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158. Wooper Watch

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158. Wooper Watch

"What's going on pokemon manco trainers welcome to episode one hundred and fifty eight of lourdes. Up the podcast for we take pokemon go way more seriously than we do. Ourselves lured up as part of the puck. Amman professor network and today is wednesday december. Ninth two thousand twenty. I'm your host. Ken pescatore joined by my co host. Adam tuttle adam. What's up. Hello hello hello. Laurie hawaii you. It's christmas time. It's it's we're in the month of december. Are you like italian owner. So i was thinking about. I'm so hungry i turned. I turn italian when i'm hungry. Get i got an amazon to tease. I'm on so real well. Yeah long story short. i'm hungry. I'm doing good good. Let's have fun show dude. We got this is. This is an interesting week because we've already had a slew of announcements come out via the blog and twitter and all that good stuff and then we have some embargo news that we're gonna be covering tonight that will You know obviously release before this podcast comes out so we haven't had a chance to get the community reaction to it yet so it'll be exciting for us. Come friday when this podcast comes out and all. The good news is out out there in the open. There's there's a lot man. I it's you know we've been talking about this for a year. Straight how the pacing of the game has just continued to increase in kind of plateaued for a while and it started picking up again in. It's like how can they keep this up and it's like they release seasons. We think that it's going to slow down a little bit but it's been the opposite. It's been absolutely insane. Things have just been. I don't know man. It's just nonstop to the point. There's always something to do. Yeah but now we're starting to get into on compounding events and overlapping events and like we'll get to it but like you know nancy. I put a blog post out about an event but then within that single blog post there's three separate events that are all tied into the single event which are all tied back to the season. It's like whoa. there's a lot to to kind of keep track of and you know without filling out your counter keeping like a little scrapbook with you. It's really gonna be tough to figure out what the hell is going on. So make sure everyone takes a good look at the debut over the next couple of days. Because there's there's just so much so much shit going up on today's show we're going to recap the previous week. Which includes the calo celebration swine app. Spotlight our We'll talk about our progress with the level cap increase. We have to shiny mythical pokemon coming to the game very very exciting. They both come wrapped in their in their own. Cool events one of which is like this massive motherlode of an event. So that won't be really fun to talk about We have a raid battle reward an egg management tests that has been announced this. This is very promising. And i think that this is really the result of community feedback. So that's really cool. We have more glaring. Poke him on on their way to pokemon go and will close the show preparing you for the community day weekend this weekend. Which is saturday and sunday of. Just a smorgasbord of two thousand th two thousand and twenty cuny pokemon but adam as per usual. Why don't you get started with our weekly recap and There's a lot there's a lot to go through. So let's let's get to all right and then after we'll we'll hang out and talk about the callous celebration because you know it's a thing but this kept every type of trainer busy with plenty to do across many of the game systems. We had some time with a new level cap in the community has had some time to share their feedback in. It's crazy seeing so many people be like. I'm already loving forty four and i'm like hey i'm still going for forty one. We have a segment of trainers that. Don't care at all about the level cap. Increase me even some that. were already level forty. There have been concerns from longtime. That aren't yet level. Forty thinking that reaching fifty is just an impossible task on the other side of the spectrum. We have the legacy forty trainers that have been attacking the low fifty or you know racing each other to try to get there as fast as possible like crazy. Animals are pokemon. I guess i don't know as the journey has reignited their love for the grind which is awesome again seeing so many trainers be like i hit level forty one a hitler forty two like just going back and forth is so phenomenal but some of these people are fucking insane. Like terry wolf is fucking insane. Even unbreakable unbreakable was like when they announced level cap. A unbreakable are absolutely amazing. Discord admin and tournament organizers. And she's like yeah. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna go to hard and then like the next day. She's like up. Here i am. She's like all this shit she's like grinding it out. I was like you fell for it. They got you. They got their hooks in you. God is in is really is really cool to see though is it's really cool to see how engaged trainers are with this. Oh it's been fun. All right yeah in the back. Half of the show. we're going to revisit. The level cap increase discuss some of the changes that were made to the xp and start a system as well. But as far as i'm taking it. I'm just going super slow. It does not. That's fine. I know and i think that trainers just i feel like the game will last longer. I feel like i don't like yes. I have a goal and like now at now. I have like a solid one. But it's like do a budget rates. I don't necessarily get to do a raid every day. I mean yeah. I could make time But like i'm i'm doing at home. Learning with my sons are. It's like i don't necessarily leave the house. Like i might take a walk to the mailbox and hit the stop to keep streaks up but i don't necessarily have a reason to be leaving. Well i think this is the great divide where the the race to fifty has really drawn a line in the sand between free to play players even casual spenders and then the whales the people that are just throw fucking money at the game and there's nothing wrong with that if you know do you. I'm not gonna shame anyone for for spending money but to get to where a lot of these trainers have already requires a lot of money out of pocket especially when you get to some of the higher levels when you had to. Do you know all those rocket battles. It's like we're just on our patrons zoom call and jamal dude. I was cracking up. He goes the beginning of the call. He's like yeah. I'm going to be patient. I wait till midnight to get my next balloon. You know and then six am. I'll get another balloon. It'll be fine like twenty minutes into the call he's like i can't take it anymore. Buying radars is so funny. It's like it's it really really. Does you know the race. You get you having a major advantage if you're if you're spending a lot but for some that's just not in the cards financially and for some that's not in the cards mechanically. They just don't want to because they don't want to rush through