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"They think about what an elite group that is. Without a shadow of doubt. I'm looking at your profile, and you did something that was always on my bucket list. You drove a monster truck? Who gave you that officer? Well, you know, Ah, we We have. Ah, lot of different opportunities were very diversified out here with my family and our company's and stuff. We We got 42 companies and we've been yes, Dodge dealer now for over 4 40 years or something like that 41 years, And so we also nice tracks and different things like that. So we put on this monster truck show event and, ah This guy was that runs on Virginia Giant Monster, Chuck deal, he He's like, You know what, man? You know, you guys have been supporting it. Like once you come out of the accretion cars have bond and I was like, you don't have to ask twice, You know, you know it happened to us being, you know, with some other business stuff and everything like that. But it was just such a great opportunity was just like, well, just turn the rear steer off of this thing, so I don't wreck your truck and let's go. You know what it means? It was such a cool deal. I mean, and I was really surprised how How great the suspension where all those cars on your crush himself and jumping over stuff. You're driving it from the from the floorboard more than you are out the windshield. Well, you know, it's funny. I'm 74 years old, and I keep telling everybody I'm gonna hook up with Dennis Anderson haven't build me a truck sponsored by AARP and grab here and kick some serious butt. I like it, man like that's what dreams are built on. You know the thing that stuff, but it's that's you know, it was a great experience. I mean, drug drag boats and jumped out of planes and all kinds of different things. You name it. I mean, sort of realize, really quick that I was not gonna be in masks are in any way shape or form after about the The fourth late model erect my mom. My dad was kind of like, you know, kid this probably in for you, you know, so it's listen. Let's try to go somewhere. Let's go straight, you know. I just, You know, it's got a wheel. I've been blessed to be able to kind of jump in and give it a try not saying them to bust that anything, but you know it. I'm not afraid to give it a go. But you know, it's one of those things where The the fuel funny car. There's just never been a replacement for that. That horse power in that instant a journal in that you get from that that car right there. While I am not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I'm going to tell you that right now. I have to have you bought the 50th anniversary. Either the cap. I just gotta get a new car every week. I just add The frostbite blue Cat back for a week, and I they pull that thing out of my and and everybody says What about what about the hellcat? I go? You know what for every day driving That cat back with small ami motor and it gave me an all unite and then some Yes. Now, you know that's what I really, you know, kind of been. I got thrown in here with the S R and we're trying to find sponsors and do different things. And they allowed me with this. This mope our brand and you know, Moe Parr has done such a great job of keeping a genuine death back to the The muscle cars in the raw horsepower and you know that their brand grew my brand as much as anything and you know, so I was really like, you know, kind of hit the ground running when we had a sponsorship with him, and and then just to see the love that the fans have. I mean, Moe Parr tattoos on her neck and just all the cars they buy and all the just They just really love the brand, and they love the power in the muscle car, the old school stuff and and you know, it has really been cool to see that Mo Park has stayed true to his core, and you know they're in drag oration. You know, there's a lot of other places they probably could be, but they're stepped in state in the N H. R A and You know, and there's a place in a home here for him, and it's because of performance and power. And just just straight up. You know that muscle car feel, you know. Well, it doesn't hurt that N H R a Take better care, their fans and any other motor sport. Out there and that and that, maybe maybe not as much a short track race in or short or your small drag strip. But when it comes to the big boys, nobody takes better carry your folks. And if you've never been to an N H R a event It has to be on your bucket list and whatever you're sitting in the stands, and you're hanging on to do not set it down, because what Matt takes off whatever's on there on your chair. Next, it will be gone. That I can't thank you and that for taking time out of your day I look forward to following you. I've been following you since you started. And you are truly my man. And you keep those more parts run it and we will definitely be talking down the road. Oh, thank you, but I appreciate you being on the show. And thanks for all your listeners will listen that you know, one day I always like to come in with is it really is about your listeners and found out here that you go out and buy the parts and pieces in the MO pars and all the older before in these cars and stuff like that, you know, without out your listeners and the viewer ships and We can't get it done. I mean, they support what we do to be ableto, you know, put on a great show from when these fans come to the tracks just wanted to say thank you for the time and also thank you found and listeners for, you know, going out here and being a part of what you know, make makes it happen for us. Our pleasure, man. Our pleasure. When you come back to Pomona, I'll come bang on your trainer will slit chap. That sounds like a plan. But maybe you have a cold one, too. Right there with it, all right. Taser..

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"You can pick the color you can pick. It tires the suspension. You can basically. As A. Group effort a cooperative between the MO- Park community. We're going to build a car and I'm curious question that I wanted to ask. Are you going to keep a tab of the budget and disclosed that two people? Yes, actually that'll be a very tightly guarded. Piece because. You know parts. Can you know the parts and the car will be a relevant factor for everybody? I, think you'll be able to go out and get most of the same things. The Labor is the tightly controlled piece that we really want to get our hands around right because. The Labor and body work I mean some people can get a great paint job for five six thousand dollars? Some people spend thirty thousand dollars to get something. That's just ten percent better right and so we know that the car is going to get really used. We know it's going to get worked on. It's GonNa. Be a race car so we're not gonna put you know Seema. Grade Quality of paint on the car, but we are going to finish it nice, so we're going to publish everything we're GonNa make it available on the site and we're going to be as. As transparent as possible for the things that we run into as far as problems concern, too, because we know that certain things may not fit, we may have to make modifications as we go along, and we're going to take pictures and video of everything that we can so that everybody can kind of keep track of it. We're hoping that the share amongst the enthusiast community via social media will be a great way to continue to promote it again way to get feedback so. Very cool, yeah I. I cannot stress enough. How excited I am for this! The first round of voting. When does that kickoff? so. After this weekend, the July fourth weekend, all of the voting will have commenced and We're only doing..

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"And. Listening, to talking Mo- parks with the Mo car, Hunter, your direct medicine all things..

