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B.I.G. Interview | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on Disappointing Series Against Cards

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B.I.G. Interview | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on Disappointing Series Against Cards

"What's up whole again. Zach stevens with. Dnv are broncos and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten kfi twenty four after the hour. welcome back. We're live from the collision specialist studios drew craftsman before we start this conversation about the rockies. First first and foremost have you heard of jupiter's legacy on netflix. I've seen the trailers. And i'm in but i gotta tell you what's hilarious brady is have so completely sold my mom on all of this nerd stuff. That like like she knows who like raven is and stuff now because she's like into titans and things like that she's like ahead of me. She's watched way more episodes of like the legends and stuff than i have and she started texting me last night like she assumed i'd watch it. She was asking me all kinds of questions about it. 'cause he then i'm gonna i don't i don't know she. Was she a nerd before or like this is just a recent thing and then she just species like going all in on this stuff you know we. She never she. He was fine that we were into it as kids. And she always encouraged that. My parents really. You know we're cool. That we were reading x men comics all the time we were in movies. You know that was most of the kids and they had their own stuff and now that it's kinda gone mainstream. Mom is really been like. Yeah why not why not get into. That's my kids really loved these stories. I'm gonna learn about them so now she's seeing every. Mcu movie she loves it. You know and like. I said she had me on most of the tv shows the cw dc stuff. She she loves it. She's seen every episode of arrow. She gets mad at me for not watch an awesome. I love that. Well no i i. I saw the trailer for jupiter's legacy. And then i gave it a watch. I watched the first episode. I think it was like saturday night. Or something. And i really enjoyed it. I liked the boys a lot to that was a great. I don't know if you saw that one on amazon prime. Yeah i'm i get there. I have a very interesting relationship with superhero parody. I'm allowed to make fun of my stuff. Careful and everyone told me i'm fine. Yeah everyone's told me. I'm okay but even dead pool there were moments like i love that pool but when somebody tells me the dead pool is their favorite superhero movie sideways. And i don't trust that person. I don't i. I thought the boys jupiter's legacy they have a lot of similarities but I'll be curious to get your thoughts. Maybe we'll hook it up. We'll get you on a new nerd. Show coming up again time. Just keep making these segments the baseball team. It's true. i love you man but come on rocky. Her series little depressing. So let's let's open it up with talking about netflix scored in one of those baseball games. Brady database scores runs in one of them. Well now the other guy scored a lot of runs to did. Did some pretty good thanks to man. Drew that was. I didn't think that was going to bother me as much as it did. Seeing him in a new uniform. Like i've seen it before already but seeing him against the rockies going up against the rockies it was it was bothersome it was kinda disgusting. That was rough you know. And he scores the first run of the series and kinda hits the home run in the final game of the set. You know. put them on the board and the rockies don't score again so it's basically a game winner in the second innings you know and and it's just yeah you're just sitting there going. Oh i remember. I remember the member remember. Remember remember that some member bury's we need that for sure. Thinking about nolan man. it was just. It was a strange thing. Whole the whole thing continues to be this. Very surreal. the whole thing with nolan and then jeff brightest has gone and here we are. We're we're left with none of them. Even though he even though most people were like against breiwich we were talking about that choice of. Who would you rather have well. We don't have any of them now. So there you go yeah You're okay another thing. did you umbrella. I have it on the list. I get the stuff on my list. Big umbrella kademi again. This isn't a spoiler happens like very early on. I think it's like the very first episode. Basically the setup premise like one of the kids got special powers or whatever one of 'em zooms to the future and like everything is bloated up. You know that old story like everything's just gone. Everything is ashes. And there's just the one character standing in the middle of it looking out over the like that's where the colorado rockies stan right. Now it's it's it's all blowed up right that's a great point. Everyone's gone we just gonna keep doing movie comparisons here. Did you ever see the old maverick ma- mel gibson in you remember. When he's this segment is now drew. He's at the bottom of the wagon like holding the wheels on. Do you remember the. That's what i feel like the rockies are right now that we're the wheels are about to come off and we're getting ready to go off the cliff and it's going to be bad but there's like this maverick character. That's just kinda gone straight. And i'm not really that good of a hero but i'm i'm a hold on for a little bit. I feel like the wheels are about to rip. Somebody's arms off pretty soon. Yeah right totally. And and it's just you know but The the flip side of it is you know on on the other end you you kinda as the old saying goes from the ashes rise. The phoenix right. That's you you build from the burns. The pershing burns and just it the one big silver lining to this is that the rockies do basically have like nothing but opportunity in front of them. I did a top five on. Dnv the other day Just realistic ways to fix the colorado rockies. Just reasonable cause a lot of people don't like salva team or totally reinvent the wheel or you know it's like that's to live in pie in the sky and do that for a minute but if we want to have a real adult conversation about how to fix team there's actually a lot of things they can do. That are right in front of them and this is a unique opportunity. It's tough to get a full reset. Button real rebuild and professional sports where you really can't you've got no bad contracts on the books nothing no entanglement. The gm is gone. There's nobody whoever comes in. It's a new slate. there's a new team and everything's going to be new so you can just kinda hit the reset button. Get past the bad feelings of what happened with the nolan era. And hope that whoever you know takes control of the ship moving forward knows how to drive. Yeah i mean that's the way you have to look at it right. I mean it's we have to like condition our brain when we get into these kinds of seasons in these kind of times with teams. All these teams go through it and unfortunately the rockies have certainly been through more more bumps and bruises than most in colorado. But you're right. You have to start looking at it going on. Where are the pieces here. That you build around and honestly before that saint louis series. I mean they're they're they're putting together. Series wins you know. They lost the the arizona one but they did beat san francisco the a while ago. They beat the phillies. They swept the houston in the two game series. They're putting some things together so there's at least that side of it man right when it feels like it's all going to fall apart. They do enough to kind of stay head above water. Yeah i mean there. There's some on this team the way better home which was highly predictable. That's what's gonna happen. You gotta young and inexperienced team. Guess what those guys can't figure out the course you'll hangover effect better than season hitters. Dj lemay you are not who also struggled with that. So when you're you know poor garrett hamson or dom nunez dealing with it for the first time and those guys are having nice seasons especially dumb but it says you're going to go through those times where you go. Oh for twelve on the road with a bunch of strikeouts because the ball moves ray differently in saint louis in los angeles than it does in denver. And that's something you can adjust for after awhile but it takes a while and so. I think we're going to see some of those things we're gonna continue to see them be better at home. I'll be very curious to see how they play these projects. Don't forget you know the giants were first place. Last time they came to courts field absolutely wild to the rockies and the first game of the seven inning doubleheader and then the rockies won the series and so you know yeah they can hang in there at home. i'll. I'll be very curious to see that. It was really shocked about this series by the way i mean what ten in the first inning and then suddenly they. That's got to be a good sign. I mean that's got to be something where you go. Wow they were able to recover rather than just hang their heads very embarrassing game on. Was that a week ago. Able to bounce back and win a fairly significant series for this kind of team. I'd goes off lost cucaracha when they were they. Were doing that whole thing. And they really. I mean these guys gonna have a lot of pride. They're all playing to prove that they belong. So none of these guys are into the idea of giving up at bats. Just because they're down by you know nine runs even before that like look at the game where they scored. The giants scored ten runs in the first inning. Ended up winning going away. But raimondo copied hit a grand slam. Anyway he doesn't care what the score was you know. He's he's not. That reminding people can hit and absolutely mess up this dude. Era you know that kind of stuff. And so they're they're going to be a team that plays spoiler for most of the rest of the season. But we are going to have those moments like gum and those can feel good to drew joining us. Dnv iraqis are they playing tonight. I haven't heard like going out all right. Have you seen hot fun. Yes that's great. You know the guy at the front desk. The nobody tells me not is that is going on here. They don't know so they can't tell me i'm giving him a hard time. But yeah i mean the weather. They're going to try to get it in as best they can but I don't know i mean drew. Get what's your bet. So our traffic director here at the station would love. He's listening right now. Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think this game happens about because he gets to go home once he once. We decide what we're gonna do for carrying this game tonight bro. Same sleeping bag myself comfortable. I feel you man. I've been down there so many times. It's been like okay. So we doing this or not they. They'll wait till the last minute. Especially after cancelling or postponing. I should say yesterday's the thing that makes me think they might actually do it. If the if it does get that out there is the padres. They come back to town later in the year. So i just i wish i could give you a sense one way or another i really. We'll just ask the guy to hang in there and we'll see what happens. It's baseball in april. May so we kind of expect this kind of thing drew. Who's going to tell us tonight right. He's he's kind of on the mend. That was the plan. Yeah he was supposed to make his return. Start last night. So i would assume then. They put these things together in the seven inning doubleheaders. And you could change things around a little bit. But yeah i would assume the game is played tonight sends on the hill. We'll we'll see what this series brings a few games at home coming up so maybe the rockies can get back get a little bit getting a little bit closer to that five hundred mark. What are they ten games down. Just a little bit here. Don't let the winners completely fall off. Drew and i don't have to do movie. Comparisons all all tuesday next week right totally when a couple of all game and see what happens if they do that. When we'll we'll put like a meter audit if they win so many games a week it'll be rockies if they lose so many games we're starting with superhero stuff like this the way it's gonna go through. What are you working out for us. Man that we can check out at the end. Vr rockies. Like i said the the big thing. I published Just a day or two was the top five reasonable ways to fix the colorado rockies. Some stuff in there you probably thought of maybe a few things. We don't think about or talk about enough about some actual fundamental issues with this Franchise and i wanna point everyone toward a recent episode of the dmv iraqis. Podcast where the newcomer tortilla michaela perkins is absolutely destroying it this year. Jails runs social media. Dnb are sapone double duty Got into a really great comparison about dick monfort and suns owner robert server. Who you know was just the bane of suns fans existence Several years ago. She's from the air. He's from both areas but she spent some time working down there and you know he ended up having ultimately As she put it a come to jesus moment where he stepped away from basketball operations hired capable people. Let them run the show. And you know i. It took him learning some hard lessons. And you look at the time like dick monfort took over the rockies right around the same time that server did he's had similar issues is he. Having that moment right now is finally thing. I gotta go outside the organization for new. Gm guy that hire a team president. I thought she made an extraordinarily compelling case. You know obviously people don't have a lot of face there but they didn't have faith and robert server either. There are a lot of time. Meddling owners in cro sports all over the world and so it's interesting to keep our eye on that Because i think montfort has evolved a little bit more than people realize over the years. And like i said there's a unique opportunity right here for this team to finally turn this thing around no questions. Sometimes the most difficult decision a guy in charge can make is windows. Step back and begin delegating. And we'll see i mean we'll find out what dick bought for optimally going to do but drew we'll check that out for sure man appreciate it. I love what you guys all of you guys do over at. Dnv man blast falling along. Yeah hey it's always a blast talking to your on a whole show. Brady appreciate you. We'll talk to you very soon. That's crease mundine vr. Rockies i mean come on twelve and twenty two what are we going to do talk about. We're talking about pitching all day colfax. I mean talk have you. Have you heard of this show by the way that i'm talking about the jupiter jupiter's legacy i saw it i is it something to do with mar- marvel i don't it'd be raw. I'm not as big of a nerd as i should probably. But it's it's basically like a family of superheroes the dad and the mom getting older and their two kids or like teens twenties. Maybe in their twenties and they're basically like had a family crossroads trying it's interesting. Wow yeah just kidding. no there's more to it. I watched late after the nuggets brooklyn game. So i had maybe you know a soda pop or to just kind of like watching this and halfway through. I'm like wait a second. What was that scene about again. what am i doing. And then this day and age you pick up your phone. You start getting on twitter and stuff. You're like wait. What so it took me like two hours to watch one episode understand. Have to go back and watch it again. I saw it looked visually pleasing from the trailer. Superheroes people running around and bad guys attacking stuff. I mean it's it's it's cool. I mean there's now that's the new norm is superheroes. They're not perfect. So that's the new thing coming in so there's gonna be no perfect superhero anymore. Unfortunately forty minutes after the hour. Top text tuesday power play. Sports poll question. It's getting some controversy. Are you happy to see tim. Tebow back in the nfl for now Although rex rex ryan his former he was a coach for the jets. Of course tibo was there. When he left the broncos. He went to the jets next and rex. Ryan was there. Rex like talks about. He's got hate the whole the old quarterback controversy the fact the media circus was there for a backup. Quarterback was really frustrating. However on the one yard line goal line situation many guys. I take over tempting but he said that today the tibo still got it and stop. I'm not gonna get political here but this has nothing to do with the capital. Tibo several reasons. Why and i'm gonna talk about that coming up next. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash.

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April 26  Hour 2  Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on Bridich Move | Nuggets Plagued By Injury, Manage to Stay Put In Standings

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

39:38 min | 3 months ago

April 26 Hour 2 Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on Bridich Move | Nuggets Plagued By Injury, Manage to Stay Put In Standings

"And clock our welcome back to the whole show powered by pd energy. We are live from the auto collision specialist studios. Who it's been nonstop since twelve o'clock today joining me now drew crease mundine. Vr rockies drew i gotcha man. Gotcha couldn't get you at twelve. I know you're busy man but we just had to get you on to talk about this. Jeff where did this come from jeff. It's steps down. As general manager ensured. That happened was expected like with. No i mean. I expected he'd be gone after the. I did not think jeff. Riders was going to be jam for the next era of colorado rockies baseball. I just didn't know the next era of colorado rockies baseball started jack jack okay But yeah i mean the writing it then on the wall that he was done here is contract was up at the end of the year. All the technical things like no one was happy with them being here. He was happy being here anymore. It just it. Just become an untenable relationship on on every situation. So while i'm loath to ever celebrate somebody you're losing their job like i just. I don't like that at sometime. This like the best day in rockies history since tony walthamstow single up the middle of chicago cubs fan i mean rockies fans are just they're going crazy today it's it's it's like we won the world series or something so the timing of its. What's weird whether he was going to be done with this team or not at the end of the season which is yes. You're you're exactly right. I mean it's more likely that that's what was going to happen. Did something happen. Did did dig mon for decided. He needed a fall guy did they. Are they seeing numbers or are they seeing viewership or was it a trevor story discussion or was this. Just you know what. I'm not going to be here anyway. I might as well let me get a headstart on my next quest. You know right. I could see i could see it being any of those things you would have thought if it was just that last one though that it would happen before the season right after the trade or whatever so did something happen You know part of me thinks maybe is that. They've made a decision one way or the other about trevor story. Either that they're not gonna trade them or that they Are going to try to sign him but that they want somebody else negotiating that contract. Maybe it is a ploy to keep trevor story. Maybe it's putting somebody else in charge to to be in charge of the trade up trevor. So every time on the podcast. I talk about a trade of story john gray potentially because they're in the last years of the deal i get forty comments from people saying. Yeah but they're gonna get terrible prospects and the other fifty million dollars and it's like an easy job to make but you can kind of get past that now jeopardy jizan and charge. You know there's gonna be an interim gm but the other thing that they hired a team president so this is too big pieces of news. It's not just that bright out. It's that there's a team president now which they haven't had since keli mcgregor tragically passed away Over ten years over a decade ago and somebody in charge of baseball operations. And hopefully that means dick. Montfort is stepping away from making baseball decisions. As well like this is actually a double dose of really good news rockies fans it does depend on who they put in there as the next gm but could they really much worse. I you know and you had to do something. The fans they were going to coors field. But that's because it's coors field and listen eight and thirteen i. Actually the question. Today was hey. Are you more optimistic about this. Start tell us about yes. How how big this is to name a club president. Tell us about the club president and what this ultimately means going forward or at least for the for the for the short term. Yeah i mean greg. Feazel is the guy's name You know i'm still learning more about any as been a part of the rockies organization for twenty six years so people hoping they'd go outside the oregon. You don't always get everything that you you wish for. you know. i always say to people. If you were suddenly put in charge of everything at your job would you do everything. Exactly the same as it was done before. Not almost none of us would and so. I'm really curious to see what Greg feazel has to offer i. I'm going to learn more about him. And we're going to go live for a second time on iraqi show at four today Talk about it but just the fact that anybody has that tidal now means that somebody else's in charge of the ultimate baseball operation decisions other than dick monfort and that's the first time that's been the case for this team since two thousand ten and in my estimate i've always written about this. I wrote about it back. When dan o'dowd was the gm before. I knew jeff bridges name the team present. It was always the most important thing to me and they just been dragging their feet. I think for to his space about team presidents never got straight like totally straight answers right and so that they've shows to me at least the smallest mata come maybe dickman for has learned that he needs that greg is the guy. But that's a that's a big step man. Yeah you're right. Both of these moves are absolutely colossal for the rockies for this fan base back to the bright thing if it did come down to trevor store now. Is there a chance that it could be the other way around that. The the conversation came from bright at saying. Hey we need to resign. Trevor story and dick montfort for essentially said. Hey we've been down that road we're not going. Is there a chance that that could have been a some kind of conflicting argument between the two on the likes flipping the script so to speak. Sure or even you know bright. It single smart baseball thing to do right now. Is to trade trevor story. If he's not going to sign an extension. And i can totally see a conversation with brightest on. Let me try this guy going well. We can't because we just traded. No one bruins gonna be this and it's gonna make us that much worse and he'd be right about all of those things but jeff. Riders would actually be right to say you have book. We're not going to be good this year and if we lose them for nothing at the end of the year that much worse than if we train them we get some decent prospects for him. And you can you. Could you know so. I totally could have seen this having on any number of ways over the trevor story conversation because it would be a very different thing to do to just want trevor to play out the season and if he decides to leave and sign a big contract somewhere else in his mind than trevor stories. The one who left and dick monfort didn't do anything wrong. Even though the team didn't really get it you do get a compensatory draft pick either that scenario but that's nowhere near as good as getting some prospects so we're all going to keep as much as we were already now. This is going to be pinpoint laser focus on forever story. Twenty four seven story watch. What's the situation does. He sign an extension. does he get traded. The news could come apparently at any time of day on my day off. You're like wow. This is i mean i. I didn't expect this move if it was going to happen. You're right at the beginning of the season or at the end of the season but this is surprising in a very weird time for this to happen in your mind drew following this team as closely as you do following. Trevor story does this. I mean yeah. It's an obvious question. But does this increase the chances of trevor story being rocky how much i wish. I knew the answer to that question. I i really really do i. It certainly can't hurt If if jeff bright it was the big problem. And i certainly think that he was a massive one for josh flint. His cousin and play for the cardinals. Now i even. Yeah then absolutely. Because dick monfort to does have a history of paying big contracts to own gut pothole charleston's all trevor story or not trevor Tortula with Even though you know he'll he'll sign those types of deals. If trevor wants the money and he's okay sticking through a couple of years where young bats are still going to have to find out. They have to completely rebuild this bolton but the young starting pitching there. If he's sitting there going on i kinda like austin gobber and copy it turns out to be real and you know maybe some of these other guys come around and maybe i wouldn't mind being the veteran leader on this team that when it gets good in a couple of years rimac doing his thing. It all comes down to what's inside trevor stories. Heart mind right now. Because i do believe the rockies would offer him a fair deal and i've never heard trevor privately or publicly criticized the colorado rockies. We heard it from nolan's fairly regularly right. Trevor story is never said anything you know. I know like the play in in texas if he could as well you know. That's always been something. He's he's from there. And there are things and i think he's as attached to the rockies organization. Somebody like say charlie black minutes but for a fair deal. I only going to get out of town either. I don't think he's especially with brats. Gone now i think he's just gonna kinda survey the landscape and see where he thinks he fits best. Okay wow andrew. If it comes out that bright. It's was kind of a sticking point for a contract for trevor in dick for makes a tough move because he stuck up drew. I was in on that. Zoom press conference thingy after the nolan trade and was very much. Hey i've got jeff bridges back in it very much. Seemed like dig. Montfort was was sticking up for bright so for that change of heart to happen for clearly. A tough move. I would imagine for dick and then to do that. And if it was what was standing in place of a trevor story deal suddenly dick. Monfort doesn't look so bad for a second store or what. Well i mean. certainly. I mean if we're if i'm back on the show a week from now or two weeks from now we're talking about trevor story extension. Now suddenly you know rockies community feels way different than they did when the season started. You know you still don't feel good about the whole are not situation. But if you've got a new gm you've gotta team president. And it does look like stories going to stick around for the foreseeable future though maybe build around him and ryan mcmahon and and the starting pitching. And you know whatever's left charlie. Black men are really hope. And i really hope he he will he will. He's too smart. he's good but it's it's really. It's like trevor story is basically playing. And i'll be the show as himself right now he just gets to. This is all on the table for him if he wants to sign a big extensive. Stay here if he wants to test. The free market can do that to you. Can you know he's and i think he's about to how the monster a couple of weeks hit that grand slam yesterday wrong. Bat looked over at the vengeance. Likes these guys team a lot. So i don't know if we're talking about a trevor story extension in a couple of weeks you know rockies ask yourself how how would you feel how i mean. You'd feel a lot differently than when the season started about the future of this team. Yeah no i think you're one hundred percent right i today. It already feels to be honest with you. The nolan nolan drama. That we talked about a few weeks drew. I mean. I don't know that made anybody feel better. But i think it certainly made people question things a little bit more instead of just oh it was all rockies. All management all ownership and. I'm not saying that that was swayed one way or the other but it certainly made you stop and think. Oh wow nolan wanted outta here. A long time ago was the number. So i think it started then and then today you getting this news. You're gone Move a lot of rockies fans. I mean we asked the question. Who who's who's worst stick mon- jeff british and those that say jeff is fill a lot better about life today. Yeah that's exactly the right guy. Brennan vote who does Nuggets down vr bar in the studio and you know it's kinda bemoaning the trade again and he's a cardinal fan because if it's any consolation the cardinals have been profoundly mediocre all season and nolan sitting to sixty and i was like. Yeah i mean it's baseball man. It's just not as easy as all that and so. Yeah who knows it. it really is. I did not expect this today. Brady i really did. Like i said i was taking a light day late game so i basically wasn't thinking about baseball until six o'clock to live shows today of course i'm bugging electro jerrell help us out like coconut palm know man. I just a means the world to me all right. So how about this team though. Eight and thirteen twenty one twenty one games in and and here we are. I mean. they're not. They're not awful duck. No they don't suck and they have some good moments before the brightest thing. Today i was like you know. Maybe this team's kind of taken on this us against the world thing your thoughts on this team's performance You know what they want for the last five games something like that taking a couple of series last week so suddenly it doesn't look like the sky is falling. Yeah could very easily have taken the set right before that. With the match they were in position going into the ninth innings. Or i guess it was the seventh doubleheader To to win a game rom on the hill versus chichi gonzales. What that's not a win for the rocking. What are you kidding. me out. Absolutely they've it it does versus the world. It helps not playing the dodgers every game. You know that. More than half of their i. I think it was seven of their first twelve games against the dodgers like. That's the best team in baseball. That's maybe the best team in baseball in the last twenty thirty forty drew goodman comes on our podcast semi regularly now about once a week We feel very lucky to have him. You said this might be the best baseball team. I've ever seen so like not playing. The dodgers really help brady play the dodgers with the first few seven games already dodgers so my goodness and so two to kind of not be facing cy young winners every single game to let this young offense find their rhythm a little bit. Starting pitching has been fantastic. The bullpen is a mess. Use just and and that's why they're losing more games while we'll probably continue to lose more games but they've been exciting. The young players ronald toppy. My dude is just going on They've got a catcher. Who hits home runs. First time in ten years that's been the case iraqis so there's yeah there's a lot i don't think they're in for a great year but boy are they down to play these teams. And you know the mets and astros and the phillies are popular. Postseason teens. you know it depicts for for this year and for the rockies basically out play all three of those teams on. This home stands very impressive. No question about a man i think. I think it's a brighter day for the rockies. I i don't know what this is going to look like in a week. Can what what's gonna come out from this drew. You know we'll be banging on the door whenever whenever we sniff something. We know you've got you've got more detail so we'll we'll try to get you on as soon as possible when you can always appreciate you jumping with my man even on your off off always here to do it. I live for love him Interesting news today for sure quickly drew any any on the list that comes to your mind as far as that gm spot. Oh i mean there's there's a guy eric neander out for the race suit is really interesting. They're gonna go internally for the rest of the season probably zach rosenthal or scouting director. Bill schmidt i like rosenthal is an analytically inclined mind. I think he's really got the right. Take on how to approach coors field differently. Bill schmitz a scouting director. So he knows the young guys and and how to develop players really well. That's you know for where this team is at for just the rest of the season. Maybe that makes the most sense. But once the season's over they gotta go outside the organization find a super whizzes that has a plan specifically tailored to coors field. And there's gonna be a lot of really good candidates file. Wow what an interesting time for for the rockies for the rest of the season and of course more so at the end of the season drew. Appreciate you my man. We'll be looking out for your podcast later today. Absolutely always brady. Thank you take care. Drew christmas. Dnv are rockies. there you go. He's not he's not shutting down any of our any of our theories. As far as why this happened saying very well could have come down to trevor story. It could have come down to. Maybe maybe it's just hey. I was going to be gone anyway but you don't do that. Twenty one games into the season you you don't you don't do it so welcoming texting and why did it take so long to get to the point where we all knew. They needed to be though as far as the change up with management as far as dick montfort. Step down. well maybe this was the move. I mean maybe this nolan or an auto thing pissed off people to the to the point finally where they were like dick. Sell the team or do something. Different doesn't have to sell the team. People keep throwing the sell the team thing out there. You can be a silent owner which he would never be but you can be an owner of a team and you hire everybody in place to do it. So they take on the image When pat bolan was still running things he hired people to do the job. He was never jerry jones. He was extremely involved. He was extremely involved in all the hiring processes but not really the big day. Today's decisions now like jerry jones. So can mont for do that. Can you have your cake and eat it to swallow some pride and not be the guy making those decisions or being a part of those decisions and move on. Was there a fight. Was there an argument about trevor story. Did bright it's a trade story. Did dick wants to trade story. Did they not want to. Trade story did did one or the other. Wanna give him a big contract and the other didn't i mean there's a lot there's a lot out there and i'm sure it's going to come out. But now colfax. We could hear at any point that trevor story decides to sign with iraqis or has decided to just let the season play out if he signed with the rockies. Suddenly this becomes a big time. Move by dick monfort. Because if that's going to tell us that okay. It was probably brij that was standing in between that deal getting done. I don't know feel more optimistic about it. How do you guys feel. That's power play. Sports poll question of the day. Jeff bryant stepping down. Are you more optimistic about the colorado rockies Then you then you were to start the season all right twenty four after the hour. We'll take a short break when we come back. We'll talk more about the denver nuggets what they have to do to jump into that third spot. Maybe even the second spot. I'll tell you gotta play perfect. Basketball injuries are mounting up for the nuggets. But when pj can get close to forty. You're gonna win. A lot of games will be right back Spring the air and that means high school baseball will decorate preps radio on thirteen ten. Kfi k. The whole sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi k. nfl reporter for espn and a nineteen eighty two graduate of the university of northern colorado. Hope you'll continue to listen to the award. Winning hall show thirteen ten. Kfi funeral and cremation service for being a sponsor of this program services. As unique as life live well plan ahead. Scott an amazing guy first off a great supporter here of the radio station and does some excellent things throughout the community. Give scott robin or a member of their great staff. A call today talk to them about pretty planning. It's an awesome gift. Mosier works with fem- vima in many of our nation's disasters they worked of course With with nine eleven new york city. Hurricane katrina the joplin tornado list goes on and on and on their website is moser funeral service. Dot com first advantage. Text line is nine seven four seven eight thirteen a one rockies tonight against the giants coverage begins for us on. Kfi at seven o'clock with the first pitch at seven forty five bridage did receive or did release his statements after stepping down a general manager. See if you can read between the lines here colfax. There's one note i can read. I'm going to see if you catch it. It's long so don't feel too much pressure. I would like to sincerely. Thank dick and conversed off. Oh dick for okay. And the entire extended for family for my tenure. Here seventeen years is longtime with an organization and the experiences of the past seventeen seasons of men a great deal to me and my family after recent conversations with dick and greg feazel regarding the organization and its future it became abundantly clear that ushering in a new leadership structure was critically important with that. In mind we arrived at a decision to part ways and ultimately it will be what is best for the rockies. Infamy changed me a great thing for an organization and for the individuals who comprise. Dick has a clear vision for the rockies and after nearly seven seasons general manager. I believe it's time for someone else to help. Lead that vision working in professional baseball. Not just a job. It's round the clock lifestyle. That finally big thank you to the rockies fans for loving our players consistently showing up in support of the team any any read between the lines. Moment there for you in that statement. We did give nice little. I give you a little. I'll give you a little tip little tip there. It may sound like it was kinda dicks decision but also the that's true that yes but also the dick has a clear vision for the rockies right like what first off. What is that vision. Because the your kurt your franchise player. Which is a big part of anybody's vision for a team. Right as your franchise player your guy that you're building around gone now. They kind of knew that for the last year and a half so they whatever but what does that mean. He has a clear cut vision so that to me again. I'm a radio guy. this is what i do. I'm supposed to take things and blow them up even if they're not there right i to me. It seems like they had a disagreement. I mean if i were to get fired from this radio station and i put out a statement and said hey ownership has a clear vision for this place. I don't know if that's necessarily like visions without me being in it. That's visions without bright. It's that's that's vision. Without his thoughts and opinions and strategies going forward now he knew he was gone anyway. Probably drew kind of alluding to that as far as the end of his contract. But why now. There's no reason it should have happened now. 'cause it's all it does is add more drama to it so it had to get to the point where they just couldn't stand working together anymore and you'd rather have no general manager thin jeff bridage at this stage but again it could be all about trevor story. That's what this move. Could all be about the dig. Monitored learned his lesson. I will say this. This team looks like they're having fun. I mean not all about that but they don't look so upset all the time. Eight and thirteen gotta win. They have one one on the road yet. Going up to san francisco which is terrible place for the rocky supply. We'll see I just it's. It's so bizarre. The timing of this going back to that zoom call after the trade after the official word of trade and dig. Montfort was pretty supportive of jeff. He had his back so does. Does this. add more to you like wanting to watch this rockies team does this or does this make it seem more like it's the fact that this would happen in the middle Not in the middle the first part of this of the season so it's probably a good move. I mean this is probably the move that had to happen. And i know there's people out there i i love you guys get people that hey the rockies the same guys that have been saying sell the team now the bride has gone. They're like oh. I'm betting on the game tonight. I'm gonna watch the game tonight. Because jeff dig for still there and maybe he's making the right decisions for your mind to go all right. Well at least he's acknowledging that he's kind of screwing up and he's going to put somebody in place somebody. Welcome swami texan. Why did it take this long to figure that out man. Jerry jones is still doing it. I mean he's had success in his career though like real success. There's a lot of guys it's hard to let go especially when you own it and you want to be the you want to be the overseer. Basically it's tough But maybe the nolan thing rattled enough cages to where they saw some kind of decline in fan support. I don't know that it's happening at coors field. Because it's only half capacity still so you're gonna fill that capacity up so i don't think they're gauging it by that. Are they gauging it by viewership. Are they looking at product sales merchandise sales again. That might be too deep into this fax. That might be something. That's not even close to the truth. It could be just about trevor story. It could just be about jeff british wanting to get a head start but why drew said. Why wouldn't you do that. Twenty one games ago. I mean we're we're well into the season now. It's almost may we've completed almost of baseball and now's the time to get out Dixon says i guess. Brian was part of what wasn't working. So maybe it is a step in the right direction. Well the other thing too is the fact that they're hiring president team president with gregg feazel. I mean that they didn't have that position that was essentially dick montfort overseeing everything so that that was a decent move i think again. The the move is not greg feazel. Necessarily it's dick. Monfort might be acknowledging. All right. I maybe i need to. What is it always said. Right i need to elevate my position away from decision making got a promotion. I own the team though. But i promoted myself to not having to do anything. Which if you're the owner but that isn't good promotion like john elway. It's different 'cause you don't own. The team buffered owns the team. So i have now promoted myself to not having to do as much. I guess we'll see. It was a strange time leading up to this. And i imagine it's going to get even stranger as we go here. What does that mean for. Trevor story what does that mean for. What does that mean for the for the next. Gm of this team probably gonna go in internal for awhile for the year and then have an outside hiring situation. Go on and boy. That'll be interesting. Who wants this job. This is this job. There's only so many of these jobs available so it's still an attractive job but it's not one of the most attractive jobs in baseball. I mean i mean. I love it here but i'd take a shot at that. Hey let's go closers and keep going. The pitchers sounds hitters. We'll make it happen thirty seven minutes. After the hour we gotta talk about mpg. Man is not going to be more important than ever for michael porter. Jr. to elevate to superstar status the injuries are mounting up. The joker the joker things. It's there's no denying that he is arrived at that point where nobody doubts that what he's going to do on the floor but it's all about mpg now being the x factor for the nuggets thirty seven minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash the power trip weekdays at eleven on thirteen ten. Kfi was on. This is just it out of the cbs four down in denver colorado listened to the whole show thirteen ten border global. Drive all the way come. Underneath guy porter got four points dribble drive the lane left off the glasses ability. Michael junior launch offensive rebound by either taped quarter launches at hints out is going to try to get michael porter jr. thirty nine points. The other night two assists six rebounds eight for twelve from three point line. You got to have them shoot. Three's just all the time because he's that good of a shooter that you just want him shooting getting getting getting the ball in his hands What a tremendous player. And he's only getting better joker did his thing. Twenty four points. Twelve assists eight rebounds. I mean that's just again. Mvp numbers he's going to keep doing it now. If you can get joker to continue to do those things which would you will. And then porter to put out the offensive production. Look out before we step on a move on to talk more nuggets mark. Larson you're really source for all. Your insurance needs auto insurance state farm specialty as well as homeowners renters life liability and property auto home life insurance services in greeley northern colorado. That's mark larson. Check out his website. Mark larson insurance dot com huge supporter of the university of northern colorado. The bears the broncos all all that great sports guy this is. Pj gets the start in this game against houston because we'll barton's out for a while. Pj had twenty three points. He was asked in twenty three point. Seven boards so. Pj's putting out some nice numbers to know monte morris tonight hopefully that changes quickly because you need him you just gotta have you know. Pj not being on the bench now. You're you're losing bench production left and right austin rivers though with nine points. It was an absolute shellacking of the rockets though nuggets win one twenty nine one sixteen which are getting more meaningful minutes for austin rivers a guy that you're going to need shack harrison a guy that you're going to need dra michael green javale mcgee had six points in this one. Nice to see him out there. This is what this is a big moment. I think a crossroads really in the history of the nuggets organization favorites to perhaps win the title or at least top five. Maybe even top two i think. Espn had them and number two. This year behind the lakers so clearly that would mean they would lose to the lakers in the western conference finals. But we know how the season has gone. This is a pretty interesting time because this is one of those times. I think we'll go back and go. Hey you remember the year got hurt. Missed the rest of the season and all of the playoffs probably the next season. That was when michael porter jr. kind of took that superstar step that was weird year going all the way back to the bubble. We are two years in the bubble. He said something controversial air quotes about covid nineteen he. He called out the coaching staff for not really getting the ball into his hands. Basically saying that. Hey joker in murray can't do it all their when they're covered. We have to find ways to get the ball to other people that was controversial. Mike malone didn't like that he got covid nineteen. He was out for a weird amount of time. We didn't know that he had had cove it. Then we found out he had covert and he was out for like nineteen days. He missed a one thousand nine after he was originally out. I mean he missed a lot of games and that was weird then he comes back. He doesn't seem like he fits. Joker looked. boyd are are nuggets. Guys can tell us all they want. And i love him to death but we know what we saw on the floor. Joker looked annoyed. Porter looked loss defensively and at times he looked lost offensively even though he was still so talented on the offensive side of the ball. He's still looked lost. Then you just started. Seeing a few things click started playing a little better defense started to get into the rhythm more started to pass up this strange shots where he would take three hundred one on three with nobody down aboard. He wouldn't take those silly shots. He thought more about where the team was on. The floor started working better with joker moving without the basketball or without dribbling and then moving without the basketball one game. He think they did a stat. Shot a four dribbles in a game where you had twenty plus points. He was learning the offense. He was learning where to go then. Murray goes down and save for the golden state porter was pretty good and you were. You know you've you've only lost one game since murray's been down mark this time in your nuggets his brains. This could be one of those moments where you look at it and say wow tough. Tough injury to take for jamal. Murray but one of those where michael porter jr. really took that next step and became a superstar forty seven minutes after the hour. We're gonna get to what's on tonight when we return also get to my closing thoughts as well. There are a lot of games happening tonight and colfax were getting dangerously close draft. Week is upon us. Thursday we're finally going to find out who the broncos take at nine. Can you feel it in the the avalanche back at it against the blues tonight there one on one since their cova break still feeling like an extremely special team the rockies have some interesting news perhaps huge news for some of those brightest haters. Nuggets are still you know one one game away from forty. They got memphis tonight. Can you feel it. And there's something going on with these these four pro teams and it's exciting forty eight minutes after the hour. We'll take a short break. We'll wrap up We'll wrap up the show when we come back with what's on tonight listening to the hall's show powered by the energy and thirteen ten kfi k. Brady will be back after the break. What's happening in your own. Backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. I this is. Jesse kurtz executive producer and lead anchor the mountain west network and you're listening to the whole show ten. Kfi nine minutes. Till top of the hour we have the her with colin cowherd coming up next and then thirteen days. Thirteen teams continues. Our high school. Baseball preseason coverage. We're getting set for high school baseball man. It's going to be a lot of fun. Seasons to go may and june. It's going to go into the summer month. So pretty pumped about that tune in tonight to hear all about greeley central and then following that game shortly well an hour or two later. Seven o'clock we get to a coverage of rockies and giants seven forty five first pitch austin gombrich going to the mound for the rockies. Also tonight the nuggets play host to memphis. That game went to double overtime last time. These two played Nuggets looking for win. Number forty tonight. Can they get it and again. It's a big week watching phoenix watching the clippers. And what they're doing. This will be very interesting to see how this unfolds the avalanche going at it tonight against saint louis there on the road at five o'clock game there one one since that cova break they'll play vegas which will be a big game coming up on wednesday and that's That's what's on tonight at a very busy busy night in the world of pro sports. What do you think chance of chance of winning three tonight. Colfax avs get the dub on the road. They lost the saint. Louis on saturday five to three rockies glue on the road against the giants that is a tough one And then nuggets gets at home against memphis. I like the nuggets to win avalanche short. Let's go there I wanna pick the rockies to win and you just got the big news about bridage. I'm gonna go with the rockies. Team is a as a whole is happy about the decision looking for the future. And they're going to win. They win tonight's going. So you get you get three trifecta. This never goes well for me. Whenever i pick a trifecta. I've tried to in college sports sunset. You know picking see. Ucs you and unc never works on thanksgiving day games though for nfl historically. I don't lose on thanksgiving. Never i mean it's just something about that day that i bring the noise We're to did not expect the news about jeff rightish. It's crazy monday. Walking away from it though it feels like probably the right move and maybe this is getting fans going all right. At least he's at least he's trying something i think it does. Because otherwise we are going to fans are already braced for a crappy season. And we were just braced for and we're just gonna put up with it and wait. See what happens. But now it's like there's a little glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel with your without trevor story. Even maybe probably because it shows that they're willing to make changes that need to happen. I'll be curious to see what happens. A story if they trade him because it would be silly to keep him for the year. If you're not going to resign him yes because you know if you're not a playoff if you if you were a playoff team then i'd say okay. Yeah ride it out with trevor. Get yourself a wildcard entry and then win one maybe add to your rockies resume but you're not so there's no point in keeping him around Unless he's willing to stay long term which will be very interesting to see how this one plays out more on this tomorrow Kansas city chiefs. Sean kokin becomes first. Nfl player to convert entire salary to bitcoin. Bitcoin a little bit. Do you have any bitcoins. No actually i have other ones but where do you keep them under their not there in the cloud and on my wallet and virtual wallet and i don't think i'm going to hold storage and i don't think i've ever gonna understand. This is too far advanced for me the future so it's not bitcoin something else but it's like that. Yeah it's a world man. It's the world we live in. That's going to do it for us. Don't forget thirteen thirteen tonight at four o'clock rockies as well seven o'clock here on kfi. We never stopped northern colorado.

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B.I.G. Interview | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on 4-Win STREAK!!!

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17:06 min | 2 months ago

B.I.G. Interview | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on 4-Win STREAK!!!

"Hey this is mark. Johnson voice for the colorado buffaloes and you're listening to the whole show my buddy. Oh thirteen ten. Kfi welcome back to the show. You what a shout. Out to sponsor the program mosier funeral and cremation service services as unique as life and i wanna say ten games under five hundred. The rockies aren't dead yet there. We go colfax Drew crease men joining us from dvr rockies drew my friend is it bad that i'm like hey ten games under five hundred here. We go order obey. Liar yes talking about am i am. I is free going tonight. And it's not been confirmed. I'm pretty sure he i do. I don't know. I just saw it on a couple of different things here now. I'm like i. I mean this this could be. This could be great now. You've got me all of my emails to make sure so. They still haven't announced really. This has made it official. Well i guess. I just jumped on. Espn t as probable pitchers. That's how they get you. Drew word probable. Got me in trouble. I gotta watch out for that word. It'd be so cool again. Jacob degrom. I know but still it's are four four in a row and you get this win last night and a little scary but how government i mean i feel like i credit him for the nuggets win last night actually because i set the tone for colorado teams yesterday i one hundred percent on this the gombe The the blake street numbers. We've been calling them. That's kayla perkins. Yeah he's he's been fantastic. Yeah i it's funny. Because i know he's had a couple of roth outings and like if you just look at the era like what do you mean. He's been fantastic. Really essentially a first year pitcher pitching half his games at coors field and also under the umbrella of you were traded for the greatest third baseman of all time. And he's gone out there and for the most part again with a few exceptions. That were really really ugly. He's he's been very good in these outings where he's been good in almost able to go the distance last night. I wanted that form. I was glad he gave him opportunity but he he was starting to come apart a bit. It's tough to go the distance these days. Not as tough as it used to be. Apparently but i mean. I remember a time when bud black i started with the rockies. He came up here to greeley for for friends of baseball event. And that was like forty five questions was. How are you going to get starting pitchers to go more than five innings six innings. And now. it's you know it's it's happening fairly often for the rockies starting pitching it's just been very good you know anyone who has been paying close attention or especially knows how to dig into some of the deeper numbers. They don't just look at the raw yar a This should have been known like they're they're the best part of the team for sure. It's really frustrating that the rest of the team is struggling so much. Bullpen is so bad when they really do have their best. Starting pitching of all time And they're gonna get. Kyle freeland back into the mix but yeah gombar has been great. John gray has been phenomenal. Our men mark has been good but not yet the best version of himself that we've seen and you could say the same thing about sends a tele So yeah it's just the pitching and remember now it as much as everyone it. It doesn't make for the trade. it just doesn't get away from that for a minute but the fact is is going to be around the next no four maybe five years i got a double check that contract but you know he's he's going to be around so he he doesn't have this like well i'm going to be a free agent two years so if i can't figure this out whatever he's gone to figure out course you really can't hang is he's had the right attitude about it. He hasn't shied away from the curve. Ball He pitched hell of a ball game last night out there too big city with all the lights and stuff man i mean. He was like i said he was. He was phenomenal. And it's exciting to see again. I know we're all like there's so many listeners out there and you get him to drew. They're like we're supposed to hate the rockies. I just don't have it in me man. I'm rooting for this group. I'm rooting for these. Young is like you said we have been starving to see consistent starting pitchers pitching and we're getting it so it's not the end of the world. There are some positives and you just won four in a row. Yeah well and it's something you can build your future around other than john gray. None of these guys are free agents next year and john likes it here I think there's a perfect opportunity to bring him back in the rockies. Have nothing basically on the books. Especially if trevor story walks and they really have all the money in the world to sign john gray who is one of the few people who's proven he knows how to pitch at coors field. So yeah i think the rockies look i. I don't think they're going to turn this thing around. And get like in the postseason contention you never know. It look at certainly helps not playing the dodgers and padres giant every single game. Like you're going to get you know some other teams to play and they've shown up well against those guys ultimately. I think you're learning a lot about. Who's a part of this team next year. And some of the things that you're learning might show you do much quicker turnaround and rebuild around guys like gombar and marquez and freeland and we're gonna learn now. It's what brendan. Rogers is going to bring to the table. You know we're we're going to learn all about that. ryan mcmahon. Looks like he's a big part of your future. That was more of a question mark into this season. So i know people won't wins The bullpen is making that real tough. Yes you know but those other things. It's a fun bunch. I don't get like look if you hate the front office. I get it jeff price. Which isn't there anymore and dick mon- for isn't selling the team so there's nobody else up there to hate right and you can't hate this group of guys on the field you i mean. This is a lovable group of guys out there. Proven that they belong some of them maybe not but some of them are and that's really cool to watch it will and you know with the news about a month ago of dick monfort kind of making it known i. He's probably going to be stepping back a little bit. So now's the time. Maybe you don't wanna watch a losing season. We'll see but now's the time to get to know some of these guys because you. What does the other What's the alternative. You're done you're done watching the rockies for the entire life. And that's what's that's what's strange to meal to me. Drew christmas joining us from the rockies. You a crossover tweet that you're getting some grief and oh you're going to get rid cancel. Yes i'm gonna cancel. And i love this tweet because i agree with you. One hundred percent on this basically calling out the mellow booing saying. Hey what mellow did. Might not be as bad as what nolan did. And i agree with you. One hundred and ten percent. That i don't know why people hate carmelo anthony. But nobody hates known auto. Everybody's in love no no in fact. That's their new favorite team. I'm with you one hundred percent on this my man. Yeah so what. I was kind of trying to get at and i. Fortunately people made the argument for me but in the starkest of terms was that there is retroactively. No hate for that nuggets. Front office of the time and for that nuggets team is the team. At the time. I lived through that in college. And that is not how i remember those years but okay On the flip side the no one thing is a hundred thousand million billion percent about screw the rockies. That's what it's about that's what it comes down to. because can you imagine carmelo. Anthony sent video to the new york knicks years ahead of time. Can you imagine if carmelo anthony had insinuated even in the slightest. That nuggets fans didn't show him enough respect. Mel's never said anything positive things about denver and nuggets fans day one. No one's like well. I never got that over there during the curtain. Call thing it's like it's probably not that big a deal. I don't hold ill-will toward either of them for me. The thing is not. Let's be mad at both of them for me. Like look to professionals at the top of their game both hall of fame players who decided that it was best for their situation to go somewhere else and they had to leverage to do that and the fact that we get really mad at one of them and we celebrate the other. One people had the nerve to me to be like. It was right after the nuggets second-best season of all time that come out left. It's like i still have my plane ticket to milwaukee there when they won ninety one games and the next season. Nolan is video to saint louis. So don't don't tell me. the nuggets. Were full of hope and optimism at the time in the rockies are a joke they won ninety one games just a couple of years ago when i was there for every single one of them but this is what i asked this fans get mad at mellow i mean would you would you be. Would you rather he just left as a free agent. Then i mean because that's what that's what this industry allows you to do. It's nothing new. Every team in every league has a free agency period and a lot of players. Move on if there's more money so would we rather mellow say all right. Sinar guys. I'm gonna go to the next i. I don't care what the reasons for going were. it doesn't matter. I mean nolan might of wwe might have been just thinking of winning mellow other things. And that's to me. That's part of what separates personalities in sports. So we rather mellow just up and leave a few months later or force. The knicks hand at that point because the knicks thought. They could be a contender with mellow that year. And they gave up trades that impacted the nuggets for years and years to come jamal. Murray was essentially a part of that with the trial with the draft. Pick right like Meanwhile lebron james themselves and television show and free agency and goes for nothin'. Cleveland welcomes him back with open arms like okay. I don't know. Dwight howard did the same thing leaving the and it's like i don't. I don't get any of it trevor. Bauer kinda did that. You know he's been doing that for a while. I'm only signed a one year. Deals like guys are totally celebrated as business geniuses but carmelo. Anthony you orchestrates a trade back home and gets his team. Set up nice for the future and gets to the second round of the playoffs in the eastern conference that year. Gotta hate the guy who whoever you want. But they don't pretend like knowing are an auto in carmelo. Anthony didn't make very same similar business decisions for themselves to put themselves in a better situation for them and their families. That's what they did now. Drew mellow did push joker in the back last night and then i suddenly i've ever said i boo- this man man. It's it's an interesting one for sure. And for some reason mellows name. Like i've always been i think the nba needs to not retire. Numbers but honor great players with nate with jerseys in the rafters. That doesn't mean the numbers retired. The idea of that because fifteen is worn by joker in the idea that to some is like. You're an idiot man. Why would you honor arguably the greatest nugget of all time. You are such a bad sports guy. So i just i. I don't possibly people were mad when daniel murphy decided to wear number nine one year. Right after you left now this number. Can you imagine if rimac moving over there we lose lose. Drew might have. We might have lost drew. Cut now. okay we're still. We're still are drew. Drew went into a black hole for a moment. But he's okay. he's back. I yeah i slipped into the inter dimensional rift. And i'm fine. Thank you good. Yeah you sound great. But i mean yeah can you. There would be a huge awful in my neck of the woods. There's some old guy. Phrases mcmahon decided the twenty eight. This year you know people that would be a big deal the fact that you know nuggets fans all down with yoga wearing fifteen or like. I get yelled at by nuggets. Fans for liking. One of the most talented players ever worn nuggets jersey and just like not wanting him to fail. And just generally being like yeah. Those are still my favorite years of ban. People like they get mad at me. I'm like yeah. I'm with you on that. I've been saying i definitely think jokers the best of all time now for the nuggets but i always used to put mellow right there with alex english. That was always met with with such hate. But i saw your tweets so wanted to. I love it. I love the make and again i. If you're going to boom boom both right. Yeah and that's kind of my thing. And i saw a lot of people. Boiling it down to We're just doing the guy on the other team in a big game. And i'm like listen to the the huge ovation that nolan's gonna get when he comes and it's deserved and it's earned but it's like i think carmelo deserved earned Better treatment for what he did here during his time and and how he made the team relevant for them being completely irrelevant. From the time. I was born to the day. He was drafted. That argument is great. Because i've looked back to alexandersson again not taking anything away from him but the nuggets. It's not like they were atrocious. When before alex english got there the nuggets were the most laughable organization in the league before mellow got there for several years and the moment. He stepped foot into denver. They were relevant one link rookie of the month. Every month i think he led the league like nineteen and scoring and several. You put the nuggets on the map and and way people just. It frustrates me. But that's okay. I'm trying to enjoy these nuggets now and not get back into that. It was so cleverly turns mellow trauma but he's always going to be my guy and so you know nuggets fans can take. He basically made mean. Nba fan. I didn't watch the nba. Before that i had no reason. I kind kinda watch the kings back in the day. You know So that that you're not even allowed to like the guy here has been a very strange turn of events. Yeah it's an interesting one for sure. Drew what are you. Work it on forest man and again. I'm sure i'm gonna follow you. Refresh all day to see about freeland. If that news has confirmed so that for sure we'll be we'll be follow along with that. I've been working on this. Big comparative peace. Ryan mcmahon 'cause i see a lot of people naturally you know you wanna compared to nolan are and auto. They play the same position that got some interesting comparable numbers at this point. This season even The my take has been actually that ryan mcmahon is not. The next nolan are now. He's next carlos gonzales. And and i think in a lot of great ways a lot of ways that will ultimately probably be better for The franchise and including one. I'll give you one part of the the article away at you'll recall carlos. Gonzales was on that two thousand nine team that went to the postseason and lost tough set to the phillies and then he was the only member who was then still on the team in twenty seventeen front nightclub and made the season again. I think it'll be more one of those bridges because he was on those seventeen and eighteen teams. And he's gonna be there as kind of the veteran at the core with the leadership and the grit smile and the extraordinary athleticism. The left handed swing. That can drive the ball real long way. Not knowing he cargo. I'd take another cargo. No question about drew always appreciate you. Thank you for taking me down that interesting road with with melodrama as appreciate roll with the punches. And let's see if the rockies can wiggle their way underneath the ten games under five hundred what they can do got three hole road winds now. Look at them go. I win a road series at some point. This one with the math is four but then they got pittsburgh up shot. That's a real opportunity. There has been only got like thirty seconds. Or why are they playing it. Like four in the morning on thursday. The baseball schedule this year. I believe was put together by the three months. Looks good. let's let's play them in the morning. Okay great wanting folk dope though. Yeah actually. I'm kind of excited about it so for sure. Drew appreciate you my man. We'll catch up pretty soon. Take care chris mundane vr rockies forty two minutes after the hour again a lot of texts coming in. Maybe i'll do my next deep thoughts from ordering on mellow and what in the hell he did for this organization. I just drives me nuts that you hate it you can be like. Oh that's suck that. He left but he put this team. He made this team relevant and because of him. They were ella after him. Forty two minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash.