and that's kind of where i'm at with things. Sure i can throw a lot of money at this and do this quick but i. I don't really care to do it quick. I want to have some kind of long play here where i could just slowly chip away at this because i just don't want it to be over and it's like i don't know i think that edo takes people years to get to level forty and then it's like now they're just so going so fucking crazy for level fifty. I mean i think you know. I think people have reached forty eight and then forty eight is the one where it's gonna take so long because it takes eight weeks to you have to walk twenty five kilometers or more for eight weeks so everyone is going to hit a wall at that point but to get to that point already. It's fucking insane. The level cap increased has been out. What's not even two weeks so it. It's definitely been really cool. I'm i'm taking it. Pretty slow You know It is what it is. But i i'm having so much fun with it. And my favorite part of the whole thing is just seeing everyone so reengaged with grinding and reengage with going out there and catching pokemon and doing raids and people that never really into rocket battles. You could say that. They're forced to do them but it's like now. They have a motivation. They have a goal so it's just been really cool to see everyone. That's that's been so hyper focused and back on the grind. I love it. Yeah it's it's a breath of fresh air. does he. so much excitement around the game right now. Speaking of excitement will we have the callous celebration up next which wrapped up yesterday. It was met with mixed feelings as the spread of while pokemon was a little unbalanced With leo literally leave being like a community day. Pokemon while rookie was as hard to find as a dino yet the frozen essentially he was so rare Same thing with like no one i am. I bet one of both spawned at my house. So i got them to. Bat is a legit house spawn. That's legit yes. Oh no for my like century and for my My daily like pokemon that spawned recently got an idea. no i'm olga like. Why are these like fantastic. Spawns happening well. Just just like a side note there we also had esper- in raids which was a fantastic idea. Vinai antique as so many trainers for remote reading. The best part about this for niantic was people would rarely rarely remote raid one star rates. You know i. it's maybe clink. Maybe a timber. You know what i mean. Shot of the shiny. Something like that but esper- even though it was ten ks like clink and timber. It was just like everyone is doing aspirants. So their turnover. Quick but i know and it's like people are spending so much money on remote raised for one stars like niantic. They got their hooks. They got their hooks free one. Use that and then it was like i'm out of rape passes and i'm like okay. I'll buy three more. But it was a good idea by nancy. Yes definitely But now that that event has wrapped up we are back at having the raw seasonal pokemon spun which is taking some time to adjust to while the encounter pool has been reduced. It is countered with the increase of fall. Pokemon in the wild. It's nice seeing be drill and there's a potential it for it to be shiny silent like that. I've seen you know lots of of of pokemon which is really cool and kinda like off the wall. Shit i'm seeing stuff like knock towel. I'm seeing grow vile i saw grat all the other day like just stuff that you typically don't see league bond on that it's kind of asteroids. That's what i mean like. You see this stuff and you're like oh that's so cool so that's one of the cool things like when when with sword and shield or even. Let's go you know you play. Let's go and you'd see like an evolved. Poke him on on the screen. You know that's just gives you that excitement. So i'm okay with the the limited encounter pool to to the seasons because you get a little bit more exciting spawns with these evolution so i hope and more stars don't forget that were yet and candy and stardust. Yeah we're going to have to see how the cavs pokemon get peppered into the mix when they don't have an event boosting them our final bits of gameplay to recap where swine ab- spotlight our with times to catch stardust as well as two of the In raids for rate our do either. I swine up from home while doing other home stuff so i probably only caught about fifty or sixty swamp. Something like that but cure them. I think i'm officially done. I think i'm done and this is. This is the thing that we should consider. Potentially the fusion's cure them. What if they rely on candy and the reason they gave us cure them for a month with so we could get the candy required for the fusion's and then everyone's burnt out on here him so no one's rating it anymore and it's like we should be reading it because we need the it's it's it's such a juggling match but like yeah i i'm not i'm not like i. I still get invites on like a fucking kiro again. It's like i don't know i. It surprised getting running back so soon and then not with the shiny. So it's like that's why it makes me think that niantic has like a trick. Up their sleeve with fusions or something but then everybody's getting mad at night is going to be like well. You had a fucking month to do it. We gave you a month. Don't get mad at us but Swine up no shyness. But that that double start us was Was was pretty solid but you know the first day december first the first day of the season the celebration and then today being the day after the celebration ended. We're seeing these raw seasonal spawns. The vanilla version of the season. The celebration i've seen a couple chessmen and one in but it really is a good balance. I think of callous pok mon with all the other polka monitor spawning How has it been for you today. Are you seeing callous pokemon. Yep yeah a bogey leo leo chessmen nfl makin multiple chessmen. So i've only seen three total rocchi and one of them has run on me. But that's what i shoulda shoulda ultra ball golden raspberry your one hand fast catching That's why you didn't put the fucking hundred plus rare candian rookie of micronesia. So it is very impatient. I was like fuck this. i have it evolved. Three there was a great mean. Going around of the the milk carton with fro- key of a size thing missing. Have you seen me make sure but But still annoyed batman. I not even on the nearby. And it's like you know. I don't i don't do the thing like in discord like the maps anything like that. So it's like. I was talking to someone the other day they're like. Yeah it was posted. There was one spot right by. Your house was posted in the discord. Like broad on fucking look at that shit so but It's w- i i like that. They gave us. What was it. Sixteen seventeen total pokemon including cleft key. Something like that but it will be interesting to see how the rest trickle out like. Are they going to give us batches of five or are they going to give us a big chunk like will all of callous be released in one sees like. I don't know how they're going to balance it out. But it'll it'll be interesting to see because they're going to have to balance that not with a callous event because we have the countless celebration. The