The Mopar Hunter's Top 5 Of The Week

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The Mopar Hunter's Top 5 Of The Week

"What Mope aren't suzy. We are back again for another fun filled episode of talking Mo- Pars and I've got some good news my project. Art is finally getting an engine. Unfortunately it's not the fifty one that I had hoped for because that engine is still at the machine shop dead in the water for monetary reasons. But I'm so anxious to get behind the wheel of this dart that I've actually decided to hold off on the big box walk for now. I have most of the small block parts. Still with the exception of the engine and transmission. So I actually had a buddy reach out to me about the seventy one charger. I was looking at saying that he had a three eighteen and nine hundred four that he was just looking to give away so he generously donated that engine and transmission to the new cars. And the new. 'cause IS TO DART on the road before I go out acquiring any other projects I gotta get the ones. I have on the road with that being said. I've got a project right now with this little three eighteen and I'm just trying to dress it up a little bit and give it a little bit more go crazy. I just want to make it a little bit fun okay. The engine project that I have now is called project free eighteen because it is a three eighteen and free. So that's what I'm up to. I'm just gathering parts trying to find good deals and it's funny because I posted this cheesy ad was a wanted poster. Ernest said basically wanted small block. Par- parts you know. Cheap is good and free great and there was one guy who's like. Oh better. Get a small block Chevy. Nothing in the Mo- par world is cheap. But here's the thing he's wrong because I've gotten plenty of cool stuff for free or next to free or really cheap. Just based on the fact that I'm a nice guy and I guess I've been fortunate that I've ran into such cool people in the mobile world and unfortunately for that guy. Apparently he's run into a bunch of jerks that are just out for money which you know there are a lot of people like that and the Mo- park immunity unfortunately but you know thankfully I haven't run into any of them. I've ran into some really cool people and they've given me some really good deals so I'm not complaining on that front and I'm still getting the deals I just acquired an intake and a carb and I've got some really cool vintage valve covers and I'm just having fun with this car now. I've got everything I need to throw together and have a ratty little small blocked art and that's all I want. The shiniest parts on the start are going to be the wheels and tires because I have brand new bef. Gta's and Krieger SS for it. So you know it is what it is. I'm GonNa have fun with it and hopefully you guys will be along for the ride. I'm going to try to get some of that content up on Youtube here sooner rather than later so you guys can follow along on a little bit more of a visual level. So that's what I'm up to now. Let's get this show on the road. Like I said in the introduction folks we've got to listeners stories and I'm GonNa Sandwich our segment called high performance parts in between both stories justice which things so our first listener story comes from Shane. Taylor here. Is Shane Story? Hey Chris my dad has always had cool cars and trucks for much of my life. He's made a living off of hunting down deals and then flipping them. I'm now in my late twenties own a house and financially stable as a congratulations or as my dad says early inheritance. He said I could have any one of my choosing. I had the choice between fully restored. Nineteen seventy-nine Camaro RS s with a pretty radical three eighty three stroke or a fully restored Purple Nineteen fifty-six Plymouth Savoie or a dusty old red and black nineteen fifty five Plymouth Belvedere that didn't run and was missing the rear window which is apparently traded for a brick that sat in the backseat. I took the fifty six savoie because it was in the best condition and would need the least amount of work. It was perfect. Because I don't know a ton about working on cars but I love detailing although this is probably the most valuable car. It had a few drawbacks. The car was restored in the nineties and was overdue for another restoration in the near future. The interior was badly stain and fading. The paint was getting rest bubbles and there was a lot of custom work done that was very obviously trendy a couple decades ago but not anymore the worst part though it had a three fifty small block. Chevy. Don't get me wrong. My family was GM all the way. Unless there was a MO- part deal to be found. My Dad even warned me that when I took it I couldn't hang out with the Mo guys or else I'd be chastised. He said apart by the fifties chevrolets at shows and don't talk about the car more than need be after all. The car had no signs of make other than the aluminum. Plymouth play under the door when open so most people thought it was a chop fifty seven Chevy. Once I got it I started doing research on the forward. Look Mo- parts and I fell in love the more I looked at him. The more disappointed became with fifty six mash up with Chevy engine. Ford Rerun Nineteen Ninety. Eight Ford Escort Royal Plum. Paint which looked great. But I just can't stand forwards and Tacky customisations. I found myself eyeing the faded beaten up Belvedere that my dad had sitting in a shop. It had one around the title and had gone to his surviving kin. It was easily ninety percent original so I started drooling after I to educate myself on these classics after a week of having the Purple Plymouth. I called Dad and told him I made a mistake. I detailed the Savoie and send it back to him. Any happily gave me the bus at fifty five after all he had been offered up to ten thousand four and only paid fourteen hundred for the non running Belvedere. Although it wasn't a smart financial decision was the right thing to do and I couldn't be happier. We really to a local shop that specializes in classic. Mo- parts have the clutch rebuilt as well as some brake work done. Once I got a new six volt battery hooked up. It started and ran great. Save for some smoke. Every light on the car worked perfectly and the more I looked around through the scattered parts in the interior and trump the more original parts. I found for it now. There runs in drives learning and working on finding parts for these is a very expensive scavenger hunt. But it's fun to work on such a neat piece of history even though I live two hours from my dad. It's brought us closer together because I'm always sending in pictures of things. I've probably messed up and calling him for help. I look forward to restoring beauty overtime. The Right Way and going to car shows with him even if we can't park next to each other Shane. Thanks for sending in your story I've been wanting to do some forward look content and your story kind of inspired me to get Looking into what I want to cover an hi Wanna go about doing it. I actually have a guest lined up. That is pretty deep in the forward look community. But I haven't really scheduled him in yet so I gotta get a hold of him and figure out when we can get him on the show. Because like I said and like I've been saying this show is for all aren't disease that includes a forward look the modern era everything in between and I'm GONNA stick to my word. We will cover the antique stuff like the really really old stuff. We're going to cover the forward. Look we're going to cover it all or at least we're gonNA give it our best shot so look forward to that very cool story. I'm glad that you chose at least a MO- par over the Chevy. That makes you a lot cooler in my book and let me just say this. A car enthusiasts first and foremost but I am a Mo- par guy so I respect all cool cars but there's just something about Mo- parts that gets me going so when I take shots at Ford and Chevy guys you know nothing personal. It's all in good fun. Okay now back to Shane Story. It's good to hear that you're getting into Mo- pars and cars in general it's something fun to learn and you sound like you're really motivated to gear project on so that's really cool in. Hey a fifty. Five Belvedere is pretty cool in my book. So keep me posted on your project. Buddy thanks for sending in your story I really WanNa see pictures of this car and see how far you belong. Maybe you can call in and give me some tips to pass along the people because I get people asking me about forward look cars and where to find parts and all this and a lot of stuff you know. I try my best but I don't own a forward look cars. I'm not too deep in that world and I know there's people out there that own those cars and start finding really good resources and stuff so anybody out there actually not just. Shane knows any good places to go forward. Look stuff let me know if you know someone. That's really deep in the forward. Look each that's one aspect of mope our history that I admittedly don't know very much about but I love those cars. I think are really cool and I'll take. I'll take anything in the forward look era over fifty seven Chevy any day but that's me and that's not to say the fifty seven chevies aren't cool but hey forward look parts or cooler. Proven wrong Shane once again. Thank you for sending in your

