's see Iran offers deescalation over that again. I don't you know I don't see anything that supports sports this other than it's a lots of followers which doesn't really mean. I'm not trying to disparage any person like even last week. I'm not saying that they're not some of the trust or whatever but I I just when you don't have something to back it up you take. You can't take it a face value. Like I said he will find some of the best most accurate most timely information on twitter but you will also find the the worst most inaccurate information possible. So it's all you have to show some of the sermon on twitter else saying you couldn't hear shearing girl. I was just listening real quick to see what she had so basically just said that it was the same base that trump threatened. Have them pay for but it says any attack or attempt to attack the US when we met with an unimaginable response that will make tonight looked. Look like a mosquito bite. How's that offering de-escalation? I'm not sure what this is meant to be here. Oh Dan prone. I still have some more things to go through before people take off your as WanNa see what else we got from her page. Remember the war with Iran. All for Israel I agree with that. Iraqi officials are mark contradicting USA. For this is interesting okay. So Iraqi officials are contradicting. US officials saying there are no Israeli. Casualties have been sustained now again. You can understand why either the both the Iraqi government and the government would lie about something like that right. You understand why that would happen so right now. These reports cannot be taken at face value. You but they're saying good news. Iraqi officials report known casualties. So it's hard to tell the Iranian foreign minister on twitter standard that he's offering a de-escalation that's what they were saying. which again does that sound like? The actions of a kind of person that they're trying to make out to be right could be lie or could align with what they've always been doing doing right. It's only only so long. You continued to claim that what they're doing is not real until I mean you can only do that so long right time and time again they act a certain way. Eventually you just have to tell yourself. This is how they are right and they act like this and then something happens behind it. They act like this and they continued. act like that they show discernment. Aren't they show restraint that continue to try to escalate. They continue trying to maintain the JCP away they continue to act with international law. And all of this stuff and the US will say ooh that's just their cover their their secret secret terrorist. Whatever they say it's like the flip side you see flagrant illegal actions from the US government flagrant breaking the law regular flagrant violations Asians of treaties and resolutions and just bombing things? They shouldn't and threatening to kill civilians and then they say oh but it's all for freedom. So how do you not see what that is right. You got one side. Actually doing the things they say. They're doing what they say they're lying. You got the other side doing horribly illegal things and saying that it's not I mean for crying out loud people. You have to be smarter than this. Now William poole says hey good to see you. William I've been seeing several tweets about the. US have offered Iran an empty base in order to appease the Iranian people. People are so funny. It's just I I don't know if that's true or not they William for chiming in. But it's funny that lines up with what they have been doing right all right one more quick. Look here see this fifty one minutes ago when the Pentagon claims no casualties following scenarios may result C.. You know here's what's interesting though. I have to point this out and I have great respect for searing girl. But she's reporting that we should be questioning the Pentagon claiming no casualties but she reports a flat out that Iraqis say they have none. You know we all have biases. I'm not trying to dispirit. I'm just saying that's we got to be careful about that. We all are like that. Like I'll be honest. I am far quicker to discount something. They're saying that I am somebody that I've that has seemingly been telling the truth for a long period of time again. I find that to be common sense. That's the US military will use that as a means to avoid escalating as Doron. Running people feel. The retaliation has not been severe enough through an and I guess I take that back. I apologize because it doesn't seem like what she was doing at all. So that's that's me jumping the gun shocking. See We all do it. We all have our issues by other countries means means Israel. They don't have even dare to breathe. Its name Oh she met DEFCON. Okay I see what she means. Oh this is funny. Thank you Sharma remind for time chiming in someone else's Shapur well so somebody tweets didn't need to happen. She noted Syria Libya or Yemen. Right exactly anyway. So let's let's check out the rest of these things. It looks like this is probably not going to break off until tomorrow or like last time Oren probably in life like six hours in the middle of the night. So nobody's paying attention. So let's keep moving on some of these things. I wanted to break into some more of the Propaganda Ganda here. This is one that really joe drove me crazy okay. Real quick someone's check my DM's would you send me okay from Jerusalem Post says Hezbollah will attack Israel if the US response to missile attacks carried out by RG. You see on Tuesday night That's interesting but again Jerusalem Post we'll see where the source is coming from. We know way. Consider the Zionist regime to be separate from the a criminal acts. which is the right way to look at this? I mean it you cannot deny the obvious influence has been on the Donald Trump has been elected and has done everything for every action. That's been happening to middle. East has been entirely for the benefit Israeli government and every possible way has been hard negative for the US interest every way. So don't make any sense right Hezbollah will attack Israel out see. I don't see any link stress. Theology see warned in a statement so this is claiming I again. This is Jerusalem Post all you have to do for crying out loud is put a link right there. Put a link to the thing. You're talking about. Why is that not happen happen anymore? I mean I just. I can't stand that because I mean even if there are actually talking telling you the truth. It's very frustrating. That they don't want you look anywhere else else. Stay here look at our thing. That's just dishonest to me. So it look at that point. This could be false as far as I'm concerned if they're not actually I mean it's probably not. Let's be honest like this. If for flu go right now and look at. This is probably true. But I'm just saying that the fact that happens needs to show you the kind of people that they are and not even trying to relate this to the larger agenda under we're talking about just the the people working Jerusalem Post like the fact that they wouldn't linked to the thing we're talking about that's the opposite of good journalism. So why are they doing it. Because how's the have an agenda right. That's just that's my opinion but just I hope you guys see this now. The bottom line is it doesn't surprise me at all that they have this. They both been saying that Israel is a key part of this and now they're saying that and this may be it and this may be an interesting ploy here to say that well we're not going to attack the United States but we're telling right now that we will bomb Israel if you do this and they're probably prize and ready to do it. Don't want to see okay. So let's keep keep me up on the chat guys. Let me know everything else happens for those for all those tuning on a podcast. It's going to be a long one for you guys tomorrow. We'll be right now. We're going through to the chat trying to find some of this extra information he says Theresa's because it's translation from Farsi Arabic to Sam did did okay good. So she's confirming that they did report it so again for those. Who had this information? Always send me a link or something so I can dive into tomorrow but yet again I. It doesn't surprise me so this this does line up with what we've been seeing seeing okay back to this so this is crazy. So this person says during the Iran Iraq War Qassim Solani became a commander. He recruited crude young children and men from the cream province his birthplace which by the way these pictures are nothing like these are the kind of things that they like. This is is definitive right that I already. I mean that's not even accurate by the way but this is a picture of him. I guess we're supposed to assume his true with some children right. Could this have been some children. They we're training for some kind of program like we do like our like our ROTC program in this country right. I mean it gets crazy that we just assume what will they must be terrorists. Paris like we all know the ROTC program you know it could be the same thing. It could be training kids to prepare them for the military right. We don't know Oh. The context is the point. But that's not even the larger point the point is let's just assume that's true. Let's assume what they're saying there with nothing to back. It up is completely true. They got six hundred and two who likes and almost four hundred retreats with nothing but a picture and acclaim. Good God. What is wrong with people today? Anything that goes along with what they already want to believe. They're happy despair spear to share but all spread with links documentation and they'll disregard it because I also doesn't go along with their claim but here's what I said. This is the point. Let's just assume from what they said was true. Oh you mean that war the US government verifiably gave. Saddam chemical weapons to be used on Iranian civilians and combatants alike. Both of which would be a war a crime either way by the way I say. Is that the war you mean Oh also the. US and Saudi governments are using child soldiers in Yemen. Right now Hashtag wake up right right. I mean we've done different mu numerous reports on the Sudanese child soldiers being used by the US coalition in Yemen. Right now but of course. That doesn't matter because all they WANNA do is make Iran look bad because they're feeble minded followers. Here's another one. This is from this from the sixth this navy life life. I have to admit this is in the midst of the massive million person marches and. This is the best they can do today. Ambassador Green old accepted. Thank you notes from homemade signs of support from Ronnie grateful for US actions now. Look this could be true. I've said many times. There are plenty Iranians that do not agree with the US or rather with the Iranian government like we have half this country right now. That doesn't agree with Donald Trump or the US government but the point is that they sell you this as a sign that all Romanians do not want the the they support the US agenda. That's what they're trying to say here right and this is what like fifteen pictures with one thing written for all we know this is completely fake. Or it's a few people but it doesn't show the point is it does not mean the reality. I come on guys this copy and Paste Netanyahu style propaganda is just feeble. It is just so glaringly obvious that neither the Iraqi Iranian people are supportive of the illegal. US government and actions against their countries. And by the way that's very clear today more than it ever has been and yet they still post this in your face like you're supposed to believe it Syria says. Bb Be told his cabinet to stay out of it. Yeah I'll get to that. I think I did. I show that the show. Maybe I didn't. I think I have it in this list here of the things but he bay. Oh I did actually. I shouldn't show He. He tried to make. It seem like it wasn't his thing and I made fun of him for hiding behind mommy skirt. That's what it is like. It's it's ridiculous but let's go to the next one. Oh I showed you this one already. So here's another relevant point that we can't forget and the reason I wanted to bring this to your attention again. Many many of you already know about this. I've talked about this twice. Mike Show but I just recently talked about the fact that we constantly do this. Where even say I talk about it ten times over the year here there are still people even watch the show? That might have missed it. And so we get in this habit of thinking that people already know these things and they don't and it's important for us to see this this kind of thing. Iran Air flight. Six five right. This was a passenger flight from Toronto. Dubai that was shot down in nineteen eighty eight by a surface surface to air missile fire from the US incense a US. Military ship was a guided missile cruiser by the US states. It's navy pay the shot. This place shot the down. They have no elegant than nothing to back it up. They had claims and lies. They said there was miscommunication. All this different stuff. But it's been proven since then to be completely lies. They shot this plane down full of civilians and then lied about it. This is verifiable event today now even once they got confronted with the facts right. This is what he said about it and I I recently brought this up. Make sure this is loud enough for you guys. But for the united the states of America. I'll never apologize for the United States of America ever. I don't care what the facts are. I will lead her. I will do my high-level best I'll never apologize for the United States of America ever. I don't care what the facts are. I will lead her. I will do my level best to stand up for freedom and democracy around the world by keeping the United States of America strong and Bay keeping our eyes wide open as we welcome change in the world. Now that's literally what he had to same response and what is that. That's that's just as ridiculous as pompilio saying we're going to keep our eyes open and we don't care. Apparently we don't care about the facts. We don't care you're never going to apologize. I mean that's crazy that comes from a time of American exceptionalism. That was rabid like it's like we're just number one best ever and nothing else and the people of wakened of walk into the reality that they were killing shooting down planes full of civilians and just ignored it. I mean it's flagrant and this is what we have to hear that we don't care that we're going to keep our eyes open and keep spreading democracy in the special way of shooting down planes full of civilians because democracy. We understand the same timeframe right. We're talking about you know Mr Seah Bushier. We're talking about stuff happening. All over the world iran-contra we're talking about the history of the last few decades of Saudi Saudi of the South America being overthrown dictators put in place why because of fruit companies and profit. All these things that we're not supposed to remember same timeframe same timeframe old it was happening and we all knew about it rather we know about it now. I meant to say we all know about it now. At the time they didn't have the Internet they didn't have this kind of reach each but the fact that they can do something so egregious and kill over. Almost three hundred people and Ram would respond to. Do you know what would have happened. They would have blamed him. They would've attack them because they're dishonest. How it's always been Sirri saying we're hearing in her in Iran? A missile hit the south of Tehran Good Lord Lord. I really hope we're not seeing some massive continued escalation here. So let's keep going in case we get something popping up here people. How long have you been going here? Loops looks like we're on about two hours. Now all right where were we. Well this is interesting and I was GonNa talk about this later. I forgot to put this away. But so this is something share with me. From someone on dischord which basically breaks down on the reality that the hostage situation the one that they're continually pointing to trump references about his fifty to the whole thing right the hostage situation apparently according according to New York Times from nineteen ninety one. Apparently they allow the situation to continue in order to manipulate the election. Right for Jimmy Carter. This is the point and so the idea is that they obviously didn't care all that much about the hostages they cared just enough to use them for political means yet. They're stay. Pretend like oh you think about the dishonesty honesty there. So they benefited from Iran holding hostages. Against the I mean and yet today they wave at around like a like a catch all like oh they did this and we you know except they don't care that they shot down a plane full of three hundred people yet. We're willing to waive the fifty two hostages all around even though they let it happen and continue to to manipulate the election right. This is the dishonesty that dates farther back than you would imagine the rampant lawlessness now today. We're we're looking at the reality that. US allies are obviously distancing themselves from this right this is this is why we're constantly trying to show you that. People do not agree with this. They're afraid aid of what the US government might do to them. But they're clearly not on board with this craziness and I know I'm not saying it's because they don't have the same general overall malicious delicious plan. But it's because this is ridiculous everyone can see what this is and that's not the way these things are supposed to happen. Rather this most a trick you manufacture consent accent and slowly lead us into things that we don't realize or at the trump administration has ripped that mask off and they are storming into things that they used to slip quietly really step into when we weren't paying attention it's pretty crazy. And of course a huge part of this now is that Iranian the brawny and members of parliament have declared the US military a terrorist entity. Which again is pretty much the same exact thing? This is same exact thing in the. US did to them which is ridiculous on both sides of the argument because first of all they're both state governments state nation states or this. This is not how this is supposed to work. But as I've said clearly you could make an obvious argument for why their claim is far more legitimate and as always I'm talking about the US government not the country which is very very different. The military itself is a bunch of that country. That's been tricked into doing the government's bidding. They look at what they've carried out the millions of people that have been killed. The war of terror around the world for freedom overthrowing countries coming sanctions destroying joining economies freedom right. What has Iran done that? You could point you. That's even close to that as I've said before even if you believed everything the US said about them even if you even if everything that said was actually true even then you still have more evidence on the side of the US government that makes their claim more legitimate. The continuous imperialist march of overthrowing throwing countries for profit and killing people. To do it. I mean how do you misunderstand the difference. Now let's see you before we get out of here. Here's Javad Zarif responding. That's interesting interesting. I completely agree with this. By denying Ron's Foreign Minister Visa for Security Council visit America has lost its moral right to home the home of the UN. I I probably you'll never change. I don't think until something dramatic changes but this is absolutely correct. They agreed violated their man. They're they're in as the hosting a nation of the headquarters of the UN egregiously violated. Everything's supposed to represent but they don't care they really don't care. See Somebody asking central my Ma if not a good way to act in our in in this job Let's see second wave. What was the other part there? We go no need for us. GALATIAN missile strikes against US basis by the way Sirri or anybody else. If you've got information about the Iran part please let me know. I really hope that's not happening missile strike against US bases legitimate self-defense. Measures and are now over as Iran does not intend to wage war escalate the situation further. Now here's an interesting argument if this had happened where we saw one attack and by the way it wasn't verified but that's the one big difference Prince here is we know for a fact these were. US Tax that they claimed right. But let's say it was one attack that nobody verified. The Ron said was the United States. They said we know that the US did this then. They waited three days and then attacked a bunch of things. That would not be self defense. That would not in any way but this is what the US continues to do right. But on the flip. What we're talking about is the government has continually been bombing things assassinated? Their general continued to attack interest. And everything else that even not even connected to Iran and blamed all Iran attack them Kim sanctions continues to do things and then they fight back. That is absolutely self defense in every sense of the word you see the difference. I hope I don't don't know what you're saying. Dominic he's the he's the MoD here. Yes and if you act like an idiot and say things you shouldn't I'm not saying you are either made it sound like that. I'm saying in a general sense if people in this chat act act like morons and say things they sh- attacking other people or spreading a bunch of hate or doing your things they show that kind of thing. Then you're going to get removed period because that's not. That's not something we allow here. That's not censorship because I'm not a government you don't have the right to kick in my front door and start screaming things and say I have a right to say these things no you don't. You're standing in my house but understanding that same line. We don't just remove people for anything other than obvious things that are not okay and I don't even when I even say. Hey you can hate anybody buddy you want but the moment you start attacking somebody else in the chat. You're gone period. I have no problem with that now. Sira says He. Oh yet the tag me that's right all right two volleys of missiles aimed at the Assad base in racks on our province wants and another facility near the ear. Bill were proportionate mentioned. Self Defense we do not seek escalation three if not then in the strikes targeted the US base as from which cowardly attacks were launched against Iranian citizens and senior officials. which again remember? That's the point I made the very beginning. It's amazing that we just kind of disconnect connect the reality that they killed civilians they killed military police. They killed Iraqi police. I mean seriously. Nobody knows that Angela. I know that I just don't like it. I get too worked up when I get too close. She doesn't need a thing in front of the Mike that stops it from capping out what I need to do is just lower the Mike the volume but then what happens. I sit back too far. It doesn't pick up and it's I know it's my fault I just don't like the thing that takes up half the screen 'em nine nine says. Do you think we are likely to get fat false flag by Israel again to get people behind the war you know. I don't think it's totally holy possible. I think at the end of the day what's ultimately going to happen. Here is that there's something it depends on I. That's a perfect way to frame that. Actually because I. I think that the person who absolutely wants to happen is the Israeli government and they are absolutely willing to allow Americans die to do it so it could be exactly that that happens but on the flip whip. I don't actually think that the Ili some people in this government actually went to war with Iran. But it's getting harder to deny that so it's possible that we could see some manufactured event but this exact kind of thing could could have been just that but again if Israel had carried something out that did like for instance the last attack on the alleged contractor. That could have been something right. I don't the person was existed at all. But it's a good question to think about and we should just be aware that could happen going forward. We need to be very on our guard for any kind of a false event or manipulated the thing that we again have no evidence for they. Then you should drive to some larger event. I mean this right now is absolutely unreal. The fact that all of us is based on absolutely Louis unverified information. That's not only illegal. It's just simply morally wrong and doesn't matter. They don't seem to care he said mcat says next. Show in your kitchen please. It'd be an interesting show now way you don't get to see my kitchen so let's see I think that's going to be at here. Ladies and gentlemen unless we can get some kind of update. I was interested to see if there was going to be something like even just in response from the government okay. I didn't go through this. Actually Iran launched more than a dozen ballistics So initially nine rockets okay. Here's it he. This is interesting. Check this out. This just peaked my interest but this according to zero edge. I'm not I'm not seeing. This is their allegation. Find Out Mawr tomorrow so it says initially additionally nine rockets hit the sprawling al-Assad airbase in the country's west the largest of the Iraqi military compounds where foreign troops are based the attack came came in three waves just after midnight case so this could be could be. He says trump tweeted. Look at that real quick but that could be omis misinformation coming from like for instance the Aljazeera is. I mean they're still cleaning rockets and their headline right. They're still saying rockets. So that could be a that. They're pulling research from somewhere else and can including that and that was in fact missiles else which I'm hopefully going to find out more tomorrow or it could be something more interesting all this well. Missiles launched from Iran. You guys can see that or you can't alarm all is well. Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq assessment of casualties and damage is taking place now so far so good good weird way to respond to this. We have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world by far. Yeah I just hate that. He has to say that all the time. I will be making a statement tomorrow morning. You you know I love you. Know he brags about the thing that no Americans actually want right. We all want less spending. We all want less taxes. We all want war but yes we've got the best most powerful ten times more than everybody else combined. Gay that we don't need that none of this was even relevant in this discussion but we have the most best thing always ever better than everybody everybody. This constantly hyperbolic Andrew Fisherman says great. Show thank you for all your effort in the world of work you put into thank you. I appreciate that okay interesting. So let's go back to this. Where was I real quick? I hate that this pops up every time to okay so may be clear on this. Initially Nine rockets at the Al-Saad airbase in the country's west largest round the attack came in the three waves around swiftly claimed responsibility with state TV saying it had launched tens of missiles. Okay so there's clearly a discrepancy here and if we find out that it's rockets I'm going to have. There's going to be a lot to think about tomorrow. Iranian Indian sources are claiming that the operation has a name Operation Martyr Sulejmani. Oh here's the one. She was claiming. So there. You go see Sirri. Sary's she's usually has the inside information here. Iranian sources are claiming that the operation name operation or sorry. PMU operation overwhelming response. The top of age Aljazeera says missiles. Oh really I didn't see that more crushing response. Oh where maybe the no. It says rockets to me rockets rockets. Maybe you're seeing somewhere else but that's funny that yeah even right here on the headline says Oh yeah okay here you right so right here checking out right here it clearly says missiles right okay so there there they just not bringing it up but see. This is where these things confused right. So now we have our Zero edge also reporting that. But at least there's the allegation so it's probably missiles we'll find out more tomorrow you might want to use an adblocker or you're now the Oh you're right. Actually you know what I forgot I have it off. Let's see if that actually works. I thought this one didn't go away. Oh you're awesome. I thought I had that on for some reason. So thank you for reminding me all right well interested trusted Sirri in the chat. Do you know if you have any information on the Iran information. Let's see that's not it. A lot of people send stuff here. It's all the same information it looks like all right. Let's see it says William Poole says I would love to have Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson on. I really would have a big big fan his. I think I've reached out in the past. Is these guys are always busy. You know in the videos I I saw it. There's a huge explosion the PM you operation is supposed to be ground operation. I see okay. There's a pick of the supposed warhead on live map. All right well guys. I think I'M GONNA call it tonight. This I mean this is obviously why we don't usually do shows like this because there's no this is is just open ended and I you know I'm always very concerned about giving you guys information. That's not necessarily correct. This is funny was look at this before we go palm Pao's falsehood ladened briefing so perfect. What okay this is a great way to end the show? Let's go through this this so this is the worst. This is the most absurd thing what he said so. The trump administration continues to barrel toward war with Iran. Mike Pompeo gave a press conference in which he once again claimed claim that every dubious accusation made by the administration was true and the internally inconsistent comments among top officials are somehow agreement recount Gaza. So ridiculous this is like they claim that Iraq is on their side when they not and then they just change it like. How do we not see how flagrantly dishonest these people are pump fails comments even the ones that made no sense who were obviously untrue were echoed across US media outlets as absolute facts following the briefing? Gee I wonder why that would be. Maybe because that's their job. Job is their job to misinform you. I mean for crying out loud. Everyone was clearly more comfortable reporting his sweat. Pompeo oh just reporting as Pompilio says this right then analyzing it rand. Paul was very critical of some of the worst claims. Won't be saying one would have to be brain dead to believe them. Well good for him as much as I've been really unhappy with what he's been saying lately you'd have to be brain dead to believe that good for him good for him. It doesn't matter who says it is true. Truth is truth. He noted it made no sense to attack Ron to preempt attacks at the attack just made a taxi. More likely which again is the claim that we've always been saying the idea that you say this attack was to stop attacks and in the moment you made the attack you said now we're warning for more attacks. It was obviously not what you meant. It was a lie. It was allied to carry out attacks. POMPEO was largely dismissive of questions about US attack and rejected claims this all mommy's working on diplomacy Z.. Saying that nobody believed that he was engaged in diplomacy accept everybody in reality. Iraq's Prime Minister Monti was the one who broke the story that he was there instead the of evidence to the contrary pompeo denied it right. He just laughed and accused them of being crazy right. 'cause that's real people with real arguments on the question of us US borings re from the UN pump. The US doesn't comment on what I see. I didn't see that part. I comment on why they deny people entrance and insisted that the US always complies with the headquarters agreement. I mean are you kidding me. Look look at this a he literally just said that they comply with that agreement. While I I literally just showed you that. That's not true. Here's the agreement the agreement he's pointing to wait. That's not the one hold on. It doesn't matter. Are you guys if you guys watch the show you saw me through all these different things. They violate everywhere. But that's crazy the the UN agreement men they have have to allow them in as different diplomats have said they are obligated to allow anyone to speak a member at any time no matter what and they block them right so that's obviously not in compliance with the agreement but he simply just stood up and said that it was right because this by the way it says despite it flat out saying that you can't block DOC officials. I speak this is why like Anti Antiwar Anti Antiwar is at one of the best sites that you should look at three says. There was an explosion sound in Toronto but not yet it to be known what it was K. Keep me updated. We'll probably be talking about this tomorrow. The closest anyone at the briefing came to calling Pompeii on its contradictions was on the matter of the. US attacking cultural cultural sites. President trump threatened to attack the sites Pompeo said trump never said that I mean this is just so absurd. Guys I mean I I you know I. Sometimes it's really hard for me not to see hold on. I mean look not that one not that one either but these are all this is crazy. So we're we're literally talking about how he's POMPEII. Oh said trump never said that yet. Here's an article saying trump doubled down on that threat and if you read the direct quote he literally says but they're allowed to kill our for people to do this and that but we can't fire sites what the hell so he's literally quoted saying that and here's pompeo literally saying trump never said that how in the world do you explain that you explain it by pointing out that they're liars. They're dishonest people that will say anything to sell you on their agenda and and yet we we're shouted down for questioning those very same claims. Here's UNESCO again saying that they're not allowed to and then here's the best point here. Is trump backing off on those exact claims. So trump is saying. Oh okay I was mistaken. And here's pompeo saying he never said it. I mean for for crying out loud people. I just it's so crazy to me. This is exactly why I think that most people see this and they are gas lighting us into thinking that we are the minority when in fact back this country is about to boil over with people that see that. These people are dishonest. That's my take on it. Pompilio said that he what he said. That trump never never said there would be a tax on cultural sites was quote completely consistent. With what the president has said I mean that is revisionist. You are literally revising using your rewriting history in real time as I'm actually showing you the opposite. There's this direct quote people. There people are not allowed to touch golden recites their cultural sites but prompt. AOL says that that's not what he said. And it was consistent with the law. Some thank you for the Super Chat Says Ryan. Many people at work thinks all MONTY was bad guy. I think otherwise. But that's the issue with many. They live in denial. Now I agree I mean they. They think here's the point is Caitlin. Johnston said today. They think he's a bad guy. Because because an official said so and that then more officials repeat that and point to the first official and they'll act like this has been proven right. Oh It's all proven here's the here's six hundred people he killed and we already proved to you. That wasn't true. We showed you the lie about the peace. We showed you why they claim people were terrorists when they were actually fighting back against the invasion. Right we talk about the OH. He was a terrorist because he did this. And you know the claims that they make about salamone which completely completely dishonest or the idea of the imminent threat which we showed. You was not true all of this stuff but the point is Caitlin Caitlin argument. Is You convert the people right. What evidence do you have that? That person was a bad was a terrorist. What Evans do you have of anything that they're saying older Bobo? Donald Trump said officials today the intelligence community plays on waiting. Show me the evidence play. I'm waiting for you to show me anything. And you'll finally get to the the point where they have to recognize that there simply choosing to trust somebody and they'll never personally get there. They'll dance around it as long as you can. But you just calmly I sit there and go okay. That's not proof the proof. Where's the proof? Where's the evidence? Even the even said these things or the even happened. They'll reference things that you can debunk immediately and eventually look at red-faced and angry. And you can just walk away because they recognize. They don't have what you're asking for right. This is the problem though. People choose to blindly. Trust these people because that's what they're used to. Oh so it looks like there might have been a plane crash in Iran and that was the source of the sound. So you know. It's good that we found that. But here's what's interesting right. There are probably people that already tweeting about missiles in Iran and attacks in Iran and people going live about bombs in Iran. Right turns out. It's not true right Tucker. Carlson said Solomon is evil and kill tons of Americans are exactly right. This is why Tucker Carlson a limited hangout. It's this is a fake resistance from the Fox side right. It's always the same thing and yes. He has done some amazing work exposing things or rather just discussing things that we've all exposed on places like Fox News that do reach people cool but if at the end of the day he spins back around to Iran bad guy. That's what it was ultimately about. Solani was not evil and he did not kill hundred Americans. I'm sorry Tucker. Carlson that is simply untrue. And if he's referencing the fact that they fought off souleymane they fought off the invasion of Iraq which anybody would then. He's he's ridiculous if he's referencing the FP's which has been disproven twelve years ago. He's also ridiculous. I mean none of these. Things are actually accurate but they will happily and blindly lightly. Say the back to you anyway. Thank you for being here today. Ladies and gentlemen thank you for tuning in for this fantastic show for us to go through everything and talk about what's going on as you know for those that tune in tonight. The first time that's in the show recognized that this this is not the normal way we do this show. I will almost always have at least a day's worth of constant investigation to bring you the truth of the story which is why you'll tend to get it later in the day where I will come in and show you what everybody's missing show you why they're wrong. What's actually going on? It doesn't mean that I'm always right I could be wrong to but I- explicitly Blissett it constantly research to find what I think is the best possible information and I'll bring it to you which will be happening tomorrow but today I had the show completely ready. When suddenly there was rocket attacks? I could not talk about it so I had to go live and bring you everything else in between but sadly again I hope you guys remember the point that all of these things we talked about the violation of the UN treaty the violation of the agreement in regard to the UN the violation in regard to all the things we talked about at least four or five different things you pointed out on the show today the cultural sites agreement the UN mandate. They're they're violating these things. They're openly ignoring them. The UN one is pretty ridiculous knowingly only violating that but as always they simply don't care the law is a tool that they use against their adversaries. The law is Z.. Tool to be used against the week according to Donald Trump and their actions on full display on a daily basis. Hopefully you can begin to see that. No please get this information out there. I'm actually wearing my my conspiracy theorist t shirt today because it felt right but if you want to support this channel in in the show notes all the links are down there to all our information if you want to buy it every question. Everything t-shirt the sticker right there or the sticker for that matter. That's how this channel is able to continue continue because you only your support of this channel from our petri onto our pay pal to arbit- backer cryptocurrency to whatever you WanNa do you WanNa send me something in the mail. Email me at Ryan last American bag on DOT COM. I'll send you my office address because we don't exist without you. We don't we're not able to bring you the truth without your support. The truth is I'll do this no matter what forever. I don't care if I have to get three jobs because no one wants to support me. I'll continue doing this because it's needed because I feel like if I'm not here doing this. They're getting away with things which I'm sure a lot of independent media feel like because truthfully they are. If we're not doing this. They are getting one over on the people by believe I believe in my heart that you guys are seeing it for what it is. I believe that most of you are which is what gives me the strength to keep doing this. Even in the midst of such horrifying actions such legal and flagrantly dishonest crimes on a regular basis. But thank you for being here. Please help me get this information out as always question everything come to your own conclusions. Stay vigilant I frankly think think crisis initiation is really tough. And it's very hard for me to see how the United States president can get us to war with Iran on it which leads me to conclude that if in fact compromise is not coming that the traditional way of America gets to war are is what would be best interests Some people might think that Mr Roosevelt wanted to get us into the World War. Two as David mentioned you may recall. We had to wait for Pearl Harbor. Some people might think Mr Wilson wanted to get us into world war. One you may recall you have to wait for the lose any episode. Some people might think that Mr Johnson wanted to send troops to Vietnam. You may recall all they had to wait for the Gulf of Tonkin episode We didn't go to war with Spain until the process Doug Gentleman exploded. and May I point out that Mr Lincoln did not feel he could call out the army until sumpter was attacked. Which is why he ordered the commander towards sumpter to do exactly that thing which the South Carolinians had said would cause unpack? So if in fact the rains aren't going to compromise it would be best if somebody else started. The one can combine other other means of pressure with sanctions. I mentioned that explosion on August Seventeenth We could step up the pressure. I mean look people people Iranian submarines periodically go down some day. One of the might not come up. Who would know why we can do a variety of things if we wish to increase the pressure? I'm not advocating that. But I'm just suggesting that this is not a either or proposition of you know it's just sanctions has to has to succeed the things we are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians. We could get Nastier all right. We'll I'm back just for a quick last update. Thanks to be rich from after hours live now. He sent me this information and this is the same information we went over but it seems it seems incredibly relevant based on the sat the horrifying statistics piston. That we're seeing in this information. So this is what we're seeing it's being recorded and Brian is saying Brian is saying that. One hundred and eighty people were in this plan. So an airline is apparently a Boeing. Seven thirty seven went down in Theron at this airport with one hundred eighty people on board. That seems like some pretty damn suspicious. Timing literally as we're talking about Iran flight six five five right we don't care about. The facts is for the United States of America. Ever I don't care what the facts are. I don't care what the facts are. Well it's interesting now. I'M GONNA look up more about this tomorrow but it should not be outside the realm of possibility for us to ask ourselves was this shutdown. Was this the exact kind of covert means. That man at the Washington Institute was just talking about. I don't know Oh submarine may go down sometime. I come back up right. Who would know why exactly exactly now? I'm not saying we know anything at this point but what it's it's a relevant question to ask knowing these things have happened and understand that the way that Iran if if Iran somehow finds out that this was the United States they will simply claim. They didn't do anything just like we saw Bush right there. I don't care I want apologize for anything. We didn't do anything. That's what's going to happen so prime yourself or some more just like just like a think was William in the chat was saying right potential false flags because they don't want actual face to face. We hate you you hate US war. Let's kill our people right. They want to be able to surrender tissue ASLI manipulate things from the inside ride and slowly overthrow the country with sanctions and regime. This is what they do now so it's potentially possible that this is their reaction already. Think about that people consider that. Ask The questions question everything. It's truly never been more important so make sure you tune tune in tomorrow because we're going to have a lot to talk about potential responses potential false flags potential entire airliners being shot down by somebody or maybe it crashed. But there's GonNa be a lot to get into. I can almost promise you that they're going to do something a nice. This is the longest podcast we've ever done. I'm sure of it three hours. I love you guys. Thank you for being here has always question everything. Come to your own conclusions. Stay vigilant Briefing anyway welcome to the State Department. I think we have some insurance in the back. Welcome uh good to see you. This exercise in transparency and democracy regime change in Iraq Libya Iran and Syria in the first two countries. We've had regime change. And obviously it's been I say disaster I think I I don't agree with that. And then let let me let me. You don't think it's been a disaster. Well I think the overthrow of Saddam Hussein that military action was a resounding success. We have heard that half a million and children have died you know. Is the price worth it. I think this is a very hard choice but the price we think the price is worth it. As we came mm-hmm we saw he died. Didn't have anything to do with your visit

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Jose Ramirez vs Viktor PostolSet For Title Showdown May 9 LIVE on ESPN

"Podcast is intended for mature audiences. The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners. Sponsors or affiliates enjoy. Hi This is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice. Let's get ready for boxing voice. Luna later this year. Can you take power Bat Mitzvah Dot com good afternoon or evening? Tbb What's going on with back with another one. It's a spontaneous. Jose Ramirez taken on victim. Postal it's his main Dettori and it took a little longer than expected but the WBZ C. N. W. B. O. Super Lightweight world champion. Jose Ramirez. Coming off of his unification bat with more Hooker will return and is set to come back and defend his titles against mandatory Challenger and former champion himself for the WBZ when he defeated Lucas Matisse which all convicted the iceman postal common opponent with Lucas Matisse common opponent with Celtic eight income and opponent Terence Crawford. This is going to be taking place in. May Ninth at the Save Mart Center in Fresno Save Martyrs Location that Jose Ramirez fills up. I mean to the Rafters fifteen ten thousand easy now. He's taking to belts and a former champion that way. I'm expecting a sold out crowd on the Co main event. You have Jose the sniper Pelt Raza. And he's going to be getting back in the ring versus veer into cobbler. Malina so Molina is an Olympian from two thousand and He has the pedigree. His brother's name is Carlos. This seems like a good co main event. Now remember this was supposed to happen in China. But due to the corona virus it's been rescheduled and will no longer be taken out in you know China Freddie Roach in victim postal already in China. So they had to come back so they were getting real ready for Ramirez who is trained by Robert Garcia. So those are just a little bit of the details. I'M GONNA get in get out to my co host. Mario Monti in Corpus Christi. And get this thing started me. Yeah Nessie said it. All A fifth title defence Ramirez is scheduled to make you definitely not. I mean you know if you don't consider the unification. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah I'm sorry. It gets unification one one of his title unification titles. Yes I okay but but the point I was making is that You know we're getting this back on the road We should've taken care of this in February and I'm glad that it's coming. I mean Victor Postal is not to be underestimated. This is a tough opponent. This is something that him. Robert have to be ready for at the same time though. Ramirez has so many big things ahead of you know this kid. He he has a great character. You know he draws really well. He's got a good face You know he speaks very well like he's just he's a total package you know. And they're talking about him in Crawford. I mean this is this is. This is one of those things that top rank does. Sometimes you know top. Rank has but it went. Forty-seven in the criticism has been you know. Get THEM A fight. Get Him a fight you know. Thurman Garcia and the BBC. And what is Bob Do? He goes in he creates. You know a one forty seven guy that that we're all gonna be buzzing about and talking about an and that's what this is this. Is You know this is obviously taking place at one forty but the point is that. Ramirez has the sky as his ceiling. It's it's just unbelievable. How much unlimited potential he has to draw. He's he's going to physically get bigger. He's going to grow into one forty seven he won't be an undersized one forty seven guy and I don't know I just can't see a blank spot in him you know. Is he good enough to be bud? Is he good enough to be at the one forty seven top dogs? I don't know and that time will come but I I'm telling you right now. This is d best. Fight out there for Crawford. That's a realistic. And so he's gotTa Take Care Of. I wouldn't say that much because he's got a he's got to be postal. Then be just teller to emerge as the best opponent for Crawford on that side of the street. Anyway because ultimately he'll still be one hundred and forty pounds of moving up and you know I mean the knock on Crawford. Is We want them to fight a real well. Two-way this doesn't solve that problem in any way if anything it just adds to it now if Jose can starch postal and decisively beat Josh teller now. We have a commodity on our hands because he's been able to transition and prove people wrong you know. He started off early on with. Wins Over? Mike read and it transitioned into a big unification match with Maurice Hooker. Along the He's had decent winds. Amir remind agreed. Jose bed. I which some thought. Maybe you know he probably loss or was tight. I remember specifically regis on our show telling us you know. I thought he lost that fight. You know so Jose like I said. He can really raise his profile with two decent performances. I mean life can change. Life can change thousand five fans. The buy tickets were Ramirez. His resume started to get better after. Mike Reid win which was undefeated win. Then he beat me remind who only had one lost and he went back and defeated the undefeated Antonio Roscoe then he went back and forth and defeated Jose. Subedar who only had one loss then. He went back and beat the undefeated Marie Socha for a title to unify the division. I think at this point you said it is time. Now I think at this point it's time to think of this guy as a real player. Yeah absolutely look You know that that's all I was saying. Is He's on that road you know. I'm not saying happens after postal Certainly doesn't have them before but He's just got so much going for him. He's got so much talent he's got so much ability you know. He came out of the. What was it? The two thousand twelve Olympic class and I never thought he was one of the better fighters in that class. I mean I thought he was pretty good but I didn't think he'd be as I guess marketable as he as he seems he is. It always seems real quiet and yeah he was young so that was probably me not understanding amateurs back then as well or still and so You know he he's emerged. Is that class? And he's just he's got a great resume he's got a he's got a great reputation in the sport. You know his amateur I it's it's all there. You know everything that you want to build a fighter as he's that guy and I disagree with the Joshua like you might be right. In terms of the tougher fight. You might be terms of the better fight but in terms of promote -able nuts. It's Jose Ramirez. That's the guy that's going to be the guy. Yeah Man Interesting to see which direction they go after this postal fight. Obviously it's going to be based on his performance but if you're watching us on Youtube don't forget the thumbs up Bein. As a helps with the visibility of the show lets us know that you in joy. Jose Ramirez Talk. Not Looking like any Mexican American supporting the to Bel- champion. Wbo WBZ champion. GonNa be taken on a former champion his mandatory and I wanted to add just for facts and to make it juicy. This is Al Ham. Pbc working together. This is a co-promoted broadcasts. Excuse me CO promoted. Event with top rank and T. G. B. Promotions. Tdb. Promotions obviously is goosing promotions. They do a lot of business with My good friend Al Hayman so just another. I guess. Sign another fight showing us that AL and Bob do business together and especially when it's not high level marquee fighters. Yeah absolutely yeah. I was surprised to see some of this stuff to that How much people think postal going to easily win Ramirez the that's his fight to lose but Yeah it's a it's a great card all around You know and I like the CO features. Isn't a lot to be excited about with this car. But you know I I I think that Jose Ramirez is you know his stocks on the rise. I think that you know in a couple years. Time You know he could be as marketable if not more marketable than any of the top guys at one. Forty seven you know. Maybe not Mikey But you know a bigger than earl bigger draw than Thurman ever was like a bigger draw than all these guys you know he he might not have the pedigree that they have and he certainly doesn't have the chops at one forty seven yet so I guess I'll pump my brakes a little bit. I should probably ease that. Talk a little bit by bad but I just think he has. The potential is is what I should say you know. And and that's definitely something that anyone can see you know whether he's bigger than these guys is draws. That's not the question definitely I mean. Look like I said if he gave a perfect. We perfect year and defeat. Postal and Josh Taylor. He will raise his marketability tremendously if he can be just teller and become undisputed. Do what Crawford did in the division Crawford did it and then move up being in house. Challenge Crawford it will be a big pay per view for coffee bigger than the last two that he's done. He had a failing unsuccessful. Pay Per view with victim. Postal the the man in question who Ramirez will be facing and more than likely selling out ten to fifteen thousand in the Save Mart Center and Then coffey did a pay per view with Amir. Khan I think Ramirez is the right dance partner Obviously he must get those winds. Do you think it's important for Ramirez to look better against postal and Crawford or or do you think that that's really it doesn't matter right now? They're so far apart right now that it doesn't really matter who's far apart okay. What I'm asking. Is You know most a lot of times. We get common opponents. You know Fighters that we want to see. Oh Arafat this guy in about this but do you think it's important for Jose Ramirez to do what to postal better or as good as what Crawford was as important. It's that you're promoter has been pitting you against for about a year. Now he's been dropping. You know the little breadcrumbs letting US know that both Ramirez Josh Taylor could be possible opponents for You know Terence Crawford and he also said that he would make. It was three people. Josh Taylor Ramirez. Oh and we just program. He was interested in a possible. Fight with Terence Crawford so yeah you know look we need fights these fighters are they real world awaits. No but look doing their own thing. If Bob Arum can create wealth awaits out of Josh Teller Ramirez and then another one in program I'm not mad program is going to be taking Khokar. Maybe in a in a welterweight fighter did they say hookers going back down to one forty. I know his last fight was one forty. And some change. He was transitioned into welterweight I know that programs last fight was at one forty I. I haven't noticed if this official fight between the two is going to be At welterweight at junior welterweight. Do you know I'm Google okay. I'm actually Google it now just to double check what they what they have it down as Okay but yeah I mean you you you said it all you really did. I mean You this is how you create stars and unfortunately as talented as this division is Junior welterweight it is not where they're going to get the most money you know these guys are GonNa have to move up and and he's talking about what a real welterweight as you said. Well they're not real well tweets by at and I know what you meant by that like you know. They are where they are right now. But you'd always seen it in Jose Ramirez that he had that size inert mainly he's GonNa grow and he's going to fill out. You could just see it in him in his neck and his chain shoulders You can just see he's GonNa fill out and he's GonNa carry that weight well so that's why I talk about him a little bit more than some of the other guys in terms of marketability. Because I've just seen what crew would get butts in seats and he's just got this dynamic to him that people seem to gravitate towards so Hookers last fight was at one forty four and a quarter now The official press. Release for matchroom. Boxing does not stay. Whether it's a welterweight fighter junior welterweight fight but he is. Fighting Program is listed as favourite on the poster. And again no mention it's GonNa be April seventeenth live on zone and it will be MGM harbor in Oxen Hill Maryland. Neither of these two men are from Maryland. But we'll see how that works out. That's been a location that You Know Eddie's been frequent team since he started promoting here in America and we'll see but you know if bob and Eddie these four guys six guys against each other and like I said pull away with a decent welterweight i. I'm not mad. You know any any of these men debt run to through two or three of these guys. I think they deserve a welterweight shot unit. I mean if you can beat for Ramirez of you can be hooker. What you did postal Josh Taylor. You deserve it if it's hooker and you can be program winner. Josh Tele Ramirez rematch. You're good you know But Hooker is trained by Bo. Mac or at least you know worked out there so that won't be happening in some zones in terms of a welterweight fight with Crawford. Now if Ramirez is successful I'm sure that rematch Kinda sells itself. Yeah absolutely It does sell self and I don't know I'm trying to like look at the Scheduling the way they have it. I mean all these guys could foreseeably fight pretty quickly. I mean this could get done this. Could I mean we could be a year from now talking about Ramirez or whoever Ends up going through this gauntlet? We can talk about You know these guys being a force at one forty seven and these guys Moving up and and getting that USA treatment where they where they go climb to the top of the ladder right away in a lot of people don't like that a lot of people don't like when you guys are highly ranked or champions at you know one division and then move up and get that same treatment You know but that's just the name of the game it's the nature of the business and when you have a guy like Ramirez who's capable of becoming a major pay per view star like you know you gotTa Rushmo Little Bit. It's just you know might not be the best thing for him as a fighter but it's definitely one of the best things that can happen financially. Some might say that Mikey's going through that same kind of face to yeah now man Look there's not much we can say. Ramirez has to do to do to become that guy you know he's been beaten some fringe contenders any beat his first world champion. He's got our attention. The unification got our attention the thousands and thousands the tickets in the Save Mart Center. It's gotten our attention But but it's time to perform it's time to prove that you can be a welterweight at junior welterweight is one thing. Are you big enough or strong enough to be a welterweight is the question? Are you big enough and strong enough to compete with Crawford? Can we watch you and accept you as an opponent for Crawford? I think that's what we're all waiting for. Yeah and here's the thing like you're right. You have to get acclimated to a certain division right like you can't just go to one forty to one forty seven inches. Roy takes time to get acclimated. Takes time to learn how to take punches from a bigger guy in a in a twelve round fight or ten round fight or whatever. But here's the thing. Okay if you kind of look at the overall landscape of of what they have and how they can build particular fighters you could try to I. Guess Play Devil's advocate Nessie there. Yeah I'm here down. Sorry see so. It's gotta be Mario suffering some side of because I heard him clear that was typing him in the chats. And my good friend Wayne I don't know what that was. I heard you clearly I you said at my there and then you just dropped off for me. I forgot what I was saying. I'm sorry go ahead go ahead go ahead Letting them know that I. I heard you clearly. You know so but yeah man. I mean look not much to say is just a report show. Jose Ramirez fight as official. He's going to be faced. Invicta postal Saturday nine Save Mart Center Fresno California Let me get let me see. I think the tickets are priced very fairly well as well Which they always are in the Save Mart Center there for Victor It's looking lie. Ticket prices are starting at two hundred and six dollars is your most expensive ringside seat. Then you've got one thirty one ninety-six Sixty six thirty one. So no ten dollar seats. Twenty five dollars seats And this kid is definitely doing ten. Fifteen thousand easily Yeah no those really very well priced numbers. I remember I was going with that. Let me just real quick make point before I forget again. You can make your chops in divisions that will help you for like upper digitally like look if you look at the Bradley Con Alexander Man I'm forgetting. Who else was there at the time If you look at junior welterweight division right. A lot of those guys moved up to one forty seven. Almost you know I wouldn't say flawlessly. But they they moved up and they were able to maintain way that. We're able to get start. Keep their mental is. Is I guess what I'm trying to say you know it. They weren't big transitions for them. And it's because they had these tough fights against each other at that definitely agreed man. Look this is jus- the natural process has lost again. This is a this is a fun show. I was just saying this is the natural process for these guys. Moving up they gotta they gotTA prove their mettle. You know the guy and and we've seen that happen where we're divisions are really compacted a really dense. You know what I mean. And they're able to make their bones and and and and get a lot of experience that helps them with all facets of the game but specifically when they move up and and and take on bigger better competition definitely man definitely but Yeah I guess we will wrap it up. You know no sense and regurgitate in the same information. we've definitely announced the announcement of the Unified Super Lightweight World Championship. Wbz WBO on the line. Jose Ramirez Verses Victim Postal Saturday ninth two way DOT com. Remember to write his five stars on ITUNES GOING OUT TO SEA Addo Washington Mr from the fights believing that they shot the horse. You I don't care what to do. Good Great Mr the AC Yo. Yo Yo Ness Mario. No Mike Yeah you know Seh Kuh fight. I wish I can come to this event of you so beautiful. The ticket prices are coup But it is what it is which cities fights. I wished I. Yeah that was matter. Boola jumped on his Speaker and So some Mike is done with the show. He's done with the show chant he's done with the show man He said you know He. He needs more money and if he can get bad he's got to seek other job opportunities out there brother well. Tbb for life and Let's keep on cute the ball road man this. We'll get to that point man. We got some things cooking. And this is our year and Hopefully we won't have to continue to suffer this you know. We'll get that The sponsorship endorsement like most of the other big channels and You know things will work out you know when when when when the money is right. I'm sure I'm sure we could get him back. I've always told you guys you know if we don't have that Patriot. One hundred percent. It's going to be easy to lose people. I told you guys daily you know I actually hit the thumbs up. I ask you to sign up the Patriots just so we won't suffer that but this is part of that brother. This is part of that. Let's go out to New Orleans J. T. would have do you. Conquer the makeup is really a shift. Hey thank you way I wanNA talk to You. Turn off your station. Yeah it was up nest was Maria. What UP OWN. I'M GONNA call. You Probably WanNa one nest and talk about their paycheck. 'cause I knew you just say something about it. I feel bad that Mike left but I mean people to dig out to do but I hate for him relieve when get good. Didn't I gotta come back because it's good? You know like like any business you know some people who Before it really real good but which. I was talking about on the Carlo. Jose Ramirez going to be defendant is W. B. O. and is WBZ taito versus is mandatory challenger. Be Promoted Al Hayman Advise Victor Postal And it's going to be happening Saturday night at the Save Mart Center where Ramirez usually draws about ten to fifteen thousand who you got in our fight or not definitely Ramirez man. I haven't holiday. Postal and alongside. Okay Yeah I remember Ramirez. That's when I beat on Look Surya Sir Rolling. Damn I like you say yes sir. I'm good I got re Ramirez in their fighting style. So anything goes you. Don't tell about that's it brother that's got shot out the TV veto. You know hope. Come back to the show. You know for sure man. Listen if we get that Patriarch Right. We can give him a pay increase because obviously You know that's what he wanted At the moment we can't afford it but hey if If we get to our one hundred percent go indefinitely do that and I would love to have them back. You know he put in the time. And it's like jt said you know we're on the brink of Really coming into something good and I. It sucks that he would be on the outside of that after all the work that he put in. We're going out to matter. Boola talk to me. That's how you doing. Hi Brother Yeah you know. I really appreciate the work that you guys put in. You know just the boxing world and everything. I'm in no other youtube channel that you find putting as much workers you guys so you know when when I see something like a coppola us to leave because of problems I mean it sits. I just kind of feel bad because I mean you guys are reading that putting the work you know. You're always having guests over you. Always you know bringing the breaking news chopping up everything so. I just I just pray that you guys you know you can get to doing very good numbers get one hundred percent feature will continue supporting urine us for Mike you know he was a very good co host and said that yes leave man what do you what do you think that can help improve like the numbers of the show and everything. 'cause you know whether you know whether we like may disagree would second talk about while the judge. Roy and whatever you know it's too good for boxing Morgan. Also did you feel. Maybe you need to get out more there doing more interviews like what you feel is right you said. I'm sorry I was reading some of these Super Chaz lot of people. Sms honestly. I'll answer I'll answer. Let's say it's honestly just visibility. I promise you the more thumbs up the more shares. How I mean that's right there. The more we grow the better numbers we do. The more revenue will be able to generate or the more we grow. You know we'll be able to get the attention of a sponsor But Patriot literally is the best option. Because we're relying on our listeners. Who Listen to the show every day you know. Look I. Don't like to heartburn it but it is Kinda sad right. We got hundreds of thousands of people's like we literally do Over a million views every month. So it's like I don't know it's either the same million or millions listening and honestly of ten percent signed up out of that million Tobias a cup of coffee. We wouldn't be having this situation so you know it would be a perfect if you know This situation drove people to Help get the show where it needs to be so that we could get my bag before he's locked into something else because who knows where he's GonNa end up and you know who's going to end up paying them and will he be able to get out of that once. You know once we're ready financially so you know we gotta we gotTa Act fast is definitely what we need to be doing. But I'M GONNA head out to California alumni. He's watched them come. He's watched them go. But it ain't no show without question of we call Y'All what up Nest Morio. What up champ. What's going on a man First off mail I liked the fight Postal Ramirez People will be watching this fight to get a gauge where we're mirrors at and comparing him a Crawford. I think he will wipe the floor with postal so I'm a early pig on that and stand on it but as far as Mike Matthew listening brother man which we can have you back man The show must go on and understand your predicament. But at the same time y'all hit those thumbs up join Patriot. This is the voice of the people we can you get this type of content at we. Can you get these interviews every morning? Seven days a week. Call in and voice your opinion about you. Don't have to agree with me or ness or anybody on the whole show is no other show doing that. At this level I I can't understand sometimes win. We have a high volume of listeners. In the damn thumbs can't be a man. Y'All come here every day and don't even hit the damn thumbs up is like you love you but you hate it you know. It's like confused. You know sometimes. Hey this admiration man but you here for a reason for some reason. 'cause you hear every day listening to these others man. I appreciate your work on this Hopefully the ideas that we came up off air that rod and stainless and everybody had that you will implement them and we can get some more revenue so we can get mike back but Appreciate the work man. Y'All hit those thumbs up man. Peace brothers definitely. Yeah Man Listen Man Might need to do what you gotta do. You know he's got a daughter and we just gotTa keep working man and and and we'll be able to get him back as long as like. I say he's not tied in the Sun because remember Mike went to school. He might end up in some sort of job. And then he's Won't be able to come on as frequently but you know we'll keep working like info. Joe said the show must go on. You know we'll keep scheduling people matter of fact. Let me go through the schedule before I get to the next set of guests. We're rather next set of callers if you haven't caught our interview this morning with John Bows from. Bolton Rico is going to be on that March fourteenth card in Madison Square garden with Edgar by Lanka. Yes Sir then. We also spoke to Justin. Deloitte's this surprise me by sandy moved down to a hundred and forty seven pounds. Just like Austin trout from one fifty four now. This is a guy that has gone ten. This is a guy. That's going ten rounds decision with Jason. Rosario who knocked out you know Julian Williams you know this is also a guy that was in the ring with Nathaniel. Alamo the only guy to stop Jason Rosario when beat Jason Rosario. So He's been in the ring. He was sparring Jamaal. Charles Oh for this fight so We had the little check out. That interview looks like tomorrow will have Kevin Cunningham world renowned trainer of Ericsson Lou been Devon Alexander What was the cory spinks? So many And we'll also have Germain. Franklin American heavyweight owned The show tomorrow Wednesday morning Thursday morning will have Albert Bell. And we'll have a couple of you'll train fighter Fabio Rigas and then we'll have American heavyweight dicara Scott. That's all tomorrow morning. Jam packed Thursday. I'm talking nine thirty ten. Am and ten thirty a. m. and then in the evening we'll have another heavyweight from from Italy Guido Violenn and then we'll have welterweight Aaron McKenna and his brother Stevie McKenna. Friday will have Raymond Savage Ford Raymond. Savage Ford signed to match room and zone. And we'll also have cashless. Cheney heavyweight cash Cheney American heavyweight train by Calvin Ford the trainer of Devante Davis Truck Simpson Me Hawkins. The list goes on and on speaking of Calvin Ford. We're going to be Avenue Calvin Ford on as well. He's already said Yeah. We're just waiting for the right day. So it's not on scheduled on get scared Mario. But we'll we'll be having Calvin Ford and coach Kenny. Because they worked together with all those fighters out of that gym. So we'll be having them on as well Ba- Friday we got Raymond. Savage Ford matchroom box also caches Cheney. And then we've already started scheduling for next week on Monday morning. We have James Wilkins Crunch Tom. Signing Golden Boy Promotions and I'm working on some other things. I got tyrone sponge. We finally talking he. He was a great guy and apologized and said that he knows that. I've been trying to get them for some time now. So let's get it done. I tried to get him on tomorrow to nine. Thirty and ten. Am is too early for some. He said a little bit later. He'll be done with a training session. If we're still on maybe squeeze him in at ten thirty then we got this new kid I'm scheduling him. What did I tell him? I said Monday the sixteenth. Let's do it so I gotta put them in the calendar. Actually his name is gone. Nello accost the Guy Nello cost. He's one no declaration amateur and yeah man. We're GONNA get him on the show on Monday as well and I told him Amazon him ten. Am Shit why do I always double book people? Let me see. I told James. Oh good good. That's what James Nine thirty so yeah Kanalelo cost and a cost the He's been helping. Raymond savage get ready. You know they know each other from the amateurs and stuff so we'll be having Cannella cost on at ten am on Monday morning. Let's see we have a few more already Lined up and we definitely got a lot of other things cooking but You know the model for twenty twenty. We're going to get at least two interviews day. Let me see if I got anything set for Tuesday now see. That's Oh yeah we got little. Gee I gotta put that in the calendar. Let me see got. The confirmation just came through Got Little G AKA Gabriel Florez Junior Thursday at seven thirty PM. And that's Thursday march nineteenth we got Gabriel Florez junior and That's GONNA be at seven thirty eastern four thirty Pacific Standard Time now on that same day. We'll have Thomas. The law may who is going to be taken on HE'LL BE THOMAS LAWMAKERS. GonNa be fighting Jamal James. And we'll have him on the show as well. Thomas Lormet on Thursday the nineteenth now all. He fights on the eleventh of April so against Jamal. James in Minneapolis. Now all these Interviews they're respected acts. Gabriel Flora's acts. You know Who Do we just say? Financial James Jesus would have brain lock China Stormy Acts Times Delaunay. You know acts whatever fighter we're interviewing you can find that respected post on Patriot dot com forward slash. The Box Invoice A. That's one way to support the channel by signing up to pay John Insurance that we have a monthly income from our listeners. That ensure the Mario stays and we get mike back be by You know signing of the paycheck not only. Do you support your show favorite show but you also get to acts everybody that we've spoken to we interview a question so yes head on over the Patriot Dot COM for which lasted box voice. And everybody a question. There's a lot of POS. Let me just go and refresh. That actually tell you how people we already got Posted this or you can get some Questions off but yeah man. That's the schedule. And it looks like we got marlins so icy Sims. Let me see in his Tuesday mall. And what do you got four days to go how you feel and brother year man? I'm feeling good feeling good in Go pull Attila Jim shortly Got a a light work with them not to do on submits whatnot into major Brahmin. You you you know you. One of the only guys I know can Feel so I guess like southbound so I guess energetic and outgoing on fight week Bro. Sounds like You're not you know making weight. Nana away become in become an easy. I just I just be. I got a lot of energy like I said. I'm picking a weight that that I don't feel like I'm straining myself to get to either so I be. I just feel like that's what I always go back to me and I feel like I'm making way smart because you know like I said other people speak were spoken to. They say man when they gotta do the wait could fall out of love with the sport so I just make sure I do it right. Do a good Feel healthy feels strong. So yeah I feel good man. It's going it's going down. I'm super pumped up. Its fight week man. We two more days the way I'm GONNA in on some food weighing day I'm trying to tail you. Definitely brother man you know. We're going to be tuned in wishing you the best man Let everybody they follow you at manages. Marlins so icy sims pro boxer is going to be fighting Saturday on that show box cards. So don't forget the tuning and hopefully we catch them on some highlights. Marley can you hear me? Yeah Yeah we're GONNA cut out for a second okay but yeah man. I appreciate it in Likeness mistaken and everybody else was saying. Make sure that IAGO hitter supported minute. Don't cost nothing. Hit a thumbs up on the on the video you already day in and day out so make sure support It don't cost you anything but you can also follow me. Marlin so icy on instagram. Marlins icy sounds on facebook. And I'll be doing a livestream of Mafias will on these platforms so make sure you go ahead and check it out and You could washed lies so I appreciate it in a much. Less at a boxing goes awry. Brother will thank you for calling in so I see sims. Looks like we got to everybody man. You know this is just been another report. Show top rank putting out another fight. Unification titled Defense Mandatory Defense Top rank. Al Hayman still doing business right before is even though they say that it's a Cold War Nez. Gto INSTAGRAM and twitter. Don't forget subscribe to Youtube Channel. So you will notification every time we do go live. Mario social ask me and not the number it had it had a it was like lagging At more McGee on twitter Moore movie on Instagram. catch US every morning in Yemen comes up and everything will Be gravy shutouts. Mike Hopefully I could talk to them in a few days and you know get a gauge of what's up and At the same time though Wish him the best matter what whether he's TV now or for life whatever You know off good push do say.

