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"Dot d lt dot com slash BMC Solutions to learn Mohr Davidow. Nine w T o P traffic Now to Storm Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter. It's been a beautiful holiday weekend and it's going to stay mostly clear this evening, and warm temperatures will be falling through the seventies. The community will continue creeping up a little bit overnight tonight, so I'm not as comfortable a few clouds Those would be in the upper sixties, too. Low seventies tomorrow Tuesday, partly sunny, very warm and humid house being the mid upper eighties Wednesday looks mostly cloudy, warm and humid. A few scattered showers and even a few thunderstorms will be possible high would be in the low to mid eighties. There's a mostly cloudy, warm and humid with more showers and thunderstorms highs of being the mid upper eighties. On a store Team four meteorologist found Better Still in the eighties 83 degrees in Chantilly and Oxen Hill, 82 Tacoma Park at 4 30. This is w t. O p Your source for today's top news, traffic and weather, always connected and constantly updated in your car at home at work and told to go w T o p Never visible moment. Good afternoon. I'm Sandy Coz L. Thomas Robertson is at the editor's desk coming up wildfires in California forth the governor to declare a state of emergency in five counties. A Saudi court issues the final verdicts in the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Cash O. J Change in the condition of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. W T O P News time for 31. California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in five counties is several wildfires continue to rage, including the Eldorado Fire, which started Saturday. It was caused by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device used in a gender reveal party. A CBS reporter..

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