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"Down. So I'm not getting revenue from those places so the money I have needs to float me through this whole virus outbreak bs. That's going on so I'm like okay. God I could not buy it that day. 'cause I'm planning this all out in my head because I it's my birthday too so it's march twenty fourth. It's my birthday. It's my thirty fifth birthday. And here I find my next project are and I didn't even go there looking for seventy one charger. I went there to look at a seventy five dodge truck so I'm sitting there like. Why does this always happen to me? But I'm thankful so. I'm probably GONNA end up with this semi charger. And I don't know when probably after this lockdowns done but I need to get some ducks in a row storage being one and then a plan for what I WANNA do with this car for two because I like working off of a plan so I found in the L. Five seventy one charter folks and I'm thinking about getting it. My question to you is worth it for me should I? Just you know pass on it. Should I go for it and create some sort of cool project car for Social Media? What should I do? What would you do with it? What do you think I should do with it? Let me know I'll post stuff on social media about the car and then you can let me know there or you can message me. Tell me send me an email. Leave me a voice message. What do you think I should do with this car? You'll see the pictures online. And you know I. I think I'm going to get this car unless somebody buys it out from under me I. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get this car. So it's just a matter of time. So that's that. That's that's mope hunting dodge fever and it all started because I stopped it. Pick and pull on a whim and try to buy a truck off the yard. You know if it wasn't for that truck I would have never posted on social media and the Guy who knew the guy with the truck would never out and I would have never found this email. Five seventy-one charger. He also had a seventy challenger now he keeps telling me that the car is too far gone. But I KINDA WANNA make a play on that car to and you know what? Hey maybe go for the truck to. Let's let's take three of them off this guy hands. Ideally that's what I'd like to do but storage is just not working out for me right now. As far as that goes I need to move to a place where the shop but until then I think I just WanNa take this seventy. I WANNA save this Charter. I think I can save this charger. I think I can turn it into something really cool. And that's the plan. That's the end of this episode. We're an hour and this is insane you know. Hey folks stay healthy out there okay. That was mopus hunting. I've got dodge fever baby. I was tagged on Instagram. By My friend Luke. Crosby who wanted me to fill out some information and it's one of those Phil this thing out so we can learn more about you things I was about to fill it out and then I thought. Oh It'd be answer that stuff on the podcast so here it goes. Let's do a quick speed round. I'm just going to list the category list my answer. And then we'll shut this showdown luke crosby. This one is for you. Shout out to both you and your wife Olivia Crosby. These two are a young what I like to call Power couple. They are awesome people. They you know I like to live vicariously through them because they always go on these Kumo part ventures so they've got a nice collection of Mo- parts to home a little bit Gaoli but Shout out to you guys if you liked to not only listen to this show but also like to consume. Mo- park content in other ways like reading. Olivia is a really amazing journalist. And I am not just you know saying that to say I really do. Enjoy all her articles and you can find her on dodge garage dot com. I will have a link in the show notes to her articles. They're fun to read and you can just tell in her writing that she really is a true mobile through Azziz Luke and like I said they go on a bunch of fun adventures. Follow them both on instagram. You can find Luke Luke Dot mo par and Olivia at Olivia Dot Mo parcel. Follow them and that's it for today folks so here we go the quick ten my first car Honda civic number of cars. I've owned too many most fun car. I've owned MY DART. My dream car sixty nine and a half dodge superbeets last car part. You purchased a vintage direct connection license plate current car or cars. I have a sixty nine dodge dart. I have a seventy six Dodge D. One hundred my daily drivers the two thousand twelve dodge Ram fifteen hundred. My wife has a two thousand fifteen jeep grand Cherokee not an S. RT eight or And a small collection of Turbo mopeds. If my wife's listening none of them remind Sweetie they're all my dad's okay. And that's that's my story and I'm sticking to it I only have a couple of Mo- parse the last car. I sold technically the last car I sold would have been my wife's old jeep worst car around. I had a little four cylinder s ten pickup truck when I was working construction when I was eighteen. Nineteen and that thing was a gutless pile and I was hauling concrete and we blew out the rear end So yeah that's my experience owning a Chevy Most hated car would hate the most I had an eighty one. Honda accord for a while. That was basically a throw away car. 'cause I wrecked one of my first cars and that thing was a piece of junk. It was such a piece of junk. This eighty-one Honda accord such a pile. That I got pulled over for swerving and when the cop the COP thought I was on drugs or drunk and I took a look at him and I said a look at this thing you try and keep it straight on the road and we did a whole field sobriety thing and it was a big misunderstanding. I told him look. This thing is a piece of junk. I can't keep it straight on the road and instead of giving me a ticket or impounding it for being unsafe for the road. He semi on my way after realizing that I was in fact not drunk or high. So that's that and last question if I had fifty thousand dollars where would I spend it? I would spend it online on. Mo- par stuff. So that's those are the quick ten luke. I'm sorry to disappoint you man. My first car was in a Mo- par. I wanted it to be but cards. Just didn't work out buddy and I. I wrote a Honda Civic. Yeah I did. Yeah that's the truth. So all you haters out there can take that and use it against me So yeah that's that so for more information about this podcast or listening. Subscribe to the show. Please visit talking Mo- Pars Dot Com and don't forget to send me your stories and voice messages Chris at Talking Mo- PARSE DOT COM for emails and two zero nine twenty eight mopeds for voicemails to hear yourself on the show. Also if you have time and you enjoy the show please take a second to rate and review it. I love seeing your views because I value your opinions. And they're only going to help me grow and improve the podcast. Another thing you can do to help. The show is by voting for talking mope ours as your favorite podcast by visiting podcast magazine dot com slash hot fifty and voting for talking Mo- parks. Let's try and get the show to number one okay until we talk again. I am your host Chris Albrecht and that was talking Mo- pars.

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"This show is off to a great start. We're only six episodes. I and I've been receiving a bunch of great feedback from listeners and from friends and family and this has been a blast but I want to spice. It's up the show a little bit so what I'm GonNa do. I want to add two new additions to the show in the New Year and the new editions are going to be direct connections and high performance heritage so these two standalone additions of the show are going to be separate from the typical show format so direct connections are going to be conversations with moped enthusiasts. Some you may already know and some you may not the idea behind this edition of the show is to get to know people in the Mo- oh park immunity and hear their stories. This show has always had a foundation of mope enthusiasm and I want to keep that same spirit when I talked to guests on this show. Okay the next edition of the show is high performance heritage. These editions of the show are going to be special. Looks at specific Mo- Oh parse from mopeds history so we're gonNA take a car or truck or van and we're GonNa have a whole episode about that specific vehicle and these are going to be fun breaks from the normal format of the show. And who knows you might just learn something. So those are two new things to look forward to in twenty twenty and I'm really pumped to keep the show going wing and to continue to make it better and really develop it into something that can be embraced by the Mo- Park community as a whole I really want this show to be remembered in Mo- Oh par history as the best Mo- podcast that ever existed. So hopefully I can keep that going and I need your help. How do I need your help? I need you keep listening. I need you to tell your friends about the show and I need you to submit your stories. This show has an open door policy for. Mo- parth Uzis. So if you feel like you have a great great story or you'd be a great guest for this show reach out.