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February 2  Hour 2  Just Bridich Being Bridich and More On Nolans Debacle of a Trade

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February 2 Hour 2 Just Bridich Being Bridich and More On Nolans Debacle of a Trade

"Five minutes after the hour. Second final hour. Top text tuesday today. Glad you could be with us all against era out your frustrations i have no guests lineup lined up this out. It is a one hundred percent devoted to the whole against. I want your thoughts. I want you to vent it out to me. Are you done. Are you done being rockies fan. I asked this as a poll question because we never reused. Poll questions colefax. That's the rule the whole show. I asked this question on saturday. Are you done being rockies fan. And i want to hear from you guys on that today and we weren't. We didn't have a show saturday. It's a weekday show But i heard some of your comments messages to the program pre it but are you done. So that's one our power to play. Sports poll question with all due. Respect is not the biggest story of the day. But it's certainly something you need to be. Paying attention to the mountain west conference winning be read chiming in on that appreciate that. My friend was the only team in the country to give three eight plus when conference opponents their first conference las question mark. I don't know that maybe is that. Are you really asking. I don't know the answer to that. I could find that though. Yeah they beat the first one to beat san diego state. One of utah. I wanna beat boise state and those are all three of the top teams in the conference outside of issue. I think the rams might might make a run. I really do. I think they're going to do something. Pretty unique here. I just think they just have this. Never say never attitude and those are usually the teams that make some noise. There's conferences. I know it sounds cliche to say that. But watch it damn see issue game and tell me you don't see it. I was asked on a podcast this morning. What i thought of. Why defensively defensively as team. So i just. I feel like when they get aggressive. They communicates so freaking well. And it's it's it's what you have to have in basketball on defense if you're not talking you're not like a chain like you're just perfectly linked together you could be the greatest athletes in the world but you can still screw up on defense if you don't if you aren't aware where the other person's gonna be who's gonna have your back out. Who's who's who's joining you on the double team. Who's recovering when you when you do leave and go to that double team. I mean those are big important. Things impeach asiawatch ceus. You play defense. be red question. Mark bikes okay. You've got this then. You got my friend. Ken bone chiming in who. This could be a winner. This could be a winner alert. I don't understand all the frustration regarding the rockies front office and their player moves. They're doing a fine job. Sincerely dean spanos. That's need spanos the chairman and owner of the charges. That's good chargers. Moved out of at a santiago and to los angeles. Yeah yeah. I think that fan base not happy. There could be worse. How bad is it that in my car. Driving in this morning colfax. I'm thinking moving. The team outside of colorado is that is that worse than what. We're witnessing right now at the rockies. Yeah probably i was pretty a pretty negative place. I pulled a dick for when he's like. Hey i was just beginning to wonder. This state even deserves a team. And i'm like well if you have an owner. That thinks you ever win here. You can't ever have decent players pill finances done being a rockies fan. But i'm done supporting the the current iteration of the team. I have a few a few dollars to give and monfort doesn't seem to be interested in my piece of the pie story has gone our stories are starters are quality but the rest of the lineup. Just won't compete jeff right. It's makes me more upset than any person. I don't know i don't know whoever has i never thought i'd missed dan o'dowd now that sadly that could be a text of the day dan o'dowd we were begging. When are you going to move on from. Dan didn't happen. Here's dick montfort. He was asked about the financial basically. And we might air some of the reporter in this just to kind of make sense for you on this. Forgive me if we don't set it up one hundred percent. We were rolling this morning Basically asked if this is what it came down to was the financial decision about nolan. Yeah i mean You know a year ago. We tried to find out whether there was fit for nolan quietly. You that was nolan's our hope. Then it got out but the And we need a we. Shut it down because there wasn't anything that was too fit. If i had my brothers i would rather have no lennar nado But it was one's choice. He he wanted to move on and You know i. I've speculated over the last year what. Why and. I've talked to nolan a lot about it over the last year but the fact remains that i think he just felt it was time for him to to dry something else out so You know that said what do you do I mentioned you can just wait and have him opt out at the end of the year and you get a draft choice or you can talk some other teams and see if you can make better or deal so although there's some a lot of financial ramifications in this i think the fact of the matter is we honored nolan. Wanted to do and we may. What we thought was the the best thing we could do at the time. And you know as i also mentioned latest didn't just all the sudden happen This took a lot of work and So i think these are the results of that so he did the also somebody that that follow up question. I believe colfax was so. Did you guys assume then. So you're sure. Nolan wanted to opt out because crease men of dnv iraqis told us yesterday The rockies weren't so much concern about whether or not nolan wanted to opt out. They were concerned that he was going to opt in and stay and they'd have to pay him for the duration of of his contract. Now he was asked about that kind of you know the concern about that. Did you think that nolan was going to opt out. And dick monfort and i have this quote he quote. He told us he wanted to be traded. So it was our assumption. He would opt out and quote. That was nine months. If you're tracking along he said it was nine months after the deal right so they nine months. They played got their season. It was bad and basically nolan said. I'm i i. I don't think you guys are gonna do enough to build around. The team really wanted to see a followup from playoff year. And i don't think we're there i would like i would like trade. Now was that where it ended because they have the end of the year. Chat and bright. You non where we're told they damn near came to blows man. They were ripping out each other. Is that where it ended. And if so then things might have changed since then nolan might have looked at the pandemic and said you know what. Maybe i'm better off to stay in here and we'll go from there. I don't like this answer. He told us he wanted to be traded which again nine months after he signed the deal. This is two years later. Or whatever it was your. It was our assumption. He would opt out. Did you ask him that seriously. Like did did you ask. Kovacs word radio. You know. we're we're in the world of sales. We have salesman all over the place around here. They're one of their things is you don't know if you don't ask you're going to get turned down if you don't have did they ask him because our assumption doesn't exactly put the crackers stomach. Does it carl. You will win top text tuesday today if you get that if you get that right if you if you tell me where that's from now maybe that's not because there's a lot huggins that watch crappy movies like me. Sorry it's not a crappy movie it's classic. I don't like the assumption and again you don't know that he could tell you now. I'm not doing ad then. Hey decide something. Different came on. I understand that the covert nineteen comes into play and again. It's using that as the answer. About trevor stories really frustrating well. We don't know what's going to happen. So what what do you mean. We don't know what's going to happen. As far as baseball season we want to try to get a season. But you know we'll have to see on all that stuff so does that mean. You're not gonna try to manage baseball right now. You're not gonna manage your business at this stage texter here of them playing victim and all. This makes me sick. They had an asset and they'd show they choose to get nothing in return. It's like bringing like bringing my smoke. Show girlfriend too low and giving her away to a bro while also paying his drinks and protection. Oh jeez girly I i did tell you though. Colfax it kind of feels like you were. You were a jerk to your significant other. You're a jerk. And they loved you. There were like. I'm ready to marry you and you were a jerk won a few nights and then they go. You know what i'm gone. I tried but i'm gone. You're being an idiot. And then here you set and your debt you're devastated now and you look up and there's that significant other. There's that perfect person for you up there now married to a billionaire. They're doing amazing things. Now they're going to go on and be famous forever. And here you sit. That's us we're the rockies. That's how we feel. Look at a nolan. he's doing dell. it's gonna probably go win a lot of. He's going to have a lot of success but here we are now tried again. Trevor your next. I mean if you're trevor story. Are you like if i do sign. Who's to say that. I'm not ship out of here for saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. I don't know. I don't know you sign if you were trevor story would you side with the colorado rockies unless you just love it here i mean. I'm curious to know more. So what these what. These players are thinking. This is going to be. It's going to be interesting for sure. here's the. I was asked about nolan or not a few times. Here's the question about jeff. And his relationship with allan. Listen we're gonna play the whole thing. Because i want you guys to be as miserable as i was listening to this garbage response to a real question. That is the root of the situation. We can't even get a straight answer. We ended up getting a past history lesson in here. Here's jeff right. Nolan are not own their relationship. You have not at this point chosen to respond. Would you like to characterize your relationship with noah for us for the rockies fans. I would say that it's nolan. I have known each other for over a decade but known as family for over a decade. There had been so many interactions over that time starting with just drafted him. Spring training years of spring training. With with his his garrett's come down and his brother and his cousins and alani time to tulsa and minor leaguer farmer after And and then as he became a big leaguer and ask became an elite big labor and You know. I think that when you in this in this chair in this job when you recommend that we signed him to a quarter of a billion dollar contract a bit comes with an incredible not of belief in person. You don't push for that sort of a commitment that sort of a contract unless you believe in the person you believe in talent you believe in the future but the organization with that player and you know but or time sometimes relationships change and this is not an easy necessarily easy industry to to be people are competitive and in human being change over time our feelings. What's important to us and On sometimes there are there are complications. And you know it's it's it's not always a straight line and it's not always simple and it's not always easy but i think my point is at the base of all of this. This relationship was a strong belief that i've always had no one Arisons i i i got to know and so you know we wish him. Nothing but the best We really do. We feel like he's he's going to do a great job for st louis. you know. And we hope that he and his family are not always have even though that there have been some bulky times in the past We wish you the best. How do you take that like. What was your relationship like with with known earn. Not or he goes gives us a history lesson. I don't really. I'm sorry but not right now i mean i would love to have a beer with jeff bright. It's and learn how he got to nolan earn auto and how that how their relationship grew. I sure but not right now today. I think i'd like to have a beer with them. I don't know it seems like the kind of guy would order. Like one of those really rich types drinks and take two sips and be like out and i'm like eight years deep and i'm calling a cab. Or what are they called now. Like not the kind of guy you want to take bob for yes. I'd go have a beer with that guy. That's that's the question is what was your relationship like how did that. What was it like at the end. And he goes through this whole this whole thing about our past and i know their family and a new and growing up and we obviously believed in a player because we invested that. We all know those things. Yeah of course you liked him. Of course you loved him as a player of course you. You signed the contract with him. We know that what we want to know is what ultimately relationship was like with nolan or not and we want to hear it from you because nolan said that you disrespected him that he feels disrespect and you have not spoken on that and even at the end of this. You still haven't. He was asked again a follow up. No jeff was it your relationship alternately with nolan that caused us to get to this point mark. Think you're asking me to speak for no one directly press. Speak for yourself sir. Well you yes me too to interpret. What nolan no might think. And so i don't ever try to speak for player in terms of how he's gonna feel about a situation with a team whether it's the team itself whether it's relationship me or in this case or a manager teammates or anything like that You know. I have said it's been clear like i said it earlier with an earlier question the the relationship wasn't always peaches cream and there are some bops here and there You know relationships change over time. Could i have done a better job. In certain areas you betcha absolutely Manton i can always do better in in certain areas of of my job in this organization. I think that goes without seeing. I think that's part of the human experience in its industry. And i don't you know take to heart. I don't think i'm blind to that But i can't sit here and speak for. Don't not a field right now and Certainly try nycacc not to speak publicly for players very you know. I've never really never have have gotten a public hair. words Were a public conversation with a player and so try to keep those things private and utter respect to everybody involved. Listen and i and that was mark kusila by the way the denver post. Ask that question and kizlar what he paid. Been doing this a long time. They were allowed. I think the last two or three questions is typically any zoom. I've been on those guys usually get it. And there were hundreds of media members on this colfax hundreds in so i i kind of go. I knew going in i'm going to be. I'm going to be a spectator on the sport but it was fascinating jeff bright. It's could not answer the question. Now listen if you are a manager and you set like maxim for how you handle things like. This is the way. I'm going to do things i'm going to. I'm going to never talk publicly about a player. I'm never going to really discuss that. And that's your that's your mo. And that's never going to do that. But wendy you start. When do you start to say. Hey i'm going to be honest with you because this is at the end of the day what. This is all about kovacs. Was that make any sense on talking about the whole like this is your team. I get it. Dick mont for the owner. This is your money. You worked hard to get that money and you bought a team to dream. Come true you're a fan. You said it i. It's hard but isn't this a different thing we get we as fans love the tell owners. How many sports shows including this have. You heard us say. I throw a thorough at first and second round. Pick shawn watson that justin simmons and i do not none of that matters. It's fun to talk about but it's a different industry. This is a fun industry. I mean at the end of the day. We're talking about a player leaving somewhere else. When does it come down to okay. That's your choices. You're a capitalist. Whatever you made the move at your money. When do you start carrying about the fans and saying. Is this going to hurt our fan base now dick. I don't have the tweet in front of me. Colfax predict said something along the lines of. Yes we know. This is going to be upsetting to our fans and we have to try to repair that. You knew it was going to be like. Is it forgivable. I mean yes it some at some point. All you guys saying you're not gonna watch you're gonna watch. You might not go to a game for awhile. Might not have a choice. You might not buy jerseys and stuff like that uniforms. And whatever merchandise might take a while but this one certainly up there as far as one of the worst moves and if not the worst move in not just rockies history in sports in colorado the state of colorado. It's got up there beer ad. Wow way to take an hour to say no comment yet. It's exactly right if you're not going to answer it. There's two responses. He gave about the relation which is the biggest thing at the end of the day. It's not even about building around this team or lack thereof. It's not about not about dick mon for it was about jeff. Brian and his relationship with nolan air. Auto and this is how it went. It went south. That is the number one thing we want answered and instead you you talk for three minutes on both responses about people's feelings change over time not if you're decent to each other and it's it's just a. It's a bad bad spot. Saint louis. Today i didn't. I didn't participate in that press conference but they're the complete opposite. They're walking around like whoa wait her. We got null pitch me. We got him for those guys. For all billy bob what's he. Hey what's his face going back gombar about to be real honest with you guys. It's not freaking out auto got fifty mill. You're kidding me seriously. And i'm not just like this is go look at media members that were following that press conference today. Saint louis coming out like this like. Are you kidding me. We didn't think it was going to happen. I thought it was a joke. I was like is it april first. Though they're serious they're ready to go on this thing dan. The rockies have had very few peaks many valleys. this is the lowest point in franchise history. Yeah for sure for the rockies. For sure i will not argue with you at all there. Do we need to take a break. We need to pass to here. Are we out. We dealt with clips. We finished that up. We wrapped up that. Thank goodness twenty seven minutes after the hour. We're gonna take a quick break. It's the whole show powered by energy top text tuesday rolling on. Let's get involved here. I need air it out. Let's get after nine seven four seven eight thirteen hundred one. We'll be right back. Keep up with your favourite high school basketball teams with perhaps radio. Another colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. No cone now. Weekdays at four northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Hi i'm darren done director of athletics at the university of northern colorado. And you're listening to the whole show. Thirteen ten kfi k. A. go into the chiropractic standard in greeley and. I sat down with dr dr tyler perry right before the holidays. And i said i'm going to start up my My plan after that. And what i love about it. I sit down with him. I tell him what's going on with the x ray done take a look. We talk about it and he's like all right. I'm gonna. I'm gonna get you a plan here. I'm not gonna make any promises. Sometimes you go into those crack crack places like cairo now and it's like boom you're in and out. Oh fixed up your good. Where's the hurt doesn't matter to do same thing everybody else then. You're you know you're relieved for a little bit and then you're back to the same old same old the very next day. What i like about this. This is a process. Because this is your cer- back we're talking about. I mean the the the pressure that you're back takes on a daily basis. I don't care what you do for librarian sitting down for a living it is going to be tough on you and i gotta tell you so. I've always had. I cracked three ribs. When i was in high school. And i've always just had some issues. And i carried my right shoulder lower and it was hanging lower than the other one. You know it just over time. That started to cause pain and it was getting tough so i schedule my appointment there. I've been going. I've been up thirteen or fourteen times. And i've i've tried to like leveled out my wife's looking at night she's looking at. Wow it's starting to climb up your right. Shoulder is starting to kind of look like it's not so so much hanging off of your body anymore so i'm excited about that and the pain is starting to go away slowly but surely now i'm i'm very new into the process and i'm curious to see how this whole thing breaks down. I'm telling you guys give it a shot. I have heard people in there. And i've talked to people in there from the age of eighty five fifteen thirty five also said the same thing. Hey this worked. I'm actually sat. i don't come anymore. Because i just like coming here. I didn't even realize that. I suddenly it's like wow i can. There was an eighty five year old in there. So i can turn my neck. I can us. I turn my neck better than i've been able to turn it in several years and i'm probably not supposed to hear that but i'm hearing it from the other room next door and it's cool because it's you can schedule very easily. It's in and out. It's usually very very fast. Great music playing when you walk in but again it's you just pop in and out you go room to room three room four. Whatever get it done. Get it taken care of. But there's been some very happy people there that are so thankful and the doctors again in fact today. I'm going over there for an assessment. My quarter assessment of where we are at this stage and see that here. In cnn anywhere else have been other places i've been to both i've been to clinics. I've been to walk in and walk out places that you you don't have set an appointment. I've been to both never really worked so far. So good if you're if you guys are interested if you want to stop hurting. Check out the chiropractic standard in greeley first advantage text line is nine seven four seven eight thirteen o one nine seven four seven eight thirteen a one man. It's it's a rough day isn't it. I don't think the press conference helped at all. They make it worse. No no. I didn't make it worse to make it better now. It's about the same. I mean we knew what they're gonna say right. Yeah they're going to double down. They're going to stay strong. I thought rockies twitter feed coming out last night like this long thing about its official and that that was that was strange to me but again this is. I'm not used to see in this kind of thing. I mean usually see in our heartfelt. Thank you so much for being here. Jeremy grant or whatever players that were here had meaningful time even if it was a year but again i get it. Yo two dear dick and jeff this from dixon to scan this i. I heard that you've recently been receiving pushback from the fans and media regarding some of your recent team management decisions already. Read to the end of this. If you would like to schedule a time to meet. I'd be happy to help and show you how to be terrible at your job but still be able to scapegoat others and get five or six year long haul passes. It's not that hard. Just bring one hall of famer and it takes care of everything. Sincerely john elway. That is just garbage dixon. You gotta quit with that narrative. Man this is why you're the arch nemesis of the show. This is why you are the bad guy here. Elway won a super bowl three of them. Actually if you're counting one two as a quarterback in another as vp. no way no way. in fact that's blasphemy. I'm saying we're saying it here on the show today that's blasphemy. You cannot compare john elway to anything that the rockies have done elway's legend here. What is dick bond for done for the rockies and again i i made my my pr move for for mr montfort in greeley. Spend money with us but when it comes to the rockies you've done a terrible job please forgive me what always done for this organization. Even though the last five years have been rough you not even close not even close east side chris. I'm sure blackmun story a black. When it stories agents are trying to sign the papers for their stimulus checks to agree. We'll watch the rocks. I won't purchase way. Might taste like. I don't know that one is but am i. Purchase things later on Tough tough day man. It's it's a really tough situation for rockies fans and No today didn't help. I think for some hurt for me is. I'm watching this. I honestly got bored at the end because it was just dig martyrdom at least give you stuff. This kind of roam around. And like i said he randomly probably shouldn't have never run a dj like that to me is a wo- seriously and then bright it's on the other hand is like i'm gonna ask you a deep secret. Something really deep did you don't have a bad relationship. Oh back in the summer of eighty five. Actually you know whenever we met and it was great. Move out for ice cream. it's fantastic. I met his family and he's giving us a whole life story and then only to end it with you know. We thought a lot of them. We wouldn't have offered him a contract. If not that we know that. I know one hundred percent colfax. If you give a guy that kind of money you believe that he's going to be key you believe he's a great player but you also believes character guy that's going to represent you organization for the rest of his career if not beyond that what happened in the between times. What happened between that. Because you are the picture of you know the rockies teammates were out at coors field it was. It was nolan sitting by jeff bride. It's sitting by dick montfort but black was there and it was beautiful is where i wanna be. The grass isn't always greener. It was it was wonderful. It's a gorgeous day we're getting ready for rockies baseball. You got your guy. Nolan locked up then ended up. Their argument was who's the greatest superstar in the state of colorado. And everybody always said. It was nolan imposed on this. It was always nolan over. Vaughn joker might be making some headway now but in in mccain and of course on the hockey side but it was always nolan. Nolan would win every poll question. We ever did about that. What happened nine months after. Okay you failed to rebuild. Tell us about that. Nolan gives us that. like nolan. didn't like the way we were going about it. We were not rebuilt. We weren't he thought we were and you know he just. He didn't like that plan. It's i'm still listen. There was nothing jeff right at your dick for. It was going to say today to make us feel any better but there were certainly things to say. It's not a worse. And i think jeff brightest this is the problem dig for might not have made it worse. I don't know. But i feel like it's did because he doesn't answer any questions doesn't answer them. Monitored was asked by woody page at the end if he'd consider firing breakage or himself for that matter and i gotta tell you. This both mon- brian which take that like a champ. I'm gonna give him that today. They didn't get heated. Didn't overreact manfred actually said you know. I've never considered firing jeff bridage but i have considered firing myself tongue in cheek. But that i will. I know not everybody's bashing and i'm going to say this i took away from. I sat there for the full hour. And i will say i've seen a lot of owners. I've seen a lot of managers get more upset from from from lesser questions. Before so i will say that. They sat and took it. They took their lumps and the reporters that were able to ask questions that got in line. Did the little zoom handhold or hand upraised thing most of them ask the right questions but it got to the point where it's like people started. Ask dick more because brides wasn't going to give you anything. The end of the day i walk away from this and i say i hope dick montfort and jeff bridage prove us wrong. That's what i hope. And we are on the same side. Reporters fans i. It spangled came in their left field. Give him a chance What choice do we have. Of course we're going to give him a chance. They're gonna play. maybe. I hope they prove us wrong. But i i'm just not gonna hold my breath. Forty two minutes after the hour colfax. Let's jump out here and get the latest on the local sports flash party a northern colorado's force thirteen ten. Kfi k a the block party wednesdays from four ten pm. Hi this is earl blankets former david. Duggan you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi k our top techs tuesday days like this because we seriously is for the whole against bats for you hard working. Don't wanna games getting put through watching these teams. Screw you over left and right anyway. We're a little ahead of schedule. This is the script for today colefax. This is production. We we had this whole lineup of things to talk about. But this is where we went today. This is where we went. Top decks tuesday's normally like this but even today a little more so by dan brighter channels public relations like i handle adversity. I i panic. i blame. Finally i eat. Beck's kelly here i come. Well fairness that say. Hey if there's anyone to blame. Blame me i can take it. It's like batman. So like i even take that more as like a bulletproof blame me. You know that's how i take it. Silver lining colfax deal. Is there any silver lining. Today we can watch nolan like world series. Is that gonna help is like everybody's like root for shack barrett the sunday. We're gonna get into some super bowl talk later this week. Too but yeah. I'm rooting for him. But that's that deal doesn't seem anything like what this nolan or an audio is not even close. Is that gonna make things worse or better. I'd like to see i'd like to do it. He deserves it man. he's that good. Yeah yeah i mean. He's a great guy from what we know right and the best is never going to happen. You ever so but you're going to walk away from the you know. Ten twenty years later nolan's the third best third baseman in history. You wanna world series he's with the rockies forever then it all went downhill forty eight minutes after the hour. Shout out to no limit collectibles. Hey you might wanna call no limit collectibles. Get your nolan aeronautical right now do it no limit collectibles there in loveland at the outlets at in loveland right off the interstate there. Go check them out there. Close to the nike store. Their love no limit collectibles. Maybe your card collector. Maybe you need to decorate that man cave. that's what no limit collectibles is all about. We're going to actually have ken the owner on next hour. This friday this friday. We're going to gear up for super bowl. Talk with like the sports world. And what's happening there so no limit collectibles. Tell him we sent you hear from the whole show do so all right forty nine after the hour. We'll take a quick break. Who's winning top techs tuesday. We'll find out next. You're listening to the hall's show powered by pd energy and thirteen. Ten kfi am brady will be back after the break here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi a order nfl reporter for espn in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty two graduate of the university of northern colorado. Hope you'll continue to listen to the award winning hall show thirteen ten. Kfi man what a what a way to go man. What an interesting interesting day. It's been the last three or four days. It's a tough one. This is we take this personal. Any man i mean it again. I support owners to go out and do things they need to do. But that doesn't mean just because you own. It doesn't mean you know screw up and you shouldn't be held. You should be held to a higher standard. This is not walmart. This is not a bank. This is a different type of business. This is our entertainment. This is what we support. This is what we give our heart and souls to as fans especially and to have a beloved rocky just shipped away for nothing in return for no hope of the future. And i'm not saying there's no hope right now But it sure feels like that because you don't know how some of these players are going to. There's going to be players that hey they just needed a change of scenery in almost these guys are young. You have that going for him but It's it's a tough deal for sure. All right colefax we need to. We need to announce a winner for today and a lot of it was heartfelt today so not a lot of like big time texts. You know backpack and punches which is totally fine Ken bone gets ken. Boat always brings us in the sincerely and then insert character there. Dean spanos the the owner of the the challenges there so okay. I liked that one. I don't i don't understand all the frustration regarding the rockies front office and their player moves. They're find jobs sincerely dean spanos. Okay that one all right. That was good. That packed a little bit of a punch for me there today. All right colefax. We've got a few things that we're working on tomorrow. We will not be on the show. Tomorrow we'll be back thursday and then we start in on our super bowl fifty five chat more on the denver broncos. Stop to shawn watson. Ain't coming to town folks. Don't set yourself up for that failure you've already been. Let down the last three days. Don't set yourself up for that. Drew lock your quarterback going into next season. Yeah might as well get used to it. I'm coming to grips with it. You should too good. I northern colorado.

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210 | Vinnie The Comedian Cop

Best Case Worst Case

38:19 min | 7 months ago

210 | Vinnie The Comedian Cop

"Laughter i'm the same cruiser immune system and it also just makes you feel better comedy literally saved my life because i was just going down. That train work work work. I think especially in this twenty twenty twenty twenty one time period. We all could use a laugh. Have you tried madison rate hair-color yet. What is really cool about madison. Reed is you can actually try on the different colors using madison reads online hair-color tool they have professional colors. That you can call. You can even talk to them if you need a little help. It is incredibly convenient. They deliver madison. Read right to your door on your schedule. And it takes under an hour. And you've got beautiful soft gorgeous hair color get a monja free multidimensional hair colour delivered to your door. Starting at twenty two dollars and madison dash re dot com. Use our promo code best-case and you'll get ten percent off plus free shipping on your first color. Kit are promo code. Again is best case. Visit madison dash dot com now to find your perfect shade alone. Welcome to the best case worst case. This is jim retired. Fbi profiler foreign new york city prosecutor writer-producer cbs's criminal minds with me today from afar is everybody gets francey. Hague's former state and federal prosecutor. Jim we are still well. We are ultimately socially distanced. Let's be on the time over speaking cejar much less touchy slather hug each other or you know Spit on each other. We wanted to each other. Is that what you're trying to say. His at each other. France oddest animated jim. And there's no danger to either one of us. I'm i'm happy to report well from each other anyway. Francey you digress. We haven't amazing guests. We should probably let introduce himself on many montez copper last twenty two years. What i do. But i'm also a standup comedian. I take what. I see a twist it and have a little fun with it because i think that milk together. You know what i mean. Could you do that with fred. Twister tournaments they permit alley healthy mentally healthy. It is funny really. I will pay. You don't want i don't want. Hr knocking on my door looking on prancing. She won't well. We'll get into safe. Space cop vinnie vinnie. The cobb i mean come on. Does it get any classic than this. And how latino to get us okay. I'm so excited. So hey why. Don't you tell us a little bit about your background. Where you a cop pal. When did you get started. And how did you get started. So i was with those kids who fell in love with watching chips when i was a kid so i just remember being in house one day in the intro segment donald blown. They're riding their motorcycles sponsored. John man i'm going to be a motor cop and i didn't know anything about it. You know you just kind of get that idea as kid but i just I really love the fact that they would always talk to people and you know they. There'd be moral every story you know episode and so i found myself at the age of fourteen wanted to be involved. Law enforcement is explore. I joined the cap program. Just outside of where i live and i spent twelve twenty one doing that and Fortunately enough i got hired by the board cake. Sheriff's office in I'm sorry to explore. i can't thank you. Two and then quickly. Ghabra to the ranks of the dispatcher. Eighteen to twenty one. Just kinda did everything. I could to get involved. Monfort spend then and what's the academy became a copy. Ninety eight worked. Everything you possibly can do. I started out in jail. Worked out two. And a half years. Eric aimed at streets. Were dui and everything you can possibly want to work. Detectives narcotics came as sergeant ron troll and went back to the tour in the narcotics section. Then somebody thought it was a good idea. In two thousand eighteen commander. And that's where i've been for the last two and a half years. What any you have yet to say. Sorry i'm with the boulder county sheriff's office so just outside of denver. Thank you so much for coming on the show and for making people's lives a little funnier bringing some joy and laughter. That's a wonderful thing. I mean it certainly helped me get through Before i had a i had cancer and And was under a nine eleven. Got it along with a whole bunch of other first responders and had a bone marrow transplant sixteen years ago so i have constantly been dealing with that kind of stuff and while after got me through. I i literally watched Monty python's and the pink panther movies every day. I would watch one and probably is definitely in improves your immune system and it also just makes you feel better. So thank you for doing that. Well i feel a connection to you already. I have never talked about this on stage. I'm going to. I just didn't know win. So prior ten years ago. I joined the red cross this little white kid medical teams. They have the work. These little events and stuff advantages on people band. You whatever but I ended up donating blood in the early nineties. Like ninety four ninety five. And when i donate that blood. I'd signed up for the bone marrow registry which. I didn't realize i done this so fast. Forward to about ten eleven years ago roughly I get a phone call. Hey where the colorado marriage three we wanted to meet up with you. We've got the talking about okay. Tell me hey you Actually signed up for this. We took your marijuana in the put it in the system. Caller marriage and i'd match and my dad died of cancer in ninety nine right when i became a cop. I got hired. Ninety died january ninety nine. Sorry how do you say no. How do you say no this right. And so i go in and they test everything because they do a ton of tests. Make sure you know. You don't have something you're going to give this person because they're already dire straits the week leading up to this. They cut send a nurse to my house every day. And they're shooting up the shots and it makes you feel terrible like you have the worst ever own pain. Did you get bone pay. Oh my god so the day of it. They actually killed the immune system in the patient. They never told me who he was. They just told me like his uses forties. They took me to the hospital in denver and they. I'll never forget this like goes today. I go in this room. And they got to put a central line in me a fool the blood out and then put the other the blood without stem cells. Back in me so i mean there. There's a poster like miss hawaiian island up on the ceiling. And the nurses there. And i'm freaking out like i medical and i. We just don't get along. I'm worried i'm taking my pulse. Mike my diet. And she's like cops and stuff like troll issue know she's giving me crap and she's like my blood pressure starts to drop them. Repulsed i increase. And she's like making fun of me. It starts making me laugh. And i come through it weeks ahead. I make it through when i go in the room. And they take this out and i start feeling better after. They'd spent all his stem cells and then they had to come up. Pull this thing out of my neck on. Oh my gosh. it was whole ordeal. Like it's a real deal. There are people that need out there. And i couldn't believe i went through this experience. But thank you so much closer to you because it sounds like it worked for you. It did i Here i am. Sixteen years later and i i had. I had the same exact experience because what they did for me. I was an experimental program. Where they they actually gave me. New pigeon made me overproduce stem cells. They out exactly the same way. Pass out in the middle of mind by the way just so you know and but i was. I was very you know very weak at the time but anyway so and then they freeze it and then they kill me Give you ten times. The lethal dose of chemo. And then you know when you have absolutely no live. Blood cells knows no bone marrow alive in you they do they they unfreeze it they do this drip and slowly gets into your body. Its senses that you're in distress and it worms its way into your entire cone and the and the stem cells become bone marrow and then eleven days later i started producing my own blood and i lived. Wow that's crazy you know. That's something that all three of us having comment. Because i also was a bone marrow. John are to my brother. Who had leukemia about ten years ago. I did the exact same thing. Although i had the of myself the neupogen shots vinnie. And i thought at one point about day two or three hours having a heart attack because my chest hurts so much i had because i am but it was really just that intense bone. I've never felt anything like that. In my life i did raise machine and so did they central line and you to yet in my neck. Got i elliott. This know i mean this massive. Thank you stick figure. Because it's like. I was walking down the hallway before they hook me up after they put these little. Things are doing the heartbeat. But this is the part. I'm gonna put in my comedy bit. 'cause this is the part that's like so motion for me so after i get done. They take all the stem cells. The nurse comes up. Chance cut couple suit sutures and she's like listen. This is asian. should an. I'm just painting a picture of a beautiful asian young woman who's a nurse and mess and she comes in. She's like listen. I'm a cookie sutures. Reach up in on the chemistry. I want you to bear down like bathroom really struggling bathroom. And i'm gonna pull this out. And then i got stand here for like fifteen minutes and hold my thumb on your little hole till you caught up in. You're good to go. i'm like okay. So she's twenty three she pulls it out and i couldn't believe how long that thing was that had been down in my torso and so i'm gonna. Yeah i don't wanna you know. And i'm starting to get emotional. And she's like right here like right here and she smells good. She party amassed. I'm breaking down. Like i just want you to know i don't want to do anymore. I've done this. I've done my part. And i just like like right here and i had no greats. I just was like a mess. And it's amazing because it puts you through a lot. But i hope know. That person did live a lot longer. I don't know if they still live mice gossip but you know. Sometimes we have to do things and it's really interesting to hear that we all in that way so tell us vinnie the cop. Where were you in your career. Where this when this case that. You're about to tell us about actually occurred so i was a detective and narcotics. Really yes -tective in narcotics gem i mean in colorado but isn't aren't narcotics free there and and and legal over there in twenty twenty five kind of feels like that okay but but back then what side on a side note. Though i had you know you'll be driving around and people from added. Pounds is back when i was st sergeant. They come up to you. Excuse me officer guy talk you. There's guy spoke at something down by the creek. Marijuana played drinking water here. And we'll get right on. You know you know we have four twenty events. I ended up writing my beds. It's a poor twenty bit about that and it talks about this is probably i dunno eight years ago we had four twenty minute at one of the big universities here so that was when marijuana was really getting going and Three o'clock in the afternoon. There's already ten thousand people on the field and it's just a cloud of smoke. I'm like there's no way that. I'm not breathing this and and so i was like how do i communicate that. Make that into a joke. So i i did that set up and then i was like you know. I didn't realize you contact tie. But more importantly. I didn't realize i can contact Mexican tickle me elmo and all these act outs but like that's what i mean by doing comedy i take what i see a twist. A little bit have fun with it but yeah it was an experience. I've never seen like that. And i thought it was going to be worse but actually things have been pretty mellow Chino's violent crime in colorado anymore. Everybody's do relaxed. We're just chilling cool. Well let's talk about a case. Okay go for it all right. So why don't we talk about when you were a narcotics detective. What we doing on the day. This particular case presented itself. I think it was just a regular day. At our at our unit i guess some information about potential distribution the states backer marijuana that was being cultivated and things like that and i know it sounds like holy cow but that's kind of what was going on back then and this is all really different than way this today. Okay so you get some information about somebody. Growing i assume a larger than small amount of pot. Yeah distributing it right so it was more the cultivation aspect at the beginning in. That was what started building the case. So whatever you get dope reports of grows and it seems like it's so different now. I mean it is but back then. All we needed was the odor oftentimes or some indicia at the house. That would lead us to lead. There was cultivation grow going on there so we just are gathering information and We had a. We had a teammate. One of the guys. I work with Usually partner narcotics and him. And i did everything together and We started building the case and quickly went from just looking at a one person too much larger group. When you say you go by the smell right. Yeah i because. I have never been in this particular part of the profession i mean. Can you smell it when it's growing or is it have to be a nine. No absolutely you can smell when you have a fresh cultivation going you can definitely smell it now back then. They used to take like wherever they were so into. Marijuana grow between roughly sixty eight seventy degrees in the grow room and the hiv lights. The high intensity discharge lights that they've put above grows. Those are like thousand watt lights and so they generate an enormous amount of heat so they have have been elation systems that are pulling that that air. That's extremely warm out of that room and push it out and bring cleaner and otherwise you know it just over saturate that room with on hot air. So that is what puts off. You know anything with. He puts out a better owner than when it's cold and so when they're pushing it outside that'd be very careful because often times those smells refresh grow. You can definitely tell the smell of fresh grow from Been dried out in package is a distinct difference so the thing about it is is back then they used buy these huge charcoal filters and they would push the air through data on one end before it would discharge outside houses back in just kinda disguised. Smell 'cause i mean. People were growing in houses next other people and it was just. You had to keep it on the low low now. I mean you could drive down the street from our office. You can smell legal grows holy cow. You know that's the way it is when i was in the washington field office. We had a two tonne seizure of marijuana and the guy ran the office. I won't say his name. But there was a president named jimmy carter that had the same name as him and he decided he wanted to take pictures so he bought it all into this conference room piled it all up and started taking pictures. Well our ventilation system apparently ran through that conference room and everybody. I mean just the smell the reeking of this. We couldn't get it out of the office for weeks. it was horrible. Yeah all right so many so there you are. You're trying to build a big case you've got you've got you start with one house. It looks like a grow house and now it's up to like six or seven. This sounds like a major drug conspiracy if they're all related so we ended up doing warrants Home for six. It was six houses but there was one person who had come up during my investigation. I could not wait. They thing other than i had a pretty good idea. There was were associated with criminal activity. Based on some of the research. I'd done and there was directly between bam in one of their people however that link wasn't to the point where i could prove that they were associated bars for how it for house number seven. You didn't have probably caused so you couldn't. There was no problem cars. But i did suspect that there was issues with the house that there was potential criminal activity so on the day we ended up taking donald houses. It was. It was a good day in that. We know everything worked out well where we can take a lot of plants now say hundreds and hundreds of plants and we ended up having cases on most everybody and but there was this one house that was this out wire but the thing about when you were is these texts also wherever you're working you know you have to be strategic about what you do because oftentimes especially in narcotics people get wing you know law enforcement closing in. There's some of their friends are getting arrested. They can take down to grow very quickly you know and the hard part about his they could destroy evidence. You know they could. Just you know get rid of the plants and just because you have all the accoutrements nba lights and everything. It really is not a good case about actual and stuff. So i didn't wanna lose this case. Sounds like well we should at least knock and talk and talk to them and see if there's actually any involvement because i'm sure once we've done all this warrants. They're going to start talking to people so one of the other taxes. Now we go to this house and We was called a knock and talk in this again. This is house number seven. Yes hawks number seven so we go out. We can talk and It's clear what i later. Learned is the only nexus to this house that was to prove was a phone call from how seven to one or the other people that was involved and when i did the workup dot person seven had something in their history that points me that yeah there was there was criminal involvement. Which could be related to what. I was investigating over here but truly all it was is he had only called one or the other people. Because i think i remember correctly. He was working on that person's car and that was his normal job so there was just that phone call in the that was between the two of them. But there wasn't anything else but you know when you're looking at people you look at all the people that are talking to and everything and it was just by coincidence that he ended up having when we did that. Knock at talk Were you able to see things that showed us that there was potentially grow in the house and sure enough there was and We were able to build enough in work with the person who lived there. And i wanna say it was like over two hundred plant grow but there was nothing else tied to that. Besides that phone call. It occurred that. I've found between the two people but the da remember remarking. She's like you pull the case together off a phone call. And i think it was like a phone bill or something like that. You know how back in the day when you get your phone bill. We have like every single number that you call the remember when i'm talking to you on your cell phone every number that you call and it was something that had pulled together from doing that but this taught me two things one either have enough or you don't in this case we didn't and that was okay. But a little extra elbow grease getting out there and pound the pavement you know will result in dude follow up in detectors in my opinion in my humble opinion is always willing to check that last lead. Check that one little thing that made me seemed like it was something but you just didn't know but you will know until you actually go ask questions and from the moment we contacted the guy at the house you know aiming. He was nervous and So you know. Can we come in. make sure there's nothing else in the house and it's like well eventually let's say in You know goes to the basement door. He tries like l. There's nothing down here not obvious and in the poor guy you know this is this is the thing is like i just learned a lot from that case even to this day you know. Just don't leave any stone on turn. Follow it all the way the end you just don't know where the little things as good criminals. In my humble opinion they don't go around with signs on their cars and say. Hey i'm a really good criminal driving eighty miles an hour and a poster fifty five. They're doing everything they can to be. Not stick out and now it ran a wind up contacting those people because they forget that they did replace their registration tag or they didn't replace that light bulb on that brake light. It's the little things and so that taught me always go to the very end you know. Follow up on every lead that you have because you just don't know where it's about so you took down a total of. We think someone like seven houses. What happened to everybody. I mean what were the sort of sentencing back then for all your work honestly. I don't even remember what the sentences ended up being our save. Most of the people with clean records got they probably. I would suspect most of them got probation or what we call it super secret probation. You know even double from Double secret papers you know. I would suspect unless they had a previous conviction that there wasn't a whole lot that was added to an. I honestly can't remember where all the dispositions were But it was a lot of a lot of work. They're putting a case together. And then there's the operational part of executing that and so there's this whole plan that has together with all these agencies and all these personnel and i remember we're getting close to that and i was like i was teetering man. I remember calling my partners paul. It'd be like dude stress. He's like just keep plugging away when pieces of time. And that's a lot of pressure because a lot of people you know you gotta give that brief that next day when you're going to get you know the day of execution and you got to stand up and you gotta explain you know all the components hitting houses. I don't care if it's for marijuana or it's for sex assault back door for its for anything. You gotta be really careful matthew if you hurt so that was a big learning lesson so i thought that was the best part of that case for me. Is building that confidence for me. A worst part of that case was having spent all that time and energy to develop that case and have it come to the resolution edited in the fast forward into the latter part of the two thousand and now in twenty twenty twenty twenty one like i said like if i tried to bring this case to for wishing today people will be like you know. That's not even like all that work and effort in kicking in those doors and surveillance need all that stuff that we did was like for nothing. That doesn't even exist today so it made me feel like my work was like black. Hey dude marijuana just like normal now and you know that's not my job to decide what's normal and what's not it's the law with legislators passed but I do feel like most detectives. They have no idea what it was like to work back. In that time less they did work back into time. should different set of rules. I feel bad for the canine dogs that were in that. Like cotton limbo period. Where they were. They were qualified to sniff car for marijuana but the moment now that they can smell marijuana. I mean you can't use a dog and put them on a car. It'd be like okay. That cars got our colleagues in it because they can't say whether or not it's marijuana. Can you imagine that dog like the best dog in the world and the next day come. They're like you can't use me. I've been unemployed furlough. And what a cruel result of the law who knew what a cruelest pooches. You know before we let you go. I want to ask about the you said cop and stand up comedian. Those two things don't necessarily go together. How did you get to the standup comedian part. So i've always thought it was funny We think for sure. Thank you know so this is a little bit more solemn than it before it gets happy. So right after while was in talks right before i got promoted in two thousand. Eight thousand rank I was you know. Ultra stress working cases of technically. I tell you has a lot of stress on the a lot of moving parts but It was one night off duty. And i came across an accident one of our canyons and this kid was breathing. Right and The accident didn't look very severe but he was in the driver's seat and girl. Flag me down in the middle of the road. And i went over and i start helping him in this canyon was we called the narrows by boulder falls. There was no cell phone service and so we sent help and we were. We were that areas volunteer fire department and several miles up for like seven miles up from bolder. Proper and Yields the firefighters. Were gonna take a while to get their. So why were there. He's got what i call described. Admiral breathing operating right. He's not conscious and then at one point he just takes his last breath in In heart stops in so we there's other kids are there. I would say seventeen eighteen years old. Roughly and the cars up against the wall the canyon on the driver's side. And i get to the front pass receipt and i pull him out but i can't get it all the way out. Can seasons tall lanky kid and his legs were tied up underneath steering wheel. And so i told a girl to go over and pull his legs get him out and She goes over and she's like doing everything but what i asked her do. And i said what are you doing. And he's not breathing helped me clear his legs. And she's saying. I gotta find the gun and i was like holy cause i when i got there. I had identified myself as a police. Officer and i was armed but i got this kid in my arms. I've got his back against my chest and i'm grabbing the arms through the passenger seat and i yelled out. I think i even said the f. word i was like i don't give what's going on with his. He's not bringing help me. He's going to die and other kids. Who'd help me hold his head up earlier. When around cleared the legs got got him out. So i had a decision to make like do i stop and play. What's up with his gun or do we continue to deal with his kid. And so one of my now sergeant buddies deputy shows up and we take out the work in this kid for what seemed like forever and what i thought was unusual as well. We're doing impressions. Blood starving kids mouth which is not unusual in small amounts during cpr. But the amount that we were seeing like we had a role in clear him. It was lot and He was a young kid. Rock like good shape. No just really unusual. My opinion so finally a medical gets there take over and Now one of my one of my buddies who we in the program together. He called me aside. He was on duty. And i was like i said. And he puts me. In his tahoe. When i'm sitting there and there's like a brandy starbucks that he had just bought sitting in the console. And i got all over me. I just started drinking a starbucks and this overwhelming warmth came over me. And i just started crying. I was like whoa. what's going on. it's not right you know. I've never lost my stuff before. During case in. I just didn't understand like all that control but i normally had on calls and stuff which kinda gone evaporated and i just was uncontrolled crying and i got out after. I kinda regain my composure. One of the girls came up. She grabbing she's like is he gonna be okay and you know you've probably all seen or been in that situation where you look at it you like you know this kid is not gonna make it and so all i could say there was like look. He's in the best possible hands right now. They're really good at what they do. I need kick was going gonna make it so he passes away and ninety. It wasn't just that night. It was everything that had been building over the course of my career cops especially in the early nineties when i was in exploring no. We didn't talk about mental health. When i was riding with officers. And um you didn't talk about your feelings you're like are you good. You cure the officers talk to each other. You good a terrible call and you get the first body i ever helped take out. A car was sixteen years old. I remember it like it was yesterday so all those things were catching up to me. And i was guide would always be at work. Twenty four seven. I couldn't get enough of competent. I look at the clock. And i'd be like oh. My gosh only have eleven hours of my twelve hour shifts. And the sheriff had pulled me alongside when he got elected in two thousand and two and he said you know look at you need to find something else beside stopped do because you're just gonna go crazy. And he gave me this book by dr kevin gilmartin call the most surival for law enforcement. And i looked at it. I skim them. Like what are you know i go. I'm your dude man and it didn't happen till two thousand eight. Where i hit that wall and i had to do something about it so i just decided i was like well. I always wanted to comedy. So i started going to the local comedy which is first class club known all around the world for its comedy. I start writing and i started pushing his things out. Lexi no. I mean. I'm getting asked shows here and there and then it evolved all the way until last year twenty nineteen. I was asked you my first special dry bar which is now on on tv driver channel and it's available for people watch in i've been i. I was indoctrinated into humanize the badge. I think it was twenty eighteen as well. So i work out with oscar daniels in all the group. That's part of that. And i really advocate for mental health and comedy literally saved my life. Because i was just going down that drain of work work work not having a life outside of this job and i don't care whether you're a prosecutor your. Da judge you have to do something. That's not stop. And if i have to be an example of what could potentially happen i. I could name no joke to this day. Seven officers and killed themselves in the organization. I worked for will. That's very sad thing. And i think a lot of cops taboo about talking about our mental health. Anybody in this field that you know it wasn't okay to talk about that back in the day. Now it's more acceptable than ever. But i think there's a lot of taboo with officers themselves or prosecutors of people that are in this field where they don't want to own up to it and i think the more we share in the more i put myself out there even if one person ends up not taking their life because of my story. They've heard that. I felt good about that. Because you don't work cases and read and betsy videos. Experience in real life situations are so impactful. The people's lives in not have that. Rub off on you in some way shape or form because we tend to associate for things that we see you know. Not to digress but like for example one of my best friends who started now he went on to call with me where this little girl died. She was like seven or eight and his daughter was the same age time and he had to go. Do the autopsy where you know. It gets pretty catholic in there in all he can think about. What's his daughter. So it's things that we sure associated with and we could see ourselves in that same similar situation. Comedy just exploded for me up until hit own. I was traveling a fumble every weekend performing for groups all over the country. that's awesome. Obviously you learned a bunch of lessons a lot of hard work. Do you consider a best or worst case. And why so. I consider a best in a worst. And i hope i can answer it that way. I think it was the best case for me. 'cause Going through employees. I think the market attack of having supervised protectors a mark in my home. Opinion of a good detective is somebody who can pull information from multiple sources in sentences. That into a good affidavit or a good case review so that it can be presented well articulated and be handed off like you know for example like you have a local case which ends up. Going on t. Three a wire inefficacious agent. who's running. That can't synthesize all that information into a good document because really piecework comes down to documentation it really. Does you can be the best detective in the world. But if you can't put it together on paper then you're not gonna go very far. Can the judge is not going to sign the sign off on eighty eight year opponent or assistant. Us prosecuted can do it. People need a laugh in twenty twenty Twenty twenty nosing. Twenty twenty one is here. We we already are in two thousand twenty one really so tell us on you and get a laugh you can. You can go anywhere my thing. I'm on also media. Facebook instagram tiktok. I'm on everything. Linked in and then my website is just vinnie. Montas dot com. But if you just type my name google you'll see all the stuff all right. That's there. I got tons of videos encourage you to do it or follow me awesome. We definitely that'd be great. And i know talk for a long time. I remember going doing this. Show at this art museum at the boulder dairy center and i was performing. This lady counts missions. You pulled me over. And she's like no in her laughing. Her boyfriend was laughing. He's like dude. I love you. And i was like what do you mean. It's like equal my girlfriend over one time and she had like all the registrations back from like when she bought the car and she was like two thousand nine two thousand to two thousand three and you were like hammering her broke and you're giving her a hard time and being like do you have the declaration of independence on their to and and he remembered that and then she goes you she said you told me if i got rid of all the old stuff in that if i had the new registration new insurance reading ago for an officer by pulled over again that you would not give me a ticket and i was like. Yeah that sounds about right because you know. There's nothing worse as a copy you're standing up road. Traffic people are just like hold on. Let me check. she's not the right one. Step now. Two years from just one second and nineteen me i do have all arts and toby global utah. They're stacked in the glovebox because why are the orange way. I don't know. I don't know because there's fires one can find the new one right there on top. I put him in order. It's an organization any interesting how i literally said that as a joke but it's actually true about frenzy of course an ongoing but listen vinnie. This has been an amazing Best case worst case and we really appreciate you coming on to talk to us not only about your case but about your comedy and how important it is i think especially in in this twenty twenty twenty twenty one time period. We all could use a laugh. So i encourage everybody to go see then on tasr wherever. He appears whether that is tiktok or his facebook. Page or show. I'll be barrel hopefully show. We're back to that soon. Yeah well vinnie I have to say this has been a unique experience on best case worst case thank you so much for coming and sharing your stories of work and life an afterlife and all that great stuff we have. I don't know so many listeners out there who going to love this and hopefully this will help. Show people that The holiday spirit is alive and well with the sheriff's department in boulder colorado. Yes and that we. If you're lucky you can look up. Vinnie montez and go to a live show or watch them on line and have a little more humor in your life. So thank you so much for everything that you do. It's been an honor and a pleasure. Thank you for having me all right well till next time. Thank you for listening to best case. Worst case signing out bisky sports x. G production produced by francy hicks josh murphy and jim clemente at empire studios la engineered and edited by matt gurgle music composed and performed by simba sumberg and hosted by one. You can listen to best case worst case on your favorite listening app. We are on spotify. Stitcher apple podcasts. And wherever you listen to podcasts. If you want to do something about child sexual abuse darkness delight can help. Did you know that more than ninety percent of the time. Children are sexually abused by someone. They know jim. This isn't about stranger danger. It's about learning. The true risks lights. Training can help prevent recognize and react to child sexual abuse in your community. When you make the decision to get involved. Kids can be protected. It starts with you visit. Www dot d. Two l. dot org to take the training and learn more that's the number two l. dot org.

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The Universe is Always with You | Dennis Sheppard | 21 July 2021

Buddhist Society of Western Australia

1:10:40 hr | Last week

The Universe is Always with You | Dennis Sheppard | 21 July 2021

"Thanks things so Welcome to those in the whole welcome along tonight and also be welcome to those are on the internet watching trim wherever you Very nice to have you along and able to join in. Tonight's midweek meditation here at the buddhist singer in western australia and before we begin our to let everybody too especially though really for the benefit of those people that are listening outside the k group lines open now. There is listen writing in the house. Raided tycoon and is fine. Lines are open. You can find or saying the telephone numbers on the bottom of your screen and you very welcome to call in and you can talk about anything at all that you lie. Talk about something that's happened or anything particular that you're feeling at the monitor. Very welcome to during up. You're listening lia the care house to not so you can call from anywhere around the world. There's a telephone number there. The what set number but equally you can just call the regular number which is also the so. That's the group that's is open right now and we'll be until a bed non non o'clock tonight so probably just bar why of Advertising ones two things that i just mentioned to that. I brahms. Birthday is coming up. That's on august the seven thousand this Die that got planned down at jonah grind for him. He's of course. Well aware hall in this and and joining in the knicks week to the a very large scale. I think it will be very loud scowl meditation project that spain run by premium from santa here. And that's the sort of a real if people at one adjoining it'll be on the website and you will be able to saw details of that there but if you want to join in the in the The major meditation dedicated old red and brown for his birthday. That will stotts the the week before. He's birth things birth. i set it either. Seventh decide that week preceding there will be activities that are happening Here and around the world and the other thing that i just wanted to mention too for those that haven't heard or deny that we're very Said to hear its proximity. Paula dodd week before last proximity policy was one of the people that were very instrumental in. Having you know. Need help to get this saints listening strategy going. Assad christmas jolla and the buddhist society victoria actually did a very nice tribute to him. In fact one of how amongst agenda siren i guided harry nas very nas tribute to pry candy policy. If you'd like to see that it is if you just look in google and put in our bbc and probably. Can't he paolo. That's kai i think about that or not. can't he. policy is just the kyw ch and you'll be able to see that that wonderful tribute to him. He said he did a lot of things and he's law. Id id's all when he dont for those in the whole remember him You probably like me. Just said to see him yeah. He wrote many books to as many books now library. That's gone here's a very still is still only imprint. To i caught a wonderful main so it's not On guy to talk about or do liable the talk is the universe is always with us and this is really one of my five things to think about it because it goes with stillness to so well what i hope to do to not is to eat introducing this this wise really just to give you a little bit of odd an audio what. I'm mean by the fact that the universe is all lies with this whenever guys that have been following the meditations that i've done He will sort of notice that i do light to do. Spend a favorite of time and just being associated with the body at the start of a meditation and then also just allowing time to ground s. els grand cells into the earth and also into the universe itself. Because i've been hopefully shows and when we actually get to the meditation. That god had meditation pod. This evening i would like to sort of guide you into that. That knowledge is that knowledge of just having the that grounding in the earth with us and the end really and indeed the whole universe. Because as i've mentioned before that is very true that all is the elements really do come from the center of stars. It's not something you would normally think about. This is really true element that is heavier than is in the night in the center of stars is usually distributed into the universe this these titanic supernova explosions. That happened in spice squad. Doesn't that when you start thinking about it like that. But that's really the reality of really have him elements in about he got into on these really just from the syndrome of star so he can see that we are in very in a very real way connected into this universe you know we are why children of the stars and invade we We do we are. we cannot be anything else. But sort of pardons nurse to remind the answering back to. We'll look into all of that a little bit little bit more as we as we go on but i want to just show you really hundred sheets heartfully demonstrates just how of this does take thank into the very heart of what meditation is and that's really fond that students to fond and and really be that stillness but just to keep off. I just had written down. Just printed off this big print from assaults upon a very difficult to read these small talk at all nabet. I just wanted to raise your little. A little section of the power william like riot on our agenda is very fond of saying this. But i'm very much a fan of william blackout. Actually into his the room. That's set aside for him in the tight modern in in london. And there's a whole room. These paintings and versity right was just quite wonderful. But anyway i'll raise you this little first section of of one pounds that he He wrote that. Really go to this idea of the universe being with us all of the time and he says to see a world in dryness and a heaven wildflower hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in a now quite a wonderful wonderful missile stains that he wrote. And william like was a man who whilst he was sort of an unusual you very deep and quite profound in the way that he he right he's poetry and really saw the world. I think too but i'm sure that in his time he was really one of those people that was very skeptical about the idea of being able to measure the will. That's out saw the this. That's that's thought about l. bodies bond in dating the art gallery. He's rooms the tight in london. He there. Is this pining. That i really love. Actually it's a painting that he's drawn news in and he's it's all drawn. It's all pine selena. A period time soehn scholastic conduct Ryan type of picture. But he didn't mean it to be and and he's got he's got him depicted naked and he's sitting on the top of this sort of rock. It's like a rock of karla lodged could locker could be a coral. You don't really wanted but as really multicolored it's a beautiful looking. I'm using sitting on and he's nakedness. But he has a great divide or measuring lada. It's wonderful pint and you can look it up on the web and you'll say at their that's one of his famous paintings but it was the painting that he did to really think show. He's skepticism for to the to those who i'm already thought about because i think it was a wonderful physicist wonderful scientist itself but that blake probably just did his head the skepticism about being able to measure the outside world and make sense of it in that. Why because that's really not the that he of well. Paul read that little stands. That doesn't really stand up to that. So he's really poking fun at why we do try to measure the outside world but then having said that on today i'm very very grateful for this physicists. And the saw the do do they work on just in the wire. Shyness really the skyline and this unit is so. I think it's just a wonderful thing. What i noticed when i think about this releasing these scales. Physicists sort of showers are really exactly the same scowls at the buddha was talking about is a guy the buddha sorrel this very clearly in his mind but on toby he though about the scouse. Physicists are able to illustrate to us in live in the form of quantum mechanics just in the lie that measure the very smallest of things in the unit is these things that are just intensively small in we cannot from quantum mechanics said that some anything less than team to the monarchs forty three. So that's forty three to forty three zeroes then and forty-three tend to them on changing the modest forty even forty three zero s. Before you get a number is is just shows you the the infinitesimal sawsan number is and physicist now. Now that you can't really measure anything smaller than that in time and is an equivalent to that in spice to equivalent his tend to the modest two centimeters. So you can't really measure anything beyond that. That's the limits of the physical measurements of the universe beyond that quantum mechanics tells us that everything everything beyond that is this quantum spice is quantum time which is really the way that i talk about it is virtual spice and from my point of view that i because the buddha did talk about that these infinitesimally small amounts of tom especially when he was talking about consciousness he talked about consciousness as being something that begins means countless times in the wink of an eye begins and ends countless times in the winco law. So i very very similar to the way that you think about that. Quantum mechanical and i think it's instructive rise. They just use that idea of of time beyond time and spice beyond abilities to mention that we can measure just in meditation. Because i i really do think that this is very equivalent to the stillness that we can see 'em on where we where we we have like a virtual spice and talk that say and indeed in margaret kazaa as hypnotise hypnotherapist. I went on working with people with poss- live issues and things like that. It's usually that. It's in that spice. Usually you find these stories will come out stories of the past and i think as we got one tonight. I wanted to sort of demonstrate to you and just show you that really everything that is there in the universe from the very beginning up till now and continuing on into the future is all right there in this present moment so anyway i talked about the small steam. The small end of the smallest end of the skulls. But also i just want to To the to the lodger into the skulls too because when we look at the universe we're looking. I revise past the four hundred thousand billion years. All apparently this universe is according to physicists. Began with up by talk about as being bang. I'm not. I'm not trying to haul out the big bang. Something that's true but it's just suggest interesting rely that physicists of this huge huge amount of time now again the buddha actually night a similar comment about sky the sky in the odds since like this he he talked about this data kelpie. Kalpa is apparently where that means look really millions universal cycle and he said that a kalpa such bet. If you went into the nari is in you got the finest silk that you could find the engine drag that still wants hundred gs over the hottest highest mountains in the himalayas. By the time that was worn to the ground would be the time with the kalpa. And and all this. He's mind you can see that. He's talking about an enormous length of time. You know very similar to the. What were you thinking about universal timespan because i mean we even nar halong even physicist. Don really talk about that too much. You know sixteen hundred thousand really news or something like that. It depends on really how the universe will begin but the buddha. He's mind when he was when he was asking about consciousness. Actually you he was talking about consciousness in the monks asked him. You know raises consciousness beginning. And the buddhist said i lean back in on i have a twenty four calpers twenty four universal cycles and said ni- beginning can be seen so you can see from that just how In this prison mind we have these aggregations and he talked a lot about that too. I know that. I'll have tons and sort of get into all of that salat. But he talked about the way that the stillness. The consciousness of non aggregates anger and and builds up in a nice advice. And you get these little nist and Situations one thing building on another that building another. You know this is probably all going to evolution as well very much in line with the why that physics works to unite for us to get to to where we are here today. He's sitting in this whole watching from where you are at high really as as we sort of get into this a little bit further along sort of hope to be able to sort of show you. It really takes all of that time. All of those conditions that have happened. All of that and conditioning starts from the very One bicycle unit if you like of of consciousness that just begins maine's countless times in the wink of an eye. And then as he's conscious moments billed as phenomenon happens will this aggregation that he talked about is is really starting to come there and they're just just very quickly the you're coming back from the fifth. The fifth candor is consciousness. Koenders is aggregation. It means aggregation. Candar is our pali word that means aggregation but if you coming back from pure conscious itself. The buddha talked about the false candidate. add movement of mindset nine. Gonad still may be looking at to not to see this stillness but as we look at that still win win the still starts to move very different than when it's still a very different. It's already starting to move into a creative form. Still starts to move and in the third kenda coming back down to the first candle riches physicality but the third candidate is perception. He talked about perception as a very very strange thing. Perception to is possession really does depend on many wise on our view of things and why that works so it's all very instructive to look at it. Deception and the second. Canada is feeling going to come in and talk about feeling but the second canvas feeling and then the fifth king. Sorry the first. Can't the very first candidate is physical and by that the physical and by that the buddha was mainly everything that that is physical in existence. Many anything from all of the basic elements through our bodies through to all the knee conditions. That are in the unit is physical. Sorry he basically had you can sign. He sort of allocated twenty percent of the candice to to the physical. But you might notice the other fool. Id percent if you lie. He's he's some attributed to the mind. And that's sort of important thing and really where i'd like to sort of go to just to maybe help everyone to see and understand. Just the why. And why this mind important to understand the law. And so the buddha talked about full foundations four foundations of non fullness and as four foundations. I start off. Just as with the meditation. I start off with with monfort to solve the body on this body. So we'll do that. Mice wakes you probably recognize but then the second foundation off the second foundation of mindfulness is is the foundation of of feelings. And it's i think it's very interesting that the buddha put that in there to be mindful of feelings is one of the full foundations of mindfulness to be mindful of feelings and again to not to get into that the european just work through just what that means and then the third foundation of mindfulness is being mindful of the mind the mind that selfie mindful of the mind talking here about the brian. This is -sarily or really any other pot. That's that's that's physical really here. I think we get to understand this much more clarity when we come to see when we can sit with the stillness because in actual fact that ends up being the stillness of mind that actually is really the describes for shows the extent or the the metrics of ammo is just what am on existed exists in this still consciousness. Still conscious of non and Very very important that third foundation to to be mindful of the mind. We'll try save. We can get to where that where that will take us as we get into it and then the fourth foundation of mindfulness is name on full of what he called dom 'damas and you're with that i think you can just take it to main certainly the buddhist dhamma the truth if you lock what he teaches but also really why it's described and i'm taking this from tasted venerable retina. Very very was in america. He he he's written a fair bit about this and he talks about it and the buddha talked about it too as phenomena like phenomenal of them on the dominance of them on these really referring to the phenomenon of the milan. And this is really just the why things aggregate in the why that i'll and sign the why things do build up evolve and he's asking us to be mindful here so that we can. We can sort of begin to understand just what that means this view of. Mindfulness she can say is really quite profound few. Bring that if you can bring that off your montas to your practice. It's really quite wonderful. Just some of the things that you can discover because mindfulness itself in the last three or four weeks or the last few talks given tokyo wins oughta have talked about the sevens despite combat rather spoken about the seven factors of mindfulness. Serves the seven factors of enlightenment. Route not monitoring the seven factors of enlargement and the first factor is mindfulness. So he hid tonight. I'm just breaking down. Just what. Mindfulness actually means. I'm want from us as the body. Mindfulness feelings mindful of monde at self on of the dominance or the phenomena that that that is their parenting on much attention to just reading edge in cia. Jim rams teacher 'cause he used to exhort. He's monks especially at the beginning of a retreat. To you know he's not so. Larry what anybody else's doing or what he's doing or what any of the other senior monks during you sign your responsibility with them of the monks that they are in retreat for the for that long retreat which amongst them just started on the knicks ray months but the eggs audible just on the two things he just said just to. Now what is a parent site you. Now it's apparent in the world. Let you also now. What you know the transcendent and here he's gonna referring to the stillness stillness because it is very possible. Hopefully you'll see to to demand full of these conditions as and tonight also the the Still consciousness and say because when still conscious still conscious you are you all getting close to truth and just maybe reestablishing that again to just this arkansas. Decide that confidently. There's getting close to truth because it's close to the prison moment if you'll kind of if you've got your mind strong and powerful enough to be able to just be present. This is a very very good thing. Because you're not getting pulled out into the phenomenon. When i got into the phenomenon that the you might be thinking about the world thinking about different things. The way things Should they are not or not in the world. Way when we're back and we've got anchored into the prison myron. We're actually living close to truth. And it's a very beautiful thing to say you know. Hopefully again our charts iran to help you with when we when we start to look at this. He's already off now oft talk anyway. I'm sort of probably needs to get on and talk a little bit about or rather just do a little bit of innovation about that plan. That's enough introduction for you to just be somewhat interested anyway in in investigating this hall process this process of why this universe is with all the time and just what that means what it means to sort of that. So that further dude. Ask you just to find yourself a nas meditation posture. Those on the floor is on the seat. And we're gonna get. We're going to sort of move into the four foundations of mindfulness. So first of all stopped being mindful of body so if you can close her honors and for those at high do the same thing. If you're sitting in a chair or you're sitting on a cushion somewhere. Just make yourself comfortable and michael beck nas and stride. Always good to relax. Energy is really good in good to think about just getting your energy nas lee balanced energy energies of the whole house too. So it's always talks about energy and it's all one of the factors that enlightenment a very important element so just want the energy and austin ross and you hit pointing to the top of the ceiling. Mimicking here in jagger is this is how he used to teach us to talk about the ease screwed up and down the head. Twenty to the top of the ceiling jagger is years ago and just falling hands in front of your usually rod in on the left. If you've got nothing else to now the different why that you'd like to do it. And just hold your hanes caught loosely just so that starts to become aware that there is a little bit of tingling around the is back nelson strident. Just take a few deep breaths and just come to see yourself sitting just sitting in this comfortable posture. You can is anything. That's obviously you're uncomfortable just in this at the beginning. Just just allow yourself to move. Always moving mindful even but gently and if not. We never wanna really punish ourselves is it's not necessary to To try and push yourself especially if it's gonna hurt you'll give you some injury. We don't really want that. So just be very janesville with yourself not taken a few day brace and you can see and feel yourself sitting even feel yourself sitting on your cushion. Feel a pressure on that. You're putting on the kushner on the chair that you're sitting on and then just bring your attention to your fate around. Your ties was locked to just start off just picking tyrany total little talk you lock review begun guy for the big or the second tire just feeling to that tired. Feel why you feel is like feelingly is against the sauk situ airing or why it sits on the floor pressure. That's exerted on a little small and then just letting your attention run over the the of your foot into the heels ramal hands-on easily feeling into them. I can usually feel thicker skin around the heels often tall on not to file off. Just movie your attention up through your ankles. Just the why they they've Set themselves kidding on sitting there articulating just joined onto the onto the lower part of yele or the shins. You're on your attention up through the shins and the calf muscles. Get anything that you can feel. They've feeling against fabric origin. Feeling even the air on your skin. It's important to understand what it means to feel not thinking about feeling actually just experiencing the sensation of what's being felt the moving me attention through the knees. The thongs hawaii's interesting to experience because the muscles there. I think you're caught. You can usually feel a strength or the strength. Say throw into the bottle in just feeling why that city hopefully enormously balanced on top of that part of your body he just you tommy in your lower back just got enough energy in your body and just to keep your awesome stride and relaxed moving into more apapa from your body the back around the shoulder blades. Up into the chest and when you've got a bit of time to do this you can always stop. And linear around these parts in the trunk of the body around the tummy and all is what's happening the especially just eight in the meal. You can usually experienced little happenings that going on in the air rushes in the google's movements up into the chessel of the rhythm there in your chest from the hot in unwrought through to is clangs and klaas going on wonderful actually just to realize what's happening in your body. All of these things working in unison to keep you alive feeling around your shoulders in the way your arms hanging down into the dies in the forearms the hands and the fingers i was like just stop linger a little bit around the seniors just experiencing that little feeling teen ling feeling. Let's say harada tips of your fingers and you just let your hands gotta loose and taught you can feel teen louis from the nerve endings that way if you really observance you can sort of why once you come away. Become aware that if an isn't feeling that conham must have been buzzing feeling monitoring be able to sort of and move to other parts of your body on the external parts of your body is really way around your body from your feet up three legs through the trunk of your body up into the head win that tingling xavier for you can be very confident that you're starting to relax your body starting to really relax. Hopefully you can feel that maybe your attention up through your neck the ahead round the back of your ours and round the mouth from the lips in lots of tingling do you head towards the top of your head in the crazy rodman top part of your cranium all about energy that see and then you can say yourself sitting then on that now like you just feel why that you are and could into your seat you can feel just the wife of your body not bite and this is your audience feels you can feel heaviness. It's mess pooled into the earth pulled into the seat. You might even be able to just imagine intuit why that the gravitational field lines just pulling you towards the center of this message of this is having a dried effect on your body keeping. You implies relaxed comfortable but norm lists still ain't into the earth gonna on that and just not are that this is a this is really the bodies. Why the duties with your body and catoon the earth because we're part of the service all of the elements in parts. Nobody that physically. I'd come from this earth. We eat have food. The food comes from this water. We drink really are part of the and wonderful to acknowledge. Just the fact that we are in slings and rodney now grounded into this just before we are any further with connections like that. I'd like you just to check in again with yourself just to noses and i'm imagining that you will already starting to be feeling in your mind. Still send me. I would like you just to be able to be aware that his words being spoken. But i really where we be. Good issue didn't necessarily take any notice of the words the words today. So he's nine that they they not chai at all to construct construct a a meaning for them. That will just happen naturally even thinking about what's being said. What the mania. What's being said. Modera- you do that. You just notice. The ma now is really already quad still because the body's relaxed because the body's relaxed the mind is also relaxing. You just to see if you can experience just what that feels like ever mind. That's not reading. Somebody talks about this. Is the song something you can feel so we used very much from now. The monitors the body moving more into the feeling part of ass houses feeling the experience. They use the experience just sitting but already starting to get some idea. What the minds lilac when. It's not moving still just before we move onto the third foundation of mindfulness. Hard luck again. Just reminding you this as part of this grounding long to demonstrate here is just a little side of the connection with the universe itself so that field lines gravity that we were talking about before holding you down to the center of the dr an experience really that these field lonzo sort of moving up into the into the universe itself we can neier. The moon is shaking their s on the psalm is shaking the moon and the s. We are gravitational traction around the song. That's and then all of this system is connected into another system. Galactic system and the whole milky way galaxy galaxy is connected into a cluster of galaxies. And so on these little distant arrangements phenomena creations of consciousness little rock maybe wrought out the center of the universe and of course oldest news wrought beck brought back to the very first elements that were made wrought beck near the beginning of the universe. Fire tons of lot so that the whole four hundred thousand millions of discount universal soccer was on rock. And it's it's holding new in usa drawn. You realize that company that taking this whole universe for us to be sitting just rock now out this prison environment or the here in two. Or whether you're in countries file from styler h experiencing there on universities from the whole lot is just city may with the you notice. It just can't be any other way president truths we all. This past stuff has gone on. The future is yet to come and eventually as we become comfortable with this. We realize this present is really very pal truth then just starting to become more mindful of the mind itself so becoming mindful of stillness. Why the stillness resounds. You can even get sense of the wyatt. Eater rights kills times. We are beginning and ending. you can just feel just. The beauty of this is experiencing is the beauty of the why all those connections right back to the beginning of the universe are all there in the prison environment as you. Mon- becomes law steel stock to notice. The clarity comes inside. That students clarity. That i i'd be able to see and experience this beautiful still consciousness. Just the beauty that presents to us the wind every little misted phenomena every little niece dhamma which is associated with the ford foundation of mindfulness. These aggregations that it's all been created in armed right there in the prison. That feels locked kleenex on me. It's khanna brings me feeling a peace and beauty. Teased is just a civilized beautiful connections. All this is working. Allow me to be a law and you can just now allow yourself to come to breath just notice. That breath begins coming to us. Coming to a stop on the in breath and then a reconditioning breath in stockton beginning and ending the spread in the whole universe this to create for us beautiful magnificent wonderful. Full one mysterious just allowing this whole mystery of the whole thing just to be many cells. This relax into this moment absorb into this moment feel rely i wanted sly and the experience slack to absorb into the breath absorbed into the stillness become more becoming more refined sisal so it is with joy experience at two becomes more subtle but in a subtle near becomes more powerful new compelling towards his truth really starting to understand and gets what the silk consciousness really he is why we can view this consciousness that is still consciousness that allows us to create a world in the why that we see it in this prison riot. Beautiful powerful able to see this river still consciousnesses just flows in ours and we re laws can you. Is this still conscious. Dighton died capes angered into the truth to the prison learnt so that we're not lost world lot lost out what's starting to see these dahmer's this phenomena mindfully full foundation of mindfulness starting to see a little water conditioning and we can see all against the truth of the stillness still consciousness in say a rod in the and the prison permanent. This is beautiful locking breath. It's giving us the ability to reflect to self reflect and see and understand what the buddha salon and understood it all of these phenomena on duca we can start to see young satisfactory souls when we start to realize the beauty and the power and the strength and the truth of the stewardess and we can stop to see the employment little cross and hauled onto heard. He announced prison moderate. We have the opportunity to just let just with the stillness. See what a joy is how powerful his as we become involved with his virtual spice spiritual energy spiritual time. We can learn that it is setting us up to be able to see what the role starting to approach the door of the transcendent gang to ring the bell really feel like rian really ringing the bell. And i'd like you all just to stay with your meditation for tom just to keep your eyes closed and just reflect on what's happened. Reflect on wave feels like and also to see if you might be able to just bring that students. We've you from your eyes and the five senses come back into place. Just knows if he can bring the still in sweden and you so that you can ni-nice the scene consciousness inside the stewardess smelling conscious tasting conscious and the feeling at tall in citations. Consciousness still present rugby not the end of the third resonances. The bill can just open your eyes and come back to the room everybody to taste stillness. You start to see you know as we're working through this investigating this investment to see just the way that these skulls of phenomena rod from very small and fast nature of the store consciousness right through the why that that builds up in the next in the final analogy the universal cycles just huge huge lengths of time and spice route from the very smallest to the very largest and the astronaut michael skies. But we can start to see this to us win. When we're looking just at the breath just breath is immune. We can see the second and third novel truth. Breath begins conditioning. Coming back being born. The breath out finishes dazs condition again. Come out so they can seem the skylab fiscal her breath and maybe then the reflecting can see the style of a week skyla via skylab a lifetime but then as we started talking to stay in this stillness more more you start to say that the sky all's things and this flow of consciousnesses flower conscious energy. Is there all the time. So then defend the body doesn't become sired broadening so scary because just something happens and begins at names. So i'll leave my remarks on a little bit off any questions from the room any questions from the internet. Ask anyone if i really wanted. Some would say you do have some questions. Joe thank you will save. I can read it or greetings from Cassandra in sweden just wondering where would the best place to get. The suitors in a book from way would be to get the students from sydney wisdom publications. If you to just look them up on the nato thing. They have some wonderful public publications of the seasons. I think that'd be the base on as anyone else in the room. That can help me with anything. That's better than that indeed. Indeed yes if you is a website called pseudo central. it's actually run by one of our. I'm not one of our on monks. Sit that up so it'd be very welcome to go there too. It's really quite well. Established nassar's central. So if you did want it in the book. I think if you just went to a good bookshop wisdom publications that we do a lot of a lot of the users and i think if you if you look at that scripts on in sweden. I would sign that you would have probably wonderful bookshops there in sweden to take up all of this stuff. Yeah well let's just being told that is among kubicki bodey. While he's actually there's a lot of the wisdom publications are books that have been Being written him and data on edge. And brahms had big put into a lot of these translations as well and ramallah to ivanhoe. Granola is becoming quite adept at doing these kinds of things as well but yeah. i think. Think you'll have trouble swanning the sutures from places like that. So thank you very much for that question and for tonight's just pie respects to the buddha the dahmer and the it and then we'll You're very welcome to stay behind. Because run has got some munchies forest and feed and capitaine. We'd be very very much like to meet you alive around the kitchen and we can continue the discussion over there if you like so good not to. Everybody will pile respects the.

