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"monica pettman" Discussed on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

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"monica pettman" Discussed on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

"Welcome to experts on expert. I'm Dax Shepard. Who are you young person? Monica Padma n- oh going by the same name. Same name. Monica Pettman thought maybe nineteen you might try out a new moniker moniker. Wait, if you already thought of that course. Oh, no two people say that to you on the playground. Shove you in the back. These intelligent be worth getting burned. Yeah. Well, we have an intelligent guest on today. Scott Harrison with a son at the end. Yeah. Sometimes I just want to say, Scott, Harris. I don't even know why. But it's got Harrison in created an incredibly, effective charity. Called charity water. Yes. That my wife has been involved with for years in. I have been very skeptical of because I have all the skepticism for white people who go into Africa to change things. I've learned about a lot of those ways. L intention things gone awry in anthropology, and so I was not willing to give Scott Harrison fair shake. So he came into the attic. And he got me. He did he gets me. Yeah. Yeah. He got me. I've been got. Well, you'll see just how much I got got. Yeah. Because that fucking checkbook came out what a story incredible story family story grown up riveted was on the edge of my lazy. Boy, Monica get to hear it while Monica manic moniker, Padma n-. Oh, let me just also threw out there. We do have some tickets left in San Antonio. If you go onto my Instagram page in follow the link in my bio, I think it'll take you to some ticket sales. And we have a few left come see us. Some see is we're going to fucking rage down in San Antonio data. Listen, I'm not writing a check my ass can't cash because we're bringing a very funny guest. It's going to be a party. So if you're anywhere.

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