Mo- Oh Mo Mo- Park
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"Welcome to episode number three of talking Mo- pars on today's episode. We're going to talk about what a Mo- par is. We're talking mopeds got its name the Challenger turning fifty a little whoopsie see daisy mistake on the assembly line. Another awesome listener story project car of the week. And we're GONNA take a look back at the nineteen seventy dodge challenger. We've kicked the tires hires. Now let's like the fires. I'm your host Chris. Albrecht better known as the Mo par hunter and this is talking and You're listening to talking. Parts with the MOCHA hunter. Your direct connection to all things Mo- park. We are turning.

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What is a Mopar?

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What is a Mopar?

"What is a MO- par? I realized that not everybody who listens to this show is actually a Mo- part is easiest. You know we've got we've got some creepers. We've got four guys. Chevy guys import guys. This podcast had cast is for everybody. And I want to bring you into the Mo par fold if you aren't already if you're not familiar with Mo Pars and what the the word moped actually means. Let me fill you in. Mo- par is a combination of the words motor and parts. It was first used in the nineteen twenties and in nineteen thirty seven would be used for the first time on actual products starting with cans of antifreeze it evolved into a term of endearment used by moped enthusiasts to describe cars. That fell under the Chrysler umbrella. So think Chrysler Dodge Plymouth. AMC Jeep Ram trucks and now Fiat. What and the brands associated with the Mo par now is a registered trademark used by FCA as a resource for covering parts accessories service and warranties? So you're going to go to the dealership and you're GONNA C mo par service you know Mo- park centuries and things like that as it relates to this podcast for the most part mope ars gonNA refer just to the the generality of the cars so when I say I'm talking about Dodge Plymouth. Chrysler Jeep Ram all those. But it's important that I explain to people that are outside the Mo par world like your Chevy Ford guys. You're import guys that you know you're here now. Let's learn a little bit. You know if you keep listening to this podcast. I promise you you're GonNa learn some stuff and you're gonNA probably figure out that a Mo- par pretty cool. You know. Maybe you came here because you hate mo par and you're like let me see what this jerks all about. Let me see what he's talking about and you're here now and you're like it doesn't sound like a bad guy and you're hearing a couple of cool things and you're like Oh that's kind of interesting you know if you if you listen to this podcast and you've said to yourself. Oh that's kind of interesting. Gotcha Gotcha so go ahead and put that Chevy that Ford that import up for sale and start looking for a Mo- par.

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"Can you that game is for me to drive, those canyons without consequence or rule. And that's it. Yeah. Tell us about your dream car list. Wow. Justin, you got the list. Well, my I have a bit of a Audi affliction. So I've got are three those are lovely to fun. Very good. Yeah. You call APR. Yet, now you do all six hundred four parts might. But then what am I gonna do with that, though? The side walls, dude. Yeah. Groupie. What's group beef? Yeah. So I, I love love the Audis think if I could afford it in our eight would be great sort of daily, especially in the Pacific northwest to get the rain in the hell ya business on a frozen lake. And it was brilliant. Yeah. It was very fun. Yeah. Now's a good rate actually that's true. It is true. So that that's definitely on the on the list for me. But I think for, you know, cars sort of beyond that some of the McLarens, I think are pretty amazing. You know, the seven twenty s and. Lt. When some of these are all inflammatory statements, by the way, you like our rates McLaren's. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But I also bought last summer. I bought an eighty five Audi GT coupe. Oh, that's cool. That guy out in New York and just to get a little old school, and it's fun. Yeah. Have something like that night. Now, she's is in good shape. It's great shape, sixteen sixty seven thousand miles on it. That's the big body. Right. That's that. Oh, that one. Yeah. Oh, cool. I know it's very slender, one I was thinking with the one after that the later eighties got a little chunky. No. That's, that's, that's lovely. Yeah, it's not Quattro because those are low expensive, but it's, it's front wheel drive, and it's, it's a five cylinder. Yeah. Fun time. Yeah. So we got to five cylinders the parking lot at four, it's a that is pretty cool, but it is a little car show every day, you're a bit of a car show every day. Yeah. We got the mo- park guys. Got the Ford guys. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Off on the way to the car is not a dance off. But yeah, there's, there's a lot of fun stuff. But go, yeah, I'd like a six speed three sixty probably. Yeah. Driving one of those on Thursday, fucking fun fast, but they make good sounds in their good time. I kinda also wanna three twenty eight GTS. I. Yeah, just because they look good. Yeah. Just because they look good. And if they're the more you drive on the better. They work and I actually, I kinda wanna tie daily ING one for like a year. Maybe I don't know. We'll say just experience. Yeah. We'll see when I when the buildings done and I have room for something else. Maybe we'll maybe. We'll see what we're on Redwood fleet. Here you'll be rolling. Right. Right. I I I like that. You know, eighty five to ninety five I'm I'm a big fan of that, that era of cars, and those, I think those cars are not hard to maintain like, I think they're fair. They're still pretty simple yet, but they're not usually so much pain in the ass that you can't drive them in modern traffic, and I noticed I line to in our thirty four. Probably get a I'd probably I can't we can't get those until see. Oh two so yet seven. So there'll be cars in between that I that the three twenty eight pulled out over, I prefer the look the front.