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Effectively Wild Episode 1651: Split Decision

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

1:14:09 hr | 6 months ago

Effectively Wild Episode 1651: Split Decision

"Hello and welcome to episode. Sixteen fifty one of wildfires baseball podcasts. For ben graphs presented by our patriot supporters in van limburg of the wringer joined by rally of ben kissel omega knows their relationships in our human existence that due west forever we're human beings in a business where sometimes relationships don't last forever and commitments don't last forever but we're here together today and i hope that will be the case for the foreseeable future. I wonder if at any point in the answer he thought to himself. Oh no i have. I have wandered off the path i am. I am outside the bounds of what i hoped to do. But then just nath i get. I would hope that he thought that at multiple points in that response just tried to hack his way out of that thicket and couldn't quite clear. Am of course quoting rockies gm. Jeff bridage who along with rockies owner. Dick montfort held a press conference on tuesday in did not cover themselves in glory. A tough assignment. Difficult situation to face the media. Face the fans after trading a face of the franchise. But i would not say they did anything to disabuse anyone of the notion that the rockies are somewhat dysfunctional and don't necessarily know what they're doing. Yeah i i would tend to agree with that. I think the only there. There was a brief moment at the beginning of this where i thought to myself. You know it's it's like a. It's a good thing that dignity for it's out there like so often when trades like this happen the front office is sort of left on its own to answer the questions of the press and like we don't need to feel overly sorry for them that's part of their job rate your general manager. You expect to get tough questions. And i think you especially anticipate those questions coming your way. When you've traded someone like nolan air notto for the right to pay another team for him to play against you right benham never. I'm never going to fully recover from this deal. It will remain anyway so so often. They're they're left out there to sort of fend for themselves. And the particulars of any given transaction are are absolutely shaped by what the front office can manage. but they are often done at the behest of ownership rate. Whenever you're moving big payroll or you're moving franchise icon or both things at once. That is not a decision that a front office person makes on their own array. Like dick didn't wake up and be like we did so. I don't think that's what he sounds like at all but apparently that's what my mouth chose to do in this moment so it was good i thought. Oh he's up there he's gonna he's gonna own this with the front office. They started to talk. it quickly. quickly. Got out of hand i would. I think it's safer us to not. Since harvard grad bennett misspelled limousine on this season of the bachelorette has a harvard. Degree worked less prestigious than it did. Someone said to me. Harvard should sue him just making that degree. Look less impressive. Because yeah the the human existence quote that was when that really got around. But there were other quotes. That may be were less amusing. But maybe just as concerning if not more concerning. I think the consistent pattern with iraqis just seems to be that. They're either in denial about the team's talents and outlook or just have done a poor job of assessing it. Because that's been pretty consistent thing with them and monfort was saying you know. He said we have an extremely talented team. They're built to compete. It is time for them to take the next step. He said maybe nobody on this call would believe this so at least he has some awareness that he's going against the grain here. But i truly believe in my heart that this very talented team at underperformed. The last couple of years. Losing nolan doesn't help. I think we have the nucleus of players to get us where we want to be and there is a nucleus there. There is talent there but he seems to always think that the team is underperforming rather than just being bad like this is something that he said coming into. Twenty twenty prior to the pandemic. He predicted that the team would win. Ninety four games. And i'm still not entirely sure if that was completely serious or somewhat tongue in cheek but there was just no real sign that the rockies had formed in two thousand nineteen or is that they did in twenty twenty. It's not like they had some vastly superior pythagorean record or something like that or or that. They had a number of injuries or some other factor. That would lead you to believe that they were way better than they showed. I don't know that they did that. And so to come out and say well. We sucked now. No one watch us. That wouldn't be great either but maybe just to acknowledge that like there is a lot of work that needs to be done here as opposed to just well. We've got everything we need to win now. And right. it's said that they're not in a rebuild. It's kind of depressing. When a executive comes out and says we are in a rebuild we are tearing down like in a lot of ways the things that we criticize the rockies for doing or maybe like good in the greater landscape like spending on free agents that teams no longer spend on because they tend to be bad bets like rockies were the rubes but they were the ones who were actually spending on those middle tier free agents and spending more than they got back. But that's the kind of thing where you know if every team is super super-efficient never makes mistakes. Then we get a very slow in frozen free market so in a way like the rockies are still out there operating as if it's a decade or two ago and maybe baseball would be better off if there were more teams like rockies but they really do sorta stick out like a sore thumb now. I think that you can be aggressive with your spending and be willing to accept a certain amount of potential inefficiency on your roster in order to secure sort of meaningful winds creepy closer to The postseason but i don't think anyone's expectation is that spending on its own sufficient. It needs to be married with sort of a useful plan. And i think that the thing that sort of animates our plea for say the the raise to spend more money as they so clearly have a vision. They have good player development staff. They draft while they their front office is well staff with folks. You know what they're doing and that kind of plan married with a real and meaningful payroll. You're like wow. The potential for this team to just be incredible is so high and so. I don't think that any you gotta do multiple things at once. But this allred is like the same the same problem that the rockies have had for a long time is that they just really don't seem to have a great sense of where they are in the in the cycle of competition and how close they are at any given moment either being really good or really bad and you know i guess in fairness to them like maybe the internal conversations imagined that the internal conversations around the suffer more specific but to to have this so consistently be the way that the team projects publicly and then to have the results that they have on the field. It's hard to give them the benefit of the doubt that like they had a really good plan and somebody got hurt or they underperformed so well. Maybe just don't really know what you're up to. Can i tell you my favorite least favorite quote from this. This is from the storm ownership on the structure of the deal. There were many deals that made no sense and to be quite honest. There were ten times over the two weeks where i didn't think the saint louis deal made any sense and i think that i think that one of the best parts of the rockies is just how committed they are to reminding you that they had a really long time to think about making a choice which came up several times in this press conference. That like this has been the this has been the result of years of working months of of potential trade activity and soul-searching and it's like but at no point in that process where you're like you know it'd be fun nolan erin. Auto on our baseball team would have. We just did that. it's convenient. We already got him here. Yeah we talked yesterday about how they were kind of in the situation that they helped create where he was sick of being on this team. He's feuding with the front office. He had made it clear that he was going to opt out and could could've kept him for twenty twenty one anyway and taken the draft pick and had another year of are not rather than pay him to play for another team and get back. Some prospects who are not believed to be extremely promising. Prospects can surprise you so it's a product of a line of dubious decisions so this is just the latest in the chain and i don't know that there was a great option for them with this particular player at this particular time. But it's just not gonna look good. There's no way to really put a positive spin on it. So was there another quote. You wanted to mention her. Was that your favorite in police favorite combined. That was my favorite least favourite combined to add some context to this folks have not had the chance to read. We got some additional contract details around this and bank loans wrote those up for us at fan graphs. And i just wanna i just read. This paragraph can read the whole thing. As jeff jones reported aeronautica agreed to modify his contract as part of the trade in twenty twenty one. He was do thirty five million dollars. Now he'll receive fifteen million dollars. This year paid directly by the rockies. He'll also receive twenty million in deferred compensation regardless of whether or not he opts out if he still under this contract that money will be sent to the cardinals who will. Then pay it to aaron auto. If you ops out the rockies will pay him the twenty million dollars directly finally if not a doesn't opt out the rockies will be on the hook for the sixteen million he's due in two thousand twenty seven. That's the new year that the cardinals agreed to as part of the trade while it's unclear. Exactly why the rockies chose to pay that part rather than some pro rated portion of earlier salaries here we are. I just think we should underscore one more time. That record less of aaronow does opt decision. The cardinals will pay him zero dollars for his services. In twenty twenty one which is not to suggest he will be paid zero dollars but simply that the cardinals will not pay those zero dollars. So i don't know. I imagine ben at this money probably still affects the the cardinals competitive balance tax number because otherwise this would be a really bad loophole for the for the league to present a teams but still not actually paying him. That money chefs. Kiss quote really stood out to me because you just sit there and you're like this seems like the sort of thing that should have thrown red flags several times before it was executed. So anyway you know the saying about how. There's one main character on twitter. Each day in the goal is not to be that character and the rockies. Were kind of that character on baseball twitter on tuesday. But more broadly. I feel like there's always one gm or one front office. That's kind of the butt of everyone's jokes. It's just like the punchline. Gm and the goal is not to be that person probably but that character is often fun for the rest of us. And i've worried that we would lose it. It's not fun for the fans of that team. But it's handy to just have like the default gm or front office that everyone knows like behind the times or is not operating in a intelligent way and so you can just kinda easy jokes at their expense. Maybe it's too easy and sometimes it's slightly unfair and sometimes those reputations can change but there's always been someone who's in that position or multiple. Someones and they're definitely a lot fewer of them than you're used to pay because the most You know luddite front office of twenty twenty. One is the head of the most advanced front office of. I don't know fifteen years ago so it's not like anyone has no our department. Dir pays no attention to sabermetrics or whatever but because so many gm's come from the same background from the brightest background. Frankly and because they all seem to operate in similar ways and evaluate players in similar ways like they're all just kind of boring tastes like they don't really make that many quotes that make you go ahead and everyone re tweets it and makes fun of it like this human existence quote. This is red meat. And maybe it's just someone misspeaking. We just We haven't had a lot of this kind of character. And i'm glad that the species is not extinct that even though everyone is just you know parroting the same lines about financial flexibility or whatever and taking the same approach to player evaluation like there's at least the rockies who are doing something different and not afraid to say so really just the not afraid to say so but at the end of this month for it was like. He was asked at one point if he'd consider selling the team and here. I'm quoting from emma bachelor. Wrote a really nice little. Write up of. This is our moment in in rockies history. You'd like that monfort quipped wouldn't you. He smiled to show that he was joking but then again was he has a sense of humor about it. I guess but yeah. Mark korg who wrote a blistering column about this he tweeted. I struggled to find a comparison. To what i just saw this rockies conference call and i covered the wilpon eramet. That's sort of what i'm talking about like. We don't have the wilpon or mets anymore. Which is not to say that. The mets are free of dysfunction. But they're not dysfunctional in the same way that the wilpon swear like the wilpon so you could joke about and his lungs. He weren't a mets fan. And then we'll go way in their replaced by a hedge fund guy and that's not so much fun to make fun of anymore and so at least we have the rockies. So that's something. That's something. But i'm sorry rockies fans i know that i will bring up this steel like a lot of times a lotta times long after it is relevant because i still struggle to understand it and some of you are going to say in our i tunes reviews meg cutted out already and i'm here to tell you you will not be wrong but i think i will be unable to restrain myself so we have a bunch of transactions and news to talk about. I have a staff blast to share. Do you have anything to say about the mickey callaway situation or should we just refer people to our extended jared porter discussion because they're parallels there but the news broke after we recorded our last episode. That maki calloway. The angels pitching coach former cleveland. Pitching coach former. Mets manager has reportedly behaved in similar leaf lewd and inappropriate in offensive ways both in person and via text and via email with several female reporters over the course of several years with all the teams that have employed him as a coach or manager. This was reported by the athletic and he has subsequently been suspended pending an investigation. I don't know. I feel like i should have more to say about each of these. Because i don't want to discount the bravery of the women who came forward with their story but i think that it just continues to underscore some of the institutional changes that league needs to take seriously in order to ensure a safe and respectful working environment for all the people who work in baseball including media members. I think the part of this that is the most disturbing is how widespread an issue. This appears to have been Such that it was a thing that multiple people have said they were warned about when it came to callaway when he would pick up and go to a new stop. I still kind of confused as to why it took eighteen hours for the angels to announce were going to suspend him if that's what they were going to do. And so yeah. I don't really have a whole lot to add a thought. Ginny searle wrote a really good piece about it at baseball prospectus. So i'd encourage folks to check that out. Because she laid out the case for this as an institutional problem in a way that i think was really smart and compelling but you know it continues to be just a disheartening. Bummer that we have these so frequently and that the response to them seems to be female media members. I say that. Because that's been the trend although i don't mean to say that this kind of harassment is limited to women but for fuel media members sort of trot out the trauma that they've experienced at work as a way of validating that this happens and i feel like we should probably be passed part of the conversation. But we don't seem to be so it's disheartening. But i think that i need to figure out a better way to talk about it because i am skeptical that we are done with these sorts of revelations and i like i said i don't want to sort of discount them because i think that bringing them to light does take a lot of bravery and it is done even when it's done anonymously with the potential for great personal cost so i hope that the angels conclude their investigation swiftly because i don't know what kind of what possible exculpatory evidence. They could discover the course of that investigation. I i would love to know what clause in calloway's contract puts him sort of in a position where he his. Denial of these is sufficient for him to not be fired. So i think that. I would just hope that it's something that is taken to heart. And that the way that we address it is not simply for you know other members of the media and other folks working in baseball to have a keener eye for the stuff in a more ready instinct to intervene but that the league. Thanks really long and hard. About what kind of workplace it's cultivating and how the peculiarities of that workplace might leave it vulnerable to People who know that they have sort of a a better position of power and authority than some of the people that they're in contact with an exploit that for their own various purposes and at the expense of other. So that's what i would say. I said anything saying that. I talked for so. I am still myself but i hope that we do better around these questions in the future and not simply because they never need to see another shirtless picture of a halloway seriously again. Yeah yeah. there was a contrast in the team. Response here in the reporter porter was fired early. The next morning after the reports about him came out and in this case it took the angels awhile longer to suspend him and then there will be this investigation. And i'm not a labor lawyer. But from what i understand. They are doing this investigation. Essentially so that they can fire him and not have to pay him and maybe also protect themselves from getting sued and remember. The angels. Were just recently sued by. Brian hearkens the visiting club has attended. They fired pretty abruptly less march. I don't think they have to do an investigation. In order to fire him coaches get fired all the time. You can fire them for what reason you want to think but in this case if they want to get out of the rest of his contract i think they have to fire him for cause and because he is disputing the allegations. Which i think. Jared porter didn't do to the team after seven Dissembling to espn than there has to be some investigation than there. So you could say that well it would be a stronger statement if they just fired him right away. Didn't worry about the money. you could also say well. It would be good to deprive him of further earnings in which Seems like a nice thing for him not to just get paid unemployment for awhile as well. I don't know what the angels motivations are exactly here. The response may be could been swifter. Obviously in a case like this they would have been fine with them. Firing him right away but in principle. I don't think it's a terrible thing to suspend someone into an investigation before you fire them. Sure as long as in a like this where it seems like. There's a lot of evidence and a lot of people with similar experiences. You know if the end result is the same now if the end result is different and he's not fired that would be very different. But i don't know that you necessarily need fire someone the same day. I think there are reasons why it might be prudent or better to do some sort of investigation which is not to say that this investigation should take very long or that. There is much doubt in anyone's mind about the allegations here because they are extremely extensive and thorough. And that's another thing. I guess that would be one slight difference from the porter case in that that was one extended incident in case and it's hard to think that there was never any other but that was the only one that was reported and if there was only one known incident than you could say. Well it's plausible. That people might not have known about it or that that might not have come up in an interview process and as we mentioned at the time. Sandy alderson acknowledged that women were consulted during that interview process and that seemed to reflect a failing in that process in this case particularly when. There's just a pattern of behavior over years and multiple teams and this was evidently well known enough. That women were getting warned about him. Yeah and before they had personal interactions with one of the women in the article says it was the worst kept secret in sports which i can't personally testify to one way or another. But if that's the case and if this was common knowledge fairly common knowledge among reporters who were covering the team then for that not to have come up in the vetting process of multiple teams. Is i think another sign of either willing looking the other way or just Broken interview process. I guess and and also. I just kind of wonder like how much of this is going on that there are not text threads and email threads about that. Maybe make it a little bit easier for people to come forward and say here. I have for seats. Look at this clearly unacceptable behavior whereas if it's just a a comment made in person than it may be just as unacceptable but then it turns into a case of conflicting accounts and there isn't necessarily a definitive document of that harassment. So i guess it's in a sense. Good that there's evidence in these cases but it just makes me wonder. How many more cases are there where there isn't that kind of paper trail or digital paper trail and the behavior isn't any less agree. Gis yeah i. I can't imagine that all of them will involve a team email. Someone's lincoln but yeah. I think that. I guess the only thing i would hope like. I don't even think that's the right word here. But you know an understanding that this kind of behavior is pervasive hopefully would help folks not involved in these situations to be more apt to believe victims of harassment when they come forward and their harasser is not so cavalier or brazen as sullied leaving. Extensive paper trail So i guess if there's one thing that's good about us having a better understanding collectively of how often sort of thing happens it's that it does you know for those who would otherwise be inclined to maybe think that these are isolated incidents are the result of a couple of bad actors. That knowing that it's this pervasive makes you fully more inclined to treat those accusations credulously and to say that you believe the people who come forward understanding there the risk and costs that it brings so yeah so i guess while we're on a serious note before we get to transactions and stat just wanted to mention. There were a couple accounts this week of players who have dealt with depression and thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts. There is a really harrowing report by jeff passan about drew robinson who attempted suicide last year and that was followed by some comments by central. Ten simmons about how he dealt with depression and thoughts of suicide in twenty twenty. And there've been a lot of athletes and baseball players specifically who have come forward with these accounts in recent years with an eye toward reducing whatever stigma still lingers around it or just getting it out there that everyone deals with these things especially professional athletes and just wanted to mention it in in charleston simmons's case because so something that came up in passing when we talked about the twin signing him and briefly brought up the fact that he opted out of the last week or so of the season and i said something at the time to the effect of this look at the numbers. He produced a little bit differently. We didn't know why he opted out at the time but that just made me think well. Maybe there was some underlying issue here. Physical health mental health. Whatever it may have been that went beyond just the pure baseball of at all and so. I think that's something that we kind of have to keep in mind when we're looking at twenty twenty stats and projecting twenty twenty. One performance like players were dealing with a lot of the same stuff that all people were dealing with in two thousand twenty and it affected a lot of them seriously to simmons talks about how couldn't get his mind off of what was going on outside of baseball and was going on inside of baseball too but he said the first time was driving through oakland and seeing some of the shops and restaurants trying to stay open with all the homeless people camping outside. That's when it really hit me. He went on to say that you know once baseball entered. Its quasi bubble in preparation for the play. Offs like the contrast between that and what was going on in the world at large was just like to stark for him to continue and so he opted out of the remainder of that season. So this was clearly something that was weighing on his mind throughout the year. And it's hard to say exactly how that affected his onfield performance but tart to think that it didn't affect it at all and so there's just no way to know exactly when we look at those stat lines and we see that some players had a down year and you might be inclined to write it off for small sample size reasons but there were other reasons too and not everyone opted out. Some people were there for the whole schedule. But i'm sure we're dealing with some issues. So are people too and they are just as subject to these sorts of struggles and that can definitely interfere with their play in a way that a projection system can't account for and we can't account for us. They do say something publicly like some instead so just something to keep in mind as we move forward and as players continue to deal with these strange circumstances. Yeah it's always. It's always useful to remember that we don't we don't know all that's going on with anyone who lives in public life and who we don't know while and you know we don't have to -ssume that that's the driving source of pain or trouble in their life but it can be and i just think it's useful to approach people. We don't know the sense of compassion as much as we can. Because we're having a hard time you know and the the exact contours of that hard time are variable but we're all having a hard time and so we can. We can kind to each other. Yeah all right. Well while we're talking twins there's other twins news to discuss. Yeah the have resigned nelson cruz and also signed alex colony. So this is great news for minnesota. I think so nelson cruz. Probably not coincidentally signed what a day. After the latest setback to the universal. The h. in twenty twenty one. Which i guess is still not entirely out of the question but as of now it doesn't look like there will be one and perhaps he was holding out to get some clarity on that before. He made a decision so now he knows the h. On the the al. At least as of today and he'll be going back to the al to continue teaching so two years after he signed a one year. Fourteen million dollar deal with the twins with an option for a second year at twelve million. He's then signed a one year. Thirteen million dollar deal to return to the team. And i guess you could say well that semi surprising because when he signed with them the last time he was You know if there were doubts as there have been doubts about cruise for years and years now that He keeps proving wrong but he was coming off. Sort of a a down year by his very lofty standards with the mariners in two thousand eighteen and he was old then of course and does so he got that. When you're forty million dollar deal now. He only got one year and thirteen million. And that's coming off his best two seasons or his best two seasons and a regular role by wrc plus he had won sixty four last year at one sixty three in two thousand nineteen and use the best hitter in baseball. Not named mike trout over those two seasons. And so you might think it's weird that he didn't get a bigger deal this year. A two year deal but on the other hand he is two years older than he was then. And he's gonna turn forty one in july so it is perhaps not shocking that he didn't end up with the two year deal he was seeking like clearly. The twins still think that he is going to rake but given his age and maybe some of the underlying metrics there are some reasons for concern but again there have been reasons for concern before and he has put them aside time and time again. Yeah i think that. I always expected that he would return to the twins. I don't know that. I had a strong opinion on whether that would be on a one or two year deal. I think i assumed a year just given the age which i think is always likely to limit the ceiling both in terms of duration no contract and total value. Because i mean i think cruises an incredible bat and yep -solutely makes the twins better with his presence and that lineup can be quite fearsome but also he is really unplayable in the field at this point so his versatility is limited. And when you have you know the understanding that at some point father time we'll catch up to him and he will have tremendous downside risks. When that happens a year seems right. I do wonder how much the i still think that he was likely to get a year. But perhaps the total value would have been higher either in minnesota or elsewhere if the nationally had the d. h. Because he is you know he is such an obvious but For so many teams in that case and he instantly makes her lineup butter. But this one. I don't know this one just seemed like we were kind of waiting it out so i mean i'm glad for for twins fans or sort of feeling that they hadn't really done a whole lot because they hadn't really done and then there's been this this recent sort of uptick in activity so i have to credit them for getting some some good work done in the last Last week or so and they were not done today. I think now with cruise with simmons with colony. I think they have just nudged ahead of the white sox when it comes to their projected record only one but that is shaping up to be quite a race and yet ben clements blocked about cruise. Wild pack pointed out that there were some signs perhaps that he was declining at the plate. Not in terms of the surface stats which were as great as ever but he had his lowest exit lusty and expected woah. Cetera of the statcast era. And we just went over the caveats with twenty twenty. So i don't know how much to make of that but you're always going to believe in that a little more when player his reach that advanced age where you're expecting them to tail off eventually so. I hope that he will continue to defy father time and salmon. I did a whole episode episode. Fifteen eighty eight where we just marveled at about nelson cruises. Ageless snus and if you could keep that up at just checked in the best. Wrc plus by a qualified forty year old hitter. And as i mentioned he'll turn forty one in july but his baseball age the season will be forty so the best any qualified for the batting title forty year old hitter has been is david ortiz at one sixty three. Wrc plus in two thousand sixteen his last season so that's where crews has been the last couple of years. So if he could stay at that level he would give ortiz running for the best hitter of this age. Ever i think willie mays and his one fifty seven in nineteen. Seventy one is right after that but even if cruz does decline a little bit he is such a revered clubhouse presence mentor type and leader and all that that he's the sort of person who would probably be brought back indefinitely on one year deals if you could count on him to be one of the best hitters in baseball and as for may. I don't have as much to say about him but it seems like the twins are not necessarily team that will have a set closer so i don't know if he'll be racking up saves the way that he has in the past but he has been sort of unsung really reliable reliever like over the past several seasons. I think since two thousand fifteen he ranks sixteenth in fan graphs war. So you know. He's been like a top twenty reliever in baseball over a period of several seasons. And he's coming off a year where his strikeout rate was sort of concerning low. And maybe that is why he is somewhat unsung as he's not really a strikeout monster and he's not someone who's throwing one hundred is throwing ninety five but that's basically par for the course for away dinning reliever at this point. So maybe that's why but you know he gets a lot of grounders and he has just been really effective for quite a while now so good addition to the team yeah. It wasn't a unit that i thought of is needing like a tremendous amount of reinforcement. Although i guess they've had some attrition but yes signing signing him moved the twins into ninth place in our chart projections. Although i i have to say like the difference between a lot of these teams taken as a whole is so so thin as to be basically identical. I would not make a case that the you know. The twins at three wins and the blue jays at two point nine are substantially different from worship. Given what we know not only about the sort of air bars and projections but around relievers in particular. But he's definitely a very useful player to have around. And i always wonder you know now that now that the two powers in that division appeared to be the twins and the white sox like what does was it important to him at all to go to a place where he could compete against his old team. Did he want to you know jostle or was it just. This was the best deal. It's probably just that this was the best deal. But i always wonder what it feels like for guys to be like i have to you know. Go up against my former friends or do you say i get to crush my foes. Yeah yeah what did he get one year and six point two five million something like that. There's an option for the following season. It's not like a a big number and that's for a guy who has been a late inning reliever who has been a closer not. The teams are paying for saves anymore. But he has handled that pressure and he's been reliable for longtime he's coming off a year with a sub one. Era so you put all those things together and you kind of wonder why he couldn't get a bigger longer deal. But i guess it's just some of the things i mentioned earlier. He doesn't really fit the profile of a late inning bat missing flame thrower and you know he's been running x. Phipps in the force so it's he just doesn't really have the dominant peripheral. She's outpitched pitched his peripherals in recent years and maybe the sample sizes are small enough. That teams are expecting net to regressive it. yeah. I suppose that that's possible That trade that brought him to the mariners just looks really bad for the reason. Hindsight i mean that's not the point of this but and really bad. It's really whatever anyway but it's always good when the the teams that are supposed to be the centerpiece of of division. Continue to improve. So that's nice so speaking of which there was a another signing in the east also shaping up to be quite competitive chris archer returning. Raise another reunion here. This is an interesting one so he signed a one year six and a half million dollar deal which is not a vast sum but by raise standards. It's not nothing i think. This makes him the third highest paid player on the team and he is also a pitcher who had a lot of success with the raise in the past of course but has fallen on much tougher times lately and it's been an interesting career trajectory for him. And now i think coming off the rasic outwit syndrome surgery which can be a career killer for a lot of players that no joke. That's a pretty serious issue. He missed all twenty twenty with that and twenty nine thousand. Nine hundred was his worst year yet. So it's been quite a while. Since chris archer was healthy and effective. So this seems like a vote of confidence for the race. And i guess a semi surprising to me not surprising that they would want to bring him back but that they would see enough in him or have enough confidence in him returning and pitching at a high level that they would commit for them by their meagre payroll. Standards is a sizable amount of money. So that makes me wonder if they think they can fix him or bring him back to the level he was at when he was a array before which really would just kind of add insult to injury for pirates fans. I tests just to just to end the saga of the chris. Archer trades which would go down in infamy for the pirates and that would just the more painful. I think not that pirates spins wish ill upon chris archer but just you know if they get him as the centerpiece of trade that they end up giving up austin meadows entire glass now and then archer pitches worst than ever has while he's with the pirates and gets hurt and then if he were to return to the race and be good again. That would just be sort of the the final nail in the coffin of that trade. It would be. Which is why. I'm going to choose to focus on the following. Which is the part of this. That i like the most and i agree with everything you said. We have to see what he can do. He is probably best positioned to do well in an organization like this and so we'll see we'll see what's what six and a half million is not an amount that that most teams have to fred about. It is more substantial for the raise. But i like they're being psalm of some amount of i'm going to say this and then people are gonna think that. I'm being weirdly dismissive of the front office buildings. This you know. There's a nice little ring of sentimentality to this. And i think there's something really nice about bringing a guy back who whatever his performance on the field in pittsburgh like is is generally thought to be a a good dude and involved in the community and sort of while liked by fans. And you know it's it's nice in an offseason when some of the guys who raised have come to really treasure because they've been good for the team were sent away to to bring someone back. It's a nice thing. I don't you know i don't imagine that that was what motivated the signing. I'm sure the the way that the familiarity sort of manifested was in confidence that they could help him either to right the ship from a performance perspective or that they were uniquely placed to help him recover from the surgery. But it's just a nice nice little thing ben so often. Don't have nice little things when it comes to sentimentality or or memory and the raise and so we should applaud the couple of times. We do get it. Because now all those people in tampa who had archer jerseys you don't have to buy new. They put the one on the head before might have a different number. Who knows it doesn't matter. It's right name pulled out of storage. You can go home again. Yeah this is Archer kind of followed. The blake snell trajectory really where he signed an extension with the raisin than they traded him almost inevitable hadn't That's health raise make this thing work by trading those guys getting really good players back in at least. Here's they have brought back. The players they sent away and the race were in on other starters. They missed out on like corey. Kluber i think and martine peres. They've talked to faulty and richhill so they're not too scared off by that. I guess maybe they think they have a way to nurse those players back to health but it would be just fitting in a very depressing way. Pirates -fensive amer to rebound and. I think that was one of the more notable cases of like oh. The pirates searches trying to fit every pitcher into the same box. And it's just not working anymore. Because when archer went to the pirates he had a long track record of success and then suddenly he started throwing a sinker. Wouldn't you know it like every other pirates pitcher and he said that the pirates didn't like force him to do that and research said that he wasn't forcing him to throw a sinker but it was not a complete coincidence that he suddenly started pitching like a pirate when he became a pirate and it just did not work for him and he did say he felt some pressure to conform just because the pirates had such a clear organizational pitching philosophy and when he abandoned that and went back to what had worked for him before he started pitching better until he got hurt again. So maybe the underlying skills are are still there but that was just another instance of boy. The pirates used to be the team that would really get more out of pitchers and then off a sudden things changed and now they're trying to do the same thing to everyone in it is just not working for them anymore but different regime there now no longer. Pirates fans problem although the owners still is poor pirates fans in other transaction news. Let's see. I guess the nl central in an effort to keep pace with the cardinals. Big blockbuster. I guess they didn't quite do that but they have not been entirely idle shan't doodle signed with cincinnati and. I'm most happy. I think for trent rosecrans who i hope. We'll have many engaging star wars conversations with doolittle this coming season if they don't start a podcast about star wars. I will be disappointed. Trent if you're listening please make that happen. And the brewers signed colton one. So they sorta poached him from another l. central rival that No longer wanted to make an effort to keep him so cut lung signed for two years. Eighteen million with an option for a third season. Not bad. Considering the cardinals. Declined are one year twelve and a half million dollar option on him for twenty twenty one. Yes he did. I don't have much to say about the doolittle signing other than you know. The bullpen needed some reinforcements given some of the non tender decisions and trades that they had done this year and i hope that he recovers his form because he's an easy person to root for and great fun. When when everything's working so that that goes well in terms of long you know. I am gonna be curious to see. How the brewers sort of re-jigger their infield. I would imagine that this means that here moves to first base. Yeah 'cause you know just defensively. The gap there is pretty substantial and they clearly are going to want curious baton lineup. But a i don't think you wanna move him onto any of the other potential positions. Are i suppose that they could put him at third. But i will be curious to see sort of how that all shakes out but the lineup provided that cain kind of gets back to where he was in yellow better year. Don't know uppers team is interesting. Still don't like like super love their rotation outside of their top couple of guys but that brewers team is is interesting. They are distracting close to the cardinals in terms of their projections. Which i'm going to need to do a little thinking on but yet it seems it seems good i much. I imagine that my reaction to wong going to another team in the division would have involved more sort of side. I in saint louis way. If they had not just had the week they would you be like well. I don't know why don't you get a good infielder guys doing fine so so yeah. I think that seems like a good fit. They definitely needed some defensive upgrades on the brewers side of things and certainly provides that so can make a much bigger defensive upgrade in the infield. I mean that's about as good as it gets so. Yeah i've in europe. If he hits like he did in his rookie year in two thousand nineteen thousand. He'd have no problem during the offensive bar at first base if he hits more like he did in two thousand twenty then he would so. I don't know exactly like you know if you look at his Projections they sort of split. The difference assume he's like an average hitter. Which would not be great for a first baseman but given his success in twenty nineteen and his prospect pedigree and the upside there like. I could easily clear that so it it sort of depends where he settles in the as to can he be a star first baseman. Ray can he just be adequate. I have confidence in that bat recovering. He has to be. He's one of my favorite hitters to watch and the the sort of high contact approaches good and also. I should say that i am now. Seeing that tom hardcourt of the milwaukee journal sentinel reports that he will serve as brewers primary first baseman in. Twenty twenty one. So there you go sorry daniel vogel back. His journeys continue to come in as a defensive replacement. I'm a pass to all right so just a couple of front office tidbits. I thought it was funny. That on the same day that bright was facing the firing squad for the arnaldo deal that aj preller got a promotion and an extension. That just sort of you know gives you a sense of the trajectories of those two l. teams and hard to argue with that preller got extended i think through what twenty twenty six and got a promotion to president of baseball ops just in recognition of building a farm system and also a great team so he seems to have done everything that he could have to get that and boy. It's been a really up and down tenure with padres for preller in more than one way when it comes to like rebuild that work and some hasty moves and sub suspensions disciplinary actions. But he seems to have come out of it with. Flying colors said has built a powerhouse. There so you got his reward for that. I imagine him as both sides of the spiderman meam but saying my how the tables have turned in terms of his rebuilt a mashing to pop culture references standard to make a super reference that applies to ag prowler. And the only other thing i wanted to mention was that the u. epstein got another job so we talked to recently about one of his part time jobs which is serving as it consultant to an opinion rob manfred onfield matters and we had a long discussion about that and seemed like a positive sign. Seems like someone who is really concerned with improving baseball as an aesthetic experience and pace of play and contact and of that and we talked about how he might accomplish that and how he seemed like a good fit for that role. Well that will not be occupying all of his time and I think he said he was excited about working in sweatpants for that one or pajamas i think it was but he will probably not be able to wear pajamas for this other role that he has. He was hired to join a private equity firm. He is joined. it's it's called the artas. Sports partners a private equity firm dedicated to buying minority shares of professional sports teams and he is joining as an executive in residence. So this seems like i'm sorry. What does that mean an executive in residence. Yes yeah it's like you know a fan graphs residency it's like if you hire the epstein to be an executive for a while it's like kind of a consulting role but not exactly. I am floored. I am outraged. Yes i will for the wall street journal. Report here at art dose the forty seven year old epstein will advise owners of the teams artists invest in which i think it could the red sox and fenway sports group across multiple leagues on matters such as organizational leadership culture building and business and He will continue to serve in his. Mlb consultant role. So he's going to be doing both of these things and this seems like a step with an eye toward an ownership role in the future which is something that he has expressed interest in so we talked recently about hell. Billy bean's bid to become some sort of owner. Seems to have been thwarted for now epstein. I think is trying to work his way into that world here and he should Do what he wants to explore his options here but it does seem as if there could be some sort of philosophical conflict here when it comes to these two different roles at least in some ways. Like i'm i'm i'm reading a quote here from One of the leaders of this company a guy named ian charles and he says he has a lot to offer our firm around culture leadership talent identification data and analytics. We're going to be able to learn a lot from theo. So it seems like he may be advising ownership groups on say applying a data driven analytically oriented way to run their teams and The frequent buzzwords here are mentioned here are toast seeks to acquire passive stakes and franchises in order to provide liquidity and capital to controlling owners. So it does seem like if on the woodhead like what are the reasons that we were happy that he went to work remedy. Is that like. I compared it to a white hat. Hacker who breaks the system. And then you hire that person to safeguard the system had so it seemed like he was a great candidate for that like hey he's been gm and he acknowledged like he's been as culpable as anyone in sort of chasing the efficiency and going and getting the best players even if they are not the most fan-friendly ideal spectator experience player. So he's seemed like a good person to sort of you know protect. Mlb against that behavior except that he is also the sides like advising other franchises. Not just baseball. I guess but probably also in baseball about how to do those exist. So i kinda wonder like. Is there like a wall between private equity consultant epstein and mlb consultant epstein. Does he have to like. I guess he. He changes from pajamas to suits or something when he is doing one or the other. But i don't know. I mean i guess he can advise owners on how to make the most of the current system while also advising infra-red on how to change that system to make it less easily explainable. But it's like that might be a bit of a conflict in other roles so yeah. I don't know exactly how you navigate both of those jobs at the same time but I suppose they wish it well in figuring out how to us dual responsibilities. It makes me very nervous ban. Because i think the private equities ation. That's not how you say that. But you know what i'm trying to say of baseball has contributed to great many issues over over the last few years. And so. I'm i'm nervous to have that given smarter. Focus from theo. Part of this might also be that the place. He's chosen to be an in residence. Sounds like sounds like a it. Sounds like a corporation that like lex. Luther would find and then superman will be like it was all along a superhero references in this on. I don't know so. I guess we'll see but my first instinct is not to think it's great. Yeah that's my first instinct. We will see and it's tricky. Because i don't know how much this is. One of those things that i think is going to be difficult for us to assess because and it was probably difficult for us to assess his efficacy in. The commissioner's office to begin with but can't imagine that he's going to be able to talk publicly all that much about what he's doing. What's the name of the group again. Arc dose capital arc dose capital. Yeah definitely like maybe. It's artists sports partners. And i just imagined the capital because it seems like it would be their sports partners. It's like it's like if. I don't know like if you were buying a sports team with the i using a mind control ray on everyone inland stadium. Something like that anyway. I don't know that we will be able to have all that much insight into what he's doing there and how much insight we have into his role in. The commissioner's office is gonna depend entirely on. How willing i guess. Baseball is to let him talk. Speak candidly and on the record about the recommendations that he has made both that have been implemented. And not so i. I think it will be hard for us to say all that definitively. But i will admit to making me nervous. Yeah right. I don't know how active role it'll be. I mean it has to be a passive ownership stake. It can't be a controlling interest because melby changed its rules in two thousand nineteen to allow investment funds to own minority interests in multiple teams at the same time which i think previously would have been viewed as a conflict and so he can't be part of a majority interest in one team. Well being a minority interest in another. I don't think and if team were to make him like its face and give him a real ownership role than. I assume that he would leave this one. Which is probably why it's Executive in residence. It's probably just a fleeting or not permanent thing. Unless i guess they promote him at some point or take a greater interest in one particular franchise but yeah it's It seems difficult to do both the things at the same time so i hope he is not completely honest in his efforts to make baseball better. But we will see or maybe we won't say and we'll just have to imagine an extrapolate executive in residence. Yes yeah we might have to have other ben back onto just try to workshop shutting name for that. Yeah i don't know. Ben snuck great. Okay i will leave you with a step blessed today sir all right. Blessed is inspired by a question that came to us from listener. Eric and he writes. I am working on a saber bio on nineteen seventies outfielder. Leroy stanton or roy stanton and came across this fact his career batting average of two forty four is also his lifetime average versus righties. Lefties at home and on the road seems very. Chris davis esq. Are there other players in history with splits that are identical like this. Is this more rare or impressive than chris. Davis's four straight to forty seven seasons so this sounded to me like a a pretty fast and a pretty rare accomplishment. So i sent this to our frequent stat. Best consultant guess. We could call him Step last consultant in residence. Adam ought and i asked him to look for players. Who have the same number for batting average in these splits and therefore would also seemingly have the same for all number. So i'll read what adam said here. This is a little tricky for people whose careers took place or partly in place for years. Where my retro. Sheet database is not complete or deduced which is prior to nineteen twenty eight however i have run the queries and double check the ones that i have found and of those that. Were within two points in my query using the splits at baseball reference. And so yeah we we. Don't have complete lefty. Righty home road splits for every year in baseball history but based on what we do have which is most of it. Adam has first of all excluded players who have a zero average across all split so you just got a cup of coffee and he has found seven players including stanton who have this. I will read the first six. And i would be surprised if they spark recognition in many of you. Who are listening. Run blazer jim connell. Gerry davey mike farmer pete. Ham alex mccray if none of those names leaped out of your headphones at you. It is probably because none of them has more than twelve career at bats so the only players who have ever done this in more than twelve career at bats well not even players. It's player it's just stanton. I'm sorry. I'm not positive how to pronounce his first name. I would have said leroy. But i saw one recent news clip that set roy however you say it he stands alone. There were some close calls as at a mentioned bret. Boone rick burleson doug camilli. They all were like one point of batting average in one or two of the splits off so there are people in the neighborhood but no one has done this except stanton and for those who are not familiar with his work. Stanton was an outfielder for the angels. And the mariners and the mets from nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy eight and. He was a pretty good hitter. Pretty good player. He suffered a pretty serious beaning when he was still in the minors that seems to have affected the rest of his career and he said it did and that he was never quite the same hitter and suffered some lingering symptoms from that but even so he was a pretty productive player for several years and ended up with more than eight hundred games and almost three thousand plate appearances in the majors and he is probably most notable at least until now when this fun fact was brought to the world's attention probably most notable a for getting the first hit in mariners history. So that's something. No and also he was in the nolan ryan. Trade the infamous nolan ryan trade from the mets perspective. And people. don't talk as much about stanton being in that deal because You almost don't have to because it's overshadowed by the nolan ryan of it all but leroy stanton alone like He i think outperformed. What the mets scott from. Jim for grossi. So if it had been a one for one with forgo city for stanton probably still wouldn't have been a good trade for the mets but also there was some other players involved in that deal so interesting things in the career of leroy leroy stanton but i think this takes the cake. This is pretty impressive to me to have the same batting average to forty four against righties against lefties home and on the road and he was a right handed hitter so you would have expected him to be better against lefties and to make this even more astonishing. Not only does he have the same batting average in all four of the splits but he has the same slugging percentage in all of this but seriously. Yeah he batted. End slugged to forty four and three eighty eight respectively. Both for his career advocates readies gets left east and at other road. It's kind of credible that he managed outlets things and i only wish that we could call him and get his thoughts and potentially some sort of explanation about this. Unfortunately he was killed in a car accident just a couple of years ago so we are not able to do that but he seems from everything. I've read to be a an interesting. And good guy. A much loved family man and respected figure in his community and a great athlete and with a nice life and this was an aspect of it. That i really wonder whether he was aware of or whether he would have been able to explain it. In some way i look forward to reading the sabre bio because yes sir. Very cool little tip. I think might be one of the more fun. Fun facts that we have to ever heard. Yeah yeah eric. Set me a draft of the safer buyouts a good read so i assume will be up there at some point. Perhaps with a reference to this fun fact and so eric did ask whether this measures up to the chris davis four straight seasons of to forty seven. Do you have any thoughts on that. This is more fun than that for sure really well. I think this is more fun than just. Because i just think that. Because the consistency across so many different categories of stats and the fact that his slugging percentage was the same. It's just that's remarkable bit of sameness. That is a remarkable sameness. I think more fun than that. I think i disagree with you. Although i enjoy this very much. It's probably a good thing that we disagree on occasion because we don't all that often and this is not a momentous thing to disagree about. I think i still prefer the. Chris davis i just because i don't know when you start getting into splits. It's like another level like the the fact. That davis did this in just his overall line year after year there are so many splits and these are two of the most commonly cited and prominent. But it's probably the most commonly cited split so it's not like i just you know picked out Some obscure split on his baseball reference page. But there are a lot of obscure splits. You could probably find some strange coincidences there. So i guess once you start digging into deeper layers of it. It's probably easier to find someone who has a weird coincidence like this and maybe i am also biased. Just because i got to follow the. Chris davis miracle in real time sure and That was a big part of it. Like just becoming aware of it as it was happening as opposed to decades after the fact with a player who is unfortunately no longer with us like just watching it materialize in project. Like can't he still hit two forty seven. What would it take for him to forty seven. That added a spectator aspect to it. That i don't have with stanton and that probably no one would have had with stanton at the time. I guess that's the thing that detracts from it may be as that. I don't know that anyone would have noticed this. And it's probably not something that people were like you know. Pay attention to on the last day of his career like is he going to preserve the equal split. So it lacks that. I think but in terms of like the improbability of it it's right up there. I guess we would have to have another statistician onto tell us which of these were unlikely. I did have a a statistical expert on to tell us. The odds of. Chris davis doing that. And this seems similarly improbable in the fact that no one has done it with any kind of substantial career. Just it batting average the fact that he did it it's fucking percentage to is just the icing on the cake. I think and i should note. He did have like slight platoon splits so his batting averages were the same but he did have slight splits like obviously not in terms of getting hits or hitting for power but he did get on base a little bit more often against left handed hitters and at home so it wasn't entirely consistent or immune to those effects but he was mostly immune to it seemingly and i don't know how much of this is a chance like is certainly an aspect of it. That is chance that it's not just a point off as opposed to right on the nose. Of course. That was the case with. Chris davis i. I think what intrigues me about. This is like you. Know with chris davis. We could be pretty confident that he was a true talent to forty seven hitter. When do it forces the row with a lot of time. I think we can say he found his level and it was still random and affected by chance that he actually ended up at two forty seven every time. Instead of just two forty eight or two forty six or whatever and so i wonder how much of this is canon. How much of it is just that. He was telling nbc so consistent that he was unaffected by these forces that affect just about everyone. Like i don't know if you've played out his career for another ten years or something like with the still in the case. Was there something about him. That made this possible for him like the way that he hit or his mental makeup. Like did that contribute to it or was it just sort of a random thing. 'cause like generally speaking a right handed hitter hits about twenty points of batting average better against a left handed pitcher but there is a lot of fluctuation there and it's hard to predict from season to season and there've been some studies that suggest that like we can't even really tell what someone's true platoon split is just because it takes so long to stabilize it really reflect their true talent. Especially if you're talking about something like batting average that you might not know like okay. Was he actually a to forty four hitter against both probably not and so if you were to project what he would hit a regress it you would not expect him to keep that up but you never know. Maybe there was something you know i. I would think that there might be some true. Differences like lefties tend to have larger platoon splits than radius when it comes to hitters on the whole but i would think that there must be some variation just in terms of i don't know ocular dominance or your stance at the plate or your mechanics are like the types of pitches you hit well or don't hit well and you know same goes for home and road performance like maybe it just matters more to some players that they're playing in a familiar environment than others. So that's why. I wish we ask them like hey. Do you think there was something about you that enabled you to do this or is it just one of those weird things. I think that all of that is very compelling as an argument. And i guess the only thing i would offer as a potential counter is that while it is very gratifying to talk to these guys about sort of what they think as these things are unfolding or find out. If they're even aware of them it is sort of fun to get to discover a new thing just by virtue of clicking through Play indexes and answer of being left with with the mystery of weather. He knew any other sets of splits. But the ones that they are. I might find it less compelling but because they are such they're such staples of the genera I find it. I find it pretty admirable. I'm glad with this was brought to our attention. What has done little thing i know. Yeah thank you to eric. And thank you to adam for doing the research and yeah i think this should like be the the most famous split you know. I think like i grew up. Hearing about the fact that like stan musial had the same number of hits at home in on the road. And i think that that's something that people kind of trot out there is like. Oh he was so good. He was so consistent it didn't matter where he was but i don't know that fun fact lies a little bit. I think all fun facts do in that. He did have a fairly sizable split when it came to home in road and he had a batting average ten points higher at home than on the road. It just so happens that he had the same number of hits but he was a a more effective hitter at home. And i think this is just much more fun than matt. I mean it's not a hall of fame player. But it's really like to be the same your overall numbers and both of these splits and the same slugging percentage is so improbable that i think stanton splits fun. Fact should now be just like a a mount rushmore baseball. I i will. I will allow for their entrance into such a distinguished body hall of fame also complicated now all right so we will end there well as soon as we finished recording. I saw the news that the orioles had signed felix hernandez to a minor league contract hill. Earn a million dollars if he makes the majors. Now i'm kind of kicking myself for taking him in the minor league free agent draft. I mentioned on that episode. That i had considered drafting him. Both because i figured he'd catch on somewhere and because he'd be fun to root for it'd be fun to root for regardless of whether he's on my minor league free agent draft team but now that he signed with the orioles man. I used a high pick on coal stewart in last year's draft and he went to the orioles and i was very pleased. Didn't really work out for me because he opted out but going to the orioles at this point in time is a good sign for pitchers playing time and felix in the newly alex coblets orioles rotation. He's got a shot to mix some starts would take him today if i could do it. Over the minor league free agent draft will break your heart. You can warm. Our hearts make us feel better about being human beings in a business by supporting effectively wild on patriotic which you can do by going to patriot dot com slash technically wild signing up to pledge some small the amount to help keep the podcast going and get yourself access to some perks. Appalling listeners have already signed up. Tim rawlings jose. Luis cooped jeff tortoise james morris and derek wizner. Thanks to all of you. You can join our facebook group at facebook dot com slash group. Sasha effectively wild you can rate review and subscribe to effectively wild on. I tunes and spotify and other podcasts platforms. You can keep your questions and comments coming for me and meg via email at podcast depend grass dot com or b the patriot missile system. If you are a supporter thanks higgins for his editing assistance. And he will be back with one more episode before the end of this week hockey then goddess person.