cows pokemon. We're everywhere for this group of sixteen. But when the new one starts to roll out there's not gonna be another hallowed event to reinforce those spawns so those pokemon will have to be in the mix with generations one through five plus the existing callous poke among so we'll have to see if there's like an event that maybe boost just that new batch of of callous pokemon but i i like the trickle. It of course was gen that that gave us everything at once. It was like the you know the mother of new pokemon on you know. But i i definitely don't mind the the trickle rollout. I could be patient with it. So i i mean i totally dig it. Let me let me hold off on catching a new pokemon. Okay with that all right well. Let's let's move onto like the the hottest news of the week and this was a in big one. This is probably one of the largest single event news drops that pokemon goes ever done now couple of weeks ago when they announced the go beyond update that was like big update ever but it was like these four individual events all tied into this one announcement. This is one event. It's called the pokemon. Go tour canto which leads me to believe that. The do this for every Every region to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of pokemon and the fifth anniversary of polka mongo. Niantic is taking a trip back to the region where it all started cancer at i mention cancer may not be worth getting excited about because we've seen so much focus put onto canseco over the past couple of years now. Luckily the pokemon go tour. Canto has a lot more to offer besides just like the core basic wheedle piggy caterpillar spawns. It'd be now of that. You're gonna do. I do i. I i know especially because evolutions are worth more. We'll get to that but let's start how with how. The event will actually work so single day event february twentieth. Like this is two months ahead. So they're giving you plenty of time in said. Why are they giving us so much. Fucking time one. It's aligning with the anniversary. So that's it you know poke. Mondays is the twenty seven fight. Believe so that makes sense and the nineteenth. There's a new tc g. set. That comes out as well. So i'm sure it has a long that a lot of shit going on there but i really think they're giving us this much heads up because they want people to play on this day they wanna give people as much of a heads up as possible to make the arrangement arrangements necessary to be free on that day because it's a single day event february twentieth from nine. Am to nine pm local time. This is going to be ticketed event but for the first time there's going to be two different ticket versions available. Red and green. Obviously a throwback to the original games red and green in japan each ticket will have different pokemon available in it as well as increased shiny odds for other pokemon very exciting. This is a very very cool nod to like the original main series games and will absolutely promote trading and cooperative. Play which is as a fun. Twist on how to do this event now adam. I know you already know which ticket you're getting. But why don't you run through the pokemon that are available in each. I guess we can. Just call it the ticket versions. Well we could say the red version. you're going to get exclusive pokemon such as atkins Minke grab growl with site electable. Intellectuals will be attracted to incense you'll have an increased chance of encountering these shiny. Pok mon bobo searcher mander golden ticket. You know Skurdal pitchy atkins peak a knitter in female Banke grou- with ponytail shelter. Drowsy crabby hitmen. Lee -lica- tongue cypher to buzz. Ev caputo andrew teeny notice. That hit on. Lee is like the the star here for each version. So you've got red version with hit lee and going into the greek version exclusive pokemon sancho. Volpe's meow bell sprout magwar and pincer will be attracted to incense and you'll have an increased chance of encountering these shiny pokemon Skurdal piggy peekaboo sand true that are male full picks be outside bell sprout jude execute Chan coughing tangle horsely horsey magma pincer on night entertaining. It's all fucking mouthful all right. Well what we're doing greed and here's here's why here's why get the hint. Much hitmen li like cool just lineup to have somebody trade with. You may be one of your lucky friends just to get a good one. Right off the gecko just right there. green version because evey. There's so many different evolutions that are needed. And you still have sylviane coming up. So i mean i don't know when but they sylviane eventually but you can evolve at so many different chinese so it's definitely worth it Bells bro is relatively new. So and we just had site their intellect to buzz buzz we had elected as a magma communities. Like those aren't too exciting. I'm still missing missing me out so of fuck employees on this list that i need shiny wise but this is the let me get to the the the real hot sauce here because that was holding us. No no not at all at the these. These were the increased chance of encountering shiny pokemon however. We'll get to in a second. There's there's much more shiny spice happening with this event. Now tickets are currently available in the shop now There is a benefit to purchasing them. Early purchasing a ticket by january thirteenth will get you bonus tickets to the january and february community day special research stories so if you buy the thirteenth of january you get their dollar event each save save essentially right if you purchase by february third. You'll get special research ticket for the february community day and they do give us the dates for these communities January community day will be saturday. January sixteenth february community day will be sunday february seventh so we have those dates but now let's get into the details of the event. The biggest news is that all a l l all canto pokemon will be available as shiny starting at this event. This is huge news but there are a couple things to note in the announcement they say the first one hundred and fifty poke among will be shiny can be shiny some for the first time so obviously mu is one fifty one. So what the fuck is this means from you mmu will be shiny however it's gonna be obtainable by those who have ticket and those that complete the event special research which will ultimately unlock a subsequent special research which is being promoted as long and challenging. That will lead to guaranteed encounter with shiny new. So you have the chance. Starting on february twentieth the day the event to get numbers one through one fifty shiny and after the event they will remain shiny so all of cancer will be shiny after this event but the mmu will come after the fact and who knows how difficult or long this subsequent special research would be looking at some of the like the level requirements. I don't think it's that crazy concept to think that i would do something real crazy and real stupid with the requirements for the special research. We'll have to see what would make sense. You know work work for it to get it. Sure that it's literally comes a flex it'll be a serious fucking flex