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"monaco newcomb" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

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"monaco newcomb" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"And coaches stage. Fifteen today waiting on the la. Bela where are we. Kate where andorra angora anymore detail the not we. I'm looking forward to your architectural criticism of andorra in tonight's episode. Yes toronto unfortunately will not be hearing your tale via you. Were going to do. Not but you've passed that responsibility back to me with many regrets. I offer my condolences. Well anyway i'm going to offer on the architectural front. I could see you taking all of as roma nintendo very impressed by you in the car. Today this is the last time you'll be joining us in the podcast. We will be hearing your audio diary. The last installment of my diary francois tommaso as well there. Hello francois louw kate. I was impressed by you today because as we were put on dora. I said to you kate. Do you have your visa for working on door. Your work fees already. I knew that. Not flicker atoll said you said nice. Try shots down like a dog. I was very impressed with that. Anyway you don't need a work visa but we have the left fronts and it does feel different doesn't it. This is one reason why lionel's not here anymore. He doesn't like andorra. francois your fan I guess you get used to it. It's like it's not like monaco like a cheap monaco in the middle of the mountains. You know because at least in well. I'm in the architecture. I don't want to overlap them. The you know architecturally is pretty similar. And you've got the same luxury shops and boutiques but but only monaco newcomb afford anything. Whereas in dora while you can you know it's duty free so people actually come here to buy cheap stuff you know. So what we heard from jelavic in last night's episode of how he loves under and obviously lots of writers love andorra thirty-eight of them of the rightist is starting. This of franz. Live and underrun. I'm sure they live here because they love it. They love it. Charms it's mountains. It's his allies. There's nothing to do with the tax situation airtel house you're driving into under a. We actually drove past joe. Laverick 'em he was. I recognize recognizes team kit and he was standing outside a an apartment block which she said was home to ten world through a pros and coming down the mountain into the capital here. We can't passing professional writers who are training or going to see. The children fronts one of the other things that i think scores against door me on for line lists every time. We're here as you can probably hear. The traffic is horrendous in the capital city here. But that's probably because the francis here if we were here cited. The turtle franz obviously wouldn't be as busy as but you've always got sense of it being very clogged up anyway. Unexciting stage today. Let's hear oh a by happened. Cates not doing it i will. We started in france and seri and we came out to on dora. La laviola with can share responsibility on this. If you on do you want to chip. It was fifteen hundred. Ninety one point five kilometers a really really difficult lots and lots of claiming and the first attacker of the day. Was thomas again. Who else what form that. She was not so much a breakaway. It was more a split in the pendleton. Venar said at the finish. He had no actually intended to go in the break and found him south there by accident. We did wonder about the of his team tactics because they've of course only got five writers left than the race. Is this going to be. Your chip boby is obviously like i know the the. Yeah the ins and outs but it was interesting. Yes because they left yona's bingoed. Who is their guy in the part of the peleton with only my tuna soon which was kind of perplexing to me. Because i don't quite think they're the same size so that if something happened to yona says bike who's going to anyways. It seems like kind of an move. But actually i think things kind of coalesce as time went on when they had of course like not to spoil. What happened at the end but Accessible day for them suspended at the same time you know while came back to help eunice in the end obviously but so were they disorganized or was this actually just part of the plan or do they have a road. Captain that was. This is actually quite an interesting question. Thing is you can reverse engineer. That's true we can sit back at the end of the day and reflect on an absolute massa cost visible because they fought on three different fronts. And really you can. Argue came up trumps on all three fronts. Three writers in the breaker. Which as you say. Kate was perplexing with you on his finger goal in the fight for the podium left. I mean with might tennis but you could say isolated behind the climbing domestic now accent or click with venar in the move at the farm. Was stephen cries. Quick.

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