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Creating with Empathy | Artpresso Design

Coffee Podcast by Cat & Cloud

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Creating with Empathy | Artpresso Design

"What's up everybody. Welcome to the cat and cloud podcast. this week. We sit down with stephen. Monte owner of art press o design you might know art presto as the producer of that barista basic line of tools from llamas oko and. That's how i knew them to. Until i met stephen and talking with stephen and discovering his motivation inspiration history. And how someone who could feasibly work in design anywhere like anywhere and has worked for some crazy incredible huge companies. Some of which he can't even talk because of things that he's been working on ended up in the coffee industry. I think the story is in credible for someone who has a nagging passion that just been kinda bugging them and bugging them and bugging them and finally decides to take action on that. The other thing that goes along with this is he's been helping me pull something out of my head that i was incredibly passionate about. We've been working on a project together. We developed a tamper and it's amazing. A huge chunk of this episode is dedicated to explaining what that is the process for creating it and why. It's so different than anything else that exists. Today traditionally most puerto filter baskets have been listed as fifty eight millimeters. But they're actually a little bit larger. So sense about two thousand seven. I've been ordering oversized tampers to really fill the area the filter basket and generally. I'll go with fifty eight to fifty three. If you go any larger than that you can get sucked where you tamp and pull the tampere out really quickly. You basically suck the whole of coffee up with it. Because there's no air on the sides in the last few years you've had these size wars with things like the original per kg tamp that pullman made and then the pullman big step and you've got diameters of you know fifty five fifty eight six sometimes and to combat suction they have either a flared shape or a step as in the big step now. This idea was really intriguing to me. I talk with adam middlemen creative the big step a lot about it and we've been using big steps for the past since we started the company actually and we'll kind of discovered over time is that though they have views built in mechanisms to combat suction. I still can't go as fast as i want. I still can't rip the tampere out of the porta filter with as much speed as i want to and. Not get suction so with this. We're trying to find middle. Ground was between having a slightly oversize piston and not getting a ton of suction and we settled back end to what had been traditionally ordering so. This is a fifty eight point. Three millimeter piston. It gives a good feel in the basket. You're getting a lot of service area. But you're not going to get that aggressive suction if you love to rip through the way i like to and the way most production baristas deal if you wanna be inspired if you're ready to just get totally juice dive in but if you know if you're trying to tuck that idea way maybe don't go in because you're going to get pumped after losing this. You're going to have to do something you're going to have to take action on something. If you wanna see what we've been working on you can go on over to art. Press designed dot com or and cloud dot com and check it out. I'll leave it at that. And let's get in to it with steven monti. Let me tell you start. Jared met you before i did. Yeah and he was like dude this guy steven and he's making tampers and he's got this stuff and i'm like i'm like yeah. Whatever whatever you think you should come meet him. And i was like not good fine like i don't care what is it like. I don't know wh what's the deal and there's a million people may contain right. That's that's that's what my mindset immediately goes to. Because i have this problem where i i am kind of like the show. Me dude and i know super protective of the industry. Whether that's a good thing or not. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it turns out to be not because i'm sometimes less opened a possibility. But where where everything is going like so much is accessible to so many people like so many people can create basically whatever they want like. Oh i have an idea. Like i can make it. You know the and how that comes to be a bunch of different ways to where there's someone who can like do design build produce like all in house stuff. It's like really thoughtful or you're like hey here's a here's a sketch. Send it over and bang out banging out in china for like no quality control. It's like what what you get is whatever you know. There's so many different levels to that. So when i see something new pop up and i was like. Oh cool that someone else's making tampers. I don't get it and then that was kind of my whole lane in. I you portola that one day you came by and we started talking and i was like. Oh let's do. I told you it was real fun because you were working the booth like whatever do. I'm a pain in the ass so we'll get that out there right away but then talking to you in like hearing your kind of intention behind the things you create and your story i was like oh this dudes heads in the right place. I think that's something that we could unpack here. So wherever you know you own and run art press o design and you know from fifty thousand feet it looks like a company like tampers knocked boxes and barista accessory. They're really beautiful. And all those things but your story is much more interesting. So i'm kind of curious as to like you know who you are and how someone with your background like ended up in this world of barista. Coffee whatever yup. None of that makes sense. So yeah where. Where were you pre pre coffee. So i started on the path of coffee where my father well first of all i say coffee coffee and love it and i say expresso with enacts. Most of the time we got an east coaster and so this is drop. The letter are randomly and then put it in and other places. So let's start right there. Coffee talk like so if you need to add subtitles or whatever feel free into it but yeah so it started So my my my father actually was into it and and got like this lever machine married a woman from italy and was cranking out espressos when i was growing up. And then when i when i got married and went to italy Instead of coming back you know pregnant wife. Which flat was the expectation right. I came back when an espresso machine and started down my path as well so there was always a passion for it. There was always a need for it. I didn't start drinking it until a little bit later. Said having kids whatever. So i wanna say romania thirtyish thirtyish started drinking it and then i just became a pursuit of perfection. I was just trying to to sort of get better and get better at it. And i did. I did all right. I had a little pavone that when you screw the top off. Blew up that one and so So that was something that that was always a part of my life and then over sudden i found out that when me and my wife traveling we were we were picking our destinations based on coffee locations and so we would like. Oh there's a place here there's a place there. In fact i was just talking to you about slow. And we're like oh i i know a place you can go and i'm like fantastic. Yeah so in fact. Actually i just thought about this. When richard first time in partook tola i i asked i'm like where can i get coffee and you go. Captain stoker down in monterey. 'cause i was in carmel. Remember right yeah and so so that became the thing right right and then i started thinking of of products that that could be used within that area and the reason being was because my day job is industrial design so i've worked for numerous companies and have done everything from baby. Pacifier is two helicopters to medical equipment and just had a really diverse really diverse background. And so i've always been a problem solver. I've always tried to figure out. How do you take a user experience and translate that into a better product and so That's kind of how i started to merge the two right so it was like okay passion for coffee passion for design lot of problems in coffee lower problems from a design standpoint. How do you then start on. Pak that in create products that are new in the industry. the other thing too is i know what i don't know right and so to partner with people who know and who can kind of kind of establish a collaborative group genius mentality where you leverage everybody you know. We will create better products than me absolutely. So if you're if you're kind of like bringing people from different areas you're always going to get to a better solution right so great. That's only makes like one of my favorite mentality. I got going back. So i heard you talk about dad and espresso machines. Yeah were there any like rules that were given to you in like this is how you make this coffee where there anything that you any guide guidelines with pretty lake i would say in. You would know this better than me right. Based on your expertise was was being to be roasted dark. Oily in you pulled syrup out of this thing up and and so that was the goal in the beginning. And that's why i'm asking about the right way for me. It's more like what were you told because that's fun. This is what dad passed down to me and then in the way you did the milk was pretty much fluff right. It was just this soap. Meringue moran yeah and so you know you don't put sugar in it and it's okay if it's painful to drink because it's tough. Yeah tough men with little cups tough. Men would fluffy cups. That's the way you go. Because i remember the only the only ones i got 'cause i was lever machine. Starters and mine was lever has to be down for five seconds after your release as long as it's six seconds later before the coffee drips out. Then it's good. those are the only two parameters. So that's why. I was wondering what were yours to. Maybe you lever machine that you had steven one where when you pull it down. The coffees coming out. Like as you're pulling right. There's two different kinds of lever machines. There's like the pavone home machine like you're talking about which is like you are pulling down that lever which is pushing down the water through the coffee. And then the one jared talking about is when you're pulling down the lever. You're actually throwing the piston and compressing the spring Feeling this chamber full of brewer however go that religious role in the spring. Come down so they look like they're the same kind of scenes but they work totally differently. Hardaway asking so interesting to ask you. Which one's better but back then. It didn't matter just different styles actually fun to pour into actually have the control. But it doesn't necessarily control different animals like with the with the spring loaded lever one. Like jared talking about like you can control pre infusion however long you leave the lever pulled down so you could do three seconds of pre infusion. You could do six seconds eight seconds whatever you want and not have to tweak anything and then you just unleash. The dragon guided metric dosing. That's a whole different. Yeah like you said whole different conversation. Just like if i was angry at came out fast if i was tired it came out slow today. Do we don't what is it. Industrial engineer design. That's real designed with that like you worked at some pretty big companies. Are you allowed to say where you work. Are you on the as and stuff. Yeah yeah school. In some in some i can drop a few right so so you had the pleasure of working for reebok When reebok was was A very very hot brand in the nineties and worked with the nfl and did all the All the football cleats for american football as well as baseball so mlb nfl and it was pretty cool In also did sort of if you remember this was all preseason product and that kind of stuff So enjoyed that. That was when i first got into footwear and in had a good time and a good run and really liked it. And so then i jumped into toy is well and did a bunch of toys for in licensed toys for for hasbro and another company safety. I the one to make those little baby on board. That's like a full company craze. It is a funny story on that one so designing this baby spa and and so the way you would do it as you build a model that looks like in a model that works works like right so call it a bread board model so the looks like model. You know you're trying to sell it internally trying to get everybody excited i'm like okay. This is the first baby spire. It's not a bathtub to baby spire. It's got bubbles coming off of working with like a three hundred pound lineman. Who's telling me that you know. I need my footwear to be light. So i can be fast in. I'm like run five yards like how. How can it be right. But but once again just those different experiences in different perspectives. Right at the end of the day you deliver what people want share believe they want so turn when i'm selling this and we have these huge. Rapid prototypes. I got the baby spa. And i'm like i'm going to play this up. Get a little bit of music. i late. some scented candles got to get the baby spar. Kind of like set up in a way. And i invite everybody in the lights alot and i'm presenting right and i'm presenting to the marketing team and so on in and i didn't realize how small the conference room is and i didn't realize that cheap candles got and so i stacked gas and all these people out in one woman's allergic to the senate and just runs out of the conference so i wouldn't really well but from that standpoint it was just it was just like okay. You're going to be a little bit more sensitive to how you present this stuff. Yes lessons learned. I tried to romantic just a little bit too much. But so from a toy standpoint super cool. I think what was really interesting was was the different consumers you. You're working with right so if you're building products for children. You're actually focused on the mother's point of view as the battle when you're dealing with a baseball players. You're focused on what they believe. They're superstitious group which i didn't know right so so we didn't know my garcia para shoe back in the day and he could only have one bottom on it and so whatever we did for the upper we always had to take this old bottom in put it like the same physical bottom. Same physical complete on. The bottom is so interesting because of the superstitions. Yeah i wanted. I won this game or i had this and so in the nfl players and that was just. It was all wrong cool. 'cause i played football growing up and it was great in a crazy story on that one was I was i had. I was fortunate enough to get on the field after they won and hang out with the players with the way the way in which i got on the field was. I had good seats because i was where i worked at the time. And so when the when the super bowl was over the family runs to the front right and the players. Run to the wall and so There was this linemen from the denver broncos. And he's in. He's yelling this woman next to me. Which was his mother and in. This guy's a big man right and so he goes. Give my mother over the wall and he looks at me. And i'm like okay. No problem slow not realizing that if you're a big nfl player. Your mother is a big going to be. And i just pick lift up this lady and he catches her and then i'm coming with her right and i'm like i'm no way i'm There's no way. I'm not coming in. And so i got a half over the wall. Insecurity comes and i wish i knew the player was the play goes. He's with me in. So i jumped on the wall. Ran on the field is pretty cool. That's an excuse for nicole. Yeah it was pretty cool. So that's some of the crazy brains. I worked for as well as some of the experiences. Such a dynamic background. That's interesting how personal it is like when i picture people working for a big you know. If you're designing shoes or cleats lake in my mind. I picture like cool like this is the kind of clete that we make. And this is fran clete. But you're working one on one with individual players to create something that works for like themm big part of design right. It's empathy right. It's understanding putting yourself in somebody else's shoes literally. I mean no pun intended. But but he whether it's a barista whether it's a mom who's who's trying to find a way to sue their child you know There's there's always a need to kind be empathetic as far as how you create products. I think i think that you just said it earlier right. I think that's a separate remind right. I think what's changed for me in my career. Was the person who could create was the person who owned the resources to your point. I can jump on any dot com site to create anything i want right. Means of production. Used to be rare. Now it's not totally so so then. The separate is our how creative. how you. how empathetic are you. How innovative are you And you start to enter a world of of if the functions figured out then which are focused on the emotional response to the product. Exactly right exactly where some of those things. That don't feel like they would make sense. Come into play like when you're talking about the clete you could have the person who's like listen. Just get rid of this bottom clean. It doesn't matter we got something that's like more advanced more tech totally like more technology is going to be more comfortable. This is going gonna make you a better player and none of that matters that person because when you're talking about the empathy you're like cool like there's performance but there's also this makes me feel and like how empowered like i feel when i put these things on my lucky game day. Got at cleats on the bottom or tool like you know. When you're that's one of the things that i felt was missing from a lot of barista tools which is like i'm a. I'm a tamper geek. I made a whole video on a couple years ago. You know. I probably have like twenty or thirty tamper. I've just been collecting them for years and years and years. I've always been fascinated with him. And i really realize until you know maybe five or six years in that like most of what i had was just something. That was randomly lased somewhere like they were just kind of clunky objects that were being mass produced and i always kind of felt like man. This is cool but like one of the things that sucks about being a barista is that people see it as a part time job or people see as job that you do or you're in college or you know what are you gonna do when you grow up like what are you going to get a real like my mom. When i was like mom. I'm dropping out of school. I'm gonna move to san francisco. Make coffee she's like you're fucking nuts like you have so much potential. Why are you going to waste it like playing playing coffee and i totally get the mothers instinct. Where she's wanting the best for me. But i also get the even if you do have a job. That is a stepping stone to another job. There's no reason not to take pride in what you're doing and everything you touch feel and interact with during that shift like can bring you this sense of pride and sense of energy. So isn't it interesting. How the mindset has changed where back there's a there was a scarcity mindset for probably our moms and people were this is all you have like. Don't throw it away. Don't try anything new and then to your mindsets even in some of ours is like there's actually a lot opportunity and problems to be solved and creativity to be had and in ways to make your own future moving forward and then then you take that and you and you find out. Oh this whole other place. I can go and then you have to be smart about it. You can't just create to create you have to create. Well you can actually just to create and that's to your point chris. Why a lot of things come out without a soul and they do find for a while but then they they kind of teeter and then nothing happens and you'll hear and then there's people who can actually connect their soul to what they're selling and tell a story that connects to somebody else and that's where you have to think so much more intensely in-intentionally what you're trying do before you even start to me. That's that's like the key. They're hundred percent intentionally. I mean we see that in our business all the time right and that's pretty easy to open a coffee shop but they're not all created equally because some people are like. Oh i kinda casually wanna open this coffee shop like this sounds like a fun thing to do. I'm gonna do it. What are you trying to do with this thing. Like i like drinking coffee. It's going to be fun like we're going to be good. It's easy you know. The the cost of goods make sense like the profit margins. Feel okay like it. It'll be chill. Rake it raking off cash and it's a completely spinoff cash and maybe longer so it's like how how for you. It seems like a big a big leap. Someone who has worked on a lot of. I mean when you're working on cleats that people are playing in the super bowl with and you know custom shoes for you. Know pitchers in baseball. Have these crazy superstitions to make the leap from those seems like really huge big companies in that lifestyle to you know i'm thinking i'm going to go follow this little passion over here. That's been kind of building in the back of my mind which is coffee right. You know how does that it works because you sell patents for a dollar and realize you for probably do it for yourself makes makes sense you know actually would something i think inside of any. Everybody is just the different levels right. So we're all creative right. We're all this all internal things that drive us. And i think for me which would drives me internally purity of concept and i think i i've learned a great deal You know i've worked for for great companies. Many that are not mentioning but but essentially. I'm grateful for those experiences. Because they've they've taught me a lot right and but then would also does as as as teaching a lot at also. It's it's also sort of nurturing and growing something deeper inside of you and it's like whenever you work in any setting beyond a few people there's the dilution of the dream of joke and call it a dc dream crusher right There's the dilution of that and you have to realize that that's part of mass production right so so i you know there's a saying that i keep in the back of my mind right horses. I'm sorry camel is a horse designed by committee right so if you invite enough people in you end up with something that kind of looks like it but doesn't need a lot of water to drink and it's kind of a camel put a hump on it. No put to review you end up you end up somewhere compromise which is okay right okay. Because you're appealing to the masses. And that's the difference between art in the difference between design. My wife is an artist. And she's she's painted over seventy romance covers and has has Galleries working galleries and in through. Those is i've learned as well. That art is something. That's a single expression of me. I was inspired. I painted a painting. It's in a gallery. One person will buy it right. There's that now you can't do that with a clete. Sell that to like fifty thousand to one hundred thousand people right and you can't do that with many mass-market products so what would kind of help me make that leap of that jump was essentially as i was working in those corporates setting as i was getting all that experience to manufacture stuff globally I started to think about always thought about What would i do What would appear thought. What would a pure concept look like. What would something that that took in the expertise that filled the gaps in knowledge. That i had but then i was able to kind of bring something to the party that that brought something to life. And that's what motivates me right. So i think from that standpoint the ability to respect others point of view to understand their problems and then to bring my skill set to that to help them solve is is is really rewarding. And i'm just especially now. It just seems right right. It seems like if if you're not leveraging the talent you have in a way to kind of move things forward You you kind of missing out right. And so that's what's always motivated me. In fact that's how. I got started until toys so i got started in toys when my kids were younger. Creating different toy concepts and licensing them to companies. So how was the reception with the coffee industry. You know because basically you're a stranger in a land that somewhat established and you show up at. What was your first interaction with people like. Did you get a booth. sea yes so the way. I did it so the i am so passion turn to reality my first interaction was. Sea was coming to boston. And i just went and visited and just walked around and in sort of poked my head into this was a while ago. That was your boston. Two thousand dollars for that. Okay and so. I kind of kind of jumped in went. They had an innovative new product. Section and people were excited about sort of a appeal and stick thermometer on a milk pitcher. And i'm like i can do than that. People hyped on this thing wrong. No offense to the person who put the you know what that eighty percent of everybody else. That was there kind of was feeling that too. And maybe like. I'm not even allowed to say that like like i. At least i don't know maybe jared has feels the same way or maybe we're the al liars because i've always felt like that too. That's not time we look at it and we're like do that is so basic basic actually screams like nine hundred ninety two same. The same thing happened and it wasn't because it was poorly designed or anything but the v. Sixty came out and all of a sudden pour overs new again. It's the coolest thing ever i was like. It's a cone with the last so like so. Don't tell me it's better. It's the same thing with a cooler different design. There's no argument to be had here. It's glass with a whole and it's not that much different and that's not a knock it. It's just like don't tell me it's better. It's just a different version of the same thing exactly. You're allowed to do that and love it right. Which is maybe how starved. We are industry for a new interesting. Take on stuff and i just saw it as opportunity and and so. That was sort of the a win. Like there's a spot for me. And i've been really quiet. I mean oppressors. Three years old right so you have been pretty mellow yes. Yes so so. I just wanted to put things out there and see how people responded and and see if if i could get some credibility within the industry in in from my perspective what i would call do it right right. Know your weaknesses. Know your strengths and and sort of be respectful to the industry but you have to respect it before you try to move it. Forward right and so So that was the approach the tact from from two thousand and nine right and then i decided to build more and more products around that we reached out to llamas oko and scott in in sort of sat at to take his input in collaborate on projects which was super gracious in great and From that standpoint Just slowly start building more and more until we went to the sea in you song by and hung out with for fun. Yeah yeah coffee. With the tampere in the flip baffert it's called the solos actually knows it's too easy and that was the name i got a question and then we'll get back to sea. So you said press was three years old. You went to sea in two thousand nine. What's happening in that chunk of time in between school raising kids. I'm right in the midst. So yes oh so it was it was. Let's face it. We have passions but then sometimes we don't act on those passions until years later right and i think You can't kill this stuff. You like to convince yourself otherwise right you so you sorta. I always say the person who speaks to to you the most as you right and you sort of justify things and think about all later. Oh it's not right. Oh they don't want this. Or i don't know if i can do that. So essentially what i did is i dove into to work and other other matters and in just shelf that until my kids went to college And then when they went to college. I found myself with one hundred tampers in the garage and really not wanting to sell them to anybody so i kind of threw them away and then you keep any. I kept a few so the prototype phase was crazy so this have to be cut out but i created a vibrating tamper which which was amazing. But also really provocative doesn't even that's awesome. I was this some suppressed thing that i have going so good so let me say. Sometimes the journeys better than the destination right and so to your point would happen during those times was just life but never the kind of spark never died while no. Yeah that's kinda similar to to i find. It's a common story. It's like this thing that just keeps poking its head corner of your mind and you can't ignore it to a certain point or life forces you to be like hey man totally pay attention to everything else is in fulfilling you in the way that you want it to you right and it's so true. It's super true so sea that was what twenty would you have the booth. I was there. It was in seattle and it was fun and we made coffee. Yeah photo probably on my phone. I mean clouded just opened so twenty. Somebody make coffee with me at that booth from our company or not. I don't even remember anyway. I remember being there. I remember that charles. There you were there. You were actually forty podcasts. I'll randomly you set out in record with those those the llama zocalo did the event remember. You spoke i spoke. Oh that could give us the date. That was the one that was where you did. The intro to i did it for everybody. I don't even remember what i was super fund a posted the subway post llamas. Oko does the best events they have like a really good way of getting information out there. Good conduct right. So that was the ninetieth event coincided. With the i think that was two thousand seventeen. Yeah that must have been right. Two hundred seventy we opened and sixteen and it wasn't our first year two thousand sixteen and it was opened and we went to boston. Just you and i saw two thousand seventeen. It would have been seattle and it was back to back seattle years or exactly. Yeah i mean. We were in seattle before that too because we did. What was the other thing. They'll numbers were the cafe takeover as it kind of vows that same year we got to. We did our. We're in their initial year of residency residency. Yes everybody listening. Doesn't know what the hell we're talking about. When llamas opened a cafe they did a different resident roaster every month so they would carry that roasters coffee but the roaster also had the opportunity to be as involved or not involved as they wanted to. So you can create your own menu. You can send down employees. You can rearrange service. Their whole borrow was modular so we went down there for a couple of weeks and then after that we sent different employees. It works cold. Who actually heard nicole and her girl named kylie kylie kylie now for us thin. But yeah and nicole's the one who just made breakfast for me. It was was i. Did you just like walk up to you and start talking to you and you said let's make coffee. we did. I think he just said. Hey oh i knew of you. Come back here if you want and i was like all right and i brought it back a coffee and threw it in their hopper on yet a mini and then i started making coffee and it was just fun. I think it was the same thing as you. Would you mentioned about scott calendar. There's survive i was like oh rod and there was something which i will. Just take that idea of purity of an idea. It just felt like you were a good human being a normal person and you didn't necessarily feel like you're out to prove anything it's just like. Yeah it's fun and i. I was kind of what i was looking for. I didn't want it to be so serious. So we were there and made coffee for a little while like an hour. maybe a little longer. I stayed for a long time. Actually i remember thinking i was just gonna pop on and make a couple of shots and leave and and miss it for a while. It was fun. It was kind of cool. Because you're numbers like people are just showing up. Like i mentioned it was the doon doon crew. Showed up your do we pull them. intimate make. Coffee showed up. And i was listening very he. Just kind of rolling. I'm like i'm like all right. This works that was like matt fuel and honest and one other person anyway. it was. Yeah it was just fun. We were just having fun time. I remember when we went. I wasn't yahoo. It was intel and we were doing a pop up at intel and it was me and you and we set up the whole thing dialed in and you know everyone's making the push to do tech sales and stuff and i just for whatever reason i felt like really corny about it like i was just like. Oh this setups. Not quite right. This jared yelling at people across the room. It's like hey you want. Some coffee feels for whatever reason completely genuine because it actually is but it's also like really great selling like what the fuck on. Because i do not give a fuck about looking dumb. Sometimes these really good. I got something that you're gonna have the psyched on. If you don't want idiot you're missing out. It's the biggest. People are responding to totally relate to that story sounds. Yeah that was the beginning. I think and then and then i remember you. Gave the the push you awesome like customize tamper and the whole setup. It was funny. Because i was like man. I'm not the guy to make this big as it could be. It was like always him at the right time. So it like kinda just like feeding these little ideas like check it out. We've got these things. This is where the dots weren't connected and this is where this is maybe like diving into a whole different area. That we've talked about all the time i got the box and open it. I'm like it's good. I was looking at the website and overall like i. Just don't get it. I don't get it and it's because you hadn't met the right was the key million. We hadn't met in more than that like we hadn't shared these stories. And i didn't know where you're coming from and now that i know where you're coming from i understand that oh this person's not an equipment manufacturer right opened the box at tampere. It's a tamper like it's a piece of equipment but don't understand the story behind it. And now i understand the story behind it but more importantly understand the story behind you right which i think is maybe get whatever like who you've been around the block long. You've done way more things than i have. So who am i to be handing out like brand advice but like when you get one of the things that we've talked about was like i would like to like to hear more about your story in conjunction with our press. Oh and like your intention because things you talk about a really beautiful like when you're talking about creating with intention and having empathy with a group big fan you know who you're creating. Those things are feel huge to me elected. They resonate on an emotional level. Which is why when we connected and started having these conversations. I was like. Oh now. I get jared talking about like now i totally understand where everything's coming from and like i understand where like some of those things that you're creating or coming from and more so than that like the thought process and a potential right so we're this isn't just like a one and done. We're making this and i'm going to see you know how many i can sell before the bottom drops out and then we'll be like see you later and i'm back to my other job that it's it's more thoughtful and more serious and more intentional than that. Yeah no i mean that's a good point. I mean i think part of it. Part of the reason. Why i was quiet for three years was because i was kind of figuring it out right and i think number one going back to what i was saying if i have the right to play right with the industry's about see if i can contribute see if see if we're i'm bringing to. The table adds value in just sort of sort of see if if i can have a positive impact on on coffee because you can be passionate about it. But she doesn't mean you're good at it rakes singer but which i am but you don't want to hear me sing and you sure i'm going to download anything. I sing But from from that standpoint. I think there was a little bit of. I've just sort of easing into it. Finding my spot when i think of of oppressor long term i mean i think a big piece of it is is taking all this vast experience. I have bringing it into an area to solve problems but do it in a considered way. I think i think that's one of the benefits that i got from corporate. The idea of the world doesn't need another right. Fill in the black right when you think of it from a sustainability sustainability standpoint a resource standpoint. There's so much clutter in the world you know. What are you going to do that to meaningful purposeful and really bring bring things fo- at and so so. When we did the solo tampa the thought process was it was the first duel i used. Distributor tampa and we modeled after the stock flip method with the smallest footprint in the least disruption and a lot of thought went into that to kind of bring that fo it. Because if you're going to use these resources to create something you don't need another thing is so when i look at our press. Oh going forward. It's really passion for design passion for coffee. One of the brands. I've always admired is an italian bran alexi that always does things at the highest level of quality. But there's also sort of an emotional connection to it right And so when you have the functionality of things figured out like we were saying you have to start to introduce these other elements into it that allows to be with a goal is meaningful purposeful and in the reason why the world needs another is because it's better it's more considered is more sustainable. It's it's higher quality. It's and so i rather sell one for a lifetime then sell multiple small ones for third the price. Yeah and then. When i think forward it's really to kind of take what press o does in expanded into anything that sort of artisan in the areas of of Of coffey and things around it right so if it if we start to say okay. We're going to get more more focused on professional barista cafe or we're going to get focused more on home. What would you need in home. Or if it's even adjacent products that could be cool as well right. I find myself making sour dough bread for some reason in quarantine you know. There's a lot of problems there. I wanted to tell you so. I don't know if that's answering. Some of which are after. I think i think the the end isn't written right. I i look at a press. O is a journey. And i think got each. Collaboration is a step in that journey. So who you collaborate has an impact and a fingerprint on. What your brand is in that. That's can be good or bad. Oh absolutely right and so you exactly exactly. You can pick really well and do research. It's a pretty big statement. You know and we working on a couple of different collaborations right now and i've shared some of them with you and for me. It's always an emotional thing when you see when you're building logo lockups right and you're seeing this logo next to that logo and we had this conversation. Actually in a meeting. Jared yesterday around collaborations with coffee. And we're going on this whole diatribe about like okay. You know if someone wants to share our logo on a bag of coffee for us it feels more than just like oh send over an art file and slap it there like when i see our logo on something i want it to mean like that we set out to create and i want to resonate for an emotional on an emotional level. Like so when you look monotony's l. a. We do a coffee. They have really strong branding so they have their m. and then at the bottom of their bag. There's our logo. It's roasted by cat and cloud. That makes complete. Sense us. In your jared and i have been fans of minorities for ever since it was the one shop on the beach and no nicely for just a long long time. Those brands make sense together. Have any hesitation about saying. We're should i go for coffee. You need to go to minorities like l. a. You have to go check it out. And it's i mean you're basically saying. I vouch for this group. These people this brand like so. It's people are really kind of casual about that stuff. Sometimes i don't feel casual about it at all within that. I think it's dangerous right. And i think we could point to footwear collaborations or other collaborations. That just don't make sense. And it's about printing cash right or just jumping on a trend. I think that when you go deeper you know. Do you have the same values. Do you have the same mission. Like the certain things have to align versus. Just doing it for the sake of doing it right So i yeah. I'm with you. And i think i think i have a an eighty percent vision of where up press o goes in the future and a half as we grow It's to kind of move to to more Products that are accessible more widely more widely used from a standpoint of coffee preparation but You don't want to have a a full plan. Because i think i think i want to leave space and openness to be influenced to be inspired to be pulled in areas where i can take my experiences and problem solving capabilities and apply them to something. Different one of the biggest challenges. And we were talking about this. Chris right when i look back on my career and i look the numerous things i i was fortunate enough to do. The biggest challenge is to kind of define who you you are right definition of focus a two different things. I want to be focused. But i don't want to be defined right because i think if i define i'm deciding and i'm cutting out things from what the possibilities could be versus focused Focused on on in area refocused in in a way that That's moving coffee fo. I think yeah. I don't wanna have it all figured out man that very much aligns in a way with in a kind of parallels this idea one our in our first values we actively pursue better in part of part of the subset of that is. We're not going to look the same as we do now in the future in that kind of to me speaking exactly to what we're saying when we say that we don't were going to actively be better and we're going to be involved in whatever that means and that means anything and they were excited about that as long as it falls under our what our mission exactly exactly one of the hardest things that we've been working on his building in this slack to our schedules and our in our brain space to allow the space to explore new ideas. Like you know coming out of okay. Cool we own this company and when it starts when you own a small company when you begin do everything you know so we're making coffee. Where roasting coffee were bagging coffee. Were ordering cups or making labels doing liked whole never been. There is very foreign to me as you start stair stepping out of that you get you earn the ability to have a relationship with work. That's a little less transactional to where the you know. You don't have to be the person who stamps all the cups. You don't have to be the person who puts all the labels on the bags and then you get to have this space to think about what if like what could be like what are what are the possibilities out there. Yeah and if we stuff our brain space and don't leave any like any wavelength available for that stuff. It's going to hurt us in the future. Absolutely okay cool. We're only going to open cafes or we're only going to do this so some of the things that i seen work really well. In some of the brands. I do the. They've been called numerous things right. Fedex projects and in different kind of kind of corporate catches where we're essentially what they'll do for a certain time the fedex project is you a team of people within an organization work on something and they have to overnight it right so it's a way to force and fuel ideas and so The first friday of every month they get together. They brainstormed on what the company could use. Put in a fedex envelope done right younger twenty four hours ago and i think those types of sprint exercises Kind of help. Employees feel engaged and motivated in the ability to to submit ideas right The ability to be listened to and then the ability to feel as though they contributing more than their their day to day right because people on the ground or people in different corners of a business. See things that you don't see and their ability and as leaders in cloud your ability to create a way path of which they can bring things forward. I gave you a corporate example. But there's there's always a way to kind of tease it out doesn't mean you act on it doesn't mean they're all great ideas but i think what ends up happening is some of them which which i can't mention They become commercial products and do really well right So i so. I think that's a part of it. A part of it is vehicles in which you give people to kind of communicate. Bring something forward to fill that other twenty percent of who you're going to be when you grow up right. It is interesting because that transition from the beginning to where we are. Now there's also the transition for the people who worked with you where they don't expect you to do everything anymore and they don't hold you accountable to like. Why aren't you still doing all this stuff that i fell in love with you doing a lot of people came because we did everything at the beginning and it didn't connect that in order for this to go where we the whole mission the whole vision. The whole thing we talked about that made them wanna here requires us to detach and make it and connecting. The dots is like. Oh when that actually happens. It's not as fun for me anymore. Because they don't get to stand right with this person and even that took a lot of time to transition through and so it's been interesting. I like what you're saying though it's it's in the back of our minds. How can you get a lot of engagement on every level to where it's they recognize that we care a lot even if we can't act on every single idea and or just find all that communication insurance there and i actually like the idea of getting everybody together and say you have this amount of time. Throw every idea possible. Get it together and shoot it. To wherever's villain. We'll actually look at them you. We will care about them and if you don't hear back about it it doesn't mean we don't care about you correct and so there are some sort of form of that for the future. That'd be really cool. And thanks for the idea. That's a fun funding to bat around. Yeah i think that's g mail was created. Was it really. Yeah google has these project days. That are pretty similar. I don't think they have the twenty four hour time on. Each employee has a certain amount of our or days to work on personal projects and submit them to the company. G mail was one of those. I think it was. It was just a random idea. Yeah and yeah it is interesting to bounce that To where you're like. I think you said is right. Jared where you're like we might not use them in. That's okay absolutely. It's more about the process of doing it. Then people feeling bad about like oh. I submit an idea and didn't get picked and now i'm bummed out and right because there's so much to that because it ended the day. There's there's a couple of things like it's learning both ways we're gonna learn from somebody on the other side we're gonna see who's thinking critically in-intentionally and has like pure thoughts about the business and not just the mission and the values like we're going to see that considered in the responses and therefore we're going to be able to identify somebody who maybe is brand new but might being overshadowed somewhere where like you know what that's a good mind. We need to pay attention to that person right while you're learning is beyond the actual things submitted but the thought process at least. That's what i would do speaking for myself. That's how i look at stuff like that. I think that point you're referring to it. Is the new mind right it. It's almost like the naive -ness of a child right. Like i've always tried to keep that because as business owners of cat and cloud right you have to make an assumption here but right you're running a business. There's certain things as you make decisions those decisions work and there's a process a formula in you need that as a foundation to the company right as you grow those things. Those pillars become stronger. And you always have to figure out how to bring in flexibilities. Somebody who's worth with large organizations right and and so the child perspective is something a child. Optimism is something. I always had where i was constantly asking. Why right and if you get to the third fourth fifth y you find out that it's like well this is how we do it right and then you like and that's why i'm not gonna do it that way. So yeah so so you're going to realize that would make a great strength. Is your greatest weakness in this time. And what you have to kind of shake it in this corporations that intentionally reset every seven years right they literally pick up people from different areas of the organization and replant them to bring fresh perspective about they. Avoid that yeah y- totally. Yeah i think it's like you know. Think about a kid going to disney. Right i mean they believe a hundred and ten percent of the magic happening. Nobody wants to see mickey with his head head off right but but you have to. You have to figure out how to your point. How do you do that with employees. And how do you do you give them the space to put it right. I think that's a that's a great point because your youngest mind could could give you some of your best ideas right right and they might be the kind of person that would stay with you for ten years and be that impact on your business that if you don't give them that opportunity they're going to give that to somebody holy totally not want to be that businesses that totally. Yeah was that a tangent. That may have been detained. I mean the end of the day. We're learning about you and why your business works like insight into into your understanding of like a culture in a mindset and i think to me in back to your point. That's why you want to buy something from you you want to you. It's that's the able. Listen to this okay cool. I understand what they're about their level like. I understand their intention and in my mind can only bring positively yes totally. It's we don't wanna make more stuff. We wanna make the right stuff right right and mother fucker are we making the. 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I think i was sitting on the picnic table. And you came up and said hey and introduce yourself and then we just started talking like okay. Cool i know who you are. Like jared said he met you you worked at the booth by and we just started having lido conversation conversation conversation and it was. It was fun and really casual and then right when we were about to wrap it up and you were about to leave. You're like yeah so let me know if you got any ideas you know we can make them happen. And i was like oh actually got i got a pretty a pretty wild idea gates are open and even at that point in. I was really skeptical. 'cause i've had this idea for a this tamper that's been in my head for just for forever. It's been existing ever since i. I'm collecting these things collecting these things. Stacking 'em up and being like what do i want. What would be amazing. And there's this whole set of circumstances that led to me even being to that point so fast forward to those was. I got in contact with this dude. Nick who just took a job at fellow actually. wow yeah. So he's a. i guess. Industrial engineer industrial designer. Same same game. He's at bellwether prior. I can't remember where he worked before that he worked on the. You did some stuff for the ground control brewer. So he's a. He's engineer rule wizard who is also a coffee coffee geek. He had made a tamper that was called Science tamper so his. His passion project was science and he ran a kickstarter for the tampere. And it was. It was a success. You know he made a certain amount of these tampers and then because of the design of the tampere he received a cease and desist from another tamper company and was just like crushed. He was just like super bombed because he's like. Oh man i'd like. I don't really feel like we're infringing on s but there's certain patents that they have to where i just can't make this tampa and he had got in contact with me from another kickstarter that he did and he's like hey. I just watched her tamper video. I wanna send you a tampa you live like you genuinely enjoy these things so let me send you this thing. So he sent a this tamper. And i'm asking all these questions about it you know and it's like well what are you. What are you trying to do what were you do. You have a product that was gonna be like the product and he's like well. It's supposed to be the tampere. But now i can't sell it and here's why designs it's totally. It's it's not gonna work. And i was like well. I got all these ideas like. what are you thinking. And he's like. Yeah maybe we could do that. Let's talk about so. We went down this road and i was like downloading all this information. It was in my brain to him and you know we had gotten to a certain point and where we got to. Was this place where what was in. My head wasn't going to be financially viable all and at that time. He was transitioning into. I think that was when he started working a bellwether and he was like. Hey i'm taking the job a bellwether. This is like too big. It's just a lot. And i can't find anybody to make what we're trying to make like have be exactly how it's going to work and make it viable and i was like that's cool. It's all good. So that just kind of got shelved and then when we connected you. We can make anything. And i'm like well i've heard that before until hurt my feelings. You let me you. What i what i have here on break. My heart sent you over some of that. Those initial cat things or solid works designs and then we started talking and it was funny because some of the ideas that you through back where some of the ideas that i originally had. That didn't end up working out because of like and resources and whatever was going on at the time and so like. Here's the. Here's the list of things that i always dreamed of. It like i envisioned in my mind so one this whatever this thing is it's got to be beautiful first and foremost it's to make you want to make coffee. It's gotta make you smile every time you see it and what that means is it can't be just a slab of steel with a handle on it right that's not gonna work and what it also means is some of the other thought processes that go into making some of these tools aren't gonna work either so and i'm not knocking it. I own one of these. Like i have to perk. Damn i think in a completely different like that is functional in the purest sense. Where you have something. That's basically three d. printed. it's incredibly economical. It's got a sin replaceable base on it. It's easy access. You could put it in your pocket or carry around your backpack. It can't be that either 'cause in my mind it's not something that i look at and feel like ultimate professional level. It's gonna make me super site. And i liked the concept though so i bought a couple of them put them on the collection and then there were other things like the when you have a tool like that. I think the balance is really important and ninety percent of most hampers out. There are piston heavy especially if they have a would handle Because you've got this big huge slab of steel and the end of a would handle. The ones with a metal handles are generally more more balanced. But they're always generally a little bit too heavy. So i had always heard laura of perfect swords like a perfect samurai sword as like equally balanced from blade to handle so. If you held at the tang like with your finger it would just bounce. I was like be so kulov. You can make a tamper that was perfectly balanced at that midpoint not just to have it perfectly bounce because when you up something that feels like that. It can have substance to it but also feel like really really mobile on sale. Exactly it's a story hans. Another thing was okay. It's got to be durable. So what does that mean. That means you gotta use incredibly hard materials. There's some limitations on that because you can't go so hard to where you get past like whatever is food grade yup right and then you also if you use something. That's incredibly hard. It's going to be probably pretty heavy So how do you. How do you achieve that Pissed in shape was super important. The pistons i've i'm realizing in real time how this sounds i love it. That kind of intention is what we put everything that we do for me. So most pistons are tewfik. Every custom tamper that i've ever gotten the first person whoever did this for me was reg barbara back in the day as i. Can you make me this tamper but make the piston thinner because they all felt really blocking thing. You don't need that much piston on the end of a tamper. It doesn't make any sense. It's just it's just added weight unless using ridiculously deep basket in the coffee so far deep in there and even then it's like you got plenty of room for your fingers and everything to breathe. It's the the smaller. Piston makes feel makes it feel more s- fell and it also like aside from making it feel more balanced it also looks more balanced. It looks less like an accident. Which i feel like when i see the big thick thing. I'm like cool like this. Is what the machine was set to and it just milled office. Like right hunk of steel like. I don't like that either so we have. We have all of all of these problems. And then how are we going to. How are we going to solve them. And what we came up with is something that is psycho so analysis are talking about the tampere so with the the tampere is. It's a three piece design so the center section is aluminum because aluminum slight also. I think it's important to say. I didn't want something with a would handle because some people really love the would handle but when i look at a tool i look something that you can keep forever and what is great for some things but it's ultimately going to get beat up. It's going to get wet. It's you know we like to pretend that we can keep our tools completely pristine and it's something that i'm personally really good at but look at any cafe any tamper and it's been through a war you know So metal was the only option so the tampere that we came up with has an aluminum center section and the top cap in the piston are four forty c hardened for forty steel. So there's a hardening process which you could probably speak to more that when we were talking about that. Initially that was something that was borrowed directly from nicks tamper. Science tamper was this. Electro polish four forty c piston so super super hard. And i was like why use as a you could drop. It was fine. And the one of the i still have the end cap. And the piston from the prototype that was at portola for a few months and you can see where it got beat up but it's not dinged at all which is kind of amazing like it's got a little like this patina on top but there's no dense in it and i'm like oh shit that's pretty cool so the top and the piston are both ways so if you I'm trying to find the best way. He's like oh. You sent back that. I was like. Oh yeah that's that's what it needs to be like man you got this fucking cheap like threaded bolt running a really cool design like why is that. There just seemed like really hard to make it hardware free and like really expensive. And he's like you're like man we can do this and you sent back three options for this is how it could be completely hardware free and it is completely hardware free so the three sections screw into each other and they all. That's all you have. Because i always thought that that was like a pretty big disappointment to because even the tampers that look really good when you unscrew. You've got this. What looks like a shitty hardware store like big bolt running through the center of it. That again looks like it was just chopped off of a piece of some like you know million mile long bolt you got it in a pack of five thousand industrial units of whatever and that was always disappointing to me as a as a super tampa near like. Oh i got this thing. That looks really nice. I'm going to take it apart and see what it is and it presented. You know it's not super heavy in there but it's like also you can dial it in perfectly if you don't have nothing so we've got three piece hardware free design. The end caps are wait relieved. Four forty c hardened. So if you did you would see that instead of being this like solid piece of steel there. How do you how would you describe it. They're like milled out on the inside. Exactly and the milling does two things. It brings the overall weight down at the tampere. So comparing that to like any other average like all steel tamper. You have lighter and you can feel it and it actually feels lighter. Been tampers that way exactly the same because the balance is so perfect. So the milling does the two things where you get the perfect balance and you bring the weight down and then the center section is aluminum because aluminum is lighter overall and the center section. Isn't tamper gets beat up like the four forty the hardened four forty is where. Oh you would if you drop it. It's hitting the piston or the mcat. So those are the places that you need to be safe in order to create this tool. That's kind of like an heirloom could live live forever and just like getting the prototypes of that and holding those in my hand. That just made me smile. Because i'm like oh my gosh like like we're getting somewhere here it's it's it's super cool And then like some of the other. Little things are like on the piston. There's been kind of like this. Never ending barista geek debate for years. Whether it's like flat. Piston or convex piston. Flat piston or convex piston. And if you're listening here and you don't know what the hell are talking about flats pretty easy to remember. Don't matter figure that out and then convex also pretty new. Imagine right you've got this dome on the bottom of it and the reason that you have this feary is when you're tapping coffee and you've got a puck of coffee in the porta filter. The weakest part of that whole puck. If you're talking about getting channelling is where the coffee interacts with the side of the basket. So let's say you dose out some coffee and you tamp it and you go to throw in the group head and you do it haphazardly. You could try this at your cafe. Tamp some coffee go up to put it in banging and then bring it back and look at what happens most of the time. If you hard enough you might get a crack through the bed of coffee. But most of the time what you see is separation between the coffee and the sidewall of the baskin. So what the convex tamper is for is to while you have some pressure pushing it pushing down. You have that pressure pushing out to the side. So you're pushing into the wall of the basket a little more in an effort to create a better seal the coffee and the wall. That sounds like a good thing and i. That's a big deal. That seal for me. So when i was doing competitions i always use the convex tampered. Now the flip side of that is when you're extracting coffee. You want the most even bad coffee possible to our you know if you have too much convex. You have a bed. It's noticeably thinner in the middle and noticeably thicker on the sides where the coffee meets the basket. And then you have the potential for even extraction. Now this gets really dorky because some people will go in and be like You know even when you tan like with the contracts like if you've seen some of the glass porta filter video. Some of that is mitigated by you. Know when you have pre infusion the number hits it like that dip isn't really as big of a deal and some people have done kind of a different version of the best of both worlds where you have reg barbara a seat. What they call a c. Flat where it is angled on the side and flat on the bottom and i was like. Oh that's interesting. What i really love the convex feel and the feedback of it. And i'm like what's the next level of that and what we have on. This thing is basically not basically. It is a piston with a compound radius. So if you imagine that's inspired by like a like a guitar neck to where it's not perfect. You got these different radius things going on within it. So it's like a sharper radius at the edge of the piston and then it tapers down in the middle and it never gets completely flat. If you're looking at it you might think it does because it's so minor but you never have that break between flattening yield yards laughing murals thinking. Minor chord actually throwback video. And that was something that was like it just like in my head. I think this is possible. And the cool thing about you know working with you and even bringing the idea to with nick and kick in and around in the first place is the you were like. Yeah this makes sense. Like let's let's figure it out and that was something that i hadn't heard from anybody else because i talked to other people about making tampers and i'd ask for things. I don't understand the manufacturing process. You know you do like you understand how to take something concept like make this into a reality like you said when you're talking about purity of concept like let's make this into something that feels like the original concept that resonates on that level. We don't have to make it like dumb. It down for mass production and what i found out talking to other people is like you know that's too hard or like we actually don't have like that kind of relationship with the people that we do manufacturing for and it's like the manufacturing was much further removed from the design process than i had like anticipated so basically my whole collection of custom. Tampers is like i have a lot of tampers that are basically the production version of that. Tamper with slimmer piston. Because that's all that could be done for me And this bigger vision wasn't able to be realised until i'd brought it to someone who's like intrigued by it and also what the hell was happening and didn't see it as like. Oh this is going to be like you know what i do like this mini production units and this is going to be kind of like a pain in the butt to like put in production. So it's like it's just not going to work out so like i in in some sense like having dialogue with you was incredibly refreshing and also like the fact that you hadn't been in the industry for incredibly long time was cool too because we're on this kind of journey of discovery together and trying to figure out what's going to work and what's what's not going to work and how it's going to be and the other thing which was really throwing a wrench in the system before was like made in the usa. Like american made products. Like it's yeah. You can make cheaper going overseas. I don't think depending on what you're doing. There's nothing wrong with manufacturing overseas but this is again like connecting with the emotional essence of the product. And like creating something. Like you're really proud of you know where it comes from. You know who made it. You know who's building it like and it's just got. I'm just going on this whole diatribe right now. Why though and it was funny because some of the things that i never would have thought of just kind of thrown out there like you are like you know. I know this guy east coast thing. I know a guy i know. She's gonna kill me. It's done right here and we can make this up. I knew i knew. I had to look like i know this guy who does this. This crazy analyzing crazy. You're showing me these pictures. What do you think of this. And i'm like that is perfect. Like perfect and i never had that vision in my head. I'm like oh my god how they never seen this turns out. It's really rare guy kind of tricky to do. You gotta know a guy was is this for real. Can we actually. And you're listening to this. Go look at the pictures because this is monday and it's out on monday and incredible splash analyzing at school. They just psychotic colors. I don't know where i'm going with all this. But i'm kind of listed a feature set and Let me go one. Step nerdier select. Let's take take it. So then we went down a path of tactility where we were sandblasting king ring for grip fact right remember that yeah actor get the grip. Yeah we're looking at on texture. I have a knife is really got a nice grip on it and you were sending me different rods that were be blasted to different textures. Like it would be cool if it wasn't super slippery know you're like well check out these rods. Will you know how does this feel. How does it feel. How does that feel like okay. This one feels the best. What is going gonna feel like when we analyze over it and then the etching most people who do etching like when you get accustomed tamper it'll be powder coated or antidote and then they'll etch into that which looks fine but what it does functionally opens up a weak point. Where it's like now you have basically a hole in analyzing if something's gonna chip or if something's going to start appeal it's going to start at that point so we did the etching beforehand. An antidote is over the top of it and the purpose of the etching isn't really just to see the logo that's there it's at the center point of the tampere which is where you pick it up at grip it with your thumb and forefinger to pick it up. That etching gives you traction. That's like the grittiest part of the tampa. So it's almost like grip tape on skateboard towards like cool. I got it. It's in my hand. I'm not going to be like whoa slid got wet. Whatever like things are going to happen. i have so many prototypes. Sure you have more than i do and to do these things that are seemingly simple takes a lot of rnd because there's a perfect. There's a perfect depth of deep. Do we wanna laser in grave this thing to where we retain a certain amount of traction but it's not over the top to are doesn't fill in when you analyze it and it just kind of. It's it's perfect. And the you know the bead blasting two it's like okay like it's you're constantly balancing this. You're removing material and you're putting material so you know you're you're beat blasting which is removing here. You're putting it back on. how how. How does that end up. Being to wear like interacts with the piston and End of it too and because the four forty is its own tricky process because one of the things that nick kind of warned me about like it's tricky to do because the way that the steel expands and contracts. When that's going in you basically have to do all of the milling ahead of time and then you heat. Treat it because post teaching. It is ridiculously hard to mill. Because is so incredibly hard. So you got to be really precise about like every little measurement that you do and i didn't even tell you this in the production so none of them fit so what ended up so the way he treating works. Like you're mentioning you. Heat the steel red hot. So you expand it and then it shrinks in the ability to control that expansion and contraction is part. Putt science right. It's it's a. It's a mystery so so when you you have the aluminum that's constant in your expanding the threads and then shrinking them all the top pieces fit fine but then we had to go back in and re tap the threads on the bottom. Oh really yeah. Because you just can't control it. And i think to your point you know it's about the relationship with the manufacturers of it's about making it in the us it's about working with people who know what you know all the things that we were talking about earlier right in you bring all this experience together and you get there. It's not a dilution of concept through the manufacturing process it's an amplification of the concept of manufacturing process which is which is what what we got. It's amazing doesn't play with it fun. Oh yeah oh yeah. I'm excited about it. I'm really grateful. Because i've felt so bad every time i call you because i'm not the line i don't know what it's like but i'm not blind to the amount of work that it takes to interact with someone who's incredibly particular and like has a kind of wild vision and to turn that into a reality and i don't know what the work looks like on your end but i know it's not as easy as i'm gonna send my guy some files and you're gonna send me some stuff back. You know there are things that you can make like that but not at this level of detail and not not at this level of execution so every time i was like what can we admit. This is a little bit off and i was so scared. And you're just you're like hey man we're good like this is great. This is going to be awesome. Like i'm i'm in it. I'm in deep. I'm not going to tell you how many hours but i'm good. We're flying here. Requested coffee on this going straight to the main vein please. So i'm a man i'm super. I'm super proud to kind of bring this thing in the world and it's just like a huge you know cova jr put a big dent in what we were doing because we started talking about right before and then everything was just like manufacturing wasn't really going and people were just kind of on their own little journey to so everyone's world kinda got shook up. We came through the clouds so we have this things. Go go check it out. I mean let's take this full. Let's finish this circle. Yeah what's it called. Everything needs a name exactly. It's it's not just the tamper. So it's got evan named dial and where do you get the dial tamper okay. Which i think it's a great name. Obviously i'm trying to stay trying to that. You can get it at art press. Rss design dot com. I wanted to get the full. Url in there or cat and cloud dot com so were both co launching it we both split the ordering and get them at either place and for now. That's that's where it exists and it's not cheap but it's way cheaper than probably should be and it's i don't now it makes you feel a certain kind of way it's true and if you know i am so excited to see if people start posting pictures of someone you know like picture of the box taking it out of the box. Like you know unwrapping it. It's like if you're going to get yourself a president holy shit. This is a good one to get. And yeah i'm still i. Actually you have the final in your trunk right now. Yes i carried them. So i'm so palm and i don't even know where to go from there but we should probably just go look at them in real life right now. Celebrate what we should do. I mean what was just to tie this off with bo. What was the process like on on your end. You know to deal with this obnoxious forty year old kid. Yeah no it. What i liked about. Were you doing was Was how do. I want to word this. I would just say deliberate. Standing of what the angle was right and that kind of match with me right to where where it was like. Hey you know doing this this corporate job and everything's about understanding how to put things through this giant machine and appeal to the masses and and all that stuff and there's a place for that but what i liked about you is that you were constantly on. You had a clear vision of what you wanted. What you needed in in you work on a compromise. It like you and nice. But i couldn't change your mind right right. Let's be honest that's not right. I was like you know. I tried this. And this and this. And here's five samples and you're like thank you not quite right and i'm like okay. Cool let me go back his three samples. Thank you not quite right. And so it's all good because i looked at it as i didn't look at it is is is just criticism right. I looked at it as problems to be solved going full circle. What i said earlier right it was it. Was you saw things differently than i saw things. And when you put somebody who understands the nuances of of expresso making with somebody who understands the nuances of of manufacturing and who knows a guy right. You can get great results right. And i think going going a little bit more full circle. We were talking about it. Earlier right Anybody can do anything. Right i can. I can build anything post anything like and so when when everybody has the same toolkit when everybody has the same accessibility to manufacturing would with separates great product from good product is. Would you did and what i did right and i think what you did was you were extremely focused and delivered and what you wanted and what i did was understand the languages in a foreign language the language of manufacturing right because the difference between the dream in a reality or an idea and innovation is your ability to execute against it right and if you can't execute against it then it never becomes realized right so you are unrolling in your approach. I was ridiculous in my approach. The people who made the product. We know them by name because they had do favors for them. Because i was aggravating aggravating. So it's all good right by the way i promised. I promise a multimillion dollar production or next week. No press shit for my class. That's a wrap.

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Wellness and Resilience through Integrated Health

Powerful Patient

39:30 min | 7 months ago

Wellness and Resilience through Integrated Health

"Morning, everybody. This is Joyce Crouse. I'm with the powerful patient and we're here today. Well, I got you Daniel Monti and he's going to tell us about his new book The tapestry of health. So good morning. Dr. Monty. Good morning pleasure to be here today. Thank you so much money. This is Megan con link. Hi. Nice to meet you. Are you interested in this topic too? So I asked you to join us so long. So tell us what inspired you to write this book. So our book tapestry of Health really came after years of building and integrative medicine program then Institute and now department at Thomas Jefferson University and as of about a year-and-half ago, we became the first Department of Integrative ma'am. Send a nutritional Sciences in a medical school in the country, maybe the world and this for me was important because for the last couple of decades, I've been really pushing for the black community to consider look at an even Embrace some of the concepts of holism Wellness oriented strategies things that can make a real difference in illness management and disease outcomes. And you know that that long road had had had lots of twists and turns some of it was doing clinical trials and we've done many of them in our group some of it was performing people through educational programs. And then finally the leadership said, hey, there's something here and I think that's starting to happen around the country and thanks in a large car to Palm like you who've been pushing this agenda for decades and now people are finally starting to listen. So thank you for all that you do. Oh, thank you. You know, it's very interesting. I think my first job Periods with what now now I would recognize as integrated medicine. It was a Lamaze classes before my son was born he was born in nineteen seventy one and she took my Namaz classes and I find myself using Lamaze breathing at the dentist or when when I'm getting a shot or you know any time they don't understand cup that tool comes out and it's been extraordinarily useful. So that was my first so I love hearing that because I actually never thought about it was LeMans and so you said it but of course, yes, and you know breathing is so important. I mean, there's so many things that are so important but one of the things we talked about in the book is that when we're working with patients, we evaluate their stress levels because stress has a negative impact on every disease and how that disease goes is going to be worse if there's more stress off And we have to have ways of navigating stress cuz there's always going to be some of it as the late great Lena. Horne said it's it's not the load but the way you carry it and so what are those tools and help you carry that load and breathing it sounds so simple, but most people don't breathe because we get into that fight or flight mode to sort of take on the day. And when you pay attention to your breathing, you notice you're taking short halting breaths. You're holding your breath and when you actually just take the time every day to just breathe for a few minutes, you reset the nervous system, which has a huge positive consequences. Right and then dr. Herbert Benson from Boston did some seminal work at a series of books. He was a cardiologist and he was trying to help his patients control that are blood pressure without medication. And so he studied the yogi traditions and so forth and and that's when transcendental medicate meditation and found other things like that began to become popular and people began to realize that there's more to this is not just a flaky the silly thing that people are doing that our faith has their putik effect exactly and right along those lines when you talk about meditation or meditation programs. So in the book in the center, we have some glossy photos. One of the things that we're good on. Our research team is brain Imaging and looking at how some of these interventions that we do whether they be stress reduction related or nutritional actually change the brain and how the wage It's functions. So now with the ability to do functional neuroimaging we can we can see things and characterize things and even quantify things in a way that I never was possible before and so we have a couple of pre-post brain scans of people who were just stressed and went through some of our stress-reduction programs, whether they were meditation based off or sometimes more focused if somebody had a very traumatic event like PTSD and it's just amazing how the brain accommodates to dispatch stress and distressing events and then how it changes when you actually find ways of alleviating it and those changes are huge because everything then kind of goes down. So if the if the brain is activated in a way that isn't so good for us. We'll call it a negative way that has consequences throughout the entire body from how the nerves intersect with orange juice. To also how chemicals are released that affect the immune system and the cells of the immune system, right? Cuz doesn't it have hormonal effects of body chemistry. Yes, one of my old friends who who who passed away a few years ago or name was Candace pert she was a well-known authors, but more than that. She was a very esteemed researcher at the National Institutes of Health and actually one of the the first women in her time to become a famous because there was, you know, a lot of barriers in place for for women back when she was sort of in the sixties and seventies trying to sort of make her way and she did something wrong. She discovered what essentially is the morphine receptor in the brain and she said Hey, listen if morphine creates this effect than that means there must log. Be some receiver in the brain for this chemical and then that led to all the work that she and others did on endorphins because those are our natural sort of will call them opiate-like substances the body and then some of the things that like we talked about in the book is okay since that chemistry exists, what are the things that we all can be doing to feel better to sort of increase those confident biochemical Pathways that make us feel better and decrease the ones that hurt us such as inflammation. It's interesting. I have a friend who's a runner and sometimes said, you know, why do you put yourself through all this? I can't imagine myself getting up and going for a five-mile run off and he said I do it for the drugs because you know, it releases endorphins and makes you feel tracks. That's right. That's one of those that's that's that's one of those addictions that had a positive effect. There aren't too many. So Megan tell us your own experience with integrated medicine. Well, actually I'm talking about stress and you know, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant over the past few years and I had an ectopic pregnancy and then was subsequently diagnosed with fibroids and endometriosis and PCOS and one of my more recent conversations with my My Obgyn what time? Stress and she said, you know sometimes your body if you have so much stress, your body will not allow itself to get pregnant and I never really thought about that. I mean, I knew that stress could impact your health but so I'm trying to be very cognizant of of my stress levels and and trying to do, you know things like meditation and exercise and yoga and even you know, not drinking caffeine or alcohol just kind of watching my diet drinking a lot of water. I'm sure I'm getting enough sleep just you know, trying to stay ahead of the stress you're reviewing many of the chapters of the book right now and you have a good doctor because there is clear evidence that and the good fertility experts. They don't you address this component of life because listen our nervous system governs Briefing and if the nervous system is too out of whack or whatever reason but it stresses the reason then that's one of the ones that we can get control of in some way and when you think about it off for those, you know who are listening who maybe have, you know, taken a biology class and have heard about the autonomic nervous system sympathetic vs. The parasympathetic. I'll make it simpler off the one kind of mode of the nervous system is fight or flight to Keep Us Alive and the other one is restoration and recuperation. Like when we're relaxing sleeping when we woke up fully and those kinds of things now, we need fighter flight because sometimes there's a real threat in the environment and we need to mobilize and keep ourselves alive and then the nervous system is supposed to reset itself and go into that restoration or recuperation, but imagine this so this hard wiring has been around for a long long time. So think about you know dead. So yesterday and for some people still today your out in the jungle and you see a lion in the distance, you want your nervous system to activate without you even thinking about it because it's like God flight mode know if you're smart. You'll choose flight over five probably climb up a tree and the lion passes by Looks a the nervous system resets itself. The problem with today is that that reset never occurs that reset just can't happen. You know, we're in a pandemic there's uncertainty uncertainty triggers that fight or flight mechanism people have uncertainty about work are your kids going to go to school this week or are they not going to be going to school then? You have to home school. How do you juggle that with work off? What about your aging parent or grandparent or Aunt? And how are you keeping them safe and all of these things just build and build and build and so we have to have ways of God intervening with that fight or flight response. We're in because what happens when you're in fight-or-flight again survivalist dick for the short run but long-term, you know the body the nervous system sends the signal to the musculature and everything to pull the blood there so you can run fight and away from say the digestive tract. So people who are stressed always complain of GI khong Planes, I can't digest my food. I have floated this that because that makes sense a distressed body is in fight or flight mode. That's not a time to be thinking about food and also they're they're hyper Vigilant. They're anxious or their brain is too on because they're looking to sort of solve whatever these issues are going on. So they don't sleep restfully. It's all the more reason and there's so many other of these things because all of the different organ systems are affected and overtime immune health is affected. We need immune Health to be as strong as possible during this time. We need resiliency page. So in a way addressing stress and the things that stress you out now, there's certain things that you can control and certain things that you can't one of the things that you can do is learn techniques could take medication class or even the moms, I guess even if you're not pleased to learn to breathe and cuz the breathing really helps as to mindfulness-based stress-reduction programs and many others wage. And if there's a specific issue then there's individualized approaches that can you know, make a big difference and maybe it's some behavioral things that keep you going because like for example, I know and maybe you know some of these people and some of you might be listening and I was a little guilty of it at first at the beginning of the end of the pandemic we'd become sort of News Junkie. So a lot of people are sort of spending too much time watching like people Network news and there's a reason for that the brain feels the uncertainty in one of the things the girl likes to do is fill in the Gap so that there is more certainty and you feel more safe. The problem is the news of the day can be summarized in about five minutes the actual news then the rest is just talk about the news but what you know good news stations do because that's how they make their money is were you into thinking there's more answers in the next hour and then the next month. To really isn't, you know, the news is kind of the news and so getting people to break that pattern is just one example. Another that you really honed in on is what we eat home because there are foods that actually add to the stress burden of the body and there are those that actually give the body vitality and the nutrients it needs to really be resilient and strong and so I try not to overly focus on the bad ones a lot of you know, we kind of know what they are but we need to be thinking how do I get more living energy full body. How do I get more plants? Is there a way I can make a smoothie Everyday Is there a way I can nourish and nurture myself? Because if we don't do it nobody else will and Jack don't want to wait until their symptoms. But even if you're listening and there are I've seen a lot of things get better and reverse themselves or the course is a lot better by one breaking the stress that we're table. About shoe intervening intervening with nutrition and a nutrient based approach to things and the other thing you mentioned since I love how you summarized some of the the most important things is a hygiene we in a time like this people. Well, you know, I'm working from home so I can go to bed whenever I want to you know, and all those kinds of things. It's throws off the biorhythms and if the biorhythms are off that's stressful to the body. It adds to the inflammation in the body. So we talk about strategies of how do you get your sleep hygiene back in check? How do you get your diet back and check? How do you address some things with stress? And how do you kind of deal with the fact that you need to be active? The body likes to be active but there's restrictions to that right now. So these are these are some of the big categories that we talked about. Hagen here have you tried acupuncture at all? So it's interesting you want. I actually tried acupuncture last month for the first time and I you know, I I laid on on the table for 30 minutes maybe closer to an hour and and she placed needles in in certain pressure points, you know, obviously I went there for fertility issues and and I left feeling relaxed but I left where I wanted to believe that it was doing something or that it would do something but I wasn't quite sure if it was I left feeling relaxed just because I could lay under I laid under a heated lamp for 30 minutes and it was quiet and I or if it actually took something so I haven't gone back and I've debate and I mean, I mean what what are your what are your thoughts on on acupuncture. You know a number of women who have gotten pregnant at home. Their thirties after distressing and one of the key ingredients was in fact acupuncture and one of the things they described to me is that they felt like their whole innards had relaxed in a way that they hadn't felt in a long time because we do as you described carries so much tension all the time that we're not even conscious of that because I find myself watching more news than I've ever watched in my entire life, you know, we're in a sort of tenth time in the country and and so I'm kind of on alert as if they were almost all the time. You know, there's some interesting data about acupuncture there. There have been some limited studies about acupuncture and down fertility. And I think that we often recommend that women give it a try that are in your situation and some as as you mentioned it helps or their perception is that it helps and it's one of those things that it's not going to hurt. I give it a few sessions. I think that you know, I'm I'm a little bit biased for it because I had a positive experience with with acupuncture back when I was in medical school. I had a couple of those positive experiences one with nutrition one with acupuncture and I was like, oh these things matter what I am not matter, you know, I was always struck by and traditional medical education how little of that was covered a little of it even. Okay? Yep. Nutrition so acupuncture we can say it's a different system of Health, but nutrition, you know, we had like a week of nutritional deficiencies you have so little vitamin C that you have scurvy month or so little vitamin D that you want to crickets. But what about a healthy amount of vitamin D. And what does that do? What does that do to your immune help like, for example, we're entering the cold and flu season. We no longer need enough vitamin D for Respiratory function and that people who have respiratory illnesses tend to do worse when they look at, you know, the overall data and some of these studies if they're both levels are very low. So, you know these, you know, of course we need our basic building blocks blocks and nutrients. I don't know how that got so disconnected from Madison, but the good news is it's kind of rejecting, you know, one of the things that I if I could take that tangent for a second is that you know, there's the difference between sort of making sure you have enough of those right building blocks by wage. A healthful diet and it's something that I talk about in the book, but also using higher amounts as a pharmaceutical in a clinical trial and we actually had a clinical trial going on at Jefferson that I'm doing with somebody in our infectious diseases department for people who are admitted to the hospital with covid-19. Mentioned earlier in the center of the book Thursdays beer of these glossy photos. There's this nutrient that we used that, you know, we used it in a higher amount than maybe would take over the counter. It's called and acetylcysteine but it is available and we saw a change in Parkinson's patients and we're now doing a follow-up study to that. So I think in the overall model of of what we talked about in this book, we were trying to sort of push the bounds not just of Wellness, but also medical interventions using natural Therapies. You know, one of the things that strikes me about your description is that I think it began happening in the twentieth century that we had this arrogance of things that we enjoy life and things that Science Now understands that we can do it better You Know Better Living Through Chemistry with one of the by words of the fifties and and similar with all this new stuff. And therefore we need to reject all the ancient things, you know, all that Old Village medicine the moose say, you know, the witch doctor kind of thing and and they're became the separation between the glory of the new science and the in the Trashy old stuff and I think little by little we had learned over the last fifty years that there's a lot of good stuff there, you know, human beings really haven't changed their engineering a whole lot the last couple thousand years and the observations of the Angels. Actually have value for us today. And so I see integrative medicine as bringing together that which doctor stuff if you will or or the agents who said let food be your medicine and Medicine be your food, you know, all those those traditions in the Transcendental Meditation and acupuncture wage has been around for thousands of years and we're suddenly saying who you know, they weren't so stupid after all absolutely. It's beautifully stated and one of the things that I try to do in my team tries to do is add the science to support that that wasn't so stupid after all but it wasn't just a witch doctor that actually There's real data to support that we have real brain scans may have a new markers and immune outcomes and disease fact variables that change over time when you do some of these things and I think that that's what was needed to sort of push the pendulum back because you're dead. All right, the pendulum way over swung in the early nineteen hundreds. There was something called the flexner report that came out and just created the standards of what should be in medical school didactics and the and their education and it just pushed out anything that wasn't in this sort of reductionist xscience home. Anyway, I I sometimes you know like to say that I chose the metaphor of tapestry for the book to have history of health because you know in a way I'm being anti-bush cart. So, you know dig hard to you know, kind of had a relationship with the church who wanted to sort of own thinking and the mind and soul and all of those things off. So, you know mind and body are completely different they're different substances. The body is matter. The mind is thinking they have nothing to do with each other, you know, so it wage This mind-body disconnect but actually the complete opposite is true. And so, you know, I loved this metaphor of tapestry when I thought about it cuz a tapestry way, you can see the picture from the front or the back of it if it's a true tapestry and it reminded me of how body and mind are the flip side of the same coin and when we bring it back then to modern science the things that affect the way genes Express themselves, like how you know a given Gene will Express itself to go in One Direction or another name. There's a lot of things that can affect that things that are not in our control like a poison can actually affect gene expression in a negative Direction exposed to other things a drug can affect gene expression, but actually nutrients or lack of proper nutrients affect gene expression stress affects Gina Club. Action in One Direction, so we have genetic expression and then things we can measure like functional neuroimaging all of that brings back to the science and hey mind and body aren't separate back to the same and we now have a scientific basis to talk about that. And so that's why you know in the book. What I tried to do is the balance between not being too boring with the signs up saying that scientific basis and rationale and showing people like look here's the data so that they felt like it wasn't so vague or two then do XYZ the Eat This Way sleep this way address your stress this way. Right and it doesn't have to be a revolution in your life either. I mean one of the easy things that I usually say to people is start with just plain breathing and when we all do it all the time she can do it when you're sitting in a chair. You can do it while you're watching TV and you don't have to have any special equipment just focus on your breath and I remember some of the phrases from the Lamaze breathing and said, you know, your body knows what to do. You need to get your mind out of the way of your body. So take your brain to the beach, you know create this image in your mind where you have some place where you feel relaxed and just breathe and think about your it take your mind to the beach and it said that it was it's so simple anybody can do it off when my son was fifteen and needed to have surgery. I actually took him to what has become the mind-body instituted in Boston and had him dead. Breathing exercises because I had read from Doctor been since research that people who understand how to control their body stress me less than a medication for pain after surgery and they actually heal faster than just simple little things like that that you can do right now, and I think that those are tools that we need to reactivate in all of us. You keep bringing up the most perfect points because I think that sometimes people get all or nothing and they're thinking I have to okay if there's this healthier way, I must do it all. Yeah people like when they pick up the books or like, okay, I'll start a chapter one and just start doing everything like, you know, what Richard the table of contents maybe through you to thing that jumps out is you're really struggling with sleep read that chapter first and you know, like we're not linear creatures. We're never perfect at all. Times, you know, you may not be the Mother Teresa of nutrition every second of the day, but like you start somewhere and you just build upon it because everything you do actually does make a difference. So it's not all or nothing. It's not like oh I cheated on my diet. So it's all lost. It's not a lost you built up some resilience up until that moment where you quote unquote cheated. We don't even have to look at it. That way now go back and keep building up more resilience. And I so I I really just love that because you know, sometimes people say I don't have time to meditate for an hour today off been breached for two minutes and do that to reset the nervous system that all-or-nothing thinking is really important. I think when we when it has to do with our lifestyles and and and what we need to be doing to sort of nurture and nourish ourselves, cuz remember we're all juggling all these balls in the air right now. There's just so much going on. Right right. It is those calls are rubber. If you bounced back right Megan what comes up for you as we're talking? Well, you know as we're kind of talking about, you know different ways that that people can can help with whatever issue. They're having I was thinking about some of the documentaries that have been out on like Netflix and Amazon Prime and they talk about people that have, you know, different medical issues. Maybe it's eczema and how you just a change in their diet has been able to offer their skin condition and so just kind of wondering like, you know are doctors too quick to prescribe medications and our patients too quick to just accept them and you know, as a practice of medicine should doctors be looking more towards these holistic approaches. Yeah. The answer is yes boss around. So what we found is, you know a situation where The medical system has become rather passive for the consumer. So you go and have medicine done to you versus your a proactive part of your health and wellness home and we see the effect of this in terms of our health status as a nation compared to other industrialized countries of the world. So for example, the World Health Organization put our health status is a nation here. We are the richest country in the world. Do we make the top ten list for healthy lives and healthy life expectancy off the top twenty list know the W and then if you look at and so then if you look at one jevity off, how long do we live? We don't live as long as many other countries who don't have our resources and then if you look at A sub-category called healthy life expectancy, which means living, you know long but living without significant disease burden and morbidities wage make the top ten list, you know, there's some European countries that do some Asian countries do for women or men because they look at men and women separately. So what's the disconnect is it that we don't have good medicine United States. We arguably of the best medicine people come from all around the world to learn our medical Technologies. We have access to the best Pharmaceuticals. So it's clear that meddlesome does not equal helps medicine is really to put out fires. And so when you talk about your primary care physician, like these are good people and they, you know, they're trying to help people and you know, like I've got, you know many colleagues that I love and admire in in those areas and it's you know, it's a low reward job, but they're running from room to room they have like, you know off 7 Minute appointments cuz that's how the insurance system has set that up. So it's like all right, that person has diabetes is out of control. Here's your prescription that person has a raging, you know, sore throat. Here's your prescription antibiotics. Do I need to send this person to the hospital? I need to make that decision and it's sort of like putting out fires putting on fire putting out fires. But the issue is what do we do when you know, we're not in a huge fire to sort of prevent the next fire. What do we do to create resilience so that we're not in that situation or we are less so or whatever but we might be unfortunate to have we weather the storm better to most Physicians agree that there are things people could be doing they do but they don't have the infrastructure and their practices. They don't have long time and actually the medical school curriculum doesn't provide much about that. That's why we're excited about our department. That's why we're excited to begin. Teaching programs CME events certification programs at Jefferson where I work and others are following around the country. So you're going to start to see kind of a slow change, you know paradigms change slowly, you know, there's a great chemist for those of you listening who maybe took chemistry Rutherford was his name and he gave the the graduation speech for you know, graduating doctorates of chemistry and said listen when you have a great discovery, I'm really Innovative thought don't come back here. Don't don't don't try to convince your old professors about it. That's not where that's that's not where that change is going to occur. So, you know, we have a little of the Old Guard that holds on strong to the old Paradigm. But what I see that's really encouraging is this whole generation of young doctors that are thirsty to know more about birth. Mindbody practices more about nutrition mean we are just filling up our programs with doctors and students who are like I want to know more about this. So it's changing. Thank you. And you know, one of the things along lines what you were just saying what I've come to understand is that the US has the very best in the world can fix it medicine. We know how to repair things. We know how to operate we have all these fancy tools and and knowledge and so forth. What we don't have is Health maintenance medicine and when I started looking at cuz I've been working with rare diseases for 50 years and working with people all over the world who have this rare disease cause rare diseases don't know National boundaries, right? So I started out working the US and then the UK and Denmark and a little birth. Will many of the countries of the world and what I realized is that in countries that have health care for all they've made a commitment to keep us healthy in the workforce and pay in taxes for our whole lives. And they have they have a vested interest in keeping us healthy. And so they thought they make more prescriptions like eat better and and no less red meat and and work with the with the grocery stores to have been a pressure vegetables when I walk into a grocery store in Holland. For example, what strikes me is the colors the colors are so much more Vivid in a grocery store a college. Then you ever see in the United States. It's just striking. So it's all of the above and we can supplement even while our Healthcare System home. Learning the lessons that you all are teaching in Philadelphia. We as individuals can try to supplement what's available to us by paying attention to all these other dimensions of Health maintenance again, really beautifully stated that really is the issue and I think that you know, one of the things that many of us are struggling with that for whatever reason these basic principles that are scientifically based about health and improving health and health maintenance have become like politically conscious in some way. And so I feel like if we all can just step aside from that because you know, I'm not running for office and neither are probably most people who are you know on page contest listening or whatever put aside all of that and let's just go with you know, what makes sense from a scientific perspective from a perspective of what what time We learned over the centuries in terms of well-being and wellness. I think that if we get into that Consciousness and think about all right, I'm going to be more proactive in terms of my health and wellness, even if we currently have a system that's a little bit paternalistic. It's a little bit of medicine is done to me versus I'm actually an active participant of my health and wellness. Thank you very much. And that's what we're all about at. The powerful patient is empowering people to be active participants in their health wage Megan. Do you have any other questions for us before we start winding down? Oh, well, I mean, I feel like our our conversation could just go on for hours. This is really happy to come back. Thank you so much. This has been wonderful and we're delighted to hear that integrative medicine is becoming more of the done thing in medical schools and birth. I hope that your pioneering work. We'll move forward even more you stand on the shoulders of some pretty great role models their Harvard Benz and Jon kabat-zinn a so many good people and it sounds like you're taking us into a new dimension with it. That's very good. That's you know, there are just so many great people who've made a huge contribution and people out there like you who are just putting the message out there really makes a huge difference to one thing. I'll just mess it mentioned before we close is that we sometimes have, you know, an informational session and if people want to go to the website for the book tapestry of Health. We are going to have a whole Q&A on these kinds of things alive Q&A session on October 20th so that if if you were thinking about things watching and said, ah, I'd like to ask him Or or the amazing person. I wrote the book with who's an expert in hormonal health and some of those other things were happy to be there and be available for you. Wonderful. Thank you very much. So we're recommending that you go to tapestry and Health Net and look for his event on October 20th, and I'm sure lots of other good information will find its way to their website as well. So, thank you very much and making thank you. Dr. Matthew, this is great Joys. Thank you so much. This was really a pleasure. What a great conversation. Thank you. Thank you, and thanks to all our listeners for being with us. We hope that you'll watch for more good shows and Powerful patient. Org. Thank you.

