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"moco everton" Discussed on Men In Blazers

"I counted them up before we got on the phone. And in this one this is not one of them just to be clear. Yes Everton again. This is now a pattern so terrifying Everton Lois into false hope scored I in the first minute the great ball alleviate decor too early too early we screamed even as the ball span in the back in Liverpool Nat local ended up winning three two two gay most famous Liverpool fans. Yeah because Robie Foul God's will be Phallic God scored twice and after I go Yup. It's a game where he celebrated miming snorting cocaine along the white lines of the penalty box to Moco Everton fans who kept chanting that he was a cocaine. We leave the game early at Jelly. We missed the goal. Levinson got a late friendly. Jeffers goal of the stadium ruled but we with best mate. Charlie's a big Red Skull Medical. Pass on this car. Which means you can park anywhere. And He'd start the call Roy outside of unfilled remember. You and me would just leaning against his car. When the final whistle when when the final whistle goes particular Darby but any football match just a wave nomi crushing people. Just charge the ground. That's what we go to witness. Just thousands of people running with with anxiety with anger. Everyone to get either. I guess defy auto flight one or the other and the front of the pack is just you see everyone running as fast as they can be running faster than anyone else towards us on the one road. Iran feel where we were the biggest loser in the stadium and it can't he looks it. Looks like Tony Hale would play him in a movie. This was this was Liverpool Gary Walsh and he was arrested and he was charging for his life. This guy. That's what we you could only see. Just I'm crapping his pants as he was looking behind trying to get ahead of people who wanted to beat him up sprinting ahead of the pack and yet when he came to worst lean against the count even in his fair. East e- stopped because there was something important in needs it to say poor message he wanted to deliver to us. Everton had been beaten and the biggest loser in Liverpool. Turn around to Marcus. What did he say? J. Focused Tom. Tom and heads fulcher off folk. Also how many syllables were there? In the would foot McKie four call. It was it was like an oasis version of full cough POM POM. I have rarely felt more degraded the heck up for a number of years after in. You know in defiance of that moment. God that's amazing shave mine off almost immediately. That is the big difference between you and Paul being in Evanston FEM is revelling in being degraded. And so one of the fascinating parts of this season for me kind of ask you about this. Incredible SEASON OF LIVERPOOL. One of win after win of collective tenacity of big verge of from three of like it can cope and his Jewish passion has been being forced to confront the extent to which my happinesses inevitably found for the last thirty years. I've realized Mahara how much of it is revolved around Liverpool. Not Winning the tightly. Either what will we be left with if Liverpool given this title with its trophy and it's asterisk well we'd be left just with our Self Sheldon Freud. The happiness in our own failure is ano- Evanson will rise again. We'll wait. Could I teach thing being the best thing about being an episode? In which is the best thing about is? It prepares for me to confront the darkness the sheer horror of life. I feel sorry for the fans because they have no also white so important for me to have my kids become blues. I work so hard. It's so bloody hard Honda's I've ever worked anything in my life to be honest but you sagely took the same approach is she taught did when it came figuring so to have the choice the choice tell us how that went my son allies now nine. He was similar to me around. Six and a half seventy wasn't sure what team is supported. The difference for me is we live in London. We live about a mile away from from optional and a mile and a half away from the Spurs Stadium and it goes to school and his friends awe. Well actually the summit. Some of them are spurs fans and some of them are found in some of the funds. None of them are. Everson funds and my wife was saying you should just. He's never going to be nervous and fun. Just bomb a spurs. You always proper western. She lives in a blessed time but she wouldn't fool sat on him. Either she's like just remove Gamma Spurs Kit. Get into a spurs fan or an awesome finding cut. Your losses didn't listen and I couldn't do it and three of his four of his closest friends at school all funds and he's gone to the dark side and he my son now is a liberal fan and pop me feels a great scientists that we will not share in this great thing for decades to come and fills a great relief that he's going to know a joy that I will never know