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"mohr anthony lima" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Mohr Anthony Lima, CBS Sports radio Before we get into Dan Snyder and I've got some reaction on deck Prescott. I just realized how silly it sounds in my head when I just if I just lay it out and say, Hey, some Gorgeous woman. I'm 39 single, You know, dating scene, Cleveland, Whatever. But in my head I just realized this girl is way out of my league. She's unbelievable. And she just used social distancing as an excuse. To not go to dinner with me. I realize how that sounds if I just laid out like that it sounds like I'm wasting my time completely, which I might be. But She sometimes texts me out the blue. She did facetime me while I was on my trip. So that was good that that was something that was positive, right? But I probably feel like I'm wasting my time. So I asked you guys to help me and tell me what to do. And now we've got lined up. So let me go Toe Alley in Ohio. Your next stop on CBS Sports radio. Go ahead. How are you doing? What's going on? Um, So I just wanted to say I mean, if the social distancing is an issue that you could always offer her that come over and make her dinner and really wow hurt right now what She likes that maybe that would get her on the hook. Yeah, The problem is, I don't know if we're it come over to my house stage yet. I mean that that's very personal for my people. Yeah, That's true, but I mean, it's it's about the only all parent of it. She doesn't want to go out to a restaurant. Yet I feel like I've seen her post. Pictures of her at restaurants. This is not going well. Thank you, Allie. Thanks. Thank you very much. Guillermo is in Virginia. Can you help me in this situation? Sama. Welcome to the show. Hey, Can you hear me? Yes, I can. Hey, Thanks for having me. I just want to say, man, I pursued my wife of now 10 years. For a whole year before she would go out with me. I mean, it went to the point where I was walking by her dorm, and this was in college just to see if her lights were on and I would get all my buddies to come with me and you know I were out. It was a whole year of pursuing her. And you know what? That's what girls want, man like Guillermo, are we are we allowed to be that level because I gotta be honest. That does sound creepy and I'm not going out beyond it. Are you allowed to be that persistent in 2020? I don't know if you are girls want to be pursued. Trust me, They want to be pursued. They want to be a one struck Dr Feet and 05 hitch came out. And the thing that got me was, I watched that movie twice in the movie theaters. The thing that got me was That line. Where says any woman can be swept off her feet? The guy just needs the right broom. I butchered that line, but that's how something how go and I took notes. Man in No. Six. A year later, I found the 1 July 20 seconds 22,007 she went out with Mushi became official girlfriend, and now we're celebrating 10 years of marriage this year, man. Well, congratulations goes completely out of my league. Those of the story Well, and Guillermo. I mean, you know, you checked the dorm room to see if the lights were on..

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