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The Scottish Collection Vol. 1

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The Scottish Collection Vol. 1

"The I've written something is a bit model is a bit. Depressant is a bit down Scott Shaw. It's a Scottish Baker so of Song I Scottish big. I bic Scottish. I'VE GOT PROBLEMS WITH MATTRESS. Anuj and problems with my wife that to me be. Inkatha net content interconnected 'cause bludgeoned to death by repeatedly hitting her head with my welder's mask. I disposed of flesh and Boone's down the back kitchen sink now. My toilets blocked on my pie. Meet start into stink. Data will be forty. P MISSED MCI ON. I would eat it before sunset. If that was my pie I go to Song Ugo on. I've got Scottish one. But it's not very funny and then and then if it's not funny I let out afterwards right. You promised me if it's not funny ev. It's rubbish. I N Got Choon Relearn. And he's wanting to Scottish ones. Rub Off I'll just have to do it. Lake as you know like just like all right yes anywhere that says the tale of Michael a man born and bred. Sorry this is the tale of Michael Mu Brey a man born on a bed of scouting putter. I'm a heart of pure stone on his eighteenth birthday. He announced Barn Dance. The price of admission included a free autism hamburger and an amusing barge. The whole island came apart from Harry. Mckee who had trumpet stuck up his ass from efforts to blow out. I don't really tired. You stick on. You'll get rid of his ship. An unusually tyrod an unruly tyrod undercount of midnight. Beat Michael Mowbray called for silence. Hey yet bastards cloud you knew those artists on hamburgers. I do Michael. Well they were. Addison but frozen ones from all the on the mainland. The more fragile in the audience dropped to their knees in pain. Whilst those of AFFIRMA- bollock twisted their faces in temporary but Michael Smiled as he left the barn and tossed a flaming challengin into its belly. Eighty lives were lost. Eighty lives were lost. Eat deal lives. Were lost a now only Michael and Mr Mackay reside on not God Forsaken Island and what about Mr Mackay's difficult todd and what about Mr McKee as difficult todd. It fell out exactly one year to the night of the Barn dance and is now kept in a box with various other difficult items with various other difficult item. Let's see all right. I'll I'll let it out. Yeah do I have your permission and the I dunno to sing one of our other bit dull but not know an sports things that dull so you let me sing it. It's a bit of a mood. Change it but I wouldn't say though. Yeah gone but okay all right. I forgot this as the tale of some McGregor. The last surviving adult male on the island. He had long harbored dreams of escaping to the mainland where he could sample the pastry at. Greg's our visit Costa coffee where you could apply within even enroll at Benetton or pure living Jim and cleanse his body with our luxury soaps. He had planned his escape for some time but things have not turned out geant as in the last month eighty men had died. Eighty men had died. Yes eight a man had died. He fashioned the judicial craft room firewood and discarded fencing or were made from that little access panel. You find lamposts that he prized off with a lot of change from his mother's blanket box. It was past midnight when he dropped. I've accent coin. Not really that was past midnight when he dropped has bought into the water and climb down the key side ladder just as he placed his boot into the boat he heard the water her all and lab and they are by the side of the boat was allowed to to fish swim upon its back as the moonlight adjusted his eye. He saw that. The fish has the face of Brian. Mudd Dr Lamont Fair of Brian. Mcdermott Defeat Brian Back Down. Mott what do you wanted me? Horrible Fish just let me pass my we to the mainland does skip from the island with the consequence. Just look at the fucking state of me. Yarmouth thirty a mother right away by said the fish if not backed by health side within our then she will suffer fit far worse than that which has been opposed upon me and my Schule. Some stared at the surface of the water and everywhere he looked. Were fish with the face of Brian. Mcdermott the face of Brian. Mcdaniel of Mut the face of Brian. Mcdermott some climbed up the ladder and run at all his speed across the ballot Moose. Just over the hour had elapsed. When he entered his mother's bedroom she appeared to be sewn to sleep. He placed his hand on her shoulder to check for warmth when suddenly she turned and stared at him fully. The fish was new theban. Who Else thunders? She had the face of Louis. Van Gaal the face of Louis Van. Gaal face of Louis Van Gaal. That is on the know to me. That sounds like a children's book mullery. Is You know at night while I'm talking to my children. I'm Lisa good. That they ask got the shock. Sunbelt that Elastic Jalen. Telam of the tail. There you go. How very fucking hell anywhere? I got Scottish Song. You know if you'd like me to Whit Darby good. I know you're not in Qena number. It's a little scarred song you give it a go now and again and it works doesn't hope you can pull this one off and you'll could our if it's if it's not. Yeah definitely okay. This is the tale of shoot mcdonagh moment. A tall wiry by of little conversation but plenty. Thart thought not lonely but always on his own not depressed but reflective and gentle in his manner like most of the younger men on the island. He jumped every day of leaving. Stop Life on the mainland. There was only himself on three other meals surviving on the mall. For the previous nine months thyroid men had died. Thirteen men had died when he imagined. Life on the men lund. He saw himself driving thompsons. He'll bar undemanding demanded that shoes be reshot on one of their complicated involving machines are whistling the losses as they gathered around the ballots preventing vehicles and into housing estate. He even saw himself sat in custody. Cuffy Jenkin hot chocolate and been handed. The wifi caught by the lassie with Tut's to spam. No for several years Stewart had been researching geology of the small island in quieting of the older generation about the infamous hell pothole. It was reputed to be the home of an unusual beast. With whom deal could be struck to escape the clutches up the Godforsaken? His research had led him to a small. That's such had led to a small confusingly absent from all maps and record arts and fenced off with barbed wire on which locals had hung various charms. And one thing but his desire to leave with stroke and so he titled. Under the Bali using using exhaust pipe from Lumberton. Scooter dropped out of a plane and landed on the moon killing as he columbus. Down the hinge the entrance of the Hell Pothole. He felt fear and foreboding usually reserved for those who dare to stroke. Ables bows with fistful. Nationals answering the cave. He was immediately struck by the spirit stench of boiled onions. And sure enough. He quickly SORTA figured bent over large cooking pot. Starting onions in a ruling oil of Wotton the figure was naked but covered in hair a branch beneath his feet and he the feige slowly turn that had to our them Stewart Mitterrand but his feet were now stuck by a sticky substance that was leaking from the base of the onion part. The beast was fully turned and Stewart whimpered as he saw that. It had the face of Benny the face. The face of Bendy hell phase of Benny Hill. Delight boiled onions. The beast I fucking do. In fact that can enough of the sweet spots the beast plumpton onion out of the part unhealthy unskilled it in his hand as he approached you with the onion held in front of him. I sent you want to leave the island boy. I do said student one tenth of as a Thompson. Tavake cut undoubted complicated machine. Another such man lung nonsense. I guess he said Stewart will come bite of the onion child. I will assure your passage through help it and onto these GM to the mainland but that is a price to be paid out. Piazza place at any Grad onion unbutton though it as he chewed the beast held up a Gilded Mirror for student. Dougie's oppong and what he saw brought about has instant demise simply from the shock of it he had the face of Louis Swat S. the face of Louis Swoboda's of Luis Suarez. And that's the end of the deal cute so that's the main Scottish Tale Lundy Song instead. Yeah unless you wanted to do a Finnish Day Dafa for this now. Did you sound like you've had enough of it to his along? One let me have Is a again Joel? Anoc NED no okay. That's upset when this is forget this. Thank you for that. This is the tale of Molly. Sterling Has Eighteenth. Birthday was fast approaching and he knew he must've skipped the clutches of the island before that day aren't be forced to spend the rest of his adult life in the caves neath the island. Taking for precious stones to adorn the lads numerous ceremonial kipps and his bungles. His dream was to start a new life on the mainland many times he imagined himself wet in the orange and blue tab ound the B and q organization guiding customers to us the wallpaper paste or replacement fence paneling laughing with colleagues in the staffroom as chatted to each other through short lengths of pipe. Sometimes he saw himself and Kathy Niro buying a guest being Campesino and requesting an extra shocked from a witch us with plenty of debt and for sure he would submit the relevant forms to gain residence rights at oak furniture. Land with that partly modernised Dorsey son and enjoy the cousy wooden lifestyle offered but for now he needed a boot on. That was an illegality on the island. Delayed employed a giant of a man known only as the Boardman. He would such the island every day for evidence of boat building and smashed what he found with a spiked iron ball and chain. The BUSHMAN's was always copepod. Where the HECK HOLD? But it was said that underneath he had the face of thirteen chickens that fades fifteen chickens. The face affairs chain chickens but molly had been clever. He had assembled his craft inside. The old lighthouse. A place that no other including the Butman with trespass for it was reputed to be the home of Manland Mary. A spectrum similar to the LUMPIA that would devour you with pure buttery. Love Muddy knew that such talk was bull water so it used the lighthouse as a safe haven to build his boots. The night arrived on. Marie entered the lighthouse and began to tattooists humboldt boats that he had fashioned from harden Turkey. Todd's joined together with sticky. Glue suddenly the mispelled with a golden light on. His heart was instantly filled with joy. A figure appeared in front of him more beautiful than the very center of Desire. She wore a blue she. You aren't blue an artist Toubon. I'm was seated. An Oak Dining Chan beside her was an occasional table again made the walk out of bookshelf made from impacted. She had she had cuts the spare on a buxom that stretched full-length. She slowly leaned Farro to offer him a Cappuccino ready part in a paper. Cup with a Wi fi cord retina upon it. Drink me Marie. Marie Jink me. Drink may money. Murray drink me shit chanted. She was the mainland and he wanted tug reside within her then. Boom that Dr to the room burst open an instrument bordman division of lassie dissipated on he was all alone and in fear she gave your Saudi change my voice. She gave me a window in Taylor life on the mainland. But that is all you will ever knew of it. The boatman began to remove has seen mask and what Murray saw killed him and uninstall the Boardman had the face of sixteen owls to face of sixteen hours. So that's US A solitary tale about Chechen trespass and the another another tragic and to the Scottish Song. Yeah there you go. It's a settled place but maybe one day so malul escape shown for us and process yet did up weakness. One this one. I fought change a bit this week in Medicare about a lassie instead of a fellow because his old different set of rules on the island for the losses so without time we found out about them. Definitely this is the tale of Merryman doodle. Mary was the youngest daughter of Thomas. Mcdougall Pharma held in high regard on the island as its sole producer of turnips and sugar beets married inherited from her father. An arse as white as a sheep is long but had plenty Ted upstairs to compensate for any imbalance. How skin was ready. And when T- well tempered do weekly Soak in a tub of turnip water. He should Salou qualm but no further. It was the week of our eighteenth birthday the date on which she must become the bride of the island lead had ut to solve in both in tile and passion have to never leave the leads castle and bathe in Sweet Turnip Water Game. It was married duty to forgo have freedom of suffer. The pain of forced labour in caves neath the island all other losses had forbear the same fate but maddy was no ordinary less. Merry dreamed of escaping to the mainland the bustling out this coffee shops with bearded proprietors housing estates with no through roads where travelers only option was to make a three point. Turn if sucked into grip WIFI hotspots available for free on the registration of a few simple details. She saw an self rushing to the twenty four hour copy shop in Stranraer to obtain a large photocopy of her favorite dog to hang on the wall of new accommodation. When asked what Sei she equated the lady would blush as request for a big one though it would be clear from his awkward stance that he was possessed of a long and stout personal pipe. There was only one plan that could see her dreams fulfilled and that was the laird but the latitude garbed at twenty four hours. A day by pet mayor a beast parked wolfe island part pig and genetic animal but worst of all reputed to have the face of all lemurs that face of all lemurs affairs of all emas but respect. Mary had immunity for she. Unlike most of our race had no fear of murders in fact she was rather warm to the idea of taking the way. Tough has knacker back. Plan was simple. On the night of their betrothal. She would hide a dagger in her Godel and plunged into his heart as he columba upon if need be dispose of the beast pet Mir by the same design the night arrived and the lead Columbus around her endless behind to position himself. Aside her she could hear the rhythmic breath of pet mirror beneath the bed and she knew that she must be swift and south than in her attack. The land spoke delays up and Colombina. Bunia should you diffuse impart any negative signs towards the Act? You be fed to the Beast de understand. I Ado whispered Mary. The laird made a sudden move towards how to handle. I'd marry found herself frozen. As is hunting chanced upon the dagger? He lifted it to the light than pronounced her fate. This one is for you. Pet Mir sure her new messy maritime her head to adjust her fate and what she saw killed her from shocking instant. The beast did not have the face of all emails. No it was far dastardly at had the face of honey a fast some honey g that fierce of honey G. E. so they about. I saw the girls on the island. After ratings birth helps you have to marry the ladder and live in his castle right. Everyone's on the island up to now we up to now but I've heard rumors of an escape. I hope so but I do WanNa finish with me Christmas too. So it's a Scottish. So and Here we go. It was customers eve on the island. Young Calame McBride was full of wonder and hope for the following day would be the biggest day of his young life has parents on the other hand in a spell it trepidation and fear for you. See The loud had chosen that boy to be the centerpiece of his entertainment at Christmas. Feast and for that reason alone. There decided to affect sons escaped to the mainland. That Very Efe. If they failed the now precious son would be fetched at Don by the Lands. Henchman and taken to a way to fit in the Costal. Young columns mind was racing. He had off undreamed of life on the mainland the wonder of the simpsons healed by whether it's revolving machine on its intricate leather-working tools not to mention its sweet-smelling powerful glues. That could work their magic on even the most absorbent of materials. He saw himself wedding in tight. Blue suit to say's too small for him. As was the fashion on the mainland unstinting into custody coffee to demand. They'll let us guest bean cappuccino. The waitress would be fulsome of Ted and would seat at the table where he could admire her curvature leisure many times he had imagined himself dining at the latest pop restaurant a fusion of Turkish and Rastafarian peasant food sort of plasterboard with Gel Butts. Couple occasionally doubt to imagine himself out on a date at Frankie and Benny's with the waitress from the coffee shop at the bus stop following their burger meal. She would turn to him and say would you agree young lady that I have plenty to spare I. He would reply that as many a helping their with leftovers for the poor of the parish. She was laughing. Allow him a brief top on the side of her bounty fast forward to midnight. Columnist balance cow on the beach is a small craft with a single lump approaches getting loud. We must make great tastes as the my Lynn. The boots and he does get you know. His parents weep as they say. Goodbye knowing that the laird would guillotine them for this offense three hours later. Callum stepped off the boat onto the shore. See that light. There said the Portland. That's my daughter. Go to her. And she will pervade you safe harbor. Guana we ago column approached the light and could not believe what he saw neath it's glow at was the Gulf from the coffee shop. Exactly as he had a magister. He smiled anxious smile as she put down her lump and begun to unbutton her blows when fully undone column was faced with a state that killed them institute for have pets. Were not of the expected niche. They have embedded in the fastest of antiquarian Richard. Keys Facet of gray and keys the faces of gray and keys back on the shoreline. The bullpen pulled back his hood and left out cracker. Lav At was the last matic Christmas. Callum he was spotted and both he and the waitress disappeared in a puff of black smoke the next day columns parents deceived the news that though son had passed away on an island beach for you see he had never left a no. He never would do you think. The story was a bit lightly. Open Insane and seven private Ryan on the roof pick. Yeah you did okay. Mary Gordon was the platypus lots on the island. Possessed of Lung Silky. Red Hair tumbled around the shoulders like a cascade of calamitous tendrils how likes along and smooth like a bold pouring of evaporated milk her eyes were Emerald Green and peppered with mischief. She had a stomach as flat as a built. Chit Stale and plenty task. Showed a number of Ceuta's need feeding for many years. The lead had had his eyes upon her bounty but had been stated in his endeavors by Mary's father. He was an L. Damp but giant of a man feared by all on the island and that threatened to strike down the ladder to death. Should he seek to harvest has daughters Bagel but today Mary was intolerable? Fear that she sat by the bed of her dead father for a soon as the laird hood of his demise. Then surely he would come to factor. What was she too thin style? Only chance of avoidance leads clutches was to escaped the mainland The men lunch she side many an evening shed imagined herself. Striding along the High Street and stunned she would visit the Simpsons Hilda under the guise every quieting new lassus for her brogues but our real intent to watch the incredible evolving machine used to remove excess glue from the prepares that onto h samuels where the beauty of the college clocks and Woodland Porcelain figurines displayed in the window. Would move her the-these. He imagined himself sat alone in custody. Coffee being approached by not student requesting her knowledge of the wife. Acord as he stood next to her table his personal pipe and wits address from the top table pulsating to the beat of African jazz been piped into the premises free of charge by the kind owners of Kosta AC- feathered at my pap- we less he would say it's a fair bulk and start the to boot. I do not wish to kick your felling. Juge man she would say. I was just admiring. Its demeanor which you've got to join me. They would talk for hours and let he would take her to his digs where they would take advantage of the Papa. John's to for Tuesday Alpha. Suddenly there was a Ferrari at the door and the door was struck knocked off its hedges stood in the doorway. Was the laird himself. Well he'll he'll your allure new lousy dime for debate place beside me the castle. I'll nukem you'll never have you with me. A sooner Diane rest with my father than do ought to please you. She picked up her father's cutlass ready to fight for her freedom. It's trouble either one tic- just like your father. Nasr Beautiful Day Carter mccollum mccollum rented the room Mandy was so fearful of what she saw that she held up. The cutlass slipped through his own throat for mccollum had the face of Jason. Derulo face of Jason Derulo. The face of Jackson Delusional. The history of the island is rife with tales of S- changes making it from the man London visiting Charleston Meeting Dao untimely death. The last recorded instance of a man London visiting the island Charles was in one thousand nine hundred seventy six and this is the tale of what unfolded young Gavin. Mcneil was a trainee reporter for the West Island Express a community newspaper for Molly Murrah Luck. I Light Glen Finnan knocked yet and the smaller aisles. He had particular responsibility for local and national sport. One day while strolling on the costed malig eating a not gate with a drink of powdered marvel. Milk dissolved in warm water. He came across a small green bottle washed up on the shore catching his attention. He found inside one hundred newt which read as follows to whomsoever shall receive this note. My name is young. Walter Bannon I am a sixteen year old and I live on the island that can be found using the coordinates below. I am now I to leave the island. It is my belief that I am the greatest young footballing talent to have emerged from the west of Scotland. Since the Willibald you can find me every practicing my skills. Dude Will Brooks Coleman above Bunka Cov as marked on the map intrigued by what he dread. Young Gavin chartered a small craft and headed for the island out. Think he's GonNa get on. He's making his way across. I end up dead find out as the mainland disappeared from his site. His bullet was suddenly surrounded by strange. Radan gray fish that leap around the board causing a whisper to be heard Tatton Tatton the seemed to see but Gavin ignored the pleas for they were just red and gray fish and their conversation would not hold much. Co Author Edgy at the SALOMONE on educational seminar. Arriving at the cove. He was surprised to see a young woman resting on a rock. She wanted tight siege. Nylon balls on it was planned to see how plenty of surplus on news and additional supplementary folds around her midriff to provide for grip and comfort went on. Bard has personal pipe stiffen slightly but instantly relaxed the she spoke. I am the gatekeeper allocated to this cove. This is your first and last chance to leave without harm occurring tire no way but he ignored her advice as she was just a lousy with unused set. I'm plentiful grip on now. Such advice would be taken as important for example and bookmakers on at an engineering conference. He followed the path up would and from his vantage point could see young by playing football. A loon in dust and plus. You'LL HIS SKILLS. While unworldly he would kick the ball high output to a vertical and chop it on one knee before swiveling three hundred sixty degrees on burying it and I'm not a line of five. Footballs were dispatched into the goal. With the young man using only the valley tip of his he'll to propel them goven walked at a pace to our them the boy juggled hoop balls upon I his head on then by a combination of shorter and his personal pipe as Gavin. Approached he shouted. Hey Young Willie how do you do? I'm Gavin but his word stopped there on sudden for when the boy turn toward him. What Gavin gazed upon killed him and on instant for Willie. How did the face? That was a combination of benedict cumberbatch. Nicola Stout to that faceoff Benedek star the face of Benedict Status Johnny. So I was right. What were your I? It was dull J. died but who warned him as a little quiz. Wh who tried to warn them. I don't know I wasn't listening to you. What listen with a reading Graphics Charter? What would right by tighten back is. Is this GonNa be a regular thing where you test after about? What's in the some I you know? I always assumed you're listening. And that's a disappointment to me especially as you criticize them. You know what I mean. So should we go to the island yeah? It's a bit long on the early. Well W Stewart now okay. Young Thomas McAuliffe lived on the island position near still lowered demand on the Western isles separated by the sea but not beyond displaying I of his telescope purchased from the now defunct comet superstar on the mainland. So it's a nice star in it so my so. He spied on the island with his telescope. Thomas would spend hours of daylight gazing up on the leads island from his bedroom window. He would watch the delivery of provisions Bay Board every Thursday rule. What's meal did jinx so simple and licks teen salt-and-pepper shortcake's especially for the lair. Yeah so the delivery watches induna delivering. The mainland crew would bow their heads as the goods will take on not step foot on the isle. A swift exit was always me but on every other days attention was firmly fixed on Mala Goov for that. Every del Lhasa would that be? Allah down am accompanied by a modern. Ecole can mask and sit on a road leading to return to sundown. The lessee was tortured beauty. Thomas like Tattoo a perfect combination of the Austalian Manuka. She had the dark long silky hair of the sister. Danny but knew the the ugly face. The arms and legs of Kylie but without the thick has the blight donny's limbs. She had defend look feet up sister. Danny but without the extra dawn half thumb on top but in one important respect she bore resemblance to both sisters and not. She had plenty tech. Was this abundance of surplus of inspired Thomas to paint would spend most of his evening spent in bombs. I'm heloc on campus. Then the hot stove plan on the next Thursday only in the morning. He slept them to all in on the deliberately. Borton lay quite stole clutching a box of mellow. Bart's coffee on arriving up. The aisle swamped a molecule. Where new sweetheart would be waiting? She was seated in her usual spot and beckoned him with our index finger. Thankfully the finger was a replica Kylie. Not The wasn't infected jet up system signing. He's locked on each other's like a space probe Mike Lacan a large X. Plummet the redraft. Thomas immediately felt a rumpus along the length of his personal pipe and covered the area with the mellow birds package. How'd you Martin Said Thomas? The lead daily flight suddenly in the voice. The voice obsessed Danny not admit you said you said a fault that movement Thomas Notice the long chain attached foot bound at the nearby bossed. How'd you mean unle the Wii Your Chin so I thought that track young mentally island so there may be slopped that provide meat for the land? Talaq will be here sharply to dispose of you. Know what's in Yellow Baca launched. In of mellow birds was a gift for you from the men lund it to the world's most gentle and mellow drink an telecommute over the brow. Brandishing a blade fashioned from the site bottle of alum BLERTA DR fallen out of the sky many summers ago but it was not the blade that for. Thomas knew he died instantly when elected a move to hold from his head for the face of Diane Abbott Up. Pay Up Diane. Abbott died on So don't marry McDougall mcdonagh. Mcneil was born out of wedlock. In the year. Two thousand her parents had hidden her birth from all other folk and especially from the land on his spice as parents loved secluded craft and Mary spent her youth locked in a cellar. Just reading mostly tells about the mainland and how her life might have been if she had escaped the island so interested she saw like Haydn Like it was the famous hyder who hit on the floor and frank bit saw Charlotte again now every year. The Lord's men took a sensus on the island and today was sense of stay. She has instructed to hide in the secret hole and be a still unquiet as a discard they do geic as she led out of whole mine drifted to our imagined. Life on the men lund. She saw herself working in how foods in the STRIKING ORANGE AND BROWN UNIFORM. She would carry out free health checks on vehicles in advise motorists of travel requirements. When driving abroad in Europe. You must always carry a tin of plums. When travelling in France are you will be subjected on the spot fine. She would warn the motorists not only you must always have at least theatrical lungs and a bag of pepe near boot or you may spend a night and the cell ondon spin be shoot. Doll was have a wet into s bread maker in your car or your car may be seized and crushed with further notice. After work a young handsome colleague with Dick Lamm in local hostelry. As the whiskey loosened his tongue he would come and that she had the four measurable amount of that so much. So that huge swathes of it had to be considered surplus. She giggled place around alongside his personal pipe. So that it's swollen. I the membership card in his pocket to cut into the bulb of his issue. Then she heard the floorboards above her creaking on the sound of alerts henchman descending the stairs to the SELA try as she might fear got the better of a and she'll left out a little tummy squeaker. The cover of our Heidi Hall was read. Stolpen and she died an instant death for the henchman. How the face over Robbie savage the fair Salvin Albie salvage the fair solve Robbie savage so that was That was the Scottish was very heavy on driving. Regulations I will. She was Advising motorists before the travel to Europe new French. Elation your headlights must be covered. Small dinosaurs DACAS. Merry for safe was nineteen years old and had just given birth to a baby daughter. The child was founded by the lead for us. With every girl on the island she had spent the night of eighteenth but the in has almonds merry had been excused duties the first six months postpartum but DAMARA. She was returned to Ordina mumbling duties and thought they would be handed over to the lands handmade mistrust punctual. Merry lived in the servitude of the land. Not wanting the same fit to befall. Her Dope was determined to escape to the mainland. She had joined the previous week's delivery hundred Newark to one of the men Lund Stevedores requesting help mall chrome cove. Same time next week. He had mumbled the derived and merely sought the top Bokram Cove Bay. Benham's thinking about how life might be on the mainland. She saw how self strolling around the local retail park. Far Stop How funds where she would get Getti- laughing at the Gillian outlandish. In car air freshness ships and flavors. She had never thought it necessarily to Hodgin Bacon and Huntersville someone in Turkey. Nightspots taught factory then over to Costa coffee for hot chocolate and some Polish. The very purpose of her surroundings caused her to flush with excitement. Removing Cardigan. It would be blamed for all to see that she had bluntly surplus Tut. Despair on the mountain up to be measured in Huns button buckets or SAUCEPAN. A handsome student would approach and shallow table struggling to balance his ipod. That the correct angle he would ask OSCEOLA AUSSIE OF DAMAGE. The we hinge on my ipod holder and wounded if you could help. That's a cautionary tale for the reckless. She would say. Would you like to balance it against my Mug? I can provide extra ballast by placing them. Mogens SEGMA- punishable at so fine ideal off the but I couldn't help notice that you are very affluent to set an if you're at the lean forward or the tables likely it would provide a much of support from apart. I. I am wealthy in the MONCTON. She would say but she only. It's a bit floor. Would defeat ask for its expenses of buttress? I would surely be justified in asking you for some form of Kim and maybe you would like to play June up arsenal pipe uneven as he said it has. He felt his private whole swell against the bucket of holes mental in his gene. Also bucket. A Celli riff. Such a plump Voglio Day went to bang the cheese such as pump up the volume of the day the buyer. Then she was pulled from this rally by the sound of her baby's tears. Gone subtler watched all delivers time for skip racing onto the beach. She saw the small motorboat approach. She placed the babe inside the plastic botanist. She had recovered from the lumber skikda. Not Fall down on the island. Many others go than the boat was a partner. Ns navigator was new the Stevedore. She had spoken to but looked kind enough. What you're having lost apart from about Nikolov surplus cut not but supplies for my journey. So AT GIGS. Partisan SOME MORE TO DRINK. I will not be needed not lassie. He grabbed the panthers and threw them into the ocean then he turned around and took down his hood. Merry died in an instant at what she saw for. This was norman but the giant attack Qatar Cook on on the reverse of its head was the face of Robert Pass. Tutton the face of our past Stan. So that say just say I just wanted to sound neither. I didn't the babies now flow in an opinion so we can hope that. Maybe that little baby. Doe's make it to the mainland props for find out. Next time I story seventeen years from now. Once every five years a lottery was held on the island the prize a day's visit to the mainland with twenty pound spending money. This year's winner was a young lad called John crags five years earlier the winner was a lessee called Nellie Cochran she had never returned from her men. Lun Tip on many speculated she may have managed to make skip and start a new life on the men lund. This is what John Craig's wished for himself the derived and John was deposited on the men launcher by Mallock. The lead security deal. You have three hours. Lodhi be should be prompt. A we shall miss the tides and risk the leads anger. John run into town dizzy and breathless at the sites before him he was transfixed by the bold and aspirational frontage of spots direct. A made it his first port of call immediately. He saw basket of white towelling. Saux full to the Brim and dazzling in their appeal. Nineteen pairs for one. Nine hundred eighty nine. He couldn't resist on plucked out particularly looking bundle. Barely had moved another two meters when he caught. Does breath at a replica. All the Muffler. A week from the two thousand fifteen season seven pounds nine hundred nine extra extra large only but convinced he would grow into it. He grabbed it greedily feeling he would spend up. At his first port of call he continued this frenzy. Saudi feeding he would be spent up if he continued this frenzy. He made his where I strictly to the floor to checkout nine pounds not said the cashier. Would you like one of our fidget spinners? The juiced for two five pounds from sixty pounds and quite the rage at the present. What do they do ask John? Rotate whilst ballots on your thumb. I and then what nothing sunny they just rotate until they stop taking a which point you can flip them again to enjoy a further spell of rotation well and you said these are quite the thing. I I'll take one. I've often dreamed rotation partially under my control. Leaving spots direct he had just five pounds and Tuppence left. He sniffed the ED and his nose guided him to Costa Coffee. I'll stop there on. Say What you think my uphill at Costa Coffee They'll be a lousy their kids. You know the truth is how data I but here goes. He purchased a medium skinny hot chocolate and seated himself by the window. He took his finger fidget out and begun to play shortly was joined by a young lassie and Radka Google and then trousers. I see how the finger fidget audie. May I guess upon like gives upon a job in a successful pop band I? It's quite the thing you know. May I have a we spend asked? The Lusty I. Of course I wouldn't be happy. The lassie stood up and remove Tokyo Ghoul. Underneath your two thousand and Fifteen Oldham replicate an extra small. It was marlon instantly apparent that she had a frightening amount of Tuck to spell. John couldn't help himself. Will look at the tits on you. Lassie thousand access bordering on a sulfate. You would need to employ a survey to get the full leisure of them and Oldham. Oh you wish to Oldham de Alladi. It will cost you on. It's heavy work. Are you sure I've little money but you can keep my finger fidget if I was allowed to bear there we for a moment. What's your name? By the way Nelly Nelly Cochran to remember that namen really she was the lassie who disappeared the last one. She won the annual drawer and people thought that she escaped to the Manland in a previous episode. No in the start of this. It's what's your name by the way Nelly Nelly Cochran. Hello hello now Lee. Bow mallock longtime no. See your coming with me but Malik. I was about to swimming her thoughts. I you'll be swimming soon. Enough what officials come now on. I'll take sucks. That's a lovely plump. Bundle you selected. Good Lot as they approach the island. Malik Stop The board and let out the whaling call that can only be described as infuriating. On lengthy shortly. There was a commotion in the Water and from beneath. That hadn't like the last sea pig batting. It's led net for sinking of escapees appeared. But it was not fit to be down this day for the both died. Instantly Unseen Henrik's face forty had the face off Joey Barton face of Joey Boktang fair solve. Joey Bart Scores story for the last six PODCASTS. We haven't got a Shula. How long is it well in terms of I don't like words? Shatila longer is in Eighth. Four pages pages three. You know what you all about your. I can go for it. Mary macoute Louis. With sixteen years old and thereby two years away from beginning in the service of the loud a carefree soul. She would often wonder. The island in search of sites left our spirits on one such adventure. She chance to cross a who'll until her foot on investigation. She realized that was wide for her to enter and there was nothing then to hold on learning herself into the whole she loved percolate. Panfil some twenty feet onto a soft landing of Straw and feathers bubble gum wrappers as she took her bearings she noticed a handsome wadi tending file and cooking pot in the corner of the Underground Chamber. He wore tights white breaches are nothing on his top half on his back. He Ha- large tattoo of a tin of box does game soup and a tattoo of a tin open now. Down his arms individual tattoos of men lund sites the Timson healed by the old Wifi Code from Costa Coffee. Mary Helen says I got from the island. Kinetic measure this Naya Shipley fatal. Loti also young lady. No I'm not from the Shirzai dangerously going into the Asian Area. I'm a visit from. The mainland are visit secretly on occasions to mine the precious zinc or but if the land of what the discovery our endeavors yet buffet to his guards. Tetsuya Talal chance your taking i. I would be US realize that you said tests then Lasi Rob. Volunteers are dead. Yes it's useful for plenty of Tet spell. Tut's too but can I trust you to maintain my secret. I of course a special if you allow me to visit upon yet from time to time so you could tell me a life on mean arc. The men lund. That's full of delight with WHO to vote for. Sure tits my dream to visit one day. Tell me a tale of the man Lund Lodhi Hook. Llc There's a wants neglected billion of shops touched just off the high street and as recently been gentrified to on beauty. There's a cost to coffey a mandolin. Lute chop a juice bar selling all the peltonen difficult juices a not on terrible Thomas Kit shop and would you believe it a shop selling wicker shit. Oh tell me a boot wicker's shit tits. My favorite fancy thing I ca- stools wicca boxes wiccan. Umbrella holders wicker magazine Racks Waco shoot. Id's worker place mats. Correct cops Wecker Waldwick of shut. Who Stop Stop. Please text too much beautiful unless to bail without that. The heat in the Chambal had become too much of the Mary and she removed iran-iraq jumper revealing that she possessed acres of spell. Tut's are not the balance of BMX bike upon Tut. Such Monday surplus of titular lassie. I on I can't help but notice that in leaving that of your the Peter Piper swollen up like the downpayment from an outdoor Palm Tree. I the force of swelling this Kuzma Hausky to dig into. Its very 'cause quite the discomfort. They bore status balanced it. What is just passed between them? Then they hear it Tut's snuff Ling of what sounds like a large ball and then suddenly the beast jumps all on. Enter the timber snow peg but the Leonard such destroy Koidu but it's not the huge poisonous fangs and shutdown talons. That do for nearly in the man knew that. Diane Stanley upon stealing the beast for has the face of Monty. Don the face of Monty Darling. The face of Monty doll right so little scorch toll to tell you. I'm Democra- While because I think the probably illegal but y you know these are strange times we. Maybe maybe I'll get away with it. Quick James Money was just six years Scotch. Dinsmore there was really was. Just gyms molly was six years old. When his mother died of a fever it was a slow painful death on at the moment of passing her face to Caen appearance of an abandoned dish cloth. Sarah T. Other women died turned towards the draft that year due to blighted outcrop young. Gm sworn at that moment that he would grew a small cup of healthy oats each year. Unroll them ready for any future. Outbreak of ought fever fast forward ten years and the teenage James was thinking less of all crops and more of life as it could be on the main line. He saw himself at hotel chocolate jokingly asking for a room for the light then into French connection where he would inquire when the next gen left for the Lille then into Clinton cards to ask for the card featuring both Hillary and bill then onto gap to insist that they sold him some polly Fella. Then Miss Selfridge where he would inquire whether the stuff thought their boss would ever marry finally river island to us when the lust finally left for the mainland then he will addressed a while in custody. Coffee Well on an adjacency would be a lassie. Fully PROTECTED IN OUR BUBBLE HOT Dundee Macintosh. She would lean over at the chosen time and ask whole idea. That's been causing hilarity in the High Street with your Jokin. And yet hijinks. I may well be replies. Would you care to join me and backup diverted by my wit? I I would I will. I have a public personality myself. Would a slice of that with me beverage at this point? She what stunned remove her Macintosh in pursuit of comfort she wore a siege gleaned nylon Polo Neck. Nathan good immediately revealing that she had a spectacular amount of Tut to spell. I see Kelly plenty surplus sits alone with your lassie. Does it near the stick? Kenya Kitty I somewhat. She replied but she expands can come in. Handy as I wonder Dundee left on my top. You'll see slowly. Gyms rolled up our top to reveal what seemed like a full aircraft cut but it was near the flesh to itchy was drawn but the writing on it for by using a David Beckham Endure sharpie pen. She had noted down every free Wifi code in the area up on her that Jim's applauded like us seal on his personal pipe. Top gently against his student. Union cowed but suddenly his reverie was interrupted by a loud bang on his bedroom door and the arrival in his bedroom of the lehrer himself. Highly billing me secret oats we've been hit by ought blight and the castle and my wife's return into our the daft. I must all be aware of the castle with hissed. Just let me fetch a battle from the Saleh. The Sally say that's all I needed to know. Coli Malk Ya'll and with that command into the room bounded the lads attack Fox or Kale but it was newer kills jagged poison teeth that killed James. No he died in an instant on seeing that the Fox had the face of your gun club. The face of y'All gun club. The face of Yaw gun claw or a Scottish though washed up on the shore O. Just near folks throwback took all four yet. Yeah we callum. Mcgregor was fifteen years old at the age of eleven. His mother and father were hanged until their death. The laird of the island was their sole accusa and judge and found him guilty of plotting the escape of Callum and five other children to the men land for us to ensure that they escaped. The service of the left column now spent his days alone in the Bonfire Dole cave security. It's walls by a long. I an ankle gene each day at sunset either. Mccone one of the lads henchman would appear that the kids entrance and deposit for him firewood. Some earthqakes and a salty boiled egg are some other protein after greedily eating his salt the egg or other substitute pro team. He would light himself a fire and gaze into dancing plans. He imagined himself strolling down the mainland high-street into custody coffee. A latte day MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO. An good tug on the free. Wifi the Wifi code provided by aplenty redpath LASSIE with dainty hands. Next up would be Clinton cards while he would laugh and Giggle at the Liska message is a picture up. A man underpants with the message me contained traces of nuts. It's to be fat. People are harder to kidnap. What's the latest gift for a bald? Man Ah calm. 'cause he'll never part to that. I'm not lost. A small dip of pedal with escaped from his personal pipe. On account of its golden hell out of t he would join a small group of young lads losses protesting against some local gender hiatus when we want where one now he would kyw oblivious to the nature of the cause solution and in the crowed he would once again blunts lead hair lassie with a dainty. Hans. Suddenly he was taken from his reverie by the sound of footsteps at the mouth of the keys. A light hesitant steps not those of the henchman McCone. Then there she was selected by the lights of the fire. The luxy with the loan flew in red hair and tiny Hans. Had he been? Did you mean about my person lady? I have lassie. I meant nothing by it was just a fancy. I fancy me. Young calame with these words. His personal pipe turned towards their let. Ten thickened than its purpose. I I do have guessed upon lassie for some three years off. Well let me remove my court so that you may see more of my phone for your appreciation. Her core fell to the floor and her figure was badly contained within her tight. Lock Bull Mac. She had plenty enough tit for the bungee jump. As you conceal. I have plenty hospital. Would you like to come? And Gaze upon them maybe read them the riot act for being so brazen in the latitude. Iolanda would do not laugh at my gate for. Unfortunately the site of them has caused my personal pipe. Two trumpets fierce in my belt buckle as the Olympic to odds she undid her brassiere. I'm callum fell dead in an end stunt but it was not the site about cut fell do twas when she turned to are the light of the fire to reveal that she had the face of honor. Sube rang the faceoff. Anasu the FE solve on us. Oubre EH join Scottish tale. Oh please it was late summer. A nineteen sixty three and the day that the present laird was to be set of Morley in Dighton into office as the ruler of the aisle. Young Bernie mcallister was appointed to be the carrier of the Ceremonial Sword and charged with ensuring its blade was shoved as a razor for the cutting of the seal on the Jack. Marin Scroll Bernie suffered from cucumber yearn an unusual condition that caused the patient to urine the taste of fresh raw cucumber above anything else including love money and laughter at Left Him. Assad and miserable Lodhi for there were no cucumbers on island. Juta TENDENCY TO INDUCE GAIETY and India. Endel two days before the ceremony as he sat on his bed. Sharp in the sword with a poem student has cucumber craving took a turn to the extreme and he decided that he must with their the cost. Get his hand on a men lund gig camper that night. He made a flotation device from Palestinian oil barrels under empty bottle of water a broom and a flipper suffice. Does I know by the break of Marlin here merged on the beach and made as we at the central shopping area. First Stop was marks and Spencer full foods and Trinkets and materials that he could never previously imagined existed then he saw them cucumbers large Chikumba Small Q. Campus Shit cucumbers bent like the curve of an Essex III Bro. He gathered one of each variety as mouth-watering and his heart beating loud as a Dung Beetle. Shame all he needed was a knife to remove the better skin. The Bright Seductive Longings of Costa Coffee Jim in like a cushion todd bucket and he took a carnousie to we from the Hustle and Bustle A. Let's see take An said a young lassie in a Parka coat. Holding a plate of Minson dosed notice free and suggestive of much comfort replied Bernie. She removed her court revealing a tight t shirt with the slogan. Keep Carmen Marijan. Written over a picture of John stepped the broadcaster immediately apparent to Bernie that she had plenty pet. Despair was an avalanche in reserve. Showed your sight line be restricted. He felt his personal pay to Juguetes Zipper. An in a fluster he blurted. Would you holiday with cucumber? Lasi gasping for some relief here. Well as the laird had one cucumber. It's dangerous flute and thinking that out she was referring to his Roger Darcy. The lassie insisted that a local constable. Arrest him he was soon collected from the jail. By the Lord's Henchman under a thousand island on the day of the ceremony. The SOD was not used to break the seal on the scroll but instead to remove the head of burden it was not the savouring of Kelvin. Knew it was his first glance of the execution for he had the faceoff robbery. Defaced so Frank Rebury enough fast. So Frank River a you go full of stuff.

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The Mystery of the Mark of the Beast: Is it an Embedded Chip?

Just a Word

18:21 min | 1 year ago

The Mystery of the Mark of the Beast: Is it an Embedded Chip?

"The just the words podcast episode to Dave look at the mixture of the Mark. The chain. What is the beast? You have to remember the book of revelation is written in symbolic non which is not always to be Mitterrand. So when revelation speaks of beast beast speaks of a word whole. In. Look up. Danielle speaks about four Bs kingdom that will be on the earth. But we on the earth in these in the end times. And he spoke something specifically of boat. The beast in verse twenty three of Daniel seven says does he said the fourth beast shaggy the fourth kingdom on earth out divers from all kingdoms, and John the whole earth Fanshawe shut it down and rickety pieces. So this kingdom will be diverse or different from all kingdoms, and we see in an emerging kingdom on this earth. That is diverse from all kingdoms that have ever been earth. And that king is United Nations different from anything has ever appeared on this earth for the first time in the history of the world on Shan's United together. One of trying to be on one autumn agenda into thirty program that dictating to the world what all should do all about creating this Utah. Here on earth all designed towards a one word government, and it is through this agenda. Twenty third program that we are getting the world identity cards each country is getting their own identity card that originates from the United Nations which matches this prophecy in the book of revelation revelation thirteen sixteen and he calls at all both small and great rich and poor free end Bon to receive a Mark India right-hand are in their foreheads. What the United Nations is doing much is this prophecy to the tea and to really understand what this prophecy is. Because this prophecy is the core of what we are looking at today. Whether or not the Mark of the beast is uncomfortable ship this prophecy revenue. Thirteen sixty eight teen of core of it. And so to look at it you have to look more telly carefully at his birth. So we must understand what it needs to receive a Mark. What exactly is a Mark? If is from the Greek Kerama on the definition is a scratch are itching that is stop as a badge of servitude. Or a sculpture figure agreement Martin. So it can be anything from a little scratch or etching to a Scud figure. So it can really be almost anything to knock at the birth. Vert says because all swollen greater Jim for read one to receive a Mark in their right hand on their foreheads. It is recalled of the latter part of this verse in their right hand are in their foreheads. Why people believe that the Mark has to be something that one takes in the right time are in far Forets is this. So if we look at the biblical meaning of. Right hand. Because remember we said that the book revelation not written to be taken literally at all times, it is at times spiritual. So when it says right hand and for the our spiritual interpretations of the statements. So let's look at right hand. I Jena bios on hesitant is right down the right time the spirit twenty in the bible steets of authority in matters. It eighteen yellowish came on stay onto them seeing all give unto me in heaven on earth. All Paul was given to him from the father, and the father gave is a party his right-hand to the sun in I three genital confirms his who has gone into heaven, and he's on the right hand of elohim inches authorities. Unfortunately, mid subject onto him. So the. Son is on the right on A, given the poets. So yes, they give them the authority by the father. So anything that's of the right hand speaks off of priority. So when their word says Noman Jan buyers by ourselves on less. They have the Mark India right time, right? There can't be referring to authority on answer on left. They have give of thority to the beast. Likewise in the forehead. It is also spiritual in Detroit eleven eighteen. Therefore, shutting of these my words in your heart, and in your soul and bind them for a sign on your hand that they may be as front leads between your is. That is in the forehead nailed the words in your heart. And in your soul was thinking about his love. So anything in the for it is what leads you is what direct seal is what you obey is what if? It is what controls you. So in the Foret. Also speaks of control speaks of what me obey. So saying that no my can bios Aleph. They have the Mark in their points can mean on less. They are under the control of released. So let us look at it a fluid into other purse revelation thirteen sixteen because all about small and great rich and poor free and Bon to receive a Mark India right hand, arguing their foreheads. And that no man might by ourselves savvy that had the Mark are the name of the beast are the number of his name. Now to think that the Mark of the beast is on the imbedded chip is totally ignored this versed. What card of our do? We not understand and one of them will Silas, Eva mutate, the Mark of the beast are the name of the beast are the number of his name. If we take either one of them, we have taken the Mark of the beast. Let me repeat this verse. While you know, my might by ourself said he had the Mark one are the name of the beast to are the number of his name. So we have any one of them, then we have taken the mile of bee's. So understanding what the Mark of these is whether or not it is an embedded chip on BoyZone to an understanding between two little words. Are and the word Andy under. If we match up the verses that you the Mark of the beast that much of our under than me get up great on the Sunday in revelation thirteen seventeen are means if we take any observations manifestations of the Mark as he said what the use of under as in revelation fifteen to win if we take in single solitary unitary manifestation of the Mark of the beast. Ben, we have taken the Mark. This bursts know that I'm going to repeat gun to state shows without a doubt that it is not only an embedded chip. The Mark of the beast is any. Money frustation off the Mark of the base that we take their several manifestations can worship the image. We can worship the beast became take it the Mark we can take it bit the number of his name. Either one will incriminate us look at revelation fifteen to and I saw as it were a sea of last mingled file a van that had gotten victory over the beast and the over is image and over his Mark on over his name stunned the plus having the our hearts of him. So they're in verse two we see that we have to have victory over all of them. That is not only one manifestation of the Mark on remorse have a bitchy over everything a one European. So you see and I saw as to our of last mingle the file on them that had gotten the victim. Over these over his image over his Mark under over the number of his name. So if we do not have over evil one of these then we have taken the mar- of obese do you see are dangerous cities. We have Christine saying that the number is a precursor to the embedded chip. And it is all cater take the number. It is all kid take the card because if the chip that is the mar this. We are seeing today is saying none of that. There are various things that manifest the Mark on the simple number the number of his name will mean that we take the Mark for example here in Jamaica. There is a new idea car coming out called the Knicks car dot card as in nine digit number. They call then Nina number then really stands for nine. And the property says the the number of his name. No, we may in revelation thirteen eighty tells you that here is wisdom. Let him out with them on though that the Mark of the beast is six six six six six six equals teen in geometry. Ah eighteen is equal to one plus state, which is equal tonight that makes it a nine digit number which is a number of his name. Of course, there are seven the other nine number there. There's a TR number Jamaica, which is nine. Social security card in America that is nine digit. But the most important thing to look at where is the card coming from the card is coming now coming from the United Nations on no that number nor vines to certain things that much up to the prophesied in revelation the social security card. The Sharon Carter we have in Jamaica. It does not prevent us from buying or selling, but this car that is coming is going to prevent us from buying or selling the calls. It will start. You cannot do business with the government. And it has been reported in the paper that cry is anxious to get the car in us. So we will see businesses. No requiring this card will see bounce grand Scott. Can be able to buy nor sell without this car. This much has everything to do with the property yet. People are saying, oh, it is a precursor. It is not the Mark known on all the number of his name also mix steak the Mark of the beast. And we will see how dangerous it is. Because I think it is injuries to not take Mark. You shall see or dangerous? It is to take the Mark religion nineteen twenty and the beast was Dayton within the false prophet that wrought miracles before him which the them that received. The Mark of bee's that worship is image. These votes were cast alive into Lileka fire burning with brimstone on the third engine followed them saying the lone voice if any man worship the beast. We're gonna see the end again and under shows that all you have to all if anyone worshipped the beast, and his image undersea is Mark is forward are in his hand the Sam Shaw, gene of the wine of the wrath of Ella game. Which is poured onto mixture into the Cup of his indignation. And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy engines. And in the presence of the lamb and the smoke of their torment ascended of forever and ever, and we have no rest day nor night. Worship the beast and his image who so ever receive it. The Mark of is name that is dangerous. It is for us to receive the Mark of the beast. And so we must know that this choice is a call to sleet. It is a choice a street choice, which is a straight choice as it says in Yemi out who are Jeremiah on five for is not being for sacond Yehuda or Judah of his elohim of your who are Savall though their land was filled with sin against the holy one of Israel, the out of the midst of land until everyone is soul be not cut off in our iniquity for this time of your who has vengeance. He will render onto her array compents when we see the Mark of the bee's. If is time for everything to Paco. Show is over. It is a choice between this world of the world to come. It is a choice between your salvage rescue. In your soul are living or limited time short time comfortably in this world. Because he's rock is going to be on Bob Dylan on those of us who decide to choose Babylon over fleeing from the midst of Babylon. So if you think it is going to be hard if you don't take the Mark of the beast. He don't wanna see what will be happening. If we take the Mark of beets plea or of the mist of Babylon and save your soul, Mark of the beast is not only an embedded chip. Yes. That is one of the manifestations because after are given the number then they will take it further of the to reconcile their control. They just want to start control. Then they will reconcile it until if that we need to tomorrow. But then really we would have already been tarnished by taking the number of their name. Remember, we cannot take new of their no manifestation of the beast worshiping his image is also taking the Mark. So even. Don't take the number the physical market, worship even Giacobbe them. Also, taking them are also been found guilty. So it is this thing deepened under stocktaking. An embedded chip far deeper under. So an embedded achieve. Yes. Is one of the manifestations? But there are previous early manifestations that will come on many of us will be deceived into thinking on waiting on that embedded with him thinking of anything else that we take in the interim will not be the Mark of the beast, not incriminate that is a grave era. The beast is not only they embedded ship as we have seen here today. So I hope this has edified someone on if you find value of please share this podcast fees share with others K. Shallow.

