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PRO TALK With Sustainable Builder Jacob Racusin

The Fine Homebuilding Podcast

02:32 min | 2 years ago

PRO TALK With Sustainable Builder Jacob Racusin

"Jacob. Thanks a million for being on the show. It's a pleasure to talk to you. Thanks for having me. So i learned about your company. Originally from your colleague as mma carlton and i talked to him an episodes to seventy and to seventy two. We talked about your business among other things but for folks who didn't hear it. Can you please explain. The new frameworks business model. And you have a unique company structure right. Yes we're we're worker owned cooperatives directly structured as an llc for those that get into the business side of things there but yeah essentially we are. We don't have any employees. We are all co owners. There's two tiers of ownership folks enter in his trial members. And then after you've been with the company Period of time and buttons with certain level. The new i could become a full full owner and Yeah lots of details in there. But essentially the structure of the business structure is such that everybody is is an owner that tiered ownership structure culturally that sense of ownership and collective ownership is is huge. I think that's where it's Experiencing lived his how that informs our culture and folks individual buy ins or collective identity around the success of the success of the group jacob. How how did you all learn or was it you who learned about this business model and what made you want to share the wealth with your colleagues instead of keeping it. Yeah it's a great question it's been why can't take that much credit one of the original members and so you know certainly a long long for the journey since the gecko. But i'd say ace has definitely been holding. The torch in terms of the identity is the identity around that is the business model. The original members really felt it was. It was the best way for us to achieve. Our goals may think just to be the most direct around it. I know i. I feel like i can comfortably speak for all the same that none of us really had the intention of being business owner sending. We have all various levels of entrepreneurship entrepreneur. nature some of us more so than others. But none of us really interested in owning accompany owning it individually That just wasn't really. This wasn't in our identity. Ethos other individually or as a group ends of the cooperative structure gave us the best honest. Just the best model for us to bring in really good people and work

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