but this has led to some community questions. We don't have the answers for yet. I'd imagine more info is going to becoming prior to this because it's so far ahead but this is what the community has really been asking will shiny evolved forms being. The wild meaning will shiny ivy. Sor being the wild. You know what. I mean like we've seen venus or shiny and raids. We've seen bulbs or shiny in the wild will something like ivy sore be shiny the while we don't know if those shiny versions count towards evolved pokemon as well so that's a good question next. How will ditto being countered and handled. Will this be like where we come across a a shiny zoo bat and then it turns into a shiny. You know what. I mean so like that. Those questions are still up in the air. How i hope it just like a normal pokemon catch it. Like goes into ditto but it like it just is shining ditto shiny. Did up that way here. It forces you to catch everything good questions. How did we handle. That's a big one and also will we see the regionals move around. They say all hundred fifty will be shiny. Are we gonna see like far fetched you know. Come over we can see canvas con I don't know we'll so those questions are still up in the air. Hopefully we'll get some more information as we get closer to the event now there will also be a non ticketed version of the event which will have some features available to all trainers obviously. We don't buy. The ticket now cancelled pokemon. We'll be appearing more often in the wild and and rage. That's a given the legendary birds with legacy moves will be available as well as size strike mu to in five star rates so legendary birds and youtube in rates that's awesome exclusive timed research and get this trade range increased to forty kilometers. Really fun Love that shit. This is eleven ninety nine. Us you know. So there's your equivalent some countries. The prices fucking bananas because of apple's regulations like i think it's something like i forget where where someone was complaining online. There were the the price was close to like a aaa title on xbox series x for the fucking thing just because of the way apple handles transactions. It doesn't have anything to do with. Diana is just apple is you know is what it is but i absolutely think that they the seven ninety nine to eleven ninety nine price tag for something like this is is realistic is is you know and not insulting to gamers. I think that for a free to play game doing all this shit. You're getting special research time research. You're going to get all this stuff back you know Lucky eggs star pieces. All the shit you gonna get these items that have bought alone would cost more than the eleven ninety nine plus your you know if you buy early. You're getting tickets to the community days special research. I did the math on it. It's something like you saved fucking eighteen cents a day till the event and you can fuck an afford it so it's like it. It is what it is. But i just think that this big an event where it's this comprehensive and they're going all out with all the chinese it's like if they do one of these e like every six months for all generations. I mean for all the regions. This could be like another big replacement for something like a safari zone or go fast like is. That's how big. I think this event is going to be and people are really fucking excited about this like this is this is a big deal and in mind you you have the whole split ticket version thing which is going to get people trading and get people playing you know with with friends like i just. I love everything about this fucking events. Start to finish. I love everything about this. I'm probably gonna go with red version. I you know it's it's got audited. I like audit. Chicago's version without his favorite pokemon. Go dude look man. I've got my shiny jude's fuck in trade for them. I want odd. Sh hit him on shan. Those are the new pokemon. So it's like you know. Increase chances for the chinese. But everything in canto is gonna be fucking shiny Have also asked about like thai rogue and munch lacks shiny. Because of their evolved swarms are in canto. No announcement has been made on anything like that. I highly doubt that much laxer tyrod will be signed. So it'll be one of those situations where you'll have to wait to get the complete shiny line you know. Obviously you can evolve up with a shiny but not down but what do you think of this event overall. I mean this is. This is a pretty big deal right. I absolutely love the versions aspect of it. I love the fact that it's the same day playing in you essentially have to find somebody that has the other version so you can trade with them like you. Don't think that makes foam. Ah no no. I actually think it increases the core values of the game. You have to communicate with somebody and like this is a perfect opportunity to get together with somebody. That's you're lucky friend and just keep going you know. Yeah i don't think it's it was uncoordinated that they're increasing the trade range during this event because that makes total sense you know someone on the other side of town who bought the other version you can do your trades. They socially distant and you know and communicate through discord through your facebook groups. Anything like that just you know. Find somebody. I'm sure somebody will be like art. Caught three hit montanes. Who has a hip mainly. I absolutely adore this style event. I do think that the versions are kind of cool. It's a really cool nod to the original games. I mean still to this day sword shield. I mean there's there's polka monitor in one and not the other. So that's just a staple of how pokemon has done this from the beginning. So i absolutely dig it and i just think that this can be a huge format for events going forward forward. I think that they can do this once every six months and just update the region. You know it's like we have jodo in six months you know what i mean or something like that. Like i don't know. I i really. I really think this is. This is going to be a solid event for niantic and they're gonna fucking crush it would sales but we'll have to see i you know i'm sure we'll get more details on on the little stuff as we get closer to the event but i'm very very very fucking excited so shiny new at the top of the show. I mentioned that we have to shiny mythical pokemon coming to the game. I with procam on tour. Pokemon go to her. Cancer is shiny mu. But adam you have the floor. Let let us know about the next shiny mythical pokemon coming to the game. The secrets of the jungle the next pokemon movie secrets of the jungle has been announced with japanese release date of december twenty fifth to celebrate pokemon. Go will be bringing a special research and an event inspired by the movie awesome. Because i feel like they had ashen. Go go to the cat like the callous region where meg evolution was in. It also was around like that. Just got released in pokemon juries in like weird ago. We just got all that stuff. So it's weird. I just know. I think it's yeah it's all coordinated cool literally it was. I listened to the next to watch. Because i have some stuff to