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61. Venus, el planeta de la armona

AstroC?bala C?smica

39:15 min | 3 weeks ago

61. Venus, el planeta de la armona

"Costs Meka. Go-to a Bichon you Susan. The know not Russia. You believe that's our. Perama. Nestor here. They cover the former director Brennan. They're applicants to. An Butkus. The. Julio Del! Is. Having deck on it. which was? Sort of bench. Mitterrand Maria. As, they were Joyce. says. They will show. Stand your blessed. Be Gable Muslim. Daniels that economist extinguish aboriginal or machine get their name of schooner web. Guessing did extend your Punta Com. Aster e Roth Emot- A. Shortly scares. Equally difficult. Thing going into this. Emotion on up or she that gets. Kashinka guests commercially podcast, so you have? These. Steffi, you now on our human the. The had. Them damaged others that he made now's adding. Cosmic I, still shown night into the Charlotte Victim. Coming dumpsters preliminary studies ITO doesn't but I with us our thousand masterpiece. In Derek. We're look at it in with my whip and. And academic him. Of course we see the vitamin. Good Total Mindy Sarah Sarah Sarah. Roy Masters. Go on. Our. Own Equipment on the ESE's. She wished she gives us the easiest I'm. But was a d me and if you saw the do Benesch, Penatta Monia your therapy. But no savvy their carapace in Davos, in La, Vida at Cartagena. Go. From this, I seek it a spiritual shrewdest talk. The. Planet and vange embody. Was Lebron. Who? Was Challenged. From Vigo, Lebron, our our levels of what it will. The and there was. Some Ben To Bet who? Is Menial. There will be a so we have this. It will. Amore Ocean. against. Share Mogi was. Sluggish from us. and. We. Were you know what he? Receives. Official. Here, so they walk away. Hold Him! Because she. was. Ben just she. Fina. Okay. Than Stopping WTY shredder. Blue. Choice the. Before a MUGGY WASN'T A. Beyond. The. meatless gateway was he has to. The on the. Beyond. The. outfield. The ever one. Or say. while. Whether they just live with that in. The Present Day why won't be we, know. Who say vital. Bench. In Mobile. Excel, though associates the molecular. Via. The. Body. Wash my lunacy. Game. We need who? Is. The Blue Is. The Moroccan. We saw that your. Bedrooms and Westland. Who who? You always move people I A. mean in your voice. Game losing. Host another. Be Over forces say. No she give up? Whoever come, you know? Are More. People are. Among those in Batticaloa. WHO Of Eastern portion. Are you official brief? All the Bullshit. I'm over. This the. Former Kate. Is. More. And most of the list is a hole. In the window. and. You'll live in your flesh. Blended Benjamin who. She. To the window comedy sequel the phone of Your's. As We have. The lucky to. Have? A little? Bit said he came Benjamin. Who Your? Voice for this. EC Wirayuda. Plans Meka. Yet what is? Wrong. About The. Youngest I love. Fish. Critical exposures eat Ben's love. His Co. somberly. Get One bob. Dole negative. View than the the might be either something. Special Blade. Visit Super Yours. She nerves is. You say advantages. Chesapeake to. Cope. With it and they said. You. Know in. Our would be on a promise about Novitiate morkel she. Runs me deal. Spent get liable. No is a review should. Double in a while, we, we're. Double. McKay she S. H. Northern. You'll become individuals history Alamos. All the way, so demolition up. Your valuable? To get blooming. Show has done before we run for my own of. ood! Imperishable beverage fever issue procedure capable. Soga. Obviously. Friendly friend. Or whatever for. The Nevada loop of ours were allowed more. More! Our. Kevin. Your, there's he. Was Sick with for my loyal to stick to unwanted. Women's or so when? You say lose equal. Barriers by. Bench. Mish. With. Dawson better. Our. Diverse origins. He wasn't very pretty bad the blood as The our with me. Of Our wasn't. Our assigned. You gotTA. Know what Brian she happy. To were. going. They the heaviest eat. Be. Vice Values locality you. Can forget what it will be. Other though the other. Brother and What is again on? What? Happen in. Our media world. Though I, don't you? I, don't you? For one. The multiple then. All moving, don't. You. Run the realm in. This in George Given Ben. Of Forget. overheats for brother does. The same for you. Walk in the. Woods and they must be. Just Four Events will be what waters. Be We. Say living the actual. Obviously, she had the. As we'll see the Brandon Slavic. He doesn't mean on the. More! These more than get by the NO-GO was. Yes you see you see the shopping list. Where you were with our view, you'll get a muscular shoulders in both more sledge can get. This you will evaluate the. I think pretty metal so the SEM. The say. Forty minutes blended. Me Who is also forget scholley Louisville where we're voice about. Planet we it will be. You wonder woman who? Is. Why because even you? Single! Bit You. will be done because. Yes you! Live. I can do we are we were? She gets, and then we'll. Show we are risking most. Understandable here or you Leela here there's. Support Okay I you and. I'm. Quarters over bowl. On this, he was A. Home Office, our you will be. Story. For Our wish. You'd get. A HANDLE On She Meka Gay. Give Apple we'll. Be One, way. She Him. Anyway will get you. See. Come to do that because given the. Way. The. He'd be visible. Be We'd I? Say. Always am. You, just wish about CEO are. Okay He. Some people under the wound, believe he. In. Our voice our was is. Over subway they. Won't, be doable HAMBRO. They've been. giving. Ranch. MARTIJN gala. We allow. Bike you. Know. How it! was or should. Watch this. Money. Will he be new? Model shareware? You? whom, at Ocean. Signal the Marvin Bullets and the. Door could be especially as well he was. Being. Course of wrestling. They'll know. That when she noticed. Why not even. As They Fly. Me Get by. Schwab over. By on. Them though I said he got. He. Basically you know Fail the easy with I will say Okay I. is a window the. You. You've cumberlander. The the. From. Former. Slap those were a liberal. Inform us. The window physical. Somebody's issues. Okay? Bottom sizes he. He. was even see US wearable. Win when. You're. GonNa Be Doing Because show elite people. Can Be. Looking. Joke. Loser you're. Other in gravel for the. Garden. You. You say several. Is Your as if you didn't think. La. Who? Can Royal. Hold up the. Seattle and bulletins. Subway you feel. The history window. He Goes East over those other they wherever. They went the room. was, The woman who? Boom the. People, there was a sales. Seven industries. Wish. I think. People should be. That he was bench. Being. Awful. Expand. People's views at this hour them and Or be in jail people in. The middle of interviews who you live and then. Your brochure you own. The streep is. The most. Of Your. Bloomberg. Was Russell. Lucia Newman Fiesta. In special! Dependent. Guessing with. A lot of problems. MIDDLE THEY GOTTA, do It should we move the federal? Work Block. into. The Manila! We just as she. Gravel. Slave. For the he will be. Gone through for. The, and Bill Russell event. I'll be seen. Before looking builders venables even though the F. Word. Young Baton Rouge Winter. Ben Ever Slow as seaport Mojo's stake. Wo- is. Can find that we'd we. She has love eastern evil, she. Is. Of Us! While this all magazine though one is okay, connector. Lewis. visit. Sensory allies. Is. The will get a reasonable demand those. Badges what was while? Walking Vida. Lucas wound she you. Know she venison wins. In singles devoid. TV! Aspect one over the senior. I won't be. We Always. Say. Others? No, he actually, we thought L. least move over DVD's. It was. Monday. personally. Overseen Yoga Bloomberg's just love it over here. She. Was She those the the? And then this time. On this well, feel know as much She's she's and she. was just below the window side. Bush Then there was something in Bush D-. I've always giving before. She goes. Goes. The, Development of the hours usually he'll, she thought. She! The window materiality news after this. Bobo, you're looking. In the wounds of physical. Either she'll. Do. We are seeing the. Case was scale. They will get you better. Off? The whole legend was my steve roughly ambition. The ocean the. Montreal. They'll. Eat Oh blurry of envious. FORCES DUPLICATE LA. Riva city so I was. In bunkers. Up. This. Number for Betty. They'll she she beden. BEAVER. EC was above is. What he started their vendors. This was. It was the must remove. Only one. Little. Hogan was get by. Bedminster you have she's? been a hallmark. Of this shade I wonder why Bouncier Hokey to. that. What we have is from West because. She was just as well. And there's been run. This. Be for. The. Business. Visible you see I. Don't know what you need. Wants we. Keep on winter the videos. Lusaka the. Brow prejudice. Steve. Is Why. His romantic sir. Your guy in. The Bible Get Your? View on the war in various. On this. Store Either I started I guess and yet. Safety do your marketing. From the way we saw. Why. gave. You on this, even though he sort of then, there's no your. You remind. Our actually off yesterday convenience. Is, food is. The Guy who. was either give. Each one of the Buddha, are we? Getting whistle receiver Mussa. Formative Steve said I hope they will give. You. Getting the. View I because you know you're. GonNa be okay. If he looking. Around here overseeing Benham walking. We're going to change the issue if we. Gives you see almost fused? Yoda in the more they Washington. The. Shoes. How again? As if he, didn't biggest. WHO. Able something. Did it got. One. One million people the summers being. and. Parity city of it should sail the but I. Guess you say. One more than the leader. Of Korea? People are more than. If, she she'll. Over the owner. Of the. Number of obviously the did they were. Our vision is. Equal shows people. They were more than twelve. Why are we still is more more? Deal. This for! Sunday. Sunday the is. Be that. We believe is some of them. Get you be on. Your money for celebrating. Get over is. The money for Seattle August. and. Grow into. The of usually when the? Deceive on. Louisville. Equal you. See in Louisville, noblewoman the NEOM. Okay, we'll go. Though so via the gone away. Speed is while we. Want to the ship Hormel. How. Eager Sort of this whole now he is a looming with. What is movie? Special Gallery something. To. Go the. Only, Who? Who? Again editor away who either but not as. Much. Go for. This whole. issue. Was Friday was. Their Meagre? Ecus eleven. Games. either. Can. Kate and No so? I mean day even visas. For some this year, so we're more of. This. Motion gave one. It should. Notice from the whom? Isn't even less. S She. Is Battle the. Gated community moment. Because from the. Former! WanNa! Events odometer the initial body. For more than. Venture of in. The. Which is, why did you see all the river? SCHMOR- case. Almost the worship. or Our BOGO is totally. Be Me. Coach. And then people by the for your. Zero four won't be. Here in in no I staple. The. Ones who get. One before I don't miss, but he took. Race he had bonefish says a Salem Windsor. You Buy. From. Big One. He Okay Okay to be sallow you've. The over, we say okay. We'll still. There's Rome indicator more social recently. But I. Don't want. Be Beside our. Here's. The. Dow, colleague overseas you all she gave. Is One of. Them. Say gives you see on break and then via the dog. Meals and even. That, even she didn't. Get. Proper? In this? visit was. Only way. It was. Been Okay Through A. Game by the. Nazis for. Can you use? My. Other than? The WHO. Doubles. The, mortgage along. The that. Way You'll. Rattle. Will be ritual? He can pull you over. Don't listen as well as. Can Be. Centered around the US. More than most of there's one that I mean usually will either single. In the referral into rob your. Own. He. I Yo. Homeboy does your spices. Excel your. hoppy! Cater get even for our. Show in Boise. Velasco, said. We've. Got Your. Yet. He said. Gays or Model K you. Car. Lucky. Obviously we would. Look leader discovery. Eve Our that our humor people have an occasional policy. The rather than whistle. Pretty sports was on. This he was. Either either. Obviously we. Of I love is the. Gauge. They were young, just here doing this challenge. For. Our our our. Own. Leader. WHO's GonNa? beat up even. Though people respond they massacre day some. Of. This week. I cannot wait. There was people. Who you know. Song. Is this you. As Long. In there's when was. This Arctic, corresponding our over. Correspondence on. The. Field events. Then I saw something. Done Do. For siebel even. Our. SIEGLER! I saw. Your who? WHO WE CELEBRATE Your I'd rather so we. How you over daily. And then this? Sahu. On and city that goes. L. Visit and. He'd say. Look? If. The Mobile. It was. Piece. The throughout. The move. Out of money. She who? Seem that we would have particular seem. Events. That Romania was forces. In God well, she'll get one. She took as. With. There's. Not as whether in God interceding. Also by the robot. Before McCabe bengals and okay. I used to be wrong. She only believed. was speed. Stop is formerly. We have money there's. A lot of the. He Gives X. so you're heavy on. There was this. One, though is. The way. You. Wanted to individual not only. Can you get a case though extend your finally told me. For more. Is If you better stealing. Money down there, but it. Okay. We interview goes through youth. Centers. It's a for this. East was. The former gave one still that. Is still will get over it him. Down of our our memorial scheduled from business. We the. Loss of our. Kids Walk. As eager to move into log issued by the and. Seeing the what Maria is seen them by WHO Are. And Crystal Media. Love! What. Is Issue. Has? Then, there's. The phone was there before could even in Oslo yet for? WHO's? GonNa win for radio. and He. or She. Was Allowed to. Get she goes then see. From Waukesha give even who. WHISTLE SPANISH WHEN WHISTLE! Call now. and. They can never for both. Even. theirselves slow young over. They say Chino or We saw in southern buddies real women. Can Young widow flowers from basis we. Did. The. One. Dependent. In this one. On when? He was adamant where we all go. The. Front? was. Getting good, but we're not involved this I. Wish. Steady in via. The was. Located. Is Okay. For probably boy ever Eagle Connecticut. From shape much. More appeal broke him. Oh. One do in Kentucky Directorship Rocky Million One. Of Yemen. We you doing. Bench? It'll be. I won't have your. Feminism Feeding Sushi. Shoes, we? Spent, so. Much got get within. The realm eight. Scott. Boras. This is. If you. Allow! sooners. Hormone that route. You? Chevy under the most obvious. and. The underground Kosovo Chevy. was well. Allow million dollars. Allow you investment potential. Is If you could get. Around. The. Back. You. Lana Window. Even. That we get a copy hours? Desirable Young Woman. Appeal. specialness. Could get able to. Keep it. Dr! Goldman does. She? Selena do. You all know. People can shop. Before this is, why do we? have is. We're going to. Talk. About. Equal she is. There so I. was. When he being. On the city people what was, it wasn't been there. He's in this one the bachelor with difficult. He decided by the Supreme Forget Louisville, which as we need? Gave West Soloist, they're. Saying. Go, do what. I want him with less water. Won't you over seem even on? Fiddle and the woman been which is much. In responsive. Racial. Got Much more. Of Your Consumer Liberalism Seem Maria. Sequel the this seven feet on Chikosa endow. The former shoop paraly- wasn't didn't. Is in both this one the Liam. Sean get. Hit with. This one. Thousand People in. Our. Es. either. Indoor. Losers of the specialness. You've format heavily that. They will lose the ivory. Is. Ben Mosquito similar was among. The heaviness. The place. She added. Feature which a lot of the. Bills I mean do nothing leader Same Bill Eureka. Because the! E Six of Eureka. It again. Single. was. Emily's. You gave me some business. Is You are the individual. Get their courses in the gloaming think woman. Killed Open Indo June W CABELA's. Is Kentucky can you'll see the heaviness? Exterior. Again. Honestly. Yet. People over Mon. Acid deal nothing. It's just. Word of. Re this forgiven the young there. Support over the other Mattel. And this. Is the consideration. She. Can midday, stop. LANFRANCO missile Mottaki. means. Is Giving With an energy. He woman. To. Do Nothing, but the they'll already the over. A secured parameters Viollis, eating something challenge, garlic asparagus also. Getting leave Rookus win informative. Focusing in whether the SEMANA Gallup seventy. Healthiest. Rescued correspondent sagging from and she. Will be estimated sean the medical unit. As this the, Last not us in. Lafayette almost. McKay and taking. A! Deluge I'm just. Proud to feedback or shaky. In Dash in elimination, portion is do does. Put. Brush Maroon famous from parameters of. Get! Not Be honest. Getting cash faith the EAT Komo. She like where the Louima opportunity be come here.

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347: These 5 Things Will Make or Break Your Biz

The Goal Digger Podcast

43:54 min | 5 months ago

347: These 5 Things Will Make or Break Your Biz

"Just that little milestones. Okay when I hit this and revenue. I'm going to do this to half and when I do I mean podcasting. I started in my closet too. And you just do what you gotta do. Hey My name is Jennifer An. Im obsessed with all things. Business Marketing numbers and helping you to navigate both the messy and the magical seasons of this thing called life. I'm a small town. Mama who took a three hundred dollar camera grew as successful photo. Biz. And now I work from home in Romans. Seven figure online business. I teach you the tried and true secrets to building a career. You Adore shy away from the real talk no way money. Hardship growth loss and marketing are all topics. We discussed here. Think of this. Is Your One Stop Shop for happy? Hour with a Gal pal mixed with business will pull up a seat. Make sure your cozy and get ready to be challenged and encouraged while you learn this is the gold digger podcast. Nothing feels more intimidating than just starting judging by the amount of DMZ comments. I see about how I got started. My business feel like you might agree. That starting can simply be the hardest part my friend Natalie Ellis or as she says Natalie started boss baby with her friend Dr Canty as a community for unapologetically ambitious women. Sounds like my kind of community. Am I right? It has since grown into a massive resource with over fifteen million members learning how to start grow in scale their businesses. Natalie also knows that starting to be the hardest part and that's why the Babes behind boss. Babe created this framework around it. Our goal for this episode is to demystify the how of starting Your Business what you can do to move from side Hustle. Two fulltime and. Why being resourceful is more important than simply having resources? No more waiting. Let's start right now. Here she is not to Lee. Ellis thanks to fiber for supporting golddigger. It's so easy to find freelance. Talent for your business or your product. Don't waste any more time. Get Ten percent off in the service you deserve at F. I V. E. R. Dot Com with the code gold digger thanks to ship station for supporting gold digger. No matter where you're selling Amazon at see your own website ship station brings all of your orders into one simple interface so that they're easy to manage from any device even your cell phone use my offer code gold digger to a sixty day retrial. Okay I just got to spend some really sunshine time with you in Puerto Rico. And that was where our friendship in real life began. And now we get to share that on the podcast. So welcome to the podcast net. I love this. It's going to be amazing. Thanks for having me in. Yes and what I just have to point out that I think is so fine. Is We got to sit around a table with some of the most brilliant minds in the entire world and so many of us could be considered competitors or going after each other sharing clients and I loved that we could all talk about our businesses with this confidence in what we're bringing to the table. Which is why I am so excited for you. Share some of the frameworks that you've developed with our audience but wasn't that just kind of crazy and mind-blowing so mind blowing and one thing that we always say is success waymo foam when it's shed and I think if you ever get in the mindset of competitors and I want to share this you know just remember so much out there and someone else doing it as proof that you can do it and they'll probably find out something you can do and vice versa. We just love collaborating so it was amazing to be roundtable with people like that and I'm still reeling from it. I still have so many things in my head so many things. I want to implement. I love it. Oh my gosh so for people that haven't been exposed to the amazingness that boss Babe is. Tell me a little bit about yourself. What led you on this journey and what being a boss. Babe is all about. Okay so I have a bit of a cliche stories. I've always been very entrepreneurial and I had my fist business. When I was thirteen so actually grew up. I had a really Tabula. Childhood moved out of my home when I was a teen and I moved in with my grandparents and some of the things fire within me. Just let where I knew. I really wanted to make something of myself. I grew up in a pretty rough place and I knew I wanted to eventually move away and I thought okay well. How do I do that while I make money and so I started out my entrepreneurship Jenny? team building websites online which is a skill that ends up saving. We really well now but at the time I had no idea what I was doing I was. I was deeming ebay shops at the time which is kind of come full circle now what? I teach a lot about having on instagram. Your ideal client. I was just going into Ebay stores damning them and saying hey you need a website. So it's still at the and I just. I've always been obsessed with entrepreneurship then. I went to university to study business management. I'm that's where everyone was like. Okay now it's time to get serious. You know you need to study and get a real job. All the stuff signed really threw myself into university and it was a full year course and actually in my second year. I've been doing so much. I saw advanced pernicious society which is basically what happened was I went to university and I was like. Hey how're the entrepreneurs and no one even knew what I would and I was part of a club one. There was no one else around me doing this tonight. Just has to be more people that are interested in turning ideas into reality who are interested in helping people and making an impact. Because that's what is and so. I started something called Entrepreneurship Society and you basically need six people in the university to start an official club so I hired while I brought five friends. That didn't know what entrepreneurship was. Just sign on here and say you remember fine. So they did that. And within the first year we got maybe five actual numbers but the second year. We scaled really quickly so I start advertising it everywhere in treating it like a business even though it was making no money. I really just wanted friends. That understood what I was doing and we grew it to be one of the biggest in the UK. I ended up getting invited to parliament to Buckingham Palace to really talk about what we're doing in entrepreneurship and helping young. Trust me forward so this kind of society really got me on the radar which is why in my second year. I got off at a graduate job for one I would leave my fourth year so I'm kind of telling that story very very quickly but what it was. I just worked really hard and I got this graduate job and this offer would have paid off. All of my student debt on would have helped me move to London from Newcastle. In the north of England wire was and it was kind of the Dream Job. Everyone doing business management wanted at the time. It was a consultancy job so my second year. I was like great. That's like the biggest way taken off my shoulders as long as I get the grades. I've got a job and so because I felt like I had that safety net. I was just exploring a lot more with different. Businesses and stuff and ideas in university at the end of my four years came up. I had to make this decision. Okay I'M GONNA go to this corporate job but was this. I had this weird feeling in my gut like this isn't for me. I've never wanted to have an actual job. Yes I've been working in any kind of job I was. You know sales assistant anything. You can imagine making money through university. But it wasn't something that I really wanted to do. Once I left but I would have paid off my student debt. Everyone around me telling me it's a sensible thing to do. I just didn't know what to do and I remember sitting in a cafe with one of my best friends. At the time I was like Nick. I really don't know what to do like this is such a good opportunity in. I'd be crazy if I turned it down because I've got all of this debt. I have absolutely no money. I have to move home with my grandparents who I love by the way. They're amazing but you know when you leaving university want me going out into the world and doing your thing and I said to award Reggie when she was. What's the absolute worst that can happen if you go all in right now and you try business thing? What's the worst that could happen? And I realized the worst thing that could happen is I would end up back live with my grandparents who I love on. I would have student debts on. I would have any money and I'd be starting in the same position and I realize if that's the absolute worst stigma could happen. It's really not bad and so I called him up and I said Hey. Can you give me a year? I will come in with this corporate job but I want to just to travel to do my own thing and they said yes so in that year I started my own business on. I was actually making superfoods supplements in my kitchen with my grandma's help and selling them online and I had this idea that I'd start the supplement company with a couple of months to be up and running. I'd be off the races. I would never have to go the job but as I'm sure a lot of people listening no business is not Eso. I had this idea and actually took twelve months just to get a sample of the superfood powder because you have to do all this testing to make sure. It's like legal to sell food products. I knew none of this looking back at probably would have went into something a little bit easier but so here I am these twelve months of going back and forth with factories and manufacturers on I mean shoestring budget I spent less. Macau's dollars because that was all I had overdraft and so at the time. I just thought teaching myself instagram. I was like I was the one thing I do every single day. That will eventually help me when I go to the business so I was able to grow in its Accounts to that as it was approaching those twelve months I was getting ready to launch. Have a bunch of people to advertise. I think at the time I may be had around ten thousand followers which I was so proud of because I had no business no idea it was ten thousand people that are listening to what I was posting What happened was though. Those samples are coming back at the same time. I Corps Pajamas calling me saying hey on start. Date is in two weeks time and I had nothing to show I. I was living on Cup of noodles. With someone's I could barely afford to pay rent it was. I was really not doing so while I was doing freelance. Social Media on the site full of my friends clients but I was getting paid fifty dollars a week because at the time no one could see the volume growing in instagram account. Said paying me say a week which is just enough to cover food and so it come to that point and I'm having sleepless nights for two weeks just not knowing what to do and it was just a few days before is meant to start the job I call them up and I said I'm sorry this isn't for me. I'm going to go all in on a business idea. And they were amazing about. They were like you know. Good luck and let us know Changes Silent Olen and just made it my mission to make the business successful. I won't go to too much while that business because the way that this led me to boss baby is. I got really good at growing. Strong accounts switch. Hello boss Babe. It's great it's count and second to that. Is I realized how incredibly lonely was had? No one around me. That was interested in entrepreneurship. That was doing what I was doing and I was googling everything I was googling. How do you make food product where you find manufacturer? How do I get following instagram? And it has to be about a way and so I kind of combined all of those different things into what I knew. Which now is the boss? Baby you see today and I ended up co finding it with my business partner. Danielle Mitterrand Nevada but open till point of really going all in with prostate crate Going while the business was running and then I just came to that crossroads of deciding actually. I'm not super passionate about food. I'm really passionate about entrepreneurship. I always have been. How do I bring me of women together? How do I fix the googling everything problem how do I make sure those resources in and Save Time? That's kind of where it was born out of and and it's just really grown from that grown from this community of women who also like. Wow this person is just like me. She's struggling along at business and just trying to also sharing really. Sassy quotes along the way. I kind of disagree from that. I love hearing the behind the scene stories because I think so often people just look and they can scroll at the top nine posts or whatever in forget about all of the work and all of the captions and photos and ideas and hashtags and anything that got that growth which is so stinking cool. I had no idea that you were trying to get a supplement company off the ground. I'm so glad you pivoted into the space year and right now No one tells you about products I love them and we have a product now but at the time I knew nothing about margins and so I remember saying to myself. Okay if I could make all thousand dollars a month. This is going to change my life. I can pay my rent. I can buy food. I can go the movies and I'll be doing something every single day dialogue. That was the goal. Four thousand dollars written everywhere. But what no one told me was margins so I started making this food product me and my grandma going full speed ahead and the money was coming in but it was going straight back out again and we actually had really big demand through a shipping to over sixty countries and we were in over two hundred stores across the UK purely from instagram. It looks shiny on the outside but I was really struggling to even be able to pay for raw materials. Because you've got to pay for them before the money comes in and there's a lot of things to think about a business that you might not know stalling out and so that full thousand dollars. Once I hit that Mark I was still taking money home. And so there's lots of shininess like you say on the outside and you see someone's highlight reel on the inside that so much to consider and so getting with small about that in the beginning is helpful who one thing I love. That you said was being resourceful. Because you didn't have many resources and I know I had zero resources when I started my business. I was on a free wordpress blog. I was saving every penny to buy my next. Lens for my camera. So talk to me about the difference between having resources ready for you and simply being resourceful because I think when you're in that startup phase that can be the make or break scenario and situation that allows you to either go for it or hold yourself back totally. And I think does a massive difference between like the essentials and the Nice to have and so in the beginning. I had such a small budget. That was lots of things that would have been nice to have one of them might have been a really funny label full the actual product but that would have cost me so much money so I opened up photoshop and I figured out like how I could actually create my own local. Had No idea what is doing and I use that to then create a label and I had my experience building websites so I figured out how to build a new website. I was doing all of these things but I wasn't kind of making. It really polished those nice to haves and I thought okay once I reached milestones than L. Invest in there. So you know I took my head. Shot was just an iphone time because photography is one thing. I was terrible at like okay. Once I hit revenue all invest in a photo. Shoot on once. I do this on invest in a nicer website. A logo packaging things like that. So I think that's the first thing about being resourceful as when you don't have a ton of resources you're Kinda just forced to do it and one thing you'll know if you're solo entrepreneur or you're wanting to start a business you'll be doing every single thing yourself which might be knowing because you'll like this isn't it is zone of genius and everyone keeps telling me to stick to my zone of genius. But I can't afford to pay anyone else. What's really great about that is when you do start to build a business and you bring on maybe office team member or a couple of team members. You've done every to sing inside the business so you can train people on doing that so really. Don't underestimate the power of that as well. 'cause I land every little thing. I taught myself to us. Mail chimp and then active campaign in water automation wasn't a funnel and I just googled in youtube gin and watch videos on how to do all of it and I just had grace with myself that not everything was going to be perfect and I actually didn't have local boss Babe until a couple of years ago. I just create something on paint because I was like. Let's just get this out and see what happens. Then I went back and reinvest business stuff and it even goes for fans listening that maybe not the beginning stages of the business but they've been running that business for a while maybe that creating a new coal one thing that I say is don't Krant the entire Cole. Says No one's bought it? Don't send tons of money on fancy landing page and everything if no one's bought it like what's the minimum viable product. You can put out. You probably just need a good like a nice landing page designed yourself saying what the caller says what kind of transformation it's GonNa Create. Then do the first too much of the cost and if people actually buy it that signals you've got a product then you can go build it but can big mistake is people can spend months and months and months on the development side like before they put it out to the world and then no one buys it and they just wasted all of that time. I was just reading a thread in a facebook group. Where someone who's like I built it and they didn't come and it was like okay. Well verse you gotTa get in the trenches to sell something. If you actually care about it but I agree. I think a lot of times. We need that proof of concept to give us that confidence that what we're doing is worth it and it's going to work and I think especially as women. We second guess ourselves so much. So we're kind of creating with the thought of like is anyone actually. GonNa want this. That's GONNA totally change the way that we create in the way that we show up. Yeah completely had such a great thing to just make a lesson. The beginning of like what's an essential part of doing what's a minimal viable product and then a list of Nice to haves and just set little milestones. Okay when I hit. This revenue is going to do this. Nice to have and what I do I mean you and I both podcasting I saw in my closet too and you just do what you gotTa do. In the world of two day shipping your customers kind of expect to get their purchases to them a sap but we're not all massive fortune five hundred companies with fulfilment teams moving thousands of boxes a day if you're selling a physical product and neither ship it simplify the whole process and save yourself. Some money was ship station. Ship Station is a fastest easiest. And most affordable way to manage and ship your orders. Just a few clicks and you'll be managing your orders printing out labels and getting your product out fast to keep your customers happy no matter where you're selling whether it's Amazon. I'd see your own website. Ship station brings all of your orders into one simple interface they work with all major carriers including USPS Fedex ups Amazon fulfillment. They even offer big discounts on shipping. Ause now any business can access the same postage discount that big companies are getting. No wonder ship station. Is the number one choice of online sellers? You'll ship more in less time with the best rates available and right now. Gold digger listeners. Can Try ship station free for sixty days when you use the offer. Code Gold digger. There's absolutely no risk. You can start your free trial. Without even entering your credit card Info just visit ship station DOT COM. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in gold digger that ship station DOT COM. Then enter the offer code. Gold digger ship station. Dot Com. Makes ship happen this past launch? My team and I were hunting. Chretien machines blogs podcasts graphics. Emails like we churned turned out tons of stuff in house but there was one thing we couldn't do ourselves that was actually key to the success of our launch. We user freelancer on five or to create eye-catching animated videos that served as facebook and Instagram ads. Five or connects businesses with freelancers. Who offer hundreds of digital services including graphic design? Copywriting web performing film editing more. So you don't need in-house skills to complete a key project find what you're looking for instantly just search by service deadline price reviews and more. You'll know exactly what you're paying for upfront. No negotiation needed with twenty four seven customer service in Quality Talent that you can count on take five and checkout five or dot com. You'll receive ten percents off your first order if you use my code golddigger. It's so easy. Don't waste anymore time and get the service you deserve by going to F. I. D. E. R. Dot Com Code Golddigger fiver. It starts here on my gosh. I know I love it. Somebody the other day commented. And they're like Jenna. You definitely earned the right to get out of your closet. Like don't just stay in there because you think that we need them. They relatable and I was like well. Actually I record my closet so that I can snuggle my daughter in between Mike. I'm actually quite happy there but thank you. It was really cute. She's like you have permission. And Mike Okay. So one of my favorite things that you do and teach our five pillars of success. It's this framework that you've set up and I really think it can help our listeners. So can you walk me through? What the five pillars of success are and kind of just explain each step of the way. Yeah totally so the reason we came up with the five pillars of success was when we were looking at the data when we were looking. What would really take to help? Female entrepreneurs get that businesses off the ground and succeed. We will finding that. Only one in full business would succeed and that's so full businesses. That actually got off the ground. Only one of them would actually succeed. In how many of you listening can relate to having so any ideas and never actually taking action. So we're not even counting all of those ideas that are just sitting on a shelf. Why talking about the ones that actually put in the effort put in the action in launching out to the world only one in four is succeeding and we didn't think this had to be the case like we were talking about the beginning right. We were sitting around a table of incredible entrepreneurs and we will all SHAG. What we'd learned. That is GonNa make sure that we are having success in what we're doing. What getting those quick onset. It's helping US avoid mistakes. Pitfalls all saving US lots of sleepless nights and we want us to figure out how we can do the same thing so we came up with the five pillars of success. And I'll walk through them and if anyone's this thing if you're not driving you might to write them down so the first stages pep as this. Is the idea alignment stage so this is well a lot of people get to a never move on from this stage so it's getting really clear on what you WanNa do and why you WanNa do it and so in the stage I would love to really think about setting your goals and you can set. You know the goals for the next three months six months twelve months. You don't need to have a big ten year vision because you might. I don't even know where I WANNA be in ten years. It's not super essential to be doing that but really think about what does the next three six and twelve months. Look like for me. And what do I want to achieve? And when you're in this stage the one thing that I- states people who WanNa get an idea off the ground everyday just think about putting one step in front of the because I think so often we get rico by not having a roadmap not having all the says the truth is in the beginning phase of your business things might change. You might have a great business name for example right you build your entire website and then you look at it. Lots of really bad name. I'm going to and it's kind of Nice to have that flexibility to just try things out and kind of being a Sun Box Ryan. Just play so in the beginning. It's getting really clear on what you're doing and why you're going over the next three. Six twelve months set really specific goals and set milestones. And if you're like me having them up on the wall really really helps so I always have on the wall. Okay in three months. Here's aren't going to be six months where I'm going to be twelve months where I'm going to be really keeps you accountable. Set every single day. When you're waking up you're looking at those goals doing something that helps you put one foot in front of the other. Maybe that's sending out an email to connect with someone. Maybe that's right in copy foia website. Maybe it's just starting your instagram account and posting your best picture. Whatever it is every single day just One step in front of the so at the end of the day you content on say I did something. That's actually moving the needle towards wire WANNA go. It doesn't have to be big but just one thing. A day is really helpful. So that's the fist ages purpose second-stage's audience so like you said I built it but they didn't come so having an audience is really really important so in this pillar we are thinking all about nurturing a network and connecting with community. So there's no right or wrong rate bill audience to me. I love email list and I love instagram for the people they love facebook groups. I know Johnny Dean Amazing Podcastone. Facebook groups people love facebook pages. Whatever it is just think about where are your ideal clients hanging out so get really clear on who this ideal client is that you want to sell to in the beginning. I do think it's really helpful to have a niche so actually thinking about going to sell to this very specific kind of person does no harm in expanding that as you as you're growing but in the beginning thing about that specific pants I think e Melissa's the best real estate that we can be building online. I know I hop on about instagram. All the time and I do instagram. But if you've got an email list of people that's something that you own. It's not determined by an algorithm. And they're really interested in finding out what your offering so I love mls. I also have a facebook group. This is people that are starting out by the way with zero. Follow as I feel like I don't. My mom doesn't follow me on facebook. Zero follow facebook. Group can be amazing and so in order to stop building audience. I would think about so. You've got one product. So if you go back to pip estate you've got your idea a you're gonNA launch with US. One product in the audience stage thing about. How can I distill product into some kind of Freebie all like a PDF and online trading? Something completely free that is gonNA sought to introduce people to who I am and what I do. You're not just GONNA go straight off the bat on Facebook Day One. I saw this business combined for me because people want to know a little bit more baillieu about Your Business They Wanna get that no like entrust factor so while always a thinking about how we can build. No like trust factor. So think about how you can distill this product down into a little Freebie. So maybe it's a course on growing instagram. For example. Maybe the Freebie Is Five things you need to include on your bio with just a one pager. You create on Kanda or something. Describe a template if you're not sure how to do it and then you put that out to your current facebook audience. Even if it's just your friends from high school he put that out people to share for you at a click on it. They can then come in January Willis or they can join your facebook group. Whatever it is just think about reading nurturing an audience that you can sell two then. The third pillar is revenue. So we've covered purposes gathered. Idea second is audience. How you going to build an audience? How are you going to get people to find out about what you're doing? I would really recommend in the audience phase building your own audience face as I think going up. Podcast and everything is amazing but in the beginning focused on just building pothole for you while you can directly to then move onto revenue in the third pillar so on here. It's making money managing money like I said in the beginning when I had this supplements company I set my goal of four thousand dollars a month but the money was coming in and that it was going back out again and so I wasn't really managing my money effectively and actually got to apply. Reminding the business route six months and I hadn't been doing Accounts probably so I had to go back in backdate everything. That was such a headache and I remember saying to myself. Oh my God. I'm never doing this again. I'm going to make sure people know to not miss this rookie era. So when you'll clear on what your idea is clear on how you're gonNA stop building audience. I really recommend starting to set up a spreadsheet even quickbooks quickbooks as amazing allows each track. What's coming in what's going on you can do invoicing everything? Sounds really simple but managing your money can become quite a scary thing when there's lots of things going in and out so that's the first part is managing money. The second Paul is making money. So how you actually GONNA sell to clients so depending on what you'll businesses whether it's product service education you Wanna read to be thinking about what your revenue strategy is an especially if you are in the place where you'll more resourceful than having resources if you have tons of money than making any of the beginnings not as important as you know getting the shiny objects like website and everything put but if you will in the results phase making when he is going to be a number one priority because the moment you make the more that you can grow your business so he got the idea in your audience decided okay. I'm going to grow an email list and I'm going to grow my instagram account. So I'm going to create free. Pdf and I'm gonNA advertise it's GonNa grow my mailing list. I WANNA get ten people a week on great what you WanNa think about is what does it look like from getting an email. Subscribe to getting a by so I always encourage people to think about this customer journey and I do it for everything. Whether it's thinking about okay someone clicks join group on facebook. How do I then get into clique by in the caught on my website? What does that customer journey? Look like so really think about mopping-up customer journey so for example if it's email list okay someone signs up for this. Freebie that you've been putting out that you've been getting everyone from school to showing even posting it on facebook groups. You've been posting it on instagram. Even commenting on people's posting half got a Freebie for this. You'll getting it out there so someone signs up on your molest. Maybe you're doing that on. Click funnels or something like that. I love this kind of software. So they put the name email and they say yep semi the Freebie to this. Freebie lines never inbox. What's next how do you get them from? Wanting a free thing to wanting to buy from you and think about your customer journey with the no like trust factor too so you would probably want to have an email sequence so something that they get the email with the Freebie and then maybe a day later they got an email saying. Hey I'm not lead. This is what I do. This is why you can find me. This is the kind of thing I'm GonNa be shutting with you on my email list. I don't you talk a lot about nature sequences and different email sequences to everyone listening. That's why you would really put in that sequence in you'd think about what it looks like up sell them then say it was social media. Okay how are you going to be showing up on social in a way that is going to help you grow an audience insults them. I think there are three types of content content. That helps you build your brand content. That helps you to sell products and content. That helps you grow. So there's lots of different types of content posting. You know you can be posting about what you had. You can posting about your baby. You could be posting about your products but really a content strategy should be strategic. I think in the beginning each piece of content. That you're putting out. There should have a paper because if you have zero followers they don't care about seeing every element of your life that really wanting to get to know you at what you do. So sharing really highly valuable content starting to get them to know like trust you and then selling on social so just having a real think about what your journey looks like an all you actually posting content on your social has a pip. What's the purpose of posting the picture of your dinner like zinc about? Is it getting them to know you if so great? And if they care about that great but really sick about the kind of content. You're putting out so we've got pip as you get really clear on why you're going we've audience. You know how to stop building audience around what you do revenue. You'll finding different ways to make money so you've got your email sequence that opio doing freebie you posting the right kind of content on facebook that so many different ways you can bring in revenue maybe in the beginning it's just cold messaging people may be it's getting introductions to people maybe it's going on linked data sourcing people out sending the message does so many different ways you can do it. That is also webinars. Email challenges affiliate stuff has lots of different things in revenue. Which I won't go into but it's really thinking about how you start getting your face clients in the CY young not constantly worried about your next client comes from so purpose audience revenue. The fourth part is systems so in this pillar. You Really WanNa Make Shaw business working for you off than you waking for it because what can hop it like I said is you. Stop bringing this money and maybe forgot to set of quickbooks whatever. Your system are reading. Not why they need to be getting super stressed out about all these different things so in the beginning. I think it's really good to preempt everything you might meet so in the systems pillow. One thing that I love using is sauna so even if it's just you know people working feel business task yourself in a sauna and start to really set boats sauna because you really WanNa be building for where you WANNA go. This is where you want now so if you want to build a central business why do have team members eventually than really think about what kind of systems. You've put in place for that so I would be setting up a sauna. I love Google drive. Can upload everything to Google drive. It's hosted online so you don't have to worry about having a laptop again building for where you. WanNa go because if va joins your team. You don't WanNa have to then spend time applauding everything off your computer into Google. Drive so that she can access it. You want it to be there for. We Love Slack for Internal Communication. I think that's really powerful. I'm we also Zappia so just thinking about what kind of systems you could be implementing to make your processes a little bit easier. Maybe you could be automating on boarding sequence for a client. So they click by. How'd you ultimate that? Or maybe it's you're gonNA stop crain training videos about doing every single day because eventually you WanNa hire a va and so you might as well ten on screen recording now in start recording your screen of what. You're doing every single day. So that when you come to hi your. Va which no doubt you hire a little bit too late when your way to stress? Don't have time delegate to them you can give them these videos and you can just upload them into Google drive under training videos and start to build that up. So we've got purpose audience revenue systems and then the fifth one is gross. So one thing that we see a lot is you. Have your idea dialed in your growing an audience. You'll making money you're systems dialed in. What's next what you'll probably find. Is You hit an upper limit with your mindset so for example when we were in Puerto Rico where sitting around a table with people that have just achieved such massive success and my mindset. Just gotTa know that up left dry. It got another level I got to see what else was possible. But when you're starting out perhaps you're surrounded by people that are just at the same stage as you and you're not seeing what's poss small side of that see how this upper limit while it's not possible for me to go from four thousand to ten thousand month it certainly not possible for me to get to a sex thick a month and so those limits are. GonNa come into play which really important that. You're constantly doing your own works. You're doing your own personal development. You're doing your mindset work you're doing money mindset. You're spending time reading all of those different things and I wanna say this five step framework is not a one and done thing too because you might hop out of different things you might be in the growth phase and you have an idea for a new product you go right back to pay or you might be going full steam ahead bringing in tons of clients and you realize factually really neglected. My instagram. I need to go back to audience and start a processes and systems in place that my instagram is. GonNa grow without me and so these five things I think should always be top of mind in for anyone listening. Who's like Oh my God. I'm so overwhelmed. You spoke for about two hours about this framework. What do I do if I were you? I would just write down the five things. Audience Revenue Systems Growth. An right where you are now with each of these things and maybe right one thing to each pill that you know you could do a little bit better and focus on. And eventually they'll build up. I feel like you just summed up three hundred forty six episodes of the gold digger podcast with those five things accurately. That was a mic. Drop moment. Where I'm like yes. These are all the things we've been talking about and you did it in such a beautiful way like that's incredible. Thank you yeah. It's really just about how you get from. A to B one foot and lane got from having an idea to a thriving business and if anyone's listening and the overwhelm you just said that. So many podcasts. Like feel like you need to know all of this right now. Goldbach listened to the PODCAST. The one on facebook groups. I just listened to a few days ago. It was amazing. That's Pacific. Maybe all action steps for audiences. I'm going to listen to that and get to know facebook group so I'm glad that was helpful. Oh it's so good okay. So let's say someone's listening and they're still stuck in that idea phase or the startup phaser even the side-hustle fees a business. What is the first thing that you would tell them to do to start working towards going fulltime because you have such an incredible story about going from zero to full time pretty quickly. So what would you tell people to do? I so one thing that I recommend which will work for some people might not work for. This is think about the job that you're in right now. So let's say for example. You're getting paid forty dollars an hour. Just for example. You're going to pay four dollars an hour. Okay well famously. Let's shift the mindset. You're getting paid four dollars an hour to do your job and think of business idea so like amazing. I'm getting paid to think about my business idea. I love it so you're getting paid four dollars an hour but you'll having to actually be present insured by your job and do a good job if you could. Maybe you're putting together your action steps. It's cold Natalie's getting from fulltime job to fulltime entrepreneurship. Ten action steps. I need to create website any to build this ten action steps. Look at those action steps and think about okay could hire someone on five zero quick to do those things for three dollars an hour. If I'm getting paid four dollars an hour a may be getting paid three dollars an hour. I could then be at work getting paid to my idea and someone else's actually going building behind the scenes. We so I think that's actually a really powerful tool that we have. Because when you Kinda faced in your entrepreneurship Janney all the money on bringing you really need to rent to pay. You've got food to pay for whereas if you're actually in a full time job it's such a big advantage because you've got that money to kind of play with and so I would be thinking about. How much of this could? I really reinvest back into getting my business off the ground so I think that's the first thing we went into kind of having those ten steps. I think everything can be distilled down tents. I think it's actually Brenda shot. That came up with that. You said everything can be summed up intense steps so really summing that up and then think about milestones so when I hit X. I will reduce my hours bike by twenty when I hit X. I'm GonNa go full time because what you'll often find is if you're really relied on each action you're putting one foot from the other in. You're putting in a couple of hours every evening weekend to get this business off the ground you mike stop bringing in money and then this city mindsets going to jump in. And you're like but if I quit my job when he's GonNa stop and what happens. What if this happens and this it's always arrests Entrepeneurship is risky sometimes. But it's about how we make really safe calculated risk and so okay if I can just replace my fulltime income for two months in a row. I'm going to quit my job and you have to make that decision then actually decided to take the leap. So that's what I would be doing so gets on five or way to really get the groundwork laid for you spend your evenings and weekends doing things and then I would just be going all in on the revenue side. Like how do I bring in paying clients? I don't need a fancy system donated. Google drive a donate a saw and I just need some paying clients. That would be my tunnel vision every waking up every single day saying how do I get close at signing a client today and for anyone listening? I literally just hired someone from fiber like so. There is no level of the game where you just aren't needing help. There's so many things that you can find. I found amazing video editor and I was like amazing. Someone was like. I can't believe you still use fiber. I'm like of course. Yeah I mean the specialized skills. It's really cost effective but we have a team to when we still use five. They just they outsource to people a lot in rooting. What they're doing and can do things quickly. Amen Okay. I'm GonNa for this final question. I'm going to take you back to your roots and throw you a curveball now. Some people call me an instagram expert. But I am really known as a lifelong learner. What is one thing that is really moving the needle for you guys on Instagram that you can share with our audience today? Oh one thing right now. That's moving the needle. Okay so feel like I could give a million a month things but one thing that I really love is building. Msi so meaningful social interaction and one way to do that is to having DM conversations. You'll probably realize that when you deeming more actively people are responding to your stories. You're getting Views and the more people have your story. They're gonNA continue to see you in their feed. They're going to continue to know like trust and property. Buy from you all about the story of us and so because of that. Em and so you might put something out on stories and ask a question and not get many replies because people might be shy. They might not have DMG before it might be completely new to them so one thing that you can do is do a poll so do a poll in the left option the right option and the people not respond. Go through when actually click the name. Install a conversation with them yourselves so we do this too. We put polls up. We say on the left. Are You a female entrepreneur People Click which one will go through Indiana and be like. Hey we saw you on. The poll would love to learn more about human just have real life conversations because I think that is. The foundation of social media is meaningful social interaction and having like. I see people at an event and I'm like oh I recognize you. We were just shouting trump and I think that is so important. I think sometimes we get recall. Open the following numbers. Are they have thousands of followers on have millions of followers? I want to get there. I want that it's just not about that. It's about the real meaningful community that you'll building at not comes from just having conversations. It comes from caring Dagnon. I say that we get where we because we out care everyone. We care so much and I know you feel the same way we care about what you're doing. We want you to demo some. Tell us what happened in your day. We want you to demonstrate. You'll have a problem so we can support you in a different direction. And if you take anything away from that just have those conversations in polls a great way to do it. If you want to bridge that gap between someone not damning you and not having that conversation. That is a beautiful tip. Where can everybody connect with? You find you become a boss baby. A part of your community. Tell us all the places so they can find me on instagram. At I am or at Boss Baby Inc and then we have all of our Info on boss baby dot com so many resources blog posts. You have a membership all the things. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. I am obviously a huge fan of both in real life and on the Internet and I'm so grateful for everything you share today. This was so incredibly helpful. Thank you. This is amazing. That was amazing. I feel like Natalie. Has This gift of just simplifying things five steps we can all handle five steps right and the way that she broke those down on. Mike. That has summed up. Our goal of this. Podcast is in such a beautiful way. And what the goal of an entrepreneur is I mean? This girl is brilliant. I loved getting to meet her and Danielle in real and getting to just hug it out with fellow women who are on this journey alongside of as there's room for all of us and I think it's so beautiful to be able to collaborate and empower and team up and encourage and just be in each other's coroner's like how awesome we need more of that in this world. I'm so grateful to boss. Babe and the resources they put out in the inspiration sharing if anything I really love their. Sassy quotes on their instagram. Feed some days unlike scrolling through. And I'm like yes I needed this. I'm sure you're gonNA feel the exact same way until next time gold diggers keep on digging your biggest goals and thank you so much for allowing me to have this community where we empower and bring up more women leaders like Natalie and like Danielle. I'm over here. Give you a virtual high five because you just finished another episode of the Gold digger. Podcast that go way too fast for anyone else you want more head over to Golddigger podcasts. Dot Com for show notes and all the discount codes from today's sponsors. And if you're looking for a new crew of movers and shakers like you to bounce ideas and ask questions be sure to join my exclusive community for gold diggers on facebook the links waiting for you at Golddigger PODCAST DOT com.

