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"molly ringwald akron" Discussed on Who Charted

"Oh my goodness. It's like on a familiar pair of underwear. So caluzzi. Right. Have one of those Ashford and Simpson's silky outfits. This is ARIN. Be love makings about. It's it's about to go down you guys. I'm so happy to be back. We we, I'm so happy to have you back. I love the change in the intro like we have to. We have to evolve evolve there. You go. Exciting. You have a special visitor right there with you in your lap? Yes. I have a new dog new to the show. Dog. Molly ringwald Akron. Oh, named after Molly ringwald. That's right. Which shows your favorite? Molly ringwald movie sixteen candles. You pointed at me and I felt like it was like, I had to do fast. Okay. You did, but I'm a breakfast club guy. Mali's quiet molly's just hanging out molly's channel. She is. We think one year old. You know, we don't have a birthday. She's cute. No matter how old she is, and we're so glad to have you back. I'm sure the charter site to hear your voice here on the program. I'm psyched to see you across from me to see my face upon your body in a t shirt for chartered Kuch Koolup Jesus cool up shirt. I think sales were held back a little by people thinking that they were going to have a religious affiliation if they were it, I didn't know that. Yeah, that's what the feedback. Wow, okay. That was what's on the boards. Are you showing those you show anything you're wearing? My tits. Sure. He's got to be great for you. Just have this view again. I was just looking at the color of it and the doggie. There's a lot to look at in the area late near my chest right there. Yes. No, I'm no. I'm not selling anything on my person at this time. But if you name a number, I'll think about it. Okay. Well, welcome back. We got, we lift we have to bring in somebody else. Of course, this is a very special episode. It's episode, four hundred. Made it to four hundred. So it's a reunion show and we have back on course somebody who is very important to the show. Do you mind if I do is introduction just for old time sake. Oh yeah. He's a comedian actor and musician. You know him from guardians of the galaxy and every who charted milestone episode..

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