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"montesquieu montes" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Stop tonight Brian Noonan I'm gonna go here too thankfully where did you go just went to the bathroom did someone like you in because we had a visitor who came Montesquieu remember Montesquieu Montes is there yeah do you don't run into in the hall no I didn't see him are you I can't believe you missed abuse wearing a gold lemay trench coat and a fedora and he was very you know like high pointy shoes just look very like a dapper dandy very French very French carrying a bag yet what the ray he always brings baguettes that's why I love them I know that's I you know there's other French food he could bring a steak frites yeah once in awhile though be tasty treats would be good that sounds really you're gonna make me hungry and as we know it's the middle there no wait a minute is usually some sort of pizza pie ordered around this time of the show so tradition there is no if you guys want to or is just if you want to order one you know I'm my car but I am I am actually I've re committed to my my regime my health regime are you reading time doing dry January and since last Monday I'm down nine and a half pounds Hey Greg so thank you so because I had you know I'd lost all that weight and then some of it came back because I like beer and I don't like working out so those that's kind of how things of that so some of the weight has come back and I was like yeah I'm done I have you know certain things that I want aware that I love tight now and say now we got to do that so I'm trying not that trying to beat that out that if the pizza were here I would probably freeze because the middle of night now I haven't you know and it's I need energy but to be fair even if you did like working out just turning beer isn't just just so crazy wonders it's so you know I have a goal for the I have a short go because five weeks from yesterday is the night that my crew roles in Mardi Gras it's Brian's Christmas my old man it's my Christmas Easter Arbor day best deal they all rolled up into one wow I I cannot wait to get to Mardi Gras I can't wait to be back in New Orleans it is a you know yes it is my my happy place and this year I'm gonna be on the float so I don't know how I'll survive no I haven't seen you we spent we spent two weekends ago two days making sleep masks to throw off the float I saw that on Instagram on the Graham on the grass you know I'm big on the great big on the ground yeah not so much a you're not so much you're not on anything anymore we like to tweet at producer Cody I do I tweet a lot and I got to get off their man it's getting it's getting ugly Twitter I can't deal with Twitter I have been on there lately I read it I'm I'm there but I don't really tweet because everyone so all tweets something a harmless suggests this someone knocking his joke and he gets nothing I'm like well what if I slammed you know a political party or something then I'll get sick or make some and some sexist remark but that would give me cancel you know I don't wanna get canceled really what are they get what what people get kids will be from yeah but I let's be honest but I don't want to cancel so I just read Twitter now because I'm not jumping into that water I see people like you're on there and you make you make a comment that's not outrageous it's not a an incendiary take in people either ignored or they go crazy and it's just so yeah Twitter's just a quagmire of heat why do you still devil so much either what do you what are you still on there I'm connected to people it's a.

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