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Causing a ruckus  create the change you want in the world | GBP003


22:27 min | 2 years ago

Causing a ruckus create the change you want in the world | GBP003

"Episode number three of the grab blogger podcast where we help academic, spill businesses and change the world. Do blogging podcasting. In video, I'm your host. Dr Chris cloney today's episode. We're talking with causing a ruckus, we're talking about creating the chain that you wanna see in the world through your blogging through your podcast through your video creation and through creating that platform online. So as you have been falling along the first three episodes of the podcast focused on what I call the three. Cs to building a business around blogging, the first is content. You need to good at creating content, and you need to really practice that muscle of creating and pressing release into the world. The second step is creating community around your work. This is not necessarily paid community. It could be, but it's really actually creating a feeling or a group of people that really believe in what you're doing. We'll talk a little bit in in a couple of minutes. But what that might look like. And then the third step in this step is not really for the faint of heart. But it's stable the change. You wanna see? In the world. So there will become a time. And for some people might be at the very start for me. It wasn't it took a year two of actually blogging putting material to the world before I saw it. But I realized that I could actually make a difference for what I was doing with this community with platform with the continent's putting out I realize that I could actually target something that I wanted to cheat in the world and actually go boats setting in doing that. And we'll talk a bit about my story and how that looks. Well, so before we get into that. I wanna talk about an idea that I came across when reading the book tribes by Seth goad, and he has this really really narrow really thin book a quick read. But it's got a ton of really really useful information, and in it he'll lines what he calls the anatomy of a movement, and this is synonymous in in his words as as causing ruckus doing this really big hairy scary thing that you wanna do in the world. So he says there's three things to anatomy and one is is a common narrative to what you're trying to achieve. The second is connection between the community and. Third is is actually giving that community something to do. And you'll kind of notice this maps, really, well, two or three CS. So the common narrative is your platform is the content you're creating whether it is ridden content through blog, whether it's podcasting. Whether it's video that provides common narrative that you're putting onto the world then billion community on top of that people that really believe in what you're doing the really wanna get involved in also be seen as as part of that community is really the second step of the anatomy of a movement. Then this third step is something to do. This is the change part. So once you have this kind of group once you had this material, you're putting out you say, well, okay. What can I actually do in the world to make change? That's really what we're about here. Grab loggers. How can you build a business from blogging abo- your research or blind boy your expertise, and then use that to actually change something to do in the world? So that's really the search step this something to do. So I wanna take a moment to talk with one of the biggest fears that I commonly hear from people when they're they're thinking about starting to blog or podcast about their about their research area. And that's the fear of being two niece being too small having to small audience, maybe that won't convert well into a business or maybe nobody will come to your blog in the first place. But I always encourage people to tax. We started small shoe Kennesaw easier start really small and work your way out that is the star really broad and kinda dollar way back in. I'll give you an example because the the amount of changing actually put into the world is causing a ruckus is inversely proportional to to the size of your audience. So have you tried to block to everyone that does history research where everyone that does science research, then you're going to struggle to make a really big impactful change in those that audiences life and said say you niece down geographically new blog only two families where both parents are. Academics where their tenure track say professors, and they have children and they're located in the midwest. Well, then you could actually probably change kind of their whole summer, maybe even the whole childhood of those children, and that family telling them what they can do with their family how they can thus make use of summer vacations, or whatever makes more sense for that audience. Savy dial is even further and you blog only to single mothers who have children with autism. We will change that that family's entire life. You may be able to show them. Well, here's the best place to to get help. When you need it. Here's the cheapest way to do activities or to get say drugs or treatment or anything like that. You actually go chasing their tire life. So that's what I mean. When I say that the amount of changing put into the world into people's lives is inversely, proportional or goes up the smaller audience that you go. So it's really important to try niece downs much as you can especially at the start, and my my recommendation, great place to start is thing you're doing every day the jerk. Papers are reading everyday the academic research that you're trying to do because we all know that only, you know, five or six or seven people are going to read our thesis. It's a very small nation. That's where I started. And then worked my way up. So with that I wanna talk a bit of a my story but dreaming bake. So any have listened to the first podcast episode in the second, which I encourage you to go listen to our even to go. Listen to the show notes that grab blogger dot com slash one slash two. That's number one to you'll know bit of my story. I started blogging late to sixteen about my my academe research about research involving dust explosions, which is a subclass of industrial safety, which would be a subclass of industrial engineering or or chemical engineering, so very very very niche. I don't even blog about all explosions that are happening only ones that involves solid particulate powders materials. So I started blogging to sixteen about that. I started to build a community with wrote two thousand seventeen hundred monetize late two thousand seventeen. We'll talk a lot of that. In this podcast moving forward for the part that relates to to creating change and causing a ruckus is early two thousand eighteen coming to the end of my thesis. I'd started writing in December of two thousand seventeen and took me three or four months to to get the thesis put together as really starting to see what the impact of building. This. The splo- could be what building this whole company could be my independent research company dust, X research and asserts that can actually make change in the world. So on April sixteenth two thousand eighteen I defended my peachy thesis. It was a a Monday on the seventeenth the Inc. Went through my company. I didn't really plant this way. But it's just happened to be the next day that dust X research became a corporate entity and then the following Monday. After that, I traveled to the largest trade show in powder handling industries in North America. This was the the powder in bulk solids international powder show and in it. I actually launched my company and our big idea, which was something. Had been been thinking about since actually starting crate contents area. That was a global worldwide tracking platform tracking database for dust explosions. Looking at what the effects are on workers, what the effects are on the facilities and bald generating lessons learned and getting idea how we can stop these from actually happening stopped from killing people. So my goal in my mission with with dust X research is to have a year was Eero fatalities worldwide by two thousand and thirty eight over the next twenty year period with the incident database with the safety science website. And with the podcast, really searching. Okay. How how battered things right now. How many are happening turns out the United States we have anywhere between thirty and fifty industrial dust exposure year and worldwide were were seeing numbers reported around dozens of people being fatally injured, and that could be up to an order of magnitude or maybe two orders. Makes it higher because dust explosions are so under reported in most parts of the world. So that was the big change I dreamed up. This was from my expert opinion round posts, I talked about in episode one episode to the podcast where brought in a bunch of experts solve the issues were. And I really got to see that the issues that we have in North America. Even in Canada is different than the issues that we have the United States. They're different than the issues that we have in Africa, the different than the issues, we have in Brazil, and that I could be that kind of global connection between all those different groups. I also advocate on a government level with my research with as being an independent research company on what was needed. I could be that connection that could really drive industry to participate better with the people that are providing safety equipment safety services and also really provide a conduit for research. Researchers like myself that are at university groups to do research that's more line with what's needed by industry. So this was my big thought and my big idea, and I was needless to say pretty nervous when I went to this call. Inference because I had presented lots during my macadamia Krier, but never in front of this kind of industry group or trade association type group, and I actually back this message. So I actually read tribes twice before going to this conference. And I almost deleted my side. So that this was our goal that I want to zero tallies over next twenty year period. This how we're going to do it and twice removed from my slide deck and before going. I know I gotta keep it in. Because otherwise how God knows this is actually going to be accepted. So I went got on the center stage front of a couple of hundred people and said, this is what we're gonna do. We're gonna change the world. We're going to stop dust explosions from killing people all over the globe. And that was a really scary thing that was my change that I launched since April eighteen into the world that's working towards since doing that the website safety science we've recorded over five hundred dust fires dust explosions. We've done a lot of independent research brought that in trying to figure. Well, how bad is the actual? Problem how how ways that we can fix it? We've done a lot of working with the university groups in the websites really grown. We get four thousand unique visitors a month now eighty five hundred page views, and this is all on a blog that's focused on dust explosions, this really small niche, so we're really building with this really powerful platform to be able to put this change in the world. So that's my dream big story. I want to give you three tips for how you can go changing the world as I said when you start you're not, well, maybe we'll have a good idea. What the changes that? You wanna see that's great and write that down because I tried to do that in this current version of my mission is actually a from a bunch of previous ones, but it was hard to even magin. I could be in a place where people reach out to me from Sweden from Germany from Japan say, what is your opinion on how we can? We can solve this problem where we doing in North America. We could be doing and in Australia. What are they doing Austrailia could do here? So I want to put that in there that it is going to be a process, it's hard to believe that you. Can be the thority you can have that kind of personal brain that brings you to the forefront of your research area. But blogging podcasting creating web site creating a platform can do that. And that's really what we're trying to show you throughout your I'm trying to show you and hope that you'll you'll cheap. So three tips for how you can go. Both changing the world on the first is to surround yourself with smart people, and you probably heard this before, but it's hard to figure that out for me, the podcast is this. I now have a position where I can Email anyone in the world. That's an expert in combustible dust and say, what are your thoughts? Would you like to get on a call in discussing the interview we'll tape it and put it out to the electric community, and people are really receptive? Especially once you get the ball rolling, whichever. Couple of big people on your podcast. I saw easier to reach out to others. And now I have a lineup and just managing the number of people that want to be on the podcasts, actually, pretty tough. That's the way I can surround myself a smart people now when I go to an event to a conference, you know, I'm hanging out with the right people that are really at the forefront of figuring this out. And seeing down having those conversations having those phone calls. So that's one way you can surround yourself with smart people. It doesn't have to the podcast the expert opinion round posts, I did was a great way to do this as well just having your own platform online where you can discuss. These topics is a great for step. So the second tip. I wanna share is V willing to ask questions, and I got this kind of tip. I got this way of saying from Jordan harbinger. Who was part of a big podcast before they now is actually doing his own podcast, which I'd recommend checking out, but you always say in the previous podcast that he didn't know the answers. But he's willing to ask the questions. So you get these people on ask and say, well, I don't actually know the answer this from willing to ask the question. I said that my podcast actually quite a bit as well looking at what is the best way to approach handling combustible safely. I don't know the answer shed, I'm really fishing for them. But I am willing to ask the questions to find the people to ask the questions to the third tip to change the world is listen more than you talk. So you shelves smart people you're willing to ask questions, but then you actually need sit back and be willing to listen to the answers. And I came across a really good quote on this the other day when I was reading if you if I understood you would I had look on my face by Alan Alda. It's a good. It's a good book for sites communication first-half is is a little bit drawn open. The second half has a lot of great tips. But the code really liked in paraphrasing bit as he says in communication, unless I'm willing to be changed by you, probably not really listening. But I do listen open naively and innocently there's a chance possibly the only chance that true dialogue and real communication can take place. When I read this it actually kinda struck a chord with me, especially line less willing to be changed by you. So I've actually started when I get into conversation if I'm doing a discussion online or from talking to a friend, or or my my wife or spouse, I actually think about this. I tried to think we'll this conversation change me. All right. I tried to stick in my head. I will let you change. Through this conversation. Now actually gets me to tune into that conversation. More gives me to be kind of open minded. So those are the three tips that you really need to be thinking about if you if you wanna change the world stuff, really smart people. And again this for me. This is my podcast. Hopefully, this podcast can help you as well with that be prepared ask questions and ask really good questions. Even when you don't know the answers and listen more than you talk. So you really want to sit back and take that information in and try to do something with it at the end of the day. So so far in this episode. We talked about what the anatomy of a movement is what you need actually cause a ruckus in your space, which is a common narrative connection between you and the community between the community themselves and to give them something to do. And this is where the change the the vector the target for the whole community, and this movement that you're trying to create we talked about not being scared to niche really far down, especially at the start gives you a really great starting place where you can really wrap your hands around a full topic and become. Mm seen as that expert. Also encourage you to dream big. I shared a bit will my story. Our mission with zero fatalities worldwide by two thousand thirty eight sort of next twenty year period in my industry, and I wanna curse you to think about what kind of big things you can achieve in your blog or with your work as well. Because it's a really important step to to making that kind of next phase into what you're gonna do with your your blogging your business. They gave tips on how you can go changing the world. I want to close out this podcast up. So with the another story, and this story, I think is really important part. And it's not for everyone in building a business by creating a blogger building online business also isn't for everyone. There are people are doing just for science communication doing. It helped get their research out there. And that's really good as well. But I want show the store because it's influence the way I thought about what I can do and how I can do it with my business and really the whole aspect of building a business, and what Monti's Asian looks like. So this this stories about nine letters sw. Three words nine letters. And it's art pays me. So March two thousand eighteen before I went to this conference before actually launched the combustible dust insen database a safety sized dot com. As really confused the technology at all we actually have put in a year almost five hundred blog posts up on the website, just the whole indexing and searching and SEO strategy. I didn't know about her didn't know what to do. So her show to a local expert that I know and he put me touch with somebody who I should talk to. So in March two thousand eighteen I sat down the library here in health ax Nova Scotia with a with local guys really big in the space names. Mike, tanner. He's he's really knowledgeable in online marketing in online business in helping people with these sort of strategies and down. I was kind of intrigued he's his his company's one red cat media. And he had a red shirt on a red sweater on actually had these three. Words art pays me? And I hadn't really seen this brand before it was just a striking to see. But in him about it wasn't till actually January of this year. So last month at the time recording die learn more about this are pays me. I saw presentation can by Dwayne Jones and other another local guy here in Halifax and art pays me dot com. Actually, his website. And his presentation was all about how he was struggling. He was into the fine arts and he wanted to be an artist and his tire life. He had this vision of this kind of starving RBIs artist as being the norm. In the space now hard, it is actually become a fine arts person in this area and to do that while you're you're being the starving artist. So into Wayne presentation, he went one step further saying that any content creators anybody's doing a blog podcast or video is an artist. And the whole point is presentation is that we we don't need more starving artists. We don't need more. Aren't getting their stuff out. There aren't getting their content out there. We all deserve to be paid for what we're creating the change were putting into the world. And that was a really striking way to to put that in these these nine letters three words or something I kind of took to heart, especially with my business. So I run a business from safety science dot com. I do that to generate income so I can accelerate and increase the change that I have in the world. So if I wanna go to a competence, Chicago, I can do that because my business money. If I want to go internationally and talk to people or pay for podcast hosting or any of these things I can do because I built a business behind my independent research company. So yes, we are mission driven. Yes. We are gold ribbon. But we needed some sort of income generation in order to be independent, nor tax really had this be a business and actually have it be something that can change the world. And this all comes back. This kind of our pays me story. So I was pretty pretty stunning. I saw these letters. And I thought they were really important and encouraging. Check as websites pays me dot com. He also has a really good podcast changing their here locally in Halifax. But it was really just these three words really kind of influenced me, and you can think about as research pays me. If that's a good way. Think about for your work. But we're all we're all really artists were all for creating this content. Putting out there were all doing this. And a necessary part of that is not to be the starving artists early in my opinion, not to be the starving artist. So maybe can do it. If you have a full-time job, and you do science communication on the side. But there's also a really powerful way to do this where this becomes your core business, you become the leader in this kind of independent research framework. That's why I'm here to teach with grab blogger I won't leave you one last quote, and this is from leap I again by Seth Godin by pretty big fan of a lot of his books, and this, quote, he talks about shipping, creating content the world, I really I'd on my wall for over a year every time he goes to put something new book or something the world he thinks about this way. Here. I made this. I hope it changes. You hear I made this. I hope you find a useful here. I made this a hope to be able to make something again. So this again, this comes back to the starving artist, raw creating content. We're all creating the art. We won the world the change one world and order to be able to do that more one good way to do that is by building a business from it. So hope you really enjoy these first three episodes of the grab logger podcast on content on community and on the change. You wanna put into the world. I'd occurred you if you have enjoyed them to go to I tunes, please rate and review the podcast will help get to more people. And this is really just the start. I'm really excited. Grab logger is something I've wanted to do for over two years now, and I'm just getting around to being able to do it. Now. Now that my thesis done. Now, my company is is running and just these conversations are really amazing. They need to be a had and they need to happen. So that researchers can change the world with their with their experience in their expertise. So what's coming on the pipeline? We'll be doing more tools more process. More tips. On how to build a business by blind. Boy, research doing interviews. We'll be opening this dialog. But what it looks like to be an academic entrepreneur while it looks like to start your own business. What the nuts and bolts might be and really help you build a business and change the world. I blow your research many questions topics you'd like to see in the podcast in the upcoming episodes. You can go to this the show notes for this episode dust, see say science dot com. That's my other podcast. And we'll keep that in there exists actually real live recording, which you can probably tell if you can hear my son, my six month old son crying in the background. That's the hopefully we'll be able to that. That's really the difficulty with running a business from home with a with a six month old in the house, but you can get the show notes at grab blogger dot com slash three the number three for this episode. So you have any questions Yemi comments? Please go leave them. There. Celebrate, you know, getting a single there in the world of really resonates with you can leave him there. And you can also leave any questions for the future of will to address. S bring people on if you want to read through the up. So we had the transcripts at the show notes as well, which you can download and we have a cheat with top three tips that we covered here for changing the world with your blogging research. So thanks for listening. If you are listening in sync assist comes out, stay tuned for next week for the next up sewed. And if you're listening to in the future press next thing and catch the next bit content like very much L afforded hog soon.

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1396 Practice Strategies for the COVID-19 Era with Imtiaz Manji : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1:36:29 hr | 1 year ago

1396 Practice Strategies for the COVID-19 Era with Imtiaz Manji : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

"It is just a huge honor for me today to be an to be podcast during my my idol. I mean my Gosh I've known NPS. I knew when you lived up in Vancouver when I used to go up there. And your little boy. Your boys both sit on my lap at the same time. Mta's Monte is co-founder of spear where it continues to provide strategic vision and leadership to the industry's Premier Destination Education Center and digital learning platform. Mr Mundy's unique gift is inspiring others to action the last thirty plus years dentistry has benefited from his powerful. Speaking and writing is tireless leadership in a changing Phil and his practical actual strategies for a successful life and dentistry. His unique vision and inciteful views about the dental profession have been sought out by thousands of practitioners including many of dentistry highest profile clinicians as well as executives leading companies serving the dental market. Despite the vast scope of his influence Mr Monti's devotional always remains with the dentist the practice it's team and ultimately the patient's having studied thousands of practices. He knows that no two are exactly alike and yet many faces the same challenges giving practitioners the confidence to navigate these challenges and the knowledge and tools. They need to do so is where is true? Passion lies Mr Monti has been the founder and or Chief Executive of four successful dental related businesses. Today in Israel was spirit. He works company-wide disappointed. New Business Strategies and clans success through innovative services and programs and additionally serves as a strategic business advisor to executives at several national and international dental companies he is a CO founder of the Open White Foundation whose mission is to bring quality dental care him communities around the world and has been recognized as an honorary member of the Hinman Dental Society and an honorary fellow the International College of Dentists for his distinguished contributions to the profession. I'm so excited that you came on the show today because I don't WanNa be selfish but I'm here in Phoenix you. You're up the street in the rich area town in Scottsdale and I'm down by the trailer parks and Apache Junction and Phoenix but Arizona. My office included were. We're opening next. Monday may fourth and it's my intuition from dental town. That probably about ten thousand dentists are gonNA open up in the first two weeks of. May so they're incredibly stressed out and we have so many things to talk about but I I want to start with the big story of the day and that is the so. Many dentists are getting pushed back from her hygienics wanting to come back because they're hearing stay six feet apart and now you're saying put your face right by patients face and turn on the character on and the Prophet so most of the dentists are saying. Wow I didn't realize from my hygienist does not want to come back but we have so many things to talk about first of all how are you doing? Are you home safe and sound? Yes Sir I had an office in the House and then a game room outside and Shelly moved me from the house to the outside less maintenance in the house but Yeah I been you know. We're all in this wonderful place in life And when something like this occurs we we pennock right. Our first instincts are panic. Which is very real for for us because this is a very real issue and and so if you talk to me when we first begin this process. I think I would be saying something different than than I'm saying today. So you know. We all have time to reflect and to think and to be innovative and to be creative. And you're I think about you know going big breakfast. Next week is in the hygienists. Saint they don't WanNa come back and so the thing that I would say to you. Howard is that you have to decide whether you're going back to practice. And and if you're not in this discussion is ordered. And if you are then just focused on that and say you know? How will I do that as I've always done that? We've always had issues with respect to safety and so I'm going to have to practice at a different standard of safety but the key question is coming back. It will be like doctors saying I'm not GonNa go to the hospital acres. I don't want to deal with this. Will they deal with this? Every day just happens to be at a new level. We've been caught off guard. We were not prepared for it but now we know so much we know more than we think. And so I believe that the decision you're making is going to make the practice and then you need to focus on what the beach What that statement and you. You're not I have known each other for thirty years and we've been dealing with viruses. I mean when nine hundred eighty when Kimberly Dallas caught. Hiv at the dental office in one thousand nine hundred eighty and seventy nine when HIV broke out. Dentist weren't even wearing gloves and masks and then we're in dental school. We were like well. Why we have to wear gloves a mask on a mannequin. And they're saying because we don't ever want you to feel you know that drill with your with your ungloved hand 'cause you might like it and so when that came out the start putting downward pressures on the customer which everyone had in the eighties and out there new. They'd gone though the water coming in from the city to your high-speed was replaced with bottled water in the room So we we've been incrementally and changing because of HIV which went on me chill thirty six million people. And so if this is your first Virus and dentistry. You're probably still in dental kindergarten school because the old dogs we we. We've been and remember the cases that went all the way to the Supreme Court is a dentist like right now. They're saying well my hygienist when it come back to work. I'm like well I'm old. I got a liberal spot. I remember when the Supreme Court had to tell a dentist not once but twice. Your it's discrimination. If you don't go treat that it's the American with disabilities act he's HIV positive. Your going to treat him or you're not going to have a dental license and then fast forward two decades and now it's the same thing but it's a new virus so you're right we've been dealing with fear of viruses and dentistry our whole lives and so it just comes down to the safety protocols right. I think that's what we have to talk about. Are the safety in right now. I'm seeing the standard of safety protocols that the age GonNa Aging it continue to revise it days astounded the states would require the sole these governing bodies are coming up with their standards right and then there's this extreme right. I don't WanNa do dentistry in spacesuit either right and so somewhere in here as this middle ground and so if I'm willing to go to practice with the safety protocols that put in place with what is available to meet to choose from from UV lights to the air conditioning filtering units to all the stuff that Amir soul removal Devices that they some from densify thrown out so people are saying. I'm not gonNA use the character. Just use the instruments so these many many things that are available to us. And you're going to choose the the standard of safe you want for yourself and for your practice until your team and for your patients based on exceeding the standards of the governing bodies but applying common sense to what that means in deciding to go back because this is not going away Howard you've made testing. Testing is not foolproof right now and so in the in the scene. I'm not sure it's GONNA come out the end of this year in next year with a private conversation on that. So the key decision here is I you going back in focusing on how you get comfortable going back with the safety standards and then the team has to make a choice are coming back in. Hygienists doesn't WANNA come back. Well that's a choice. She's going to have to make. In fact you may not be able to bring their hygienists because the patients Middle Wanna come back so this is not about. What do I do about my genetics? This is about? You're you're GonNa if you feel that you need to go back gate safe. Go back at the teams that come with you. Adjust the way that you appoint adjust the way that you that you do filter patients on the telephone to just all split and go back you that. That's well so well said I mean even the problem with alcoholics. You know what step one of a yes admits is a problem. I personally know a registered nurse that when this happened she was ready to run back to that hospital user call of duty and then. I know another nurse at Kreider husband says I don't ever want to go back. And he said okay. Well then don't go back and we'll we'll just living and I think one thing that's tough almost all the dental. Ceo's I know That our friend that I have you on speed. Dial for these tough decisions. How do you coach a young kid happened to? Have you see him? Frustrated were Their government says they have to take a temperature when you come in and they post three studies on dental town in a row. This show studies at thirty six percent of residents at a Boston homeless shelter being treated for covert nineteen only one percent of fever so these young kids are getting conflicting information you know. They're they're told to take their temperature. Then they got three studies says it doesn't matter You know so. They're young and so. How do you make decisions when you're dealing with imperfect information that's moving fast so I look I think that the The beauty and the curse of where we are as a heightened Amount of data information. That's coming out. Some of it is exaggerated. Some of it is wrong some of it is common sense somewhat of his right and so the problem we have is how car used to get You know forty fifty emails a day. You get probably more And that's after I'd silted. One third of Suzy's jaw is my assistant is to get rid of all the noise so that. I only get to what's important and so I've had to organize my entire life. Not just now on what I say Yes will you? And I've been friends forever. You stated my house and I come to your house where I remember the four kids rolling down the stairs with a bed. That was large enough to set the entire army. You're bent was locked in my whole bedroom right at the time. And so we've seen each other in and so much has come to us and one of the things that Howard need that learned to do is to get through the noise insane. What's important what's credible? So in this time of crisis the amount of data that's coming up in the amount of mission is coming up to us is such so rapid that the first job. Ehab is to figure out. Okay who do I have stated who do I want to listen to and remove all the other stuff and and go there because because the truth is temperature by Not Enough. That's a fact right and so eight years a great site right now by the way as a tool kit built on how you can return so. I have chosen. Maybe please sources of information. One is Financial think-tank. Let's put together for For the marketplace we're in a consumer economy and what we've done in America. We've we've shut down the consumer and so the impact of shutting down the consumer is unbelievable. So when you think The aid that we got from the stimulus package. There isn't enough money in the world to throw at this problem and and keep people feeling safe about going back period but just the stimulus package is just a temporary patch and then within and so the hygienists that are sitting at home. Stop that are sitting at all. They're going to be employed if they're back and they're going to have to decide whether this is a profession that one of D. N. Go back right so just like that. You gotta get through all the noise and say who I want to listen to. And and then just focused on bid and then get comfortable. Tweet yourself in going back. Can I tell somebody to go back to more? The answer is no. I'm not going to tell people to go back. I'm going to tell people to review the safety protocols and get confident and I'm going to go to the practice that I took confident in and so and so so my answer here to the young person is I. I sympathize with you in empathize with really. Do what you've gotta you've gotta find the source in. Stay with it right so if I want to know what's really going on out there I call you. You're my source when you want to know what's going on you call me. We talk to each other. When they're crisis it seems and with their Judy's it seems the last is usually was in two thousand eight when set me how you're going to do that center now. 'cause you don't become his crash and people aren't flying so and we go to that right so we're gonNA get through this. My advice to people right now is very simple filter. Be Information that you're getting in Nurit the sources that you feel good about that you feel confident about and then make a good decision for yourself while but and I I wanna say something to the young kids. 'cause my four boys turned into six grandkids. And your your boy just had a girl a little girl right. Oh boy and Gosh. I hear these little young dentists under thirty and things. Well I'm going to wait for the vaccine. You do realize when I was in school. Ninety seven the vaccine for Perry Donald Z's defecate was around the corner. And do you not realize that the decay the vaccine for the common cold from Corona virus and rhinovirus has been promised since I was born in one thousand nine hundred sixty two. So if you're waiting for a corona virus vaccine because no one's GonNa get funded saying I don't think we have a chance. So one hundred and three companies are funded. Because they're like. Yeah I think we can do this but when I read their podcasts and I listen to people people you know kind of credential like the head of the Max Planck Institutes Lewis Pasture into. Do you know just just the legends of Viral Aji. They're like you know we may never get this in one hundred years so if you're waiting for the for the Corona Virus. I mean I I've been waiting for it my whole life. And when do you think the vaccine for dental decay and Donald Disease and the common cold is or or you know? Wait to go back to work till you have that. I mean you might as well just go to the cemetery and pitch a tent and wait for them to open your casket So my gosh we have so much dig into. Let's just start with them. Oh my Gosh I could go on and on and on and on and on let let's try to focus on The importance of taking the long view and focusing on your practice economy rather than following movements in the national economy. So Howard. I kinda did a Webinar on financial framework. You go back and then I did To have on Rampant London too. So I'm going to give you a quick little And you're an MBA right and one of the things. I've always respectable. You got a Lotta inflammation in your head. You can give me districts All Day long but at the end of the day you make a decision right. You're practicing dentist. You'd never giving it up because that's your connection to the profession. You've chosen that you love so very much you've got down that you love song very much inaugurated all these other towns that connect and look at look at the success. You've enjoyed there. We haven't given up your passion dentistry in you haven't given up your passion for speaking haven't given up your passion for having fun being funny In making remarks and creating controversy in when you say to me what should I voice? Our don't get involved with a quarter of a see because I'm not bill flaky right and so and so if you think about it if I did one point two million. Let's just say one point two million last year and I was the average practice at sixty eight percent ever. Sixty percent is according to many of the researcher that is done on our own research. If it goes from sixty five percent to seventy percent in Denizli. We look at overhead. Is Everything stay the rest of his mind and then I will planet you know car trips. Ah Plan The tax implications of there being my children my spouse so sixty eight percent is in that mode so so if I work normally for two thousand twenty in. There was no difference. Let's say I only did one point. Two million minor process will still be the same but I was the same in two thousand in two thousand twenty four January February. Maybe half of March. So now I've done the two hundred and fifty thousand in dentistry. So the question is it might. It might or didn't change at all which is not possible because your lab and your supplies are variables. Right did not change at all in if I didn't have any furloughs where I've lived my staff goal if I didn't have any stimulus package information available and I did fifty percent of what I did in two thousand nineteen. I'm going to be behind a significant amount of money right but if I did seventy percent of two thousand nine thousand nine hundred and I got some helping stimulus. Eight fifty thousand negative some help furloughs. Let's say twenty five dollars and then they got some help with With my leg and supplies because it's not going to be the same a seventy percent as it was one hundred percent. I get within ten thousand dollars. Would I did in two thousand nineteen? So what should I be focused on is how do I return and hepatic look this return and say if I took July one through December of two of this year and I do January one to June of next year in July and similar next year. That's three six month periods. Can I rip up in those three periods in make up for two thousand twenty money on the fact that I can absolutely wonderful percent so I have a good friend was also a member? Might think tank is his name is. Is this season Sweden? About two years ago he says this young man states to me. I only have time and I looked at him and I said really and say these three hundred sixty five days a year now one hundred eighty and we work part time and it was such a refreshing view of how he felt he was was only working half time. And so what do you do this? Well I spent time getting better as appear does getting better as a business but it cheer side. I'm only have time so Howard. I'm going to have to return to work and if I've worked for days a week. I wonder what the half a day a week more for the next eighteen months to make up for the first six months. I may have to work a year more before I retire. But this is not the end of the world so if I take a look at this and say where am I at the end of two thousand twenty one? That's what I need to focus on. And so when I rent up let's say in Arizona starting work next week but let's say I choose not start till June one. Promise you how my first four weeks scheduled because make care calls people that I can't do that. I need to bring back in people that were Hopley agreement that I need to create people that had treatment that needed to be done that I could not schedule because of water. Current is so much well in the charts right at the average breakfast with a thousand charts with thousand patients. I've seen in a twelve month. Period is going to have about a million and a half with a dentist. We IN THEIR TRACKS. So Mike Focus would be what my day like. What's my temple in the new reality and and we talked about this and what I'm not going to bring patients in and say here's a new patient exam and then come back and we'll do the standard story it's GonNa be. I'M GONNA use if I was certainly use my Sarah and I'm gonNA basically so to the patient. Luke dentistry understand a little bit more about why they're coming in in a point is though can tell the patient. I want to bring you in and I want to bring you in as little as possible so that it's convenient for you not safe for you convenient for you because it's incredibly important in the world that we live in today and we've got safety protocols that are really established so we slow down practice so we can do more probation so that we can have the patient and make sure that we do great dentistry. So I'm going to filter the patients in bring them back in and sit down and get it done. Just get it done and so I think this opportunity for us all to think about this. Hypertrophic practices were patients in and out where we do toothpaste dentistry to do spares. Always blame you know. It's it's trip planning comprehensive dentistry sequencing correctly. Do Quarter if you can. And and more per visit and that is the focus that needs to be focused in my case acceptance or sixty percent in the past. I may need to have case acceptance at seventy five percent to make up for the number of patients that one coming so kirk question would be Howard. How many patients will come. That's the right question if you answered that you're going back right you've answered that your safety protocols are where you go to work and go on to your ninety year-old father that you'll love to pieces in your seventy year old white that you love to pieces right. I'm just making all this outright into the grandchildren that are at home. If you if you cannot question that I'm coming to your practice right. How much how much. How could you to go back in? How confident is not to go? Back is my my ability to communicate with a team. Let's hope our safety protocols together and then I'm waiting to go back. I'm making care calls to patients. So patients are going to be in tweet categories by the way they're going to be three categories the ones that are economically effective economic. These maybe one that have a mindset effect. They will continue to work in because they were in businesses they could work at Walmart has increase. The number of people. They're hiring Amazon is increased the number so in that way the other in Scottsdale Arizona. We have we have a wonderful Wide based economy that's also driven by the digital world that we live in today and so there so people aren't affected with the mindset is effective people that are on furlough they still have their benefits but their mindset is affected. So how would I let those people know that is really important and they were waiting to look out for right and then they'll be people the third group that will say you know. I've always wanted to do this. Why not I? I'm going to look after myself because I don't know about tomorrow so today. I'm GonNa live incredible life and I want a good healthy mouth so I can enjoy to eat and drink and play with my grandchildren so I think you can get those tweet types in our ability to make the type to really safe insecure right. I used to say Howard in two thousand nine. I would say you can either participate in the American economy or you can participate in the practice on. You have to decide so yes. In two thousand eight. There was a real natural crisis it might affect the twenty thirty percent of the families and communities but the other sixty seventy percent of gooden. So I'm GonNa look after the twenty thirty percent and do courtesy as much as I can is when I have downtime and I'm going to focus on the people that are dissected into help them see that this is important because Dennis doesn't call right the conditions in the mouth. If you don't do it just gets worse in overtime you've got to deal with it so Dennis we always gonna be there. It's not like I can postpone it but but I can only postponing solo. I'm taking note so there are three types of patients. One was unemployed and loss benefits. And what what was two in three on just a second one is the the mindset right the mindset block is I am on Furlough I hit my benefits. I know I'm going back but I'm concerned about going back for health reasons. I'm concerned about going back because I don't trust the economy. Will they be money in the future? The book something in people that may not have a plan and then and then the people that are employed working out of their houses or in businesses where they safety put in place and they're back at work those people are are in the mindset block. What was number three young number three is where somebody decides until your story in a second seventy decides That you know why not. Why would I look after my so? There's a lot of people that work hard. They're charging forward and they know they need to do a company of Case. I'm just making that up. And so they put it off. They put it off because they've been so busy in this time has allowed them to reflect and say what are the things that I love that I want to get done but I haven't done and I I don't. I'm not saying that thinking about the industry. I'm not saying that the dreaming about going to see Howard soon as Howard opens up. I'm saying they're in this. Why not mind frame? That happened to have a little dentistry done and we have to be able to appeal to them to to move forward. So how we dealt with the two thousand nine hundred. Ten crisis is fear is to help. People Treatment Plan and create value and get a higher level of case attempts. This is what we need to do. Not Our Dennis. Fifty one percent clinical in forty nine percents the one percent if in doubt be patient centered. Gary Franks as they all say that but never has that more real for them to send it is now and we've been putting all kinds of financial framework modeling blades. So that the average dentist can get to our our framework and see what they have to do to break-even every day would have to do to get past the break-even an hour they get through this process right and so the concept. Those are the three types of patients. And there's GonNa be type two type three and we're going to need to be really good at mediating with our patients making care. Kohl's and making sure they're fine and chemicals that are genuine from the heart and letting them know the people that are unemployed. You got a problem. You've been a patient put into if you call we'll take care of you will vary by the money live am sorry. Sorry to go off the air. You're making my mind thing so many different things and I want to go to a completely different topic. You're hearing a lot of people on Wall Street saying that the data doesn't make sense. You know these things used to working you know. Stocks were not bond went down or bonds went up stocks went down. You know but there's a lot of them things that just aren't sinking right. And one of them is in dental practice transition broker so when I talked to practice brokers are calling me saying I've never seen like it because a lot of Dennis at had their practice listed have taken their listing down. And they're not sure why so. The supply of practices for Sal has plummeted so in the middle of the Koga nineteen practice. A lot of markets are selling like in Toronto Practices or selling today for twenty percent higher than pre pandemic only supply and demand. The selling. Dennis got scared. All of a sudden and pulled listing down and then a young a lot of young dentists or already halfway through the the paperwork and approved and all that stuff and now they're just walking away and the brokers are are just so confused. Because it's they said we're like caretakers. After you know after Salami killed everyone at the funeral. Parlours do really. Well I'm the tragedy. So what do you make the practice? Right I mean why are practicing twenty percent higher than pre pandemic. It's an outlier. I look As much as I do and as you know transitions was what I built my entire career right so I understand traditions and then seventeen thousand I am the binded buying that people are gonNA take the practices of market and that happened in two thousand eight because all of a sudden the practice sell wasn't enough and I used to say if you're relying on your breakfast sale to retire. You don't have a good retirement plan Should be a bonus. It should not be a retirement. You realize our view because you you bring up a good question if my practice was worth a million. I'm probably loosing a million one million two million three it's anywhere between seventy percent of revenues Method they use and all their formulas. But when you really boil it down it's seventy to ninety percent of last year's election right in the outlier sales Not GonNa should I buy practice that the six hundred thousand dollars for two hundred thousand or should I spend seven hundred thousand dollars in a practice? That was doing a million. I'm the one low price. One might be a burden. My needle equipment resistant by need. So the value of a practice is my ability to create ongoing Right because somebody's got pay for it in the bank's GonNa need to finance it so I don't I don't so when you look at when you get the practice value. Lets them doing My practice is or the million maker that million to example bits twenty years of net right but if I have this year lost three four. Five hundred thousand dollars on my cash flow right. I'M GONNA shoot I'M GONNA icon. I kind of thought to retire. I need this. That's why you're seeing people take their breakfast market on the other side. You're seeing practices that that are saying holy smokes. I got a cell now. Dentistry is not the way on. This health. Thing is going out of control because you see on this August News. You're seeing these. He space suits that this hour to street. And so the health concern soul amplified right now in so haydn people are saying practice that way and the answer is no. I don't need the practice to retire. I'm just going to sell my practice. And so if I'm in a market where the demand for practice acquisition is higher than the supply. I might get more money for my breakfast than an early. Get at this point in time. But that's GonNa be outliers in very specific market conditions right. So you're a young. Dennis and January February march. You're bracketing in on this practice. And everything was moving along. And then all the sudden brokers are saying a lot of a lot of buyers and sellers frozen that they're sellers not enlisting the buyers not signing is just frozen I'm it's Were almost may one. What would you tell these guys who pre-printed democ? This was a great idea and now they're just frozen so so look. I think the advise I would give is going to depend on like A. Can you do this room? Do Records right in diagnosis. Oh so let me give you some parameters the way that I look at it so so if I'm if I'm a seller And I have a practice and we're relying on the Silla my breakfast for my retirement and I decided that this is okay. I'M GONNA I Still WanNa move on because this is not the way I wanNA brex might go to if I have a buyer this frozen saying my on flint me or because now the big nurse. Kaz. Where's the money gonNA come through from Hauer India's it's GonNa come from the bank? So the mini big set frozen. Should I lend this month so there are ways that you can deal with this? You can basically say look. I'm on give me half of what my value is. And let's do an earn out or five years and I'm happy to ten percent of your revenues until you've paid me out. So there is a deal to be made between the billing buyer in availing seller given the circumstances where it makes sense so in that example of a million reckless. I might accept six hundred thousand if I didn't need my breakfast. Take the other four hundred in a in earn out that or five year period because the young dentists. We're going to try and say I don't WanNa be you out. Someone new less production right. I have some say in the market economy in the in the dentist's initiative. I like the kid and and I was better than I like the kid. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA sit down and work it out. It's what you were to rational people come together and say you might practice. I want to sell it. This is a cloud right. But it's not my worthy million before the style game over it it's absolutely what six hundred thousand four hundred thousand. I'm willing to bet on. You will do five years. They nothing of the first year not ten percent of your revenues for the next four years after now running a little rant have you and then see the national question. At the end. Oral surgery oral surgeons have always been the most profitable money-making specialty mandate always made the most money they averaged four hundred and fifty thousand when when they come out of school with all their dat their base salary is always over three hundred thousand and then they usually get forty. Five percent of production is just so if you're in dental kindergarten school and you don't WanNa come out now and you WanNa spice obviously oral surgery has always been number one and endo when you and I were a little Indo was always number one because like when I got to Phoenix here I mean you know the guys like Matt Low and Liebowitz and all the all the genius Senate honest they were always doing eight to nine root canals a day and they they were at the same levels oral surgeons but now these young oil these new ended on has come out of school and they WanNa do the whole thing to a microscope. Because they actually believe they're neurosurgeons attaching nerve endings or whatever they're doing under the microscope and so they cut their productivity and a half. They've gone from eight to nine to four to five so when you look at. Endo the old ended honest or making bank and the young ones just every time they turn around they find another fifty thousand dollar machine to slow the root canal down another hour you know and that's kind of crazy But Ortho was though was was a great profession but that's a game of volume their roller skating from charity chair. And all these open bays and oral surgeons oh my oral surgeon friends or closing the the surgery door and putting a negative air pressure and and you know the the ended honest the same saying you know. They were always the most profitable and they weren't a game of volume but the orthodontist number three profitable but pediatric my pediatric Dennis. Franz and my orthodontist. They don't even know what they're gonNA do. They all got every pediatric dentist. I know right here on six. Open Bays My. Gosh what would you I mean talk about? I wish I was an oral surgeon. Earn ended on us. If you're an ended on US just I know you're in love with your microscope. But you need. You need a new friend. Spend more time with your spouse but God what what are you telling orthodontist and pediatric dentist in Scottsdale. Six Open chairs and obey so. Yeah there was quite a rent. The last the last five years of my time at spear has been spent You know wherever their disturbances their opportunities. So let's talk about the steady profession as a profession right. I think the the oral surgeons deserve all the money that they make because look at education. They went through right. It isn't easy to become a neurosurgeon Look at Endo right endo is also education. Perry was also education. The education is And so and so in the sixties was right. The restarted dockers did what they did and the specialist they did and there was no gray area. You'RE GONNA universities very clean very clear. Nobody was allowed to talk to those students. That are the business angle or or going to tax their students to do endo to do oral surgery. Or whatever and now it's it's rings are named out of corporate entities you've got you've got Young dentist learning how to do basic specialty procedures right Eh University Day. Hey Buddy how you doing man? Good good good. Is that your GRANDPA or the tooth. You GotTa took missing. Did he take it or in full off? Yeah you you've got a good. You're going to ramp up so even I worked on a name of awesome. You keep you here okay. Don't be grow every time every time I tell you the bar say cut it like GRANDPA. And he's like now so so so I think that the research specialist are going to do with the restored And so when you look at the complexity of cases a restored of doctor the doctors they super dentists to put the time and energy to becoming really good at what they do. They don't this amenities the spatial theories and I can do all the midnight courses that I won't on nine hundred. You undergoing to become an underdog. I'm going to become a neurosurgeon. So I WANNA would aside that statement because I've now gained such respect for the specialist Because of the work I've done within the last five years today. Forty percent of the endo. Don't staticy is actually reduce right. Actually reduce so well. Those are only on immigrants because all the dentist spell must meet people flying on your countries have no idea but I can tell you that it isn't and news and so and so so. The orthodontist model is going to have to change the began. A dentist mode is GonNa Change so for example if I have an open bay. Is there a gap between those those chairs right? How far is this chair for this year? I may have to go every other chair when I I commend. I may hit the book a UV light in place right by the chair. I may have to have special devices. That remove the Aerosol. But I'm going to have to take a look at that model in. Redo my my my approach to template right and so they're going to have an adjusting period. Where there have to organize their comeback. In a way that I may have escaped every other chair may have to look at safety standards that allow me to be an open bay with good mean. Uv lights right after each patient. Visit the way I stay patients. If won't be the fight patients waiting for me. I go boom boom boom boom boom. It may need to be a staggered approach. Where where I'm I'M. I'm keeping his estate every other chair empty so I if I have six years that might have three years three Bart right and then swap with the next batch and I'm GonNa have to get really good at making sure that all of that is optimized right. I'm GonNa be good at how many people are waiting in the front area Because if I have people coming in in the first Today the next major is a twenty or fifteen or a thirty I have. I have changed it. I may have to say. I'm GonNa have a template that has you know. I bet drives today but toughened bitch. The next Mitch might arrive at a den right so that I don't. I can control the flow in the reception area. They're going to have to become the orient been masters of You know really really well. And they've always matched tempting hasn't been the pediatric dentist. They're just GONNA take template to a new place and in in the yellow zone. They're not going to return to the productivity that they're used to but I have confidence that they will find ways to optimize how they schedule correctly with the health devices that keep them safe and by the way I just WanNa say it again because it's it's every other post on social media downtown emails so many people are saying they're waiting for a vaccine and I. I just wanted to tell you that that that I mean that's like saying I'm waiting for an eight for them to discover life on another planet waiting for a vaccine against corona virus. Which is the common cold though which is had a probably over one hundred billion thrown at us since one thousand nine hundred sixty and if you listen to the top virologists they. I mean in fact. I listened to one guy for an hour from Australia. The head of the viral and talk for an hour. Why he doesn't believe they'll ever get the vaccine now. Is He all excited? Yes because he's getting all kinds of money. He's hiring all kinds a new young. Phd grads. He is he going in there trying as hard as absolutely but does he think there's a chance in his lifetime now so so so. I WANNA go through. I'm going to go through four industries and I give you a quick. I I would love to do this. Podcast in February and and hope that your role right. Yup So so so my point is I will not make a decision based on a vaccine. I'M GONNA make a decision on do I want to practice dentistry a profession that I love going to make sacrifices to get into. You had to be a certain percentile of people that qualify to get in to get accepted. It's the hardest thing to get into it still now. It's still the number. One up the healthcare professions people up these new people like dental school. And this will medical school so I questioned that I agree with you but but where I'm saying it doesn't matter to me whether they come out with a vaccine or not because then they will be another thing they will come a- and so when I have to do another issue that occur in the world that we live in today and so what I'm saying is Decided that your dentist is sound. You Love Your Profession. Decide on the safety protocols and And Go back and go back when when your governing bodies allow you to go back in and learn how to deal with a new model practice period. Yeah I'm I'm not saying I'm bitter. But when I was in College Upjohn Pharmaceuticals was saying they were going. To Cure Mel pattern baldness and. I knew I would have it before graduation and I don't know if you can tell but if you look real close to my head they've been saying so. Yeah but you know we go back to strictly Einstein remember. Einstein kept saying there's no pass and there's no future there's only the president and so yeah I really hope they cure mel pattern baldness first and then get the current virus vaccine second but but hope is not a strategy. I it I hope it happens. Thrown a Lotta money. It may happen. I hope I'm wrong and I hope by Christmas. I'm getting I'm going to the barber getting a haircut. And there's a vaccine for dental decay gum disease and carnivorous by you. Just can't stride yet but I want to ask you four. I'M GONNA ask four questions in a row before you know when you look at the planet of seven and a half billion people. There's two million Dennis. There's about a dentist for every six thousand people. In the twenty richest countries there's five Physicians for one dentist and then in the poorest countries. There's five Dennis for one physician. You know you're not GONNA YOU'RE NOT. GonNa get treated for prostate cancer in the Congo. But you will find a dentist pull that tooth but the only two areas It's a very mature. Industry started with Peer Fish Art in France and then GB black but it's basically has been growing with economy except for two soft only only two sectors sectors been growing double digit the GDP and. That's been implants and clear. Liners I mean. These are double digit growth companies Let's start with implants because I'm your your your group has always been the The the low volume. You're across a male clinic. Some of the best implant politics in the world. I'm teach with you. Give us an update on implants colluded. Nineteen how how does that industry look for you and then I wanNA follow that with Clear liners so I think that Depending on the numbers you take a look at it as about two hundred million of these about five plus million. If you look at the study done I think it was done by American not the dental dentistry but outside Dentistry Health Association and then they started the number of missing teeth in North America. And it's north of five hundred million on seventy six percent of the population that went to a dentist in the last year period. Right and the study was an believe two thousand fourteen fifteen or sixteen and I don't think much has changed since so there is above five million missing the I. Data Research Group is a group that all implant companies fund to keep up on top of where this industry is going. And and so it's not funded by Stroman or by three it's funded by everybody right and so these about two hundred million implants that need to be done in North America. If every mile froze today is about thirty five to forty million individualist stations. That are walking around today. I believe last year we might have done south of six million implants a year or north of so. I don't I don't think the implants marketplace is slowing down. Anytime soon will slow down. Is dentist getting back to practice in diagnosing the implants and dentists and specialists partnering up to make sure that this that this that this one wonderful opportunity is given offer to patients in the right way basis accepted? So I think I really believe in my heart that was due to if I was a betting man and I'm not people thinking I'm the smartest businessman of the world and I I am I am not? I'm just the slightest guy in what I know right so whatever I choose to know I go as deep as I need to goal in order to become If you might an expert in a very narrow area my portfolio has always been stop picking. It's always been downsized. It was what I did with Mercer. And so you know I think the implant market is an exciting market to be in. I think that the specialist industry workers will always do well and and I think today they may be fifty thousand restored gropers doing implants in and then there is twelve thousand period. Notice neurosurgeons a doing implants. And I don't see that changing. I think they will continue to grow. It's GONNA HAVE A. We're going to do this right. Where the the because the consumer market is shut off. I think implants will ramp up in In will return to normal or the next eighteen months one of one of the things. I'm all unintended contracts. This obvious fourth. Twenty twenty will be my thirty year anniversary of being on tour and I've always wanted to write a book. My favorite show of the year is the Super Bowl and my second favourite show. The year is the rock and Roll Hall of fame. And I and I've got to Lecture Patterson brought to Cleveland and I spoke up there and it was so fun for me and I was all the speeches i. I've always asked him if I could get a collection of those speeches to write a book because they all have the same points and the points of all those speeches are they kept the band together and you know the police broke up so you is number one. I don't know if you two would have been that great. Police were to stay together. But you gotta keep the band together and you gotta stay open an in business and on the road and I'll never forget when cheap trick onto the rock and Roll Hall of fame. They had to duck out early because they had to catch a flight to Tokyo because they were playing in Tokyo the next night they just been on the road forever and I didn't know when I gave my first lecture that that would mean I would have lectured in fifty countries around the world but I really became an arbitrage guy Where okay well it gold selling for a dollar here and ninety cents here. I'm just going to buy it for ninety cents so I always look for. Where is all the when all these smart dentist? See something slightly different. I know that's where the hot spot is and I still can't wrap my mind around a why the general dentist place the far majority of the implants in Korea in Germany and Denmark and Sweden and Brazil. And it's really just. The United States and Canada. Were half of them are placed by specialists. Do Do you think I believe given enough time the whole pot stirs evenly. It'll even out but right now. You have countries like In Korea and many countries there's twenty countries or the average general Dennis three out of four General Dennis Place and implants this week. And then you go to the United States and it's it's the opposite you see that changing in the near term. Say Five to ten years. I don't think so coward you. Let's go back to topic that you've asked me about because it will make sense the missiles right ten years ago people said by the time two thousand twenty arrives seventy percent of the tenders are going to be working for. Corporate America would put. Is that today? We're in Arizona. Which is the highest since eighteen percent but but the tail but the long tell there's five states is not even one percent. I'm Stan Bergman the CEO Shine tells me he thinks it's about that they buy about twelve percent of the supplies so so Arizona's eighteen percent. Stan Bergman says it's twelve percent of his supplies I haven't asked Chuck Benko that question but it certainly certainly under twenty. I believe it's under fifteen right because you if you look at the count people say you know if I have four locations. I'm kind of like a group practice right so so. The definition of good practices is is really different today than it was in the past. So the Nisshin Emerson. Eso in I have eight locations. All of a sudden I am. I look like Bso Rene Missile. And that's my vision to continue to acquire practices find sources of funding. So it's not good because one thing that I have a faith that is that there's GonNa be diesels on right or wrong i. I've never believed that they were right and I've never believed that they were wrong. Independent practices is no right or wrong. I just think that they're gonNA be dentist. That are GONNA want to continue to remain independent in are gonNA find way to remain independent in create a partnership. So they can use the facility in a Broadway. So if I'm a solo practitioner working Monday through Thursday with Chairs I might bring in an associate will becomes a partner. It was spread out yonder. So we're opening the morning in the evenings and have access to our patient based in the Book Religion. And they're gonNA be fiercely independent so where will supposedly ten years from now or have you talked to the people that are into it. Bill give you higher number if you talk to the people who are not into they'll give you a much lower number and so there is in the right answer is going to be somewhere in between so. I don't believe that that in you're asking the wrong person because I don't have I I really have the information of these days Broken into different tiers right. So there's the young dentist or the That are producing seven. Eight hundred thousand One point five million so these different waste segment the dentist. I've never listened to the sooner the shock dentists and I've never listened to the dentist are struggling. I've listened to the And when I listen to the Middle. They don't want whatever whatever reason they're made up here their profile is some of them. I don't want blood just don't and and so their their preference is to partner with a great special. They will do the because when I get back if I were storm door career networking with a great surgeon with very oral surgery when the gates comes back with operated might bark that is up with the crown in ten minutes later. I'm done and it's a thousand dollars. Whatever my fees up right so I think in North America we have a different profile we just do and so and I can't explain it hard because you go over there and they each stuff that we're not gonNA eat until a in so I think we have across ladder of of dentists that have chosen the profession not to be super dentist. Look be great that and be supported by and I think that still more than half the petitioners out there. I mean many many practitioners that I don't want to do. I'M GONNA learn about implants so that I can diagnose it and see in the distended but I don't want to do and I might the simple ones and so I think you're gonna see the simple ones will continue to increase to be done by the restored. Daughters were the ones that have complexity associated with it. You'RE GONNA see you're gonNA see a reporter. Well you promised me an hour. He can't take into overtime. Because I'm still got some a bunch of questions hours. I want to go back to the supernet thing because it's a plague. I mean I mean the the your your model has to incorporate the history and in one thousand nine hundred healthcare was one percent at GDP. There were no specialties. By two thousand was fourteen percent of GDP and the NBA's had fifty eight specialties. We had nine now. It's twenty twenty healthcare seventeen percent of GDP and dentistry team more especially yet. There's all these dentists who WANNA BE Super Dennis. They they say they say they WANNA master Indo and Perry on silver diming floride and and the nears and cosmetics. They WanNa do it all and I'm like okay. So you're saying we're going back to one thousand nine hundred. There's not gonNA be specialties. There's going to be this. This superman is going to walk into a phone booth. Come out with the Cape on and fix any part of your body. Well how do you? How do you coach a dentist to stay focused when they're just I mean look at even the Madd? I got my. Gd My M. A. D. I got my diplomat in the international conquered but I- consolidated all of them into just be FD But these guys did you get to be empty. But with the deal. The deal is on. How do you coach a super dentists? That's just run into implant. I mean He. They've they've literally are going to and then they say well I'm going to add sleep apnea T- NJ and clear liners and I'm like. Oh my so look. It comes down to it. Comes down to this right. You've known the Longtime Howard. You have no idea how many times people come up to be with a business idea. We gotta do this. And it's an innovation and this laser or implant system or you know so so I'm pretty locked the principal right what I say yes to something. I'm saying no to something else. So the question is what am I saying Yes to? I don't care who you are. You can't get good at something on this. You're doing it frequently so if I was a restored but how many implants place in my practice one a month to month when you say people do implants. I'll sit the majority of their associated doctors. The jury the outliers are as I said I never pay attention to the outliers. The outliers foolish right and so and so I could get good implants. I can't get him. I going to do and do so. It comes down to the value of my time. What is the value my time and I'm telling you Howard that I've seen the financials of twenty thousand dentists through my days at Mercer in the one was shocked the ones that were super dentist right. Many of them didn't have successful practices because they were weak in their new patients to suffer. Because you have one failure and you lose no just a person use the entire family so it never been my philosophy that specialist should do specialty work in GP SHOULD GP. Were might might. Philosophy is specialist will do with Restoring Yorkers Khandu in what they fail it. 'cause I'm GONNA do their failures and so the question then becomes how do we how do we? How do we convince the restoring doctor that being a super dentist has of course associated with you? GotTa look at the cost of long as it takes me to do the procedure. What is our right so if I spent. I'm just making this up two hours doing an endo which by the way is not uncommon with many restorative practices. Ninety minutes can get can be a long time or I can spend the twenty minutes that I need to spend when the patient comes back in what. I'm good at right. So so he comes down to the following. Emmett economically driven or am. I just bored and I want to learn to do this other types of dentistry because it meaning to my life I enjoy being the dentist or is it a bit of a book. Yes I'm GonNa Promise you that about in old cookie. Maybe eighteen percent of the dentist had aspired to be super dentist. They go down the back of learning a our our mutual friend Who passed away. Carl Nash Right. He had a very organized curriculum. And you went through it and we can moderate. You were capable of doing a degree. But even then you know your body's or you referred right so I will say to you that it is absolutely important. Iot norcal specialist in its was Franks core. He had to study clubs in his heyday in the old days. We believe very firmly that the restoring doctor in the specialist should be in an industry partnership in the the specialist. This should not restrict the restoring doctor but support restorick doctor in the restoring order should not think that can do everything. They should embrace this specialty relationship. And so some were here. It isn't it isn't white. There's a gray area and many weaker. Just help them with the gray area. They should have better care. Finished would sleep better at night. I like that. I'm so the next thing I want to ask about is I'm we're talking about That's growing fascinating. Konami had dental implants and clear. Liners were growing double digit and the rest of the dental industry is pretty much just growing slightly above the the local economy but so the orthodontist are just. They're getting attacked on every front. They had the smiles direct club and then they were suing them away and then the pandemic broke out and it turned out. Dentistry was better and so now they're sitting there with six open bays and smiles direct club. Who's like we're going to do this? Were your new Orthodox. Because we're going to the whole thing taller dentistry health and I'll my gosh. I'm I don't think there's a special. I mean the recognizes twelve specialties. I obviously on Orlando's gotTa be under the most pressure and ended honest by the way ended on his are under a lot of pressure. But if you if you send me an email at Howard at dental town dot Com I will come by and still your microscope. And and you'll be okay. You're into time in half you'll go from two hours to one hour you'll double your money and so what? I mean and then the question they're going to ask you which I know you won't answer because you're a gentleman but smiles directly their stock. I mean it's it's on all the way down to three bucks would would you be if you're an orthodontist? You just sell your practice buyer by smiles drag club stock at three bucks or so. What what So tell dentistry. So that that's the question Tele Dentistry Is is smiles. Club GonNa make a massive entry into orthodontics by doing this all on facetime and not having to go to a location and how will the orthodontist was one of that so here? Here's kind of how I look at this right you're right. I'm not going to answer that other question. I will tell you this I if Liam saying he wanted to be. An orthodontist attempt a good pre right. Because I've been around. This is only a year enough right so I might change my mind but if he said dental I wanna be invalid density unbelievable. You know. It's awesome Leah Brandon. I we need to support him. Because Khalil Lizzy are are great parents. And they're they're doing fantastic with without the seed life and how they see raising bit. The grandson What I'm so fascinated by writers. It's Another time that discussion. But you've been through six experiences. I me at my first one so I'm a maniac. I'm on steroids. Trying to be the best company in the world reading everything I can about it. But my message is this. You know I get the sense that in dentistry we look for the next magic bullet in right now. It appears that the Knicks Limit might be tell the dentistry for the restored Golkar for the specialists so that I can filter the patient bitter and create the right kind of appointment and maximize their visit. My belief is that the way that I answer it. Is this look at movies. A movie comes out and he comes out where it comes out in theaters right so when the television came about in the movies coming on television. Netflix etc. We say the kid is go out of business. It's some reinvented the experience so the I pick here just shutdown Because they were all in their relocating for somewhere else. But all of the theaters around Bala having different experience you reserve your seat You can order wine you can order food and instead of spending twelve doors movie in the doors club does. We're not looking to cater in icy people. Spending Eighty Ninety hundred doors by the time they get done with their wine and their food in the movie will be in hotel. Rooms that MRS people who if they can get in eighteen? Nineteen bucks in many comes out on on Apple ahead of time at Nineteen Bucks and then you can rain for five ninety nine and then it shows the nets lakes and so none of that night. It was just more exits in created more more opportunity. Today we have quoted one thousand nine hundred. Some of the movies are being launched on Apple. Now I haven't seen the research study on. Did they do better by launching own apple where you buy for nineteen fifty? I rented one for nineteen fifty because I really wanted to see the movie. And the data shut down so it was. It was the at the time. It was the latest of the bed boys or at night so I watched it on blood right and and it was cheaper for me because I didn't have to. I can find it on my point. Is that the all of this is going to expand the market and I think they will be empty for everybody but I also think that Patients are going to. They're afraid you're still a fridge. It may have a computer on it now where it sees. What's in there and you're running. Children Milkin will tell you that you're missing a carton better water. They're doing all of that. Seoul technology is integrating with the human experience refrigerator. Fridge Dental Breakfast Especially break so even though I might do some talent dentistry I from the majority of the people still want to go to. They are not gonNA Trust That I can tell the dentistry and decide. The kind of gone extended is still. It's I think it's going to be a blender I know you answer but I I'm still going to be that annoying journalists and keep asking but my gosh went smiles rextall goes from twenty one to three and I mean some of these I mean Henry Shines gone from seventy to fifty. You just have is they. WanNa know are you. Are you dipping your toes end these dental stocks? Are you still sitting on the sideline? Anger's going to be more down drafts. I I have a I have the majority of my portfolio is designed to be nonstop decking like I I look for dividends long term safety You know and so It's I don't stop pick. Let's put it to one side right to the wrong person to ask because I've always believed in the loss of heaven if you haven't made by risk it. I'm happy with when people are getting eighteen percent. Unhappy with seven percent if people are getting losing twenty five percents. I'm happy losing seven percent so I try and stay. Once I made my money tries to even I will bet on myself way before the market right so if you look at spirit I bet on myself leaving. Rizwan bet on themselves With which beer frank himself with spirit. So I'm going to better myself right. I'm going to bet if I'm a dentist. Embedding myself now. If I do have a gambling fund and again me plan is a very small slice. I'm talking are five percent of my portfolio that I get to who has an yes. I've double down on healthcare. So I'm not gonNa tell you which because I don't want to be responsible for people but I've done it because I think that we're going. Look if you look at urine economists by as a student if you look at any market any organization any in Howard Review did a study Howard did a study published in Howard Review. Remember which which urine what the article was but I remember reading and it's easy found by the way that article. I remember reading That that all the money is made in the market right so if when real estate was now right how people did what they got into trouble right. They lost money. We there was a lot of people that lost their houses. We all those crisis and there were other people that were buying thousands of homes a month redoing renting if you drive in Arizona today in Phoenix Scottsdale. She won't he's apartment buildings coming up. They can't put him up fashion of because as a rental market that is that is going to continue to increase because companies are moving here so I believe very strongly that the the the dental market would return that. That is the right time to buy if you have gambling. Funds is on when when it's down knowing it's used to have a fairy seven where the shoeshine boy kills me which doctor by I don't want to be in the market right so but is this the crisis we're in now is not a crisis of economy. It's the crisis that we've shut down. The consumer bet consumers return so a fine him an appetite for long term investing. I by good companies in the right market conditions and I hold onto them to write this market right so yeah my bet. Mcginlay right now is on in healthcare. I WANNA to pivot to the class of twenty twenty. I mean my gosh. They're talking about just not being lucky This year I try to remind him I'd rather gradually today than in the middle of the civil war. I was born in nineteen sixty to one hundred years. After the emancipation proclamation. When one out of thirty Americans were killed. Everything was made a. Would they fought with fire? I mean imagine graduating Dansko when the whole country was burned down one out thirty. I'd rather be attacked by a virus than you know another country Pearl Harbor. Whatever there is worse but it's bad and they're they're saying things all the time like while the if your practice is down twenty-five percent even you're not going to hire an associate. I mean they. The reality is they're they're the bottom of the totem pole. The the owner doctor is scheduled falls apart. He let's be associated go on DSL. Was I mean? Let's be Frank. I'm Moody's has downgraded the largest. Dso's twice already in the last month We just had They're reporting on dental town a large DSL in Canada as for the stop payment on their checks. Dental lab technicians are getting on dental town. Saying I can't believe this. These guys got all these locations and they put a stop payment. On THEIR JUGS. We had finest dental collapse. So there's in their thinking. Gosh Darn I graduate dental school next month. It's it's weird April thirtieth. They're going to walk out of school. Are they going to have a job anywhere? What would you how the class of twenty twenty as sixty five hundred? Dentists are graduating next month. And they're like talk to me ever. I've never with you. I've always been. I've never promoted spear we've been a conversation about do it because you're a friend you have come to my health. I was down and out and I remember. He took a position for me. And I've I've never forgotten that that position for me so you know who your friends are when when you're down and out right And you came to my house and so my father and my house and we had an interesting conversation and you mentioned you and I we. We talked to says who is going to take me to the bathroom and change if I was not an out and it's going to be right and so so today we're why am I getting emotional about this because I just did this full filthy rich and I define what fulfilled rich means. It means the people that you can come and I can tell you. Our there are very few people you can come from experience. We started thinking about Harvey. GonNa help the universities. Because they're they're the ones that are in real trouble so we took one of our best resources. You Know Steve and he is now standing of fair amount of time trying to get universities. Help with what we can offer. In order to the students engaged go. It's not just the class of twenty the highest head but the next class after that we've gotTA figure out. How do we help those so so? I don't have the numbers you might not than I do because this is but I think they six thousand graduating plus minus so this is my message to all of Dentistry Mrs to dentistry. We have a responsibility to the classic. Twenty we just do so. There is going to be a significant number of hygienist into one or go to breakfast and promise you there. Part time that they need to practice they stay home. You know that an I know they're gonNA know feel safe. And I WANNA come back Ono. If you be percentage our I would guess fifteen maybe twenty percent right have the luxury a off saying. I'M NOT GONNA go back on fine. Have Ligier saying that it would stay home and then we'll return literature and will hire them because we'll need the hygienists so they have this choice. These assistance good assistance. That another retur right but they can return when the times are good or they change the profession so I have two messages. I've a message to the regionals. Aplenty you get into a practice and you become the hygienist. If you have to for the period of time for a successful practice that has had three hygienists in the state that allows it. He's not going to do three. Hygienists find that person and say let me be your hygienists and let me be associated and then let me be your partner and I'm GonNa be patient right. My message to the dentist is where you got the capacity where you had the capacity and the hygienist is no we'll come back to it and then I want to say to the dentist. It's coming up graduating. He's saying that. Look if the dentist is short an assistant a day because the assistance he hit three now is bringing back one from time to time. He's going to need some sport. Be that person support. Do the shoulder embiid assistant and learn. I if if I had a graduating dentists today I had a a variety is in north Vancouver. My nephew. My sister's son my only family member that became Medina's I say don't worry about making money. The first year find the best practice you can cause you learn more being a great breakfast than you today. So I'm saying to the class of twenty these only six thousand days absolutely six thousand opportunities that are Alka. You have to approach the referring doctor to the specialist that might know who these dentists are. The supply reps might know these dentists and basically said. I'm willing to take care of hygiene for those people that want to come back in are not an there no coming back and I'll happily do hygiene. Forbear time until there's enough demand where hygiene industry can be partnered up so into part-time part-time dentistry. And then over time. We'll move out so that's number one number. Two I think is now my messages to the dentist. There were going to bring on associates but then stalk or had healthy hygiene departments and now that I did this oncoming think about a residency program in your breakfast with wanted to six thousand wonderful dentist. They're gonNA graduate. Keep them salary. A nominal salary and say for this salary was thing. I'm just making this number. Howard if my hygienist eighty thousand. I'm going to be eighty thousand to do that. Jin Work and then I will let you do the dentistry on the days. Got Another being breakfast because patients are GONNA want access. So if I'm working Monday through Thursday you work Friday. You can work any evening. You want to you you. Gary the beeper usually with the emergencies. So I think that this is time for dentistry to step up at like pedestal of at night Shane to stable but night the bank was. I want people to step up and look after these six thousand. We have a response to it. They went into dentistry with a lot of open passion. And they can come out and they're going to change the attitude about what they're gonNA make you`re. GonNa have to change their attitude about what they're going to do in the restored gawkers get created. You were successful Crisis usually successful when we get past this and so use this opportunity. If I didn't want to come back and higher this wonderful now try. Try to make a quick comment. Because I'm down to one question. I know you got a lot on the schedule. But you know what's really so amazing to me is the Mike Colorado. Dennis friends aren't having to deal with this hygiene issue because they have independent practitioner. And my and I talked for my Colorado Denison. Oh my gosh. You're hygienist WANNA come back to work and because the high volume and all this stuff and I wish that when this is all done and said that we gave the hygienist independent practitioners because the It's dentistry is not a game of volume anymore. I mean the whole thing was set up going all the way back to question the eighties that I'm GonNa go numb of this patient than a hiding. Jags seat a crown. Prep A- to the time and Motion Studies. Yeah I'm I'M GONNA bounce. It's no longer a game a volume and if the patient wants to go to the all the independent practitioners. I know from here to Australia. They it's in their house. They went and they took out their dining room table. They put in Opera Tori. Their phone is their iphone and one person comes to their house and they do the cleaning and if they see something and they send a referral to the Dennis up the street. So one way to solve the whole hygiene problem and plus. I'm a big fan of competition. I'm when I was a little boy when you walk down the sidewalk on Saturdays Sunday. Every third garage was the bad the sun and the uncle trying to fix the car because they were none of them worked and then when Japan and Germany start sending in those little Volkswagen bugs and those little Datsun. B Two tens and they drove one hundred thousand miles without blinking. All the sudden American cars got really really good. And I think that if you're If the only way you can maintain hygiene department has taken away. Their economic freedom to absolve independence. That's just horrible. And I think when all these hygienist right now are screaming. I'm afraid to come back to work. What better time than to just say than than than stay home in being independent practice and do that? But that's that's where I WANNA have my final question. But it was the lead in to cad Cam because again we started this with your rating on a virus. I was told in Dental School That the French had this Sarah Technologies Cad Cam and got out of school in eighty seven months of Syriac one and then I was so happy ten years upgraded the Sarah to and then came back three and then and it really wasn't even it didn't even wow me till the. Omni Jam came out and that's when it really got. Wow but now that that is three is no longer a game of volume. I really don't WanNa make a temporary and have you back two weeks. If there was ever a time I wanted to just see you one time. I mean I'm envisioning you come in and we're just GONNA have a two three hour point I'm GonNa do. You're cleaning your xrays. If he had won felling do it. You broke it. I just I'm going to see you for three hours. And just do Imtiyaz from his nose to his toes one visit. Do you see this as a rebirth of the CAD Cam. So you can't come very very good momentum before coveted. It was returning to normal place. I think that this is. This is the You know in two thousand eight people asked me with this economy. Why are you so committed to the Saragan? I said I'm not committed to the Serik because of the word Sarik. I'm committed to the word sack because it is about once single-story dentistry and I see the future being very much that and so it's my belief in the company. Serono which is now identified. It was believed at the time was Michael Organ Was was the person that I was working with It was my belief in that in in a bad economy. The Bay should is GonNa come into your practice. And they're gonNA be in the now in they'll say yes now would have walked to the front disc in making the point. They cancelled them. Come back so it was more than single. Visiting was about consumerism. It was about making it. Easier would call removing the friction. The friction is I got by getting a car. Then I gotta find my way to your parking lot. They're not gonNA come to your recessionary them. GonNa sit in your chair and then you can examine me. And then you're gonNa tell me that I need to come back to get the dentistry. And then you're gonNA tell me. I've gotta finish what I saw the the the model back in two thousand eight and jump all the way it was. What was the heartbeat of what used to be called the center for Dentistry? Now we've got brands spear we got the brand seadogs in. We're excited about about technology more than ever before. I think the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second time is today. I feel that way about the Sarah. I think it's an absolute. The question is how do we get people seeing that when? I'm just worried about going back to breakfast. And that's the judge what he will not. Because I still believe that this is an answer so we would love the sixteen thousand whatever. The number is petitions. That already want to sack the use it more because they bind this unit and they use it occasionally. So I would say to you that we want more death in the user base which is already occurring but on the traffic. We see. 'cause they're using this downtime in better skill sets that properly seadogs. It's unbelievable what's going on there but I think there is no question wondering what percent. I'm very clear that this is. I don't know the reports but I think it is the the awareness that's been out there. Should I do? Should I put the pendulum is going to be easier to say I should do? It is it. Is it fair enough to say from the days of L. D. Panky to today that dentistry is now no longer a game of volume more than ever before my input on that is a thousand percent? Yes it's always been the philosophy that is built Every business that ever been involved with it is it is it is better to have fewer clients and really serve them. Well like we could Her you know we could be a ninety percent marketshare we wanted to but we know what our marketplaces and And I think that you know for example Nights sixteen hundred videos on learning. We have a sixty thousand members. They station engagement on it. And it's two hundred dollars a month right and so they aired dot com or spare online dot com. It's just if you go to spiritual Coombe you'll get destroyed nine. It's it's it's I don't two hundred dollars a month and we're giving them business strategies through return on a self serve netphone with every step that they need to take over doubt And so I am. I'm super excited about because I think it's a It's a Nation in innovation is misunderstood. We think it's new. Innovation is really the same thing in a different way right and so I- this period of time has the demise. The people need to come to death because they Stein and and I. I don't think that experience will go away because it'll stay with us so so you know from a steer perspective super excited about the future. We have two hundred employees. We twitter deploys for the campus. Learning we we needed to employees to take a campus learning in augment online learning today online. Learning is the heartbeat of our organization and campus augments online learning. So we've changed the way. Education should be delivered. Sarah has changed the way Dennis who should be deliver? Stein has always been right but it is never more than now. Because you're right. I WANNA do more with listeners. Uses that uses my next guest. People work for me by half so final. Final question is promise. I've vital final question. We we started that. There's not going be the Super Doc. Strategy you know from no specialties. To now there's twelve The the the four biggest areas that they need they could be using this downtime to learn more with online see implants. Indo LINERS CAD CAM. Put them in order. What would be first? Second third fourth cad can be one would be number one in one hundred percent supports the everyday dentistry that I do that I been. I can be completed thorough and comprehensive with that. They should write the rest. I think is Kinda parallel to me right. Because it's it's about. It's about patient. Need impatient dry. It's so I think at game is it might be Serik I don't seek Ed Kim. I see Sarah Might blood. I still believe it's it's the system and so I've seen the innovation that they're doing into the future and so I'm a firm believer of that of the technologies. I see number one not because of my love for Sarah because we happen to be the education center around it but when I wasn't the largest education in two thousand eight around it just begin and I will tell you categorically that it is absolutely a serious technology that people need to look at that have looked at it but revisited based on the tank would you started with would you saying L. D. Panky in all the Dawson Institute in points and Franken and all these people were into holistic dentistry right We were lucky. Enough to get frank to do Take the idea of treatment planning and case acceptance and institutionalize it right. Because he's he's the only one he maybe it's maybe five percent of extorted sphere right now but he's legacy is is value. His framework is what we built this entire process on and and you know the idea of economic excellent practice excellence and Clinical Excellence. Gin absolutely coexist. That's the idea is still the most valid idea in my opinion and supports slowing down and doing comprehensive dentistry in you. It's more per visit to be really. It's more visit but in a in a way. That's comprehensive in nature. So I you promised me an hour and I was slick willy enough to still for an hour and thirty seven minutes. I feel really good about dad and I I was supposed to podcasts. Frac- and it was cancelled by the pandemic. So I hope my kid bring frank back. That's I company but into thank you so much for coming back on the show for a second time when they When you know when you're a sea captain and the storm heads and you're looking for a lighthouse I think of Imtiyaz Monje thanks for Being Dentistry as lighthouses rough waters and I hope you come back on the show again some day. You've been home. I don't come back in these times. I want to come to celebrate or Take Care Raid Day. Take Care Bye.