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B.I.G. Interview | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on All-Star Match to Coors Field

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

17:19 min | 4 months ago

B.I.G. Interview | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on All-Star Match to Coors Field

"This is brian how colorado buffalo beat writer for the buffs zone. And you're listening to the whole show thirteen cents. Kfi welcome back to the whole show powered by energy. We are live from the auto collision specialists studios joining me now. And i think it's a fish or we're going to be doing this every tuesday with the one. The only drew crease men are rockies insider from dnv iraqis drew. I guessing so man. I just set it on the air. You can't make me look bad now. We're we're good right now. I'm taking it all back now. That you've made it official you hold everybody. All's i can do is make a liar out of right. This is why i was told. Never do programming meetings on the air. Keep doing it always. It always gets me drew my in pretty big news. And now it's official colorado rockies will host the two thousand twenty one all star week. Yeah awesome great. Look i know there are a lot of people who like want to feel bad about like trying really hard to to have some negative things and it's not that there's there's nothing to be said for like it feels a little bit weird the dick mon for getting kind of rewarded at like the worst possible time There's even a cynical response to that though which is to say you know there's gonna be a highlight now on this whole mess. Here everyone the entire mall world is going to descend on denver colorado. What you don't think the national broadcasters television and radio and a hundred different languages aren't gonna mention you know it's kind of interesting we're here and you know that guy who's playing this game he. He wears a cardinals jersey now and he's like it. Just shine a light on it. Isn't they say. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Like i. i think it's a win win win. All around like yes dick. Mon- gonna make some money out of the deal. But guess what dick monfort. It's not gonna sell colorado rockies. I'm sorry everybody he's not. I wish he would. But he's not and so just making him more cash-strapped it might make you feel a little bit better but it's not actually better for anybody and then there's just the bigger deal of. It's great for the community for baseball fans to to get to do this. They're bigger issues at stake than just you know how much money goes into dick monfort. Its pockets. yeah you're right. It is going to be strained. When you see nolan there at the all-star that's going to be tough christ. A swan drew the other thing too is just. We did a poll. was it yesterday. I think we did a poll asking. I now that things are opening up and you can go to games current pro teams in colorado avs nuggets rockies at rolling right now. We asked the question. Which one would you would you go to i. Which one are you choosing. And it was hands down coors field. It was hands down rockies. Our listeners hate the rise but when you ask them where they wanna go it's like a coup field so so at the end of the day a doesn't really matter drew. You know brady. I had somebody. I'm gonna have to clean up the language and the stories Listener reader Who who also sells jerseys down at the store you know works in the teams are still all kinds of stuff. Whatever they've got you know he's a and all. I hear all day people you know in this and that stinking common through and mom for this day and then they get this thing and i go all right. That'll be four hundred bucks. Thanks jersey like you know and so like a yeah like and what are you gonna do at the end of the day. I'm not gonna fault anyone who's gonna have a good time going to baseball games. That doesn't mean that they have delusions of grandeur about the team or any of that stuff. I'm not putting rockies fans down not the business of putting rockies fans down and i think that's a bad business to be in quite frankly so let's enjoy it. Let's enjoy Going out to the game even if we don't expect them to win a lot. I think they'll be better than a lot of people do. But trying to spin this all star game thing as a as a bad thing especially when we have no idea in the long term you know the rockies will get another one that could be the one thing where it's like if they can't have a full year to prepare for this and and does colorado get the all star game experience and if you're settling for kinda like seventy percent of it then it feels like mom forgot played again but i'm not sure that's what happened here. That's all speculation for now. It's just a great day to be a fan of baseball in the state of colorado and drew. You mentioned it to. I mean looking at the last series against the dodgers. I mean congratulations rockies. You get to start the series. Start your season the best team in baseball that i think sometimes even in the off season drew i forget how good they are until you just watch them. Step up to the plate. You're like the worst is over. We got past this go. No no he just keeps going that way. But i gotta tell you drew. I walked away from this series. Go that could have been a lot worse. Yeah yeah absolutely you know i. It was a really interesting series on a lot of ways the rockies back came to play and it's tempting to destroy your shoulders they hate coors field but look man. Those are some of the best pitchers in the world over there. Tershawn our dealer and hurry also out there in the rockies offense more than held their own against them you know when you the bullpen was going to be shaky and they caught up a couple of games. The one thing that i think was pretty disappointing. Was the starting pitching particularly. Marquez incentive tyler. We're just not sharp. John gray looked great. Hell he had to come out of the game. Worst possible debut for gombar but it's also a wash away and it almost meant nothing because it has so much stupid as defense rather than anything else but ultimately yeah the the dodgers did not totally destroyed the rockies. Second game where. I think everyone. Okay here's what we expect ten nothing in the rockies are getting no hit. That's the best team in baseball. That's the worst team in baseball. And that's what it should look like. Then even in that game the rockies came out and hit four home runs in an inning. Dave roberts over there scrambling for levers going. Oh a four-run ballgame all of a sudden you know. And and so yeah. I think they're gonna be better than people think. I think the offense is going to be better. I think young players are gonna contribute. They're going to surprise people and when the pitching comes around they're going to go on some runs he ended like you said you brought john gray right. John gray looked ridiculous didn't he. I mean he was. He was rolling and then the cramps kind of settle in nothing serious thing goodness but that that was just kind of how this series weird stuff happening john. Gray who you know. He's a pretty good career with the rockies but certainly could be better and now you're seeing them. You're really putting some pressure on him this year. Because if you're going to make something of this season you're gonna need it out of your pitching you just have to have it. And there's john gray rockin and then he gets cramps and then the candidate the game kind of starts to fade away at that point but my goodness i mean most these games were so close that first game though drew they get the win. They win eight to five. That was the most bizarre baseball game. I've seen in quite something series man. Yeah the whole series was weird. I will say that the home run. That wasn't a topic. God and turner around balance your past each other on the basis. Just i was going around talking to everybody. I knew it just gradually got more and more experience. I went to my guy patrick. Lyons watch a ton. Baseball's like you've seen that before now. I've never seen that before then. I go to patrick saunders number post you ever see that before. I never seen that before. I go to tracy wrangles be seen a lot of you ever seen that before he goes never seen that before then after the game somebody else about black but black has seen some baseball. You ever seen that before. But i've never seen that before. This is that was incurred. I love baseball man. And so you go to the ballpark. You see wild stuff like that You know and and it did like you said it this year where we were maybe hoping for the rockies to be competitive. I might be sitting here splitting hairs with you saying hey there. Too bad defensive. Plays away from winning three or four games not set like you said if can just hold on for another any one pitch here or there one defensive plano where we don't need to do that kind of bargaining this year because we're not gonna have our is probably as close on the standings but when you're looking at what guys like gear hanson. Sammy hilliard hitting a ball. That would not have landed yet. If it had smashed off the facade in right field nunez doing his thing these are the guys that came out and just they took all those home runs off of a former cy young winner two of them actually back to back former cy young winners and trevor bauer and david price. Those guys gave up four homers. These young rockies. It's charlie bachman. Charlie and the children call 'em and and there they went. They did the thing. And so yeah. I mean if you're not gonna get excited about that kind of stuff. It's probably going to be a very long season for you. I'll just say that right now. But if those if you can kind of take those winds i had. Somebody tweeted me. I keep pulling this week but it was so great you just said i thought this is going to be a miserable season while i wanna win rather than lose if they play like that all year. I think this is going to be pretty fun. I've got to agree with that assessment. I'm trying not to be too positive on the side. Because you know we're we're we were trained. All offseason drew to hate this rocky team never win a game and then when they win one game like well mission accomplished that got one but i did walk away from that everything that happened. The the weird homerun wasn't a home. Run the cat. kershaw catching a butterfly. When he shouldn't have just let it drop. And that would have been two outs. Yeah it was weird stuff happening. But i found myself going. You know what i this was supposed to be an absolute blow out. This series was supposed to be embarrassing and look at the scores. It wasn't embarrassing. And if you expected the rockies to beat the dodgers. I don't even expect the rockies to beat the dodgers on a good year necessarily every series. I certainly didn't expect them to do at this time. So i'm walking away from this one going all right. Well we'll see what the diamondbacks bring. Where the other thing is you know. Putting off and gumbo side and put so much on him but other than than that whole situation. The rockies played the much cleaner series me far fewer defensive mistakes The dodgers were bringing in guys on wild pitches early in the series and all this kind of stuff. So it's like yeah. I i agree with you i'd my immediate takeaway from just watching them play. That serious was not one hundred loss baseball team to win for you. I don't know but at the very least if you if losing one hundred games makes you feel worse than you're worried about that. I i really don't think it's going to happen unless there's just a rash of injuries. He's guys are two scrappy. I know some people hate that word. But it's legit they're never gonna be the bigger guy in the site you know i. I like pro wrestling. I like to use that analogy. You know they're. They're the high flying lucia door against the big gigantic andre. The giant like they've gotta figure out a way it gets those lands but there's a way to do it and they came out showing exactly how nearly Surprise those dodgers and split or even in one that series so you start playing some teams. That aren't the dodgers build a little confidence in these young guys. Get the pitching you're supposed to get thing marquette and send the tell us show up sharp. I'm sorry they win that series. Do and and that'd be an interesting talking point today. Oh no question. you're so let me get this straight you saying the rockies are the ray mysterious. Junior of of baseball is it. Can we say that brady said that. Exact thing on the podcast. Maybe even become best friends. That's one of those moments. remember judy. What he's knocking out all the giants. He's taken out kevin nash. She's taken down. I mean it was the best time of my life. And i'm married and have a child phenomenon. I even radio. I made this part of the analogy. I was like when the rockies got the world series in two thousand seven that was like when ramos zero finally won the world championship and held it up and we were all very excited and then later that day. John john champion of drew. I love anytime you want to connect sports. Sport is sports. Excuse me anytime. You want to connect baseball to wrestling. I'm here for that. show my friend. I'm here for that martinez. Had a rough rough go in that game. He just looked a little off. Just a little off in that one. See that being a big big concern or we do. We get the best of marquez even even tonight against arizona you know it it really could go either way. It's a concern in that. He didn't have his fastball command. All spring training and i noted all spring training. I was on well. I think he's going to have a little bit of a shaky start to the season so listeners of the podcast might have been expecting it and then he came out and it was. The same problem. Didn't quite commander the asphalt he's able to battle because his stuff just the velocity and the movement on his pitches is ridiculous and guys have a hard time lining it up but he just couldn't hit his spots and so if that continues to be an issue it could take them a while to work out of this. I do think that he will. But it's also one of those things he's never struggled with in his light and sometimes when guys just lose their command to their fastball. For a minute just kind of goes into it locks in earlier in the season. That's more likely to so there's a chance he yeah he just comes out and he's dynamite Because it's it's just a matter of command. Everything else about his game is fine. Mechanics are fine. Like i said the below the movement all that stuff is there. But he's got to be able to put the fastball on the edges of the strike zone. He starts doing that. He'll he'll be just fine. And i expect he. Will you hope it's tonight But it can be a tricky thing. It's a little bit. I compared to like a basketball player. Losing their jump shot like a really good jump shooter and then you lose the feeling your jump shots or minute. Well i just have to keep shooting right. And he has to throw his fastball until it comes back and as soon as it does. It'll be there. I tend to watch and find out. I tend to agree drew. What are you working on man that we can check out in the meantime until we talk to you again. The other thing. I really noticed in this opening series brady and some people are really gonna roll their eyes at this but whether it's from a baseball perspective or some of them or the off field perspective That this is an incredibly easy team to root for. I was kinda waiting again. You talked lower kinda conditioned all off season to hate this team in a way to these guys suck nobody on bunch of scrubs and i kept waiting for myself to feel that kinda letdown mama when you get to the bottom the lineup and also and so's coming up. The next three guys probably aren't gonna do anything. I'm gonna go resale my coffee. I'm gonna go grab a break brew if i'm not in the press box you know whatever you're doing out there and and so you know and chris owings actually coming out really hot one of the things. He's maybe the guy was least excited about to watch play it on the fact that he had such a great series and other guys and everybody else up and down the line. It was contributing factor. The most boring players ears probably story and man Didn't read other than blackman's big two run home. Run that got the thing started. He really didn't do a whole lot at the plate and everybody else is out there doing their thing. And so i've got an article coming up about. It'll just literally listing reason multiple reasons. Why can root for every single guy on this roster and that's a pretty cool thing to be in a spot for your team where there's something to look forward to every time each one of these guys steps up to the plate or on the mound and there's a part of you that can go. Okay here's what i'm hoping this guy. Here's what i'm hoping. He can contribute to the future or even just be a fun thing to watch for today and that's a pretty cool spot to be in for a team that you don't expect to win a lot of games that's actually kinda rare. You gotta find something to root for and like you said. There's certainly a lot there is when you're looking at these individual players drew always appreciate you. My friend and we shall talk well. I think it's fish. We should talk next week at least at some point. Let's let's do. there's always appreciate it. We'll catch next week. Fantastic thanks brady. Drew crease mun dvr rockies. We have fun. You now jersey nerd like me. And anytime you can squeeze in array mysterious junior comparison. Dude kevin nash. Had ray mysterious junior picked him up ready to power bomb ready to go and then ray starts punching him on his head. Drops nash pens in one. Two three. it's over it's over. Nash didn't know what hit him. Seven foot dude. I like four foot eight guy. I don't know how tall he was. It was that's one of the greatest moments in sports history. Twelve fifty three the take a short break. It's the whole show powered by energy over at back. Donate to the live united thirteen ten by texting. Kfi all caps two two six nine eight nine. Give up to one hundred dollars and you could win a sign. Pair of terrell davis cleats thursday april twenty second.

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April 27  Hour 1  Does the Jeff Bridich Move Affect Your Boycott Status? | Nuggets and Western Conf. Standings

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

41:53 min | 3 months ago

April 27 Hour 1 Does the Jeff Bridich Move Affect Your Boycott Status? | Nuggets and Western Conf. Standings

"Five minutes after thirty twelve o'clock hour good afternoon northern colorado. This is the whole show powered by pw energy and its top text. Tuesday today excited about that now. I seven is text. Line is nine seven four seven eight thirteen a one nine seven four seven eight. Thirteen one text. Kfi to that number. We're going to get into a lot of stuff on twitter very annoyed with me. But i'm just i'm just trying to. I'm just trying to play. Devil's advocate a bit colfax. I'm here boycott over. Boycott is over. We're going rockies games now where we're gonna watch this team we're rooting for the rockies. Because jeff bryant has gone well. There's one big problem there. The guy that hired him and empowered him for all. Those years is still there. I'm not advocating for dick for to be gone. I wasn't advocating necessarily for four jeff bridage to be gone. I wasn't necessarily going that route. My point is the news you should be. Celebrating is not necessarily jeff bridage being gone. The news you should be celebrating. Is that dick for took a step back and is going to ultimately let let let baseball guys come in and do baseball things that is ultimately what it's all about. That's the big move. So if this if this news would have been announced yesterday that deck dig montfort stepping back. So it's going to be jeff bryant. And then they've announced a new team president of course and that would be greg feazel. That was the news. Greg feazel taking over as club president. Dick monfort takes a step back and there. You have it but instead it's so bright. It's just gone boycott over the it. Should the boy be over now. Yes i mean. I i never really thought there should be boycott in the first place. I don't think there really was i. Don't think there was no part of me. Thinks that was viewership down because the only what is it. Twenty one thousand fans is that what they were. They've been allowing about half capacity half pass and they've been filling right to my knowledge to my knowledge as well. Yeah so you're not really seeing it there and you're not you wouldn't really see it. You know if it were outside of the stadium because first off you're only allowed half capacity and even then it's not like they sell out every night it's baseball you know. They play a of games but were they seeing it on. What are they on. At and sports net where they seem the viewership is gone down in. My view should be just not very good. Teen might not have anything to do with it does. But it doesn't people are like coming at me on twitter colfax. It's scary scary times out there man. Here's how i'm looking at it. If this move is what makes you end the boycott in your own. Mind For yourself right. I don't see how you were ever really boycott. i'm with you. i'm with you there too. I've heard so many people saying. Oh i'm betting on the rockies. Today i'm actually going to bet on the rockies for the first time today. I'm going to do all this today. i'm going to. I'm in you know what now. I'm actually feeling better out more optimistic. Still the same team. The guy that empower jeff still there so. I don't know how serious you boycott. Because he's still. There's no general manager yet. You don't have you fired essential. Okay jeff. Step down they peacefully walked away. Whatever call what you want. He moved on from your general manager a month not even a month into the season. It still feels like a train wreck for will spend money. So i agree terry fries been going at this on twitter and i love terry He's been saying. Hey people keep saying dick for still the problem. Because he won't spend money he will spend money he will spend money he just be signed a big contract to sign the too low deal. He just you know it just didn't spend money with digital lemay you and there's other guys that he just let slip through the cracks. Okay but the biggest crime predict mont for isn't that he won't spend money. It's always been that. He hires a guy and he just like loyal those guys so loyal and they're always backing them. I hope more of this story comes out because like our guy. Drut craftsman was talking to us. Welcome back by the way to our terrestrial signal listeners. We have some big news coming up colfax. But i don't think i can tell you yet so let me just say this. What's going on the air today. Those of you. That have been listening when we've gone off the air. A few times is leading to something pretty big bigger bigger better. Better stronger sir. I'm not allowed to say anything. Mclean says am i. The one having trouble tuning in via. Am radio no no. It's fuzzy so. I'm listening on the tune in app but claimed comeback to us. You could stay on the tune in get state. Yeah this is what this is. Why whole agains are smarter than we all. Give them credit. They're like i o hear it on. Am how the wait. A second they. Stream it mclean mclean. This is why he's also nicknamed mclean. Talk text tuesday. So i thought we were getting assigned jersey colfax. We're getting some pretty cool though. It's like a How really know how to describe it. It's a picture to broncos picture kind of plug it in glows. It's really sweet. Actually be perfect again for the man. Cave I can just picture being around a pool table or something like that. So we're playing for that it's broncos so don't worry it's not rockies or anything so do you even remember who won last week i have. I don't have it written down. It was new. new is always knew. Always getting screwed on this man. It is is crazy writing it down right now. New has one. I'm ready. they'll bring it on. We're back on ready to rock and roll. Let's get after it here. It's top text. Tuesday presented by fresco painter south. Platte if you're new to the show he got a text. Kfi to nine seven four seven eight. Thirteen o one power to play sports. Poll question is available. And now the jeff bright has gone. Will you support the colorado rockies. That's it now that brian has gone. Will you support the colorado rockies. Yes no or. I never stopped. I never never stopped supporting the rock. The rockies never differently sixty three percent sixty three percent is saying no whereas eighteen percent saying yes. I kind of like what you said. Colfax yeah i. i don't think jeff bridage leaving the organization would be the catalyst to make you give up on your boy because it was always about dick and jane factly salva team dick hashtag. I saw more of that oil. Tell dick mont for sells this team. Nothing's going to change. So that and listen. I'm happy you're a rockies fan again because it's baseball life's too short. You can be mad at management. You can be mad at ownership. You can be mad at the coaching staff. You can be mad at everything but a man. I i have a hard time believing. There's anything that would really make me not want to watch my favorite teams unless they moved out of the state and that would be tough to take boy. That would be a miserable thing. Wouldn't well go answer that. It's available to whole show dot com. I do have. I do have some big story of the day colfax. Let's get to that while we're here. Big story of the day presented by bank banking. Made simple steve smiley coach steve smiley. Unc bears men's basketball coach adds dynamic guard to roster in trent hudgens. Junior so this is kinda cool signing a transfer trent hudgens junior sixty-one seventy-five comes degree from phoenix arizona via santa clara university coach. That we're really excited to welcome trent to the bears family. Trent fits the bill for what we're looking for with this position. Dynamic guard that can knock down open shots create shots off the dribble for himself and create shots for his teammates again. That's unc bears head coach steve. Smiling top story of the day presented by f-famous bank banking made. Simple it is. It is a top text tuesday. We're rocking and rolling here. Wanna get this thing off on the right foot here. E side chris. Great way to keep mclean out sabotage the signal i was. Let's pray dixon climbing up on our radio towers in messing with people. I'll show them. He's got like a fake moustache that curls. I'll win top techs tuesday keeping everyone from listening. Dixon says brady. There's a difference between spending money and spending money. Air quotes quotes air quotes the rockies have come out and said they won't spend the money they really need to be competitive every big contract they do. They traded away. And i agree with that. I agree but some listeners are like they won't spend any money they have. Dick has been money. Your right for the most part. Though i mean he throws money at a superstar doesn't really billed as far as throwing a lot of that money out there. You know nolan that's it. Well the through the money charlie blackmon. It's not forget about that. There's ian desmond who got a big contract. And i know that turned out to be terrible contract. But he was good at the time cargo. They paid quite a bit of money to put everybody fizzled. They the skillset fizzled. He spent a lot of money on the bullpen. I wrote about that. And my deep thoughts about nolan. Aaron auto and jeff british in this whole system was was doomed from the gecko because nolan's impatience and basically the rockies mismanagement says perfect combination for destruction. But see that's the point though dixon. And i don't i don't know if you're one of them but everybody's like a brand new day today brady missed the very verse part of the show but it doesn't sound like colfax is on the roof or am i missing something. I thought today was the day. Hello hello i forgot forgot about it. Wendy's court wendy's. We'll get on the roof. We've got we gotta get a another producer in here. Is it a nice day out there. Getting little the little clout well this week. We're we're sorta like three inches of rain. Could be drowning up their back. See we don't want you to get flooded up there. It's a flat roof for crying out loud next tuesday. Just keep pushing back. This isn't going to happen. This is is this going to happen. Man i mean you lost fair and square. It was as a bad bet. My my my superior. Picking of march madness was amazing yet again. i got third overall. Mclean beat me. Well and then actually spawn of dixon won the whole damn thing. Got all the cool prizes. Got the broncos picture to what do you think happened with doing with that. I don't know man sacrificed it to that to kansas city. That some tailgate party or something. I don't know yeah but to me. It's like the people complaining about this whole thing like oh britain new day gone. You know the the wicked witch is dead kind of thing. It's still still on for team. And i guess it remains to be seen how far back as dick bond for willing to step and i'm just listened. I never stopped being roxanne. I'm the guy who voted never stopped supporting the rockies. I never did you know baseball local baseball. We went into a pandemic colefax where we didn't get a lot of sports. That's why the other thing was weird to me last year. We didn't have sports at this time. April twenty-seventh we didn't have any sports. That's why i was not one of the guys that was like. Hey i'm boycotting no pretty happy to just have some kind of baseball going or any kind of sport. I was trying to find this one from drew crease. Mun dear dick mon- tweeted this out. Dear dick montfort. The fastest easiest best way to make money is to hire a competent forward-thinking gm and invest in analytics. Then step aside and let them work. When that happens i promise rockies fans will pack coors field every night and drown themselves in your merchandise and i think that's the key point here is he gonna make that higher. I was listening to Ed henderson on a former scout. He's with koa talking to mornings with gail this morning. And he he brought up rosenthal a big candidate right now within the within the team within the organization brightest was within the organization after they moved on from. Oh doubt so those of you that are that. Were boycotting the team at all. I'm saying this. I'm happy to have you back. Welcome but you might not wanna give up your picket signs just yet because you don't know who going to hire you don't know if he's going to hire a yes man he's gonna hire somebody that's gonna do exactly what's what he wants him to do. And that's what i'm saying. Just be careful. The big problem is still out there but claimed says can i request an eight hundred eighty s friday colfax. That's up to you requesting on a tuesday so this this friday or do you want it to be today because we can do that. Yeah and eighties. Friday on tuesday. Is that what you want clean off. It's very unheard of. But i mean it's twenty twenty one man option. Anything can happen to cove. We can do it. you know. Yeah we can do anything we want. dixon says he never should've actually come out and said we'll never spend the money to get the coils of the world. It's one thing not to do it but just don't tell us lied to us. Let us lie to us. Let us keep being stupid. There's a reason why general managers are good at what they do in talking like george payton for example can say a lot without saying anything or it can say nothing and say a lot at the same time. They're good at it. They know when to push the buttons how to keep us in the lurch. Elway was good at it. Hey tvos our guy. He's our guy right right now. He's our quarterback going in right now. He's our quarterback going in and it was key their key phrases. Pick up dig mud for just comes right out and says yeah. We're never going to spend money on those guys. You know trevor stories. Not even that good like that. But didn't he say that he's like not top tiered position. He's not one of the top players. He side chris starting to rain here. Colfax sure knows how to predict tuesday weather. You like the old weatherman colfax my elbow starts starts creek and a little bit of kenya. Mclean says i met friday so you want so you want to eighty s friday on a friday. Remind us on friday. Yeah i mean so much can happen from this point as soon as he said that about garrett cole i checked out i'm not back among back. Yeah that's the thing if you're going to boycott do it right. You can't go I'm not boycotting this company anymore. Because i don't like the products that they sell but then they removed one of the products that you don't like but they still have a lot bunch of other products that you don't like or maybe the way they do things but they did a one. Good thing doesn't necessarily make them innocent right. Yeah not really so listen. Not a lot of people. I switched my sides on this. I haven't. i'm just saying those that boycotted. I don't understand why you're not boycotting anymore. It's raining pretty good colfax. I can hear the roof now. You know you would be you. You'd be catching the mon. You're right about now. yep i'd be dead. Yeah you'd be dead so you made the right call. Dixon tried to force you to get up on that roof and it is like it's raining cats and dogs up here. Yeah man. i'm worried. Maybe it's the turkeys back on the roof. I don't know could be the turkeys dude number that no we had turkeys on the roof. Somebody told us that they get up on the roof. I didn't think turkeys could fly. I don't think they were in greeley but apparently they are well. Somebody told us that were they lying to us or do you think that it was a turkey. I don't know tired. it was. We had something on the roof and it was not a crackhead was. We thought it was either a turkey or actually. I thought it was a raccoon and then somebody told me no turkeys. Get up on the roof. The roof around here right right right ever seen a turkey on a roof note. Feel like that would be big news. It's crazy Mclean says that's like boycotting eating meat except for steak and bacon. You're right that's that's exactly what that is. That's a great text right. They're basically mclean summing up all you boycott folks all you people that are like no. I'm never going to a game. Dig modern jeff. Brad at your terrible and then jeff has gone. Dick borders more powerful than jeff. He hired jeff. He controls everything. Everything happens nothing happens with the colorado rockies without dick bought for signing off on it okay and yet you guys are just cracking me up on this. You still don't know what he's going to. What the next plan is who is going to hire. He might hire rosenthal who already in the organization and might be. Yes men and i don't really know it's not colfax. We would be worried about the rain and would be the sign. Yeah that's that is the bigger reason. Of course thanks guys. We don't wanna bet sign has been in tiptop condition for two years. You know it's been held safely behind glass and like humidity controlled environment my office. You have to have it hang up. So it's like only piece of artwork hanging up. I might be buying something. Are you really today. i was looking off. Can you tell us. I can tell you. It's it's i mean it's really funny. I don't even know how to describe it. But it's basically a picture of a painting of trump laying in bed on his tweeting on his iphone with jesus looking over your shoulder. Hey it is really funny. I saw it on facebook and some of the stuff people come up with ray. Social media made me laugh. I'm like i might hang that my office. He can't tweet by the way. I know he's all i know that's true. Yeah but there's i guess it's more about the the memories dixon. Don't say all you guys. Because i ain't going still full blown boycott see and i have more respect for you guys. That are still on your boycott. I don't really get it. Life's too short. But i have more respect for the dixon's of the world because they're sticking true to their boycott. They're not pretend you let's face it and we have to take a break soon but let's face it Sorry i'm getting so much. Random texts coming in Let's face it here. Colefax those of you. That are you know that you were just looking for reason to like the rockies. This is why in my whole minute report that we put out on social media. Go check them out. They're always available to whole show dot com. I said the rockies are typically going to be the second best favorite the second favorite team in this state even though the nuggets are maybe gonna win a title even though the avs probably will win a title this year. It's you guys are desperate for the rockies. It's kind of like the abusive boyfriend thing again. The abusive spouse or whatever. Eight to go there. But that's where we are. You know you're looking for that reason. You know what he said. He's getting his life together. And i you know what by. Golly i believe him. He moved on from those those friends that he was hanging around. So you know what. I'm going back to him. That's what the rockies they from jeff bad company. Now it's all good. Dick monfort never going to hurt us again. Even though this team's only been to the playoffs five times in the most successful stretch the rockies have ever had been under jeff bryant the gm so you know the old devil you know. That's the situation here. The devil you know is greater than the one that you don't. Who is the upcoming devil for the colorado rockies. Twenty six minutes after the hour. I got a lot of texts to get to when we come back. It is top text tuesday. Who's winning this thing. Noobs got one and so far. He's a no show he could pop in number two right now and put this thing almost to bed and then when it next week but we'll see twenty six minutes after the short break when we come back. Let's talk about michael porter. Jr. let's talk about the denver nuggets. Let's talk about what faulk who can pozo said about michael porter. Jr. that's gonna blow your mind. After the game. He had over a pack thirteen days. Thirteen teams preps baseball training camp coverage presented by journey homes. Airs afternoon at four northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. The whole sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi k kelly. Lyle what the fort collins colorado and your csu insider on the whole show on thirteen ten kfi a thirty one minutes after the hour. We'll come back the whole show powered by pd centers. We dodged a bullet colfax. You'd be up there that signed it'd be ruined my friend. It'd be done. Yeah maybe it is. You know what maybe i should go up there and then there will be no more sign. No banners are gone the way of getting up there. Yeah there's no way of getting up there unless you jumped up there like those turkeys doing well colfax. What is our game beer. The week there. It is zero zero stout. Why do i have such a hard time with this name. Survey surreal survey sirri okay. I mean i've said a lot of crazy names on this show as far as names. And can't this won't have having a hard time with so it's from this week's from survey sirri-a colorado chiro stout pickup selections from surveys areso colorado or any of your favorite adult beverages and use the drive through open until midnight every night. That's on the rocks liquor. We're live from the outer collusion specialist studios. It's coming down out there folks. Be careful when you're driving around. It's we're supposed to get a lotta rain tonight. Man that right. We could use them and say dexter brady what it comes down to is. Rockies fans are different than red sox cardinal cubs or dodgers fans. Baseball wasn't in colorado until the early nineties for rockies fans. It's about the experience of going to a game. Not being totally invested in being a true diehard fan the fans in cities that have had baseball forever. The difference and they wouldn't have put up with the way this organization is on its business rockies fans don't really care because they don't know any better they don't own anything different well. Yeah there's truth in that. Let me tell you they ask you this though if the rockies would have found success and i'm talking double up their playoff appearances so ten. Wouldn't we be more strict about this team. You're right i think that rockies fans in general are about the experience there about the guys you know they like the trevor stories and charlie blackman's and they get todd helton's they're great players but we will ultimately no. They're not gonna put enough guys around those great players to win a lot. But look at the broncos. Look how mad broncos fans are they still go to the games but the pressure is on. You're ready to blow out vic fangio. You're ready to blow out drew lock. You moved on from your messiah. John elway i mean you were a lot of a lot of fans did lot of fans were done with john elway because the pressure was so great. I it's so intense for the broncos. Same with the nuggets. I think the ads have a lot more expectations on them. You're in you're out because they are. They want some cups early on they built. They built a fan base early on. I think the the strikes her any. Nhl team going through what two strikes in ten years. I think that hurt them. But you're not wrong. This fan base doesn't really hold the rockies to the fire and like i've said a million times. I don't know that this was the move. This wasn't the move for the forced me to go. Oh that's it. Rockies are pathetic because of what we know now about because we know that no one was sending pictures and saying he wanted out probably right around the time he signed knowing that he wanted to be a cardinal. I believe that everything that i've heard. The last few weeks does kind of lead me to believe that. And the fact he wanted he wanted out of colorado a year and a half ago. They couldn't move him last year. It was cova. Nobody was taking that. Nobody really wanted to take that contract this year. So that's why you had to pay fifty million dollars. I mean that is i. Guess i'm i have a hard time believing that dick mon for and jeff edge would make that bad of a deal if that was not the only deal available. I believe that. Surely you guys do. They can be bad managers but if there was a better deal they could have received a couple more prospects and they didn't have to pay fifty million dollars to offload but all we talked about last summer was because remember when i said nolan will not be rocky if they don't make the playoffs in the cove here because this is built for this they were built for it they're built for a shortened season and mark knutson and a few of our other rockies insiders said no one's gonna take him what are you talking about. No one's gonna take nolan's contract. They can't allow fans in the stands. That's losing half of their revenue. No one will take that contract the next year. Well someone did take that contract but you had to. You had to pay them essentially to take the contract power to play sports question available now. That jeff brian has gone. Will you support the colorado rockies sixty-three percent of the hooligans still saying still saying no. That's the thing i'm proud of you not like. I don't understand but you're boycotts. I'm not a big boycott guy and especially because we didn't have sports on the tube last year at this time. I don't really get boycotting team this year of of all years. But i do respect you for this. You're looking at this logically this. This boycott shouldn't change because jeff bright. It's gone you need dick mont for it and i'm not even saying for you boycotters that the only way you can stop boycotting is if dick monfort sells the team. I'm not saying that you need to hold them to the fire. You need to make sure he makes the right move because you still don't know he's gonna hire if he hires from the inside. How're you going to feel about that. A guy that probably signed off on all his moves and was there just like bright. Was there for dan. O'dowd so my whole point on this is no i. Don't get boycotts. I miss sports too much to have that. But if you're gonna do it. I'm very shocked. Jeff bright being gone as the reason. You're lifting your boycott. Because you don't know what dick bond for. It's going to do next thirty eight minutes after the hour. We're gonna take a short break before we do that. Tell you about mosier funeral. Cremation service services. As unique is life live. Well plan ahead give scott robin or member of their great staff a call today and talk to them. About pre-planning it's an amazing gift. That's mosier funeral cremation service. Their website his mosier. Mos er funeral service dot com all right colfax. Let's jump out here and get the latest on the local sports flash while the whole sports story northern colorado the state in the country tune into the hull show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi k miles heart sports editor at the fort collins colorado and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten af day nuggets win big last night and last night was a big night for their quest as far as getting up to number three or even number two. This was a big big night because the clippers lost and the nuggets. Just absolutely shellacked the memphis grizzlies way different. So here's where it sets. The nuggets are two games behind the clippers and the clippers have phoenix and denver. This week you could buy the clippers this week. You're three games behind the sun. So if the sun's lose your i mean you could you could gain some ground there so the jazz are probably going to four games back from utah. It's still doable. Man it is still still very much doable. But first things first. Denver has to keep winning. And when when you can get nicole yokich doing his thing and michael porter jr. going off again. Another monster game for porter. It gets close to thirty thirty one in this game. Joker with twenty four fifteen boards five assists two steals ten for ten from the free throw line. He got to the line and he was perfect. They're shot the ball twelve times normally. I'm frustrated with that. You remember back in those days colfax but when you're six of twelve and your two for three from three point line at ten for ten from the free throw line. That's efficiency my friend. That's all that is and how about porter twelve for nineteen three for six from three point. Four five from the free throw line again. Thirty one points. Aaron gordon had a monster game at least for him. You know defensively. He's always going to have a monster game but fifteen points for him. Paul millsap was solid with twelve points. I mean it was one of those games. Faku composite was asked about well. He's been fun to watch man. He has just been so much fun to watch. And i think he started the press conference. Mike singer getting ready to ask him a question for the post and before they started faku said spanish. Only please jokingly of course All right so he was asked about his defense. And just how he you how he views going up against the league's best guards night in night out is something about brian. I just enjoy too much playing with against them. Two years ago. I was watching or the star players in in tv. Even some blame me. They'll games so right now on gardening guarding him. So i tried to enjoy and to compete. Be smart tried to quit the team. I i i'm enjoying the i. I just want to enjoy playing. I want to do every every single game on very funny by worry. I'm joy in the got in these kind of players. I just tried to do my best. He loves playing defense. He loved you see how he plays here. How how he talks about it. How many players love playing defense and just a nice game from seven point seven assists a behind the back pass to michael porter. Jr. that was just absolutely Fox was asked what he thought about. Playing with michael porter. Jr. here's what he said case out of school right not tear of the opposite of terra. Gray shooter shooter is played very well so somebody on twitter. I can't confirm this but said that in spain terrible is used as a term endearment. Sometimes like it's actually a positive things so fox news like yeah he's terrible and all the press was like what i mean thinking. Of course he's joking. But i thought that was good. It's just kinda shows you the camaraderie that this group has they really like playing with Playing four each other. Aaron gordon who had a nice game was asked about. You know what. How many games in now has he played with them for. It's been sixteen games already quite a few games already. He was asked about that transition and how he feels about the group now and it was a lot of death. Codes will run. We execute find the game plan. Only give ourselves opportunity every night. We have people that step up tonight up. It is really collective effort plan off of yokich. I mean i love that to collective effort but playing off of yokich and that's the thing like i'm tweeting last night. I was feeling kind of feisty. I tweet about the rockies. Tweeting about mpg. I tweet this i said. Hey jamal murray the injury sucked but it is what it is showing us who the real number two on this team is. And it's michael porter jr. but all that being said there has been the one constant all year and joker is so good now that those numbers that he's putting up there just so routine that we just go at twenty four point seven assists in fifteen rebounds. Whatever like that. that's an amazing game. That just goes to show you where the nuggets are at this stage. This race is getting interesting colefax tomorrow night. I believe the clippers will play phoenix. That game to me is kind of a. You can't really lose in this one because it phoenix loses you gain game. There in phoenix has a pretty tough schedule. Coming up the clippers schedules much easier so look out for that one. That's gonna be that's gonna be interesting forty nine minutes after the hour. We'll take a short break when we come back. We'll wrap up our number one. It's top text tuesday by way. I have a lot of text to get to. So we'll get to that on the other side. It's the whole show powered by energy. Rely from the auto collision specialist studio is in the air and that means high school. Baseball will decorate preps radio on thirteen ten. Kfi the power trip. Weekdays eleven thirteen ten. Kfi am a separate without former colorado buffaloes quarterback and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten ks k eight medicines over the top of the hour. Welcome back thanks for being with us on the program. Yeah didn't expect the clippers to lose to to new orleans. They lost one twenty two one. Oh three they had been smoking hot. Since april fourth. The clippers had only lost one game. That was to philly so they weren't slowing down anytime soon but now tomorrow so they play phoenix tomorrow night and then denver on saturday. That's my game of the week. They also have toronto and the lakers coming up. So and toronto's a twenty six thirty five team however they still have something to play for. That game will likely mean their season because they're sitting in twelfth and of course trying to get into that tenth spot gives you a chance to to play in to the playoffs which it sounds like. They're going to keep that rolling as for the sons sitting at forty three and eighteen. They have come down to earth quite a bit. This is the time for denver to shine the sun. The last six games at three and three so kind of a five hundred team the last Last six or seven games but look what they have. They have the clippers and utah. Next those two games right there. Then if you go down the list they have golden state portland a couple of games against san antonio playoff-caliber teams naming same as atlanta. So it'd be this what you would you rather this. I mean to me. It doesn't look like it's i'm not feel like it's going to be denver in l. a. Because i feel like the sons are dropping off this and they're seven and three in their last ten but their schedule is rough the jazz they're six and four in their last ten hell colfax. This team could still get into number one when you look at. Utah's schedule the clippers. Have the easiest. I think the rest of the way of the three. Utah's remaining schedule sacramento on wednesday. Then they play phoenix on friday. So that's interesting. They're coming off of two losses in a row. Minnesota which gave now the nuggets are just four games back. They have san antonio twice in a row. Then denver golden state down the road. Portland down the road. So are there are few losses in their. Absolutely that's this is what's going to get interesting man. That's why denver just has to find ways to keep winning now. They have the pelicans tomorrow win that game. And we'll see what happens between the clippers and suns and you might be by the time tomorrow night ends assuming you can beat new orleans which you should. It is at home. You could be a game and a half behind the clippers and maybe two games behind the sun's depending on or and or i guess you could say and then the best thing would be with the clippers to lose to the sons on wednesday. Then lose to the nuggets on saturday and then phoenix starts losing the rest of the way. So i'd rather l. a. wind tomorrow against phoenix. Or do you want to just play the lakers. I read a report this morning. I think mile high sports report saint. Hey i'd rather just the lakers out of the white plame in that first round my fear that is. Let's say the nuggets get in that first round and they do pull off the upset and they beat the lakers. Is that like the top of the mountain suddenly in mentally the nuggets. Check out and go. Yeah we've got utah next and then they'd let their guard down struggle a bit overlook team. That's not the lakers. This doesn't happen folks. This is this is kind of uncharted territory. At least the last. I think in the last ten twenty years where the top seed the top team going into the season and when the when they were healthy still the top team in the season In the league is now a fourth seed fifth seed. Excuse me that doesn't happen very often. So we will see the fifth seed. Play a tough team in first round typically or the fifth the best team. Excuse me the lakers are the best team when fully healthy as of right now once. Lebron and anthony davis or full go there the best at least based on last year and the projections going in. But they're sitting fifth so you don't typically see the best team in the league playing in the fifth spot. So it's very much uncharted territory. Twelve fifty seven the time when we come back. I'm gonna talk to kevin lytle of the fort collins colorado and cornerbacks or leaving assistant coaches that get hired are instantly leaving for head. Coaching jobs which is good. I mean it's understandable and see issues preparing to sell tickets for a full capacity crowd. One problem came. They fill that stadium because they were having issues with that well before pandemic. We'll talk about all that more next on the whole show powered by energy.

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April 27  Hour 2  More Rockies Conundrum Discussion | Kevin Lytle of The Coloradoan Calls In

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April 27 Hour 2 More Rockies Conundrum Discussion | Kevin Lytle of The Coloradoan Calls In

"After the second tower welcome back to the shows the whole show powered by pd energy kevin lila colorado and join us in about ten minutes. Talk to him. Get what's going on with these cornerbacks and again. It's not really news anymore though. I mean you're seeing kids were left and right but it does beg the question. Why was there steve. Adagio thing is it a is it as cornerbacks coach thing or is it just what most kids are transferring for for. Grass is greener type of situation could be that so. We'll talk to kevin about that as well as Talvin hester that taliban hester era is over Niko medved hired him to fill one of their assistant. Coaching positions got him and like shortly after that took the texas tech job. Good for him. I mean i kind of goes to show you nicos. Getting top dogs coming in guys that are not just looked at to To be assistant coaches but head coach material to i vanish text. Line is nine seven. Four seven thirteen o one. He said chris does. Mike malone have stone subscription a lot of guys. yeah like Joker didn't speak english for four five years ago. Now he's now he's really getting it faulk. Who of course he's got. He's got a lot of players from overseas. Which i i love that. The nba has really. I mean you're the best of the best players in the league are from overseas. And what they do is they bring in these unique styles of play and like the joker the all about all about this passing style of play and Like falko who's the guy's the most passionate defensive player. You might not be the best defensive player of all time. Certainly one of the most passionate. He looks like he's having fun playing defense or ninety percent of basketball players. Now look like it's a chore to play d even if they're good at it. Playing offense is fun. Falker looks like he's having a blast playing defense to get on the text line. We're competing today. Noobs got one in the mix one last week. We've got the i it's like a. It's a big giant picture frame. It's a broncos picture frame and you plug it in and it lights up. It's actually pretty sweet. So that's what we're competing for for these next for these next round prizes dickson is the only two time champ when it comes to top text. Tuesday he's the two time champ. Who had a lot of one timers and even more whole that just have never one of these things so bring it today. Let's see where we end up in about an hour. Dixon says if you're a true fan that really invest in the rockies product. Not just with your money but more importantly your time and energy then you should be boycotting because it's about more than the experience but that's what it is. I mean sports are fun. I know in the last year we've been taught. Sports aren't supposed to be so much fun anymore. They're supposed to be serious in political and we have to have this mad grimace. Lebron james has anytime. he's talking about anything but at the end of the day. It's still fun but the boycott i mean. Let me ask you this colfax. You are kind of on the same page on this but did this quote unquote boycott four stickman for ten. I mean it. It is hard to tell because we're seeing the stadium attendants can't really tell their tell there. We don't know what the views look like. The viewership looks like if baseball's upper down. And i know the you know. Call what you want. The georgia thing does have some baseball fans backing away for a moment. Some not all. I think that'll go battle. Pass this like everything. Does i've seen on twitter. A lot of people saying we cyber bully. Jeff bridage off of the rockies. Is that what we know. Dick looks at social media. He doesn't respond to all of it but we know it looks. I mean this has been going on for quite some time. So i doubt it i just feel like and i liked what drew said. Yesterday we quoted threw it out there on twitter and download the podcast. We always package up colfax packages up our big interviews Drew saying hey. I think there was a decision. Made one way or the other about trevor story and it went south from there. Maybe jeff was a means to an end any rockies insider you talk about you. Talk to would have not been surprised. Had they heard this news after they one hundred and sixty second game. They wouldn't have been surprised that i wouldn't have been surprised. Because he is contract was up for renewal no rockies fan would have been eager to hear news of bright signs a five year deal with iran. It would've been. I think it would have been worse than even the nolan thing at this stage so but but doing it yesterday. When you're a month into the season not even a month into the season seemed abrupt and it makes me think that something happened a fight trevor story about the direction i thought jeff bright just about dick. Monfort clearly has a vision for this team. That is what caught me. I like to read a lot of those most of the time. They're not gonna give you any context but when a guy shortly puts a message out like that. Shortly after he was he was let go or whatever that clearly has a seven year plan. I feel like that was kind of a little dig. Like he's mr mr guy. He's got the he's got the plan. Here what is the plan. Don't die deuce texting and people talking. This boycott blank are stupid. Like there's ever going to be enough people participating to make a difference when it comes to sports. I don't i don't think look at. The broncos missed the playoffs has been five years in a row. Now van gary kubiak one vance joseph to vic fangio to yeah five years and his soon as covert allows. That stadium will be full then. So that's where i'm like. I don't really get the whole boycott thing in less like dick monfort. Does something like the clippers situation. What was his name. Donald donald sterling. Yeah that i get. They were getting ready to have a boycott from players and fans because of what was recorded. It was in his own home. But be careful who you trust. He's an old man colfax. The girl that he was with was not an old woman at all and she recorded everything and so a lot of people were like what a man says in his own home. Yeah but we have these little devices. Now you gotta be careful who you trust. And also he's a creep. His views are awful. And you were going. And that is what i see a real boycott. Because that's a real life story isn't it. That's a real thing. That was him being extremely racist and they're in their key in an owner's contract. It says you can't do anything detrimental to your team or league. That's not now the fine lines. that's not talking about personnel moves or whatever that's talking about saying something awful doing something awful that is going to cause a boycott and it was going to cause a boycott. There were enough players that we're not going to play fans. We're not going to go to games. That's when you boycott to me anyway. I like i said dude. It's twenty twenty one twenty twenty. We were robbed of sports for a long time. You and i did movie reviews. Not new movie reviews because they weren't making movies. We did movies from the nineties and two thousands. We reviewed dumb and dumber which was a blast by the way to do that again. We reviewed dumb and dumber again. Yeah just review dumb and dumber and tombstone in the padded. We did the paddock. didn't we. we did did. I mean i saw. I mean i had seen them dumber never seen tombstone. I'd never seen departed boys. I i got to see some new mali's game. I didn't see that good movie. But the whole point was all forced us to do things outside the norm. So i guess my biggest point with the whole boycott is like why now i mean dick. Montfort has responded to fans before and said i'm beginning to wonder if colorado even deserves a baseball team and like that's worse that to me is almost worse than trading. A player brady. It's not just any player. It's the greatest player of all time or one of the greatest rockies of all time. Yeah it was bad. There's no getting around it. The whole thing was bad it was terrible texture here. There's a difference between putting out a ton of effort to be good and still sucking and really doing nothing to get better and still sucking the rockies double down by making their team worse by trading away special players and still sucking. Yeah we got. We got time monster. What's up man. Hey guys doing you know. It's raining monster. Colfax was supposed to be on the roof today. You know it's notting renting up here in loveland down here man. No it's it's the we just got this little win win picking up and that's it is it. Is it like cloudy. Does it look like it's going to rain. It feels like to is in the west. There you go the west. I like him a friend. Hey what's What's on your mind this. I'm still gonna follow him no matter what. Yeah yeah why is it like. Are you upset with dick monfort a little bit. Yeah but i don't know. I think there's more to this thing and what we really know. Well listen. I'm not arguing the dick bot for it's good. I'm not arguing. The jeff bright was good. I'm just saying that. It's gonna take a heck of a lot for rio boycott to ever stick on sports teams. I mean i it is. It's just the bottom line is because it's an entertainment for us and until they do something. That's really offensive to you as a person or whatever i just i don't i don't see these things ever actually gaining steam. No i don't either and you don't gonna show up matter what i have so i mean you got. You got a nice night. I mean what will better way to spend a friday night or weekend just hanging out at coors field things. There is in the state. I mean they really is. Yeah i mean that's one of the best things about going to denver and get out of. Denver lost her What's on what's what's for lunch today. Man i had a taco salad for lunch talk love taco salad and i'm guessing you put some kind of hot sauce on that bad boy with hot sauce and that was ready to chow down. I love it man appreciate you. Be careful let us know if it starts raining there in loveland. Okay we'll be. That's the launcher i. Just again. I think this whole thing. This whole boycott thing i. I never really thought too much of it. But i like what colefax says if jeff is the reason that you're not boycotting the rockies anymore. You're doing it wrong. I mean dick higher jeff and put him in power. Not much has changed. I mean it's kind of like showing that there might be some chain. Yeah but you still don't know still don't know boycotters if dick bond for hires gm from the outside. Which i think is important. I think he needs to hire from the outside. Hires gm from the outside and then that gm gets to make baseball decisions. Dick's not part of the press conferences. Anymore he's not sitting there during the signings all the time. We get some inside scoop information that leads us to believe the dick's not making decisions. That it truly is the president of operations which they haven't had that position filled in a very long time. It's usually just been dick or our new. Gm so that leads us that there might be a good but he could very well just hire rosenthal from within which. I'm not saying the guy's not talented. But i don't think rockies fans want to see the rockies higher somebody that was part of this train wreck. That's what happened with dan dowd. I mean he was. We were all wondering when they were going to move on from o'dowd and they didn't forever. He was loyal to a fault and then he hires dan. O'dowd protege. i mean jeff rightish brightest head some damn good years to right before they missed out on that last playoff round that i i plan. After they won they beat the cubs. Right you put together some good teams pillow fight day and you're right take a horrible owner potentially worse in all of sports and maybe he is. And that's what i'm saying if this boycott has if you were really boycotting this team and jeff bright it's being gone as the reason you're lifting the boycott. You're wrong you might boycott back on. I'm trying to encourage you to live out your live out your truth colefax. That's what it's all about each side chris. Baseball has been very very very good for montfort. Also scott is my witness. I thought turkeys could fly can turkeys fly. That's the question. We had a report that there was a turkey on our roof. And i've not been able to to solve that since i've have no idea. It's not a very tall route to be completed. I think they can kind of glide off of things. But i don't think they could start from the ground and fly straight up mike hop up on at crate. Maybe maybe on like a dumpster and they they can use their wing jump high. Maybe maybe that's what it is pill. Dan bah jeff bright. It's was a pr nightmare. He ostracized players alienated hall of famers and was a jerk to the media. Not denying those things not denying those things. Let's see here brady. I think there are more people than you think that are boycotting boycotting is kind of a weird way to say it. Will some people still go. You bet but for almost all of them. It's just something to do now that they're really invest in the rockies and true fans. I mean you're not gonna be you're right. Maybe the boycott. It's not you but your but you are. You're boycotting not going to the game. Are you watching the games dixon. I mean i know you're going but are you watching because again if you're watching the games and you say boycotting the rockies. I'm not giving them a dollar. You're watching the games. Your eyeballs register as viewer. Fear doing it at home your eyeballs registers viewer. Those viewers register to advertisers and those advertisers. See that you watch the game. Therefore spending money with the rockies organization update from lonnie. It is starting to rain. Oh my goodness I was wondering when that would call was going to come came. I was wondering when that was going to happen. Okay we've got rain in loveland still raining in greeley. It is turning into wet country here in northern colorado twenty minutes after the hour. Kevin lytle joins me next. We'll talk about some interesting news. Well that's been going on for the football team for the last couple of last couple of weeks we're also going to talk about a new transfer for colorado college basketball so stick with us. It's the whole show powered by energy. Top text tuesday returns unlike and it were heating up a little bit. Let's keep it rolling. We'll be right back Party northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k fairchild at fairchild qb training dot com and you are listening to the whole show on thirteen ten kfi k twenty five minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the show the whole show powered by pd energy joining me now. On her first vantage hotline kevin lytle of the fort collins colorado and kevin my man in this day and age of this transfer portal chaos. Your your job gets a little more. Confusing doesn't it. I'm looking. I'm looking at your article of the colorado and of who's in who's how a lot of people are out that we wondered if they were gonna play for colorado state next. It's a long list. Yeah it's a. It's a wild offseason. It's kinda confluence of factors coming together for the football team. Yeah i stopped. we're still fairly recent into it. You know a coaching change. And that always leads. You usually have you know. Probably a couple of years of real turnover just directly because of that you know people realize they don't fit the new coach system or whatever you know that type stuff and then you have. Obviously there have been some issues at cs you and within the program not everyone's fully happy and then just the the one time transfer rule was finally passed through out called the football all college sports. You can transfer you know for free without having to sit out a year so all those things got merged together and Kind of not surprisingly. It's an offseason full of change for the football team. kevin kevin. There's some big names Obviously we we've already talked about patrick. O'brien and nate. Craig myers but earlier last week or the week before that. Keep on bailey. Luthan atoms of a lot of quarterbacks on this list of course bailey's name is popular because of his dad's bailey but a lot of corners. Why why this position. Why is this position kind of kind of triggered here as far as the list. I mean i'm looking up and down. It almost looks like half of the half of an entire group of players. Yeah that's the strange. How many secondary guys are are leaving and and frank. I haven't found a hard answer to that. If it's just pure coincidence that you know a a number of guys who happened to be in the second very for older reason or another leave or if there's something more position group but is very odd and From a football perspective it. It obviously means that. That's a big position of you. Know interest worry concern Certainly depth issue now So that's a big one to look at moving forward. I mean if quinn brennan who is a starting safety. He is no longer on the team. Keeping bailey like you said is a big name and you know you really good freshman. Season baby wasn't as good as a sophomore. Although again. that's a four game season. So i'm not sure how much steak you put in the leith adams. One is very curious the guy that had been committed to see you so long just sign months ago and after spring ball has decided to leave so Very unless something to watch. Yeah and you know. Sometimes you look at these positions like like patrick. O'brien totally makes sense. He's not a steve. Adagio kinda guy making it somewhat clear with his current quarterback situation than going to be more of a running team. Running quarterback just didn't fit so that to me is why i like the transfer portal. Because a guy like patrick. O'brien whose let's this season decent quarterback but doesn't fit this scheme so maybe he goes somewhere else and he can find that find that scheme that works for him. So i get that on that side of but this side when you're looking at cornerback positions. I mean yeah bailey. I mean was it with these guys. Were these guys. You you named. I believe we thought they would be big contributors to this football team next season and especially the fact that this is this is going to be a defensive minded team. Obviously a really good front seven. They should get a lot of pressure. So you know in theory is an attractive guys are lined up. Get playing time. I'm not necessarily playtime itchy this week here and think of there a million different reasons you could transfer you know it could obviously be you. Don't like the yellow a coach or whatever it could be. You have some beef teammates. They could be one more playing time or it could be. You know you're homesick or you wanna live in different part of the country. Is there a million things. And that's why it's so so wild really to to to track this. And and like you say i mean the the quarterback one is interesting guys quarterback it makes sense. I'm back and you're not gonna be the guy smart. See it's a it's a. It's a wild right tracking tracking the transport. Oh yeah well and you guys posted this. I think Moments ago on the colorado. We got another transfer news on. The quarterback cited things from boston college. Yep and this probably not a huge shock there. There were coupons in college quarterbacks. In the four-goal Steve adagio had said that they would be interested in someone that has experienced because they're super young behind todd's and tayo who who still going to be the starter you know a bunch of basically freshman than guys who have never played division one football so you kind of want someone that's had some experience This kid coming in from boston college have that. he's he's played. He was three seasons at boston. College only played in six games. But he's been in college for a long time so he has experience. I still think you know. He'll he'll certainly compete. I mean obviously. Every job is competed for by still very much expect saw tots and to be the starting quarterback you now have Know another veteran there to to push him. We're talking to kevin idle from fort collins. Colorado and i guess kevin if you look around other teams i mean i saw unc and not just on the football side with the basketball side. You're seeing players transfer playing time situations. What what have you. There's so many things. So i guess this is probably common now. Kevin is this. Is this going to be the norm this list. That's on the colorado and right now is pretty long as far as players transferring in and out or is this going to be like all right. We're all taken advantage of it. This year. this will come down in the next few years players will get kind of more stable. They're all just testing it out right now. I think we lost kevin there. We'll see if we can get better a better connection right there. But i mean if you look at this list it's a lotta guys that are transferring out. Some were obvious to me. Nate craig myers. That makes sense. He's probably wanting to go to more of a high flying offense patrick o'brien wanting to go somewhere where he can compete to be the starting job. Those are all like those are the reasons. I like the transfer portal. I think those are the perfect perfect spots there but the other one. I knew coach steven ozzie. But he brought in some of these guys that Already transferring out. So that's where it's kind of. I don't wanna say fishy. It's just it's just kinda strange Do we. We've kevin back we're still we're still working to see if if he's kevin lytle of the fort collins colorado that weatherman it makes it makes the signals all messed up. I think that's gotta be what it is but no i'm just looking at the list a lot of corners a lot of defensive backs on that list so it does make you scratch your head of it kevin. I was asking you before before we got kicked off their about this list and again it's a long list of both players leaving and coming into colorado state through the train through the transfer portal. Do you think this is going to be the norm now. We have this massive list like this or do you think it's fresh right now and then players are really taking advantage of. It'll calm down in the next couple of years. Yeah sorry. I lost you. I actually entered the radio. Transfer oral wants to be. I can pick up a better show. Wouldn't be hard man. I think there's a lot of good ones out there. But but no i mean it's a great question. I think a lot of ways. We're going to see this. Continue because of the one time transfer Now being official. I think you're just gonna see a lot movement it's been growing more and more anyways you know before this now. That's an option. I just think you know. Everyone always thinks the grass is greener. And like you say there's some very legitimate reasons to transfer at times And people probably jump a little too early sometimes but i don't really see that stopping So i i kind of expect player movement to be pre significant part of Certainly college football moving forward and really called sports as well. And i think we're gonna talk basketball to transfer portal. There is pretty wild as well so this is kind of a thing. Yeah you just set it on the basketball side of it. How about how about a guard from loyola chicago transferring over to colorado state. Yeah obviously i think the first thing that jumps out to you is exactly you said they're loyal. Chicago has a really strong program. Baylor hab he played. I think nineteen games. This year wasn't a part of the rotation in the postseason so he wasn't really You know significant part of their term that run but obviously a guy that if loyal chicago's recruiting him Has some potential he. He looks like a guy that be a good shooter. Good defender and what makes what's insane and probably make sense to me. Is you recruit him out of high school They offered him so they've kind gone through the process of the hammond and all that expense year later you would still have. Those bombs usually confer new phone. I see if you went over. The we're losing. We're losing kevin there. I wanna keep him on if we can is it. Yeah it's pretty rough. Kevin lytle of the fort collins colorado and now i just talking about colorado state basketball program A pretty big move like you like you said i mean already kind of some history there that Gsu was recruiting him. They did recruit him He received a scholarship from the rams while he was in high school according to rivals and twenty four seven sports but obviously chose loyola. This is where it's perfect move because it's like all right. Maybe he's not gonna be The overall go-to guy there and maybe he's looking at that roster wondering where i could go somewhere and compete for for more time. He was a six foot. Two guard finished his freshman season at loyola. And maybe looking around saying all right. There's going to be guard heavy. Maybe i'm not going to be able to to get more playing time. He played nineteen games for loyola and of course they made it to the sweet sixteen. He didn't play in any of those games in march madness. Though he averaged three point seven points per game played a total of one hundred. Sixty four minutes. He had three of nine three point attempts and had a season high. Seventeen points in a win over saint francis so this this is a good good good yet here rivals rated him as a three star recruit which we've always said three stars coming to say that those are always good. Those are always great. Niko medved continues to do big things for this rams basketball team all right thirty six minutes after the hour couldn't keep kevin how much longer lab and the bad connection. Sometimes it's how let's see if we can get the latest on the local sports flash here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. i. Terry right author journalist screenwriter. And you're listening to your radio on the whole show thirteen. Kf gay top decks tuesday rolling on before we get back to. I'm going to tell you about rev chiropractic. They were the chiropractic. Standard changed their name recently to rev chiropractic doctor. Tyler terry dr haley harada. I've been been going to them. For since december and i am very happy to post my own results man. I i saw my ex yesterday. I'm seeing my spine actually starting to kind of straight now. So i've got a new plan i went. I went pretty heavy there a couple times a week to get my spine going. And as i'm sitting like a moron right now just reminds me to sit up straight. That's the thing they're also teaching. You good practices. That are going to help you stick with you for a very long time. But i've got a modified plan now. I'm just going once a week and that works for me. You know it's my schedule. i get created. I decide how much i can afford what that looks like. And they're not gouging you. They're not like hey you need to come in here three times a week for the rest of your life. I've been to those places we're like okay but forever. Yeah forever if you want this to be right. You've got to be here three to four times a week. Who can afford that and then cairo. Now those kinds of places you pop in pop out and it's like you feel good for a second. You feel some relief but at the end of the day. It's you know it's still not going to. It's not going to solve it. And i've been that guy on all sides of chiropractic care does it even work. Is it worth it. And it is with these people. I'm telling you with dr tyler. Terry dr haley harada. They will get you going. They'll stir in the right direction. That's rev chiropractic telhami censure from the whole show guys. It's an easy schedule. Come up with something that works for you. They'll get you to fill in right. I wasn't sleeping. I was tossing and turning. The pain was ridiculous. At wake up. And i'd have to stretch and Just was a bad deal. And i don't have that anymore for the last two months pain-free it's pretty cool text line nine seven four seven eight thirteen o one four seven eight thirty nine one. That's first advantage. Text line Pillow finances i boycotted completely haven't watched or even followed a game thus far with bright. It's gone. I can at least just be disappointed again rather than embarrassed. If montfort doesn't hire outside of the organization i'll just remain a distant observer with no investment emotionally or monetarily and then he tweets about the shoe thing kid from loyola current girlfriend not working out since the u up. Text to see issue. he shoots he scores. That's what it's going to be right. Agree or disagree. This transfer portal does allow kids that one time pass where they can transfer anywhere anytime basically for any reason and not have to sit out. That was always the punishment if you wanted to transfer you'd have to sit out a year so you'd miss a year of your college playing experience. See another texter here. Let's read it get to it. Probably no way to know this. But i can almost guarantee you commercial time on the rockies for tv or radio broadcast. It's not costing as much as it used to. You guys could probably comment on that since you guys cover the games. Yeah we carry the games We get sponsorships. There you know oughta. Our prices are different. I just know that from the sales guys. The prices are different here than they are with with what they're doing with the actual rockies radio network some of those ads. You here are not national but statewide ads so you. I don't know maybe it probably imagine the rates went. Maybe they went down a little bit. Maybe they didn't though because not everybody can go to games. So if you can't go to games you either. Watching you're listening and radio for baseball does really well because a lot of our during the work day when you can't you can't get to a tv to watch but you can listen to thirteen. Ten k of k on your cellular device just pretty cool. I events text. Line is nine seven four seven eight. Thirteen a one. Our power to play sports. Poll question is available now. The jeff bridges gone back to supporting the colorado rockies and see. I just refreshed here. There's yes no or you've never stopped supporting the rockies. Fifty seven percents. They know that you're still not going to support the rockies that it's bigger than jeff brij and i'm not saying dick mont can't dig himself out of this hole without selling the team. I've never once said that. I never even want said that they could do it. You know jeff bright. It's got to go. I didn't think he'd be back anyway. Imagine that headline at the end of a terrible season. Colefax jeff bryant inc's five year deal to remain general managers rocky. That's not going over very well. And i think even dick for knows that so they knew it was coming to an end unless they somehow would have made it to the playoffs. This year i said would've acting like season's over eight and fourteen. That's not no. They're not happening. You're just rooting for sixty five. Wins at this point. Yeah that would have been the only way that you'd go all right. Well no bright. It's maybe make sense. Maybe he maybe he knew something. But even then i think the relationship is just so fractured. I just it's so strange that had happened now. That had happened a month. Into the into the season pillow fights dances rates. Never go down They do they do. I mean they depending tv. I don't know as much about but the radio side they do. I don't think they would go down this year for the rockies specifically they're not gonna move their rates around they can fill it. You're still seeing the same sponsors that were on the rockies as you saw last two if not if not more so now that they're adding more spots where you can place sponsors on the mound you. They have a sponsor. Tag on that mound. And now that didn't always used to be there so interesting day or interesting week for sure. But i did tweet this colfax rockies just get absolute blown out with no first time with no jeff right which is that. Was that about the opposite. What i said yesterday i said they. The team might be happy. Yeah and it appears. They're not happy they were not happy. They like wait. Jeff was our guy. We're not in boston. Dahmer was jeff sky right. That was this guy and he got lit up. So that's how it goes. Sometimes folks forty seven minutes after the hour standings in the western conference sir getting interesting. The nuggets have a realistic shot to perhaps escape playing the lakers. In that first round some some games to pay attention to tonight certainly tomorrow night. We're going to get to what's on. Tv and closing thoughts coming up next and winning top text tuesday today. We'll get to that next thirteen days. Thirteen teams preps baseball training camp coverage presented by journey homes. Airs this afternoon at four on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k the power trip weekdays at eleven on thirteen ten kfi k. What's up paul again. This is stevens with. Dnv are broncos in your host. Y'all on thirteen ten. Kfi the whole show powered by energy great top texts tuesday. We started off a little snag. Start the show today. Apologize about it but let me just tell you this. It's leading to something very very big for all of your favorite thirteen ten. Kfi show so just just bear with us. We'll get that news out to you soon. colefax kind of tight. Close racers three kind of front runners But i think we did make a final decision i think. So boy makes a triumphant return pillow. Fight dan it's gonna take take this one by. Dan is a one time champion. He is looking for to trying to match the archnemesis of the show. Dixon dixon is a two-time title winner. This is not like a regular radio contest because it's not really a content contest. It's a competition. You can win as many times as possible. We're not cutting you. You could win every single prize that we throw out there. This is not one of those. You gotta wait till after thirty days to compete. No we are. This is a competition every single week and text like this all support the rockies like my girlfriend's supports my enthusiasm for blacking out with judgment and sit cynicism pretty good. It's pretty good. Also this text kid from loyal current girlfriend not working out since the up tex issue he shoots he scored like it's pretty good. That's pretty good. And that's the thing that's how tax tuesday. It's not always just one text. It's kind of like the body of wh one text. Just lights it up. Great yes but if you have like a bunch of tax then it's like carrying on a theme for that day. That's mclean was close dixon's always in the mix. He's just a dixon packs and he's a. He brings the noise every single every single time. He's a fighter he is a fighter is the time to time state champ. He's a he's a two time champ for a reason said he would have paid good aeronautical money to see colefax on the roof today. Hey man i would even take the fifty fifty million dollars to send. And i would do that. Live up there day or two with the turkeys and everything. Yeah that'd be awesome. So we'll see the weather gets nicer which i'm sure will because it's colorado colfax if you don't like it wait five minutes my man and it's gonna be alright. What is it tuesday. we have thirteen days. Thirteen teams continuing high school baseball. Preseason coverage starting at four o'clock resurrection christian. Clark takes a look at resurrection christian. Also tonight. Seven o'clock pre-game for the iraqis giants make it a better performance tonight. My goodness seven forty five first. Pitch here on tuesday. The herd with colin cowards next good night northern colorado.

