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"mona positive" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"For this. No. Said Clements. Context Dead have been all bad. That's Darren Waller's grandfather. Fats Waller has musician Well, Yeah, I'll snap in my fingers and shooting some. I don't know that part of it, but, you know, so like, yeah, the guy was like, you know, I'm out of the league, but also, you know, struggling to get his light life. Yeah. Apparently, you know, it looks like he's turned everything around in his life and dude from a sports being a sports fan, and you know you always want people have second chances. And if they do it themselves and do it in a positive way, And when your fantasy football match up more power to you, Yeah, ballers great on hard knocks last year. That was a great story on hard knocks, but so hot right now. That was me. Me and my pants were tight here. I want to do a whole thing on the saints. And if the Saints have a problem, but let's just talk for a few minutes here. Are the Raiders. Good? Yes. This Raiders or two and Oh, well, well, should we? Should we recap Ed's thoughts on the Raiders on Listen, Derek Carr last night I'm eating crow. Let me get that. What time did I said that? But I left my ass off when I read that last. There was a Yeah. Look, there was a time where I was I was. I was not impressed with them, beating the Panthers and weak one and I was like, Surely they're going to get you know, beat up on by the Saints. The states where my mind and I guess still my Super Bowl pick of the NFC. I thought they were the best team in the FC Spoiler alert. They're out of my top five will do. Top five bottom five in a moment, but, yeah, I mean, look, Josh shakeups is good there. Waller now might be in the top three tight ends and part of that rugs guy, too. He's good. He's fast. He was that He was a heck of a decoy last night, say, Jones from Austin. Hi, fellas. Oh, yeah. I didn't drop your personal unaware. You wanted to get back on the line so he could name drop, or you just want to take credit for that as well outside credit. When Ben you made him Played quarterback. Frost anomalies, a sophomore used to throw touchdown passes a Jones all the time and say, of course, went to East Carolina broke all the receiving records. He had a really nice touchdown last night. He wouldn't take Ben Clements with them. Tio, He's Carolina. That's all very well, saying Clemens is the best quarterback he's ever On touchdown passes, not Derek Carr. I'm gonna look for that quote, but okay, not on the Internet. Is Jon Gruden. A good coach? Yes. Yeah, yeah, He's good. We're all the way around it because two years ago we were laughing. We were we were I was laughing with. You didn't ask me my opinion. I, um I thought we would believe that he knew what he was getting. And he was a fire sale. He wanted to deconstruct so he could build it back. Bigger, stronger, faster, Better. I had to go Look at the end. See if this was still here because I remember two years ago when he was in the first year. That monstrous deal that they gave him a lot. If you go to is Gruden gone yet dot com It's just just says no. And then there's a counter of how much is left on that contract. Seven years 16 weeks, one day 20 hours, 48 minutes. 57 56 seconds are remaining on his contract. Somebody still pays to have that domain active. Oh, yeah. Undefeated, somebody, somebody Somebody should send help. Take it to that website. It's Ah, Gruden has made $23 since I arrived on this site. Oh, no. Is Gruden gone yet? Dot com is just one place to check in on Patrick Mahomes. Mona Positive. My guys good. I don't know about that. But well, that was a pretty good test. Yeah, as impressive. It was impressive out. It's the same one. We got a song about the same because I'm worried about.

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