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EP. 296 - Piedmontese Owner Shane Peed and Kayla Springer

Mark Bell's Power Project

1:22:39 hr | 1 year ago

EP. 296 - Piedmontese Owner Shane Peed and Kayla Springer

"ENCIMA I hate to admit this but you lookin pretty damn good lately. You're looking like snack over there. I know you got any room for any snacks era in nutrition in your diet now. Oh you're trying to stay keep everything pretty clean Well I mean yeah I kind of have room You know I kinda Overdo the snack thing but like I do like the cookies because again. They have good amount of fiber. They're they're not. They're not something that like. I really tend to overeat on but they hit the spot and like when I needs something that can get me some little sweetie alike. Those those are good. Yeah and for people that struggle and they have a hard time with snacks. I would recommend this as something that you do. At the the end of the day and that way You go to bed. You're satisfied had some sweet and you can You can turn over to something new in start a new day. What he got over they're Andrew? Didn't say Sweetie Sweetie Lutheran over here if you guys want some of that Sweetie Sweetie goodness head over over to quest nutrition dot com. Enter Promo Code Marks Quest at checkout for twenty percent off all the sweetie sweetness so insieme I know you know. Oh you come from a background of kind of counting calories way and stuff and things like that but more recently. You've been doing a lot of intermittent fasting and you cut out a lot of carbohydrates rates right. Yeah I've been going Super Super Super Low carb How you doing that with Jitsu an power and you're still strong? I mean I think it was just a two months ago or so. You pulled like a seven twenty ninety five dead lift. Yeah No. It's I think it took a little bit of getting used to and it took a little bit of experimenting with things I could use it in my fast. Make it go a little easier so I wasn't. You know feeling like crap. I think some of the perfect product pretty awesome for that to Like the MCAT oils in the morning. But Yeah it just I. It took some time it took some getting used to uh not having anything in my stomach and not eating food during the day my My brother really struggles with a fasting. He can't fast and I was like well. What if you have you know some? MCAT not oil and your coffee. He's like Oh yeah I can fast then so he could make it 'til like one or two o'clock each day. A lot of people really struggle with that too hungry You know and the perfect Kito products. I think thinker perfect addition to anybody. That's trying to mess around with fasting trying to make some good lifestyle changes to their diet. You can try the bars you can try the MCAT oil. They also have college. I mean they sell all kinds of stuff and all the products are really super high quality. People should be check it out. Check out perfect Kato. What are we got Andrew? Tell more to find it. KOMO's our listeners. Can Enter and staying Ketosis is today by going to perfect KENO DOT com slash power project and use Code Power Project and get fifty percent of all perfect kito products. It's that time of year. It's that time of year when everybody gets fat right sad time. When everyone goes off their diet everyone goes off plan? But if you have food to taste good you don't have to go off plan. If he got some Piedmontese Monti's stakes You don't you don't need to worry about what's being cooked up for Thanksgiving or what's being up for Christmas or you don't have to involve involve yourself with what everybody else is doing. You can keep it Kito or keep it You know keep that protein up nice and high with some Piedmontese stakes. I cooked be a big old rabbi. Did you say I did. That's I was successful leading. Sit and I did a reverse sear which I've never done before I couldn't figure out how to do it either because like the river was gigantic. And so I was just like I don't know what to put it in and put it on so I put it on like an iron What the hell those called the cast iron pan and through that in the in the oven cookie like that for probably twenty minutes because it was massive? Somebody told me like it only like ten minutes but this thing was huge so did twenty minutes and then when I took it out I cooked it for about another five on each side and it was just absolutely ridiculous. It was it was so good. Hate the whole thing. Well I had a little help from daisy. My little dog she she helped me one bite for like one bite for us would be like half her body weight so I saved the dog bone my put the dog bone in the freezer. 'cause our birthdays coming up. WHO ooh? That'll be cool. Take pictures for us. Hell Yeah Yeah so If you guys want to check the stuff out like Piemontese beef has been huge huge for me with this whole shred thing and when I noticed the biggest like eye-opener was when I calculated Piedmont. Tease Macaroni and then I had just like AH ground beef. And I'm like oh I definitely don't want that I'd rather have this because I have way better stuff here. Yeah but anyway during this month. We're actually not running a promo code with them. They are just giving everybody twenty five percent off Bam. Yeah so if you guys want to get serious yeah yeah so if you wanNA check this stuff. NFL head over to Piedmontese. Dot Com. That's P. I E. D. M. O. N. T. S. E. DOT COM. Everything's already twenty five percent off. If you WANNA support the show us the link in the show notes right now. Hello isn't usually. Let me on the air fifty yell. I'm like I couldn't hear myself the the whole time you share. That was working these thing. I've made the mistake. I I thought that was seized microphone. So I wasn't gonNA turn his on but you know how we kit around all the time about like when that things are not that actually happened the other day with Carlos. Oh twenty minutes any like I hate just any timing. Let me know you're ready. We can start and I was like I started a long time ago. He's like no. I gotta hit the record button. I think the only time that happened here on air not on air was always like messing with the compressor and ready to go. He's like dude. I've been going for like twenty minutes. I I thought we were My bad I think it was a time the rock was here. We missed the whole thing that no that was the that was the podcast we did in the coffee shop L.. That's right yeah. The loss copy coffee shop episodes. Looking what are we favorites and see me. You know anything about cows No I really. Don't I know that he'd Montes. He's cows or jacked and we need to get to the bottom of this. We need to figure out what's going on with these things. Have you seen pictures of them and they look like professional bodybuilders. It's crazy car are they. Are Are these piedmontese cows lifting weights. Or what are they doing. Why are they so jacked? They are one hundred percent natural in fact. Yeah they have for Natty like they. Don't they're not on any strewn or growth hormone and then they don't even lift bro Right. No hormones no antibiotics. It's it's all genetic actually the Piedmont t's have inactive milestone gene so milestone is gene that regulates muscle growth and in the Piedmontese nineteen. It's an active so they just continued to grow and grow. How do we get that million dollar question on so it? It exists and a few other breeds of cattle A few Belgian blue cow and stuff like that Yup but Piedmontese is the only breed where it's actually linked to tenderness so so it's usually super like typically cows that have this deficiency. It's usually they taste horrible Yes so the meat will be tougher because it so much it's it's it's always leaner But it causes muscle hyperplasia so increase Increased a number of of muscle fibers and cells in the muscle tissue. Which means less room to deposit connective tissue so basically with beadman? Tease actually actually like the leaner. The leaner cut gets the more tender. It'll be does a cow grow throughout his whole life. Does it continue to get like more and more jacked. Older gets so like cows that are used for breeding purposes Those don't like it is still somewhat limited by the amount amount of feed intake that they can have over their life by a cow. Well stop growing at certain point the bowls uh they actually will just continue to grow you. Get to like a four year old Piedmontese boy and I mean they can outward the twenty five hundred pounds so I I think with hyper pleasure. It's like it grows until it until it's life is over with like a mouse. The mouse will grow muscle tissue Until it's no longer around but the longevity of a of a bowl is a is a bit shorter than than breeding cow Brim Bowl Typical lifespan may be in in the four to six year range With the cow they will They will just continue and continue until they don't get bread and that's basically when they're called from the heard because it costs too much to maintain a cow for an entire entire year if if they're not producing a CAF So we've we've had cats in our system that are upwards of fifteen years old G so they have much more longevity than than the bowls typically the bowls. They work a lot harder. Basically is what it amounts to When they get turned out into a breeding pastures It it Aw has has a you know a lot of wear and tear on on on the animals of time. Especially when they get to that point where they're four or five years old and they and they way that much and that's that's not just unique to specifically to the Piedmont breed though like any other breed dyke breeding balls will will continue to grow For more than than council so beyond a brand Piedmont. Tease is a certain kind of cows. Well so it's it's the brand certified Piedmont Cheese and Piedmont. Tease is the breed of cattle. That we that we raise that originated in the Piedmont region of Italy so North West Italy near the border. France is where Piedmont region lies and by the way nice. While you're the the breed was discovered there in the late nineteenth century and brought over the original will importation into Canada of five cows was made in the late seventy s but it's remained relatively obscure breed in North America because the breed doesn't marble that heavily. So if you don't have an in consumer market for this product it's it's not going to create that well on the scale because that's all based off of intramuscular auburn so it never really caught on. Because if they if the producers don't have the link to that end consumer It's GONNA be a difficult product to to market and that's why. Hey you know. We recognize that opportunity when we got into it because we wanted to take them vertically integrated approach to our business so we wanted to own cattle as well as sell beef uh-huh and that's a relatively uncommon in this industry a lot of times. You have a producer who sells cavs at like a sale barn the WHO then it goes to a feeder the feet or we'll market it to the slaughterhouse of Solder House. We'll sell it to a wholesaler and it may go through five different hands before it reaches in consumer and and we WANNA take an integrated approach that so we knew we could. We had our unique opportunity than as well to market Piedmont tease for the value. That the the the breed has what's the difference between Like in terms of Getting meet what's the difference between organic organic and non organic and what's the difference between a grasp fit grass-fed and non. Don't all cows eat grass. I mean All cattle due do eat grass and only grass for the majority of their lives so a Catholic typically stay on the mother. Akao before their weaned until they're about five or six hundred pounds and then they're weaned off at the cow and and then that's where they go to back on to a feat thought or sometimes what we refer to as a background in yard. That's kind of intermittent step up to a a feed lot but even at that point Even a calf wants its reach. A feat thought their their diet will still be sixty see to eighty percent roughage dress so They know they never eat. One hundred percent grain We recently within the last Couple years have launched a grass-fed Piedmontese line. So those animals are one hundred percent grass-fed grass has finished. They never received any grain or grain pry byproducts in their ration For the people who are who are desiring a grass-fed product. We do offer that as well so finished means it's all gress autographs. Yeah Okay what about You know what are maybe some other companies or other people feeding cattle to get this kind of intra muscular fat like is there. Is there some things things like that were doing. That aren't great. That people should maybe be paying attention to or so again. Back to the point that our cattle are all natural so so no hormone implants That's a that's a big selling point to our to our program As well as no antibiotics and that's been a bit of a controversy within the industry and the general public is What essentially like a indiscriminate use of of antibiotics addicts And feedlots settings where You know the entire herd may be treated because one animal gets sick or they're actually actually just in some cases can be just treated with antibiotics almost as a preventative measure And you know that raises slot concerns over Kerry through the antibiotics to the finish meat product as well as antibiotic resistant strains that are being found in and cattle now and then what about What impact does it have like what? What's the negative connotation surrounding Feeding these animals hormones like what does does that. Do something negative to us as well. I think that's still out for for debate. Eight I mean there is this from the numbers that I've seen. There is a slight increase a hormone level in in the meat compared to other food food product. So if if you've ever seen this information it's relatively insignificant. I give you compare it even to Tofu or or soy proud of our podcast has got shut down. Hello Hello Hello in terms of the way you guys take care of these cows. How does it compare to like what you guys do? Differently in taking care of them versus other companies so were very big on The humane treatment of animals You know obviously it's best for the animals. It's best for the bench meat product as well because when you have animals That live lower stress life. They produce quality meat Especially during the finishing stages we hear that a lot of hunters and stuff like house. Well yeah basically just let them be cows you know. Let them live their life. Yeah I mean you don't need to stick a whole bunch of them. In one area we let them roam all that that kind of stuff so I mean we just we just treat them like you know like they were not pets but you know we we treat them with respect and you know it shows in the product as well another big thing there. We don't allow the use of potshots which is like electrical shock. That's used sometimes in cattle handling and do due. 'cause I'm not familiar with this either so it's basically to get a moving. I guess is what it boils down to. And you know there's better ways to handle animals like say if you have to Lodo Mao to to a truck Or anytime they're being handled like into a pen setting when they when they need to be. We don't allow these potshots so kind of going back on your question with organic no People like organic and stuff like that. But you're also paying four to say that you're paying the government for them to say yes this Ganic and stuff like that so you have to have organic feed And you have to pay for that organic and you have to pay the government for that so I mean you're GonNa pay a lot more for organic. That's another reason to why organic is so expensive So I mean if you know you're gonNA pay her what she get. Obviously in that office. He shows through with our product as well because we do take care of it. No we're not saying organic but we're we're we're pretty transparent. I mean we tell you how we raise our animals we tell you what we're feeding them and everything like that. So I mean as long as you're being honest You're gonNA feel good about the president or eating in the end some further clarification that to our grass fed program is non Jima like we don't feed any GMO feed To our to our grass finished I animal We can't although it's very minimal. We can't validate that for Regular Piemontese product on just because like when you introduce grain or grain byproducts into cattle feed ration. It becomes very difficult to remove Hi GMO sources of feeding that into kind of speak to the GMO. Little bit more to There have been studies. I've seen as well. You know the amount of Komo it's going to end up in your meat product is going to be you know. Point zero zero zero zero zero zero point one. So you're GONNA have to eat a lot of beef in order to get the GMO's into your body so I mean the GMO aspect kind of applies a little bit more to what you're actually ingesting yourself directly with the grains so I mean a lot of the GM non GMO claims. It's it's You know it's better served when it comes to a car product when it comes grains do either one of you have any idea about the practices of maybe some of the fast food companies because You know we follow like a kind of a meat based Diet There's like I'm I'm a believer. That better is better. You know if you get grass fed stuff if you can get you know You can get a better quality of anything. I think it's better quality like I'm a believer in that But there's really not like a lot of research showing As you were mentioning like how much of a negative impact it would have to have you know meet has hormones in it or how much of a negative impact would it. What does it even matter if something's organic or not So have you. Do you guys know anything about like you know like like McDonald's does or like an in and out burger any idea what they like. Are they using real meet. Her denied they do use real beef. It's not always one hundred percent beef though. Oh and because we don't we don't typically sell our products to those types of customers. I can't speak to you. Know every single one of grunge details of their programs belie the times they are using binders fillers in their product. I think they've gotten away from that in recent years. Here's is consumers. Caught on to that you know. And that's why you see a lot of marketing towards from fast food companies that are patties are one hundred percent beef. We'll kind of tricks. Are there out there that we should maybe be aware of like when someone says one hundred percent beef like are they. Are they being genuine. That it's one hundred percent beef or some sort of weird way later. You know worded way confuse you. It is one hundred percent beef It won't be sixty percent of the time You know a lot of times like those animals are probably not natural so they may have had hormones antibiotics and typically for those those types of food applications that are coming from old cows and bulls so like our breeding stock which so we don't we don't turn that into beef like those cows and they get fifteen years old We sell them off on a commodity market and those very well could up end up in a fast food hamburger because because A purchase purchaser will will buy those. They'll put him on feed to finish him out. Fatten him up. They may implant them with hormone as well and and then they take them to slaughter and they grind the whole carcass because they they won't produce a high quality stake out of that animal for for any any program People are really just trying to. I mean it sounds like he's trying to be resourceful as they can this. Yes the older cow. It wasn't used for this purpose purpose. Yep let's try to almost like I mean it might sound inhumane. Some people but like. Let's repurpose it for something. Do you have to do something with it so I mean I'm not saying it's it's bad. Add or anything but that's where that meat typically comes from and I mean also that kind of what sentence apart from other companies. We can tell you exactly where the state come came from a lot of those companies. You can't can't they. Have you know two thousand head of cattle day that they're running through so I mean chances are they have no idea where that came from. Either you know. They don't know how they're being raised. You don't know how they're being treated you don't know you know what they're being filled with. So I mean that's one thing that we can speak to. We know exactly where these stakes come from. We can tell you came from this lot of animals. This is where it came from. So that's you know that's kind of a selling point for us as well and the way I became aware of you guys was. There's a local market here called nugget and I was looking at steaks and in how it looked at like a rib eye and I don't know I think it said like twenty grams of fat honor. Something like that. I was kind of looking at that and I looked at one of the ones that you guys have and I just did like a double take I was like it doesn't make any Mike my reading this wrong or is this like serving size wrong and then I. That's when I started looking at some of the other meat that you guys had looked at like a New York Strip and I looked at a few other ones and I was like man the fat is you know Super Low on this on these meats and I at the time. I was unaware of the company so I didn't really know what the difference was and then I told my brother that. And we started buying it from that market kind of all the time. And then my brother think communicated with you guys It's been a huge blessing for a lot of people that are trying to pay attention to you've calories. It's been huge blessing for people. Just you know. They don't want the extra fat calories kind of for no reason And then the other odd thing that I found found was like. I'm going to cook this up and this is gonNA taste like crap. That's going to be like a hockey puck. You know it's it's going to be awful and I was surprised and it was excellent. And that's not you know you guys do sponsor to the podcast and stuff but this was all going on before we had any involvement Whatsoever and I appreciated the meat like even from the from the jump from the get go it was it was? I never experienced before because normally get something leaner chicken versus steak. Like I'm not gonNA eat chicken press. They don't enjoy chicken breasts. It's it's always like dryer and stuff. How you guys still able to get the flavors it just kind of Cow that it is so I think you're just you're tasty more of the the meet there. You know the rather than having a lot of competing flavor from from the fat so like if you've ever had any game meats you know it's not a game he taste to it but you're really just tasting. Just the the muscle meet their You know another another thing that really helps with that. Though is that It is so lean scene but justice tender as prime so we ran sheer force testing at the University of Nebraska in which is a measure of tenderness mistake. We were looking all that up. Yeah Eh what does this year for and Justice Tenders Prime and depending on the KYW and may have even up to fifty percent of the fat while when significantly last regardless of what the cut is just as tender and is it. Because it's leaner that it cook so much quicker because the first time I cooked one of them I was like. Oh Shit overcook that Ed. That is the reason that it'll cook. Faster is because it's leaner and also the reason you don't want to overcook it. I mean I won't really encourage anybody to cook. Our stakes passed a medium. Dennis ideally like medium rare. Is it would be best on because it will retain moisture better when you take such lean cuts again. same the similar to like a game me very lean. If you overcook them fat will hold moisture better than than muscle will so so. But what's funny is because my husband can't see any pink in his meat whatsoever. He loves it. It's so tender so even if you cook it well done. It's still it. It eats amazing best. That's the crazy part if you mess it up a little bit. It's still going to taste good so I'm going to chase you know like a regular grocery store that's GonNa taste like a world filet mignon something. It's it's pretty amazing just just so people even just like understand what we're talking about when it comes to like the fat content all that This is my favorite guys make. It's the flat iron steak so for this whole steak right. Here is ninety two grams of protein. Four grams of carbs and only eight eight grams of fat. And it doesn't make any sense to me but it's so delicious and I love this one's so much. Let's let's definitely it's insane. Ninety two grams of protein. I think it's a world record in what's cool about the flat. Iron itself is actually the the second most tender cut in the animal behind the flaming yawn and a a lot of people. Don't know about that number one. It's hard piece of muscle to get to this. Also a pain in the ass to try to to deal with and cut down into stakes But that was actually discovered at at the University of Nebraska. So how'd you guys get involved with this company. Piedmont he's so we have Two segments to our business we we have a live side of our business. It's actually called Lone Creek Cattle Company And then we have certified Piedmontese beef brand. We started the cattle company Back in two thousand five thousand six and Like I said we we wanted to take an integrated approach to our production process and ultimately our goal is to have a Finnish beef product. Bring the market and At that point we were just cattle title company that time. We'd never even heard of Piedmontese yet. We thought we would just try deal with grass fed beef program On so we did some experimenting with that no six. Oh seven did a couple trial runs with What would be considered like a typical angus cross bred red calves at our ranches in Nebraska We weren't too happy with the results of those tests fronts. The the product was was very tough And had some some firm off flavors to it as well so we kind of abandoned that idea and we came came across the Piedmont breed which Like I said we. I saw a lot of potential in that it kind of fit the bill. For targeting health conscious contras consumer. Because that's what we were originally after with doing a grass-fed beef program in the first place but we could bring those health benefits to the consumer without sacrificing anything in the way of flavor tenderness on so we acquired a first Piedmont tease bowls in two thousand eight. And and then we've just been growing the heard from from there and now most of our resources within our cattle company are dedicated towards improving proving the performance within the breed itself From Mike Acede stock standpoint. So those are the the animals that are used to To produce the The Bulls and cows that are used for breeding purposes And that's mostly what we dedicate the resources in the cattle company for now and then we work with a close network of producers around our local area That breed their cows to our piemontese bullets and then We by the cavs back from them. Once they're weaned off the cow and that's kind of our production process work so we take ownership of the cavs when they're six or seven hundred pounds and and then we take them out to to finish. Wait Is I don't know anything about cows is a are the males the only ones that are used for the meat or are they both used for me So that's the difference between our our regular product when you go on our shop page and you go to that that first page you land and on we have you'll notice we have three different programs and The core program is where you'll see on the first page of the shop page and then we have the grass-fed line and and then we have the dynasty selection So the core program is a Piedmontese bowl that has bred a commercial angus commercial. Charlotte are lay. You can cross them with just about any breed. But it's it's always a full blood Piedmontese bowl that's used for breeding purposes so then the cafe half is a is a half blood and this is very typical of what a lot of breed specific beef programs will do and the inactive milestone gene. The bull will carry two copies of the Lille and their offspring. Then if they're bred to to cow that has zero copies will will be a one copy calf so they carry one copy of the gene Every single time and That's what our our program is is based around And then the dynasty selection though is our full blood cattle so they carry two copies of the gene So Oh all these benefits that we talk about to the program. are are even magnified and that product. So it's even more lean and even more more tender because because they carry two copies of the gene and that's the one that's wrapped in gold correct. Yes dressed that one up real nice. Yeah what what's I just saw a second ago. The beef club. What's that sell Obeef Club is? You can sign up to get We do monthly shipments and quarterly shipments. And we have two different clubs there. you can sign up for a hundred bucks a month. We'll we'll send you this election beef. Every month will will create a different one Same with a quarter and then we also have two different lines there. Someone's going to be a a little more expensive than the other you also get different things So there's no no thinking to it you just sign up for it every month you shipment obeef We're we're actually working working on doing a customization type thing so you can pick and choose which ones you want every month so if you like you know you like this every single month. This is what you're getting every month. Is there a flat iron club. Oh yeah but I mean you. You can't beat. I mean the the prices are going to be discounted obviously So you get a nice break there. There's no charge for shipping on top of that so I mean one hundred bucks a month and look how many different things that she get. You can just try different things. I mean that's and that's what the cool thing is About you know our program program. There's a lot of Beef pockets of people never even think to try like what's what's at stake you know. No one has any idea what that is. How I didn't even know how to pronounce it on that you you know? That's part of the part of the Sirloin. So it's a really lean cut but It's really good for stir fries. Cut Things up that way so I mean and part of it too is to try to introduce you to new cuts that you would never even try yourself so You know just just trust us. We know what we're doing in recommend some good steph. Curry restaurants usually like two different kinds of you. Know there's like maybe maybe three New York Strip in a fly on that's normally hell. That's there so are you would never know to try other cuts. Because how do you. How do you even cook this thing so we have you know recipes spot to that you can try to cook different things By the that's what beef Clovis Service. That's what I really liked. Actually liked what you guys did. Because when you sense it out recipe book there and for those of us who are cooking challenged like myself it comes in handy. How much is Like you you mentioned getting getting into the business like how much does a bull bowl cost like how much I mean. Obviously it would depend on the weight. Independent how many you're purchasing and stuff like that but yeah it. It depends on quality all the genetics in the bowl as well like that. That price could vary significantly like our price for for calves is pretty standard because we fall like a market base plus flat premium essentially but for a bowl. I mean you're talking anywhere in the range from Four thousand to fifteen fifteen to twenty thousand dollars for bowl on there's there's bulletin like angus breed though go no well l. about that and Well into six figures by you know Typical Breeding Stock Bowl. It's going to be in that range or on the lower end of that range that I just gave so. Now what's the deal with like a like a wag you steak or something like that like are those like wireless so expensive So Ouaga it would be actually quite similar to Piedmont tease as far as like what those programs are doing with their their breed the breed or the a product performance of the finished product. Though is night and day difference from Piedmont teas so they're accomplishing tenderness through excessive intramuscular marveling whereas Piedmont tease obviously completely different There again like a lot of Waku programs with would do the same type of breeding practices. That we do were they take like a full blood. walkable and cross breed them to You know Commercial Angus Cow Some programs are doing the the full blood A program as well which like I said we offer Back to that comparison between the three programs because I know it is a bit confusing so we have our regular core core program. That's a a half blood calf those cavs or the same calves that that we would put into our grass fed program so That's just a matter. Attar of like once they once they get to the point in their life cycle where they would be introduced grain. We just make sure that that they don't get that feed and that they just you you know. Stay on on pasture The Dynasty program like says the full Boyd Program And as far as like from my personal snow experience. The dynasty products and the grass-fed are actually fairly similar. They're both a bit leaner a bit more tender Even then our our regular product in terms of like. Let's say cooking and I guess and a cookbook. But is there like a best way to cook the beef. 'cause it's like these guys know I call. That shouldn't Air Friday. It's like okay. But is there a way you guys I would have my personal preferences. And that's what it really comes down to. I think like we're in Nebraska Grill when the weather is suitable for that. But like doc right. Now it's not so much so I do a lot more indoor cooking either I really like that or or I'll just cook cook on on a cook. Top like in a cast iron I usually cooking so like our products. Very lean so. I don't think you have to worry too much about like cooking and fat. I like that guy or Avacado oil. I really like or doing reverse your method so started off in the oven depending on the cut and thickness of the cut. Yeah you may cook for fifteen or twenty minutes in the oven and then just Sierra off that I do that I've been doing lately. Did last night I actually just kind of softens it up and then you just see your both sides and let it let it rest which is always the hard part I let it rest and yeah it was just ridiculous ridiculous. It's easier to control like an even done this on it like that's the advantage of the soupy as well. It's like you said that temperature on there and then you just see her often and he keep can't mess it up so if you say you're Soobee at one thirty And then just see it off in the Pan you know that's going to increase a AH once you see her off about five degrees He got like a medium medium rare steak. What about like that shoulder roasts that you guys have some other roasts and things like that You know I just threw in a crock pot and it actually came out amazing surprise how will how will it work. But how do you have some suggestions on some of that stuff so I mean we have like I said. We have the recipes on the website and kind of breakdown but the help out but if you cook them just like a traditional roast just google it. I'm just cook it that way. Just keep in mind that it does cook quicker so they make sure you having monitor so you're paying attention to that that temperature And then keep in mind you do have to let it rest a little bit But I mean it's it's nothing too special You may have to try it a few different times but in the end you can cook it like any other beef. Just keep in mind that just finished quicker. That's about it. What are some of your favorite cuts that you guys I I like this? I'm a huge lean. Lean lean person so I I like Sirloin the flat iron Zenica Rib is really good when introduced to that one when we started carrying. I've never heard of it before. But you still get the good beefy Flavor Seneca Center rabbi. Oh censor cut Seneca like no okay pretty much and then you can't go wrong with the stir fry us. Can I agree with that. Like a cut that I've been most impressed with is anything off the Sirloin join. Our grass fed animals so grass-fed tried tip grass-fed Sirloin have really just blown me away. flat iron is another one and that's at the top of my list or favorites and then yeah we have that center cut. Rabbi so you can get a full rib eye steak or a Tomahawk from our website but we also Do a cut where we take the middle of the rabbi and we separate that from that outer cap portion of the rabbi which in itself is a very good cut. That's another one of my favorites on that one. Yeah kind of predominantly fat Kapor. Aram cavs got a little bit higher fat content than the than the center cut and What's actually missing in that then? Is that big fat kernel that sets in the middle. So I mean you're not getting that but like Having those cuts isolated You know I think just more options the unique offering and like I said that like the texture and flavor profile and that cat. I agree hundred percent. Because you're you're getting the rib eye flavor with ow. Wow all the extra calories and I just got some Intel back here so if you were to get like just like you're a rose from Piemontese or whatever Cook it make an awesome actually. Just cut it like you're GONNA make some stakes race and it was What what type of stake? Oh so before you cook it my bad so you know for someone like me. That's needing a little bit more food right now or I can just grab a whole roast and then be be my own butcher. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So if you want to have like Inch inch and a half thick strip steak he by our strip loin roast and you could cut that I mean you may have a sixteen eighteen. New York's that way and then even you guys is hot dogs like kind of crazy right like I haven't had one yet but mark. Let's say I hate them all the time. So they're all beef we use Trimmings off our state productions to make those actually because being material. Yeah quarter pound. I WanNa say it was like kind of the reverse of what you would normally see with a hot dog. I think a hot dog would be you no probably like fifteen twenty grams of fat. And there'd be half that amount in protein this is just flipped the other way around twenty one grams of protein. And there's like ten grams grams of fat or something like that. All be dogs. Most taught dogs are going to be predominantly pork. Maybe some beef and then You know they put God knows what in it you know. I mean a lot of times you end up with like a lot of other byproducts off all AH wichita falls are there's a certain percentage that are allowed and those are basically like your your organs and whatnot. I remember the movie The great outdoors with John. Candy Candy that. There's Lipson assholes and hotdogs not not knows what's the difference between meanwhile prime like when you go the story you see all these differences and it's you know they're they're they're more expensive cuts and things like that. What's the difference between all those so again? That's based off of USDA grading system and they grade based on intramuscular marveling and From a certain point in Rebuy and we did away with grading our program a long time ago almost since inception and You know the reason for that was because like Piedmont tease when raise properly should never great prime. Because they just don't have that much fat in them still still again just as tender But that that grading system doesn't really jive with our program so that's why we just did away with it. So we're just going to sell Piedmont and not concern ourselves with grading system. That's I mean. Our planet planets are still. Usda inspected just clarify that. They were not doing back garage or anything. It's just set makes a lot of sense. I mean Marcus. There's a lot of negativity surrounding like Kobe burgers and things things like that like yeah some people will say they tastes they taste good but like at what cost you know or overfeeding these animals and maybe it's maybe it's Overdone Right What I noticed too though about your About the actual hamburgers. You know that was really different different. Because when I had the ninety six percent Lean ground beef that you guys have I was I for sure. Thought that that was gonNA taste like shit and I was wrong once again. Yeah it was actually really good and my wife made some meatballs with it last night and it turned out really well How like you answer the questions? About how the you know how you're able to kind of control some of the flavor profile because of this the kind of Cow that it is but like when I'm eating something like that and I'm seeing the amount of protein protein in their versus the amount of fat. I'm just thinking man like maybe they messed up their calculations on how this can't this can't be true but people that are looking for you know we we we talk about it a lot in this podcast. They're looking for something leaner. People that are doing bodybuilding are people that are doing that just you know care about their physique and WanNa be leaner I Muniz. You guys are presenting some Great options what have you guys Thought of the Kind of like meat movement that's going on the Carnivore Diet. You know my brothers what my brother sticks to it pretty strictly. I'm a huge fan of as well and he got Dr Sean Baker. And I'm sure you guys are aware of some of these other people that are out there. have you seen some growth in business Kind of because this movement. Yeah we have I mean I think it's I think it's great like not just because it's great far business I I. I think it's a I think it's a good approach to to dieting. If you'RE GONNA call it that It takes a lot of allow the junk out of the Diet. You know I mean on the opposite end of the spectrum like the same thing can be said about like Vegan diets is once you remove. Remove a lot that junk. Displacing it with with more beef I've actually even done the same myself. Like in recent months because I was Kinda following the current enforce stuff and I did that to replace now. Excess refined carbohydrates in my diet and and I really know also some good positive impact on it. I think you said that really well. And it's something that we've talked about on the show before is like it's what you eat is obviously insanely important. But for a lot of Maybe a lot of average Americans that are overweight focusing more. We're in on what they shouldn't be eating. Might be a better place to start or a little bit easier more gradual approach. And I think that's why we see some people saying I swear I. I just eat vegetables and I feel amazing. And then he got the other people on the other side. I just eat meat and both a really kind of saying similar thing. They're saying I don't eat a bunch of bullshit basically right. Yep Yep yeah and there's just I mean there's still a lot more research that needs to be done with the whole meeting in general. I mean you've been told up to this point for how long that red meat is bad for you. It's you know it's it's GonNa we'll give you cancer it's GonNa make you fat. It's GonNa be terrible for your cholesterol And that's just not always the case and so they're still lottery set needs to be done In in our beef if is not just for people who are in the fitness industry. It's it's anyone who's looking for did just be healthy in general. I mean it's a good clean eating experience in the first place and you know you can get really sick of just eating chicken all the time and I don't know how many times I've you know had people come up to Mingo. I WANNA eat beef but you know my doctor tells me not to. It's like okay. Well why does your doctor tell you not to because you need to lose weight because you probably eating too much crap in the first place. Well doesn't mean that meat is in that category. I mean you can still make good good smart decisions. Make sure it's obviously a company where you know that they're taking care of their animals in there Handling the process through and through. And so. And that's where we kinda come in. We're not not just for the fitness. People were kind of really for anybody anybody who loves to eat meat. I mean if you like to eat meat you're going to try it. And that's the biggest part too is people don't believe it like you said you saw okay. It has no fat in it. It's got tastes like crap and then you try it. You're like there's no way we we still get blown away every single time we do demos you think thing that you get sick of meat and you take a bite of it just as tenders last time and it's just crazy to me but a lot of it comes down to you got to do what is best. Free your body. Just recently. I found out that I can't have fructose at all in so fructose in everything so garlic onion. I can't have any of that stuff so I've been eating mostly and I still have Cardis 'cause you know I'm a wimp like that So I eat every day at least a pound and a half of beef for An altogether and then rice and potatoes and I have felt so much better. It's insane just cutting out. You know all the crap that doesn't work for my body and that's the thing into is is people have to realize to what works for your body is going to be different than what works for someone else for you and you. You know but cream won't work for anybody unfortunate right. Oh he will know. Yeah and there's you know there's so many things that dairy in general bolt there's seventy percent people shouldn't be eating anyway. What's Fructose Studio So crazy yeah no it actually. Obviously there's the you know the gas the issue nothing stays in your body like everything what goes in comes right back out. And that's the part of the sex you can't absorb any nutrients whatsoever And not only that I I just feel like Shit You know when I had to do the test for it. They make you drink fructose just to see if you respond to it for three days. A my body hurt so bad it hurts so bad in just everything you think eight So as soon as I started cutting all that stuff out and I just stick with meat rice potatoes and I feel phenomenal. How'd you come to the conclusion like? How did you even get to the point of taking? That attest got other blood work done. Yeah so I just wasn't feeling good. I'll go to the gym. You know they tell you need to have sugars after your workout to help fill fill up your muscles. I'm like absolutely cool. Drink some gatorade. So I started an increase in my gatorade and take Trying to make sure that I keep my car bubbles all that fun stuff and I just kept feeling like crap and couldn't figure out why you know and I thought maybe it was crowns stuff like that so does have fructose in it doesn't it does it does. Yeah it's it's basically it's just fructose right. Yeah so I went through a whole process you know did the whole the colonoscopy is all that fun stuff and basically they came down to Checked everywhere they did yes. It is great now So they basically just okay. Well let's try this and that's actually a breath test is what it was so you drink the solution and then you bring them to these these tubes and they send it off and then they test it and like well yeah. Your your body can't process fructose. And obviously I could. When I was little but over time you know the different things that you're doing to your body you you know it'll it'll add up in you know it can affect your body in certain ways so Yeah I mean I was just happy to find out what was wrong. No what I can't have and it's nice to know so that I can have good delicious meat in and not feel like crap. So that's that's do either one of your family's like get tired of meat like come on like uh-huh Really GonNa Cook that again. No actually they look forward to it. You know. Sometimes it's chicken you have to overload it with a lot of seasoning to make it even you know stomach but no I think they love it. I know mark is that we that Probably six nights a week we may have chicken the other night and And then there reminded how beef it's just it's more it's more flavorful. So you do triathlons. I do yep brutal along. You've been doing that for about five years. So that's kind of what led me into. It was because I Queen Greenham. I'm doing like heavy endurance training Especially on days. Where all burn four five thousand calories on on the weekends then I'm I'm just taking massive amounts of carbohydrate and it's it's a lot of it's like really hike hike glycemic stuff so naturally like? I think I was starting to develop on some insulin resistance and like like if you're not careful with it like I think it can actually lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle in triathlon. A special do mostly long course like half ironman and full ironman and distance races Done Eleven Full Armand's and I think that was kind of like I said it was building up like what's what's essential pre diabetic conditions for me. So even though like I'm doing something that would otherwise be very healthy for me It was causing Quite a bit of damage to my body. I think so back in August like I I started to cut down carbohydrates in by like September On our lemonade it just a little bit. Depending on my training load lying was in collaboration with maybe talking to some other athletes or castor. Yeah I've seen like what Zach bidders done if you're familiar with him there's some others Like Dave Scott who won ironman world championship a a number of times. And he's a big proponent of a of a higher fat low carb. I didn't go like full. Kito approach kept my protein up a little bit higher uh-huh and then as you know like Glue Neo Genesis with Com- convert that into into the carbohydrate that your body needs And I noticed a significant significant improvement from it so I've been sticking with that since Since about August what would be a low carb for you on like a competition day or before a competition competition day like on a typical day like I'm maybe a hundred grand carbohydrates on like one to two hours of training and When I race though and this is where like my insulin sensitivity picked way back up because I've noticed I've raised a couple of times this fall all the last race I did? This year was Zona about three weeks ago and where I normally take in Mike Seventy to eighty grams of carbohydrate per hour in this space over like a ten hour race is doing like thirty to forty grams of I was using a long long chain cyclic. Dexter and so it doesn't spike as much a keeps it a little more stable and then I used to actually use a kitone esther on top of that and a couple of Piedmont's meat sticks goes. KITONE ESTERS are delicious. Yeah they they taste like crab crap. Yeah they work yeah they work really well and you know they're working because like I've seen They're being used in professional sports. Like like they're being used the to France winner was using it And I think they use is actually a lot more popular popular than people even realize. It's still very confusing. The people because I think originally originally it was marketed. As you know you're getting into ketosis from taking this product then it's GonNa get you lean and it's not really like that's not really why you're taking performance say answering the macro nutrient that could give you energy during your exercise. Yeah so So I'm not because I was worried that like it would throw my system for a complete shock like if I'm such a so low carbohydrate and then like I know to do that kind of distance like I have to take in carbohydrate So if I went from like taking a under under one hundred eighty grams. A day of corroborate to eighty grams and our during a race I think that could cause some major GI shoes. And I just. I wanted to become better. Ed or fat adapt to like. I don't think I had any fed at station Given the five years that I've been feeling this sport off pure carbohydrates At the moment I'm I'm training for a ultra distance triathlon. Coming up in March and that's where like I knew I had to become better adapted. How many miles is up by the way Uh Three days way too much card. It's called it's called Alterman said the first day is a is a ten K.. Swim all by Ninety Ninety Mile Bike. Second as one hundred seventy mile bike and then the third as a double marathon and. I don't think there's any way that like I was going to be able to complete that distance. Make some big changes to your about us. Thank me hurt Just to clear things up for people just Trying to get your body. Fat adapted There's some information out there that people Kinda just like going to die for like two weeks and then you're fat adapted it. It usually takes a really long time like it could take six months For you to truly be fat adapted to perform at the level that you're performing it can take a a awhile and also to. It's probably just makes sense. I mean sometimes you just think about like some common sense. Does it make sense to go from eating three hundred carbs day right down to zero out of no like you're probably not going to feel great. Then you're GonNa be frustrated than your think that diet stupid. I never tried that shit again. Probably better off kind of easing your way into. Yeah I think it took some somewhere like is round early October that I was probably like I felt like I truly fat adaptor. I felt like I could go out for a workout. Either in a fasted state a or not having any carbs that day and still feel You know within my comfort zone on it I kinda ease into it so I dan go from Mike eating in the Diet I was previously just like straight into a low carb. Akito Diet I eased into a over. You know like three to four weeks But it's still it's still tough then you know especially like keeping that kind of activity level. Messed intermittent fasting at all. I do a little bit and again that Sometimes I'll do it like on Monday when I find it easiest for me so after. I've done my big ORCA. It's on the on the weekends. You know the longer ones. That are three four hours. I'll do that on a Monday. And then I tried to throw in a fasted workout at the end of the day like four five in the afternoon and I think that's really helping me boost my fat adaptation. Asian is doing a doing like a like a one hour aerobic pace for cow in a fasted state. Do you mess round like prick in your finger and all that good stuff. I haven't done that do it. Mostly like by feel so now. It's really awesome especially like when you're doing cardiovascular base sport because like you're always fed that you need a lot of carbohydrates to be able to actually perform and then when you don't have to do that it's especially within this past year seeing all the athletes like yourself doing doing that. It's crazy. Yeah I knew it was getting bad because like I would do You know like that one hour aerobic pace workout and I feel like oh I gotta take a couple hundred calories before I do this but like physiologically. There's absolutely no reason that you should but you know it's kind of it's kind of a mindset and the other thing into like that time in the sport like I've had those times when I've when I've bunked you know and that's a it's a really shitty feeling and I'm always trying to like make sure like I don't WanNa bulk on this on this show find doing a run outside. I I can't go out for like a sixty or ninety minute ryan without taking some calories with me because I don't want to end up in that state. How bad is that? been like When you have bombed out how how? How bad is it If you have to discontinue or I have to stop and then I have to take in some simple sugar. Like like like straight glucose us Fast To get back going if I WANNA continue And a lot of my workouts are indoors So it's not a problem there but like doing outdoor workouts than like you may be stranded like if I'm on a bike I gotta I gotTa go find under gas station. Find a candy bar. You know that's just lake. Snickers bar on them in that case doesn't mean as an amazing job on the body audience it it it does but that's also like again back to the root causes of the issue so it's making it better temporarily ram only because your body's is used to running off a sugar. So that's that's what it's accustomed to and so you feed it and feels okay for a little bit and but the main thing on these triathlons and stuff is that you really really can't you can't get enough In your body can't get enough glycogen in your body can't store glycogen for the amount of aerobic activity that you're doing right. Yeah that's correct. So if I'm taking in like seventy to eighty grams of carbohydrate which is about all most people's stomach can can handle candle about three hundred calories and I'm usually burning you know probably somewhere in the range seven hundred calories per hour to end up in a huge deficit in the only place that come from as as fat. That's what I love the meat though because honestly because it's lower fat you eat the fuck ton of it like I'm a glutton. Eat a lot of that meat. You can get in the fat you want. But then it's just a ton of protein and there's literally no negative excess promoting. You could still workout sometimes like if you eat like. If you're a big chunk of meat like that'd be the last thing you WanNa do all that fat trying to digest you know but in this case with with the meat being leaner you could eat a little culture to a workout. Not Have the ill effects may not work out like you do but especially like the leaner cuts. I mean I've I've actually fueled like a two hour. Aerobic run off of ED. Now eight ounce filet so I just ate back in thirty minutes later. I I went Iran and I think you know like I said it. It does convert to the To the carbohydrate enjoyed your body needs to feel it's a lot more of a stable process it doesn't create a huge insulin spike. When when you eat heavy source of protein like that and it it digests well so how has a weight training helped as he got? Hit The gym right. I do occasionally so that's another thing I started along with with this whole process was i. I used to know a huge impact or some people that do triathlons are like. That's not my thing but I know that I go in there and it makes a big difference. Yeah gotTA keep the strength levels up. I used to lift a lot but then when I got into endurance sport. I didn't touch a wait for five or six years but in August I got back into it and improve strength by improves hormone levels as well like Endurance sports really trash your hormone levels So just you know lifting a couple times a week for me and just doing some some key compound lifts I think a the big impact there also might be weird way of looking at it but just anything to prevent you from running like. That's the same thing with somebody being Vegan or someone being carnivores. It's like hey man whatever you gotta do to prevent yourself from eating my crap doing more damage because you know for us. We Love the gym. We can find something. That's not the gym I like to walk. He likes to do a lot of Jujitsu. Just find something. That's maybe just a little different because a little goes a long way but too much can set you backwards just as well Variety helped talents like Arizona rates. Went really well for me and it was probably unlike the least amount of training that I've I've ever done but the changes to my diet and and to my Training routine coming in to even though it was actually backing down on my total running cycling and swimming training volume still worked out really well. What's the hardest part of this business? you know shipping out meet. You know all over the country right not the world in the country. Yeah yeah all fifty states yeah. What's the what's the hardest part of all this for you guys? I'd say the hardest part is that Eh podcast like this. We we have the time to go through the intricacies of our program but like trying to make this sale to somebody and like like in a thirty second window. It's difficult to cram all this information into that better than everybody else's because right right and have the time. Some people don't believe you. That's the thing that there's no way it's going to taste good. There's no fat in it. There's no way it's going to be tender. If it's that lane so a lot of times it's you gotta get the Prog in front of the people to try once you try it you seriously. You can't go back you're going to be spoiled from there on forward or it's just simply overcoming some of the misconceptions that are out there now. I don't like that red meat is bad for you. There was the WHO report released a few years. Back that they've now backpedal on as well and You know that's really confusing to consumers in the general public who maybe You know don't educate themselves so that that much on these issues and do you ever screaming the loudest basically and so that. That's another challenge that I think is faced industry-wide. It's not chess unique to our business on your website. What are the one or other like really unique meets that you guys have because you have hot dogs which I haven't had yet but if beef Turkey to what other stuff do you guys have that Jerky is great that's whole Muscle Jerky so it's not like a restore structured uh-huh project product? We use we's around and so it's so it's all muscle and again. All of our products folks are are natural So we have to keep the ingredients in line with that like you won't find any nitrates nitrites. MSG We don't have any MSG in in any of our products are snack. Sticks are really good We have two flavors right now. We're continuing to develop more. We have original Jalapeno and a Within the next few months we'll be out with with a few additional flavors seasoning mixes and we have and then we do also in these aren't products that we produced by We Sell Bison on our site you can find that on their just ground bison okay and then we have a variety of Organic Ganic Air Chill chicken from Smart Chicken That we saw on our side as well so you can get variety of proteins on our site pretty cool cool story about that Jerky right there. My fiance actually want it through instagram. From Piedmont did she and then some like man. We need some representation on the table table because like we had the other sponsors up to some like okay. Is it cool. And she's like she donated that one. So that's where that one actually came from. We brought them. We'll get her some more awesome. Thank you you ever have any issues with a supply like ever have like a shortage cows or not bill to get them from like you know there's gotta be difficulty in You know bringing the cows into Nebraska and stuff like that right. Yeah so we're building up. Those numbers as as I mentioned earlier all our resources within our cattle operation now besides procuring the feeder calves from these producers that we work with with everything internally we use to to develop more bulls and cows for for our breeding stock purposes So from a supply supply standpoint. Were were ramping up. Big Time it just it. It takes some time to get there though Cattle have cows have a nine month jess station. Shen cycle so like same as human so it takes a cow nine months give birth to a calf so you run on annual cycle. It takes a full year here to get a new calf out of cow so like to ramp those numbers up. It just takes time. Are these cows anymore active like just because they're more Jackie they move around a little bit. Marc Busch necessarily around deadliest. That's really wanted to know all the late Only in the sense that we're big on allowing access to free range and not Overcrowding into Penn settings are are bowls with we develop on predominantly on pasture You get better development. Oh man that's like breeding stock use bowls are used for breeding. So you get better development like in in the feet and legs because that's assume you keep them confined like too much in a pen setting. They don't work those those muscles and those joints enough to be to be strong so so so in that sense they are worked out. I mean it's not it's not like we training program. This guy claims he got Super Burjak off a goat milk. Oh I know I know I said the same thing. I said all right very suspicious. Is there any Piedmont tease. It's milk can we get some extra protein from these cows through milk. I'm actually looking into. I'm very intrigued by that So in mind thirty US like it's the only the milk. Isn't that many lactose in in in Italy. They're still used as dual purpose animals. They're used for both their milk. Production and their meat production that milk milk production mostly goes into making cheeses and Piedmont But we'll see. I know. We never intended to start a dairy with this program. GRANDPA I honestly like I never thought we were going to be back into the grass fed deal but we did this trial couple years ago with Piedmont and we were really surprised and impressed with the results of how Piedmont did finishing them out on graphs so never no. I think you're mentioning check in the amino acid profile. Oh file and stuff like that. Yeah so We got. We'll start with meat. We'll we'll probably do this with with milk eventually to test the amino acid acid profile just to see what it looks like. And how it compares So we took four cuts cuts and we're testing the amino acid profile those four or stay cuts. We're really big on just collecting as much nutritional data as we can on our product. We actually have have a full fatty acid profiles on grass-fed on all of our grass-fed products. So I mean we have a lot a lot of data on 'em we're we're open to sharing any of that publicly we don't promote it too heavily like our marketing just because you you know it's it's gets very detailed and and frankly it's not like it's not that distinguishing you know that it's not like a major selling point but we do have all that information so well let me ask you this. Have you heard of Cows getting put a VR thing on them to like me. I haven't heard I've heard about it. Yeah we we. It's not part of our business so they're starting to at least I guess in lots right. They're putting the VR. We are thing and like it's supposed to be like a fake pastor feels a little bit better No that'd be interesting interesting. I feel like it's cost wise. It might just be easier to let them out say cocoa blinders. Unless they're like playing video games or something but I oh really. That's pretty crazy has a sound wacky. We got over there and you know something about that like why would they even like. It's a real thing. Yeah it's it's a real thing. They want the cows to feel a little bit calmer since they're stuck in Shit. What do you think about sustainability? You know sometimes people are like well well. If if everyone started switching over to eating more meat we would have a real issues. That's something that you believe is A real concern. I think it's important. It's important to our business as as well. I mean we do a number of things for sustainability but probably I think the best example of this is we operate on around sixty sixty thousand acres of land total like within our own system and About Ninety five percent of that land is is untenable so it can't be used for anything other than grazing ruminant animals on so you couldn't go grow corn or Kale all or any other crop on their So it has no other purpose than than grazing animals on Of that remaining five five thousand acres that we operate on a lot of that is What would be? I guess. Now this is considered like monocropping dropping. And it's used it's land. That's used predominantly for corn production and just go corn after corn crop after corn crop every single year and then sometimes they'll rotate soybeans in on it and we have about five thousand acres that we were doing that on and over the last five years we've converted did all that land to Forage Crops It's kind of an expensive process but that was done out of The development of like our grass-fed program and feeding breeding stock animals on And just again. A concern for sustainability is that we we have A little bit more of biodynamic approach onto the crops that we produce on on those lands. Now what does that mean exactly. biodynamic biodynamic just in the sense. That like were were grazing on them. or I guess so. It's referred to as biodynamic what I've been hearing a lot ladies. It's called regenerative bag so so like were were putting as much back into the soil is. We're taking out like cattle graze on on those fields now instead said of just stripping the nutrients out of the soil to have to replace them the next growing season with synthetic. FERTILIZERS GONNA So those crops would contain things like Ryan Nila Ford Sorghum Crops Alfalfa I mean. It's it's pretty extensive extensive list of crops that we grow on their Brome grasses and other one so it's it's diverse crop options But like I said it's it's an expensive process to convert those fields over and You know the reason like those fields are monocrop in the first is places like a lot of these farmers in these areas farm thousands of acres. And that's why you know. Their systems and that infrastructure in our are part of the country has been set up to to handle so You know we're lucky to be in a position that we were able to to to do that but not everybody is And it it takes their operations with huge amounts of working capital well You know that not everybody can do that and those those crops are heavily subsidized by the government So when you do that you also give up your your extra paycheck from the government. What about methane are these cows farting in causing some real? It's not really that big of an issue. I don't know I like it's hard to say. I've seen a lot of conflicting in California. I've seen I've seen. I've seen a lot of that too. I I really don't have the answers that question because I don't think anybody out there has has hard evidence that that supports some claims that are being made out on either side for that matter better for for wondering like a UK and all that type of stuff because you only shipping us right now. Are there any plans to get worldwide shipping for. We're looking into you candidate right now. Yeah we've a lot of people triathlon world who are asking about about getting up there in a couple of people on instagram meaning. They they've asked if we can do that too. So that's our next venture into Canada export sales on a wholesale level but to do direct direct consumer sale on an international level there. There's a lot of hurdles there. Once it gets a customs it sits there fairly. You know two three days and at at that point it's going to be thought out Grosso Canada's probably be a little bit easier to do that direct to consumer than than overseas as I mentioned we do currently all fifty states. So we do ship Alaska and Hawaii from a nutrition standpoint You guys have Maybe some family members and some just maybe friends at you run into and maybe they have a kind of health issue or health concern. And you're kind of thinking. Well you know the key. Is You know some of this meat that we have you know have you guys Intervened in any way in any in in anyone in the family or a friend or somebody like that and help them in that way not not directly but there again I intervened with myself and so I have you know like the personal personal or firsthand experience from that. I mean obviously still eating a lot of meat before that and you know it's just probably like doubled my meat intake so instead of just seeing every night for dinner the need for for breakfast and for my my after dinner me. Oh Yeah like 'cause I have my second right on. And so I think that's one of the biggest advantages of that whole carnivore. Diet movement is like. That's the ultimate elimination in Diet. And I think a lot of people could learn a lot about themselves to just like give that a try and then if they're we're having some maybe some issues or whatever it may be Or Auto Immune type of problems. I've heard it's been great four and then re start introducing some things back into your diet to see See what's really causing it. Did you start out with. Maybe like getting rid of bread. Ed or something like that or Yes so it's like a lot of bread. Cut Out the like the gels blocks since stuff that I'd take during my workouts and start replacing the only thing that I have to replace those with his like there's cyclic dextra in or like you can make a superstar superstar no so like those kind of long chain carbohydrates but yeah cut out Bread is probably the biggest one. Yeah but then you start looking. Can I like once you get further into it though like the refined sugar or the high fructose Corn Syrup whatever it may be it's added into literally every single product that we're Kutsumi like catch up. I I use a ton of catch up so for myself. Obviously I'm the walking example of what I can and can't have and what's good not not good for you so and I do all the shopping in the house so basically whatever I by everyone else is going to eat but my parents I've turned them onto it Yeah Yeah and my husband's a big example to he. He loves his cake and cookies and ice cream so I just. He's incorporated a lot more of meat in protein into his die. It's showed a lot He's got a manual job. So he's he worked in a warehouse so he's he's on his feet all day and that's one thing that he's noticed is the amount of energy that he's he has and then still able to go and work out at the end of the day And not just be completely exhausted so it's up a little bit more won't last things from Sierra equality when it comes to your door it's honestly been so much better. Be whenever I go to COSCO. Sometimes they don't have what I want there in the past. I have to buy live from there. So it's great that like when it comes to your door it's also damned fresh and it makes Costco. Meat Tastes like Shit. Now by you get spoiled. Well do you really do. Yeah I I ran out of everything and I'm like well. Costco was good when I was going there and let me grab that actually mean Chris. Well we're talking about that. How like once you go sleep but yeah and then the other thing is like You know mark asking you guys. If you guys have converted anybody your turn anybody onto like you know like hall amazing. The stuff is or how good it is for you. My family freaks out every time I cook Piemontese beef like like that's it. It's incredible like whether it be sliders or the flat iron steaks and We almost forgot to mention a slide. And they're so good. The biggest best example I can give people is like if something's good. You know your kids are GonNa love it it. My daughter eats the stakes. I like she doesn't do that with any other protein and I mean as parents. We know that like trying to get kids more proteins always kind of a challenge and so with these with these steaks. It's like here. You go but it does get to the point where I'm like. Hey I'm running low so I dunno go go have some fruit rolls or something. Obviously not but that's I mean that's the biggest sign for me that tells me like yes. This stuff is amazing so yeah really appreciate you guys. Thanks guys appreciate you guys taking the time to come out here excited for the seminar tomorrow is maybe I should show up tomorrow seminar tomorrow with my brother again. Thank you so much for for coming out anything else that you guys would like to share like them to know about the company. No thanks for twenty five percent off the whole month to the the end of the month. Yeah we have that sale on So take advantage of it ninety nine dollars or more three shipping You can't beat that. What's the website it's Piemontese dot dot com that's P. I E. D. M. O. N. T. S. E. DOT com if he has won support the show us the Lincoln are bio? You guys go there and literally anybody can go get twenty five percent off right now. Now I'm at Mark's Milly Bell on instagram twitter and Youtube at Sima Yanga on and screaming to at I am Andruzzi strengths. Never weakness weeks. Never strength. Catch y'all later.