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0001 He Has The Whole World In His Hands

The Truth in Love

23:52 min | 5 years ago

0001 He Has The Whole World In His Hands

"Chevy years ago, one of the greatest artists and music, made a tour around the world, to take the message of the goodwill and the friendship the United States to the people of the land. Marian. Anderson is known all of the world as a great singer on the great person. As she can't her message of goodwill, and fringe hip with US to other land. She also carried a greater message that was found in the words of song the she made popular and help make hep to make her famous. Everywhere. She went she's saying he's got the whole world in his hands. Youth course know that song had become popular and set to popular beat. I am told today that young people are more concerned about the rhythm a popular songs than the are the lyrics. And I think with most of the songs I can concur on that. Hybrid is lyrics to this song that make it so great in the eyes of all of us, are religiously inclined, they saw simply says he's got the whole world in his hands. He's got the little bitty baby in his hands. He's got even me brother in his hands. He's got me sister in his hands. He's got everyone here in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands. Message that walls to carry to the world. In which east and west. We're struggling to ascertain, which one would hold the rest of the world in his hands. What a message that was to carry to a world of people who were striving for independence, but who had forgotten that they depend on God. What a message that walls to carry to millions of people in our world where the nation with the largest satellite in orbit or the most powerful missile with which to launch it was expected to hold the rest of the world in his hands. And what a message that walls to carry to a world that was lily starving to death on the world that thought God had forgotten them. I believe that this is a message of Jesus. When our Lord said are not two sparrows sold for penny and not one of them will fall to the earth without your father's real on even the very hairs of your head or all numbered, Matthew, ten twenty nine and thirty. I believe Jesus was saying that God has the whole world in his hands, the tiniest fallow. The air cannot fall to the ground without your will, and every single hair of your head is known by him. I convince saints this is true. That no death are changing health is beyond his attention. No threat to laugh character. Notice act to do wrong. It's beyond this knowledge. No change of laughing any way. Can escape the almighty arm and hand of our living dawn. Since this is true. I believe that no tariff, no injunction nor tornado. No dictator. No missile, no terrif- no-one junction of any kind can separate off from the hand and heart of almighty God. I personally believe God has president Mitterrand of France and his hand. God has President Mubarak of Egypt in his hand. The God has president Ronald Reagan in his hand. How God has Linden Bushnif in his hand. Ali Paul with feing this in Romans eight when he said, I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels, or principalities nor things present nor things to come or powers, nor height, nor depth nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ. Jesus our Lord, Romans chapter eight thirty five thirty nine. If this is true, I'm convinced that God has birth and death body and soul health and illness, wealth and want in his hands. If this is true, unconvinced God has night and day when com flood and drought in his hands. God has the rich and the poor. Every male and female the bond in the free the infant and the aged the great under small in his hands. I believe that in the bible. God's message all mankind. These laws are conveyed to us, very explicit and direct language. And I would ask you to listen to these very carefully. In the midst of his great affliction job said, who among all of these does not know that the hand of God has done this in his hand is a life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind job, twelve versus nine and ten this Amish navy said. Our God is a great God and a great king of all God's in his hand or the height of the mountains. The dealt is also, this is his for he formed it. And in his hand is a dry land psalms ninety five three four and five. Another rider said in first chronicles twenty nine and twelve. In the hand is power mind. And in the handy district, great do, give strength and make great to all. God says, I have planned social, it be I purpose socialist stand, and then Isaiah commented his hand distressed out over all the nations his hand is stress down and who can turn it back parts of Isaiah fourteen twenty four twenty seven, and then David again, Pinson words along this line when you said the steps of the good man are ordered by the Lord. I wanna fall he should not be utterly cash down for the Lord of pulled him by his hand. Psalms thirty seven twenty three and twenty four. And then, again from the Old Testament, the bible says the hand of God is full good up on all them. That seek him as eight and verse twenty two and then the writers says Wiseman Ecclesiastes nine in verse one, the rajas on the wise and their deeds are in the hand of God. It seems to me that very fitting conclusion to older scriptures is one that is found in the New Testament with which I'm sure we're all familiar. I have reference to I Peter chapter five beginning versus when Peter says humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God. They denied exalt. You do time and verse seven says casting all your care. Up on the Lord for he cares for you. But what does all this mean how does it affect our faith, and regulate our conduct? I want to share with us some things. But how new believe I know that it means if God has the whole world in his hands. In the first place. If God has the whole world in his hands. The world belongs to gone. In psalm twenty four in verse one David said the earth is a large on the fullness there long though world. And then that well they're in. Later, and sawn fifty and Verstand you said for every beast of the forest is mine, and the catalog on a thousand heals in Haggai two in verse eight the Old Testament prophet said the silver is mine. And the goal is nine saith, Jehovah, post, and James says every good gift, condom, God James one seventeen the early Christian. We're so concerned about this matter that not a one of them said they possessed was their own acts four and verse thirty two. The nearest thing that I helped to me is my body. And yet, in first Corinthians, six ten and twenty Paul says you are not your own era bought with a price glorified. God in your body. And again, David and I twenty nine in verse eleven said. Vinyl orders the greatness and the power and the blow Ray and the victory, an analogy for all those in the heavens and the earth is fine, and three versus further down in verse. Fourteen David said for all we have come from the on the own. We give back to the believe America needs to realize that the earth is God's and belongs to him. We need this lesson. And it means that my life is not my own means that my wife and my children, my friends and my neighbors my relatives belong to gone. God has given MandA minion over the material world. God gave man dominion over the animal world. But God never gave manner riot to abuse are to misuse it in this to the word. Fool the harder is fooling materialist is because the earth is the Lord's and the fullness, their law, though world and all them that dwell there in by means the Holy Spirit through Paul, in, I Corinthians three beginning about verse twenty one through twenty three something that Paul said for all things are yours for the Christ or polish or safest or the world or life or death, or things present or things to come all yours. And here Christ and Christ is God's, there's something else, I believe that the bible teaches if God has the whole world in his hands. Not only does the world belong to God. But I believe the bible says the world is subject to gone older. Shiver might have said, it's better to reign in hill than serve in heaven. But. The fact is he couldn't rain anywhere. Because our God is God of gods. And Lord of lords and king of kings. Hunt, even Satan is limited. You're not they live in a time when there is struggle in top levels of governmental authority plan men are lifting themselves up and having supremecy and the minion over other men. But we are told in the word of God that no land, no matter how he may lift himself or raise himself over other men is exempt from the control and the power. That is a handful mighty gone. There came a time in the life of king. -nificant azer. Because of his abuse of power. The gods. Daniel to him with a message in the words of Daniel in chapter four twenty five Daniel said God is going to depose you from your power. And you throw in for a while. And then you said to, you know that the most high rains and the kingdom of man and gives it to WALE. Two chapters prior to that statement in Daniel chapter two in verse Twenty-one Daniel said he sets up kings and he removes kimes. And that great revelation letter. In chapter seventeen verse fourteen Jon Allen, petma- said they make war against the lounge on the Lam show. Conquer him though, he is king of kings, and Lord of lords, therefore, we need in America today to ask ourselves. The question can we sensibly subject ourselves to any other power? Can we sensibly fret over governors kings rulers and dictators isn't not our business as God children to go about the world telling people about the king of kings, and all of lords? I the two one and two for some of these six under fifteen. But there's something else, I believe. The bible teaches, if God has the whole world in his hands, not only does the world belong to God and is subject to God. But I believe the bible is ordered by gone. That is the bible tells us the world is ordered by gone. I'm sure that Joe did not understand when he found himself in the bottom that blacked musty pit and like us today, he might have said, this is just my luck and later on when he was sold to the media nights, mislabeled agent, he might have said, I don't know why this happened to me. And then after a time he was in Egypt forsaken by friends forgotten while it wasn't prison. And Joe's it might have said. I don't know what I done to deserve this. But joins us live was one of triumphant faith in mighty gone. Pleasure on his brethren came to Egypt when Joseph was United with them, and they with him. Joseph made two statements the first Genesis forty five eight. The second Genesis fifty verse twenty and these statements are the Joseph said. So it was not you that set me here. But God you meant evil against me. God meant for good. I'm confident that Joseph did not understand about the pit slavery, Egypt prisonment, but Joseph life was one of victorious triumphant faith in God. And Joseph knew that God was using him. Onto his blow away on that everything will work out. All Ryan someone's as yes, but preacher, that's Old Testament. But in the book of Romans chapter of eight twenty eight Paul says for we know that to them that love God, all things work out together for good to them that love the Lord. In that verse? It seems there are four loans. There is a law of operation the law of cooperation the law of compensation and Olov limitation things work. That's the law of operation thing, worked together. That's the law of cooperation all things work together. Who good? That's the law of compensation and all work together for good to them. That love the Lord and that the law of limitation when the apostle Paul finished as missionary journeys. He did not go back to any Aachen say, I want to tell you about those wicked Jews about the beating of the stonings or about that we could sorcerer on the papers. The bible says, and acts fourteen twenty seven Paul came to any UK. He rehearsed all. The things that God had done with him. Therefore, the messages to the fateful, victorious triumphant Christian who lives in walks, my faith, nothing. Absolutely nothing is outside the hand and the heart and the care and the providence of almighty God. And if God is with us who can be against us, Romans eight and verse thirty one our world is not run by look by fate by pluck. We understand that God oppose all things by the word of his power Hebrews. One in verse three, our hearts need to bear in reality. What are coins? In fact, in God we trust. But if the world is in the hand of God. And if God has the whole world in his hands, but I'm convinced the world is controlled by God. Find. Do you pray? Why? Is not because we believe in the providence of God is not be called. We believe that God never sleeps in slumbers and God has the whole world in his hands. Don't we believe that God can change the course Vince through proper means, of course in the book of exodus, chapter three in verse seven God that I have seen and I have heard and I know didn't. Three in verse twenty Paul said, yes, and God is able to do something about it for God is able to seeding montly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us chapter three verse twenty one. But there's something else, I believe that your life, and my life or incomplete control God, if we are his fateful, dedicated law children for their notation taking you, but such as Mankin bear for God is faithful and we're not suffer you to be tempted above that you're able, but will that temptation provide or make the way the gape, if time permitted versus like second to nine James one two, three four James one thirteen through fifteen and a whole galaxy of other relate to fact that God is not going to let Satan rise up and slay us with a power beyond his control when God has the whole world in his hands. It means that Satan is limited, and that is power is limited. But there's something else. I believe if God has the whole world in his hands. It doesn't just belong to God his subject to God ordered van, God and controlled by God. But I believe the world is going to be saved by God. Testimony in the age of the early church. After the day of Pentecost. And after acts one six eight when choir said he should be my witnesses in Jerusalem. Judea Samaria and to the other part of the earth. I find they certain powerful statement, very clearly set forth. And actually it in verse four and that is they went everywhere, preaching the word what I'm saying today is simply this, the conversion of the world with the New Testament church has been commissioned to -ccomplish. He's not going to be the work about hands, whenever I read in the book, faxed. But after that, dispersion they went as far as North Africa, some into Asia, perhaps they traveled up to Cyprus and then some as far as Andy oak, and the bible says actually Levin verse nineteen there. They preached the gentiles. And then I read verse twenty one. I am the hand of the Lord was with them and a great number that believed turned onto the little. You know, the hand lead Israel out of Egypt on across the Red Sea. The hand that brought him in the land of Canaan Andro out there, any enemies before them. The hand that gave victories today, vid. The hand that inspired the prophets the hand that raised up enemies to punish Israel. He's not the same hand of God today guides leads empowers, and controls today, the conversion of the world is not going to be the work of my hand or the work of some other preachers hand, viable says we are just instruments in the hand of God. And we have this treasure in earthen vessels, Crans over seven, but they should all be taught of God, every man who has heard, and learned the father, come unto me John six forty four forty five. God says my word won't return void as if it if I have ten eleven. Without dog. We're nothing per screen three seven or nine is not this, the message that the world needs today is not this the solution to our problems to people who are too cynical to see any opportunity to preach, effectively, to God's bigots to those who have to live in such tyrany to those who Lord over their fellow man's we will shout from the house top. The whole world is in the hands of gone, basically, in London, mentally. Stripped of all of the considerations becoming a child of God is one off recognizing thority submitting myself to that thority as demonstrated by God, drift Sony said, I have all thirty in heaven and earth. But I must warn us today. The Hebrew writer says is a fearful thing to follow the hands of the living God, if your life lived outside of this area, consider God's providence and his power. You've been listening to a podcast of the truth in love for a listing of all our programs. Please check out our website at WWW dot T T. I L dot TV. And if you have any questions or lacking of materials, please call our toll free number one eight hundred eight one nine two nine six six. Thanks for listening to the truth in love and feel free to let us know how we can help you toward seven today.

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Situational Awareness

Whine Down with Jana Kramer

1:07:07 hr | 11 months ago

Situational Awareness

"As a parent one thing I definitely don't want to have to worry about is our car's tires. Fortunately the folks over at Michelin thinks so too. THAT'S WHY MICHELIN SUPPORTS TESTING OF WARREN ENTIRE stopping performance tires need to stop safely not just now but down the road with Michelin's premier. As tires parents have one less thing to worry about not knowing that their tires are designed to deliver reliable wet traction even a warns state because when you've got kids on board every stop counts Michelin performance every time wind down with Jennifer and Michael Johann cast as everyone voting for the People's Choice Award. You better vote today. Let's get on it because here's the thing yes ma'am. Do you want to do a party you and your. I love throwing him party. I love a party. Do you have a party for the People's choice. Nomination Danielle and I have some things up our sleeve and what do you think I love that I'm asking on on the air. Because how can you say no. We should do a CO party with the scrubbing in hundred percent Michael no absolutely some amazing. I was so excited to just even be like again nominated with them. I love both those girls so much fun. I think so we have the party in Nashville because both those roles want to go and I've been texting. Both those girls like crazy open. To how much fun would that be seriously because honestly with me literally. I've been talking talking to both of those girls this past week like I love you congrats. I love you congrats like like let's do a national trip alright party in a national party well then we invade ed though if you are you are we got time the show's not until November. That's true we do party in September. Yeah we could do that yeah all right Danielle Mitterrand. We do party in October or November or December or January. That's totally a hundred percent and everyone's invited twenty ebbets keeping people keep them coming so we can have another party in December January to celebrate them winning again getting older yeah but here's the thing though it's not I don't feel like Dax Shepard's people vote. It's like it's the bachelor nation that votes. Let's cause was you know what I mean. I really do but who knows will say. Internet talk to me about my is there. Let me ask you this if if you will. I don't think we've ever touched on this. If there's one thing that you'd want to do in your life that you always kind of thought like and then my answer in another life I'm GonNa. I'M GONNA. Actually GonNa make this more difficult for you because I know you're GONNA be. I WanNa be an anchorwoman well. That's like my the third thing on my list okay. Why do you say like that. I WANNA be anchorwoman in like the home videos that you showed me. When you're like twelve tell you I'm sitting. I'm Jan Johnson on signing climate news pretty much those Att so what is it that you would like to do or would want to do in a different life. What do you think it's going to be an anchor person living your dream because your person for extra extra years Aegina on your hotel room. TV's Mario Lopez. I'm Jana Kramer Kramer this this week on demand puppy paws yes it. What would you want to do guest Danker eastern Gimme good guess is I like to play. The guessing game is play game. Play more games on the show like what what have you always wanted to do in yeah like a pipe dream like let's see. I could see Janna being like a secret agent. Oh I love martial arts expert that kind of thing. I like a black like winter type. Oh I like that. okay so my number one would be well what I've always want us to where I've always wanted to do right yeah yeah just something that you you've always been drawn to but your life went a different direction. But where would you want to. I'm an I'm an image. Change your question a little a little bit and I'm GonNa tell this work okay. I'm GonNa say what I would have what I still would love to accomplish in this lifetime not the question yeah. It is not the question okay fine so I'll answer your question the answer mine so what I would WanNa do in another lifetime I would wanna go into politics and I would want to be a political figure because I loved current events in your people get like a house of cards. People like scared of you know characters grabbing wearing a Janna would be the real life Robin White Robin Robin Right. Yes that would be my dream like. Would you want to be a mayor of a city or would you. WANNA BE WANNA run. I WOULD WANNA go 'cause I loved politics when I was in high school. I loved it so much so I I mean I. I did extra credit homework so that my SA- Shush in macaroni events class. They still use my like extra credit project. I did just because I even swan to come in and talk all about George Bush and so I was so excited because I got I won the trip to go go to the capital and I was living my best life just like being in the capital being in that room. It was just show there on the field trip back from maybe you were a senior in high school. I was graduating sixth grade yeah but in this lifetime though it would be I've I would love to go to college and get a degree in psychology art actually loved get a degree in psychology to take. I took a couple of psychology classes in college. I wish I would focus more than yeah. That's awesome Michael. What's yours now and then in the narrow life since I did too they added my question into this one in another life. I've made fun of mine. I Made Fun of Mine S- Call Me Carl winslow yeah I mean absolutely this numerous times probably on here. I'll probably even say later today because as we have an amazing guest who has a background in military special OPS but I've always been drawn to law enforcement and not just has being a cop but F. B. I. C. I. There's something like that. He stuck in thirty two doesn't matter it's like you like are like sixty when he's is like. I can't take up piano. I'm thirty to Mike Brooks. No that's not true. Just think about where you could be at a Dixie. Do you know you're not sixty so you're not dying. You're thirty two years old. I went quick everything we're doing and I'm going to be a senior day what she wanNA. Do I said this before to that. Ship has sailed because of our shit is out there citizen. That's not going to be that you're not going to be able to do swat because our undercover agent uh-huh well anyways so that but then honestly when I was a kid besides I wanted. I wanted to play the NFL since I was like for but besides that in law enforcement. I was thought I'd be really good teacher. I I love to teach and I wanted to teach either late elementary school or high school entry school like fifth grade like fifth sixth grade or late high school probably late high school but I just I don't know I just always thought out enjoy teaching. It'd be a good teacher not middle school because all this our pets. Let's sixth grades Middle School in some in some places. That's why I was world where I come from is it really went through six K. through second. Oh wow serving as middle interests the normal way. I don't know if you if I see you being. S- actually see being more more of a middle than elementary and high patients could not handle middle schoolers but yet you can handle fourth and fifth graders because because the fourth and fifth graders third they're still partly cute seventh and eighth graders. We all went to middle school. That's the worst time ever everyone's dead. Everyone sucks instincts. miskel socks instincts and everyone stinky. They don't really know it yet. So people aren't really putting on either. They're not putting on perfume. Lunar Deodorant were put on too much. I think temper because I don't you're not good with the cockiness and you're not good with the Shyness Caucus. Lake like if a kid was being yeah so talk grade but I've waited break through that and I could talk. What would you wanNA teach which subject when when when I had this dream I wouldn't be history teacher history interesting so who won the battle of Gettysburg you mom. I know I'm going to quiz your history. NECE in school. History in was like my favorite question who won the battle of Gatlinburg doubt Lindbergh. I don't know Oh do you. You're the history teacher. Let me get some. Thanks when did when did Columbus sail around the world and what he realize he's you're not alone and that all made up answers forty. Three isn't the right answer said nineteen eighteen seventy five. Oh I would've known that Jimi Hendrix was on the boat with them. Fourteen ninety two frankly keeping track at home. I actually wasn't too you for off it. It's a fourteen hundred hundred century. When was the pilgrimage. Let's think brush. It is relevant. 'cause you said you wanted to be a history teacher. What history talking about okay anyway. This wasn't my dream now. This is a different lifetime right time but you still have some knowledge. I have knowledge in mine again giving more the anyways okay well. I'm really excited because I just heard that are special little literally. Our special guest is here so let's take a quick break and then we're going to intro our guest furniture. Shopping is famously terrible over here. salespeople poor-quality four quality pieces terrible shipping periods the works. That's why article decided to change the way that people shop for furniture instead of schlepping two warehouse to shop per particle aboard articles. 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They don't look like the other computer glasses though you see out there take movements bestselling glass frames adds a little blue light filtering lens to them so you don't have to you know be worried that they're. GonNa look like you know those big old old ones actually ordered the Ingraham frame and Turquoise with that clear lens so they look just like regular glasses. No Yellow Tint lenses like you find another blue light blockers. actually an average person spends almost seven hours a day in front of their screens. This is just really trying to help people. We'll get to better all around goodness with the glasses ever scroll blue light filtering glasses start at just sixty five dollars so you get fifteen percent off today with the free shipping and free returns by going to movement dot com slash wine movement by the way is Spelt M. V. MTV shop movement ever scrolled blue light filtering glasses protect your eyes and hand look great doing it go to movement dot com slash wine and join the movement. I know Michael Both can say that this is probably GonNa be one of the coolest interviews absolutely kills drifts. We've had no one like this yet and no offense to our other gases. We love Oliver guests but this this is just something that's I'm so excited because it's a very How do I say very relevant topic that we've been discussing thing in the house and you know our guest. Has been thorough lots. I'm excited stock by the journey but then also the things that we want to know more about be a safer came Michael. I'll give you the let's welcome before. Give the elevator pitch Mr Aaron Cohen Elevator Elevator Pitch Elevator Pitch. I'M GONNA go to my notes too so I don't mess anything up. Aaron is a former SPEC OPS commando turned bodyguard turned actor little Mr everything aged eighteen year volunteered and selected to serve in the oven Duvdevan Duvdevan the secret Israeli commando unit operating undercover and in disguise inside Palestinian territory which was designated to infiltrate terrorist cells so you've done everything so you're just a you're. You're bad ass. Yeah Yeah where I mean. This is something Mike I mean. This is what you know so I was in the unit addresses up as Arabs CBS go undercover to kidnap terrorist to bring them back to Israel. Wait say that when you dressed as the show on Netflix called Faldo fell the is blowing upton its third season and it's the unit that specializes in dressing up as Arabs for the purpose of infiltrating terrorists neighborhoods to kidnap terrorists to bring them back to Israel for trial in an interrogation so I'm the first American to ever serve in the unit and there's a show on Netflix. It's called Faldo which is like with Leo Roz totally blowing up there and it's the number one show on Netflix right now and the reason why is because it's in Hebrew in Arabic Arabic and all the Arabs hate Israel love. The show finally like getting to see behind the a little bit so yeah. I did that for seven years. That's fast. I was like your dream wasn't Mike. We'll just I've always been. I'm have a sports background played professionally stuff like that but my biggest thing once I retired. I even thought about doing law enforcement because that's just been. That's one of those pipedreams for me. I've always wanted to serve in some kind of law enforcement so and I was all for it. I was like Babe Go. He went to the to the what's your your former football player user fantastic so but he was like well babies like the kind of law enforcement. I would mindue like I'd want to be the ones like breaking down the door like I told her there's unit in in Nashville. We're living at the time and and now we're back there and I don't remember the Cabrera's basically the squad that kind of all the you know the down and dirty stuff was my next job the last fifteen years training swat teams in the Israeli methodology theology of active shooter response and see Qb or forced entry for High Risk Warrant Service and hostage address you. Do you have a family I do. Is your wife terrified my fiance. I met after the military in my career. She's still kinda terrified with this stuff I do but she likes all the acting acting stuff now but I think she likes the more bad stuff. Do you know what I mean. She's she's like Hollywood's collect. She loves the Hollywood stuff right. I hate the Hollywood stuff. I like working in films owns because it's so much more fun like I'm like blanks. Versus bullets blanks but she likes me because of the real stuff she knows was the Hollywood stuff is nonsense and do you know what I mean. Feel safer with me because of the real story of the fact that I'm a reserve deputy. I carry a firearm affirmative movie theater. I can respond to an active show which leads us to this thing so I have terrible anxiety because we'll I've had anxiety for a while but I recently had anxiety diety taxes. I went to a target and I was with our nine month. Old Son and I had just read a story about a baby that passed away in the arms of a mom Tom who was at the Walmart El Paso and the second one that target I was just like okay. How am I going to protect my son when a shooter comes in and so I told Michael about my panic attack and how I immediately left target and and he was like you know babies. I've been thinking too and I want to talk to you about these like. Would you be okay if I got to carry a Kerry. Carrying licensed concealed carry like a million percent. You know to to protect you know just to know that we can at least protect ourselves and people around us if something like that were to happen. It's just it's scary reality though to have you know what's how do you like is that is that same address addresses. Let me address it. It's a fair question because my fiance gets gets anxiety also she hates going out. I've got Amazon boxes at my door every night because he doesn't want to go to the grocery store. We are and that's all I do. I don't care if this knife from the Mike self-defense. I carry this to cut them to put them in boxes can get them in the garbage. I've literally it just like that for that reason so let me address that so by primary job like I said for the last seventeen years as a bodyguard regard and then after nine eleven a tiny swat team in the middle of nowhere called intellect you do the Israeli thank you train us in that turned into like three thousand police police officers and military units all over the world. We traveled and Tom. Here's my training coordinator and I'm all for it but you've gotta get to training the average. Law Enforcement Enforcement Officer has to qualify once a year once a year and they shoot. Maybe five thousand rounds in the Academy in my unit was five thousand runs a week. That's special operations great seal team same thing with Rangers same thing with Delta Delta even more so at a more extreme level so my unit which is a tier one unit like Delta Force or alike deb grew or seal team six which these units have come to come to the movies more with with with Mark Wahlberg and Marcus Latrell. We're seeing more more of the special operations community you gotta get. The training. What I mean is in Israel. Anyone is issued. A firearm has to go through a minimum of forty hours of training which involves balls everything from point shooting which is behavioral based off your stressed. What's that GonNa feel like one too firing in and around the crowd. What does that look like. When I bring up the Americans they look at me. They're like you're out of your mind. We could never get away with that and my answer is that's because the liability of not firing into to a crowd is still greater than the liability of firing into a crowd so intel that becomes congruent and there's more active shooters and terror attacks. They're cautious about the types of things they look at me but then at the end they go. You know what that's really smart. Carry the pistol. Get the permit but the to get one is easy as long as you don't have a felony fire few bullets at the range and whatever it is you find you have to train like an animal so that while you're carrying with your wife with your kids you have some blocking capabilities like a bodyguard and how to cover them how to work into a crowd and cut a find a single threat with a crowd of people running around. Where was it a Walmart Walmart was the Passo she's okay. So where were you when you so targets like the Jewish Walmart. That's it's like the Jappie Walmart and I'm a JU. I can say okay so it's the same vibe though right like there's going to be people running everywhere in the golf going to be running towards the exit and your instinct is going to be a grunting also but law enforcement has to run to the threat so if you're going to do it just get law enforcement great active shooter training and there's more of it now than ever and if you want me in touch with me and I can connect you with an agency in Nashville. You said you guys are so everyone's training is getting better. Just make sure you get a lot a lot of training and it's like you know in football. Everything's like designed to make it so it's real when you're in the place repetitious the football animal exactly we call it dry fire the same thing you have to be doing trills under stress your heart rate is where high what happens to your vision. Blur Donald Vision what happens to your hearing auditory exclusion in normal reaction right the same stuff that you do in football we do with a gun so just take that and put that on the range and if you WanNa make you guys a menu you of some of the stuff to start looking training and after you get the permit and then you feel a little bit better yeah because at the end of the day it's about making her happy. She's not happy uh-huh. That's how that's going to go. I would love to be able to go shopping or go to the mall or go to the freaking church and not feel feel like okay is this is GonNa Happen today here yeah because it's like you can't go any purchase schools. It's like Nunc as they can't going so I just I I want I'm going. I want to get off topic. 'cause I WANNA talk about new movie but I just don't even know if we can talk about it. I don't WANNA get political. I really don't but I'm just curious you know they say. I don't want our guns to be taken away. I love the right to bear arms. I think that's you know great but when people say they talk about like Australia and there's been they don't they can't have guns but then there's no but people say well. You can find the guns even if you take away. The guns are always going to find the guns well then. Why haven't they found Australia. Why haven't there been any shootings. What listen you never taking guns away from Americans. We don't have we don't have a second amendment. In Israel. Everybody serves in the Israeli Defense Forces so between the ages of eighteen twenty one every man and woman picks up a rifle and does some type of national service in Israel Defense Forces and nobody has a gun out of the army unless you're law enforcement so I again. I don't think you're ever going to take guns away from Americans and I think the Second Amendment is so even into the culture and the fabric of this country because this is cowboy. It's a cowboy country right. We founded this American so this whole country was founded on the ability to be able to defend yourselves and so anyways you're not getting the guns away from Americans but you can legislate and get tighter on is the mental health restrictions and making sure that people who have mental health problems can never get a gun. I don't have a problem with making sure that people who own a gun should be checked and make sure that they're checked and maintain that checking so that there aren't mental health is just because everybody knows that giant mental health problem here kind of being muddled with a gun problem when it's sort of a combination of the two A. R.'s are no way ours. I don't want to get into that you can do just as much damage which with a pistol history you can with an Ar. Can you do more than you know what I mean that doesn't have the most of the shootings we sere what the AARP because they're higher your cabinet and the bullets fired twenty two hundred feet per second as opposed to supposed to nine hundred feet per second. The air is more lethal. It's just it's a fact. Do you need an ar and your house. Would I use it for home. Defence probably not because I I would want French around. Don't go through walls and stuff but I want to be careful with that because again. I'm all for weapons happens but the training has to be there so if you're not getting the guns away from the Americans then you can regulate a training and then regulate the mental health checks in Israel. If you WANNA pistol or he can't even get a rifle. If you want a pistol you have to live either like right near the border of Lebanon where there's terror attacks coming or near the southern border in Gaza. It's to protect your family from terror infiltration. What's been the scariest thing that you've ever witnessed during all of your lines of work right. When I finished my pipeline in the Israeli special forces in the counter terror unit I was sleeping for like three straight couldn't move was so tired and there was a monster terror. Attack was ninety seven at a mall in Tel Aviv and I felt like an earthquake because I'd grown up with earthquakes and I'm like in my underwear running with my sixteen down the street with an officer of mine who was living with on my team and we we responded to a deadly terror. Attack Twenty seven people were killed and it was like right outside side of a mall and then at that moment. I realized just how ugly the face of terror was because it has no name it. Has You know what I mean. Everybody's everybody's open target right yeah. No one nine eleven hit after I was out of the army and I saw the planes hit the towers. I went well. Guess what it's here. Let's hear unfortunately I'll have a career but it's here so I would say that Dizengoff mall attack was was terrible because it was on the day of Israel's Halloween and there was like kids in costumes who were who were a pain and suffering and there's nothing you can do and then all of a sudden oliver pages went off the entire unit got called called back and then for the next three months in sleep just hunting down the architects of the terrible wave of attacks in the nineties. I mean this is the guy that you play on. Your video. Games like this is their real life. Persian Jew ish very thin. I mean I'm speechless in sunset assist because all this like I could sit with you. Someone like you for hours because I just don't even know what kind of questions I would have. They would just keep coming in common but to get back to our topic about you know carrying everything and I I agree with you for sure like I wouldn't even feel comfortable carrying until I get enough training. We're I feel confident comfortable. You're not going to get on the field right right. I'm not going to see if I undoing but for people that maybe either live in a state that has tighter gun laws or don't believe in in necessarily you know weapons weapons or or or guns to protect themselves. What would you advise people who want to still feel secure in some way without using on good preventative good question smart it could preventative measures like everything has behavior before it actualized is so like my girlfriend is trained to look at the cars when she's walking into her car because if someone's GonNa follow you they're going to be sitting in a car. Look at the vehicles when you pull out you'll see a car. You'll hear a car engine. Turn on so get ahead of it. Open your is in Luke situation. Awareness is like a real thing like you can. Michael thousand all the time from one of my favorite because women are buried here and we're in such an instagram culture which is great eight for advertising because you can force feed them what you want infiltrate their cell phones with level capabilities because everyone's on their phone now and we can advertise a make millions of dollars selling whatever we want to bite you. GotTa get your head out of your phone when you're walking. You're moving have a look at where you're going. Another thing is download fine. My my friends like there's all kinds of great tracking now download it. You know like not only will you be able to find her. If the phone dies we're visiting thanks yeah then but also if you lose your phone you can find it for her without having to log on so it's just about getting in front of the threat so oh looking at cars when you're walking to stay away from the night stuff like don't be out at night. There's no reason anywhere in the world. You know what I mean thrives at night. That's where breeze. It's like a fungus and I'm not a big fan of like self defense training to protect yourself because I don't think it's GonNa work under stress unless you're like an AMA great. It must like Jennifer isn't enough what exactly like she planned for them and yeah but if you put a gun in her hands she's trained. It's the total tactical equalizer liser. you know what I mean. I don't care how big you are or if you're Tito Ortiz you come at her and she fires and puts three shots and you. You're going to go down so there's a reason why ah you know weapons exist for self defense but you've got to be trained to be able to use them under stress so but I've trained tons of women's you guys see Haywire with Gina Carano trained Gina for that moving. She's an MA fighter. So when she picked up the gun she was a natural she already do all this stuff and that's why I started in movies and we can get to that whenever but you can learn how to shoot weapons. Everybody can changes. There's it's no difference between you two with a gun right the period so only that I I I baby great so my first day with my fiance was she had no idea what I did. Do you WANNA go shooting seconds business business. I'm like what she must have stopped. My facebook page got my stuff on there and I post them here and there and we went and then I I sent the target fifty yards down the range and I go for hit it you you'd have to kiss me in our house back and I folded the target up like this big story. That's fantastic. I love that that's so into the movies right. You're you worked on Do you work on the revenue ramblers to no Rambo. Last blood is the one yes. I was in John Wicked. I trained Kangaroos for John Work. I did a portion of his firearms training so he had about five different instructors he had he machado hit a whole all died of like top guys. I was lucky enough to get in there for all of his concealed carry work in his room clearing were and so that was for John. Wick to killing Kiana when I was still pretty tight and he trains all the time but it's a very perishable thing so that's another thing to remember. We're training. You like you got it. Keep shooting. It goes down for you. What position did you tight end. So what is tightened use the football master patch block. Do everything so you're you're like. We do every two forty. Five are used to be twenty five pounds. You have to be able to do everything everything run. Past guys faster new block is bigger and stronger than you and catch balls yes so that's the real deal football like nerd so that's awesome so. I actually just watched John with three pair bellum which was awesome without me told you it was going to have seen number two. I didn't care I want to see anyway anyways. So how how is that working with these. Do you find yourself when you work with these actors. More of them are interested in locked in or do you think it's hard to kind of get their attention came. No it depends on who it was so I started off. Tech Heck advising in two thousand eleven. That was my first movie. That was haywire trained. Gina Chronic channing tatum before he blew up before magic might hit my kid. I was there in the room and he pitched it you too soderbergh. I would do that movie. He's got the stripper movie idea Florida. He's like I would do that and I was like dude. I just saw one hundred fifty million dollar payout happen right and how is the real deal so most of the actors are into it because the action today has the bar has been set so much retire oh throughout the eighties and the nineties about a single physique Schwarzenegger Rambo but then all of a sudden after the Matrix changed everything all of a sudden it was about the action so once John Woo came in in the Chelsea came in and and the martial arts became the star that the level has just continued to grow so it opened up a market for guys like me to come in and bring great tactical training so I did a couple of movies and then Soderbergh put me and my first movie which was hey warren had a tiny road three lines and did you love it or you just like it was done. I'm like wait a second. You'RE GONNA pay me to do what I can hustle this. I'm like I so I did so we're five movies later. The producers of Rambo called me up asked me to join the law enforcement side of the cast in Rambo's got very contentious relationship but law enforcement going back to first blood with Brian Dennehy and he's like listen. It's not a huge part but it's important and we think you can carry this. Would you come and play the police state captain opt in and I did and that was coming off another movie I'd done with the same company called to eleven with Nick Cage which is on Netflix and I had a monster seen with nick cage not like that was called to eleven because I just watched the Nicholas cage the gun running one lord of Lords so they're turning that into not shown a cat moving. I can't see more turning into a TV. Show Saga and I'm going to be working on that as well be a Netflix series. Oh it was I I just I just find that. I want to just go along with WANNA. Sell Green Day. I kinda. I wanted a a day. I really truly good for a day. I would just love to just get in the inner workings of that and just see the messed up ness of everything and how these people are getting those guns and very interesting actually wouldn't want to sell the gun largest supplier of arms all over the world so yeah. We're just hang out with like cult American. Co America sells more guns than anybody what are you. Are you scared of anything. I don't think about fear you know what I mean. I'm just aggressive. You know my my my fears. I don't know that's a good question so that's what is there to be afraid of. It could be that already. I'm grateful beyond scared. I'm happy there's nothing that you know because like what's GonNa happen but someone's going to let me up in a movie theater. I'm armed can bring it right. You Walk into the wrong theatre. I I want you on every plane. I have like I want you to play football. We scared now. Focus when you go in life is same thing right in football. I wasn't scared because I was doing. I was trained trained. I have that mentality but the difference clearly between me and Scott is that you are trained and so in scenarios like I wouldn't know necessarily what to do. I'm carrying a couple weeks mentality Jason Jolie right now but that's the thing it's like those those kind of scenarios that are going on in the world or in our country today. I still have fear around them. Because at this current moment I am not to catch up and get on the train right exactly but Iraq is that mentality. I just love well you were taught as I was how turn fear into aggression yes yeah yeah and that's a and that's that's a really important life skill so. I'm not afraid. I'm just like Ansi like let's get more going. You don't have to move with the pace of like the next thing and the next thing you know what I mean. My fear is that I don't get to do it. All what do you want to do next. I JUST WANNA keep supporting actors. I want to be like the next Tom Sizemore without the guy swear on the show yeah without the nonsense that he's done. I just want to take his job because he's no longer welcome in that job but I mean that forty is right there which is like the sweet spot. I just WANNA support these guys because we don't have to carry the film but we can be in like every one of 'em Tom Sizemore sidekick. Here's Tom Sizemore. We'll take it well. I I just I your fascinating. Thank you for coming on and sharing your wisdom Dan and love and guns and Rambo September twentieth or twenty years. Have you seen it in its entirety. I have not ones when's the premier have. They don't know if they're going to do in L. A. Premier Slides Pretty Smart. He might do social media yeah. He's cool he yeah he was well like I so I got my sides and then it was like a showed up on set and and I was like you know like everyone's you know they. They're careful ron slide because he's such a legend. I wanted to run it because they've got a scene with John. Jay is coming down this hill and I'm going to talk to him and a couple of lines but I'm like I'm GonNa go to slide if he wants to run lines and I walked over and I go. Hey slow you want to run. This goes grill. Believe alleviate the nerve to ask him 'cause I wouldn't. I could never do that like I. I know but I just want to run this kid. Kits make it good because he you you know half wrote. The script and you have directing the movie. He's like a real filmmaker and it's can Rambo down on his horse and it's raining raining and it's like a ten thousand dollars set up and I'm like I walked over to slam. You know you'RE GONNA run into goes you commute through the lines and he goes into goes just like that a- and I'm like cool darn went back to my mark and then it was like and then we shot it and then it was awesome so September twenty. Everyone needs to see September twentieth breath. I think this will be the final Rambo but he's an incredible shape. He looks amazing. The knife that they pick for him is awesome goes up against the Mexican cartel which is a new storyline but it's new for John Jay and this is Rambo like in the seventies so you're gonNA see some like you're gonna like everyone. They played it close to how it would really be so it's it's a much act starting. Rambo nine. Va is my money. Thank you so much. Thank a little weird but we have a script. We're GONNA pretend to be actors right now. Do you want to be the mom or are the teen girl do choose us on I think I want to be the teen girl aren't fair enough. Okay honey sit down. We need to talk mom mom. I mean I was just about. I know what you're about to do here. That's actually what we need to discuss. Have a seat won't take long. I promise Hulme's now you're almost adult and that means your body's changing. 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I did a little bit of reading about it when I found out that you were going to be on and I've heard of Dirtyjohn which his apparently like the most popular podcast ever scary but we have terra newell from Dirtyjohn the original the one that went through it all that everything was based off of here with us today so just start. Go everything okay okay so my story is my mom married a con artist. This guy ended up being a really bad guy. My Mom left him a couple times and the last time time that she left him he ended up coming after me in trying to kill me career. I was twenty five at the time yeah so he tried to kill me and try to stop me. Stop me but I was actually able to get the knife in defend myself in kill may attacker Have you done a lot of therapy. Yes so much there were be were big therapy advocates. I can't even imagine going through something like that now. I've done actually Em Dr Thera don't know very well. What's helped so much but I'm still targeting all may triggers so I'm still going going through it. Did you do visual or audio. Npr I'm so I did it with the tappers crap and then you go through the van. Okay and then you kind of bounces of Brown from image to image when you do it but they're all correlated together. Wow that's fascinating waiting at in one thing that I love not love. That's terrible not is but that's very fascinating to me about. Tara is how you knew how will to attack John. Because it's it's kind of bad ass out the walking's I watched a lot of walking dead so it's kind kind of like monkey see monkey zeal and then you learn how to hold the knife correctly and to basically kill Zombie but kill a person. Did you run away after that or would you okay so I I wouldn't sewing grabs yo you. We need to try to flee the scene. You need to try to run away from them because just to fight them. Your chances kind of go down. I'm so you try to run run away and then if you're unable to run away then you need to start doing anything you can to try to defend yourself where I put my Arma. I blocked my heart so he stopped me on my arm my forearm instead of my heart and then I was able to kind of disconnect disconnect I would scream. I bit him as hard as I could. I ended up on the floor and just I used my fee. I may my legs my thighs. You know your legs are your biggest muscles in your body your largest muscles in your body so you got to us. Why and basically you were born to do because we have instincts as a human to survive so in this case. I used everything I could to survive even not instance. I'm sure you've talked about all of this so much. How many years ago did this happen this happen three years ago. I just celebrated liberated may three year. Anniversary actually is still recent enough. It's pretty recent but I feel like a good amount of time has gone by to he'll for sure. How did this story become. Dirtyjohn okay so it was a l. A. Times Story and then ended ended up into being a podcast and out. I mean like the they just. They nicknamed him. Dirtyjohn why I'm so his ex wife. Tanya had that nickname aim for him in when the show was coming to play they were kind of thinking of like what should we name it in the podcast and stuff and then she was just like okay dirtyjohn and that's kind of how they got the name but how did it get picked up to be that like she right it did who got the story to turn it into because I mean this is. I mean you know there's there's a lot of store not a lot of stories but you know there's con artists. And how did it become that though like how did it start to even start hurt that story okay so I believe it was Hannah fry from the Daily Mail not the Daily Mail it was like a local newspaper they told Christopher Gulford about hidden and also the prosecuting attorney who was supposed to prosecute me if I were to be on the wrong side of things kind of he told Christopher Gothard also about got it and then he became kind of intrigued by the story and contact and my mom and this time it was like do we WanNa talk about this because it's such a traumatic yeah. It should not experience in. I didn't want my name to be out there for something like this but I honestly prayed read about it in a gave it to God and I just had the answer that this was going to help people in. It's actually helped so many people so thoughts. That's why I put my story out there and how it kind of came out there. That's has it with as much as you talked after about this. Does it get easier every time you do or is it still something that just every time it still just kinda hits that chord of triggers of it. There's a sense Benson me being disconnected to it now. I talk about stirring things that I want to talk about. I don't talk about things that necessarily bothered me that it triggered me like all talk about like the hospital that triggers me because I am scared to death of hospitals and then it was like my personal space ofter being attacked and then going into intensive care not intensive care but the trauma I'm a Unit Pizza Hut shoe everywhere and when I say like everywhere it's everywhere and they're poking you and needles so that was kind of like re traumatizing ising to me so that's the part that's triggering to me and then just if I smell blood then that's triggering. Why why did he come after you. I did not go to your mom like I you know he went after my mom the night before but he was in unable to get into her apartment complex complex so I don't know if he came after me the next day because I was easier target or if I was just so when he was going after from the beginning beginning because he had may facebook page printed out of like where I worked. He called me work the day before so it was premeditated we during the whole prosecute the process after the fact right. We like to think that the justice system is going to do the right thing but did any of you have any fear of what if they mess this up somehow what if someone tries to manip- manipulate the situation and they try to put something on me so John has done that with so many other people I killed him so I didn't have that fear of him turning that around on me but I said after a few months when I heard that the case wasn't closed then I was like am I gonNa get arrested for this but I was like I shouldn't because it was strictly strictly self defense. I tried to flee away from him. I try to Ryan. I defended myself. There was nothing that I wanted to harm this person. What hurts you the worst with saying what you just said that I honestly had to take another person's person's life but I remembered that they're evil and not helps yeah. I mean you show hopefully you always remember that because because I come from a abuse abusive relationship who he tried to kill me and I remember like you know but they make you think that your your your fault so I just want you to not twist that yeah. That's my only I'm sure you. I'm sure you've done so much work but well yeah for sharing that with me. Also I respect by. It's just you know there's such evil people out. There in people need to be aware to look out for red flags and I'm the signs because there's so many cases that women are abused in you know there person that supposedly loves them tries to harm and kill them. Do you work with any shelters at safe horizon right now. I work with safe safe passage hills. I'm doing a five K. run for them on September twenty ninth amazing well thank you. There's any of this is any of this triggering for you. Yeah I'm but in a way where I'm like because she got out we got out and it could have been so much worse. We're survivors but but I just I can't imagine like 'cause I tried to fight back. You you know ended up getting like choked where I like loss breath but you know I couldn't. I'd yeah just to know what you had to do the extra level well. I mean not just you were you were surviving and you you know you saved your life and I just I the the trauma with all of that is just very overwhelming. I'm sure yeah and yeah I mean in just thinking I mean the my guy my abuser was he was a complete con artist and he had million different last names and was in Jio for things I know idea about took out credit cards and you know my mom's name thirty thousand dollars. You know we had no idea about any of it yeah so the list adds up. Yeah No. He was targeting my mom before we even knew. He took owl so much money. I think he took out like three hundred thousand dollars. I I've heard and and it's just so scary because people are out there and we'll do this to Yo yeah and it's just but the women that it's just it's the staying in it is like the hard thing 'cause it's like when you hear in like. Oh Yeah. I got back right after he said I was GONNA. You know we're right back to his bed right after. He said he was gonNA. Kill me but that's so it's a cycle. I know anyone any women and men listening because it is both ways you know that you says hardest thing. I'm a note to say because I'm like when you're in that moment. Oh you don't like you don't you can't you can't see until you're out of it. Yes No. It's really hard to walk. Away is part of the trauma to say prize and that's. I wish I would've trauma. Maybe also playing the scenario of like what if what if you didn't you weren't able to do what you had to wait. Wait a few like make. I don't know I haven't experienced something that traumatic but is that part of your trauma is going through in like what if something the negative consequence would have happened now. You're GonNa make me cry. I it was just like my nieces and nephews like heaven forbid. If anything happened hop into Bam like I would have tried to kill this guy like a hundred times over like it's just like my family. He was coming after my family and and family is everything to me so it's just it's just so emotional thinking that what what if it could have been one of the things. I'm so thankful it was me actually makes sense totally makes sense to is. I think Michael. Maybe you can get from anxiety standpoint like why I have such bad anxiety. When I feel trapped is because I am he's on top of me in that moment and I can't escape so that's why like I have a hard time experts because like you like that's my ptsd as the moment I gotta and why have such bad anxiety now because like when I feel traps anywhere I go all in envisioning him on me and I can't escape because what would I thought I was dying in that moment so that's the like things. It there which which I'm sure I feel like there's sometimes when I go to country festivals and it was like I have to be every exit yacht no every say sir. I have to have space if people touched me then I kind of freak out on time and it's not because they're like a person or anything. It's just because my boundaries are aping breach houses. Let's take a turn a little bit. How is this maybe affected or not affected your personal life as a put in aspect of dating or like dating. Are you married. I say like what's your relationship. And how much has this affected it. I'm definitely not married. How how old are you. I'm twenty eight and love things I am. I am dating people here in there and I'm trying to will this is honestly like a reoccurring green problem with or without the trauma. I'm trying not to self sabotage relationships. Speak as down now yeah because it's easier yeah but it's like you know. If you find a great guy and then he does not do like one thing that makes you happy then. You're like okay. I'M GONNA just turn it all around on him and then you're like I'm going to sell sabotage may solve so. I'm learning right now not to do that. How's how's your mom. She's doing all right. She has a new boyfriend and do we like him. I I it's Nice Nice Guy Yeah no so he's from in Newport and kind of wear grew up so I've asked around about him may sister highs and you can find any dirt on anyone in Newport so I think he was just like a guy that went to the bars and now he's like kind of find the love of his life so it's like it's really cute and he takes such that's good care of my mom yeah. He gets her massages twice a week. yeah he played golf or do you get any do they have to come to talk to you do the dirty John Stuff. I'm so I'm actually officially out of that contract. Attract okay so not anymore. Okay so you're okay out of were you in in the beginning with the show of the Connie Britton and all that I'm so I was kind of involve awkward thought but I didn't really have saying anything it was more so they kind of took it and did what they wanted. It was more so Alexandra L. Alexandra Cunningham's version of dirtyjohn okay. I've never talked to somebody. That's had a story based on them based around facts in their life. How was that to see or. I don't know if you've listened. You've listened to podcasts. If you watch the show or movie whatever it is how is that to see something that happened year life in it not be exact act in the factual element it was interesting like it was so triggering actually because so many of that did did hats her life yeah yeah and but there was like some things that didn't having Stockley the way it happened and I'm just like okay. That's a little off and I honestly honestly needed those parts because then it brings you back to reality. I'm watching something not real so. It's really cool but it's also triggering yeah well Tara. Thank you for pop in in chatting with us on wind down and I just yeah. I have a lot of love for you. Las Vegas. Thank you for on our podcast. We're all about being very open very honest and our whole goal is to help people bone-marrow ships because we put all of our about there so the fact that you're able to do that with your story and help people not feel so alone and what they have to deal with is very commendable and we respect the hell ID for doing that. Yeah thoughts honestly my life goal now and in the big man upstairs knew that knows that you're strong enough to to help other people so that's why there's a greater purpose for all that detail furnish. Your shopping is honestly the worst of overeager salespeople poor-quality pieces the shipping periods. It's insane just the works well. That's what article decide to change the way that people shop for furniture so instead of shopping to a warehouse shot for particle board articles online catalogue features high quality pieces that you can browse right right at home. Article is the easiest way to make your space look beautiful. They're able to keep their prices low by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you so no showrooms. TMZ No sales people no retail markups articles team of designers focus on beautifully crafted pieces quality material excellent construction dedicated to a modern aesthetic ascetic with Scandinavian touches and very fair prices to you save two thirty percent over traditional retail prices. It's fast flat rate shipping is available across the US and Canada starting hardy and just forty nine dollars with free shipping on orders over nine hundred ninety nine dollars for us. We got some amazing outdoor furniture came. It's beautiful. It looks amazing outside and we could not be happier. They also have a thirty day. Return policy was simple returns and exchanges articles offering our listeners fifty dollars off their first purchase of one hundred dollars or more. That's an amazing deal so to claim article dot com slash. Jan and the discount will be automatically apply at checkout. That's article dot com slash Janet to get fifty dollars ars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more. I just can't even imagine I mean I can obviously can't imagine yeah you can you can yeah please take only my where my sunglasses Mrs Serious no but see I just can't I mean can you imagine self defense or not taking someone's life you and I have kind of talked about this if we would be able to and we both agreed the only way would be if you the only way would be family self defense self defense defending my defending me and Mike my family I mean I I would I would truly elite hurt someone very badly. They ever hurt my kids. You know and this is especially with the theme of today's show with Aaron era on earlier. WHO's I didn't even ask them but he's definitely kill people okay. He's in special OPS Israeli special object yeah. He's killed people so I I don't mean to be disrespectful to anyone who has either serve this country don't whatever and had to take life. I feel like and I wouldn't have a problem with it in the right circumstance like if someone hurt Jelly or J yes. I feel like me yeah. Oh absolutely without hesitation would not having issue so again. I say that just purely out of my own emotion in how I feel as a human being years playing God. You're taking someone's life. Do you think you could be on a jury with a death penalty case 'cause I could not do it. I could not do it. I think it could depending on the circumstance in not situation but again like by you taking someone's life and again I'm. I'm saying I probably could too if it's my children or if I'm defending if if if I if I could've gouged you know in in her Mike I mean I I want. I want to live in that moment but and not Mike as an you. Mike sorry might be there. Mike but so yes but at the same time time if it's a situation where we go out so in that situation one hundred per second see if someone but if someone hurts our kid which again I could see redneck and see doing it but then again you are playing God in that sense where you're coming in. You're saying all right but it's not it's not necessarily a it is a choice but at the same time it's not it's it is where you're not there though in that moment protecting would've. I'm so I'm saying if you like a Julia Roberts that one movie where she they had already you go back for revenge to kill the person is what I'm saying of course protection one hundred percent but I'm saying it to go back to revenge Enj- so like say someone harmed when he three you Jason Killed One of us and I didn't get them in the act. Yes I would still be able to do it. I believe again. I don't mean that to any disrespect to anyone who has had to do that but I just feel knowing who I am as a person. I feel like I with here's my question. Would you still do that even say. Let's say let's say they hurt. God forbid one of our children. Would you then go kill someone but then now you're in jail and your way from one of our kids so I'm not saying I'm not saying that I'm saying I would be able to but but that is definitely different situation because then then yeah then whoever's remaining who still living you're screwing over twice their lost somebody now there unless you for murder charges now one of absolutely there is where desert judicial system but but a movie that I've always loved enough general no prisoners such a good movie Jackman Love that Movie J. John Hall Check Joan Hall towered That is a movie that impacts me so greatly because what Hugh Jackman does is something thing that I could see didn't then prison him. They like that was the task. She's trapped yet. Imprisonment that is just I feel so much emotion like watched that movie because I just feel like that's something that I would just it would be hard for me just to give it up to somebody else to take care of that. I would want to see justice for sure and sometimes justice. I don't think is served properly. I mean in in situations for sure especially when when you know jails are overcrowded to remember when Mike Got Sentence my abuser and it was like you serve what nine years and he got out and like four or five Mike wait. What let you know that anyways just crazy. It's crazy patchy. I mean it seems like she's you know handling it the best that anyone could handle a situation like this you know crazy. What an in episode though I knew I feel like the whole theme of the episode there's been very powerful excited to wind down again next week one was brought to you by season two of spit and IHEART radio podcast with twenty three and me explores the DNA in your saliva. Their spit can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves in the world around us host bear tune date Thurston system with celebrities like Tim McGraw Melissa Ethridge Leyla Ali and more to explore Dina conversations about health science and family. Listen to full episodes of spit on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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John Boltons book portrays Trump as cozy with autocrats