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"And so yeah, want him to do your car the other guy picture, and he he knows every nut bolt on you're looking at a picture, Chris could be Jewish. Oh, yeah. Also fan of his also what he said about you too. Was that when you guys are talking? He says people come up to all the time say love this show, but you actually brought up specific examples of the show. So he knew that you were the real deal. He said Adams a big star came up to me and said, hey, Mark big fan, which he loved and was surprise. And then he said that you referenced episodes of the show. So it wasn't a line of bullshit. He's like he really does watch the show. And I was like, yeah. He does he watches the show, and he he loved that. He was talking about it for for a while. Or earlier this week? I'm a fan and again everybody, I'm not a mo- park guy. But I may knows this ship guy knows his shit, and I will respect anyone who knows their business. This is my thing sort of the counter argument to the put the guy by the gate might be isn't. Hey, his highness is coming. And I need. It's like you're not doing your job. Right, right. That's what I'm saying. There's something wrong with the way you're doing your job or there's Mark and his mo- parm not interested in the product interested in the process. See the why did the pe- alliteration there that I will tell you something, you know, when, you know, something about cars, and then it always things bump you when you're watching like car shows because they put the wrong picture. Yes. The wrong car. They because what they do what they do is the person that knows nothing about cars like Nate or Brian or whoever over at the other side. They're the person in charge of going online and getting the pictures and slugging them in. Yeah. You're the person knows it. So I was watching sport W R E resonate made on hold binder. Event freeze and tastes of W R E N. And then when I said a Nate why did you do? That's what the internet said. Like, no, it's. No, it doesn't say there's no way. So I will tell you. There's a new show called auto bike graph auto biography. Autobiography, and it's interesting show to me because it finds cars, and it digs into the mystery behind the car, and blah, blah, blah. And I was watching the one with Bruce Meyers nine thirty five. You were telling me about it. I haven't seen it yet. I gotta go back. It's it's it's it's a show. That is interesting, and it's very. You have to be interested in the subject matter. But if you're interested in the subject matters, it's entering especially if you own the other car that was in the brace against Smyers car, the Whittington brothers, and blah, blah, blah. But they did this one thing. And you'll you'll recognize it immediately. And it always bothers me. And I'll tell you why I take about psycho DIY tip resin based polymer coating. That's right Zych coat. This stuff is great man reduces rating, heat by ninety percent one third of the cost of ceramic and not only that cost ceramic. But you gotta wait on so amick. God knows when you get that stuff back. Anyway, there is no insulation rap. None of that stuff. Looks great. It works grade special formula increased rate of exhaust gases passing through. So you do the inside of the header and the its licks it up and the exhaust Ascoli lowest attempts with zaas pushes through a higher rate. And it lowers the lowest surface temps because it's not it's like moving moving. The pot off the burner. Yeah. Moving at blow in the heat out of the exhaust as opposed to just through the metal, right? Yeah. It's good. Yeah. It's coating.

Chris Nate Adams mo- park Bruce Meyers Mark DIY Smyers Zych Whittington Brian ninety percent
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"But they suspended the use of this at which meant that basically everybody inside Facebook couldn't really do any work on the app because because it wasn't working for them suspended apps and reports of said the Facebook internal staff told to download the public version, so they could continue to look Facebook on their phones and on is phones and do work. And it got worse than that. Because it turns out that Facebook uses developer apps to run Facebook. So if you need to order a ride to get around Ben mo- park, which is Facebook's headquarters, you couldn't you couldn't get on the bus or taxis is that face but uses around its campus. You can do a lot of things internal chat functions were broken all because apple went now. That's not on. Yeah. And that's basically where the sort of. Controversy except for the actual collecting data from the apple ready exists and four Facebook this causes or temporary problem it then apple did this. Facebook said it was going to stop using this up on oil s is still exist on Android, but because they couldn't find a way around apples apple systems and the way that the its development program works decided to stop using this tool, and it's the same actually Google as well because after this was reported by tech crunch. It was found the Google's running an app called screen wise meter, which basically works the same sort of way, and Google is also said it's going to stop doing this stop getting around Apple's rules, but there's even more beef. This is more of a historic disagreement. So basically this latest spat between apple Facebook is part of a bigger ongoing sorts of criticism, particularly by apple guests of Facebook and its business model so in the last. Year or so apple as an Tim cook? Specifically said that the company could make a lot more money if monetize its customer, if our customers our product he said, we could make a ton of money, we've elected not to do that because you are not product, and this is basically aimed at Facebook and so- Kebir responded in an interview saying that he didn't find the argument, very compelling affectively, and the the both of them have sort of being sort of saying critical things of each of in in the press and probably privately as well. Over the last six months, and is ready and the lady, and this is basically the latest escalation of of what's happened. And it just keeps going and going, and it doesn't seem like there's going to be a point at which this deescalate that both digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole iphone privy Facebook data collection and just the way that face, but behaves you'd think that maybe it knew that it was running this project called I think it was called project. Atlas three years all the headlines that was swirling around in twenty maybe someone done like a little bit of an audit on the stuff that they're doing someone's gonna find out about this shutdown be transparent. Don't wait to be found out. It's quite remarkable as well. Isn't it because it's literally putting a price on your personal data that twenty dollars a month for everything dogging, this is the data that this was collecting goes well beyond what you expect Facebook to collect based on tease, which is already a lot. Right. Yeah. It is. And I think one of the really interesting things about this as being actually the of up which was removed before. One coat on barrow that was doing similar sort of thing. But fruit, the more apparently legitimate means also apple disagreed with. Because it said actually, it wasn't going through the proper means and processes and didn't mean meeting strip terms and conditions of its developer apps all services, apparently, this one of our was used by Facebook previously to see that. What's that was before Facebook?.

Facebook apple Google developer Ben mo- park Tim cook Kebir twenty dollars three years six months
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"I mean, you you'll be in a group, and you might want to catch that guy or past that person. But ultimately like your time, attacking you're looking at your lab time don't change the car you own just for an event, you may or may not into like go, and you go, you know, what I actually want something lighter with less, power, whatever. All right, then you can make the decision there, but rid life is like it's a lot of Honda's. It's a lot of there's older BMW's. There's there's a variety of Mustangs is three fifty Z's is a variety of cars. They'll find somewhere for you. You know, what I mean, you can see and I'm pretty sure I've seen some mo- park relight before. In fact, I'm certain I have I saw a hell cat at road. Atlanta last year. I've seen I've saw a I've seen mo- par. Like, yeah. Just come out. Yeah. If you don't like your car get new car, but don't you don't get a new car? Just because you think you need to do this. Yeah. Five left, and then we're outta here Chandler Ross says do manufacturers send journalists doctored press cars, you've mentioned before that some Ferrari press cars feel faster than regular customer cars. I don't. I don't know. I don't think. So in most cases, I have heard stories that certain manufacturers will send out cars that are not exactly Representative of what customers get. I yes, I have heard it about Ferrari in the past. I have no reason to I have no evidence of it. I don't know. Honestly, it would be with these. Turbo cars now, it would be entirely possible to put a slightly more aggressive. Tune on a press car easy. I don't we don't put them on a Dino compared to I don't know. And we also know that some companies have sandbag like Edmonds was given an r seven or something once and it put it the but down power the wheels the diner that it that it was supposed to have the crank. So like, well, but how could be Mult that can be all the cars Audi does horsepower in worst case scenario. So Audis Audis power claims. Are they say are guaranteed meaning the worst weather conditions of the top of very tall mountain, and it will make that power. So if you die. No it in California on a perfect day. You're going to get a number that's much high. Hell cat power. Yeah. You're going to get a number. It's much higher. And so I do know that in some cases companies will pull cars off the line that are destined to be press cars and have them gone over. So that the paint quality is perfect. The body panel gaps are perfect. You know, they they warm over the cars a bit. Whereas other cars that are just come off the normal assembly line don't get that level of treatment. So it's not just. A horsepower thing. It's it's the panel gaps could be a little better the paint quality not that he would paint it specifically repressed cars, but they choose the best ones to go in the press fleet. And then they at the fleet management companies. They service them, you know, I'm driving of lost or end right now, the has two thousand miles on it and has literally brand new tires like the tires. It's still got a little bit Greece on the wheel from them. They like they this someone put two thousand miles on a senators and before this car came to me, it got brand new tires with two thousand miles. So like, you know, it's it's been warmed over a little bit in terms of they're putting their best foot forward. So that Chris Harris wrote that article that like, yeah. Like back in the day. Like Ferrari was putting challenge engines in their press cars, right?.