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Less Risky Business

The Indicator from Planet Money

09:49 min | 2 years ago

Less Risky Business

"Haven. I'm Cardiff Garcia and I'm Stacey van Smith. This is the indicator from plant money last week on the show. I spoke with behavioral economists, Oregon mama N'Diaye, and she shared with us her research on how the economic events that we live through end up shaping our psychology in specifically how those events end up shaping our willingness to take risks. What my research suggests is that living through crisis in a particular market, say, housing, market crisis, or stock market crisis will affect your willingness to take risk in that specific market for decades to come. You will be in the crisis case more averse to taking risk in that market less willing to invest in that market. Most of our chat with professor Melman was about these psychological scars about how the financial crisis has made us all more cautious, but she didn't give one example of how that caution is affecting the economy. She pointed out that the share of people who own. In their home is still lower than it was before the housing crisis, especially for people in their thirties and forties. And that's partly because they're just more cautious about borrowing money to buy a house after they witnessed and endured what happened in the crisis. And it kinda got us thinking, yes, yeah, everything gets us thing. That's true. It's our job. So where else are we seeing these signs of caution that might be the result of the psychological scars that professor mom and DA studied? So on today's episode, we share with you some other places, including a few surprising places where we see evidence of this caution in the US economy scar hunters. Support also comes from Exxon Mobil. They're driving growth in American communities by creating jobs in energy on the Gulf Coast alone. Their new projects expect to create forty, five thousand jobs, learn more at energy factor dot com support for this podcast and the following message come from new vein, a top five global manager of commercial real estate investing in buildings that build investors portfolios because when you invest in a world, you're proud to leave behind, it isn't business as usual. It's investing by example, okay. Caution in America. Since the financial crisis, where have we seen it? We've got four examples and I up caution in entrepreneurship even now more than a decade since the crisis people in the US are starting new businesses at a much slower paced. And before the crisis last year, there were four hundred and seventy nine thousand applications to start new businesses. Now, these are business. That would include at least one paid employees. In other words, a startup and four hundred seventy. Nine thousand is forty. Three percent fewer applications than there were in two thousand seven, the you're right before the crisis. Now, granted, this is just one measure of startup activity. It's from the census bureau, but it also lines up with other measures. Well, there's just not as much entrepeneurship activity happening. Now as there was before the crisis. The second place where cautioned remains is in how people treat their houses or actually it's in how people no longer treat their houses. People are no longer treating their houses like piggybanks. They are borrowing much less against their homes and they were before the crisis people in the US. They now have more than six trillion dollars in home equity that they are not barring against a record high, and this makes sense right? Because people who borrowed a lot against their homes before the crisis were also the people who found themselves in debt when the crisis hit and the value of their homes plummeted a third place where there's more call. Washin now is in how young people are thinking about their career prospects. So college students are ditching humanities majors, missile man. This is like very personal. I was accomplished major, German, and French since two thousand seven. The sheriff students majoring in history has fallen by forty, five percent. Apparently we are way more likely to be condemned to repeat it. Now, the share of English majors has fallen by almost as much. So even when we end up repeating histories, mistakes, we also won't be able to describe it. The kindest cut of all, and the numbers are not much better for philosophy or religion that is according to analysis by history, professor, Benjamin Schmidt, instead college students are choosing majors that they see is more practical, especially in the so-called stem categories of science, technology, engineering, and math, which is good. I mean, those are awesome majors they are. But I mean, the trend is pretty clear college students are shifting towards the majors that they think are going to give. Them better job prospects after they graduate. But I gotta say this is actually still pretty sad to me. It makes me sad to like where all the complex majors go. Yeah, they became podcast. The like in all seriousness, like there's mixed evidence on which majors are actually gonna lead you to having a good paying career. It's not necessarily the case. If you studied the humanities, you're gonna be like broke and begging all of the engineers for money, the rest of your life. Right. What did you meet your in finance? Had a minor in mathematics, but I regret it. I regret it that. That's awesome. It's very pertinent to what you do now posing it, just regret it like I wish that I had been like. I don't know a film major something. Cool. Why I think you know, arguably finance math are very cool. Anyway, the fourth place where we see signs of caution has to do with not individuals, but companies it is how companies are spending their money. They have been really, really slow to increase how much they spend on new equipment. New factories also research, and if you've been listening to the indicator which we very much hope you have. You also know that recently companies have been really slow to raise the salaries and wages of their workers, and you think that this would have excel A-Rated a lot, especially in the last couple of years because the unemployment rate is really low. And when the unemployment rate is low companies are expected to compete for workers by raising their wages and salaries. But curiously instead of exceleron how much more they pay their workers in wages, a lot of companies have instead chosen to accelerate how much more they pay in bonuses, the cost of caution. Yeah. In the twelve months through June of this year, companies had increased their workers salaries and. Wages by about three percents, but they hit increased bonuses by twelve percents, and the growth in bonuses has also been faster than the growth in wages since the recession ended in two thousand nine and one reason that companies would choose to pay their workers bonuses instead of raising their salaries is the bonuses, give companies more flexibility, not to pay their workers as much if the economy gets worse in the near future, like a commitment phobic? Yes, sign of caution. Like think about it. If you run a company and you pay your workers a bonus, there's no guarantee that you have to pay to them again the next year, but raising their salary is a sign of a longer term commitment. It's hard to cut somebody salary, right? You're likely to let them go. And so even though the labor market is now really strong companies are still only gingerly raising wages and salaries, they're being cautious. They don't wanna put financial ring on it. So there you have it four places where there are still signs of caution in the economy. There are of course others if you. To look. But instead we will leave you with this final point. Professor Monti as research is an only about the effects of living through a crisis. It's also about the effects of any kind of economic event that you happen to live through. Exactly. Good ones there are. And so if you think about it, a lot of us have been scarred by the financial crisis, and those psychological scars make us less likely to take certain risks. But we're also now living through a historically long economic expansion after the crisis, and this also counts as a lived experience. And so the longer the expansion lasts, the more likely that those scars will begin to heal. Although like our scars like yours and mine, Stacey like or not fully healed. You know, I, I was very early in my career when the financial crash happened, and I still keep so much more money in savings than any financial advisor would want me to. I just I like having that money to like I just a, I horde it a little bit and you're supposed to not do that. Your money's supposed to work for you, you're supposed to invest in. I know that, but I just, you know, scarred for me. It's kinda manifested itself a little bit differently, which is like I have stayed in the same really tiny even by New York standards apartment for like the last seven years I get because I'm afraid of like higher fixed cost every month in rent, and I'm afraid of taking out a mortgage to like buy a place guy to hedge your fight of debt. And I think that is also sort of a lingering effect of the crisis. So maybe those who learned too much from history are condemned to repeat it. We learned too much from the street. Hospital. Hey, it's money. Ain't a wholesome host of NPR's. Let the USA the podcast that takes you inside the Latino conversation each week. We'll take you into one story that will fascinate and often surprise you. Listen to let him USA on the NPR one app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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A Socially Distant Christmas Special

Latino USA

31:56 min | 4 months ago

A Socially Distant Christmas Special

"Hey there dear listener a quick favor. Please we're conducting an audience survey and so we'd be really grateful if you could take just a few minutes and answer our questions. Please visit survey dot. Pr x dot org slash lusa to participate today. That's survey dot p r x dot org slash lusa. And thank you so much less support for latino. Usa comes from ally lily and company. According to the cdc ten point. Three percent of latino and hispanic americans have diabetes. If you're one use lily. Insulin and struggled to afford your monthly lily wants to help anyone with or without insurance may be eligible to purchase their insulin's for thirty five dollars per monthly prescription from a retail pharmacy. Visit insulin affordability dot com or call. One eight three three eight zero eight one two three four monday through friday eight. Am to eight pm eastern time. The number is one eight three three eight zero eight one two three four dear listener first of all happy holidays and villas visas. You know this year the holidays look and feel so different than any of this elevations we've ever had before and so we asked you our listener to tell us about your plans and this is what you had to say. Hi maria an emas deb. Your i live over here in sunny. San diego california so usually how my family spends christmas is. We get altogether. The my grandma tall grandma is ninety seven and we just you know everything men noodle would wear. Unfortunately we're not going to be gathering at all the challenge like we're gonna be doing like a like a drive by from my grandma also. She's not lonely on during christmas. My name is norma. And i'm from montclair new jersey. I send my children celebrate it. This past thanksgiving and we're planning on doing it a little differently for christmas. They have never cooked a turkey. The way the puerto rican stewart and they followed me as i prepared the turkey with the belong and the garlic and the ordering on own backwards and then the next day we each suck the turkey in the oven and walker was cooking. They followed me and You know they had their own ingredients and we all made uncle gondola great about this. Was that the pandemic gave us an opportunity to actually passed down some of these great puerto rican recipes to my children and hopefully they will be able to do the same for their children from romania. it's usa. I might gain hoarser and today a socially distant christmas special. Christmas is a very special time for many latinos and latinas and it's not just about the religious part of it. It's that time of the year when you get to see your does your d- as your dream us live far away. Everyone knows at. This is a time to gather around the table to eat delicious food to drink. Maybe a little bit too much to celebrate to dance sing and let it all hang out but this year covid nineteen has turned the holiday celebrations upside down. Most of us are going to stay at home. We won't be gathering with any of our extended families and relatives to keep them safe and ourselves to it might feel a bit lonelier this year but there are so many reasons to stay positive thankful and even hopeful and that's why we wanted to talk with latinos and latinas who actually have a lot of experienced spending the holidays away from their loved ones as it is sometimes. It's because of their job. Sometimes it's because they can't legally travel across borders and so for many people in the latino community spending christmas away from family is not so new. How have they learned to cope with the holidays. And what tips can they share this year when so many of us are going to be away from our families during the holidays we're gonna start our socially distant and responsible christmas special in oakland california produce. Certainly not the us. Junior spoke to a puerto rican musician for who music has always been an essential part of christmas. Here's leonardo with that story. Mario monti is an acupuncturist. And a musician me. She's originally from what at the ligo but it's been living in the bay area for more than thirteen years muddy assets. Music has always been a part of her life especially during the holidays embroidered he go. We have this tradition. That is called rhonda and it's basically lace somewhere around christmas. A group of people decide to go around from house to house and wake up people in the middle of the night by play music. Drina parana people usually quietly gather around the homes and then they shout. Oh the music musical start and it's like this. Typical puerto rican must me a safe. Mario grew up with these traditions. In san juan puerto. Rico the neighbors would open their doors and you know offer up their food and drink and that people that that would mean with just like play music seeing and dance together the celebration. It's also really long. She says like it stars. Like in december and then it goes towards january towards the latest models in the after the latest models. Thursday w us. In after the vitas in the sense of west yam festival and then a christmas is like officially over in february. Getting together as a family is what media enjoys. Most about the holidays she tries to go back to bordeaux rico a few times a year but sometimes she hasn't been able to visit during the holidays. Chew members some christmases. She spent an oakland from her family. Those moments were pretty lonely sad and she felt very homesick. But i feel like after. I started being part of these. Puerto rican bomba community Then we would gather to celebrate us. We doing dot echo so that made everything better honestly to have a strong community here. It's kind of like chosen family. That that's very rooted in the culture of where i'm from so it's kind of evoking my my good times in my childhood muddier also found solace in food and music. I would like play. Puerto rico christmas music. I was like. Oh i really need to get some stallions. I need to find somebody. That makes these like puerto rican tamales like. I really need to this. 'cause you know it just makes my heart happy in twenty. She feels lucky that she'll be able to be back in puerto rico for the holidays. It's definitely gonna be different kind of christmas because we're gonna go there in quarantine and take all the percussions You know my mom wants to go to her house right away and it's like no mom. I'm sorry like we need to take care of you. You know and be considerate. Matia says this christmas will be pretty mellow. And there will be a lot of social distancing but she's still looking forward to going back to her homeland you know. There's there's something in me at like a like assad buddy living in the diaspora that it's kind of like a need that little like recharge of being in my land. You know it kind of like feeds. My internal battery soleil could keep going in life. During the pandemic matia has lost work as an acupuncturist but covid nineteen has the louder to really focus on her music that includes dropping her latest single would ogden and finishing up her first kosovo. Creating music has been a lifesaver for her during these last few months. It's a louder to he'll work through shame and insecurity is isn't working on her craft. She's listening to other people's music because it's a release for her. When i need to shake things off. I'll just put on some seek and you know start betty undulating might go see. Now you know and when she starts to feel alone because she can't physically be at home with her family. She turns the music that reminds her of what authority to help her. Feel more connected. Healthcare professionals are used to working during the holidays. Even more so this year as covid nineteen cases keep surging across the country editor monitor martinez spoke with venezuelan doctor. Who lives in cleveland ohio. And here's martha with that. Story said about the narrative is about to finish his twelve hour shifts. At cleveland clinic. We're speak on the phone while he's on a break. He wears whites crops. And the fluorescent light in the room highlights the shallows under his. You know we usually were between sixteen seventy hours a week average and then with Within the last two or three weeks with raising cases of the kobe we've been having a rearrangement of of duties. Some other will be graduating from medical school. In june back in venezuela where he's from some other was a surgeon for eight years with the situation in july and all the you know the racing crime rate decreasing economic Freedom that we experience there we decided to move here to the states. So in order to get the full license here as a surgeon unique to residency again. Going back to medical school was hard for him and even more so in a foreign country with a little child. We took a hit with a winter. Definitely was a specially the winter here in cleveland which is super hard. You know with probably seventy percent of the days being gray in shorter flight but now you adopt an. There's some good things about winter just a few but there's some there being a student again also meant working most holidays for the first three years said about the most christmas celebrations but he had a lot of family support long story short. My mom came from spain. My sister who at that time was living in new york also came so they made those bows christmas days Better for me but definitely was it was very tough and then on top of that the shale my wife her her whole family was back home. Cut i us. You know having a hard time with all these economical situation so it was definitely definitely hard for everybody with time. It got a little bit easier. They bought a small house and started to feel at home. They had two more children in the us. But as a healthcare professional you get used to having to work during those special days southbound or says do you usually start working at six am and then dad moment where you know. You're taking a shower. You brought a cup of coffee and you said going on the twenty four. Th center won't be with kids so those twenty minutes before hohmann the hospitals where you think about it but once you start working it's you know it's so. Bc that hours fly in the day goes by so quick. you don't even notice. I think the people on the other side like my kids and my wise as suffer more. Because they're kind of enjoying the dinner and stuff. I'm not there right but let you really don't don't feel that much while you're working this year for the first time. Some other will be able to spend christmas eve and christmas day with his family. He even got new year's evolve which is a miracle he says but this year because of covert it will only be the five of them celebrating very different from the way they celebrated the holidays in venezuela blackcomb venezuelan. People like to carry. Were very joy. People you start celebrating probably the first or second week of december. We have Like the typical music that we listen in this in this season it's usually from the west side of the country which we call guide us We do have some special dishes for christmas. We have the yada which is a plastic. it's not pastry made of corn floor And then it's fill up with four or beef the feminazi plans to cook a traditional venezuelan dinner. This christmas salvador's favorite dish insulated liga in the russian salad with chicken. I love it. I like my initial very healthy so I really like the salad for my wife's favorite is jack up. Some other hopes that he won't get an emergency calls on christmas day. But that's always a possibility. But yeah the fact that you're used to it and also your family's used to you know see you leaving for a call and the probably make seeks less harder but also the fact that we've been migrating. I'm the third generation of immigrants. Which looks you know. It feels crazy so we've been Immigrants for so long that you're used to spend some christmas without your significant others and definitely the fact. The technology is advancing. And you have facetime all these things than than at least you can see them and then talk to them and have a little bit of that. You know that he that warm. The family gives you this these days for salvador. Christmas is all about making his children. Happy and being together as a family. He says that seeing them grow up in a safe place in guaranteeing a better future for them made it all worth it coming up on latino usa. We learn more about what. Christmas is like when you're undocumented and refugees were asking for asylum in the. Us are spending the holidays while they're forced to wait in mexico. Stay with us rights. If you have an original podcast idea audible wants to hear it and wants to help you get hurt. Introducing the audible podcast development program. Audible this looking for scripted. Fiction comedy drama documentary or investigative journalism from storytellers. diverse perspectives. Apply now to get ten thousand dollars to develop your podcast with audible and have it heard by millions around the world go to audible dot com slash. Podcast pitch Hey we're back and for this. Socially distant christmas special. We're learning from latinos and latinos. Who have a lot of experience about spending the holidays away from their families for many people the covid nineteen pandemic presented a problem that they'd never encountered before not being able to travel home for the holidays but for undocumented people not being able to take a plane or crossed. The border is reality. Our latino usa in turn immediately does brings us this story from the napa valley. For arlene cordell valencia in undocumented artist traveling out of the united states is something she hasn't been able to do for more than twenty years last night. I was sharing with my father. Like i said to him for the first time people get to see a little bit of what we feel and how we have to live and he just chuckled to himself. He said you know known contended on. That'll never understand boarding michoacan. Mahyco arlene emigrated to the united states with her family when she was three years old and ended up in napa valley california arlene award winning artist. A lot of her artwork revolves around immigration and separation as an undocumented person. Arlene has had to deal with the fact that she might never see her extended family in this lifetime. let alone during this pandemic. i think it's always been really devastating. Not being able to connect with our family and at least not being able to share that space together but for the first time ever she feels that everyone else is getting to experience a little. Bit of what it's like to live as an undocumented person a citizens and people who have the freedom to travel and to go places will never truly understand because even though we are in these lockdowns and limiting all sorts of socialization. There's still a sense of like freedom whereas for us. There's absolutely none of that. But if i had to put a percentage to it it's only ten percent of what the actual feelings of being undocumented are but in a way it's a blessing because it allows us to tap into our emotions of empathy and maybe some sort of understanding the ways in which we're living arlene says at this reality has forced her and her family to live in the moment in value the small things even on christmas. The only thing that matters to them is a simple act of being together. Growing up as a child things were really tight and presence never guaranteed and we just grew up knowing that that was not our reality so it wasn't an expectation that you know there would be a bicycle on the tree or anything like that and now as we are older we really appreciate just the fact that we're together and so when christmas comes around as long as all of my whole family is sitting in the living room. Having a cup of gothic anitta were offered. And that's what it's all about. She says she wishes people didn't take the technology that we have today for granted. Because i remember the first time that my dad was able to jump in on face time with his brother who he hasn't seen in over twenty years and it was so magical and so beautiful to see his face light up and to be able to look into his brother's is i think we take for granted zoom and facetime and all of these things that allow us to stay connected and we want more right. We want better speeds. We want better connection. We hate when there's a little bit of a lag but wasn't documented people. We will take the lag and the low speeds all day just to be able to make a connection with our family but this christmas season is going to be different for the family as well. My father has been recently diagnosed with some health issues and we don't want to expose him to the potential of getting sick and my mother too. She's also not doing very well and so we're just you know being a extra extra cautious because one of the nuances of being undocumented. Is that you always have to figure out how to take care of yourself without healthcare system. So we're really fearful that if anyone anyone in our family was exposed to covid we would not have Access to health care or have the means to be able to access an er if we needed to so. I'm a little devastated. Like i said super grateful that for now my parents and my family are okay and if that means not being able to see them for the holiday the not. That's the sacrifice that we're willing to make a and our final stop in our christmas. Special is the border town of matamoros mexico. They not only on news. Junior spoke to an asylum seeker. Who's trying to form. A community is holiday season. Here's the with that story. A group of people gather near the kitchen of this small apartment in matsumoto There plenty of making a warm home cooked meal and preparing to celebrate this christmas holidays. They're all members of the lgbtq community and are seeking asylum in the us. Billon is they they pull the data the noise sequel but here it the kissing gwen. Brian is better. As if i am at the models making what is olympic. That's as to. What are those sequences. He's a gay man from what the mullahs and he's been waiting in mexico for more than a year. Now this will be his second christmas in matsumoto. He says this place isn't just an apartment. It's a shelter. He helped create it as part of his organization rainbow bridge as both all the need for a safe and dignified space for the members of the lgbtq community like him who were placed into the trump administration's migrant protection protocols program and were sent to mexico to wait for months human rights. I says there have been more than a thousand reported. Violent attacks against migrants who are sent to mexico under an p p. and that lgbtq migraines are a vulnerable population joya gain but in cpo The julio those meal the organisms scientists that are hundred bayer new another look. At least he arrived at the border. In july of twenty nineteen when there weren't many organizations helping asylum seekers and the mpp program he was alone and had nowhere to go cornell school in got an appropriate locate. Is that process. Wahdan those says he knows exactly what this group of lgbtq asylum seekers are going through. And he's happy he can help make their lives a little easier and p hearings have been indefinitely suspended because of the pandemic. This means many migrants on the border won't be spending the holidays with their loved ones a swatter though. This will also be the second christmas away from its partner of more than nine years. Who was back in. What the mullahs being. Apart has been very difficult for both of them. I see we deficient ultimate kasparov's with john Vm hunters pedals Photos espn are harmless. Kunduz and general where cs cedo back backing what the mullahs s on its partner. Spend a lot of time together. They didn't live together but they saw each other every day and even worked together last year. He really missed his partner. During the holidays via that yulia was neuchatel. Absolutely i mean the neither early no sylvia's in west nari lewis says last christmas and new year. He didn't celebrate it all and he didn't see anybody green up as swath had a complicated relationship with his parents because of his sexuality blue battle in presented him win the one billionth. Don't by swedenborg build battle Dm he says at some point they even physically attacked him and he had to leave home for a while and then. His parents forced him to go to conversion therapy at a local church. So the holidays weren't really something. Has swallowed got away from larry. The villanueva will with In romania up with some festivity familiarize ee Hit the whistle. Three mostly late show. That goes on media o.'neil economic thing as twaddell says the holidays back. In central america are usually family celebrations but members of the lgbtq plus community often suffer because they have to meet with family members. Who usually don't accept them. He hopes that community. He's brought together here at the shelter will make the holidays. Feel a little less lonely for everyone this year. There's also something or someone that is swatted. Though is cautiously optimistic about as we want to know is looming also and phillies phillies. It's what it says before covid. Nineteen his boyfriend was about to get his mexican visa renewed so that his partner could visit him but then the pandemic unfolded and he wasn't allowed to travel recently. His partner had a meeting at the mexican embassy. So it's possible. He'll be able to join him in the models for christmas and the new year. But if you need the underwear no system honda's combated gyro at ample mean russell westbrook. He says if its partners able to come to matsumoto's they'll for sure spend time together and be able to celebrate the holidays with the new administration in the near horizon at swatter. The hopes that this will be the last christmas. He spends in matsumoto's but he knows changes won't happen overnight. When it comes to coping with the holidays away from your loved ones f- to what are the recommend stain positive. Joachim bodega common. That is sis entering as was the saying more in the basketball and gospel jonas. Komo lasco's dilemma. Hormone ila must proceed. Possibly if to what. Those says focused on the love and peace that you have with the people around you and your family and look at things from our perspective. That's as positive as possible musician. Maria jose monty hose advice. It's to pay attention to your mental health. Yeah these months have been really really rough. I think my general sentiment is that you know if you're alive and you're like healthy lay just celebrate that you know i. I don't think it's time to lake. Be hard or nice sales It's so important to cultivate some compassion for ourselves and for our coping mechanisms for salvadoran nevada. The venezuelan doctor. The most important thing is feeling at home wherever you are. If you had a christmas tree at home if you had some music that you'd like something like that so make sure you have done those days right so you can close your eyes and transport your mind and say okay. Listen i have the smell of the prisoners three or maybe the smell of a special dish. And don't underestimate. Would you already have which is already a lot says undocumented artists arlene korea hold space to be grateful for what you do have. I know it seems like this will never be over. And we might be in this covid lockdown or sheltering in place for a long time but the truth is that life will return for all of you and for everyone and we will get back to our normal patterns. Thank you so much for all of your messages. Happy holidays and belize's fiestas to each and every one of you and our very best wishes for twenty twenty one. Because aren't you ready for a new year. I know i. Thanks for listening This episode was produced by the elderly. I knew junior and immediate guitars and edited by martin. Martinez the latino. Usaa team includes nearly macy s under lopez. Recital we get the martinelli says got say genie montalvo and alejandra salazar with help from our engineers. Are stephanie the bow julia. Caruso and leah shaw with help from alicia. Youtube are digital editor. Is our new york. Women's foundation ignite fellow. Is julia roach. this week. We say goodbye to our endurance. Humanitarian cerro does and gabriela by is hey you did great work as interns during pandemic. It will be unforgettable for you and for us which is good. I see us for all of your hard work. And congratulations our theme. Music was composed by. Never be most. If you like the music you heard on. This episode stopped by latino usa dot org and check out our weekly spotify playlist. I'm your host and executive producer modifying traders again on our next episode. And in the meantime look for us. All of your social media. I knows may most felici is by latino. Usa is made possible. In part by w k kellogg foundation a partner with communities where children come first the john d and catherine t. macarthur foundation and the annie e. Casey foundation creates a brighter future for the nations children by strengthening families building greater economic opportunity and transforming communities. I remember the melodies cannot recall. The names will. You can sing it for me. That's i need a glass of wine for showed hossa next time on that usa despite no physical evidence. An alibi and recanted witness testimony. Jj velazquez has been in jail for twenty two years for crime. The evidence suggests he did not commit the story of jj velazquez when you're innocent like the worst position to represent yourself next time on the usa.

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I was kidnapped in Mexico!

Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher

56:48 min | 1 year ago

I was kidnapped in Mexico!

"Hi Hound dog is it's been a while I am so glad you're back listening to this lovely podcast speaking of podcasts I've got another one that just started with my wife Tasha legere what's called the Bliss Honeymoon podcast you can get that on I tunes subscribed to five star subscribe to this one five star this on leave a review and ever be let's start the show the thirty first I will be in Washington DC returning to the DC Improv. Now let's go on a trip together if you can't come see me live well they didn't expect this white boy to be able to shuffle g volume two and that started the peace process right and that's how we got where we are today with with in Mexico held for ransom gun new his mouth the scariest Shit I've ever heard his name is Monty Franklin he's a funny guy a comedian and other funny people entire egyptian-israeli you sent your own Scud missile from the floor what happened and so we were so we're older than you when we were there never gotten into dangerous situations together yeah yeah what's what what happened I was thinking about this we were in Israel for a semester of college all of them here they come here they go hi everybody Hello Hello Hello Hello Oh right right right all right twenty second of December also be at the San Francisco Sketch Fest in San Francisco the weekend of January the nineteenth and the weekend of January let's just travel together now we're going to Mexico because this week's episode of the Tall Discussion series is all about a man who was kidnapped we're talking to a man who was kidnapped in Mexico we're going to hear his story he's our expert he's also actually a comedian put Your Hands Together Ladies and gentlemen for our expert this evening Mr Monti Franklin say Hello Dan in a in a cloth store to fuck my brother Hey yeah yeah he was just like putting like cloth over him and then all of a sudden my brother felt him rubbing his erection on it yeah motherfuckers at the theater for another episode of the Hound L. Discussion series. Say Hi everybody very good tonight we're talking about intra tall discussion series with your host capture rely once again at the on this episode of the discussion series are run funchess the sklar brothers and Megan Gaily it's a lot of fun it's the most fun of kidnapping it's a weird place I mean that's where Dob Dob was for a lot of there were snorkeling at the blue and then there's also we down there and and we went down to a place called Dob I don't know if I've been there I've been there at the Sinai Peninsula Egypt Dude I went to first of all and we we went to a hip hop club Dob and I I did a little break dancing and really impressed Egyptian locals they were like thanks for coming in I would say check the surfers pulse because he may be close to death right now or not scholar rose what what's I'm not here no one knows what happens so coming back from that on that trip we're taking a cab to the border from where we were and were driving on this road down to Jews in Egypt so on point and we were very so on brand and it got they wouldn't let us leave the village we're getting a village we village you hell yeah and so I was like I don't know if that's a great idea I don't think any of us know where we are but let's sat down bring out the sheet we're in the middle and everyone surrounding us and people talking to language I don't understand that could have been nice I don't know but it started heated a little bit when our friend decided to start haggling over the price of the weed I think at that point when you're in someone else's house in a village that you don't know let's and as he makes his way to the state and our comedic guests although everybody's the comedic guessing you could say right there Megan Gaily Ron funches and the scholar brothers put your hands together for wasn't there were no hip hop clubs there wasn't even like big hotel maybe they just didn't tell you squares about where they wear they're like yeah there's no hip hop clubs here quotes no but we we're waiting for all the best we dealers parents in the village right out of the kitchen all right so we're doing that and then like eleven a fire happening right here we're in a strange country there is just there is no nobody knows where we are there's like no cellphones at this time and so it just was we in that so when we went down there someone we were with said hey here's what we're GonNa do we're going to go to into the village and we're GonNa get really because this week is just shake we're going in fire and gets out and starts talking to them and I was like Oh this might be where we die I don't know but I mean that was a moment where we're like we don't know what's going on life is in this guy's hands and then off in the distance we saw a car that was on fire and three people standing outside of it oh that's where we'd was right so no so you know do show up I was like I think only one do needs to show up with the winning eleven due to show up on my is this the hip hop club I don't know what's going on what in my brain I'm like ooh that's really bad that's a bad situation too bad we're going to have to just drive past that border no this guy pulls over to it like pulls into the the US don't worry guy to see this eleven person village wash my kids while we surround you Ron funches why was dancing as the Lady Liberty Tax signed dancer person dressed up folk with us even more off the headline headlights of the car because I yeah but you could kinda see and then what we saw at least that's the way they sold real brief moment as young dumb twenty one year old kids we were like that this was really stupid all of this we could have not had the sklar brothers yeah yeah where you guys comedians yet gas let's go we go into the village and then were suddenly in someone's house and we're watching someone's kids for about a half hour yeah we were we had done comedy and high school and we'd done it a little bit in college people with math till we paid the price they wanted to and so are we help our guy who was very heated for some reason walked back is bryce and I was like this could be where I die like Chris thank learn besser three sounds like no better petri dish for a staff infection than the outfit at a Lady Liberty side spinner tax return place that is so intense that's crazy yeah we did have a math then we had them happy about math club Mu two's before you know it is completely dark there is no there's no lights no nothing and we see often the disc turn off the lights to turn out the lights because they just wanted to on funches Dulcet tone Ron but what about you you got you got details or where you got close to the better than that into your lungs and your heart I knew it was bad because in nursing like I went home a week later in the nurse that had taken care of me at the hospital it's there's a marsh got we talk when we go to store and you buy back just accept the price I don't think we need to start going down on this guy and so Speaking of the she starts right I was going to go with that is to meet US on fire we'd've in a car on fire in Egypt like a waiver and our blew up blasted him into the water this is like very kennedy sounding I don't know if you know that much about the Kennedy schol chemical skin peeled from it and my mom was to this day jealous he also had a skin situation where his skin got better from a year devastating it full improbably sharing this outfit with the same like with a lot of different people and I don't believe they ever watched it and then got cut in my face somehow I ended up that's true I mean yeah third degree burns so then the skin like read it and my mom was like must be nice got it was like I felt so bad for the guy by the cloth know Scott it's called the Sheffield that's an upsell Jesus Christ sent me a letter and one hundred dollars and I was like how fucking issues she felt bad for me when I almost died you fucking asshole but yeah the paramedics came she performed Heimlich on me like three times and it didn't apps I have a friend who is there with me who tells a joke about it and when people figure out that it's like Oh my God you're curly fry girl and it's like yeah I I lost consciousness and it's really it sucks because like everyone oh and like I'd much rather be murdered as a martyr than that certain something that I heard recently the my brother I don't know where my brother keeps coming up Ron Francis what a world we live at but on the plus it may my face like all dying then get renewed in took away Alah Acne and bad skin day by going into the next day because I was like clear up my face will stop oozing at some point and they didn't come in today you're definitely going to die bill yet he's still well those are that's a scholar brothers ladies and much thank you with that math is the closest I've ever been death was a sit in a way Thank you the near death proactive I love it that's fantastic maybe de you recommend getting Osama share Megan what about you what are you making me no my brother the one that was raped in Egypt he also was he recently was in a Deli with some friends this is really a funny scary story I promise to be fair if you work into with any red flags whatsoever about any of this where would we have gone I guess so we just hop in the car and we're like this is it real real talks you just had to walk directly into the mouth of death back cleared up that's really crazy on a wave runner they're drinking malt liquor row classic Kennedy Kennedy like Ozark. Kennedy's yeah but I almost got this is the second time I've told the story today so it's very embarrassing I almost died I choked on a curly Monte I will eventually talk to sit here and then leave for knapp tonight but he was he was he was drunk and with some late liberty as as you know Mosul you know my history I know every detail history and so doing that address. ESPN I loved it it was so there's a death of a jumpsuit of for Mama Cass she wasn't even the most traumatic woman ends and you people acquaintances and he was eating at a Deli and he started a choke and he was like Oh my God I'm GonNa Choke them in a choke and he got up Giddens as death infection in my face oh my God I went to the ICU for about five days and they said if I didn't go in if I hadn't gone in that it's at a time when I was a young man I was it's also wheat story actually we were always as were all teenagers before ladies and gentlemen that was Ron Funches make here my dad almost died he blew himself up on a wave runner and he got an work right with spiral so if it had been a regular FRY would've popped right out and so the whole time I was like this is different iterations of not saying you pissed moist in the area of the bottom water area a full p because the choking I I the trauma of I guess this is too much I mean I feel like I started let the drums sue and how many out for her this is it oh I thought this was it to the point like I was wearing one of my favorite jumpsuits and I throw it out wait it's just mama time like the whole funerals about curly fries and how this is how I would wanna go out Wanna stay here or the help is I'm GonNa go like privately die like a dog walks are and just be better than dying of choking on a hand but at least you went out without without having Mama Cass went out on top is all I'm trying to say as telling you you're wrong and Contra Costa County which is like the Boozy area and Oakland is like the urban area or whatever and there was a tunnel connecting of the Caldecott tunnel and the Bartram the subway ran straight through the was a little bit less stigmatized like it is now you're always looking for like secret places to smoke weed that was a big thing you always looking for spots and one but I love the idea of what the jumpsuit is like a corporate term guys we really went the jumpsuit on this one are you talking about your grandfather oh no grandfather you're gonNA puke and like that for some reason is more embarrassing than dying And Yeah I I thought about Mama Cass and positive here anymore he well what a great story and I'm so glad you didn't die I'm so glad you made you got rid of it because Ptsd you didn't ah that is exactly the dilemma that we were faced with because we were walking we had to go single file right and so I at the time I was overweight young teen go single file now that's that'd be good walking back over when you're just wait just wait ron is indeed I don't know why that was an attractive offer for us to say Hell Yeah let's do it beginning of every horror stories straight up we were like okay let's do it so we we I I'll tell my tail and then Monte we're going to get into now I don't want to say anything no we don't want you to this whole thing is an elaborate prairie unless you and walked out of the Deli because he was embarrassed and I've heard that a lot like when you start choking to death Europe so embarrassed that you'll literally die you literally you'll be like saw what we were going to be walking on which is a one foot a little maybe about the size of this table like a one foot wide walkway on the side of the tunnel and we so much so that my nickname was pork chop they called me my friends called me Polish Orthodox Judaism and then loyal the dog from does I only wish and they everybody picked on me and they were making fun of me and call me pork chop and it was really a fun upper whatever so I was like okay I'll do anything for acceptance this seems like friendship or close enough and and so I got in the back and we all lined up single file and I'd just gone so it was like with the death was you're only a trickle ernest gone far enough and so then at the moment that everything became pitch dark we just felt this shift that we had hey this kid wanted this kid that we knew came and told us all like oh I heard about this spot it's down the bar there was a tunnel between Oakland adopt they put the brakes on and they stopped and like we were rattling with adrenaline and everybody was like from the front of the line they go your skin literally changed because you've gotta die and I was like oh it smells grow smells like death and then the nurse was like that to your skin eating it not that it was just the air change and became hotter and then there was pressure all of a sudden and then we started to see the light I'm running against the wind trying to get all my friends would just run you fat motherfucker run run and I was like I should probably get sober eventually and I'm running that banned the Mamas didn't she di though of choking on a ham sandwich she did but didn't the other women have all this other crazy sexual stuff any crazy sexual stuff search through the mountain that can that separated the two and he's like about halfway down the tunnel there's a little room that I heard about and we can go in there and smoke weed there and drop the weed and he jumps down into the train track picks up this bag of we and I'm like don't job down and that was probably when we how I'm GonNa go when everyone's going to be like Meghan WanNa love this and I don't love this you mean funniness Mama Cass run and so then the line turns around and starts to run out of the tunnel guests who's now fucking in pole position on a time in my life but but they were like okay do Jay was like okay fat ass you you're in the back you gotta be the anchor because we don't want you you know slowing us to walk into into and the way that a tunnel works is as you're walking in you can still see you can see the light you see the light and then there comes a point where you can't see the light anymore something you'd advocating a death wow but monty monty Franklin ohi Montes comedian but also you you told me very briefly that you had that you were and I- running and then finally we run get out of the tunnel and we're like shaking my best friend goes stops me as we come out and he goes way yeah well let's just start the beginning start at the beginning of your story what you just yeah yeah quote at the beginning I was born in Australia we did smoke after that and it's probably the highest I ever got because I had to drugs coursing through me at once was adrenaline was marijuana alien thing to always be on the verge of debt like Ben Abroad I've seen how you guys behave I have had a shock jump up against the wall as the as the train pass by and it was coming so fast but I could still I could see commuters inside as they are so close to them and they were sitting there and it was just like they looked like fucking pork chop as they come by or whatever and and then the train somehow I guess conductor seen us because it stopped birthday Australia spoon tale country it's fun so I'm sitting there and there's there's an old guy about twenty climbed over this we had the we crawled this place where we knew there was an access point and we threw a piece of rug carpet over the barbed wire and we all climbed over it and then we all there's a lot of the tunnel is like oh no the latest move towards us it was the train coming and it was like there's there's nothing you can do you were there and so we just had to like like doc encounter no really yeah yeah I punched a shock once that's and a lot of course tougher when I say it like that then what actually why do you do meekly Mr Portland didn't WanNa have now I'm and now there's also wind from like fucking pressurized Kupfer whatever like win coming to many people that love me about the story so I just wanted to hear once I started crying you slap me because I didn't like that it would have been better if you've done a bit of a more masculine something and I slept this shock so when I say I punched it get Outta the way a likely story yeah so what was what were you I've almost been killed like a bunch of really yeah yeah we're GONNA jump suit. I just wanted to let the jumpsuit in Australia do you do it in the opposite direction off jumpsuit fact just very Australia Ah abandoned I used to say they stories in my twenties because I had this one my best friend ran me over in his car going full speed ran new fade away from me on a long board and a popped up like that big so the shock was like twelve foot was massive and this was my instant reaction I went like that that's why I say it wasn't that tough terms of told this story and now I just think it's just a funny thing in my head but when I I told my mom this you just started crying my sister started crying and I went oh maybe I shouldn't tell you did he died touching or Mansaray oh stingray stingray so okay so you've had the sun had set I'm sitting out there in the surf and that's when Chuck's attacks Jeep had people and I know that and I'm sitting there going go I shouldn't be out here there was one guy attacks stupid people at sunset that's when it's at the door you pay that and that is illegal Australia to have all you can drink because we have a problem in my country a serious problem you know if you look up the Guinness Book of World Dan they're legal they're like a powerhouse strongly worded cease desists legal team Coco bongos member Acapulco say that was right on Las Janika for years ah shark style cartel guys pull up and I just went away from my family my family now so I'm in Cancun I was twenty the open hand slapped a shock and said stay away from my family and then and then I paddled in as quick as I could and I realize when I go to the beach left the old guy records the fastest drinking of a yard glass of be so yeah glasses that the name is Bob Hawke that was the Prime Minister of Australia that's nice their legal team does not hold a fucking candle goes I watch narcos I don't need that kind of backlash so it's fifty dollars all you can drink it coca all story about the kidnapping redhead girl you may remember Meghan because she right before down you she pulled a curly fry out of uh-huh I was sitting so it'd be like the it sounds tough but don't worry it wasn't that masculine beat up short I was sitting many wild experiences but tell us what the best one is the kidnapping Mexico because that's the it's actually both it's got to a point now because it happened when I was twenty five and thirty six now so we started wrestling and my friend a little bit in the club which is not a good idea Megan's like I definitely I know that and it was flat and to this day I have no idea what happened to that old guy not they're not damage ought to be fair that could detect literally could mean anyone in the surfin you'll stoop burned your whole country the second one was I got shot with a shotgun at the my mites twenty first birthday no and wrestled with me no I'm like I don't like that store shot with a shotgun doing drink drink because we're stupid and everyone else was quietly getting wondering can going enjoying the circus so we got drunk intoxicated and breath and so they pushed me down they stays I think everybody's still uncomfortable you're describing them as small there's something about that that's accurate that is race anywhere people would go with yard glasses and can you skull the thing scholars Chug can you check out the thing for us and he was trying to be proper when he was prime minister but as soon as he stopping separated us and all I remember was sort of coming to as I'm being pushed down by these circus midgets down the down the stairs out the back of comedian podcast tough casting day okay so these teeny teeny tiny communities modestly we're going to say the name first and last name your best friend your him Okay Coco Bongos in this great from seemingly live that's a really fun way to support me. Natasha and I are headed to Portland Oregon to the helium comedy club the nineteenth through the out the back of the club by about eight or nine small Mexican men okay and this is where I got raped by a man a- and then I've got I've got blank spots in my head of what actually happened because I was intoxicated I just remember being pushed down some stairs what do you mean they took you so you're surrounded me there was like a bunch of them and to of you wrestling on the dance floor they the club and I'm thinking why what's happening this is weed and then they pushed me in the back of a truck like a big truck like if one fifty or something like that and it had two bench seats officials in France Weird there's like a circus going on in the middle of the place there's all these acrobats flipping around and Shit and so me and my friend would just at the bar on either side and I'm sitting on the bench seats and we started driving along and sort of coming to them going what's happening this is weird and it looked across and there was a guy if I had one other USTRALIAN friend there and we went to can I say names I'm just going to say it's funny so we went to a place called Cocoa bongos I've talked to you guys I mean he would just chug these bs everywhere went on the whole country was just like fucking stupid so where in the club and we're doing in the Guinness Book of World Records the Prime Minister had a drinking beer rapidly record he did it he went he went to Harvard when he was in college and he still it's been pretty silent in the last thirty second she's like cocoa cocoa and Mama Cass I'm like what so I'm twenty five wearing Coco Bongo is now Coco Bongo that you were deciding whether or not you would drop a coq AU bon in coq au Bon yet he totally cool with calling US war the Mexican okay this is this is the problem in this country hold the world record for the fast drinking of glass of beer that is the most Australian folklore I have ever heard that the whole country used to love it and if he would Monte did mention there was a circus so it's possible that they were tiny method man I love that he didn't want to drink and what's the vibe inside the cocoa bungalows like people no one else was drinking it's very it's like a no what I'm fucking Atlanta's you got a whole panel here that we'll check with you all right let me know when I get out of hand you're good man was it utilised win over the eventual champions that's got high without even smoked across with me in camouflage gear and he had an AK and his hands and then looked at a dozen and then where's your wrestling partner at this point gone got now been separated I do not support the tiny Mexican separation policy at all I've been against it for years suit and he had a hand gun pointed at my head and that's when I kind of went oh this is fucked and and and how much money do you have and I went off and he goes how much money does your family have worse shit and I I remember that the white suit guy man that is so scary and you did they have the guns inside not nice so I didn't see any of these guys inside or anything and so in my head if you're the prime minister eating my country but I remember the time thinking okay you're either going to die he yeah never thinking if I if I was scared or anything they're going to intimidate me further so I'm just going to act comment drunk and you just think you can do things like run away from the police would like jump up a fence higher than you think you can and you always get away with it because you drunk hi thanks Ron Breaking bad we know one hundred percent when you said the white suit sent a chill the AK47 guy at least and so far he's the guy don't but why is he have a gun to your head shouldn't he have someone else do it for good lead by example talk radio wristband well this is what I think happened because the guy with the gun to the head he said small who you more scared of a well-dressed guy or a camouflage-clad they're well dressed guy one hundred percent why will I wanna hear your theories aw I would have gone the other direction I've been like so much money they've got all my and my family you kind of flattered that they were like they think I look rich Allen's like having Tequila if any foreigners wrestle that is our cue or they and they took you extracted you to waiting abductor yet abduct they always up -ducted Americans but great pores on the drinks curly fries because I'm Australian I was drunk slurring my words I hear slurring her words now I know imagine what the sound the tactic and so what does he look like the guy in the suit is he look sign anything because before saying Mexican some official is a militant also wearing camouflage pants he's my brother brother relate to that dude a little bit ah for whatever I know what you did last payback I remember thinking the white suit after Labor area as luck would have I am related and no one on earth what a crane whole incidents I know I know listen I know why you think that I'm a person that would have a family but not uh I'm telling you might ran me over and he's cob because I stole his car when I was drunk and drove it around and luckily it's a long story but in my head Games early fine with this and I went man you've got the wrong person known family they all died you should go back and get someone else a structured unbelievable story there you or you're gonNA get your way out of this remember thinking just act like you have no family so I slept the gun away for my head first off and I went short camomile literally die for so they look at each other very strangely and then the guy grabs me and wealthy American tourists and bring him down and we'll shake him up what are the trip advisor reviews likes cocoa bongos literally the worst are on earth I was this is where I think it changed in my head because as soon as I spoke and said that they both looked at each other very luck like that like they'd never heard so they were taken aback by accent I think that would continues right because there's probably did it's probably the racket till the coca bongos team to grab protocol in place or do you think that's like a human reaction to that level of terror I dunno I'd look up if drinking a lot I tend to like I'm thinking about myself here and I'm like a wonder if because you like had all these adrenaline pumping experiences like you were able to uh it's true she not that good of a story but she did she she pulled over pulled up on my foot and you're on my view ran over my foot all these guys were waiting in the truck not small also there was they weren't actual sweet cocoa bongos abduction team just waiting in line at the I don't know wherever you are it's just taking too long and you kind of overreact you stop yourself and say like I can't believe I'm getting mad at this mad at this I like these things aren't real and then you wake up the next day and go holy Shit I threw a bean through shop front window which I also did know my grandma wants ran me over and rain took over this post punching the shark yeah yeah I was fifteen when I slapped the shock when he finds this happened pushes me on the ground in the truck and they both what are you thinking at this point I look at it sounds like bullshit but I went somewhere else is crazy or did it not even hurt no it didn't hurt it was more like I'm thinking I felt like I was in a game like a God through got fucking punch by the white suit but I can't help get fucking mad when people are stupid you still but but but that's a great question like how oh very exciting good question keep like what today to hold kidnapped for something in my head and just said you're going to have to completely come so I was so completely calm and inside just going just stamp steakhouse dot com like that and I was on the and she fucking slammed on the brakes with the foot on my on the foot and I was like no don't that's the last thing that I want you to do is we'll get to the end of the story eventually but how much of the like less like lesson learned I saw my own death and I made it back did you keep with you man so I'm on the ground in the back of the F. One fifty and the two guys that were there started I feel like I would have been my family everybody will pay you anybody who pay you anything please and then they would have just shot me your life in your life today in yeah I can't even picture what non-drug Australian sounds like I'm trying to picture the prime ministerial pictures someone who isn't that the area might not so there's another guy there in another suit standing there with a handgun supervisor and get someone else look I was literally doing that hit me to the ground and I started punching literally just getting punches and making no reaction at all I went somewhere else it was the join the club twenty six years old at this point so I tasted gunmetal yet I mean that's an old this is an so if you do that three times in ten years so if you go back to take me home so somehow somehow up punching the she'd had basically have family I guess have family so they so you don't have cancer you were just like let's go back to Cocos and Bongos now yeah oh it's all you can drink did you know this what day of the trip was this I wow this morning I want you to keep going like she's like take that pork chop fucking are we'd run in the bar see Iran look they didn't understand why I was standing there completely like unemotional about the whole thing and they keep they keep talking to each other fucking game honestly us you survived this based on sheer Australian this that's what I'm getting right now do you pity yes no I just feel like I would have died they were gonna be on trying to give it so the next thing I can't remember it in your mouth punched you a bunch of times then they get L. FA boss of all bosses he's getting the truck and then you just none of it is working so so they were talking to each other in Spanish I assume and couch zero zero I'm really I'm telling you I can't keep game in my head like I do think that it actually happened so you weren't like a cancer patient who the doctor called so they got to have a gun in your they still punching while the guns there may be done a lot of commotion stuff like that so truck stops and then they kicked me out of the I do love their befuddling it because I will be able to like it's so unbelievably intimidating they've got all the stuff they've got a camera guy with a machine gun white suit guy with a gun so I they let me go or there's no way I ran away or something I was I was too drunk so they obviously just didn't know what the Hell was going on remembering everything but he had a big car like a like Lincoln or something and the the boot was open the trunk the trunk was open and eighty believe you or why were they punching you that trying to get more adamy cause I was literally hoping this coin fall on your asshole I was just going you got the wrong person family the Austin Boston adviser for valor Blurry done a really what happened they punched me up a little bit toby but the next thing I remember fully is walking along by myself they're just impatient oh come on there's no way I'm getting in the back of that driving back to Cocos so the Mexican guys little we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA be different words that one can we beat that you're meeting is head of the imagery love it love it is there something else so good standing there and just pointing out there like looking for they're looking at wikipedia stuff for Australia oh I see the problem take a shower or what have you slept the gun away and then the guy in the white suit zipped off his face on the old guard suit was a lot on remember that one I got in the mouth running the mouth comes using got forty five can you take me back circus legal happening for those of you listening to Monte quit his hand on his hip when he said I've citizen the we've got what we came here let him go I am walking barefoot and Barefoot and what are you wearing just shorts and a t-shirt punching me up for a little while and then be like a script the first and foremost they took my thong at least we'll take this slowly steal my body Jerry everything's fucking game like everything's a joke right like everything I've done stupid sheet lex Shivaji hit my twenties like drunk we didn't doubt that man's game no I've never I've never had a gun in my mouth year old thing to build so they put the gun in your mouth right and flagged down a taxi and get back to my hotel and a cost one hundred and eighty dollars so far away I was thanks guys seconds to guys like I don't know I don't know what to do so I'm walking along and I dunno half hour on and said fucking and I started walking off now as a you just beat the abductors just by being like obnoxious well we're just like you know yes and a little bit like that's ridiculous I was this kind of lack when are we gonNA wrap cocoa you don't know how long I was kidnapped Oh shit okay in the gun in the mouth at this stage never had that before so gun in math there were no you haven't walked or anything and I came to a road I'd lost my thumbs flip flops fifth hopes at the wish the American my song this is this is about four o'clock the next day so that's how long this is all going on his broad daylight so the next so you were taken at night day yeah it was the day the day of the day you think happened in the do do you get to this what happened in your blackout still what do you think happened truck and I roll in we're in luck a parking lot in the middle of nowhere and this Cancun at this point or in the like the tell you in a second you're in a bathing suit and a t shirt and flip flops when they got you you heard me correct that's one way when they're on bar where some funny they they were looking at each other lock our was inside and I'm just standing there lock I'm waiting for my fucking sandwich to be made luckily you had kind of an attitude got tossed it the second soup guy who smelled Ed I n satisfied so we'll tell often go to work so have your wallet no I had to go back in and get money off my friend and going pay the taxi I told the guy and he was US enough to wait lovely cab drivers to pay the fare do you have a family time with the family when you got to second suit guy was the son up note still not night yet in the next memory you have is walking and the sun's up the sun was the sir out it's a third suit guy we're going back it didn't work let this guy go just annoyed the sheet at the hills holding all the cards they look at the second aspen this it's the tracks you fucking down back is a bitch he goes Get in get in the back like that and pointed the gun at me and I looked at them and I said there's no why on getting in the back of that car and they all looked at theory is that what you said I bothered them so much and I probably only had forty five minutes of Coca bongos left to get a real candidate big doubled out to suit I hired a crew short Mexican with you invented Improv everywhere the guy you were wrestling with yes so what happened to him well this is this is ridiculous so this is like I said four o'clock the next day and he I come in and he and murder you but is it worth it let the guy go yeah yeah I just read them so much though like the second suit guy is now just a huge podcast he's chest and I said okay do you know what happened to me last night and I told him and then I grabbed the money and I went down and paid the guy and we talked about what had happened and that's what I thought Oh you literally think that that's what I think because the way they were looking at each other was like why is he doesn't care they thought it was too much so he goes I bought a hot dog on the way home last night and I fell asleep while I was eating the hot dog and I looked down and there was a half a hot dog he probably won't remember any of this I just pushed him away and he walked off into the Abi so funny so basically you're so drunk they were like oh we were going to kidnap need fucking person who doesn't care about getting punched in the face and 'cause I was drunk and slurring my words I thought I was like mentally challenged but all right there's just like this guy has speech issues that's always that's always been my theory that I just thought he's too much trouble has stories better Raanan you restore this sounds a little more interesting but fared retrospect Ron story wasn't that much better we decided to pretend that didn't happen because we still had two days in Cancun and we wanted to enjoy ourselves so we went back out that not acting it now he said he said Oh I am I bought a hot dog on the way home person who wouldn't know what to do and that was me at the time but you do the right thing the question I don't know so I get to a minor nothing happened and you just did your vacation we just did the next two days like I said let's pretend that that didn't happen it's going to ruin the rest of the trip so we went out about those greatest treated can't pay fifty dollars cover you'll never forget this night Dan did you say steakhouse steakhouse steaks that's not a nice that's not enough audience dates plug where you're going to be the only soft target dates they're coming up some shares went in and got money from better than Egypt we got the it's been ruminating the whole podcast stick by a truck go by rot and it had a guy with camera in it stuff like that and it was the fucking cops it was the police can you believe that you were abducted by the police. Where's this podcast going again this is your to Cancun Radi he's asleep and I walked in and said do you know what happened to me last night and he said do you know what happened to me less and I said did you think anything because it's too traumatic to think if that is the case but when I saw that truck I went what the fuck and I said to my friend whole week he's crazy where you blacked out the next night nine I well maybe I don't know again straight up most responsible thing you've ever done yeah I'm telling you it's when you've got drunk that thing in your head that says you can do this you can run from the cops you can make this and you always seem to make that's amazing if I was sober I would have cried a shock God yes sure what it's being crying it would have been funny if on the it doesn't scream like this guy can afford it tonight I mean this guy is a family that cares about him being fleeced that would just trying to find the drunk a stand up comedian so it'd be so easy to go to t God I'm scared at the time that can go fuck this guy and because I was a little confusing them it was my accent and the stupid calmness take forget two-thirds going to continue to two and a half hours from where you originated so wait so you you think the police the weird thing was it let's never go to therapy this is the weirdest thing so the next night when we were at I saw dangerous hasn't been really not dangerous anymore so it normally happens the way because I've been in Mexico City a few times and the thing

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Finding Balance with Food and Our Hormones with Kezia Hall