The Daily 202's Big Idea

12:30 min | Last month

John Boltons book portrays Trump as cozy with autocrats

"This daily two Oh. Two podcast is sponsored by Nokia. Nokia build secure networks that keep America strong. That's why ninety percent of the US depends on Nokia to stay connected learn more at Nokia dot com slash opened more. Good Morning. I'm James Home from the Washington Post, and this is the daily two. Oh, two for Thursday June eighteen. In today's news. An army officers promotion is in jeopardy over what officials fear is White House retaliation for his role in the impeachment. A deal the start the baseball season appears within reach after a secret meeting in Arizona and the former Atlanta police officer who shot Rashard Brooks was charged with murder. But first? The big idea. President Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him win reelection telling G. during a summit dinner last year on the sidelines of the G. Seven summit that increased agricultural purchases by Beijing from American, farmers would aid his electoral prospects. This is one of many damning revelations. Former national security adviser John Bolton in his new book scheduled to be released next Tuesday Bolton writes quote. I would print trump's exact words, but the government's pre publication review process has decided otherwise. At that same meeting G also defended China's construction of concentration camps housing as many as one million wieger Muslims in trump signaled his approval. Bolton writes quote. Trump said gee should go ahead with building the camps which trump thought was exactly the right thing to do. My colleague Josh Dossey obtained a copy of Bolton's book called the room where it happened and reports on some of the other nuggets in the five hundred ninety two page tome on the Ukraine scandal that led to the president's Impeachment Bolton sites a personal conversation with trump, confirming a quid pro quo that trump has long denied including an August meeting last year in which trump allegedly made the bargain explicit. Bolton writes that trump told him he was not in favor of sending Ukraine anything until all Russia investigation material related to Hillary, Clinton and Joe, Biden had been turned over. In November twenty eighteen trump came under fire for writing an unfettered defensive Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman littered with exclamation points after the brutal killing of Washington Post contributing columnist. Jamal Kashogi. But according to Bolton's book, the primary goal of trump's missive was actually to distract public attention from revelations that vonk trump had been using her personal email account to conduct government business after trump had spent years attacking Clinton for doing so. According to Bolton's book, trump told his national security adviser that he decided to read the statement in person to reporters because quote that will take over the vodka thing. Fulton's says trump was always playing a personal or political angle, and that this often outweighed the national interest. The book portrays the president. is quote erratic and stunningly uninformed, and lays out a long series of jarring and troubling encounters between trump, his own top advisors and foreign leaders Bolton writes that trump quote. Saul conspiracies behind rocks and was always fixated on opportunities for reality TV showmanship. Now this book is the subject of an escalating legal fight between the longtime conservative foreign policy hand in the Justice Department, which filed a lawsuit on Tuesday seeking to block its publication by alleging that it contained classified material. Trump says that any conversation he had with anyone is classified. Bolton's attorney says the book does not contain classified material, and that it underwent an arduous review process late last night. The Justice Department sought an emergency injunction from a judge to block the book's publication. This is unlikely to succeed in court. The request for electoral assistance from G, is one of the many instances described by Bolton in which trump seeks favors or approval from authoritarian leaders, bulletin rights that many of the same leaders were also happy to take advantage of the American President and attempt to manipulate him often through simplistic appeals to various obsessions and personal vanity in a May, twenty nine hundred phone call for example, Russian President Vladimir Putin compared Venezuelan opposition leader. Juan Guido to Hillary Clinton part of what Bolton terms a quote. Brilliant display of Soviet style propaganda to shore up support for Venezuelan leader Nicolas Madura Bolton laments that Putin's claims largely persuaded trump. In May two thousand eighteen. Bolton says the Turkish. President Mitterrand handed trump a memo, claiming innocence for a Turkish firm under investigation by the US attorney for the Southern District of New York for violating Iranian Sanctions Bolton, writes that trump told air on, he would take care of things and explain that the southern district prosecutors were not his people, but were Obama people. A problem trump said would be fixed when they were replaced by his people. Bolden says he was so alarmed by trump's determination to do favors for autocrats like air to one G Putin that he scheduled a meeting with Attorney General Bill Bar and twenty nineteen to discuss the president's behavior. Bolton writes that bar agreed. He was also worried about the appearances created by trump's behavior. Bulletin says most of the President's top advisers privately share a dim view of him John. Kelly, who was white, House chief-of-staff wondered. What if we have a real crisis like nine eleven with the way he makes decisions after trump completed a phone call with South Korea's president ahead of that Singapore summit with North, Korean leader, Kim Jong UN in two thousand eighteen secretary of State Mike, pompeo in Bolton shared their disdain for the president's handling of the conversation Bolton. Says Peyot. Having listened in on the call from the Middle East told Bolton. He was quote having a cardiac arrest in Saudi Arabia. Bolton shared his similar disappointment with the call describing it as a quote near, death, experience. Bolton attributes a litany of shocking, but perhaps unsurprising statements to the president. He also describes a summer two thousand nineteen meeting in New Jersey where trump says, journalists shouldn't just be jailed, so they have to divulge their sources, but that the president also said quote, these people should be executed. Bolton accounts numerous private conversations. Trump had with other leaders that revealed the limits of his knowledge. He recalls trump asking Kelly. If Finland is part of Russia in a meeting with British prime minister. Theresa May, Twenty Eighteen British. Official referred to the United Kingdom. Power and trump replied that he didn't know that. Trump invading Venezuela would be cool and that the South American nation was really part of the United States. Bolton's says trump kept confusing the current and former presidents of Afghanistan well asking Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Ave to help him strike a deal with Iran finally. Trump told gee that Americans were clamoring for him to change constitutional rules. So that he could serve more than two terms. And that's the big idea. Here are three other headlines that should be on your radar. Number One. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vitamin who received a purple heart for his actions in Iraq. Leader served as a white. House aide on European affairs is among hundreds of officers selected to be promoted to full colonel this year. Such promotions are typically signed off on army Pentagon leaders before moving to the White House and the Senate for confirmation vote. The list is now with a Pentagon personnel office. Multiple government officials privately voiced concern. Two Post Reporters Shane. Harris Missy Ryan Josh. Dossier Greg Miller that the White House could strike Vin man's name, once it is conveyed effectively sanctioning him for testimony, he gave under subpoena to house. Lawmakers trump dislikes vind more than any other witness in the impeachment proceeding, and he was the first one fired once it ended well. The fate of an officer at Vincennes grade wouldn't usually draw. Draw the scrutiny of senior White House officials. Trump is heavily politicized the armed forces in his role as the National Security Council's Ukraine expert Vin men listened in on that July twentieth phone call between trump and Ukrainian president. Vladimir's alinsky trump asked the Ukrainian government to open an investigation into Joe Hunter Biden in February trump remove vincent from his post at the NFC as retribution for his testimony, then was escorted out of the White, house at the same time trump ordered the ouster of edmonds twin brother, a chief ethics lawyer at the NFC who did not testify in the impeachment probe. Number two. Major League, Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred met secretly in Phoenix with Tony Clark the head of the players union to revive talks about restarting the baseball season after he said earlier this week that it was possible, no games will be played at all a person familiar with the MLB's latest proposal to the Players Association, which was delivered last night tells the Post Dave. Shannon that. that it calls for a sixty game regular season to begin July nineteenth will. No deal has been reached. There's growing confidence on both sides. That one is close potentially arriving by the end of this week. If a deal is reached in the coming days, players could report as soon as next week for a spring training. Two Point Oh that would last about three weeks. Major League Baseball. Sixty game proposal satisfied. The players demand to be paid full prorated shares of their original twenty twenty salaries, but union negotiators are pushing for a longer season with the calendar, still leaving room for regular season of up to seventy five games last week, the MLB had proposed a seventy two game season. Both sides of essentially agreed on an expanded sixteen team post-season and MLB has been consistent in saying it wants. The postseason contained within October as opposed to pushing it deeper into the fall or the winter. That's because of fears that a second wave of the coronavirus could lead to its cancellation. Because of the deep bitterness that is characterized this whole negotiation, which has plunged labor relations in the sport to their lowest point since that player strike back in nineteen, ninety, four and nineteen ninety-five, it would be unwise to assume any deals going to get done before one is actually signed. Number three. In the wee hours of this morning the house? Judiciary Committee approved inexpensive policing bill that would ban choke holds but Democrats and Republicans have dug into their partisan corners. The Democratic Bill would be in show. Colin, certain warrants, but the Republican bill does not prohibit either of those practices. DOWN IN ATLANTA. The former police officer who shot Rashard Brooks in a Wendy's parking lot last. Friday night was charged with his murder police in the city or calling in sick today to protest the charges. And the national reckoning continues. Quaker said it will pull the aunt. Jemima brand of syrup offshore. Acknowledging that it is based on a racial stereotype Mars announced that it will change its Ben's rice bran, saying it's the right time to evolve. The brand's mascot is a black man modeled after Frank Brown, a waiter to Chicago restaurant. Black men were often referred to as boy or uncle to avoid calling them Mr during the Jim. Crow era and Conagra announced that it has begun a complete brand and packaging review of its Mrs. Butterworth Brand Mrs Butterworth was modeled after the actress who played prissy. The cheerful slave in the nineteen thirty nine movie gone with the wind. And that's the daily to to for Thursday June eighteenth tomorrow. Is June teeth. The oldest commemorated holiday to celebrate the end of slavery and the United States. To honor that anniversary, we will not publish tomorrow. We've done our level best to report on this moment. To make sense of the reckoning that has been set in motion by George. Floyd's killing in police custody Memorial Day. We hope the pause in coverage will allow you some time to join us in reflecting on the lingering legacies of slavery. And the best path or were not just for our government, but for all of us to live up to the promise of our founding documents. Thanks for listening. I'm James Hellman. I'll talk to you. On Monday.

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893 03 Moscow Extension (TFTTF Slice)

Photography Tips From the Top Floor

08:45 min | 6 months ago

893 03 Moscow Extension (TFTTF Slice)

"Sam He uses your next slice slice of slide from the top floor. Yeah in the middle of packing. I'm still here in Germany and I'M I. I talk to you about the checklist thing. I have used it. I have spent three hours yesterday to two hours yesterday. Maybe three hours today to get everything together and my checklist is working so well. I'm so relaxed. Just thought I'd let you know so. Yeah have everything Packed it's kind of heavy. That's because it's not. It's not overweight my luggage but kind of heavy because I'm bringing a few things for our participants that way something but yeah we'll see tomorrow is a is my flight to Moscow where we'll do before the Siberia Lake Baikal. We do a bit of an extension there a few days to see Moscow and visit some sites there which after several times and I even have the same guides that we used to have a few times ago Julia. She's a photographer. And she's taken us around and going to show us a few things and then we'll also explore some of the markets in Moscow. That's one thing I really love doing is to go to markets at the destinations because they are so not pretentious. Usually no postcards of them just regular people doing regular stuff. That's the kind of market. I'm looking for food market with just normal people so many great street opportunities there so that's one of the things that will do during the extension and then after that we'll take off from Moscow to Irkutsk in Siberia and. Yeah that's it for now. All right a bit of a change in pace. What you're hearing is the What's the name of the station? Scam come some o scared so this is Julia. She's our guide here in Moscow. And we're just doing a tour of the Moscow subway which is photographic lead just amazing. 'cause I think stalin-built this and it's sorry for the noise in the background Let's wait for the train to leave those Stalin build this because he just loved expensive architecture right not only for this reason in fact he needed the Mitterrand for transportation and for military purposes but he decorated it highly because he liked beautiful perfect she is so full of ornaments and mosaics and duty for light fixtures. And here's an extra. I think I'll stop now. I'll be back in a minute with something else. It's less noisy. I'm back motel. We finished our detour today in Moscow. Which is part of the two day extension of That we tacked onto the front of our Lake Baikal tour so I had Julia as our guide who is who has been our guide for a few other times. We've been here she's great. She knows everything. She knows what photographers like so. She's she took us to the right places of course including the the most important landmarks. Today's kind of the. Yeah let me call it the tourists today. But if you're here in Moscow you have to see the Red Square you have to see to Kremlin which by the way is the heart of Moscow it used to be only Moscow. The Kremlin if you don't have a if you don't know what to imagine the Kremlin is like a portrait. It's a it's a city inside. The city has a wall around. It used to be Moscow and then it started growing the outside. There are so many Kremlin. Here you'd be surprised so yeah we went in there. Of course the cathedrals in there there are several cathedrals in there and we just as you heard finished off the day with visiting some of the famous metro stations here. The Moscow metro is quite something. I mean it runs like clockwork and the trains Brady every two minutes. There's a train maybe less than two minutes. It's really Bang Bang Bang Bang. It's very super-efficient and We got around really quickly so if you come to Moscow. The Metro is the way to go. It gets almost everywhere and quick that are not expensive and tomorrow. We're going to take the metro and go to two markets. One is a food market and the other is It's hard to explain. It's souvenir market. But then it's right. Next to another Kremlin that is now kind of used as a place where people held weddings and photography. Point of view. Just wonderful and Then there's a flea market and so we'll be doing some street photography on the markets and have our lunch there and then after that back to the attell grab stuff head to the airport because tomorrow night we'll fly to Irkutsk in Siberia and we're at the next stop little night session ahead. I'm in the hotel lobby waiting for our driver. Because the he's not over yet we are going to Take the tripods out and find a few places. There was a couple of spots that have already been to that. I know that are really good for some long exposures with Some bigger buildings reflecting in the water of the Moskva River Then there's the crisis Sabre Cathedral which is kind of weird place but it looks really nice and at night It's really interesting with all the lights and everything around it so there will be some some good opportunities and yeah we'll just be out for like a couple of hours maybe To go to some of those spots and then yeah then the day is really over. The city of she said this station is example. Would just look so. It's the next day and We have finished our our main markets tour of the two markets again. It was super easy to get around with the Metro and Yes or recording. Why are there because we're just way too busy but It was fun to the second markets by the waste. Called is my loss key. Market is yeah. It was exactly as I wanted to be Last time I was there it was a bit smaller and this time there was so many sellers flea market everything you could imagine of course souvenirs but also just just the the the thing that I kind of expect from a flea market which is people bringing stuff from their homes and selling it there so you saw A really good insight into Russian life into what Russians consider. They don't need anymore. Want to sell everything you could imagine so that was really fun and we are pretty much on a way to the airport and we will take off later tonight to Siberia and then. I guess that's where I end this episode and then the next one will be from Siberia.

Moscow Siberia Julia Moscow Siberia Lake Baikal Irkutsk Sam He Lake Baikal Germany Moskva River Stalin Mitterrand Brady crisis Sabre Cathedral Red Square three hours two minutes two hours two day
Deep Dive: The cloud kitchen phenomenon

Startup Snapshot

17:38 min | 2 months ago

Deep Dive: The cloud kitchen phenomenon

"In. This episode is brought to you by digital ocean, which is designed to help developers build test manage in scale applications of any size easily and faster than ever before. More in that in a bit but I. On with the show. Hello and welcome to deep dive on Startup Snapshot at Tech in Asia podcast. My Name's net in today. We're going to be talking about the rising phenomenon of CLOUD KITCHENS The covid nineteen pandemic has accelerated digital adoption for both restaurants and consumers as more and more people seek online ordering options because of that cloud kitchens are growing in prominence. But what are the and how do they work? Well. It's all in the name or at least I think it is. Here's Tekken the easiest Melissa Go. Is it. Is it in the name itself? I called Kitchens. It's all like in the cloud, the literal clouds but They have some names in something, generous dot, kitchens, food, kitchen, and I think basically they're just don't see the cloud kitchen also known as a dark or ghost. Kitchen is a business that owns a space usually somewhere in the cheap part of a city and fills that space with kitchens, which then rents out to food operators. It handles Alden non-core operations off the food business from. Being plumbing and cleaning to facilitating the pick up the borders. But unlike your typical restaurant, which has storefront, waiters and Area Cloud Kitchens just have the kitchen. Kitchen you have a dean book for us, a about staff looking in a kitchen already provided for you, reese it infrastructure, and then from then on, you can just sort of launch a brand new number that's virtual extension of your actual restaurant that you might already have and from then on. Through On Rather than dining, although in a four, it's a bit different, so it's almost kitchen action to have dying in species for customers biting that snow, often naive like in Orissa received is pure kitchen. Since vertical first came into prominence, a noticeable trend emerged several cloud kitchens, being operated by existing food businesses, specifically food delivery players. I think call kitchen. That beer called me. Minnows are those that are run by new grab on new. And it's the case in nearest well scenes and gopher foot operators also run pigeon breeders when I think what's driving them. Is a diversification strategy fall delivery operators the fact that both the there are still in the loss making business, and it's just a way for them to increase efficiencies of the deliveries. Imagine if you've got one side central kitchen serving a bunch of different operators delivery guy just has to go there, you know. Pick up multiple all those from one place, and then send him up as competitive going from Mitterrand e then to be entity in picking up. And sending. Areas, but having said that there are also called kitchen operates those that. So function is debt, so they don't provide. Any form of Delivery Services Davies that up to the restaurants and south and. One of them is. It's called snacks and. There are a couple of benefits to renting out to cloud kitchen for one. There's two perk of being able to tap into a wide distribution network working with grab kitchen for example gives restaurants instant access to grab foods existing user base, then become the restaurants customers by prophecy. The other benefit, cloud kittens provide us the opportunity for food outrageous to experiment in new locations. You know whether you're near to the ING business or whether you're an established brand. I think it's a good way of testing the market in in a different part of Colin, which isn't a new graphical area where maybe rice? Setup because he have to incur incurred cost. Renting a whole restaurant space doing. Setting that all are that's basically are handled for you, and also once you're on the platform A. Subtle launch virtual brands on what mean by this is? GonNa. Be Sending Focus, but you could also launch a separate brand new serves Japanese cuisine or something. Just to test out something completely new. In sort of test market. So how this? The whole cloud kitchen phenomenon impact Asia's food industry largest there any wider scale impact that we're seeing. I think if you asked this question a few months ago, that would have been pretty different has various on stage times now in I think that has. been a rise through a whole different kind offshoots. Consumption behavior among people. You know whether that's. You know everything else and the female ecommerce on I think the foot delivery market has definitely being impacted in in bit like people more receptive now to online degree methods and I think restraints increasing you recognize that it's a necessary part of doing business on many think the experiment with their own the remote whether that's on boarding himself to a Caucasian booking with Barky delivery services and foot delivery volumes are also up across most of the funds. So I think as a whole for the the fruit industry, I think it's hard to isolate the impact, of Caucasians, are it self, but I think that there will be here to stay for a while I. Think one of the authors timing me that it's way easier to on bought merchants now. Maybe it's something like six months ago. A lot of restaurant operators still need a lot of convincing that. On. with us, you should experiment. Try Out for delivery. I think just evolution of of industry in general definition of consumer. Dining behavior and my comfortable on. A diversification strategy of the operations I. Don't think it's going to stop fracking within seen much more innovation around around us. But there's another side to the phenomenon that could potentially pose major risks to restaurants. Decide to work with them, which a number of businesses have said, put them off a friend thing a cloud kitchen. More and that after the break, but first a quick word from our sponsor. This episode is brought to you by Digital Ocean the cloud provider WHO's predictable pricing, flexible configurations and World Class Customer, support give you access to all the infrastructure services you need to grow. Here are some pros and cons that Bobby Johnson Co founder of a company called madness labs ruled online. Pros easy to set up extremely affordable, and you can upgrade hardware on the flying cons. None I can think of I have had multiple hosts and none have stacked up to the flexibility and ease of use. So what are you waiting for? Get started on digital ocean for free at the O. DOT CO slash deep dive. That's the O. Dot co slash deep dive now. Back the show. Welcome back to deep dive before the break we talked about the rise of cloud kitchens in why they're an appealing prospect for restaurant, yours who want to expand their business and food delivery operators who want to diversify their every streams. But just as quickly as the vertical came into prominence, so to the dissenting opinions on cloud kitchens impact on food businesses, so that's been a of restaurants who have tried opening a Caucasian it. Facilities whether the promise off lower costs, but often does a catch, so they're actually exclusive with the causes that means that if you are. For example if you're operating at a caucus with the buyer for on, you can only use the services that took off. And I think that huge limiting factor for many people, because if you have to rely on the great, though one foot to the distribution that won't missile limits the market that ten off and I think where it gets tricky stat. Restaurants end up being completely reliant on this distribution. That will all these that phones especially the you. Never had a soft on. This means they have yet through a bill of their own customers. Then when this happens, what really sets your Burger chain from me? Pens off other Burger chains on the repent farmer. What where's the brand loyalty? If a customer has never even heard of you if you're just virtual brands that sweating, it gets tricky because it's just become a name. The CEO's thousands of other names and you're just easy. Heidi subsitute -able right through through the Knicks Bogo brand who might be offering promotions and like that? Also I think if never met your cost them, I before, and the only come through for tenor of delivery platforms, basically going own the customer relationship, and that happens. You are basically at the mercy of these operators offer do that forms, because if you're fully reliant on them, what happens when the fees or increased commission rates or even lost when brands through computers yours. So. Is that something that is going to change, or is that some something? That's simply a characteristic of working with club kitchen. Bethany something that's common Singapore by other markets Indiana smell is it's normal for them to impose such exclusive with causes and I think it's just part of the business model, right? How do attract and retain FNB operatives on your at form? Of course you've got caught kitchen operas that are delivery platform agnostic. What Smart City Kitchens are actually pretty neutral that way show be operators operating at deficit. He can just set up whatever kinds of food method that they want that, but then again that's just one operator off a whole bunch of other kitchen operators, still being operated by your foot delivery companies I. Seahawk gets change in a big way since me because it's, it's a competitive market in you have students although control your insurance on? And sometimes, the promise of lower costs isn't entirely too as well. On Melissa's article on the topic reader named Jason. Williams chimed in with his perspective. He said. I own three restaurants in Singapore operating under one brand. We decided not to go with any of the cloud kitchens, because in addition to the thirty percent royalty fees, the two percent fee, and the lack of interaction with customers. The rental prices are three to four times higher than comparable rates when you look at a prescribed basis. Owners will be paying thirty dollars per square foot for space. That would otherwise cost ten dollars per square foot if they invested in their own space. Cowed kitchens do not make sense on many levels. Did. You happened actually see the comment on your article by the Jason Williams. Is out his his experience, or is that something that? You would actually have seen across the board like some of this calculations actually have. Goals than just having your own area. Accessible one of the challenges I came across an instead. It's hard to compare the cost structures off a kitchen and restaurant side by side. Right 'cause it's like. Comparing apples charges, because it's totally different I think for some extent, and for for some in Jason Case by the thing is not alone. I did speak to issue Ben. Ben Toll on their casual Japanese restaurant chain, which will signed up as a tenant at I. Think Tennis Facilities Show, and one of the things he said is that they save on labor costs of because of Lena. Book for us at this permit says on the paying much higher fees overall, and I think that's a function of the commission rates that three companies are charging on every Ardo, so I think that varies a lot from Caucasian to another, and I think definitely. Restaurants for whom this makes sense and others. We talked about how you know. If you're unlimited doom, the customers only once during that long. Your cells as well so I think. It's a function of your. Your restaurant named Holly said mystery eighty are the promotions that you run so I think it's a case by case for Jason's case, it isn't it makes sense. It didn't make sense phone for many others as well, but I'm sure they are some other brands as well which. The didn't make sense for them right so I guess it's it's. It's because it's not just the rental fees, but it's also taking into account the commission in all your extra spend when you're working with the cloud kitchen. And in fact, some I think delivery doesn't even charge a rental fee of whatever is just a percentage off the revenue of the artists, despite the ramifications will have on individual food businesses, the growing prominence of cloud kitchen services could have far reaching effects across other industries within the style of ecosystem Rafflesia I think definitely. Hits the office, says the most because all the reasons that be discussed other especially, if this takes on a larger scale, I think they're seeing a lot more cost efficiencies especially when it comes down through devries costs the foot. Delivery pilot is actually one of the most costly putts of running for retire phone business and I think for your thought Balki providers like trump I think they do stand to benefit or. Or as well as their for three ecosystems, healthy and people are getting you soon ordering food online, but it's difficult to tell how exactly cloud kitchens will impact the wider ecosystem or even vertical itself will evolve in the future. I spoke the industry analysts. Selfish Meena from far, and he was saying that you know before the pandemic delivery others in India across the different operators was averaging about one hundred million a month. And let's lot in ever since then that's actually decrease to fifth because he become more cautious about making contact with drivers event and minute also boys on the question of you know who needs whom all right through the operators rely on these caught kitchen facilities, or is it the kitchens and the foot foams who run such Caucasians. FM operators to survive, and for them to scale the business, so I think you know in of how sustainable it is I think it really depends on you know in the long run weather much are able to Iman. The comes and fees that makes sense for them, and it also depends on what kind of alternatives the have out. There know it's not called kitchens. Are there good enough that Faki for the. Options your out there that they can explore. Talked about this earlier as well and I, think three phones I still lost making business and and thinks that Caucasians distress one. Diversification strategies right. You've got a whole lot of other businesses. You're seeing things like. That going to grossly. Even so things we have diversifying revenues I think as long as the economics of that makes sense I think are Greenwich. Caucasians being wrong for a wall and even seeing new services coming up. For more stories like this one visit tech in dot, Asia Slash sub where you'll get access to all the latest depth news on the Asian tech and start up ecosystem. You can also subscribe to this podcast where we've published a number of other deep dive episodes over the past few months that you can check out, but that's it for this run of deep dive for now at least in a couple of weeks we'll be launching a weekly news show featuring the top news on techniques for the week, so keep a lookout for that. If you want to reach out to us, you can email podcast at ECHINACEA. Dot, com, or comment on whatever platform you're on I, want to know what you think. Did you like deep? Dive would prefer it to our regular star snapshot. Run what do you think of US switching to a weekly news format? Let me know all your thoughts. That's all for this week. Special thanks to Melissa go for joining me today in the big thanks once more to digital ocean for sponsoring today's episode in three episodes. Before this, you can check out its website in the show notes. Till next time my name's net. I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Melissa Go Area Cloud Kitchens Asia Jason Williams Jason dot Smart City Kitchens Digital Ocean the cloud Alden Bobby Johnson FNB Orissa Mitterrand e Singapore Davies Barky US Jason Case
Bunny Dick w/ Mehran Khagani

Rantin' and Ravin'

