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Prince William Publicly Says Royal Family Is Not Racist, The Talk Explodes Over Piers Morgan & Racism Debate - Daily Pop 03/11/21

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Prince William Publicly Says Royal Family Is Not Racist, The Talk Explodes Over Piers Morgan & Racism Debate - Daily Pop 03/11/21

"Stop her engines in the sales. Slap lines off the scarves. The rebels below deck sailing yacht blowing into croatia. Were captain glenn takes command of a first class new crew. We've got a great team. And i think we're gonna knock out of the park with all hands stretched to the limit or be. The first snapped come sail away with below jack sailing yacht nine only on bravo. Set your dvr now daily. Just when you thought we could move on from the royals drama. We've got william. Dropping a bombshell bombshell okay. He is finally speaking out against harry megan's interview and claims that the royal family is racist. Check out how. William just responded to reporters shouting questions at him. Have you have you spoken to you for this interview. Took yeah but i go there and you just let me know. His role on the ranks calmly so much so the existent people out there. Some vm visa. Big deal though because reporters are constantly yelling at the world and have or comment back. It's super unusual. But he did it. He actually responded to reporter. What do you think what you read into this. Obviously he was like all. My family is not a resin. You'll see this black woman next to me with the african brennan. You pulled out all your comments. I would love heard chiming like lou out with them because they just invited come along with his trip to work out. That's the truth exchange any. It's no longer pomp and circumstance. Megan markle stepped into the shade room. So you have to step ron right after her and i think for them it's no longer this unattainable moment. You've gotta be personable. You gotta get. You gotta look like somebody. I just love though. And i could be wrong. I honestly love how they put the brother out there. To almost kinda sorta counteract. What's going on with hairy. I think it was very strategic that they were like. Okay we are going to put you out there and if someone asks you because they know someone will. You can go ahead and answer that time. We're not racist. sorry go no just. I just wonder what kate said to him when he got in the car. Because to me. I felt like he didn't seem plan to. Maybe that is intentional. Supposedly spur of the moment. But she's just like kept walking. She hit her head down and she's probably getting into the car she's like did you. Did you just say we don't say something train farley and this prince training queen and training or whatever. She's going to be training. We do not talk. But that's why. I think that it's time i think the royal family is like in the institution as we have to talk yes. This reminds me of the time. Where taylor swift and kanye west got into that whole thing and tailor made the whole speech. About how konya said you know the whole my made that famous thing and instead of conde responding. He let kim respond because he knew if he responded. A a man can respond to a woman in that in that way but also he would look like more. The villains more personable than conway so i think as a family they were like okay. You're going to respond to her. At this point importantly he has not called you. Who doesn't go their old you after that. This is weren't talking. And then he sees this and now he is in full damage control mode and he's probably like so upset. I don't see them. You know what turned around. This black woman is a covered. Family says regina. Ask you guys when they do talk. In my opinion i do not feel. This is going to be a brother genuine conversation. Because i think the trust between the two from what harry and meghan have gone through combined with now william feels like he just got thrown under the bus this is. I don't think that this conversation's ombu. I'm like like voss yes talking to a former coworker. both of them are trying not to get sued. So they're trying to have this as the most pc conversation of all time. And they'll this way. I really wish it. You didn't feel that way to talk ra. The royals need to speak up. And this is good. That they're breaking their silence. All that hoity toity old stuff you sit in and everybody thinks you're all secretive. come on. you're obviously behind closed. Doors saying things. Yes but yeah but what family member. If you and i are brother and sister and we get in a fight on monday. I'm not calling you on tuesday. I'm gonna tensions kinda cool off between us because obviously you're still hot under the neck and that's how me and my family work if we get into arguments. I'm not calling you immediately. Nothing is going to get resolved immediately. So you go in your corner. I'm a stay in my corner and where we can come in the middle and come to a conclusion and actually hear one another then. let's talk. well we wondered if this interview is going to change how the monarchy works and it looks like from this little example. It might all right well. Things got ugly on the talk yesterday. Warren cheryl underwood got into a heated debate after sharon defend appears morgan for saying he didn't believe megan lunch. I'm asking you again and don't try and cry because if anyone should be crying and it should be made. This is the situation. Tell me when you have heard him say racist things. Kate me tell me. It is not the exact