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Shaniwar Wada

"Due. To the graphic nature of this haunted place listener discretion is advised this episode includes dramatization of graphic violence harm against minors, Abe ISM and suicide. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. Sophie was going to bomb this place on tripadvisor Shawnee War WanNA looked nothing like the bond sally film. Her mom made her watch before they came to Poona to see the real setting of the eighteenth century epic. She was promised a palace of mirrors instead, it was mostly gray and weathered with small windows that only let the light in the topmost levels the former location of the Mirror Palace itself was commemorated by a metal plaque that now only offered a view of shipping container. So these MOMS still ended up she was the kind of person who actually read the cards in museums. Sophie ducked out early to grabber Nintendo switch from the car as she headed back through the main courtyard. She saw something very strange. Sophie had already been let down by the courtyards appearance when they arrived in the solid film Priyanka, Chopra dance through the large open areas with colored sand India's singing sweetly about how her love at finally returned to her. Let there is no Priyanka this muted courtyard. Only, very small boy trust in traditional garments. She wondered if he was some kind of plant. Until he burst into flames. Fire licked the white fabric as the boy skins fizzled and melted his mouth gaped wide as he wailed somehow he was standing upright through what was clearly overwhelming pain. Sophie rushed forward to extinguish the flames but she ran right through him leaving only the sensation of searing heat of feeling like running your fingertip over candle. Confused Sophie Call For help her mother and the rest of the tour group rushed in. By the time they arrived. All. That was left to the boy. Was Ash on the ground. Welcome to haunted places apart cast original I'm Greg Poulsen. Every Thursday I take you to the scariest serious te most haunted real places on earth. You can find all episodes of haunted places for free on spotify. And every Tuesday make sure to check out urban legends. These special episodes of haunted places are available exclusively on spotify. This week join me on a supernatural journey to India's Shani Wata an early eighteenth century fortified palace built to house some of the Murata. Empire's greatest warriors and discover why to this. Day. It's Coming up, we'll begin our journey into the historic fort. A. On the western side of the Indian subcontinent, there is a city called Puna with an estimated population of seven million people. It's the eighth largest population center in India. As the informational technology capital of the country known as the Oxford of the East due to many universities and technical schools scattered throughout the city. At the near center of the city on the Bank of the Muto River is a majestic eighteenth century fort called Shawnee war water. was home to some of India's greatest warriors and politicians as well as some of its most dangerous betrayals. The death and destruction tied to the fort has left behind shadows Phantom pushes and pulls and disembodied voices crying out for help. These spirits are the last remnants of the Fort's storied history as a series of fires have ravaged the building itself. In order to understand the loss experienced by both these spirits and the culture they came from one has to die far back into Indian history. If South Asia can be defined by anyone conflict. It's the region's ongoing religious wars between Hindus and Muslims long before the British and Portuguese arrived and exacerbated these problems the countries we now know as India and Pakistan were divided into smaller kingdoms who fought for religious and cultural dominance. During, most of the eighteenth century, the Indian subcontinent was dominated by the Mughal empire. Muslim. With its origins in modern day, bekker's can. In seventeen twenty the head of the Murata Empire appointed a twenty year old warrior named Bagio belong to succeed his father in the role of prime minister or pay Schwa-. Balji raw was determined to fight his way from Poona to Delhi in order to expel the moguls and claim all of the Indian Subcontinent Taza State. It. Is Nineteen Year career as a PATUA. He never lost a battle. As, his grew so did the power of the Pay Schwab US eventually superseding kings they were expected to serve in terms of power and influence. Ten years into his campaign to expand the Miranda Empire. Mogae row began building a seven story fortified palace called SCHONE WAR WADA or Saturday fort in seventeen thirty it was completed in seventeen thirty two and would serve as the seat of the patients power until European imperial powers forced them into decline when he wasn't in the field Balji row stayed with his wife, Kashi Pie and their sons at Shawnee War Wada the garden. So the Ford provided an idyllic place for children to play