1:00:47 hr | 1 year ago

Bunny Dick w/ Mehran Khagani

"This is a stand up New York labs production, providing you podcast since twenty thirteen. Hey, guys, it's yarmulke here with rant and rave in with Yama Yamanaka and friends. Do you have your laugh pass? Well, you should laugh pass provides you unlimited access to shows. A stand up New York you have to reserve obviously in advance. But you also get VIP seating. At each show free tickets with a friend and free drink upon arrival a bottle of wine or your birthday. Oh my God. My birthday would be every day with this deal. And listen there is an annual price of one fifty nine for this laugh pass. But if you use the promo code from this podcast, which is rant R A N T, you can get it for discount of one thirty nine a year. So please go to get laughed past dot com and sign up to receive alerts on laugh pass, and when it will be in your area. If it's not ready there, again, get your left pass and laugh today. Big. You know what? This is raising imprint wake you up. Hey, welcome to read and write with Yemeni. Good friends today. We have in the building Mitterrand Ghani Hiba. Hi, sweetie. Neck now, we did say that we would do a part to to the leaving never land. But we know we talked and. We decided that we would just he's covered. It we covered it. But there is some aftermath of Yano there's malicious developments every diving right right in. Okay. So MS Barbara, Streisand right as they wanted they needed that. They enjoyed. Yeah. She said that they would hold thrilled. And that's an interesting. We're giving thriller. Do you know what I mean? This is it's a it's a choice of words, that's a choice. Barbara shoe speaking to the British press in the British press, as we know you can kind of run your mouth a little bit more. There's a little bit more like sort of a safety of having an extreme opinion in the British press. The way you smile at everyone when I'm talking about these tragic things, I swear to this. This is why people develop by asking me what a orderly is by the way. So I have to answer that word early. Yes. Oh because you were talking about orderlies in your Instagram. I saw I saw that. We're getting to get into the F. So so miss Streisand said that these boys were thrilled alternately that Michael chose them from a less station. Hey, choose me. And I was around. I, and I I I make no secret of the fact that I tried very hard to get molested as I would I worked overtime. I would I would go to hotels, I would sort of frequent. I would like walk around payphone. Can I say was rope? First of all, let me. Let me just say this. There's a episode of American dad where they're like on there at this restaurant stands at a restaurant with co workers from the FBI CIA. I'm sorry. And there's a little boy. And the boy keeps saying something. I think the boy's name is Kyle or something the guy goes Kyle. Because he keeps trying to talk to these guys. And he goes this why you get molested. Yeah. I mean, the reality is it's never who wants it Africa Kenya high Kenya Africa. Hello, my love is you have a viewer for as we have people watching. I love intercontinental. So. So Barbara said she said that these children were thrilled. And then the other thing she said, which is actually interesting, and this this is where the conversation about this. You gotta know the conversation. Get kind of more interesting. We'll we'll get into all of it. But the other thing she said is that, you know, ultimately, these guys they went on to have wives and children. And so the molest station wasn't that big a deal was it. Bob raw bobby's old school molestation where you get molested in your whole life was crippled. But Barbara they got to keep moving. Well, sure. And well, and this is where it gets this. This is where it gets interesting. I know, Dan savage. I don't know if you all know about Dan savage, Dan, savage is a sex therapist sex columnist. He's been doing it for like, I don't know what close to forty years right around that. I mean, he he had an article for a very long time. He was an early podcast her. So he talks about sex in all of its forms. Sex sort of advice. Okay. And one of the the realities that they found, and this isn't a this. I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way. But it is found statistically that there are people who can be molested, right? And then they go onto have relatively normal lives. And he makes a point of reminding people of this not because it's about people walking off being molested or you know, it's not that big a deal and let people just keep on molesting. It's really to give people a sense of hope that you know, if this thing happened to you that does not mean that the rest of your life is necessarily scrapped while it can't. And you have to like, I mean, I told this before and I've said this before I am a person who was molested as a child, and your there's a point in which you there are people that cannot cope, and if they can't cope I completely understand that. And that is not their fault is. Bima less. This is devastation l-. But for those people who do want to try to figure out how to cope and move forward. There's a part of yourself that has disassociate with your childhood and completely connect with your adulthood and do things that are away from what you know. What is what was done? What I mean? There are many roads of recovery. There are many roads of coping some people compartmentalize and move on some people process. Some there there are a handful of people in this world who can look at the situation be like that wasn't me. I was molested that person wronged me it was fucked up. I'm a move on. And there are people who are capable of doing that. And you know, they aren't any better or worse than someone whose life is deeply impacted badly by something like that that person just happened to have that particular innate survival skill the way that some people are more social some people are better at math. This person was better it being molested. The views. But you don't want almost thank God. I woke up that. You gotta be on with him you understand because I was trying to get stories and she'd go in and he's saying all kinds of laying down the gauntlet. And then it all looks like we all co-signed everything that made Ronca gun. He has said any point in time in this podcast today last time, he was on and proximity to the future. We the Renton reflects do not reflect Raymond Raymond surly reflect Matt certainly don't respect flex stand up meeting New York labs. They don't learn don't reflect mockery comedy girl. It's comedy girl. Now, Diana Ross got hurt. Got her mom lace front up in a bunker. Then Barbara came back, and she she made a formal apology on Instagram and the argued about this. Because may Ron said Barbara has pajama money problem. I I know pajama money is. Okay. So pajama money means that you have made enough money in your life that you literally never have to get out of pajamas. Again. You don't have to do another day at work in your life. You don't need to present. Well, for two main to keep what you got pajama money is pajama money as in like you don't ever have to exert effort to keep what yours ever again pajama ever. Right. Bob done everything. For funny girls care was sell today. I was telling her old hairdresser is one of the richest producers in Hollywood like as in. We have separation from Barbara has retired out to my headdress. The Troy probably couldn't even afford to go to ninety nine hundred jacks off of what I'm paying. But Barbara legit. I said that she has house party to pajama Jimmy jam allow money. Oh, LA LA. Loan all. In the brain. To figure out how he can cut down. Eligible too much. But you know, what who cares? Okay. So let's talk about how Diana Ross got involved. So then Diana, and I just wanna shout out. Aaron who said it does depend on the child support system. That's true. But a lot of children also don't like to express that they've been molested. So sometimes that support system doesn't come in until well into adulthood. I didn't even reveal to my family that I had been molested. What happened was I put up a post because I have been molested as a child I was seeking to help other children cope who have been molested and volunteering and doing things like that. And I posted about that. And then a family member went back. It was like all you know, how many molested and I'm like why? So that's you know. Sure. Sure. Sure. Yeah. And in general, what's interesting. There's another statistic that actually molest Asian your I don't get. But the no numbers assistant numbers. The numbers of reported cases of child sexual abuse went down by fifty percent between nineteen Ninety-three in two thousand six this is just cases of reported child. So that right after precious. Yeah. Precious did that the reason that happens because a precious? What are you seeing that? No, I think sometimes people don't know. I want to I want to preface right because I definitely don't have pajama money. I don't even have street clothes money girl. I don't even have gown money. I hear what you're saying. Sometimes I think what happens is people don't understand the things that they are doing are inappropriate. Like, I had a friend who told me about some interactions with her and her father that I you. She's like, I don't even know if he knew that was inappropriate understand what I'm saying. And I go. Yeah. I think some people just kind of like like, let me tell you something I like to kiss my cats. You know, I love my job con- revenue. Pootie Lou phases. BBB really busy. And then I saw a man on Instagram. Basically tongue kiss a pig. He like rescues these pigs through the end, he was making the pig kind of opened his mouth, and he opened his mouth, and it was like tongue. And I was like now when I was in college. There was this real super hippy girl. I'm not going to say her name, but the seven girls who I was friends with freshman year in college, y'all know what I'm talking about. She had a pet rabbit in her room. We weren't supposed to have no pet rabbits. She doesn't know pet rabbits. We was no pets. He was supposed to dorms. So then she would stick her foot out and let the rabbit have sex with her foot because she felt bad that the rabbit never never got to get off. Well, and we would be high as hell we'd writ Bong hits. And then watch a rabbit make love to a hippies phone thing is. My thing is how did she how did the because the rabbit would have to become attracted to the foot not necessarily? She would just sort of offer her foot, and then the rabbit would stick as dick between her toes. At that. He would fuck if we don't call this episode bunny, dick. We don't call them episode. Most disgusting thing, I didn't even know bunnies. Pad a dick please get to whiz. I in a Ross put. Okay. So just just to be clear. This is what Barbara Barbara's her fix. It statement was to be crystal clear. There's no situation or circumstance where it is. Okay. For the innocence of children to be taken advantage of by anyone. Let me tell you something. Let me just say this, and I put up a post. Which area, and I said, Barbara. Number one did not conceal her PR team. And when her PR art scene found out this had happened. They I know they went up to her house to the first floor because Barbara don't even let like you. You only get to the second floor Barbara's house, if you've either come outta 'Ha-vad ago into her, and, you know, the bottom floor of our house is a mall just again when we're talking pajama money. We're saying that the bottom floor, and what do you mean as an optimum a mall stores stores is in there? That her just Barbara. Are you kidding me? Oh, this is what I mean by pajama money going in there buying stuff. Yes. She's like I feel like shopping, and then she goes downstairs, are you serious? Are you the kind of now? No. Home is a citadel. It's a fortran. And let me tell you something mall in home, and let me tell you something Barbra, Streisand Harney. Bullshitting has a mall her basement. They said why why why are we not? But here's Ola. So yeah. No, barbara. She's fine. Is my point. They want me to finish the story about my friend. Now, I can't finish the store that pretty much was the story. I don't wanna put too much, but my friend. It was just like a lot of inappropriate things going on. And you know, it is affected her greatly baba, Streisand, and Jim Rolan is calling them. Now. Jessica wrote about this in two thousand fifteen Barbra Streisand has a mall in her basement why instead of just storing my things in the basement, I can make a street of shops and display them. So she's not really purchasing anything. She's looking at her stuff as a number. I want to pull this up take this upstairs. Take up says we can't she Russell Simmons had berries. Russell Simmons works. Got money. When you got Russell Simmons. Also had shops and a movie theater with a ticket stand and stuff like that. A lot of these rich people wanna be regular so bad that they put regular shit. You don't need a ticket. Who who's? So. What are you? Check in tickets. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's for the house. I know I don't need that experience. Not only the experience let me just say this Barbra Streisand. Learn very quickly because you know, any of these big is over sixty five years old. They don't understand Twitter. They don't understand Snapchat. I'm telling you, I'm in my forties. I Berlin understand Snapchat, and everything is recorded forever. These aren't like stray operas said this over in the UK. She just knew she had time to get on the plane. She had some have snacks. She had time to see at least three more, great, grandchildren. Come on earth before anybody clock. Let's see about the shit. She said, but now the ship she said, don't even. But the issue really said, that's all he dragged. Yeah. How PR team said? Listen, Barbara, go down to hot topics in your basement and go around the corner for a minute. Okay. Go get you, go, get your funnel cake. Damn go. Go to the dam of MRs. Yes can make good he basement mall kiosk or whatever do whatever you got to do go to Pandy expressing your basement. Let us type up some shit to get you at it. Because with she said they were thrilled. How did what did you mean by thrilled? What did you mean by their? Okay. What did you mean about they got the wives? What do you mean about the thing? So when you start to back track, and you start to and also you gotta remember Barbara Streisand is back from the good old days win. The your skin complexion. Got you a bunch of protection, and you could just lay it bare. And unfortunately for Barbara she's considered white in America. Now Johnson region. He's considered white in America right now. And on top of that we sick a white women right now, we are sick of what I mean. I'm seeing. I'm seeing the way people like it's the point where a white woman will come up because just because of the nonsense and there's a fortunate all the white women are getting it. Right. It's only like a couple of white bitches out. Minnesota calling the cops and shit. All but all the white bridges is getting ready to call the cops on me about a week ago. Chow, and what is like, nobody. We are. We putting Felicity Huffman and jail. Thank you. I'm Becky jail, Barbara you can get it. If Betty white Betty white prior to only way Bishop here right now, that's bulletproof. Yeah. Because we love some Betty white Betty on Betty, Honey. But Betty white also went onto sauce awards and gave out in like Betty, would it is. So Betty is one of the used to be a new model have you ever seen? The naked pictures of Betty white from the forties. Honey cheesecake, Betty was cheesecake, Betty, always putting shit up. Then I got a Google. The we all bring our individual experiences of pop culture. Anyway, vintage nude photo. And she's so cute in them. Okay. But this is in touch really going to give us the news. And by the way, is just a piece of advice. I always give this if you're looking for the real sexy dirty stuff, you can't Google it. You have to bring it. You have to go on. You gotta bring it kids. The tea being will. Betty, cook it. Yeah. Betty cute too. And she's like even posing cute. Am Betty got the like the little pink. Nip your your. Benny is black and white Titi shot. Yes, I'm living. But she got the pantyhose line on around the stomach that don't, you know, you're gonna pantyhose. I mean that was the look I mean that was a look what bitches like pantyhose when when he didn't have any like, it's so funny how to ever Lucien the bodies change there. Because like now they would look at this and be like you see the pantyhose line, even though she got pantyhose on. Oh, she got. Of course. I'm just saying. Child. You know, I'm loving it. Barbara your whole career. I have had up to this moment. Let's let's cover the words. Right. She had his sexual needs were his sexual needs talk. Coming from whatever childhood, he has a whatever DNA he has, you know them whereas was going to light up a fire, you can say molested in quotes. But those children as you heard say, the grownup Robson and save Chuck. They were thrilled to be there there. They both married and they both have children. So it didn't kill them. She said he didn't start the fi girl. Lena, it was Barbara Streisand. With the last thing man, we didn't start the fi Barbara put and let it kindle. She's so ridiculous. And that so, you know, she she ended up issuing a pretty standard boilerplate to be crystal-clear. It's not there is no way in crystal about what you it was Christo girl. The stories these two young men shared were painful to hear Challe. I feel nothing but sympathy for them. Oh, right thrilled. Doesn't lineup. Lineup husband win on a radio show. Right after September eleventh a year after September eleventh and said, oh, yeah. Happy September eleventh. Go ahead, and that sort of misconception. Yes. They were thrilled to be in the presence of Michael Jackson. But there's a reason that a pedophile with puppies and candies that excites you. But then they're going to do something. That's not gonna make you know, what the person that molested me damn short and us know puppies. And no candles. I really feel candies was my treats where was my treats. And I was the one I would I would like usually bring a steak or something. I was trying to land a businessman, so I was the one who would bring treats in the hope of back you want stick in a child. So the filet Mignon your pocket is happy to see Oprah off. I'm saying this may runs the only kid that he got molested. It will be because he initiated a hundred like it would be like the molester would have been like I didn't wanna touch this little boy. But you know, he was persistent one hundred percent. I was the Honey badger telling them that unless you will ask me, I'm going to go around telling everyone you molested man. Yeah. Yeah. No prove it. So then miss Diana raw. Now, let me tell you some about giant Ross shutout to Tracy Ellas Ross who's who's showing us that forty almost fifty is can be phenomenal everything about this woman. Is right. The right and let the world teller. She was shut her down. Oh, she's gorgeous foxy lady. But Declan off, bro. I mean Jonah, Diana. I heard Diana Ross don't even want fat people to sit in the front row. Huck hosoda. It's she has a whole fail. Well, China respite in the news twice now fashion. Was you know, you know, the dude who who poked her while she was on stage. Yes. A big gay fan at a concert poked miserable s. Yes, poked her. And then she was like, you don't touch me when I'm on staying cloth touchy running bitch, you said, and then he. Tipped her off. But big and he had these big ole hand. Oh, and he gave her a big middle finger. He was he he was disappeared. Of course. Because he she said touch me in the morning, Honey, then walk away and it was nighttime. It was nighttime. It was not time. You. Yeah. Honey, anything touch before nine AM. Okay. But anything after nine one one you guys to go. Okay. What's your two one food? Thank you. Julie Newmar fucking middle finger. My God looking like Wesley Snipes in the day. This. Oh, how raggedy drags looked into one foo? I mean, the I mean, you could collect them niggers from a block away so damn masculine, right? By me back in the day, a drag Queen, you know, the fishy drag Queen was somewhat rare. Yeah. Judy knew was uncoxed up. But Julie Newmar was a woman. She was I guess she was she wasn't. Julie Julie Newmar was the original cat woman. She was no she was. She was a man. She's a full on an okay? No. You know, you know, I love you man, man. Hooley new Moshi? How does not have a dick? No, man. Julie new Ma man it you are lying. You're fabricated data. Right. This is how people get in trouble. You can't. She was a Julie Newmar. Is the original cat woman. She was a man. Yes. He was man. No. She wasn't a she was somehow all she was statuesque. But that doesn't mean that. She was a dude look Julie. Let me tell you somehow they gashing white women up. They come out. Julie new malls. Still look stunning in her looks. I want you to see they ab- scrutinous bitch, go on YouTube and type in the original Julie new mindset, she didn't she's in a full on wheelchair at delta looking our hat. Motherfucking mass show. I wish. Look at that. She keeping as close to that dick is about the fall out. Oh my God. I can't believe you're spreading rumors about let me tell you something white all white women could not live unless there was a black lady somewhere to push him in the damn wheelchair. That's they favorite pastime. That's they Arison. She's not a male. Okay. So I'll sucked up. So what you don't be getting the fan on this show, man. So let's get back to may to have the whole association of kids against molest station on our damn backs at all the shit. He was talking about out here trying to get child molesters. So MS Ross said this is what's on my heart this morning. Yes. Ms Ross I believe in trust that Michael Jackson was and is a magnificent incredible force to me and to many others and then in all caps stop in the name of love not bitch. Did not have shingles. Did she did? She let me tell you something the branding that goes through MS Ross mine. Don't quit. No doesn't Diana Ross. We're now in the middle of a rainstorm with a hot mic plugged up to an amp and saying it. What was the song? She saying upside down you're turning me with a hot mic plugged into amp. Bitch didn't even get electrocuted. She lost six people on a crew. Jay, you are the word. Why are you fact, checking me in the middle of my shit because you're just fact check me and told everyone that Julie Darbar how to do? Okay. Well, listen Diaz stated Julie Newman everybody out there. I did. I I mean, why would they think her into food? She wasn't a man because she was a an icon for what for looks like for serving. Look, let me tell you something nobody has a better time on this earth than marginal unattractive, white women and a few other white women somebody says to me, why are you single met? This is what they said you single. I told us nigga this last night. He say you say you beautiful you I said listen marginal mediocre unattractive. White bitch is the only bitch. I know noted can win being marginal unattractive a halfway here. You understand what I'm saying? I'll be seeing white bitches that look like they came out of a fucking Tupperware bottle. Get niggers left, and right, but really look in like all kinds of shape. Right. But they lack women have to be extrordinary. You'll understand we can't just be regular and basic an average. We got to be extraordinarily men. Love basic, though, I feel largely at fault for this. What do you like a basic woman or do you like a crazy bitch beyond that? I mean, I. Not intellectually basic, I need someone who's actually. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I need someone who's going to challenge remem- mentally. Massive good, dude. What gets him? She is lucky. He is a smart. That's a valid. Oh, man. A good, man. You get this listener a listener he puts up with this podcast. And he has a has a rugged masculinity. That isn't lost on a roll. Lumberjack? Dee Honey log cabin. No, hit you out here sucking basic bitches met is that what you're trying to say. We've all fucked basic bitches, Honey, I haven't oh bitch. Dabbled it from time to time and. It's impossible. In fact, by law of averages people who have only fucked extraordinary people, you know, what I mean, we can't all be Lisa Bonet. Elizabeth? Except money. A witches outta east week. I'm crying. No. A she looks like Skillet tools. Mom, but there's something about her that you cannot. Get away from I could look at her all day long. I'm fascinated by her beauty. But I'm gonna be real what you them bones is touching the skin real whole. Well, yeah. No. I mean, these are all signs of agent, but she got what's his name aqua Mason memorial. Right. But have I ever told you about my Lenny Kravitz story? I was at a club. I was a crowbar in Miami. This is two thousand one and I was there. I was dancing on the phone with my girl, Robyn and this dude came over with a tape measure and without saying anything puts a tape measure around. My girl Robbins waste. Oh that we were just dancing. Having a good time. He takes off the tape measure. He looks at it. He county inches. He says, you can meet Lenny. Based on her waist measurement. Is that sick? Is that sick? And I was like Honey you just. But you'd better come back with free drinks. Let me say this. Let me just say this, and this is where the rant. We haven't had a good rand. Yes. We we this is it, ladies and gentlemen. We haven't had a good rant. And let me tell you something. I just got finished dealing. Okay. Would eliza. That may Ron said look like a cross between teddy rucks been in El Chapo bitchy. Did I forgot I said that? Yes. And had Dake with in length of Papa Smurfs to scale this is so wrong escape crucify, men's do whatever. Whatever I was feeling him. I was giving. Yeah. Papa Murph isn't hung. I mean like because he's not encumbered do. You know, if if Bob wills morality. So I don't use up packing. Ten. Let me tell you something. If if he had a big as RIA would found him by now 'cause as rails get, and you know, what the tea is is that for sure someone's already animated this online that is. I guarantee you as real blowing Papa smart and happy thirty four. How big is how big big is Papa Smurfs ailing up straight away who's going to hide the shit. But Bing would show urban leisure says is seven and a half inches urban legend what legend let me say this. I'm so tired. No, it's not it's not even about is not even about, and they got this double because I'm gonna be honest with you. I was feeling that nigga hard. Okay. I was feeling him. I lost Benetton. We're him miss him. Okay. But what I'm saying is if we being real the amount of chips he had to offer to the amount of chips. I was offering. We was not now I will say this myself. He didn't like the fact that I snore. It. He yelled at you for snoring yelled at me snoring. I can't grow. What what are you doing red flags on a mini golf course girl? This dude what I'm saying is and this is not about his dig. Because obviously, I put up with it. And it was it was whatever it was. I'm just tired Knicks with little digs unattractive ugly. Like, I'm on match. Right. They keep showing me the same way nigga from parameters New Jersey with all these fucking requirements about what he wants from the woman the girl gotta be seventeen between the ages of seventeen to twenty one. She gotta be a five foot seven five ten. She got to be fin. She got to do Olympics in the morning. She also got the bake it to bake sale. She got to do the amount of mother fucking requirements from ugly nigga from parameters New Jersey who four bitch and I'll be looking at these leagues. Like what is winning? Why is it a buyer's market right now is this ugly? Every leader has ever said anything to me about what the fuck. I looked like how big I am on social. Media has been ugly. Meager not once has there been an, you know, why because the tractive niggers don't have time to be sitting down dicing bitches up 'cause they 'cause they good-looking they already know they can get whatever the fuck they won. So they wanna be able to big bitch day, they're going to deal with a big bunch of the Wednesday. They're going to deal with a model bitterly Tuesday there s these ugly leaguers that's out here. Tell it bitches. What's she? I mean, I sit around with male comics all the time rating bitches own oh shorty who was flat you unattractive. Fucking garbage. You look dumb your dick. Don't look good. I can see you ain't got no point you in a gray sweat shorts and pants. You got. No, dick. And you ain't got. No good job. You ain't got no benefits you bits like lady. You your mama's wack? Your whole family situation is fucked up you really funny, and you got the nerve to be I gotta have a dime piece, and because bitches is out here. Let ugly lives live, and you know, what it is. Because it's so many fucking women. I said we gotta do what they do in China. We've gotten to get rid of people. No. Because if it's a by for living get rid of bit tell a joke. Right. That's not even a joke. Is that he would joke. I got this nigga friend of mine. Right. Fuck nickel. And and shut up TI. Forgive me new thing to say fuck nigga. Okay. And this folk nigger with his fucking whip web. He's a fucking midget. He's a midget, and I'm gonna fuck. Call a midget league and have them come for the Crittenden division expressed on his fucking podcast right now. My comes to me, I wanna stack a little niggles coming from me for what I'm about to say. I'm okay, no truck day, stamped a little niggers. I want them outside the door right now. Come on with little pit, pins and shit. Your little marcher badges because I'm coming from unique is right now. Now, there's a little nigger out here. A friend of mine this good dot anymore. No, no. I'll be doing it again. Again years because nego hit dose of scam and shit nigga. They get away with scam. Because you don't all by God. Now the came rate. He came best way a long time. You just came Kim with race together you lost his my got some mental issues, you know, he noodle shit. So the shit go to his brain co my God how he tell me he complained about being single. He wanna get hooked up with somebody. I had a friend at this place. I was staying beautiful girl. She has cerebral palsy. You know, whatever she palsy, whatever, I didn't whatever. So she was also as she wanted to get into something, whatever I said, I got this friend of mine, I love him to death. I sat think y'all be a good match. Just like, he my friend. We who whatever, blah, blah. I love hanging with him. He was my boy, she was my girl love. Hey, we're her. I said let me get the two of them together. Now, I didn't look at him and go here midget, let me give him a bitch. Got cerebral palsy. Look at her and go she cerebral palsy bitch. Let me give a fuck nigga, midget nigger. Fuck nigga. I just said, oh they've both looking at the same time. Now hook him up fair enough. She was like, oh, he's a nice guy. We think bub-bubba plow should've say shit to me about the nigga being a midget. But I knew it was in the back of her mind. But that's how women are. We'll take a little dick midget nigger and won't say nothing because we gotta turn like we gotta turn plastic in the goal, right? We've got to take some old shoes the Salvation Army and put some gold flakes on it. All right. We'll still always going some shit. Yes. The first thing at this league is mouth over the phone. He had the nerve to get angry which was quick because you ain't got a lot of space to go up with the anger my God. Now, he said to me he said to you. I sorry what's up? You know, what a nigga pause before they said, they should what are you trying to get their spirit together. So they don't go crazy. He said. What is it about me? That makes you think I would wanna go out with a girl that got cerebral palsy, and I had to take my phone and look at my phone. I was like oh this grow with the phone. Hello. Are you still to eleven? Hello. Hello little all your six one. Did you grow night? I had a dream did to elves company you'll fucking crib? A give your leads us rich overnight or your stretch Armstrong. You not even wanted to monkeys that you put in the water that could grow number monkeys. We have kids the water monkeys wanted pills. Girl. Be like you didn't even give me someone who could reach the show. Do I be like if you thought she can using nigga stick? When when it was six went up my God. But here's the thing. I didn't think for one second about nother day situations. I just had friends, and if people go, oh, well, you can't sit in the, but the midget K saying then about the cerebral palsy bitch. I said, no, no, no. You got way too much sympathy for the nigger nigger nigger way too much sympathy for the cerebral palsy bitch because I don't have no disabilities. And these is my friends, where's my sympathy? Now when the lights turn on right in a little factory with his nigger work. He turn all the lights on his. How are we saying? Okay. Toby? So how a tree and he looked at the rest of the elves up there. And he said I had the nerve to be with a bitch yester- Posey. And I said nigga if you if you want midget, right, get whatever the foot because let me tell you something the reason why I'm coming home for the midgets right now. I. It's fully full midgets male midgets with regular size bitches because like with no this nothing wrong with that. But I'm just saying that midget men eight losing. So don't act like I'm causing. I'm oh, she taught. My Michigan mitigation is doing fine mentioned there's little on love after lockup that we all know is not only is he on the spectrum. He hit an all the colors on nesper. He's butterfly in the sky as line Brian. Haykal look is in a book the reading rainbow of spectrum of what he got and this nigga been divorced thrice and my pussy been dry for the last just as dries. My lips is right now on his live. And I don't wanna hear about no talking about. They gotta disability day got they midgets they got this sickle sale day because this is our hair winning no matter what a bit you'll have all her fucking fingernails done and negative. I don't want me without bitch. Don't have her toenails together. And that was my rant. So y'all could come more you want because I'm gonna tell you right now. I have fucked the midget niggers. So don't try it. Because I know how they've got big Dicks half the time. It's the truth. They got a lot of meeting up there. That's why they don't pulling them down. We're talking about peanuts. Which is. Not the midget guys be having big dick some of them. But no I've seen. I've seen frightening thick. They Dixie the first of all it's little people. Okay. They're just little right? And let me tell you, by the way, I find someone just called me a little personnel. You know, what a little person is a little person is a kid trick or treat and get the little Nagata here. Now, they don't have those special names for no fat bitches, but they wanna be little people Zola's took plus size Palese. So I'll tell you what it is about little people penis. And I we all know that I've seen all the penis. I have I am. I am a walking museum. Right. I've seen all the penis. Now. The thing about paints is a lot of times. It's about the perspective. It's about the ratio the proportion of the dick against the man that it's on. Do you hear what I'm saying? Like, there's some six four bodybuilders. Right. And you see the dick and you're like that looks like a little dick, right? But then in truth, it could actually be like a good showed eighty girthy piece of men me. But with a little person if they're even packing five it looks like it hits they need. That's true. Do you see what I'm saying? Oh that was the question. I was going to ask like are. They actually bigger just average my think I think it's what the French called Trump law. Now, do they clean? Oh god. It's a trick of the eye. It's a trick of the eye. You know, I imagine that they they use less water to get clean. Let's say they there's like an overabundance of foreskin Jimmy they can pull it back with their feet. You know, that's another way that they can tidy themselves. If I have a ten minute rant and with five years. Out. The thing my said on my rant. That's untrue on just saying suck off a small person. Oh, wait. Hold on one. Second. Marina Franklin has now chimed in about the crumbs that she has left. All oh studio was popcorn from a fan. Let me tell you something about marina Franklin and please go follow friends like us. Please listen to marina Franklin. She is definitely my sister. I love marina Franklin so much. She did leave crumbs you left crumbs. Oh, no. She says. Okay. And listen to it because other fuck the other women at the gym, then I'm gonna upset fuck them. Hello ladies. Hello. No. But there was working out red we need to be fucking working out. And that worried about what the fuck I'm talking about. Now, let me tell you how marina decks double down. She likes. She not going to address the crumbs. Really? It's more about letting us know she got fans, I told you that's what I'm saying. I'm saying she had to let you know pot calling from a fan girl. Meanwhile, China's on fire. You need to do the incline lot less. Meanwhile, my fans have been sent me any damn thing. I'm hungry. We'd say. They say popcorn. She should have left at some popcorn. That's t I love you to marina. He is the thing. I said this all to say about the midgets, okay? In a little people in a small people. Y'all. I go on my I don't mean. Nothing by right. But when I go on my rant. I gotta keep it real. And they got to come out like venom. And then we cleared up at the end. There's a whole the thing. I like about the small community while the small community 'cause I'll be honest. Some people say they don't wanna be called midget, some people say, it's fine. People say little people. They don't want me. Look, I don't think they're saying midgets, okay? Draw? Okay. So maybe I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I guess I just Barbara Streisand. They enjoyed it. This real what I will say this what I do like about the the little people community is that they stick together, and they have things for each other and on each other's shoulders somewhere along trenchcoat to get into the movie is it that kind of. I don't mean to be a dick about this. And you see I am trying to clean and clear. Let's if you want to do the bumper cars, you gotta you know. You run you run your game. You can always tell when three Mitchell stacked up because the strident ashore the Newark normal. Floated met don't let him get into your spirit. Beautiful person, man. It is Joan let this swamp. Remember, what was that show on USA swamp was the swamp thing shown less swamp thing? Get into your shit. Okay. Because once this stores to take over you what it's like the villain nigga at in the adventures. Now what I will say is this what I will say is this we're good now. We did you write you write. Let me tell you something. And the only thing I didn't make the word up. Right. I didn't I didn't make the word up. I did not make up midget. But I will call people whatever the fuck they want to be cold. So it was little people. If it's, you know, but they probably gonna be called by their name to be honest with you, right? But what I will say is this in clinch. Would it will say is this is that the point? I was making was. I see a lot of flawed men talking about how flawed women are. And I'm not saying that being a little personality flaw what I'm saying is when men decide to not look in the mirror at what's going on with them. And then look at the mirror of a woman and go this is what's going on with her? I have a problem with it. The amount of men who have been like to name nose up at me and on match or whatever and exit me because I'm a big bitch. They don't even understand how fucking dynamic. I am. And I'm not saying this to be like all the Jairus. But venture is to get the stories. I guess nothing wrong with me. But it was stacked up a bunch of pictures of a bunch of women. They can just go now now now, no no and go right to the because until the audience that you have a beautiful you have a beautiful Volver. Yes. I mean, genuine what I've seen a lot of pussies isos. It's a lot of burlesque Yami showed me a picture of her pussy. Once it is. Honestly, it's a ten out of ten. I swear to God I packed in. It's not like sloppy. It's trim and tight dynamite the site. Yup. Was his name was getting off in his sit wasn't even enough to be Billy. He was like, oh, this feel great. I'm sure it did mazing, but I'm tired of Negus because the older you get and you start looking at the profile a men who were in your age rain, and you go I'm looking for my age range, maybe a little bit younger not much. My mind is mine goes from thirty six to forty three. That's a nice way to pretty narrow range to what I'm saying. Is it can go I I don't have to go above forty three because the niggers that look for me above forty three. I have all the men of fifty one demand and older thing too. I didn't know match was the only thing I thought match was like children be like like sign their parents up for match. We you. She never asks me these things before she jumps on well paid one hundred seventy dollars. And I cancelled my prescription my subscription. It is prescription is a prescription I cancelled in right away. I wanna talk about a couple of things shut up Ross to her and her thing. Honey, stop in the neighbor love, she said experts link rising teen suicide rates internet's social media. I sure of it, Sandra rose dot com. The parkland Florida community is mourning after two teams survivors of the parklands school shooting took their own lives last week police say a male student killed himself just days after recent graduate graduate Sydney, halo, took her own life bolsters will on campus the day of the mass shooting that claimed seventeen lives at Marjory stoneman Douglas high school last year, police injured editing. Yes, police said Sunday that they invested. The circumstances of the latest suicide, according to the Miami hero, a group of sixty law enforcement officials mental health counselors teachers, and parents attended emergency meeting to discuss the suicide on Sunday. Parents who attended the meeting said that the broadly county school superintendents office is working to reach out to all parents who children are out on spring break. The district will give the parents a set of six questions to ask the children, depending upon the answers appearance will be given several options, including emergency resource services. Experts have linked the nationwide rise. And you suicide rates are higher incidents of bullying and the internet, particularly the peer pressure young people encounter on social media in a shocking statistic. One third of children who have visited emergency rooms in the United States were treated for suicide attempts to two thousand eighteen of that's thirty seven percent were black children a steady released in two thousand seventeen and presented at the academy. Societies academic society meeting found that children and teenagers admitted to hospitals for. Thoughts of sue omitted titles for thoughts of suicide or self harm have more than doubled during the last decade and. The following are signs to watch for and children who may have suicidal thoughts talking to others or posting internet about suicide discussions about feeling hopeless or a burden to others gathering information about ways to commit suicide internet searches is about suicide expressing unbearable emotional pain visiting or calling people to say goodbye giving away prized possessions and subtly becoming happy or cheerful after a period of depression. Also listening to the same song too many times in a row Esther KU. Hi, my love Esther. I was just thinking of Esa. The other day. I didn't mean to just jump in from two teams suicide Essex. But I love me. Some esta coup. Oh my God. Have you guys are listening? Please go check out Essex who she is. I just love me some esta coup. I don't see her enough. I need to see her money. I need to call my love. She just fun and fantastic. And such a funny funny comic. You know, I feel depressed sometimes even my life was going good. And I look on social media. I had to take a break. One of the things that khloe hill you had done who used to be my co host and my love. Still. Yeah. We just had dinner the other day of Jacob's pickles. We back there. We back there. We had our last meal so to speak before I die. We just both started our diet today. Her new book about not dieting. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. No. Call up my thighs or something I'm going to them title. The cover is hot. I love. She's got a job. Kwame Braun had but she got up social media for a while because she had to focus on a couple of projects. She was doing. And she was telling me how you know how much better I left Facebook about two months ago. And I swear to God like the shit is clearer. There isn't this like Khan. There was like a period where I was so nervous to say anything to you know, to Harry rang, right, right? Like things have just gotten so sort of heightened and it felt like, and here's the other thing this sort of like links when you were talking about the children in the suicide. It's like do you remember being little and if somebody wanted to fuck with you if somebody wanted to come and like fuck with your spirit that to like get off their ask it off their couch leave their house bike over to yours and do something nasty to you. Right. They had to do some nasty to you at school. Always. Principal but down the hall. They had to fuck with you live and in person. And now it's just like you can take a bath. Take your phone with you and just ruin someone's self esteem from a place of luxury. Let me say this. Bullying was very much in your face. And you only got bullied by the people who could execute bullying. Right. So you never had really sort of like the geeky kind of like a nerd knob. Come for you. Because it was like, oh, you you can't come for me. Most certainly not in this outfit that you've got. Okay. But those an energy thing, right? Stunt was also an energy stunt, but it's not about. Toughness anymore. It's about who can get your and your head and the following behind them. Right. Because what's deemed cool when we were kids is different with deem cool now because this about the followers like sober nerdy. Kid that couldn't fuck fight. You has twenty thousand thirty thousand followers. He can say something that affects you because it go the bandwith to which he affects you goes out to a large community of people that then because people don't even have to follow you as much as I'm always surprised the people that know anything about me because of my following is because somebody that follows me shared something. And that's how it goes. You don't know how far you can have thirty thousand people, but you reach a band with a two hundred three hundred thousand people because of your thirty thousand they shared and somebody else shared, and then this one shared, and then now he's is all and everybody goes, oh, ain't you to fuck. Mega. Right. I want you guys to go to the Columbia lighthouse project. I'm not really sure if the website, I think it's S C S S R S dot Columbia dot EDU again season Charles as is the same as ours and Robert Sam dot Columbia dot EDU. And these are the six questions, you should ask any teen in your life that you feel like something may or may not be going wrong. Do you wanna make out one? Have you wish you were dead? A wish you could go to sleep and not wake up to have. You actually had any thoughts about killing yourself if yes to answer to answer questions three four five and six if not to go directly to question six third question. Have you thought about how you might do this? Fourth and these next two or high risk questions. Have you had any intention of acting on these thoughts of killing yourself as opposed to you have the thoughts? But you definitely would not act on them question. Five. Have you started to work out or worked out the details of how to kill yourself? Do you intend to carry out this plan, and they said always asked this? As six questions have you done? Anything started to do anything or prepared to do? Anything to end, your life example, collected pills obtain a gun giveaway. Valuables wrote a will a suicide note. I don't even understand why kids right could kids. Write the suicide will do not do that. Sure. It's like what I'm gonna give you my PlayStation, four absolutely held a gun. But changed your mind cause yourself. What says? Any? Yes. Indicates the need for further care. However, the answer the four five six is. Yes. Immediately. Escort to emergency personnel. Emergency personnel for care. Call one eight hundred two seven three eight five five and or text seven four one seven four one or call nine one one. He says don't leave that personal loan. Stay with them until they are in the care of a professional for help. And then the national suicide prevention lifeline is eight hundred two seven three eight two five five or you can just dial eight hundred seven three talk or you can go to suicide prevention prevention, lifeline dot org. Again, suicide prevention life line dot org. And I think what's missing here is the people that I know in my life who have gone on to commit suicide will not answer these questions the way, you think they're going to answer. I think there's a bigger like when if they're answering these they're definitely. Seeking help. And attention. You understand like they want somebody to love them. They're they're at the point. Where like can you help me? Can you help me? And it's good if they're able to do that. But a lot of people who commit suicide are like, oh, no. I'm good. Everything's oh, girl, please oh child, please. And then you go. We'll what happened. So we have to also feel the situation. I think and I'm not an expert, but I feel like we should feel the situation to as opposed to just asking questions. I I had a when I when I adopted my dog we didn't get along. And he was always causing trouble handsome. And he's my everything if you ever see me and my dog, it's like we are the two best friends with the entire world. But when we first adopted him it wasn't working out. And it so happened that this girl who is in like the art scene in Boston who was like very much like in our family of friends. She had just gotten her PHD in dog behavioral psychology. She just gone, and I was like Karina girl yelp help. I I'm going to kill this dog. This dog hates me. And her piece of advice was always may come a good thing. As an if your dog he ever comes to you, you make sure that that's nice for them. Yeah. They're not coming to you to get lectured. They're not coming over to get punished. They're not coming over to be like, why did you do that? If they come to you. It's always going to be. It's got to be nice. We could really do that as parents to. We can do that as friends we can do. Yeah. Yeah. When you come. If you come to me, it's going to be a warm place. I'm going to be a soft place for you to land. And if you talk one day like I'm here just for that. I just got checked. I mean, I tend to believe that the the most important thing, we're lacking society. You right now, is empathy. The ability to listen is being so lost. And that's like if. Are always online. There's availability with online bullying, but I think it was more being losses. Just listening. Just empathy. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Being come is always a good thing. And it's great for facials and everything is going to do like to ease. I know. I know and I went on the I would can be a reliable. And I went on the higher. Seconds longer than I expected. You know, you don't want to live sort of sit out for too long because once once it gets lower than room temp. It's honestly, it's it's it's hard to get down. There's a couple of things I wanna talk about. Now, we can totally do this is up to Matt. We could totally do another episode. And really clear out the palate. Or we could cause there's a Cardi B situation. We need to talk about issues fakeness. There is a white man brutally beat a black woman. Where's that? That's real news. We could talk about that. And then we can get into the Dr dre who shit. So let's wrap up this episode. We'll do another episode which is good. We need to pocket some episodes. You guys know I have to go to Los Angeles. That's right. You leave soon. Yes. And we're going to double up next week, Matt. And I, you know, you're welcome to come. I ain't time. I live a Wapping block from you. And we love having one of the podcast, ladies and gentlemen. Tune in for next week's episode. I just want to mention also Seles has a podcast on two episodes currently up sh. Say vox, Shiva cts. The vox less podcast is save oxes, something save vox, less. A remembering the Vauxhall vox lust. Maybe there's is Seles. I'm such a bad friend. Promoted twice, and I want you guys to go. Check out that podcast. You can go to Celeste page on Instagram. You guys know Celes we do ninety day fiance and loved after lockup together. And she's one of my best friends known her for over seventeen years. So we're gonna come back for part two of new podcast. Thank you guys so much for listening. God bless you. All we love you. And as always. Support my career. Yeah.

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The O'Reilly Update, August 5, 2020

Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News and Analysis

12:04 min | 6 d ago

The O'Reilly Update, August 5, 2020

"Bill O'Reilly here Wednesday. August. Fifth. Two Thousand Twenty, you are listening to the O'Reilly update. Here's what's happening today in. America. Crime Surging New York. City's richest areas. The FBI opens hundreds of domestic terror cases over anti-police riots. Protest Portland winding down after nine weeks. Just thirteen percent of American satisfied with the direction of the country. And a massive explosion in Beirut. Wreaks havoc. Also, ahead, why is Congressman Cortez attacking a saint? But I. The NYPD warning residents in Manhattan's wealthy upper east side to be vigilant against armed assailants who are roaming around the nineteenth precinct home to many billionaires. Reporting, a two, hundred, eighty, six, percent increase in robberies police say the attackers are mostly teenagers shootings also up a hundred and seventy seven percent in that neighborhood compared to last year the Department of Justice confirming the FBI as open more than three hundred domestic terror investigations in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests. The agency telling lawmakers on Capitol Hill at least one, hundred and forty federal agents were injured in Oregon when anarchists tried to burn down a courthouse over a period of time. Protests in Portland Oregon. Slowing down now after more than sixty days, no police were visible as nearly four hundred demonstrators marched through downtown on Monday. They didn't do much damage this time. Finally State and local authorities in Oregon are promising. Now to begin enforcing the laws we'll see. New poll from Gallup says only thirteen percent of adults are satisfied with the current state of the country down from forty five percent in February respond site high unemployment, anti-police protests, Covid as the biggest threats facing USA despite the low number more than nine in ten Republicans. Approve a president trump. Giant blast in Beirut Lebanon killing dozens of people and injuring thousands. Lebanese authorities. Say the city resembles here a Shema after the atomic bomb. Early reports indicate the incident was caused by a fire at a fertilizer warehouse. An investigation of course underway. In a moment Alexandria Oh Cossio Cortez verses Father Damien of Mola. Kawhi. What's that all about right back with it? Now, many of you me included are worried that our 401k and retirement savings everything we've worked very hard for over a lifetime evacuate. We live in very uncertain times with all of fake news where stuck wondering where to turn. For fact, based Financial Investment Analysis. It's important to have an independent expert working in our corner to preserve in grow our savings. So meet Silicon Valley Angel investor and five G. Expert Jeff Brown a brownstone research. WHO's only obligation is to us to you. He's created a newsletter called the near future report where he shares his analysis on where the stock market is going and went. With. Stocks are poised to rise and fall and how you can benefit from an exploding tech market. Now, just track record is amazing. So please go right now. To Bill Five G. DOT COM bill five G. Dot Com let jeff help you preserve and grow your wealth through this very volatile time bill five, G. DOT com. You will thank me. Ton of via Riley update message of the day congresswoman or Cossio Cortez versus a Catholic Saint. As you may know the Uber Left Cortez believes white men are the cause of many bad things in America. So she. So she is objecting to the state of Hawaii displaying a statue. Of Father. Damien, of Mola. Kahiye, in Washington. DC. Says the congresswoman quote. This isn't to litigating each and every individual statue. This is what Patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks like. It's out radical or crazy to understand the influence white supremacist culture has historically had in our overall in our overall culture and how it impacts the present day. Unquote quote. Okay. Well Father Damien was actually a Belgian priest. Who traveled to remote Hawaii in the nineteenth? Century. And then devoted his entire life to helping the poor souls who contracted leprosy there. That was a fatal disease back. Then in fact, Damien himself died from leprosy in eighteen, eighty nine. He was forty nine years old. By all accounts, the priests was a holy man who devoted and gave his life to help those few would help. He was pretty much alone there. Yet Ms Cortez. forgettable injecting white supremacy into the saints legacy. Feeling the heat. Congresswoman Cortez than backtracked quote. At no point, say for Damian was a bad figure in fact I. explicitly stated that my observations were in about litigating his or any individual statute. It's about the fact that a huge super majority of statues in the capital are white men. Barely any women or black indigenous and people of color. Now. In response spokesman for the diocese of Honolulu said quote. Any Hawaiian here who is aware of their history which most winds are would absolutely Catholic or not defend the legacy of Damian is a man who was embraced by the people and who is a true hero to us because of his love for the Hawaiian people we did not judge him by the color of his skin. We judged him by the love that he had for our people on quote. Now some on the left will tell us that Alexandria. Cortez is the real martyr in this controversy. How dare anyone criticize her? Because the far left does believe. That everything in the United States. Is a product of white supremacy. This is the woke culture. In reality. It's not wrong to put statues of women, people of color or any other people who did good things. But to criticize Father Damien. Come on. I'm Bill O'Reilly and I approve that message by writing it for more news analysis please visit. Bill. O'Reilly DOT COM and join our stand off for your country campaign. In a moment something, you might not know. Surprise current events might be contributing to more stress sleep. Eb Cool drift can help. The cool. Drifts sleep system provides a cooling calming sensation to the. Design a counteract the way, the mind and the body reacts distress and it's one hundred percent natural. Cool. Drift has been clinically validated and users report improves sleep quality by ninety percent. It's lightweight and portable design allows for incredible versatility may fit your lifestyle calming you racing mind anytime you need. Just rallies you can save twenty five dollars off your order by going to try ebb dot Com one word tribe dot com slash Phil and using Promo Code Bill at checkout that's twenty five bucks off your order, and you can use it risk free for sixty nights. That's try EB T. R. Y., E. B. dot com slash bill use the Promo Code Bill to save twenty five dollars. Now the O'Reilly update brings you something you might not. Oh. Fifty eight years ago this week. Actress Marilyn Monroe died of a drug overdose in Los Angeles. The isn't kicked off one of Hollywood's most bizarre investigations with questions lingering to this day about what really happened Marilyn Monroe. Here's a story. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty to Maryland was fired by twentieth century. Fox from a movie. With studio executives citing quote, mental illness and Substance Abuse Unquote. On August fourth of that year her housekeeper discovered, Miss. Monroe. Conscience in the bathroom. She was pronounced dead on the scene. The coroner ruled her death, an accidental overdose at the age of thirty six. But there were many questions. Several conspiracy theories popped up. And are still in play. Some believe John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby. We're involved with murdering. Marilyn Monroe to cover up romantic relationships. Mitterrand row, of course, sang her now famous performance of Happy Birthday Mr President to Jeff Kaye at his forty fifth birthday party in New York City two months before. She was found it. Now. Robert Kennedy the Attorney General was in. Los Angeles. When Monroe died. But. I investigated his whereabouts and could find no link to Marilyn Monroe. I did that for my book killing Kennedy. And what we found out. Has Not been challenged. So I do not believe RFK was linked to Miss Monroe. With all the rumors, the Los Angeles County Coroner's office, and the Police Department reopen the investigation in one thousand, nine, hundred to twenty years later. After consulting. Monroe psychiatrists doctors family and friends officials relabeled her death as a probable suicide. And here's something else. You might not know before her death Marilyn Monroe's considered Hollywood's biggest star. Over the course of her fifteen year career Maryland started thirty three movies at the height of her fame she was paid. Fifteen million dollars in today's inflation adjusted cash. Back after this, thank you for listening to the O'Reilly update I am Bill O'Reilly. No spin just facts and always looking out for you.