words of racism. It's the implication and the reaction to it to not want to address that because she is a black woman and to try to dismiss it or to make. It seem less than what it is. That's what makes it racist. I don't want anybody here to to watch this. And we're attacking you for being racist. And and that for that. If i articulated i think i think that cage already so i've never heard you utter anything races. I have but i have felt that pierce was racist in his stance against megan markle. Why content be. He just doesn't like her. Why does it have to be racist. Elaine so uncomfortable. Elaine not moved from new york. All are uncomfortable. I mean every single one of them. Yeah that's that was. That was heavy. And i understand both sides but we have to be careful how we throw around this word. Racism were throwing it around a lot. And i'm going to walk lightly here but we haven't understand. Racism of course is discrimination against another race. This right here. I don't think that piers. Morgan is racist. I think he's an idiot. I think he's like a fifty percent jealous thirty percent idiot another thirty percent. I just really has done. He got thirty percent privileged ampara blitz. Also but i think it's more. He is scorned woman but whether she is black or white or asian i think he does not like her and i believe that that's why he goes against her. Because you cannot mock or dispute someone suicidal thoughts. That's where he is an idiot and that's where he went wrong he. I don't believe he win against her raise. I don't believe he's gone against the race. He went against a woman who is has suicidal thoughts. And that's where he was dead. Said though i'm i'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just asking when he said. I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. I wouldn't even believe the weather if she was a got to me. He is a blanket statement. Right it saying like for the whole interview. Everything she said was a lot well. Part of that was her take on feeling. Discriminate discriminated against. Because of who she is so when he says that blanket statement saying don't believe anything she said. I think that is covering that part of the interview. But i also think that piers morgan out of all the royals. Megan was the only ones hand held to the fire. And i think he was discriminating against her. Maybe not because she was black but maybe because she was an american. American breeze. Left at the martini could be. There's a lot of things in the thing is. And i'm gonna. I'm gonna to two for one right. Hats off to cheryl for having the conviction and the patience to sit there with her friend who she loves to sit there and try to explain articulate without getting upset a lot of times. I get in trouble because i have the patience to sit and explained to when people say time's up we should not be explaining. They should already know well. I'm so sorry your personality and some people before they get to african american histories the masters course they gotta take welcome to black one on one with me and i'm willing and ready to to sieve with you and talk about it. The sharon osborne you remember when you were a kid and you were in a math class and you could not figure out how to move that decimal and so enraged class because you could never get it right. Yeah and you're rushing and you're trying to do this sharon. Osborne has never walked a mile in a black woman shoes so for her. She is frustrated because she can't understand she can't see it. A lot of people get frustrated when they don't understand something and i think for her. I think for sharon osborne she was trying to stand up for a friend and she honestly could not see it and she got frustrated on air and in front of millions of people. Is that okay. And i'm asking. You is that okay that she could not see it problem with. I'm just wondering why is it fair to her. That's what she has. She asked a question she did. She's saying she said. Show me some receipts. Where's the proof that he is said. Things that are racist hit rights and shirl- took the time to explain the implications and the tone. But is it fair to share in that the race that she should be called a racist by association by the way. If i know. And i say this on the show sometimes i put my foot in my mouth because we only have eight minutes between three people to go down a rabbit hole. If i know that i can't make my point eight minute i will keep my mouth shut about certain things because everybody online. I can't believe this is usa. Said this you to come and sit in this chair. Same with sharon osborne s. I would have just chose to say okay. Cheryl off camera and dressing rooms. I'm frustrated because x y and because sometime because as she spelt like the see was sewn one. Sometimes you put something out there. You've now implied. She's a racist all she can think about right now is i'm imagining is seeing reading on. I'm done well then. Various took was telling you saying that. And now i wanna so sensitive right now. That's why it's fair. You have to use that word carefully. Because you're right you toss it to share in osborne. sharing was like hey. I was just trying to protect. Maybe the whole pitcher. Why would that make me a racist. That's a hard word to come back from. Yes well it's so interesting. I don't know if we have time to do the second part of this conversation. I hope we do but there was something that developed later later on us more important. I think okay. We're gonna so too justin. You still ahead you guys. We're