Ferrari Honda BMW mo- park Atlanta Audi Chandler Ross California Representative Chris Harris Edmonds
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"Now is called a hybrid ceramic wet, this is these are products that after you wash your car in the car, still wet you sprayed. He's on the car, and it has been components of a wax. Then also of a coating that will give you about six months of protection you spray it on the car wash. And you hose it off bonds instantly to the car that is catering to the coding market and to the do it yourself or that wants to provide some protection with not without all the work. Gotcha. So that's an interesting product. They have a three in one wax. Now that has a compound apologized wax in it. So it will remove water spots, and scratches and things one step. They have a new carpet cleaner, which I am told that removes odors and stains without having to your several different. Products. Okay. They have. Now, they have a waterless wheel entire cleaner. That also add protection to your tires and you kill. That's that's Maguire's. Also. Yes, that's Maguire's. Very good. Mothers mothers product people. I know people love them others. They have a new odor eliminator, which leaves no sense in the car, but removed all the orders. They have their new waterless wash which they have not had any past and they have a new wash and a wax product. Very good pretty mechanical side Toyota Supra had debuted their race version of the new super out there. And I'm told that they will debut the new super at the Detroit auto show Toyota surfers, you can keep an eye out for that. I am and now our favorite mo- park. Okay. They have introduced what they call the elephant. All right. This is a this is a one thousand horsepower four twenty six Hemi crate engine is plugging play for older model dodges seventy six and earlier for an offroad vehicles that you want to take to the racetrack. Right. That will come out early next year. I don't have a price on it. But I can assume it's going to be inaccessible twentieth out. Woo hoo. Last year. They came out with the help create the hell cat motor plug play system for now they came out with his four twenty six twenty thousand horsepower with warranty amazing with warranty, amazing technology. Yes, it is. All right. Real quick yet to car shows. We got some calls. We gotta get to. Okay. Real quick tomorrow Sunday on the fourth. Of course, that's for chip at the Carlisle expo center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is from ten thirty two to okay. Dr they'll have a silent auction at a person's benefit the chip Miller foundation, which goes to several different children's charity and different medical problems Miller for those who don't know the gentleman his family started. Fares. Now that he's a.