Marilyn Monroe Congresswoman Cortez Father Damien Bill O'Reilly O'Reilly Portland Beirut FBI Hawaii New York City Alexandria America United States Maryland Los Angeles Bill Five Oregon Manhattan President G. Dot Com
The impact of gratitude

Second Opinion

03:34 min | 9 months ago

The impact of gratitude

"This is Dr Michael Wilks. With a second opinion. ernestine is a seventeen year old homeless woman who came to see me yesterday morning just a few hours after she was discharged from the hospital emergency department. Her arm was in a sling and was wrapped from her fingers. All all the way up to her shoulders in white dressing her other arm also had a white dressing with a large spot of dried blood in the center when when I saw her all wrapped up in bandages. My first comment was holy cow. What happened Ernestine? Her first comment to me was I am so lucky and I have so much to be thankful for. She told me how the previous night. She was viciously attacked and stabbed by her former boyfriend. Friend just two days before she and I talked about her need to get a restraining order. After she explained the details of the assault she again and spoke of how thankful she was to put this in context. For at least six months she had been homeless. She had been living on the street After being kicked out of her home by her mother she had to drop out of school. She lost contact with her brothers and sisters and she usually could only afford board to eat one meal a day and now she was brutally assaulted and she was grateful. Gratitude is a positive emotion. Felt one one one realizes that someone else has given you. Something of value. Psychologists have suggested that gratitude plays a pivotal role in promoting positive social relationships which are essential in a well-functioning society gratitude signals a kindness and and motivates the grateful individual often a relative stranger to reciprocate the pro social behavior studies show that experiencing ingratitude directly facilitates repayment of the favor with a kind act in return. This is a sort of cycle of kindness. Among among a highly social species. Human Beings Ernestine explained that she had so much to be thankful for the medical care she received at the hospital all the woman who found her after the attack and drove her to the hospital and the few people in her life. Who really cared about her? I was silent. How how could this woman practice gratitude at a moment like this in her life? As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday it seems appropriate to consider how how the practice of gratitude supports our own well-being research in the area of positive. Psychology provides evidence demonstrating that practicing. Gratitude has enormous impact on our physical and Army National Health. It turns out that gratitude causes the release of the neurotransmitter Mitterrand dopamine in key areas of the brain the health effects of gratitude range from increasing happiness too focusing less on material objects to reducing burnout to sleeping better being tired and being more resilient as Ernestine discovered if there is one thing a person can can do to increase their health and happiness expressing gratitude. Might be it so happy Thanksgiving and remember how fortunate you are. This is Dr Michael Wilks with a second opinion.

ernestine Dr Michael Wilks Army National Health dopamine assault seventeen year six months two days

Historiografía Mexicana [Libros de Historia de México]

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"A stay be so. These Pussy League reserve not was in with Roses Kuchis you. There was a continuous gaseous stories. Both cast they study fiemme. He can honest Paseo Borelli Moselle them liberals they study at Makiko Condorcet Vado Saturday ammonia. Sambre Zillah be that boo become a he can raise. Harrison be centrally rap alassio militancy in days from Cape Ascetical Political Easter boy it. His clear tore bellio. Condolences in Alabama accent in Manohla Bouma in lower SPA is they. It'd be you'll podcast. Days Economic Strategy Gallo has will be the public seen. Andre Histories will be that Indiaman Alabi Solu- Amoroso cases to war in miniature interesting when they trace Into when they go on to rest Bosa Jose Fina Bros. They will not echo the familial lesean wiry less piece to less money. So you only need this poor Cassisi interesting. When Daniels Custodian Manos LFM LIBERALS FOR AT BORAL institutue mistakes? Unity story has WHO CEMETERIES MORE GALLO? In over CISCO COHIBAS CENTRALLY RAP ALASSIO. Rabbi whole Coronado police or causalities Mona Stereo radio the La Paquin Econo- boom dot com backup plan Using when they quattro they carry moss. Rose that does days. That public ASEAN is terrific. I less cowardice corrosive. Yoho Sophy novels in the militancy interesting when they raise emergency interesting when they think. Oh this less late. Russ they own NC Seymour. Morale Center alassio the no mass their bane. Three sinus it's to see Roman and Roscoe's keenum those story Pat Rafter. They end in their FRA Lousy for Indus concepts. Yonezawa more at this was a total Morris now construction quilt Ecopetrol. He Story Call Sarah by Laura's it under the romantic armour Colorado the the lower e suffering into sicker yet and then motivated at eight. Oh Komo pretty st now in Moorgate total. Oh boy and he knew that. Komo signal. L'amour Cremona Pacione Sufri and there Be sent the river alassio in soution bomb in El Siglo the inaudible but they'll lower dealer in Correspondencia Song Carter's willingness Mutiara Ambala Gaza's got us have. When does remember more only commodity the daily Bellagio always as a less linear exposed us in his ties? Z? Within calls here say a Louisville the Komo microbial lanes is Komo pathological. Kimball our unity. Yes in that Gabi Center alassio Solely Control Salo also levy say as who other Alyce macos Athena. Guess He Liga's Catala more. This will be the area in maters. See Allah's Yellow Solo so Get that there's a catheter. Meena either let Randall. Fina those arrogant and their last forum us in Kosei Ischemia in that Komo and neither come. Yondo stress concepts Yoenis Fortuna. Mindy de la more ominous but I Moselle to Aristotle's meadows signals in Alaska which has got us in a Lebron won't be stolen Amore also sipping liberals she has be you in an application. The podcast is forty five Campbell. There's recommend ob Seton. Mr Seduced Him. He can happen to come. And they'll be so you using when they Guada- incontrovertible necessity. The control is the I will get spare Mitterrand Sal Tara facile mindy they will not cut that our water seniors will start on this point than though click in those controllers. Dow Samya Manila's Al Podcast days. He can be sent river. Alassio be Sturdier Amoroso Coffee novels militancy interesting when they raise militias dosing. One dating got that other these McAfee. We risk their mutual for the at the postseason. Him Nakara Tom. We say better Dumez better. Now wiscon- assays gala more than main. So get the professor messy better. Lasco's has done a Manila. These thin dot COM NC Bedrosian breath Damn de Maria Stella the memoir meal. This was evil. Be Been Saturday or thermo. Macau's WHO's to gray rookie capacity of anonymity Ponomarenko tra- North? Indeed though this through salaries stipends immune to the Koran apathetic. Konno's kissed symbols Ely Gamma Zamora. Mohair must get the at the Sola Borghezio me but he was being. Because if history's who said Yami Greek Gentlemen Mamas cannot any as poorer mealy Lucienne Propia? They'll be men are more. Mikasa you on this better data via scenes diva Jeremy. Michael Outta me Geeky Lewinsky model. He Discipline Columbus. Safina to get done to you me know Alberta Dental Manera. Calhoun has basis bit opening bell. Mindy Elliot Davis Give Up Obamacare Alesana guy on Gediminas poem local with Gideon Limit Too. I mean board member. Risk of your meal Mucus. Have Been Kasyanov wins. Hello Mulcahy's but do not end later. Our local ise laundry but I can have your say. Or if he knows that will be the Hamas do see Miranda's nervous is but I think contra looking contrast per kilometer races. You Must Rico must win more so Mahsa Mobley Sabio and Finn. Mika Maho better known known gono condemn it. Dan Tacoma Dam which is basically eras whom does Social Corazon. They'LL JESSE IS IN BRITAIN WOMAN. That get that order. Yes do three up alassio got it does his indices fina use Bendigo state policy umbrella but came to steady lumber. Must Vilis Mondo our. Does he do more? But because who got it to Ghana's Copacetic Dosa Corazon for Guyana more with says he will be made up a Labora- Maroshek Huston manage see fina. I'm used him. Imbesi Burqa yellow. I speed out of their more or is could even Miss America for the schools. If in Mehan kill me more maybe they're gonNA got it that it will stay is but me must appreciably gift odorless disorder. Let the era is that are the Al Paseo. Agam you for your may be Cindy see no Liba have you boys Alma. Mia Me loose. Receivable Steadily Corazon this woman to kill order. This will be send Derby last you Got It does. Your Course Safina Lapeer Grassy Kipah via barons who said it allow the NOPAL? Their salary will stay. I will stay Kasem unika fallacy that Soviet-era Syndrome Baseline Oruma. Assaulting me. Corazon broke away. Go Komo stealth me. That are used in some domain matter. Libya's meal basis maslum where Gill Lord. They're better spirits. Prosciutto boosted at Kenema. Maskell mask y'all Morell Budo Hamas better melanin stood anatomy among where though the Kazak whether they me said yellow your fallacy. That Julia this year said Yell Really. That was duties in Swain knows a Amir the croissant. Have Your Squad Fina Norby State Alcudia as will be all local any moonlit Portabella but to modern liberty. You this ceremony so host hokey Olympic Indianapolis NEOM Odyssey Soobee. Send three alassio. You Got US Indian Webby. Course if he does allow not Macarthur Kelly. Pusey allstate Abe by the okay. No matter at aecom one this you know say get. The answer was dropped. Salute the main Nolita. Those steady will know Alcantara. You Ga daughter. Marcy mass the move stayed portfolios. Gillespie Nomad Condom MOCATTA bizarre vacuuming vehicles UVA miss. Dd Miss Them. We free year and Finn Indo those Yelich and so see no more Alimentos. Miscanthus is those in Fairmont. We'll see parliament marina steady Stein. Komala Jose Fina up Oracle among his scattered as much as Likud has been raised. State case. Lama Mutual Mucci. Mo- in the US can only be hosted in. Dylan's here see us. They know heather the most at the Mickey there was but I content Darla now that may spend the worcester Monday. Mika Matti mid Alstead Kamala with this in Sierra for goodell visas. He maddio's did mass for casinos individual base or this win defense gays beore Kalamata Yeston. He's Asao a year principal mentor. Give us Gaba. Your body has basis. You Stayed Moustava. Serrano circularity lateral CESCO IN LSD Kinara. But will you pushed the neon wrestle on? Have Your Son. Garrick Inaudible Review Mandela. This year was your really sorry in nothing. Must Mas Wollen Dot Gal staircase meteors nanka Lebron Career Marilyn young who steady spiracy on Gigamon motto with Rome? See Umbrella immorally pretty mail getting out of this area. So there's Almond Tequila Soobee center last. You was that the steady tabby accurate threaten lawyer. Mun was here for Gay Korea located got it does it. Then the you know either let rather I suppose a MEA lose me so hose me solo me pretty Middle Munich. Lamar Bien meal. Our costanza master Gila Do. They can raise supposedly explicatives focus in the one. Esi Many Hook it to Papa Kalicki your does solo the you get the Kiro better better deal. Oh Jose Fina gain cool yet and SANGRE IN HR IS MIA TV hitter can also be worn infamy knowle's Indira handle bit or give you get your jaw give you. Maybe the poor keenum chat to porous and Muslim soap. Lamamra soon be the MEA. They hold o'casey nullifing era. Louis School Sara Poverty Rather career okay grandma me or joy borge career in Auto Carmona Modem. Buddha Komal case at the interviews is inquiry animated. Spend also Hunkin see buddy but I can almost as those people are. Lvn On Hallo used more is both other rally in risk. Must Ladder go look at the development as career? You demand that Muniz they've ACC Corazon Seabra to you too you to rebe got it though. Threes either. Let Rather Jose. Fina home get their moines that this could be in that the more lateral Lago pawtucket Demo Tanto Gigi Mask. Status Caribbean Leah was now had yet but me must blessed considered a total momentos viva get by satellite quantum blandly be not roster to so zealous the. Alice it is Danielson Damn win by guerrilla Gimme thus to scattered this me consecutively. Got It stains you. See Rita's the year when the story Solo Cycle Karateka. Receive you gay also more meal. Gomo Sian took it told. Us neraby record illness. They Miss Siemian though. They're more plus whether explicit garrity better towards us in diesel Komo Yamile basis one MR as Manoj Token Bien meal. Mitzvah that to them in this one they still. Unlv coney debut gave me okay. That's almost glycine. Double See it Alaminos. Scaping US in me. Komo Iota thing number is in the in the sea to memorize thunder. Komo Dan see more for it than constand. The KOMO meal see two-year at under convenience in Kenosha Aparicio's has come on like a Tuesday with Deniro. Vicky Deborah Latoya maybe in Don Society a complete them in Phillies Istana. Istanha is UTICA. Your thing this conveyance. The normal fina not being only llamas. Speaking era sombat is don't do Savitsky one. Laura seem pretty meal. The head of this more is to look at me. Mercedes' Borges Guerrero Kit to a more choice Camille when all in Maine Sacrame- consumer is loose Janka. Said is Banisadr Adam. Brown DoCoMo mcdonagh's Caspian. Go years have air can also you Chech- away? No yet but I see Comoro Cameras Komatsu seen okay. So you normally this Aparicio's early in Don Cisco Safina in is therapy. Indira'S W one side has better model. Deborah Tell me e memory said US get the Easter System. So they've been Sarah Mulkey Sierra Maury Siemian Llahu give them on campus and Gigi said yesterday moten Economic Julia gotTa get to them in Qatar in morass. Who's local raciest Vigas looking? And he says our army. Oh no gear. Only Ben Sarah No NOSSA my buzzer and don't can get them at that yet. L. Me in Phoen- now the said yakup as a Seattle as said this ricky. Vian one the sweetness to Birkett. That'll done two million galaxy Mary about that. Were more. Prune Serene stunned. I Give Me Museum Waterman. Lateran GARRISON DRYNESS THEIR WATER. Eso cortisone phen- Samir is reasonably Mussoorie. Blessed yet better. More more will only come McGowan. Maybe they will not work in that area. Estella Salva's UNITARIAN FINA. The the views geico Massachusetts there is to get mas me. There s see the Mello Borges set up at me. Melissa mccombs rather get he is does he they ask a solo ellen fairness Gazeta mean speed. I'll see solely in no not more bucket to amortised seller more than they. WanNa send you possibly get to Map Arabia's WANNA spend some interns and all mortar meal one Saturday the not so you know so you in the morning when the recipient of the Sangre de Anza Hosa Phen- better though not meet until the lady history local local Party Boca Delaram. See Jim if he would okay. That as we dente protocol nauseous capital the damn forget to be in the courtroom that more more economic us. Gin responded Essien. Look at the view in this in this. Come US Domus mammoths you. Now that's backup. Is this paramus lunar lean? Nothing without I'll get the little moon Dominika we've freer. Normally they career to SCARLATA stand into siestas than the in this in the that on data they must be asking Alessia Mosca. Carlos obey the Gillis in this speech. But KENOSHA MIDEAST GUS need to. There is a plurality poorest Hamas decorated healthy. You must facile Believe Coronas Three Gilgit. They'll be the noon solemn moment though they maybe get a hit the latter Alabama's Bay Yoho in the looney mayors Does Mississippi saw the US any would. Fema he kinda to calm.

US Komo Jose Fina Komo Hamas Corazon Seabra Alabama Don Cisco Safina Bosa Jose Fina Bros Laura Lebron Paseo Borelli Moselle Komala Jose Fina ASEAN Vicky Deborah Latoya Yoho Sophy Fina Sambre Zillah UNITARIAN FINA Gallo

Stories Philippines Podcast

26:35 min | 2 weeks ago


"The. Tories This episode is sponsored by anger. podcasting is so much fun, and now it's easier than ever to start your own podcast with anger. Everyone is passionate about something. For example I. Love Talking About Spooky stuff now. Thanks to anchor, you can spread the word about the things you love, and maybe even make some money doing it. Start Your podcast for free with anchor using the anger APP or by going to anchor DOT FM. They'll even distribute your show for you. You'll be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more of your favorite podcasting platforms. Anger also provides tools to allow you to record and edit your show from your computer and even from your phone. And no matter how big or small your audience is, you can make money from your podcast. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. I use anger, and it's been the best podcasting platform I've been a part of so join me start your podcast today by downloading the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM. We. All have something to say. Thanks anchor. Up The guys, this is your host draft. And welcome this is. Be One gun, adventure and mystery series. Case. File number. Six. Stereo sully being Johnny. Siham. Seekie Cup. At the old. George. But the Nina bogging Makita Milwaukee Milwaukee somebody into a Nacion Joseph. Kasama putting Nila Sakina. When the beat them gutted. Me Another narrating new are. But the Nitty George. Make a dubbing that number by it'll song karate Pelham dial pound at Novela? Oma Del bunks a boomer. Not Bouncing Gino now booty among bye-bye. By blame who. Did George. Don Gino. Joe Lunardi Lot. Lodging Houses Dominant Martine Parasol Insert. A. Long To. Sound good. Dino to. Buy. Multiple eaten. Boom your hyperbolic someone talk. Milumil Doug is possible by. I am Coban, arenella material. Kema who? Only jokes. Alavi Sign Acela Bob Dynasty lagoons, Lou. Bill with NATO. Funding Genus in I've been the chemo. Got The? Equal? Windy. Must Exciting Dude. Got Domenico. Millipedes Nugenix Schema Wook. DAPO AC Wolfgang. Among D'Amato Bongino. George. During, the steelers are. Among the oversee. That Luanne. lockney Gino Simona Moolah at NATO oncoming even. Send them to look. To. Do the job. Dawn Sabine unglued. The Hong things are good Makiko. Gosh Dot Neuron. He would not. See Joyfully one the BALLISTA. Joel. The tournaments George Salah. Go on them and see long. Bali. With, Mikiko then auto faucet by. Bob On his. Show on Lila about. Up, A, mantra! Dina mentioned that the Dow with the monkey so. It, belong Teluga uncle to. Kinshasa Gustavo behemoth not unknown on. A one better something in a bottom Maceo. Omar Mobile Mahia he. had. died an appeal. Ongoing Nilo Juanita Mott. Long VISITA I will, it'll megawatt. We are going to honing. Tina blow. Up Agena genome. Was Molina. What? About high. Nor Low. In A. NASA punk irony one. Payroll I'll, be leery. My own at the show. That looks at Gina Blah. Blue Nikki. numb eating Sufa. Really, in Gino. ZAPPA Laurent Moss new. Been Torrero. Bottom. Number say who know maybe not reopen Tasse. day set up mugging. On. ME. Milan Benito's sorry have not announced that you. On Demand Guy. The. CCC UPON I on what under the? To See Nylon. Mayo. Not Blah nursing, asn? A muscle. Sub Bar at Inuit knittle. Hug Done Yati Soccer Ryan. Offering when he come on at the. Door. John batchelor spun. Sabatini gene. Stu? Doug Nico. He sunk waffle on Kabul neon. May Be! Willing Makita of the Moonwalk, when be undoing on Bloomberg Yari. lugging Bella I'M GONNA BE NOT LEO. Is Eighteen Abi Longa at tag and Hugging He. Metabolism an appointment Pablo. Now. neponset knee walking main dimopoulos in a gene. Akiko Kina behind about. Can Be alum. Melissa. Opinion Sealer. Morgan. He Big Sabine may be. Only. A number. Chemo Woukd. Unabomber Ankles and our own. Being sobbing. US. Gino a nicer being. Lumber blame. Fought on a long. Operating so be. Mobilised about New Mogi. Behind UNSEE, Nabi, gene. But more more who? Mommy Nova Ming Awesome But We still your. Won't abandon battling about. Multi on US move Pero. Biting ceiling lots of be one go. To Sin Mitterrand another missile mommy, Stereo Dot. com. The. Automobile La di in. A settled. The along Noah bogues in the sorority. Ugly Lena Makiko. Walking Marigny. Nil AETNA dealer in. Keep the Mama Dada. Old One way while owned. United Mistero bogging. New. Mammalian. It'll take him out. Bias only decision concerts are being sandy la. Novella wooden. Swing atonal? dotty Mama Souvenir Hunters slung Manami depot. They're only hauling one. Naming deal a long only. At. Some donkey. Not The two. mean. But within the not new reports police. Sobbing bogging. In Latin among? Can Deal on Easter Don software. He bought uncle nominee bogging. One adopted the hot up. It'll boggle police. Saga Nikki Mao? I? Don't know Nico. On the mapping atten Donna mean also probably committed. By New winick? Niki Marwah. Bottle. Horn. Salvini bogin. Major Hobie don seeped liaison borderline lucky law among our muscle dawn. By. The funny thing Boola, Gino. With no! I love your and the. Gay. You. Nacional NACIONALISTA. Anarchy on the Moon Pool. Ian By DR Congo in Chemo. Sobbing Akiko may begun someone Mata. Sir Must Mobutu. Bag Tomorrow, police may be danger. Club in some again I hope. Must Mobutu in commitment Lommel. On suspect. The Doug Nikki Mal. Below you begin the law. Only bogey. But I'm endow on the bullpen thereto nylon alongside. Sabi Nikki Mabul Gaza by Geeky believe got. In the East nitto on senior Omar to restart the you. Adding Barbuda. Wis.. Owning Michele not in. Nine eleven. Sobbing Gino. Up Number on mobile nothing soon after more non-permanent. Lucky. DuNno Nikki. Guide. Google my. Son Good Mikiko. Will end among nightlife to keep the more I listen maybe belong to. God the. Keynote the BUNGLERS CG know. Listening. Album make when Charito. DAMORE SCHEME AWOKE Gino. Autoimmune. medallions Salem mug now hobbling on boom by Sagrada to own open so uncharitable. Not. A, gun. yod! But nothing was open. Gene! Sorry Gino Payroll. On the. EPA on Yati subway. been came out. Coming. Ito. He can think Mama going Oh Shenandoah. South Gino. Molina USA Puncak Law, Nick Bailey on. A day. Trump being done going? Ongoing some Ghassem Ducey at Nob Plan? No. Bringing Ilab with the Plano Pero Mabija. Popeye became our sorry bunk. Maim Stereo Golic some. May Melon EXURBAN. I mistook temple an access required moment open duck. Eggs are being it all a dormitory in the Mall Been Down Can E. Bottom Botox exclusive some lucky. said the idea was Goupil Omar? Selena. Bottom but I'm holding up better paid into. To one Lama over Bobby buggies. Mooney. said he, also on more number locking on. Mainland awesome similar, but number season honeybee. Lucky now on Siga. Melilla but that Melikian is. A hidden. Be No no Nila. Barton. League Laguna from Goddamn boy. Mahala. SOPPING LA. Mile Astounding Sallie, Bingham you move. In salt yards lie Negbi beginning knocking gun. Some you my own. My lucky on beguilingly awesome is picking US up. Merimee signed the only one off Jimmy Butler by Matteo. Tonight. By Gary Neal Emmy. The, huggies, Anita Gary One. Madan, Laki. WHO MUNC- landing senior lists? Cup of Maganga Siniora's Allama La go up. How Bona Gillian tight a Luma Newman Gabby. Bond with under. My book any. Musab Nikki mobbing society. He Balaton. SNEAD's Schema we'll we'll ask the by. The OPTIMA GOLLY on martyrdom. Allama among. Young only am known means site to Martha Gun. In Jalis. K. Long commutes are good. boggled only dumping the narrow suddenly being. Boulogne necessarily haven't been does on what the. In. So Glib Alin Lang marks up nine on the Egypt Nina. I be shot knapik debunk liner. The Hebrew. Allowing. Lobby sniper at last night the. He'd be my Egypt non-group Group when he came out on the east talk show that he had been a Bobo on long lie on planning to. The on combating. Dominating on Monica. Sean Young Shuttle. On, not undermined on the part on the. We Kneel Gino. Milk Sunday Kema onboard. They don't be in a game behind by Palais. Mila out on and non behind. Selah Koran. Would they, Okita. A BALL CYBORG. More with no one. Can Be. Major Mullahs Gillem. The. Dorito. Peanut? Oil Molasses pressure. Widening the chemo. Eternal entire much putting be logotype loss. Sobbing Sibenik I will. Say, something, be. Gino. Can deepen out the casinos across blah. Blah? By GEICO so Osama. burning. Man, that on subway, but. But not an Eugene. We on the long. Sabatini bogging. Mobile dwindling born Dino Mobile. Does IT Matter Naro? Bruce Consume on mobile retarded. Marble can Gino. To Sin a Hindi Nancy, Lyons, tomorrow, normal blame unlocking Nila. laude talk. About. Some MELA, game at. showed. Bought Allama Molly Barron. He? 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Niemoeller Gino Chemo Akiko Kina George Salah Gino Simona Moolah Gino Gino Gino Payroll South Gino Kneel Gino Doug Nico US NATO Anita Gary One Gino Homey Nila Sakina Goupil Omar Manuwa Mama Joe Lunardi Milan Benito
26: Could Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts be Magnetars?

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

26:24 min | 1 year ago

26: Could Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts be Magnetars?

"This is space time series twenty to twenty six for broadcast on the twenty ninth of March. Twenty nineteen coming up on space time could mysterious fast radio bursts, be magnetized earth's biggest Beatty or blast since the twenty thirteen children linski event and Genesis grabs the moon all that and more coming up on space time. Welcome to space time. We'd Stewart Gary. The strongest of discovered a hobby. Magnetic neutrons stock owed magneto, which appears to have a lot of the characteristics of those mysterious Haina, gee, pulses known as fast radio bursts Mitterrand stars created when very massive stars far larger than the sun reached the end of their lives and exploded powerful events known as core collapse. Supernovae what's left behind is a highly compacted super-dense Diller corpse so tightly squashed that. All the positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. A literally crushed together deform neutrons and the staff name, although only a dozen or so kilometers wide. Neutron stars are the densest objects in the universe. Other than black holes. Fast radio bursts, and mysterious southern high-energy flashes at very specific wavelength lasting just nanoseconds and originating cosmic distances most a singular events occurring just once. A specific location in space, and then never again that suggests that probably caused by some sort of cataclysmic events such as supernova the problem is there have been several fast radio bursts, which of repeated and these appear to originate from the of the centers of galaxies and the speculation suggests they caused by the supermassive black holes that reside. They now scientists with Caltech unnecess- propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, California, have analyzed fast radio bursts, like pulses coming from what a piece to be a magnetized located near the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Galaxy one of the study's authors Aaron polman from Caltech says these observations are showing that radio magnetized candidate pulses with the same characteristics. As those seen in some fast radio. Bursts, the authors was studying a magnitude nine psi J seventeen forty five minus twenty nine hundred. It's located and he said, you Terry's ace town supermassive black hole the centerback galaxy some. Thousand six thousand light years away with a mess of some four point three million times that if the sun Pierce, I j seventeen forty five minus twenty nine hundred was initially spotted by NASA swift x Ray space telescope. It was later determined to be magnetized by his new style or nucleus. Spectroscopy telescope array spacecraft that was in twenty thirteen magnetized arrays sub type of group as Paul size is intern rapidly spinning neutron stars magnetized thought to be very young pulsars, which is spending more slowly than ordinary pulsars and have much stronger magnetic fields which suggests that baps old Paul south go through a magneto like face during their lifetime Pierce. I j seventeen forty five minus twenty nine hundred is the closest known pulsar to the Sipa messy Blackhall the center of the galaxy separated by distance of just zero point three ly is. And it's the only pulse are known to be gravitationally bound to the black all and the environment around it all of this is allowed. Scientists to use this magneto help probe the conditions and environment need milky ship. A massive black hole. In addition to discovering similarities between the galactic centre magnetized and some fast radio. Bursts the authors. Also, glean you details about the magnetized radio pulses using one of Nasser's deep space networks largest radio antennas located at Tidbinbilla ni camera in Australia. Scientists analyze the individual pulses admitted by the star everytime. Rotated a fate. That's actually pretty rare in radio. Studies of pulse is they found that some pulses stretched or broadened by a ladder mouth. And what was predicted when compared to previous measurements of the magnetized average pass behavior. Furthermore, the behavior varied from pulse. The pulse. Speaking of the two hundred and thirty third meeting of the American astronaut Michael society in Washington. Pullman says he was seeing these changes in the individual components of each pulse on very fast timescales, and the behavior is really unusual for magnetized. The radio components separated by only thirty milliseconds on average now one theory to try and explain the single variability involves clumps of plasma movie. At high speeds near the magneto, permanent colleagues suggested the movement of these comps could be the actual cause of the observed signal variability another theory proposes that instead of something happening to the magnitude the very ability is intrinsic to the magnetized at self. Pullman says understanding the signal variability will help future studies of both magnetising pulsars at the center of the galaxy Tolman and his colleagues are also hoping to use the deep space network dish to solve another outstanding pulsar mystery. Namely, why there are so few pulsars near the galactic center. Their goal is the find the non magnetized Palsa neither galactic setup black hole. Pullman says finding a stable pulsar and at close gravitationally bound. Oh, but with secretary say star could prove to be the holy grail fisting theories on gravity if they find one they'll be able to do all sorts of unprecedented tests of. Johnston's general theory of relativity, I'm Stewart, Gary you're listening to space time. Okay. Let's take a break from our show to talk about. I knew sponsor Kiwi. Co Kiwi creates really super coup hands on projects for kids that make learning about steam fun. That's right. Steam, not stem science technology, engineering and maths with a key weeK' subscription each month. Your kids will receive a fun engaging you project, which will help them the Philip creativity and confidence, and of course, they great fun for kids at heart too. You know, there's really no better quality time. You can have and working with your kids putting together a Kiwi project. They memories your kids going to Kate forever. And these projects that designed to spark creativity tinkering and learning and kids of all ages from not sixteen plus all projects are rigorously tested by kids before distribution, and every credit includes all the supplies needed for that month's project. So there's no need for any last minute trips to the store their detailed easy to follow instructions written full kids, and there's an. Educational magazine to learn even more about that great same Kiwi co has seven lines hundred some Bill for kids of all ages. So there's always going to be a project, which is age appropriate Keiko in spies kids to see themselves as makers and to the vote creative confidence to change the world through engineering, creating their own innovative designs and outcomes key MacOS mission is to empower kids not just to make a project but to make a difference. And of course, all these projects have fun. Now, we cows offering space time listeners a chance to try them out for free to redeem this special offer and learn more about the projects for kids and for kids at heart. Visit k Waco dot com slash space-time. That's K weaker dot com slash space time for your free trial. And of course, it will include all those details in the show notes and on our website. That's Waco dot com slash space time. And now it's back to our show. Space time with Stewart, Gary. The speed hit by its biggest Meteo blast since the twenty thirteen showing you blink event in Russia. The Meteo Eberstadt of the Bering say late last year in a sparsely populated region of the east coast of Russia's Kamchatka peninsula. The December eighteen events being described as a large fiber, all that's the term. Astronomers use for exceptionally bright meteors visible over wide area the meteoroid exploded as it slammed into the figure atmosphere about twenty six kilometers above the planet surface. The explosion unleashed an estimated one hundred and seventy three kilotonnes of energy. That's more than ten times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Russia to help end. We'll would to military satellites designed to look for nuclear explosions picked up the blast as did more than sixteen interest down detectors around the globe to Nassar instruments aboard the terra satellite as well. As senses about Japan's him Warri with a satellite, which is partially funded by strays bureau of meteorology also captured images of the blast Nassar's image. Quences show views from five of the nine cameras on the multi angle imaging spectral radiometer the instrument took the shots. Twenty three fifty five Greenwich Mean Time just moments after the event Botha terra an him away. Images showed the media is trail through its atmosphere casting a shadow on the cloud tops elongated by the low angle of the sun. They also show an orange tinted cloud of smoke left behind by the Meteo as it is the air as it was passing through fiber events are actually fairly common and they recorded the NASA center for near earth objects studies database to find out more entry Dongli speaking with astronomy. Dr frit Watson that explosion in December. What what happen? They went bang short. Did thing. That's how we know about actually quite writes. This is an event that took place on the eighteenth of December. But as really only only hit the headlines within the last few days. So where are we exactly three months down the track? And the main reason why that is the case is because nobody saw it. Oscillated part of the world is try. So this was over the Bering seas have placed coal, the Kamchatka peninsula, which is possible. Russia an very uninhibited parts of the world. Let's face it. If I saw it. They wouldn't old anyone anyone who knows they might. They might have wanted to keep it to themselves. Shrines eights an event that we now know was comparable, although less intense than the chilly bins. They -til that was an object that entered this atmosphere above the city of Chelyabinsk in the euro mountains also in Russia back in two thousand and thirteen and it calls the next blow Shen, which if I remember, right? It was a quivalent of full hundred fifty thousand tonnes off TNT. It was many times he Rocha nuclear explosion. And it was caused by an object about thirty made. His in diamonds hitting the atmosphere something like twenty kilometers per second. It blew up in the morning sky above Chelyabinsk and. And created a flash those times brighter than the sun, which everybody rushed to their windows to see what had happened in eighty eight seconds later, the blast way the ground smashed all the windows, and many many people wound up in hospital something like twelve hundred. I think is events. I have you know, I take back. What I said about the Russians because I've never seen Moore footage of one of any mile. Exactly on the bull shrines all dash Cam footage. Yes. It's the last big what you might call a Super Bowl. I that's the technical term for this as Super Bowl. I'd where something hits the atmosphere and explodes like that very big one. And clearly very significant unease is actually very fortunate that nobody lost their life in that because you know, walls went blown down and things of that sort. So this event as I said, it's comparable. It was probably about half the impact of the Chelyabinsk lung. The explosion is being categorized at about one hundred seventy three thousand tons of TNT still. Ten times the Russia nuclear weapon, but that means it is really less than half the wall the entered over Chelyabinsk still big explosion. Yeah. How do we know it happened? If nobody saw it and the answer is because the world is festooned with what it called infra sound detectives, these detectors, the pickup sound waves, which are the much much lower frequency than we can here, but actually permeates through the atmosphere, and in the case of the Chelyabinsk, given the infra sound went twice around the world, and the sort of reverberated for most of the rest of the day, and it was picked up by twenty infra sand. Malaita 's it was the biggest in percents signal that ever been detected. Now, this one is not as big as that one the Bering strait explosion. But it was the infra sound that actually revealed its existence on that was then followed up by sort of a few space enthusiasts one of whom picked. Up an image of it entering the atmosphere. There is a basically the explosion can be seen on an image from a Japanese weather satellites, which sit sat in June stationary orbit over the part of the world, the Japanese weather satellite recording the surface of the earth and the cloud cover and all of the rest of it. It was actually a matriarchial gist who trolled through the data from the Hema Awari eight satellite is the one that it came from and this run by the Japan. Meteorological agency, Simon proud, he's a major Logist and actually a works at the university of Oxford. So he did have the resources necessary to do that. But he did find an image from the satellite that shows a nearly vertical sort of orange streak and that's ties him with the infra sound measurements. Which suggests that this thing came in almost vertically an angle probably about seventy degrees to the bones Ecolab. That's that's pretty. Sleep. So yet. Hey, this broad saw basically. Yeah, that's right. And something like ten meters across a massive about fourteen hundred tons and they explosion as I've said was picked up by these various interest detectors. So really, quite an extraordinary thing. If you look at the Abbas of these small, asteroids, I guess he's what you call them. A few Mehta's across over the last hundred years have been three of them. One was the Tunguska event in one thousand nine hundred eight than there was a Chelyabinsk won the Tunguska was far more powerful in any of the other two that professor Fred Watson and astronomy with department of science speaking with Andrew Dunkley on our sister program space nuts, and this is space time. I'm Stewart Gary. Israel's first mission to land on the moon's continuing normally despite an early glitch with the spacecraft's navigation system, these she caused an involuntary reboot and delay the plan for minute engine burned by two days. I should manage with space. I l sales systems are operating normally and the mission is continuing as planned down from came space. I l here I'm sending in Israel, and I'm really excited to tell you all about the important maneuver does. We just had an wise was it so difficult so we launched the spacecraft into orbit, and we say we shared a ride with an under satellites so that means we're not introductory to moon yet we have to do orbit correction maneuvers in order to get to the moon. And this is something expected longtime ago, the problem with making over correction maneuvers is because we had some sort of an issue with the Star Trek her, and that was not feel that we can actually do this. And that was a huge success. And I want to take you back until. About why was difficult in? What's so hard about it? So first Star Trek or is a type of a camera just like the one you have in your phone in. It takes pictures of the stars. And this is how we know where we aiming where the engine goes. And where should we fire? The problem is like cameras if you should them towards the sun, they get blinded. So we have some sort of a visor that's supposed to help it from happening. But some something went wrong. We're still not sure why. And we get blinded in angles if we didn't expect so the sophisticated engineers in the team worked actually all night trying to figure out an angle or configuration that will make it all work, and we can actually make them nervous. Because if the Star Trek or is blind. We don't know where the engine is aiming and there's a real risk of losing space go so they worked on light. And the uploaded a command I was talking to the near the OR, and she was about to upload the command. And you know, I asked her like what does he feel and she told me, you know, it's not big deal. We practice it a lot. But still there was a lot of tension in the control room. Mm-hmm. And we all waited for this critical moment, and that was a huge success, and the indie maneuver was corrected a very nicely, and we're now in orbit they're going to be another correction maneuver that's going to be ten times longer. So it's actually a lot more risk. So we're still holding our fingers for successful maneuver correction. Thank you so much. If successful Israel will become only the fourth nation on earth after the Soviet Union, the United States and China to undertake three hundred eighty four thousand kilometer journey to land on the lunar surface. The mission also comes fifty years after America's historic Apollo eleven lunar Lander when Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin, became the first men to welcome the moon is rose. Genesis luna. Landa blasted into orbit on. February the twenty second about a SpaceX falcon nine rocket from space lowest complex, forty the Cape Canaveral air force station in Florida, the five hundred eighty five kilogram. Genesis will bash sheet and Haber was successfully deployed into orbit thirty five minutes after launch igniting its own. On bowed, rocket engines for the first of several times to progressively increase its OPEL apogee furthest distance from the earth until the already so lodge. It also encompasses the moon using this process, and that is over the raising instead of a more direct Luna transfer maneuver has become the preferred method of rigging the moon for a Budig missions, which aren't time-sensitive. That's because it uses lists feel. But of course, as I said, it's not time sensitive takes about seven weeks rather than just three days. Once it gets there. The spacecraft will undertake a lunar open insertion maneuver eventually going to orbit around the moon for up to a month before landing on the marae Sereni Tatas or sea of serenity a six hundred seventy four kilometer wide dot basaltic. Luna basin just east of the Mara emblem once on the lunar surface. Genesis will send back video and images and use its magnetometer to study the Luna magnetic field to help scientists better understand how the men formed involved Elorza deploy a laser retro. Reflector array on the lunar surface Vanessa as part of a new Luna base navigation system, it's hoped necessary lunar reconnaissance Ota will be positioned to document the spacecraft's the Centene landing on the moon surface. And this is the space communications network is providing telemetry and communications for mission manages in Tel-Aviv as well as its primary scientific payload Genesis is also carrying digital time capsule. None as the odds library, which contains over thirty million pages of data millions of documents from around the world, including dictionaries and encyclopedias a full copy of the English language. Wikipedia a copy of the day a Christian bible examples of fine, literature and art as well. As children's drawings memories of holocaust survivor, Israel's national anthem they had take an Israeli flag and a copy of these rally declaration of independence. You're listening to space time. I'm Stewart Gary. And time that it take another brief look at some of the other stories making using science this week with a science report. And you study has found that can cheating even moderate amounts of high fructose corn syrup, a common ingredient in sugary drinks, and Hance intestinal cancer tumor growth, a report of the journal science claims previous researches suggested that high fructose corn syrup could contribute to cancer because it causes a basically, and it increases cancer risk that the new work suggests that high fructose corn syrup increased Jim McGrath independently of base ity, that's because the tomb is converted directly into substances that help them grow. And you study claims alcohol isn't just bad for drinkers. But also for the people around them a report of the journal BMC medicine claims most research into alcohol associated homes focused on the harm to the trinket, not others. So the authors of the new study estimated the homes coups to others by alcohol jury pregnancy in road, traffic accidents, and as result of interpersonal violence, they found alcohol was responsible for forty five point one percent of third party road, traffic deaths. Fourteen point nine percent of interpersonal violence related death, and almost sixteen thousand cases of fatal alcohol syndrome and fatal alcohol spectrum disorders. The researchers say the findings highlight the need to consider the biggest story ran alcohol, not just individual health. Well, I guess it's fair to say we all enjoy a little bit of catch time after a hard day at work. But no, the should say that all that. Excess time lounging around is linked to around fifty thousand per year in the United Kingdom as well. As putting a huge drain on the UK's national health service. A report in the journal epidemiology and community health found that a third of adults in the UK spend at least six hours sitting down during the week and that number increases of the weekend. Sitting Terry behavior is previously been linked to increased risk of heart disease type two diabetes cancer and death from causes. There are new warnings out today that if the current rate of you legal deforestation in Brazil continues it could increase the land surface temperature up to one point four five degrees celsius in some areas by twenty fifty the report in the journal, plus one is based on data modeled on how land surface temperature changes when far secluded it looks at the amount of sunlight reflected off the earth and the amount of water vapor released from plant into the atmosphere. Researchers say that in tropical forest such as in Brazil, clearing causes a local warming while planning has a cooling effect. Technology developed by the university of South Wales could provide it environmentally friendly cost effective method of sterilizing water than you. Take -nology bubbles on pressurized cabin dioxide through wastewater in a bubble column. Thickly inactivating both bacteria and viruses or such as say, then you take -nology is capable of sterilising water with hot CO two which considerably reduces energy requirements when compared to bowling border as hating guesses much more efficient than hating water. And you study suggests that rogue waves are occurring less often. But becoming more extreme the findings published in the journal scientific reports based on long-term dead from a wide expanse of ocean to investigate how these rare and expected in hazardous ocean phenomena behave waves the classified as rogues when they're over twice the height of the average C stat around them from trough to peak past observations of put some rogues at other thirty medicine. Hide the faces the capable of damaging or even. Sinking ships and on occasions of swift people off the shoreline out to see the data came from fifteen billion which provided surface information long, the US western seaboard, stretching from Seattle in the north data San Diego in the south the data showed that it is of rogue waves across the two decade when the Phil slightly, but also showed that rogue wave size increased scientists also found that rogue waves the more prevalent and of greater severity during winter months. Any trading -ly a happening with increasing frequency during Cama background sees. A new study is confirmed the famous dunning Kruger affecting action. It's found that the most extreme opponents of genetically modified foods actually know that least about science, but at the same time, they generally believe they know the most the findings based on surveys conducted in the United States, France and Germany, Tim Mendham from a strain skeptic cysts, the findings suggest that rather than being a barrier into the position of strongly-held views, ignorance of the facts might better be described as the fuel fake says Peter not aware of how little they know people often overestimate what they know. Because I yeah imprint on the PayPal with the GM foods. It is a survey done about genetic modification of foods, and they ask people who hold different, paperless. So they information on science hemisphere know, about science, some basic questions lots of plants give oxygen and that sort of stuff. They're pretty it's pretty ordering stuff. And I found that a lot of people who are really opposed to it then that much about science, and that they have a great deal confidence at the same time in what I think they do. Who's the problem there is you label something as Frankenstein food or something like that? And lay was like that stick and people are going to on the side of caution and even necessarily they have been connecting modified food demand for wall alum top, but it's an easy recognized might a big festival bat that people get worried about because the issue is is that those who most strongly opposed this is probably a pretty generalization. But a lot of people who strongly opposed to GM foods are also fairly agent other sides behind actually my response to a lot of people that's him from a strain skeptics, you're listening to space time. I'm Stewart, Gary, and that's the Shifu now, you can subscribe and download space. Time is a free twice weekly podcast through apple podcast. I tunes stitch-up dot com. Puckett costs soundcloud YouTube audio boom from space time with Stewart Gary dot com, all from your favorite podcast. Download provide a space times also broadcast coast to coast across the United States on science three sixty radio by the National Science Foundation in watching. DC and available around the world on tune in radio. If you want more space time check it out blog where you'll find all the stuff we couldn't fit in the show as well as loads of images me stories, videos and things on the web. I find interesting were amusing just go to space time with Stewart Gary dot tumbler dot com, that's all one word and in lower case. And that's tumbler without the you can also follow us on Twitter through at Stewart. Gary at space time with Stewart Gary on Instagram and on Facebook, just go to WWW dot Facebook dot com slash space time with Stewart. Gary space-time is brought to in collaboration with Australian sky and telescope magazine, you'll window on the universe. You've been listening to space telling me to Gary this is being another quality podcast production from bites dot com.

