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"molitor tom" Discussed on The Fighter And The Kid

"Mubarak guess. Oh i think my english is way better than your spanish man. He's like no and then to all asian people he bows. If you're asian. And you cross steven seagal path and you go. Hey i was born here you dick you have to do that. He's like sorry martial arts for eighty just no effort that beast gaddam. That's a real gentleman just killing. I'm when i first met him. We were on the road with road. And i would just watch him. Barely move and crush room crowd. There's you know there's no pulling rabbits out of hats. Just kind of almost like i just woke up from a nap and now watch me the beasts and he does it all you build our on the road. He's not like a guy that goes to the store. The store does it all on the road. Us talking about what i did. Two bears one cave. I think comes out next week two weeks. And he's talking about how he got his first start. He won a contest in irvan comedy contest to do two minutes with rogin and Charlie murphy really so he hosted that and he's like do you think what do you do fucking too. So he said he goes up. There does two minutes and crosswords two minutes and then they brought him on again and then in another city and then afterwards rogin Was like dude. You really funny. I'm gonna hit you up and use you and he's like i've heard all the time. Okay rogin and then. Charlie murphy's thing i'm also gonna use you and then you have to watch absolutely about how the charlie murphy hated him so it never happened but then rogin start using them. Yeah yeah yeah. It's undeniable mazda. What are we say. If you wanna get ahead just become undeniable. Just be really fucking. Tom's i told it made them uncomfortable. Tones he's my north star right like he start his own network. He's you know. He got big off his comedy specials like she's one of the few comics off sure initials sebastian. Funniest faulk like him in. So bash off see sebastian's a fucking mama. Molitor tom pot. I don't think people realize how big calms podcasts are. huge huge. Well that's the thing your mom's house to bears cave. He does the. Tom talks I i mean just between your mom's i mean besides rogue and out of our group. He's the biggest by far. I don't think people really by far name. Close amazing tommy's the biggest. Yeah monster well. He's just undeniable some people that funny and he's multi-talented he can just you know just talk as been too. Yeah yeah and he knows his fucking cars he does. He knows his guards. Gt four. i think it's a our eggs at your car. No dairy no. He actually went up him to it. He's like you guys to know his he has. Gt four which is like the smaller version. They're monsters they're cool. Did you too small for me too. Small too small. You can't fit in them. i could. It's tax similar but you don't. Where do you go from that car where you go my car. Yeah i i mean as far as race cards. There's nothing can change the color on the throne. I drove a porsche. It was a porsche turbo when it was a long time ago. My friend arnold schwarzenegger's porsche. Okay that he had traded him. So because i got a surprise for you coming. It'd be like wow well driving that thing. At first and second degree gear in los angeles was i. It was like five six lead but until new turbos the new turbos. There sofa confessed really there in say they can pop. Yeah but it's all Trip topic now. No like you can get a gt three storing and six feet and they. What's crazy is california's the only state that made illegal to have a six speed. Gt three point because okazaki some because he's a fucking moral and also because the by the way but how many are there six of them so now. You're like protecting the environment. What are we doing here but also like real like me and my brother. We both want the new. Gd three touring you just biting fuck in vegas registered as an automatic here if the cop pulls you over you'd have to be a cop who really in tune with cars sixty torn men by the way and he probably be even then he like. This is awesome. Yeah he's not gonna fuck with you. They wanted to fucking ban. The sixty torn well. What if they come up with an electric car that is have they and that blows that away speed-wise for all those i i i don't. I don't acknowledge him. But what about on the track man. The i mean those those Plaid tesla's are fucking monster and there's other Still doesn't matter to you like an engine. It doesn't count. They don't count. they don't count really does youtube fights. They don't count the other fighting. They don't count. No no the real car the mechanics you you gotta be like shifting gears and all that was doing it with gas men you know i just don't they don't count. Yeah and you need. You do like a stick. Love it because that way you can do feel everything you feel like. You're actually physically driving Well you know what i find. Weird j goes to those car like shows. Yeah and there's one of the biggest ones malibu. Every sunday debate jay. Leno's their seinfeld the biggest one. What i don't get is when these older rich and pull up in including the ones j goes to in califor- colorado and he goes all every week when they pull up and they have this weird arrogance like they built the car. Yeah you had nothing to do with the quality standing perform so that are but you're your posted up like you handbuilt that well see those guys got a little bit of a gut. They're wearing the jacket that matches the car. No those so. This is what's funny. So there's there's groups right it's like lopping there's grew. Yeah so already embarrassed by the way. When i see that there's a group i appreciate it. But there's a group so if it's in jayanta this must be entering so there's different genres of groups in these car groups so if you go by the porsche group. They're all friendly pretty hard work in. There's no like billionaires in the group like porsches a real man's call and i have say it's more about substance right not as much about its performance. Narcos reliable.

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