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June 23rd: CRP 4X4 VIP Guest  Mark Knudson

NoCo Now ? 1310 KFKA

16:11 min | Last month

June 23rd: CRP 4X4 VIP Guest Mark Knudson

"Way back in. It's no go now presented by the jeanine agencies. Thanks for being with us. I look. I just looked at my ban on on going to the rockies games and really just it went to the my first one on saturday was good time as always hard not to have a good time at coors field. No matter what. The product is in the mon- i know that that's why we have bad baseball in colorado. But i would never think i'd see this argument. Certainly not this soon. Joining me now are syrupy for by. Vip guest is mark. john mark. you don't truly believe the rockies should retire or not as number. Do you absolutely right this minute today. Actually no i take that back. Wait till he's in town weeklies here do it while cardinals are until next week. Do you care to justify If you read the blog you know that Harold baines had his number retired by the white sox while you still active play right. if you've been traded. I mean less than a month. He'd been traded to the rangers. They make retarded number. It was an unusual move at the time But ultimately harold baines made it into the hall of fame and you can argue the merits of that selection. I don't know was the hall of fame player. But then the left the white sox Retired as number nineteen ninety nine retired two thousand and one and he'd played actually came back and played for the white sox two more times his number out of retirement so he could wear it when he played If you're going to build a tradition for organization if you're going to to honor the guys who've done great things what what's the purpose awaiting. Why why is it taking so long to retire. Larry walkers should have been done a long time ago They did the year after he retired with his fine But there walker was traded to the cardinals and then it took. What till this year. So they're doing it. So honestly i think i just don't see the purpose of weight and that's going to the hall of fame. He didn't wonderful things. For this franchise. It was not his despite popular sentiment. It wasn't his idea to be traded. He didn't sign here. Sign a long term deal. The pandemic forcing be traded because the pandemic cost iraqis. One hundred million dollars explode could not afford his contract anymore so i had to train him but what about what about. The text came out right the tax videos out saying that that he was text back and forth without wainwright saying show this to the gm. Show this the gm ready to be out of here. I mean that would be just a blatant slap in the face of the colorado rockies fans to retire his number right now blatant i think matter of fact i think He didn't want out of corona. he wanted away from what you just complained about about the monster. It's not feeling winning baseball team. Obviously when they were playing well it was a happy camper and everything is going well. Jeff rightish each did with jeff by this does well which is alienate people Now that's not that there's no reason to trade somebody. I as i've told i've talked to several former builders to confirm this feeling i'd say seventy five to eighty percent of major league baseball. I can't stand gentlemen no matter what team you're playing it. Just it's not that kind of relationship so that to be the case th that's that's irrelevant when it comes to trade talks right but there wasn't if it wasn't a pandemic going there would still be a color iraqi. I i don't know. I don't know if i believe that i really don't because of the way that the season's already going he see this team they don't have the pieces in place. I think that he wanted to win. But i also think that You know seventy five to eighty percent of the players. You just don't like their general manager. I don't see you don't see them. I mean and maybe they are all yes. You do absolutely any. Public faces of the franchise are doing that. And doing it in such a way that your it's so public throughout the course of it if you saw You on the market. Another market teams are struggling. Losing even see that sort of stuff. It happens all time It didn't happen my day because there was also saying texting but it happens I talked to other players pige carrier pigeons at your well. We just moved up to the pony express. Okay yeah but god disgruntled players are very common theme now again. If there's no pandemic the rockies probably do improve their team a little bit in the off season they'll try to who knows what made the right move. He didn't make very many. The right moves but he tried to make moves. He signed a whole bunch of as it turned out to be bust so he wasn't for lack of trying this year and and i pointed out to somebody last night the diamondbacks where the first organization owner was the first guy to come out and say after the pandemic season was over. We're not going to make changes. We can't afford any moves. We can't do anything this is. The team goes next year and that didn't cause much of a ripple. Now you see what's happening with the diamondbacks Iraqis simply did what well teams are doing in terms of not spending money. Because you don't have to spend Not excusing the decisions. They made in the past a knock excusing the politics. It's on the field right now. I'm just saying the reality is. This is an organization that's driven largely by finances by attendance. They don't have a huge tv or radio. Local contracts so basically they. They're left to you. Know the gates gotta be. The big moneymaker couldn't last year. It lost one hundred million dollars. They had to train on so a couple of things. I i'm not disagreeing that at some point his number needs to be retired. I'm not saying some point. It needs to but right now we just got out of a relationship with a beautiful woman and she left us for somebody who is taller than us. Better looking than us made more money than us and now she's inviting us to their wedding. That would be. And i'm not ready to go to the wedding. Well you're you're emotionally understand. i just think that would send the right message to future players future rocky. Send the right message story. I don't think it's going to be kept around for financial aid. But if it's up to him and he sees them no one's number and he says you know they're going to honor that. I think that improves the the way the franchise looks to guys like cover story whether they're going to stay here not the money matter taco with mark. Canoes in here are so syrupy. Four by four. Vip gassed so now in this blog. To of course the three-strikes blog up thirteen ten k k. dot com. You can check it out You say that he should get a standing ovation when he steps at home plate for every at bat never say that he should. What's actually going to happen. What's your feeling get standing ovations. First time he comes through plate probably after that. It'll be you know a little bit more temperate than that. Obviously but you you have to honor. What demand did here he. He never is never played a season where he didn't want to go up. Think about that. He's never never played a major league season without winning gold. Not that is not insane. You cannot overrate that He was is arguably. The best player in the french in french will be when he's done the best player. Never uniform here. I think he'll outdo careerwise willard walker did taught. Hilton did he. He's that special and you can't really appreciate that let's weekend 'cause we got them. Every day. people will watch sportscenter every night only got snippets but we got it all and we should have the most chretien for what he did here and look down the road. I'm okay with that. But i think that the frustration from what branch did what the mon- are doing right now and i it kind of it kind of cracked me up. I went to a game on saturday. Walking through the main concourse and it's filled up. And i think the official attendance was somewhere around thirty thousand a little over that pen. We're walking the main con- concourse and dick monfort just strolling through there. And nobody knows who the hell he is. Nobody knows Because you don't get baseball fans at coors you get people who want a night out to go to coors field or you get you get you. Don't i mean there's a core of rockies hands right but then there's all the people just like baseball as you said there's the other group that just loves to be out of course field. So yeah you got a mixture of things like that. And i'm sure you know based on my twitter feed my tech and there's a lot of brewers fans there a lot maybe not as many as cubs in the cardinals but Visiting fans have no problem coming into that environment. It's not a hostile environment. Visitors so I get the frustration. Obviously but i'm looking big picture. I'm looking long-term. I'm i'm looking past this season. This this isn't a very good team. Obviously right now Especially when they go on the road. But i think down the road he wants to try to the right time organization that you can do that by acknowledging the guys done great things for you. You don't think that sends a message of a great players come in use us and abuses. And then you leave. You will honor you and the oakland a.'s. Do that every year and all right. You're all right with that allah. Hey that's it is what it is at. The moment doesn't mean has to stay that way. Because the rockies have more resources than the oakland a.'s or tampa bay but there are ways to win even if you're not gonna keep your star players in in your uniform for a long time in the race worlds as well. Blake snail traded blake. Now right back in the second the mix now you can do it do it. Right talk with mark canoes and are four by four. Vip guests mark one of the things. I want to bring up. Actually you kind of alluded to the rockies on the road the either look. They lost their assistant. General manager that he resigned yesterday And now how important is it for this new front office staff to really look at the effects of the coors field hangover i. It's a real thing now. It's between their ears. It's totally between you remember other rockies teams do you remember the good rocky teams having a coors field hangover. No they didn't numbers are every team's number going to dip on the roads every all hitters numbers dipped. But you're talking about pitchers numbers. They get worse on the road. So they'll give me that we're still hanging over not doesn't excuse what you've got is a group of essentially four players Guys are better than triple eight but not quite established big leaguers so their four players and they're trying to grinding. They're trying to establish themselves as major league players on everyday basis. And they're putting a ton of pressure on themselves and they're trying too hard and they go on the road and and they just they try too hard and they just can't perform and a maturation issue. That's a a in some regards at talent issue. But it's something that they will players will get better at his play more and more comfortable as far as for you call the new front office staff. I i don't think you're gonna see new front office staff. I think one thing we've known about dick for is he wrote about this molly sports magazine back in april. He's incredibly loyal to its employees. The reason he won't bring in something. Like that evans to be the general manager who highly lives in boulder highly successful manager the judges and the white sox for a long time intimately in tune with what's the rockies would be the perfect guy to come in and take rocky they will not hire him simply because he would clean house he would bring in a whole new a whole new front office staff and dick does not want that. He does not want anyone else to lose their job to. It's needed though. I mean that is absolutely with me. It's one hundred percent needed. And it's my major issue with who i like personally. Who known for a long time but got to me. That's not how you run. A baseball team has to be accountability. And with dick the only accountabilities on the bottom on the bottom line is a spreadsheet. And i says long coors field's getting filled up as long as they start getting back to normal with them. money-wise And they're not losing a million dollars a year and they're contending as he put it every two twice every five seasons he's gonna keep doing what he's doing because he wants to take care of his people the markkanen and again our syrupy four by four. Vip guests former big leaguer Writer for a freelance writer here for thirteen. Ten k dot com as well. I'm not the coors field hangover because I think there's something to be said for what you just said. Absolutely but look right against the padres at home they put up eight runs. They put a bait runs. They put up seven runs. They put up six runs even in the losses. It's five six and then they lose two to one last night. But it's it's affecting the the the talented season guys like. Trevor story like charlie blackmon. Who were both. Oh four last night on the road. You can't tell me that guys like that. Who who i mean. Charlie is one of the one of the great hitters that we've seen come through colorado in a long time that it's just because it's between the ears as soon as you step on opposing team's field. There's gotta be something more than that going on. He's gone over fork or still before to Not as consistent as he has. Okay well i mean he's up here he was two or three years ago either but nonetheless Obviously the ball reacts differently on the road. The ball breaks more doesn't carry as far cetera. But to make that into an excuse for going five and twenty eight on the road nonsense. You're if you if you're i mean. No one expects them to win all their road games. Don't expect him to be on the same record. Home the seven the right but nonetheless Pass rockies teams have not have this kind of struggle and they still got to these venues and still won a lot more than five hundred thirty three right and i think there's a little bit of all of that going on. I think what you said about you know. It's not the best team that we we've ever seen the rockies put out there. They're trying too hard to earn that spot because everybody is fighting for a job. I think you've got a little bit of that coming in. But i think that crucial hangover has to play some sort of effect. Because there's no other. I mean there's not one reason to cause for the explanation of going twenty five and sixteen at home and only winning five games on the road. It's a combination of all these things. But i think at least acknowledging that the coors field hangover is a real thing is a step in the right direction. The hangover part of what bothers me Is there a fact you have to adjust to make. Yes but baseball is a game predicated on making adjustments pitch to pitch in game day to day road trip to home. You have to make adjustments constantly. Make adjustments Other teams that come in here Don't have you know they're coming here and they'll have to make adjustments the other direction and most of them don't have a problem with the dodgers certainly on the problem coming in here and still being really good so it's a talent issue was going to say because there's a coors field effect share. There's an effect but hang on is is a way over blowing this way making something bigger than it is and it's just simply not a reason when five games all year on the road at this based on on pace to set a record for worst record ever martin record right marquette's not because of course bill. I appreciate it. I really do. I don't mean to get you all worked up there. But i louis all right. Mark appreciated Enjoy your time out there and look next week all right knicks. That's more kanoute's in He he makes good points. I don't disagree. And he came out and said you know the the hangover aspect you know if you wanna call it something else. Whatever you wanna call it. Something's got to change ten fifty one the time when we come back on the other side. We'll get to the headline the cut my interns i presented by the j nine agencies northern carla's voice thirteen ten kfi k.

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February 24  Hour 1  Hot Take: Rockies / Nolan Trade The ONLY Move | Nuggets Take Blazers, Jokic Still Gets Slighted

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

40:27 min | 5 months ago

February 24 Hour 1 Hot Take: Rockies / Nolan Trade The ONLY Move | Nuggets Take Blazers, Jokic Still Gets Slighted

"Is Well it's wednesday. The twenty four th day of february tuesday night was an eventful night pretty big night for the denver nuggets finding a way to beat the portland trailblazers. We're gonna get into that. We'll get into a tiger woods update as well good and bad news right. The good news is that he's he's coherent he's talking. It's his legs A lot of surgeries in the legs. And we'll we'll get into more details there. But i think we all i think we all were kind of in that mode because it wasn't. What is it about a year ago. With the kobe bryant. So that was devastating for everyone. And so i think we were all at that point with tiger woods. Oh no here we go again. You know what. I don't like about this colfax Well there's a lot of things. I don't like about it. You get a lot of these trolls on social media. Now that are like kobe. Tigers people die every day. Why is everybody crying over these because we all know these guys we all know them colfax if you and i get in a car accident are immediate family and friends certainly care but it's not like national news. It's not this is global news. It's like people get a grip man. Use your logical brain anymore like we all know who tiger woods is if you. I don't care if you're a golf fan or not. You know who. Tiger woods is same with kobe bryant same with celebrities. We all know them because we see the. That's the answer to that puzzle in your brain. My goodness it's people find negative negative alex no matter what it's crazy man it's nuts. I avenge text line. Nine seven four seven eight thirteen one nine seven four seven eight thirteen o one going back to this one though. Nuggets trailblazers is yousef turkish. Ever gonna play anymore. I mean how often does he play. It seems like he's been hurt ever since really getting traded over to portland off and on. I think that guy's a monster. I love watching him. Play completely different player than nicole. Yokich but i still like watching him play economist but obviously nuggets got. The better end of that deal was back and forth. Denver wins one eleven to one. Oh six big win for denver. Seventeen fourteen now nine and six at home. I'm watching the game. The okay carmelo anthony. We all know the story. And i wanna take some time to talk about that. That might be a future. Poll question about his about his jersey number He goes off in second quarter. I mean that's mellow now. I mean he's not a superstar anymore. He is he's a reserve and he's gonna go off. He's gonna have big nights and he's going to have nights we don't even remember he's in the nba. Last night was one of those nights here. He had twenty four points. A lot of those points came in a bunch in the second quarter. He was unstoppable. The the blazers get the lead and kinda start pulling away. Denver has bad second quarter but jokers in the process of singlehandedly bringing the nuggets back into the game keeping them in the game. And here's so. I don't know how many points joker hat in like a span of you know for for a minute or two but instead the crew from tnt wild joker goes from eleven to twenty three points. Here's what the crew from. Tnt's talking about mellow anthony's a second quarter here. He scored thirteen of the sixteen purport letter. There's yokich to quiet down the runs. A lot of bad blood back feelings. Mellow wanted out. He didn't want to sign that. Max extension back then ten years ago. He wanted the backs extension water to play elsewhere. I mean that's a great question. I guess it depends on the organization perspective. Who still in place within. Let those feelings. Go away those buildings right by. Yoga's felt good buckets right fouled murray on the back-cut morrison the lane to yokich and yokich again. That's twenty three for joker okay. So that was good is there was tnt. And then there was altitude mix. Joker comes in joker basically. I don't know numbers down by a few points. Or whatever they lost their lead Portland goes on a massive run carmelo right rightfully so. Let's talk about him. It's it's a good story and he's scoring but the joker comes in off the bench or obviously the second stint off the bench coming in. He had eleven points and in this run he jumped up to twenty three points. He had eight points in a row in a row and the whole while they're talking about mellow and then they say bad blood. I i don't know that it was bad blood. I still think that that move saved the nuggets for years to come. That move was huge. Jamal murray is one of those pieces from that move because of the draft. Pick that being said was out. I was outraged by baya. Tweeted about i was like you got league. Mvp candidate literally keeping the nuggets in the game with an eight point scoring barrage. And you're talking about carmelo anthony. Who is having a great game especially for where he is at this point in his career yet you barely even acknowledge how does a guy go from eleven to twenty three and you just you just kind of nonchalantly say todd joker with twenty-three there. I just thought that was. That's still can again part of the disrespect that you see toward the denver nuggets power to play. Sports poll question today will sidestep for second when the time comes. I don't want to hear any of the white armor and covert at all when the time comes will you go to a rockies game this thing about it. Don't answer quickly. Think about i come up to you. I see ya. It's two o'clock in the afternoon. Where out on a meeting. And i say you know what rockies tickets cheap man. It's a beautiful day and springtime. You want to go down and watch the rocks. You're gonna pass that up. You're gonna nocco because the nolan arnaldo thing and you know dick. Mon- slaps in the face come on. Let's see let's see what the whole agains are thinking Go to the whole show dot com and again. That's the power to play. Sports poll question of the day. It's like seventy percent. Yes go rocky. The boycotts not happening man. That's not a real thing. Like seventy seven percent of the hooligans are saying yes they're gonna still go. I mean i get it man. You feel betrayed. I talked about this yesterday. I get it you feel like dick mon- furton in jeff bride. It's just kind of slapped you in the face rockies fan. I've kind of start to feel more or less this way. What were you going to do. And i've heard everybody keeps saying you hang onto him. You're against i think. The people that love nolan aaron auto would think that was worse. Because you're not letting them go you're going to hold this year is going to be bad. No matter what without nolan ask any rockies deep insight or they would've told you the same thing the rockies were not gonna make any moves this offseason because they got so many guys under contract next year will be the year they make moves including my big one. We'll see what happens with trevor story but you. You knew this team was not going to do anything this year. So your your response is hang onto nolan for one more year against his wishes. That's what it would be. According to dick monfort. He wanted out sooner rather than later and he got out. Now i am not an. I'll say there's a bazillion times. I'm not excusing. What they got or lack thereof in return for nolan. I wish they could have got a name. That would have made us all feel better. They didn't they botched. I get it. I don't know that anybody who was willing to dance with them. And maybe this is where it landed. I don't have that information. I'm not privy to that. I have my thoughts. I have my opinions. I do know this. It's never as easy as us. Outside of the business. Think it is so i will say that again. Not excusing jeff bridage. This whole thing started with nolan being frustrated that they weren't doing enough to build around him jeff. Bridges response was less than ideal. Nolan and a screaming match ensued. I don't know again. I don't know how deep that went. But apparently after that moment nolan was done and he felt disrespected he said as much. There's a lot of disrespect in that office. That's what he said and there was no going back. we'll brady. Why didn't they just fire. Jeff bridage and hire new. Gm this year and all would be happy. Okay off the top of your head name hot and up and coming guy that is up for a promotion that is going to be. Must name a george peyton general manager for for the rockies jonah. There you go it. That's about as crazy as it sounds right like just go hire another guy. Who and if that guy was that good. Why is he available right now. Come on. i've heard this seriously. They should've fired brian. It's in the off season and hired a new. Gm this post. I guess we're still in covert but this is recovery mode for baseball. I don't see a lot of teams like the rockies going out saying hey we're gonna go overhaul this hiring a new gm and then he's coming in and twenty twenty one and we are basically laying waste everything we know we're rebuilding was starting from scratch. That's what you won't know. I wanted him to get aggressive in free agency. Low to mid market teams are not getting aggressive and twenty twenty one and again we can look at that more. I know the rockies didn't not trying to defend what they've got in return for knowing just all in thrown out there is. This was a no win situation. Once jeff brightest nolan got into the screaming match was it jeff bright. It's his fault in response to nolan's frustration. Yes argo there. But after that it wasn't going to work. I what did i say at the beginning of the twenty twenty season if the rockies do not make the playoffs in twenty twenty with her without put pandemic nolan will be gone in twenty twenty one. I said that because he's gonna look at the situation say well we can't even win sixty games. We can't even win at that stage and we're not showing any signs of growth. Were taken steps back. And who's the prospects coming up so no one was going to be gone and this whole idea that. Why didn't they just hang on for one more year they they weren't gonna get anything anyway. Guys remember troy to lewinsky toward the end of his career. It was rumored that he was quite the cancer. Inside of the clubhouse. Would that have been nolan's fate. I know corporate you. Tell me if you go to management today and management that you're frustrated with the radio station because we're not building around you with enough talent. How do you think the rest of your co workers are going to feel about you not get. I think they were all deep down a little frustrated. Because who's he talking about black men right story maybe not maybe stories is the only one maybe traverse stories. The only one. But there's nobody else on this roster you if you're looking at it and you think well okay you know. That's he's not talking about me. Or is he always so many guys on the roster colefax. It could be anybody i mean. Brian mcmahon doesn't feel that way garrett hamson you tell me how that ultimately works and selling nolan had the best season in the pandemic this trying to put some logic to this whole thing. I'm not giving up on the rockies. in fact i'm very interested to see. How trevor story does this year. I know he has some big goals. And i want to talk about it. I'm very interested to see. How guy like john gray is. He finally going to meet his potential. Is that going to happen. I mean there's a lot of storylines still around this team. I know it feels like it feels like the first season of game of thrones when spoiler alert. Give you time give you time. Give you time when ned stark dies right it kinda feels like damn the main characters gone. What the hell do we do now. Well then you start building up on the other characters and okay. This is pretty good until they trashed it. Season seven and eight. whatever. And that's how feels i get it when nolan left is kind of like well now. What like at the end when four at the end of forrest. Gump your favorite movie colefax force running running running running and everybody starts following him and then he gets to the end. He's like i think i'll go home. Now what the hell do do now. You guys hits your wagon to a player. And i get it. I understand you. And i talked yesterday off the air and i said i'm basketball much different sport. Would we be feeling the same way about the nuggets. If the nuggets traded nicole yokich in the same fashion basically got nothing in return paid a team money. We feel the same way would you. Yeah i think so basketball to me though speaks a little bit more to player you know. Third baseman can only control so much. The nuggets are missing playoffs. Yokich is in exactly fact. Nolan didn't make or break the rockies. That's the fact that's true. The iraqis didn't make the playoffs last year. They weren't gonna make the playoffs this year when they did make the playoffs. No one was a part of that but was he the reason you joker leaves denver and you are the. You're probably a bad team. I mean what are you have. If you don't have joker and look what happened last night. So i know you guys don't want to hear this and it's frustrating but i'm just saying it started with nolan. Not liking your roster. The guys that i mentioned. I'm saying outside. Trevor story maybe herman marquez the rest. He didn't think that was good enough for him. And that's how it started. And then jeff bright. It's didn't didn't handle the conversation that well pizza's rocky. Games are not about baseball. It's an experience in colorado weather view of the opposite gender and beer. Here's a take on nolan. Whenever superstars available always yankees and red sox are in the mix. Why not them at all in the trade talk value. Yeah yeah i honestly. I don't know why this happened abruptly kovacs you remember. We had drew christman on the day. The rumor mill started right. Andrew kind love drew but he kind of laughed it off like i mean. I don't know. I always hear this. And then the next day even maybe even that day it was done. So i don't to pretend to get into things that i don't know i don't want to act like the rockies. Acne on just quickly went to this. But i have a hard time in my brain thinking that they didn't make several calls to those players. You mentioned pete. I mean we all kinda thought maybe it would be a yankees uniform. They make that call mark knutson. Who played this game and you hear his corners on the station all the time and great blog that he puts together three-strikes blog. He said that no one would take that contract especially after well no not especially just no one would after the covert situation. No one would take that contract. Well the only way someone would take that contract we forgot is oh you can pay some money to do that was it. Did it look good. No but that was the only way. Someone's gonna take the contract nolan. Did think the montfort in his farewell speech not bright h but it did thank them onference. Is there a possibility. That nolan went to dick again. And basically said dude. I want our. I don't even wanna be here. I have done here. Is john watson situation and dick did moved on again. I think it was tough for him. He said he's a fan. And if you're a fan of the rockies you're a fan of nolan earn auto. I just think that it's a bad deal. Is it franchise ending in your mind like your phantom is gone because this whole nolan are not a situation was botched was for about five minutes. It was for five minutes agree. I was pretty pissed. I was and then. I cut us up and sat and thought about it more like man. Think about this roster think about this roster that's going into training to spring training. None of you were good enough. For nolan aeronautics and bottom line is this what was having the best third baseman. Perhaps in history doing for you causing a lot of money and were you making the playoffs once twice. Yeah twice bright. It's made it so. And that's the other thing i joke with people about it. They don't like it. You hate jeff bryant. She's the worst general manager ever the rockies have been to the playoffs five times and under jeff bride. It's they've been twice. I mean i know colfax. I kill you with facts man. I know people like to just throw these branches off. He's the devil. I can't stand him. He's probably the most successful general manager the rockies they've ever had i know that's yeah put that in quotes put that on twitter. I would get roasted for that. I'm getting roasted for now. I mean this is just the way it is. I'm just trying to take a step back. Acknowledged that crap happened. Norm was unhappy. Jeff brightest handled it like a baby not like a general manager and the relationship became so hostile that it was. You couldn't repair it and here. We are brady. They should have just fired branch. And then what's your next move. Dick on hires another guy that he likes that basically his all the brady dick monfort needs to sell the team make. Does that make nolan. Day does he. Is he magically happy now. Think about that process. I mean he sells the team. How long does that take to get a new owner here. Do you even have time to get nolan like. He's done that's it. He wants to win a world series so of dick mod for sells. The team new owner comes in. How do you know that that this one's any better. I just think that there's there's always these sports takes. Dick needs to sell the team. The broncos need to give everything for shawn watson. The the nuggets need to trade for superstar. Today where are you willing to pay those prices sports fans. Are you willing to trade jamal. Murray are you willing to mortgage your future and trade. Your one of your only pro bowlers. Bradley chubb for this shawn watson. Are you really dig. It sells the team. What does that process look like a year. Two years nolan's got one year left on the contract. Is he gotta sit and wait sometimes a sports fan. You take a step back. You have to look at everything logically. What actually makes sense. These are still businesses. They are still businesses. This isn't your video games. this isn't madden. Oh i don't like this guy trade and everybody doesn't matter if i suck i can restart twenty minutes after the hour. Power to play sports question of the. It sounds like the whole organs are on my team though because eighty percent of you are still going to rockies games when the time comes when you go to a rockies game. that's the power play. Sports poll question eighty percent. Say yes well there you go all right. Go to the whole show dot com vote. We'll talk more about the rocks and talk about the nuggets. I wanna get into that last night. That was a big game. Jamal murray inconsistent and then bail. Whoa all-star we'll be right back catch inside up bears. Dan presented by chris. Musa agency allstate. Insurance tuesday nights northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to noko now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. This is brian how of buffalo beat writer for the buffs zone. And you're listening to the whole show a thirteen ten. Kfi pay shot out the fresco painter. South platte you can get a free mini cooler. Just by calling the folks at fresh coat and a free painting quote nine seven four one four forty one thirty one first advantage text line nine seven four seven eight thirty one as a nice game for denver. One eleven to one. Oh six. I certainly wondered. You had that second quarter you know. Denver was up. I think they were up twelve at one point in the second but only score. Twenty three to portland's thirty to even it out in the second half though joker with another monster game. Forty one points steal five assists five rebounds. Manny looks better every night. I did like what one of the commentators on. Tnt said last night there's a difference between speed and quickness joker doesn't have speed but he is so quick it's amazing like his spin moves inside the that donkey hat at the end to basically in the game was like fake woo. I mean that was. It's slow but fat but quick at the same time murray ended up with twenty four. I think he had five points going into the fourth quarter and he just goes off with twenty four. Two steals eight assists five rebounds. He was six for six from the free throw line. It was a great game. It was all right. So i want to talk more about that. It was a great game by murray and the fourth he did act like he was having some shoulder injuries there but they certainly needed that performance by jamal. That version that you saw in the fourth quarter of jamal is kobe. Ask he's an all star damn near vp candidate. But what you saw in the first. Three quarters is the biggest frustration that we all have with jamal. When will he click whether it's a game whether it's in season whether it's a week when will he be consistent thirty one minutes after the hour. Let's jump out of here real quick colfax and then get the latest on a local sports flash here mornings with kale weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi this is brian. How colorado buffaloes beat writer for the buffs zone and. You're listening to the whole show thirteen ten. Kfi thirty six minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the show. It's getting a little heat heated in here today. Colefax my goodness talking about this nolan or nado rocky situation going forward. It's going to be interesting. I'm still going to watch up. Still going to have an opportunity still going to go. Get my even take mark. Mark johnson the voice of the buffs. If i can get him convinced to hang out with me. I might even take you to rocky mark. Do you think your barnacle nope yeah. I think it'd be a good time. You know what. I'm at this point man. I'm ready to to to buy a beer. Cost like four hundred dollars at this stage because we haven't been to a game it's alexa. I'm in that's pretty saying about you. Know fan discontentment with the rockies moves. They've made is that. There's no better spot in a in in the state of colorado to be on a summer night than sitting and coors field downtown denver right there and load l. and enjoying just The beauty to colorado is that. That's kind of the consternation that fans have you know because they get frustrated with what goes on with team but then dang it. I'll go down to the ballpark. That was our poll. Question is would you still. Are you still go to rockies game when you can and most of our listeners are saying yes they're still gonna go. You can't pass it up. You just said it. You can't pass up that opportunity right now. It is just spectacular games down the both on the radio in the pa and it's just such a phenomenal setting and a party deck and And i and other sunset when when get to that point you know seven o'clock games we're midway through the ball game all of a sudden the sun setting behind You know the rocky mountains and it's just spectacular out there so you know i joked with Some of the management the rockies. One time years ago. I was doing a speaking event with one of them and i said you know you got the whole baseball thing. Just forget. They just hoping placing one hundred nights party. I still think thirty-five five thousand people probably. Yeah i think you're absolutely right. And that's the that's the crazy situation that all of us rockies fans are in mark johnson joining us the voice of the colorado mark the buffs needed this last one against oregon state a tough battle back and forth against oregon. That was a fun game to wash. Couldn't get the job done. But they re you. And i talked about last week. You said okay. They're in the tournament but they've got. They can't fall flat on their face. Beating oregon state over the weekend was was absolutely huge. For the buffs. Five you're right and it. Was you know that loss at oregon's on a bad loss in any way shape or form and it was frustrating. Those eleven turnovers. They had the first eleven minutes. The second half is in my view is really what changed things. Now there are some rebounding things On the defensive rebounding ads I think they could have done some work. Defensively there is mistakes down the stretch but still. It's not a bad loss at oregon by four points. You're frustrated win it but you walk out of there going okay. That's fine you chat bull told me the other day. He s slept after a loss as well as after that game in a long time to watch the video. We did a lot of good things and did things where we could have won the ball game. You know sometimes you get your cap and go son of a gun. They met a couple more plays than we did. That was one of those ball games now. The oregon state have been totally different deal. They did go in there and they did win that ball game which they had to do. It's not easy on the road but they went entering win. And so you come away feeling good about that now. Now what the heck opportunity. I've got with the added game with arizona. State got next thursday. You got usc ucla thursday saturday this week. You got the two teams that are sitting ahead of you in a standing now. Chances are you're not gonna catch him. But you can win some big games improve your resume. I try and take care of business against arizona state next thursday and you go into the facts alternative four game winning streak and feeling good about yourself improve your seating and all those kind of things all those things you said right now. Is the time where you want to be playing your best basketball. You wanna bring that in to the conference tournament to march madness. You want to be able to have that so you can knock off some some big time teams But like you said tomorrow. What a heck of a an opportunity for the buffs right. Now it's all about setting yourself up setting yourself up for the conference tournament and potentially what would that seed looks like In in the a. march madness tournament. I think we might have just lost mark. Let's see if he's still there again. Talk into march on the voice of the buffalo trying to give them a call back can reach him Get his thoughts on buffs. In usc. Tomorrow night that's gonna be on. Espn two seven o'clock definitely excited managed. There are going to be some amazing college basketball games on tomorrow night. That have local Local meaning to it. I should say because obviously c. u. usc but boise state and san diego state. Play tomorrow night. That's a mountain west battle. That's interesting so big game still for the buffs now. Losing to cow. I think is still kind of left a bad taste in. Everybody's mouth for the buffs. But then they go on the road and battle it. Out with oregon. They almost pull off a win. Just couldn't quite get. There had to beat oregon state is we were talking about that but then tomorrow night. I mean this is a game where you can be. Usc you find a way to get this. W nobody's talking about that cow game anymore. And i mean that's that's easier said the done. Usc is a top twenty at this point. Nine hundred okay. Nineteen overall so. It's not going to be. It's not going to be easy by any means and then you have like a marta. Ucla on on saturday. So that's going to be only get connected. I think mar markets such an outdoorsman colefax. If he's not broadcasting games he is out in the wilderness. Somewhere in my right. Let me guess. He was on a horse on the ranch. Well he texts me earlier. I texted ready to go. And he's like i'm working in the horse arena and i just saw this mark. Is the guy the guy on the buffalo. 'cause he's caused the buffalo games. He just picture about the writing of buffalo in the mountain. Oh absolutely fighting. Bears all the time i picture with one hand on the phone and the other one's like a long knife fighting off a bear. Yes that's just him. He's a good dude. He's a cool guy big opportunity tomorrow night for the buffs and listen. They're they're in because honestly colefax they were gonna get in last year whether you agree or disagree all the brackets. All they did they did the prediction thing. After the fact once we found out we weren't doing march madness they had all the bracket years. Put them together. The buffs ran so if they were going to get in last year when they stumbled into the conference tournament and lost five in a row. Then they're getting in this year. Now it would look kinda rough if you go into the to the conference tournament. Losing four five of your last six. It would look a lot like last year. But the point is the buffs have had some big wins. They are good team. They are in a pretty tough conference. As far as pac. Twelve teams go ours. I as the pac twelve goes and in basketball. I mean they're they're pretty good. There's some good teams there. And like i said you got usc sitting at nineteen leading the pack twelve. But you know. Ucla received seventeen votes to get in the buffs received eight. Here's the thing. Colefax to the buffs. Crack the top twenty five if they can pull off the upset tomorrow night against usc. Maybe they received votes after beating zero. So i just goes to show you sometimes. Losing the bad teams. Like cal is chalked up to well this year especially but chalked up to just a bad night bad night shooting that we've talked about this yesterday. Even the greatest teams in college basketball have moments where they just are not feeling. I'll tell you this tournament though and we haven't talked a lot about and we're going to get into registering people for our bracket challenge. That's going to be fun so far. Eaten country clubs thrown in a foursome. So that's that's a toss into the mix. We're working on a couple of different ideas. I'm here. I'm hearing rumors of anywhere from a tv tossed into this thing. Yeah a tv for some free and country club. Some other things like some sports memorabilia. We're getting off of that squared away. I mean we give stuff away on the show. That's what we do. Our sponsors like fresh co painters south platte. They step up because they like to hook listeners. Up for nothing on none of our stuff that we do cost listeners. Anything just a little time just a little time. You're gonna fill bracket anyway. Just copy and pasted over two hours so we want. We want to load this up. We usually do our cbs sports but they are not making their even their site available on march madness until march first. So i don't even we got a check so just bear with us and we'll we'll do it three. Espn if we have to or colfax. And i'll just handwrite it. Every single one think last year we finally cut it off at seventy five because we were like. When do we cut it off. So we stopped seventy-five. We'll do the same amount. Whatever this year. So i'm gonna take who listeners right now if you wanna get into our march madness challenge. We just need an email. You guys know the rules with us. We don't save your emails to send out pesky updates on whatever we don't do that we're not sales in that way. We just want you and so i'm gonna take two callers right now. I'm hearing man we might have. Tv on the line. I know we've got the foursome Eating country club. I mean this is a great place forever. Thinking about becoming a member of this would be your opportunity to do that take to listeners. Let's caller number three caller number. Five callers three and five. All we need is an email address. And you're in lookout for for us and we'll We'll get you. Those emails sent off as soon as we possibly can start job loading up the tournament so nine seven three five three thirteen. Ten is the first advantage hotline. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten colors number three and five. You will get in two thousand twenty one whole show bracket challenge forty six minutes after the hour. Take a short break when we come back. Trevor story does he have real potential to be better than nolan or not or is that just talk and is he gonna be a long-term rocky or see the next one to go. We'll think your bracket can win it all join. The whole shows bracket challenge and hear the latest in hoops on thirteen ten. Kfi it's a party. Northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from florida ten pm. Hey it's andrew bogusch from cbs sports radio. You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi f. k. Got another appointment this afternoon with the chiropractic standard. Like i said you you you go in. Here is my process with this. I had heard about the chiropractic standard throughout throughout greeley for a while. And i've been to a chiropractor before. I've been i've been to the place where just pop in and see it ask you where it hurts and while you're answering in the middle of it. They're still cracking. It doesn't matter they're gonna crack you. You leave you feel a little relief. You little satisfied because you like hearing all those cracks. That's cool then. You get your car. You're driving and suddenly you're still kinda still there next day still of there the next day after that it's getting worse again and so you're going to go every other day to this place and just you know the. Here's what i like about the chiropractic standard. They sit down with you. They they do x rays. Talk about your plan. What do you want achieve. Is it just back pain or you wanted to play sports. Who want to lift weights lifting your kiddos. Whatever they sit through they go through this process with you and then they say all right. Here's the plan we've put together for you and then you look through it and you decide all right. That's that's expensive. that's too much. I don't think i can do that then. You you back down you back down what you need to do. And that's fine. You know we might need to stretch it out into another month or two or three about you come once a week twice a week. Or what have you but you can spread it out. You can eliminate one if three times a week isn't going to work for you twice a week. Maybe once a week you figure it out. It's your schedule. And they are pros. Dr tyler terry dr haley harare. They know what they're doing. And i also like this colfax they tell you right off the bat. You're not gonna come in here and pain and the first day you're going to feel satisfaction you're gonna walk away going feel better. That's not the process. They do not crack you. They have tools and now you've got to look them up online the chiropractic standard and to see exactly how this process works with me. My wife's even noticing it. She's like you don't complain about your back. I have my kid on my shoulders the other day for like we were going for a marathon man. It was like an hour. He was ready to go. Pat me on the head. I'm like i'm like your from winnie the pooh man. I mean is beautiful. And i didn't feel any pain at all. I was able to go. My arms went numb just from holding him up on my shoulders for so long. But my wife's like saying hey you haven't been talking about it as much. My shoulders are starting to line up a little bit better. That's the chiropractic standard. If you're hurting guys. I'm tr- trust me if you've ever trust me on anything i want you to feel good. And that's the chiropractic standard seven minutes until the top of the hour first advantage. Text line is nine seven. Four seven eight thirteen o one power to play sports poll question when the time comes will you go to a rockies game now it's seventy five percents saying yes all right. When we went to commercial break it was eighty one percent saying yes now seventy five so go vote. I'd like to see where you guys are. What are the whole organs are on the situation at the whole show dot com when the time comes. Will you go to a rockies game trevor story and we're gonna play this in the second hour. Trevor story and bud black said all the right things yesterday story is you know. He's not he's not talking about the future much. He has big goals. But he's just talking about this year and where he is he was asked. He was asked kind of like to talk to us about your future. 'cause he's going to be a free agent after the season. That's big time trade rumors. We i think we all feel that trevor's stories next gotta go because he's not gonna wanna stay here he said. I'm focused on personally being the best teammate. I can be. I try not to look too far ahead. I'm trying to be where my feet are. Which is right here in spring training with rockies. Now most of the time. I would say ads. That's fine. you don't want to give us anything we don't you don't know the future but a lot of times guys it a been with the organization for a bit will still say yeah. I mean you know. I love to work something out here. Even if it doesn't happen they still say it. You know and love the work it out here but we'll just see that doesn't commit you it anything. But he didn't even give us that. But maybe in the midst of all this nolan and stuff and he's just not willing to really give us anything or the media anything he said. I'm focused on being the best teammate. I can be. I try not to look too far ahead. I'm trying to be where my feet are. I don't know man if i was a betting man. Do you think he'll be back in rockies uniform next year as much as i hate it because again it'd be nolan trevor. The to to to the favorites. I can't bet on. That can't see it happening unless they're willing to pay him quite a bit more so than what a enough to make it so i would like to grow with. This team is story where nolan or not was a year and a half ago. Nolan has been very adamant that he wants to win that he wants to win. Big just good into the playoffs. Nolan wants is dreaming of winning a world series. He wants to win it. All is again all players will say they want to win at all but this is this was clearly a point of frustration extreme frustration. A nolan are not as part. There's a lot of players that are like yeah. I kind of believe in the roster. I'd like to see what we could build here. But there's guys like no which again. I don't blame him for basically saying. Hey i've achieved everything individually you know in my career. How many gold. Gloves and a great defensive. I'm a great third basement. One of the greatest of all time. Now i wanna win it all now. I wanna have chances and in baseball. You'll not very often. is one team. Just randomly have a great year. Boom they win the world series. You gotta be consistently good. You gotta get look how good. The dodgers are still difficult to win. The world series nolan wants cracks at it cracks at the world series and with with the rockies. Even dig monitored said. It's the you might not want to aim for gold of the playoffs every year. Two out of five years yes. It's not bad that's not. that's not a winning mentality. that's not the same mentality. That nolan has all right second hour. We'll get more into this with the rockies pressure going on on onto them heading into the season as far as an individual player for the rockies not trevor story talk about next.

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Chloe Brotheridge: Visualisation, Overcoming Anxiety & Making Self-Care a Priority  Your Dream Life Podcast Episode 20

Your Dream Life with Kristina Karlsson, kikki.K

48:24 min | 2 years ago

Chloe Brotheridge: Visualisation, Overcoming Anxiety & Making Self-Care a Priority Your Dream Life Podcast Episode 20