and the many halls of the palace were lot in the region for their decor. This included both intricate teak finishing San wall-paintings of the Ramona and the Mahabharata it is at this point that the historical record gets controversial. Body row married Mustang any the daughter of the Rajput King Shot Sal and his Persian Muslim concubine. Unheard of for both Hindu and Muslim rulers to take multiple wives. However. mustangs ties, Islam Islam, and the lack of official approval from both body Rows Family Yen Kashi by presented personal and political issues. Some claim that the marriage was a political match meant to thank podgy raw for saving the Rajput Kingdom. But legend has it that body route fell in love with the princess after she broke into his tent in men's clothing to ask him for military aid. The story says that podgy row gave Donnie a dagger perhaps not realizing that doing so was a sign of marriage in Rajput Culture. Whatever the truth was? Followed her new husband Ashani Wada or she faced a chilly reception from her new in laws. Macci rows mother and brother refused to acknowledge her and body row ended up having to build a separate residents for her. Believe it or not. This period was in many ways the most peaceful era and Shinawatra's domestic history. Kashi was shy but her husband podgy row told her he liked her that way. It was as though they had a secret world, all their own. No one got to see the playful side if his wife but him no one else would know her talent at weaving beautiful stories. Life was hard when he was away 'cause she would practice her dancing at your crafts. She would gossip with her sisters and help her mother-in-law. But generally, all was quiet until Baiji. Ron returned when they reunited he would sweep her up in hugs and kisses and senator giggling around their apartments with Choi. Then, he went away again and after a while. She began to see things. Warriors bathed in blood headless children women covered in Ash at screaming. They walked the halls of the WADA wailing without sound before disappearing again. Abelson nervy better husbands conquests were necessarily bloody. Kashi was a practical woman, their steps she could take to the spirits to rest, but she would need her husband's participation. Kasey rehearsed what she would say about. How she would sound rational like someone who should be believed and helped. But before she could seek assistance, he returned with another wife. Must Donnie was a beautiful Rosh peut princess and a warrior herself if the rumors were true. But was shy, how could she compete? She met her mother-in-law do the talking her husband's family directed enough poison astonished to kill a Cobra while Kashi steeled yourself for a difficult conversation with her husband. She told botchy round that she didn't mindless tiny. She was a kind girl if almost stubbornly naive thinking her mother-in-law except her but it was the spirits, the boots that worried her. She tried to methods provided by the priests she invoked Lord Krishna and Ganesh CI Burnt Turmeric and left out steel and iron and water goes supposed fear all of them. But the spirits didn't seem troubled sometimes even appeared in the small fountains around the compound Kashi wondered aloud at the problem was that the spirits were Muslim perhaps their gods were not as helpful to nonbelievers Balji around laughed at her and Copter Cheek. funnily, the arrival of his warrior wife had clearly upset her more than she would admit Kashi stamped her foot he wasn't listening to her if Must Donnie made her husband happy she could bear it but she couldn't bear these spirits wandering through the house they would frighten their son's. Balji route asked if their sons had seen the coasts 'cause she admitted that fortunately they had not. Mogae row told her that they were only nightmares. He would lie down with her tonight Tim they would get to the bottom of things. 'cause she lay awake as Bauchi snored waiting for the spirits to come but child came first teetering about without his head. She squeezed forearm trying to rouse him. But he did not win. But child settled at the foot of her bed neck tilted slightly to the side as if studying her with is that were long gone conscious breathing became shallow. She tugged on body rows arm again still he did not wake then came the soldier blood clinging to his arm and close glistening Crimson in the night. His Armor Clinton he raised his sword it's swept out like a flexible read swirling at a circle until returning to rest 'cause she pushed her husband hard. But he merely rollover. Next came a woman, her head covered caked with black cash from head to toe. Only the whites of her eyes glinted darkness. Kashi begged her husband to wake the ghosts crept closer and closer lowering their faces to hers. Coffee Gasp and ran from the bed her nightgown fluttering behind her. She stopped short when she reached the hallway trying to take comfortable night from the small. Lance. The quarter was deserted. She took a moment to catch your breath. No need to be the pay Schwab brave wife when nobody was around. But she wasn't alone from long. A. Woman appeared at the end of the hallway dressed in white flowing fabric her long dark hair spread over her shoulders. She was regal and unearthly. 