gonna talk more about this but also we have surprised guest stopping by even we don't know who it is but we are told it's a huge star who everyone knows and loves. They love surprises for us. Next what jennifer garner just revealed about her ex and athletics with. I'm about to be put in the electric chair. Because i have a friend who many people think is a racist so that makes me a racist and for me at sixty eight years of age to have to turn around and say 'i racist what's the with me. I'm okay. how could i be racist about anybody. How could i be racist about anybody or any thing in my life. How can i will. Well what we will be right long four topics. So don't go away. I think we should stop this. Elena was ready ponytail. She's like get it all my god talk go ahead. Cher was like what what what what she's she said. Fb don't see cars. Well let's talk about where she was. She was nice what she said. So everyone on the sources from the set said that she said i'm jewish. I can't be racist. And i think that's a really big misconception. Because again i am gay. I can be an. I'm black and gay. I could be racially insensitive at times. You know. i've caught myself. You know caught up in something. So i think that's a blanket statement that people make and it's not even true right but when she cursed sharon walker was to commercial. But i think like you said shirl did a very good job at navigating tried to explain as a black woman and as a co host and my friend. I mean that was a real. I'm very difficult. Because sharon got very upset. Yeah you didn't see searle carson going. By the way if cheryl would occurs different barrel underwood would not be employed today. I'm gonna say that on camera. If cheryl underwood had cursed and darren osborne cheryl underwood would be on unemployment line today. Listen i you could see all the thoughts going cheryl's head because sharon is the executive producers. No i'm seeing because cheryl underwood. If a black woman cursed away woman. On a live set. She wouldn't be there today. I should say something off that. In goodness breaking blinded reply. Say no. i don't know it's definitely a legitimate argument. And i think that you know it was so uncomfortable because you could see cheryl insurance vote. You could just see their worlds turning. I'm sitting there. Looking at cheryl and i see are looking up. She's talking because she's sitting there thinking as you mentioned before i wanna say this strongly so i'm not gonna get in trouble for the people who don't think i'm strong enough monitor. I gotta say this though politely. So that i'm not all the people that don't understand an armchair inside they don't come for me and then i also have to try to say this truthfully because this is my friend and i owe this to myself to make sure i get this right. I mean. she's got so many things going on in her head. It is such a hard situation. It's such a difficult conversation to have. And twenty twenty one especially on tv where there is very little time for it. I'm just so you guys do this related. I'm getting text already about how. I'm not being hard enough on sharon osborne. That's a plight of being black person on tv. Yeah that if a black issue comes to nobody not harden enough and you are not hard enough on somebody. You're already in trouble like this is going on right now. And that's treating because justin is just like we talked about earlier. Your personality is understanding and considerate. And you love to hear out there. S perspective and give yours. That is who you are. So i think it's justin should be expected to change who he is based on what everybody else wants him to be. And by the way. I'm not even fighting necessary. I'm just talking about piers. Morgan is not even about sharon. She's supporting a friend who cares. It's really about his action. Why we bothered with her. She's just say oh my friend my friend. He didn't say anything that's all she's doing is protecting a friend until last question. Do you think sharon osborne is gonna lose her job over this. Oh it was a conversation with heated her drink and martinez metaxas underwood may to find out what you gotta break though. it cheryl would have got a three-day braid big. It was just a great conversation. And because these conversations going on across the world you know just like the oj case. God nick. jonas santa big announcement and speaking of couples. Here's another clue about our surprise guest. This person dated a major ayla sir for years but then they broke up. Who is it. we'll find out this welcome back. It's time to get into today's hollywood headlines with the hollywood minute nick. Jonas and priyanka chopra are dropping. Some names for your consideration. They'll be announcing the oscar nominations together this upcoming monday. All twenty three categories will be livestreamed. Now michael jordan stepping back into the boxing ring only this time as a director michael is set to make his directorial debut with crete three. And he'll be back to reprise his role as donna's crete and shirtless. Michael says directing has always been a dream but the timing had to be right and showtimes new anthology series. The first lady just cast their first daughter. Lexi underwood from little everywhere will star as molina obama alongside viola davis who play michelle the series also features michelle pfeiffer as betty ford plus. Gillian anderson as eleanor roosevelt. Basically it sounds like the white house. 