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"montano montana" Discussed on Late Night Parents

"I don't care. Are you never call an active military officer trainer to the country. That is true. While the what do i hear what you're saying but i'm not so i got see what happened with that. I'm i'm not fully up again so everybody met debut. Oh my god they so mad at him mitch mcconnell. I'm mad at him. Because of the stimulus checks situation last year they like to go at him to the dnc life. Yeah i gotta look brian. I gotta dig up man. Y'all gonna keep me up. When i definitely by friday i gotta get story on. You got nine states. Gop led states or cutting the three hundred dollar weekly. Federal unemployment benefits nine states. That are doing so this summer. I was watching this story to a bunch of people getting comfortable staying homes. That are going work. And that was a real good discussion last summer. do you think that's a valid that that that's a ballad is the truth now. Here's the flipside. To young people are making more money staying on. It was a good thing for the people who lost jobs. Didn't come back because a lot of ladies shutdown so some people don't have anywhere to go. Some people can't even make the move so at least they were able to stabilize but has been a year now so looking at year support a year of not worrying about it. Now thomas kitchen up to the money you gotta make a move right now. The move is going to be. I gotta get up and do something take in as of right now. Everybody was pretty much on public assistance for the past year and living. I'm not mad at than the people going through the right situation with health issues. You can't go to work with the kids being home. You gotta take care of somebody just imposing an income. I give them all but now climb is caught up with the money. I think it's situation. We're in more than interesting but is all the money. It has all the money being used. No not we don't answer their real quick note. Has the money being used more than they could probably get it back properly but has been used now. Now i don't even want to tell you how to that. So i'm done say alabama iowa montano montana was kansin tennessee mississippi louisiana so some of these are going off line immediately..

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