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"molly cer pell" Discussed on Tiny Spark

"Of nonprofit quarterly. We take a close look, nonprofits, international aid and philanthropy. I'm amy custody. There have already been positive responses to the economic fallout from covid nineteen, and from the renewed demands across the nation for racial equity. As a result of these developments, many major arts organizations are striving to become more equitable vice, supporting more artists than usual. In fact, some institutions have shifted from awarding prestigious annual prizes to just one artist, and are now dividing monetary prizes and acclaim to all nominated artists. My guest today is no stranger to sharing prizes now. Molly cer- pell was the recent winner of one of the richest literary awards. The WINDHAM Campbell price for her debut novel the Old Drift. Sir Pell Zambian and she's an associate professor of English at the University of California Berkeley back in two thousand fifteen, she had one another distinguished literary prize, the Caine Prize for African writing, but surpassed decided to respond to the award in a way that would draw attention to the problematic nature of these competitions and awards it was. An impulsive decision. And it came up as the result of a question and answer session at a Book Club meeting at the British Library. Where we were asked as five African writers why we felt the CAINE Prize was administered in London and not in an African city. And I raise my hand and answered and. That not only was the prize administered in London, but that we were at the British library, and the price ceremony would be at the Bodleian library at Oxford, and that we were also asked to the British Museum and go to the House of Commons. And this was in fact quite strange. And I said whenever I..

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