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"The Beltway Mitterrand"

The Tony Kornheiser Show

57:15 min | 2 weeks ago

"The Beltway Mitterrand"

"Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show. And the first two tomatoes that began to turn the first two in the middle of the largest tomato plants squirrels when I checked yesterday at noon. We're fine when I checked yesterday at five. Gotten to them, squirrels had dug holes in them. Squirrels had eaten. Now I can save about half the tomato Michael Come. Look at these. Can you see can? They've been infested by squirrel pause. Squirrels. Kornheiser? Show is on now to more over the weekend. I had to pull two more as they begin I. Know, Nigel, you said something about they can distinguish green and red, but as they begin to turn as the plants begin to turn their turn from green to yellow to a sort of an orange, and then to a red will never get to read in this house, 'cause the squirrels go out there, and now we do have email, and I'm. We'll talk about that later on how to stop the squirrel infant infestation has to be about smell I guess you don't. You don't think it's vigil. They can smell the tomatoes maturing. Okay well, you know what I'd like to shoot them, but. As. You listened to that open. You're nodding in agreement with yourself. Yeah, well I am because I. Have this problem again. You can cut away. You can save at least half the tomato and I had a couple of those tomatoes the. Morning sure so we go out we we tend to the garden. You harvest the fall in I would peppers. Yeah, three quarters of each. Heifers then I got it away. Yes, they're like their rotten tomatoes. Essentially. Yes, have. Cut them away. I cut the good points you showed me. Showed should be how you cut them. Take away all the bad parts, and then put them in a clean bag lean. We mean a lightly used ziplock plastic lightly used with with not like the Bethesda giggles. Not the ones with onions like the plain ones are in separate bags, so yeah, they're lightly used. Yes, that's true. Let me get to. We also spread Cayenne pepper. In and around the. Not The peppers, the pepper dying of natural fungus of some sort, but the tomatoes cayenne pepper. That's one of the one of the solutions, not as versed. We Salted I. Yes, yes, yes, okay Brian you miss that debt. It's okay. I'm not involved in the cooking with the cayenne peppers. I'm just involved in the trying to kill the squirrel appetite from tomatoes. Let me tell you a story about what have first of all. Let me just mention this I don't know how much we're going to talk about the nats. We may talk a little bit about the nets, but Anthony Fauci no, no, no, that was the worst, a right-hander that was Carl Lewis. That was a right hander throwing it. Twelve feet dead left on angle tried to fast pitch to who is just terrible and let me just say this. Because have great respect for Anthony Fauci in all areas of his life. I have friends who trained under him who know him. My friend Jodi knows him and loves him JODY FORCE DOT. I have done this now. You It's twenty to twenty five years ago. I have thrown out the first pitch. You, need you need to practice? You need to go to the bullpen. You need to go to an underground spot. You need to throw till your arm. You need to do this because you need the repetitive motion of throwing. You don't throw anymore. It's been years since you've thrown and the pressure. That is on you to make a good pitch talking about practice. Yes is going to make it worse, so you throw literally fifteen to twenty minutes on the side before you throw out a first pitch, and then you'll get to the plate you will. You'll get it to find fifteen to twenty minutes in his day. He was just at the ballpark. He could have done it. There could a warmed up with Kenny Rosenthal he could have warmed up with somebody when he wanted to getting advice from Zim. Advice on zoom boom doesn't do anything. It's using him to tell you how to throw third defers, but yeah, because he couldn't make that throw, which is why he's on I but fouled. She's throw. was was dreadful. It was it was dreadful. Still Love Him, but his dreadful throat imagine throat the first pitch for your two teams. You grow up Yankees. Fan and then you love the nets. So that was good. Let me get to a story a consequential story. Yesterday about I, don't know. Twelve one o'clock. Our air conditioning goes out. I. Go through the House I start putting on fans everywhere. We have a fan I put on the fan. Carol Calls Crop Metcalf with whom we have a service contract and we're told it could be anywhere between four o'clock and eight o'clock that they would come out, and now it's one o'clock, and it's ninety five degrees and going up to ninety seven. Then about thirty or forty minutes later, power goes out in various spots in our house. Power goes out on the second floor where the bedrooms are higher floor by various. Are you talking about certain outlets? Certain rooms, all of the that were on in three different rooms in Michael's bedroom in the computer room and in our bedroom. All of the fans went out. Okay! The lights went out. The the clocks went out the upstairs in the attic where we do the. Show the attic fan was still on. The refrigerator was still on. It was not a full blackout. So then we decide, we get we get some advice from James and we call an electric engine. I Don I think it was Hawkins. Election we go into the Nancy Bubus Book of WHO to call in an emergency when trying to sell fifty million dollar house, and that electricity companies there they come within about an hour to an hour and a half. Philip shows up. About ten minutes before Philip shows up, actually went filip shows up. He says you know there's a PEPCO truck in the street. Now we had called PEPCO. We had called PEP. Go to find out if there was an outage in our area. And we were told there's no particular outage in the area. So Philip says a PEPCO truck in street and at that time. And I said to fill up I said I'm sure this happens to you all the time about ten minutes before you showed up, the power seemed to come back on. Like magic, we don't really understand what happened. Power seemed to come back on, and that's when he said to me well. There's PEPCO truck in the street. Maybe they did it and I said well. What would be the point to that? Because it was no power outages? The Pepsico Guy. Is Walking in front of his truck and I walk over to him and I. Say well what happened here and the explanation is far too technical from me. I don't understand it did have a switch it had to do with a hot something or other I. Don't know what happened, but he went up on the box, which is on top of the telephone pole? It's twenty feet off the ground. You gotta use the Cherry Picker. With loved this right, he goes up on that. He does something some Ring Dang do whatever he does what he does. And, then all the power comes back on said you didn't have a pro. He said we cut your power by half. That's what we did in order to fix this. We cut you power by half and I said well I call Tristesse. You don't need them. I said he's in the house. I called the guys that you don't need them. I said they are on their way to the house. We don't need them so well. How was I to know that? How could I know that it was this? When we called PEPCO? PEPCO reported no problem in the area. Now your here a couple of hours later you fix it. I'm very grateful. Thank you very very much. Could it have been heat related? I don't know it could have been, but I don't know but of teat related. It's coming back today and tomorrow and the next day. Do you know what electric charges you on a Sunday for the first fifteen minutes of his work I fifteen, so he didn't even get like the full hour first fifteen minutes of his word. To fifty to forty. Not Two dollars, and forty cents, two hundred four dollars, and now let me tell you this. I would do this again. Thousand Times absolutely. The Guy came to my house on Sunday. He came willing to fix whatever problem he saw. I would do this a thousand times in a row. This is what rainy day money is. This is what you have at for now. I'm not saying everybody has it. I am fortunate as I always say I have it and I wrote the check and I wrote a check without any anger. Thirty minutes earlier. You don't have to do it, but okay, but okay, but what PEPCO by the way for those of you out of town stands for Potomac, electric power company. That's just the acronym for the Electricity Company in Washington DC did I. DO ANYTHING WRONG? No. Really one, this is the tough question. When he talked about rainy day. Money and the cost of homeownership is if you have any service person coming out whether it's electrical plumbing, you working H, Vac. It's that it's the driving to you. See where you have to now wondering like, do I have anything else? We had an h vacuum. You start to say. I wanted him to get the old refrigerator here. Do the cleaning because I I don't want to have to pay that. Fee to get the air conditioner people came after that I would have liked him to look at that fridge downstairs to see if the outlets could support it. He looked at it. He said he had something in his truck. He came back. He said I don't have it. I said. Could you plug it? And he said it'll smell for a while, but then it'll get better, but he didn't imply what Savelli. We talking. I don't like dead muskrats or something. I don't know. But in any case that's tangential. This was my power story and I was. I am grateful that people came. I'm happy to pay the money. I'm more grateful that Pepsico fixed it, but you're in that position where you go whoa I had no idea. How much supposed to age where we can't have you without air conditioning I would mold you can died and you guys. Keep this out hot the house hot. Normally keep it about seventy six seventy seven summer. Yeah, no, I I knew something was up. Because we're finishing lunch with the boys and I start getting text messages from mom, and I started getting these angsty, very emotional voicemails review and I just kept listening and it's. It's visual voicemail I because it transcribed. Just keep waiting to be like we'll be at your house at five. If this isn't resolved, we're sleeping with you tonight. I want you to know that that was. That was an option that I was going to impose upon you. Absolutely, I was GONNA sleep downstairs. Yeah, absolutely always ready. Yeah, that's what I was going to do, if need be, but but as I say, it was resolved well, so I'm happy, so we'll take a break. What is it GonNa say I've got bunkbeds over here if you if you haven't I've need. That's that's after the Michael Option. That's not before the. Hammock so we will. What do I got here? Yeah, so we'RE GONNA we're, GonNa flip the order a little bit nice job. Affording Will Smith Tim. while. Didn't you know we'll? We'll Harris? We'll Harris. He stinks. And Sean doolittle the Beltway Mitterrand the vegan intellectual. He stinks welcome stung last year. He stinks this year. Can I not happen where the? Third best to pitches no wins. Corbin and and Sherzer nobody's Corbin got host Corbin got host bullpen, let him. Cartoons let him when we when we come back and I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser ship. This is the for Perry Mason and I'm happy to read this at night, so you before we the not you're watching, aren't you religiously yes, I love it. I cannot wait Sundays at nine on HBO. It's another fantastic episode last night. It's just brilliant. HBO's next. Must Watch series Perry Mason. Stars Emmy Winner Matthew Rees. More fond of his wife in an origin story for American, FICTIONS MOATS legendary criminal defense lawyer catch up on the series. The Washington Post called superb and Vanity Fair Lords, grossing and unpredictable set in Nineteen Thirties. La Mason finds it. Uncovering the truth means exposing a city full of corruption and everybody is guilty co-starring Emmy winners, Tatyana must. Lonnie and she was on orphan, black and John Lithgow. Who's been around forever and his great Perry Mason Airs and Sundays at nine pm on HBO, and you can stream it on Hbo Max and Nigel. It's worth it right absolutely I. Recommend it to everyone. We. Have Tim Kirch in we return? I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is sent to us by Dan Kearns. Rights SATCHMO. I've been a massive longtime supporter of the show and its many iterations for more than twenty years I even made the pilgrimage to chatter to listen to the show and put faces voices good omelettes by the way. Would that we were still in business. Making omelets attached is a song meditate written and performed by my first child. A masculine child Miller coins Miller like Walker like Baker see our names of. British occupations Miller a senior in high school. Wow, recorded and produced this in the basement of our home with makeshift and crude equipment. This is called meditate, and this is lovely, and thank you for this music. Original music which we like, which can be accessed at the end of the show, original music, not cover tunes original music at the end of the show. Tim Kirk joins us now I watched him last night of baseball tonight. I watched a giant. Screen of Tim's head and he was on with Ravi and made me very happy, and I was texting back and forth with Ravi during the show, and this makes me so happy. When during a television show I can texted someone, Tim. Do you ever do that during a television show text with people? not anymore 'cause all who I was never very good at that anyway, but with the problems I'm facing technologically I. I have to concentrate on one thing making sure this camera actually works and what you don't know is I was supposed to be on the top of the show yesterday, but the technology didn't work, so they couldn't get me on until six fifteen i. I miss the a because by candidate works so there. I am sitting in this chair and I can't hear a soul, and they can't hear me. It was really frustrating, so let me give a little background here. What has happened at ESPN is a lot of people some of whom have had cameras in their house before or some like me would never done that. That are now working from their houses and cameras are delivered, and sometimes you get very very lucky I got very very lucky in the tracy. Roberts comes to my house every day because she knows. If any one thing goes wrong, I will not be able to fix it. Even if it is simply pressing a button, I will not be able to fix it. This is. Is Not my skill I was an English major I cannot do anything and Tracy comes here now. Tracy is dear dear friends with Tim and Tracy went to Tim's house last week to try to help out because you you are. You are not going to go to any games, or you're going to go to some select few games or what? What is your schedule? Well I'm doing games, but and I will go to, and but I will not. I'm sure broadcast. The game from the Ballpark like like most broadcasters were were broadcasting remotely from the studio, or from home, and I've had a camera in my house, Tony. Years Twenty years so and I. I mean I've had more than ty Cobb in my house. Hand how that works, but this is a new camera setup which allows me to do a major league game from my house. Is Way more sophisticated all to with with glow point was just sit in front of it, and they do the rest now. I have to hit a million buttons. Tracy was the third person to come over to try to help me with this, and that poor girl sat next to me from ten o'clock at night until one fifteen in the morning, just to make sure nothing went wrong, and at one point the camera went black completely, and I wasn't quite sure what to do, so tracy took care of. Of that but I'm better than you. Tony but I think at this stuff. I get worried about this stuff. And we thought we had it fixed yesterday, and from six to six fifteen, it wasn't six laugh evening, and that was a bit discouraging and I have another game tonight now. The mets at the Red Sox and I just have to pray that I don't foul anything up along the way, so let me let me just get a couple of things out of the way in watching the nats on. No no on Saturday. Fox did the game and Kenny was there? Kenny was actually in the ballpark. You're not going to do that. Well any Rosenthal. Yes I'm not I'm in the booth I'm not on the field and I. Think you? I think it's a slightly different story when you're on for four hours at a time, you need to be new. He jumping in all the time and the best way to do that. Is from your house like buster only was there on opening, sitting in the stands doing reports, but he gave a report here and there I'm supposed to be on on every pitch, and the only way to do that is to be hooked in with a camera from home so when Tracy came back to my house after going to your house. Tracy said you won't believe what they've done to Tim's house. What have they? They've drilled holes in your ceiling. Apparently, what have they done to your house? Well I have a studio in my house I've got lights coming from the ceiling. Pink Champagne on ice. You know I've got. I've got a black cabinet in here for my glow point, and then they had to come in and fix my background. So when you see me on camera, you can see everything behind me and what I have behind me was fine before, but we had to do some really creative work behind me I did the creative work, my wife, the world's most creative woman in the world, came in looked at it. Sugar head. Head and said this is sad, so she went and smooth some stuff around now. It looks Great Tracy told me that so I have a great background now to go with as I look in the camera, you can look behind me and there's some interesting stuff back there. Would you like to have giant posters of books? I have written to put behind you in the way that I have done that for me. No I would like to have to really smart people standing behind me at all times just in case, something goes wrong. That's what I need in my office, but I can't do that because there aren't enough people to work, so I must say as terrible as I am I figured out some of the problems with the system and I've been able to fix them on my own. It's a miracle given. How technologically challenged I am? This is an incredible mistake Tim once they find. Find out you can do something. They'll never send a tech to your house ever again. They'll just assume that you aren't electron Wiz I. Just what I worry about is, you're going to go to somebody like Norby Williamson say I'm more important than Tony Tracy has to come here. She cannot go to his house anymore. Do I have to worry about that. No, but seriously seriously. Here's what I'm worried about. We do such a great job eventually doing these Games from home. Somebody's going to say hey, just staying home, we. We just saved a ZILLION dollars not sending the crew on the road. We could do it like this forever then. I will be very upset because as Corny as it sounds, there is no substitute for me for being at the Ballpark and to do a game from three thousand miles away as I did on Thursday nights. That is challenging situation especially when you're broadcast, play by play guys, four hundred miles away, and the other color guy is five hundred miles away. That makes him really hard. It doesn't work. There's no look we noticed this with. It's a relationship show a booth. is relationship situation it it's it's fine. People are grateful. It doesn't work as well as it should I found out. Official scorers aren't going to games. You can't tell Tim unofficial. I shouldn't have to depend on a solitary feed by a home team. It's not fair. It's not fair. The hitting coach for the mets is is the hitting coach for the mets remotely. He is watching games video. Yes, that's how we're doing things now. Tony and not everyone is with their team, and that's what we're up against right now is how we gonNA. Make all of this work and it's. It's really really tricky stuff so I was very excited of course to watch Thursday night to watch Garrett, Cole and Max, Sherzer. Had predicted to a few of my friends. Will before one Yankees at the end of two I was close on that particular score. Because I knew shares, it would give up a home run, but I honestly thought when we found out. We're getting ready to do is probably both in the three o'clock hour we find out about soda in the positive test. I thought they'd postponed the game when I heard Aaron Boone. Say We came here to play and we're ready to play. I knew they would not, but I thought they would at first, did you? I did not think they would postpone the game. Tony because I think by starting when they did in the middle of a pandemic, they had to acknowledge. All sorts of things are going to happen here and we're either GONNA play through it or not GonNa play at all, and that's what they've decided to do now. Maybe it'll get so bad from here that they'll throw up their hands. MLB and say we can't do this. This responsible. This is unhealthy, but four Miami marlins tested positive yesterday team did not leave after the game they stayed overnight and are going back from Philadelphia to pay for their home opener. Miami Okay Yeah Yeah, so they have to figure out what they're going to do now. This is obviously a very dangerous situation, and this something like this starts happening all over the place. Then we're GONNA have to rethink where we are in baseball, but Tony. You know this with all the money. There is to be made in the play offs in October and more playoff games than ever coming up in October baseball's GonNa, do everything it can to to finish the season, and if it gets dangerous, they're gonNA. Have to stop it but I think they're going to say look. They're gonNA. Be Positive Tests, and we're GONNA work our way through it. Well, you have to have roster flexibility obviously because you could lose, you know if the Miami. Marlins lost four. You could lose ten. You could lose twelve I mean you could. You're exposed to people in the dugout in the clubhouse I mean it could go. It could go right through the what surprised me. Tim The most. I think was when I read, and I don't know how this works, but it took more than twenty four hours to get a result on a test that surprised me you aware of that I guess I thought it would be instantaneous. Yeah I thought some too and I think that's part of the problem is we don't have immediate understanding of what's going on here and that's the problem Tony. I talked to one of the mets the other day about what it's like. Like he said he gets tested temperature taken twice before. He gets out of his car in the morning at the ballpark. Then he goes and stands in line like he's added. Amusement Park may waiting for a ride rotates with everyone else until he gets to the front and they ask them a hundred questions do some more tests than they finally let him in the Ballpark then if he leaves to go to lunch, which doesn't happen and he leaves her an hour. He has to go through the whole process again and he told me we would get to the ballpark at six thirty in the morning and we get home at seven thirty at night because the whole day took so long because. We have to be tested and stay away from people. You can't do a group session with six players. You gotta stay away from each other, and that's why things are taking so much time. Do you think we'll see that? Reflected by the thirtieth game or the twenty fifth game, the sort of mental fatigue of of this routine that will affect people physically. I think so I think this is already after one weekend starting to wear on these players Anthony Rizzo of just said you know up the cubs you know I'm nervous going to Cincinnati. Not 'cause. It's Cincinnati. It's just their first road trip of the season. They're leaving their little bubble to go somewhere else, and this has been my concern. All along. Is the travel situation. Where are you going? What kind of hotspot could that potentially be? And what safety protocols are in place when you get there? What's The ballpark visiting Ballpark? GonNa? Look like for you. I mean these. These are all the things that now we're getting into now that we're through the first weekend. More teams are traveling, it's. Very, complicated, so people wonder why when when these leagues come out with Health and safety protocols. They're probably books forty and fifty pages long. They probably try to anticipate everything in have a contingency plan I'm assuming right. Right well I Manager told me that he tried to get through the safety protocol book that they were all sent, and he said I couldn't even get through it was that big that complete and that complicated. That's how and Baseball saying look, these are the rules. You gotta read them. You GotTa follow, and yet they're just impenetrable because they're so so difficult. Get through, get you OUGHTA here on this if you had to bet. Would you bet that there would be at least one full stoppage of the baseball season? I, I would say yes, Tony, but to me if there's a full stoppage that ends the season. You can't do in baseball to me. You can't tell everyone more and take nine days off because now. You gotTa have a ramp up again. This is not the NBA you can take days off and come back and make eight threes. It doesn't work that way that. Takes nine days off and comes back and throws like like he's been doing the whole time. It doesn't work that way so. I think we makes all the sense. They're going to have one stoppage, but to me. One stoppage could mean. An entire season. Thank you Tim I'll give Tracy your best this afternoon and Talk, thanks, Tony, Tim Kirkman boys and girls. We will take a break. We will come back with Michael Wilbon. We went out of order today. Because Tim has a hit at you know. Relatively speaking. You're going to hear this well after it, but he's got a hit early in the morning I'm Tony Kornheiser. Listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is an ad for fit bod. I don't know that I've read this before. HAVE HAVE I don't Nigel's using fit bod? Okay, whether you're new to the gym or you've been lifting weights for years. It's hard to find the right workout program and stick to it. If you've ever gone to the gym without a plan, you know how overwhelming weight room can feel. 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Get a personalized fitness plan that helps work you out smarter at fit body DOT ME, Slash Tony! Try Fit bod for free for one month when sign up today at fit body fit, B., o., d., dot me, slash Tony. That's one free month. That's pretty good when you sign up at fit body, dot me, slash Tony. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. This is an artist. We played before she goes by the name of River Iris. This is a song called so tempting. This is. She's got. She's early straight from spotify pauperising. This is she's really good. You can listen to this music at the end of the podcast in its entirety Michael. How do people send us their music? Jingles that Tony Kornheiser show dot com. Michael Wilbon joins us now and in the break. When we were establishing the line in the connection, my son said that he saw the highlights from Wrigley and that the computer generated fans had been in it on the cubs game, and we'll bind. You said that that on a replay. You don't see it. I didn't see IT I. watched. I watched the cubs first game. We didn't have it right. That was complex pitch. Three hitter three hit shutout. And they didn't have it. The next night I didn't I. Didn't watch much a game to us a little bit of it. Enough to say Oh, they got fans, and then when they showed the replay like Rizzo. Rounding Schwab around in basis I went away with fans go. When when they tight shot somebody rounding first base the there were no fans there so i. don't know what the technological capabilities are and aren't. But. It was just sort of. It was spotty. With body is if you're going to do it, a really feel against the brewers. Then, they were showing how they could do it and what they can do, and how they could change the colors of shirts. And they did a great job. Because when you have a game between the brewers and cubs, you got like it's never one hundred percent. It's like seventy thirty. In Milwaukee, it can be fifty fifty. You gotta you gotTa. Have the right shirts on. And it was just funny. You know I'm sure it's a work in progress. But the nats I watched parts of all three nets games and the nats had no CGI, bodies? But they were able to pipe in some artificial noise. And that helps that. Help you watch. Me Just tell you this because I know you didn't watch. The NBA Games look fantastic. What do they do great? They have because it's the way they understood. Tony, like you said. It's a TV show. They'll have just seats. You can't see empty seats. Because with the NBA's done on the scoring scores table side. They have a huge glass there and the people at the scores table are sort of behind the glass, but then behind them. They have electric stuff they have the low goes of teams. The league I mean so the all four sides of the court. You're pinned in. You're playing in an NBA playpen, not an Rita. So on television you're seeing it just looks great. It looks like a video game. And, so I even call it. A couple of people in the NBA to say my God I don't know what I was expecting. I heard. They're going to do some things with the court like it'd be at the beginning, they talked about having. Importing a teams floor. And you use the floor, yeah! But they. They're not doing that, but they're using so. That's not what you what you're. GonNa, see the teams court, so they can superimposed on the game on television Oh. You're going to see the Parque in new Boston Garden. Playing, but you think they are at home well, it's I mean basketball. Unlike baseball basketball is a much tighter shot you can control. You can control. The environment did differ. They knew they control the environment, and it looks it's like wow. I watched I watch. I watch basketball and baseball this weekend, but it was. It was a while for sure I was pretty hot this weekend. Did you play golf? I thought you were supposed to talk rained out, Friday. Morning, and so no Saturday I had to work Saturday. The to what I do is back the NBA. Television is back. So we did, we had a live. Because I ended up playing with Markelle to. You said he was supposed to play with you. I don't know where that came from I get. Somebody said they have Michael and Matthew. will all with Martini. That's great because Matthew Wilbad is is in court has land. He's in Delaware. Beach pay anything. And I had to work I was on I was I was working sadder Saudi workday for me. And then yesterday was you know I'm like? You know. I'm not playing. In one hundred degrees won't be the next few days when we plan either so it's felt I will say this does not feel normal. It is not quite normal. But to have a weekend where I went from baseball to golf. Approximated I was so grateful for it, and it approximated normal for me in a way that the last three or four months didn't come close. How about for you? I can't say it approximate normal but I he. I even I you know, posted something social media, I- Friday. I was so excited Friday night. I went downstairs and I went to the man, cave. It had all three televisions on. Off which you know that so, and I had legit stuff on I, wanted to I had the cubs. Fails watching how Hendrix three hit the brewers. On the big, the seventy screen, and on the others I had TORONTO. was in a scrimmage and I. Think the Raptors can win the east and I really wanted to watch Toronto early on. And I watched the raptors whoever they beat narrowly Houston, actually hardening Westbrook, and then on the thirteenth had the red. Sox who they were playing? And I really was looking for some NHL activity, and did or and didn't. Didn't really find it. but I had all three TV's on and I was like. Wow, this is. The first time I've done this since. February, that's. It was it was great to have and then and then last night I watched a lot. 'cause I watched a couple the afternoon watch golf and I watched a lot of basketball. Can you, please explain a sweet Lou Williams, and how any human being could possibly go to a strip club and try to tell people. He went there to pick up food, and now we'll have to quarantine for at least ten maybe fourteen days. That is the behavior of a dope it is. The behavior we anticipate it. Why do you think there was so much talk about this? I'm on for two months. This is what we anticipate it. When people talk about guys leaving the bubble. Why did you? Go to the grocery store. Go to a strip club. Yeah, yes, yeah, but I mean you have. That's what that's. What a lot of young guys with money do anytime. What team does he? After A. During. When they haven't. May cases even in Georgia I'm not sure when. Gentleman's clubs opened up in Georgia. They might have been for the last month or so I don't know. But this is. This is what people just nodded Tony. This is what the tolerable was about. What Club does he play place for the clippers, doesn't he grew up received six million a year in the NBA so eleven just say this there's is nobody in the league. There are some people you respect as much as doc rivers, but there's nobody respect more than Doc rivers, doc rivers of fine man and a smart man doc rivers must have said to every member this team don't be stupid, and then he was stupid. Right of course. Tony again you act shocked. When you see, they will steven. Steven? They talked about this in depth. We didn't. We talked about people getting out of the bubble. We talked about it you and I. Talked about it and this is exactly what he said. What are you talking about? Guys are going to get out. They're going to go looking for some. What are you? What. Why are you surprised that this? This I just think I. Think it really. Hurts your team. Yeah okay. Yeah, yeah, leaving the bubble could hurt your team. That's why the one thing that was said. The one thing that was said repeatedly was. Our Guys GonNa say every every single guys gonNA, stay in the bubble. So so this is what. This is exactly what was anticipated now. The question is how many guys will do this. SWEET LOUIS! The only guy who's GonNa try this. And you get your picture taken by a rapper like it's. It's obvious it's all right. Let me move though it was so comical. It was so comical. Now you know luckily for the clippers and the NBA period. They had this I posted. And they can say sweet loo. Stop at that door. Stop there, right there, big boy! That going back in. London not the only time. This is GonNa Happen. Question is. You know. How much can you control? How many times happened and can you stay in front of it? As the League of the team and that's what the mission is, and that's what they've been able to do so far. Stay in front of it. I wanted to just give a few minutes to the fact that Regis Philbin passed away over again then he was a huge fan of our show he will be. The melancholy trails today I've written that already. A huge fan of the show was a guest on the show wants your thoughts on Regis. Philbin, and an extraordinary career of great length great length. I would recommend anybody who really wants to. Dive, in Read The New York Times, Obituary, which I did late last night about Regis, and you know look I grew up my whole life watching television I'm child of the sixties and seventies television was my life. In a way that nobody even watch TV anymore and Regis Philbin was always there. Going back to being you know on the Sofa with Joey Bishop When when when I guess ABC that was trying to you know. Get some of the ratings and Johnny Carson enjoying a late night television. Just told them whether they're was on daytime. TV At one point before he was partnered with Kathy Lee. He was with Cindy Garvey Yep. And they did like a good morning. L. A. Situation. In morning television and then read. It was always there. It was great. And I been a couple of times at Notre Dame Games. When Regis was there when I first met Regis when I was a pretty young guy. Cover College football for The Washington Post. I was at a Michigan Notre Dame game. And Regis Zero Whoa this regis, Philbin I mean. You know he was he was. He was on television more than any human being. Worked out two hours. Yeah, ever. It was like eighteen thousand hours is great. You know and I don't even who works out how you can prove this, but we just rages man. It was cool and yes, Tony I mean the people. The I kinda television figures, who were encouraging and it free with advice and encouragement for us at the very beginning and a couple of cases before the beginning. Of PTI. The, Texas said the lions. Of the business were Larry King. Regis Philbin. Bryant Gumbel. I'm forgetting somebody else who worry Maury end because. I. For anybody so in chronological order it was Maury Bryant, Gumbel and Larry King and Regis Philbin and yes, you know and I know we had I mean. We were in retail company multiple times, and he was start talking about things we should consider like in the first few months PTI and we were silent. It was like it was like you know I'm sure like a young ballplayer having an audience with Huby Brown or something you just. Shut up, and you listen. And I know how grateful I am for that and I. I I. I know how grateful you are, but absolutely you know you have those guys in regions, but he was just so funny and full of energy and. You know You know it was just it was, and they have been a Notre Dame guy, and you know growing up down the street as I did from from Notre Dame, and he would give me you know what about northwestern and Notre Dame's dominance of us back and forth it was just. He was so pleasant and so entertaining, and it was just electric to be the few times I was in his company, and it's you know eighty eight eighty eight years old. I? Thought when I started reading the old bit I thought it was gonNA be eighty, two eighty three. Maybe you even said to me, no age three eighty eight. Writing I will see you later in a manner of speaking thanks. Michael Wilbon boys and girls. We will take a break. We'll come back with jingles and emails and stuff like that I'm Tony Kornheiser? This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Got Faxes! Come. All Yourself. That male now, baby. That's fantastic. That was sent us by Davy Hazard the guitars for Hot Pink Hangover, which sounded like hot punk hangover. At that point. They're late to the party, but we recorded jingle for your mailbag. We continue to love your show. Hope you're staying safe and sane. That is great. Let's play that again at some point can wait for sports to return. This guy's a vikings fan. And the NFL and the NBA hope they can make it through the season. Fingers crossed. We don't know. What are we doing now Nigel? Why don't you give an ad for the bagels? The copy I go ahead. I'll say thanks to the BAGEL. We get a Bagel. BAGEL SANDWICH THERE? You can as well several locations in the area. Just go to Bethesda bagels dot com also want to say a special. Thanks again to Michael. Wilpon not was on this show. He's on the atom for our podcast. Give listen to that as well. Thanks everyone. that's just as bad for us today, but before we get to the mail bag, let me just say that for last number I'd like to ask your help. The people in the cheaper seats clap your hands, and the rest of you just rattle your jewelry and that was set by John Lennon at the Albert. Hall I believe in probably about nine hundred and sixty, four, sixty five, and my right on that Nigel absolutely I think it was nineteen sixty four. Yeah, thanks to the guest today Michael. Michael Wilbon in Tim Kirk thanks as well to our sponsors the new. HBO MASON AND FIT body. which ninety uses remember, you can listen to us on apple podcast. spotify Google play radio. Dot Com to get the shelter I tunes. Please leave us a review. I'm going to read a lot of squirrel things here. How do you say Squirrel Squirrel? Squirrel Squirrel from Malcolm Wilson and Kensington Maryland Cayenne, pepper powder, cheap store brands sprinkle around the base on the plants after watering won't hurt them, but it's fun. Fun To watch us this. In birdseed as well Michael I. We did this we did. We did it already going GONNA. Do it again from Jared Amick in a story in New York Great News, the parents of the woman to engaged to be related by marriage live on a farm in Lawrence Kansas. They have plenty of experience with your exact situation. Squirrels eating homegrown tomatoes I gladly reached out on your behalf. Here's what they said. Squirrels chewing on our tomatoes and they had to go. We tried coyote. Coyote P. and repel rodents spray neither worked. We then try to live trap with peanut butter as Bait didn't work switch to cheetos with peanut butter success with court, twelve squirrels and raccoon are tomatoes of state safe what to do with the captured squirrels drive them at least three to ten miles away and release them in a wooded area sounds like a win win. Your tomatoes remain unscathed, and you make some cash on the side driving an uber for squirrels. We do have a lot of cheetos. cheetos caroline cheeto crazy Tom in Saint Charles Illinois I alone can handle your problem with tomato terrorists, a pellet pistol with a hollow point pellets in the hands of a cold blooded marksman. That's me will resolve your problem in one day. Allow me to gain access to your garden early in the morning and you're vegetable. Vigilantes will be no more. Please make any noisy neighbors aware of my visit. As the pistol has the look of serious automatic weapon I'll even dispose the rodents. When I leave, your tomatoes will then bloom and peace. You have my email. Covid nineteen has giving me tons of time. That would otherwise be devoted to conducting management. Management seminars so free time isn't an issue Jennifer, John and Charlottesville. You already have a squirrel deterrent in your house. Chessy squirrels hate dogs. Give a good brushing and take her hair and put it around your tomato plants and any other plants. You want to protect I. Do this in my vegetable garden. You can take a Tuft of dog hair and put on the soil next to the plant and use a toothpick to hold it in place. Wow, I'm the little you met at the Jimmy V.. Foundation dinner at the Boar's head, my husband Greg sends you a hardly. Cheeser I remember that very well because that was the night that. Who was the most recent governor in Maryland TERI MACDONALD? And there and he was speaking and I met her. There Jeff Jasper in overland. Park Kansas I wake each day to fresh holes in my lawn. My neighbor uses a humane trap and relocates Voracious Beasts. Their numbers will only increase. I wished coyotes would return because of squirrels. We cannot have nice things. Larry Gerald. The woman who aren't related by marriage has been growing tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables in containers on our deck for years because the one year that she tried gardening in the yard, dear ignored all of her dear away products that we bought this year. She really wanted to garden on a bigger scale so I built this structure in the attached pictures. The biggest issue we've had is containing. Containing the plants, because we were used to the size of the plants, doing the containers, we thought three inches or three feet would be a tall enough structure. We're wrong. TERRA FIRMA allows the plants to be all they can be I would be glad to help you Michael if you want to undertake this as a weekend project, if not perhaps you can call in the guys from pineapple landscape. In either case could I be official gardening architect for the show? Thanks for many years of laughed and a few tears shows outrageously entertaining from Kevin in Phoenix I. Think Michael should install some netting. What's the worst that could happen? Maybe Tony pedantic. Michael Son with him to the garden spent some relaxing time together on a hot day. Tony could cut up a tomato and put it in his mouth. Scare Michael Son, and then chase them around like a monster again. What's the worst that can happen see to? Did you see the Godfather everybody? Did you see the Godfather from John resuppy recipe? HD In microbiology, but But not horticulture from Annapolis I've listened to ramblings for years. Love the creativity about the squirrels try. A motion activated sprinkler. It has saved many tomato and one more okay from Peter in Mount pleasant south. Carolina sorry, this one is a little long, but you story about the squirrels tomatoes reminds me of a very similar problem. My Dad had with his prize victory. My father Greek. Immigrant loves figs. One summer we were visiting his sister back in Greece and brought back a branch from her fig tree to plant in our yard and Chapel Hill North Carolina a few years. The tree was starting to produce fruit. Fruit his favorite pastime was sitting on the deck and eating figs right off the tree that is until the squirrels discovered them. They would pick off the figs just because they were before they were ready to eat. This is what happens and taunts him by leaving. Half eaten figs on the deck. This strove him crazy so crazy that when we were in the car. If he saw a squirrel in the road, he would swerve toward the squirrel and hit the gas, hoping to thin the local squirrel population. Save a couple of fix a few years later. They got a new dog love chasing anything that moved. Moved in the scores were no longer issue. The dog court a couple of them, and the rest of them got the message. As you were telling the story, I could picture my own man screaming at the squirrels every time he saw one around his fig tree. Alas, when you mentioned you were holding a bag and would reveal the contents of the bag momentarily. Part of me thought Chessy was helping out with a problem. There was a dead squirrel in the bag. It brought a smile to my face. If you're new by, everyone is always do wear white. What a waste of time God! Thank you Regis! To. How Sister! Non? Hr You. Need. This. June? Side. owner. You, Talking. Time. To not. Change for me. Bogus available. To Change. Anything. As these energy. As. Side. Is Is. Glenn. Feel. Is Is. Is. Is Is. Plan. For few. To! To. It's some big Dud. All that has happened. You. Know it's. Weeks and sat heard from you. For? And can't get through. This way again Nov.. WHO ooh! saw. US. Games.

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The History of U.S. Foreign Policy, With Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick

The President's Inbox

32:24 min | 11 hrs ago

The History of U.S. Foreign Policy, With Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick

"Welcome to the president's Inbox is see if our podcast about foreign policy challenges facing not States I'm Jim Lindsey Director Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. This week's topic is the history of US foreign policy. With discuss us, diplomacy and foreign policy through the centuries is ambassador Robert Zelik. In batches elegance currently senior fellow at the Belfer Center for Science International Affairs at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in a senior counselor at Brunswick Geopolitical in advisory services. The Brunswick Group Best Zelic has a long distinguished career in government and public service among his many posts he has been counselor to the secretary of. The Treasury Deputy Secretary of State Deputy White House Chief of staff US Trade Representative in ultimately president of the world. Bank group ambassadors. Silks new book. American. The world, a history of US diplomacy and foreign policy hit bookstore last week Bob. Thanks for being here. Grab ear. Thanks forever. Let me begin by congratulating on the publication of American the world and on the terrific review that Philip Stevens gave it. In the Financial Times sort of a basic question, why did you write American the world's well probably like many of your listeners in many members of the Council about twenty years ago I read Henry Kissinger's diplomacy and I enjoyed use of history to talk about foreign policy in Roman I always felt it was written from a European perspective and so I've been thinking for years how to try to approach. This to some of the American experiences and ideas. The portfolio than is framed art history, and so they approach that I took with this book was the focus on people particularly events and the practical work of diplomacy. So I hope to make it appeal to people who rested in biographies and some of the color of events in addition as you know, Jim, the old field of diplomatic history as Wayne's. In part because for good reasons, people have brought in different groups and different set of internationalization of history that have moved beyond the sort of official government. The government said a relations and I thought it left a certain gap Fred logo vault at Harvard Rotor piece not too long ago saying are we stopped teaching political history? Why are we not sort of connected the dots of these of it? So I wanted in a small way to try to revive some of that history and in particular when I used to discuss history with some of. My colleagues are some of the younger people working for me. I discovered insofar, as they encountered it, it candidate for the post World War Two Cold War something happened before, and there's a lot of rich accounts in the first hundred fifty years. So you'll see in the book I tried to draw attention to some of those lost epics is one other idea here, which is that I recall nut won't go former Secretary Mattis was commenting on sort of America not having total main dominance well from a historical perspective United States often didn't have the So some of these stories are interesting about how you conduct diplomacy when you're not necessarily the most powerful country in the world or maybe even week, and how do you do that effectively? So I hope the break it both interesting for people who love history, but maybe also some good insights today in the future I wanted to get to the inside spa. But first, let's talk about the meat of the book. As you point out, the book is built largely around the actions of the most consequential figures in the history American, foreign policy. Some of them will be very well known to readers something for example Alexander Hamilton. Abraham Lincoln Woodrow Wilson Richard Nixon some of the figures that you talk about in describe are less well known taking a John Hay and Cordell Hall perhaps they should be better now plus sort of curious as you went back and looked at this history over more than two hundred years where there any figures who when you finish your research he came away thinking more highly of them than you did before you began your study that's a fun question and a joke to some of my friends over the past two years as ours working in this book and some ways it was easier to spend time with dead people. On Affairs but bear with me on this because it gives you a little flavor of the book I begin with Ben and Ben. Franklin is an astounding individual and in part of what you can see his time in Paris in the revolution is is dealing with an issue that counters America throughout its period, which is, how do you move from war to peace and even maybe reconciliation now he starts out as sort of the first proponent of public diplomacy. People don't know who the United States is. France has recognize it, but people knew who franken was. So it's the expertise of how he incense. The nature of diplomacy. Then again, he's got the challenge, it many diplomats at had dealing with a multiple negotiated with some like John Jay work. Well, with John Adams's he mentioned always honest man sometimes a wise one and then sometimes absolutely out of the sense he had to deal with. In this case a powerful France, he exhibited a strong sense of timing which I think is critical in. Show. He is an intriguing figure to try to think about sort of not only to deal with the offensive that period but kind of get a little inside end up glossy more government. Jefferson End, Louisiana purchase is discussed by historians for decades even centuries and the question is, was he luckier? Was He good and I think I think there's both to the story. But what I found intriguing about Jefferson was as frequently matic method, he kept his focus on his primary objective, which is seems obvious but is often lost in negotiations. He was quite agile in different tactics in approaches he had a variety of channels. Including private sector channels. So the departs seemed to be the party that I suggest. Well, maybe you can smell this by purchasing he also has a sense acclaiming you could almost imagine maybe Alexander Hamilton would have moved too quickly into aggressively. You could also move that some presidents in later years might have been different instead of not active. He uses Congress and the public opinion which aroused by this prospect of losing the Mississippi River valley, and he's fortunate to have a very good t as I know Monroe is the the man. He says his relations in the West trusted Virginian and when Monroe gets this offer. Sort of assumed this was obvious but doubling size of the United States in the sense of spending more than you spent for your national budget was a huge choice. I'm not sure Jefferson would have necessarily been able to make that choice at the time but monroe is a more decisive not as intellectual better practical decision maker. Madison plays a key role because when Jefferson gets the news he said I excited but again, given his new constitution says, well, maybe we need a constitutional amendment and Madison says no no. No we need to get this done. So they accept some of the Hammel Tony Principles and if you like irony which, of course, many student history, Jefferson would have never been able to purchase that thing if he hadn't had Hamilton's financial system and then also this is where Chanson contingency come in to be fair. I. Don't think we would have gotten the Louisiana purchase if the rebellion and eighty and the slaves had been said scores Napoleon's hand with Lincoln ensured it's an intriguing case because most of us, study the. Civil War, the battles leaders, the social effects very do people look at the foreign policy and once again, Lincoln shows himself to have this intuitive ability to decide act with a certain amount of threat to stop intervention by Britain and France. But at the same time he restraints, he controls it. So he actually brinksmanship during the course of the civil war the jumped. Teddy. Roosevelt most of us look Teddy Roosevelt as a as a power, a man who sort of brings America into the twentieth century, the story that I. Related his mediation skills in the Russian Japanese war in the first Moroccan crisis and he's quite good at I mean he starts by actually bringing together a team because the US diplomatic courts quite that. So he brings together the German ambassador to the French ambassador, a British official who was in Saint Petersburg was his groomsmen. He quits one of a good American officials in Saint. Petersburg. This actually turns out to be quite a contrast with Woodrow Wilson in the story I tell, but it's also offers interesting insight for the. American era in other words, what I've drawn out here is that during the Alliance Era America's were best when we actually list of to our side people want to be part of something big and important, and then as your question suggests, I wanted to revive the so-called inter-war period. This is the the twenty s where many of us learned in school it was isolationist well, it really was and certainly not one thousand, nine, hundred, ninety s yes there's that argument for the thirty. So you could so so and Charles Evans Hughes who listeners may hurt his name but for this this podcast in particular when he was governor of. New York, he was Supreme Court justice. He later becomes one of the most recognized chief justices of the Supreme Court also actually serves on the International Court, of Justice, the road court but during this period, it's right after the failed Wilson effort with your site tree and one of the senators from Republican Party uses own party says, it doesn't matter who the President Nixon's secretary of state because the Senate is going to control thinks anyway and Hughes turns out to be in some ways, the antidote to Wilson and in particular it's important. Recall at this era would hughes his trying to steer between is we need to avoid four alliances. Going back to the warnings of Washington and Jefferson needs to avoid isolationism also needs to avoid the League of nations. So he takes a popular political movement in the US and globally about naval arms control but importantly links it to regional security anyone most people who reflect on his period CD's is an example of failed arbs That's actually a mistake because later events, the Great Depression political events, in Japan, disrupt this but the reason I draw one out is because I would do if we think about North Korea or Iran today looking at these simply arms control issues will mislead you have to connect them to the regional. Security agenda to other figures I just want to mention one a lot of us have read about the nineteen, forty, seven, forty, nine creation of the alliance structure, the partial plan, the federal public of Germany NATO. I. Think one of the underrecognized figures is wilk late in we'll Clayton, comes in from the economic side he was very successful businessman. If you look closely at the record, I think he was probably as influential or more influential with Marshall with Truman than say Kenan was although Kennan certainly played as and there's a lot of insights about the economic foundations for the alliance I also talk about Vandenberg this is Senator Arthur Vanderberg. Did Enter Vandenberg yes and It's important because again, one of the themes of the book is you can't look at foreign policy without considering public support in the coach. If you work with the Congress is I have and I think some of the readers informed also would be interested in that connection a master course in how he brings along the Congress. So Assen WHO's a very Sharp writer mentioned some of these points. He calls about the concept of Political Transit Stan which soon, from up the notion of the body of Christ in line and and two blood and right into the body, and the the point uses was that Vandenberg would start out being very skeptical of the administration position and then he find won't one issue that. Must be fixed and actress said, it would often be a modest point but derek jumps all over and then invariably he comes up with the fix which is the handed perk amendment and he uses this to bring along the political support of his party Republicans in Congress but also others he also with the founding of NATO he did something I've rarely seen is senators, which is that in nineteen, forty, eight period the. Congress is starting to get the funding going for the Marshall Plan, but they can see that there's going to be a need to add a security relationship because the Marshall Plan had to bring in Germany, and once you brought in Germany this cut French, quite anxious about their security also prompted the Soviet reaction in the Berlin crisis. So manenberg actually types a one page resolution which he discusses with his colleagues for a couple. Of Days in confidence, it's a non open session and it becomes Nevada her resolution to guide what becomes the creation or the North Atlantic alliance and actress improperly says, the constitution refers to advice and consent. It rarely does congress give good advice, and in this case Vanenburg took that responsibility and executed very well. So part of what is trying to do with these figures liberty so sad that some of them are lost the. Time and there's a lot that one can learn from above I'll just not one of the reasons why Vandenberg was. So important was concede previously been a leading isolationist voice in in the United States Senate was his shift of adapting to change terrain was important in brought a lot of other people long particularly in the Senate judiciary in the Republican. Party just just one more one on this day because it gives you for. Those interested in the Congress today gives you a wonderful sense and unless you've kind of live, this world one would miss this in the first meeting. The Truman convenience to talk about what becomes the Truman doctrine for Greece Turkey is bringing the Republican and Democratic leaders to get and Vandenberg says Oh forgot to invite Bob Taft case Oh bob tap the Republican relations from from Ohio. But what that was reflecting was taft. And Vandenberg Recap splitting up responsibilities between domestic and international, and you can just imagine that Vanderberg goes back to his colleagues in the Senate said Senator Taft Look I don't why they overlooked you. I certainly raised them at the meeting. So there's a number of these examples that that also try to draw the point that Hamilton makes Ben Franklin makes, which is awesome. Small gestures make a big difference too great people and big. Events that leads sort of directly into my next question and I would rate the presidency of George H W Bush to be the most successful foreign policy presidency of any Cold War president. It's hard to think of anyone better suited to be in the Oval Office when the Soviet Union collapsed and I think we tend to undersell or under appreciate what the George, H W, Bush presidency accomplished because the big problems that came. Up Were Saul Saul peaceful I'm just think of the collapse of the Soviet Union the reunification of Germany I think if someone had posted that in the early nineteen, eighty something we've been that's going to produce a lot of conflict and it didn't you obviously worked for the elder President Bush. Can you sort of walk us through why you think he was so successful sure. So I ended the Chapter I write on Bush. Bush Baker really focuses on the early nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred group because I think it's important understanding bushes alliance leader. So I George, Bush lumped foreign affairs, and so he had played an active role he he really enjoyed the personalities and the network he lived off the information, but I would suggest that his style was more instinctive than analytical he had a sense of. Direction that the United States should go and something that a lot of people overlooked about President Bush because he was such a gentleman and because he often emphasize prudence, they didn't fully recognized. He was also extremely competitive. He wants to win and he wanted to be on offense and this is where his unique relationship with secretary. Baker. This is a partnership really you hadn't seen since Jefferson Madison and and in some ways, this relationships that have runs deeper baker is skilled in the operational arts Baker always lives to get. Things done. Baker wants to translate sort of the impulses to the use of power and accomplishing something whether it's it's votes or negotiations or putting together coalitions for war and this to give you a sense of this from a historical side in mind in nineteen eighty nine as people were uncertain about what Gorbachev was up to Brand Scowcroft would've taken what else small c Conservative Party that he wanted to sort of our time in wait that was obviously Dick. Cheney's inclination as well. Gates Yup money to give a speech. That Baker had to keep watching but. Under stood was that Bush didn't WANNA be back honest heels Bush wanted to be on, and so then Baker uses the relationships with the NATO allies to point to the danger of inaction and particularly on the central front with Germany, show part of the story people debate when the Cold War ended and our view was as long as you still had the division of Europe in. Germany which started the Cold War wasn't going to be ending so I think over time is people look more at that period they'll focus on that sort of unique partnership. Between those two individuals is you described President George. H W Bush put a great deal of emphasis on the personal aspect of the job of dealing with other heads steak. You talk a little bit about that. I. Think a lot of world leaders were surprised because he started to call them on the phone. He wanted interaction in a sense. It was a parallel with his own domestic political life. He was an inveterate note, right? He remember he was for a time. He was head of the Republican National Committee he was a master said of networker across. Both domestic politics, international relations, and he used it to gather information to build capital, build political capital, and also help when it came time to bring others together for an alliance I relate this one story where it was the critical early time in eighty nine is were moving towards German unification the French and the British were somewhat reluctant. We have a special meeting with Mitterrand. I. Think it was in Saint Martin's we have a good discussion with Mitterrand said of bringing them together on our set of our strategic focus on German unification NATO and also Relationship with European Union, and then Bush has a one on one with Mitterrand and they were just a few there. I'm the one person note taker and so President Bush asked Mitterrand French. Wise. You know so much about the Middle East experienced France has a history. Please give me your views forty five minutes later as my hand is sort of tightening up from writing notes, Mitterrand stops and I was pleasantly think since I work directly with Baker. Baker. Would have used this to push if you points but for Bush, it was only Mitterrand to feel special. Gather some information, but sort of give them some status and standing. Sometimes Americans could overrate the role of personal relations. Sometimes, people worry about whether it misleads but particularly, for America, as an alliance coalition meter, it's critical in also understanding the perspective of the other party and just to take this one step further recall President Bush in his election says the first thing I'm GonNa do is send my secretary of state to visit all the needle gaps. So I? was with Baker we visited fifty NATO capitals I think in eight days it was quite a tour, but it was in part to show even the smaller countries. The respect that we would go to their capital we talked to them directly Baker picks up things and also it helps him communicate back with President Bush because it's on the front line issues and relationships, and this is Mary important because. In a way while the US relationship during the Reagan era had included Germany. The Thatcher relation was clearly probably the most important for Reagan and in one thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine, the core political issues were going to come out of jerks and we had to reshape policy appropriate. So hard of Bush's strange was getting that sense of what needed to be done gathering the information, but I would. Also argue he understood that needed Baker The coalition's negotiate the deals in in my book I try to give a few practical examples of that work Cuba since Bob that that approach can still work today that sort of listening showing respect keeping in communication is that effective or is that something that doesn't apply in today's fast paced World War diplomacy is really driven fundamentally power differential in interest. Your listeners can just consider their own daily life if they don't listen to people whether it's their spouse or their neighbor or their counterparts probably not gonna go as far. So of course, one has to and it doesn't mean that you don't draw lines. It doesn't mean that you don't push, but you actually know how to push more effectively. So one them. is again either with the the Baker Bush team or later in my career was if you listen closely to others and come up with a package or initiative picks up some of their ideas, some of your ideas as a coalition, and there's this goes back to this point that the US is enormously powerful has enormous resources but were most affected when we draw others together it's my also about Teddy Roosevelt are we got people who end up wanting to be on his side, but there's another dimension I think to the Bush Baker story, which is that US presidents. Really don't have equals, but they need peers, they need some friends around that. We're willing to talk straight to be honest I've watched time and time again where people would say they were going to go into the Oval Office and tell the president something and then they fold and it takes a certain approach to be willing to be direct and honest and presidents need that and one of the interesting aspects if you think about this today is that while you're looking at a president, you're also saying what is the team? The president brings around here murder and in. A sense it's going to be a function of their pass because of their friends and relations. So you want a team that actually has experienced, but that also has a briefing different skills and that can speak honestly to the person in charge since the Bob is that most presidents don't think of staffing up their administration certainly in the foreign policy field thinking in terms of team, they pick people for slots rather than thinking about how people are going to work together well, and that's one of the signs of successor or weakness. Let's take the Reagan era. So I. In, Reagan I talk about the power of his speeches which historians often don't know how to account for the speeches are our way in which Reagan crosses life said looked at problem tried to focus his attention come up with an overall approach. I also point out that he needed to have a complementary role. So showed springs Reagan to the negotiating table and Bush and Reagan Mike to be negotiator. Similarly, Baker plays a role chief of staff on the first term and treasury secretary in the second term that provided the complementary operational in negotiating are at just been finishing. That's wonderful book on Jimmy Carter, and you can see some of the problems that Carter brings to other team that wins election very effective but has sort of a narrow focus in big split at the top. So I hope books like this people will draw some lessons about out of building an effective team. The team of rivals was the story for for Lincoln. So it's part of the effective governance system in the United States where you don't have total concentration of power also have an incredible array of challenges around the world and the United States is best op. We can get others to do some of the lifted. Let's talk about where you net out. At the end of writing again, terrific history of us, foreign policy paw, you talk at the end about five traditions of US diplomacy. We don't have time to talk about each one of them, but let me just one out. I. Think in some ways it is fundamental to the rest of the Menendez idea of American purpose key tells a little bit about that. I I've I chose purpose as opposed to exceptionals because exceptionalism in some parts of the world is I've been congress even among good friends head of has a arrogant not. So what I what I do believe that the United States from the very founding is had a sense of purpose it beginning it was just to create a Republican they could survive. But if you if you kind of asked what I would say that the guidance should be in the future all as someone who loves history, I'll start with the constitution and the Declaration of independence. The constitution as we're even seeing today has fundamentals. About Power Republic operates with fragilities in its strengths in practical terms, it would've made me probably react much more strongly to Russians or others screwing around with our elections either GonNa Obama and trump. But the declaration of independence is also the aspirations and I was struck at one of the figures I talk about Ella who route another wonderful person from the twenties and turn of the century made a comment that when he was growing up before the civil war is friends considered the declaration of independence to be Bunkum uses the term but then after the civil war in the thirteenth fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. Say they realize the declaration of independence to spark. So I also talk about the fact that if you look at the back of your dollar bill, you'll see seal the United States insists novus order Szekler. New Order the ages. So from the final Dean, Americans were thinking about something bigger but it's a question of how one does it so I talk about John Quincy Adams. WHO's an American realist he wants to build power. He wants to build the continental country when he's eases romantic about the nature of republicanism small-r republicanism as any other as Ronald, Reagan or any other John F. Kennedy or others. That are present and so I think that the effort always has to start at home. Obviously, I also emphasized the importance of our own continental relations but then it's a question of how can we keep aspiring building this different type of order that doesn't mean that you necessarily try to pose democracy barrel of a gun, but it does mean that you can shape the conditions for things to occur and ns for today's environment. I was also struck Nixon who comes in with the Vietnam War in an important point that all dimensions is that the Vietnam War is present in Nixon's presidency every day of. The United States possibly being pushed back in isolation or retreat, and he makes a point about great nations need to have great ideas and great causes and it leads into some. Who is opening China either something about that also in the case of the United States. So my point about purpose is that it changes over time it involves with the circumstances. One that has been lost to history is the one that seward was quite associated with the secretary of state under link, which is the notion of the Union. There's a sense in American history for those of you read it domestically, and in the nineteenth century, almost mystical notion of union, and yet it's tested in the civil war and then at the end of the civil war people like seward saying, well, maybe this confederation federation relationships among States can help us think internationally, he talks about the possibilities of North American. Union. The relationships, the magnet of America for trade hovers. So we're very lucky live in a country that has the resources in the richness and possibilities does we go through these periods where were tearing ourselves apart in a station but my own sense is that while we have to always keep our eye on the constitution and basics home that America lives for a larger purpose, and so that was the point I was making album hearing hints of optimism therein really want to draw you out on this question because I think if we were to gauge the public mood today, it is depressed, and only because an overstatement we have pandemic triggered an economic contraction. We worry about racial and in income inequality here at. Home is concerns about the rise of China and the collapse of the world order that we saw created after the indoor war too. But I know you love history just a big book about history. One of the great things about history as it can put things in context they can tell you that perhaps you have faced similar challenges challenges of similar. Consequence in the past. So how would you recast the idea of American purpose going forward amidst the world? We now face well I. I don't mean to diminish the trials at the day like everybody else is I read in the newspapers quite a psychological chore these Days Greed, but you're right history offers perspective that I hope readers of this book will see. that. There are some huge challenges that the United States tried to deal with injury practical problem solving ways over time. But as for today, I would as I mentioned, I'd start with the Constitution and I think we have some challenges for the Constitution today with this president and the reason from the very star you know I opposed them not only based. On policy but character that I was concerned about these aspects I think then going forward as you say, there's a issues of pandemic inclusive economic growth, the healthcare system racism climate but I am actually yeah. Working on a little piece for your online edition with Foreign Affairs about how while this agenda I think will be very dominating for Biden wins his presidency. And people need to keep in mind the experience of other democratic presidents with Democratic congresses that got overwhelmed with Senator demands that you could probably turn a lot of these issues to your benefit international with the Biological Security Initiative Data Security Initiative to use some steps on climate change to not just rejoin Harris but dependent museum agenda to bring in some. Developing countries with issues like for station avoided deforestation, carbon, soil, different technologies. So it goes back to your point about the skill of leadership. There's an ingenuity here about how you make the democratic system work in while you have to set priorities how you can leverage America's strengths at home and critically, you can't do this if you don't bring partners to your. So retreat or restraint don't necessarily have to be your only choices on the agenda I don't think it's actually possible I mean if you think about the challenges of this pandemic or the international economy which effort within. So many aspects or date in end, of Internet, issues, visa issues that you can't avoid, and when I hear people talk even in the case of China people say, Oh, you know we know we can maybe compete with China or cooperate but we don't have integration China I don't know what planet they're living I mean. Is, integrated. So question I, we're going to work with others to influence Chinese behavior and also give up on the idea that you can influence people within. China is Ronald Reagan did but the key point that I also try to draw it in this book and I, emphasize cure question is that a lot of the foreign policy people we enjoy coming up with the intellectual frameworks that tried to encapsulate and. International Relations field has its theories, but I'm trying to stress in this book. There's a pragmatic problem solving major for my experience. Frankly, I, think restore experience and it doesn't mean you lose sight of the interconnection across issues but it's the way the world works and it's the way we have to get back to work on that incisive, not close up the president's Inbox for this week. My guests has been ambassador Robert, Zelik former president of the World Bank and the author of the Terrific New Book America in the world, a history of US diplomacy in foreign policy having just finished reading. It I can tell you it is well worth reading Bob Thank you for joining me. Thanks for everything. We subscribe to the president's inbox apple podcasts spotify wherever you listen and Leila's review they help us get noticed and improved the show as always opinions expressed in the presence in solely those of the host or guests on C. Afar, which takes no institution positions on matters of policy. Today's episode wished by Zoe Call Us Miss Senior producer Jeremy Surely. So he also did double duty as a recording engineer. Special. Thanks go to Margaret Gach for her assistance. This is Jim Tech. Thanks for listening.