'cause she had never seen this spirit before she hoped it was a heroic spirit or God herself. Perhaps the mother God is poverty had come to save her marriage. But as the woman drew closer. Conscious breath caught in her throat. It was must danny. Qazis cheeks were hot is she didn't want to show weakness around her rival, but must danny looked frightened as she was. Kashi asked her what was wrong the great warrior Princess Breath was quick. She stammered out the word. Ghosts. Kashi embraced her and told her that she could see them too. They held each other a long time each knowing the great warrior could not see the dead he left behind, but they did and in the sharing. They could find peace. There are no historical records to show what Kashi by thought her husband's second wife but she later race must johnny and Bobby Ross Son after masonic staff. If nothing else, it seems her perception of the new woman was more forgiving than body arouse mother. Body. Browse rain was a rousing success but his sudden death from a fever at thirty nine shocked his family and kingdom. It would be an omen of things to come violence and early death awaited many of his descendants and the pay Schwab would fall within one hundred years. His descendants would never reach his glory or his body count. Up Next, the story of the Murata patient was gets even bloodier. Pi, it's Greg. Park cast has a brand new series. Sure to become your next podcast obsession. It's called medical murders and exposes a dark and disturbing diagnosis that not every doctor wants to extend. Your Life. Every Wednesday medical murders introduces you to the worst. 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Head to simplisafe dot com slash haunted, and get a free HD camera that simply safe dot com slash haunted to make sure they know that our show sent you. Now back to the story. SHAWNEE WAR WADA an eighteenth century four in palace on the western side of India was built by one of the greatest generals. The country has ever seen botchy route the first. Though. The fort was truly glorious. The violent legacy of its builder would echo along its walls as the years wore on leaving a lasting supernatural impression following g raw the first sudden death at thirty nine, his son biology body row also known as Nana Saheb ruled for twenty one years. During his reign, he continued to expand and enhance Shawnee war. Including additional gates, bastions and other fortifications. But the Golden Age didn't last but not a saw heads oldest son was killed in battle. So rule eventually pass to the pay, Schwab second son must have row the first the new Schwab faced war on several fronts including from his own uncle. Ragoonath row Ragoonath row was under house arrest under suspicion of treason when Mata the I died of Tuberculosis H twenty-seven this left Nana Saheb third son Dorion row to ascend the PATUA thrown. But neuron raw was seventeen years old when his brother died. Ragunath Rao was appointed as region until Ryan row came of age in the next year. New Ryan Ross. Soon, heard rumors that is uncle was planning to depose him. He placed him under house arrest as soon as he was able and the threat seemed to be contained, but the young patient wall was mistaken. Flower petals rained from the sky, the clash of cymbals and tinkling. Bells. Shots of the old and young the smell of jasmine build the air standing above all were large sculptures of the Great Elephant. God It was a day of celebration. The water had never looked so beautiful. Intricate, patterns of colored sand covered the floor the faithful walking on art as they celebrated Lord. Ganesh New Ryan raw was overwhelmed by the joy around him. You almost managed to forget his anxieties about being a new ruler and that he'd locked his uncle away for treating. But there was nothing to be done. If you couldn't respect the pace law, he would have to observe the festival on his own from within his securely locked chambers. The king wandered through the crowd delighting the bright is of the children around him. One small boy wave to him a cousin of his you recognize the boy from the Royal Hall. Peeking. From behind his mother's hip. The little boy was running through the throng when he should be walking. But now Ryan didn't blame him. There was something about running seemed much more in the spirit of things than solemn prayers. He had never experienced the true freedom of childhood. He'd spent his life learning about military campaigns in laws rather than playing pretend. Just this once he wanted to play. So the pay Schwab did what no other pay Schwab would he locked mischievous is with the kid then he began to chase him. Ryan raw raced across the courtyard weaving through the crowd to follow his laughing causing it felt like