"What would you do if you knew you couldn't sail if you had all the money all the time all the knowledge, all the resources that you need it? What would you do your life? If you simply knew that anything was possible for you. My name is Christina Carlson, founder of global Swedish to sign and stay show, brand KiKi K, and author of the book your dream life starts here. And I love exploring these sorts of Christians to inspire people to dream before Assad. Kiki K. I had a dream that I could bring Swedish assign to the world to create beautiful products that brings spots of joy into the everyday lives of millions now that I have a cheap that dream, I want to help you dream big. I want to create a global movement to inspire one hundred one million dreamers to transform their lives and. Transform the world in return each episode, I'll be talking to some of the world's most firing. People exploring the powerful impact. The dreaming has had on their lives. We'll be having deep into the power of dreaming with real insights, and that you can use immediately to build a dream life of your own whatever that means for you. This episode, I was lucky enough to speak with the amazing khloe brother each clinical hypnotherapist, and attrition est who specializes in helping people working through anxiety, having experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks I hand since her teens and having fun her own path to inner healing khloe has now her own practice in London, which she shares with others that transformative tools and techniques. She used to self to achieve a sense of control and inner peace will of her wonderful book. The insight solution khloe knows what it's like to constantly over think things to feel nervous about everyday stuff, and how we can often let a lack of confidence hold us back from being our selves, and enjoying the moment. If you want to spend less time worrying close book, the insider solution is a great place to start and stay tuned for his second book, launching this month brand near girl. I cannot wait to get a copy as clear explains in this episode we should all remember that change is always possible. No matter how difficult it may seem in this wonderful episode. You will learn how to start believing that change is possible number two. How stuck or out of control you may feel the importance of trying different self care practices until you find what is right for you. The power gratitude and stepping back to acknowledge an appreciate all the great things you have achieved in life, the importance of treating yourself with kindness and send yourself through the ice of someone who loves you have to stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong and start training yourself to imagine all the things that can go right the healing power of sharing and so much more account right for you to hear these episode as khloe has so much wisdom and advice to share. So let's get right into it. Hi fairy. And welcome to our dream life podcast. I'm so excited to have you join us today. And I know our listeners are going to get so much out of our chat. I cannot wait to get right into your personal story, and also hear your thoughts and how people can make changes to stop living a happier. Calmer, and more confident lives everyday. But I, I like to think back to your childhood, what would you dreams for the future when you were child? What did you dream about being? Or do we go into question by question? So I was really into science as a kid, my whole family artists. That's my granny. My mom my sisters, an illustration, my mom's not teacher and I decided to be the science person. I was really into science. I watch documentaries, how to little microscope and a white coat. But I and I was out ten I wanted to do something in the sciences. Wow. Was intend. You didn't turn out that didn't. Well, maybe. I ended up actually studied nutrition for university, not felt quite scientific, and then got into more of the mental health aspect of things, but I'm still my science remains. I'm interested in things that work things approve near the science nutrition as well as big interest of mine. So not part of me. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Of course. Yeah. So you have so many people overcome severe incited through work and best selling book, the unsightly solution and continue to inspire people has form their lives, which is just incredible. So well done you but one trillion spying, but your stories that you also personally suffered from exciting and low self confidence when you were younger which must have been very difficult. But I love to hear. How this affected your life, Dan? And how how it was you were able to take control and discover your path to inner healing as I think you call it. Yeah. So I think looking back I was a shy kid. I was someone that with high behind that parents. I remember being a ballet class and just sitting in the corner crying feeding to trying to get involved. So I was always shy on. I didn't call it until I got about fifteen and I had a massive panic attack, and like a lot of people panic attacks I thought I was dying. I was wanting to go into a thinking I was having a heart attack is actually a very common reason people go into a because they're having a panic attack anything dying. I was one of those people, and I remember after that, I think it was the first time something of gone wrong for me in life. And I just saw my body can lose control any moment and not just terrified me. And I just remember feeling really unsafe in my body. I need to be in control over time of things, I became very socially anxious thinking this panic could come up anytime, and it took me a long time to actually realize that I could get better and get help. And I think, again, this is common. I hear people say, ex that they think that just anxious person they think this is just the way I'm doing anything about it. I'm just going to have to hold myself back in life and not go after the things I want because I'm too anxious to, to do the things I want to do, and I was definitely telling myself that as well. And it was only when things got really quite bad. When I was about twenty five I knew how to make some changes and get some proper. How often I went under the mission after that to try different types of therapies read everything I could. When on where Monfort retreats and eventually made good progress with. How was failing my anxiety levels? And so now I get help other people who have gone through similar sorts of things, which is amazing not no such thing as that experience. No doubt. 'cause he can really understand how you are. Your clients really feel definitely definitely feel very lucky last year. There's always a silver lining, something that we offered talk about KiKi K. There's always something positive in the negative is in there for the oil, you that helping other people definitely. Yeah. Often thing about that panic attack. It was the worst thing that happened to me. But also that's thing, some on apart, heal myself and help people to, to heal. So, yeah, we often hear that people who have different diseases or oreb things happen to them. And then they can help the bigger the bigger world. So it's amazing. I imagine it must have felt so empowering to take control of your life and begin to live with more calmness happiness, and freedom of being troubled by excited for so long, especially as you were so young. Iran, having talks about moments like that, as during control of the clicker, you can change the channel if you want, what advice, have you got for our listeners on how they can jump into the drivers seats in their own lives when faced with things that they feel outside of their control. So I, I would say no that is possible to change and know that even though, depression, mama, telling you, you're always gonna feel this way, you know, there's no way out. You've tried everything already. You're gonna feel anxious even though your mind retelling, you know, that is always possible to change because no feeling stay the same. When never stock feeling anything I would say to people feelings like the weather can change in the day. They contains moment by moment. And it's the same with anxiety. We can always change. And I think although were often looking for one magic cure one much pill to, to cure us. It often takes a few little things that we, we need to do in our lives, practices, or mindset, shifts, or working with the therapist over some sessions, the add up to a big difference, and even people have tried things in the past keep trying. Keep trying different things learning different tools, and you will find something that will help. And sometimes it's a collection of, of doing if he things, but know that it's possible to change, and then keep trying things until you find a solution for yourself. Yeah. So many people share with me that self conscious. Wholesome back from chasing or achieving their dreams based on your experience. What advice would you give to someone struggling to find strength in their own self belief? Yeah. I mean, I, I would definitely agree. That's the big thing is the root of everything. Almost self esteem, not feeling good enough doubting yourself. And I think the weird thing was self belief is that if you just have to believe in yourself, and then you are probably capable. That's the truth of it. I often I think I mean one thing I see a lot is imposter syndrome and people. Talk about this more and more. I've noticed is become a term is entering people's common language much more. Whereas, I think years ago, people didn't know what imposter syndrome was and will of self help books like you and I. Imposes is being successful but believing that you're fraud. I'm believing that you're gonna get found out any moment. And I think when it comes to this, we need to step back from ourselves and just recognize how far we've come is all that we have done and achieved and recognize actually that it wasn't lock that you managed to get a degree at university that you got the job that you're in the relationship that you got big group of friends, those things are not lock. There's things that are things that you created and the prove that you are capable and worthy and good enough. And so I think it's about just recognizing and appreciating yourself and taking that time and spending time doing that every now and again, if you continue to forget that you're the Forbach in t- south out on feeling good enough to remind yourself of that another thing to do. My clients is. Asked them in a visualization to imagine seeing themselves through the eyes of someone that winning up SAM's might be their partner, the best friend of the mom people. Coughing cheese. And actually, if you can step outside of yourself and see yourself the way this person sees you this amazing beautiful person. They accept flaws and all, and if you can just internalize that and start to chain into that, then we can learn to be kinda to ourselves appreciate ourselves in new way. So definitely recommend that visualization people. Yeah, that's such a good advice. One thing that I often do, because I think we all have a little bit of that, regardless of how much self work you do. But one thing that I find really helpful in that being in that position sometimes is gratitude, because I think sometimes we forget how incredibly fortunate we are to, to be born into a country where we have freedom most listeners here would be born. Into country whether have freedom that based on problems. And of course, we have issues everywhere in the world. But just being Tampa do what we do is incredible. And being alive at this time is incredible to I think sometimes forget that, you know, only like how many years ago it was completely different different life if it were going into that. So it's a good one gratitude, I think as well definitely. Yeah, I think about that. A lot actually I think about being a woman in this day and age. And how lucky we are to not, not have to have children, if you didn't want to house to stay home if we want to and all those opportunities that generations that we didn't even have the vote. So excited just really cheating into that remembering full. Yes things. And also think technology like the way new, you know that being able to to fly across the globe. If we need to it's I mean it's just incredible to be alive. So I often think about that. And one thing that I often say, almost every morning like, like, if it's for the family that we have so many opportunities. The things that we can be Parham and some amazing experiences as well allocate I wake up and say, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, because I often wake up well enough, people listening to this, sometimes when you half asleep, you can start to think off work. It's this is annoying at six AM. It's dark outside, and it's so ridiculous. They're sorts when you realize actually all we do have. So I say to myself, I'm kief hanky-panky fan. Yeah. Yeah. To try and infuse myself without criteria. Absolutely. So I love following you on Instagram and encourage everyone to do that. Of course, one of your post really spoke. To me. You wrote, some many of us imagine all the things that we are not looking forward to and wonder how will rip instead of dreading all that could go wrong next week start driving. What could go right? So this is something I feel really strongly about, as well that we have the power to shift our focus on think positively, the mybookie encourage people to start visualizing writing down their dreams writing down, what they want to cheat in order to create trim, lives training. They subconscious mind to focus on the positive being a clinical hypnotherapist. I know you also believe in the power visually sation tapping into the subconscious mind. I would love to hear more about how you help people to do this, and also how important is in overcoming, anxiety, or lack of self belief or confidence. Yeah. So I think that post. And I was talking about Sunday night anxiety. Because when I look at my website starts on a Sunday night, there's about ten times. More people going on a Miami diety website than any other time. And that's because on Sunday night, where imagining the worst for the week ahead with reading the commute trading the meetings, emails wondering how we're going to get through, and it creates a lot of anxiety, and it's if we're visualizing the worst and actually often. Well, actually always it's fine it tends outlined it goes. Well, so I encourage people to imagine how they won't have Monday morning to go, how they would like to be feeling thinking about things behaving, and it's really interesting because I'm sure, you know, mass, but does studies into how visualization changes the brain. And there's one study that was looking at recently that got some people to visualize playing the piano, and then they compared that to brain scans of people who are playing county for real and their brains. Changed the same amount. Whether they were doing it in an imaginary, y or doing it for real. So what we imagine really kind of a physical impact on our minds. So what people for things like public speaking, and I'm suggesting that instead of margining, the projector breaks and you fumble your words actually imagine owning room making contact with everyone speaking, slowly, and clearly, I'm really sending that message punch s I you said that this is gonna go well. And this is what's possible and knowing that lasts going to change your brain to make it easier for that, to be the case, a lot that I used to do that, because I used to do a lot of public speaking in my early days when I really giving feel I had something to say, you know, letting much speak about slotting business and stuff, and I feel like I'm writing middle of another. You know if I can, but I did it anyway. And I was visualized feeling after knowing where I will be. Standing when it's down. And it's such a I mean still I don't have as, as VM as noticed speaking anymore, but I did speak about a subject that I wasn't really something I normally speak about last week and definitely nervous and allows using the whole time of after an I really felt it after after. Lately? Just kind of crazy enjoying their enjoying. The moment is also good one to try to do, but it's in another public speaking is something that we all think are struggling with. So let's talk about your book now and it's funny bit when I met, you I how many game in the book, I London design, I wasn't actually sure if that book was for me because I never really felt anxiety. And of course I love rating, and I decided to read it and it's so much more than half. It's really about self care in my view. So if listeners are not having any issues with inside. I think it's really worth raid anyway, because it's all about looking after yourself. So you best selling book, the anxiety solution launch in February last year, and so on Amazon at one point, which is come lasers that must have felt amazing having recently launch my own book your dream life starts here as well. I will not know what it was that, drew you to write a book to help people leaving with anxiety. Yeah. So I, I actually. Early wrote it because someone approached me and said, do you want to? So that was very lucky experience and my editor at penguin was very enthusiastic from the beginning. She knew about my work, and she was messaging on Facebook and Eminem things because I think she could understand a need. There was for book for people to that was very relatable. And an I kind of have over the last few years had specialized and just working people with anxiety in my hypnotherapy practice and I noticed, I was saying people he were struggling with exactly the same things at the I had struggled with, and it was, you know, not feeling good enough. No self esteem needing to be in control panic attacks pushing themselves to hard perfectionism, lease lots of things. I realize this is extremely common. Particularly amongst women found. And, and so I wanted to write a book that was specifically addressing all those things and turned out with a lot of people. Could relate to. But yeah, I just have a specific as specific approach. Exactly, like self care, actually, we need to make that more of the priority in life because so much of societies pressuring us to be on the go all the time. Not take care of us. Ourselves to not rest on, relax like that's not productive thing to do. So really wanted to push that message that, that should be the most important thing because actually everything else in life turns out, right? When you've got your mental health, and when you're in a calmer place yourself. Things are just better in every way obsolete. Nothing. It's such a good reminder that if you don't have health, we don't have much. So I think self carries absolutely should be on, on the first thing on our to do list. And when I read your book out of so many things that I highlighted, so it's definitely not for just inside people who don't, maybe not suffering from inside the there's so much GM in your books and. Anything from from the mindful eighteen to meditation and to all the things that we've been spoken about. I absolutely love it from what I know of your story, you're appear to be highly purpose and to be doing what you love and something see us truly meaningful. How'd you describe what your purpose in life is? And how did you hit on that as your purpose? I think big part of my, this is around working on healing myself. And in doing that hopefully, inspiring people to know they can heal themselves as well and sharing the things I've learned about trying to help myself the other people can hopefully do that as well. So I continue to do a lot of things to work, my own personal development and not as an ongoing journey and I cannot satisfaction from knowing that other people do things like start meditating as a result of something that I've said, and I know the. It's accessible to them, and that they should keep going with the even if they have a busy mind cause that was definitely the case to me for a long time. So there's a lot of positive reinforcement that comes from, from knowing the people direct benefit from there, and, yeah, I think a lot I from helping people to be calmer, definitely. I'm feeling like I'm able to leave the world little bit better than it was before. Yeah. Hopefully. Yeah. Absolutely. I think he's you definitely do that. And what advice would you have to our listeners to find what they if they're unsure about their purpose or unsure what they wanna do? What have you got any tips for our listeners? I think I think one thing that really resonates with me is that sometimes stuff that we learn like, in terms of you are learning lots of things for your own purpose. And you teach that nothing that is something that a lot of people do things sometimes. People think that have to be really good at something, fatigue something. But sometimes you actually learned that. And then teach it, and I think that is such a good combination. Because then you feel passionate about learning and then sharing it as well. Definitely. I totally agree. Without you didn't need to be perfect before you can help other people finding new purpose. I think thinking about what excites you think he what intrigues and interests, you and I think sometimes it can get over well-made, if you think I've gotta find my pleasant. It needs to be my number one. I don't know my job, full-time or something. But it might be something that you do in the evenings or the weekends or something, it doesn't need to be your main job necessarily at first so thinking about what excites, you and I also think, as well, creating that space to really think about that and going through a process, whether that's reading a book like yours or whether. Whether it's working with the coach or worksheet. So cool says touchy create that space to think about what it is that you really love and enjoy because it's so easy. Just to be on the treadmill of life and months. Go by Mike so quickly. And then suddenly, you know, years, gone by and actually just taking step back and Creighton that time to really think about what is that makes you feel excited? Yeah, yeah. And you know, it's funny we often talked about this on the podcast here that, that sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect, because I think just the last few years so much excitement on social media, and, you know, it might be things that are really purpose full as well. It doesn't if you fit following people on Instagram, probably are people that you really admire. So that's a positive thing. But sometimes it's that mindful mind, less scrawling, or or just kind of just pick up the phone without thinking about it. So actually disconnect to reconnect yourself. I think is. Very important as well. Enough idea of idea. It's so it's so easy. When something gets challenging or difficult, I find myself doing this. Oh, I don't wanna think about this difficult problems going to go on my phone escape, and actually it can be such a distraction that stops if muchly doing the thinking about things. Absolutely. Yeah. We all certainly not perfect, I spend way too much on the phone as well. But I think I think he was Robin Sharma. We hadn't him on an episode. And I think that was him saying that or maybe it was from his book, the five AM club, that you your phone can cost you a fortune, because you actually are spending all the time anything, it's kinda relaxing time, but you on that time, we can actually think about your purpose war, start your own business, or, or do what you love. So so it's a good reminder for all of us to, to disconnect from that. Sometimes remember that I'm gonna remember you ready. Keeps popping into my awareness, relentless, they I think I need to read it. I don't know why I think because I have a solid morning routine. Anyway. I'm thinking, what more I'll end up waking up at four and try and get down. I think the universe is sending me a sign. And I think it's actually it's more really being inspired. And you know, think about stuff that you might want to change. So it's not really him. You don't have to get up at four. Am. Okay, somehow say somewhere. But you Nafee privilege to be able to share with others. The transformative tools and techniques used yourself. I'm so passionate about the benefits of sharing knowledge and ideas might experience that sharing often brings an intended positive consequences. Well, can you tell us about the positive benefits if any that you have found personally from sharing your knowledge and your story with others? Yes, I wanna I wanna think two times in the past when I felt so for example, socially anxious, also disassociate ashamed. I had a big sense of shame, as a teenager in my early twenties. Finland assign sign of made I was defective. Don't good enough. And to think that I now regularly talk about how shamed I felt seems like such a big leap and it so interesting, whenever I do kind of a workshop talk and we sit around. Together and everyone sharing their stories and everyone sharing the things that they were about and the eighties have, and it's so healing to, to say out loud, and to hear other people tonight, actually all service similar all different, but we all struggle with really similar things and just to be able to say out loud, and, and be accepted for it and to hear someone else in the resonate web is such a healing thing. And I think particularly for shame Brown of talks about this how we need to we need to say out loud, keep it to yourself. That thing that you horrified. People found out laid judgy when you'd be cost out of the venture group or something is never as body think it's going to be. And because we all experience the same thing towns as our someone's going to resonate with what you said, as well. So for me sharing things and being accepted. And also hearing other people has been very healing in my book share with radius that I have found great inspiration from the dreams and experiences on others. He would say, inspires, you and do you have any mentors? If so how did those relationships come about? So one person really inspires me is Byron Katie. Yes. And I haven't met her yet. But I would love to meet her. She's gone would book called you'll in awakening, we heard. Yeah, I love. I just sometimes I'll be listening to an hour to start to cry. We walking on the street and crying 'cause she just has this amazing spirit. And this huge amount of love for people that comes across so much in the way she speaks in the work, she does, so she's a massive inspiration to me. And she is a very special person. I think. Get one of our talks intially. I get inspired by lots of people people on Instagram often just feel excited about the possibilities exist for men and women to, to create something of business online found poured to reach people inspire people. So I love saying the creative ways that people. What my doing and film, inspired by our. La. Yeah. Have you had any mentors along the way in terms of any weapon in coaches or mentors or just at work? Could Nisha Moodley his is an American coach on mental. And so I joined her women circle women's leadership circle. So I've had a couple of sessions with her so she's amazing. She's very heart centered but very strong inspiring. She's a massive role model mine, right? Fighting to get to loan more from her online. I think it's, it's again, you know, being alive at this time is incredible because before only a few years ago, you couldn't really reach people across the world in are. You can you can contact people and you can learn from people, some not online courses, and, and find the most exciting thing is folks, you know, that you can read someone's holy whole life experience in one book, and rated in few hours or in a few days. And get so much experience. It's incredible. So for anyone who's listening, if they don't have a mental. There's a lot of mentors that can be found through books and online courses and Instagram. It's trust, definitely, I often think about books vile act today. How how what good value for money for ten you can get someone's life's life's work. Absolutely. I think that all the time, and that's why I love reading so much because it just it just gets me. So excited to learn mothers. And this is so many just never stops. It's funny because I am still a paper, beamer, papa- gal, I still love reading physical books because highlight them. And so when I when I traveled I don't bring shoes during a. Sometimes I do get questioned at baggy. So heavy full of books. I'm often asked by people how I leave a balanced life. It seems to be an epidemic that people feel they are living out of balance, especially as our lives gets Besir. What would you say to people who ask you how to live a balanced life? So I try to live my life by a quote from buying Tracy, and he said, make peace of mind your priority and organize your life around, and I can very easy like us, they're off into thinking that I need to be busy all the time or I should be out every night, or doing things constantly, and that just doesn't work for me for minor the system. And I know that I need to come back to this place, really making peace of mind, the priority and trying to make those practices morning practices. For example, an on the go. Ship apar- my day, and it doesn't always happen. So does liked us get in the way, but a day, things like I'm transcendental meditation, which has been a complete as just changed my brain. I feel like it's just we wide my brain, and I do things like self hypnosis and journaling and those sorts of things to really make that a priority and not get sucked into the seductiveness of business, and how it looks good on Instagram when people are placing stories of everything that doing, and I think, yeah, that'd be nice to have a night into night and have an early night. So try and bring it back to that. Yeah. I was discussing with a friend the other day. And she said Justice fear of missing out, I was listening to her, and I said to her, I had this joy of missing. I really, really love them my nights in and I love, you know, like one of my favorite thing travel because on Sundays are try to not do anything sometimes when I travel, I do to squeezing things to be able to go home earlier. But if I if I'm traveling for while and even at home Sundays. It's my day of nothing. Doesn't matter what it is. I mean obviously birthdays, family birthdays will prioritize I will prioritize them. But other than that, I always have a Sunday when there is nothing nowhere to be nowhere to I absolutely that's for me. It's like peace of mind. Say that time time, carved out I heard this foam. Oh. And then this mug, which is fear of missing goals. A new level. So I think I think affects people, I think, I think as the scarcity about opportunities gonna run out if I take a rest day I'm gonna miss out on catching that goal. If I take Sunday, Sunday off the tree is that it's not going to be that way. We can we need that rest to be our best, and there are enough opportunities out there. You don't need to find yourself out on the process. Think such a good advice. Thank you for sharing. So if you could give our listeners, just three tips for living, common, happier and more confident life. What would they be number one is to name your emotions in order to tame them? So often if someone asks, how we are of thinking about how we all we think I'm stressed. I'm anxious. But actually something happens when we label the actual emotions that we are experiencing, and they found in, in brain scans of people that call. Comes the brain down when we can actually label emotion. So instead of saying to south arm stressed anxious, actually note saying, unfitting born Rable right now. All I'm feeling disappointed and people who Google something called the feelings wheel lists, every emotion that you can possibly have. And it's a really good way just to get clear. What, what is it your feeling at the moment? And when he name your motions he contain them, so it helps the commerce down. That's one thing people can do number two. I would say meditation. I'm sure we'll use this a lot. But it is something that I think is essential for people with anxiety to counteract modern life to counteract the fast pace of everything and meditation, actually changes your brain, it shrinks down, and actually we grow more gray matter in the front part of the brain, when we meditate. So it helps us to be more rational. A good thing when you've got an anxious mind and just to, to let people know you into perfect meditation need to be good at just go through the process of that. And that is enough. You're gonna have thoughts you're going to get frustrated with yourself. That's just normal and don't give up because you're experiencing 'cause everyone does even leave the meditating everyday for about ten years. So third thing I would say, is to, as we spoke about before get into the practice of imagining what could go right instead of thinking about what could go wrong. And just if you find. Himself spiraling into thoughts about what if start to think to yourself, you know what if this positive thing happened? What if the talk went well, if I ended up making any friends out there and actually really asking water something good could happen. And sign to, to train yourself to take no way so good month thing that I am singer was guilty for many years ago that I've changed now is that I'm never try I should never say, never because sometimes at USA, but I try never to use the word busy, because then becomes busy mind. So I when people because often people say of senior Instagram, and of course, people see some actual Instagram that on say my Sundays with nothing on. So, yeah. Of people would ask me, you must be so busy. And I often try to say just leave a very life and for life is life because I want to fifteen as much as I can. But I don't wanna be busy and feeling that stress. So, so it's good to take some of those birds out for shore definitely ally. I believe everyone has the power to create a life that they love they dream life as I mentioned earlier an activity, I'd like to get people to do is to stop from a minute. Imagine what they dream date will look like I get into thinking about who would be there. What would they do where would they go and how they feel? So I love to ask you what would your dream Monday look like considering that you have a lot of people being anxious on Sunday night? Like, how can we create a panic when I say perfect no such thing as goes? By your idea Monday. What was that look like for you? So my ideal Monday with bay. I'm unimagined myself with a big garden, I apparently live in a flat without a garden. I'm dreaming of a garden with lavender growing jasmine Pergola. So I immediately went there and imagined having breakfast in the garden, and nothing on my phone and there's a dog there as well. Have to say this dog a dog in my life current neighbor, there's a dog in this stream Monday. I am quite a home person. I do enjoy being at home. And so, I think it would be at home working from home in allegedly way. But being in the garden being outside being nature, definitely trying to make more space in my life nature this year, and me and my partner decided no more city breaks, not city breaks, nature holidays now on. Yeah. So I think that the so being in the garden slow pace. Life, a bit of work because I love my work and a dog nothing to nothing to pages and often when we actually take the time to think about our perfect. So I started when I when I started doing this kind of work in terms of creating your what you would call your Pathak day, I started with Sunday because for me doing -solutely, whatever feel like at the time is like the ultimate for me to have a day when there's nowhere to be nowhere to go. So then you can start doing your easy one first. And then you can stop Mondays for me. The hardest one puts most of us go to work on a Monday. But if you could have Pethick Muller, maybe it's sleep in. Or maybe it's getting failure to fit in your things before, whatever it is. But it's, it's, it's really exciting to actually create your dream days. So you have achieved so much in continue to spice so many people, but I'm sure Alison will love to know what's next for you. Okay. So what's next? So I've, I've written another book last year. That's coming out on may the second outside. I didn't know that yet. So no one knows yet. But I'm going to be announcing any day who brave new go, and it's about saying no and not being a people pleaser and improving confidence and idea is that often we see people appear really confident and they seem to pick it up inside lots of those still struggle with south Dow and fear anxiety, and it's not about just moderately waiting at one day and being re confident actually being brave, and doing things a bit uncomfortable bit scary, and knowing that will lead to you feeling confident along the road and growing in confidence. So that's coming out on may the second time this getting ready for that youthful she talking about that. How can we say no to more people because I think the so much we can do in our lives, and there's so many people, we want to see and so many things we wanna do. But sometimes things that we were. We would rather not do, but we can devote just because we want piece people. So how would you tell listeners to, to practicing more? No more often. I think the first step is to get yeast to tuning into yourself and what your answer is because I think, lots of would say, yes, to things not even thinking, not actually checking in with yourself and get into the practice of feeling that feels I can your body when something's yes or no few. Because if you say, yes, something, an inside, you'll thinking, no, you're gonna end up resenting. It can end up centrally burning out was entering the person and that's not good for anyone. So I his tune into yourself. And then I would say he really struggled to say no to someone's face. This is bit cop-out. But it can work to say I'll get back to you on that. And then you can say you can think about it. And check India South into side, because one on the spot way that necessarily know how we feel about something. Yeah. So it's okay to. Say, let me check my and get back to you. So that's my my top tip. That's really good one. I think we all need to same not more things that we can actually fitting more. We want to do and some people would think that that's kind of selfish. But in the end of the day, we are choosing our own lives. And I think we need to do what we love doing. And that's the most important because life is short definitely definitely. And also, if you burn out, low the people burning out in this day and age foot only because we taking on too much, and that's not going to serve anyone my absolutely, thank you. I'll love to finish off by asking a few quick questions that I know Allison's will love to hear your answer. We spoken about this before. But maybe just take us through, if you have any particular morning, routine to set you up for productivity. So you mentioned a few things, but maybe say from start to kind of when you stop working, how is your morning love hearing? People's wanting retains. Okay. So I start the day with cheekbone, which is a bit like tie. It's kind of five thousand year old Chinese practice this all about kind of gathering tree energy into your body and actually found a hound got ill since I started doing that every day. And I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I actually think about stop me from getting ill. Not my son of it. We were, but I think it's the case and I do my TM, and then I drink hot chocolate, I gave up coffee about five years ago and took on truckloads, because I just replaced the habit. It's probably not even very much healthier by make it with Steve, like a tiny bit stevia to sweeten it's not as sugar, but it just makes really happy about. So that's what I do. Do you have any other particular rituals that help you live your dream lives? So I do crotchety turn link. I like to write down things. I'm worried about things on my mind, just a process the hat. So I love Jen Lang, unlike to write down my goals, I write them as they already happening. I'm sure this is about. So I am excited that my book is a bestseller, something, so why tangles like that interest exercise do, what do you do exercise was, so I lift weights in the gym lift weights, in the gym or run around the park, and quite leisurely relaxed fashion, just to just for the enjoyment of doing it not trying to run away so sprint thing, but just to be outside into, to, I think exercise friends IOT is so K because it's you. Getting rid of the adrenaline, you're getting access energy anxiety often create an I work from home quite a bit Cy need to release some of the extra energy Carnoustie sitting at my desk, all day. So one on the power qualifying weights in the gym. Great. Thank you for sharing. What is your favorite KiKi Care Act? If you have one I've got some lovely notebooks. Let me notebooks. I dislike to have something beautiful Ryan, because it makes it so much more inspiring to write something beautiful a bit. Like, Jim, where if you have nice gym where more inspired. You too. Nice notebook today or Jianlin. Definitely. Thank you. Thank you. What's your favorite book and wife, I think probably by when to avoid dimensioned by women to not say, I really like Wayne Dyer, I love his voice. I listen to audio books a lot many because I love people's voices in his beautiful deep voice. So I like his his audiobooks. Yeah. And one last question for you. If you can go back to you young yourself say when you were in your late teens, what advice would you give yourself knowing what, you know, now, I would say there's nothing to shame of you're. Okay. You are okay, nothing with the and I wish that things we're going to get better. Yeah. I think it's about trying to help her to understand there's nothing to be ashamed on. She's not broken. Give him a hug full. What a beautiful way of ending the amazing Chaffetz. I wanted to thank you for taking the time here in London to see me, and obviously, a big thanks for writing this book. Which I think is, is an amazing book not just for people with anxiety. But for anyone who wants to live. They dream life in a calmer. More thoughtful way of living. So thank you so much. And civic out about your books over say, we are going to link to that in our show notes, and we should the best for the book launch. And I hope it's going to be bacillum sure it will be. And I look forward to, to follow Jenny's Kasama. Thank you so much for having me on a massive fan of yours in your big inspiration to me. So on today here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a wonderful chat. That was Clara has so much incredible. I had experienced an advice on how we can start living more calmer in control life. One of the most important messages, I took from our conversation was the shear power positive mindset, heavy sherline sation can send messages to our subconscious, and that what we magin and tell ourselves can truly have a physical impact on our Amand and overall Welby. I have always been a huge believer in the power visualization as well as finding the positives in a situation. And truly believe we have the ability to change direction of our lives and our situation, if we start believing in ourselves in my book, you laugh starts here. You'll find more real life inspiring stories of people who have dead to dream big to visualize shape. Great. Thanks bye believing in themselves. I have also included chapters and exercises in the book designed to help you visualize your own life. And then. Steps to making that your reality. If you haven't got a copy, yet, I encourage you to do. So an truly hope it will help you on your journey of uncovering and chasing your dreams. Whatever they may be an autograph a copy of the dream life journal, I have created to go with it. Another great place to start is to check out my one hundred one dreams audio guard at KiKi hyphen, K dot com. Ford less dream life. If you love this episode don't forget to subscribe for plenty more inspiration. And please tell us what you thought by living a review. I would really appreciate your support with my big crisis dream to inspire one hundred one million people to write down to dream some paper and go and chase them supplies. Help spreads inspiring message to even more people by sharing our podcast on social media with the hashtag, one hundred one million dreamers until next time, don't forget to dream big and chase your dreams.

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July 14  Hour 1  All Star Game Meaning For Colorado | UNC Bears Head Basketball Coach, Steve Smiley Calls

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41:53 min | 3 weeks ago

July 14 Hour 1 All Star Game Meaning For Colorado | UNC Bears Head Basketball Coach, Steve Smiley Calls

"The after the twelve o'clock hour good afternoon northern colorado and this is the whole show powered by energy. We're alive today from the auto collision specialists studios and we got a lot to hammer out throughout the show today so should be a lot of fun. We're gonna have unc. Men's basketball coach. Steve smiley on the show coach. Smiley gonna talk about the recruiting trail. Thus far new faces on the roster and the fact that hundred percent capacity going to be pretty much all over the place but specifically for the university of northern colorado. So that'll be good. We'll talk to coach. Mark johnson the voice of the colorado. Buffaloes talked him the second hour moving him to the second hour today got to ask mark this for the last two three years or so every year going into the men's basketball season for tad boyle and company. We've had some pretty big expectations. But now that mckinley right to name. A few have moved on. And we'll see what happens with mckinley in the nba. Draft what are the expectations now. And this is one of those years where you know not a lot of pressure there's been pressure on tad boyle for the longest time to always get in but is tad now that kind of coach where you don't care that mckinley right is gone. You put the pressure on tad boyle regardless so we'll talk to mark about that in the second hour the all star game right. It was so special. It's you know we talked to drew yesterday decrease of dnv iraqis. They got the purple carpet. The red carpet whatever. You wanna call it. Baseball's fame walking around. I wasn't down there. Obviously i did have a couple of chances. We probably could have gone but you know the the day to day demands up here are different. And it's it's it's a. It's a journey colfax. You've been to you've been to denver. I've been drive. They no traffic with no travel zero traffic and drive time or Now it's a rush hour all day. No thank you going to denver. I got a meeting in the morning there tomorrow morning. So i am heading down there. Actually but it's for business it's business colfax. It's all business all the time. This shows business what we do on a percent hundred percent no lesson around no screwing around man we we gotta get after it. We got things to work on. We got things to do. Big things here game. Goodness the all star game though itself. Don't care i don't care homerun derby. I'll admit i not and yeah. There was something cool about knowing it was in denver and it was four our state and our fans but the game itself. Whatever the home run. Derby was a little more fun than i anticipated. I normally don't like the home run derby because if you've seen one home run you've seen them all but i like the rule changes the three minutes and you've got he got to get as many because you do see a strategy. You can't just go out. Swing swing swing. You gotta pace yourself. So i do like that. The home run derby can add. It can make changes. You and i were randomly talking about The all star games and how none of the all star games are fun. They're not they're not really cool. It's the stuff before that pro bowls like the skills competitions. I used to be into that. I'm not so much anymore basketball. Of course you've have your three point your ball handling and you're slam dunk contest. We like better the slam dunk contest or the home run. Derby had to pick it'd be homerun derby i would go there too and i'm more of a basketball guy. In the reason being there's only so much you can do with a dunk like we've seen blake griffin kind of jump over a car. I say kind of because he jumped on the front end slope of the vehicle. It's not it's not like jumped over. The highest point of the car was still impressive. I couldn't do it still impressive. I mean we've seen rondo. Don't get blown out a cupcake with candle on a cupcake at the base of the rim. We've seen cool things like that. But what more can you between the leg dunk. Allieu bind the meal. There's only so many things homerun same thing. How many what more can you do other than hitting a ball high into the air for home. Run but they can edit how the timing works. It feels like it's a race when you put a clock to anything. And i know the players get so much so much time. Don't get or whatever. But it's yeah i'm going. I'm going derby on that. But i was reading the article in the denver. Post this morning from our kusila about baseball's got a problem when the home run. Derby is Outweighing the all star game. I mean i don't think if you're going to say that's the problem with baseball. Then you're in trouble because that's that's not a problem. That's just all star games. In general take a very very far back seat to the regular season or award shows or any kind of like you know. Extracurricular thing like the home run derby. There's no doubt we knew that going in the home run. Derby is way more fun. The tickets cost were way more for the derby than they were for the actual all star game. So i mean we knew those things going in. Al beat the nfl. Five to two ails now one eight times in a row. Don't care about the game. They tried to add the venom to the they had venom to this game for a while. Where the winner gets to be the host of the final. It gets the you know the home field advantage in the world series. So a owens. Well if they go to seven games than it's wherever the al teams locations. That's still didn't do that much. But at least they tried to make. It means something i mean. It doesn't it means nothing to me at all when i was a kid. These games did mean something like the pro bowl all the afc the nfc. Oh this is going to be rivalry but then you get older like that. doesn't they. don't even care. They're going to play but they're never gonna make these games great. I always say do away with them. But the almighty dollar comes in if you make more than it's worth then they're not gonna stop and why should they. I don't have to watch all the time. Yeah last night. Kind of into it for denver. Do you think that dick montfort obviously was there. Obviously seeing everything. That's going on obviously a big reason for that. Do you think he looked at this and said man. We're missing out because this i'm telling you. Colfax nuggets guy. We got our apps guys out there if the rockies are good and the nuggets are good and the ads are good. I believe that this state can easily get behind the rockies more so than the others in fact i say this i think that if the rock were like a regular fixture in the playoffs not five times in their existence a regular fixture threatening a world series every now and again i think this state. I don't know that anybody ever overtakes the broncos. But i think the rockies would be the closest thing mean look at the i mean. These are baseball fans just filling denver this weekend. And if your dick for. I mean that had to remind you give you a glimpse of what you what we were called. Few years back several years back now when it was rocked tober or not do anything to just business as usual. We're not going after the big guys. We just can't do it man if you could if you would change and i listen. I've been on both sides of this argument with dick mont for the boycott. And all that. I just i don't go there but i'll tell you this colfax that is the only way to change it. That would be the only way. Because how long has dick involved with the rockies. Early two thousands. If it's not changed by that. I mean yeah you knew is going to be packed for the all star game. You knew it was going to be crazy i mean. I don't know that we quite pictured how crazy it was going to be but it was great for the city. It's great for the state. Major league baseball was floored. I think they should do the home. Run derby they do the all star game there all the time homerun derby let them go. Let them go nuts every year. But i get it you wanna market and go throughout different states and that makes sense i. I don't think dick monfort win. Oh my gosh. Wow people do baseball around here. No they could they show up for a crappy team on a regular basis. So dick knows that. This state possesses a huge baseball fan base and a lot of them. Still come out to coors field even if the rockies are bad so no i don't think dick monfort took a step back and said okay. I'm gonna change my ways. i will tell you though. I mean if if at the end of the day what we've been discussing about. Greg feazel the president saying that. May you know. Patrick saunders reports saying that the feeling is that bill schmitz gonna stick around. That happens and you trevor story. It's win. does it start like even for the big defenders like me. And i'm not defending nick. Montfort my defending the idea that this boycott is like. You're a bad fan if you don't boycott the rockies i've defended that put if you hire if you hire bill schmidt as the as the permanent gm then you trade. Trevor story win is a fan. Do you finally just go. I mean come on. He piran from within the organization. Your trading all your great players away. I mean you go to too low you go to. Dj you go to nolan. Dj was a free agent. I get that but you go to nolan. Now you're going to trevor. Do you have any hope that this with this this Benny montgomery who they drafted with eight with the eighth pick. Let's say that he's a stud. How long has it gotten colorado. I mean that is got to be the thinking if iraqis fan even if a guy does the idea of trane john gray. What's what's the point of while we rebuild but these guys are still pretty young. What is great twenty six. So let's go. We want to rebuild but we can't have twenty six years. We need twenty three year old. I mean is three years that big of a difference. We're going to move on from story. We're going to move on from grey so that we can rebuild. I i'm telling you. I'm glad we have a few weeks before the trade deadline yet if the rockies bust out if they bust out of the gates here and they get the dodgers on friday so big. If does that give you hope. Let's say the rockies at six games under five hundred five games away from that six games under within a month by mid august there's five to six games under five hundred now the trade deadline's at the end of july but okay. Let's just say let's say in july before the trade deadline. Do you make a run. Do you make go and say we could squeeze into the play if the rocky somehow some way and again they do it though. This would be the most unlikely of postseason appearances in their history. The world series was pretty crazy when they won. Like what twenty one at twenty three. So keep schmidt you're gonna trevor. You're going to do all these things and it eventually. Yeah you you probably will get some kind of a boycott keeps happening. I guess maybe not. Sad to the nolan aeronautic thing. Everybody's like poetic and finally put an end. Here was nolan at the end of it. All kind of talking about what it meant to him to have the fans cheering him on and all that hoopla. Here's nolan think. We can all understand that sometimes when you work and you do good work. Sometimes he doesn't get noticed. And sometimes you want to be appreciated for what you did. And that's in everyday life. You know whatever it could be anything you know you do something with somebody you want to say thank you. I guess in a way. And i'm not that i want them to say thank you but the fact that they did it means a lot you know i. I never ask for answers or thank us for anybody. I just try to do the best. I can but the fact that they appreciate it like i said it means a lot to me. Because that's that's what i try to do is just play hard and sometimes you get notice playing harder. They don't people. Don't appreciate the fact that colorado did and like i said i love him and i appreciate it. It was unbelievable experience But it was great running onto the line and seeing all them. And i really tried to take take it in you know. Usually i'm pretty like locked in on but the game. You're just trying to have fun. And i just you know. I really appreciated the moment. It was incredible. Time still sting. Heron him and cnn. And all that or is this finally put some closure to it and we just move on. It's still going to go down as one of the most bizarre situations ever. Even though we've i've made my peace with it. I've talked about it several times on the show kind of made sense but training. John gray doesn't make sense. Like if you're saying i third baseman not gonna do. We have to invest in pitchers. Although a lot of mlb writers are watching the home run derby and they said rockies invest in sloggers. Just go get as many guys can just hit the hell out of the ball defense. Be damned just go well. That's why they got montgomery. Maybe maybe that's why. They drafted him in five years. We'll find out but the rockies clearly wanna go they wanna get pitching hormone. Marquez was a great at a great performance just awesome seeing him there and black shutdown trade rumors again so late. Listen the nolan thing. It sucks fifty million dollars. I know that's always thrown around there. They were going to move on from him. He wanted out a made sense by by. And you're not winning with the best third baseman but you can win with great pitching straight starting pitching and solid bullpen. Why would you trade john gray. That's a position you need. I always thought it was interesting. Remember when the raiders traded khalil. Mack and they got like tons of first picks. Well who do they take in the next the very next draft in the first round early a pass rusher. You already had one. You had khalil mack. So you traded him to just go. Do you already had. You could've traded him kept that position. It's already insured draft. Somebody else with later pick. You already have a pretty good pitcher and john gray. Why would the idea be is trade trading away and so we can build. Our pitching had twenty minutes after the hour before we break. Shout out to he country club. You can get all the perks of top-class top-class country club without blowing your savings account. Eating country club prides itself on their pace of play green conditions and having members who love their home club become a member today at eton c c don at twenty minutes after the hour. Steve smiley still to come on the program at the bottom of the hour when we come back. Are we in for some more rule changes for major league baseball talk about it next listening to the whole show powered by pd energy and thirteen. Ten kfi am brady will be back after the break. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. This is coach. Mccaffrey your unc. Football coach in. You're listening to the hall show on thirteen. Ten s k stopped in to rev chiropractic. Yesterday dr tyler terry taken care. Be there depending on you know when you go. Whatever dr tyler. Perry dr haley harada they. They both have very unique styles too. And i love working with them. And i'm telling you i was feeling a little coiled up. I hadn't been in like two or three weeks. Because i was off two weeks ago. Last week was just trying to catch up from being off so hadn't didn't get a chance to stop in win in yesterday. Got my appointment scheduled very easy. Do the schedule app. It's simple can reschedule if you need to work with people that's that's another big thing but i'm telling you they're standard is dedicated to serving the needs of you and your family and i'm telling you the care and preparation that goes into all of the visits each and every one i mean i'm getting my regular check. You know and dr tyler. Perry has set up and he's like. Hey anything else What else is happening. Anything in your life. That's causing the stress or anything else you want me to take a look at. It's not like when you go to the doctor for this and then you start asking them about other things in there like wait a second. That's not what you said the appointment before. That's what. I love about rev chiropractic there in greeley off of highway thirty four and thirty fifth avenue right by home depot. Tell him we sent you here from the whole show power by pd energy first advantage. Text line is nine seven. Four seven eight thirteen o one nine seven four seven eight thirteen o one if you're new to the show. You just gotta techs k. f. k. a. to that number you'll get power play. Sports poll question of the day is available. The whole show dot com. What are your expectations for. The unc bears football team in two thousand twenty. One didn't play last year year before that. Thank did they win to two games under ernest winning record. Make the playoffs again. It's f. c. s. They make playoffs there zero expectations. You're just like all right. Ed mccaffrey do your thing. You have but he but he has been there two years so some people are two seasons worth. I suppose getting ready to be. This would be a second season if it wasn't for covid. What that means is he has had time to recruit so the idea of all. Well we won't know until he gets his guys. He was hired to over two or year and a ago so it's a little bit different zero expectations or a few wins three. Four minutes biggest. What are you. What are your expectations. What would be considered a failure. If they don't do this. Get at least two wins. So you're not here but indication's seriously zero expectations. That doesn't mean. I think they're going to win a single game. I just think. I'm not gonna put any expectations on the. I have zero expectations. Exact six only sixteen percent of the hogan says zero forty one percents. They think they need to have a winning record. Based on what fellas doing mccaffrey. We don't know anything about this team. I know aaron wrath is putting together some great write ups at thirteen. Ten k dot com. You can go check out. The position reviews there that kind of an idea but especially now more than ever. Some teams played last year's teams didn't in the in the in the spring. The bears obviously opted not to. I have zero expectations because mccaffrey's coached two years of high school football because we're in a covert we were in a covert year. Also because i have no idea what to expect from team that from a coach. It's never coached at this level to the players the transfers and all that. I don't know you had your offense coordinator. Dave baldwin and then colfax just gone step into up up in smoke. He's like ed's a mentor comes here. Because he's retired coach dave baldwin and coach kind of convinced him to come back. I guess and then short months ago right before the spring game. He's gone so forty one percent of you hooligans and twenty five percent of you saying you to make the playoffs while you're you're setting yourself up for disappointment just like you aaron rodgers fans. I'm job i have to do it. Colfax my job on this show is to make sure everybody has these realistic expectations of everything going in and for the bears. I mean do. I expect winds any amount. I'm certainly certainly rooting for wins. But i'm not expecting that. So yeah i'm saying zero. I'm with you zero expectations. Go to the whole show dot com to vote. It'd be curious to get your your thoughts thirty minutes after the hour no limit collectibles buy sell trade. There's no limit to what you can collect. We think fresco painters we have the signed floyd little jersey that they got from no limit collectibles man they have is a great memorabilia. Awesome stuff at no limit collectibles in loveland off of highway thirty four. Tell him we sent you here from the whole show powered by energy now colfax before we catch up with steve smiley. Let's get the latest on the local slash here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Hey everybody this is former c. s. u. Running back kyle bell and you are listening to my main man brady whole on the whole show. Do not turn your dial. Give it right here. Thirty five minutes after the hour. We're live from the article. Asian specialist studios. Welcome back to the show. Glad you could be with us joining me now on our. I advantage hotline. Unc men's basketball head coach. Great friend of mine. Great friend of the stations coach. Steve smiley coach is always an interesting time to try to catch you. Because i know you're in that strange time of year between recruiting and then also looking forward to the upcoming year the upcoming schedule but we do appreciate you giving us some time. I'm in yeah. It's good good to hear from you. Good to catch up i. It's always a kind of like you said a funky time of the year. This june july or recruiting. They worked in their guys out like just as their camp going on. There's so much weird stuff but we're we're here in the office. We actually get back on the road Tomorrow and then Friday when when the next thing you know. Kind of live club. Aau session starts good. It's week two of that. So we were all out last week I'll thursday through sunday. I think it was so we're right in the middle of the band. Yeah so and now you know. We're all pretty much back to normal. We'll talk about the unc. Athletics facilities set to have one hundred percent capacity. But how about the recruiting trail. Because i know you guys picked up a lot of useful tools on the recruiting trail to where you could do zoom and all that. But you told me before i mean. There's just no way to replace sitting down one on one and having those conversations of watching those players and learning about them. Yeah right now. We're kind of in the face of the it's an evaluation period so the watch face and you're you're usually i mean you don't want to just be out there working to work watching random games kids. You probably won't ever crew. But the truth of the matter is even in our recruiting areas like last weekend down in All over the place but a lot of steps down in alabama and georgia. There's two big circuit events out there under armour and adidas us and there's some some independent terms as well and the truth matters yet so many of names. You're trying to sort through that. If the scheduled jobs you've got to watch a lot of kids and start starting your mind kinda prioritize what you think you know but man if you watch three or four five games you learn a lot more so in a normal year where you see them in high school. You see them here or wherever. It's probably that point a little bit more of i'd honestly babysitting but more like you know what they are the kids but this year. We're we're just starting to watch live. So there's a couple short weekends in june whereas more high school based And now in july it's know club a base and so we really are like it's a steep learning curve and it's it's gotta be a quick curve decision but but it's been good advantage that really good and and Just the ability to watch live watching her actions watch sometimes your you know three rows behind their bench and you can see all the stuff that matters body language Communication things like that so it was terrific last week. that's interesting. how big is that. You see a guy tearing it up. You know stat. Wise just a freak of nature athlete but if you can catch something like that the body language that. How far does that set a player. Like let's say we got a stud player. That's just absolutely dominating. But you see something that catches your eye. What does that do in your chart. Does that knock them down quite a bit for you saying that. We find ways to separate players. Maybe you have six guys for for one spot it really this year. It gets really complicated because you know all the current players got that extra year so there's welby Players in college basketball right. There's a there's a you know and actually your guy still kind of floating around out there. The problem is i do feel bad for these kids. And these current know rising seniors they. They've really have a tough spot. Because there's not as many scholarships scholarship. It'll probably be doled out to them. Just 'cause there's too many consumed with that actually year. Everyone everyone got this year. So now you know your ability to say okay. Well maybe we have one scholarship. We have five. It's probably more than small especially in the fall. And so you're looking for you know regardless you always what can separate kid you know. It's like we always say you know if you can do the same thing players player beacon do but you could do one more thing now separate yourself and i do think when it goes to the question of you know whenever is biden language or chemistry or things like that. I mean that's up. Really matters. And i think matters it. You know most programs in the country really matter for us. I don't think we're always going to strike gold with a bunch of the highest towns of players. You know those guys are playing wellness shoe circuits. There's one hundred other visuals watching them as well. But you gotta find ways to be two separate yourself out With the little things that matter teach program. That's different program. We're talking to unc. Men's head basketball coach. Coach steve smiley. I always fascinated by the recruiting show. You and i talked. I think last year around this time. And i'm like do you have an assistant that's like. Here's the exact schedule. Because i never know when you can go and you can't go and you can make contact. I gotta navigating through that especially in this day and age with all the new things happening in the way i see. How do you keep it straight. Well the one nice thing is. There's a recruiting calendar that it lays it out day by day the entire your three hundred sixty five days you can do this on. Your savings can't do this and then what happens. Is you know the college coach but then also high side and you side they have the same calendar and so so. The events are built around the days that we can go out and it all kind of starts says once you've been through tetons but Yeah in terms like building your schedule. There's only so much part of wash your kids and for me. I'll be in a couple of different states a couple of different events this coming weekend and so my my staff does a great job of lining to. I didn't see them pick maybe players. That are hiding my list but also players saw last week that you know after watching that next few three or four days after then. That's where you're trying to really gather some intel and you know this is a player. That's you know in our wheelhouse. They have fifteen after already What are they and then you go to the next week. So the staff is you know there's a lot of meetings and and a lotta lotta organization. Try to really maximize your time on the road going into the other stuff. You wanna get different markets. And i get it you know you go to certain markets in the nil thing the name image likeness the transport. All that stuff. Are you concerned at all when you look at this and think oh. Is this going to distract players. Is this going to take them away. From what their ultimate goal is there is there part of that and your brain. Are you looking at it going more or less. Hey i love guys at trust my guys. I think they'll be able to navigate through this just fine. I think both. I think both of those are the right answer All the above right. I think the one. I think for me. I think it's good that players have the opportunity to To to to use their their naming the lightness Now i think its territory and the fact that we all thought different states have to pass rules for the supreme court or lay so now that it's just kind of out there. I think the biggest thing for players is especially in the first year doing it. You know what what is it. What is the right stuff to do. What is the appropriate time to devote to. Because i think get at your question like well then get really distracted in the day. You still trying to get that degree. I and trying to become good players. You can be yourself for your team and if you turn into. This might be if you turn it see how full-time after building your brand business. Well there's only so many hours in the day right. So i think the education of that and we're still going through that at our school really understanding what the can't who can't do what's the most efficient way for them to To do what are the things that the university or the staff are allowed to. Do you know work with them. What can we not do with them. So there's still a lot of questions now descends kinda got up. I believe it's like i right. So we're all of together. I think the fundamental idea players being able to to profit on their maybe it would you like this is great and i think just like any else and you open up such a huge opportunity but just such a. It's a it's a whole new market for them. It's gonna distract everybody for a little bit so everyone kind of understands more what to do and what not to do and all that. So we're all kinda goes to education phase right now Players staff the whole thing. But i do think that in the grand scheme of things it should be a great way for invasive extra my while in college. Yeah i think you're right. There's ways that you have to go about it and ultimately you hope that these kids are whoever they go with these marketing agencies. Or whatever essentially say. We're taking all the work. We just gotta get like a couple days on the calendar where you do this and that and then it's it wants. The season starts so. And the other thing i thought to coach. It's kind of like these. Little mini marketing guys are running around promoting the program through different through different advertisers or whatnot. That maybe certain avenues more reach so there could be some positive certainly reasons to be skeptical too. So i'm i'm with you. There's there's a move so fast to move so fast from data supreme court to ban. We're doing it and the biggest thing you know the big device But i think you know from our school and just trying to give our guys. Some guidance is like hey listen you know. You've trying to rebel these four. You need to understand or get someone you know that you could hire whatever to understand. What are the implications of whatever contract you sign with whatever company or wherever. You're promoting or endorsing. Because it did if you start making you're going to get tax on that money and you gotta understand that stuff and again. Some of these kids don't quite understand that. Like i i certainly would have understood that the age of twenty like okay. You don't get a thousand dollars and that's thousand dollars right one up and you're going to get tax you're going to get you. You're gonna have to report that or how it is so. I think that's what scares me that you know. The kids are making money. And if they don't have the right guy for people around that which you know whoever that might be That when that tax hits up and you've made income there's there's tax and so that's just an example like they gotta be careful on that stuff and again. It was being su in two or three years. Everyone understand what to do. But this i you know. Wave of kids. They've got to my opinion at least tread tread lightly. Be careful so they understand more of it. Is that going to be unc. You have something like this where there is somebody there a name image likeness person that kind of goes over all that with. Hey this is what to expect. This is what you'd be careful is they're going to be or will there be You know some kind of guidance. Counselor specifically devoted to the name image likeness. Yeah i i really have no idea. So it'll be a full new vision Such things opening up schools across the country. Or you're still filling the pandemic budget crunch right. So there's if i think it'll be. Instances new sponsor opened up at all universities. But you know for us. I think it always starts our compliance. Because they're they're the most tap into this this market. So i think they will be the kind of forefront guidance for all athletes to say. Okay hey this is cool not cool. How how do. I report the same. Do in the ideal world you hire someone for this just like a person. That's all they work on. His name is the lightest I've watched a lot of zooms -tations and there's a lot of consensus that you know. Each case should probably have someone on staff whether it's department robert least is the Kinda go to understand what what the speed. So we're we're trying to sort through that ourselves well but that there needs to be something right so the kids have somewhere to go to to get their questions answer. Yeah no question about it. A lot of stuff to navigate through coach this roster. I know you're returning some studs man. I'm excited about Daily coons matt johnson trae. Sean smooths bodey hume. Of course our guy cordial coach. I mean so many good names but you just keep adding. That's that's the that's the wash. Rinse repeat all right. We gotta bring in the new guys to get ready to go. Can you talk to us about any of those names. That bears fans are listening right now. They're all right. We need to get these guys on our radar. I think the with you know We've we've had five we subtract in kind of a quite still guys working out but we we let the guys go home To five thirty come back in about a week and a half and then we actually have a. I think about eight four out practices before we go to puerto rico. We're going on at four hundred this year. So we're we're in a little bit of a break so that we don't burn them out the cutback year. We'll have some really good practice gets learn more. So we're gonna learn so much more before school starts. If in a normal year you get one of those every four years so. It's a great time to do it. I think the big picture you know. Yeah you mentioned the really the kind of tough guys that were in last year with being matt johnson. You know matt. Johnston daily coons vote. Hugh cords of cubes and then You know bryce kennedy. Who was started the to your trae smooth. Who started a little bit and melvin. All seven of those guys were back and all throw. Theo houston as well Opportunity to play but the good player. He's had a great summer as well. So the nucleus the cord not losing those guys transport was. Was you know fish at number one. A lot of good players coming in. I think you know drew. Cook sows a grad transfer. For big east eight. He played for coach fagor watching the brassica and his last year's dismal bath the basketball. He made one hundred ninety nine threes individual one of the most of the country and follow us. I mean he's he's like like trent harris who was one of the best years we've ever had your drew's one of the best years. I've ever been around His ability to just shoot it for any everywhere is at the highest level so drew. And he's you know he's kind of like if you put him into spa shooting guard and it don't connect to the highly recruited highly sought after guy as a junior college player at northeastern to your calls are out there and sterling and only connect the colorado kid I'll tell you what he he he. Kinda grew in college is last year your college. And he's a very talented dynamic Forward that can play. You can play it two or three or four Similar size built the boaty. Little different player. You know how he plays but can really shoot it. Really athletic were suicide about him. And then we brought in a bunch of guards that kids we. We didn't get up to the very end of that five weeks. But trent hodgins from santa clara hughes a transfer transfer from santa clara Last year since freshman year there so he's technically still a freshman. He's phoenix the highly science for kids in high school recital exact blocks Who played a car at a prep school. He's lawrence kansas the kansas year than tremendous as you know when he got out of these last five weeks So it kind of staring at my wall year but it's been really really good so far connor Who technically would have been like a redshirt lacerda. Play bots The concrete has had a great Summers while he's gonna try to push for for submitted to so long story short. We probably have too many guys. But that's probably a good. Have you get back now to kind of restaurants of guys bouncing your class about but technically right now we have like eight kids. That could be considered freshman because everyone gets a year back so that's a lot of young kids. The kids played last year. So it's kinda funky deal. But i think we have. We have guys that that address major needs. More shooting withdrew doll. Trent hudgens You know that was a really important thing. And and and i think that just the guys we brought it really fit with the returning i corps i'm pumped to see i love looking at a roster and you're saying okay. All these guys were pretty much involved last year. So that's exciting. I know that's got to be something exciting for this entire program coach were were pumped for you guys and always look forward to these conversations when we can we can make it happen and i know you got a lot of big stuff coming up so we're gonna let you get back to it and we'll we'll try to catch up soon. Okay okay. i appreciate it coach. Coach steve smiley. Unc men's basketball coach. Great guy new new texting in new p- says coach vilely. Sounds like a guy gonna have a beer with new can have a beer with anybody. Let's i mean yeah come on the right new am i. Am i wrong about that. But no seriously. Coach isn't coach violates down earth. This is a cool guy. Great guy they're going to be good. I thought they were going to be good last year. But they're returning everybody essentially the bringing everybody back. We're running back boat hume. He came on those last two games in the conference tournament. Like to thirty point games. I expect that for him talking about expectations for football. I have zero men's basketball. I expect this team to be competing as far as wing regular season title winning the tournament. I expect this team to be right there at the top twelve fifty two the time. Let's say let's take a short break when we come back. We'll wrap up our number one. I gotta get to. Mlb rule changes. We'll get to all of that nuggets draft workouts and so much more we got mark johnson. The voice of the buffs coming up in the second hour is well. It's a whole show powered by pd energy. It's a party. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k the block party wednesdays from four to ten pm party northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from florida. Ten pm he. This is coach. Mccaffrey your unc. Head football coach. And you're listening to the hall. Show on thirteen ten ks k. What are your expectations for. The unc bears football team in twenty twenty one winning record. Zero expectations make the playoffs. Or and get a few wins. You've got dylan mccaffrey. You got ed mccaffrey. You've got the star power there. Three mccaffrey's actually with max to is that enough for you to really like i'm just i'm just trying to tell you. He was a great wide receiver. For the broncos is names huge. I'd make the same higher time and time again but telling you as far as your expectations you might want to tamp down a little bit all right so we're we're changed a little bit here. We got thirty eight percent say winning record. Twenty three percent say zero expectations tied with make the playoffs. So that moved up a little bit fifteen percent. Say a few wins. That's fine. i'll take a few wins. Whatever go to the whole show dot com vote when we come back. Let's get right into rob man for talking about changes coming to major league baseball for. I guess changes back to the way it was two years ago and again we try to eliminate defense from all sports major league. Baseball's added again talk about next.

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Update: Was bedeutet der Ruhetag an Grndonnerstag?

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Update: Was bedeutet der Ruhetag an Grndonnerstag?

"Alu- on have come to us yet. Podcast one side online does he owns anathema tax. Update i'm instant ions transition matt's manatee mortars and diaz. We're going to look down on annoy. Stella i'm on uncharismatic verdict aprons among our soon as it to her on pterodactyls for this. Update is satan or yeah. Wednesay niche guest sped in the inactive acland for moody maung via common zuganov. An all-star lockdown in orland damage zoe to veleta corner panda mega ball. Hundred leading says canoga non-keynesian rich data lockdown abba own. The worst fire tiger constant minister president. On presidente. del lender acts my Tunes would tag for concrete. But does i'm going donna stack zone. Alice leeson autism stacked and even files and these taffy about two minutes limbs metal anka often when we don complete violent crimes hits feeder about near modern abbott. Name anatoly have. I'm donna stack high mass. Tim stack of most abidin web to house visas when he came home. Officer to much stephan had headphones speed. Indianap- the mpc of foia ct on talking. That's who hallo turn. Does one last seniors. Nowadays going donna stocks phya tak abbots tack for manchester viewers associates sets stuff all sorts of woodstock pens on fire tax and on visas. No concrete all sees dr. Sally loser not dodged runs on the name in a kind of iso meant the cabinet or the london young tartan dot com slash shifts. Is it since lover. The he's not in for the best vicky. Commanders in basic is a movie for for auden damme meet donald ashed out who has taught him in. Cu sean often con has advised and furnished as magni. Nima up ibanez must be also will help. Anger is polite and an obstacle komodos in front. Hani's confessed the state stately. I next since giving get cleared of all these artists is not fully of skikda on this abbots registers. Odds wounds i ended song. London's is boop adventuresome. fire target's complicit in front feelers versus dependent become from the on the inspiration claw stock has the limbs middle calvin vassal states vanished supermarked. Honor playmobil pacult for manitoba and coffee established. A niche unaccustomed discovered feverish limbs. Middle some weapons on cotton nectar bomber design on amazon stock. Qassem driving buses fewer chef dotted eden community unbeaten physician nissan on yoga. Yeah donaldson thima houston. Duggan your field mention ganor. In wouldn't leonard von kind presents. Two stints to to austin time decay to of virtu. Lms up to heighten kitchen for three hundred noble gandhi. pa- guys that escapes scarcely victories. To fest and costa georg betsy to mashpee there was the bishop's conference shrimp of twitter manhattan environment tyke v. Monfort sixty gorgeous fan can want dow wolman yet as like niffer. Titian d if Does english on in baton to Dr vilma an unpleasant quarter stinson to fess titan. That's hattie forgive. Kim land sean. Mcvay tied zora's fights from an elegant eubank fund kunitz t. mchugh yet given occurring on showers often myspace candle in atmos tomb guest on shown datuk cutting out of anna maria. Verkey yet side exact. That's a need to look trading via the huytler had inch. It's not my in. Nlp picot of foggy time together ends in the sook since fewer and the courts at site. More harsh unfought dogs earful a name and not van damme. Thank you vista death. Nine agha's ineffable vitalsigns at pistols and then roof kill voter id. Let's us light debit often in suit com endeavour took when cloud would not last year by once in a steamboat. Dink for to sean good food. Good plant at where i know. No penny commission divided and alphabetizing albertans all the surely stolen zonked to near two guys issues. Orange dacca control yet veteran owned verkey states gained as allocution raced namely does i. English acknowledged for vans on owned or managed. That doesn't on these act. Ads between kern apso. Fought nick metro for nitin so the off to von on facial seizure to digitalization us know in forgotten and stephan love mobile app. Sheen fun air margarita. Leeann cows attacked an attack on spy. Posted youth in invulnerable burn inadequate for lunch and nap. Zana don solutions act. The of love mobile had an often deutschen. Half of one le- vague vied fear and festivals waterford in pies are being these mindless needed to the infield one yet. Some about a part of another part of their end as don't story on f light also funding does these are out to commend half informatica to film coast. Entice gestalt rock on protagonists and as dash. Ls handed signature on extra postage twitter. Our niche on aid to fire without two-hitter. Good i'm meteorologist. How gala had an estimate guitar destino when you come issue on them filmed the nominee vida and seat defames. Nate audi media. Take for phuc on two niece alpha. The woman spat the autobahn therapists. Zebra via the cd. Iraq's your niche in for meet hobbits these are momentum to cancel them that hmm ghosn talks chung in for fat to end the air in filed. Its details clear own out. Presumably legal document half museu on to tune as op. Ed i understand to showers akao unhinged as this house knee is astonished. That's a strong quickly. Can score missed damaged or diese vast yet tack to end and annoy gives. Mark mcmahon cooling. Yannis cameras zine britain's correspondent and infront cry on crowded rookie media in locked and kafka tweeden matter to quincy and hear more about ones who are starting to move the amount and the out become to email address so does a tight pool. Pootie exact dangled for two hundred and shooting armed on anguish. Man too often mercedes. It's veteran food in.

donna stack moody maung Alice leeson Tim stack phya tak manchester viewers associates auden damme Cu sean calvin vassal Qassem ganor leonard von stephan canoga costa georg betsy Monfort orland dow wolman Dr vilma Kim land sean
B.I.G. Interview | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on GM Moves

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

19:30 min | 3 months ago

B.I.G. Interview | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies on GM Moves

"Clock our welcome back to the whole show powered by energy. We are live from the auto collision specialist studios. It's been nonstop since twelve o'clock today joining me now drew crease mundine. Vr rockies. Drew i gotcha man. Gotcha couldn't get you at twelve. I know you're busy man but we just had to get you on to talk about this. Jeff where did this come from. Jeff bridage steps down as general manager. Be sure dead. That happened was expected like would be no no. I mean i expected he'd be gone after the. I did not think jeff. Riders was going to be jam for the next era of colorado rockies baseball. I just didn't know the next era of colorado rockies baseball started jay okay But yeah i mean the writing it then on the wall that he was done here is contract was up at the end of the year. All the technical things is like no one was happy with them being here. Ali was happy being here anymore. It just just become untenable relationship on on every situation. So while i'm to ever celebrate somebody losing their job like i just. I don't like that. At the same time. Like the best day in rockies history since tony walters single up the middle of chicago cubs fan i mean rockies fans are just they're going crazy today it's it's it's like we won the world series or something so the timing of its. What's weird whether he was going to be done with this team or not at the end of the season which is yes. You're you're exactly right. I mean it's more likely that was going to happen. Did something happen. Did did dig mon for decided. He needed a fall guy did they. Are they seeing numbers or are they seeing viewership or was it a trevor story discussion or was this. Just you know what. I'm not going to be here anyway. I might as well let me get a headstart on my next quest. You know it's like. I could see. I could see it being any of those things you would have thought if it was just that last one though that it would happen before the season right after the trade or whatever so did something happen You know part of me thinks maybe is that. They've made a decision one way or the other about trevor story. Either that they're not gonna trade them or that they Are going to try to sign him but they want somebody else league that contract. Maybe it is a ploy to keep trevor story. Maybe it's putting somebody else in charge to to be in charge of the trade trevor. So every time on the podcast. I talk about a trade of trevor story john gray potentially because they're in the last years of the deal i get forty comments from people saying yeah but they're going to get terrible prospects and the other fifty million dollars you know and it's like an easy job to make but you can kind of get past that now jettison in charge you know there's gonna be an interim gm but the other thing that they hired a team president so this is too big pieces of news. It's not just that bright out. It's that there's a team president now which they haven't had since keli mcgregor tragically passed away Over ten years over a decade ago and to put somebody in charge of baseball operations. And hopefully that means dick montfort is stepping away from making baseball decisions as well like this is actually a double dose of really good news rockies fans it does depend on who they put in there as the next gm but could they really do much worse. I you know and you had to do something the fans they were going to coors field. But that's because it's coors field and listen eight and thirteen. I mean i actually the question. Today was hey. Are you more optimistic about this start. Tell us about. Yes how how big this is to name a club president. Tell us about the club president. And what this ultimately means going forward or at least for the for the for the short term. Yeah i mean. Greg feazel is the guy's name you know i'm still learning more about the as been a part of the rockies organization for twenty six years so people hoping they'd go outside the oregon. You don't always get everything that you you wish for. But you know i always say to people if you were suddenly put in charge of everything at your job. Would you do everything exactly the same as it was done before. Not almost none of us would and so. I'm really curious to see what Greg feazel has to offer i. I'm going to learn more about him. And we're going to go live for a second time on the iraqi show at four today Talk about it but just the fact that anybody has that tidal now means that somebody else's in charge of the ultimate baseball operation decisions other than dick monfort and that's the first time that's been the case for this team since two thousand ten and in my estimate i've always written about this. I wrote about it backwards. Donald dowd was the gm before. I knew jeff bridges name the team present. It was always the most important thing to me and they just been dragging their feet. I think offer to space about team. Presidents never got straight like totally straight answers right and so that they've shows to me at least the smallest modicum the main maybe dickman for has learned that he needs that greg is the guy but that's a that's a big step man. Yeah you're right. Both of these moves are absolutely colossal for the rockies for this fan base back to the bright thing if it did come down to trevor store now. Is there a chance that it could be the other way around that. The the conversation came from bright at saying. Hey we need to resign. Trevor story and dick mod essentially said. Hey we've been down that road we're not going. Is there a chance that that could have been a some kind of conflicting argument between the two on the like flipping the script so to speak or even you know bright. It single smart baseball thing to do right now. Is to trade trevor story. If he's not going to sign an extension. And i can totally see a conversation with brightest on. Let me trade this guy index going. Well we can't because we just traded nolan and bruins gonna be pissed and it's gonna make us that much worse and he'd be right about all of those things but jeff. Riders would actually be right to say you have book. We're not going to be good this year and if we lose them for nothing at the end of the year that much worse than if we train them we get some decent prospects for them. And you can you. Could you know so. I totally could have seen this having on any number of ways over the trevor story conversation because it would be a very different thing to do to just want trevor to play out the season and if he decides to leave and sign a big contract somewhere else in his mind and trevor stories. The one left and dick monfort didn't do anything wrong. Even though the team didn't really get it. You do get a compensatory draft. Pick either that scenario but that's nowhere near as good as getting some prospects so we're all going to keep as much that we were already now. This is going to be pinpoint laser focus on forever story. Twenty four seven story watch. What's the situation does. He sign an extension. does he get traded. The news could come apparently at any time of day on my day off your church like wow. This is i mean i. I didn't expect. I expected this move if it was going to happen. You're right the beginning of the season or at the end of the season but this is surprising in a very weird time for this to happen in your mind drew following this team as closely as you do following. Trevor story does this. I mean yeah. It's an obvious question. But does this increase the chances of trevor story being rocky and by how much i wish i knew the answer that question i i really really do i. It certainly can't hurt If if jeff bright it was the big problem. And i certainly think that he was a massive one for josh says his cousin and play for the cardinals now. i even. Yeah then absolutely because dick monfort to does have a history of paying big contracts. Do own gut pothole carlson's all trevor story or not. Trevor tortilla with Even though you know yeah he'll sign those types of deals. If trevor wants the money and he's okay sticking through a couple of years where young bats are still going to have to find out. They have to completely rebuild this bolton but the young starting pitching there. If he's sitting there going on i kinda like austin gobber and copy it turns out to be real and you know maybe some of these other guys come around and maybe i wouldn't mind being the veteran leader on this team that when it gets good in a couple of years rimac doing his thing. It all comes down to what's inside trevor stories. Heart mind right now. Because i do believe the rockies would offer him a fair deal and i've never heard trevor privately or publicly criticized the colorado rockies. We heard it from nolan's fairly regularly right. Trevor story is never said anything you know. I know we'd like to play in in texas if he could as well. You know that's always been something. He's he's from there. And there are things. And i think he's as attached to the rockies organization. Somebody like say charlie black minutes but for a fair deal. I think he's gonna get out of town either. I don't think he's especially with brats gone now. I think he's just gonna kinda survey the landscape and see where he thinks. It's best and okay. Wow andrew if it comes out that you know bright. It's was kind of a sticking point for a contract for trevor in dick for makes it tough move because he stood up drew. Zoom press conference thingy after the nolan trade was very much got jeff bridges back in it. Very much seemed like dig. Montfort was was sticking up for bright so for that change of heart to happen for clearly. A tough move. I would imagine for dick and then to do that. And if it was what was standing in place of a trevor story deal. Suddenly digman for doesn't look so bad for a second store or what i mean. Certainly i mean if we're if i'm back on the show a week from now or two weeks from now we're talk about trevor story extension now. Suddenly you know rockies community feels way different than they did when the season started. You know you still don't feel good about the whole are not situation. But if you've got a new gm you've got a team president. And it does look like stories going to stick around for the foreseeable future though maybe build it around him. And ryan mcmahon and and the starting pitching. And you know whatever's left charlie. Black men are really. And i really hope he will he will. He's he's good. But it's a really. It's like trevor story. Basically playing and i'll be the show as himself he just gets to. This is all on the table for him if he wants to sign a big extensive. Stay here if he wants to test. The free market can do that too he can. You know he's and i think he's about to have a monster a couple of weeks by the hit that grand slam. yesterday long. As bat looked over at the vengeance he likes these guys teammates a lot. So i don't know if we're talking about a trevor story extension in a couple of weeks you know rockies ask yourself how how would you feel how i mean. You'd feel a lot differently than when the season started about the future of this team. Yeah no i think you're one hundred percent right Today it already feels to be honest with you. The nolan nolan drama. That we talked about a few weeks ago. Drew i mean. I don't know that made anybody feel better. But i think it certainly made people question things a little bit more instead of just oh it was all rockies. All management all ownership and. I'm i'm not saying that. That was swayed one way or the other but it certainly made you stop and think. Oh wow nolan. Wanted out of here a long time ago was the number so i think it started then and then today you getting this news. You're gone Well this is a move a lot of rockies fans i mean we ask the question who's who's worst stickman for jeff british and those that say jeff bride is fill a lot better about life today. Yeah that that's exactly. The right moment guy brandon vote who does Nuggets down vr. And the studio. And you know it's kinda bemoaning the trade again and he's a cardinal fan because if it's any consolation the cardinals profoundly mediocre all season and nolan like to sixty and i was like. Yeah i mean it's baseball man. It's just not as easy as all that and so. Yeah who knows it. it really is. I did not expect this today. Brady i really did. Like i said i was taking a light day late game so i basically wasn't thinking about baseball until you know six o'clock this evening to live shows today of course i'm bugging joe carroll help us out like coconut palm i just it means the world to me all right so how this team though. Eight and thirteen twenty one twenty one games in and and here we are. I mean. they're not. They're not awful suck. No they don't suck and they have some good moments before the brightest thing. Today i was like you know. Maybe this team's kind of taken on this us against the world thing your thoughts on this team's performance You know what they want for the last five games something like that taking a couple of series last week so suddenly it doesn't look like the sky is falling. Yeah could very easily have taken the set right before that with the match they were in position going into the ninth inning for the seventh doubleheader to to win a game rom on the hill versus teaching solace with. That's not a win for the rocket. What are you kidding me. Absolutely they've it. It does worse as the world. It helps not playing the dodgers every game. You know that. More than half of their i. I think it was seven of their first twelve games against the dodgers like. That's the best team in baseball. That's maybe the best team in baseball in the last twenty thirty forty drew goodman comes on our podcast semi regularly now about once a week We feel very lucky to have him. You said this might be the best baseball team. I've ever seen so like not playing. The dodgers really help brady dodgers with the first few seven games already dodgers so my goodness and and so two to of not be facing cy young winners single game to let this young offense find their rhythm a little bit. Starting pitching has been fantastic. the bullpen is a mess. Just and that's why they're losing more games and while we'll probably continue to lose more games. What they've been exciting. The young players ronald toppy. My dude is just going on They've got a catcher. Who hits home runs first time in like ten years. That's been the case iraqis. So there's there's a lot. I don't think they're in for a great year but boy are they down to play these teams and you know the mats and astros and the phillies are popular postseason teams. You know it depicts for for this year for the rockies basically out play all three of those teams on this home standards very impressive. Yeah no question about a man i think. I think it's a brighter day for the rockies. I i don't know what this is going to look like in a week and what what's going. Come out from this drew. You know we'll be banging on the door whenever whenever we sniff something. We know you've got you've got more detail so we'll we'll try to get you on as soon as possible when you can always appreciate you jumping on with my man. Even on your off off always here to do it i live for. I love him. interesting news today for sure quickly drew any any on the list. That comes to your mind as far as that. Gm spot oh. I mean There's there's a guy. Eric neander out for the race. Who is really interesting. They're gonna go internally for the rest of the season probably zach rosenthal or scouting director. Bill schmidt i like rosenthal is an analytically inclined mind. I think he's really got the right. Take on how to approach coors field differently. Bill schmitz a scouting director. So he knows the young guys and and how to develop players really well. That's you know for where this team is that for just the rest of the season. Maybe that makes the most sense. But once the season's over they gotta go outside the organization find one of these super whizzes that has a plan specifically tailored to coors field. And there's gonna be a lot of really good candidates. Wow wow what an interesting time for for the rockies for the rest of the season and of course more so at the end of the season drew appreciate you my man. We'll be looking out for your podcast later today. Absolutely always brady. Thank you take care. Drew christmas. Dnv are rockies. there you go. He's not he's not shutting down any of our any of our theories. As far as why this happened saying very well could have come down to trevor story. It could have come down to. Maybe maybe it's just hey. I was going to be gone anyway but you don't do that. Twenty one games into the season you you don't you don't do it so welcoming texting and why did it take so long to get to the point where we all knew. They needed to be though as far as the change up with management as far as dick montfort stepped down. Well maybe this was the move. I mean maybe this nolan auto thing pissed off people to the to the point finally where they were like. Dick sell the team or do something. Different doesn't have to sell the team. People keep throwing the sell the team thing out there. You can be silent owner which he would never be but you can be an owner of a team and you hire everybody in place to do it. So they take on the image Pat bolan was still running things. He hired people to do the job. He was never jerry jones. He was extremely involved. He was extremely involved in all the hiring processes but not really the big day to day decisions now like jerry jones. So convict mont for do that. Can you have your cake and eat it to swallow some pride and not be the guy making those decisions or being a part of those decisions and move on. Was there a fight. Was there an argument about trevor story. Did bright it's a trade story. Did dick wants to trade story. Did they not want to. Trade story did did one or the other. Wanna give him a big contract and they didn't. I mean there's a lot there's a lot out there. And i'm sure it's going to come out but now colfax we could hear at any point that trevor story he decides to sign with iraqis or has decided to just let the season play out if he signed with the rockies. Suddenly this becomes a big time. Move by dick monfort. Because if that's going to tell us that okay. It was probably brij that was standing in between that deal getting done. I don't know feel more optimistic about it. How do you guys feel. That's our power to play. Sports poll question of the day. Jeff bryant stepping down. Are you more optimistic about the colorado rockies. Then you then you were to start the season all right twenty four after the hour. We'll take a short break when we come back. We'll talk more about the denver nuggets what they have to do to jump into that third spot. Maybe even the second spot. I'll tell you gotta play perfect. Basketball injuries are mounting up for the nuggets but when mpg can get close to forty. You're gonna win a lot of games. We'll be right back Spring is in the air and that means high school baseball will decorate preps radio on thirteen ten kfi k.