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I is how something that's a little more leaded a little march diffused ak shimmering shadow that a little bit of your setting spray. Missed it this. does this actually turns your shimmer. Do i like to also take my finger and just go over that area of more. This is kind of really intense adviser next now that the pretty much the topless i m it he goes a bit of the sane used before on to start with a little bit fines underneath the finish off the love with a nice ball vary so i'd like to start with using a round the minor now working at our bearing clocks on top of that. This is the final look. That girl is like me. Oh my gosh. i love that. Make though okay for more makeup tips. You can find alex on instagram at. I want alex alex with two axes. That was all right. Music's biggest night is almost here. And we've got you covered saturday. Join us for a special daily pop. Grammy's edition at eleven. Am sin on sunday night. The grammys are on. 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His three are you guys not back together right. No you know. I'm a i'm I am my own my own frog and She is a big always. I like being on the masked singer. Well it was really really fun. you know. it's it's fun being anonymous for a change after all. I am pretty recognizable. I mean how many how many short green guys from hollywood do you know. 'cause i and yoda point now you. It's been a little bit since you've released new music. Prepare to sing again. Oh well i i I have been known to croak out a two or two. And so i just do the regular The regular warm upset You know that every frog does. I do my d.c. My deep knee bends alex. And i'm pretty much. I'm pretty much ready to go. God stay so young old cook. 'em i i'm about twenty two in in frog years. Oh that was that one. We gotta do that mad. I thought nicole scherzinger was blushing. When you came out of that snail costume could you potentially see a little thing with nicole and the future. Oh gee. I don't know i usually don't like to talk about that kind of thing in public Bruno's this is going to be interesting. Wasn't weird being inside of a snail when you probably eat them just wondered just wondering well. It was actually great being inside the snail. Because you know it was a it was a snail with a shell owned You know i kind of had like a built in dressing room. It was very very comfortable wall to wall carpeting. There was a big screen. Tv and it had great. Life is well see. You're comfortable now. I know that when you're on the masked singer you have to be top secret your friends your family. Nobody can know. How did you keep that such a secret. Gone so definitely new nano. Nobody knew no no. That's that's true. Nobody knew it is a big secret and everybody knows that there are three ways that you can spread a secret of course telephone telegraph and tell them up. A fuzzy bear told me to eat told me to get to do that job. Well i just have one last question. I know you're single and looking. Kim is also single and looking. I feel as though this could be a match made in heaven. Would you wanna do a first date. Carbon want sure why not. I mean. I usually don't talk about that kind of thing but you know we're here right now and so Yes whoo daily cameras yet. We love you. You were being here season. Absolutely airs wednesdays on fox. Your eyes and this date is going to be bomb. Sit on my lap ripping okay. That was a good surpri. This special way. Jennifer hudson is giving back during women's history month and how you can help to. We're inspired by women helping women so in honor of women's history month we asked a few of our favorite celebrities to share. Who has inspired them. There are so many incredible women that inspire me. My mother always taught me to be a survivor and stay strong and believe in myself. I'm going to see my mom too because my you know when mother's support your dream It feels really good annette benning because she really started as she was ballet dancer growing up and then she was a theater actress and it just ends. She was a mom and seemed like a really involved. Mom and it just made me feel like oh well. That's a combination of things that i that is fire to. Luke is somebody that like really admire because all the things that she created with with busy but then even after that he even more things. Green lighting tv show. Like i just i meyer. That tries to mimic that to a certain extent. Now in partnership with our sponsor mastercard. Let's talk about jennifer hudson who is always celebrating powerful women on instagram this week. She participated graphic this graphic and audio of her singing and wished her followers a happy. International women's say jennifer. Also teaming up with mastercard to support black female business owners across the country like entrepreneur ever initiative participant areas simone. She started the fearless fund to help women of color find grant to help grow their businesses. She pretty all right to learn more. You can visit fearless dot fund slash drivers up next. We're revisiting the sharon and cheryl drama on the top with nightly pops nina parker. Why she disagrees with her earlier combo. That's welcome back the daily Earlier in the show. We were talking about the drama between sharon osborne and cheryl underwood on the talk. The debate was about whether sharon was being racist for supporting piers. Morgan and his comments about making markle well nightly pop hosting parker was watching and she has some thoughts. I was addressing room. I'm halfway done ran out here. But my wig wasn't ready sanitizer by the way when justin was