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Playful dolphin leads mayor to close beaches

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Playful dolphin leads mayor to close beaches

"News well some frisky French dolphins have caused some beaches. And France to close more from ABC news In this country we have stories every. Other week or sell about shark. Attacks beaches, closed, because of, shark sightings, and fear. Of, being bitten on the north west coast of France they're closing a beach because of dolphins We'll make that dolphin one particular. Dolphin who is writing which means he wants. To mate with people apparently for weeks now the dolphin nicknames afar has been. Entertaining kids and swimming alongside beachgoers in kayakers but now he's getting just. A little too, frisky he's been seen jumping over kayakers last want the woman had to be rescued after he wouldn't let her return to shore and last week he tossed another. Woman into the air with his nose Zafar could cause somebody to get hurt especially with his tail fin Now, with, the, beaches, close he'll have to. Swim

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