say. Well didn't didn't you even say that that the next g set that's coming out around. February will have shiny shiny ditto. Yes yep shining to deform. Come out on the nineteenth in chinese star v and it'll come out in the game on the twentieth Sanity it's so cool at suckle starting on monday december fourteenth at eight pm local time a limited time special research story inspired by the movie which results in guaranteed encounter with shiny selby. Yes i think good. It's so good as something interesting about this. Special research is that it will be jesse james that guide us through it because of this the balloon will be back and team go. Rocket will have different shadow. Pokemon and there will be avatar items inspired by jesse end james's outfits from the movie in the shop. Holla holla Both a special research Blues are limited but we do not have any info on when they will be going away so just do it. Just get get on it. Starting the fourteenth exactly other few other features of this event with the first being the release of the explorer piquiachu which will be coming to the wild and in raids from december fourteen. Th through the twenty first. I can also catch explorer peak. Chew during the december fifteenth spotlight. Our so be sure to be sure to look at. It does look good. i can't. it's not a hat. i mean it's technically. It's not going to get mad at this one. I'm gonna. I'm gonna let this slide good. I'm not going to get mad next up. We're going to have a small event featuring pokemon connected to the movie For monday december fourteenth at eight pm to thursday december seventeenth local time. Who nestle leaf drill bor katuni dwindle and more will be appearing in the wild while ecotank milwaukee flag on it in others will be reads. Five-kilometer eggs will feature igloo. Buff smooch Kid maggie bonds lie and roughly making this a pretty comprehensive event Lastly look out for an increase. Jesse james South balloon on december twenty fifth from eight pm to ten pm local time. Holy confusing dates batman. Wh so this by them saying like okay. Here's one blog post for an event but within that there's three separate dates you have to be aware of so they tell us that starting on the fourteenth you know you have explorer piquiachu starting on the fourteenth you have the limited special research you have jesse james have team. Go rocket balloons. They're coming but we don't know when they're going away but then it says on the twenty fifth that we have increased of you know me off balloons so we can assume that meow the blew me off. Balloons will at least be here from the fourteen to the twenty fifth. But who knows so all all these compounding dates. It's very confusing now. Here's another interesting thing to note regarding the movie so the pocket monsters movie three. There was another movie that came out in japan in july. That's the one with his rude. Like the new. The new legend ruud czar route but typically the pokemon movies and japan will come out in july and then like fathom. Entertainment will bring it to the states in like november obviously because of covid last november. This movie never came to the states so now we have another movie coming out in japan. We have shit going on in game. Will this movie come to the us before the rude move here. You know what i mean like. It's so weird that like we totally skipped over that zorin movie and we're already talking about the next movie right but we'll have to see but there is. I mean it is pretty cool. That jesse james are going to be doing the the special research you know what i mean. Like their the code. They found like the little. You know the icon to replace professor willow like when professor will it wants to talk to you you have that little icon in the where your today view. Is you know what i mean. The little button. It's james so it's it's cool that they're all man. Can you imagine if they did video. That would be so fuck least pleased. That would be the world from something they would have to do. Have to get the right actors. The real actors that would have been so cool but now more fucking events so we wrapped up. Called- celebration we. We've got canto thing that the kano tour doesn't start so february so that's a that's still down the road but now we're going to start to fill out our december calendar and the secrets of the jungle. Event is really going to be one of the first things that we see. Come come come back to december but we have a lot more to talk about here adam. Why don't wait. There's more but we there's more. Why don't we take a take a break and let that. Let that marinate a little bit. And then we come back we'll talk about shit miscellaneous needs including their events and then we have actually two more events talk about plus december community day. So yeah there's a lot of shit going on so why don't we take a quick break. We'll come back and wrap up all right. Sounds like a plan i. We'll be back right after this and and we're back trying to make it like christmas. It was like i thought it was. It was working. And it's like no it's it's cringe a little housekeeping and get through before the ass of the show as per usual. This podcast is powered by patriarch. Please check ours out over at patriots dot com slash pokemon professor where he can support the show for as little as one dollar a month. That one dollar will get you access to our patient -clusive discord which is a fantastic place filled with fantastic people. And i want to give a huge shoutout to our show supporter to your patrons as trainers alex. Angie bryan brittany chad. Carol chris other chris. Garrett g stacks eighty-seven grill seventy eight harry bearcroft boss. James j. michael. Jones switched lynch bought malachi. Mike m. pits cooking by purple pancakes. Sam 's meat while the joker noise would was wolf and upping their patronage. This week lady. Gobbly meet and new for this week. Ken and ken is. I want to special shout out to him. Because he's a red bank player and he joined our patrons zoom call today which was great candidate to see you and he is a wealth of pokemon information. So he's gonna make a great addition to the community. Glad to have also shout out to ryan for joining at the discords here this week and a huge shoutout to our jim leaders dig dug. Rob jamal magic. Talon tisch t and comics is an upping their patronage. This week jd. Mo-jo thank you joe for your support Also tons of love to our executive producer. Paul batman paul's been supporting us for well over a year. Now pao is the man and it's awesome it really is. It really is great but if patriot isn't your thing there's still a couple of ways you can help us out. If you're listening on youtube you can subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications. If you're listening to a podcast service like apple podcasts. You can take a moment to leave us a review and finally our merch store is up and recently updated. Poco professor dot com slash merch. All right lot of miscellaneous news to cover here and there's actually a full blown event insider miscellaneous new section here and this event is happening tomorrow. So we're recording this on a wednesday the podcast