US president Bush Baker George H W Bush Abraham Lincoln Woodrow Wilson America Germany Ronald Reagan Congress Bob secretary Jefferson France Alexander Hamilton NATO China
#007  Comment utiliser nos valeurs pour aligner nos objectifs de vie ?

Le Quart d'Heure d'Inspir'Action

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#007 Comment utiliser nos valeurs pour aligner nos objectifs de vie ?

"Squishy CRANDALL Georgina Secrecy Traditionally and objective lapatin but a buffet. Skirt shoe sweating. Hi De la bath. Swaddled out head. You don't have not spectrum Tim to put guests gather dust pm acts. You must be a good John Lewis. Excellent Tobin does put gas these UTI for they will was set. We one is these. Extra Height is equal to toss. Us could hit him on entry pass on composing visited lashed to do it. I know I'm studying talk. It quite feed attributed such an absurd diploid cast gender just the Tobe wheel at that down in third not get gossip. His new coach Shula Nasi Identification. Komo triple easy to stem from you. Add in year Liz objective. Could you to fix? Oh quotidian. Idiom Dolly Parmalat's urged. Depots IT AL some degree. Don't need them in the she basically young seek I fit exist but that could offset on dementia due do the did not she issues tomorrow. 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You'll kill swap through off. Eddie correspondent. Scott you really don't there. He took a habit cuisine. Lipizza procedo phone. Pulse are something writer I look at. It is behind maneuver as putting a passer. No the doesn't kings onto weekly schedule motto city. Bassin appreciate what bus crews have she beyond on also city actual that she. She Sutton Samples Khufu Shelton's onto appraisal cash. She Bell Many. She'd better on the eastern instead molds affect his leap comment. Poor Samples Cornell Lou Grant Worshiping Don't see two more. Four Korea Saturn's object in this to me or call the Ruutel by post is true more guests conservative. Move to near the fair that were donating exempt PAPPA externals CECCHINI report in an short three nip. She don't she do fertile. Crubaugh said skywalker were ushered for. Do you hope to do Komo anesthesia? Truth is anti a Yale. The mean how many kids algae sheep that Paul to each got to contribute adequately gathered Jewish with one ATOYAC himself Vasquez. Vk RAMO can set. Rickles was way digital mace that that was broader headquarters chorus. Doing you decide to study on. Who MCDONALD'S MORE IS I say agree O. In Anchorage Move Puck ways Wealthy do buffet at compass. Don't I think when you pull end is completely PA? Fell in shows Shimo check. Initiative is many could keep the very inadequate homologous conybeare receive places interested Pepsi Causes Diklic Solely. But she seizures. Beth if you don't have bought one what Ashley. Begged was one day. Were and I'll tell you. Poor badly Euskal gains e-p-o-c-h Salchow Gem. John I will were clunk peps. You told. Why Plan Bouquet? The she mentioned quickly she won't do declare the extra plant pep here it was one lien on. Pat Buchanan Repression Patrice Kacem joined on. My Ted was dizzy pizza. Desiree they need among ships will shannon. They already twelve. Shimron but engage. James wanted detection as Pepsi's I'm Tom. Lead the Mitterrand most salvos insomnia for this deal at stick show on our Bruce. Want Winky to bother Schimmel to if she got programs. Tommy Bush Commendable Chima Para League sports could Hongkou whereas in Yalta plans. We come all as you. They keep us by right there to see a Event to sophomore me more worldly T in Nevada occupy up tomorrow cynically. Hdd Don't Pavitt More Monitor your jubilee CAMIs would refer? We do research on Youtube In motel the earth he should not. You have concise. He is unequal National Lounge. Pob of any organizations claiming sheets make you did city pepper. More Visual Lucent Chief Any community Jim. Creteil What is going on they do dinner unintentional sheep on acid eighty. The welcomed immaterial. Ma-ma claim where it came. Clean Lamarque issue debate. Men will seek assess. What do Georgeanne exciting? Secrecy Traditionally Kindle in the tomato Aska Chew Sweatshirt and his swap that you head is Nico- to hurt on subjects. If they didn't happen at sexual try to mark. Let's go hannity to you. Cooley apart on acoustic emo toy officially Cities Fair auto shoes is specs somewhere issue. Man Go traditional activity while Fetisov. Swag least finished will come late. Y'All Trivia. Could you saw gop centrists twists basket use. Hide nearly kitschy. It could Addict Doodo Puska Sita in Vela example. Tula treasonable ISLA for egregious. If for twelve years for a tweet supportable choices used in Chelsea profit societies between what Clinton Osha speaks Equa- eliminated smart heredity They look more bessette. Look all fed. Let us committed smart guest s C. Pools sess- which residual concrete you told CNN. Yamamoto The festival Clare Defense from cool his Donated Ms Hob what. Go at ninety ghetto in the exist. Cousy miserably said Tommytucker twelve DVD. She whiskered schone level. Smoke due to logic. Don't turn haunted. This is you logistic. Jeannie Hi moisturizer. Tv's contract can easily share. What on Audrey tackle beyond when he showed us the is this the DNC come sexually mandate we. Toby don't Viet was also issued Dumas. Who saw similar. Don't a commute trips with her Society Shed Saab Meal Moss Twelve twenty. I'm lead Ombusu up opposite you traditionally Sufis all issue book tour. Perky Swim Lativa. It done on. Danila meal determine seat Sick by our hennessy festival alcohol. Cmo Fed. She was effective for Moyer by own. Don't Wichita cult traditional objective is a SNL issue through Hong Abominably Luther mid mid. Is You someone that she talk to the pet proton inaction shoot basketball by seat? Timmel to seek It gene next to nuke. Most men Belfair oncle Shimon seller by is usually Muto Kumasi kit cushions. You say Kootenai Fair Doke you'll For in it. I don't let Senate Equity Pool. Don't don't talk hardcore champion sit. I'm not active. Saw Dealer Nick Young Heidel. That's really quite sure. Could you create his tone liberty to dwell? You do ne- Timing Cortes. Could you sweat at settled? objected to context context. Is it Donald? The let the let was smart on it comes to these pekic. Personal Manezh would twice toy really more upper thong this year. I looked Issue CASTS To to at any aroktoe let her Schultz oop Poo Equation only some The NOVARA BASKET PAT. Doru a. They could shoot up. Palm your host Chris. You're said to chew Doing listen to me it. It could HYPO Dome Kelly La Bella ampato twelve. You said to me see to nuclear sheep are are Jada shift. Object t from Jewish Seti spare in duty right up her fruit ketchup simple. It come country these criminal Chihuahua. Swear listen to on Hoot pedicure vet. You were alone. Clear do to Swazi True Atomic July dissertation about celebrities me by down by skill Pheasant Avenue in Volcano Proton Portal in Clarita quote. It bottle traditional Kennedy could the section. She Pines on traditional mic deepened. Can KILLING KEEP whole suite as you don't Used a TIKI sample. You hooked swelled so also met to a cab to fair to as it seeping taboos. Walter not to follow me Eric. Kill Sit King. Bascus twenty two extra for me Missy bangs. Sit Atoll shouldn't get her shoes. Avak Masha Who Rude what espirit be so. She's in South Minneapolis. Donald Mouth Marceta able to treat Masha it led on let's talk crew Fukuchi squawk Vested music teach. Could you of don't you cooked not Sheva more L. Affair as go for Jemele will sell the we seuss felt by home. Gauged claiming only do blame all that onset tinge going to do Click. His cement blocks do this she on objective. Akwa them is today's Shinya Luke. Them what the checkout domain the election. Not She signed Sean. This to demand the dishes on the British it forty demand the election. Our failure as songs Sean. This Monday dish on what does ability to PULL UP AT SEASON? Which also say he's leads in demand. Sicily dimensional tunnel twitchy hit. I quit desert. Neil podcast this Bihar Lewd Challange point. Is it so you don't have to do this? Shinya battle these objective C. Do don't buy these shoes. Yada Ruin Z. Blah Blah Blah unique mall judiciary Smart previously toilet. Don't candidate local politician seasonably a Electric Challenge this Chignon disability issues middle smart could at highest wafer baggage Gama Sledge but guest set Asia petition put detest choose Q. True survey can itchy Pepsi Multi the Care Home Dupe neutrals duties at Don. It's nit by to see to Don Casual Pie then are headed objective Salah Oakmont Paulsen third Postal Silly Sorta to you back is level. The set objectives are exit. Demisch about pets post players. Guess on he said he's I don't own it. Don't Nick Lima while US pictures. Tommy L. Netflix. Don Casual can only Huge additionality executive Blah Blah Blah a pattern exiting levels to multi shoulders Clusters Custodian. Don Fil pain histories equipped on objective. Kabbah with inch buying me if you get. Coupo- objective advocate John. I can they need thanks to sweat would newish donahue previous facebook. It comes up that much blue. He what logistician is walk could train. We'll have these. It exists beyond dish debut. Dijon with whom you type of dictation Kiswah Jaundice unique couldn't melody. I`Ma put about property Greece risk to meet the new client. She then you you do addict available to teach me shook to visit a battery. Our Account Calcuta Yossi Chew which is highly the people to multiple need. Dvd At me a description objective. It'll look what he's Sohar unimpeded opposite. From what juniper producer to liquid or question episode thereby. Doodoo good guests together's important lynch.

Pepsi Kennedy Donald Mouth Marceta Shinya Luke Sean John Lewis Komo Tim Georgina Secrecy Shula Nasi Identification Dolly Parmalat Liz Tobin Desiree UTI Apple Youtube Bella Nico
Tanto anlisis da parlisis. Impresionado con el Gran trabajo de l jovenazo Fer Rodriguez.


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Tanto anlisis da parlisis. Impresionado con el Gran trabajo de l jovenazo Fer Rodriguez.

"Oh Nicole beneath definitely put a strategy in History Moon Dolly. Lebron minorities are hitting see our when Crispin those sisters boon to Sandra CEOS Olympics Odio. Showcase could share using through center. Podcast TRAVEL LOCAL. See and this this habit of getting pulled cast in on says Jerry Toyota Master Thais over this anonymous puntos. Lewis key allies. The shower and honesty. Who MASOL IS UP IN? German law is tally synonymous Malaysia. City impo does so mood traumatizing Columbia. Perkasie CINQUENTA misunderstood pessimists carrier for looking for Mr Blake way into deadlock it was scrapped on Patrick Kane. Ghia a darling wound. Podcast NOKIA ALAM SETTLING MISSILES TO WHIP IN SOME LOOKS. Pretty calm we Carlynn perfect soon but as C. It'll mayhood under him. Blonde the missile. No no get us. We don't be there as a youtube for Moslo soon as low. Low Weight to Lois to it. Mama this I know media severe storm on Civic Maehara and enter the look simpler second Talionis is the whoever the whoever will can cause a podcastone suppressors mason. Ceo He croquet Ratto civil laws less consistency. Bally's there's wide. Eileen Para can pieces appropriate podcast in second Moussaoui's Qantas Personas. Play is serious whom Bin Salman to fall through POON DONALD J two point of German Show No Kildare Memphis Tennessee and the Chil on some of the Martinez had ninety eight. So Mesa Open Sadeq. Give them Nassir Noise Podcast COMMUNITY UP PERSONA Cushion podcast. When was this new ski? Consume GEICO mean cygnus Mundo. They'll they'll self improvement Nelson Komo as some Crowley is similar. Los Altos and podcast is in Speedo. Sonam must do not draw conceal the Endo Estrella motivation gnocchi Indonesia's. I'll go to work. When on one Goto senior lobby yet another possibility crew meanwhile the whole and Lagarde Silos Luciano the sea stars book. And I'm on Pagnozzi back. 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Titi Protagonista principality to send no sales Beyond this to be dot COM NIMA Abla John Survey Kim Russia's Personas Nearly thereby inflators personas can not kill. Israelis were Wins Muster. Nobody as soon as cushion s the podcast. Nobody under the Child Tom. You'll give lactic Tambien so ground security got cleric Permanent Cello Poon Takeo Cohen darkest. You'll get clarity. And the hokey Claret kick one Replicate human sad and this. This speak number so natural in public. Confidence is to cause them this year. Compression Niekro phone. We went on a local pro e commerce game as the Kabul was. I think when we thank you Sarah Practica Cornell is Oklahoma dealer. Komo assailed locadia. Said Miran Loud Moodley Spun Most Influence Tummy competitor. Lucas Duda cleric Cabinet TALLEC on podcast management. Meant to sue we have these. We can neagle porky Ghanaian Would clearly be seen dollas. Adjudicator Alex you know in Driscoll Muskie Lal when this was today's this packet incident rely missing sooner. Nemec Louis does the argument or Geno can help in establishing communal here Seattle again. I'd also convinces cinemas. It's they started directly. This your recipe could change cleric community marina. Pok It's GonNa take on the stars. Rondo compliantly Gaza. No those militias essays in September. Those Melissa say squander starts around the complaint because Escude Chez Les into Facet of cleric Components Casa but built their sale Mundial. I love your hair. Khaki Combat Dome Pero Me Quintex. University is really in. Estonians can travel by our loose. Los Villas were all throw Conway Carol Conway by this present or not impo has no Muslim in the inner city cellular etc. Johnson. Komo Yemen. This CDN mckerrow ME MOTTOLA. Spurs Loving de Luna Mikasa. Gilkey Tamika saw Paso Cover and observe him is there darcy? La Renta I complete them business to develop got to make an buying resolves massive Gouda style. Business Minnows Northland. Dome we stop Persona Omega Prosciutto me. I mean Galina Amiga Muscian Roma does. He has pursued likelihood Nielsen Data Amass Mr Successor and Olympia updated photo CD opponent me in Quintile facebook. Instead of getting your stat. We carry those. Who are they? Add this Korean communist Nemo Janos Ending Salvatore Ferro Peru Timmel Lativa Poon Tokyo Poku. Saco more rational. Is Daniel Skip Pizza? Can you help or handles recommend Kamya Lucas with the import can being poku Sharon Moose? Sika coming POCO the bill netflix. Nukus Yama Masika. Fix was copied to los episode US Syria when we look at the Paris CAC in terms city. Es Kushida podcast spoonful or ill meal is the LAS PR is allow is Super Mallow. Elman's onerous dubbing the Look Sia Susan Risque William Herat the estimate we mean to accuracy Miracle Mundus Yawn but hinted spiner gas shambles Peru Colombia. F- thing almost as a mass personal me in this new space. Skin me propel. Mickey question. Officials in Stealth Nuisance agracetus stomachache. Through with a communist is listed chow. Still were Nestle friend. I look to see an theme Ambien on Salute Personas Routine. Grassicpas does consensus here. Even but they they gonNA Bjork your termination. Maybe this gay this either. Have Amion Amassing Karen? The cats all know my sister were condemned locus. Tammy Duckworth. Do consume is more necessary. I shouldn't then they're innocent. Whom tell me when I know who bruce in contact to trust personas? Que Can Eliza Lewinsky use personas in team embiid. The WHO's got made aprons out us for no severance guided located may may ulan medical leave rose. Enc Him proper meals Celo. Does team bro Seattle. So he but there to keep a middle danley understand. We mean to us but musk. Accuracy Endo intellect Is nothing less recommend mutual persona? Connec Ameobi that you see some Crowley Delos Mahotas. Podcast is shallow Get Okay and foulness per nisqually go says can thin Tanto Como Zoo Temple in all to settle yet. Day Is Shadow Personas Reasonable GonNa jump was to civil commotions Podcasters more global issues if you're religious by Nice but from say gamesters.

Nelson Komo Sarah Practica Cornell Crowley Delos Mahotas Seattle Ferro Peru Timmel Lativa Poon Ghia Columbia Poon Takeo Cohen Jerry Toyota Patrick Kane Malaysia Perkasie CINQUENTA Nicole Lewis Lebron Tammy Duckworth Sandra CEOS Mr Blake Sierra L. Titi Protagonista NATO
Pic de Bugarach Pt. 2

Unexplained Mysteries

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Pic de Bugarach Pt. 2

"Sometime in the early two thousands, a few residents of boo garage France enjoyed a night out at the local pub. There was a lot of laughter teasing, and of course beer as one tipsy villager left the pub. Something in the dark caught his eye. It was other-worldly, green light, hovering over peak debu garage, a mountain standing over the town. It flickered for a few moments, then disappeared, the villager blamed. He must have had one too many at the pop. Because what he had just seen couldn't be real. He had heard the stories of aliens living within the mountain, and the rumors that Boo Garages Caves served as storage areas for spaceships, however, the local villagers, all new those stories where Hogwash, but now this particular villager wasn't so sure. He stumbled home, debating whether or not to share the experience with his friends. The villager knew he'd sound crazy if he told anyone. But deep down. He knew what he saw that night. A UFO. Many of the seekers who came to boo garage experienced this feeling. They just knew deep inside that there was something special about this mountain. Sometimes. They even encountered evidence. That proved their hunch. But they also encountered very real forces from peer pressure all the way to military personnel, trying to undermine those findings for many all this pushback only reinforced their gut feeling. There was something strange happening in boo garage. And someone was trying to cover it up. Welcome to unexplained mysteries apar-. CAST original I'm your host Molly and I'm your host Richard in life? There's so much we don't know, but in this show we don't take. We don't no for an answer. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we investigate the greatest mysteries of history and life on earth you can find episodes of unexplained mysteries, and all other park has originals for free on spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream, unexplained mysteries for free on spotify. Just open the. The APP and type unexplained mysteries in the search bar. This is our final episode on Garage Mountain, a peak in rural southern France for centuries, the mountain has attracted those seeking to learn secrets including a cultist, new agers, hippies, and as the French call them, so terex these free spirits wanted to experience the mountains mysterious power firsthand. They all had different theories on wear that our came from last week we discussed the mountains, strange geology and the wide variety of legends. With its vast network of caves, we also explored the Internet rumor that boo garage would be the only location on earth spirit from the Mayan predicted apocalypse in December two thousand twelve. This week will explore the validity of these legends and rumors and go into more detail about the evidence, proving or disproving them according to various stories, the caverns could be the residents of a secret underground society, the hiding place for a precious relic or the storage area for alien spaceships, but when it comes to the Mayan Apocalypse, the myth could have an unexpected source. Boo Garages Local Government. And indisputable oddity of Boo Garage Mountain is this geological layers geologists refer to it as the upside down mountain, because oldest rock is at the peak rather than at the base. This unique feature had a different meaning for every person who came to the mountains, seeking answers for Daniel Headaches, a researcher who became obsessed with finding the Ark of the Covenant Inside Boo Garage. The inversion of the mountaintop could have been an indicator that boo garage was a holy place. This extraordinary rock formation was clear, but subtle message from God. Choose, this mountain to hide my precious treasure, bettys believed he was close to finding the Ark, but before he could finish his excavation the mountain, he died mysteriously inside it. Is. Colleagues were anxious to continue his research. But when they applied for permits, their application was mysteriously blocked by French authorities. Why would the French government want to prevent Bendix as research for moving forward? Could the ARC really be inside garage many in the mainstream, including the residents of the village below Boo Garage Mountain, have brushed off both the Ark of the covenant. Theory and the alien. Theory is outlandish, even crazy, but why would powerful forces like the French government expense so many resources to prevent research into crackpot theories I will vet Daniel. Work Ben believed that the catheters a religious sect active in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries had possession of the Ark of the covenant during the Middle Ages. In the early thirteenth century, the catheters came under attack when Pope Innocent, the third ordered the DNC in crusade, when it was clear that pope innocent that thirds forces were going to overwhelm them. The Catheter is needed to prevent the ARC from falling into the Catholics hands. They could have put the ARC inside boo. Garage Mountain for safekeeping. This founding. Belief of bendix is research is questionable at best. Modern scholars don't believe the Cath ours ever had possession of the Ark of the covenant. A key principle of cather beliefs was the rejection of all possessions and wealth. Ancient Relics the arc may not have been very significant to them, however, even if He was mistaken about cather possession of the ARC. He still told colleagues that he was close to finding the Ark in nineteen eighty eight. Regardless of who put it there. Perhaps the Ark of the covenant was inside Boo. Garage and Daniel. vettix wasn't the only one who thought so. There are unsubstantiated rumours that the Nazis excavated part of Boo garage during World War Two. The Third Reich was known for intensive. Research into the Supernatural Occult and Divine. It's possible that they were trying to unearth the Ark for themselves. Maybe the Nazis believed the ARC could help them win World War, two according to the Old Testament. The Ark of the Covenant provided magical protection to whomever was transporting it in the book of Joshua. The Israelites had to carry the arc across the Jordan river, which was running dangerously high. But when the priests carrying the Ark stepped into the water, the rivers stopped flowing. The entire Israeli nation was able to cross the dry riverbed, although the Nazis were contending with a more formidable foe than a rushing river, perhaps they hoped the arc's powers were strong enough to help them overcome their enemies that is. If, they ever looked for it at all. Although the rumor of a Nazi excavation of boo garage is often repeated, there are no records or evidence to prove that it ever occurred. However the Nazis aren't the only notable grew who are rumored have looked for the arc within Burger is. Another high profile visitor linked to the mysteries of the mountain was French president, Francois Mitterrand who served from nineteen, eighty, one to nineteen, ninety five. Mitterrand was recovering from surgery in nineteen, ninety four, when he allegedly travelled by helicopter to boo garages peak in addition to the Ten Commandments, the Ark of the Covenant is said to also contain a rod with miraculous regenerative powers. It's possible Mitterrand was seeking to commune with the healing forces inside the arc while these two examples don't prove better choices theory that the Ark was inside boo garage. They certainly suggest that others could have shared begs his opinion. But the most compelling support for Betty came ironically in how his research was stifled when becks was supposedly closing in on the Ark he was allegedly contacted by General Moshe Dayan and Israeli military leader. Diane was reportedly curious about becks discoveries, but Bendix was reluctant to share any of his hard won information. It's been said that Diane left. PEDIC's with a chilling warning. If vettix did come upon the Ark, he needed to stop all work above all bets shouldn't touch anything if he did find it. As we mentioned in the previous episode legend has it that God will instantly smart down any unworthy person who touches the art? Despite the warning, bettys continued his research until his mysterious death in nineteen, eighty eight. When. His colleagues attempted to resume his search. The French Ministry of Culture denied permission for any excavation. Out, explanation Bendix had no problem getting rapid approval during his decades of research. INCI BOO garage. His colleagues had no idea what caused the ministries peculiar reversal after his death, even more odd. As partners also learned that his excavation site in a castle near Boo garage had been filled in with concrete. Some speculate that becks may have discovered a cavity beneath the castle, or even a tunnel from the castle to the innards of buber garage, but now the site was sealed, and no permits for further excavation were being issued after facing this series of literal roadblocks. Is Research Team gave up. Medics is final discovery just like his death. Remains a mystery. New Hard evidence to support the theories. Daniel becks dedicated and lost his life to. But the strange circumstances of his death, and the suppression of his work compelled deeper probing. If bendix is work wasn't significant. Then why did the French? Government appeared to go to such lengths to prevent it from being continued? Without a clear explanation, the crackdown can only point to a greater conspiracy, but vettix and his search for the ARC is far from the only conspiracy on Boo Garage Mountain. The researchers that followed him also found that the French government was prepared to protect barrages secrets at all costs. Coming up evidence for extraterrestrial activity inside boo garage, and the strange lights flying above it. ARE CAST has an incredible new series aimed to brighten your days and renew your outlook on life. It's called daily quote, and it's a quick two to three minute daily podcast for you to get inspired by. Now more than ever, self, care and self love, take top priority, and the more fulfilled. You feel more grounded, you become. Every day on daily quote, you'll be given. A quote meant to motivate and uplift. You'll also dive deeper into the context surrounding the quote learning more about its origin and the meaning behind it. There is already been such an interesting mix of quotes featured so far. Too stuck in my mind are from the author j? R token and painter Bob Ross. I really can't recommend them enough so whether you're jumpstarting the morning searching for that midday, pick me up or trying to finish the evening off. Strong daily quote offers some of history's most inspirational quotes whenever you need them three hundred sixty five days a year. Follow daily quote. Free on spotify over ever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story. In the nineteen eighties Daniel Bendix believed his research brought him very close to the Ark of the Covenant Inside Boo Garage. Although there's no proof to verify his theories, the oddly aggressive methods used to forestall any follow up to his research suggests that whatever was on the verge of finding, it was big. Six wasn't the only person who came to Bluegrass to find something earth shattering. In the early two thousands, another theory about boo garage emerged aliens. The second theory were covering takes us from ancient history into the future, instead of priceless relic from the past perhaps Muga Asia's caves contain extraterrestrials in the previous episode. We discussed how Internet. Conspiracy theorist spread the rumor that. Were storing their spacecraft inside boob. Russia's caves. Or even hibernating inside the mountain themselves, alien enthusiasts have been interested in boo garage for decades, UFOLOGISTS and paranormal experts all over the world point to boo garage as an extraterrestrial hotspot. The theory moved from the fringe to the mainstream in two thousand twelve. An Internet rumors circulated that the aliens inside Boo Garage would emerge on December Twenty First Two Thousand Twelve Anne rescue is nearby before the world ended as was suggested by the Mayan calendar. There's a variety of evidence indicating extraterrestrial activity in and around Boo Garage I. Let's consider why the mountain itself is particularly hospitable to Alien Life Boo. Garages unique reversed. Geology could be an asset to extraterrestrials. Some ufologists have speculated that the inverted layers of rock could've flipped the magnetism around the mountain as well. If that's true, human aircraft Gatien would go haywire when flying over the mountain, although there's no official record of restricted airspace around the mountain. Some locals claim that they've never seen commercial flights over boo garage. It makes sense that would wanNA keep the human air traffic away from the mountain, and they're hidden spacecraft. Perhaps the aliens are responsible for the mountains unique geological construction geologists have observed that the mountain unusual formation mix it appear like the mountains top was lifted off in an explosion and landed upside down. Maybe the aliens made this renovation to boo garage themselves to throw humans off their sent. When considering the hard science? However, this theory crumbles like an exploding mountain. Even if the mountain top was physically inverted, that would permanently change the magnetism around the mountain. It's more likely that boo garage doesn't see much air traffic because the nearest major airport is over a hundred miles away. Boo Garages, strange geological construction also has a natural explanation that doesn't involve alien interference. The younger rocks at the mountain's peak indicate that the mountain was formed on a thrust fault. A thrust fault occurs when there is horizontal compression at the Earth's crushed. That compression pushed an older sheet of rock on top of younger rock. Boo Garage is called a clipper which is what happens when the product of thrust fault erodes over time. There are other products of thrust faults with older rocks on top of younger ones, another mountains and rock formations near Boo Garage. Although Boo Garages Geology might not be alien designed its limestone. Caves are still ideal hiding places for aliens and their spacecraft. Let's consider the validity of the reported alien aircraft sightings and auditory experiences in the area. There are many anecdotal. UFO sightings around boo garage from visitors and villagers alike one local shopowner told the filmmaker shooting the documentary boob rush that he and other villagers had seen green lights around the mountain that night. He also recounted reports of objects disappearing and reappearing near the peak with no explanation, other visitors have heard strange sounds coming out of cave mouths, people have reported hearing an other worldly gurgling coming from underground some claim to hear more mechanical sounds from inside the caves like an engine warming up or revving. They're also accounts of a subtle buzz or humming like the spacecraft her flying around inside the mountain, the most convincing evidence, however are the ufo sightings caught on camera. The clearest ufo sightings on Cougar is was posted on Youtube on March twenty, ninth, two, thousand twelve. It starts with an out of focus, shaky shot of bougie Russia's peak. The camera zooms in on a rocky outcropping below still out of focus and then only seven seconds into the video. A gray cylindrical object floats out from behind the outcropping. The. Camera manages to follow the object for about ten more seconds moving in and out of focus as it lifts higher above the mountain. The, video is extremely compelling, although the images grainy the moment are truly unidentified. Flying Object Glides up from behind. Some trees is undeniably harassing. The video doesn't appear doctored or altered. After. The initial footage concludes its loop to play again. But this time the frame is zoomed in providing a closer look at what could be an alien spaceship. However there are a few details that undermine the videos credibility. The camera zooms in on the outcropping at the beginning of the video. It's almost as if whoever shot the video knew where the UFO would be appearing, furthermore, although the video caption states that the footage was captured by an unidentified German hiker and a Spanish hiking group. There isn't any audible reaction to the incredible citing. Surely a large group of people witnessing a real you are fall would elicit some sort of response the sightings, especially the documented ones are definitely intriguing. They provide a clear explanation for the alien obsession around boo garage. But they don't provide indisputable evidence that the aliens are actually present despite many visitors, scouring the mountainside for burns or ruts in the vegetation or even discarded ufo parts, no physical evidence of a spacecraft has ever been found on the mountain bike Daniel. Buttocks is theory about the Ark of the Covenant the Aliens Theory doesn't have a lot of hard facts backing it up, but also like Fedex and his colleagues, ufologists who flocked to boo garage, hoping to find out more about extraterrestrials found their efforts stymied by powerful French authorities. In the previous episode we covered how hundreds of French police and military officers showed up and boo garage, leading up to the Mayan predicted apocalypse on December twenty, first, two, thousand twelve. Four days before the predicted doomsday date. The military put up a roadblock that limited access to garage. The military was acting on orders from the French cult watching agency mid alludes according to move alludes, enforcement and military officers were in boo garage to prevent a mass suicide event. For some, however, this felt like a suspiciously or sized reaction from the French authorities. They concern about a mass suicide event seems to be primarily based on residual alarm from the order of the Solar Temple cult suicides in the nineties. In nineteen, ninety, four and nineteen, ninety five members of the order of Solar Temple participated in organized suicides in Europe and Canada. Sixteen people died in France alone while those events were undoubtedly tragic, those no clear evidence that a similar mass suicide event was planned for Bu, garage, on Summer Twenty First Two thousand twelve. Logically suicide doesn't fit into the Internet rumor that drove many people to boo garage. In the first place, those that arrived were seeking alien protection from the apocalypse. They were coming to boo garage because they wanted to stay alive patrice, Etienne abhu garage local. Put It this way to British newspaper, The Guardian. Why come to the only place on earth that will be spared the apocalypse if you WANNA commit suicide. Wouldn't that be a bit like trying to drown yourself wearing a life jacket? Again the reaction from authorities in response to a bizarre, but apparently harmless theory about boo garage was strangely exaggerated while the proofs supporting the theory that aliens reside inside Boo. Garages Threadbare, the huge response from powerful government authorities forces pause. While those answers may be locked inside a top secret French filing cabinet. There is another angle to consider regarding the French military presence in Boo Garage in two thousand twelve, perhaps the forces, hampering alien hunters are the very same forces that drew them to Moore is. Coming up how small town politics may have been behind the massive rush to garage in two thousand twelve? Now back to the story. So far we've analyzed the limited evidence available to support both Daniel Betty sixes and ufologist investigations into the French mountain of Boo Garage. Wall neither theory stands up too much scrutiny. The French government went to great lengths to tamp down both of them. The huge expenditure of resources by the French government begs the question if the theories are invalid, why put a stop to them? In terms of the two thousand Twelve Mayan apocalypse phenomenon? The answer appears to be surprisingly mundane. In order to quell petty local squabbles as we covered in the previous episode, many of the traditional villagers living below boo garage mountain didn't appreciate their free spirited neighbours. Drawn by the mountains, Ara Esoteric started moving into the forest at the base of Boo Garage. In the early two thousands, many of their camps were located just outside the village when interviewed for the Documentary Boo Garage One. Sorry, wearing forest dweller, told the filmmakers that were here trying to in harmony with the villagers. It's true. They think there are already too many of us here. Another Esoteric reported that he was physically driven out of public spaces. He described the village as hostile when the New York. Times interviewed Esoteric, who had recently moved into the area? One of them opted to only give his first name to the publication because of the increasing local controversy. It's clear that the residents of Bogoraz village and the esoteric living in the forest didn't get along, but the villagers had no legal recourse to drive out the unpalatable new agers until boo garage mayor jean-pierre Dolores stumbled upon the bizarre rumor about their town on the fringes of the Internet. According to the Guardian when Mayor Delore I brought the Internet rumor about Boo, Garages, role in the Mayan apocalypse to a city council near the end of two thousand ten. He recommended looping in federal French authorities for security support. At this point, the rumor was still only present on obscure forums, and there was no reason to think that extra security would be necessary. But right after the meeting an undisclosed city council member alerted local press about the new garage legend. Suddenly the media coverage was off and running with the press reporting on the story. The rumor went from the fringe of the Internet to the front page. That kind of attention could earn boo garage. The security forces that Mayor Dolores wanted. A media campaign had begun. In November two thousand twelve mayor delord denied encouraging any of the media coverage of his little village, and yet his actions in the two years prior tell a different story throughout two thousand eleven and two thousand twelve Mir Laura pushed a multifaceted narrative in the press about the so-called fanatics overwhelming his small village. Will examine each claim and evaluated for validity. One of Mayor Dolores I. was that boo garage was being overrun by people searching for the airlines salvation. In June of two thousand eleven about six months after the Internet rumors surfaced an agitated quote from Mayor Dolores appeared in Reuters. These blasted profits from all over the world have turned our mountain into some sort of ufo garage. The end result is that all these fanatics are coming here to hide out as proof. He claimed the village was experiencing a surge in real estate sales as a result of the Internet rumor. In July of two thousand eleven, he told Time magazine. Fifteen houses are currently for sale I've been mayor of blue garage for thirty four years, and I have never seen this before. He noted that asking prices are as much as five times higher than normal. But the Guardian later wrote that a spike in property values never actually occurred. There were plenty of properties available home. Prices and sales had remained stable rising at a reasonable rate. One villager pointed out the obvious. Why would you buy a house if the world was about to end? However mayor. Dolores and the people of boo garage weren't just worried about Israel's snapping up all the villages houses. Stories about the sale of larger states to ominous bigger buyers were also floated Jacques farget owner of a real estate agency near Boo Garage. told the BBC in July, two thousand eleven that he'd sold large tracts of land. People he suspected were affiliated with colts. To corroborate far Jay's claim, mayor delord pushed intriguing, but vague stories about odd cult like behavior among visitors to boo garage. Around the same time farget raised the alarm about cults coming to Boo Garage Mayor Dolores told the BBC correspondent that he witnessed people dressed in strange white robes. He said they were performing rituals and congregating secretly in the forest. Dolores claim the gatherings were scaring the other villagers. French agency mid alludes added to that narrative when the agency's head. George Vinik, said he'd spotted several settlements near Boo garage in the summer of two thousand eleven. Finnick claimed the communities were occupied by known cult. The American Rom, the School of Enlightenment or are se, the are. SC flatly denied fix claims. The media was never able to confirm any large called settlements in the area, either the RSC accused Finnick of grossly misrepresenting rob the School of Enlightenment. In fact, there are only thirty four RSP students in the whole of France and none with a boo garage address. No other cults lay claim to these settlements, and no other sources ever confirmed the presence of these settlements. However neither Finnick nor moods ever corrected their statements. The RISC statement presented own explanation for Phoenix strange behavior. They quoted Susan. Palmer occult researcher at Concordia University. Palmer said. Mimic leads is creating artificial emergencies to support the state-sponsored anti-cult movement. Mortgage in two thousand twelve provided alludes with the exact problem they were created to solve an impending cult crisis, but the agency sprang into action without confirming a very important piece of information. Whether or not any crisis actually existed considering Phoenix wildly inaccurate statements regarding barrage, it does appear that he was guilty of creating a catastrophe by reporting one to the media. Phoenix motivation was simple. If it was perceived that he prevented chaos and boo garage. His agency would get accolades and more funding from the French government. To give credence to move, alludes actions George, Finnick predicted in two thousand eleven that boo garage would see up to one hundred thousand visitors by the apocalyptic date. And judging by Mayor delord statements to the press, the village seemed in danger of being overrun in an ABC news article from March. Two thousand twelve. Dolores claimed that his small town was already near capacity for visitors. His concern was justified. The village of garage simply wasn't equipped to deal with such a large crowd, however, a photograph, accompanying the ABC News article undermine the mayor's urgency. The picture featured a smiling mayor douleur posed in front of the garage road sign with a novelty photograph of the peak with a ufo in front of it Mayor Dolores enthusiastic photograph, gave away the real purpose of his alarmist rhetoric to attract as many esoteric as possible and fulfill the prophecy. He and mid alludes had created the free spirits, communing with boo garage were dangerous. The media fell for the story, Hook Line and sinker mayor de la got the attention. He was seeking in November two thousand twelve. He told The Guardian if Idaho had to pay a communications agency for this kind of publicity. It would've cost a fortune. As the Fateful Day of December twenty first two thousand, twelve approached, the press descended on boo garage to witness. The showdown between midnight leads and the Esoteric. With, there was just one problem. The Esoteric didn't show up although a rental home, just outside boo garage was booked for the end of the world on December twenty first, it was full of journalists, not esoteric the usual hikers seeking a quiet retreat. Put by the mob of media wandering through the town, the one tourist the Guardian did manage to speak with said they'd already spoken with two other news crews. The reporters had both wanted to know how the tourist was preparing for the apocalypse. The vacationer claimed their visit had nothing to do with the Mayan prediction. They just wanted to take a stroll around the village documentary footage shot in boo garage on the day of the alleged apocalypse chose plenty of press, but no apparent cult members, hippies or other esoteric. The government's roadblock was for nothing. It seems likely that the entire apocalypse mania was a hoax. Cooked up by a disgruntled mayor and fuelled by a media, hungry for real life, paranormal story. In the end, the Mayans weren't the only ones with a failed prophecy on December, twenty, first, two, thousand, twelve, despite Mayor Dolores efforts, boo garage continues to be a magnet for new age believers, hippies and esoteric. With or without media, attention government backed security or a starring role in a Mayan Apocalypse. The mountains power remains unquestionable. People in search of priceless relics like the Ark of the Covenant or evidence of Alien Life. Still arrive and boo garage every year, if mayor, De and the rest of the villagers want to continue living in the shadow of garage. They will have to learn to share their mystical mountain. Thanks again for tuning into unexplained mysteries, we will be back Thursday with new episode for more information on Garage. Amongst the many sources we used. We found the documentary Lou Garage extremely helpful to our research, you can find all episodes of unexplained mysteries, and all other par-. 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