Real Talk with Dana | Nutrition, Health

20:45 min | 1 year ago

Finding Balance with Food and Our Hormones with Kezia Hall

"Welcome back to the real talk with Dana podcast where we talk all things. Nutrition health fitness and mindset with healthy side of sarcasm. I'm your host Dana. Monti's of real food with nutritionists and body image coach teaching women how to heal their relationship with food in their bodies. Ditch the Diet cycle for good and truly really thrive with real food one delicious meal at a time. Big thanks to Ned for sponsoring. Today's podcast net offers small batch. CBD products from the finest full spectrum. Have and you can grab fifteen percents off your order at. Hello Hello Ned. Dot Com with the Code Dana. Da So jumping right in today. This week's interview is with Casio Hall a holistic nutritionist based in Scotland. So she's an expert expert on women's health and hormones and today we're chatting about her personal story from during a dining club at age eleven to intuitive eating and using food as medicine not as an emotional crutch we're also also digging into the Nitty Gritty of women cycles. What happens when our cycles get out of wack why they feel so horrible and how to bring our cycles back into balanced naturally and and then last update to mention for you guys this week there are still? If you're listening to this podcast on the day it comes out there. Still two days left to apply for my twelve week. Program break. The Diet Cycle with Christina Christina. Hoyt which is all about helping you break free from dieting and finally making peace with food in your body and to help you troubleshoot through the areas where we commonly see people getting stuck. Because at this point you've probably realized just listening to podcasts and following people and social media is not going to be enough to fix your relationship with food and your body for good so if you're interested I'll include Lincoln link in the show notes but don't worry because there's only two more days to reply. Hey there air has yet. I'm so excited to have you on the podcast today. Thanks so much for coming on off. Thank you for having me. I'm superpower to be here. Yeah it's going to be great. We have so much to talk about what I want to get started today. Why don't you let the listeners? Now if they don't know you tell us a little bit more about you and your personal health journey okay. Well all I am. I'm Casey Hall. I am based in Scotland in the UK. Amd I call myself a holistic nutritionist slash. That's why I went to school so most local myself but actually interesting is. I started off life from a career perspective anyway as an artist so my undergraduate degree. Oh like the first time I went to uni. I became trained in final. So actually that's why I did for about six or seven years and it was only through having my Own kind of issues and struggles and frustrations and too deep embarrassment around various health symptoms in issues that I a kind of realized the power of food and lifestyle changes. And that kind of philosophic approach and then I kinda retrained an ended up doing it as this profession which was not what I was expecting at all. I was kind of just thinking. I'll just make. Aw paint things for the rest of my days. But I'm actually really glad I made that shift in my my health problems actually started from alien childhood so I always joke with people. If anyone that's watched a read little women and how how is like the one sister. That's really sickly like this sixty I was. I was that I have. I'm one of full so I'm the youngest sibling of my full four other thrillers. Anyway that means there's four of us. My siblings like stomachs of steel. Never really sick. Not really on antibiotics. But I I was like the one that would be all the time always on antibiotics. which here in the UK when your child at the time will always banana flavored like these disgusting Banana flavoured about you? I mean all the flavors to pick to get children anyway. I'm just like gross and I would refuse to take it so the only way my mom could get me to take. It was to give me suites so some antibiotics everyday then followed by tons of sweets tweets. Because that was my reward having it so you can. You can probably guess listeners. How did my at health in the me has to come and various the things went on in childhood different kind of abuse and different trauma and then I also kind of developed probably buried disordered eating? Take I ju what age eleven joined my Fist Diet Club and because I was quite overweight eating large chicks and didn't really know what to eat. But I was eleven years old Saddam was my initial indoctrination into weighing counting. You know all that crazy. We had stock doc and that then leaned into encana teenage as more disordered eating along with a lot of digestive issues so by this point I'd been to the doctors a lot as a child with lots of stomach. Issues Pains never read a gang. Any answers people not really knowing why they just were like. Oh she's much just being anxious kids which we fat I was by about sixteen years old. They were like Oh. Don't know what it is but it's probably IBS answer from them. Point onwards I just ended up having like diarrhea most host weeks and then it became most days and then it was just like chronic diarrhea. All the time and I was probably like eighteen nineteen twenty when I was at Uni at the time and it was just I was just it. It was so mortified by so embarrassed so I didn't tell him he wanted to go back to the doctor. I just kind of I don't know felt so ashamed that I just dealt the and I was also diagnosed depressed at the time and my my periods came and went and disappeared tried being on the pill which was a disaster was anxious locks and terrible thrush in a you know just all the all the things nothing horrendous. You know like no horrendous diagnosis but then also no real help no real. Oh no one really taking me seriously felt people were just like. Oh you dislike an anxious poisson when I was like well yes I am anxious because I think I might be incontinent. Ternent if I if I go outside so yes I am on. I'm anxious about my day because that was a reality so in publicly could believe what would be like twelve years ago now and I'm now about fifty two. I am just started to make a couple of connections and shipped. It's from two trying to a couple of people and thinking okay. I remember as a child. I used to get terrible expert when I had too much. Cow's milk all of my siblings did so I had that in the back of my brain. 'cause I remember not having cow's milk would clear my skin up so I did kind of now okay. Food is powerful all phone and it can have an impact and so that was when I started to really look at is Hell Listrik approach to eating and hell as opposed to a dieting approach because we dieting I was just like counting and tracking and there was no connection to how that food made me feel. It was just about whether it was on plunged efforts and that was when I start to be like. Okay well how does food make me feel and what foods are going to help me to heal kind of started. That process Ido Ventola Taua gut health. Things trying to just get my bows to be normal and then my hormones to be normal and then my mind to be to mobile. It's just been that kind of process tests but when I look back now to those I even ten years ago I'm like Oh thank goodness I feel so much better now than I did. In my early twenties it was totally grim but at and a lot has just been changing. My relationship with food shifting and moving away from that dieting culture and rainy rainy actually just learning to listen to my body and actually respected and respect. What it's telling me I often say this to the clients? I work with that. You'll aw bodies often Constantly telling you important bits of information and what it needs but we never get told the language about bodies and so. That's when you can end up getting really confused and frustration fees. I hated my body. I hate to the fact that it failed me so much and it just made a massive so many things whereas now now I realized it wasn't failing me. It was just like speaking Mandarin. When I don't know that language and over the years I've kind of lent a little little bit more language run body and now I'm like Oh you actually incredibly wadis? Wow and still inning. It's still health things going on but overall it's just been luckily protests. It's been a not sure if lovelace the right word but it's been powerful official. I love that so much in in there to unpack. I WanNa thank you for sharing that and I want to go back to one of the things that you just mentioned is. We're not taught very well how to truly listen to do the language of our bodies or really stay true to listening shot from the time that we're little kids and a lot of the time what happens. This is if we start to fall into these dieting patterns or disordered eating were so used to relying on these external cues and signals and rules rather than our bodies internal cues an internal signals and the things that our bodies trying to tell us. So I WANNA go back to. You said You were eleven when you join your Diet Club. What that so I suppose like in the? US Like weight watchers a weight watchers but it was similar like an equivalent here in the UK. We do you have weight watchers Babes. This one called swilled and it was the same kind of idea away. You go into a black a public meeting at the time so this is like twenty years ago now and he's down on a scale in this sock and like church holes and you kind of just all follow his plan and Lynn about booed. You didn't KLOPP each other if he lost weight and talk about why maybe haven't lost weight. which is which which looking back is hilarious? 'cause always like well done you. I'm lost weight and people like haven't you lose weight. Oh I just didn't eat as much all. Oh you gain weight. Why do think that is because I ate too many football's like that was always the same station? Sation sounds like we had an it was a very I mean. It's not all bad at the time. I had no idea that eating like fruits and vegetables would be a good idea like that. My family culture around food prior to that experience had been lots of ready meals packaged packaged foods. We had like a deep fat fry like Mae King Chips. I didn't know that snacking on a banana was a option and snacking on a biscuit or snacking snacking on marshmallows that respect. Oh I like apples. Maybe I should eat more apples that that was a positive outcome. Come but all the other nineteen percent of the stuff was actually reading. Not What you need at age eleven yet really so speaking of weight watchers. I don't I don't know I'm sure you've heard this. But there is a newer gun of spinoff company or wing of weight watchers developed a weight watchers APP for kids yes and in the. US has just been such a huge backlash because it's basically setting up kids for disordered eating under the guys of. Oh we just want them to be healthy and it's like well. Is it healthy to have kids counting. Every single bite of food that they eat and then demonizing foods. Because because as a nutritionist. I don't think so yet. No I I think here in the UK you can like. I could go swimming club on you can go to the weight walk trimmings as a child. He if your doctor gives you permission to or something but it's it's just such the wrong solution and such the wrong information that whole conversation and actually at that age and stage and whether you're a child or whether an adult if you actually at the point where you will technically overweight or obese category none of these dieting programs actually look at why they just give you this. Like general enroll formula like that whole process from age. Eleven to about sixteen was like a process of being taught how to disconnect from my body and obsess about the food. I was eating when actually the up in order to see lasting results. The opposite needs to happen like way. You actually get so in tune with your body and maybe why like why did I wanna Benji mazdas on a Friday night on certain days after school is probably because I was bullied and actually. That's probably what I needed help with on a I've been able to process those big emotions I wouldn't have needed to numb out with the MAZDAS. Not Switch Mazdas for like Fat Free Yoga which I felt like I can seemed so much all at a young age account. I just don't even like yoga anymore. Like Connie just and especially when it comes to kids be could say adults as well is just. I think if you can summarize my general approach as a holistic nutritionist. It's just always asking why I think we just need to ask the question. Why more often why you? Maybe it's your thirteen year olds for stone or whatever you know two hundred pounds when they you know that's not necessarily great for their heart health actually looking at why that is as opposed to just applying this external in all formula that has nothing to do with their own unique kind of metrics. It's a very odd business which it is. It is a business so off which white can get a bit confusing. Yeah and it's it's unfortunate because a lot of it is just so mathematical well and doesn't take into account that the body is so much more complicated than that like if it was that simple then everyone would be the exact same size who followed the same. You know calorie expenditure numbers or whatever that they're basically prescribing in these types of like diet club meetings and stuff. Aw Yeah so true. One of the thing that you mentioned was that how and you've talked about this on your podcast. Before is how trauma plays a big depart in impacting health. Issues impacting things like dieting behaviors or disordered eating behaviors to. Could you talk more about your experience with that. If you're comfortable. Yeah no no problem. I think this comes up I would say maybe like sixty With sixty percent of my clients I would say if I was doing a guest and it's really really huge. I kind of came to this conclusion. Basically by just asking why a lot fist for myself and just my own recovery Janney and then a lot with clients as well so intensive. I'm probably the best example in this context. I used food a lot too. I was eating all the wrong foods. Totally addicted to sugar at so many things going on and when I really start to drill down of why that was it was actually because some some of it was practical what I would call practical reasons like I maybe wasn't eating enough food so I was actually hungry. It was affecting my blood sugar management. I don't like I always feel like I always tell my clients. I kind of have a very two pronged approach. One side is very kind of law of a functional medicine approach looking at. That's how I take my notes. That's how I look at things and biochemistry and running tests but then the other half is actually looking at these mall what you could say more qualitative type approaches of feelings and trauma is a nice Sofa me actually. A lot of why I wanted to eat tons of sugar Y I had so many issues with. IBS was a lot to do with experiencing trauma and now from what I can understand. has a huge impact on your neighbor. System has a huge impact on you endocrine system because the me having experienced central as a child that I couldn't deal with couldn't couldn't process properly. I didn't have the language especially when things happen. When you're young you you kind of just go into survival mode and we often are aware you can check in in conversation with people whether it's like? Oh I just need to get through this next couple of months and we often think that survival mode is this kind of feeling old. They state eight of being like in terms of our emotions. But it's also kind of biochemical reality as well so my biochemistry for years and years and years has been in a state of up kind of fight flight or in my case freeze Freezer I don't fight. I don't I don't flee I freeze and do nothing but my biochemistry response to that is is is real so my coat is all levels have been really elevated and if you WanNa even just take that example. I was bullied at school. And so I would often have regular dreams about having to go back to school as an apple though a very mundane dull dreams like the wind. Like I'm going to school Olen. Everyone's there with whatever it was literally just me as an adult being like. I have to go back to school in this dream but I would wake up APP. -solutely terrified and what that feeling I'm experiencing is actually all my stress hormones and quotas all elevated. I was at the time struggling with binge ing in an energy issues and that was because my blood sugar management was so off. Now what those things got to do with each other that ongoing sense of threat trauma Tara all those experiences that haven't been let's just say filed away in my brain at night during that Ren sleep time where we kind of underrating metaphorical level file away. Different experiences. That's not happening and so in the daytime. I'm constantly looking out the threats for predators and what that means is on a hormonal level. I'm constantly on the defense constantly really quickly really quick release adrenaline. The quick release coach saw and all these stress hormones in order to defend myself and that over time has a massive impact new ability to digest food on your stomach. Mike acid on your hormone production on your mental wellbeing. Because it's like you get stuck in survival mode instead of In balanced healthy state of being is we actually swing from sympathetic to pass and pathetic state. Meaning we you know might run prime from Blake. No practical perspective might run away from a lion but then when we get away we chill out for ages and arcades our more modern experience. We might have a really stressful day at work remaining being a deadline and we get home and we chill. We have a nice bath but a lot of people that I W- it with with myself don't know how to swing out of that and often. It's either because they've never been taught and culturally we really glorify dizziness and we glorify that more kind of sympathetic nervous state but a lot. aww Time especially when this Benji emotional eating digestive issues and these other things. It's all that can often be this kind of trauma. Aw Aw something significant that still active in their minds does that make sense. Yes yeah and it's so important Morton to think about that like you were mentioning on so many levels right. It's not only going to impact your relationship with food and your relationships with others and how you perceive receive yourself in your self esteem self confidence but then also on a physiological level with the hormone balance with the blood sugar with digestive issues with all these other things and then I would would also magin. 'cause you also mentioned being on the Pale and it gave you lots of anxiety. That didn't exactly help either. Definitely not now ruined me and the pill I mean I think I only managed to stay on it for maybe like three monks just from a mental health perspective. It was not it would did not agree with me and I'm not actually quite grateful. That had such a such have kind of a strong response. twix otherwise I probably would have just taken it years and years whereas it was one of those things I was like. WHOA I literally have not felt myself since I started taking this thing every day? Okay let's just stop. Does directions options. I think the miseducation we have around the the contraceptive pill is not bad is another thing I I could run about for awhile but vote vote. Okay time to take a quick little break here to talk about. Today's sponsor Dr Ned. So let's say you're learning more about women's health in your hormones the different phases of your cycle when it goes optimally sometimes when it goes sideways. Oh Hey exactly like we're talking about during this podcast with Casey at today and in addition to the amazing tips that we're talking through in this episode another episode. That will be coming up soon to. Is there something that you can do right now to start to balance out your cycles while turns out you. Can you can use nets natural cycles collection so this natural cycles line has been specifically formulated for women's Health to help balance out our cycles. No surprise they are considering the name of the product right and it was actually created as a request of many of neds customers asking for CBD products to help manage manage the discomfort of their own menstrual cycles. So that's pretty cool. The product line is a unique collection of premium CD products specifically made to bring healing to your body audie and harmony to your menstrual rhythm all month long not just during one particular phase so you can stop suffering through all the cramps. The headaches the bloating and sometimes extreme mood and energy changes that accompany company our cycles and get back. You're living your best life so the line includes a balanced blend. You guested to help balance at your hormones with a blend of CBD herbs minerals antioxidants fatty acids and vitamins. All the good things. Also in ease blend to help ease mental discomfort and crafts with a combination of CD Herbs Cramp Bark Flack co-host Ginger and cinnamon and a Soothe Sal specifically for PMS symptoms before your cycle with herbs like lavender Rose Camomile Ginger and CBD an energized role on to help boost both your the body and mind with CD plus essentials so up pretty sweet and of course net is also a fantastic source of high quality small CD products from the finest full spectrum. Have that are independent Pennant third-party tested for quality potency and purity which is extremely important when you're navigating the murky world of CD and you can grab fifteen percent off today at your order at hello alone. Net Dot Com with the code DNA. Da One thing. I would love you to rant about more is I do want to talk more about hormones about women's cycles specifically I think there's also a lot of misinformation or you know not just not not enough information that's given to us as women about not only are menstrual cycles as a whole and how they impact our bodies and why they're so important to you have a regular functioning cycle rather than to just kind of stifle it by going on a birth control pill or some kind of contraceptive right. But I would love if you could talk about and I love how you talk about this on your podcast. Who is making your menstrual cycle your superpower because? I'm sure they're going joining me. Many people listening to this podcast about like A. What is she talking about like? My cycles are horrendous so I was wondering if you could first start off by talking about some of the reasons wins that sometimes our cycles do feel horrendous or like completely out of whack yeah great question and Yeah I totally do. I believe that I know. It's quite a contradictory thing to say for some people. But you'll see that you'll cycle and your parents can be a superpower. But I really think that Ashley Ashley they can and so but that can be lots of reasons so I said I do believe that but I also for those of you listening. I know how awful you that kind of experience can be of your periods and the symptoms that you have and so. I'm not downplaying how you actually feel. This isn't about powering through all. Oh just the power of positively this is actually about realizing. Hey if you current experience of your period is uncomfortable painful foil horrible whatever it is then actually. That's that's signed. That's like your body giving you a bit of a red flag and saying hey hat could greedy deal with a bit of help a bit of support a bit of T._l._C.. You'll periods is as a great Irish say to people like you periods as a woman a really simple great ways just.

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Ep 57 - Kaleel Sakakeeny

The Community Cats Podcast

18:33 min | 5 years ago

Ep 57 - Kaleel Sakakeeny

"The. You tune into the community cats podcast ready. Let's cal. Welcome to the community cats podcast. I am your host. Stacey lebron. I have been involved helping homeless cats for over twenty years with the Merrimack river feline rescue society. The goal of this podcast is to expose you to amazing people who are improving the lives of cats. I hope these interviews will help you learn how you can turn your passion for cats into action today. We are speaking with Khalil Sakakini Khalil a relationship coach. And also an animal communicator practitioner Khalil I want to welcome you to the show. To be here. So how did you get started working with animals? Well, it was always indeed love for animals respectful. There were the beauty is brought into the world the ministry of the resistance, and the sense that they were allies creatures, and then we had a burn lovely every beautiful. Black cat, Justin big shoot. The kind of creative energy that made the world better place and develop a deep relationship to him when he passed it was a very complex passing the same time. His spirit was just incredibly awesome, any of the people angel moral picture of him in their room when their heart said, Dr after dark, I I was launched into a real confusing vortex and was casting about for ways of dealing with her. Hart volunteered. Gives a catchall ter- Goto angel Morial tap tube. For my body. I in life sweet black cat staring at blue butterfly. And then I took a restraint stepping slow of the world of animal communication, which once I stepped into it. It was impossible step back up. Only recourse was to go further in Deborrah and expand your awareness and your tutor self as you learn the skills of industry, she's communication where did you learn how to become an animal communicator hired a couple of ammo communicators, the find out whether our remaining cat are meeting animal companion all pets, by the way. We call animal companions while. She was ready for another companion and other cat ones hired is. Communicator that watch the way they were is it my this is really interesting doing is giving Goebel flu arm at physical presence. What my heart was always expressing. So I stumbled upon it great teacher in Nazi wind heart, and she is one of a handful of call master mentors who really run workshops online offline in communication penalty. Smith throws the grandmother wall. This was a nineteen seventy eight in coined the term into species communication, so nasty like click in I spent twelve thirteen weeks with her and that was the full process, which is continued through various seminars in our own private close will face will test not skills share successes at phase with our colleagues, and how have you used animal communication in practice? That back of bit. Some people may wonder what it is is based on their deer that it you see now the new world energy taking place in people plucking one earth one of one globe. We are all one ACTA idea literally. And you're wrong that down the hill. Bec- Yuna believing that we are in fact, all what and don't tell service illegit with that needs. Liz, if our fact all one why can't we all communicate with each other? Why can't we communicate with now companion would a tree with a plant life? Can't dogs cast communicate with each other. So that is predicated on the idea that let's say native Americans often communicated with the animals that was their bison brand, certainly, you know, stores children will come said, mommy roller. Just totally that he. Has a sauna gay, and you say, of course, as parent high Swedish as right nice dogs. Kantar kid knows the dog talk to him, and you out sort of bleaching that out of the so once you get that, we're all one that. We're all connected in falls of coronary largely that we will be able to communicate with those very entities that we are connected with the next step is that that's like promise. And I believe that had how go about doing it. So that's when you begin to study any regained to listen to some of the mentors, it'd be into learn the ways in which this is accomplished while you have to do for south high half, though, control the chatter at your mind higher. Affi- a soft focus I have to get into a state of deep, relax. Asian high have to put aside your own personal agenda in the sense to clear channel because the animal mind, it's terrified by the ran the chatter guy lawn in our mind, the communications very direct at very simple and very to the point is very awful near about the formula question of already gotten the answer. So you do have to do a lot of personal preparation on the south. So they don't impose only, motions and fears. What you get back. If you're a clear channel. Oil is Jaylen offended two way communication with the animal. But if you just full agitated trying too hard in your internal stress in mind this chartering away on to get back as a reflection of their eyes. So you have to practice practice practice to get better at this. I'd be interested to hear more about your experience in volunteering with the Gifford shelter. Did you use any of these skills when you were there for because Rachel who knows their program is a magnificent behavioral specialist shoes when fuel literal over minded people who want to be in fact, gear a workshop in to animal communication and gets a lot that I was to their old halls. You know, we know scientifically that animals now. Happy motions have feelings have thoughts came use tools. So I was this appointed the catch out there wasn't willing at least two of breast twenty minute our half hour, introductory talk. But having said that in my. Alwar was the shelter. I don't use communication. So for instance, you should look video called hockey owl. Overcame spirit into great video. It's world famous is together about the N resin Bach one of the worst leading anal- communicators, but while the house shelter and some highly energized gal came in and she was in the high kind of Pige voice, people offer Nusa talk to animals, the animals are nice have sweep it were. But you found on cads on your troublemaker Elsevier quietly, and again, she said, you're trouble anchor. And I said, you know, what I don't think that cat needs to be told. He's center he's in a cage or closure. He is probably gonna is by being here. The last thing the world he needs to hear because the meaning in rob. Som of energy in a negative. And she said while you know, they can't understand our started to say is they can't the says wire walking rossing all Suzy how you are all Mario Monti love you. If you think they're going to want to send that in the survey going on the standards say, you're troublemaker, your bad boy, but that has coronaries of towers being kids tough ksm pad boy, while you're gonna get undefeated negative impact would reinforce his negative self image and will whoever's loss loss, we've used animal communicators shelter that I was involved with the Merrimack river feline rescue society. We used animal communicators, many people who had lost their cats had used animal communicators, and I will say with shockingly great success, and it's been very, very helpful. We actually used a communicator when we moved into our first. Adoption center that we brought it was a ranch house that a couple had lived in. And we used a communicator there to help create better energy in that space. A very stressful. Move moving everybody in there, and we had done some renovations and stuff, and we just felt that the adaption process was a little bit off kilter. So we had used pretty much everything that we could find to try and settle the energy in the space, and it seemed to work it seemed to help at least we all settled in. But the lost and found component of animal communication. I find extremely interesting. Have you ever done any of that? Good enough to do that yet. And even some of the masters mantles won't do it because it's a very slippery slow, for instance, annals leave their hall reasons all alost lawn to be found so many times animal isn't happy in his or her whole, it's not fit with their people. And they want to get away from other times, our may simply feel that his job with that family with those people not in the railroad wants to leave his body at the back of the spirit world in tex- off to find the right place to do that. So in some cases that also lost a lot to defile. And then of course, there's always the added dimension of when communicating with an animal based upon the vibrations that you get in you accurately, say it sounds. Was no longer a lie was is working loss animals. Very tricky to present dealing with the heavy motions of the owners human companion. So I don't touch that. And even people like Nancy will say they will easily touch it as just fraught with so many old legs complication, it's a very motion process. I mean, we had a fire in a house, and so is in determining whether or not the cats were in the house or outside of the house. The we had another instance where a deer came through a plate glass window at dining room in a community and indoor cat that had been into only for eight years got out in the chaos of this. Dear smashing into this house, and it was incredibly amazing and a successful outcome and finding that cat in a place where people thought there was no way a cat could get into that space, and they found the cat within. In seven to ten days after the cat getting out of the house. But I mean, it wasn't done without a lot of energy and exhaustion on the part of that animal communicator trying to convince the cat that everything was okay and people were coming for them in that kind of thing in the case the fire was not a good outcome. It was determined the cats had perished in the fire the cat was actually outside. But it's companion was in the house. And it went in the house during the fire to help get the other cat out and perished in the fire. At least that is what we believe happened, which was obviously emotional time for our communicator say the communicator was it was Bruce fuller. He was on our board of directors. You can search Fuller's feeding station online, and he designed to level feeding station for our feral cats in the newburyport mass area at one point in time. I know who trained him, but I forgotten that person's name at this point in time. And unfortunately, he passed away. Two years ago. So he's not with us at more. But he did an amazing job for us over the fifteen years that he was involved with her organization and helping us to be able to consider alternatives and to be able to introduce other people alternatives and trying to help them with any of their lost pets and helping cats in our care too. So he was very very sensitive and an excellent asset to organize Asian and a great person in general. And now, let's take a moment to listen to a few words from our sponsors ready to make a big difference for cats in your community. We've got an exciting opportunity that can jump start your efforts. The community cats podcast has launched community cats grants when you qualify for this innovative program, you'll gain valuable knowledge about how to raise funds for your spay neuter efforts plus will match the funds you raise up two thousand dollars. Doubling your -bility to make a difference for cats fundraising doesn't have to be scary. We'll be with you every step of the way check it out. You can find all of the details on the community cats podcast website under our education menu. Let's join forces to make the world a better place for community cats. Jittery that canopy Smith's books. Does. He was a pioneer in all of this. Sometimes the reader books, you're not dot your own sanity or dot Abia dealing away, but continue on Santa Leo wisdom in your peace of mind. But I almost feel somebody could say this may be step out there, but maybe the cat and deer communicated in. Maybe it was determined. That is how the cat will be free through the deer coming through Lindo that seems dramatic extreme. But one on the to what extent there was any communication on from that cat indicating the need to get out. But you're saying factor cat went back in is that right now at that was two different stories. So one was when the house was on fire that cat went back into the fire at the deer story. The cat. Didn't go back in the cat. Ran out because the police came into the house to corral, the deer the deer tranquilized or whatever. So this happened about thirteen years ago. So it was a long long time ago. You know, I'm sure that people are better at directing dear away from houses, and that kind of thing I mean, I think that they were chasing the deer, and the deer was just panicked and spooked and just reacted in that way back again to question the shelter so often we'd find shelter. Great jaw. I don't know what your show kind of function is. But someone is one of the dare, and we never explain why they're the spent seven years in the house or ten years hours. And then all of a sudden they find shelter and the emphasis on dotting, the cat to get these cats all the but the size steps in between. How do you know what kind of home that cat really wants to going to? It's a huge huge question. Chin, and I'm sure it's one that we could talk about for another hour and a half. But unfortunately, we're coming short on time Khalil if there are people interested in finding out more about what you do in the programs that you offer is their way for them to reach out to you also began as my primary function as a relationship coach helping relations grow develop. So the website would be the other knee coaching dot com. That's all one word was the other me coaching dot com. And because I find animals in personal any motion a couple coachee. It breaks down barriers can get closer to the issues that I have just words logic. So at least people listening could solve their it. Essential for him. What I do, and that can communicate with the way the Email on the left side Khalil are do. You have any last thoughts that you'd like to share with our listeners just quick? Ones tried to avoid the word hat because your animal companion is a companion when people talk about sending dog. So will be in school has back off of that. Let's talk about sending them to may be training capacity where we can all learn the left. How moan is the yellow soya training person owner the person and training, the annual not to be in to responsibly away at Brits health in good energy to the family. Colella? Sounds great. So what thank you so much for green to be a guest on my show. And hopefully, we'll be able to touch base again in the future. Stacey your best. Thank you very much for making the time for me. Thanks for listening to the community cats podcast, if you could go to tins and review the show, we really appreciate it. When you do take a screen shot of your review, though to Midi cats, podcast dot com or slash review and enter your information, and will send you a t shirt while you're there, don't forget to check out all the ways, you can support the content you're passionate about thanks everyone.

Khalil Sakakini Khalil Merrimack river Stacey lebron Smith Kantar Justin big Gifford shelter Deborrah Hart Goebel hockey Mario Monti Bruce fuller Liz Jaylen Rachel Yuna Suzy
Early Retirement Extreme  A Systems Approach to Lifestyle Design

Mad Fientist

53:35 min | 4 months ago

Early Retirement Extreme A Systems Approach to Lifestyle Design

"Hey what's up everybody. Welcome to the financial independence podcasts. The podcast ragged inside the brains of some of the best and brightest in personal finance to find out how they achieved financial independence. I can't believe it. But i am finally interviewing the person that introduced me to this whole idea of financial independence in the first place. And that is jacob. Lewin fisker from early retirement extreme dot com and i came across jacob way back in twenty eleven i was reading get rich slowly dot org which i've interviewed the writer behind that blog. Jd roth previous episode of the podcast. So i was reading his sight and he did a review of a book called early retirement extreme and it just blew my mind and that was when i realized that early. Financial independence was possible. And if you saved enough money then live on it and not have to rely on work anymore. So i'd say that was probably the most influential article i've ever read in my life because it completely changed everything and over the years i've heard lots of stories from people about who introduce them to the idea fire. And you know. Mr monti mustaches. A big wine and even this podcast is introduced people to the concept which is amazing to me but jacob in yari is what did it for me. So it's an honor to be able to talk to the guy that changed my life in so many ways sooner rather than on here. I just wanted to dive into it so jacob. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate it so it's this is a long time coming so i started this podcast way back in. I think may of twenty twelve. And you're going to be my first guest. Because you were the reason i knew about this thing called financial independence in the first place but i chickened out and i ended up asking a guy named mr money moustache who also a software developer myself and thankfully. I didn't know how big he was at the time. And how big he would go onto become but But yeah this is. This is a huge treat to be able to talk to you after all these years and to thank you for the huge impact. You've had in my life. Because i was trying to think about it before this call and i can't think of anyone other than maybe my parents and my wife who had a bigger impact on my financial life than you have and it was all from an article on get rich slowly and i think it was. Maybe when jd was reviewing your book back in two thousand eleven was recently attended. Update get rid slowly as as well only to them. But at that time closely. We saw like fading out of out of office existence. Like right in your thought that sense about good happy. The app cyber malls ended up. Yeah it was crazy. Just pass the torch to mr money moustache. And that's why i was like i could. I could talk to him because he's a software developer. That would be fun and yeah it was just around that time. And maybe that's where we can kick off. Because i'm interested to hear what you've been up to so you had you you've written the book and it's a fantastic book. I've read it at least three times. And you finished up what you were trying to say with the website and you're moving on and you passed the torch to eminem and i believe at the time. You were becoming a quant trader. Is that right. yes on the show. What might might titles actually supposed to be a nanny staring financial. Financial beta lewis giants. We'd set up trying to see some patterns that what was that experience lake in. How how long did you end up doing it. For st pius until two thousand fifteen essentially my experience they. I mean Physicist so to speak as larry dismissal dismissing of anything finance and business but as i saw like a little bit molin got into the post area era era of my life i began to sort of With the old Financially independent. I started reading into finance and economics actually thought working in the business in wall street could be and by Around two thousand. Seven two thousand eight and the giants. The credit crisis is essentially had metals like tons of layoffs. All hiring since froze. And i thought well okay. That's kind of like you'd be Forget about that and and I was writing on blocking instead. And i always making comments like if only they had been On wall street but maybe link total value standards like physicist arrogance can fix everything and the one of one of my rita's actually comments agonize Interested maybe could make a happy is okay. Let's try this right. Because i mean pottery is song to life. Philosophy is to try many different things as against essentially is like self actualize to the fullest by by by doing many different things moaning many different things so he's got me into the company chicago alleged california in two thousand twelve and eleven so issue just before you thought podcasting and so that as an opportunity to to stop logging because already felt that. I said everything play in the blog. I finished the book. Which was like the canonical text of fire and also Yeary to be fired. A lights on asset of what was going on about a few years takeaway of suffolk shop a surprise france lead with is how big a difference though was the tweet like the academic side the celtics quite Than the next light practitioners because in other fields like like science and engineering yourself used to one line of insight from like not knowing anything so maybe like a hobbyist serious damage in people working in the business and then at the very top you had like professors Thing i bet you typically how it goes. I don't know it goes like computing these days going like for example his whereas in In finance finance wall street wall street is not the physical location. Essentially means everything that has to do with tree in me. He goes outside the retail level. It has essentially talked so they're two different communities that gaullist like a tweeting themselves side of it and then you had load the practical side. And what's we yes. The practice of is is leading mega waymo well-financed and in a sense more advanced whereas the any side also album. They have essentially access to worst. Ada gusta is expensive so re-something something eight closing prices intrusions on on national practitioner at erasing. Take take from multiple different exchanges. I it's not just the market in the us. When i when i quitted fifteen for like forty different i think it's changed. Daku says the us the way more data at least different interpretations different ba's in separate groups so biggest surprise my biggest insight from it was probably agnostic. New shrunk people in the practitioner as gyms. what's best strategies. Well this this this writer you might be good for. This might be good for that but overall like look what works in just over that and it's not like a theoretical like ending level. That's when it's all an improvement of Noble price as children. Everything must fight. The previous word. Also likely moore dock manage so mean that s. I think that's not like usual of attitudes illo into the rest of my life. These files to appoint fly off tangent because someone is prominently internet so that is less than that. That's a great takeaway. Did it affect how you view your own personal investments at all. I know back in the day when i was reading you. You were one of the people. That wasn't on board with the whole. Buy and hold index investing. Just set it and forget it sort of thing which. I want to dive into a little bit more but i would did. Did your time in the industry on that practitioner side of wall street did that influence how you invested as an individual or a family really I mean Says ball is like what i was doing was completely different than what what i can do. As as the retail investor. So no not really been any. I actually ambrosi bet as retail. Lenovo than i was as professional at tend to be risk Abuse than this is ultimately industry. Let's put it that way. What every everybody like absolutely enjoyed playing boga interesting. I think in terms of like the like the index investing saying. I think the light reputation as been somewhat exaggerated in Wrote a few At somebody About the systemic effects let the sunlight mass option of knicks investing could have on the markets as such and that sort of eventually turned into a guy just hates in best in. I think my biggest concern was the hawaiian forget attitude by the Just hanging over One something quick and easy singles. Just do that and then you forget about it. I be interested to hear to hear what you think of what happened like the fire movement. Especially you know maybe two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen just seemed like it was going crazy. What was it what was it like. What were your thoughts on it at that stage because this is seven years after you felt like you've pretty much set everything you wanted to say about it. Yeah i mean it's kind of like like like Who s and is the ten years ago forgotten. All about it right now. he's This by notes essentially. Yeah definitely hit the mainstream of at that point and I mean he's not getting contacted by various journalists. Because i'm so still known as one of the projects that softens so closely. Want my opinion on. And i think what what happened essentially Light is kind of different aspects. I mean if you go back way back if you go on like this. The president Which i kinda sided with the we will only lie at least Loud miles of the bunch when we both like I mean i. I remember thought of any By a missile this little financial independence was not a thing. Personal finance will mean. When i sign up i was like blogger logging nice. I was getting flow for something. Like best in senior living estimate Business but like this. Vm the framework of flank mid late. Two thousand Financially independence could fit into. And so i started out at this. Very extreme kind of things like way out the left field in crazy stunts. Like let's try buying anything for year so that was like completely unusual to do that. And then this is. This is not Nothing of you know a consumer diets out flying an excellent challenge Through the how. You have Over time idea back then was the Oxen ad-lib not effect. If you just say like two dollars. As you become a million like hundred years one and the idea of retiring that you save a million dollars it was always like a million dollars that was to become a millionaire missing than wasn't thing But it wasn't really that vice whites read It was i mean it was. It came out of the trinity study on the trees. Study was only like ten years old things that was not. The foundation of a way to invest. Retirement was more like. I want to retire on this day of become a son of stop working recycled a seven hundred thousand and i want to spend and twenty thousand a year. Then they'll go around computable louise like a return of enough six percent right and so even those six percent. What should you lancair asked the allocation. I miss and be like so that Like preforms and move as a as a as a Retired in invested. I coating right in kinda goes excellent warning about adopting on night at ede ratings are very single symbol understanding of how to invest for the next sixty years because some of these guys like a tie in the in the nineties and the mental model oppression burned because investing in something aggressive at a sandwich was perfectly plausible nineties. It very well. The between the two thousand two thousand so would you be willing to share like sort of what you're thinking is as far as personal investment. Now you don't have to obviously share any numbers or any actual strategies but maybe just give a sort of an idea of like what you're thinking as far as how you invest your own five portfolio. Now having i mean having For almost twenty years now. sailing It changes i mean to change as you change the united investment depending on where i make money i don't make money depends on how the network has become. I mean if you like citing to getting monday sons for example a slight break sons. Because you're not you don't have to date every month hot about concentrate on your salary. Instead i mean and we identify that immigration guests new plus your network a graphic and it's just a straight line up right because you know your dollar cost averaging is completely and utterly dominating Networth as like. Maybe you're probably sold less and tend to fifty you annuals communities. So that's essentially how we calculate net with these like how many years So fifty million Always to be a straight line because it's it's dominated by salvage but then once you get into the twenty five plus and if i mean my problem just essentially i spend so little when a bookkeeping money. I don't know what to use it for us. This is like this keeps going going up up at me right now. It's like a hundred thirty and for that action. Volatility of risk for the is no longer Taylor's terminent loss. Maybe that's another practitioner takeaway these guys. Don't care doggone. They care about money never comes back because volatility is only relative. You're like if you're doing recent said mateo Playing a very easy way to define risky. Does he can calculate Standardization essentially and this is useful. If you have if you amc and you're sitting in the middle between customer a cruel of money because unless it's like Offense but like as losses but Complexity feeble it's the risk of permanent loss so my personal strategy est tended to us becoming like a lot safer you know life belts and kinda stuff My interest in investing investing is also kind of going down actually might end up just like putting everything global feminism They worry most about the cases where someone comes in and and says i don't care anything about investing finance anything I just want soap. Like a one. Stop solution for fire in life and i think that is. I don't know what what to call. Let risks like like an ignorant of heron risk. Ignorance risk Because i mean parentage change a change every ten years i mean if you only go back ten years look at the real estate ogle and see how that was solid lane in many ways in the us canada but he was many ways By saying that medic slogan based on that tend to Say it's likely typhi That many many into movement that have like the same thing like well out making any mall. Just buy the biggest house. You can't because it'll you'll never get this chance again of picking off the just paint laws and you can. You can go back and see these kind of like halo over again. Because people change their mind. I like to hold on a you. Can you can you. Can you fail to ways in had a paradigm shift under. You missed the train that that that one strategy you learn when you like twenty five still valid like when you're right because if if you go listed in finding a like so dominant heritage essentially been index investing institute. Thousands heddon tens is that explode out of the reasons exploded was of course because interest rates. Were both throughout your head. All these pundits an easy things of plans pose os in the us and in europe. And you could actually plot in the stock market index with bands with when you're easing up. When the easing stops it goes flat. It starts again. It was up again. You know let's not that that's not Economy a sluggish economy. Unlike herron. Something i mean. That's just bad and you can't keep doing that for about. I mean so fossil book right and if he is you saw if she said this is actually had an the on wall street you I was doing but she would link alliott as light just new trust because it rethinks light complete. Hito elliott like nothing to buy. That meets pence rights Piles of cash waiting and waiting waiting as you've been waiting ten years right A question you can't you can't keep insisting that but you're right in the market is wrong usually to that. So far are lucky. That's the tree pop. Billing basically headline thousands and a little bit again not recovered people got inside again. The molly house tagging. It's always a new and yet dot com in the nineties but obviously not in law right alot. Bit again now. The biggest companies in the new five hundred twenty in this. The ultimate giant is like a facebook microsoft apple google anatoly about one and they're like forty percent a nasa the index. Anyway again rice in the eighties it was commodities cease like yeasts because interest rates little high. You can get anything out of that anymore. Also like safe investment from East from leaking seventies old a collected stands guzm flail. I am bonsle not doing airings so people just find collectibles thinking that that would slow mistakes. These chips companies. You'll be safe forever. Unnecessary solid lead the muslim In men's so similar to what you see today in stocks you know. We had liked peak rations about fifty. It'll take decades these people's actually like return. Decent amount of economic profit as opposed to just read full of people lined buys like on salon. I mean the thing is though. I think people give me eat what they want to just that you you. Everything lists no out invested. Let solid Dot matting mind I'm not su- places that everybody become an expert on this. I do think at least people canoe. Assuredly result like pay attention from time to time index nestle civilization coolest. Keep doing that if everybody around you have salt lake onto something else. Whatever that is. It's by time to start questioning whether you up saw flames still lit genius. Thank you i think. That's great advice. It seems like right now is potentially a paradigm shifting events cova de and then all the money being pumped into the economy. What are your thoughts on that have you. Have you spent any time thinking about what this means for the next decade. What's going be the big thing for that because it does seem like this is a a turning point potentially in how people think of investments and what the government's ability to get involved as well. I haven't really done much changed. I was already like Knows kind of shocking. To see things did let fast right That was scratchy. And in is a two thousand eight. Two thousand eight was more like it slow grind. I lost today are lost. Another son in thirty days Getting punished every every day Safest then when when maximum It flipped because no mall will soon and whatnot again. He was malling slain slam and then suddenly began me crazy ball. It's so i mean. A lot of people in the futures market just had legs yearly at a flaming was elected Light buying bonus it must have been very interesting But the government stepped in and like immediately trikes guaranteed all corporate bonds right so they were dropping sh ambition so you had the ea rated ons. Let's should normally be almost like treasuries. Losing out on twenty thirty percent mets just as fast as is the government comes in Name from ashley. More interesting reporting from the year. has So so you originally not intended to be some b- ally at fire thing for my Sentenced to be resilient lifestyle like low resource intensive lifestyle voice if we if we were to run into like growth byron. Could we still could silly puzzle to live well so for me. It has always been about a high Levin in poverty resilient and not become financially independent become economically in the end in the account economy so essentially urea high at a high level. And you do that then. Fire just become i side effects jockey a mind but give us your savings account which is actually what i did myself with five years life. Find out something paul. Investing the crazy of like using money's. Big moment i mean that was not in the. I'm an immigrant so Saga investing was not been really wasn't put the brakes and housing but when he stops ball so so cool lead you know. Ian ended up the economy already. That was like frankie no change. In a way we live here and on the farm we had sort of like a slight tension between co like the traditional Boost like high high incomes but in total belief in comparative advantage. In the i'm not gonna spend my time doing like fixing a flat on my bicycle for fifteen dollars. I'm making life heels now attitude a especially the high multiple earned less than willing to like deal like little things and they suddenly realize. Let let me doesn't really matter all this money. Like everything a lockdown. I can't do anything whereas a resilient system. I love the other guys billow instead it was like. Wow this is what. We've been preparing frank. And so there was actually a lot of shifts like wanted to show money only on producer kind of thing towards the mazdas theoretical way of integrating integrated production and consumption. Your personal isolate. You're no longer just be heading money coming from this site. Lend you not at any by stop. He is a problem with the the totals sheet. And that's one of my favorite parts of the actual book and yari is one of my favorite finance books. It's not even really a finance book as you said it's more a philosophy book about overall life strategy in systems and yeah the financial independence part is a byproduct of that and But it's the it's the systems approach to lifestyle lifestyle designed that i really enjoyed and i still think about it. A lot. like when Mr money moustache bought that piece of property on main street in had this community thing i was like. That's such an amazing idea. Because i'm an introverted guy. But i do enjoy meeting people in my community and socializing and i was like. That's a great idea. Now he has this place that just sorta like promotes that and at the time somebody was talking about. Maybe like starting a brewery. And i was like oh that would be ideal. Because it's you know you get the four socialization. You're building something. You're building a business which is always fun and challenging but on the health side of things In your book you talk about like how these second order effects of some decisions and how it could be negative positive and for something like a brewery. It'd be great for the community. The socialization the challenge the creation creativity. Things like that. But it'd be terrible for the health side of things. Because i would find myself drinking more beer so it. It's definitely something that i've kept in mind over the years and it really does help me make decisions and it's like okay. Yeah this is the seems good at first. But what's the knock on effect and to be. So i was wondering if maybe talk about how you've used the design your life and how that has made you really resilient for a pandemic. Yeah i mean sort of like l. She likes describing now like the book is very much about like contracting airing. What the what. The we grew up with taking grain. Wins. it is essentially via that you specialize in the job get an education. You specialize in his you ernie powell and then you You measure how successfully is a liability In english language lead even had ladies first Load how much are you with me. Then when we ask questions we wanna know like like it's money because it's not like how i suppose community like As reading and making lots of money and on the same dimension it. It's hidden as often than nate. And i mean. I don't know if i'm predicting two months that you can see how. How kind of developed into like levi on fat fire. And how i mean. I'm obviously somewhat even voice team. The lean five effect is off Accuses us on the other side of living. A life without happiness smell like sacrificing so much because spending is headedness. So i mean i mean. It's not surprising. I mean even from from ten years old sick to watch ads right when that happens. Like each tweet something gets get like totally and continually By something that increases your head shot doberman problem you pay someone as all to do is like On you're gonna buy has passed cycle Personal finance when when i started with tried to step out a little bit of that Into any happiness No surprise that. Like how americans any more than four hundred dollars saw one Right was strategy. Breezy ensued So so light is personal finance at that then becomes about like prioritizing spending not just on a lesson right now trying to get credit cards and keeble sidling outs of budgets in basic skill I don't know if she's in schools today when i was young so to last re evil Like the fundamentals of the size of living. It's kind of like fish women in water right. I mean they discussed the water. Evan so The water does not exist and to do similarity re the whole idea of early and buying life is not something he will see from the outside as something they can't see because as of right so if people's logging while it's almost it's almost like eating an educational you get into this from from combined to the and prioritize then if you're a little more answers stops optimizing your bunches. Money sent best Outlet get the best deal alice's but it still things at an isolations like what is the best car yet like does this cognate knee headed where the maximum return of my money incidents with like my choice of variety. What make the best. So it's also like seen as individual things seem to to optimize spend money else like consumer reports reviews sell and the painting of all this process. Location comparison advantages people distinctly saw line pushed back to lend. You just gotta my money because this is a wasted time if you try next to learn other things Sometimes you kind of candidates Awfully economists just in the in the business light creating problems for the the economy's is all right. I mean this kind of like the rotary rice. So you you become happy but then you also come unhealthy and then you have to take some other drought. That you know makes you healthy again. But that trump has side effects. You have to take drop to remove the side effects packs. Pay someone to admit At all business. So that's this is. This is kind of way The e book philosophy comes in because i crisis screwed up system Hitting as as it really is kind of like takes the fish out with law so they looked fishy like swimming pool of of water on get out of that system. So this is kinda like with my short summary as books Introduce like the concept like the renaissance may renaissance which was sort of like a really ideal aflaj light tennis association so today's market general mattis. I think the right word but essentially that humans have potentials at potential different things and you should strive to develop that way kind of contrast it. Today eighty cases development pricey stops off the polish and but we shows like development many many other other directions like you should eat healthy to able to sing. I can't stay militia dealers like yourself with the saw in a dan. So what Things essentially renaissance In many things it's just like completely different than industrial that you should be still. There's only one thing so lunches Many things right Essentially advised stock leaving many things. You can do different things instead of aids Volley look at skywalker described Operation brewery everything. You do has some outcomes. That has has more than one outcome. There's always a scientific sums some nagoya. Some ask you a productive thing thing. I refer to those as as those. So like for instance like a bruin and then you may be a great has bill of flight making you run but it also has the goal of making else so bonas applies deliberate saying inviting. Positive islet symbian outcome and so the system theory comes in when he sought connecting these goals so instead of Single points like which is the best electric cop you begin to consider what we'd side effects either side effects to the thatt's and doing something else productive or counterproductive and so everything is arranged in in. It's kinda like him so Listen is essentially like a network is probably the best way to describe that had like notes and connections had like computer cables between so network and sisters linking essentially looking beyond beyond the given the given action and see what it does this have on the system itself and so this is not no money. Flowing around like it would be on Ladies spend and spend thing it sits also lying at having a meanings heroes internet suspected than two things he so i called the wave of essentially The reason i call it a wet Always like if a fisherman's at what life catch kenzees dumping spiderman for example. If it breaks opt like you've failed. You failed to reach mobile like saying back when i was trying to become like a thousand seven i was. I was reading off the all hyphen sly complicated finance to hug. Surprise option solid stuff by doing that. So that goal is essentially admitted. But because it was the lineup with other productive Demand instill use that knowledge to invest for myself not like to do outline financial wellbeing so so messed sense. The way of those is reading. Resilient i mean you can you can us out of it and it still works whereas if it feels like a specialist consumes if you lose your ability to conceal have nothing right. That was like the areas right. Oh my god suddenly Food go out sunday's a week i mean that has allowed people right. We met people who eat out. Every single lately cannot fry. I mean. I'm not exaggerating things. The other completely different perspective in the bogus That idea that like spending equals happiness right to spending. Money is is an insult because i implies the forty assign system spending money. This is for solving friction in the system. It's because something is not moving. Naturally employees sign is not well thought out. So i'm not interested in people say as the number two thousand dollars a year like venues License you needling. That's essentially the book it in a nutshell is like twenty pages on. Oem by the way is samatha. In case you wanna clear financial independence. Let's let's may lead because they got pushback missile Financially independent advisors at million dollars thinking so so to go back to the system the web of goals in the systems. You have in place like your systems must have been so dialed in even back in two thousand eleven just because of the amount that you guys were able to spend per year means that just like you said you'd removed all the inefficiencies and we're able to really just not spend that much because i think back in the day i think you're in san francisco which is you know thought of as a very expensive city and yet you guys are only spending seven thousand a year so my questions. I'd like to talk about our has. Have you felt like your system has improved since then and i'm sure it's a constant thing that you're working on and adjusting and to has your spending increase at all over the years or it. Has it actually decreased since two thousand eleven as it has changed in the I totally on consumer budget looks completely different Like we spent like sixty percent of money. On what i would call it. Tax was unavoidable stuff like real estate health insurance mandated so if if we move like west of mississippi with would be spending even less than seven thousand tutorials for thousands So i purposely name around or listen. I mean when go back twenty five years Inflation becomes factory by spent like six thousand two thousand by sending nearly as we get. I'm getting old enough. Where this city factor but on an absolute level Yeah labs Bali when we just moved to san francisco on the State what we had to read the house the Impossible otherwise in away from home in about at liu so essentially kicked my my students stipend budgets. It wasn't loses a lot easier than if you saw got used to living at fifty thousand eight hundred thousand Going away not going up in place. What has changed is assistance of with with local awesome as well england tried many different ways thousand at this point so so what what is life looked like since you stopped working as a quant would. It would have been some of the things that you've been interested in learning like you mentioned the renaissance man idea where you're constantly learning new things and develop new skills. What's been keeping you busy. Since the days finished we bought all of us like life face of celebi. That's another cuba. Come out Growing up with like a wide assortment scandals what they can do. Can they take out right. Also put it on again in my came in with absolutely nothing just outlined Something that's low that's like that's my in education. So that was a lot of figuring this list of. I renovated a alabama New cabinets Aching for quite a while. So so saluting all these little things than recently Clocks by reading the book recently to prepare for this interview. I read it way back when it got released. And then i read it again when i was gonna ask you to be on the podcast. Maybe like probably five years ago. And then i wimped out and didn't ask you so then i read again dissipation for this and it's you. Have you predict a lot of things and they seem to have been coming true in lots of different ways. So my two questions for you is. Is there anything. That's that you wish you'd written in the book as you're thinking changed in in any ways that you think actually should have changed that and Also just where do you think these ideas go in the future in celebi thing like looking in finance the unsellable mall. You travel ineptitude seem sectors. Definitely when i wrote it. I had expected with mike perspective and it can get Day it would be less. Edgy would be more than a standing on a of other snipe tips. Just like east is crazy in is the solution I think that's definitely been some growing up in that sense. From interacting with different people since then by any side of this of houses little movement right so so cognizant of different perspectives and limits and more standing intensive. I'm begging us like well. You're just read the new change your life by while. I realize it's a long cross. You know it's not from Set sometimes people might use sitting on the same level. A longtime find with an insomnia Some kind of tiffany. But that's not necessarily Disney that states case it was all the way to consider the full of. It might just use that so we met yet. The pedagogical challenges of this stuff in terms of the technical stuff. I mean i don't know if this sounds like conceived the some sometimes base at spot at It like right at again like that's really good. Sounds little stupid. Because i can't i should like right Book now. I really doubt myself i can do that I mean i mean. He ball understanding of different this to welcome also kind of tends to plug the mind that makes sense so just presenting one did by. I'm a by what is what about this. What about that case of taking on my mind stays these days. Yeah of course. I mean i wouldn't say add particularly mobilize in in sort of like imputes of sense. I mean But i had talked a lot more pupils insane It's not the lead. One of one of the huge pro act was there are not many examples. The dawn's at all fellow me right. I realize i'm the some unusual yet. Versus combatants is up. If someone at random right i mean for example. We don't gender night so while the sec thing because he hasn't gelled I airy that's not the best way to learn to discharge a kombi someone inside of you like them. That's when stay and what. Why did we doing men who they are what they're doing Exactly and that's that's why the book so good and i think maybe why it's so timeless and why it was just as enjoyable reading over the past few months as it. Was you know way back in the in the day and twenty twenty eleven or whenever it was because it's more like i think even mentioned in the book it's it's not a to do list or a guide or even a map. It's more a philosophy that you can make better decisions to make your own map and figure out your own to do lists based on that very deliberately trying to make it as timeless as possible as non-timely as possible. This os two reasons why it has no sort of key. Investments are not very is quite deep in terms of insights. Best no details right sunday. There's no ten steps to fund and then then the too Because i you from heading Off my quickey hobbies going to the trishaw and then pig out like a total investment boasts for lightning in the eastern can find them something from a housing getting rich with sees angsty. Yeah that you know like with with you know the future perspective on and then you just. How did one had written a book like that. You're someone summoned vice Turns out to be terrible ten twenty years later. We're coming up to over an hour already. Which is crazy so i don't want to take up too much of your time because i said that i suddenly take about an hour but if people are interested in obviously learning learning more about the book calling to the book and everything in the show notes but if people wanna get in touch for any reason is the forum the forum still probably the best way to post questions and get answers. Action is as at least the block in rotation like eight nine years now re write anything. But it's new stuff. But i mean flores. It's it's the grad school of financial independence as you put it that way. It's not really a place where you go on as bite by the brokerage houses like s while no. This has been fantastic jacob. I'd like i said at the beginning. You've impacted my life in more ways than i would have even imagined it would have impacted me when i read that article way back in the days. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Thanks for writing and reading the book. And i usually ask all my guests. This final question. Just one piece of advice you'd give to somebody who wants to achieve financial independence and its it could be about anything. So i'd be interested to hear what you say. Yeah i flash. Just find someone motivates you. That's not necessarily a entered. It has to be like you can only learn for someone who slightly ahead of you not. Someone was far ahead of you once you along. Learn anything teach move onto. The next teaches Vices defined wreck. And it's a good time for that. That's that's one big benefit of this explosion people writing and talking about fires that you can't find that which is really good. Well thank you so much. Jacobs has been an absolute honor to speak to you after all these years Thanks again for coming on the show and hopefully meet up with you in real life one day and we can chat about more stuff is absolutely thanks again. I'll talk to take care fires.

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102 | Diet Culture Resilience and ED Recovery with Jayne Mattingly

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102 | Diet Culture Resilience and ED Recovery with Jayne Mattingly