releases on friday. This event is on thursday. Tomorrow that's between recording and releasing. So i'll stuff it in here. Tomorrow is also the game awards so the game. Awards are like the academy awards for games. Big awards show Jeff keely puts it on every year. It's a huge fucking production. It's grown year after year after year. Absolutely amazing there's always celebrities and big announcements. It's just an amazing event so to celebrate pokemon go has Partnered with the game awards. And they're hoping that you play some poker mongo while you're watching the show. There is a small event tied to the awards which runs tomorrow the tenth At four pm to friday the eleventh at four pm so twenty. Four hours starting tomorrow. It's going to feature more effective incense bonus starters from catching they don't clarify. How much bonus stardust. Maybe double who the fuck knows More frequent team go rocket grunts and the highly anticipated return of the ability. Tm away frustration from shadow pokemon huge. Absolutely huge people have been begging for this Was able to take advantage of this during the event window which is pretty much wrapped up by the time you hear this. I will have forgotten to use my teams to tm away frustration. Dude i just deleted fifty charged. Em's i just sitting on so many it's like in this announcement comes out. It's like man. I wish i kept them. I would just done every single shadow. I have but you know tis would assist All right next bit abyss latest news there be a new test rolling out today to trainers in the united kingdom and ireland. It will feature some temporary adjustments to raid rewards and egg management. That will run through early january. Now we don't have the raid. Rewards are going to be adjusted. We'll have to find out over the next couple of days. But i think it's pretty safe to say that trainers will see an increase in rewards from raids. Because has just kind of been bolstered lately when it comes to. Xp stardust obviously level cap increased double x. Piece still go into the end of the year the power creep is happening the cpa's are increasing. You have to reinforce that in more ways than one. So i'd imagine that raid rewards will increase now as for egg management There's going to be a global test rolling out to select trainers in two variations now global task. Meaning it's not limited to one region but select trainers meaning. Will this be for level. Forty will there be. Random people selected. We don't know so we'll have to. We'll have to keep an eye on it but in both variations of this test trainers will be able to store up to three additional eggs from weekly adventure sink rewards and team go rocket leader battles and this happens like all ready have nine eggs in their storage model. Yeah in previous episodes. We're talking about how if you had nine eggs. It was fuck up. Your you know your team leader stuff because you wouldn't wanna battle team leader until you had an empty eggs lot because you wanna get that strange egg that twelve k egg so this kind of gives you a little bit more flexibility here. Where even if you have nine eggs in your storage you have three additional spots specifically for strange eggs and adventure. Sink eggs very very cool. This test is going to begin on december eleventh so the day this comes out and will continue indefinitely. No no end date on this hour. We're going to have to see when they announced the close of the test. But i absolutely love this. Because there's definitely scenarios where i have to be very very careful with my poker ball plus because i always have it set to spin stops where if i had to neg- and i have a rocket radar. I don't wanna spend the next stop. I want to save streaming. So i think this is a fantastic idea. It'll be interesting to see what data they pull away from this and what ends up becoming the norm but I like this. This is only positive. Right i can. I can almost guarantee it will be something like more if there's an increase in like egg egg incubator purchases something like that. Something along those lines where you're spending more money to get rid of will if you otherwise you gotta. But they're trying to them so they can have twelve strange eggs interesting as you're saying twelve ten cakes. Twelve of disappointment to will to ks. Fuck you breaking full distance. Let's see what else we have the reggie's returning to meaning december weekends. This is could be good. Could be bad. There's you know they'd be what's good about it. So reggie rock will be appearing december twelfth and thirteenth festive. This weekend during community register will be appearing. The nineteenth and twentieth and reg will be appearing twenty sixth and twenty seventh. Now mind you cure am will also be five star raids as well so during the weekends for the rest of december you'll have kiram plus one of the reggie's in five star aids. That's pretty cool. Depends on who you are. I mean everyone knows registers. Good for p. so. I'm sure that'll be the busiest weekend as far as remote rating and all that while plus there's community day. So yes yeah. Search functionality has been updated this is phenomenal is one of my favorite quality of life so many buddies all right. It is a little. Yeah last time we recorded we talked about. You know the color is what could it be blah blah blah. So it turns out. There you can customize this and a lot of people didn't realize that you can customize your own searches so when you do a search you search on anything bliss Four star Shiny whatever it is you know you can put a search string in their shiny and eight zero and this whatever. Cpi minus fifteen hundred. Whatever it is it saves that in your recent searches if you long press on your recent searches favorite that recent search so now. That search will go under your favorites tab. The few long press on the search in under the favorites tab you can then rename that search so rather than have call it by. Its search during name you can put self nightfall. Whatever it may be. So you can really get in down to the nitty gritty and customize. This then you have all the tagging with the colors and everything. This is one of the best quality of life updates and a long time as far as management. you are management. Have you fucked this all you. Have you played with us yet. Not too much. I mean i did hit the i. I don't really like that. I can't just choose like the search option is like zero one. Two so the zero star one-star yet but that's those are just the the preset ones. Make your own. I have not done that now out the way to do it. That's the way to do it because they do. Give you a bunch of roy but like for me. I always put policies and gyms saran than have to type the word bliss in you know b. l. i. for the policies to come up i can just have my i hit more and i hit bluesy and it's and there my bliss so i really like that definitely definitely cool p. and stardust updates. This is a fucking biggie and ninety did report on this on the blog a little bit. They talked about the x. P. side of things but not the star side of things. So i'll review. What's on the blog for the x. P. and then i'll come back to the stardust