which is decades if silver wet and you won't you best for your children right you do but to suffer what you've suffered over the past. Twelve months I mean when Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League final lost. Some of what? What did your then was eight. Eight years of age he was. He was eight the time and he was. He's like DOT DOT ACCAN- Account. Describe to you what it's like to see. Liverpool winning this way too is a beetle found for years and airy was they finally won the Champions League and Lesson to ask them. I just had to put my arm around him and said you know happy fleece on a map a flame. What did it feel like deep inside in moment as a blue being patronised by eight year old? Liverpool points like Tall in fiddler on the roof when his door to marry the Cossack by the line of Evertonians had come to an end? You Mary's you never been able to enter the promised land. Exactly exactly I showed him. I is you know. We've boo travels to the desert together and I showed in the promised land but I could never enter into with him. The Promised Land may not all it's cracked up to be believe me parenthetically must be a terrible father for making all my Kids Blues. Right dance between you and your goat. I wouldn't make that judgment. The time will come. The TIME WILL COME NOT WON'T BE THIS YEAR. It won't be next year. We'll be the next five to ten fifteen twenty years. If you hold out long enough Lori will come goodison again by your own for fifteen to twenty years. I DID ASK THEM ALL. My kids do for them. A blue and I asked them ahead of this. What do they feel to prepare for this? Podcast yet did some research. I said to each one of my kids together at the dinner table. By the way one of the great joys of this awfulness the silver lining of the awfulness is having a family dinner every single night. Just trying to have compensation of meaning and this was not one of them because I made the mistake of asking them kids. Would you feel Everton of given you in your life or does it offer you? What what what popular identity does it? Does it represent you ready for this because there is down so back my second son? Who's normally the quietest quickest to respond? He just genuinely just didn't have to think for a second is is. If you've been waiting a whole time for this question. Said what does it bring to you? He just looked and he said small victories. Said what do you mean? And he said that the Newcastle game this season when we were two nil up until the ninety four th minute and somehow drew to he said if he can survive experience you can survive life own mind Lord. How early manage to mess up your kids. The GETS WORSE MAKE Zion Matata eleven smaller than all of us. She said being Evertonian. We have more joy than any other team. Because when we beat Manchester United Fall Nell we overflow with joy we dance and Liverpool fans. Don't because it happens to them like thirty five times a season. That's beautiful that's beautiful. She's I'm Su-. She's clearly taken her optimism from Vanessa. My wife off my youngest. He said he's a he said. After a while thinking you said you learned to get my hating Liverpool and just willing manet and sell out to leave. I've done a terrible thing. And then some my oldest sixteen. He said bonding and shed experience with you. Doubt shouting at the television for a team who will only sell young players too early or by great players too late when they are past their shelf life is eternal hoop and then he came back into the room and he said that you do know that if Everton ever win the league you'll pants will be so stained like my do is now never been proud self clues by asking you. What does it mean to you to be inevitable and made so much and it is a Means all those things you kids have nailed it. It means reveling in the highs and understanding and living with the lows and it and it's a bones with you an Abon with my dad and it is a constant throughout my life. They're always there via doesn't matter. If there is disappointment it's just a constant is ultimately what it means to me. Jay went ahead cost that song that played whenever soon. Run out that Tony Tony. Tony Little Tunnel. Oh it doesn't mean that things to me it really does. It's my relationship with with my grandfather. Sam The first Blake ever in our family for my father. Judge OR LEVER WITH J. With You Dad. I mean a great Blais memory. Be a blessing with my kids. I hope I hope my kids kids. Please make them please please please please. Please made them blues. I mean really it. Means THE ARK OF LIFE. It really does it. Means the Ark of life and football as a purveyor of memory an conveyor of love. I love you Jamie. I really love you to bench. I love you Everton Football Club but I love you. I really even more than love. Big Duncan Ferguson courage..

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