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"mohamed haji lansing" Discussed on WJR 760

"I'm John Lawrence reporting. They wanted to help. Isis department of Justice saying that moves Moos Mohammed moves and Mohamed Haji Lansing area. Man all have been arrested by the FBI their naturalized citizens from Kenya. The man moves moves was arrested at the Gerald Ford airport in Grand Rapids checking in for a flight that would have brought him to Somalia the indictment charges. The other two men helped by the airline ticket grove into the airport, and they knew all about the ISIS plot. A student reported a comment made at lunchtime. But a school and upstate New York. A day later three men in a teen were arrested and charged with plotting to attack a Muslim community in upstate New York about two hundred miles away, Los Angeles teachers have approved a contract deal between their union and school officials that will end a six day strike in the. Nations second largest school district, but Denver teachers have voted to strike Covington Catholic high school in Kentucky is scheduled to reopen after it was closed yesterday in response to the flap over the confrontation and videoed scenes from Washington between students a black religious group and an American Indian from Epsilon we have more than seven hundred fifty schools on our school closing list, WJR dot com. A service of family heating, cooling, and electrical family is not just their name. It's the way they do business all the public schools are closed in Wayne, Oakland and McComb county. WJR news time coming up on seven thirty four. Here's Steve Courtney sports. All right, Richard the Redwings gift to the all star break in positive fashion knocking off the Oilers on the road three to last night red wing snappy to game losing streak, we will discuss all things Red Wings coming up in the moments ahead. Former redwing netminder Gregg Stephan. We'll be joining us for Red Wings weekly. Meanwhile, almost almost. Other Al for the wolverines last night in Ann Arbor. But Charles Matthews was the hero making that baseline floater at the buzzer lifting number five. Michigan did that fifty nine fifty seven win over the visiting golden gophers of Minnesota. Now, the pelicans will host the Detroit Pistons tonight in New Orleans. Eight o'clock is start time pistons have lost two straight ten of their last fourteen and the more things change the more. They stay the same the lions bringing back. John Bonhomme go is your special teams coordinator, he was here from two thousand thirteen to fourteen before leaving to become the head coach at central Michigan. Steve Courtney WJR sports Rich Paul wrote, the baby boomer's retirement, survival guide tonight ritual point out some of the red flags that might pop up in your own portfolio. Presented by Richard W Paul and associates, listen to a special Wednesday edition of the Rich Paul show tonight at seven on WJR fashion, marketing and management juniors. Zoe Bagley loves fashion and chose northwood university's BB a MBA program. So it's going to complete her bachelor's degree in just three years. Her fourth year, she'll become a student at north woods DeVos graduate school of management and earn her MBA in twelve months mentioned that two degrees in four years while most college students are taking prerequisites and choosing electives Zoe took fashion classes since her first semester. Freshman year that qualified her for internships with the help north woods career advancement center, a lifetime perk for northwood students at alumni, she crafted a resume the turned heads that netted Zoe a coveted summer, internship in Manhattan. That's right. New York upon returning to campus Zoe's been working hard to plan northwards completely student run runway show with the experiences gained through northwards parallel network of industry professionals Zoe's to make her Mark in the world of fashion. Zoe Baghlan her true north led her to Northwood University. Where's your true north lead? You learn more at northwood dot EDU every day of painfreelifecenters. We bring relief to people in tain using our exclusive high dose laser therapy at. The free life centers. We treat your pain using an FDA cleared high dose laser far superior to the low level lasers. Other places us and we deliver results. They can't our exclusive high-dose laser therapy targets your specific area of pain without putting your body full of addictive, painkillers healing, damaged cells and reducing inflammation at the source of the pain pain, free life centers is a single most experienced practitioner of high dose laser therapy in the state of Michigan..

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