freedom or just a moment neuron Rawood would reclaim the childhood never had the crowd started to thin as the child darted through various corridors. Contest no one knew the water a better than the Ryan Russillo after all the Patua quickly managed to find the right shortcut to send his cousin straight towards him. He hid behind a pillar then listen for those small footsteps against the floor. When they find the approached, he jumped out of his hiding spot and scoop the kid into his arms the child laughed, and then he stopped abruptly. Confused Neuron replaced him on the ground. The second child small feet touched the floor he was off running again. Doreen Romantic. Chase him but he felt a hand on his shoulder. He spun around clutching the Hilt of his sword. Instinctively. But he wasn't the only one armed a group of Rajastan soldiers surrounded him blades raised three Ryan rows mind world as he tried to think of what offense he could have given the Rajdhani rulers to send their warriors to his palace. They were meant to be allies. His thoughts are interrupted as one of the men finally spoke. He said one word it was a name one that Ryan row had known since he was small when their family tie only meant to bond of friendship and duty. The name of his uncle. Guna throw. What are the blades sliced Gash into his cheek? He thought back to his uncle's lessons. So each choice should be made with as much deliberation as possible new Ryan row hadn't listened he had acted quickly, but rashly, he'd let his uncle get words to his allies. Now, he was surrounded by assassins. He did not cry out rulers only yelled battle. He. Closed his eyes taking a deep breath centering himself. The guards repeated his uncle's name in unison chanting almost like an incantation. The Ryan Ralph felt the click of their blades pressed into skin a cruel necklace of metal keeping him from moving the Ryan Rod considered calling for his guards about the festivities were too loud. The crash of the symbols and the noise of the crowd would drown out any hope of rescue. There was one more option though new Ryan round didn't want to take it. He would appear week it was better to die at the end of the blade than be marked as a coward for the rest of your life. He was only eighteen. These walls had been his only home. He barely had the chance to travel across Maharashtra or a continuous grandfather's flight to Delhi. He hadn't even figured out how he would leave his mark on his people. He didn't want to surrender to his uncle such weakness wants displayed was never truly hidden again. Was it worth living? It couldn't be pay Schwa-. Perhaps. He really was just a boy like uncle always said, he hadn't truly lived yet. How could he make such a decision? Defeat tasted like hot blooded violent his mouth Narain Orion Ross swallowed he shut his eyes and the soldiers he could free regatta throw this instant. He heard the rattling of chains had his plea worked perhaps the soldiers had moved ahead to begin to lift the chains that bound his uncle's door. Verein Rob promise that he would free regatta th-row and his family just as soon as they put away their swords, one of the soldiers laughed. Ryan refuse to acknowledge it. For Guna throw was family. He would forgive the Ryan Ralph acting foolishly he could be reasonable. He'd put aside aspirations to power in order to repel invaders before. The chains rattled again, his calls were being answered blades bit ever. So slightly into a skin. In between ragged breaths to row told them to wait ragoonath row was coming. They said, they didn't hear anything. Nothing could save new Ryan Round now. They had been told to kill him ragoonath rows orders. But that didn't make sense such avert violence had never been part of the power struggle and Shawnee war. WADA. They were descended from the Great Balji raw they fought with honor. The soldiers did not care. The Ryan. Ross, green for his uncle as the blades pierced his skin. Blood, flowing down his neck and chest the rush of pain that flooded this system forced him onto his knees. The swords bet slightly but they did not give the Ryan Ross War. He saw guna th row through his hayes of tears. Is Former regent was strolling up to him chains broken as if by. Magic. The Ryan Ross. Scream for the guards to stop. Ragunath row was here he was here he would tell them it was a mistake. To guards turn, but they didn't see anyone. Ryan raw pointed with one shaking finger he begged for them to acknowledge Guna, th rows presents. The man was free of his chains. This could all and now. But the man in Regal Dress trolled towards him. dorion realized Kim been mistaken. Is had never been that tall or well built. You wear the armor of Bauchi row but never filled it. No one could. Their ancestor cast a shadow of greatness over the forty built. There was no mistaking this. This was botchy row the great general the great ruler returned from the grave to witness to Ryan browse shame the guards did not acknowledge his presence. Somehow. This was worse that his