like i'm getting texas for me. I was like. I know perspective missing. I'm not here to read anybody. Because i feel like everybody is entitled to their own experiences that have led them to however they believe but i will say i was shocked when i watched the talk yesterday for a few reasons one. I felt like sharon. Osborne was weaponising. Her emotions in her tears to become a victim when she was being called out for accountability. And the fact that she told cheryl underwood. Don't you dare cry. I'm the one that should be crying was shocking to mean. We're talking about racism. You can't tell me how. I'm supposed to react to something that you've done but also the fact that piers morgan has a history of making racist remarks. He has a history of mocking chinese people. He makes misogynistic comments and for me a woman. A black woman is saying. I went into this royal family and i experienced levels of microaggressions racism. Racism gets my child. My tie wasn't given a title. They don't to give my child security. His skin color was discussed. That has nothing to do with whether you like me or not. I can dislike you as a person and say these claims against you are vile so when everybody's like this why a race thing. It's a racing because making told us what was happening to her as a black woman. So that's why it's important because if a woman was to say i was sexually in this castle these men were doing these things to me. We will believe it wouldn't be a question it will be like. It would almost be an abomination question whether this woman had experienced sexual harassment racism. It's always a hands of are they lying. And it is not cheryl and elaine's job to explain a damn thing to share. It is not my job as a black woman to education. Google is free. You yelling yelling. One hundred percent both give my whole thing is and this was my take on it. I don't disagree with anything you say. But if chris comes here and she has some of the same things that you're osborne is saying it's not my job to educate her but as my friend and i see somebody genuinely wants to have that. I like cheryl underwood. I wasn't there. But i felt like cheryl underwood felt like i'm going to have this conversation with land. You're confused. what a shame but at the same time yes it is not my oldest one. She should know better sometimes. It's just one this. Here's this but this was my problem. Always saying that. Sharon osborne is racist. Because well she. She's she's damned. She's on the racist stadium. She's she's in that playing field because because she's she's standing up ask you this share tweet about. Why wasn't the tweet i believe making. Why was it. The tweet about women empowerment. Why are you defending. Pierce morgan begnaud. That's her friend justin. How many times have we hold each other accountable. Your that you. And i but that's what needs to happen with white people though because that's what ally is because an ally is calling out somebody who was acting racist or misogynistic or prejudice against somebody twenty times this allies each other but in this particular situation on live television as a to friends are talking and they got heated isn't but they didn't get it with zero got hit with sharon sharon. Then why is your client. Why does she have to say talk. Format to cry because she didn't want show to weaponize tears the way that she was well. Okay and sharon the one thing. I do think that sharon says that. She what. I don't know that she was see. I don't necessarily take it as she was discounting. Megan markle or saying she doesn't believe make a markle. Was i took it as because somebody you accuse somebody of something horrific and somebody comes down and they said christmas line and then that friend that you know says well i believe him. That's not saying. I'm writing with this posting. These are two opposites. What i do as a friend is i tried to show both sides. I wanna hear what this person has to say. I don't immediately go but this is but we're talking about this particular situation and the history. I got what you're saying about the history but he also has a history meghan markle date and i think he dislikes her in a certain way he put on on on santa put ourselves. I think we should go back to the situation of peers. Wait let me say this though. Because sharon inserted herself in this situation and that was her platform. Okay i'll ask you something that. Might we do another show. Do you think we throw around the word races. Oh no no no no problem. Equal weight believe black women down for that. But what i'm seeing. Right now is and i hate to these conversations because we have one minute left. Yeah now we're going in with. Oh we're not writing hard enough for our culture blankets on monolith either lack women what was going on is true in real as she felt and i saw it. I also understand that. I live in a place where everybody won't think like cheryl underwood was sitting there having a conversation with a friend. If you were sitting across from sharon osbourne that would have been a conversation out here. Cheryl's job and the fact that cheryl had to maintain a certain just because the way we're talking now people could see it as aggressive. Because we're passionate cheryl. Never raise her voice. You know why because she couldn't and you said this exactly known better. If that is not cheryl might be sharing our friends and said that she should have said something about the suicide that he should believe or not being told her.

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