"Welcome back to the real talk with Dana podcast where we talk all things. Nutrition health fitness and mindset with healthy side of sarcasm. I'm your host Dana. Montes Monti's of real food with Sina I'm a nutritionist and body. Image Coach Teaching Women How to heal their relationship with food in their bodies ditch. The Diet cycle for good and truly leaf thrive with real food one delicious meal at a time. Welcome friends to the first episode of Twenty Twenty. That is absolutely nuts to even be saying that but I am super excited for this January first episode which is very timely for you because there's a lot of diet culture that's going to be floating around all this month that has obviously already started during December. And you're probably feeling like you're right in the middle of the swamp so today's interview is going to help you build some resilience towards that and today's interview guest is Jane Mattingly who is a recovery coach and the founder of of recovery love and care which offers virtual support for individuals on the path to full eating disorder recovery recovery Levin Care is all about finding self compassion ashes self love and body appreciations through the practice of self care an eating disorder awareness. So today we're going to be talking about Jane's Personal Health Story with E. D. digging into recovery is really like and then for all of us the best way that we can all develop resilience in a what we would like to call a hostile recovery environment airmont like January the most diet culture forward month of the year so whether you have dealt with. Add or disordered eating or. You just feel like you're stuck in the all all or nothing on again off the wagon mentality. They're going to be a lot of tips and parts of Jane story that Super Resonate with you and I hope that this is a great start of a non Senate Diet January for you as well. Well Hey Jane so thank you so much for coming on the podcast today. I'd love to get it started by you telling us about your relationship with food and your body growing up. Yes Hi. It's so wonderful to be here. Thanks for having me kind of jumping right into it. I mean my story. I guess started really young as I think most do I developed in Cam have started disordered eating and an eating disorder around the age of nine and when three puberty very early and and that actually is like a predetermined undetermined factor for eating disorders going through puberty at a young age. Early onset of puberty is so traumatic for young girls and boys. And you know your body's. He's getting bigger and it's changing. It's doing all these things while everyone is staying small You know even bigger people in bigger bodies when they were younger like they're still small mall their children. My body was changing and it was changing quickly. It was hereditary. We all went through puberty so young kind of all started there. It became very aware. The era of my body hyper aware of bodily functions. Really Weird how I looked I was very intensive dancer. I loved it But I also hate it I think. A lot of ways dances such a subjective art and sports and I think it just fueled the eating disorder. I started to restrict started to diet I started to use laxatives and religious use a lot of really harmful behaviors ears but I looked normal so quote unquote. I can't use you know you can't see me using quotes but I'm using air quotes. I looked normal. The doctors all thought I it looks normal way normal. If anything doctors telling me you know I could lose a couple pounds so it was kind of just passed over. I saw a lot of people in dance. who were really sick going to treatment and you know as like oh well then? I'm fine like no one's worried about me. I'm fine and it wasn't until I was Liz about twenty one or twenty two that I Finally sought help for eating disorder then came so much of like what my Life Davis now with advocacy and education and my business but yeah it all kind of it started at a young age. It's so tough and and I feel like I've talked to so many people both on the podcast and just like in life that when you are participating in talk with when you play like a body conscious sport whether it's gymnastics or it's dancer like swimming. which is what I did? It's like you're so much more thrown to having these behaviors these thoughts the this like comparison to other people because you can see basically like almost every three inch if they're buddies all the time and yours and it's so you're hyper conscious of everything and it is so subjective in so many ways you know it's not like okay you you should have few view baskets and then it's like okay. You get a certain amount of points right. Even with tennis like it's shown on sports are actually like you said they're like such such high risk for eating disorders And I also wonder you know. I think the research does show this. It's like people that do like like more singular type of sports are usually perfectionists and are usually pretty like type A so. I wonder if that goes into it as well. You know like the pressure that being put on the person but also the pressure that they put on themselves like what kind of person goes into those sports. Does that make sense. Yeah definitely yeah and then it's really tough to because even when I mean I'm sure there are little girls girls and boys that are running around in these sports that even if they don't don't feel like they're bigger than their peers or if they feel like they're out of place or whatever it is there is like a physically advantageous contagious body type for some of sports and then kids feel like an adult's event right if you don't fit that mold you're not going to be able to reach your highest potential or like do your best not sport so there's even more pressure to fit that specific mold even if your genetics will not lend to that without like extreme restriction extreme exercise yes exactly exactly yes everything you just said times a hundred. I grew up in a family that I was raised in family and I was privileged to be raising a family that was so body a positive accepting my immediate family. You know there was never ever really talk about diets. There was never talk about our bodies there is never it. Just wasn't that you know but I think it was schooling. I think it was you know on my social experiences in so much of my time was spent in the dance studio or are so much time was spent school. I think sometimes we think we are so quick. Take blame parents and things like that but like so much of it was genetics. So much of it was that I got my period so young and I was anxious child and I think there's as you know predetermining factors but so much of it to was my surroundings that I chose as a young girl and I think I was truly lucky to live in a family that you know didn't kind of fuel the eating disorder if anything they just didn't have the resources to understand that it was a problem. Yeah definitely and I. I think that's the case for a lot of people as well because on the one hand as a kid or a teenager even a young adult. It's such a In popular culture like a shameful thing right something that you want to hide. Because it's something you're trying to control and everything that goes along with that and so it's not something that you want to admit to a family or a your family or a therapist or friends and family are anything like that because it. It seems like you're being vulnerable and you're being weak and one of the reasons that many people kind of turn this ways because you're trying to build up wall so that you can't get hurt in the first place yet. Feels like a callous. You become so calloused and I did deal with. You know like I was very open about meg. Zion depression with my family and friends and I started therapy at a very young age. And it's interesting how the anxiety and depression were being treated but the eating disorder are kind of went under the radar because like it looks like I was eating healthy or whatever that means and it looks like I was active and like I was okay. I do do think things have changed since then in that I. I'm hoping doctors are more aware of these things granted not as whereas they you know I would love them to be but it's it's just so interesting. How with depression anxiety? I kinda owned it as I go right like you know. This is Biz like part. This is kind of pardon me and I'M GONNA learn how to live with it cope but with the eating disorder was so shameful and it created this callous where I was like okay. You know I'm not going to feel any emotions if anything like I. I was pretending that I was dealing with anxiety. Depression in the eating disorder was just covering it all up and it it eventually blue face you know I think sometimes we think it's sustainable. Were like this is working really well. And that's why people eating disorders can be so high functioning than eventually blows up and it just it takes away your life. It just really does. Do you think that was part of it that with anxiety and depression depending on how severe they are. Sometimes it's a lot harder to be high functioning so it's harder to hide so we feel like okay. This is the one thing that I have to tell people about. But this thing as long as I'm still high functioning actioning I don't have to tell anyone about the disordered eating habits. Yeah I do think it's part of that. I mean granted. Ah My anxiety. There's definitely some. OCD In there too you're just traits of OCD. You know it serves others so it's like when there's certain traits that serves others. It's like people aren't really going to say much watch. Because it's you know you have that people pleasing perfectionist a harm avoidance all or nothing thinking. That's like a trait the trait. They're finding that that's actually on a gene mutation on the same mutation as eating disorders. where it's like? This is an evolutionary trait. That has been passed down because it benefits society doesn't benefit is. Is that the people that are actually perfectionist Iq and harm avoid impotent benefit society. Because we're just like hustling ends and helping others and I think it eventually falls apart Does so tough so I WANNA talk about recovery and what. It's like to be in that space. So could you tell us more about your recovery journey and like how it even started what you did when you realize like like this is something that I I just can't do anymore. Yeah absolutely again. You know my eating disorder definitely manifested in various ways as most do. It's not so textbook. It's not so lifetime movie You know it just doesn't work usually. It's not that way. I knew a lot about eating disorders. I was very very curious about them. Actually and I kept you know I I guess I would just kind of always subconsciously be like. This isn't me because I don't fall into this mold and to be honest. I was in so much denial that I had a problem like it was like I really couldn't see that I had a problem in which is really weird because you know I knew so much about all of these things so my fiancee now. And he's my boyfriend then he's he's the one that's intervened and he. He heard me using behaviors and he confronted me. We were living in Jackson Wyoming at the time and he was like what. What's going going on and I remember getting so upset? I think I laughed. I was just like no like this isn't a problem mistress. Whatever and I remember he was like he he approached it so well l.? And he had no clue what he's doing but he purchased so on he was like you know we're GonNa talk about this. We don't talk about it now but we're eventually talking about it like yeah. I don't care how much you like. Don't WanNa do this but we're talking about it in. I sought out a therapist paid for all of my own treatment. And I kind of developed an outpatient team. I saw A specialist and then I was very poor so I was right eight out of college and slumming it in Jackson Wyoming so I went to the counseling center and got on the sliding scale and was able to do that and then he found a Dietitian attention and built my little team out there in Jackson Wyoming and it was one hundred percent. I can say this so wholeheartedly that it was the hardest thing I ever did was recovery an eating disorder recovery. It was so much grief it was so lonely in isolating it fell psych self sabotage in so many ways but it was. It was the massias process I've ever ever been through. I think I was so lucky to have the support system of my boyfriend at the time of my family at the time of my friends and took a lot of patience and but I think I know that I was very motivated because shine did set like somewhat of an ultimatum. I mean he he was like you know. This isn't this isn't you like we can't we can't do this like I'm I'm not GonNa Foster this and it worked. You know like that was motivation for me you to get better and then once I started to really get better get past the messy nece and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was like okay like this is worth it like you go. Oh five months without using behaviors. You're like Oh gosh. I don't WanNa go back to like. I don't want to lose this five months like I'm such a perfectionist. You kind of think that way so I I just kept pushing through and kept pushing through and eventually I was I realize like I'm I'm living my life without my eating disorder like it's not there I do identify as fully recovered now today years later granted it took a long time. A lot of work then went and got a masters masters in clinical mental health counseling and then started my business recovery loving care and that kind of had to do with advocacy and you know mentoring and the now coaching. But it was just such like a multifaceted period of my life but so messy and so frigging hard this past year like I've had three neuro surgeries. I was awake during brain surgery and I can easily say that was easier than recovery Like eating disorder. Recovery is really hard but it is really worth it. I mean it is really worth it because at the end you have food freedom and you you're not calloused anymore. But I think what happens in recovery. Is that callous. Goes Away and you have to develop new skin really A- and if you're wrong you're vulnerable and it hurts but you have to feel the emotions without the eating disorder and it's like putting salt in a raw wound but eventually eventually you grow that new skin and you become more resilient you don't need the calloused anymore. You don't need that false sense of security one thing. That's maybe not talked about enough visits really really hard and it's messy and I think sometimes people in recovery need to hear that it's like. Is it really supposed to be this hard. Because sometimes eating disorder looks wchs really really nice if we look back and we're like wait a minute. Like what am I doing this Oregon and it's like no we blind faith. We have to keep going being. There is a light at the end of the tunnel yet that was kind of major anyways with recovery. It was it was a really tough one but it was worth. It will will thank you for sharing that. I really do appreciate that or like how you're talking about. It is so tough because like you said it's not not something that's talked about enough and whether it's recovery from an eating disorder or just trying to get away from like the Diet Culture Shit show that is like our world right right. Neither of them is easy and in a sense like going back to dieting or going back to the coping mechanisms that we use in eating. Disorders is easier easier than the recovery process buzz. It's not better the light of the life that you live when you have disordered eating or eating disorders orders or even if you're caught in the Yo yo dieting train and on and off the wagon that life is by no means if you compare that to what it actually really looks like on the other side of recovery. It's so worth it. It's so worth it. I even think about it now after the holiday Thanksgiving just happened this past week. And you know it's like in my eating disorder on Monday. It would have been lag. which is today would have been like? Okay like let's get on the wagon again like let's do a cleanse or let's do whatever it is and it's like no I actually like ate breakfast and didn't work out and it just relax and do and listen to my body rather than force my body into something that probably would create even just more stress than it. It's it's just so interesting the jail that I put myself in when I was in my eating disorder it lasts for so long. If you hold onto it because I think we we do think easier is better but it's easier as just easier. It doesn't make it better it just doesn't and I think you really hit the nail on the ahead with what you were saying before is like we have to be able to feel the feelings and deal with the feelings in kind of like and develop a new. Oh callous right and learn how to use that new skin without the coping mechanisms of the eating disorder or of the disordered eating because one of the reasons that that we even develop these disorder. Behaviors is we're trying to find a way to numb those feelings or to get away from those feelings and that's one of the reasons why recovery every so hard as you're kind of it's like going to therapy for the first time you like you're forced to feel those feelings when even if you before you go into the therapy session in or before you start trying to recover and kind of fight your way through the weeds here. It's like you might have had kinda calm before the storm period. But once you force yourself to like relive those things or to try and actually feel those feelings it is so hard and it's so messy and that's why like you said it's so important into the you're out other ways that you can figure out these feelings and have a really solid support team around you. Yes support is so huge so so so huge and you know getting proper team members. There's a lot of people out there. I think that don't understand. Eating disorders are working with them. which which is really dangerous? It's really really dangerous and you have to get people that really understand what they're what they're talking about ends you know nursing you properly. In every way it's not just you know nutritionally just emotionally and physically. Just it's it's so important but yeah I think it's always you know week sometime. Just see these like the other. See the person sick or we see the person. While we don't see the in between and the inbetween is really hard. But it's it's the important part it's like when it starts to get messy and sticky and gross. It's like you're doing the real work. Yeah and you've said both on your website and on your instagram Graham. That recovery is not linear we all do better to expect it to not be so linear one hundred per cent as has I live more and more and more and like go through things other than you know eating disorder recovery like nothing is linear in life. Nothing thing is black and white. Nothing is all or nothing. It's it's it's very you know it's it's all up and down and I think you know I was actually speaking with a a sister yesterday and we were talking about emotion than how sometimes we think emotions are just like okay. I'm done with that emotion like book closed. It's like no emotions are like like the weather or like waves. You know they come and go and you know we learn how to deal with them in life happens to like. We're not in a bubble especially especially Renata bubble if your recovery from dieting or eating disorder disordered eating. You know it's hostile recovery environment. There's there's not billboard saying that you should do mass but there is billboards saying that you should start yourself. And it's it's tough but we have to learn how to get through it and cope and build old resilience and I think if you have little slips. It's like okay that doesn't mean you start back at square one you learn from it and move forward exactly and actually could timing because this episode is GonNa come out in the beginning of January which is a very hostile recovery recovery environment whether you have an eating disorder disordered eating yo-yo dieting or whether you fall prey to doing a diet every single single January everyone goes through this the messaging is insane like the amount. Say money the Diet Industry makes January and even December is absolutely insane. It's insane yeah it really is. I mean you know what the Dia Culture as well as. Gosh people aren't GonNa hate this some people well but but even the wellness culture it can get us. It can get really really good and I think if we just have to open our eyes to it living with Komo Outside eaters recovery now living with a chronic illness. It's like the amount of people that are like. Oh like have you tried this. Have you tried this. Have you made this food. Have you done this cleanse. It's like those things are GonNa heal either. It's the same concept where it's like. There's not this magic way in which we can just Mike let pain go away whether it's physical pain emotional pain it's like we can't just do one thing and it goes away. It's just not linear we have to learn how to deal deal with it and work through. It is not going to be like a one one time fix if that makes sense and I think we're kind of promised in January and December number that like there is a fix like. Oh are you. Are you depressed are you. You know feeling just down and about your body and about like your lifestyle while this will be the fix and it's like that doesn't bring us happiness. It just doesn't or else we would not do it again. And again and again and again never January. Exactly yeah it. It has to be a kind of his holistic or multi pronged approach is especially when you are dealing dealing with a chronic illness or autoimmune disease or whatever it is sure there might be a specific dietary protocol that is recommended for that but if your practitioner or whoever you're working with or even if you just try and take it on yourself if you don't take into account what your background and is with dieting and body image and your genetics and all those other things it could actually just drive you. Farther down the rabbit hole like termer going to fix everything getting ready for thirty days. That's not going to fix you. That's absolutely disorder. If you only eight right and it's you know I I always joke. It's like I'm bathing in a bathtub of CD oil with like glasses salary. Jews and like Kale Scrub with like tumor wreck like on my head like we. We have all these things I was like. Yes there's a place for these things but I think when you're Yo- yo- dieter when you have disordered eating when you have an eating disorder. I really do believe in. I'm finding it more and more true. They work with clients that we have these traits. That are all or nothing. So maybe we someone you know the masses are going to hear it in a different way where it's like. Okay GonNA try some tumor like in my. I don't not but we hear writ saying like people with disorders and things we we hear it as like. Oh my God I need to do this on everything and this is GonNa be. This is going to be the you know it's going to be magic and I think you know there's a lot of people that have this trait that here. It ends apply to everything if that is does that make sense and yeah exactly and I think you again like hit the nail on the head is like there's kind of two ways of looking at this right where if we're saying okay. Turmeric work is really good for or you know whatever it is. It's yeller juice. It's you know whatever it is instead of in our brains it's like okay. Well I can only have have this every single morning and I have to drink it four times a day or whatever it is and you can't eat all these other things because they're going to interact with whatever the other are side of things is. Okay well let me just try adding this end to whatever doing normally and then see how it impacts me right most people who have used this these coping mechanisms who have had these disordered thoughts or acted on them or whatever. We don't think that way and you know we just don't yeah and you need someone else to kind and showed you a different path than what you've done before because he's just try the same thing over and over again you're just going to end up in the same place that you've always been yes. Let's or worse. Yeah absolutely absolutely. I do think it's this you know like sometimes we say like I always tell my clients. It's like okay some of this messaging. Yes it's very disordered but some of it has meant for the masses and we use it as like so personalized and we're like okay. Well that means means like you see something on Good Morning America and you're like okay. Well that means I have to do that too and I have to do this year. We kind of like implement that fear onto ourselves and we do all of it rather than just like one thing at a time and to be fair most of the time the way that they are portraying it is. Everybody should do this. I like Oh God here we you go again xactly. It's so disordered. It's it's a hostile recovery environment so in that hostile recovery environment whenever it is whether it's January worry or if you live in a house of people that aren't supportive or you go to a gym. That's very like diet. Culturally and always screaming. Earn your calories and you know whatever that BS in your face. What are some of the things that you can do to kind of develop resilience during January or during other other kinds of situations? Gosh so many things. I think you know one is again support like if you find that you are covering up your emotions. Ocean's through behaviors related or surrounding food in your body. I think it's so important to talk to a mental health professional. Whether that be you know like a specialized coacher therapist purpose or a Dietitian or doctor You know talk to people Talk to people that are safe. You know like I. I think it's really important to protect our energy energy and especially around the holidays and after the holidays you know if you're around people that are just constantly spewing out diet stuff it's not about you. It's about them and they're hurting hurting. And they're they're going through their process and you need to protect your energy and like you know. Sometimes you have to limit your time with people when you're at the gym and they're yelling rolling out you know. Get that Bikini body or whatever that means whatever they're saying you know. I think it's really important to remember that we can reframe those things. It doesn't have to apply to us in effect does US doesn't have to become self sabotage you know we can hear those things and we can move because we love our bodies not because we hate them and you know so if I think depending on where you are in your recovery process from whatever it is you have to be careful. So someone's really really struggling and really sick you know. Maybe it's not a good idea to go to the gym in January. You know. Maybe it's a good idea to go for like a mental health. Walk Walk with a buddy or stretch or juice in light yoga. Have you feel a little bit more strong recovery from whatever it is. Maybe it's going to that class in bringing someone along that it has the same thoughts as you do. Another thing too is positive words towards ourselves positive words towards others you know we have to be careful of not just. Our instructors are talking to but also how we're talking to ourselves if you look in the mirror you see something you know reframing thought and seeing like no like you know actually my eyes is there to get me out of bed in the morning and protect me and get me to this class than allowing you to to walk around and be strong but I think it does depend hands on where you are in your recovery if that makes sense Yeah and it's interesting because when you're in that kind of environment or say you're going to one of those classes the many various things that whether it's instructors other people at the gym or whatever it is whatever situation that you're you're in it's interesting to notice which comments they make that you actually internalized and which comments that they make that you're like oh whatever that just kind of like bounces off your shoulder shoulder right right yeah. It's also really interesting as you are. Farther along have developed some resilience in this area area. Is that when you do decide to go back to the gym or maybe you're trying a new studio or whatever. It is interesting because when you're in that situation Jewish and you hear those things that maybe would have been triggering you before you could say. Well I don't have to participate in this. You know like I can still go to this class and I can hear these things in me like wow. They are not as far along in my journey and as I am and wow I have come so far and then it's kind of like sometimes sometimes you even feel sorry for those people it's like. Oh my God you don't know that there's another so hurting. Yeah exactly absolutely absolutely and I think so dependent on where you are in your recovery and what you can handle it. How resilient you are you know? If you're feeling incredibly stressed in your fully recovered you still might hear those words not able to reframe them because your mind is just so exhausted. And it's like protect your energy you know. Listen to your body you're exhausted Austin and inflamed and it's like you don't have to go that spin class. That's probably not what your body wants in need just tune into your body a little bit more. I think is really important important. Yeah I think tuning in and then also learning to listen with kind of curiosity rather than judgment yes I love it. uh-huh yeah because when like we said before whether it's going to therapy or it's going to through recovery and try to figure out all these feelings and these things that you've been trying to push away and using these behaviors to kind of naive and cope with right. It's like you don't want to feel it too out right eyebrow the Queen would say yup so like what can I do in this situation in order to really deal with these feelings but deal with them in a productive way because sometimes a productive way is just let yourself cry and times productive way is okay. I don't have the capacity to deal with this today and that's okay and I'm not going to judge myself for it. It's like we were just saying before like today the day we're recording is the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend and we're both just like what. This is the Monday as that has ever been. And we're both like really struggling with just being productive today but you can apply that to any situation if if you're really struggling with whatever it's just giving yourself some grace and some compassion and saying okay. Well okay that makes sense that I'm feeling this way and I don't have to be myself up about it I'm just GonNa it's like we do with our clients. You have to meet people you have to meet yourself where you are because we are stressing out about the space between where you are red when you want to be your actually holding yourself back. Yup I love that. That's beautiful. Yeah anything it is. You know asking yourself. Will this serve me. Is this helpful. Sometimes it takes a second or you know more a lot longer than seconds really tune into that but you know finding that compassion for yourself being positive dip towards yourself and the power positively. The power of compassion is just huge. It really is huge yet. I think it's just protecting your energy being able to reframe those thoughts and find compassion exactly so speaking of clients and stuff tell us this was. You're doing now with your career. I started recovery. Eleven care as a blog and then I started doing events and Dings advocacy and started working with project. He'll and giving money towards them when I would do events and then a was getting my masters in clinical mental. The health counseling and I started mentoring people and then I realized okay. I think I I'm interested in doing this more full-time and so I started coaching. And then I kind and there is you know. There's this idea of what a coach is. There's life coaches in. There's recovery coaches for substance abuse. And I kind of looked at all the models and I didn't find one that really resonated with what I wanted to do for the population. I wanted to work with so I kind of developed this idea of Recovery Coaching for eating disorders and body image under recovery Lynn. Care and I meet with people. Virtually believe through a hippo compliance software database it's all very tailored it's collaborative care. I work with treatment teams. You know someone has an eating disorder. They're not just seeing either seeing a therapist seeing a Dietitian or seeing a psychiatrist or whatnot we find whatever needs to be added to the team. We offer twenty four seven I'm one on one. Chat Room supports you. See each other when you meet weekly through the APP that we use. It's like facetime or skype. Just all hip compliant. You know. I support people through their recovery. Whether that be disordered eating eating disorders of all types spotty image yo-yo dieting perfectionism at one point ahead five jobs and it was incredibly sustainable. But I needed to because I just was a you know. It's just that moment of my life right right needed to do that. And eventually I just kind of took the leap and it was like I'm just going to do this. I did now. I have Six people underneath. It's me who work as independent contractors under the recovery Loving Care Brand and they all kind of had their little niche and some are like once a yoga instructor and does virtual. So you'll go. Someone works body image. Some people work with more of like a fitness side. Dietitian registered dietician on the team as well L. A.. Yeah I'm I'm able to you know. Be based here in Charleston South Carolina see people from all around the world which is pretty awesome. Because I found. There's this gap and treatment. There's this huge gap in treatment. Where especially in the states? Where you know if you go to in Iot appea- or an inpatient program you leave and you're like oh my gosh? I only get to see my therapist once a week. And it's like you're just totally in this limbo in. Its there's this huge gap with support. There's also a lot of restrictions when it comes to insurance about getting the proper treatment Um uh-huh though if someone can't find someone who specialized in eating disorders in regards to therapy I can be there. eating disorder person on their team. They can have a therapist and work through the PTSD OR OCD or whatnot. And I can be kind of the eating disorder person to help them through that so multifaceted more sustainable approach. I really you believe in accessible care. We we try to make that as possible. You know as I said I founded my own recovery. It was really hard and difficult and expensive so I really try to make it as accessible as possible. If your mom you know you can meet with Your Recovery Coach Body Mitch. Coach Win The kids are napping or are or at a friend's house or whatnot. So yeah that's kind of where that all came from and now it's what I do full time in. I just I love every minute of I bet. That's amazing. Thank you so tell us about the passing on positively campaign that you had all yes. I wanted to basically kind of started this messaging with people also within the niche on Instagram Like of eating disorders and body imagine food but also outside the niche of that. Because I feel that sometimes if you're listening to these podcasts in your following body positive accounts and and you're like what your instagram is. We kind of forget the rest of the world isn't so aligned with health like this this idea uh of food. Freedom ends and body positivity and self compassion towards yourself in body kindness. Everyone is kind of more mentality so I wanted to kind of say we can pat. Like passing on positivity is a way in which we can start to celebrate the holidays in a way where it's not going to cost us anything and financially but also emotionally being positive for yourself. I think is where it starts. Research shows that if we're able to have positive thought patterns Saturn's and refrain those thoughts and use cognitive behavioral therapy and use acceptance in our lives. We're GONNA live longer lives tips. I think that's the reason why we should be looking at rather than okay if you wait this much. You have this much longer to live. It's like no what we should really be looking at as Hauer living being and I think it's you know I've recently gone through this journey with a medical journey as I said lots of neuro surgeries trees this year. Lots of trips to the Mayo Clinic and it's so easy to get sucked into negativity. I think if we can pass on positively to ourselves we can then hold space for others pass on positively to them. I think it's contagious around the holidays your followers or your kids or your students. They're they're listening to us. They're hearing US say like. Oh tomorrow I have to go on the cleanser tomorrow I have to. I don't want to step on the scale or oh gotta go get my sweatpants. The ant like my my pants don't fit anymore they hear those things and kids kids here and seeing the black they don't see in black and white but they they hear in and the black and white and they're thinking like Oh. This is good. This is bad. It's like what if we instead focused on positive experiences. Were having around the food instead of focusing on the fact that you want another Christmas cookie. Why don't we focus on the fact that you're creating memories surrounding the Christmas cookies? So yeah I wanted to kind of start something. Something passing on positivity and challenge people to to be able to have that positively towards themselves and hopefully spread it around. I love that you I was wondering this is like I haven't actually done this in a while. But for a lot of my past guests I always used to ask them. What is one book that you would recommend that? Everyone read whether knits a book about recovery. or it's just something that's been super impactful in your life or it's just like a fun book that you love and you think everyone should read. Oh my goodness I'm looking at my bookshelf right now. I am obsessed the four agreements. That's a really good one. Yeah I just love it you know. I think there's looking at it right now. I think this is one of the books folks that you could read over and over and over again and find ways in which you can imply apply to your life. I also love De book the language of letting go by malady beady. It has like little kind of excerpts and poems for every day of the year but but it's kind of works through codependency and perfectionism and all the things that most of us are amazing. Yeah so before I let you go. Please let everybody know where they can find you your website or instagram. And anything else that you want to plug yes Recovery Take Care Dot com is where you can find on the Internet. We have a team of recovery coaches and people that can support you in your recovery if you need that supplemental care and Instagram. A recovery love and care and is spelled out really. Try to be as interactive as possible with people. I kind have say in addition to semi pro bono clients like. That's where my pro bono work is. You know I put in I G. TV's and lives and things where we can hopefully fully spread awareness and education. Certainly not a substitute for therapy or coaching. But if anything it's the place for advocacy education awareness. Yeah well thank you so much for coming on. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much. Thanks for listening to Real Talk With Dana. If you enjoy the episode please share it with your family and friends and share the love by throwing us a five star reading in review on itunes which will help spread the word and do a small part correct all of the fitness and nutrition misinformation or bullshit. Oh Shit that's out there which is only causing people to become more unhealthy. Come find anywhere at real food with Dana on instagram. facebook joined the real talk with Dana facebook group for for more support and discussion on these episodes and come hang out over on real food with Dina Dot Com for the show notes and totally epic and delicious recipes.

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TSS_209_Driving more profit from your projects

The Site Shed

24:02 min | 1 year ago

TSS_209_Driving more profit from your projects

"<music> if i told you guys sitting in order to increase the prophet within your organization dominate any more work and you don't need anymore lades. What would you say in. Today's podcast girl is we're going to talk about how you can drive more profit from your projects which means you don't necessarily main more. Were need more work effectively. You may even reduce the amount of work but what we're talking about. Here is how you can fill the holes in in your bucket before you start filling the bucket that way you can set it up scall- if that's something you wanna do this podcast is an absolute revelation anyone out bay. It feels like they losing money on jobs. It's all about how you can drive more profit out of the projects that you've been working on and i know you guys are going to benefit from these joined the shark today's podcast has been proudly brought to you by treaty white guys try to web god's work with tradespeople only on their websites and marketing solutions to help them stand out from the competition everything from web design through to s._e._o. Search engine marketing content creation you name it goes it is a customized solution for advice organizations and it's fantastic fifty eight across the web guys dot com dot a._u. Ford slash apply fill in the form and let's have a conversation keeping chinese and contractors attractive around the globe the tooth to run a modern business. You're listening to toolbox talks from the thought shed now. He's your host matt. Joins wis lose end of us. Welcome back sasha podcast. Johns and i'm joined today by mr monti most from the professional professional vote on mighty welcome back at head-on threat to be back. This is the final episode of the amazing series. We've been conducting cold three three steps on taking business from chaos to control this episode years is cold driving more profit from your projects wchs and guys if you miss the first to definitely go back and check them out in the previous episode number two. That was the ultimate process for removing yourself. I tried business mighty was teaching some awesome frameworks on how you can implement systems standard operating procedures policies etc that can help remove remove you from certain areas within your business. Your time is best not spent very important. The audience of course go is that you know <hes> you can fit by pitt remove yourself from the operations of the business effectively can run as much without you as possible in the first episode we it it was cold how to get booked out six twelve months in advance that competing on price and that episodes pretty much speaks for itself but a different encourage you to go check that one out because the in that the episode <hes> mati lift some really good value information in regards to how you can target the right customers and not what do we talk <unk> different encourage you to go check those two out. If you <hes> he for the first time since about gossip post the listening to this or you might be viewing. We also record these as video sorry by all means go check him out on youtube our facebook mighty. We are here today to talk. Talk about robbing more profit from your projects. Yes arrived so previously we took out had built systems and debate <unk> than had credit headed southbound marketing machine now be out drive more money from you. Purchase comes down to catholic. Okay thanks number. One is being out of pick and choose the right kind of jobs so if you've got many of leads and wrigley deal flow flow coming from great marketing obviously having a gripe website the one of is key. Thanks for having a great sacrifice is you don't have to compete on price nice to take a job at a law modern. Just keep you guys busy. If you plenty leads right kind of jobs and position as the authority within you nature speechless i within your <unk> previously in you can pick and choose the right kind of job suit your it's such a rewarding position debate and by all means it doesn't happen either no out for new laws coming into business but trust me you will get eventually where you're in a position where you can happily at not regretfully return work away at the center of excellence for us at such empowering positioned when you booked out six to twelve months in advance in hepatic any jokes. He's you dude. Hey we're fed or east. We can fit you in but not until march and we didn't talk a whole lot around the nation nations sought of things up presented on this on many different occasions for many from like isis but <hes> eighties it is a very powerful tool in the arsenal when lackey saimaa you can position self as the expert of the authority in a certain vertical a nation of a vertical so you chose your plum about the hot water specialists specialists specials or whatever it is very powerful and it does make your marketing asia and by that i mean it's easier for you to decision yourself as a hot water expert thirties as the hot water expert in sydney no the beaches wellington whatever than it is to say on the pla because they're not marketing not me and get your foot in the door gives you the ability to cross sell upsell cross promote sean inciteful star. There's a lot of value in that. I'm really interested to hear about drawing more profits from projects projects because i mean like more profits can of course come from malaysia adding a lot of the unnecessary expenses that are happening within a company <hes> efficiencies by should reward that sounds pretty good to hear what you're so so three key aspects to it number one is deal so five so that comes from sales and marketing had plenty of the right on alleged. I can choose from get booked out six twelve months in advance needing. Don't impede on price would take a job at a low much number two actually pricing the job correctly is huge. So when do you know what you should be adding info project management. Do you know what should be heading in for overhead recovery magin tino including for pain jay travel etc. We have these data inspiration <unk> so that they don't miss anything and then once that to edit up. You need at least in building anyway. You might need at least a twenty percent gross profit margin not my cup much the reason why is because march josh boating companies operate on eight to twelve <unk> overheat structure the revenue so what that means that if you've got a five million dollar neither revenue building company you might have other heads affects crossed. Run your business around <unk> team. So what that means is that if you have a if you have a lip sync gross profit magin whether it means you're gonna get five hundred and fifty thousand dollars to cover that five hundred thousand dollars overheads which means as your <unk> fifty grand on a five million dollars tune-up so the worst thing that you can do is get busy and full of unprofitable affordable work by tiny guys on may be bigger jumps internet law margins will not controlling the library house on why throat so number two is to price. It's the job correctly and number three is to control the job on the way through new way of controlling the jovan white through typically subtracts give you the effects vex price fool. The <unk> spike's tiling gybing eccentrics. Intra materials obeyed typically while acid. We wanna make sure we look in the jumbotrons h i i mentioned that the guys out wasting you've got guys on the right jobs where it comes down to the rubber meets ride. The biggest opportunity is in libran house so the easiest way to do this is full caps. This is actual so it's not just one big washing machine of thousand library house might be teen stages of a hundred outs and we're going to write that down to getting the sled down right. That was one hundred. How would the guy's going relative to do. They know where they need to be by. Next wednesday tools you spoke about in the last episode can help you do that with against paul anka hundred seen so we wanna break down if we're doing the framing and we think it's going to be one hundred hours. Have you in the beginning the woman to help forecast the library house for doing the framing now. He should be running that job. He should be involved in doing the forecast the library houses well. He should have some sort of incentive whether it's getting twenty percent the lighter side for example or something getting six six fe at the end of the job by stone. How well the job <unk> 'cause he's gonna. The app to educate <unk> comes on time and under budget. How will he drives. Does he have the <hes> junior guys so libraries in the hamdan student jumbo gun scandia to get the smart guy <unk> demolition work etc etc so you gotta make sure you got the right guys on <unk> jobs. Some guys also bitter detail bitter finishing off jobs it getting jobs out of the ground gins down <unk> priming tame profiling conversation. Yes yes think pri- falling as well so the these six key margin vise. We've actually got a book. That's got one hundred ninety six magic mode process. We're on members two hundred and fifty plus proficient <unk> through a <unk> x months and we itemized twenty five different strategies in live at twenty five different from tragedies on materials city different strategies on productivity on site and we went through the different areas of building came up with must by checklist and strategies on how you can apply this full in six skiers three of them going into the job in three of them coming up so the three going in number one mike mike sure that you've got plenty of marketing the <unk> at six twelve months bouncy done <unk> job number two position yourself as decision and within the nation so what <unk> talk matt area was not just a builder. You might be lorraine invasion space. I we might <unk>. Let's see can still type whatever other work but make sure you targets or your criteria but we're gonna get nine and get full of work that you get plenty of case studies jin magnets tasted minos and guides y you will take your name and then lastly pricing and what we've just talked vets that three to get right going in but it's approximately twenty margin going in but it to get eroded at may be fitting for fifteen <music> when the job is finished so fiske's fingers to make sure that you will fuhrman has some sort of incentive and he's well tracked john through the job seeking regulating soto box meetings every monday instruction meeting every week to make sure the jobs on track anything tricky coming up get curious east east mitre involve the sub tribes involved etc and then the guy's filling in the full cast labour. How's this actuality each day so it's not just one big washing machine too fast and as we get to the ship we make this going to last track prediabetes every week on track now this nightmare to dubai pena piper hyper a lot easier with software in project management softwares some. I'm not an i. If you have any preferences some of the top of my head i think deputy does one quite well where manages i just payroll management that sort of stuff yep yep probably the biggest one in construction is build a train arca risen inches homebuilders spice allows the technician to put their <unk> exactly did these other ones out. The harvest is clock shack once in a specific hours to be attributed to through jobs. That's that's the biggest one typically materials you can look in jumbo then mike shoulder guys on check in staff in the back they use at the and you sub tried typically again. Give affects price. If you don't give me affects price then you need to watch like hope and ensure that you have agreement with <unk> trades in you. Stop contract that you need to have contract in price for the business trade like a business and we've got all these team fights. What's that help make sure they already good quite actually in this book. I'm reading amendment from jim. <unk> bumps on the road to riches tried third dude. I'm here is saying it's better to have a paraphrase cable hypoc better to have a bad court for a good person than a gripe quite a bad yeah hundred agreement contract contract is up you got there and and so now one of the biggest things with making more money is if you're not happy with where you're at things tank going right didn't change it do something different and typically people don't have business problems. They have relied problems that have flowed flowed over into the business so if you're not a person who looks set you'll dig it monthly profit loss even simple stuff on the budget comparing to you should have a full cast profit and loss and it'll be costing us jobs in real time so you wanna bet custom in real time so that we don't waiting adding to the end of the job to see how we went might changes as a fan. One of the biggest things for me in this in that skype of what you were speaking about the areas is doing it regularly so if you can do weekly fantastic. I mean if you're running. A big company should have someone doing daily almost but when keeping on track of those beings enables you to be a lot more agile and chief position when things aren't going the rottweilers if you'd like that for you know a quarterly review whatever like three months gone like it's such a massive shift in momentum to china's direction that it often it often ends up costing you more awake till you could say things hang on hang on hang on. Let's steered recognise wide the horses balcony so <unk> numbers of the language of business and i find a lot of traits people don't understand the numbers or the fearful often will they'll put the hidden sand and not look and jessica. Yu bank account is not enough because you need to nar our data. What's coming in what's going at in understand what the movements in eubank camp have and that's done by a cash flow forecast. No cash unfocused is looking at money is coming in from deposits monks. Darn payments eccentrics <unk> we while in what money is going out variable costs focused outside <unk> god's onsite subtracted amateur else in a motorway advocates need each month to run your business and this will to allow you to get a break even way by we do what are you fix costs volume by gross profit ratio lash itself. It's twenty percent seen a hundred grand each month. Two kids a lot so then you know that you need five hundred grand in sales h month so you don't you divide your revenue by gress. Margin at twenty percent gives you watch your mouth man. It's one of those things lewis's lewis's out there. Thinking <unk> plumber on the spot billed like wall everything you're talking about here right now sounds like right up accounting degree and i think white one of the biggest problems with the tribes rudd doing apprenticeships. Were dying industry training today. It's very little influence on. They sorta things which farmed that really affects you when you're serving the tribe with once you get to that you know the three when you're the saudi i wanna get my lawson said i want to become auto business. <hes> it doesn't matter how good you are swinging. The hammer like this is the united states now jet. Just it can be scary if you've come. I'm from bank great capita great boating. You need to learn the skills and it will help give you clarity. It'll give view confidence in the. It's not that hard to understand. There's only two seats numbers. You need tonight number. One input cape yards number late conversion writing citra and i also number two the outputs said it she will revenue growth profit magin variable costs annual fixed crossed which lead to unique profit to k._p._i.'s injure outputs and then it's as simple <unk> we looking at it. Hey a grub smidgen as low as this month. It's only fourteen percent. It should be twenty percent. What a three things that we can do improve that grudge margin in the next month ended ended up to sixteen <unk> again does apply three strategies and it might be one star trek. The library is focused. Xetra god's to incentivize the foreman based on the number libraries saved in three. We're actually gonna shake how much downtown guy spending how they guns smarter at a showing up on time exposure sa- very quickly we can staff to make some improvements and when you say improvements in numbers at fly through anti-bank in this much exciting part about numbers and business is it shows up in your bank when you do the right science told about filling the holes in the bucket before you feel the bucket exactly exactly <unk> corey more money in marketing and sales if you're not to hold some tombs of productivity <unk> cash five draining out yeah fundamentally bovine driving more <unk> from your project. I think it's important that guys realize it is the lowest about generating mold lades generating more styles. It's like you said before filling. The hall is in the bucket doc. It's <unk>. There's more prophets life from what you're currently doing exactly. This is being from from people come liscensing more laid since i will hang on a second you getting getting a lot of leads. You just don't converting any of them laid fly the problems affect that you conversion rights terrible exactly so if i was summarize. What are the key things. Stop making more profit per job. This thing is to understand numbers. Tell you a story about what's working. Well and not with well in your business and whatever you should find some to do that. You need a dashboard and that dash voters one page city numbers. That's gonna cover off of your inputs and your outcome so number late envisioned ever saw sow what you imagine as revenue <unk> <unk> as well you might you might find solutions edano this way way really really granular and targeted with who else specific customers aw and qualification process says the waste storage dramatic reduction in adelaide's but that was by design targeting but then we looked at conversion off the back of it conversion was far higher so we're getting a high conversion through less lades which is which is far better than having highlights with a lot of conversion hundred <unk> because as you talk to the right people and the engine the wheel was not having to tune as foster in your business so yeah my <unk> sales the marketing so you got plenty of the leads that can choose from understand the numbers sit drive your business price tag margin building company on target residential building company onset tag imaginings released twenty percent plus the knicks control the job on the way through so by having visible milestones milestones breaking the joke down by stage and if you've got teen stages on a job benetton for four months you might put in some many milestones. It's eighteen status or move to weekly payments as opposed to payments by milestone so you can do that so that helps you. In lastly you look at the way in which you can squeeze the orange suites in yemen and we've actually got we've got a document that goes through hundred ninety ninety six different ways on which you can improve the profitability joe so if people want on mike that viable input on t. results pages one for around this topic which i think that's beautiful. Movies is absolutely fantastic. I mean as you said we could go on for months us talking about stuff that will inevitably a follow up series where we will talk about some of the questions that they will have however. I wanna thank you for your time. It's been amazing. These trace is through episodes wave conducted to make up the three steps on taking your business from chaos to control series. Now i have a challenge for the wedding in south africa the listeners. I want you to implement at least one thing from each episode. I want you to track over the course of the next three months and then i want you to dr documented rodnina good walkers walker wound up with us and then very much. Tom center a modern canada. I want you to come back into the facebook community. What you've noticed from the metrics that you've been improved from robbed by specific things the three things one from each episode and going action at the biggest thing is guys. You can take all the information you can learn it. You can do as as as as jackson hole says we must imaging review. The diagnosis is not about listening to the gusts going doing something from what you've learned one thing from episode. You'll mike fundamental shifts monte. Thank you so much. Professional bill dot com is the website at the professional ability across social and if you guys have any questions info at b. professional builder dotcom all those links into viable in the shark <unk> you can hit across there. You can get access to all of those things is also going to be as just alluded to before is going to be a resource specific ratios fight for the professional builder such website. You can get access to whatever resources he's gonna be living pollen. I'll be sitting body now. You've been a pleasure a hostess with the mices love. Tony left sharing what what's working well for our members as if you if you pick one thing tight massive action <unk> business it's the action it's results and and <hes> if you want handed anything if your residential building county on yeah we're here to help <unk> n. j. How can you take your business to the next level perfect. I love it or listeners that israel thank you for listening to another episode of toolbox talks. If you liking what you hear can you can hit across to the shade dot com where you can join our community by signing up to our toolbox talks. You'll get a weekly notification which is is basically a whole lot of everything that we've spoken about doing that. Wake along with any other industry news that might be relevant or specific to the triads. If enjoying the show you can head across to archie stitch uh-huh soundcloud where you can leave us a review that would be fantastic and all the reviews get right out in the show likewise. If you have any friends or colleagues that you think would benefit from the show in the episode that we create and please go ahead and share it with them.

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Sergio Ermotti in conversation with Tyler Brl

Monocle 24: The Bulletin with UBS

17:51 min | 1 year ago

Sergio Ermotti in conversation with Tyler Brl

"Hello and welcome to the Timothy B. S. Twenty four each week sharpest minds and fresh things in the water finance. Take you beyond the numbers in hype right to the heart of issues of the day. Today we have something special for you on the program. Ubs Sergio he in conversation with molecules editor in chief lay a multi steered the UBS ships since two thousand eleven making him the banks longest-serving CEO. During that time he's led the firm through economic headwinds a major restructuring of its private banking division with a steady hand when covered nineteen struck and many small medium sized businesses in Switzerland were impacted. Ubs along with the Swiss federal government was a crucial player and assisting them with liquidity. So just how prepared was the bank for the challenges of Global Pandemic? And did. They're very swiftness? Help them navigate the challenge talk from our. Hq FELT IN. Zurich spoke to Sergio from his Home Office into Chino. I special chiefs edition of Monaco. Twenty fours the big interview. Here's a snapshot of their conversation. And his Tyler Festival asking the questions if you look over the past few weeks. It's curious that when Switzerland and I'm talking from burn and also with the banks as well when they announced obviously the package of measures to address. Sme's and large businesses as well. It didn't get so much news but now were a few weeks on. Everyone is looking to Switzerland right now. Wondering how Switzerland did it. And of course we've been covering the story very closely in terms of the loans made available. Of course the coverage by the government. Also you taking a risk in all of this as well as UBS. Can you tell us as much as possible? How did this come together so quickly because of course early days everyone has panicked but I mean now we look back we see this happened. Incredibly fast resist really the nature of a small country and a few powerful banks and a very focused government but what are the mechanics in the background. Mr Monti well. There's should really go back to the early stage anything that you know. We were a little bit. I concerned that maybe wasn't reacting. And some people were pointing out that someone wasn't reacting alongside other countries in Announcing I believe that packages and the vengeance now. The trolls imagining its was planning carefully. What is popular trying to leverage? On this thing framework on how the government intervenes in the process of granting guarantees to companies and exports and in that sense The framework was the same of the idea was generally speaking out to expand the state imports guarantees provided by the governments in normally into something that is designed to respond to crisis to be longer but was at the end of the day fairly uncomplicated. And that's the reason is successful so I don't think that there was any particular order issue. Order that yes maybe being more country more focus on managing the crisis visor than the politics. Romney's has been helpful. Vance where part of the solution because we agree how to adopt to the current up forty or exports guarantees into something practical for example by pointing out that the best way would the court each customers go to their Iraq Bank and knock. He tries to go to a third party banks where they have no relationship in order to speed up and avoid the amazing the anti money laundry you know your clients processes so that once the request was so maybe you could also process it very quickly through that things are thinking parts of the seconds personality the ones for large companies by the wandering that made it very easy government stepping in for small companies. And say okay for those one we got on the and the the bank needs to Jewish daring structure available to clients the fact that we do it for free because we will not make any money out so we don't want to make any money out into something and we are just seeing ourselves as the transmission mechanism for governments to put their L. to the which is wonderful and it's great that it's happened but we also heard that we're not gonNA name other banks elsewhere in the world but we heard about similar facilities being set up that the money was there but the trickle down process in many countries. It still hasn't happened. They're saying the same thing. Go to your branch. The facilities will be there. We know you as a customer and it's still not flowing through what happened in the background than at UBS also. We've heard extraordinary stories of people going. Ticking the six boxes answering there is a series of key questions that customers had to answer and then the money was in their account. Six seven hours later or the next morning this infrastructure already built or is this something that had to happen right away because it nevertheless you still have to approve these things so is it. Deploying Lots of people working twenty hours a day seven days a week was it technology. How did it happen naturally for he was very important? So clients radio a relationship with so it might be easier now. I mean say seventy percent of the planes that applies for a loan as if no loan specialists with the bank. So basically had no. They'd be are no credit exposure to the bank so he was these new for them as well. You know first of all you're in the first weekend. The package was announced. Thursday was available. Try Day noon. So we've got a lot of requests the first day and during the weekends. Lots of people in the bank were working to set out and process those requests in order to make sure that on Monday morning not on be. The money was available on the account. But as you mentioned that in the following days we would be able to respond quickly and the facto grinding the lines to clients immediately so he's a combination initially before they've -nology defended. We knew the clients and the efforts of power people to war over the weekend. It's not twenty four twenty four almost the way in order to be up and running and the vast majority of the clients were quite resized. You know in the form of because the real computation. The end of the day was also the fact that some clients need an answer those questions and the appropriate way or even made the very visits documents and therefore we had to delay a little bit. But you know not charging new was multi faceted kind of damage that contributed to that. Success is not the only one I quite interesting by the way that as of today. All only forty percents of the Christians lines available. I've been drove so I told you before. Seventy percent decline has no they would abandon the relationship with the bank so on the purely payments or banking relationships and so far the people they all. These are on down four percents on average on this society that means that another pointing time for many of entrepreneur and that's the search offending fund in the future derided in media need for the phones and. I think we have to add and be clear about this as well because I think he make an interesting point about filling out the form and making sure it's all proper because it did come with listen. It was a very Swiss form as well if you get this wrong. You're also going to go to jail for five years as well so that was also a good singer to make sure that people were focused as well when answer their questions. What does that tell you when you look at your customer base? And let's say the Swiss middle stand in general when you hear that only forty percent has been drawn down. Is that comes a little bit of a positive surprise to you. New Dynamics of the sweetser communist me strong we saw in the last few years growing well above the average of the European economies that more aligned with the best performing the company and the war and very competitive very highly focused on our and how the value and not very commoditised by nature so complex. We have to play the game of being officially and so very resilient. Wadham very surprised to hear that. That's to some extent the resilience of the economy. Our our surprise me but I have to say today was surprised that they own. Sodhi the a the early stage. I'm talking about forty percent now but most importantly in the first couple of weeks was no more than thirty percent. So he's a computer Mason Resilience. And the fact that fundamentally the sweets economy at all the multinationals because the strength of the economy is based on decided. We are able to have very successful multi nationals. They we've done but also very successful mean they'll stand that are internationally known for their quality and makes for teams though not surprise what is either Sarraj Monte's view or the UBS house view looking forward. We've seen the Bundestag dots and there's obviously an extraordinary session happening in. Burn at the moment and we don't WanNa make this just to your global bank. We're a global program. We don't WanNa make Swiss discussion but if we stay here for a moment. They're talking of course. Consumer CONFIDENCE IS WAY DOWN. And we're really talking about some pretty serious contraction in this economy now. Is that a Swiss conservative view. Is there a take that things could improve faster or is even little resilient Switzerland in for a very tough or could things accelerate better and move to more positive position faster than were maybe hearing others? Before I do think that Switzerland he's well positioned to absorb the shock better way and also most likely to benefit from any rebounds. And say you know. In general that goes beyond Switzerland because of course at the end of the day we are affected by what's going on you know. We are sports country. That's and I have to say that these guys is coming on top of the these things giant environments I mean you know you should look at both macroeconomic but also. The geopolitical environment was extremely fragile at the moments call started. So that's the reason why he's much more painful. And if you think about governments and central banking invention are coming would not miss by. They are also coming on top of existing programs and therefore we know. That's not necessarily just a fiscal the Melissa or a monetary stimulus canal to resolve them out there because we have fundamental issues particularly in Europe bouts arguably around award that needs to be seats and that sense Probably the reason why people are gaucheness because they know is not just a matter of six to twelve eighteen months before we usually found around all but he's also that you need to resolve broader fundamental issues affecting the war economies and society in general. When you look maybe a little north of here to Brussels and they were talking about the political context if you look towards Geneva certainly from the stewardship of health and medicine with the WHO. We look to Washington. We look elsewhere around the world. Are you surprised or maybe a little bit shocked by the lack of at least central leadership because so many people are going their own path? Obviously many governments responded very different laid. Different multi-track approaches. How do you prop business very very different guidance? To of course the public and certainly now as businesses start to resume all kinds of different sectors doing different things and certainly in a confined place like Europe. It's very confusing to say. Oh look at the Austrians doing one thing the Swiss Switzer doing that. The Belgians are doing something completely different. Are we missing some type of central leadership some type of central guidance to get everybody on the same page because seems were emerging now into a much more disjointed world? Yes I would agree with you but I'm not so sure. Something's view the situation with it. But you just mentioned that's an ongoing trend. Even before called the kind of called for globalization and focusing more country or regional interest as being developing so in a sense. It's not very surprising as I mentioned before. Also I think people really those at the very beginning and maybe we shouldn't be too critical in that sense governments around the globe because you know effectively and it's very rare that those kinds of issues are not conveyed or that in the past that I'll start years we were only able or whites. Contain such byers's spreading of the global animal. They'll in other words I. It'll be under of issues adding on to the station and all of the all the word that Dan when you talk about Europe. Of course you know if you think that last year and is here in Europe there was a debate about removing the summer. Time adjustments you understand that you voted for every country but tension eerie to be able to year or not a year to the summertime. Change so you should think about coordination Europe. You tells you I'll try giants each way so I'm not surprised to see what out because you're defense as yet to really fulfill its desire to be a common project that where the through because think. He's expressed in true action in a sense. The only thing that really seems to put together Europe is one currency is definitely not enough for addressing and many of the topics that are now affecting our society but also the economy in Europe and the charges that are needed in order to speak. Do you think that provides an opportunity? Mr Multi four the private sector for corporate leadership. Does it matter whether it's someone sitting at a Pharma Company in Basel or it can be someone who is sitting at another financial services company somewhere in Europe to step up. Let's not take the role of government but to certainly offer a level of leadership in stepping up around the microphone. Because I think I feel when we speak to guest a everyone is really scratching their head and it doesn't matter whether they're a captain of industry or they're trying to run their small business in Graubunden. It's very complicated. People people are looking for a level of leadership. Moving forward cannot be taken by companies of your stature and others yes business do believe that governments and the private sector and other stakeholders to play Vice Old. I'm not so sure that any of them their own can really rule. I don't really believe into government alone responsibilities in good times and bad times for sure. Garments needs to have the private sector healthy. You mentioned the pharmaceutical industry banking. We'll talk other parts of the solution but many other sectors play old. I would say the food industry to play a role in making sure that for example the supply chain there people dump pennies on the way they react to obtain show care of deal food or even media in the way they present facts. They play Responsibility now everybody has to pick up what they can do effectively to not to try to intervene and they're all somebody else and confusing. Yeah so for example. You know we are happy to be part of the solution. Though we are concerts financial crises. We are now in a position to be as I mentioned before the transmission making of the garments on how to Al Economy and companies to recover together. The Likud today need but also ourselves beyond that. If you're thinking about paying. We granted price times more crazies out of our own race complete boots than the government's programs. So we know that this is the time you need to stay close to plans. The Pharma Industry is really putting a lot of I give any in any way through research but also through available to inside and you know helping to meet the gates arms whereas issues so everybody is play a role. Of course. This is the time where occurred the board. Not Talking about private and public sector. You're nuts rises. You see the true character of people as individuals or Asian or as a society out here. React holiday the age. These are great lessons to get to know people and companies and in that sense. I'm pretty sure that the boss Martin off the crisis whittled so leave Some interesting lesson and that was UBS. See Joe Amati in conversation with Markle's editor-in-cheif Tyler. A to hear their discussion. Listen now to the beginning of you all Monaco Twenty Four. We're currently bringing you a special season of the program featuring the chief's extended sit downs with executives and business leaders from some of the world's biggest players in finance retail healthcare aviation and more but that is all for this edition of the bulletin with UBS. Listen again and find out more AT MARCO DOT COM CA catch on fire your preferred forecast the bulletin with UBS twenty four.

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World's Hottest Corn Chips

Thug Mills - How Good Is This?

34:30 min | 11 months ago

World's Hottest Corn Chips

"We would like to acknowledge the what people of the Kulin nation who are the traditional owners land on which we on. We pay respect to the what under the elders past present and emerging. Young Young Young. Young. have good, is this. Your. Fish. Trump. Running. Has Grown. Man. Post to superhuman. Everybody, welcome to the. PODCAST! How good is this? Steph Ross had good. Is this pretty good? Said we'd lose, chemistry. But I said no way. Race how I'm very well being a long time. You. How weak since! Really missed you. Could have changed. You close a little bit. Stave I soiled them. Stave got to be a bone to pick with you. Not by I've got I've got allegations against both. Both of you already come out of the gate swinging. Just answer simple. Simple simple, yes or no. Stave. I believe you'll becoming much more like me. And I can prove it simply. Please answer these questions. Did you buy pays for suggesting buying immediately. Download of Judy was. Not Immediately, but yes. I also play Judy. will his own Have you been spending a lot of time playing call of Judy? To find a lot of time. You're. Have you already ranked above me and I've had the game since November there were said the other day, so maybe not probably every year back down to fifty five rough. Did you recently? By digit digital antenna to what football at home? No I voted digital setup bucks. To Watch football. Because it's the only sport. Did you Miss Jimmy About Accounting Guy Midway through the game. Yeah, because it was funny. So If you become mcferrin? What do you know about me for my instagram stories football I love football, running a do love running. At cats and Judy, yes, Yep, now. I got a cat because you guys suggested. Before the last episode, whenever that was I arrived having ridden downhill for about three kilometers, practically dead am hallucinating I also bought bought a new bike recently end a little bike racks. He can drive you. Buy somewhere else which was? Just, that's funny. 'cause I just feed a basket to my bike yesterday. We can recreate that scene from at okay now Steve. Do you love running. North Sucks. Can Change your mind. A young young man Code Steve Monti Giddy. event. Is he the one that shot his pants? The Brisbane Commonwealth Games that was me, and it was his Brisbane at Rick's, but anyway on five or to listening to a podcast with Steve. Money Gedi. I think I've gotTA grabbed. That might make you love running. A night this they've well kind of like my. Alternative Music so Armee Almond Joy Division Fan from the light lock Iraqi outweighed joy division as pink, Floyd Beta that and about music so smashing pumpkins in the dire member. Live and I think everyone always with market to couldn't believe I was actually was the oldest person in. Either wonder if he went to ninety seeks or even ninety four right man, so he would be. Should we manage money you see? On the put and for to about the time sold smashing pumpkins all right. Steve Money Gedi to do this and I'll say we don't talk about running. We want to let your love of the pump gets trying to stay on vibraphone entirely going to be pen pals. Yeah. Now let me do you love running? I love running, but I'm this morning. Billy was pro or It's morning billy. conn, we're doing this. After the last one just serve on break dot, com. I just can't lie. They're doing the machinery shoe family Oh. Other going, GonNa make better use out. He's going to do more Guitar Dobson. CONSOL. Damn it. Has Judy going state honor. They've taken away blood money. Have they are just him because it's free weekend, it's just too stressful, shooting and banging. Well you'll efforts having gone unnoticed and actually I got A. We got a phone call to remove. Pretty, crazy, sixty, nine, four, hundred, sixty nine. Hey Steve It's me the head developer of call of duty. Just going over some data from the month of May and want to remind you that there are other places on the plunder map besides tower. I can see you've spent ninety eight percent of your time in the tower, and the other two percent was going to the tower. We've spent hours days weeks and months slaving away building a complex world, full of cars, helicopters snow in mountains for you to enjoy, and we'd love to see you move out of the tower and check out some other places Oh, and there are other weapons besides the RPG's well. Baby steps so yeah. You've made impacting this collegiate community, yeah! Then tell me how to enjoy the game. In that phone call did you ask why it takes a million years to get into a game and one of the so many glitches and Let's see Dante like this is. The thing is being watching some youtube. They complaining about the hacking and they like. Just like shoot you down and you die like what's the point in my? Find it pretty. Everyone can kill me. Thing on a podcast sauce dot. H V, H, Hack Hack Hack. Hack is go into a game with another. The heck is and just like they destroyed the game and just see who can kill in in this in them shadiest way insane. It's definitely heck is in Collagen they can. Have Order. OUGHTA aims wherever they shoot. The bullet hits you in in, just shoot up. You're not getting off Dungy. Okay Jess over to you. How old are you in centimeters, my ask. A one hundred, seventy four. For an average woman. Lightly above average. I would say so. Steve I dunno I told you that I figured out. On Way Way Hey Siri help. Toll is six foot incentives. It's one hundred eighty two point eight eight centimeters of that toll up in ranking, my heart, my toes, friends, and you care you come in second. I think okay. I put it to you your hottest and you only really if you could, you prefer the company of toll, people young man. You mentioned an old high school friend. Yeah yes told you you. Jess, not me. I'm the shortest today. Everyone's friends whatever realize I'm in there. Do you confirm that one hundred percent. Yep Short lives matter. Thing or If, you see a man walking around. You'd like Oh. He's attractive, easy attractive, or is he just so the Dutch? They the people enough earth. still home of the STROUP waffle. Ming. As Chinese. Okay sorry to say. and yet There's there's data to show in the Netherlands that that They prefer the high all the time. Yeah, yeah, the highlight. The. Got Wrong what. Do you prefer being high. High Yeah. And they Yeah Yeah Yep. You admit to. Play this thing now. There's another thing. Collectively. You totally yeah, actually you know what disgusts me. Your papers. A little people. Yeah I know I was just thinking about. It's actually quite interesting to. Graph at like you, told US male friends and female friends I realized. that. Really. Doing that is the interesting thing race like I would. Never do that like? My wonder well against something like a high a high chart, the wall, yeah, return the House we had pins mocked on the wall of everyone leaves. Aaron came there and she didn't. That was cool. That is cool. I love that because I was messaging you and two other people and I said to my wife Vodka messaging a Lotta toll people today. And wonder who told us I message jewel, and then said wonder where I sit, and then I realized only at my efforts skinny shorter than me. my principles to centimeters shorter than me. My boss, my boss, two centimeters shorter than me, and that's yeah, so I'm going to short friend's name them. Said! Yeah thinking semi, Amy Emma, or all pretty short clip show like he's short. Message Marquis. Him. I thought it was hundred, seventy, one, hundred, seventy, four five. Yeah, yes, they're about the same height. Yeah Tim Wheeler from ashes very short. Billy colins very logan, six four. Yeah, Tim your. Yeah I just think. Show people are at the Don January. Andy's Toy I was the. That's the thing for. Was the show one in the Group for game? I'll never forget it. Yeah, I know how that feels. Light Gross, but I didn't get told until eighteen. Cool. Thank you very much guys. I'm sorry to divide you guys in tech. You make it up for you. I've actually done something really really nice. Some. Toll Catch you'll. See Sad Ross and Day Twelve straight. Play based. Funny! A. Really. So I cut off the last joke and also. Point out. That is the short version of. But. Get, we'll get it imposed. We're always looking for a new way to communicate with fans and I appreciate old the new listeners we've got and the people you might as. Well I've actually. I haven't been personally much on instagram stories. Hopefully you guys have, but I haven't I'm sorry about that I thought of another way. We could communicate with fans. If you could both check your WHATSAPP. That'd be fantastic or What can you tell me what you know about only fans? Do you know anything about only fans. Incite. Fans. Fans, but just got to. She saw. Listen. What are we looking at here? Is I assume oh? So. Racist now you're going to delete this before the start goes up. He's put an account in full but Mazda's Deborah. At? At burping King on only fans. Get once a month. I will be taking the BECCA especially Pumpkins. If you're supposed to be the most belching while I pick up my deli slice of Ribbit from the navy. BURP from my recliner. I'm maybe I'll. BURP wants grilling meat. From a small six dollars ninety cents. Not only make money. The fans will be connected. Absolutely get subscribers. Only learn to this shit absolutely that. There's people who actually are into buck burping finishing stuff if you can think of it, someone. If I. Give you the possible where you make some blip videos book. Is. Not going to be good for my professional. Could you do that and. Location. ME KFC. The problem is these fighters chosen for the oily fans, the xed, actually the fighters I've got my up within as well. So Just like photos shopping. US, and coughs and. Professional still. I remember that and that's what I was eating least is. Well. Steve I'll give you the. Fans it can't. He said I claim to be the funny one. Yeah some people dispute that claim and all its seeks ninety s That's the advanced. There's also a discount rate at four twenty. Make six hundred ninety dollars, but doesn't go up that high. We could actually make some money. And I'm going to be taken a link to Mike God cake right? Good yet. Thanks let's. I The other night. That's pretty drunk. Yup! went to bed and like. Put the The wage under the door after all the time. What. They're having a new. Double. Here, okay. Sorry, that's gross. BSO UP at the end of the door, because they're leaving a sheet house with those clothes and my cats. Emmy removal the looks in hand. Yeah the court told it to. Say. Anyway, but yeah I didn't put it on an appropriate those drunk via the catwalk. Two hours later walking around all over me, it was like three in warning online. What the fuck is going on I finally realized what was going on. And so I like seat up, told Google ten a lot on as soon as I sat out. The cat's just like okay. Then, you hide. The hides under the bed, and so I have to go out to the automatic later and pressed the button to make it go and said that will make you out because he doesn't respond to the noise at the shaking bag eating more food. Because, he's linked. That's a false prophecy. Fitting knows that the automatic failure. That thing never does him wrong. So yeah and then. Of Calming. But then you lost. Two nights s the thing my house is. Always moving the dead. I shouldn't say that. The Dead Bolt at my house works perfect. And Like just it's. We already had fixed months because the whole show. How shocked the whole show shift! And so you now I have to. My door like Emmy, said she saw him do it. I think just like Brang on my door just to save the low. He doesn't want anything. He knows he's not going to get Fadiman anyways. Just like wants to wrap bag. Yeah, he's going to do like. Shawshank redemption and just have like like he's GONNA BE! Clawing at the the plaza and have like a poster of. Everett the heart, yeah, Fuck Yo puppies. The probably would not accept. Any doors closed in the house whatsoever. Patrolling just to make sure all doors. Cupboards. Wardrobe anything bathroom like I constantly hear my wife in the bathroom going. Give me five minutes. Seem banging against the door. Taking my wife and puppy. She. Arkan every couple days. She like race. Get up! and. She's like I've noticed another bold patch on him. And then she pick him up and then like she looking at a photos me. And! She's like someone to hear what pushing his head Royce like that. It's like it's a tiny little spot. Where doesn't go around the nipple? No, but then she did wake me up the other day and said I can only find three nipples. She's sleeping. It was crazy. Because she carries a relic a baby, and he just like you know he's stomach is fully exposed and she's just like she wanted. Photo if he's. Kind keep looking at. These cat's body. Could be the title of your memoirs. Yeah! That's my life. Just you want to obtain update. Well. There's been progress with the treats in Latin twice. So now he's. He's lead that. If I sit down and and indicate the traits will come. He will jump on my lap. That's pretty good and just instantly like. Roll through drool. ARPAN MOUTH Full like rivers of jewel. What traits are they? They're temptations Oh. Yeah, and they show right. Tempting Look Tim Tam's for cats. This is like a little kind of like. Pella Biegel Biscuit. Making run. That's probably Guardia trion really reinforced it. Laps or a good place? Throat on your lap. I mean he like it wherever you know. Put it up underneath the Chin or Trying to play with job most of the time, he likes like a toy and a string most of the time as soon as each as it comes out, and he goes. ooh, and he walks over. Then, it a flip it over him twice and then he lies down. And he's like. Bringing the toy to me. He wants to with it, but he's just like. I'm not standing out to do this. Night Keila. Yeah. That's awesome hopefully. Do you think close to sleeping on your lap? But this is, it will take time plays. Yeah. Real slow at me because he's like super into it. And I can pick him up and taking your around for a look. Like in my arms now. Who can use only just not can. You just lot more than me. His moist me a handling. Can catch recognize faces because sometimes I if I go to the front door and I'm not in the house. You haven't opened the door. Puppy will look through the window and you know it's me beheaded. Can you tell like, is it? My face body shut. We got a thing to like. The, the scale difference between them because the tiny. Away like we're literally John's, they also like. Being like your car and shit especially because playing. Italian. I want. His Dad, he's he's food. Bring a decade. Speaking of food bring a decade I've got something for you guys. I brought something. Steve can you just tell the fans what listen is the only fans what we're up to. He's removing pans and he's about to cough I think. See this. The world's hottest corn chips Oh my God. Wow I. You gain welcome when they man. Something chilling. Them All I. What's that main world? Hottest corn chips? Are you game delicious? Chili infused pawnshops, wanting extreme heat warnings to hate for extricate. Kick new recipe for a limited time a lot I was watching these videos. On the. Only I was watching this video strain. Sorry straying corn vegetable oil. Cal Carolina Ripa. Scoping Chile but by but Joe Joe Joe Joe Low, key, chilly, citric acid, sugar Paprika, dehydrated vegetables and salt. CRACK IT Open Fucking I. was watching a video about the hottest. Consume you what does consume in the back on an empty stomach? If you alluded to chill space if you're sensitive, spicy food, you have a cardiac condition if you have guests. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding so racier out If you have any other medical conditions, faulk really stave. You're definitely going first one's buddy. Staff Open Up. Thing I'M GONNA. Put My mic down right all coming commentator stays. Stance he's coughing. You know it's going to be dangerous if it's in this whole packet. Don't not too much. Souza's. got. It your. Monday to bowl. Nervous Steve It all. It's nervous excitement. Like? I'm probably going to take out. I think it'll be okay. I'm terrible with spice to? But what do they look inside state explained. Very, regular slightly secret in the nome gone chip. Look to toxic, it's certainly didn't I gave it a good wife and nothing bad happened. Thank you, I. Thanks all right, let's. Talk. Chips. I'm sweating already, okay? Well take even when I think about how take the one with the she, don't you? Know you have first, and then all while all make good calls robot, so I just put the. It's Kinda like a wool headway. Like maybe there's lick the put. You GonNa Chase that Phnom some cold chase led dragon. Yeah do that with this new ones. Here we go. Out of out of ten hotness. Build shortly my still with us. Is A blading got. Now. I study. My sinuses was just like boom. They, just started right. Wasn't jerking. So the hot. Hot. It's pretty hot, yeah. Multiple pickups. Absolutely doable. I'M GONNA. Start with a little bit just to say disengage. That's pretty good. Shit. I had had this month. or Yum. Is Good. You in just. Ask fucking. I'm terrible with how much did you have that much? You can say all my little corner. That's how much I had. Skid. Go. These words was like ten twelve bucks pack. Who Need It. I don't know if I'm GONNA have to. Stays with you. Fuck. That's no good. Old. It's Ryan the Becky you throw. It closes up the blanket. Tongue. Say They US soil so I've been for like. Depression of hearkens uses for meditating because you can't think about anything else. It just. And then the podcast. All mccown! I'm I'm. Krylov it. It's really quite something hot. Ride the pain. It's only relatively recently. Wait like things like in the past like this is super hot and it wasn't hot. Things recently been Hawk now. Look at the hands of Carolina, rapists and stuff. I like the back of my teeth and there's a whole new way. Does I was reading just recently releases endorphins. Yeah Yeh Good You back. made the cool. My. Scalp is sweating on crying. Oh. Should we just pause for a moment to re -combobulate ourselves and we'll get back into it. Nut Straightening Nintendo Switzerland Shit. Anymore. No you have to buy some shooting me hit none. I've got Rob. You, don't WanNa. Nano Match the. Cook! Still conscious like if it tasted better. Tastes, good, that's a probably could continue to wait that. Could. Today because I was watching this video. I'm skeptical visit. Remnants of faulk. Ike when something's that heart, but it tastes good. You can continue to wait it Hottest car in New, York you get it for free beer at the end and I was watching the other dynamic and I could do it. Say Union best video on Youtube. And its own as A whole one. Edge was a lot. Yeah, it's definitely still in town. The first thing I like I started eating it and my sinuses literally. Feel it happening. Power through yeah. Other the supermarket and I saw them like specialty grocer and I picked it up and my wife Goes Stephen Yup. Tell us about your animal crossing or A. I'm at the point where I think our finished my island. It's taken how many days seventy eighty days since it came out to actually do it. It's one of those games where you just can't knock it off at once. So. Freely. There's few acidic. Little Change. I WANNA make. It's more about just seeing what they come up with next to the. Star my mouth. Con. Cursing. Something Different They currently doing a snow thing because it goes by season, so called Carleen. You have to like. All Right? Just let me know happens it in, but what's keeping me on. Switches is Lucy's the updates with it because she's gotten to. The point was like Oh. This game. fucking rules texted Awada. Got Get into it and she's telling you having. Conversations about which is is awesome like no. We jumped on each on each other's island since she let you want her. It's great. Good little setup. She's got a lot of a lot of space some cool stuff. Diplomatic well, no well. You need to go, you know you. You buy a plot of land and you've got to clean it up. Many pass on, says basically the same thing you, but you have to have the clean up and they do all your little. You show us your island later. I can't wait to. Show! You great sweet I'd love to have a play because I'm going to say. Yes, wait I've got something for you. Okay, what? When Excuse me. was asking some friends who have friends who really begin to and one tip modern now if you go on the discord. Channel. But turnips. But I've a friend of a friend willing to give you fruit for free any for you I guess what ago. Fruit For Lucy same deal she she knew friends who really into it, and then she's like okay, I've got a got pairs and I've got. Whatever? It was something else pages. I'm still waiting on Cherries. A friend of mine. She's going through some stuff for the moment of. Cherries handing to get Terry's. NAH I Kid, but we got to go to so, but thank you I do appreciate it. Did A lot of LEGWORK. That's right. Just. Bring you guys lunch in us. Welcome back Steve Year. Hear him singing along everyone. You missed it. Stab Russ A. DONALD IS GONNA show any crossing island after this. Okay! Cool well I'm glad it's going well. Do you think you'll? START, playing soon. No it's and I've heard from other people who are. Play the game a lot and I've put in close to many hours as I put in, and they're like just jumping every day. I'll play for now and then I put it away. We actually come to the point. I'm getting like once set up. We have to do going like People who played like warcraft, the topic anti going. Do you play with it for an hour? Then you put it away, yeah. Yeah very funny you do, get your your your daily tasks like you do your chores, and then that's kind of like sits you up, so if you WANNA, do like A. yeah. You can do that locks. Nine play until. It's just one of those games with is I guess it's every game. No, no progression if you don't put the work into it. The way it set up, so there's no RPG Toledo blow. Away all eight another one. So fucking. That they're Soka. Ole to rip it up and then you can rip that quite the rip up. Again. It's Dave. Question comes from me. This is traditional because I didn't go. That I'm push I've felt like. I was like from the film clip. I feel like I'm entitled to US The question. Have you boys been ripping it up? Second time around. Same. Guy Now. sinuses are already quite often, but I could feel it again. The now, this is a scary be. Quite fine. You got. The? Taste good. I'm getting Thais by Salah. Imitate is like this. Isn't that a nice live? This is the same problem with my face. I grew like this. On second time round was brace I'm a hobby I. Cook Habanero last year and Like I hope they both incredibly bitter and incredibly hot. says you know when you get a chilly pasta-roni like what has fucking hall like this just Nice level of capsicum taps can. Taste Balance Yours Auto Monza just like. They have near. Make a you know like their source this sitting to be balanced by some sheet, which I would nine on just incompetent. Balance. Balance I just. Sweet so as a Hashtag pray for Steve. It will kick off tomorrow morning. To pray for you guys when you get the BUZZER UPDATES to. Come in. Can, you ask us the question now Steve. How are you? Always, been ripping up I'm back to our no. I'm like. Oh my God dude. Okay. We've got tissues. Crust Mahdi Goddamn Dude. Oh It's. Cross! I'm not doing that I do it. Around no, thank you. I mean it tasted good shaw I agree like I I don't. The hate is bad, but it's horrible, but it's just a nice flavor mouth anyway. We'll catch you next time on. Have raised over here, yeah? He's at. Dick's. Yeah, that was it Syria predicts.