death either dying before his greatest hero or realizing the vision before him was a lie. Both suggested he was too weak to serve as pay. Schwab, the soldiers lowered their blades from his neck to his chest. The Ryan raw tried to plead his case one more time. Is Words were drowned out by the cold ruthless bite of metal as the sword slid through his chest. Botchy rows gaze never wavered. As his grandson bled out onto the floor, he turned on his heel. And walked away. During the Ganesh festival of seventeen seventy, three a group of guards loyal to Regina throw made their way into Shawnee. War Wada legend surrounding the incidents say that Guna th row sent them a message to hold new Ryan row to prevent him from escaping. The story says that we're GONNA rows, wife Ninety by who was also imprisoned with him intercepted the message and changed the word hold to kill. This was easy as the difference between Holden Kill in David Nagamori, the script used to write in Muratti is only one letter when the young pace while realized the danger he ran for Regina, throws residents within the palace calling Khakamada bought SPA or Save me we will never know if we're gonNA throw did not hear his nephew or if he simply did not care. To this day visitors at Shawnee War Wada report that they can hear the eighteen year old PATUA begging his family for help his screams carrying through the halls on the wind. Coming up. We'll discover that there is more than one way to die in Shana. Water. Casper's Labor Day sale is here get ten percents off your entire order now through September fourteenth with Code Comfort. Offer Expires September Fourteenth Twenty Twenty at eleven fifty, nine PM Pacific Time excludes the element matches bundles sense sale items limit one per customer and order lease see Casper Dot com slash terms for additional terms and conditions. This episode is brought to you by health spot. You have a lot of great ideas ideas to reach new audiences, create better content and improve your systems, and you understand that you need to move quickly on these ideas to create the best possible experience for your customers and grow your business. So it's time to leave that clunky complex and time-consuming cms in the past where it belongs an upgrade to cms. Hub No more waiting days for an update feeling like you're site is outdated or worrying about security cms hub from hub spot has all the features you need built right in. So developers and marketers can work in harmony. So if you're next great idea involves having an engaging dynamic and secure website. Let's cms hub take the pain out of managing your software so you can get back to what you do best. Customers learn more about cms hub at hubs spot, dot, com slash spotify. Now back to the story One of the most notable deaths in the halls of Shawny Wada was no ryan row with third grandson of Mogae route. The first he was killed by his uncle Ragoonath rouse hired men on August thirtieth seventeen, seventy three in an attempted coup. derain Ross assassins carried him through one of Shawa, WADA's five gates or watch and cremated him by the Moola River in the dead of night. The southgate. The assassins used was once called jumbled Wada than was used by the WADA's concubines after the pay Schwab murder, it became known as the Ryan. Skate. The potential succession to the pay Schwab was in crisis the Ryan rows murderous uncle was technically the next in line but the late was wife Ganga by was pregnant providing potential air that would block his claim her supporters spirited her away from court to keep her safe from reprisal she gave birth to her and neuron. Ross son. So why Mata Frau on April Eighteenth Seventeenth seventy four. A group of Neuron rows advisors formed a council to protect the pace whilst interest while waiting for. So why to come age this council was headed by Nana vs a master politician who was called the Murata Machiavelli by the invading Europeans and invade they did. The encroachment of the East India Trading Company into Mirada territory ignited several wars and the pace was power remained at risk for almost all of the wise childhood. He would come age in an era of crisis. It would be his job to decide when and how his people would resist. British influence. At least. It should have been. So I'm out of round never knew his smother. He had heard the name, the Ryan Raw many times but the man remained a mystery to him his father had been murdered before he was born his birth was inauspicious. It was supposed to be a time for fanfare trumpets and professionals on elephants but his mother had screamed in pain and anguish and kept screaming long after he'd left her. So. Why had grown up afraid of his regent not a Fatma vs Nana was a shrewd leader but a smile was too large a tiger waiting at the jungle. The rest of the council reassured Sawai that not only meant harm to their enemies to repel the Europeans and captured Delhi. But. So I didn't believe them. His father had been killed at the hands of the man who led for him. There