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"mohan alison" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"mohan alison" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"We have guests Booker extraordinaire, and producer extraordinaire, Allison Turner, frightened. Scared producer, Billy Gill who scared of everything a k Guillermo and old money, Charlie. Who's there to help with the visuals and the television component old money Charlie only shows up when there is a some sort of glamour attached to a project. So yeah, hail Heo money. So we tease before we went to break. The last time Allison's Uber rating, I imagined she is very serious about this Uber rating. So I begin with you Alison, can you confirm that you are very serious about your approach when it comes to. I'm not that serious. I don't take over a lot. I take it. Like once every couple of years. Okay. When I looked at my rating thing, it's not it's not super low. It's in the forest, but it's not crazy. Oh, okay. I would have assumed that you're Uber. Rating was super high because you're generally, quiet. You're not chatting into a newborn, right? The complete opposite of that complete opposite. You're very chatty. I'd say not necessarily friendly. Okay. That's an upset. Why? Would you be chatty? With an Uber driver. See this stranger. Got a lot more than the people. We were in the Uber last night on the way equilibrium. And Allison prompted this like fifteen minute story from the driver when we were just getting to know each other again excited about the fish. And then Allison just opens the floodgates, so what is Alison Suva rating. She won't tell us. She won't tell us because apparently it's too low. So Billy has a straight up five stars five point zero zero five. Yeah. But I never -cerned. Because today, I got the Uber and Allison was doing that. Chatty thing with the overdrive driver. Get anti cursed a couple of times. And I'm like, he's really my five star rating is that a role pleasant. You weren't being pleasant. Tell us Uber rating there is all sorts of benefits. Having a perfect five star rating. For example, Billy you're probably more inclined to get special discounts on Uber. Just to reward you for your immaculate rating. But you probably have such a rating because you're not sharing your ride with others my rating on Uber's very low because I'm often getting the Uber excels for large group of drunk people. And it always blows back on me. That's what the low rate of people saying. Tell you how happy it makes me to see billion Allison sitting there all-new rhonette. Oh, okay. It's been a table. I'm so sorry next level. I mean, Mike they're sitting next to each other right now. I I know we've got a crazy day today within Van Gundy and everything else, but I'd be perfectly. Good just staring at billion Allison on radio road. Just devouring. Everything's that Snoop's passed. I would not be okay with that. So I'm having a great time so far, Dan not so much. So he's been a star so far no yesterday when we were at the equator when we left they gave everybody air pods. And that was for Alison no knock off knock off air, father, whatever, but he thinks light up their blue and red. It's great says Atlanta Super Bowl, whatever it is fifty three could coverage as happy as gear Mohan Alison in one picture frame. Make you that that voice that you heard off cameras old money Charlie who is there for all the glitz. He's just playing defense against content like all the other executives like him. Right. That's right. That's what I do. Okay. Why is this voice here? Two minutes. Get out of here. Do we have a penalty way out there somewhere posted at the NBC Washington table over there? Don't let him speak. Why does he have a microphone? Oh, man. He's there just a mix it up with all these pseudo celebrity types. Oh money in a radio row room that should be a reality show in itself. Yeah. He's going to saddle uptick anybody with any sort of influence while I control the technology, which play GE get him out of here. I'm not I was joking before I'm not joking like get him out of here. He doesn't get to speak on this show. Michael rapaport? Oh, dear God sakes. That's not like clay Travis was right next to a couple of minutes ago. Awesome. Is it you could go get him. And I'll just ask him Klay..

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