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"monmouth clark" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"Well, it's first race as a four year old, at Mama, Park literally drug groom to the Paddock took to the turf course and went onto the the first over a million dollars per John Forbes so and run multiple multiple. Greatest fake races and is in the Mamas. Fame too little He was a lot of flooding of the best. The biggest name I got to be around with John was obviously killed the cat. And in that same partnership, there were a couple of Phillies Amarillo who won the Delaware Handicap I mean just Pay Course, after stay cooler. So was fun fun being involved in the Partnership And Win John Retired. A lot of the partners now are still with me and we have the partnerships going on so. You get to be around some nice pedigree, young. And the plan is if your show they have talent at three and four, we keep them if not then they go to the claiming races or retired depending on their level of ability. But yes, just a a wonderful. Way, to, keep young horses coming in Barton every year so. You know when I was looking back through all of the great stakes winners that came through John's operation, and of course, as I mentioned, you had a big hand in that There was one name I wasn't familiar with the name. So I went back and looked up the horse, but I thought the name cool. The name of the horses peanut butter on it tell me about that horse. Peanut butter on it was a chestnut gambling that we had claimed for a client I think for twenty five thousand and he also went on to win many stakes and yeah he was just a big need gelding and and couldn't have been more fun to be around and yeah, he was very Very precocious at monmouth Clark's they use a lot of fun to. Did it help when you ended up taking over after John Retired and I guess that's the way it went down. Right? You ended up taking over his operation pretty much and then and then moving on from there is that right? Correct Yeah Yeah Okay would you ended up taking over the operation? Does it help you now having been around so many good horses does that help a trainer when they when they finally take over and start doing it on their own? Yeah I think to be around nice horses but also us being the claiming operation. You know knowing what it takes to keep a horse sand and and feeling good. Yes. Like I said, the back I was always around forty or more staples, and at one time John had free springs forces I was in charge of one. Kind. And and back, then it was unheard of to have that many bushes now. Now they're screen as it has probably two or three times as many voices as we had back then but Just to see the numbers. and to be around forty four stable just shows you so much. So yeah. Talking we trainer Pat McBurney here on trainer talk presented by phase tipped of course that big win this past weekend Golden Brown and the Irish War Cry Handicap at Monmouth. That's just one of many big moments. He's been part of in his career and talking about John Forbes who he worked with for a long time You know there there's There's horsemen game and there are trainers in this game and and I've done the show long enough. Now Pat to realize that there's a difference between the two. There are true horsemen and I think when you look at a guy like John Forbes. You look at him as a horseman right you don't look at him a strictly just a trainer. Correct. Yeah. I, mean the way he was raised with the family and everything and and the work ethic of John Tomorrow Staples. was. John Forbes. John's own son John Tomorrow's a fourth I believe and yeah, I mean just the whole family was into horse racing. So And, you mentioned the claiming game and obviously acclaiming operation and keeping horses sound in how do you do that? Take me inside that. That's a whole different approach to training take me inside the claiming game and and your approach in your philosophy to being successful in that arena. I mean there, there are so many tools available nowadays that maybe we didn't have. But one of the main things going back to John Kamara was like marking the program he would have John Forbes and his son John Tomorrow and. His other Mike Tomorrow I mean their job would be to stand at the paddock all day and just mark the legs of every course in and spot potential clean gin you look at the leasing form. And there were a lot more levels back then of course, racing back then. But Big John's Kalafi, was you know it? Can only improve a racehorse if you can train them. If, you claim a sore horse, you can improve them because he can't take the training and I mean back then big John Tomorrow with Klay, Morse's, and they'd go on to win stake races. and. Yeah the whole philosophy of you know if. We had a bad mark on a horse within like California move. You know win lose or draw. There were no qualms about it. You just would move onto the next one because. He'd also say you know. If don't spend the money, you can't lose the money he said when you. said. If you're going to claim horse, you claim it that's your money you're spending so i. Prefer not to claim the horse that I hadn't seen, but we also have horses come in from all over the racetrack. So literally, when forces in a claiming race.

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