was nothing to stop non from killing Sawai to hold onto his power. So I knew this somehow even before he learned how to read. At night, he could hear the sounds of cannons and the screams for vengeance. Occasionally, he heard the cries of his father. So why wanted revenge he wanted to fight the assassins had taken his father from him. Surely. Nero. Would have been a good father to him. He wouldn't have feared him the way he feared Nana. But Nana. Let's Hawaii take his place as Patua with little complaint he merely asked to stay on as a trusted adviser which so I could not refuse though not could pressure him. So why was the real descent into body row? The people would rise up if anyone hurt him. From. The is essentially onward. So I was plagued by nightmares, swords clashed and chains rattled in his dreams. So why would wake in a sweat certain that blades around his neck? But. On the night of his nineteenth birthday, the dreams of fear and helplessness burned away a golden presence filled the darkest edges of his mind. His fear was gone. At he had a new purpose. Nana had wanted to change the murata scape do connections with the British but so why was not interested in making ties with the country across the water? His focus was on Deli on bringing his father and grandfather's dream to life. Sometimes. He swore he could feel them beside him telling him to create the greatest Hindu state the world had ever seen. But there were rumblings of unrest in the water whispers behind his back people did not share. So Why's vision they faced enough war from the invaders why did the young Patua need to seek it out truthfully? So I could not fully explain why he was compelled to this caused. It went beyond wanting to prove himself to his father. It was as if there was another force working alongside him, encouraging him down his path. He could feel their next to him as he walked the perimeter of the Wata the gardens word full blue water rippled through the Lotus Fountain at the very center. It was the only blessing data carried over from Sawai birth. It was built in his honor and he loved to look at it. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder as he got lost in the movement of the water. So I reached up to catch it. But he only felt air. He had never known his father. He didn't know how tall he was or the weight of his grip. But somehow he knew that his father was here that they were one of the same a guard called wise name and the intangible wait Anish D- is momentary peace no more. There was always so much work to do to keep things running sometimes he wished for a simpler life one where his father was still alive. A voice in his head told him that his father could come back. So I stopped walking. He couldn't feel his father's presence anymore. But the voice was still there telling him that a little sacrifice would be all took to restore things. He could hear the fountain as though he were right next to it. The repetitive sound of the water was soothing. You wanted to wash himself in it and take refuge from a hot summer day. If he climbed to the water, he could wash everything away. Perhaps even his own existence. So why paused? that. Wasn't a thought he normally had. The voice agreed with him. It wasn't like Sawai at all, but it's the why wanted his father to return? He would have to step into the water and let the gods decide what came next. His Path was clear. He told us written knew that he'd like to bathe in the phone and headed up the steps to the ramparts. The guards approached puzzled and concerned. So why paid them? No Mind they were confused the fountain was in another garden had his father's gate one of the guards who knew him from when he was small called out to him. So, why unsheathe his sword in held it up to the man's chest he reminded the guard that it was not his job to question the decisions of the Patua. The guard agreed but still tried to protest. So. Why struck him with the Pommel sending the man stumbling back? So, why would not be stopped by his own guards? You could never trust a hired man anyway hired men killed his father. So why climbed higher and higher? He did not remember the garden being so far removed. The air here smelled more of brick dust that flowers, but he could see the bubbling fountain floating above him. What a pleasant thing to build a garden in the air Is Father must have loved him very much to give him such a gift. So why climbed until his legs ached he was so close now a soft breeze blew the hair from his face. He felt serene. The Fountain was almost within reach. The world would begin a new as he bathed. He felt his father step up to meet him. So, why did not dare turn his head in case the sudden movement scared his ancestor away. He could feel the man. Even if he couldn't see him. They stood together on the WADA's. Taking, in the silence. The Ryan while whispered that he was ready to take over for so why he would protect him from the night Peres as he had in the past. He only needed to bathe in the waters. It