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Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag)

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

1:10:56 hr | Last month

Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag)

"Up next is a bonus presentation of the one hour. Stand up special. Trevor noah presents josh johnson. Hashtag consider future you future. You has travel goals future. You was smart and listened to nerdwallet taking their advice to get a travel rewards credit cards six months before your vacation so you can earn points points for an upgrade to first class points towards a room with a view and a hot tub points for that long awaited thrice-postponed desperately needed vacation. So present. you listen up to this nerdy tip from nerdwallet get a travel rewards credit card today to start earning points for vacation when the time is right. Compare and find the smartest travel rewards credit cards for your travel. Money goals on nerdwallet future. You will thank you for all your money questions. Turn to the nerds to everybody. Sit down thank you so much for coming out. Good upper yourselves again. Oh my gosh all related. Oh man is so great to be with all of you. This is incredible. This is absolutely amazing because it means we did it we lived. I'm alive thing. I didn't think i'd make it. I didn't even get cold. But i'm just not to survivor. That's the how anybody i know would describe me. I'll even tell you what a year before the pandemic right fully. Before the pay. I was walking in. New york is looking at the sky. Love my life looking up being happy. And i stepped off her. That's all that's happened so far. I stepped off the curb. And i stepped off. A bird is not a dead bird. Okay this bart was also walk around. Pay attention loved his life. We just collided with nature humanity at once and so i stepped all the bird. The bird and i freaked out and the bird. And i made the same noise that is not so by that survives global pandemic if you can match the pitch of a pigeon out of fear the no no one is checking for you in the max movie. You died in the first five seconds in that montage about what went wrong with the world as you at a bird like how it ends. This is insane. Global pandemic last year was crazy because it was the first thing that ever happened. That happened to everybody. That's while that even happened in the world wars and they're named after the world you know there were some coaches like this. Y'all seem to be working out over there slowly become a little. We don't need to be dusted up to mass. Some people thought it was the end of the world. Which is why. I'm pretty sure that in all that. Chaos all that uncertainty in all that fear somebody somewhere definitely eight a person that happened and we need to talk about it okay. It's for likely that it happened in that it didn't happen. You can't tell me out of seven billion people. Nobody was strong enough and dumb enough not to eat somebody to quick. Okay does just get arrested this year. Like okay. I'm the only one who eight somebody i'm going house. I suppose there's still be cap'n crunch i'm going. Can i just say something though. Can i just say something. Nobody even like dave okay. That's why it took so long to catch by checking today. We're going i'm gone. Nobody was checking for dave kassai. Something else catches scattered. Say something else. Here's a little gamy. He was a little wrong. Now i gotta go to jail off a meal. That wasn't even good of a dude there. Nobody likes where's the justice. He was a one star meal in person. All right i'm going to our lives are full of decisions like play aunts or skip or the market turn. Should i change jobs. What's the best school ken. My diet out the climate in. What's a flexible burien at the wall street journal. We know how important decisions are. It's why we mind every source every document. Every data point we verify every tip every sound byte every fact to provide you with accurate reporting and insight without bias agenda so that whenever you have a decision to make you have the trusted information you need to make decisions to find our lives. Trust yours visit wsj.com slash. Podcast offer to start reading for fifty percents off the thing that bothers me. Now is the now that there's vaccines and you know there's whole game plans for how we're going to attack this thing. There are people that want to act like they knew it was going to be okay. The tire they want act like they were cool. The whole time and that bothers me. It makes me mad. You know doctors were like we've never seen anything like this before to be fine. No that's not true. Everybody was at least a little bit panicked. And you know how know that. Remember that food run in march. Remember food where where people thought was the end of the world and they ran past the food to the toilet paper. They thought we were all going to die and they ran past the cheese snacks to what they were going to wipe their butt with. There's never been a better at for a badeni. Never been a better ad for a day. A soccer mom pacino lady in the face or some sharman. She hits the ground ladies running with even the mascot bears like ooh do would be. Okay come on. I lose some people that were quarantine with their whole family. The entire time you know like seven people in like a two bedroom house. Let's say it happens. Society crumbles the infrastructure fails. It's time start eating people. There are people that were just looking at their fattest cousin. Like is going to you. All right you know. It's too late for that. Plus he diabetic. So i know we're going to be sweet okay. That was a line for you. We've been eating people for four minutes straight of eaten. People jokes diabetic was where you were like. Ooh not if they taste like cake. Pandemic definitely definitely made me glad that i grew up black in america. Prepares you for pandemic in america like being black and regular american allen. Wait wait wait. What's that you say. Food is scarce. Medical attention is hard to come by jobs in the community are being lost by the thousands was a tuesday even now even now that we have a vaccine and there's a light at the end of the tunnel is a lot of people that don't want take an understand. I do get it. They don't want to take it because of history. It's just not on science aside. We'd been experimented all before. And we remember but i will say i'm fully vaccinated first time anybody's for my asthma. That is incredible. Okay but i am fully vaccinated. I would tell all the black people that i know in my life and out of it that this is the one to get the one to get. Because they didn't want to give it to us right away. Don't get me wrong if you're just out a basketball it's the white bed white coats. Just walk up like would you kids like some free medicine. Then yeah no no back away but there were whole states there were like wait. Your turn nigger. That's how you know it's the good stuff. I'm sorry about the truth. Yeah i know last year was scary. It was because some people's some people's worst fears came true last year. There's some people whose worst fear in their entire life is losing their job and not being able to provide for their family and that happened. There's some people whose worst fear in their entire life is getting sick and being a burden on the people that they love and that happened. I had my worst fear in my entire life. Come true last year. I gotta be stuck in my hair. I know it doesn't sound like it matches up but let me explain first of all. I am definitely allergic okay. I'm i if i get stuck i will die. Me plus b. equals dead okay. That's the quick bath for you and this thing came in hot. It's shot in my hair like it belonged there and at first i just tried to whip my hair back and forth. Try to get it out. That didn't help at all. It just got it more stuck so now. Run up to people screaming for help but there is no quicker way to look schizophrenic. Then run to people screaming for help and they can't see the threat sunai running up to white people in the park ruining picnics stepping people's pesto. I'm slipping in hamas and snap a whole shark. hillary boards. And i know what i should've done. I should've i should've run up and i should have been like. Hey i'm so sort before. I could get your attention for just a second. There's a be in my hair. And i'm deathly allergic if you could help me out. That'd be a lifesaver okay. I was to panic for any of that. All right so i just ran up on. Its in may rats. It's gonna kill me. forgot to mitch up top. Would i slipped through. The hub is by ankle. So i didn't even get to run up all the regular. I was running up like it's a can't chew air. It's it's gonna kill bay people. Were running away from me. It was terrible was absolutely horrible. Thing that bothered me. The most the thing that really stress me out even broke my heart. A little bit was. This was the one time one time in my entire life that i needed white people to touch my hair and they were nowhere to be found wasn't asking. I was thinking. I was like i'm gonna and they were like no. No i know better. I learned about this right. I went to pass. Er and i gotta get kids so i took a sensitivity class whereas the twitter sponsorship for the daily show comes to you from norton. Three sixty with lifelock. It feels like everything we do. Online comes with some risk. Buying a pair of socks online sounds simple enough but then the online store wants as much personal information from you as possible. What does your credit score. I color blood type. Mother's maiden name or social security number have to do with buying socks. No one wants to be unsafe online. But every time you give up info and privacy you may give up a little safety to norton. Three sixty with lifelock helps keep your digital life safer with device security of vpn to keep your wifi activity private and identity theft protection all in one no one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But you can choose to be safer online. Just opt into cyber safety with norton three sixty with lifelock join now and save twenty five percent or more off your first year at norton dot com slash the daily show. That's norton dot com slash. The daily show to save twenty five percent developed a lot pet peeves in the pandemic. You know things. That didn't bother me before the definitely bothered me now really upset me like i'm done with horoscopes. You re yours but don't really mind okay as dumb because the to so tehrik from me you'll find love and love's place when loves ready to do love thing you think. Wow you basically just said something's going to happen eventually. That's your prediction. I would just rather horoscope with less words. That would make me happier. I would rather open up a newspaper. Go down to where it says. Pisces says don't. I'm sure i was gonna do something dumb that down. The other reason i'm done with them is because you know everybody. He was born. Everybody here's got assigned whether you believe in it or not. Everyone has one right. How did everybody's horoscope missile global pandemic. It was coming whether you like a leo or libra or like the scales or the dolphin and the dog. Whatever it is. It was coming no matter what so. I stood people who have the nerve to reveal horoscope. Something very special is on the way for you really. It couldn't have said mascot march fifteenth still been mysterious. I had a hard time in lockdown. I really did in quarantine. It was hard. It's really really hard because it. It made a liar out of me. Because i've always said my entire life if i just had the time. Oh if i had to learned another language. I'd get ripped. I've learned how to build a house. Turns out if you lock be in my room for nine months. I won't do any of those things. I would just rather watch. Tv until i fall asleep into session. I watch tv and fell asleep so many times. That the only way that i knew if i was if i woke up with dorito dust on my column was waking. Middle of the day came my life. My life just became screens non-stop phone or my computer. Or my tv nonstop. I was either on the internet. Or i was watching something and it got to be a lot. Got to the point. Where i knew i needed to take a break so i decided to do it. I i put everything down turned everything off and i just sat in my room. I just sit. And i think just try to be alone with myself and a quiet place sauce myself. I'll get to know what i'm really about in here. And that was a terrible mistake. It was it was a terrible. It was the dumbest thing i've ever done in my life first of all. I'm just sitting thinking. I'm not thinking after reading. I'm just thinking raw asked thoughts. These aren't good thoughts things. I normally be too distracted by tv to think. And they were real done. And that was heartbreaking. It was always thought about just sat. And thought i'd come up with a theory or something and i was sitting there like. Oh my god. All of these things are dumb and dumber. Is this dump. People find out. Last thing was real dumb. And i'm only talking. That's what happens when you sit with you. But i knew i had to take a break. I knew it. Because i got to the point where i wasn't sure if i knew who i was when there wasn't a screen in front of my face you know because i know it sounds bad to say but there's an online me and there's an in person me i know it sounds fake to say that but it's true you know and i'm scared that the online version is better. I am because online. I to i try to educate people i take up for people that don't know fight for causes that believe in but in real life i saw my friend sean get jumped and i was like he probably did my business. Obviously it wouldn't be three of them if he didn't do it if he didn't deserve it. You know in fact. Let me turn around. I don't like him screaming my name like that. I want to be involved online. I try to educate people that i feel like are being ignorant but you know what i don't do real life read like all talk down to people because i gotta keep order fraud of it online. I tell people. I don't know to keep following their dream okay. I tell them that they can do it. I don't know if they can do it. I keep telling them that they can do it. Okay and in real life. I gave a street performer. Money to stop. I was online. And i saw this guy making fun of this kid for being too skinny because he poses to workout video and there was this big. Do making fun of them right and so i told them. Hey if you wanna get your ass. Beat come to this address and in real life. I gave him my buddy john's address. How was i supposed to other people. That's just unfair. Sponsorship for the daily show is brought to you by priceline since nineteen ninety-seven priceline has been the best way for travelers to book. The trip they want at the prices they can afford priceline saves consumers more than one billion dollars every year so that their customers never have to miss the moments that matter at priceline they believe. Every trip is a big deal. That's why price priceline is offering even more savings for summer with their freedom sale during price lines freedom sale. You can save even more on flights hotels and rental cars plus get an instant twenty dollar discount on your flight hotel and rental car the coupon code freedom. Twenty when you book and express steel. That's coupon code. Freedom to zero for a twenty dollar discount at checkout. I'm also relearning how to be in the world. I was awkward before. But i'm insufferable. Now i am. I am almost a year out of practice from being weird. Like i go. I go. I go on walks and i remember. I left the house for this walk right. And while i was on it i bumped into a guy and we bumped into each other har- because we both just weren't paying attention and when i bumped into him i immediately whipped around to apologize but when i turned around he was standing there and a gun had fall out of his waistband as i looked at the gun and i looked at him and he looked at the gun. He looked at me. Here's the hours raised in the south. Right so i was raised to be polite. I was raised to you. Know make people feel comfortable be affable and everything. So out of pure instinct. I i down to pick up. This has gone and about halfway down. I was like let me not put my fingerprints on this loose gone. He doesn't even have a holster. i'm sure he is going to do something illegal. With this guy as so. I just stood back up in the. He knelt down and he picked it up and he put it back in his waistband and we just stared each other. And then i went evening. Evenings felt like my skip to shoop retirement. So has i was on a walk. Because that's all i do. Now leave the house of walk too. I get tired then. Come home and fall asleep and walk again. I'm basically mound all his during lockdown. What else could you do. All you can only go for everything was closed and so i was on this walk in. I actually got to see a public proposal. And i saw this guy's in front of this woman. And he took a step back any nell. He whipped a ring out he popped it open asked her to marry him and then she hit him in the head with a rock and i am not a relationship expert but that seems like a hard nosed. That's a fast pass right there. You know and i don't know them. I don't know what's going on with them or anything. So i had to insert something for myself. And if i'm being honest last year a lot of people moved in together real quick. They were like listen. It's the end of the world. i'm not paying to rents. let's just live together. I liked enough. We'll survive so people partnered up and maybe that's what happened to them. They partnered up early in the pandemic and every day he fell more and more in love with her and every day. She got sicker and sicker month to. They're sitting at the breakfast table names just looking at it. He's just thinking he's not saying it out loud he's just thinking. Wow the world may never be normal again. The world changed forever as we know it. And i get to be sitting across from this beautiful woman. This this amazing woman that she even eats cute litter in her cereal. Little bites she is. She's to and then she sent across from him. Thinking is watching me to ally in deep in my mouth. Like that is weird. Is hal nine roma food anymore. Monfort the land down watching a movie together. He has both of her hands in his hands. And he's just thinking like look at look at these little hands little. She is a cutest hands in the world. And then she's thinking this clammy bitch how even get his hands. This didn't wash his hands where he sat down to watch the movie. My hands are soaking wet right. I am sopping wet. I've got a couple of water in my hand right now from his week fingers rubbing up against my hands eight maybe that maybe they're on a walker something maybe they're actually able to go out and do a thing. You know not much as open but maybe they go to like a froyo place or something. They're eating it together. And he's like flew the little fro. you know what. I can't wait tomorrow. i'm going to do it. I'm going to ask this beautiful woman to marry and get down on one knee and ask this angel to make me the happiest man in the world and she was sitting there thinking if his head was just a little lower than i cannot get clean back a crack damn cerebellar. If he gave me the chain. I should mentioned. I don't know if i mentioned up top. But when she hit him in the head with a rock she didn't pick up the rock. She was a rock on her. Okay she was just as ready to hit him in the head with a rock as he was proposed bolger's walking all day with rocket their back pocket at hers was bigger. Because i should point out. I wasn't the only one who saw this. You know like with any public proposal. A crowd gathered around people. Were calling people start to clap. This proposal got claps only got two clamps because people saw him kneel and they even started their like that is so we should mind our business. Let's just are you ready to take that next step in your career. Don't know where to start at. Johns hopkins carey business. School uncover your business. Potential through world class faculty immersive learning opportunities and a legacy of innovation explorer our mba and specialized masters and learn how you can join a network of global business leaders who sees opportunity inspire change and create lasting value. Built for what's next with carey business school. Learn more about our in person and programs at carey dot j h u dot. Edu slash explore dash. Carry i was trying to take a break from my phone. You know what. I really missed my phone i did it was it was weird. It's hard to even explain and it's win. It occurred to me that no one will ever love anyone as much as you love your phone. I know it sounds sad to say but it's true it is no i've had conversations with people deep long conversations where i was like. Wow right now in this moment. I think i'm making a friend for life. I've opened up to this person. More have opened up to anyone in years and eventually they do just pull out their phone and start checking some and that's supposed to be rude but it's not rude. Phone is better it is. You can do anything you want on the phone. And i'm just yapping about my parents divorce. They the phone like this is way better than what was happening two seconds ago. Oh he's still going. He is a mass wrong. Dropped my phone. Sometimes i don't know of anyone else here does but think about the noises you make when you almost drop your phone. The true heartbreaking noise that you make it hasn't even hit the ground but that was just slipping through one finger. It's still it's still in your hand and you mean it. It's coming from deep in here. It's coming from the heart. you couldn't meet it more. It's biological in you to make that noise when you're dropping your baby. Now think of the noise we make when we see actual car accidents. Ooh that's messed up out there by okay. looks terrible. You see how those should be reversed. Because truly i dropped my phone and i go through all five stages of grief. I really do know drop it. Hits the ground denial. That's that's that's not crack. That's just a hair. That's just a hair. And soon as i wipe it will be good. She okay my father's file. I did not just best by folger's now. I'm good good anger. Four can't believe. I just dropped this phone run outside the apple store standing. I bought it six seconds. Go cashier still be in the face. He waving at me. And i dropped this fall through these brittle fingers bargaining. That's just the case. That's the that's the case whole job is to be like the secret service of the phone and take the hits for the phone. So that's where it just like a little soldier. It took that hit it cracked. My phone is fine though depression. My ex right handle responsibility. Where and that's why she left. And honestly i think she made the right move acceptance. You know what. I just don't deserve nice things. Get off getting show key like deserve. I've been visiting more people now. Now the things are opening up and stuff. And i went visit one of my friends who i haven't seen since before any of the pandemic seeming a whole year and he lives with his mom his dad his grandma and his cousin and was so good. See all of them. Hang out a little bit catch up and stuff but while i was there not sure how while i was basically my boys. Grandma got a crush. I'll be. I'll know what to do about it and i heard a couple of all. This is not a hallmark crush. This woman has carnal intentions toward my body. Okay she's not messing around. Okay i was. I was hanging out there at first of all. She wait 'til air by lead the room to hit on me. That's how i know. She a predator okay. She wakes up. She could make it. He says she said right so that everybody left the room for a different reason. She got right up all we just am by face all over me and i tried to let her down easy. I tried to make it scientific about the pandemic. I was like ma'am ma'am. We should social distance because right. Now i'm not vaccinated. You're not axon aided okay. And you're in a high risk. Demographic i would hate for something to happen to you are. That's what i said. And then she went. Oh sweetie i'm high risk and high reward. So i just stuck to my buddy like glue. Anywhere he went is where i went to the house. Just i was. I was right behind the do be left. Allow with her again because she's aggressive okay and i'm not gonna lie. She oh but. I think she faking it. 'cause she's all she's fast because we would leave the room as she wouldn't be in the room with us at all and she just be right behind me running how you doing this. Because she was behind and she pinched by bud and pigeon butts all lady sexual harassment. The nobody cares about you know even if i tell people that she got me. They're like well. She's eighty-five you should've been faster. Okay just move but she did. She pinched my but they're whispered it by ear. You firm like my mattress. Oh my god. I am going to lease it. I'll know how but she got my number. She got out of my buddies fall where he would pay at titcher as she has been sending me stop thurs traps but they're granny thirst trap so was just pictures of food that she cook but still still. There is annual window involved. You know she sent me a picture of cobbler. and then text me under it agra. Break you off. So if you want a coupla through. I'm going to throw my phone in the ring. I hate this way or that. I love my the incredible impact that black culture music have on the world speaks for itself even as we transition to a new way of living. It's helped us to find meaning and celebration through it. All ford wants to take a moment to give huge applause for the continuous influence of black music. Music is a form of expression and black. Music takes that form to new levels singing through the pain. In dancing and cheerful moments wouldn't be satisfied without the instrumentals and vocals black music provides us with ford wants to show our commitments of black americans and respect for the legacy. They hold black. Music encourages others to express their truth and honor. Life's journey ford party with dj denies to discuss the legacy and future of black music. What inspires him and how he brought people together through the universal language of music during a pandemic four is recognizing black cultural moments like this throughout the year especially this june for black music month when we remember recognize and respect. We all move forward built. Ford brown built ford tough. I just want people to be happy. I feel like we can be happy if we get out of our way like i. I have friends who are dating trying to date in new york and stuff and especially my female friends will talk to me about their troubles. Dayton metropolitan city translating the age of the apps and everything and i even had one friend. She came to me with this list and it was the list of everything that she wanted in a guy you know and i told her honestly i care about her a need you take that list and throw it in the trash. Barnard if you have to have that will help you. Forget the memory. I'll tell you right now. There's only three things. There's only three attributes that you can hope for in a guy that you're gonna make a partner. There's only three. You need to pick two okay. Pick two of those three whichever to you can live with and move on because you're not going to get all three. I hate it for but it's not gonna happen. I'll go over them right now. there's good dick. Good person got shit together. You need a pig to those three never to work for you and move on and if he has one leave one ruin your life. Just one I honestly i have friends complained to me about their ones. And i'm falling asleep listening to the story because there's just boring. Well you told me you had one to begin with. So what are we really talking about. He's just a good person doesn't have good dig shit together just a good person. That's a friend like this. Y'all can hang out on the weekends go to museums. I don't know why you try and force more it. He's just good dig. Just not the person together. Just good dick. There's literally a dole is stress. Make a mold of his dick in his sleep and nobody puts her vibrator back at the joy. Like uber guy. My birthday like it's not going to happen if you treat it like what it's because you're not going to get all three and i hate it for you. I really do sincerely. And every time i have this conversation with my friends sometimes they said not every time. Sometimes they do get upset and they're like no no. He has all three nine. No he has three. I know i feel it. I feel here and here and here. No he has all three. If you really think he has all three he's gonna kill you. That is a murderer. Putting on a facade ask sure all thirty three words are ted. Bundy had all three know this. Ted it's just nice. You know it's just nice to meet a guy that has should together as a lawyer and everything and like knows how to knows his way around the bedroom those how to listen. Why are you looking at me like that. That's how it went every time it bothers me. What really upsets me. Even scares me a little bit. I don't know which to i am because i don't get to decide you know that's another person's decision about me. I'm scared i'm gonna be laying back with my girl years from now. Eight years from now just land back. We're talking about this. And i lean over to her. And i'm like i'm i'm good dick and a good person right. You have a great job. The daily show with. Trevor noah in the following message is brought to you by grubb grub loves restaurants from the food to the passion and determination of the people behind them. They know the good food deserves. Good service delivered fast. Fresh and exactly. How restaurants intended it to be restaurants work hard to serve their customers and grubhub works hard to serve them. When you're trying to stay up to date on the latest political debauchery you find yourself. Famished grub hubs got you covered grub hard to serve restaurants that they can work hard to serve you today. Grub hubs doing a little extra to serve pinera. Get a free delivery. Perk on your first order from panera of fifteen dollars or more order through the grubhub app or online grubhub. We serve restaurants. Last year was tough because i also lost people. We all did to a certain degree lost people in some of the people that had lost like i had a friend who passed away and he passed away during the height of infection so we couldn't gather we couldn't go all be together and mourn him properly and so we We had have zoom funeral. I don't know if you've been to resume but this had all the awkwardness of zoom meeting but added as a funeral. It was terrible because at least that a few at a real funeral right. We're all facing the body. We're all collectively facing the same direction looking at the body and on zoom we are all facing each other. And i'm not gonna lie. Not everybody looks upset enough for me. Okay there are some people who screens or bloom like you play. Cyberpunk already tell. Why are you blue. And nobody else's blue there was what those each of the egypt's take a it. The chips completely unmuted issues pressure. Pringles pitcher pringles perjure. Pringles at your house. But there's a funeral people didn't know they weren't muted. Is a little those little. Willie dad told you really look almost rain right here. Come look they got them all messed up though. They messed up that last haircut. I wouldn't let me like that. that's terrible. oh my god i'm not. I'm not muted. Preacher got on there. And here's the think there was at least one family member that was allowed to be at the funeral home with the preacher with the body and everything and they said he preached a really uplifting sermon. You know especially if you grew up christian or something used all all the things we've all heard before you got up. There acted like it was a full churchouse even though it was just a webcam and one person and he was like c c c c c willy willy willy. Maybe we already know that. We know willy de okay but his body is dead his his sallow his is there with dame of his sow is with the one that has sent it all the one that i said willie out there doing doing more lager. Jesus's right now. The for willie i town up in the clouds. No pain no suffering really in a better place. Now willie maybe de all right but he is not gone right sure but his connection had a lag so all we heard on our end. Was that about sums it up. But that's pretty rooms really good for the best that i'm gonna die not now one live a long life and everything but still like eventually. We're done and i say that. Because i feel i feel at least i don't know but i think that i'm and do the best to make the world as good of a places i can for the people that i meet you know if i heard someone i try to fix it and if someone is hurt already i try and make them feel better. You know i just wanna help. And i think i think i'm as progressive as you can get. I don't know maybe but give me eight years. I'm sure i'll hit a wall somewhere. It happens to everybody. Everybody hits a wall. They act like there's this huge. There's this huge battle between the generations. And there's not it's just medicine got two good so people that were nice and then shoulda died are still alive and very upset saying terrible things and i'm not it better than anybody. I could be one of them. You know i know people who in civil rights movement right for quality. Just be able to have what someone else has by virtue of being a person and they got dogs and they got the shit beat out of them okay and even with some of them just some but even with some of them if you bring marriage equality though like let's not get crazy. Let's not get crazy. What were you what were you doing it for. The you know sixty zero. They're holding hands holding the line sitting in singing. We shall overcome. Who would've thought your grandson would have to overcome you. you know. tell me. I'm wrong is true. And i wanna find out what my line is unlike. Just be that. Do that was nice to everybody and then he died. Sounds like a pretty good life because all a super progressive guy now but give me eighty years. I'll find thing. I won't even do it on purpose. I just won't get it. You know i won't be a bad person. I won't understand. I don't know what it is now but it's coming. In fact i can take a guess at what is going to be robots. It will is getting too good. It's not too long before they put in the body and then there's walking around amongst us that everything and then years later. My granddaughter brings home a robot to thanksgiving. And i don't like it. I like it at all. And i'm that old racist at the table. You know nice young man could be more respectful in my house right. But i'm sitting there saying all the racist stuff. Lean over my granddaughter like you can fuck. But don't marry him. Grandpa what twenty minutes into dinner. I'm like hey pass the salt grandpap. What can't say that. There were eye embed the word. I think he get to say it. Our dinner was so way. Your your grandpa. Like a blender or something grandpa grandfather was a blender okay and they kept them in the house and they worked them to death and then they threw him out when he got old. At least he was in the house. One one of these outside robots. You wouldn't like it was a lawnmower some of it that hard done enough for you. People watch you every day. We didn't do anything. I do it they do you. They liked the work. They didn't complain. You know now every every weekend can't go anywhere without you guys marching talking about how. 'bout lives matter. What type. And then i die. Nobody's says the thing that i love about telling that joke is that in it. I actually make up a form of bigotry. But this is so brooklyn. Some of you were like you need to check your organic privilege. I just because he's made nuts and bolts does not diminish his person hood then made it up. It's not gonna happen. I promise you the incredible impact that black culture music have on the world speaks for itself. Even as we've transitioned to a new way of living. It's helped us to find meaning and celebration through it. All ford wants to take a moment to give huge applause for the continuous influence of black music. Music is a form of expression and black. Music takes that form to new levels singing through the pain and dancing and cheerful moments wouldn't be satisfied without the instrumentals and vocals that black music provides us with ford wants to show our commitment of black americans and respect for the legacy they hold black. Music encourages others to express their truth and honor. Life's journey ford partnered with dj denies to discuss the legacy and future of black music. What inspires him and how he brought people together through the universal language of music during a pandemic ford is recognizing black cultural moments like this throughout the year especially this june for black music month when we remember recognize and respect. We all move forward built. Ford brown built ford tough. Here's the thing we're in a time whereas a comic it feels like there's another level of feels like you have to do two things you have to both give people permission to laugh and make them laugh because we're in a very tense time. Where a lot of terrible things are being said but a lot of people don't mean to say terrible things and a lot of people are worried about what people think if they say something and tents and so you have to. Both you have to give people permission like hey here right now. We might as well be family. We're having good time. And i'm sharing my thoughts with you and i hope you enjoy them. And if you don't understand. But i want to open up the floor and give you permission to have the best time possible with the things that i'm saying and then you have to give people something good enough to laugh at. I say that. Because this next thing. I'm telling you i want you to have a good time with it because i did. I was visiting one of my friends and over the pandemic he. He got a bar which is weird. I don't know it is like he. He lives in a studio at the biggest bird. I've ever seen and now. His apartment is a quarter bird is just it is cumbersome. It is a reverse by angela win there. Just bird upset. Nobody's having a good time. It's weird because it was odd of him to see a majestic creature and be like well. If i can't be outside neither can you. But he did. He got his this bird parrot. I know but it's the biggest paired i've ever seen in my entire life. And while i was hanging out his place at one point he went to the bathroom and we went to the bathroom. I think i don't know. I can't be certain but i'm almost sure that while he was in the bathroom. The parrot said the n. word. And i don't know i wasn't sure if i picked up on it at first because it didn't say it like dude say like a bird you know i'm just sitting there on my phone and i hear i'm like that wasn't it but it was played. It had all the notes that might have been in. You know. But i was like no i just went back to my phone and i heard and i'm like that was slower. That one might have been spot on. I think he trying to tell me something but even if he is what am i gonna do. Fight a bard. Phones shook it off and then the third one third one adams thank on it was like i'm like bats and when i turned around he was looking at me. I'm like he is clearly doing this but it was weird. I didn't know what to do. I was frozen because saying cracker is their whole thing and he went. Finland need a break from the big city. Join me travel journalists. O.'neil raymond on a new york to dc road trip that will change your view of the east coast commute. This is about the journey an audio journey for travelers looking for a new kind of road trip from burning new jersey to a mural that sparked big questions of identity and one small town search for about the journey in your podcast app. That's about the journey talked a lot about being on my phone and i've only mentioned the internet a couple of times. I think it's important to point out that the internet all it is is an amplifier. When it when the internet came along it changed everything. It changed the world as we live in it. It changed what we care about it. Change our priorities. All that stuff that all is deep down a transformer. It's an amplifier. If you want to do good it's gonna help you do more good than you've ever done in your entire life. Go reach people that you never could have otherwise and if you want to evil is going to take you to a darker place than you could ever match like for the good things right. As good example there was a little girl. Some of you may have even seen the story there. There was a little girl that was eight years old and she had brain cancer and her parents didn't have a lot of money and they didn't have the best insurance so as americans. We were gonna let her die. That is what we do here are right. She obviously being eight and having a bad brain and not having money was irresponsible. She should pulled herself up by her seven-year-old bootstraps and made enough money to support her lung. Cancer brain right. That's american dogma. Okay so we were going to let her die but she said no no. I'm not going to die right now without a fight and so she decided to sell lemonade. She's gonna sell laminate to raise money for her surgery right which is adorable. But sweetie. that's not gonna cut it unless you're charging you've got champagne levels for this lemonade. Or have child soldier factory levels of it being pumped out at produced. You're not gonna make. I'm sorry but as she was sound eliminate every person that she sold a cup of lemonade to she told her story. She told them why she was selling the lemonade. And then those people start to tell people and then through facebook instagram twitter someone start go fund me for this little girl and then she blew the amount of money that she needed first surgery app water right which is great. That's amazing that's the power of the internet. That's the ability for us to connect when we all have access to each other. We can make an impact could change each other's lives you know but there's also a bad side. We all know it. When i was in high school there was this group of kids that they were cool. And i liked him at like that. They like me but they terrify because all they ever did was prank each other and it was like it was too hard core and it was really mean and weirdly always brought them closer together but it terrified me because they were heinous to each other but it somehow just strengthened their bond so i was glad that they liked me but i want to be in the group and it was four of them. It was two guys and it was two girls and normally like the coming of age story would tell you that they're all going to hook up but that's not what happened. Everyone in the group had a different significant other outside the group except for one girl. Her name was beth and it was hard for beth to find somebody because she was too intense. She was a lot you know she just. She always felt the need to up the ante take things further than they should go. You know until she met a guy schmidt a guy on the internet and they hit it off immediately. She thought he was cute. They had the same sense of humor. They want to go travel the same places and every day. She would come to school and she would tell us about this. You would tell us how you know. He's so cool. I like him so much. And here's what we talked about everything and then friday came and on friday. She told me that he wanted to meet on saturday. Told her oh don't do that. That is a terrible idea. Because i should point out. This is an online dating and twenty twenty one. This is online dating in two thousand and eight okay in twenty twenty one. There's byles there's mutual friends. There's pictures from multiple angles in two thousand eight. All you're getting with online dating was a description that was hopefully accurate enough to give the police. And so i told her no. Don't go because i should point out. This guy didn't give her an address to come to. He said meet me in this neighborhood through this alley through this door. And i was like you honestly making it too easy to kill. You do not go. That sounds like a murderer. She she was young and she was in love and so she went. She went to their neighborhood through that alley through that door and when she walked through that door it was a funeral home. She was so confused she was looking around everything. She walked around the whole funeral home and she saw that there was only one funeral and it was his and she so confused she was looking at him looking at his family and everything she can understand it then she got a call on our phone and it was a friends and they pranked her. They found this picture in the obituary and so they took it and they made an online profile with it and then they found her and then they just chopped it up they just chat it and because they know her so well they obviously could make her fall instantly in love with this guy. They know all the things that she lives. They know where sense of humor. They know the places that she wants to travel when she gets out of high school and so they had her come there on a saturday valentine's day by the way to come see the dead body of this dude. She had fallen in love with. That is how dark the internet camping. That is what happens when we all have access to each other. We can change each other's lives for the worse. I know right now. You feel bad for beth. Don't okay she got him back over the course of a decade. She banged all of their dad's told you she was intense. Felt the need to up the anti. That's not all she did. She married one and we honestly don't know if they're still part of it. Maybe she loves this man or maybe she's like you got me good in high school and now i'm your mom i'm gonna write you out of the will josh johnson. Thanks so much. I i can't believe you also mark i appreciate it. I feel like i would be. I'd be making a huge mistake. If i didn't say an extra thing right now so alive. You can't do. This thing was supposed to happen a year ago and because of the pandemic hold it and hold them to do it in a way that made everybody safe and everybody gets a good time. And so i i know up here but i'm not the only one that put a lot of work and allows sweat and tears of people who couldn't even be your night they have to like zoom in from la. So i hope. I'll have a lag. They'll think i was bombing. But like but please i want you to give it up for comedy central. Give it for viacom. Give it a director david palmira for all the amazing people have kept us safe tonight. Every person after all the stuff please. One last thing i this this has been so important to me. It's it's been one of the most important things in my life. I grew up watching comedy central. I grew up watching specials and so now to have one is absolutely insane. It's it's a dream. Come true and you will all part of that and i want thank you so much for being here and for being part of it you mean the world to me you really do and and honestly if last year tauzin anything it is to do whatever it is that you want whatever it is if you think you can't do it if you think you won't be able to you will eventually give it time and promised if you don't give up. I promise you can make things happen okay. A couple people said that. I like spy hurt them to do comedy everything but i hope i can inspire you to do whatever it is that you want so important especially now life is precious and it's not promised you know i've had people ask me what i feel like my life would be like if i didn't follow my dreams you know if i didn't get on a plane from louisiana and moved to chicago to start doing comedy and just beater poor and do an open minds until i i finally got comfortable in chicago and then i was scared to move to york by did that too and people ask me would what i think my life would be like if if i didn't get on those planes if i didn't take those chances if trevor noah and i have to tell them i guess we'll never know guidance. This has been a special presentation of. Trevor noah presents josh johnson hashtag for more josh johnson goto. Josh johnson comedy dot com and for an extensive slate of comedy central original standup titles in series go to paramount. Plus black culture has had a remarkable in worldwide impact on american culture music. June is black music month and ford partnered with legendary deejay denies to discuss the legacy in future black music. What inspires him and how he brought people together through the universal language of music during pandemic ford is proud to celebrate black cultural moments like black music month throughout the year because when we remember recognize and respect we all move forward built. Ford proud built ford tough. This has been a comedy central podcast.

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April 6  Hour 1  Denver Nabs The All-Star Game | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies On the Subject

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

42:51 min | 4 months ago

April 6 Hour 1 Denver Nabs The All-Star Game | Drew Creasman of DNVR Rockies On the Subject

"Tried to tell you. I tried to tell you that baylor. The bulldogs have had a good season or on a historic season and some tough opponents. But i just feel like our felt. Like baylor's defense the way they just handled houston on saturday. Really made me feel good about my pick of the baylor bears to take down. Eighty six to seventy. This really wasn't a game at all. Saga made it. Cut it to ten at the half put. Baylor was under control that that defense was scary. Scary good there. And i'm happy to report that i finished third in the bracket challenge is. This is a bad colefax not bad. I don't know how i feel about this. The it wasn't dixon that won this thing. It was the spawn of dixon. His son who's a whole again as well one. Is it the sins of the father. Kind of thing colefax. Does he get that music. Because because of whose dad is are we willing to let him start on a clean slate you know some. Say he's a little more evil overly that he's got a little more of that chiefs king evilness kingdom was a little party. He was we had at the country club. They actually really cool i. It's hard for me to admit that even dixon even daddy dixon is pretty. You know yeah kind of. It's kinda like you see you this. You've seen the sopranos right. I've seen some once in a while. Tony can sit down and talk to an fbi agent and there's like a ten minute monologue segment there of okay. These guys have a mutual respect for each other. Yeah but as soon as they walk out the door. I'm i'm coming after you tony. That's kinda how it is how it is although. I'm tony in this case because he's cooler and the sopranos cool so i'm definitely tony in this case. Yes just wanna make that clear as for spot of dixon. Great job he kind of blew it out. Mclean finished second. Finished one point behind. So there's only a handful it took baylor and you know we were just kind of how it worked out the all the top facts. That was my game of the week yesterday. Surprise surprise going pretty simple national championship game. We're just gonna go that route and that'll be that but now get this gonzaga mcclay. Did you get sick a place last year or did you get second a fantasy draft. It's tough man. It's tough it's you know you gotta bring it every single every single day. Mclean one pick away. Maybe maybe two picks away from taking that thing so even with gonzaga losing. They are still the odds on favor. The betting favorite to win the twenty twenty two men's basketball title crazy caesar's sportsbook by william hill has posted the bulldogs at plus five fifty. Newly crowned champion baylor as the second favorite. At plus eight fifty interesting doug keyser. In of espn dot com right handicapping which transfers in highschool recruits will make the biggest impact is always tricky for oddsmakers however in response to the pandemic. The ncw is allowing any player the option to transfer without sitting sitting out a season and that poses even more challenges for odds. So maybe going the easy route. Go with gonzaga gonzaga. This just happens. Listen i'm not gonna knock the bulldogs. I'm going to knock them. I do think that baylor was unlike eighteen. They played all year. I think baylor we were talking about this. They had some covert issues and if they wouldn't have had covert issues. who knows. maybe they run the table and go undefeated. But i'm not going to be one of those guys as a see i told you. Gonzaga didn't know this is more of of of baylor and their defense. I believed in that saga tremendous team. And maybe if you do tournament best to five who knows maybe gonzaga winds maybe do. But this is college basketball. Colfax is what we love and hate about it sometimes. The best teams don't claim. The title was baylor the the best team all year long. No gonzaga was the best basketball team in the country all year long but this is just. This is how it goes. If you can't bring it every single night they might you. That's why a lot of times you don't see the number one is always run away with the title. I advanced text line. Nine seven four seven eight thirteen to one nine seven. Four seven eight thirteen one is a fischel the colorado rockies will host the two thousand and twenty one all star week that posted up on our website the whole show dot com coors field serve as site of midsummer classic for the first time since nine hundred ninety eight major league baseball announced today at that the two thousand twenty one all star game presented by mastercard and its surrounding events will be hosted by the colorado rockies. The national broadcast of the all star game on fox will be held on tuesday july thirteenth. Baseball's ninety first midsummer classic will be the second ever in denver joining the nineteen ninety eight event at coors field. They were already in just one. Everybody knows as a political thing i do. I get that. I'm trying to wipe that away and just go with what it means. And what this was all about the rockies were already in the bidding process to host a future all star game. They were already there. They were already pushing for this. They had supplied a detailed plan for hotel event. Space and security that took months to assemble which is also. Why kinda yanking at the way they did away from georgia Was interesting because you did it just like that. You know you got a plan this out so the rockies do have a plan and they see they are prepared to to act out that plan now so they already had several visits with major league baseball staff on this so there we go rob manfred said major league baseball's grateful to the rockies the city of denver in the state of colorado for the support of this summer's all star game. We appreciate their flexibility and enthusiasm to deliver a first class event for our game the region. We look forward to celebrating our sports best players and entertaining fans around the world thoughts. I mean i don't listen. It's an all star game. I remember when the nuggets planet all star game. I still have the hat. Colfax i still do. You know is but it's an all star game. It's still an all star team. What does it do for the city of denver. I'm sure big big things but it is definitely surrounded by political discussion. I am not equipped. Nor am i necessarily interested in getting too deeply involved on that side colfax. How about the big story of the day. I know that was a big story. But i mean been fell still fell saying. Hey hey that's adorable major league baseball. You're moving your all star game around. We got a quarterback trade to talk about three years. After hailing him as the franchise savior. The new york. Jets traded sam darnold to the carolina. Panthers on monday ending months of intense speculation about their quarterback quarterback plan. So there you go. That jets are now going to take a quarterback at number two. It's official so three. Quarterbacks should be gone at least for sure by the time denver gets to nine. And i don't see anybody dancing with the broncos for those first three and like i've said a few times on the show if it's not for those first three i'm out i'm done denver in return for darnold. The number three overall draft pick in two thousand eighteen the jets received three picks a sixth rounder in the twenty twenty one draft later this month and a second rounder and a fourth round and twenty twenty two sam darnold who was once touted. I mean actually many thought he would go number one. Cleveland kinda shocked a lot of people and went with baker mayfield. I said on the show. I thought sam darnold look to be the most equipped to be the next week. I have to be careful. You don't wanna trade the farm away for a quarterback colfax because they could turn like sam darnold and then what happened three years later. Not only do you not have sam darnold you for the past three years. You're out of draft picks now again. The jets were in that position to draft. Sam darnold denver is not there are number nine. So the upside the best case scenario you trade you trade. Your farm trade. Three first round picks in third or second whatever and you get a franchise quarterback and he's your guy he is patrick. Mahomes ask. that's the best case scenario. You know how rare that chance is going to be you getting your patrick mahomes of you getting your drew. Brees your peyton manning. it's very rare. worst case scenario. is you trae. All those draft picks for the next three years. You don't have a first round pick and you don't have a second round pick if you don't have one of them at least and your quarterback is a bust so all those years. He was trying to spend building using the first round to build or at least use those first round picks to gain more picks back in the second. And third rounds. You didn't have them. You didn't have the ammunition because you use it on a quarterback. I just don't like it. I said of justin field doesn't fall to nine which he won't. I don't think denver should be too aggressive here. So now what's interesting is. Dave said a few times that they would go after quarterback now. Here's here's the interesting stuff. Adam schefter posted this earlier with teams locked into the first three overall picks. The atlanta falcons now have received calls from multiple teams there number four coal facts and are open to moving out of the number four spot. There are million mock drafts that i have read a lot of them do have i won't say a lot. A percentage of them have the broncos. Get an aggressive move up and getting atlanta's number four so then things get really really interesting if denver. I don't see it happening. I just don't but all these mock drafts mean colfax mock drafts or what they are but some of these guys. That are pretty good at it. They know something. They may had a sense. That the jets were gonna move on from sam darnold along that was going to lock in the first three picks at quarterback and the next live would be atlanta will now atlanta becomes the prettiest gal in the ball colefax. Everybody's calling they want to go dancing there. It is they want to go dancing. And they wanna move up and get number four and so okay. We know. Trevor lawrence has gone. We know that. Situation zack wilson. Byu is gone. Justin field is probably gone. Then those three guys are out in your first three. So could we get trae lance and then of course you move down to alabama's guy and mac jones so it's really between trae lance and mack jones. I mean that's that's the way it's gonna work. Do you want to trade. Two first round picks maybe three including your number nine for mac jones or trey lance mack. Jones is an tell us pro day. He was probably lift guy after his pro. Pro tei fourth. Maybe third and i've talked about. I've talked about trae lance amazing stats a breathtaking numbers. Fcs so are you really going to take all those picks move up to number four because it sounds like the falcons are willing to denver. Did say george pay. Did say he's going to get quarterback. Zach stevens are boy. Our guy from dvr broncos. He thinks the yes. Quarterbacks could very will go one two three and four either mack jones or justin fields will be available at five so he's going justin fields available at five. Boy i just. I don't know man potential quarterback and free agency. Teddy bridgewater gardner menchu and falls. So there's where we are george. Payton said they're going to upgrade their quarterback depth chart they're going to upgrade whether that means starter number two whatever. So here's your options gardner. Men's shoe teddy bridgewater. Nick foles or you trade everything you trade a lot to move up and get more than to me. I would say i would say. Trae lancer mack. Jones zacks posting that max jones or justin fields would be available at five so he must have he must have it the other way around that and i've heard any anywhere from i've even seen some mock. Were were justin fields drops down drops down outside a ten man if i if he's there at nine if you know he's going to be there which doesn't sound like it then you wait if you can move up and be reasonable about it then the maybe it works but i just i have a hard time with your thoughts. I events texas nine seven four seven eight thirteen o one nine seven four seven eight thirteen o one it is. It's going to be It's going to be wild man. i will tell you. this is very interesting draft. No question about it. And i think it would be if we can get for the first five quarterback five in a row. Possibly could happen. Wouldn't that be nuts. Four zero five zero. Yeah because we know trevor lawrence. Zack wilson those guys are gone at number one and two for sure then it becomes interesting after that of where the rest of this goes in. I am here for that show. I can't wait. I don't know that i'm ready for denver to start. Moving on from these draft picks to move up for any guy outside of lawrence wilson fields and again lawrence and wilson are not options. So the i always just throw them in because people will what about these guys They're not options at this stage. So you know jacksonville's going. Qb you know. The jets have now made it official. They're going qb. San francisco is growing. Qb atlanta's probably going to trade that pick to somebody that wants a qb so four probably gone right there since he's not going for a qb. Miami six no. They like their guy to troy carolina's probably not going. Qb now right. They got him. They got this guy. Did they get their guy. I don't know the broncos. There's still some question marks there. there's a lot. There's a lot to this man but as far as the rankings. And who's the best quarterback in the draft. I would say it's lawrence wilson. I would put fields at three and then it kind of is a is a tossup trae lancer mack jones. And it's interesting. Because zach says either mack jones or justin fields will be available. Five if the falcons. The falcons take a quarterback. That's the other question because they could not completely out of the market. They matt ryan is a good quarterback but he's not as he's not great anymore so you could see them find their guy to go there. So you could see the falcons keep it. And then you've got four. Quarterbacks gone and i believe that would either be Mack jones or lance. But a few falcons reporter. So i saw this report today while head coach. Arthur arthur smith believes ryan has at least two more seasons. Their general manager tariff on is focused on taking a qb the qb. They're probably targeting his trailer. Lance that would mean justin fields might be available at five. And how far do you have to reach to get up to get him. My goodness by the way. It is top techs tuesday today colefax. You guys are guys are in Already got tekken dixon considering the day to day competition not sure you can take. It was really the best team all year long. Just being undefeated doesn't mean you're the best. You put zog and several other conferences. And they probably don't go undefeated but they were. They were the number one seat. They were the best seat so you could argue it all day. But they were the best. They were the best seat Another reason they got the all star game. They're on the road the week before. The game. b rad. We read could win today. There is this. there's this though. What is this. He's sharing a tweet. There was something left dangling baseball demonstrates courage in taking the all star game from atlanta for human rights then handing it to the ownership that could be charged with malpractice. That's the thing if you're for your like you sit around. Just wait for it. Wait for. I don't know why digman for this george bush suddenly but just as good like he spoke at a cigar right now probably having brandy. And he's like has thing about these baseball teams. I keep screwing up. Good things keep happening to us. Twenty four minutes after the hour. We're gonna take a short break when we come back well. At twelve thirty we are going to talk to drew craftsman of iraqis. Dig mod for can do no wrong nolan erin auto all-star gabe we'll be right back Spring and that means high school baseball will decorate preps radio on thirteen ten. Kfi what's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi. Brian how colorado buffalo beat writer for the buffalo. And you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Am to mosier funeral and cremation service services. As unique is life live. Well plan ahead. Give scott robin or a member of their great staff occult today and talk to them about pre planning. It's an amazing gift. That's nine seven. Three three hundred sixty eight thousand four nuke says that was more like that. wasn't bush that was more like clinton the first version i did was more along. George bush side. The second was was a bill. Clinton matthew mcconaughey dazed and confused. Mix you got. I was right there. Yes right there. I mean. I don't know how all how all the inner workings works with the all star game but the rockies. We'll make some money got to yes and it's publicity for more publicity for coors field and it does kind of feel funny though it's like all these people a direct then suddenly all star games on the rockies left the rockies. Yeah come on the rockies are back at it tonight too. So let's what this team looks like without playing the best team in all of baseball. I i don't know why. But i walked away. Slide thought slightly optimistic. I wanna talk to drew crease mundine vr rockies here in a few moments. We'll get into a lot of that. Mclean says have the broncos ever drafted a qb. That's worked out osweiler. Paxton lynch chad kelly tibo cutler color and tibo interesting because mo kind of worked out when he was in denver. I mean if you think about it he was there what two years. I didn't play much second year. They go to the they win the afc west. They win a playoff game. They beat the steelers. The steelers lost the patriots. Right so did. Would you say tibo worked out. Kind of wally was a bronco. Did chad kelly know that. Now i would say no. That did not work out. Paxton lynch no jay cutler. I mean again. It's one of those guys. I wouldn't say was was a bus if he's a starting quarterback in the nfl for quite some time. But no i mean if you want to talk. first round. Picks first round broncos quarterbacks. Yeah you're you're kind of getting to that point where no none of paxton two thousand sixteen tim. Tebow in two thousand and ten jay cutler in two thousand six just looking at quarterback selectors been a ton of quarterbacks drafted in the first round by the broncos. Go back tommy. Maddox that that was a pressure. Move for john elway so i get what. You're saying. mclean i i. I'm not doing it unless unless it's like a hell of a deal just a hello video and justin field. I really liked justin feels. That's kind of my guy outside of your top two completely ungovernable guys. I like just fields. I don't think he'll be around. I am so damn intrigued by this. I three picks of the nfl draft. I don't know that it's ever that year. The baker mayfield year was really really interesting. But this year's forest quarterbacks go is very interesting and even if the broncos. Don't take a quarterback. I think they can hit a home. Run in this draft but you gotta be careful thirty one minutes after the hour how it all went down coors field will host the all star game this year and more on the colorado rockies. It was a weird weird weekend strange weekend for the rockies and kind of leading up to the news of the all star game two so we'll talk to drew craftsman about it next first. Let's get the latest on the local sports slash here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice. thirteen ten. Kfi this is brian. How colorado buffaloes beat writer for the buffs zone and. You're listening to the whole show thirteen ten. Kfi welcome back to the whole so powered by energy. We are live from the auto collision specialist studios joining me now. And i think it's a fish. We're going to be doing this. Every tuesday with the one. The only drew craftsman iraqis insider from. Dnv iraqis drew. I'm guessing so man. I just set it on the air. You can't make me look bad now. We're we're good right now. I'm taking it all you know what. Now that you've made it official you hold everybody. All's i can do is make a liar out of your fun right. This is why i was told. Never do programming meetings on the air and keep doing it it always. It always gets me drew. I'm in pretty big news. And now it's official colorado rockies will host the two thousand twenty one all star week yeah awesome. This is great. Look i know there are a lot of people who like want to feel bad about like trying really hard to to have some negative things and it's not that there's there's nothing to be sad for like it feels a little bit weird dick monfort is getting kind of rewarded at like the worst possible time There's even a cynical response to that. Though which is to say you know there's going to be a highlight now on this whole mass here everyone. The entire world is going to spend on denver. Colorado what you don't think the national broadcasters television and radio and a hundred different languages aren't going to mention you know it's kind of interesting we're here and you know that guy who's playing in this game. He wears a cardinal jersey now and Just shine a light on it. Isn't they say. Sunshine is the best disinfectant like. I think it's a win win win all around like yes dick monfort. It's gonna make some money out of the deal but guess what dick monfort. It's not going to sell the colorado rockies. I'm sorry everybody he's not. I wish he would. But he's not and so just making him more cash-strapped might make you feel a little bit better but it's not actually better for anybody and then there's just the bigger deal. It's just great for the community for baseball fans to to get to do this. They're issues at stake than just you know how much money goes into dick conference pockets. Yeah you're right. It is going to be strange though. When you see nolan there at the all-star that's going to be crust swan drew. The other thing too is just we did a poll. was it yesterday. I think we did a poll asking. I now that things are opening up and you can go to games current pro teams in colorado avs nuggets rockies rolling right now we asked the question which one would you would you go to i. Which one are you choosing. And it was hands down coors field. It was hands down rockies and a lot of our listeners a hate there is when you ask them where they want to go. It's like you know. Kerr failed. So i mean at the end of the day. It doesn't really matter. does it. Drew you know radi. I had somebody. I'm gonna have to clean them. Language stories this Reader who also sells jerseys down at the team store you know works in the the teams are still has all kinds of whatever they've got in there and you know he's all i hear all day is people you know having this and that stinking common through and then mom thing i go all right. That'll be four hundred bucks like you know and so like yeah like and what are you going to do at the end of the day. I'm not gonna fault anyone who's gonna have a good time going to baseball games. That doesn't mean that they have delusions of grandeur about the team. That stuff i'm not putting rockies fans down not the business of putting rockies fans down and i think that's a bad business to be in quite frankly so let's enjoy it. Let's enjoy a going out to the games. Even if we don't expect them to win a lot. I think it'll be better than a lot of people do. But trying to spin this all star game thing as a as a bad thing especially when we have no idea in the long term you know the rockies will get another one that could be the one thing where it's like if they can have a full year to prepare for this and and does colorado get the whole all star game experience. And if you're settling for kind of like seventy percent of it then it feels like the mom forgot played again. I'm not sure that's what happened here. That's all speculation for now. It's just a great day to be a fan of baseball in the state of colorado andrew. You mentioned it to. I mean looking at the last series against the dodgers. I mean congratulations rockies. You get to start the start season because the best team in baseball i think sometimes even in the off season drew i forget how good they are until you just watch them. Step up to the plate. You're like oh the worst is over. We got past this. Oh no there he just keeps going that way. But i gotta tell you drew. I walked away from this series going. That could have been a lot worse. Yeah yeah absolutely you know i. It was a really interesting series on a lot of ways. Rockies backs came to play and it's tempting to destroy your shoulders they hate coors field. Look man those are some of the best pitchers in the world over there. Kershaw bauer Dealer and hurry awesome and out there in the rockies offense more than held their own against them you know we knew the bullpen was going to be shaky and they caught up a couple of games. The one thing that i think was pretty disappointing. Was the starting pitching particularly marquette. Cousin sends italo. We're just not sharp. John gray looked great. He had to come out of the game. Worst possible debut for gombar. It's also a wash it away and it almost meant nothing because it has so much stupid as defense rather than anything else But ultimately yeah the dodgers did not totally destroy the rockies. There was that second game where i think everyone is okay. Here's what we expect a ten in the rockies are getting no hits. That's the best team in baseball. That's the worst in baseball. And that's what it should look like. They've been even in that game. The rockies came out and hit four home runs in an inning. Had dave roberts over there scrambling for levers going. Oh it's a four run ballgame all of this you know. And and so yeah. I think they're gonna be better than people think. I think the offense is going to be better. I think young players are gonna contribute. They're going to surprise people and when the pitching comes around they're going to go on some runs he ended like you said you brought john gray right. John gray looked ridiculous didn't he. I mean he was. He was rolling and then the cramps kind of settle in. Nothing serious thing goodness but that that was kind of how this series went weird stuff happening john gray. Who you know. He's got a pretty good career with the rockies but certainly could be better and now you're seeing them. You're really putting some pressure on him this year. Because if you're going to make something of the season you're gonna need it out of your pitching you just have to have it. And there's john gray rockin and then he gets cramps and then the the the game kinda starts to fade away at that point but my goodness i mean th the most these games were so close that first game though drew they get the win win eight to five. That was the most bizarre baseball game. I've seen in quite some series man. Yeah the whole series was weird. I i will say that. The home run that wasn't a homerun. God and turner and balanced your past each other on the basis. I just i was going around and talking to everybody. I knew it just gradually got more and more experience. I went to my guy patrick lines. Watch a ton of baseball's like you've seen that for now. I've never seen that before. Then i go to patrick saunders number. You ever see that before. I never seen that before. I go to treat you wrinkles be you know. I've seen a lotta mainly you ever seen that before he goes. I've never seen that before. Then after the game somebody else but black but black has seen some baseball. You ever seen them before buddy. I've never seen matt before. This is dollars incurred. I love baseball man. So you go to the ballpark. You see wild stuff like that You know and and it did like you said it. This was a year where we were maybe hoping for the rockies to be competitive. I might be sitting here splitting hairs saying hey there. Too bad defensive. Plays away from winning three or four games not set like you said if you just hold on for another any one pitch here. Their wand defensive play now where. We don't need to do that kind of bargaining this year. Because we're not gonna have our is probably as close on the standings. But when you're looking at what like gary hanson. Sammy hilliard hitting a ball. That would not have landed yet if it had smashed off of the facade. And right you'll dom nunez doing his thing. These are the guys that came out and just they took all those home runs off of a former cy young winner two of them actually back former cy young winners and trevor bauer and david price. Those guys gave up four homers to these young rockies. And charlie bachman charlie and the children call and and there they went. They did the thing. And so yeah. I mean if you're not gonna get excited about that kind of stuff. It's probably going to be a very long season for you. I'll just say that right now. But if those are if you can kind of take those winds i had. Somebody tweeted me. I keep pulling the sweet but it was so great you just said look. I thought this is gonna be a miserable season of all. I wanna win other than lose if they play like that all year. I think this is going to be pretty fun. And i've got to agree with that assessment you know and i'm trying not to be too positive on the side because we're we're we were trained. All offseason drew to hate this rocky's never win a game and then when they win one game. I'm like well mission accomplished. That got one but i did walk away from that. Everything that happened. The the weird homerun. That wasn't a home. Run the cat. Kershaw catching a butterfly. When he shouldn't have should just let it drop and that would have been to out there. It was weird stuff happening But i found myself going. You know what i this was supposed to be an absolute blow out. This series was supposed to be embarrassing and look at the scores. It wasn't embarrassing. If you expected the rockies to beat the dodgers i mean i don't even expect the rockies to beat the dodgers goodyear necessarily every series so i certainly didn't expect them to do it this time so i'm walking away from this one going all right. Well i guess we'll see what the diamondbacks bring the other thing is. You know putting off and congress. I didn't put on him but other than than that whole situation. The rockies the much cleaner series far fewer defensive mistakes The dodgers were guys on wild pitches Early in the series and and all this kind of stuff. So it's like yeah. I i agree with you i'd my immediate takeaway from just watching them play that series with this is not a hundred loss. Baseball team is that a win for you. I don't know but at the very least if you if losing one hundred games makes you feel worse than you're worried about that i. I really don't think it's going to happen unless there's just a rash of injuries these guys are two scrappy. I know some people hate that word. But it's legit. They're never going to be the bigger guy in the site. You know i. I like pro wrestling. I like to use that analogy. You know they're the high flying lucia door against the big gigantic andre. The giant like they've gotta figure out a way to get those lands. There's a way to do it. And they came out showing exactly how nearly Surprise those dodgers and split or even won that series so you start playing some teams. That aren't the dodgers build a little confidence in these young guys. Get the pitching yourself host again. That's the thing marquez. And sends a tele show up sharp. I'm sorry they win that series. Do that may and that'd be an interesting talking point today. No question wait. You're so let me get you say in the rockies. Are the ray mysterious. Junior of baseball is it. Can we say that brady. I said that. Exact thing on the podcast. Maybe three best friends. That's one of those moments judy. What he's knocking out all the giants. He's taking kevin nash. She's taken down. It was the best time of my life. And i am married. Have a child that was we're phenomenon memories. I even brady. I've made this part of the analogy when the rockies got to the world series in two thousand seven that was like when ramos. Jiro finally won the world championship. And and we were all very excited and then later that day. John just ripped him your champion drew. I love it anytime. You want to connect sport sport. It is sports. Excuse me anytime you want to you. Want to connect baseball to wrestling. I'm here for that. show my friend. i'm here for that. All right marquez. Had a rough a rough go in that he just looked a little off. Just a little off in that one. Dc that being a big big concern or or do we get. We get the best of marquez. Even even tonight against arizona. You know it. It really could go either way. It's a concern in that. He didn't have his fastball command. All spring training and i noted it all spring training. I was on well. I think he's going to have a little bit of a shaky start to the season so listeners to the podcast might have been expecting and then he came out and it was the same problem. He didn't quite command the fastball. He's able to battle because his stuff. It just so good. The velocity and the movement on his pitches is ridiculous and so guys have a hard time lining it up but he just couldn't hit his spots and so if that continues to be an issue it could take them a while to work out of this. I do think that he will. But it's also one of those things he's never struggled with in his life and sometimes when guys lose their command to their fastball. For a minute it just kinda goes in it locks in earlier in the season. That's more likely to so there's a chance he yeah he just comes out and he's dynamite Because it's it's just a matter of command. Everything else about his game is fine. Mechanics are fine. The like i said the below the movement all that stuff is there. But he's gotta be able to put the fastball on the edges of the strike on. He starts doing that. He'll he'll be just fine and i expect he. Will you hope it's tonight But it can be a tricky thing. It's a little bit compared to like a basketball player. Losing their jump shot like a really good jump shooter and then use lose the feeling your jump shot for a minute. Well i have to keep shooting right. And he has to throw his fastball until it comes back and as soon as it does. It'll be there. yeah No i tend to watch and find out. I tend to agree drew. What are you work on man that we can check out in the meantime and until we talk to you again. The other thing. I really noticed in his opening series brady and some people are really gonna roll their eyes at this but whether it's from a baseball perspective for some of them were the off field perspective That this is an incredibly easy team to root for. I was kinda waiting again. You talked about. We're kind kinda conditioned all off season to hate this team in a way to be like these guys suck nobody on a bunch of scrubs and i kept waiting for myself kinda letdown. Mama when you get to the bottom of the lineup got also and so is coming up. The next three guys probably aren't gonna do anything. I'm gonna go recent my coffee. I'm gonna go grab a breck brew if i'm not in the press box you know whatever you're doing out there and and so you know when chris owings actually coming out really hot was one of the things. He's maybe the guy was least excited about to watch play it on the fact that he had such a great series and other guys are and everybody else up and down. The line was contributing in fact the most boring players in this year's probably story and black man Didn't other than blackman's big two run home. Run that got the things started. He really didn't do a whole lot at the plate and everybody else out there doing their thing. And so i've got an article coming up about just literally listing a reason multiple reasons. Why can root for every single guy on this roster and that's a pretty cool thing to to be in a spot for your team where there's something to look forward to time each one of these guys steps up to the plate or on the mound. There's a part of you that can go. Okay here's what. I'm hoping this guy can do. Here's what i'm hoping. He can contribute to the future or even just be a fun thing to watch for today and that's a pretty cool spot to be in for a team that you don't expect to win a lot of games that's actually kinda rare. You gotta find something to root for and like you said there. There's certainly a lot. There is a when you're looking at these individual players drew always appreciate you. My friend and we shall talk well. I think it's fish. We should talk next week at least at some point. Let's do to see how friend always appreciate it. We'll catch week. Fantastic thanks thanks drew kirkman. Dvr rockies we have fun druce jersey nerd like me and anytime you can squeeze in ray mysterious junior comparison. Dude kevin. nash had mysterious junior picked him up. Ready to power bomb. Ready to go and ray starts punching him on his head. Drops nash pens one. Two three it's overman it's over nash. Didn't know what hit him. Seven foot dude. I like four foot eight guy. I don't know how tall he was. Who's that's one of the greatest moments in sports history. Twelve fifty three the table take a short break. It's the whole show powered by pd energy over back donate to the live united thirteen ten by texting. Kfi aa all caps. two two. six nine eight nine. Give up to one hundred dollars and you could win a sign. Pair of terrell davis cleats thursday april. Twenty second it's a party. A northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from four to ten. pm. Hey it's andrew bogusch from cbs sports radio. You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi right. we're getting a lot of tax here. I'll get to those in the second hour. What do i have colefax. I have mclean. Be read and dixon. all three. have to top text tuesday victories. It's the first one to three. Gets the signed david thompson jersey. Courtesy of fresco painter south platte. Bitcoin guy has one so three of the entire white man. I would say there was like a seventy percent chance the david thompson jersey is one today because these three guys pretty solid. Pretty good at what they do when they When they text the show they bring takes. They know they know what it's about. They get the game. They understand it. So yeah i would say it's about seventy percent seventy percent chance one of these hogan's one of these hall of famers i would be reds. Made it into the hall of fame right. Where's be rat percent. He's the gift guy. He's just sitting in his room with all these tweets and gifts and computer monitor surrounding people like that. Just like that ain't so it's top text. Tuesday we shall return the whole show powered by. Pdc energy live from the specialist -tudios.