from what the community has has gathered so updates the x. p. we talked about things being increased during that australian test that have now rolled out globally. We talked about an excellent throw. That used to be one hundred. Ps now worth a thousand. Xp if you go to the lincoln description you can see everything that has been increased. They itemize so defeating a gym. Used to be hundred x p now two thousand. Xp defeating polka by the gym used to be one hundred xp it's now three hundred xp so again all just reinforcing. How much xp you earn and adam you were just talking about people you know getting these strange eggs and stocking up twelve of them. Four thousand xp for a strange eggs hatch that's significant that's significant especially if you would on that star peace. Let's go let's go. we'll start. let all right. we'll talk about. Start us real quick so the stardust portion of this which they have not really posted anywhere. This is just from the community getting this information together. A bunch of random pok mon have had their starters values increased. And they did this because in the main series games these poke. Amman could be caught with a held item. That could then be sold to a shopowner for for money so they had extra value. So they're kind of mirroring that i like that. That's not cool. We knew like like chai. Mecca was worth a thousand stardust. Was also worth bonus started soon. Ellison it this paris parasites south delhi bird food and shrew mish five hundred startups teach. Wait deli burt. Persian among us and bray loom seven hundred starter sees each elim yarmuth sable kombi trobisch in star you. Seven hundred fifty starts each a lull in persian vespas. Quinn garb boater army. Nine hundred fifty starters each on the window fuck and see those maybe during the cancer event but get this shelter a thousand stardust cloister twelve hundred stardust audino twenty. One hundred stardust. I don't know if they're going to be removing shelter from the list of pok on that can nest but if you find a fucking shelter nest drop star piece. That's that's a huge payday for stardust. So we'll have to wait. You said this is coming from people that are like have seen this. I've cornish abso- plenty of shoulder at a thousand star. Okay but how do they knew that. Daily birds were five hundred startups right now. It's in the code. Oh okay i was like who catching it about it. I i need to fly or do something. Wherever they are. This was definitely the fattest and beefy fiesty miscellaneous news section that we've ever done to fucking events and starts next p it's there's so much going on there's so much going on but there is another event announced for december. You wanna walk us through this one before we get into community yet. Another winter based event has been announced adding to the theme of our current season. Enjoy a weekend with pokemon related to cold and sound as glare mr mind and its evolution. Mr rhyme come dancing into town elo. That's funny along with a ticket. Special research story from friday december eighteenth ten. Am through monday. December twenty first at eight pm local time. You can enjoy the following features whether or not you have a ticket for the special researcher not a pokemon jinx swine up spink boo bat n cup. Chew will be more attracted to incense. Shiny cub shoe is going to be released. We that booger cheyenne shiny. Bugger we need. It incense also asked for three hours and be more effective hala that's so exciting stacking on top of the already effective stay. Now who's affected. Stop getting your hopes up this. I know this is the ticket special research story which will cost seven ninety nine or you know wherever you are equivalent will earn. You encounter with galeria mr mind as well as enough candy to evolve up into Rhyme included with the ticket will be special event metal and an avatar pose inspired by mr rhyme rewards will include three rare candies. Thirty ultra balls. Three battle passes one profit to glacier lawyers three super incubators in three star pieces. Yo that's so fucking deal is a deal that's a deal. That's he'll deal well does he. Really candies doesn't really make sense. I know but this is how they validate the they should validate the price of these events because some people would be like arm pain seven ninety nine for to shiny even when they did regius. It was seven nine. You got to get regius prior to coming the x rays fucker rates. Come back but you can do that in it or you can wait a couple of months and get it when it came to the x rays right so an event like this. It's like the shiny cubs shoe is available whether you have ticket or not but if you do buy the ticket you're getting the all these other bonuses. 'cause you're getting all this shit a metal an avatar pose. You know what i mean. Thirty ultra balls. Whatever three rare candies. Whatever but three premium battle passes a coffin. Glacial lures three super incubate. Like i think this is a very very good value and you know. I understand the free to play players. But there's no fomo here because all the stuff is still available to to the free to play player even if you don't buy the ticket so i think it's you know for those that are willing to pay the seven ninety nine. It's a solid solid. I'm willing. I'm willing to take my money. Just throw it the window. Let's go can you imagine if the if the pose comes with cane. Oh my gosh. I was doing ridiculous so great like you were doing. Hello my baby. Hello madonna like the dance movie tapped. or maybe. maybe it's kind of like i. Don't i don't know i was kinda thinking like you're on like one foot and your hands on your hips type deal almost like you're dancing. It'll definitely be dancing. That's that's how. That's how mr early dance can't like make moves you. Just kinda sit still like as ambi- i don't know i don't know but again another in december you know on top of the seasons the we is there another event. Will we have unity day this weekend. Come on more events. Yeah we. I will dab working in retails that we had last week about community day but now we can go over the complete info for the event we have all the details Community day kicks off this weekend. And which is saturday december twelfth at six. Am and ends sunday december thirteenth at ten pm. So again the compound times and dates you just have to be aware the whole event the the community day weekend which sounds so weird to say the community day weekend six. Am saturday ten pm on sunday. The whole weekend shit is going on. Put him on that. Were featured in community days during two thousand nine hundred and twenty will be appearing more frequently during the weekend with some being in the wild and some being in rates We can see Over the weekend we'll have charm enter wheedle labral ghastly ri- horn elected buzz mag mar- magic carport gone cdot and piplo up in the wild. Those are the two thousand twenty pokemon and in in raids and to k eggs. You have the two thousand nineteen pokemon Tornado swine trico torture. Might get ralph slack off trapping bag on church wig and chinchar. Now check out the lincoln the description we have the complete list of the exclusive