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"mohegan sun. seton hall" Discussed on Boomer & Gio

"Didn't think personally with our best week of practice. I mean well. They looked it and they got killed. He was flat yesterday. He fumbled the away three times. Picked off to return for a touchdown patriots. Get by the cardinals. Twenty two seventeen Also of note. We did the broncos nobody cares. Browns beat the jaguars twenty-seven twenty-five jacksonville fire. Gm dave caldwell matt patricia. Being let go over the weekend by detroit after they're wonderful showing on things head coach there do we know. Oh you know. I don't know the answer that i should. I don't why don't you can someone that's okay. Yeah hackers beat the bears last night. Forty one twenty five eagles and seahawks. Tonight steelers and ravens. Tomorrow i'll give you one. Mike tomlin on the way out the door the benefit of having the weekend off which certainly was not planned holiday assault was nice from that perspective nor players have enjoyed the three days rest and so they should be really fresh assuming they do play tomorrow night. against the ravens edical nineteen hit to john connor. They're starting running back james conner. That was saturday morning. Do we find out about the also. Also one of their coaches the coaches upset. Because he's a symptomatic and he's yelling at the trainer and he's like i'm not sick. All you tested positive. You're not coming back until you're we. Have you totally clear. That's what they call containment. Showdown rutgers hofstra seventy to fifty six hofstra tonight. Saint john's bc at mohegan sun seton hall plays iona at the rock and number ten kentucky. Lost to richmond seventy six and four of that. That's another one of those things. I would absolutely have gone to all this basketball on. Yes i how would that be. That would just be so much fun. Watch college basketball games. Local teams up there at a little bit. There are games literally starting eleven thirty in the morning going. All the way to like is Is up there. I would think so. Yeah i i would think know. It's not call him know he'd be a better tv in a better frame of mind next game. That was that was depressing in a bad mood. Him it was just him talking about his life you know. I walked down to the train station. The train leaves the station and then walk on takeoff he went. I've done that a lot right. That was the line that got you. I know i know when you said well. What are you doing on a daily basis. All you got was well you know. Yeah you watching tv. Now that's one thing. I will not hopping out the window. Yeah basically yeah. He walks dog and he walks at a train station but now he's got saint john's so good for him actually write his game. He had a game with her wednesday. Because i forget who they played but he had a game winner. Elite game winner wednesday saint peter's and then the that was the game winner saint peter's and they beat lasalle by at least a decent amount of making huge deposit in the family fund bank. We should like. I don't know if we can get something for.

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