Maguire chip Miller foundation Toyota Supra Carlisle expo center Toyota Carlisle Woo hoo Detroit Pennsylvania mo- park Miller four twenty six twenty thousan one thousand horsepower six months
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"On down and get yourself a car and take a route. And my next guest coming on is Darius Dr Darius Edwards. Darius is the main when it comes to if you got the knee. He's got the speed tell them Darius bear, absolutely, folks. We got the twenty nineteen dodge chargers and challenger GT's in right now, we also got the Scott, peck pluses, which is new to a lot of people because before the Scott, peck, you just be like, a plain Jane vehicle, but now you're actually getting active dampening suspension in the pack. So that was a feature that was in the previous s RT models only which was at a higher price point that people really couldn't afford. So what Chrysler did as? I was doing investigation is that they took that active Anthony suspension and put it into the scat packs, which is why it's called escape pack, plus because it has the active Daphne suspension available which is really good for when you're going out to the track. But I mean, they really upgraded these vehicles because on the interior now it used to be like a like a rubber material like on a dash in on the door panels now is actually stitch weather. They refined it I mean, the the the headliner. I mean, everything is so nice. Like, they upgraded. A lot of features on the vehicle in. It got the new snorkel grill on it compared to the healthcare where it has a snorkel hood. So the hell cat went through phase as well. With the horse power now with seven hundred seventeen horsepower stock in seven hundred seven hundred and seventeen Horace horsepower. Yes. At the real, really. Yeah. That's that's a lot. Yeah. That's a that's a ten horsepower. Upgrade from last year. I mean that. Speechless. Right. Why go up? Yeah. Hey, people just love speed. These mo- park gear heads Mendy love. They love their muscle cars. And I'll tell you what that north snorkel hood. I have a Red Eye getting ready to come in. It's over at the is getting upset with the white body kit in struggle hood, twenty by eleven inch Rams and man as far as custom motor vehicle for one of my clients. But I hope that you know, I'll be able to have it here for a couple of days to show people. What it looks like because it's it's like ground breaking because Mustang doesn't offer anything like this, and you know, for dodge and more. Muscle car enthusiasts is a is a big step. So I'm really excited for it. Also have a wide body Scott peck coming as well, which is as you about. Let's see almost thirty grand. Wow. Yeah. So you got your Scott peck, white body what you've run you between fifty and fifty five grand. And then you got your hill cat red. I would you run. You bout between eighty nine. To about ninety five. Okay. So these cars so much for man. It's like, it's my passion. I love the cars. I love the customers that come in looking for the cars because sometimes these cars are so rare that you really can't have inventory full of them because they just don't want him. They don't want to flood the market with them. Why they did what was it like three years ago? What the hell cats, and they just over put them, and then they had the discount on man. You know, give these crazy Lee specials to people because it's like people they set the expectation when this car I came out and people come in. And they try to low bar me saying, well, you know, three or four years ago Alkalies one needs for four ninety nine five ninety nine right? You gotta understand that they're not mass producing these vehicles anymore. So the prices inflate because when you don't have a lot of vehicle in it because of high demand, you can price vehicle where where it needs to be, you know, so it's just one thing. Trying to explain it in and built that report what the customer to let them know. Like, hey, you know, there's not a lot of these cars out there anymore like they used to be so. I'm really excited for you know, even though winter months are comment. I still follow people will still come looking for him. Yeah. I just had a client was it Wednesday night. He he message me on weekday. Dad was looking for one, you know, and they they don't care what season it is. You know, slapped them all seasons on their winter tires and go about your business. Yeah. So it's it's fun stuff. Man. They got some cool colors. They got a new color caught nickel chrome coming on this year. I'm so excited to see that color because you know, a lot of people like overseas there during the chrome and gold, right? Yeah. So what what does did they came out with a colored s not too bright? But it still gives you that look of you know, you having a chrome calendar or chrome charger because some people, you know, to each his own, but they like it, you know. I just want to provide what they like, you know. I don't want you to have to go and get it rap somewhere else. And I want you to get it right off the factory right off delivery truck. Mega happy customers. Just like, Mr Weber. Yeah. Larry member that he car. On this car. That was incredible. He wanted to shake or he wanted something different to mix it up. You know, he traded in line. So if somebody comes in here and orders one how long does it take to get get that order that get that in you know, it was actually a pretty quick process for him. I mean, even for the customers that weren't wherever I mean, they're still probably two months, which is still a good turnaround time it is. And you know, we set the week you'll set the priority levels in all the good stuff. Try to get it as timely manner as possible, you know, so that the customer do get to enjoy their vehicle, you know, before we do get a lot of that white stuff on the ground. Yeah. But I mean, you have that answer to right? Yeah. You have all wheel drive may not be as as fast, but you still got it. Yeah. And there's still three hundred horsepower rated all wheel drive system. Must be miss it. Tears through the snow like nothing. No. I'm a three hundred guy. Can't that's just too many horses be running with a two and a half of those cars and putting them in one car. That's what I'm saying saying, it's crazy. Yeah. I drove wants to gas station before. Oh my goodness. And it was a manual. Great, man. I oughta horsepower if every year. Manning man, throw you back your seat, man. Talk about me. I d that need it. But I don't eat, right. Right. It would just like be. Vijay by wanted to have four show car. Because they take me right to jail, right? Get out the car. So let's go right to jail. I will use every year. Right. Zac gudauta? Thirteen. Let's see how many right? You get a. You know, wild to me is that you know, what the challenges into chargers with all wheel drive system. You get the same features. Mhm as the eighty ninety thousand dollars motto. Wow. Except the active deputy suspension, and that's right in the horse, Mr Weber was yes. But you GT we have one on the showroom floor, folks. In the go blue is beautiful vehicle with the little yellow yellow. Yeah. So that's like my signature thing lead bumper guards on customer tells me that they don't they prefer good contrast in style, you know, especially being here at university of Michigan. Let's look y'all got some amazing blew up in here. Yeah. We do. We do. Go come on down the university of Michigan. We got the best deals in the state, forty exactly. And another thing like it comes with heated cooled seats. Wow. Remote start trunk assists. HIV headlights sunroof alpine sound system. You got your upgraded? It's almost like a iphone tied camera your backup camera. Wow. You could get the safety features. You know, like the furniture cruise control. The Wayne departure warning impact fron collision. Warning why it's about crop protection. You name. It has all the safety features that you possibly could want in the special got crazy. Like, you know, even if you don't qualify for nothing, we still make you a great great lease deal right here. I'll take care of you, folks. Come on now. Yeah. Down here. I just love it. I'm looking at the indigo blue with the maze right there. I'm good to go. We can put put twenty three on the top hood. There you go. You're ready to go drop the mic. Yeah. Man. Jamie just fell in love with the hell. Gonna fall in love with right now. She looked good. Can you handle avocado? That's like, hey, I may not. But you know, what I'm willing to try pinkie toe. I'm willing to track. Even if you didn't want to even if he didn't wanna paint them on their or mess with the hood or anything, you can still get their magnetic numbers and put those on there. If you own a car wash lapping young slap it on. The football helmet. I love that. You gotta get some wings on it. Right. Put a yellow center do right over the hood over the around the roof of too bad wings, gonna put a little footballs on the bat. Football. Wolverine is on the. That's it right there. You see that rolling down the street? You know who driving it? Yeah. You do you know what I'm trying to do trying to do. So whether whether you want to four hours, they both, you know. The break greatly specials going on this month in today's the first day of the month. And I encourage you folks, come on down and take four test dry fallen low vehicle, or you know, we make it happen. I did valley. Love found me something. Yeah. He didn't you John found? Yo lo I haven't been over where idea because I looked over there. I see that orange and y'all got me looking at logos on. I wanted to be like the vehicles got tattoos. Yeah. Men trans dances. What you're talking to be. Oh, well, just saying the guys got way it's got big foot on. Which one's got Bigfoot believe this. So compass as big. The smaller one, okay? They got big foot the lizard. Lizard or snake? There's one there's one the is on the Cherokee look at you know, where we need to be talking to you. Knows where all of a bar. That's pride Friday knowing all this stuff, man. It's like you gotta big foot. You got the Jeep. You got the lizard. You do we got the traditional Jeep global on the windshield? I saw those. I did pick up on that. Yes. Like they want to. They want customers to be on scavenger hunts when they get their vehicles. So it's like it's something that no other. Nobody else is doing in the Martin automotive market. So you know, it makes it fun. You know what I mean? No. So I mean, if you got hit and stuff on there, and I I got to look for I don't mind doing that. Right. Then I can tell somebody go over there and see if you can find that right? All day long. I mean. That's cool to know candle. You can get the car you can find sasquatch on that under Christ. Exact right, right. Good. You defy for hours. Because right. Coming back in the house, dad. I can't find. It's on the car in the car. He goes on. They keep looking looking to run windows. Right. Someone of the windows looking..