would all wash away. So, why not it? He was ready he could not manage this without his help. NONA was too good at convincing the others that the British would take care of them. So why and his father knew pedder. Water Splash, the fountain. It looked. So inviting ready for Sawai declines himself and come away with a sense of renewed purpose. So why removed his shoes the world shifted around him? He was no longer in the garden he was standing on top of the water. The land stretched out for miles in front of him. Guards below cautious. So why to turn back around? So. Why shook his head? The Fountain returned only a few steps out of reach now. He felt the pressure of his father's hands against shoulder. So why apologized for taking his time? He took one step. And felt the scrape a brick hundred feet he looked down to see grass. Which version was real? So I, took another step the pont was. So close, he could taste the water against his tongue he stepped again. But it wasn't water that greeted him. It was air. He was falling from the safety of the water. He felt the wind rushing around him. People were screaming time seemed to standstill. The shrinking figure of neuron row smiled up at him from the top of the water. So. Why hit the ground? The. Last thing he saw. The spikes on the front. Gate. So. Why Mater proud died by suicide in seventeen ninety, five at the age of twenty one is ghost has been reported to appear in the Wada's ramparts just above his father's gate where he fell to his tragic death. But there's another sadder legend tied to the young pay Schwab. That's why tried to drown himself in the Buildings Most Opulent Fountain of Fountain built to entertain him. A toddler. So. Why's mental health history is lost to time rumors swirled buddy was hoping to defy advisor a of. Just before his death but his true mindset is a mystery that will likely never be solved. We do know that. So why was succeeded by the son of his great uncle ragoonath row who styled himself as Balji raw the second. The second Balji raw wasn't nearly as popular as the first thanks to the rumors of his parents role in the PATUA assassinations. He would eventually be deposed only regaining his office by signing a treaty with the British in eighteen to. The Glorious Reign of the PATUA had begun with the botchy row and would end with one as well. The entire Murata Empire surrendered to the British by eighteen eighteen. Shahu water itself was wracked by a series of fires beginning in seventeen ninety one wearing away at the fourth, most impressive architectural features bit by bit. In Eighteen, twenty, eight, an unexplained fire burned the entirety of the ports living at reception spaces to the ground. The inferno was reported to a burn for a whole week before the damage could be controlled time and colonial neglect did their worst ashes scorch marks are still visible on the walls Dawson's claimed that the disembodied running footsteps and dark silhouettes, other remains of the fires many victims. The two thousand fifteen release of a big budget. Bollywood retelling of the love story of Balji Rowan Tani has created renewed interest in Shawnee War Wada. Tourists finally appeared to be returning to the storage site even if it's greatest architectural marvels are long gone. But when a structure is built for war, what remains when its original builders pass on Is there anything beyond the screams in the night and the dancing shadows? The local government set up a light and sound show to play from the massive fort to bring some life to the darkness. But light casts shadows, and at the shiny water, it's always best to pay close attention and count every single one. Thanks again, for tuning into haunted places will be back on Thursday with a new episode and don't forget to come back on Tuesday for our urban legend series available only on spotify. You can find more episodes of haunted places and all of the park has two originals for free on spotify. spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spas making it easy for you to enjoy all every favorite podcast originals like haunted places for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker. Jetstream places on spotify just open the APP tap browse in type haunted places in the search bar I'll see next time. Haunted places was created by Max Cutler as podcast studios original executive producers include Max and Ron Cutler sound design by Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by Ron Shapiro, Carleen Madden, and Aaron Larson. This episode apponted places was written by deridder and for Shea with writing assistance by Castro I'm Greg pulsing. Listeners remember to check out the new podcast, original series, medical murders every Wednesday beat the worst. The medical community has to offer men and women who took an oath to save lives but instead use their expertise to develop more sinister specialties follow medical murders free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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