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February 26th: Jeff Clayton, Kevin Carr and Matt Makens HR 3

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February 26th: Jeff Clayton, Kevin Carr and Matt Makens HR 3

"This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten k. What's important well. While those birt's to fund the police are somewhat on the decline. These days begs. The question are more covert measures To strip law enforcement of their authority to maintain a peaceable society law in order in play eight. oh eight now thirteen ten. kfi k. A thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail via the auto collision specialists studios consider colorado senate bill sixty two which could very well put the lives of colorado and endanger by removing law enforcement authority to make arrests under certain circumstances. Let's dive into this. With jeff. clayton. Jeff clayton is executive director of the american bail coalition so colorado resident quite well versed in countless bills lawsuits that have been introduced around the country within the past few years. Jeff thanks so much for taking the time. Welcome to shell from meal. You bet all right. So let's start at the genesis of this bill. This is colorado a senate bill to break it down for us. Yeah it really does a couple of things. The first thing is it prohibits officers from arresting suspects petty offenses misdemeanors class four five and six felonies and level. Three and four drug felonies. And of course. There's a list of exceptions. But in the field in practicality it's going to result in fewer arrests in these cases second component of the bill is bail no bail for In other words get out of jail free for class. Four five six felonies all misdemeanor. All hundred and seventy seven misdemeanor crimes in colorado And you know. Obviously there's a way judge can get out of it but the end result of all this fewer people get arrested. Fewer people are going to remain in jail pending trial. So once again Does this take the teeth out of law enforcement and is this another step in the ongoing effort that we saw particularly during a time of covid nineteen to reduce jail populations jail populations dropped thirty seven percent. And we're still saying we have a problem with too many people in jail but yes it does take teeth out and subjects us to consistent second guessing of why law enforcement arrested somebody in the first place and of course in these times. They're going to err on. The side of not arresting people and cases are going to slip through the cracks. And people are gonna get hurt and this during a time when crime is on the rise. I've had the opportunity to talk to not only Greeley police chief mark jones butt weld county. Sheriff steve reams And well the way they describe it is serious crimes and serious crimes indeed of a magnitude that do pose a danger to the population to all of us. Serious crimes are on the rise and that is a trend that we are seeing not only in the city of greeley weld county around the state but indeed around the country absolutely it is around the country and to say that you know we don't want we want three get out of jail free cards for all class. Four felons and colorado's big statement. But that's what this bill says it would be a whole different ballgame if it was no arrests and no veil petty offenses but the reality is we did that in colorado two years ago so i am the mistress of the obvious here and it's an old radio trick. You never ask a question. you don't already know the answer to but jeff riddle me this. How the senate. Bill sixty two in any way shape or form possibly make all of us safer. It can't design and it's sponsored the colorado knows that it has the the near safety but in reality all this is gonna do is dangerous offenders slip through the cracks not getting arrested not having to post bail not having to land in jail and getting away with it now. The question is the total of the idea of this. Bill is it about reducing jail population. Or is it about protecting suspects over victims. Well there in lies further deception. The title of the bill is jail population management tools. Well what is what does that mean. Well that's the near that's code for. This is actually something else and we know what it is. If we read it now where do you see all this going. I mean we've got a rubber stamp legislature under the state gold. Dome and will we be aware enough of what this bill entails because again it is cloaked in deception as you so articulately said but where will this go. It's hard to say at point. I'm hoping that the governor might jump into it as we've seen in a couple of other states when we do these big arrests in bell reforms. it just causes the problem and the ultimate touchstone of all this and i've been involved in long list. Snow is led judges. Make these decisions. Are they getting it wrong. I don't think so and And that's what we need to do. So this will completely get rid of that and say judges for getting it wrong when they wanna do bail and cops getting it wrong when they went to arrest. We don't need a system like that. Jeff clayton executive director of the american bail coalition also concerned colorado and colorado residents as. We all should be when it comes to senate bill sixty two eight fourteen now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com. All right. so tell me this. Was i get a little bit ahead of my skis. Comparing this to the fund the police movement are the sponsors of this bill actually trying to capitalize on the momentum of that movement by taking power away from law enforcement or are they simply doing what politicians do and that is pandering to their base. Well you know. I think i don't think this has anything to do with the defunding movement or the momentum really maybe on the arrest side Maybe they're focusing on the rest of this time instead of fail. They'll reform has been going on in colorado attempts to reform the bell system and weaken it since two thousand thirteen and disturbed judicial discretion Since then so. I think this is just one more continuation of that But it is an attack on officer discretion you know. That's that's definitely clear from this. Bill clinton excecutive director of the american bail coalition. Thanks so much for bringing us to our attention for your insights. Your perspectives this morning. And where can we learn more about you and your work with the american bail coalition to our website. Am bell coalition dot org or hit us up on facebook. Thanks again for your time. Jeff certainly do appreciate it. You gotta let you know what happened. Sounds like a deal. Eight fifteen now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi a. dot com this time. Check sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse bringing you an amazing musical comedy centerstage the church basement ladies a real miss feel good. Show all you have to do for. Tickets and show information is jump online visit. Colorado candlelight dot com candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown broadway in your backyard here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. P. miss any portion of mornings with yale go thirteen ten k. k. a. dot com to download the podcast. Today to some of you will be allowed back in the stands spiel. This season that. I pulled out of nine news by michaela richards. Now this is according to the colorado department of public health and environment of this news breaking just yesterday The team applied for variants for or from some covid nineteen restrictions. That request has been approved by of course pending a few adjustments. Now unfortunately no information available at this point in time about what those adjustments would be or when the first game with fans in attendance would be You also had a cpa g not saying how many fans would be allowed rockies. Owner dick monfort told nine news just last night. We expect to have fans this year. But we're really not sure how many first time that rockies fans will return to the stands since Twenty twenty one. The pandemic began currently denver is under the yellow level of the ever spinning states. Covid nineteen dial with a seven day case average of one hundred and seven per one hundred thousand. That number has ticked up slightly in recent days to move to the blue level. The city needs to get the low one hundred cases per one hundred thousand and it must remain there for at least seven days. But well little glimmer of good news as rockies fans how many and when we are not sure but rockies fans will be back in the stands for the first time since the pandemic actually began because again on eight thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi k. a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com. kevin car. That guys at the movies pat guys at the movies dot com weighs in on some new movie releases this week. So stay with us as kevin car fact guys at the movies joins us at eight thirty five. What's happening in your own backyard. Listened to no co- now with tanner's swint colorado's voice thirteen ten k. f. k. p. miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten k. k. a. dot com to download the podcast. Back again thirty six now. thirteen ten. kfi k. Thirteen ten k dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collisions specialists studios. Oh yes it's a favorite parts of the weekend. Almost each and every friday morning kevin car guys at the movies fat guys at the movies. A dot com in to talk about some of the new theatrical releases. This week how you doing kevin doing. Okay how you doing. I'm doing pretty good. And i'm glad to hear that you are doing okay. Yeah i've i've been better. I've been worse. That's putting just leave it at all right well. We got quite the list of new movies coming out this week. And don't let me forget. Make a note. Because i want to ask you about mission impossible in a quiet place. Yeah let's do that all right so let's start with the father. Yes the father. Stars anthony hopkins as who's suffering from dementia didn't funny. We've we've done a couple of these movies about dementia. Lately we had the one with stanley tucci and then the one with the mortenson so dementia is certainly a hot topic right now for some films and in the film. Anthony hopkins is. He's meeting some help so his family's trying to get him a new flat. Maybe he's going to be going into a home But it's sort of told in a unique perspective is kind of from his point of view. So you have different. People playing different characters and characters. Then he doesn't know who they are or or people show up and then no longer. Are there In the sense that leaves the audience kind of confused the way somebody who has dementia is dealing with it because so much is placed on the The the focus on the family struggles and not diminish that can certainly this movie certainly shows but it also shows the struggles that the person who's going through it is having now this one. It's in limited release in theaters. It's up. I golden globes this weekend so you know it certainly is a relevant film to watch and it says it's absolutely well done with some great performances and you can never go wrong with us. Sir anthony hopkins shirts concerned but yeah the long goodbye. That's certainly is a just such a tragic story when you're talking about dementia and alzheimer's to be sure but interesting how they portray it as you said. It's a little bit confusing but that is done by design because that's that's usually not how people look they look at. I think it's an effort to not make the the patient the the victim in the not to make them or not can make them the problem. Necessarily that there are human being still You know behind all this now. Changing gears with no segue. We moved quite different slightly. Different type of movie They've they've been trying to do. Tom and jerry movie for a while and i know they did one in the nineties. I gave them like the them speak and they had a whole movie about all work. Really well this. You're trying to keep the idea of the original. Thomas jerry short films alive in the sense that you this cat and mouse. That beat each other up for about ten minutes. But you really don't want to give them too much characterization. You don't want to develop them. They're they're just sort of like the three stooges you don't want them to get better in. The food can use a slapstick hijinx. Put them in a sort of secondary characters to ''chloe grace moretz plays a woman who gets a job at a hotel swanky hotel and has to take care of the mouse problem. They have of course jerry. Mouse's moved in so she gets a cat could use like millions of years of evolution will help this and of course you well. We all know it's going to go on there. So hilarious ensues pass. So you've got a lot of crazy things happening hijinks and giant cat-and-mouse movie. I mean it's cute. I mean. I'm a huge fan of tom and jerry. I used to watch this kid all the time. I still watch it today. I admit i laugh all the time watching these movies. It's it's fun it's silly it's look don't expect too much from it. It's a kids movie. It's meant to watch the family. It's not going to answer this. Existential questions of mando womankind people case. Maybe or cat or mouth kind either added this comfort in it right. I mean you know what to expect. And sometimes that's a good thing. Yeah i mean. It's not a perfect adaptation of tom and jerry. But like i said it's very hard to take those short short cartoons and make a fulling feature out of it. But i think they do a fine job. It's available in theaters and on. Hbo max right now so you. Can you have a couple of choices in watching it. You can do family movie night with pizza or you can go out to the theater Check your local listings all that kind of stuff all right. Sounds like a plan Cherry cherry stars. Tom holland as a kid from cleveland. Who good joins the army. He goes into the army and gets ends up with ptsd and he comes home and he ends up getting caught up in the opioid crisis and Becoming addicted to pills and then has to turn to a life of crime it's the russo brothers who did the ventures movies recently. It's not uncommon for for people to do a big movie that kind of scale back for the second next one and this is them Kind of doing that but they still are biting off a lot. I mean you're dealing with You know war and ptsd and opioid addiction criminal activity depression and all these different things. So it is kind of exhausting of a movie Well well well made and a great performance by tom holland In sort of like more grown up role than we've he's had in the past But like i said for me it just by top so much. It's it's almost too much for for movie myself. That sounds like it's a little bit daunting a little bit overwhelming with all those Subject matters just coming out chef. Just willy nilly. It feels like you need to have your notepad while you're watching it going okay. Let's tell me about your mother. You know kinda which leads us to crisis is also about the opium The opioid issues in our country. It takes a different approach while that one well cherry which by the way is in limited theaters. And it'll be going on apple tv. Plus i think on march twelfth Crisis is in theaters right now. And it goes on demand next week but it's a It's sort of approaches it. The the opioid crisis and from like sorta like the the the crime thriller perspective. It tells several different stories. One of them are hammer. Plays an undercover fed. Who's investigating stuff. you've got evangeline lilly. Playing a woman who's trying to track down her son and then he got gary oldman. Who's working in a university. The tests some of these new medications but finding out some of the various things behind the scenes It it it's hard to the right place. it's juggling a lot because the opioid crisis is it's complex and it's huge So this doesn't always kinda hit the mark and it falls into cliche here and there but you know at least it's i mean it's trying i today for effort there you go taking Looking at it from the glass half full perspective. I appreciate out about you all right mission. Impossible is tom. Cruise done screaming at people. I i don't know. I probably not i mean he's he's sort of has to reinvent himself. He's either screaming at people or he's jumping on a couch or doing something but it seems to work for him. I guess i mean he does have a longevity. He's gonna like suddenly like age like in a weekend like all the stuff that's like like waiting for him it just suddenly he's gonna become eighty years old. One day that happens. You look in the mirror. What happened that gradual road. Right now and i'm farther along than i really wanna be just easing on down that proverbial rug and let's talk a little bit about the plans for both mission impossible and a quiet place. The yeah a quite pleased to which has been trying to come out for almost a whole year. mission impossible. What is seven. I think this is all wrapped up in paramount announcing and rebranding. Cbs all access to paramount plus Which the plus stands for. You're going to be spending more money and this is the paramount section of streaming services. Disney's doing diplomas warner brothers. Do an hbo. Max and everybody's kind of figuring out how they're releasing their movies. So warner brothers or kinney paramount's struck a deal where they're doing a forty five day window from releasing these movies in theaters to being available on paramount. Plus now that's a longer window that obviously the hbo max words day indeed It's also a longer window than what universal had set up the seventeen day window from theatrical to premium video on demand but this is going to their streaming service. What you're seeing now is. I think you're seeing the the studios trying to carve out there Post streaming wars business plan. How they're going to be releasing their movies. This actually is yeah. I think a lot of people are trying to the pandemic and certainly the pandemic. I think is pushing this along but this is a long time coming. I think these studios are trying to figure out the most profitable way to drive content to consumers and when i say profitable not just hey. We got these movies. That people are going to be money for but we want to have a regular payment from these consumers. So that's so that rather than hoping you'll plop down ten dollars and see a movie. You're just plopping down ten dollars a month out of your bank account anyways. It's all about the benjamins. Baby are missing. impossible seven is. It's still scheduled to release november seventeenth. I believe it's still scheduled. Justice is the actual release date. It's probably correct. I don't think they've moved it and a quiet place. I believe is scheduled for september. And the fact that they're that they've staked out in on the mandate i think that's partly also them saying we're going to release it in theaters regardless and if it doesn't make huge bank that's okay 'cause we're gonna make it all up with subscriptions later on which is essentially what warner brothers did with wonder woman wonder woman didn't make one hundred million dollars in theaters but they weren't looking forward to oppose the tenant where they were like. That's gotta make all this money and then didn't miss impossible. Seven will get me back into the theater. It's possible i mean you're talking still. What what is that. Like nine months away. There's a lot can happen. And i think and like i said things might be marginally back to normal in the winter but this is not. This is not just paramount in the studios adjusting for the pandemic. This is them figuring out a new business plan going forward. I said it's all about the revenue stream. Kevin guys at the movies that guys at the movies dot com courts. You can hear his weekly syndicated radio program. A real must listen. I might add From noon to one right here on thirteen ten k. f. k. corsey is part of our ever so popular. Kf a block party heard wednesday. Starting at four. Kevin car is at the movies. Thank you so very much. Have yourself a great weekend. Thank you eight forty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi k. The power trip weekdays at eleven on thirteen ten kfi k. What's happening in your own. Backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi eight fifty two now. Thirteen ten eight thirteen ten. Kfi dot com northern. Colorado's voice joined this morning by channel to pinpoint whether mr stand atmospheric scientist matt say that our you we survived another week. Didn't we yes. We have landed safely. Foam the runway on friday. Go hey and i'll tell you what now. We didn't get all whole lot of accumulation up here in northern colorado. I mean denver took the brunt of the storm. And it's interesting to me because that was kind of the perfect storm in terms of those meteorological conditions that combined in order for denver to take that hit right for sure. It was such a localized area of energy. There was another component that we classically really don't see until spring and summer that kinda drives some thunderstorm patterns for us But those two factors kind of came together and when they combined they certainly said. Hey we're not budging so we're gonna fight it out and By them not moving they just dumped a lot of snow on a pretty honestly kind of a narrow channel. I mean twelve to twenty inches sitting over in a few neighborhoods. That's pretty impressive. That's pretty incredible now isn't it but i'm you know i i. I don't live in the city. And i hardly had anything i mean i just had maybe an inch but i can look down at the city and it's that blanket of white just incredible how you know how missed me by What would that be fifteen miles or so. It's just really amazing. Yeah yeah. That is pretty incredible. Well there's a reason why they call this weekend's full moon the snow moon because well that'd be wary pretty notorious for snow according to the almanac anyway but yeah our snowpack now at what ninety percent of average we're hovering around the low ninety percent tile here in the high country then There are a lot of dry pockets though Western slope is pretty dry amounts of doing okay for the moment. The planes Anyone around greeley knows. We haven't had much snowfall. So we're in a deficit The foothills are actually deficit to evergreens very dry and south of denver But yeah we've seen a good uptick in february and this will make The third year in a row where it's been snow ear than january and potentially march That's in colorado. You'd think marches your snowy period. That was always the conventional wisdom. But we've seen that kind of shift of the last year's and honestly since eighteen ninety-five we've seen that shift as well but that's that should be an hour long podcast with gail. Not just to a forecast update. But let's do that mad. I look forward to that. We can do it all right knowing knowing me. Better schedule. Six hours because i'll ramble. I'll be more than happy to do. Just that your ramblings unlike many mine well. They are just chock full of information that we all can use. So you got the scariest happy dance. Though they are especially around the northern one steamboat wooded has done pretty decently but especially steamboat for the month. I haven't looked at the totals for the month yet but I would guess steamboats gonna come down as the winner for total still fall in february they past six feet On the month only and that was about last week so as a lot of snowfall. That's a lot but they were all pretty desperate for it but february did certainly kicking for him. So what does the weekend ahead look like. We have a well. There will be a chance of snowfall in the mountains. It'll be heaviest tonight tomorrow morning. So anybody headed up there to play or something More snowfall is on the way and travel issues. But down here. We'll we'll have a day forty to fifty today and tomorrow cross from the hills to the planes and then tomorrow will actually cool down a little bit and that's gonna come. In with a little hint snowfall you may see some flurries here and there And then by sunday. Monday tuesday were rapidly. Warming back into the fifties and next week largely looks quite dry and quite warm. Well sounds like a nice weekend ahead. A good week ahead and i'm looking forward to doing that. Podcasts it'll be adventures with matt and gail. We won't invite ted but that's conversation for another time another podcast. We'll do that. That'll be another podcast for us as we can do the cancun forecast. But i digress. Meteorologists to pinpoint weather meteorologists matt nickens atmospheric scientists. Always a pleasure yourself a great weekend you as well. Eight fifty seven. Thirteen ten kfi k. A whole sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi hey keep up with your favourite high school basketball teams with perhaps radio and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi taylor. People who shot lady gaga that dog walker and stole two of her three french bulldogs tell you what. Return the dogs. And there's a special place in you know what for you all right. Lock right here tannen. Swint with no co now coming your way in just a few.

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February 1  Hour 2  Drew Creasman on Nolan Trade | Nuggets / Pistons Preview

The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

40:44 min | 6 months ago

February 1 Hour 2 Drew Creasman on Nolan Trade | Nuggets / Pistons Preview

"It's already a weird monday. How are we doing by the way. Hol- again i mean it was bad colefax for twenty going back. Twenty twenty twitter was bad. You know it was divisive. We all hated each other. We couldn't even talk anymore. You were it was just awful. But i gotta tell you over the weekend rockies fans or just people talking about what the rockies did as far as trading away nolan aaron auto i. I don't know that. I've ever seen a sad like a more sad situation. But also what were we talking about the stocks when i filled in for noko now a news. Show robin hood. That thing like that's kind of bringing us together. Liberals and republicans. I feel like jeff bright. It's just bringing us together because we all are like dude. Who's austin gombar or gohmert or jean burke who is that that's who the who the rocky who probably getting. Espn said like this. Big bold letters to return for the rockies is not expected to be significant with pitcher austin go member i'm gonna say over for now and low level prospects among the players who have been discussed if i would said to you last year. Kovacs iraqi should trade nolan and hopefully they can get off gomer back like in that deal. You would've you would've looked at me and said what what a gomer gombar none of you know who that is. Nobody knows who that is now. Now the cardinals are probably going to go. Be like have a damn good shot. I mean they. They're loaded stud first baseman and goldschmidt. Adam wayne right. I mean this whole deals just ridiculous man and if the argument is well and the pandemic you know we're trying to save money and financial. It was a financial burden at this stage. Do you deserve to own a-team. I know baseball's different than every t- every every sport because of the salary cap and you know. Poor teams can remain poor and rich teams. Just get richard listen. It's baseball's weird in that way. But i just i. I've seen how dedicated and how happy rockies fans can get when there's just a little bit of success even when there's no success people go and i see it and to just do this with no ex- i mean has anything come out of the rockies. Camp yet has anything. Come out of jeff. Writes his mouth about this. Hey dear rockies fans. I think there comes a time when a general manager or an owner needs to step out and say this is. Here's what you are seeing in here. Here's our rationale behind it. At least give us that right now. Do you remember when the nfl was in the lockout. Taking two different things here completely but the nfl was threatening the lockout. We ended up missing the hall of fame game. I think that was a boy that had to be ten years ago. Pat bolan wrote a letter to the fans saying sorry that were squabbling. Owners and players are squabbling. It's it's unfortunate but the unfortunately the ones that are losing the most of the fans and we're going to do everything in our power to make this re. Did that letter fix anything. But it made us go. Thanks pat all right. At least you're thinking about us you know. I know you're one of the billionaires and you're one of the billionaires fighting with the millionaires but at least you're acknowledging the little peons like us little ants. Running around are actually kinda bummed out that we're going to have football because you guys can't figure it out. Where's that from jeff bright a rockies fans i mean call it out that's not going to change anything fans are still going to be irate. But i'm looking for this moment where we can walk away and go well. At least he did that. There's not even that. At least we got austin gombar out of the deal like you're not walking away. Say dixon says just was trying to solidify his hold on the worst. Gm may come on. Can't even those can't even put sink. Category brightest says hold. My beer. elway should be john. Elway owns a super bowl title dixon. He owns a super bowl trophy. He doesn't own the trophy. But you know what i mean. How can you even dare go there. How many afc west championships in a row. Five we come on. You can't even go there you know. Even when john elway made a trade made a move. Didn't we all at least go. You know at the time shaq barrett wasn't wasn't elite and he thought he wanted to get another guy the other side of von. You didn't know now was his foresight and correct to shore. He didn't he didn't see the future. There we all liked check bear but none of you come on. I know you liked him because he played for colorado state. But none of you were in your car driving around listening watching games. Whatever thinking about shack bear going. That guy is going to be a guy is going to get close to. The sakr someday was an undrafted guy but at least you could walk away and go all right. Elway took bradley chubb. He was the best player available at that time based on the draft. At least you walk away and say i'm not saying it's right. I'm not saying it's not frustrated. You could have josh allen today but at least some of those times you could walk away and go all right i get it. I hate it disagree with it. The arctic but deep deep down way way deep down. I can see why made this decision. Is there anything even close to that with this. Bright situation boy. That's a rough look man. I asked the poll question for the weekend. You said on friday because this was still we were just. The news came out that that was never talks going on. And you said you don't think you're going to support this team. If no one goes over there. Now i'll be. I'll be kind of fan wherever he goes so happens. And you know everything in my sports loving body tells me that that's wrong but i don't know that it's wrong because this isn't just trading player. This is different. This one feels different. This weren't hurts. I mean it actually hurts and the fact that brides would never talk to the media about it. He'd never really addressed. the situation. Didn't try to make nice. I mean your pride was hurt. That's what it looks like and so you moved on. You got rid of him you through fifty million dollars out them to help ease their pain of taking on that contract. And i'm not saying that nolan was going to end in. You know a great fairy tale ending here. Nolan was probably going to be gone. And i did agree the rockies needed to get something from but this was the worst of the worst case scenario you you got rid of him. You paid money extra on top of it to get rid of him. You already paid of his contract off. And you got austin golfer. Gomer going bear there. I actually think these french. Yes go mbaye. The french out are known for their basic. Yes so i mean. This is where we are not listen. I don't know the details of this deal. We're gonna get more as we go here but this one just feels different. This isn't this isn't von miller. Even right now. Von miller goes. I think there's going to be broncos fans that our sabbath they understand it. When carmelo left they were mad carmelo but they all we all kind of understood it and in fact if you walk away from that you kind of appreciate carmelo this. I'm not playing in denver. This is the way it's it's nothing against you guys. But i'm a new york guy. I'm going to new york whether i'm going as a free agent or i'm going into trade. That's up to these guys and they worked out. So i don't really i don't really blame rockies fans for saying i'm done i'm out. You never go to the playoffs. Dick monfort has a history of saying the wrong things. He said he's written emails to people in maybe a couple of drinks in prove that he's written back to fans when they complain about the lack of success. Here saying i don't even know if this maybe the state doesn't need a baseball team anymore. So you can respond to that but you can't respond to this you know he's talked about. Hey i think it's reasonable. you know. go to the playoffs. I think it'd be really over achieving. If we go three out of every five years. I just. I don't i don't get it. I don't get this organization. They constantly make bad moves. They released prospects too soon. They release guy. They get rid guys in their prime. Because of what fights pride. I mean i look at john o. Are you want to say up there with no john wayne. Von miller were not in a good place before he signed that contract with fun. I don't know how bad it was. But they weren't a great place to swallow your pride. You sign the players. Because they're going to do the best thing for your organization now. how will the fans react. I'm very curious. Are they going to. Are you guys really gonna not go to games. You tell me me go when you can you. Can you can speak with your dollar texture. Hey saint louis dickson. Here's my smoking hot girlfriend. Who i loved dearly but you can have her. And here's my credit card for honeymoon expenses sexually and yeah when you can have fans in the stands will fans really speak. It's a beautiful place to go. They've done a great job there but when it comes to handling their players just recently. Dj lemay trevor story. Do you want to resign here. Knowing that i mean i if you say the wrong thing to to jeff bryant which something bad's going to happen there's then that's going to be the talk of the town. We'll switch well. we're not switching gears. We're going to talk to drew craftsman of the iraqis and the most positive guy in the world. How's he going to spin it. We'll find out next. It's the whole show powered by energy. We're live from the article is specialist studio. Keep up with your favourite high school basketball teams with perhaps radio. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi no cone now. Weekdays at four on northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten k of k. Hi i'm darren done director of athletics at the university of northern colorado. And you're listening to the whole show thirteen ten. Kfi back to the show. i'm looking for. I'm looking for some help. I'm racing in this sweetheart. Classic thanks to sweetheart. City racing in loveland. We're gonna be racing downtown. Saturday february thirteenth sweetheart classic. And i'm looking for. I'm looking for people to run with me. You know. it's not going to be that bad. I think it's like we figured it. What three three point. One miles assad. That's not bad and we can walk a little bit all right. We'll just we'll get get after it if you guys want to. At least look at this with me. Maybe grab a beer. Maybe that's all grab a beer. How about that now. This is going to be great. It's always for a great cause so check out the link. We have them love heart sweetheart. Classic loveland sweetheart classic sweetheart city racing go there. We have a link on our website. Thirteen ten of k. Dot com click at the top of the page. It'll take you there. Twenty one minutes after the hour first advantage text line nine seven four seven. Thirteen one drew crease drew. I'm always looking for you to put. Can you put some kind of positive spin on this man. We need it more than ever. Tell me. tell me there's something that came out of this this horrendous trade. I don't even know if you wanna call it a trade that shipped beloved nolan aeronautics out of colorado. Nope that's we were argued. I wish i could check. It helps your drew when you look at john elway. We've talked about john the broncos. We're getting people going. Oh well i always not even close that. At least with elway's moves at least with some of these moves we've seen in the past from our colorado teams Throughout the throughout the country. You could at least walk away and go all right. I don't like it. I don't agree with it. But i guess i can kind of see where they're coming from. I mean this is. Here's our star player. Here's fifty million to go along with it and we don't even really get any upcoming promising prospects i mean. Is that pretty much the gist. No you got it nailed it. Yeah it's This wasn't about making the team better. This wasn't designed to in the long term or short worn. This is this is this was about money this was about saving money for dick mon for And and they'll claim they had to because of the pandemic and no ticket sales and i'm sure they'll try to say. Hey you know pandemic we. We can afford to pay nolan but thirty five million dollars a year for us poor lowly midmarket colorado rockies. We can't afford that anymore. So we had to ship them off and and i know the money's like a little bit confusion you're like they. They did send fifty million basically cover these first couple of years for the cardinals over the course of it the rockies will save over one hundred million dollars for right now but it's like cool right on point ago and and and what are you spending that on and you know there's been some talk. Well hey maybe now they can sign trevor story and look. I had made that argument to you on this show just a few days ago. And yeah if you get a couple of real prospects or you bring back a couple of real players. And it's at all legitimate to consider that you could contend in building around trevor story but trevor story is not gonna sign an extension now. They traded his body or some of the other things people think about or not because because the team's going nowhere and in the near future like this is they have to re-build now they may as well trae trevor story in john gray in fact you might as well trade her mind marquez. Because this move didn't get you closer to a rebuilt. It didn't make your farm system substantially better. It doesn't brighten the picture for twenty twenty three and beyond unless they really do invest that money wisely which is totally what the colorado rockies are known for the talking about all the moves in the past since jeff bryant edge even before jeff brian. This just feels different. I mean rockies fans have come back from tough moves in to low move in that. That was a tough one. But here we are this one. Just and i don't even think like some rockies fans would have said all right we get it nolan jeff that we still don't like jeff bridges for this. We still like dick bahn for this but we get it. You gotta get something in return and then when you don't see it you're like why did they even trade him then. Why not let him play one more year and then just opt out eventually. If if you're not really going to get much in return and the answer to that problem is the reason why. Everyone's especially mad. And i had a tweet. I sent out the other day. And i wrote this in an article as well as that. The fifty million dollar kicker is about this this reality. the rockies weren't scared the nolan arnaldo is going to opt out. I told you. I told everyone who would listen. I was screaming from mountaintops. No way are not. Oh ops out and everyone's nobody hates it here like yeah not thirty. Five million dollars enough. He doesn't hate him. But why the kicker because they were afraid he would opt in he would stay because if they keep knowing for this year and he opts out they save more money then under what they've done now with this trade then th that extra fifty million dollars they wouldn't have needed to send it so they were worried he would stay and they would be stuck having to pay him and they were so worried about that eventuality. They were willing to take middling prospects and kick in cash. It was all about being afraid. They were going to be on the hook for the next five years of his deal. That's the only way this makes sense. So yeah but they proved in the way the deal went down is that they were never worried. That nolan are auto is gonna opt out. They were worried he was going to opt in and should infuriate you as a rock goodness. It's two years ago two years ago one of the one of the greatest days in rockies in rockies history. you're signing your guy he's going to. he's going to finish iraqi. I know that the opt out was there but at that time it was a beautiful day and we thought nolan's going to be here forever. I guess through this is the question and there's not a lot we can do about it right now but if you can't afford this if two years later tonight get its pandemic but should you should known a baseball team anymore. That's the reason if oh well we can't afford it anymore. Then then what are we doing here. Yeah if you can't afford to pay nolan arnaldo what he's worth sure-fire he future hall of famer best guy who's ever most talented player. Who's ever worn jersey. Maybe larry walker but it's the two of them and he still met while maybe not in the middle of his prime he still his crime. And you're saying you just can't afford to pay him what he's worth. You can't afford to pay him market value. If you can't afford to pay a player like that market value and again i understand the pandemic but not making fifty million dollars is not the same thing as losing fifty million dollars and if you were about to save all this money what the heck did you need to cut. David doll over three million for how she like. This is their. it's not true. And the one saving grace. I will say as well. It's not a saving grace. It actually makes everything worse but for all the other baseball fans as well as the owners are doing this. They're they're lying to. You may not fifteen million dollar players twenty million dollars a year play. That's the paint him. George springer got squeezed. This is nonsense. There's probably going to be a work. Stoppage a year from now Because the owners keep claiming that they don't have the money that they have but this is by far the worst exercise of that ideology yet to to just unload the best player in the history your franchise like he was a problem like he was a a weighty asset. You had to get rid of. Make more money in the law having nolan or not. I mean i don't know how fans are on twitter. I mean a lot of things drew. They say oh. I'm done watching this team. I'm over it and they usually go back but this one still. I know we're still fresh into this thing but it this doesn't feel like a normal situation anymore. This one feels like wow. We're done you lifted your middle finger to us as fans and and nolan was one of those guys we. We would support no matter how bad the team was. Yeah and it's there are some similarities. And i remember people saying Through the too low thing don. I'm never watching again. They got a a gift in trevor story right away. That really helped people kind of move on and you know who knows if this next year we're talking about ryan mcmahon and brendan rodgers or suddenly all stars. And if you're rolling your eyes. And the i promise you know on was calling trevor story a future perennial all star when he was in aaa. Okay so and again. I'm not saying this is going to happen. But even that i feel like it doesn't wash out the taste of what's happened here because the to deal in a vacuum made a certain amount of sense. The larry walker deal on a vacuum made a certain amount of sense and at least there. They tried to make the team better. They didn't the reason the rockies made the playoffs in seventeen and eighteen didn't have anything to do with return from the too low deal. You know see so. That's maybe a silver lining. You can sell yourself the but but at least they tried they. Thought jeff hoffman. Miguel castro and used to go. We're going to be contributors. I don't they don't believe that about these guys are. They're a bit players their role players. They're fine. I don't wanna disrespect these guys but like jeff hopping was top ten prospect You know what i mean like. He draft pick. He'd been these guys had value. That i it's just not here and so it's a. I wrote an article today on the nba dot com and the opening line of it. It's not that they did it. It's how and why i mean. I think that sums it up perfectly. I think you and i chatted about this friday. And we've talked about it for a year now and said. Hey we get it. You're you're not necessarily winning with nolan. Aaron auto but what can you do. What can you do to show the fans that you're still in this thing. And maybe he's the greatest third baseman of all time. But you gotta try to find a way to get creative here in win games. What's that gonna take and if it takes ultimately moving on from nolan great. But what's that plan. And i think that's fans are just. They're just confused. It's hard like you said it's very very hard. It's almost impossible to walk away going. Oh i kind of see what you did there. yeah like instead of kicking. In the fifty million they have tried now matt carpenter and dexter fowler. both have no trade clauses. So it's possible. They asked him those guys. That no thank you but you. Those are the kinds of things you could have brought back a couple about contracts or you could have made it a sixty million dollar kicker and demanded on taking at least one of their top ten prospects but that would have cost well an extra ten million dollars and they seem less concerned about competing right now for the next couple of years and the other cynical part of it maybe because they just don't expect there's going to be saying anyway so if you were going to boycott whatever 'cause we're we're only going to be able to allow a certain number of people in any way and people would go because there's just finally live sports again and they feel like they. They just have to recuperate their funds before they can do anything again. But it's so yeah radiation. It's just so cynical. Because there are ways they could've executed and all and on auto trade that no one's going be ecstatic about but they could have done it so that the person like me who's defended them probably more than anyone in the press box over the last five years could have come out and sold it to you on a like this and i don't think this interesting guy got this other guy you flip around you build around story. You sign him. They could make a run at this thing instead. I'm sitting here going. Nope nope no well and drew. You are one of the guys you go deep into these prospects. And if you're not necessary and again i know you're not wanting to disrespect any of the players involved but if you can't quite see all right down the road these guys i don't know there's many who can and that that's the thing that's why again wanted to get you on so quickly today because if there's something there we go all right i can see it. I can certainly see these young prospects or whatever is going to work out but again with what you do and your coverage and going such a deep dive into these guys that none of us talk about that. That's even more depressed. I mean i had heard of before. That's a guy. It's a ringing endorsement. Man i you know and guys pop. You know. I will say. I hadn't heard of her men marquez. Before they acquired him That that was a weird thing to me. I remember being in a room at the time and really hoping for a couple of different prospects in the ray system. Pitching prospects that have more shine That have not gone on to do anything and marquez's like oh he's not even rated that high and he's turned into something great. So i mean you never know and i will say that's one thing that bright has been decent at his career as you know. Unc all monte was another one of those guys just kinda grabbing these younger players that he sees more in the pan out better than at least the consensus thing. So they're not they've been great or not but it's just you know i'll i'll look into i haven't even i'm straight with four days. I haven't been to any other baseball reference pages yet. Maybe i'll find a a bit of hope. Somewhere in there I do think a couple of them are pitchers. So hey hey always many as we can get. What does this mean for trevor story. If you're trevor story and looking around at the situation are you. Are you eager to want to to lock it in with this first off even if you loved it here and you loved being iraqi. I'm not saying he doesn't. How do you know that something's not going to change in two years in the rockies. Decide it's time to move on. Yeah i mean that's a. That's a long conversation with trevor. Needs to have with the owner and the gm if they're going to try to pull that off because you know it's gonna sound awfully familiar saying yeah your guy we're gonna build around. You are going to give you. The healthy need to sign this long extension totally so You know i. I think it's it's pretty slim chance at this point and money does talk and if you tell the guy maybe even showing make a few other moves. i maybe. That's what you do with the savings. They do go out and sign a picture that people have heard of You know maybe a first baseman who can stop a little bit now. You're going okay. Well now he's got some lineup. Help charlie still there. These young guys are coming up. If you if you start out good maybe you can in. The early season negotiated an extension with the money. You've got And make some promises about bringing in more help. But it's a long road it's trading. They're just trade him to and it's going to be just a brutal year iraqis fans but either way you're in for that you may as well rip the band aid off now and you know i think at this point. I'd still try to keep these pictures around. I i mentioned trading grey marquez earlier. They're young enough. And i still think you can extend them for long enough. But if you trevor and actually get prospects back Maybe some that are close to ready to go. You could have a new youth movement here in and maybe building a couple years. Now i mean again we kind of we kinda thought a rough year was on the horizon for rockies anyway so i guess there's one line of thinking that says all right well we're going to be bad anyway might as well get worse before it gets better. I'd go former major league on this thing and call and forty year old catchers playing in the mexican league waiting for man. I half expected to see it. What do you say to those fans. Because you hear this every time the rockies make a move we don't agree with always fans come out and say well. Look the party dag man. They spend all this money. They do this crazy. And sometimes those are two different conversations right. Yeah yeah this. This has nothing to do with the party duck and it has nothing to do with mcgregor square. Either i see people kinda got into this and it's like those are different funds. Those are you know some of that has to do. I don't want to bore people like building taxes and rules about construction and are we having fun yet But but yeah those are those are different categories but but that is one of the things. I'm most frustrated about brady. It's like i'm the guy who's been out there correcting the record for years. You know going. Well no not. Actually people call them cheap parts. I got well. No no no you gotta look. Their roster is actually middled attack in terms of payroll. They've increased year. they pay to low. They paid cargo. They pay no and they did. They treat any particular well after. Guess not so. Yeah when when round pick on nonce really not the party deck. It's not mcgregor's square. And even the times. I've argued even against patrick lines on our. You know my number two right here on a podcast that Saying he always says you know. Dick monfort cares more about money than he does about. Winning and i would always go. I don't know man. I think it goes back and forth but when the biggest movies ever made this one right here is all about money and not all about winning. What do i stand up and say. Now there's no i can't. I can't point the tiny little inconsistencies in logic. They've lost that benefit of the doubt and they need to earn it back over the next couple of years of showing fan that they actually do care about putting a winning product on the field. You know and and i thought this is going to help anything but where. Where's jeff bright. It's now i'm not saying that you. Oh a letter or something. But this move is i guess this feels different than any move. I've witnessed as a sports fan. I mean there's some big ones around colorado that have happened and there have been bombers have been misfires but this one feels so much differently. That i'm like is there some. Could there be something to the fans and say. I know you're not out of the box. But i remember pat bolan writing a letter to denver during the lockout ten years ago to denver fans even though he was arguing with everything you know. He was right there in the mix. I remember. that letter didn't solve anything but it made me feel better right right and you know i. I think the this traded actually even special yet. Yeah i know So which i know is one of his big pet peeves too. So i'm sure he's a lot of this But but yeah and honestly and also i'll say to you this dick montfort. You're seeing questions jeff. Bridage can only say so much but and again again. I hate being this guy. And he's lost the benefit of the doubt to but i wrote this Couple of months ago gm's in any sport. They don't trade away talent to save money on their own. Would you do that playing a video game. 'cause you're not getting that much that's not real money and to jeff bright. It's like he doesn't get any of the savings. You still get paid exactly what he was getting paid before has every incentive to want to make the team better the jake mcgee way davis all these horrible deals. You hate hate them all you want. They were designed to make the team better. So this move wasn't this isn't about the gm being incompetent about the owner being greedy. No one hundred percent right. And that's what. I i laugh at when you see it on social media. Oh mon as the fire bright. It's right away and it's like it's not that it's the opposite of the not sticking up for brian because he hasn't handled you guys the media especially well he hasn't handled situations. But you're right at the end of the day especially in baseball. It's it's the owners money and it's your job to figure out how to save it and how to use it the best to best of your ability. It's a it's a bizarre moved through So what do you have something where you're wrote today. We can check out. Yup yeah. i stare I believe the headline of the pieces the colorado rockies trade of non on auto is a slap in the face to the fans so should be easy to find. I wonder what that's about drew. Always appreciate your man. It'll get better somehow. Think it'll it'll get through walker. We got through to low. Yeah we get a brighter. Day will come but it's going to be a little for a while. They will be a little dark but we'll be there. Drew appreciate you always my friends. And we'll we'll talk to you soon. Absolutely thanks drew crease. Mun that's Dnv rockies there and listen there's not a lot of positive spin here and if drew can't find it and i don't say that to disrespect drew's a reporter. I don't say that like. Oh he's just a nice guy that loves the rockies. When i say that i say he's he dives in to baseball players guys that you and i have never heard of facts and we won't hear up for four more years. Drew already knows about him. So of drew's telling you that gov and some of these other guys are again. The deals not final. We don't even know what's in the entire trade yet but we do know that it's not favourable to the rockies and that was reported by spn forty one minutes after the hour. Take a short break. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Jeff lender hadman basketball coach at the university of wyoming cowboys. And you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi am dick. Montfort saving some cheese and this move. How about drew telling us so much worried about nolan. Wanting to opt out of his contract they will worried he was going to opt back in and that was the fear with a lot of reporters we talked to said. No one's gonna take nolan. Aaron auto at this point that's too crazy of contract considering where this pandemic in no fans and all that no one's gonna take that shortened season or they'll take it if you pay him. I guess that's the answer. They will take that contract if you give them more money to help them out doing guys but the chiropractic standard you know maybe you got back pain shoulder pain and when things irritate you like nolan to being traded or whatever it likes starts to work up a little more and then even more tense and listen the car practic state or they've been helping me out. I've been going for a little over a month now and i'm starting to. I'm starting to feel results for right now. For example let me. I still have some paper right now. None zero. i feel great and they're working with me and i'm sitting down with with the doctors and we we discuss you know. Hey how's your what's your progress looking like. Here's some tips. You can use for home so it's not just that gets in do the do the business do the job do the crack. And whatever it's also here. Here's what you should be doing. You know easy things to help you out in this journey. And if you're worried about chiropractic care if you're worried about the cost don't it's worth a discussion because you're going to build your own schedule and if you can't afford it can't afford it. You come up with something that you can that you can't afford. There is no price too small to work with getting great health. Get that energy back. That's the chiropractic standard in greeley. Good news mccullough. Yokich was named nba western conference player of the week for the second consecutive week. So there's that news and the nuggets take care their superstar. Nba announce the nuggets center nicole. Eeo has been named the western conference player of the week for his games played dating back to monday. January twenty fifth to sunday january thirty first at forty seven point game really helped out to says he wins the award in consecutive weeks he becomes the first nugget to win back to back weeks since carmelo anthony in two thousand and six. He now has earned western conference player of the week honors eight times in his career. That is now the second most in franchise history what happens when a name just keeps rising over the top of these records. They keep breaking records left and right with their team that usually means that the greatest of all time to play for the nuggets and right now if if if you're hesitant about him being an mvp he's getting better every week that's crazy to say that says spin movie had on gobert was absolutely nuts. And he's just he's just that good will barton said it. Hey nobody can stop him. It's honestly up to him every single night and that is a tough tough thing to stop for the rest of the nba nuggets. Get the nice win over utah yesterday and we needed that. We needed some good news. Dylan mccaffrey story. That's good news. I don't know how it will work out. It's still bizarro world to me. But this is this is the world we live in a four star recruit can transfer to and fcs school. I guess that's just that's part of it and mccaffrey's here so son it makes sense very interesting. I forty nine minutes after the hour. We'll take a quick break. We'll wrap up with closing thoughts and what's on tv tonight. We'll be right back. It's the whole show powered by pdc energy. You're listening to the hall's show powered by energy and thirteen ten kfi am brady will be back after the break up party. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k. the block party wednesdays from florida ten pm. Hi this is earl blake as former. David you're listening to the whole show. Thirteen ten k. f. k. On the tube tonight. We got here at camp k. duke at miami. Nc double a basketball happening tonight at four forty five. Is that right for forty five mountain time. We'll have that game for you here thirteen ten. Kfi and thirteen dot com on altitude detroit and denver detroit pistons denver nuggets going out. Why is that one significant. Jeremy grant who has been extremely good this year. Defensively offensively at love to have them stone nuggets uniform. However he's getting what he wants individually the pistons are five and fifteen they are one and eight on the road and now the nuggets improving their record to twelve eight and five and five at home. They are eight point favorites in this game tonight. so Jeremy grant returns to ball arena. It's hard to say closing thoughts for the day. Broncos didn't push harder for matt stafford. They were in the running what we here. I'm glad i'm okay with it. I like this move. I like the fact. That stafford is not a denver. Bronco i guess i look at. What did he do in detroit. He did not elevate team. What makes you think he's gonna come to denver five six win team a average team over the last two years and raise this team to the top. Nolan is gone. it was purely a move for money. And i i just. I don't know where you are rockies fan right now but i i guess if you can't afford to keep a guy or pay a guy like nolan. I'm not sure what the hell you're doing. Or if you can't get the assets in return for i don't necessarily hate the trade. I hate what you've got what you didn't get dylan. Mccaffrey is a unc bear. That's crazy to think that we're gonna try to get coach. Mccaffrey on program at some point. This week that'll do it for us. Good night northern colorado.

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