moves that are available everything from two thousand nineteen and two thousand and twenty comeback. Now poke them on. Like char's yard that had a community day in two thousand eighteen and again in two thousand and twenty only the two thousand twenty move will be available and this is upset a lot of people because the real deal moves. That you want like meteorologist meta gross or charged with blackburn. You can't get but the antic said don't worry these moves will eventually come back in two thousand and twenty one someway somehow but a lot of people have been holding out not they don't wanna use the tm but unfortunately that's your tawny lakeville. You're talking to the battlers here. Man they don't do not every community day. Oh and the the community day box in the shop. It's still gonna cost twelve eighty however it will come with both an elite fast and elite charged. Hymns five lucky organized. What did i just as is the first time though that this box comes with both fast and charged teams so that's pretty cool. Event exclusive time research will be available and will reward. Elite charged him along with some other goodies and a one dollars. Special research will also be available for the weekend We do have some differences in the two event days and while the events do run all through the night like we have that six. Am you know goes goes all through the weekend the normal community daytimes of eleven to five local time. That's really where the bread and butter is going to be from eleven to five on saturday. We'll average ghastly right horn. Cdot and piplo will be appearing even more frequently and will be more likely to be shining. So what this is telling me is during the bulk of the weekend outside of the eleven to five window. All these pokemon will be available. But they're probably not gonna have the one in twenty one and twenty five typical community shiny rate. I'm sure to still be boosted. Maybe one fifty one in seventy five or something like that but it won't be the community day rate however from eleven to five. These select pok mon will have that community day rate. So that's good This this helps you target your game. Play so like my appreciate all of this because i'm going after piplo i was. I was playing return. Eleven five the last physical td tournament. I played in was pip community. There you go through. And i think i got one good good good Sunday from eleven to five. We'll have charm enter elected. Buzz mag mar- magic carpet. Poor gone appearing more frequently with higher shiny rate. also you're going to have double catch starter. Let me go back to saturday. Double catch stardust half hatch distance three hour incense meg guard appearing in mega raids. More frequently sunday double catch stardust has distanced three hour. Incense and mega char's are z. Appearing immigrants more frequently so little differences through the day length description if you want to check it out but holy shit. It's like there's it's just insane. How much is cooking through december and this is all happening while we're going through season six gb l. and we have the holiday cup coming. We still don't have an announcement of delhi bird when the fuck is delayed i know literally i mean. I appreciate the fact that like. I don't know anything about it and that you've you've you've specifically made it made sure is like i don't know anything it's gonna feel. The excitement level is like building. It's it's not december without deli bird right but fence. That's next year that's next year special research. It's not december without no longer. Do think about it. You have community day happening on the twelfth and thirteenth. You've got the secrets of the jungle. Starting on the fourteenth. You've got the game awards happening tomorrow. You've got the cold air you know bullshit happening on the twenty eighteen. Th through the twenty first. there's just so much happening. i don't know man. I they we always say. Can they keep up this pace and here. They are proving themselves right. You know they're they're still fucking doing it. It's crazy it's absolutely fucking crazy. So that's pretty much it but i just. I hope everyone is having so much fun with this game right now. The excitement level has just been so high and everyone is just is getting it in. Like i keep i keep balls. I'm just catching so many pokemon. I did a major fucking restock run the other day because i wanted to prepare for community. Douse like yeah. I'm gonna go fucking restock. I'm not gonna catch shit. I'm just going to drive round. Keep the ball plus auto spin and i left thirteen hundred poco balls and six hundred. Ultra balls like faulk. Yeah i'm i'm set. And today i used four hundred polka balls in one hundred balls and it's like walkman back but now i'm still sitting almost thousand polka balls but a the i i've heard that people are playing so much and there's so much going on that resources have once again become part of the conversation people running out of balls unbreakable was saying that she was out of revive's so it's like that conversation is back in the forefront we just had the increased the put him on storage. Does this mean that. Poke him on. Item storage is the next thing to be increased again. You ready to spend another twenty bucks to increase your mouth. Now stop talking increase that pokemon storage. I couldn't spend twenty bucks fast enough. Dude you bear god fucking berber power to that shit up. That's it. it's funny so funny. But adam holy shit man. There's a lot going on. There's a lot going on so just make sure you stay tuned to our social media for all the little details that i'm sure we'll come out as we get closer to all these events connect with us email us. Call us all that good stuff. It's just there's so much if you calos pokemon checkout our instagram. I've posted a couple there with our car. The day thing getting cooler i really like pretty starters and and with lately. Oh they look fantastic. They look fantastic. Also if you're into the next friday or this friday the eleventh of the day this podcast comes out redoing a how to play the tc g. webinar on twitch so you could definitely check that out. The following week adam is hosting and tc g. themed tournament for our patrons we we've got a lotta shit cooking. Just connect with our socials and stay tuned. Because there's just so much going on next week. We'll have an episode of creator series coming out featuring chris from the go cast podcast the following week. We'll have salt nar from mago radio. A lot of shit happened a lot of should happen at checkout lured dot com for everything with the show pokemon professor dot com. Everything with network. You can email us info at lourdes up dot com and you can leave us a voicemail or text seven three two eight three five eight six three nine. I didn't get some emails. We're running a little bit long so we'll get to those next week With adam if that's that's it. I think that's it that's it and i'm like ninety nine percent. Sure a pizza. I just ordered his here. Keep training trainers thanks so much. We'll see you next week. Adam go get pizza.

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