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"mona lisa dewa" Discussed on The Past and the Curious

"Maybe, you've seen this before, and if you haven't, that's totally cool. It's very easy to imagine in a gallery of Fine Art Museum. Someone is set up with their Easel, our sketch pad painting drawing stopping regularly to stare deep into the detail of a masterpiece on the wall. Masterpieces are just that masterpieces. They are marvels of detail technique filled with inspiration, and for many they are a unique way to learn to paint. Nothing beats at something in person up close and personal with a critical eye. These art gallery art makers are learning from the masters even if the masters have been dead for centuries. This is precisely what Louis Baru had in mind when he walked into the Louvre on a Tuesday in nineteen eleven. No, he wasn't hoping to take lessons from some Zombie painters. He was going to spend the morning with the painting created and sort of May be finished by Leonardo. Da Vinci four hundred years before in nineteen eleven the Mona Lisa was a pretty normal painting people new Davinci was important but this wasn't believed to be his most important work. For centuries, it had been out of public eye and when it was finally hung on the walls of the Louvre, it was about as exciting to folks as all of the other thousands of paintings that hung on the walls of the twenty six acre building. In the late eighteen hundreds of artists and critics began to realize or simply decided how great it was. But they were the snobby sort to most folks. It was just another portrait of a lady who? May Not be smiling Louis must have been one of these parolees up people because she's exactly who he was there to see. But when he got to the room where the painting usually hung, he found only four nails that once held it onto the wall. She was gone. Now. Yes. Excuse me I came here to see the Davinci in this room but it's gone what Davinci Yes I heard you what painting can't you find the Mona Lisa Dewa. The Mona Lisa. We have no painting called the Mona Lisa yes you do or you did it's The Da Vinci painting. It's a half length portrait of a woman who's Kinda smiling kind of nod and there's some interesting scenes over her shoulder in the distance and what did you call it the Mona Lisa we well, this is France and here we call that painting a Kanda Okay. Well, it appears Lajja. Kanda is missing from your wall. Any idea where it is Doa, Law Asia condo missing where is it? You mean the Mona Lisa's missing. This security guard checked with the photography department they had been working through the collection. So he assumed that the painting was temporarily removed so that photographs could be taken. Was He right He was worse than right. He was way he worse than right he was super duper Ding Dong Mega. Wrong. The Mona Lisa had been stolen. The HOOPLA that followed made the most famous painting in the world, and you could argue that the Mona Lisa never would have been as famous as it is now if Vincenzo Peruse. Hadn't initiated a worldwide search when he stole it on a Monday morning in nineteen eleven. Vincenzo had worked at the loop often on as a contractor for years. In fact, the museum had chosen one hundred paintings including the Mona Lisa. To put behind glass for extra protection and Vincenzo had installed. Many of those glass covers people hated the glass covers because sometimes the light would reflect on the glass and you couldn't actually see the painting that you came to see but instead the mirror image of your own face or someone else near you straining to see the Dang thing in the first place. The criticism didn't hurt Vinnie. He did most of his work on Mondays when the museum was closed. So No, one was around to complain to him. It's not like he could have done anything about it. Anyway. He was just a hired hand a regular guy who moved to France from Italy? Living in a tiny apartment and who is apparently nurturing a quiet. Yet, burning passion for returning Italy's important artworks back to Italy. He knew all too well that the move would be closed on Mondays. So one Sunday night instead of going home afterward, he and two accomplices snuck into a broom closet and spent the night with the cleaning supplies. When the morning came, they did their stretches put on work clothes and a smock with identify them as maintenance workers. Making a beeline for Lisa, they pulled her off of the wall and quickly headed for the door. Stairwell. They removed the centuries old frame and carelessly tossed it aside. DAVINCI painted the Mona Lisa on wood. So it was impossible to roll up which is a good thing for the art world. So vinnie hid the inflexible rectangle under his smock the only surprise person he ran into must have been incredibly lacking in the Observation Department or else didn't care because the painting is two and a half feet tall and nearly two feet wide there is no wave and Shinzo didn't look suspicious especially for someone leaving an art museum that Dude didn't say a word. It's hard to know what mention does plan was later he said he didn't really even have one other than to return the painting Davinci's native country Italy. But many believed that he and the others wanted to either sell it. Or have someone create copies and then pass those off as the original to several unwitting and lawless collectors who were okay with having stolen art in their collections. Apparently those people exist and that's totally lame. It took officials at the museum twenty six hours to figure out that the painting was gone and when they did they searched high and low. It was nowhere in the building. Of course, there were suspects. Other people had stolen things from them in the past and they checked with them. But none of those investigations uncovered the slightest shred of evidence on the winner about of the Mona Lisa. Police even brought the famous painter. Pablo Picasso in for questioning. The accusations made him blue for a period but they explained that they had to look at the crime from all possible angles at what's which he of course understood. Once the international press learned about the highest. The story was everywhere the New York. Times was astounded. Someone could walk out of a museum in the heart of a bustling city with a large.

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