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TimeformUS Pacecast - Episode 51 - February 18, 2020

Daily Racing Form

41:16 min | 1 year ago

TimeformUS Pacecast - Episode 51 - February 18, 2020

"Hi everyone welcome to February eighteenth edition of the time for us pace cast. I'm David Aragona and I'll be joined in just a second by my co host. Craig cousy this big on the podcasts. Were going to take a look back at the president's Day weekend Three days of snakes racing that we saw on Saturday Sunday and Monday this past week the focus of course will be on the three year olds as it has been for the past number of weeks since the year turned to two thousand twenty. We'll discuss those racists from the fairgrounds where they around the two divisions of the risen star the southwest from Oakland Park and we'll also mentioned some notable maiden an allowance performances from Santa Anita and Tampa Bay downs. Little later in the show also discuss some undercard races from those two cards at fairgrounds and Oaklawn Park the General George Card from Laurel Park and a couple of steaks from Tampa Craig. This is a week where I think. A lot of people were turning to speed figures to kind of oriented themselves and get some guidance because some performances we saw him the racetrack. We're not the most visually impressive. I think you could say no. I would agree with that. particularly I'm soon we're going to start with the risen star here in a minute the second division. What was really ugly. The I was just so so in my opinion but yeah there wasn't anything to flashy on the three three year old front until we got to the southwest yesterday which we'll talk about later but that was a quick race and actually the fastest one. I think we've seen this year so with that. Let's dive in and get talking about these races yellow. Let's go straight to those. Two divisions of the risen star will begin with the first one which was the twelfth race at the fairgrounds. On Saturday. This was Asir Division as you mentioned one by Mr Mata Moy and it turns out that the top three finishers from the prep for this race the Lecomte they were the top three finishers Dr just in a different order as the third place. Finisher from the Lecomte turning the tables on the horses that finished ahead of him Mr Monoploy got the job done here. Pretty decisive fashion. He said a moderate pace but he held sway in the stretch and got the distance enforceable and silver state. They ran well. But Mr Manuel just seemed to improve out of that stakes. Debut last time he did he got a one ten time form. Usb figure for the win which is solid enough and this kind of a good. This race is a good advertisement for the way we do. Our speed figures. He actually ran third last time in that Lecompte but he got the same speed figures the winner enforceable in a better speed figure than runner-up silver state that day And that was all because the piece was pretty hot and he was the closest one to it. I think we both liked him on the forecast and he backed it up. He ran well. He showed that the distances and a problem a mile underneath it does early stage. We don't often see that with three year olds at in top level. Competition didn't seem to be a problem as he was pulling away at the end. So if there's anything I can take from from this one. It's a that he can at least get the distance. Yeah it seems like Brad Cox has some promising three-year-olds right. Now we'll talk about the southwest and a little bit of Mr monoploy has really improved As we've mentioned many times before he's got that pedigree that says he's supposed to be a nice horse and he's finally delivering on that potential as for the other two finished just behind him. I thought enforceable put it in a pretty encouraging effort. The problem with enforceable is that he's just not that quick out of the gate and I think that really compromises him and a lot of these races especially in races with large fields because he finds himself towards the back of the pack. He's actually a horse. The travels in the bridal and it gets pretty keen in his races. It's not like some sluggish deep closing type. He just brakes a little bit slowly and then Jalilullah. Bruce has to pick his way through the pack. I thought he made a nice middle move on the backstretch to get into the race. Just wasn't the sort of race that really set up for deep closer but he ran. Well he'll get better without a distance. Yeah I would agree with that. And he's a horse said He. He's just going to be paced dependent. Let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fans p saw in the calm he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable late so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly going to be case dependent unless he can get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw in the calm he just wasn't able to make up that but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable eight so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here The other is just didn't show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr Mom was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Mom was the best horse moving onto that other. Division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past door was the favourite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division even though Annadurai seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race. Well didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he did not run his for whatever reason and once you took it out of it just had basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominees one allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden. Victories finished first and second as modernist went to the deleted from Israel. Post position stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got two one. Oh five time for speed five points lower than the first division. The piece was a noticeably. Slow over it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look and visually. I thought major fed look like he was. GonNa make a big run and just kinda hung in New York. Traffic who looked be turning is going to be dependent. Let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow. Because without the fast paced he saw on the com- he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable. So out of those do I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage. That have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's totally held together. Mr monoploy was stalked by supports. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowances from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate. I thought Mr Monoploy was just the best source. Yeah moving onto that. Other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division even though anecdote seem to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race well didn't show up with anything closed his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened because he just did not run his race for whatever reason wants you took him out of it just basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was. Kinda like a glorified nominees at one allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden Victories. Finished first and second as modernist Went to the deleted from Israel. Post position Stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got a one zero five time for. Us speed figure so going to be paced dependent. Let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw com. He just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable late so out of those two. I definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage that have been second here The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts It's not like he's totally held together. Mr Mono was stopped by some horses going to be paced dependent unless he can get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast paced he saw the calm. He just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought Silverstein was a little disappointing. I he had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable late so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace totally held together. Mr Mono was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior So I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Monoploy was the best source moving onto that other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked going to be paced dependent. Let's he can get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw the com- be able to make up ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable late so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought Silver Stage. Should've been second here. The other is just didn't show up with with compelling efforts. It's not like the pace totally held together. Mr monoploy was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior So I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Montague was just the best source moving onto that other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past door was the favourite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division. Even though Ano- door seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race. Well didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it just basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominees want allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden. Victories finished first and second as modernist went to the INTA LEAD FROM ISRAEL. Post position Stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got two one oh five time for USB figure so five points lower than the first division. That piece was noticeably. Slow over it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look and visually. I thought major fed look like he was GonNa make a big run and just kinda hung in New York traffic who who looked be turning going to be dependent. Let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow. Because without the fast paced he saw on the comedy just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second in just couldn't hold off enforceable eight. So out of those do I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage. That have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace totally held together. Mr Mono was stalked by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side by going to be dependent unless he get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast paced he saw the calm. He just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off. Enforceable eight so out of those do I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts It's not like totally held together. Mr Monmouth was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them. Being blackberry wind who did not run back to that impressive allowance when from the month prior so I thought it a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Mom and wife was just the best source moving onto that other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division even though door seemed to be the best horse that was running either division of this race. Well didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it just had basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden Victories. Finished first and second modernist went to the INTA lead from his post position. Stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late But just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got two one. Oh five time for. Us speed figure so five points lower than the first division. That piece was a noticeably. Slow a worry. It was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look visually I thought major dad look like he was. GonNa make a big run and just kind of hung in New York traffic. Who looked be turning for are going to be dependent. Let's he get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast paced he saw the calm he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable they so outta those do I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one thing. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver state should have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with particularly compelling efforts It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr Monti was stalked by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that Impressive allowance the month prior so I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Moore was the best horse. Yeah moving onto that. Other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past door. Who was the favorite in this race? There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division even though Anna seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race well and a new show up with anything closed best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took out of it because had basically had a lot of maiden an allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominees at one allowance race and the two horses coming out of. Bayden victories finished first and second as modernist went to the deleted from Israel. Post position stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got one five time for. Us speed figure so five points lower than the first division. The pace wasn't noticeably. Slow over it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look in visually. I felt major fed. Look like he was going to make a big run and just kinda hung in a New York traffic who who be turning going to be paced dependent. Let's he give her to that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw comfy just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable. Wait so out of those two. I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought Silver Stage. Should've been second here. The other is just didn't show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace totally held together. Mr monoploy was stopped by supports. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Mom was just the best source moving onto that other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division. Even though Ano- door seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race. Well didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There were some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it you just had basically had a lot of maiden an allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominee allowance race and the two horses coming out of Beta victories. Finished first and second as modernist went to the INTA lead from his post position Stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got two one. Oh five time for speed figure so five points lower than the first division. That piece was a noticeably. Slow over a it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look and visually. I thought major fed look like he was GonNa make a big run and just kind of hung in the New York traffic. Who who looked be turning GONNA be paced dependent. Let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow. Because without the fast paced he saw on the com- he wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable late so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought Silver Stage said been second here The other is just didn't really up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr Moore was stalked by supports. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. But I thought Mr Mom was the best horse. Yeah moving onto that. Other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past door. Who was the favorite in this race? There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division even though Ano- door seemed to be the best towards that was running in either division of this race well didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took it out of it we just had basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominators at one allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden. Victories finished first and second as modernist Went to the deleted from his rail. Post position stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got two one. Oh five time for speed figure so five points lower than the first division. The pace was a noticeably slow. It was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look in visually. I thought Major Fad. Look like he was. GonNa make a big run and just kinda hung in New York traffic. Who who looked returning for are going to be dependent. Let's he giver to that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw the calm he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace totally held together. Mr Monmouth was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. But I thought Mr Monti was just the best source moving onto that other division the second division of the Risen Star. This was the slower one and we talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division even though Annadurai seemed to be the best horse that was running either division of this race well anecdote show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it just had basically had a lot of maiden allowance. Winter is it was kind of like a glorified numbers one allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden Victories. Finished first and second as modernist Went to the deleted from Israel. Post position Stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't too winner only got a one time form. Us speed figure so five points lower than the first division. The pace wasn't noticeably. Slow aware it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there It's going to be paced dependent unless he can get into that habit of starting so slow because without the fast paced he saw on the com- just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable late so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver staged been second here. the other is just didn't really show up with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr Moore was stalked by some horses. Dropped away one of them. Being blackberry wine did not run back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior so I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. But I thought Mr Mom was just the best source moving onto that other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division. Even though Anna door seemed to be the best tours that was running in either division this race. Well didn't show up with anything. Closed his best effort. I I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest There were some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it. We just had basically had a lot of maiden and allowance winners. It was kind of like a glorified allowance race and the two horses. Coming out of Bayden victories finished first and second as modernist Went to the lead from Israel. Post position stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but Just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got a one. Oh five time for speed figures so five points lower than the first division. The pace was a noticeably. it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from going to be paced dependent. Let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw the calm he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable eight so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that thought. Silver State should have been second here. the other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace totally held together. Mr Mohammed was stalked by support. Dropped away one of them. Being blackberry wind who did not run back to that Impressive allowance win from the month prior so I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Monoploy was the best horse. Yeah moving onto that. Other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division. Even though Anna door seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race well new show up with anything close as best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it just had basically had a lot of maiden an allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominee allowance race and the two horses. Coming out of Beta victories. Finished first and second as modernist Went to the deleted from his post position Stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got a one. Oh five time formula speed figure so five points lower than the first division. The pace wasn't noticeably. Slow a worry a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race looking visually. I thought major head look like he was GonNa make a big run and just kinda hung in New York traffic. Who LOOKED BE TURNING GONNA be paced dependent unless he can't get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw on the com- the just wasn't able to make up that but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable eight so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here The other is just didn't show up with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr Mom was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance when the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. But I thought Mr Mom and wife was the best horse moving onto that other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past door was the favourite in this race. There just was not the depths to the second division that you found in the first division even though Anna door seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race. Well didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it just had basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominee is an allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden. Victories finished first and second as modernist went to the deleted from Israel post position Stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got two one. Oh five time for speed five points lower than the first division. The pace was a noticeably. Slow over it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race looking visually. I thought major fed look like he was GonNa make a big run and just kinda hung in New York traffic who who looked be turning gonna be paced dependent and let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow. Because without the fast paced he saw on the com- he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off. Enforceable eight so out of those do I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's totally held together. Mr monoploy was stalked by supports. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance win the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Monti was just the best source moving onto that other division. The second division of the reasons going to be case dependent unless he can get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw the calm he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable late so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. I agree with that. I thought silver state should have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace totally held together. Mr Modern Way was stalked by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that Impressive allowance the month prior so I thought it was a fairly run rate is going to taste dependent unless he can get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast paced he saw on the com- just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second in just couldn't hold off enforceable eight. So out of those do I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver. Stayed in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr Monti was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance when from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. Mr Mom was just the best horse. Yeah moving onto that. Other division the Second Division of the Risen Star. This was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found going to be paced dependent unless he can get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace. He saw the com- just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver state should have been second here. The other is just didn't really show up with with particularly compelling efforts It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr monoploy was stalked by support. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance when the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Mom was just the best source moving onto that other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you've found in the first division. Even though Anna door seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race well didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he just did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it we just had basically had a lot of maiden an allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominee allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden. Victories finished first and second as modernist Went to the lead from his post position Stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got a one. Oh five time for M-. Us speed figure so five points lower than the first division. The piece was a noticeably. Slow away it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look and visually. I thought major fed look like he was GonNa make a big run and just kinda hung in the New York traffic. Who who looked be turning going to be case dependent. Let's he can't get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw in the calm he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable eight so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here The other is just didn't really show up with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace totally held together. Mr Moi was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. I thought Mr Mom was just the best source. Yeah moving onto that. Other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past door. Who was the favorite in this race? There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division. Even though Ano- door seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race. Well didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took him out of it we just had basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominee one allowance race and the two horses. Coming out of Beta victories. Finished first and second as modernist went to the deleted from Israel post position Stay there for the entire race. Fed took a little bit of a random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got two one. Oh five time for speed figure so five points lower than the first division. The pace wasn't noticeably. Slow it was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look visually I thought major fed look like he was. GonNa make a big run and just kinda hung in the New York traffic. Who who looked be turning I gonNA be paced dependent. Let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow. Because without the fast paced he saw the comedy he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off. Enforceable eight so out of those do I would definitely prefer forcible. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I fought silver stage. Should have been second here. The other is just didn't really gonNA be paced dependent. Let's get rid of that habit of starting so slow because without the fast pace he saw on the com- he just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off. Enforceable eight so out of those do I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage have been second here. the other is just didn't really show up with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr Monti was stopped by supports. Dropped away one of them being blackberry wine who did not run back to that impressive allowance win from the month prior so. I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. But I thought Mr Mom and wife was the best horse. Yeah moving onto that. Other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past Ano- door was the favourite in this race. There just was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division. Even though Anna door seemed to be the best horse that was running either division of this race well. Dorgan show up with anything close to his best effort. I didn't see post race analysis or anything to suggest. There was some excuse for him. I don't know what happened because he just did not run race for reason and once you took him out of it we just had basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominee allowance race and the two horses coming out of Medan victories. Finished first and second as modernist went to the lead from his post position Stayed there for the entire race. Fed took a little bit of random late but just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got two one. Oh five time for USB figure so five points lower than the first division. The pace was a noticeably slow. It was a little slower but the half mile was pretty much the same and it just got slower from there So just not a Not Not a good rates. It wasn't a good race. Look and visually. I thought major fed look like he was gonna make a big run. Just kinda hung in a New York. Traffic who who looked be turning to pace dependent unless he can't get into that habit of starting so slow because without the fast paced he saw on the com- just wasn't able to make up that ground but certainly not a bad effort. I thought silver state was a little disappointing I. He had every reason to be second and just couldn't hold off enforceable late so out of those two I would definitely prefer enforceable. There were no real excuses for silver state in this one. Yeah I agree with that. I thought silver stage should have been second here The other is just didn't really show up with particularly compelling efforts. It's not like the pace. Totally held together. Mr Moore was stopped by some horses. Dropped away one of them. Being blackberry wine did not run back to that Impressive allowance win the month prior so I thought it was a fairly run race. The pace was on the moderate side. But I thought Mr Moore was the best horse. Yeah moving onto that. Other division the second division of the risen star this was the slower one and we had talked about it a bit beforehand. That once you got past ano- door who was the favorite in this race. There was not the depth to the second division that you found in the first division. Even though Anna door seemed to be the best horse that was running in either division of this race well. No door didn't show up with anything close to his best effort. I I didn't see a post race analysis or anything to suggest There were some excuse for him. I don't know what happened. Because he did not run his race for whatever reason and once you took it out of it we just had basically had a lot of maiden allowance winners it was kind of like a glorified nominators at one allowance race and the two horses coming out of Bayden. Victories finished first and second as modernist Went to the lead from Israel. Post position stayed there for the entire race. Major Fed took a little bit of a random late but Just not a very fast race on the clock. No it wasn't a winner only got a one. Oh five time formulas.

Silver Stage Fed Mr Mom New York Mr Monoploy Israel Bayden Mr Monti Mr Moore Us Anna Asir Division Mr Monmouth Mr Manuel Silver State Fed Mr Mono Mr Mata Moy Brad Cox
#54: Sarah Davidson  Seizing the Yay, Overcoming Self-Doubt & Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude  Your Dream Life Podcast

Your Dream Life with Kristina Karlsson, kikki.K

1:15:05 hr | 5 months ago

#54: Sarah Davidson Seizing the Yay, Overcoming Self-Doubt & Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude Your Dream Life Podcast

"What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail. If you had all the money all the time all the knowledge all the resources that you need it. What would you do with your life. If you simply knew that anything was possible for you. My name is kristina. Carlson founder global swedish to sign and stationed rebrand kiki k. And author of the book. Your dream lifestyles here. And i love exploring these sorts of christians to inspire people to dream before assad kiki k. I had a dream that i could bring swedish assign to the world to create beautiful products that brings spots of joy into the everyday lives of millions. Now that i have achieved that dream. I want to help you dream. I want to create a global movement to inspire one hundred one million dreamers to transform their lives and transform the world in return each episode. I'll be talking to some of the world's most inspiring people exploring the powerful impact. The dreaming has had on their lives. We'll be telling deep into the power of dreaming with real insights and ideas that you can use immediately to build a dream life of your own whatever that means for you Welcome back to another episode this week. I was lucky enough to speak to entrepreneur and co founder of macha maiden sarah davidson also known as spoonful of sarah sarah son who fest business off the suffering from a case of complete adrenal as a young lawyer looking for a caffeine free fix to supplement. Her serious coffee habit she would attend kilos of green tea from japan without realizing. Its sheer volume. She then started up a side hustle to shift. The non kills didn't made and mata- maiden was born we'd no business experience or investment behind them. Sarah and her partner meek built a maiden from scratch followed by plant based cafe macha milk bar in this episode. We talk about self dot via and i know that is a struggle for a lot of us. How journaling is so helpful to get through challenging times as well as great times have to adopt an attitude of gratitude. How sarah wrote in new book in record time and some helpful tips when it comes to healthcare and live a healthy life that is right for you and so much more. It's a long episode and it's so good let's get right into it Hi sarah and welcome to my podcast on very excited to you on. I am so honored a today. Hiya how much of an incredible influence you've been on my journey and i found guilty really hot when i first met you killing you. Every time i eat is just such a pleasure. Thank you so much That's a nice thing. I thank you so much. So before we get into the podcast. I just wanted to share how we met and also the beautiful message that i bought from you this year when we were going through a really tough time with kiki case. I'll start with how we met so i don't know if you remember the sarah but we doing some work with you as infants service at trial ricky k. But i have a list of one hundred one people want to mate. And you're on my list. And the reason why i wanted to meet you was because i was so inspired by the way you started your business and being so health conscious of being such a beautiful soul saw put you on my least of people that wanted to meet amend while hours working on my dream life as it's a it's working pro resin changes every single day and and it's not a perfect dream as he anyway but on fridays ahead that i want to i to my schools because that was chad's for me to be part of a schooling out on still not they perfect parent that are at after school everyday so i wanted to do that on friday and then i always go to. Otherwise i'll send you you cafe and When beat your cafe. I wanna meet these go and i wore joma list of people to make the nicest reached out to us so it was taught to be may having an inspiring friday. And that's how we made it through cafe. I met in person. I remember that. I actually remember the first that we took israel and what we will wearing and everything. I just remember thinking how much kiki k. And everything that you stood for and everything you allow us to dream big dreams at bain powder by last from a university student who hadn't even entered the workforce and who had absolutely no idea where she was meant to go and what direction life is meant to take her in. I remember that may and then the may who was a corporate lawyer in the may who moved into business one of constance was kkk and driving by writing down and everything that i read about you in the way that you had dreamt up kinky and then brought that to live in embraced writing things down to three. Am list in even making lists of people. You wanted to meet on friday with such an inspiration for you. To have reached out in prison was like i'm the stationary god's calling out jamaica with l. And so lucky. I expected you to kind of walk in with his golden or around you and it was. It was so lovely and so down to a and i couldn't believe it was literally anyone who knows me remembers the kkk station. Rahab are you've gotten through many many stages in my life in its with Wonderful circle to get to meet you in person. Thank you thank you the same. I love you to share with us as a child. Did you have a dream or something. You wanted to become more something you wanted to do when you older. Tell us about that if you yes absolutely. I had many many dreams. I've always been a bit of a drama. I i kind of a little bit too much. And i dream is if i have an infinite amount of energy and time and then struggle to squeeze it all in. That might be straying as a child was to be a ballerina. Like many young girls. I think so many of us spend out early days in tutus and dancing around a lot of us to do ballet as young girls but i had to type bridge eve at everything and sorry valet was. I loved it so much i was. I'm going to make this my career. I'm going to become a professional ballerina. Earned took myself. Associated sleigh got really rigorous in my training in the whole fist. Fifteen years of my life was really pursuing that dream of becoming a ballerina. So i've always. I think you know i was adopted from korea have always been very it's led to two things. The first is just an acute sense of appreciation for sliding doors moments and the fact that we do have so much to be grateful but particularly in my life i buffalo one small thing of thank given a chance to live somewhere else. I could have had a dramatically different lives. So i'm always very eager to leave stern on tent. And it gave me just the test for learning experience. Because i feel lucky to be here i always want to do everything and i wanna do it. One hundred and fifty percent to the ability. Sorry i have always tried everything. Sport ballet music ask valley was the one that kind of took most of my childhood and looking back. I really thought it was my life until i threw everything added. I almost gave up my buddies to go full time and it was probably the second big sliding doors Mom set me down and says it's a very volatile korea intensive if you're injured or if anything slightly goes wrong. Such a limited amount of places just finished school. So you have a backup. She's always Cape as many doors even as possible and not make really narrow choices to la without exploring all the opportunities. She managed to convince me to stay at school and finish school. And of course. By the time i finish school. I've forgotten the ballerina dream. Once i discovered bodies boys in having free time i gave myself a break. I kinda did the reverse. I was very adult. Grown up organized person and then i would be wild in the middle when i realized what i'd be missing out on and then realized i really did love intellectual stimulation. And there's a very not academic side. May i thought maybe this is what i want to apply myself to end. Sorry very quickly. What i had thought from my whole life was my one dream. It started to pivot. i started to realize. Actually maybe we have dreams for season and they don't always forever dreams and that's okay so tell us about how you went into law because i find it fascinating a lot of people who are made through the dream laugh part that i have chosen that i meet so many people who stopped in awe and then end up somewhere else which you've have selected. How did you. How did you get into low. And then how did you get well. Maybe not so much about how you got into logos. You can't cover that here but in terms of what made you change and get you onto a journey all right now. What is a very interesting pot of dreaming and dreams is that i was so directed when i thought i wanted to be a ballerina. It was really clear what i was supposed to do. But as soon as i had to drop that part of my identity and it was almost like learning to drain from the beginning. Because i monti shed that skin. I was like well. Who am i. If i'm not going to be a ballerina. What is my life gonna be. And i think if you have someone who does have lots of different interests and passions. It's a wonderful thing but it also makes decision-making very difficult. I'm indecisive with the best of times. So i sort of had the struggle in balancing the really academic side of myself with the performing arts creative side and trying to work out. What jobs would allow both to thrive in somewhere in the middle end at school and even at uni such a narrow understanding of what jobs exist. You really are really discreet. Buckets of korea's there's nothing in between there's no grey areas and maybe they want you know ten years ago fifteen years ago. Maybe it was a little bit more kind of delineated. But i didn't choose little because i wanted to become a lawyer. I think chose it more as a process of elimination. I have your happened to do really well in the subjects choice and got to the time where at the time you think making your forever decision laugh and i thought well i can only choose something. That's going to delay the decision longa and give me more time to open mobile rather than close them. And i think that's why a lot of people do end up in law and then lay is because it's almost for the non decision makers who want to do something worthy and objectively successful and use their brain and apply their talents and loan as much as i can but so young when we graduate units almost three young to choose your forever job so from my experience. I don't think many of my friends did little because they wanted to be loyal is most of us would just like this is a great launch pad. And i'll make of it. What i will without being wedded to that being our career. But then once you get there you get swept up in the prestige and you get you know such a steep learning curve this so much glitz and glam and and this big highs as much as there is really really hard work and i found myself very grateful to have a job at bain through the afc at uni and knew how difficult it was to even get fulltime job let alone a really good one at a coveted international awesome and looking back. I never got to the stage. Like many corporates. Jimmy where i was trying to leave. I was never desperately unhappy. I was never hiding going to work in the morning and thinking. I've made this terrible decision than actually that scares me more that i thought that was happiness. I thought i'd made my forever decision. And i thought what more could i want. I've got financial security of tenure plan. Everyone thinks unsuccessful. What else really matters in question. But now i realize is i was settling for good which is not a bad thing at all but comfort and habit and not knowing any better will stop you from investigating whether you could be great whether there's more than just good and now i think i get goose bumps to think how long i could have lost their without ever realizing that of massive part of my personality. Which is the creative side getting absolutely no time to flourish and it was only this Tell the story. but the ultra. That's absent. I loved into sewing to sing. It's it's actually a meet so many people that have gone a similar pasta year. So i think this is very relevant for melissa's Yeah i think i've realized now that unless you actively unhappy it's very hard to have incentive to make a change because security and comfort habit ease and familiarity is really blinding. It can blind you to considering anything else so even questioning whether something else might be most suited to you and it was only a happy accident. The kind of broke that cycle now. And i didn't realize it. At the time i was on autopilot circuit of being very gratified by climbing ladders getting promotions and being successful landing titles and you know it was very clear what the progress was and i felt good doing that and busy all the time but i ended up going to rwanda of old places with my now husband who has a creative agency bushy create. Even nick had sponsored big project. Funded a school in country rwanda. So go there for a month to sort of say the results that they have been able to allow these children and we got to build some classrooms and it was incredibly transformative experience but two big things happened. The first was expected to go there and being credibly overwhelmed by gratitude for what we have which is of course one thing you experience but the big realization was that i saw happiness that was much purer than the happiness that we have back home and i. It was so confused by that i was like. How can these children be. So joyful with a leif twelve hours whereas back home we create devices and jobs and schedules to be happy and then it actually makes us so anxious about all those things that we can't be happy so it was my first sort of inkling that may be happiness and success. Want the same thing. Maybe that would. Different activities or different kinds of categories of life. And i wasn't making room that happiness because i thought i was successful so i should be happy. And then the second thing was. I got a gut parasite over there just from aiding the straight and doing lots of silly things and had absolutely no connection with my body. At the time. I was eating a broccoli and going to class at five in the morning and thought take done my health and wellness. I'm so good. Like i should be broccoli's the answer that's line aid but i had no concept of rest or downtime or you know i would have no boundaries. I would take on the weekend. Because i thought that was like suits. You know how adds that. I have looked at him weakened. And i lost fifteen kilograms an already. I'm a twelve year old boy in my body. So i didn't have that much weight to lose but the gut parasites just wreaking havoc on my system and i totally ignored all the signs. So i collapsed. Which is again a bit of a very different. Unfortunately common story that leads to an aha moment but a lot of us refused to accept. We have limits until the thrust upon us and i had a complete health breakdown. I couldn't go to work. I was bedridden. i think years of ignoring the signs meant that laugh. Teach think life teaches you. Listen i've over into you linnet and nothing short of a full wiping off the planet who's going to teach me that i had limits and i had to learn to respect them. I was banned from coffee in that process. Because i would get the shakes in the by had a cop. I was drinking like five to six to maybe even ten cups a day at the time so it was a bit of a and it was a couple of months later my fist deal back to hong kong to work on it at the law headquarters and again randomest ten events rwanda to hong kong to australia. But again i. Sometimes you go to base minded as possible to allow fight to find you. And i found macha over there in asia. Macha is not the buzzword that it wasn't the west it was centuries-old old and has been long since out for its health benefits and being a gentleman caffeinated on your body so it was actually discovered by the end buddhist monks who needed prolonged energy over three or four hours rather than like the boost in the crash that you might get from coffee in so my body could tolerate this miracle powder and i got hooked and then came home and i'm sure between sweden israel you've had this experience of something being everywhere in one country surprisingly no as discovered it in the elbe. I came home hire. it was just wasn't anyway but everyone was used to grain powders green smoothies. Will all the rage would drinking things at tasted rable spirulina. Kale match tastes just like green tea. Which people already like. And i just couldn't understand why it hadn't taken off and it was literally only out of my own selfish desire to have a healthy supply of this powder for myself. Hope that nikon is dotted a just to close the gap just to you know. Have a supply chain. We accidentally ordered too many kilograms that arrived in two inch to people and it all came out of a hobby that was literally just for us to sell. Maybe one or two bags to our family and friends. I think if i saw one even just one bag to a stranger. I could put it on my legs in. That was an entrepreneur. And then i'd take the box of go back to my mary life but as soon as i saw what happened when i activated that of my brain that had always actually being the dominance of my brian. If i looked if i really took a long hard look at my past. That suddenly made what i thought was fulfillment in the low end. That works suddenly paled in comparison. And by contrast i saw. Oh my gosh. I've been settling and not even investigating that there might be something else out there and this this work makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning this work. I never want to stop working visas. Everything that i've always loved doing. Its people its branding. Its creation like creativity making puns and playing with words in every part of what it took to bring a product to the market is every part of what i now know is what i was meant to do. And so over the next couple of months what we launched as a total experiment. I literally had zero expectations. And it's funny. I have more self doubt now than i did. Then because then. I didn't even think it was a real thing i just was not. I didn't think anyone even knew it was us so it was who cares if we fail. No one would even know. Yeah that we sold out in wake and then six months later i left my job and then six years later. I got to jump on a podcast with one of my role models. I love this story. Because it really showcase the han. Yes we sometimes have to go through before knowing what we need to do in terms of fulfilling out during whatever that is and i often find people are looking but they don't know where to look and sometimes you have to go through those hard things and sometimes to hide. Things is the purpose of your life and you then are able to help others go through difficult times on them. It's no fun when you go through it. But there is lots of silver linings and look at. Your story is a great one. Where where you really thought you were on the right path and then had a breakdown and then now and now you're loving it and i think getting out of bed in the morning and loving what you do is so important and I feel like your story will be so inspiring for so many listeners. Wanting to start their own business but not sure how. So how do you go from your kind of structured way. Excuse me ignorance when it comes to your app professional. Because i don't know much about law but i'm assuming that you would have had a role and and be really quite clear compared to an entrepreneurial journey which is completely opposite experiences. Kind of you know. You don't know what you don't know. And i we're gonna talk about self doubt because you mentioned that i can relate to that but when you jump into an entrepreneurial journey you don't know what you don't know and sometimes you don't know where to start and i made a lot of people having now been in business for many years. I can so relate to the startup which is the most exciting but also the most unstructured. So how did you deal with that. And how did you go from thinking about doing is to actually then take it too serious business. 'cause i know in the beginning you thought it was just kind of selling a few things but now now it's it is a serious business. Yeah that's a great question. And just quickly before i jump into something else that you said is i think so important and can never be enough that nothing is a waste of time. I would never you know people like you studied for seven years. And then he worked for three years. That's you live like do you ever that and i wouldn't have a reached where i am without having done ten years of something i didn't really want to do to get to where i am now like. Every single thing is a stepping stone. And i could never have started a business. I started if i tried to do it ten years earlier. So if you are a chapter right now that doesn't feel like it's your forever chapter don't lament that because it's teaching you something that's going to be useful for you later on what that is now and neither. Can i just add to that. They're like if you look at your journey when you started selling your t. packs compared to you know starting cafe and then doing other things that you do. You would never have imagined that so. I think if a reva job perhaps redundant now like. I think you involve this when i when i started key he was all about all the nizing and home office and now i'm a podcast will continue. So it's i think it's you evolve as a person and what us when you start. A business doesn't mean that your business will end up looking exactly like higher plaid because things text its own terms and also you evolve the suggestion. Oh my gosh. Absolutely and i think old may and this goes to the answer to your question old may was so rigidly stuck to five or ten year. Plan that i already had precluded anything happening because i was so stuck on the way it was supposed to look and i didn't leave any room for else whereas now i have no plan so that anything can happen. And it's actually. It's very overwhelming and twenty twenty s full so lotta people into uncertainty for the first time but it's also the most exciting because when nothing is certain anything is possible. And i've i think the biggest part of that initial sort of transformation from as you mention one area to the complete opposite last structure. The biggest thing was just unloading will the stuff that was no longer useful seventy very well in one context but hill may back completely in this new context so i think what helped enormously what. I tried to now replicate every time i do something. New is the fact that because we went trying to start an empire. It was easy to make decisions. It was easy to get started. Dreaming biggest is so important but sometimes if you dream too big you get really well and you can even talk yourself out of starting because it just seems to lodge. So i've kind of added a little caveat. it's dream big but plans mole. Yes when i read your book. Everett all the questions that same tom. Because i thought. I'm gonna have you on the podcast and try and before you have. It had the book. But because i'm all about dreaming big but i love that you added that fans more and also the other sideline. Mary's don is better than perfect. A medi- something. I talk about all the towns. I love to more depth about that. Yeah and that's incredibly difficult for me because by vote. I'm a total perfectionist. And my job and all. My training was geared towards spain. Perfect literally moving punctuation around for days to make the final document was eight and on top of that our role in those documents to think of every possible risk. Everything going wrong and avoid those risks are business requires the opposite of you. It does require you to keep up with the times and be flexible and be moderately risk of as an open to the risk of success as well as the risk of failure so i think it helped my mind which was at the time. Still very new to spontaneity and new to having a risk appetite at all. It helped me to think. What do i need to sell one bag. Because if i saw one ten i'll have the infrastructure if i can sell ten i can sell one hundred but if i think about one hundred i'll be too scared so just focus. You can only do one thing at a time anyway. So why think more further ahead than what's the immediate next step back to make something from zero to two business and so we literally anti you'll love this. We just write lists. That's it sought. We artists Everything and that's why done is better than perfect is everywhere for me because i love to over think an all i would do is get carried away in how. How are we gonna ship internationally with quarantine a knicks like. We don't have a business name yet. We're not shipping international. We're not shipping within our harm yet like. Don't even worry about those things not necessary so all we have. We literally had bought the metro ready for ourselves which turned out to be too much. The next logical thing is what do you put them in. A bag had find a bag. Everything was google. We just googled. What kind of packaging is necessary to protect matchala. Keep it fresh. Who sells lowers. How much does it cost long. The tech to buy them. What's the minimum that you can buy. And it was all just googling trial era getting on the phone just figuring out what the options were and then making a decision not agonizing too much about what the pethick one was the next was. Had you seal the bag once. You've got the bag like very basic listing. But i'd never knew what a hate ceelo was before i had no idea bags got sealed by a hate ceiling machine like comex sense but i never thought about that before so we bought a hate sale because google. Good hate cillizza. i found a company of richmond. We went to buy that and then we needed to wait a match to put it in the so we bought scales of ebay. Like everything was literally just figuring out logically. What was needed to sell one single bag and then rushing to land behind unique students printing their exam night so i could print the labels to put the like headed even tell you the best. I can six months of the business. What all just google and then do an mess it up and then fix it and do it again. But so unglamorous unbelievably unglamorous. But on the outside you need very very little to convince other people that you've gotta preparation you just need a larger and instagramat website and then suddenly it's a thing like i think we why so about. How did you start the business. You have now but anyone can literally go from zero to hero in a weekend if you want you. Can this amazing resources. You can build a website online store. Voters enthralled a product now like this does not barriers to entry life. That once were and google will tell you everything so it was literally over the erica. Three two full week period from literally. Beginning the idea. Scribbling the log on soviet to building the website packing the bags. nichols literally. We wouldn't get caught threads of five in the bags in a friend's garage like drug dealers just but just packing it in bags to get it done. Ceiling them putting abels on them. Every launched three or four weeks light up end now looking back on that. It was the best. Listen i could possibly have to realize that. So much of my life had been spent or repairing things. That wasn't needed. It was just a waste of energy in time. like unless you're a heart surgeon of causing a lot of preparation. There are certain things that are very very important to get But there are many many things that aunt and the you know what i thought was perfect and would have. I would have waited years if i was left to my own devices. I would've tweaked the the labels in the lagos in the bags. One hundred times before i launched. But what you realize is what you think is perfect. Isn't what your customers think is perfect anyway. They're going to tell you that feedback as soon as you launch you might as well just launch and then get the feedback then perfect and tweak as you go so i think that then convinced me that every other time. I've gone to stop a new like start. A new project will start the castle or the cafe to just focus on the customer oriented is the first customer cafe. What do you need to open your doors in the podcast. What do i need to record one single episode and thank you for the second person i ever recorded ways and i had only considered literally what i needed to record with like you and one other person. But that's all you need because the same equipment has literally served me. I'm still using it right now. Yeah and i love alaba. We started basing very similar way. I had no idea instead of google because cubans next when my yellow pages in the big. You know the big box of books that you might not remember but I think we thinking at today. The advantage of being alive right now is that you can start a business. A global business really quite quickly by the tools that you just talked about. And it's just amazing. And i think again. It's a different generation. Thinking different ways like look at axa like he just think about a guest he has his own podcast twelve year old son and all of a sudden he's already email tape like he doesn't think he laughs at me. Because i i do my life. Sometimes on monday nights my dream life. Instagram live and and he laughs. He's like because sometimes say. I'll next week i'm going to talk about this. And then he said mom you. Don't you just go live and you just talk. Whatever fears right many laughs at me. What are you gonna talk about it. Wednesday the twenty third. It's just a different way. I'm gonna be more plan. But he just takes action. And i think that is just really valuable lab point in how you started just really you know if you think that if you listen to yourself that and and you know your self sabotage and all that stuff that we're gonna get into that you talk about in your book as well if you wait for that to be over like that's never going to happen because it's by taking action that self doubt disappears or or never appears because the next time you do something you'll appear again and that's his pot of live totally and i think i used to really dismiss when people would say i just started on google started. Diy backyard. like i always thought that was just a romanticize way that they remembered it and that really though it is downplaying how it happened. And of course i mean. Of course it's hard work and it does take some some thought and some skill in a good idea. But i realized why that story is. Sarcoma is because that's literally how you do it. It literally how people begin. I think because. I came from a corporate background where everything's soy procedure driven and needed to be approved by such a strong hierarchy. It was hard to believe that you could get something done without a committee but months. Now i've seen it. I'm addicted to it. I'm like i wanna be a new beginning. Everything and it's a good way of looking at is funny when my partner joined by business he he came from a eh be corporate organization and when he joined he came to me and he said i have a something that needs to be posted. What do i do with it. And i'm like you go to the post office. Like he was used putting a specific thing. Had someone doing it for him. And i said you know it's the same. What do i do with a check and go to. the bank. checks doesn't even exist anymore. But it was just such a way. And i think most of us are trained that way in the academic world and And i was like i was i was worked for the people before us out of my business but i was a waste entrepreneur weeding that in a way to do i saw. I think you for some people who think that they need to have the long education. I think sometimes it actually helps not having that. Because i just got stuck in a learn on the gordon and learn by making mistakes and sometimes six aid progress versus perfection. Yes absolutely absolutely so. Let's talk about self doubt to be more and self sabotage ac- talk about that in the book and willing to your book of course and we will talk about wise attitude by decided to write a book but in your book you talk about the courage to commit to it all and i love that because when you have a big dream and you you think bagan you you wanna create something amazing without doubt that will be self doubt because if you haven't done it before new dreaming big it's not gonna come naturally and you will start doubting can you do but actually having the courage to commit all taking action. Days is such a good by looking at some. Love you to talk about that in your experience. yeah. I think it's Unsurprisingly surprisingly what takes up most of mine. Podcast is the compensation around self-doubt no matter how successful no matter what age no matter what industry it seems to displayed the most commonly experienced human reaction towards something. That's unfamiliar meyer. Relationship has changed to. It's so much. Because i genuinely thought that that level of discomfit as i got further into business as i got more familiar with this new life in this different world i genuinely thought one day it would fade. I thought i would wake up. I would have liked overcome. Sold-out but what i've realized is it's just a mechanism it's just a reflex is just a protective mechanism. That's actually a healthy sign that you're stepping out of your comfort zone. You're not getting complacent. And i now think if i ever jumped on a podcast or did a speak engaged. I wasn't a little bit nervous or a little bit kind of not dwelling on self doubt but a little bit feeling a little bit uncomfortable or having the judas a little bit. I'd be worried that. I was complacent and that i wasn't invested in doing a good job. So i think the real differences a lot of us. Listen to it in ten the volume up and let those thoughts echo and compound and believe that any negative self chatter is true when the aunt where the and that we deserve to be here and they let dictate that decisions to kind of self select out of things and not stott because the self-doubt becomes them. I think what's more important is rather than waiting for it to disappear because you don. I don't think it does is to just say it as something that reminds you that you are stepping out of the confidence good sign but then just push through it like a cab enough to listen to this. I just have to acknowledge it. It's like observing your thoughts as a third party instead of being low salt People say you know what your thoughts understood what that meant until i really experienced imposter syndrome realized you can either be consumed by that. Become the doubts and live your life not taking risks and not doing things that you're fearful logs or you can do them. Despite the self doubt and to say it is like okay good. I know. I'm not settling for familiarity inhabit. I know i'm continually learning on continually being a beginner because the comforts on we'll catch up with you. That's the great thing about it. You take one stiff jumped from low to business. I was padding on the back for a good five years as like i have done it. I never have to take a big jump again. Like i'm so comfortable. But i realized you don't grow if you just make static choices like that you're meant to be nervous in worry about your capacity every couple of years and then that's when you start to agitate the change in benjamin and improvement when he lands are i think i'm. It's not a bad thing to experience imposter syndrome. It's very human. it's a bad thing to let it dictate your choices and there's no shame finding a friend if you can overcome that like vicious cycle of thoughts on your which is quite common when you're new to it. I've got more practice interrupting that tho- persist but at the start. Just call of a person who's going to help you. Dispel doubts fully. Always say the some of the people the five people you spend much time with. I know you quite as well. If you kind of. Break the cycle for yourself lane on someone who's going to build you up in. Who's going to remind you that you wonderful. And you've got an amazing idea and and don't call. The people who you know are a little bit more risk averse. And maybe don't say the vision like you do. Just pick the right people who will incur the thoughts that a useful to you and not the people who are the ones that are that are not so useful. Yeah it's a really good point and the people who are i guess hesitant to creating they dream life. Whatever that is for each individual are the people who are worrying about other people all might not have the network. So i i put my book into edible cause because what i found in my life is when i have self doubt or i'm not sure what to do. I always think who who can help me and having that support system so it so the people who join my course now. When i say that because i do live every monday with them. It's just amazing how they are thriving now in an environment where they actually with minded people and they will cheer each other on the they will share their progress and challenges and help each other supporting roles inspire each other. And it's amazing. How how that whack and the thing in terms of self doubt the way which has been really helpful for me. Is that if you have big dreams and often talk about this. But i think repetition is really good for anyone. Who's listening heard this before. Is that if you have a big dream and you want to do something that you feel really are doubting if you can do it. Because that's if you haven't done it before like this you automatically. Will i guess question. Can i cannot do it and then if you think about it and you're feeling fear and you feel sick thinking about you know. Can i do it if you do. You will have south dot and you feel you have all that kind of stuff that comes. We'd creating your dream life in a big way but in on the other bucket where you stay where you are and you know that there is something better for you or something. That's more exciting. Something more fun in your short time on earth. Then you're going to be uncomfortable and feeling great in that either. So i'm not sure how they feel uncomfortable in the bucket where i'm just going go for it. I'm gonna fail. I'm going to stumble. i'm gonna make some mistakes. And and be part of failure. And all that but i rather do that than stay where i am and just leave a safe and in my view a not a life that i wanted to live off. That's so true. I think is quite around that the idea that the discomfort of change is better than the discomfort of staying the same. Well something like that but yet you're going to be uncomfortable eventually the way you saw ride so you might as well do the thing that actually opens more doors that does push forward rather than sitting in a stagnant position. I think also what we could testify a lot as well and that's good. That's also a protection mechanism to help us appreciate when something does have big risks associated with it or is quite unfamiliar on scary. I'm we if you haven't done it before. Of course you can't what the consequences are going to be. But i think out brain by doing that does kind of make us think that the worst case scenario is far worse than it actually is but once you really allow yourself to indulge in thinking about the worst case scenario i fear of fear is worse than just thinking about everything going wrong and actually confronting what that looks like because much wind. It's fine it's honestly most of the time it's losing a small amount of money and looking a bit silly. And i mean if it's a big insert situation if it's a big app that A million dollars of investment of causes a lot more at stake but for us. It was like if we failed and we didn't sell single bag. What's the west that happened. We lost the two hundred dollars a we spent on bags on ebay like and we look a bit silly because we made an announcement but the net result of that is nothing we would overcome that within five minutes. But i think without actually confronting what that bad scenario looks like we would have been so afraid to even think about that it would have become his huge bad scenario so always think about what the worst case scenario is in real terms. And most of the time. You'd be surprised that it's not that bad. I think you have that in your book. Workshop your worst case scenario when i read that like automatically i thought in my view that staying where you are. It's the worst case scenario because you don't want to live a life where you just seek back because you're only here for a short amount of time so not try new things even if you have you can always go back to where you were where you started but you never will because you you evolve and everything even through your hottest times you evolved to the next version of yourself and it's often through the hottest time that you actually learn the most and go the most absolutely yet never grown a comfort zone. I mean they wonderful and sometimes you need one but you don't become a better person Evolving anyway when you're just repeating the same thing that's come run over. Yeah upset. If i know i love how you talk about journaling through fears. How has helped you in your journey. You actually i think the example in that chapter about yeah. You've always been a very strong encourage Foamy to journal. And i think an i know it sounds superficial to people who haven't done it before but having a beautiful general makes much difference because it's a joy to open and it's a joy to the process and you get excited to kind of Your words your thoughts. Something honestly i would never have started. Generally if kiki guy didn't produce such beautiful pieces of stationary to gentle into. And i'm just saying that because i yeah i don't gentle well if i'm just writing scribbling on kind of behind a book from officeworks even though i love those too but i think what it does is very similar to what i think of therapy doing for us. It is so difficult to get a bird's eye view on yourself because of course we're capable of thinking about our thoughts in that whole idea of meta cognition is what makes us unique space but when you're all inside your own head. It's still very difficult to distinguish between what your actual thoughts are. What your thoughts about. Those thoughts are judging your own self over time. It's just very messy in there. End the most healthy and enlightening thing you can do is take out of your brian. I don't know if you've seen harry potter. But the pin save where he can pull out of his brian. So that aren't take up space. Mix them all around and then put them back in when he's ready and i kind of think of journalism is that when your brain is just a screw like it's too messy and everything's just unclear. Your because of the volume is pushing up against the size of your brain. Gentleman is what allows me to literally Diary on the page to stream of consciousness. Right what comes out which sounds a week. Sometimes you'll sit there for a good minute before anything comes out you'll right the first word then sudden ladles dots coming and that's what allows me to get it out of my brain and then once i've started writing a little bit to sort of sort out how i actually feel about all that stuff and the more regular you do it the less confused in messy brian gifts. Because it's like it's like releasing pressure valve where this page allows our mind to be packed founded than i think it was engineered. Full jailing allows you to as some of that prussia by just it's almost. Like outsourcing outsourcing thinking and it does take time and it does take a commitment. Feels a little bit wade. The first time you do like day diary if you've never done it before that it's such a beautiful private pistol way to get some clarity on. What actually inside joint head. No one has to say it. Some people benham some people. Keep them for some people never read them again whereas i like to go back and read them read them and reflect and it's just like i can't speak more highly of the process for orion tighting in this crazy world and particularly i've suffered from quite anxiety which flays from time to time. Sometimes it's not even there and then sometimes quite crippling. And those are the moments where i find it the most cathodic because sometimes the only thing i can do is just write what i think and it helps pass the time it helps give me inexperienced that sensory it helps me look back. Also look at what i was thinking of those times in. Look back now. When i feel really gordon say how come it's just a beautiful way to reflect on where you are in your life and i think it's the most cathodic wonderful process. Yeah i agree. I think actually one of the christian i get us most from journalists over there by journey so far is how i how. I managed my work life balance in terms of how did i not get dot. When i saw my be snows working a lot etc and they sometimes laugh when outside germany because they just walked and they think that i'm gonna come you know balanced timetable which doesn't exist in my world because believing whitelock balancing many ways. But i do think that. Sarah seasons where you actually have to work lots of those seasons where you actually need to reckless cetera. Depending on where you are in life as well and the key to Everything changes throughout july but journaling from me has been a real severe because s. You just said it's it's really just taking everything out of your head. And i burn at because i often to things sometimes for week. Not wanna re look at that. But i also do Refected way where. I look back. Sorry do two different things. But it's been so helpful. And i think that is one of the reasons why i i managed to kind of stay sane through you know the startup face definitely. Was you know hard. And a lot of hours. And i started most mornings with them. Mijo nolan just everything out of my head and got a lot of thinking of paper also a lot of decisions because sometimes when you when you are a running your own business and you don't have all the answers that comes automatically because it's new actually thinking of paper. A lot of the answers came through that way. Absolutely and i think the other thing that i found is before. I've meditated regularly. And when i i found that incredibly uncomfortable experience. Now it's it's like. I've got a muscle that dislikes is and i do it all the time. Because i'm so used to it but i found that writing was like a moving meditation because it is mutually exclusive with anything else. You can't do anything else at the same time as writing. You can't be multitasking. And on your phone is writing general. You're so consumed in your thoughts that it's like a forced pause because you can't keep going on anything else you have to stop and take a minute and so as well as or instead of if you if you don't find meditation works for you. It's a moving meditation and it would always feel comfortable. That's why it's cathodic. It's not meant to feel pleasurable. The time like sometimes is horrible. Sometimes you just wanna finish in. You feel like doing it. And it's hot and bothered and you hand get so Process it's really helpful. And i found that yet enormously transformative that even in a positive way even sometimes i kicked journals a different type of journal as you said i have two ways. One is just stream-of-consciousness but every single time we travel. I a general even just dot points of what happens in each day and i love. My one of my favorite things to raid is my own generals. Because you remember the time you went to the eiffel tower. You remember all the stuff that you bother to take a photo of but what's in your diary although small random interactions with someone on the street. Some funny little quickly thing. You saw some weed fear that you tasted those are the things that human memory doesn't have the capacity to cape in your brain and it's a joy to go back and remember those times of your life it's own it's a record keeping devices well as it is a therapy kind of process. Yeah absolutely and i. I often talk about nothing from robin sharma. Not quite sure but you know when you do journaling you actually get to leave your experiences twice so for example if you if you go to restaurants anew new and you really enjoy that experience and then if you journal about it when you get back or when you see it on the plane somewhere era and have some time to really reflect on its you can leave a twice which is a beautiful way. Actually talking about that in your book. I think. I cross gratitude adopt an attitude of gratitude. And i love how you said that. So maybe just a short explanation higher. Leave that because you know when we jumped on and we haven't spoken for quite a while you and man of the of keeping contact by instagram but But it has been a challenge. Both of us was like you know grateful for what we have a grateful that we this is a survived through the challenging time. So talk a little bit about how you adopt the attitude of gratitude. My main ways actually part of my journaling practice. It's to write two or three things every day that i'm really grateful for and it sounds again super simple and doesn't sound like it could have the impact that it does but it's impossible to feel the feeling of gratitude and be angry at the same time and i think it's just a really easy beautiful way to never lose sight of the things that you have and that doesn't mean you can strive to have more or different things at the same time but it does stop you from only striving for more and only missing the moment that you're in because you want the next stage. I think it's a really really important thing that we skate over so easily. Because we have so much to feel days with but it only takes like two seconds to write down three things and it can be as simple as the roof of your head that you you wake up with working. Lynn's that you have family that you live in australia. You know it can be big. Small can be temporal. It can be lifelong whatever it is. It's just it gives you such a especially in the morning. I find it sits you up with a really positive end trying to think of what other grateful it. Just send you back on debt. Bet it sits the time for the day really well and makes anything else that happens. You have you bring victim to that event. Yep absolutely and you know. I go for walk every single morning and it's impossible not to feel grateful for nature. It's impossible not to feel grateful to be alive and being able to breathe. And if i go for ron to actually be able to run a lot of things we take for granted but it's so amazing to actually think about it because you really cultivate that attitude for gratitude. So thank you for sharing that. We have very much on the same level for show of when it comes to gratitude. I wanted to cover a couple more things. One is writing your book. So ram love your book and i'm going to link to it in the show notes but i think it's everything that we spoken about today but obviously in deep level but what made you want to write a book because i think we all have a book inside us and having done the digital 'cause when asked a do my monday lives with them. The recent lot of people who wants arrived invokes a lot of youtube. Shell about that experience. Yeah i think. I've always wanted to write a book even back in my legal korea the longer form writing like assignments voluntarily for some reason decided to do a thesis for my hana's and i loved the process of over love languages. I think you already know. I study of languages and linguistics and expression is something that's always. I've enjoyed so much. I love conveying a message using the woods to kind of confided in the strongest way to get people emote about those things and like even when i was writing on a subject matter that i turned out not to want to do for the rest of my life i still as passionate about convincing people. Low making it. The pace of writing do what i wanted to do in the person inci once wrote that basis. I thought i'm either going to go on. And what case low right to read and write long things all the time or i'll go and do it at. I thought i might do illegal. Pitch because i loved writing and then once i got into business long-form riding really stopped in fact. Even emails became like modern celebrity. Like really short-form no punctuation like not a little linguistic because he needed and i lost for a long time. I think stopped reading a lot. Because i was a bit scott from reading so heavily in lower and i couldn't read for pleasure to we long time to get back to fiction and enjoying because i would read nonfiction and that i would get to overwhelmed in my to do list of how i need to sell it of myself and i couldn't rest was just too much. I took a real break from rating which also minute break from writing. But i still knew in the back of my head i love. I love the process of communicating. And safety is a podcast came about because the subject matter was something that i was increasingly. Passionate about in the business wasn't the right platform to share that. I had a breakdown at something failed that you didn't get your order this week because i am like bit myself. I added that stuff was an appropriate to share on the business page. The podcast came about purely as a process of elimination of conversations. Could live. And i always believe in the divine timing of the universe if i tried to do it as a book then i wouldn't have had the right book in me and i'm so grateful that i started with podcast and had a year before i started before the booked. A book deal came into my world at the perfect time. It was after a year of kind of getting my thoughts together through these conversations. Consolidating all the things that i really believe about life and that i believe about pathways in choices sliding doors moments in what really does to your guy and just a week after we got married medic often may a publishing deal and wanted to bay a book that was just the book form off the podcast concept of living your best life in stripping back those ideas a busy and productive. To to focus back on joy and fulfillment they gave me from the end of november. Actually the I think to the eighth of january so very very short amount of time. That's going to have it. 'cause i often say to people they say are how long will take take several. Take your as long as as long as yourself. Like you'd have because i think if you give yourself two years to write a book you discredit out over two years versus if you have that intense of need to make time for it but i think that's a good one because i think a lot of us procrastinate because we think it's going to take a two year project but it's good to hear that you did in short short way. Yeah and i think it's the same as anything in life the same as finding joy. You're right career. It's meant to look different for all of us. You have to write a book the way that you ride and you have to put some time into figuring out how you ride and i. I've never written long form pieces in bits. I can't do half an hour often. They i've always had to do my science in one guy. I did my face as my first drafting. Like i loved my in for five days and just sat and just did nothing but right and i did the exact same thing so if you give me two years i think i still would have taken the same out of days. Edited it for two years that it was faked. It's so funny that. I think the biggest part of writing a book is the thinking not the writing. It's the thinking about what you want to ride on. And i'd had my whole journey plus a year of specifically calling it a philosophy of seizing the a to figure out what my big themes where what might be anecdotes where personally. What other people's anecdotes. Where i wanted to share that. I thought were most impactful like your iron end the flow of chapters in the skeleton and the main things that were you must include topics will very clear before i believe in stoddard so i think it was ready to come out of me if that makes sense and i honestly feel like the whole process was just a big journal. A big journal entry that rather than being dare Whatever december it was dr. This is my life. This is everything. I've thought the combination of everything in my life to this point everything i believe about laughing people in humanity and i kind of got to the end of it and thought if i don't sell a single book i've already achieved everything. I could of ever hyped for in consolidating. Everything i know but also in i will ever have a record of who i was and everything thought about everything at this point in my left Back on and mike. How could you give yourself a better than that. Yeah love that's amazing. And i so agree and the great book and i'm willing to to in the show notes so everyone can get a copy. Pethick mon to read over the holidays for shore. I would love before. We're getting a couple of quick questions. I think you are the queen of self care and health so it would not be good if i didn't ask you how you look after yourself. In terms of healthcare and health. I think of the coin of telling other people about this. Not so much about implementing it myself. I think it'd be hard on yourself because you see your different studios all the time and you're really giving up yourself lots of self care in terms of looking after yourself. Having eating your cafe you will eat really good and you will excise not so and you do i other now. You remember when you ran a half. Marathon is really inspired. Sorry that to you for that was wrong. Know there was aligning with covid. That end up happening the timing. I went through. But i i. I now run on regular basis and a regular once a week at least around ten k. So that's very smart. You release firing and yet i've reached out to you because i know that that for you wasn't matchel. Oh yeah. I was not a runner but same as business. Isn't it funny. That we're so good at ripping the band aid and business that we won't do exactly the same thing and exercise and just see how can guard. I think i'm over the years. It's definitely my weakest point. I think in life is just robbing me. Lots of many outs in lessons. Because i'm continuing not listening to the signs but my biggest revelation has gained that. I've tried all the diets i've tried. All the last styles tried old everything and all the Forty-five pule yoga. I've tried every combination of everything and the thing that works. The best honestly is just to listen to your body. It is clever. It tells you every single thing you need to know about what's going to work best for you and composition is so different that we can ever expect what's person to suit us as well so the many years i've spent experimenting in lots of different forms of aiding all forms of exercise. Now i've given myself a commission. I think to just do what feels right at the time because not only from season to season nia two year even from different parts cycle. We're gonna need different things. Whereas i would rigidly ignore that and think. Oh will even. I feel crappy. 'cause i'm in Probably should do my forty five class. Because i said i would because it's my schedule and that's self care but i think so carries gentle flexible compassion as low as you'll make time to do what helps you feel your best and you're actually bothering to observe what works. What doesn't i think that's the important thing. And i've learned that. I need really strict calende blocking out of resting time all right. What do it. I know that. I need color coating. I know that. I need all of sunday. Minimum to be a total slut. I even coal it slow sundays. Because if i don't name it it's not a thing and i can push it back or ignore it. I need a full day of not having engagements or not having my phone. Really not having any expectation other than literally. Just do whatever comes out whether that's watch netflix. The seventy thousand a row. Whether that's you know get out and about and do something or droll or journal clean or whatever it is just having that one day is Some people don't need that. But that's i think the more i research myself more i figure out what works. And what doesn't i love that. Unless i am so that sunday not a lot of people actually reach out to me to say that. That's one thing that i got out of this. Podcast is that. Don't book anything on sundays. When say dr into some birthdays. Etcetera will of course happened in a certain things. I will say yes to things. Because i want to do it. But it's really good to have a day where you don't have anywhere to go and nowhere to to be and i love that you do that as well i. It's just so good for the brian. And even if you end up doing something it's just nice to know that you don't have anything booked and you can just choose if you feel like it in the moment or not choose if you don't want to execute and that's actually having a day where you don't have to get up for certain for certain time where you know. Yeah i guess we'd kids you also have to get them out of there out of the house for school etcetera always like very time driven process in the morning and i love it having whatever happens. It's really nice. So i would love to finish up with some quick questions. One is what kind of advise. Would you give to someone. Who's living their dream. Life to kind of get started the biggest thing that i think i struggled with even at the early stage in my life that i might a big change was just that i felt it was too late in gone too far answer. I think my biggest piece of advice is it doesn't matter how down a particular royd you've gone. It's never too late to discuss. Erland pick a different one. It really isn't and there are many examples of people who have started the thing. The thing may know them for the forties and fifties and sixties time and age is such a relative thing in. It's such a mindset and nothing that you've done is ever going to be a waste if you learn something from it so even if you've come fifty years down a particular pathway why not decide now that you one don't let ebbing stop you from just changing direction. I am so you with that one seven clay. Have you got a specific morning ritual that you can share with us. Just a quick one. Oh yes i meditate. Every morning i meditate twice a day. Actually but the first one is in the morning. I try not to look at my phone before. I've done my meditation. And then i think you is. What already but. Every almost every single day i take myself to the same local cafe and get exactly the same meal and do my emails are no matter what happens in the day which is always different. I can sit there. Have the same routine get across my emails before anyone kohl's before anything happens and just do that mindset activity of preparing for the day and if i if i have to skip it for whatever reason i'm a bit off it's now i know i can make my avocado at home. I know i can put my exit home. But there's something about that. Retool that just sets me out so well for whatever comes next. Yeah and i love that because it's a bit of a gift to yourself as well because when you go out for breakfast go out for coffee or whatever you do that he's just for you. It's not just about the emails or the breakfast. It's just that you're listening to what works for you. And i love that. Yeah i used to think it was really indulging. Because i was like i can make them breakfast at home. But it's not even it's not like i couldn't invest more intelligently in anything because of what an impact it has on my day. Okay so. I know that you love reading as well too. I know this is hard a hard question but loved genesis favorite book. and why. oh my gosh oh well other than your dream lives not obese. I have so many. I think my life long favorite would have to be harry potter. And i think it's because was. I was just in that bracket of time where i read the children. The iliad books that were much more children's books what was a child and as it became a teenage in a young adult book was when i was becoming a teenage and young adult and i think it was so magical in a time when everything was growing up really fast and not saying the magic things and it was such a beautiful fantasy. Land like it. The way that she writes is just kind of. There are no words to explain what she created the so many of us in our lives where we went getting that kind of fantasy or excitement magic anywhere else and those characters will live on forever. I can read them all over and over again. Yeah and it's funny. Because i've right down the day that i want to do that. We can each using that age. Now where it's perfect. And i want to read t and and then go down that i wanna have. Jk rollings on my podcast. But you know because her story is obviously extraordinary because she was struggling for long term and everything away spoken about can relate to her story in terms of you know it's never too late and and you know struggling and you involve and you change and look at her now is just extraordinary. Yes she has. She rejected by. I think twelve publishes which and look at what it's become. I think yet that if she'd given up on the eleventh time when you would she would have deprived childhoods. Yes definitely a pessimist to be inside. Tim questions one is. Do you have a favorite. Kiki kapor favorites tissue product. I came my favorite cookie k. Product which. I buy it. And i have full. I don't even know how many years now is they personalized calende that you can make with. Its lack white so you can choose. Which side eguren photos. Wes yet A now you're it comes little stickers and it comes with the pins that like pastoral so you can ride on the black side or the whiteside and every year yeah. I get all the photos that my aunt is. They go on these trips every year. And they like second moms to me. And i can't even tell you how long i have printed out the photos of the big momentus times in a lab birthday gatherings and christmas from the before kind of theme them months based around what happens and print them out and make them and write little notes in the margins in gift. Them that product. Oh that's so lovely. I didn't know that yes They have so many in the house from asia and they look back at them like a photo album because you can tear off the calendar pa at the end so it just becomes like a photo flip both yup and that got like fifteen of the wall something in the house of all the years of fighters that we've put together and you know i love photos and memories of in cape sakes. It's also often profs like for one week in december. Where i do the whole thing. Every year i'm madly cut and paste everything literally get glue. Actually those blue dot things that you have an magic dots. The magic dot so i have magic dot it will be over a bid covering everything will be all of my body for like a wake in december area. But it's like a tradition. It's it's funny. You realize you're an adult. I think when you realize you have your own traditions. When you know you're you're old enough to have a tradition and my aunties get so excited. They know it's coming every year but every either like how and it's a lovely lovely ritual to have for you but also for them so it's something for them to look forward to thank you for sharing that that's really nice to the last question is knowing what we know. Now what would you tell yourself acetate job. You know young adult. I love that question. And i honestly think i wouldn't. I almost wouldn't say anything if i could go back in time. I would just watch myself. But i wouldn't want to change anything. I wouldn't wanna change my mind about anything that because everything that has happened. Made me who. I am now ended up leading me to the place. I am now. Which is exactly where i think i meant to be that if i had to size up i think it would be around just trusting the process and not trying to rush to the n. Dole nor the answer before you're supposed to believing that h chapter even the ones that you don't lie in particularly the ones that you joined like oscillating you all towards the right thing if you just believe in yourself and don't let this out self-doubt coming and don't try and be anyone else. I think that's the biggest thing i spent my life and all of us jewish teenagers trying to be other people and do what everyone else is doing and the happiest you ever bay is when you to stop doing that and don't care embrace yourself for the widener that you yeah a love that i am so inspired now and out. Thank you so much for taking the time. It's longer than usual podcast. But i think this is going to be such a great. This is going to be add really quickly and I wanted to have you on. Because i think you embrace everything that i really truly believe in another so much inspiration in the last hour so that we tested about so thank you so much but i also wanted to say. Thank you for the beautiful message when we went through. Va with kiki k. Which is an awful time for me. You sent me a little video from your taxi to the airport. Was such a lovely message because those messages when you go through a really rough time is just so beautiful. thank you all. You're so welcome i. It's so funny. The i don't even remember that i do now but i remember when you said it and i think that's another really lovely reminded that you can make someone else's day so easily so i'm so glad that it that it did help in that really tough time and you remember it off. Of course of course thank you now. I saved it now. I really really appreciate it. I'm super excited to continue our watching all at you do and i know that you will continue inspiring so many people around you and again. I just wanted to say a massive. Thank you for. Being part is podcast. Thank you thank you so much for having me. It was such a pleasure. Isn't sarah just so inspiring. I just loved out checked and ugly spokane for hours. And i hope you loved it as much as i did. Lots of gems to try in your own dream life. If you need some inspiration to create your dream life please join new free workshop. How to make two thousand and twenty one your best year. The first one is on the thirtieth of january just in time for the new year and the other three is in january. So there's a few options. And i hope that you will able to make one of them go to dream. Livestock here dot com forward slash workshop to register. Also if you want to be surrounded by other dreamers joined by private facebook group your dream life podcasts and if you want some weekly inspiration join awake dream life you set up. It's just your thoughts dot com. And you can go from there. I'm linking all these in the show notes. Let's make two thousand and twenty one your best yet if you love this episode. Don't forget to subscribe and please rate it allows me a review. I really really appreciated. And i love reading them. So thank you so much and by doing this. We can even more people as you know. My dream is to inspire one hundred. One million people vital three dreams ago. Chase them have a wonderful week. And i'll see you next week

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