Scott peck Darius Dr Darius Edwards Mr Weber Horace horsepower Chrysler university of Michigan Anthony Football mo- park Jane Red Eye Rams Dad Mustang Lee Zac gudauta Mendy
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"You know? So I I got a little more range than the mo- park is if someone was was getting in that in that hundred to two hundred thousand dollar range. What's peaking your interest these, you know, I think I think great, super. I think great NS Xs. I think some of those cars as well as we have. We have two thousand Lotus. Esprit twin-turbine just look at eighty kilometers on it from those are that's sprees. Are. User word retarded, not in a pejorative way, but not advance like they have always sorta sat back in the world a little bit always had a good look. Great look. And there were in bond movies and stuff, and they've never been appreciated like you look at those Lotuses and you're like, that's a lot of car. The new ones, I think the newer ones, the one you have three point, five twin. Turbo probably we also have a seventy seven if you want to pull that up to sixty four. Yeah. And thought this cars are appreciated like they should be they're very exclusive or English, or you know, what is that seven Seven on that. seventy seven. I think we're eighty to one hundred on that car. I agree with you. That is a very good way. I guess that is a good direction to go because it's very exclusive to great design to. It's a great design and you know the wedge shape was just that was the coolest thing in the seventy two. You know. The modern one with the VA turbo and sort of the revised dash with more of the the gauge pod and stuff into the flat dash. It's a good looking car and another how it is to drive. It seems like it would be fun. Yeah, should it's pretty fun. That's an investment quality car with fifty miles on it. It's not like you're going to really use that one, but another nine twenty eight GTS in their ninety. Five nine twenty caught my eye thousand miles. Wow, this these are going up. They have shot up. It's crazy totally engine Porsche rockers getting a boner over. I told you those go up. I. What a disaster? Of course, he had all the miles on it, but it was. It was just a train wreck. You know when you get into stuff like this, you know there's all right lot by the way engine Porsches get hot again, but it's it's the rare ones GTS especially, you know, honestly, if that car to five speed to be another fifty say that once an automatic, if it was. Do you think about the nine twenty eight when that when that came out that was one of the most expensive cars you could buy? It was one of the one of the fastest top end cars you can buy like it was pretty amazing car in a non forty four and fourteen. So yeah, no Motors in wrong places. Forty four's coming on. Yeah, I guess nine. Fourteen inch. Yeah. Yeah, actually the motive for all in the right places just in the wrong place. Yeah, nine twenty eight. I think featured in to eighties movies. Weird science. Hear them with Tom Cruise. Solely sleds recipe this. Yeah. Yeah. Great sound on that. That car. And I've always liked that might take always like. This is the most expensive car. You could have bought like nineteen eighty five or three or whatever seventy. Nine eighty, whatever. And I was seeing him some years ago. They were fairly inexpensive, and I was like, God, that's seems like a cool piece to get, but the world has has caught on. All right. Do your last the peace over there? A man. He would guys don't forget about gyco. We love them and everybody's got a.

Tom Cruise mo- park Turbo VA Porsche two hundred thousand dollar eighty kilometers Fourteen inch
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"Eight hundred fifty horsepower whatever it is or seven hundred ninety seven or whatever they build these irs power machines and people will go they'll crawl over the dead bodies of people they they smothered drug to get to that deal it's amazing how they're eating this alive you know right well it's interesting for me because i grew up a mo park i i was a die hard nortre guy at key axes to snow reduction challenges i dodge charger i was growing up and if i wasn't a par guy i was more of a ford guy now i look at all three the domestics when they're the best they've ever been gm is the best run company it's ever been in history as far as i'm concerned i'm thrilled that all the domestics are are the strongest they've ever been yeah but like you i've watched just the numbers just forget everything else just go with the numbers the camaro struggles the mustang struggles and dodge challenger keeps selling every year it sells more than the previous year it is now well past camaro numbers and it's challenging the mustang thinking about this this is a car that in the sixties destroyed every other pony car and the challenger was nowhere close to camaro mustang sells it is now challenging mustang into well past camaro sales dodge challenger sale and this is the oldest platform allan the oldest card it's the least quote unquote updated all new redesigned and put that all the feet of the dodge guys in general and specific at creating this incredible marketing system in this incredible relationship crazy models these crazy horse powers and colors and bates dot with bringing people in and they found the ingredient and it's working well i can tell you right now i am literally let's see here i just texted guy and he texted back he says sorry it's taken a bit for me to respond when i'm at work has a little bit of surface wrestles the driver's side door has little ding in it i am in the process of buying a nineteen seventy nine dodge power wagon truck and i i don't know what happened to me it's like i am.

gm ford mustang Eight hundred fifty horsepower
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"If you see a picture of the crash you can see the demon that break came i'm not a mo park i a dodge guy thank they came up with a dodge demon and then they came out with the hell cat or i think they came out with the hell cat and then a demon and so it's on the platform you gotta show me the back of the car from the wreck there's a picture that i saw tmz if you show me the picture of the back i'll show the little in signi but what i'm saying is it's on the platform of a challenge but it has eight hundred horsepower like you're you're not doing your story justice by saying this car because the base price of that car in the base horsepower that car is like not that much in this version of it deal it's one hundred grand has got eight hundred and fifty horsepower show me that picture again mex penon poll up on the back end of that because i think i saw the insignia to like that the demon or the whatever s r t logo with the cat on it and we're zooming in writing a hell i'm guessing that it's a hell cat but either way it end that ain't the base model somebody can try to help me out on this ultimate interfaces no that was the super rich guys car that was the story this other dude was walking to work because he didn't have a car he saw this wreck household.

signi eight hundred horsepower fifty horsepower
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"Well well news now so good news geely allegedly wanted to by bmw before buying dime lor stock wow that is good news for bmw companies so fucking awesome was thinking about buying them what's about news once again these fucking bmw leases are outrageous sheely couldn't afford these these lease rates do you know what i mean i think those two are connected cast a question is it confirmed that it's g lee or is it geli like do we officially know through call ivan employed by i don't know he's up lowest volvo he's employed by goto lamborghini mexico and listen to say lumber genie say lumbered foot okay i'm guessing by the way that's probably not true but here's here's some really great news hit us with the fan of the healthcare engine right you you would fan the hell cat factory mo park crate engine is now forty five hundred dollars cheaper is fucking great news what's the bad news i checked tommy the hell cat engine will not fit in the rafter i cannot get i would love how dope without a doubt if you got to wrap their with that seven hundred seven horsepower engine pop that baby in there the tummy really say he couldn't do it i know but i'm gonna ask him though i want to shoot ass yeah that'd be dope i think those engines are like ten fifteen grams or something that like it's not that much i tommy hold that is good news and bad he's really bad news for you unless he can do it.

bmw ivan volvo geely lamborghini mexico mo park tommy seven hundred seven horsepower forty five hundred dollars ten fifteen grams
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"mo park" Discussed on Raceline Radio

"Canada's national radio motor sport authority for 25 years race lineup the reason why radio network clicked into sports net nazi a and a headline section on the homepage uh network affiliate stations broadcast times their thomas tales etc and get race line radio podcasts on the show section of almost sports net home page can also follow us on twitter at et race line and on instagram at arrays line radio network the 2017 mo park in any and superbike motorcycle racing season draws to a conclusion the august eighteenth of the 20th weekend with round five in six i guess a double header dash getting entire motorsport park in sports that five ninety the fan toronto coverage biggest story can series dominator jordan's oak bang a 12th the career championship let's as the man himself frequent twowheel guest in champion jordan's oak is back with us on race line radio jordan as we head into the seasonending double header at any entire motorsport park august 18th to the 20th you've got a sixty point lead on kenny readman here into that double header at canadian tire motor sport park you're looking as we said in the lead up here for your 12th canadian superbike championship it might seem like a healthy lead but it's not assured yet is it no no nothing those over toth over there's a lot of things that happen uh in rate thing that's for sure and uh you know he hopefully we can wrap it up on this saturday take the pressure off for the sunday race in nazran in letter letter and go put on a good show for the final race.

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